Clover (2020) Script

They're really something.

Absolutely mesmerizing.

Such beautiful.


Skillful creatures.

That is what we call an apex predator.

You see.

They have been

genetically wired to understand the command hierarchy.

They know their rank and their responsibilities in the pack.

They never stray.

Because they understand.

That if they do, it would result in the harshest of repercussions.

So there's no anarchy.

There's no rebellion.

There's only order.

Now we, as a species,

do not necessarily operate instinctively, nor do we prey on weaker beings just for the sake of the hunt or for food, I mean we are calculating, sophisticated.

We're at the top of the food chain.

But if we, like them, break the chain of command, then there are severe consequences to pay.

The pecking order must not be disrupted.


We would have chaos.

Mr. Wiley!

I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had guests.

Did I or did I not make it abundantly clear to you that you will never enter this room when that door is closed?

I just...

Not if this house were on fire and all of my possessions were burning to a crisp.

Not if my mother, who I love more than anyone or anything on this Earth, were found brutally murdered.

Not, and this is a stretch, if God Himself came down from the heavens just to hang out with me personally, should you, or would you, enter this room!

Did I not ask for that?

I'm sorry, Mr. Wiley.

Well don't be sorry!

Be gone!

I sincerely apologize for this most boorish interruption.

Where was I?


We don't want chaos.

Chaos topples empires and kingdoms.

And chaos shall not be tolerated, now.

This disloyal ingrate and his most obnoxious

offspring are under the impression that I am not aware that they were behind this act of betrayal.

So a precedent must be set.

Order must be restored.

What I want from you is to end... this...



Look who it is.

Mr. 8-Card Charlie.

Don't start with me, Mick.

I'm not in the mood.

No, congratulations.

Congratulations, that might be one of the single worst plays in the history of blackjack.

He hit 21 on eight cards.

You know the odds of that happening?

You split queens and went all in!

A baboon knows to stay on 20, Jackie.

Mick, I'm on no sleep and I'm in the red right now, okay?

Oh, you're in the red.

Is that right?

Is that right?

You're in the red?

All right, you know what?

You need to ease up, Mick.

I'm so sick of this shit.

Jesus fucking, what is your fucking problem man?

Why would you do that?

You know mom gave this to me for good luck.

Well guess what?

It didn't work.

Look at this position we're in.

Look at this position we are in.

This clusterfuck of a situation is because of you, Jackie.

You're a curse.

You're a bad fucking omen, and all the four-leaf clovers in the world are not gonna save our ass.

Is that right?


You must have got hit on the head one too many times 'cause if I remember correctly, it was your idea to go to Tony in the first place.

You are fucking delusional!

You are full of shit up to your fucking ears!

You need to relax.

No, you blew his money, we were in the clear, and you fucking blew it, buddy!

You fucking blew it!

You need to relax.

Don't tell me to fucking relax.

Can you comprehend in this pea brain what that means?

Cut it out, Mick!

Can you?


Do you understand who the fuck we're gonna be paying rent to at best now?

Almost a hundred years this bar has been in our family.

A hundred fucking years, Jackie!

Yeah, and we'll figure something out.

No, there's nothing to figure out.

It's done.

It's over.


I caught a bad beat, all right?

You caught a bad beat.

You know what?

I catch a bad beat my entire life because of you.

I am so sick of cleaning up after your fucking mess all the time.

I'm done!

I'm fucking through!

Oh yeah?


You know what I think?

I think I need to put you down for nap, you miserable little prick.

Oh is that right, you threatening me?

I'm fucking threatening you!

That's it, you're going to sleep!

Get off me!

Come here, come here!

You're going to sleep.

You're going to sleep, you're going to sleep.

I swear I'm gonna put you to sleep!


I wish you would put me to sleep.

I'll put you to sleep right now!

I wish you would so I wouldn't have to be stuck with you anymore in my life!

You should kill me!

I'm so sick of you!



When you're done humping each other, we'll go see the old man.

Let's go!

Up and at 'em!

Larry, watch the bar.

What are you doing?

Did I tell you you could smoke in my car?

Put that thing out.

Put that fucking thing out!

All right!

What are you, a fucking animal?

What's your problem?

You want me to throw it in the glove box?

Where was I supposed to throw it?

Stick it up your fucking stupid asshole.

My daughter's gotta grow up in this fucking world, Frankie.

What the fuck?

Have a little respect for the environment.

Oh we're saving the whales now, okay.

You know what your problem is?

You got no fucking class.

Am I right or am I right back there?

Yeah, Jack and Jill, I'm talking to you.

You two are awfully fucking quiet back there.

No snappy remarks, no jokes?

Where are those big fucking mouths now?

Here it is.

Hey Mick, I got a question for you.

What if I told you I had a way for you to make 50 dimes, get you out of this mess right now, would you take it?

Well it depends.

This fucking guy.

He's fucking with you.

He's got options, you know what I mean?

What would I have to do?

Oh it's nothing too crazy.

Nothing too crazy at all.

You just have to screw a pig.

I'd pay to see that.

Man you're a sick fuck, you know that Frankie?

Yeah, so what?

You're really a sick fucking demented fuck.

What's her name?

Come again?

The pig.

What's her name?


It's Marshette.

No, you fucking jackoff, the animal.

Like the one you find on a farm?

Fucking E-I-E-I-O.

Is the 50 grand tax free?

Let's assume that it is.

Here's what I would do.

I'd put a gun to Jackie here's head.

I'd make him hump the pig.

I'd collect the 50 large.

And then I'd put two in his noggin.

You'd whack me?

Yeah, put you out of your misery.

Why am I in misery?

Because you just humped a pig.

How could you live with yourself?

I like this guy.

Well you know, don't get too attached.


Hey Dennis the Menace, watch out.

Hey Bubbie, Fritzy!

What the fuck?

I speak fucking Japanese?

Open that shit.



Fucking how many times we gotta have this conversation about cigarette smoke?

Put that shit out.

Don't blow that shit in my face.

What I tell you about all the smoking?

You need to fucking regulate this shit.

Are you serious?

Am I serious?

How many fucking, I told you my father didn't like to smoke, I don't like it.

It's fucking too much.

Use your head.

Listen baby, I wanna talk to you about a thing I want you to do.

Fuck, I gotta go to the can.

Hold on, I'm gonna raise you.

No, I gotta go to the can.

How come every time I got a hand you gotta go drop a deuce?

Fucking dairy intolerance.

I gotta go to the can.

Stop inhaling moots!

How about that?

Gotta shit, Paulie?

Fuck you.

You want five dimes on the over, yeah.

I know you're good for it, where you gonna go?

You gotta stay here and protect and serve right?

I gotta go.

Well look who's here.

