ClownTown (2016) Script

And the monkey ran off to cause even more mischief.

The end. Mm.


That's it? Yeah, I know. Kinda disappointing, huh?

I thought the monkey was gonna fly into space.

I guess that is the sequel. What did you think, mister?

Can you read us a book about ponies?

Ponies? Yeah.

Maybe next time, okay? But for right now, it is your bedtime.

So you...

...and you...

...are going to bed. Okay?

The last one read us the pony book.

The last one?

The last babysitter.

Oh. Well, why isn't she here tonight?

She had a... accident.

An accident?

Mama said...

I hope you two are running to get ready for bed!

Night-night, you two. Sweet dreams.

Nighty night.

Hello, Stroad residence.

Oh, hi, Mr. Stroad.

Yes, things are going great. I just put the little troublemakers to bed.

Oh, my God.

Is anyone hurt?

Okay, you're on your way home?

All right, well, I will, uh, hold down the fort until you get back.

Okay, see you soon.

The trail derailed just outside of Clinton.

Eyewitness reported a massive fireball.

Many residents of the local area have already been removed.

Now, representatives from the railroad have not yet been reached for comment.

Many local residents left shaken.

Now this train accident is being deemed one of the worst in the state's history.

There is no telling yet how this is gonna impact the local commun...






You scared me.

What are you doing? You need to go to bed.

Why are you dressed like that?

You better be running to your room!


Ricky, this isn't funny.

Are you gonna finish that or what?


Are you gonna do that today? Yeah. You eat too fast.

You eat too slow. We got shit to do, man.

I don't wanna be here all day. Be nice to get home by dark for once.

But if you worked a little faster, we'd get home at a decent time.

I work slow? Yeah.

Really? Uh-huh.

Cleanup in aisle six!

Afternoon, folks. What are you kids up to today?

Concert in Columbus, headed up that way. Ah, gotcha.

I'm gonna hit the head. Yeah, me, too.

You two have fun in there.


Oh, God.

Mike. Mm.

Check it out.

What do you think?

I think the answer's still no, I'm not marrying you.

It's for Sarah, idiot. I know that.

We've been together for almost two years and I think it's time.

You... you and I have been together for, I don't even know how many years anymore.

I've been trying to figure out when the right time is. I feel like tonight's the night.

She's gonna say yes.

Let me see.

I don't know, man. I'm just trying to enjoy life at this point.

It's pretty. You ever thought about it with Jill?

No. No, it's been like eight months, I have not thought about it with Jill.

Are you sure you wanna do it on this trip? Yes, that's my plan.

Oh, please, please don't do it on this trip, dude.


Because you two are gonna start crying, and then Jill's gonna start crying...

...and then I'm not gonna cry, I'm gonna look like an asshole.

So what? It's not about you. It's about Sarah.

You know how much I love her. No, no, you guys are great together...

...she's a great girl, I got nothing but good things to say. All right.

If you are serious about this, I do have one piece of advice for you.

What's your one piece of advice, Mike?

Are you serious?

Hey, my water glass is empty, think I could get a refill?

I'll be there in a minute! You boys have fun it there?

Brad had something important he wanted to tell me.


He just wanted to make sure he was still bigger than me.

Sorry about that. Oh, you're as quick as a fox.

I try to be. Just let me know if I can get you guys anything else.

Just the bill, please. Okay.


Ma'am, could you tell us how to get to the 137?

We're trying to get to Columbus but my phone keeps going in and out.

It does that here, sweetheart, it's called Southern Ohio.

You ladies heading to Columbus? Yes, we are.

I can get you there a lot quicker.

You're gonna take the highway south two exits...

...gonna turn right, go down two streets and turn left.

That puts you right to route 137. You got that?

That sounds like it makes sense.


Hey, is there a problem here?

No problem.

I apologize for some of the trailer trash that pass along through here.

They don't know how to treat a lady. You guys are headed to Columbus if I heard correctly?

Yeah, trying to make it to a concert. I wouldn't take the 137...

...there's some construction down there and I've gotten reports of some delays.

I just wouldn't chance it in a hurry. Do you know a better way?

There's a faster way. Takes you to some small towns...'s pretty easy to miss a turn, you can get lost, but it is faster.