My two favorite Mick brothers.

It's a shame about your bar.

Breaks my heart.

Where's my money?


Hey, it's Mr. Fucking Divalo to you.

Have some fucking respect, you fucking bitch.

What, you got something on your mind?

You got something you wanna say?

No, go ahead, fucking say it, say it.

Go ahead, say it.




Turn your little fucking bitch ass around.

Okay, Mr. Divalo...


Mr. Divalo...

It's Divalo.

Mr. Divalo.

With all due respect, we just wanna express our sincerest gratitude for giving us the loan again.

We're very thankful.

'Cause no bank would even touch us.


Wait a minute, let me get this straight.

You used my money as your last resort?


No no, that's not what I meant at all.

I just figured there'd be less risk involved.


That there would be less risk involved with the interest rate.

Not you.

The interest rate.

You know, it's a good thing I'm in a good mood 'cause my wife just brought me my favorite sandwich.

You should learn how to keep your mouth shut.

You'll live longer.

You should listen to what my father says.

Let the small one talk.

You know, I gotta be honest.

I never stepped a foot in your bar.

I could never get used to the smell of potatoes and piss.

But your father.

I liked him, he was a stand-up guy.

It baffles me how you came from the same sack.

But you.

You always had respect, you kept your head down.

You're a good boy.

Thank you.

But my time's very important.

So let's get to it.

Okay, well that's what we wanted to discuss with you.


Is this a discussion?

I didn't mean like that, I just...

I've always been patient with you two right?

Yes you have, absolutely.

When you wanted an extension I gave it to you, correct?

Yes you did.

Absolutely, yes you did.

I never raised a vig, did I?

No you did not.

Then how come I don't have my money?

Okay, Mr. Divalo.

Just give us a few weeks and we will get your money.

I promise.

Now how's that gonna happen?

When you two broken down valises can't rub two quarters together?

I want my money!

We will find a way.

We can go to the bank.

No Jackie, shut the fuck up.

Not good enough.

Not good enough.

The way I see it right now, you got three options.

Option number one.

You can miraculously pull the money that you owe me, plus the vig, out of your ass in the next

10 seconds, but that's not gonna happen.

Option number two.

I can give you a less painful way to pay me back the money you owe me.

You go with my boy Joey here on a simple house call.


I'd love to hear the third option.

Whatever it is, we'll do it.

Okay, Mr. Divalo?

We'll do it.


You go with Joey.

He's gonna pay a visit to some guy.

A deadbeat guy who's been late on his payments.

Does that sound familiar to you?

I think he put me on the pay me no mind list.

Too many people start hearing that, they're gonna start thinking that I'm soft and they can take advantage of me.

They'll treat me like a jerkoff.

So here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna pay this guy a little visit and we're gonna settle it once and for all.

You follow Joey's lead and you watch his back.

And most important.


You keep your mouth shut.



Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Jesus fucking Christ!

Hey, calm down, sweetie pie.

Don't get your panties all in a bunch.

Yeah, what do we need these for?

To play tennis with, you fucking jerkoff.

What the fuck you think they're for?

Okay, okay, okay wait.

With all due respect, you know us our whole lives.

We don't want trouble.

We don't want trouble like this, this isn't...

It's not trouble.

It's no trouble, this is just for show.

It's for a little intimidation.

Just for show.

Nobody's gonna get hurt.

Come on.

I give you my word.

And my word's garbage.



Daddy's home.

Want some?

No, I'm okay.



No, fuck you then.

More for me.

More for me.

All right, okay.


Leave your fucking phones in the car.

Get out.

What is that for?

I lost my keys.

Shall we?

Time to make the doughnuts.


Hey Barry!

Come on out!

You got guests!

Come on, Barry!

Barry, I know you're here.

Your stupid fucking Volvo's in the driveway.

I'll get my fucking Sawzall and, oh hey!

Here he is.

Come here, get your fucking broke ass down here.

What the hell is going on, man?

What are you doing in my house?

Don't play me stupid.

You're gonna play me stupid like that?

You know why I'm here.

You know why the fuck I'm here.

Joey, come on man, I got neighbors.

I don't give a fuck.

I don't give a fuck about your fucking neighbors, you motherfucker!

You owe me fucking money, you cunt!

Motherfucker, I don't give a fuck!

Come here, you motherfucker!

Get on the fucking ground!

Joey please!

I just need a little more time!

You fucking degenerates, you all sing the same fucking tune.

You make me fucking sick!

Motherfucker look at me, look at me!

I deal in violence.

That's what I do.

And you ain't got no more time.

See this?

Fucking little cunt motherfucker.

Grab this fucking piece of shit, bring him to the basement.

Which one?

Which one what?

Which basement?

Here or the social club?



You fucking morons!


Fucking here!

Yeah, don't be careful with him.

You want some?



Still with me?


Let me see.

Yeah there it is, there it is.


Joey come on, please.

Don't you Joey come on please me, you little fucking bow-legged mook motherfucker!

You see, Barry here.

Barry owes my old man 80 dimes.

But over the course of the past few months, Barry developed a case of amnesia.

I don't got it.

I swear to Christ.


Don't you dare take the Lord's name in vain, you fucking bow-legged fucking rat piece of shit!

Argh, Barry, you got a hard fucking head.

Please, please, I can get it!

I just need a day!

You ain't got a day.


You ain't got a day!

Please, I'm begging you!

You ain't got a day!

You can beg all you want!

You owe money all over town!

And the likelihood of us getting our money back from you is about as likely as you leaving this basement alive.

Joey, please.

You don't have to do this.

Shoot this piece of shit.


Please don't do this!

Just shut your fucking mouth!



I'm gonna bite your fucking ear off.

Listen to me, man.

We kill him, the old man's never gonna get his money, right?

Are you fucking deaf?

There is no money.

He's fucking in debt all over town.

Come on, right here.

Right here, right between his stupid fucking eyes, shoot him.

Come on, shoot him.


Shoot him!

Joey, come on.

This wasn't part of the deal.


Part of the deal?

What fucking planet do you two live on?

This is the only deal if you wanna wipe your debt clean.

Now take your fucking guns out.

Take them out!

Please, for the love of God, please!

What did I tell you?

Shut your fucking mouth!

Shoot this piece of shit.

Yes, that's it.

That's it.

Pop wanted you both to give him a slug.

Come on, do it.

Now do it.

Do it.

Come on, do it!

Do it, do it!

Shoot him.

Come on, shoot him.

Shoot him.

Shoot this fucking piece of shit.

Do it!



We're not killing him, okay?

We're not killing him!

You sure about that?

Jackie, put the gun down.

You could make things right, Jackie.


Hey, hey.

Put the gun down, we'll get the money from somewhere else, Jackie.

There is nowhere else, Mickey.

It's the only way to set us straight with Tony.

Jackie, we don't have to do this.

Put the gun down.

Come on, what, do you wanna be a fucking pussy your whole life?

This isn't us, Jackie.

Put the gun down.


You could put an end to all this.

Put the gun down.

Put the fucking gun down.

End this!

End it!

Fucking shoot him.

Shoot him.

Come on!

Fucking end this, man!


No, fuck.

Mickey's right.

We're gonna find another way.

There is no other fucking way.

Fuck's sake, man.

Get a fucking hold of yourself.

Act like you fucking own a pair.

Aw fuck.

Jesus Christ.



What the fuck?


What did you just do?

You just buried us!

He was about to shoot the kid!

You fucking buried us!

He was about to shoot the kid!

Oh fuck!

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

Shit, shit.

She just killed Joey Divalo.

Oh sweet Mary Mother of God, no.

This is all your fault!

Don't pin this on me!

Just shut up!

Take it easy.

Take it easy.

We didn't shoot your father.

We didn't shoot your father.

Take it easy.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Lower the gun, sweetheart.

Do not call me sweetheart!

I am not your sweetheart!

Okay, okay.

What do you want us to call you then, huh?

Why do you wanna know my name?

So we can call you something other than sweetheart.

And you'll stop pointing the gun at us.

It's Clover.

Okay, Clover.

That's a pretty name.

We didn't shoot you father.

That was that guy, Joey.

Listen to me, your father was a deadbeat, okay?

So don't blame any of this on us, all right?

Jackie, will you please shut up?


Clover, don't listen to my brother.

He's special, he don't know what he's saying half the time.

Oh cute, Mick.

Clover, Tony Divalo.

Tony Divalo, does that name ring a bell to you?

Okay, he's an evil man, and we owe money to him just like your father did.

So you're deadbeats too.



Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Speak for yourself.

Jackie, will you please shut up?

Clover, they forced us to come here.

If we didn't do what they said they were gonna hurt us too.

Well I don't believe you.

What do you want us to say, huh?

What do you want me to say?

You want me to call the cops?

We can call the cops right now.

Are you out of your freakin' skull?

We'll be dead before we get to the freakin' prison.



Come on, where you at?

Who's that?

Who else is here?

Is your mother here?

She's dead.

Shhh everyone.



Joey, it's Dom!

Supposed to pick up three packages!

Come on, where you at?

The old man wants this done yesterday!

Oh fuck!

Frankie, what the fuck you doing?

Trying to get yourself killed?

Dom, the door was busted open.

Where's Joey?

I don't know where Joey is.

You're supposed to be here with him!

The old lady was having a false alarm.

What do you want from me?

Make yourself useful, let's find him.

Find him, Frankie.

Don't go all day.

It's Dom.

And you know what Dom does.

He cleans up the mess.

And we're the mess.

It's frickin' empty.

Those lying, greasy, backstabbing motherfuckers!

Watch your language.

She just shot someone in the face, you think she cares about an F-bomb?

We're dead.

Tony's gonna put this on us.

Are you stupid, Mick?

We were already dead.

That was supposed to be us.

He said I was a good boy.


Do you wanna continue whining like two old ladies, or do you wanna act like grown men and follow me out of here?

Let's go!

This is your fault.

This is your fucking fault.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Clover, come on, we can't stop.

We gotta keep moving.

Just let her go.


No Jackie, we're not leaving the kid out here on the street.


Come here.

Come on Mickey, we're sitting ducks out here.

Let's go.

Listen, Clover.

We can't keep walking around the street.

It's too dangerous.

Do you understand?


Smarten up, man.

This kid's gonna get us whacked.

This is all your fucking fault, Jackie!

Fuck me.

This ain't good, Frankie.

Now you know the drill.

Spic and span, no evidence.

What about Joey?

What are we gonna do with him?

We're gonna get him in the car, and me and this fucking moron are gonna bring him back to Tony.

Hurry up.

Yeah, more hard work.

Like I'm a friggin' maid.

What was that?

Did you say something, Alfie?


You say something?

I'll put you in another fucking bag, you hear me?

You think any of us wanna fucking do this?

Get your fucking mop.

And hurry the fuck up.

Yeah, it's Frankie.

Alert the crew.

The Belfast packages?

Yeah, well finder's keepers.

Find those McFucks.


Don't make me look like a jerk.

Standing there.

You okay?


Mickey, I need to go to the bathroom.

All right.




Let me get a shot of whiskey.

Pat around?

Who's asking?

The Callahans.

That supposed to mean something?

Come here.

Just make the fucking call, or I'm gonna take this glass and I'm gonna bounce it off your fucking head.

Go on back tough guy.


What's up?

Back office.

I need to use the bathroom.

All right, fuck.

I'll take her to the bathroom, you go to Pat.

Yeah, it's me.

Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

Come here, you.

It's good to see you, Pat.

I missed that handsome face.

Where's the sweet one?

The bathroom.


What kind of shit you got yourself into now?

You got no idea.

It's never a dull moment with you two.

Sit down.

You okay in there?

Jesus Christ.

Did anybody follow you here?


You better be for goddamn sure.

I'm positive, nobody saw us.


You want me to fucking relax?

I am far from relaxed!

The last thing I need is Tony Divalo peeping up my skirt.

I've never seen you wear a skirt.

Say one more word, I'm gonna slap every tooth out your mouth.

I mean what the hell were y'all thinking?

You know better than going to see those animals.

Actually, that's an insult to animals.

They're more like pasta-eating fucking maggots.

I know.

We messed up.

Jackie, why wouldn't y'all just come to me?

I'm family.

It was too much, Pat.

I didn't think we could.

We'll never know now.

Are you sure he's dead?

I seen his brains all over the fucking ground, he's dead.

Not that I will lose any sleep over it.

That kid was a first class prick.

You know that old man's not gonna rest.

He's not gonna sleep until he knows that you are six feet under, and I'll be laying right next to you if he thinks I helped you.

We didn't kill Joey.

It's all the same now.

You gonna wish you had.


Clover, open the door!

What is your problem?

Are you some kind of pervert?

Let go of my arm!

Shh, shh!

Listen to me.

There are armed men that wanna kill us here.

Listen to what I say and come on.

Let go of me!


It's Mickey!

Open up!

Come on!

They're here.


You two.

I told you Jackie, you're gonna be the death of me yet.

How in the hell did they find us?

I don't know, Jackie.

How many?

I count three of them.

Handsome Pete, Big Fat Paulie, and some other guy.

Come here baby, come here.

You're gonna be all right, little lady.

Miss Pat's gonna get you out of here safe and sound.

Now what I need you to do is go to that door, I need you to look through that slide, okay baby?