It's up to you, though.

I'm pretty sure we want to get there as fast as possible.

Alright, let me see your map here.

All right, that should be easy enough for you to figure out.

Thanks, Sheriff, we appreciate the help.

I wouldn't screw around in any of those small towns.

It's pretty easy to get sidetracked.

Nah, you've seen one backwater town you've seen 'em all.

Mike. What? It's Ohio.

Well, suit yourself. You guys have a safe trip.

Oh, God. And then you woke up in the morning and you... went to your sock drawer and it was soaking wet and you're like, oh.

But you didn't realize that you were so drunk... had woken up in the middle of the night to take a piss...

...and you thought that your sock drawer was the toilet.

My sock drawer is this tall on me. I have no idea how I even got up that high.

Wait, is that the same night that Brad went to bed wearing that ridiculous hat?

Yeah. Yes, yes, it is.

The furry hat, the babushka hat.

I've never seen Brad that drunk.

I've gotta get gas soon.

I can see if I can find a gas station on my phone.

Thank you, baby.

What's wrong? Uh, I can't find my phone.

What do you mean you can't find your phone? I mean, I can't find my phone.

Great. Oh, shit.

Guys, will you look and see if my phone is back there by any chance?

Shit. Babe, pull over, I've gotta have my phone, it's got my credit card...

...and my IDs and all my shit in it. I know, I know, I know, I know.


Ugh, fuck.

Did you have it at the diner?

Yeah, I mean, I pulled it out when we asked the waitress for directions.

Shit, I put it on the counter and then that creepy guy walked up.

I must've left it there, shit! It's okay.

I'm sure she picked it up and she's probably just waiting for us to go back and get it.

If we go back now we're gonna miss the show. What am I supposed to do?

It's got my ID in it. I don't know, I'm just saying.

Guys, why don't we just call the phone? See if the waitress has it.

If she does, we'll pick it up on the way back from the concert.

That's fine.

Hello? Hello?

Hi. Uh, my friend lost her phone and this is her number.

Yes, I believe I have your friend's phone. Did you find it in the diner?


Are you there? Where are you?

I don't know, we're on some road. We just wanna get the phone back, please.

Where are you?

Guys, where the hell are we? Who's on the phone?

I don't know, it's just some guy, he keeps asking me where we are.

We're like 10 miles east of Route 37. I think we're on Bradley?

We're about 10 miles east of Route 37 on Bradley Road.

I can meet you and return your phone. Why don't we just meet you at the diner?

No, keep driving. You'll pass a sign before the railroad tracks.

Turn left, go into town, and meet me at 5th and Main. I'll be waiting.

Okay, so we drive down to where?


Hello? Oh, God.

He hung up. Well, what'd he say?

He said that there's a town just up ahead, at an intersection...

...and he's gonna meet us there. That's awesome.

Let's do it, come on, we're already late.

Looks like we're here.

So where is this guy?

This is where the guy wanted to meet.

He better show, he's got all my info. I can't believe I fucking left it there.

I'll try calling him again and seeing if he's close.

Just see where he's at.

Oh, I have no signal, guys, do you have one?


Nothing. He's gonna show.

I can't believe this is happening. I'm so sorry, guys.

I don't get it, where is everybody?

I don't know, babe, but it's like... it's like they all just left.

I mean, he has to show up, right?

I mean, why the hell else would he tell us to meet him here?

This is bullshit.




Let's just chill for a bit.

This guy's gotta show up. We can sit by the gazebo.

That's a good idea.

Anybody want some?

I need to relax. I cannot believe I left my damn phone.

It's fine, seriously. Don't worry about it. This guy's gonna show up.

Listen, baby, I am not in the mood. That's what you said on our first date.

Oh, well, that's when I thought you were still going places.

You thought he was going places? How much did you smoke that night?

I went to college. Should've stayed gone.

Oh, poor baby, let's leave the poor baby alone.

Are you gonna share that? Oh, no.

Just gonna smoke all my weed? Yup.

You're a dick. Yes, I am. I am a dick.

But speaking of dicks, fucking Wiggins better pay us on time, man.

I know, I'm getting sick of it, too.

Did you see his wife today?

Oh, my God. Did you see her fucking tits?