All right, look through that slide and tell me if you see anybody.

You see anybody?

No, the coast is clear.

Good job, baby.

Nobody's getting killed in my bar unless I want them killed.


Open up.

Back door, now!


Open the door.

What about you?

Knock knock.

This is my house.

I am not leaving.

This is what you came for.

What are you doing?

We're not leaving without you.

Look, get this kid out of here and go.


Don't make me ask you again, Jackie.

Move your ass.


Next round's on me.

You better fucking believe it.

Open the door or I'm gonna kick it down!


Open the fucking door!

Get back here, you motherfuckers!

Ho ho ho!

There is a Sixth Burrow train approaching the station.

Fuck outta here.

Where's the train?

Gotta catch the...

Out of the way!

Oh fuck!

Damn it, Paulie!

Not my fault, motherfucker!

You see them?

Stand clear of the closing doors please.

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

That was a cheap shot!

Mind your manners!

Mind your manners!

Oh, look who it is.

The Irish twins.

Don't you two owe me fucking money?

Get in line!

Fuck you!

What's it been, a year?

I don't know, who's counting?

She still pissed at you?

She's still pissed at you.

I don't know.

I don't know why she would.

I mean it is what it is.

Oh I know why she would.


Look at you.

You look like a ruby.

Are you seriously standing in my doorway right now?


Hold on, Ang.


I'm in a spot, all right?

I need a place to lay low.

If your brain were as big as your balls, Jackie...

Ang, I'm serious.

I'm in trouble.

What world do you live in that makes you think I would even try to help you out?

And how the hell do you know where I live?

Did Pat tell you?

She was only trying to help.

Okay, well I'm gonna fucking kill her when I see her.

Well you may not have to.

What did you do, Jackie?


I'm Clover.

They killed my father.


Jesus, Jackie!

No we didn't.

That's still up for debate.

There's no debate, all right?

We didn't kill him.

That's what you say.

Okay, Ang, Tony Divalo wants us dead.


Have it in your heart, for the love of God.

I know he's an idiot, but it's a kid.

Come on.

Just so we're clear, I'm not doing this for you, or him.

You are an angel.

Yeah, I don't think so.

One night.

You have one night.


I really appreciate it from the bottom...

Let's just stop with the pleasantries, Mickey.

This is a nice apartment though.


DJ Cass is dropping bombs on your area.

Why are we cowering and running from these jerkoffs?

I think it's time we grow a fucking pair.

I don't know how much I'm cowering, but since I like breathing above ground, I have no problem with my feet hitting the pavement.

Oh, so you wanna go on the lamb for the rest of our lives?

If it equates to living, then yeah.

Yeah, I'll keep running for the rest of my life.

You call that living?

I call it surviving.

Yeah, well see, me, I say we go on the defensive and kill each and every one of those motherfuckers.

Get them before they get us.

It's offensive, you fucking idiot.


That's what I meant.

I mean just like you and me.

Joey did.

Did I say that you could have a beer?

I'm sorry.

I thought because...

That's the problem.

You're thinking again.

Where's the kid?

She's in my room.

Poor thing's exhausted.

All right, can I take a shower and use your phone?

Nothing like an ice cold beer.

So good, am I right?

Did you want one, Mickey?



I wanna take a shower and use your phone, which I just asked you and you just blatantly ignored me.

When did you become so uptight?

When I did get uptight?

Hmm, let me think about that, Angie.

Oh I remember.

I remember, when I had I don't know how many people's blood on me and Tony Divalo put an expiration date on me and my moronic fucking brother.

One less Jackie Callahan in the world might not be such a bad thing.

You know what?

That's just fucking rude.

Lighten up.

You might live a little longer.

And keep it local.

I think you miss me.


I fucking hate you.

I fucking love you.

Hey where is the, oh Jesus Christ, it never ends with you two.


Stevie, how long do I know you?

Right, so when I say something's not good, it's not good.

Okay, I don't have time to wait.

So just get here.

When, now?



Okay, bye.


Are you all right?

No, I'm not all right.

I wanna go back to my dad's.

I don't wanna be here, I wanna go home.

You can't go home, okay?

It's not safe.

I'm sorry.

For how long?

I don't know.

Maybe never.

We gotta get you somewhere far away where they're not gonna find you.

Like where?

Don't you have any relatives we could take you to?


What about family friends or...


Just my dad and me.

Who knows where my mother is.

Didn't you say your mother was dead?

Well she is to me, okay?

That's a pretty harsh thing to say, kid.


It's not.

She left me at a park when I was nine years old.

Said she'd be right back, but she never came back.

Well maybe something happened to her.

You don't know.

Yeah, like she didn't wanna be a mom anymore.

That's what happened.

Come on, I don't think a mother would leave her child at a park, you know?

She called my dad about a month later, said she wasn't coming home okay?

She said she wasn't fit to raise a child.

Said it didn't feel natural.

Whatever that means.

That's a bad beat.

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

I hate her.

And I hate what she did to my dad.

He was never the same after that.

You know.

It wasn't his fault.

What wasn't?

The money he borrowed wasn't for him.

Hey, kid.

Don't do that to yourself.

Don't carry that kind of guilt around.

It's too late.


We're gonna get you somewhere safe.

I promise.

We're not gonna let anybody hurt you.

Try to get some rest, okay?

Fucking animals.

Shot my boy in the face.

Degenerate McFucks.


Over on Lynnewood, there's Venetta's Funeral Home.

When Jimmy Deweese got his head blow off by the Boscombe Brothers, they made him look like a prince.

Is that right?


I mean they can do miracles over there.



My boy's got a bullet in his fucking forehead.

His brains are in a fucking jar.

What kind of miracles they gonna do for him, huh?

Are they gonna bring him back to life?

No, I don't know.


You know what, I got a better idea.

Why don't we replace the part of his skull that's missing with this part right here?

Dom, put him in the chair.

What are you talking about, the chair?

Shut up!


You were supposed to back up Joey tonight, but you didn't did you?

Boss, I'm sorry.

What the fuck do you want from me?

I called Joey.

My wife was in labor, he said he could fucking handle it!

Does this look handled to you?


I fucked up, I'm sorry.


No, Tony!

Does it look fucking handled?

No, all right?

What do you want me to do?

I was about to have a fucking baby last night!

Tell him, please Pete!

Petey, you were there, fucking say something, please!

Fucking Dom, say something okay?

I can't help you, Frank.

Please, Dom!

I'm married to your cousin, for Christ's sake!

Say something!

My cousin doesn't even like you, Frank.


What are you, Petey, just fucking tell him...

Shut your mouth!

Because of you, I have to go home tonight and tell my wife that her first born is gonna be buried in a closed casket.

Because of you, I gotta tell my son's baby girl that she'll never have a birthday with her father again.

And because of you, the Divalo name, this name that's been around since the fall of Rome, dies with me!

I'm begging you, Tony, please.

Jesus Christ, I'm begging you.

I'm about to be a father.


Not anymore, you ain't.

Tony, please, Jesus...

Put the word out on the street.

There's a cash reward.

Anybody brings me those degenerate motherfucking micks, I want them three breaths before dead.

I'm gonna kill them myself with my hands.

Clean up this mess.

Let's wrap him up.

Come on.

Jesus Christ.


Holy shit, you two.

I mean you guys are unbelievable.

You never cease to amaze me.

If our dads knew what you two did to the bar, they would be doing backflips in their fucking graves right now.

You know what, spare me the bullshit.


Yeah, you're the one who wanted to be a cop.

You didn't want anything to do with the bar.

And you wonder why?

Oh is that right, Stevie?


Okay, 'cause if I remember, you didn't have the fondest memories right?

I mean didn't happy hour consist of your old man using your face as a punching bag?


I mean what was the nickname his old man used to call him?


That's right.

That's right, it was Ashtray, right?


And you still got the scars on your hand there don't you?

Yeah, still do.

See them?


Yeah, nice.

Just don't forget who looked after you, huh?

I get it.

Enough said, all right?

Can we move on?

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

This is like a catastrophic pile of shit just dropped in my lap.

Where's the girl now?

She's in my bedroom sleeping.

And she killed Joey?


All right.

Here we go.

You two stay here.

Wait for my call.

And how long is that gonna be?

Oh jeez Ang, I'm not sure.

I gotta cover up a homicide and put a big shit stain on my career, so I'm not so good with the timing right now.

I haven't seen you in a year, and within an hour you've managed to fuck up my life.

Oh is that right?

'Cause I think you were enjoying yourself just about an hour ago weren't you?

All right you two, start praying.

Let's hope I get you out of here with your head still attached to your neck, all right?

You know, I gotta tell you, I never hired guys like you two.

I mean no disrespect, you come very highly recommended.

I usually don't outsource this kind of work.

I usually like to keep it in house.

But since I am surrounded by a bunch of incompetent fucks!

I got no choice.

You guys have kids?


Doesn't matter.

You know, Dom lost his kid a few years ago.

Said he didn't smile for five years.

They say the worst thing in the world is for a parent to lose a child.

One minute they're little babies in your arms, the next minute they're laying in some funeral parlor shot in the face.

So you can see why I am incapable of any rational thinking right now.

That's why I want this done in the most painful, violent way fucking possible.

Give it.

It will be handled clean.

No mess.

No trace back to you.

You can be a little messy.

Take it easy, ladies.

We're all playing for the same team right?

Let them out, people.

Dibs on the blonde.

I still don't understand why we're leaving right now.

We're leaving because people are trying to kill you and that is not happening in my home.

Can I at least take a leak?

Jackie, listen to what she said, put your shoe on and let's go!


Lower your voice, Mick, before I give you a whack.

All knuckles, all right?

Why are you wearing that?

'Cause I don't have a jacket, or a home, or anything else because of you.

Well you look ridiculous.

Hey, where the hell are you?

I'm at your front door.

We just left.

Why would you leave?

Because we didn't feel safe, Stevie.

All right Ang, well then where am I meeting you guys?

Remember the Kelly Dwyer incident?

Buses and taxi cabs?



We're almost there.

All right.

Who's Kelly Dwyer?

She's none of your business, that's who she is.

Hey, take it easy.


So how well do you trust this guy Stevie?

We trust him with our lives.

He's like our brother, okay?


You got something on your mind?

I just like to know what I'm walking into.

You're walking into an abandoned train station, that's what you're walking into.


Are you familiar with the building?

Do you know how many exits there are?


What are you talking about?

What kid talks like this?

A kid who doesn't wanna be backed into a corner with no way out, that's who.

Hey, she kinda has a point, Jackie.

Aw Jesus Christ!

All right!

You and Angie stay in the car.

End of story.

I will.

But not because you said to.

Because I want to.

It's safer.

"End of story."

You know when people say they don't like kids but they really like kids?

Stop, Jackie.

I really don't fucking like kids.

So what do you think?

Coal or wood?

I say wood.

It's cheaper, it's only half the cost.

But the coal oven can get an extra two to 300 degrees hotter, which could could in handy if we get in a spot.

I mean you and I both know bones burn better in a coal oven.

That's why I love you.

You're always thinking ahead.

But honestly?

With those high temperatures, I think we're fine either way.


Let's just go with the wood.

Are we pouting now?

No, you're right.

The wood is the smart play.

What's the ETA?


Does this feel right?

We make the right decision here?

What do you mean?

How long do we let this go on?

'Til the end.

We're in control.

You want me to clean Shirley?

You know what I was just thinking?

I actually prefer the taste of the coal over the wood.

Now you're just saying that.


It's more old school.

That's what I'm talking about.

What, are we making pizzas or roasting marshmallows?


It's settled then.

Where should we wait?

Park off to the left.

All right.

What's wrong with Angie?

Of all the places to meet, we gotta meet in this fucking icebox?

Aww, you ain't comfortable, Jackie?

Come on, it's the old stomping grounds.

I mean a lot of old memories in this joint right?

Are you still angry about Kelly Dwyer?

Is that the problem?

'Cause look, man.

I'm sorry, all right?

Wow, is that an apology from Jackie Callahan?


That only took you 20 years.


Apparently you're still not over it.

And that must be a new record, Jackie.


The apology lasted four seconds.

Come on, Mick.

I mean I wasn't even into her.

I think we should just leave and go to the cops.

That's what Mickey and Jackie are doing right now.

You mean that guy Stevie?

He's not a cop.

He most certainly is.

He's a detective.


You think so?

I know so.

I've known him my whole life.


What is that supposed to mean?

You know, I think it's about time you start showing a little appreciation.

Mickey and Jackie are risking their lives for you.

If it weren't for them I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

Clover, if it weren't for them you'd be dead already.

You know, maybe I have my own issues with Jackie, and yes, sometimes I want to strangle him, trust me.

But he really is a good guy, okay?

They both are.

As solid as they come.

And I'm really sorry that your father got killed.

I am.

A kid should never have to see that happen to a parent ever.

But Mickey and Jackie were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

They would never hurt anyone like that, Clover.


Not that way.

Yeah, I know.

It's their biggest flaw.

And what's gonna end up getting them killed.

Personally, I don't wanna be caught in the crossfire.

Is that Stevie?


Oh, and who's that?

His backup?

Oh my god.

Shit shit shit shit.

You still trust Stevie?