I can live between those fun bags. That doesn't even make sense.

Yeah, it does. What do you mean it doesn't make sense?

It doesn't make any fucking sense. Fun bags, who says fun bags?

Really? What are you, 12? Yeah, it doesn't make any sense.

Fuck you. You need to get laid.

Pull over, I gotta take a piss.

Seriously, hurry up, dude. My chick's gonna kill me if I'm late again.

You're just gonna have to sit there and wait for me then, aren't ya?

You're funny. Hurry up!

Hey, Billy? What?

Will you come out here and hold it, it's getting heavy.

You're an idiot. You know that? You're an idiot.

Find it yet?

I don't know. Oh, wait, there it is with you mom's lipstick all over it.

I think I'm gonna cut through Clinton.

Why do you wanna go that way? You never go that way.

I think it's gonna be faster with all the construction.

Isn't that where all those people went missing?

I don't know, who cares?

This is ridiculous.

Where the hell is everybody? We're gonna miss the goddamn show.

I don't know. What do you wanna do? I'm sick of waiting around.

We need to get going and we still need to find a gas station.

God, this fucking sucks.

Babe, I'm sorry, but we need to go. He's right, this is ridiculous.

We can try to call your phone again when we get service.

It's fine. I'll worry about it later, let's just go.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Un-fucking-believable. What's wrong, babe.

Try it again. Are we out of gas?

It's not even turning over, it doesn't sound like no gas to me.

Sounds more like a dead battery.


Well, you're not going anywhere like this.

What do you mean? I don't know, what do you think?


What the hell are we gonna do?

I don't know. Maybe we should try and find a payphone or something.

I mean, how did this even happen?

It just happened.

Hey, excuse me.

Hey, man, we're trying to find a phone, can you help us out?

Who the hell is that?


Hello? Do you have a phone?

I don't think he wants to be bothered. Guys, can we please just keep going?

She's right, we should go. Yeah, but...

He was just... he was just there.

Babe, come on. Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.

He just disappeared.



Where is everyone?

The place is a ghost town, man.





Do you guys have a signal yet?


Are you okay? There was a guy standing right there.

What are you doing? I almost ran you over. Hey, calm down.

Who runs around in the middle of the street? He was standing right there.


It's okay. Is she all right?

Yeah. Thank God. You guys good?

Do you guys have a cell phone, our car broke down.

No, my cellphone's dead. Where?

He was standing right there.

It's okay. Hey, Jill, it's okay.

No, God!

Let's go!

Wait, where are we gonna go?

There, there, get in there, come on, come on.

I don't hear anything.

We need to keep moving.

I can't. We need to, baby, we need to.

I can't, I can't. We have to, we have to, we have to.

Fuck this. I'm getting the hell out of here.

Wait. We need to sick together.

I ain't staying. He's right, we need to go.

We gotta find a way out of here. Come on, guys, we gotta keep moving.

I can't, I can't.

Baby, I can't. Baby, I can't.

All right. I'm gonna go check this RV, make sure it's safe.

You guys stay here, okay? Okay.


Okay, let's go.

Where's Jill? She was right behind us.




She was right here.

Jill! She was right here.

Jill. Turn the fucking light off.

Shut the fuck up. These are her bracelets.


Shut your fucking mouth or they're gonna fucking get us. Shut your fucking mouth.

Guys, we gotta go right now. Let's go, come on.

Get in.

In here, come on. Go, go.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Hey, come on, come out this way!

Come on!


Come on, you motherfucker!

Mike, Mike, come on, let's go, Mike, come on!

Follow me, I know a way out!

Come on!

Where's the police station?

They killed someone! They killed my brother! Where is it?

Where's my girlfriend? What the fuck did they do with her?

We gotta go now! Come on! Come on, we've gotta follow him.

Where are you taking us? No!

What the hell are we doing here? We need to find Jill, now.

I am trying to help you! I think I may know where she is.

We need to go inside now!

Come! Come! Come on, let's just go.

All right.

Where are we?

Home. Come, sit down.

Sit, here. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.



So this is your home. So where's Jill?

You deaf, old man?


Uh... do you have a... a car? Or a phone we can use?

No car, no phone neither.

What were you doing in the junkyard? Shopping.

For what? Eh, stuff.