Look at this jerkoff.

You ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Let's go.

Stevie better not hang us out to dry.

He always folded under pressure when we were kids.

Well he said he'll be here, he'll be here.

You think he'll give me a gun?

I think you're the last person Stevie would give a gun to.

Let alone anybody else.

Oh, look who's got his sense of humor back.

Yeah, well that's about all I got.

Aw man.

What are we gonna do to get out of this debacle?

I don't know.

We'll figure it out when we get there.

Just stay present, Jackie.

Figure out what?

We got nothing, Mick.

I mean we're freaking bums.

At least we won't be two bums in a box.

That's what I love about you.

You're always an optimist.

Maybe we could open another bar.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm serious.

Are you forgetting that we had a bar?

Our family bar, you fucking lost it?

I mean I wouldn't open a frickin' door with you, let alone another frickin' bar.

All right, quit while you're ahead, Mick.

You know what, Jackie?

I can't quit while I'm ahead.

I'm stuck in this position because my whole life you are yanking me down, I can't get ahead!

You're like two cement blocks on my fucking ankles!

Would you cut the shit, Mick?

You're being a real fucking asshole, okay?

I'm getting tired of the mental anguish you're causing me.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, these two.

You wanna do this right now?

Yeah, maybe I do wanna do it right now.

Do it now, do it right now!

I'll do it right now!

Just do it!

I hate you!

I fucking hate you!

I hate you!

I will kill you myself and I'll save Tony the hassle.

Oh yeah right.



Shh shh!


What's that?

I'm not fucking fall for that.

We're fucked!


What the fuck you talking about?

That spineless motherfucker's working for Tony.

He's got Pete and Paulie with him.

Are you fucking with me?


Are you fucking with me?


What the fuck are we gonna do?







Where you at?

Come on!

Let's get this over with!


It's Stevie!

What's with the silence?

I know you know I'm here.


I guess you don't want the good news.

I talked to Tony.

He knows you didn't pull the trigger.

Come on.

You guys are in the clear.

Come on.

All you gotta do is give up the girl.

Don't make it worse on yourself.

Make the right choice for once in your fucking lives.

What do you mean worse, Stevie?

I thought you said we're in the clear if we give up the girl.

Where's Jackie?


Don't fuck with me, Mickey.

I said where's Jackie?

I'm right here, you motherfucker.

Backstabbing piece of shit.

How could you do this to us?

We've known you since we were kids!

I had no choice.

I was in a bad way.

You're gonna get us out of here, you hear me?

Or we're gonna paint these walls with your wet fucking brains!

Easy, Mick.

Everything we did for you, this is how you repay us?

I can still fix it with Tony.

Too late for that.

Hey hey hey hey!


Walk, you piece of shit.

You're never gonna make it out of the city alive.

Tony's got guys everywhere.

Just so you know, we go down, you go down first.


Jackie Callahan!

I've been looking all over for you.

I still owe you from that cheap shot in the subway.


I'm all right Pete, it was my pleasure.

Oh no no no no.

The pleasure's gonna be all mine, jackoff.


Back up!

Back up or I'll drop him where he stands!

Back up!

I don't give two shits about that rat fuck.

We got a handful of degenerates like him at our disposal.

And these are the guys you were protecting.

I owe Tony a big nut.

What was I supposed to do?

He's gonna hurt my family.

Oh so you throw us down the river for these greasy wop fucks?

Hey, I'd appreciate it if you stop with the insults.

A man can only take so much.

Screw yourself Paulie, you fat fuck!

I'm gonna take that and let that slide 'cause your balls are where your belly is, you fucking punk!

Yeah, what's in your belly?



All right all right!

Enough with the posturing!

Let Stevie go.

Or don't.

All we care about is the girl.

You understand?


We're walking out of here with him right now.

I can't allow that.

We're not asking for permission.

I guess it's settled them.


Oh no no!

You ain't getting away!

Go go go!

Why would Stevie sell you guys out like that?

Because nobody really knows anyone!

Clover, get on the floor now!

Everyone shut the hell up!


Luck of the Irish with these two, huh?

Jesus Christ, it's Tony.


Hey T.

Tell me something I wanna hear.

We caught a bad beat.

They got away.


The little girls have more balls than the both of you combined.

Put Stevie on the phone.

Listen, about Stevie.

We had a little problem.


Why does it always gotta be a problem with you two?

Hey what the fuck?

Where the hell were you?

Taking a nap?

The fuck?

What the fuck is going on?

Where the fuck are they?

I don't see them.

I think we lost them.

Backstabbing piece of shit!

He was always a pussy!

Jackie, where are we gonna go?

I don't know!

Stop screaming, I gotta concentrate.

Where are we gonna go?

Oh my god!

I think I know somebody.

Hey guys...

Clover, are you hard of hearing?

I said stay down!

Yeah, but there's something wrong with Angie!



Oh shit.


What, what is it?

Jesus Christ!

What is it?

Just drive, don't look back.

Oh my god, Angie.

Is it what I think it is?

It's not what I think it is, huh?

Mickey, is it what I think it is?

What are we gonna do with her?

I don't know.

Guess we leave her body in the car 'til someone finds it.

How you doing?

You okay?



I'm not okay, I mean she's...

She's dead, Mick.

And I did this.

Okay, listen.

Don't do that, okay?

This is not your fault.

She wouldn't have been with us, Mick.

And she wouldn't be sitting in the car with her brains all over the back seat.

Jackie, come on.


What do you want?


Angie knew what she was getting herself into.

She was well aware of the risk and she still helped us out anyway.

Angie was loyal.

You finished?

If it's any consolation, at least you got to reconnect with her again, you know?

Relight the flame.

You'll always have that.

Yeah, no, that doesn't make me feel better.


I thought that was sweet of you.

We should torch the car with Angie's body inside.

We need to get rid of the prints.

You have an interesting way with words, you know that?

This is the place you're taking us?

You got any better ideas?


All right, then shut the fuck up.

Do you guys ever agree on anything?

Never. Sometimes.





What a surprise.

I am so thrilled to see you guys.

It has to be 10, 12 years.

It's actually been three years, but who's counting right?

How's Aunt Rose, your mother?

She's good.

She died five years ago.

That's great.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

You were actually at the funeral.

Oh my.

Time goes by so fast doesn't it?

And your father, how's he holding up?

Pop's dead too.

But you know, he's hanging in there.

God, that's awful.

Was it recent?

Yeah, no.

It wasn't recent at all.

He died three years ago.

Oddly enough, you were at that funeral too.

But hey, who's keeping track, right Terry?

I know!

Such a huge loss.

So they let you leave the hospital?

Yeah, they didn't.

I'm sorry, what?


No, they didn't leave me, I didn't leave, oh no, I didn't leave, they didn't.

Where's my manners?

I'm yapping your ears off in the doorway.

Who is this lovely little lady you have with you?

I'm Clover.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

It's a pleasure to meet you also.

Clover, do you like spaghetti?

I love it.


Come with me, I'm just about to make some.

I won't bite.

Seems better.

So how long's it's been since you taught at MIT, Terry?

I never taught at MIT.

Well not the real me.

That was just the manufactured robot the government had in my place.


So it's safe to say you're off your meds.

If you're talking about the tracking device they had implanted into my cells, then yes.

I am no longer a slave to the regime.

Did they really implant something into your cells?

No. Definitely not.

They did.

And how'd you get it out?

First I stopped taking that poison.

I weened myself off.

Then I fasted for about a month to purge the rest of it.

And lastly, I concocted a serum that I ingested to make absolutely sure there wasn't a trace of residue left over.

And what did that do?

I flatlined naturally.

Do you know I was clinically dead for two minutes?

No way!

Yes way.


Is that even possible?

I could show you.

I recorded the procedure.

I think we're good, Terry.

Are you sure?

I have so many spectacular recordings.

There's one about the government polluting our water sources.

It's their way of keeping the masses sick and controlling the population.

You should really watch it, it will blow your mind.

Okay, Terry.

We need to talk to you about something important all right?

Well I don't think it's as important as the government controlling our whole existence, but if you feel the need to share something less significant.

Okay, Terry.

We are in trouble.

Our lives are in danger.

Danger like how?

In an abiotic way?

The what way?


Characterized by the absence of life of living organisms.

In English, Terry.

The non-living.

Or dead.

What other types would there be?

Oh there are a plethora of different types and categories and subcategories...

Christ's sake, Terry.

Someone wants us dead, all right?

Like the real dead so we flatline for good.

Not some experiment in front of a video camera.

It is quite fascinating, this high level risk.

Mmmm, extremely captivating.

Okay, Terry!


We need your help to kill Tony Divalo.

Then why didn't you just say that in the first place, Jackie?

I'm Jackie.

Now these particular ones here are my children.

Why do you call them that?

Because they are loyal.

And they love me unconditionally.

And they never let me down.

How so?

Well their effects are clean, but extremely lethal and almost entirely undetectable if administered correctly.

What does she do?

Easy now.

We don't want to upset her.

Jessica's my oldest.

And very consistent.

In powder form, when sprinkled on any ingestant or when added to any liquid, she will put all living creatures down for the big sleep.

How long for it to take effect?

In most cases instantaneous.

What about Marvin?

Same effect, but he's airborne.

And for the most part my most reliable.

When Marvin gets into your lungs, it's bye bye birdie, fat lady has sung.

And him?

Why do you call him Andre?

Because he's a giant.

I don't understand.

You just add a few drops of Andre to any water source and you could wipe out an entire village.

What the hell are you...

What is wrong with you?

What kind of sick and twisted person are you, Terry?

The hostility.

I don't understand where it's coming from.

You don't understand?

Who tells a 13 year old girl about shit like that?

It's deranged.

Relax Mickey, it's educational.

The child was intrigued and wanted to know.

I don't see the issue.

Yeah, you don't see the issue 'cause you're a lunatic.

Make that call before the smack the insanity off of you!

I don't appreciate being compared to an individual who's mentally incompetent.

You should watch what you say to people, Mr. Jackie Callahan!

Some people have an adverse reaction when addressed in that manner.

Just make the call.

Wash your hands.

What I miss?

Just get up.

It's almost time, all right?

Get up.

Make me some coffee.

Come to my house and eat my food.

I'll tie you into a pretzel.

No respect, these kids.


I need to speak to a Mr. Anthony Divalo regarding the whereabouts of Mickey and Jackie Callahan.

And a certain little lady.

Now before we go into it, is there any compensation for this information?

Course there's a reward.

A big fat pile of dough.

30 large.

Yeah, well your loyalty is duly noted.

My pleasure.


Thank you.

So, no loose ends?

Like it never happened.


Hey Terry, what is the plan here?

How is this going down?

The details are in the preparatory measures.

My advice to you is to pay close attention and follow my instructions.

What's with the fire extinguishers?


The less you ask, the better your intentions are of getting out of this alive.

Right Terry?

A good student is a mindful student.

Yeah, good talk, Terry.

You're really putting my mind at ease.

Come on come on come on, hurry the fuck up.

I don't have all fucking day here.

Let's go.

Gus, clean the rest of that shit up.

Here they come.

I see you got them all here, that's good.

The old man will be very happy about that.

Do you have the monetary reward Mr. Divalo and I discussed?

Right to it, I like that.

I mean why waste time with the small talk?




There's a little change of plans.

No loose ends.

Or loose nuts?


Loose nuts?

What the fuck is that?

Oh this?

This is Marvin.

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ!

I'll kill you!

I'll fucking kill you!

Can't fucking breathe!

Can't breathe!

Say goodnight, you bitch.

Whoa, you are a wild man, Terry!

I cannot believe you pulled that shit off.

You see the look on their faces?

We really should be begin preparation for Tony now that his men are incapacitated.

How long is that gas gonna keep his guys out for?

Fairly good amount of time.

What kind of gas did you use, Terry?

More or less the kind you don't wake up from.

Wait, what?


More or less?

More or less?


Are you kidding me?

If I remember correctly, you did say you wanted to kill Tony Divalo.

I said Tony Divalo, I didn't say I wanted to be an accomplice to a mass murder, you frickin' nutjob.

All right.




Oh no no!

I think I told you once!

I do not appreciate that kind of verbal abuse!

Terry, put the gun down.

No no no!

No, no!

I think I warned you not to vocalize those types of poisonous notions.


Terry, put the gun down!

We're family.

Mickey didn't mean anything by it.

He was just playing around.

Right Mick?

That is right.

I lost my cool, Terry.

Let's put the gun down, okay?

Put it down.


He's sorry.


Everything's okay.

Okay, I accept your apology.

Who's hungry?

I'm pretty hungry.

Whoa, whoa! Hey!

No, no, no!

Hold on!

Hold on!

Tony don't even know what she looks like!

He won't even know if she's alive or dead!

Yeah, it's us you want, all right?

We killed Joey Divalo, not her.

Just let her go.

Take us.

The girl don't know nothing.

I knew this day would come.

She don't know nothing okay?

Take us, not the girl.

Please, she doesn't know anything.

She don't know nothing.

No, over here, us.


No, easy.

It's us you want, okay?

Terry no, Terry!



No no no no, not Terry!

Moms, why would you kill him?

What do you keep saying moms for?

Moms, don't!

Please stop!