Listen, mister, we appreciate the hospitality...

Frank! Name is Frank.

Frank, we appreciate the hospitality, but we can't stay here, we need the police.

Listen, you crazy old bastard!

No cops, you got it? No cops.

No cops.

Sit down.

So there's no police around here?

The county sheriff, he just don't come around very much.

I don't get it, there's one cop in town? Where's everybody at?

First, eat, eh?

This guy is clearly insane.

Let's just leave him be and go find Jill.

Look, I know this night's been crazy, but we will find Jill.

But first we gotta figure out what we're gonna do.

Fine, whatever.

Listen, this guy knows something.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, no, oh, my God, please let me go!

Oh, please!

Oh, my God, please!

Oh, my God, please!

Oh, no.

I'm gonna make you so pretty.

You doin' okay?



We're gonna make it through this, I promise.

You know I never even liked country music that much anyway.

I know. I just wanted us to have a fun night.

Me, too.

At least we're in this together.

Could be worse.

We could be eating that food.

What is that?

You gonna eat that?


That's you in this picture.

With your family.

A long time ago.

What happened?


This town used to be a train hub, years ago.

It was a nice place to live.

Before the big wreck. After that there wasn't much to it...

...there wasn't much sense in sticking around, you know?

The jobs left, folks soon followed.

People that stayed, they mostly just keep to themselves.

Some girls went missing about that same time...

...between the wreck and the girls, people got spooked.

What about the clowns?

The clowns.

Clowns are like a... a pack of dogs...

...or ghosts.

Haunted this town for years.

You'll hear people whisper about 'em, but you won't hear 'em talk about 'em.

Through the years, more and more people went missing.

They never... never catch anybody.

Find anybody.

Some people think the clowns don't exist.

People say the people who went missing...'s 'cause they just went off to find a better life.

Get back here, you stupid dog!

Son of a bitch! Motherfucker.

Stupid dog.

What are you looking at?

I told you he was a fucking screw-up.

Yes. Next time, believe me.

Uh, hey, listen, I gotta go. I'll talk to you Monday, bye.


People are in denial.

People that live here...

...they lock their doors at night.

The people that live here, they stay inside.

The clowns own this town now.

I heard rumors of clowns in this town, but I thought it was bullshit to scare people.

I heard it all started with some crazy messed up family.

I don't know nothing 'bout that.

What about other people that have come through here?

Them people that come through, they don't stay long.

There's nothing here.

Ones that do.

You've seen what could happen, eh? You said you knew where Jill was.

Where is she?

Yeah, I think...

What was that?


It can't be.

What about Jill? Shh.

We need to leave here now!

Go! Come on.

They usually don't come in here.

They must want you guys pretty bad.

We didn't do anything. You got away, that's enough.

I don't think I can hear him anymore.


Dylan! Dylan!


Come on, man. You wanna do this? Nice fucking makeup job.

Dylan! It's too late.


Dylan! Dylan!

Fuck you, man!


Come on, let's go! This way, quick!

Are you all right? In here, in here!

Here, go, go, go.

Come on.

Come on.

There's nowhere to go.

Brad, are you okay?

Get up!

I said get up!

My God.

Where's Dylan?

What the hell?

That's Jill's phone. How the hell does he have that?

He was in the diner.

What do you mean? I remember seeing this tattoo before.

He was the busboy. Mother...

Mike, wait! We gotta go!

They're gonna come back looking for ya! He's right. We gotta go.

We gotta go now, come on, Sarah.

You're coming with us, right?

With this bum leg, I'll just slow you down. Besides, this is still my home.

Where did they take Jill? I'll write it down for ya.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, please.

Oh, no, did my dolly get left outside... those dirty boys?

We don't like dirty boys, do we? No, no, no.

But we do like ponies, don't we?

I love ponies. They're my favorite.

You like ponies, don't you?

You love ponies just like I do.

Please stop. Please.

Oh, my God, please! I love you so much.

My beautiful little porcelain doll.

You can't be sad and this pretty.


Please let me go.

Oh, my God, please let me go.

Oh, please.

All right, come on, let's go.

Oh, nice, the keys?

Oh, thank God.

We'll find Jill and get the hell out of here.

All right, the turn should be...

What the hell is that?

Why are you stopping? How did he get here?

Come on, guys, we need to keep moving.

Just hold on, something's wrong.

Brad, we need to get Jill and get the fuck out of here.


Brad! Just stay in the truck.

Brad! Brad! Stay in the truck!

Frank, is that you?




Oh, my God, Frank!

They did this to you.

Come on.

Jesus. Oh, my God.

Frank, tell me what to do.

Helping you was enough.

Oh, God.



Go, go, go. Brad! I'll find you!



Hello? I need help.



I'm sorry for coming in like this, but I need your help.

There's been a murder, I need to find the police.

Please, can you help me?

Can you help me?

What are you doing hanging out around here at night?

Don't you know...'s dangerous, playing outside at night.

Bad things can happen.

Bad things.

I need help, do you have a car? A car?

No use for a car.

My son brings his mama everything she needs.

Your son, that's great. I just need a car or a way out of here...

...I got separated from my friends.

I think you should just stay with me.

My son will help you.

Yes, he will. When will he be here?


Very soon.

I think... I think we lost 'em.

We have to find Brad!

We have to find Jill. We'll send for the cops, Brad can take care of himself.

He's your best friend! And what's Jill?

Brad had the directions.


All right. We gotta get back to town.

Town? We need to get back to the truck!

Those clowns are gonna be waiting for us. Town is the only place we all know...

...that's where Brad will go, I promise you.

Come on, we gotta go, let's go.

You were living here back during the train wreck.

And when those girls went missing.

Word had it those girls were sticking their noses where they didn't belong.

Not polite to do that.

Is that right?

A mama has to protect her son.

A son has to protect his mama.


...he was your husband.

Still is if the law has anything to say.

Your son's one of the clowns.

He killed those girls! Don't you put that on Ricky!

It wasn't little Ricky's fault what happened.

He's a good boy.

A very good boy.

Not Ricky's fault, huh?

Is that why Frank left you?

After what happened?

A mother has stronger ties than a father does.

Always been...

...always will be.

And a mother always...

...always has to protect her son.

No matter what.


You don't want to disappoint Mommy now, do you?

All right, there's the gazebo. Come on, let's go.

All right, this is our chance, come on.

Wait. What?

That could be our ticket out of here.

You think we can drive that thing?

It's worth a shot.

All right, come on.

All right, go, go.



Oh, come on, wake up!

Help me, please.


Baby, can you hear me?


Let me go.

Let me go!

Get me out of this chair! Mike?

Goddammit! Let me go!

Get me out of this chair! Let me go!

Let me go!


Get me out of here! Goddammit! Oh, sheriff! Help us, please!

Shut up!


Shut... shut her up. Shut her up, man!

Just shut her the hell up!

Shut her the hell up!

Get her to shut up! I'm telling you, get her to shut up!

Get her to shut up, man!

Oh, my God, please!

Oh, God!

I told you to just shut her up, not kill her.

What the hell's wrong with you? What is wrong with you guys?

How am I gonna cover this up now?

What's wrong with you guys?

I told you to shut her up, man! Not kill her!

I don't know, blind her or something!

I'm done covering up for y'all! Did you hear me? You little fuck!

I've been covering for you since high school! All your little bitches!

I've been covering for you! I'm fucking done!

Did you hear me? Did you fucking hear me?

I'm fucking done! I'm done!

I'm here. I'm gonna get you out of this.

How did you find me? I followed one of them here.


I gotta find Mike. I gotta get Mike. Stay here.



Mike, I'm here, I'm here. I'm gonna get you out this.

Where... where's Jill?

Come on.

Wait, stop, stop.

Get me out of here. Mike!

Almost there! He's coming! He's coming!

Oh, my God, he's coming, hurry up and go!

Get me out of here! Let's go! Oh, God.

Come on, let's go! I can't, my hands...

...they're nailed to the chair.

We're not leaving you! We have to go!

We have to go! We can't leave you!


We have to go, let's go!

Tell Aunt Myrtle to go fuck herself! Brad, we have to go!

Mike! We have to go!

We have to go!


He's coming, Brad!

He's coming, Brad!

Let's go! Oh, my God, he's coming in the car.

Mike's dead! Let's go, let's go!