Please stop!


Come on.

What the fuck?

You need to move away from them.


No no, they're my friends!

No, they are not your friends.

Take it easy!

Come on.

Okay now, take out your gun.

Gun? Gun?

You had a gun this whole time?

You think we'd leave her unarmed?

What kind of mothers do you think we are?


Clover, what the hell is going on?

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Was this a lie?

Everything was a lie?

Stop talking to her.

Baby, hey, look at me, okay?

Now remember what we taught you.

Rule number one.

No emotional attachments.


They are nothing to you.

They're just marks.

They're a means to an end.

Your target is Joey Divalo.

And what about the brothers?

They're collateral damage.

We'll take them out if we have to.

But I hear Tony's already got two holes dug for them, so it's totally up to you, okay baby?

Tuck the gun in the back of your pants like we showed you.

Do you have your phone?



If we get split up, we'll have you tracked and know your whereabouts at all times.


I don't give a fuck about your fucking neighbors, you motherfucker!

You owe me fucking money, you cunt!

You understand why we're doing this, right baby?

What all this training is for?

Because you never want something to happen to me like what happened in Iraq.

That's right.

No man will ever get the satisfaction of taking anything from our little girl.

But something very very special did come from it.

And that's you, my love.

God works in mysterious ways.

There is no other fucking way.

We love you, baby.

So, so much.

I love you guys too.


Are you nervous?

A little.

Having nerves is natural.

Keeps the blood pumping.

And it'll help you stay focused.

But we'll be right here with you every step of the way, so don't worry.

We would never let anything happen to you.


I know.


You ready?


That's our girl.

You were gonna kill us all along weren't you?

You used us as bait?

Follow the cheese and you'll get the rats.



Please don't make this harder for me than it already is.

Harder for you?

You do realize you got a gun pointed at our heads right?

Clover, what are you doing?

Just close your eyes, okay?

I promise you guys won't feel a thing.

Well you two take the cake in parenting.

Congratulations, you successfully raised a fucking psychopath.

I'm just itching to kill this one.

Get down on your knees, both of you.

Enough of the small talk.

Screw you!

Yeah, we'll take it standing.

No, moms!

Please stop!

Then you need to finish it.

Sweetie, your feelings are confusing you.

That's all it is.

It's time.

Don't listen to them, Clover.

You don't have to do this.

I don't have a choice.

Actually you do.

I'm glad I met you both.

Even you, Jackie.

And I meant what I said, you guys really are my friends.

Yeah, well where I come from you don't shoot your friends Clover, okay?

Rule number one.

You don't kill your friends.


After all we did for you, this is what you do?

This is how you treat us?


Is your name even Clover?


I was really starting to like you.

Fuck, this really hurts.

No, moms.

You're wrong.

Not everyone's a mark.

Sometimes you need emotional attachments.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm not gonna hurt Mickey and Jackie.

I don't care about your rules, I won't do it.

You don't kill your friends.

That is so sweet, my love.

And I get it.

I understand, this is a hard lesson to learn, okay?

We do need to end this now.


No no, we don't have to kill them!

She's right.

We could just crawl out of here.

Nobody would ever know.

Unlike you two, we have a reputation to uphold.

Fuck you.

Uphold this, you wackos.

You gonna do it, just go ahead and do it!




Hey boss.

Give me a scotch.

Did Dom call?

Been fucking calling everybody.

Nobody's answering.

I'm gonna send out some more guys.

That's it.

There's nobody left, T.

You're still breathing.

Yeah, okay.

Fuck it.


What the fuck, Gus?

What can I do for you?

I have a deliver for Mr. Divalo.

From who?

Mrs. Divalo.

Yeah, my wife.

She always wants to make sure I eat.

What do I owe you.

Oh it's taken care of.

Well let me give you a tip.

Here you go.

Gee, thanks mister.







He give you a tip?

Just this.


I've killed people for less.

Mr. Wiley?

Mr. Wiley?

Mr. Wiley!

Mr. Wiley?

I don't know what's going on.

I smell mom's soda bread.

You smell that, Mickey?


I said you smell mom's soda bread?


Ugh, you woke me up, Jack.

Fuck, I was getting sleep finally, Jack.

I'm freezing, Mick.

Shouldn't be too much longer, Jackie.

What, you've been saying that for two hours.

I don't know how much blood I got let in me.

Enough that it's keeping your fucking lips moving.

I'm in pain, Mick.


Have a little compassion for your older brother.

You do realize I got shot too right?

You realize that?

Yeah, yours went clean through, man.

Mine's stuck in my femur.

They blew off my middle fucking fingers.

Better than being shot in your head.

Plus you're the idiot that decided to taunt two hitmen.


Whatever the fuck they are, people.

What'd you say?


I'm gonna go to sleep now.


No you're not.

Jackie, don't fall, Jack.

I'm just gonna take a little nap.

No Jackie, don't fall asleep, Jack.

Jackie, you can't fall asleep, Jackie.

Jackie, don't fall asleep.


Jack, no you can't sleep, Jackie.

Jackie, don't fall asleep, Jackie!


Get up!

Don't fall asleep!

Okay, I'm awake, you fucking son of a bitch!

I'm awake!

Look at me.


Look at me.

I'm looking at you.

I love you.

You're squeezing me hard.

I love you, Jackie.


Look in my eyes.

I don't want you to fucking die.

Don't die.


I'm not dying.

Y'all motherfuckers call for a cab?


I told you, Jackie!

I told you.

What the hell took you so long?

I'm bleeding out over here, Pat.

Well I can come back when you're through if you want.

How about that?


Christ, you two look like two pieces of shit on a Triscuit.


You should see the other dead guys.

What about the girl?

Is she safe?

It would depend on who you ask.

Praise the Lord.

Would you look at that?

Okay, he's slipping.

Come on, let's go.

Get the fuck up.

Come on, let's go.

No, hold on!

Come on man, you don't have time to wait!

You're dying!

Look at that.

What Jackie?

What am I looking at?

On the bookshelf.

Is that weed?

Look at that.

It's a four-leaf fucking clover.

Well maybe your luck is about to change.

It's like the one I broke of mom's that she gave you.

Yeah, it's just like it.


I'm sorry about that, Jackie.

Hey Jack.

Maybe we can reopen the bar now.


That's a great idea.

So while you two are having a sentimental moment, I just wanna let you know you're in the backseat, okay?

I have new Corinthian leather and you're not fucking it up.

I'm so sick of you white boys, I don't know what to do with myself.

Yo, and that motherfucker's not getting in.

The fuck!

Let's go!

Come on!

Oh shit, Jackie, you know what I just remembered?


Larry's still at the bar.

One, two. No!

Did you like that?

I thought it was pretty good.