Club Life (2015) Script

Johnny, here is your mother, we are at the hospital.

It's your father.

I need you. I need you now.


Thank God. Where were you?

I could not reach you! Where were you?

What happened, Mom?

Your father ... What?

The doctor thinks he has a stroke has had.

Well, obviously. We're going to find out. Come on.

This is my son, Johnny.

I'm Dr. Fenton, Mr. Dadon's doctor.

I'm gonna get us coffee.

We have a cat scan and requested an MRI.

And what we see so far, based on his current situation, and in the reporting of his last visit we just want to rule out some things.

We have a better image if the tests are initiated.

We'll keep you all informed. Thank you, Dr. Fenton.

Can we see him please?

Of course. Follow me.

Come on.

Mr. Dadon? Yes?

Go ahead. I'll be right there.

I'm sorry, but how are you insured?

No insurance. I reimbursed.

Well, I'm sure I you to tell you about ...

No, no, do not.

That was my mother and my younger sister, right?

Do me a favor and say nothing accounts and money.

All of it. You do .. You'll find me, okay?

Sir, I know it difficult times ...

You understand what I'm saying, right?


I go to him. So come back and we'll talk, okay?

Okay. Thanks.

Someone called from a pickup.

Now, okay.

Did you write the address?

And, baby ..


I know it's not your responsibility.

Yes, give them table 12.

Do not worry about that. Say Jerome girls have already come.

Yes, I said it. 5,000 minimal. He is 20 and Jerome is working on it.

He's what? He's not there?

Okay, clearly, I'm on my way.


Excuse me.

What is this place?

My club Venue. It is the most popular club in the city.

Come along if you want. Say that you know me.



Based on true events.

Libra Release Team Presents Translation: UbuntuGo, Sjalevaeger, Wiets, Rayisgek & Flop Control & Processing: jackane & Nozem013 Conversion: Nozem013 Club Life (2015) NL Subs by L.R.T.


This sucks.

Calm down dear, do not worry. Eventually, we'll get in.

But the line does not move.

I know, but I think they wait until people leave.

Good. Wait here, okay?

Where are you going? Moment.

Excuse me. Hi. Listen.

I do not want ... I do not want to go out, but I need to be inside. Friends with the owner.

I'm here with my girl and her friends.

We just want to have some fun. Their feet hurt man, literally.

What's the problem? Nothing.

Wants to see the owner? Yes, he's here for him.

You know the owner? Yes.

What does he look like?

Same height as me, has a beard, looks like Pacino in Serpico.

That guy, the egg ... Okay. Yes we ...

Anton! Anton Get Al Pacino. Yes Boss.

Thanks. He'll straighten everything.

Here comes the owner grid. Here he is. This is ... a friend of yours. I could always come, remember?

Yes Yes. Who are you with?

My girlfriend and some friends of hers.

Good. Joe, let him inside. Honey!

Mark! Mark! What the hell is going on?

Looks best in show there. Where are the girls?

You can find better in girls sector 21, near the cash register, Mark.

I know. Where is Jerome?

Food poisoning, probably. Poisoning, my ass!

Tell that stupid dick, that if he next appears in the club, I put an end to that gay modeling career.

I put his foot in his ass.

Good promoters are difficult to find, you know that.

He had one stupid mission. An assignment!

Bring pretty girls to the club. Where are they?

Look. Look at Mr. Hyman there, okay?

50,000 waiting. Besides who is he? Besides which, Mark?

Arrange it. Adjust this fucking problem now!

I see you.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Thank you to bring me in.

You bouncer's an asshole. He thought I made sense-clearances.

Yes, everyone says that.

I take him. How does someone if you so many pretty girls?

How do you mean?

Given my experience, unless you have 10 million or a big cock.

Do you understand what I mean?

Well .. Does he have?

My girlfriend. We celebrate their success is for the training design.

And this is just like friends and friends friends. Just have a good time.

Wait, who's your girlfriend? She here.

Hi. Tanya.

Nice to meet you. You too.

Do you want to V.I.P room? Free drinks all night.

What do you think about it? Okay. Come on.

Here's my phone number. Call me if you want something.

Okay no problem. Follow me. Come on, people.

Mr. Hyman, how are you? This is Johnny. Johnny, this is Mr. Hyman.

How are you? Thank you to receive us here.

I have no idea how you did that. Good salvation, Mark.

Thank you.

Okay, who is this guy? He's a limousine driver.

Remember the guy who ever came?

Remember when you stopped him? Said I to Al Pacino corpse?

Yes, yes, the owner. Once this is all yours.

You keep saying it. I love you.

You get something extra tomorrow. Thank you, Bobby.

Come here!

You fell asleep on me, you know?

What? What is it? My God, I've got a hangover.

Me too.

Is everything alright? Yes, I have promised to make breakfast.

I'll meet you downstairs?


I'm hungry. Yeah, me too .... in something else.


I'm so down. Okay.

I'm going to get dressed.

Do not do that.

Do you need help?

"Need help"? Yes, I need help.

Look what I found in his pajama jacket.

Can you believe this?


Stupid thing.

Okay, come on. Yeah, come on

I got him. Come on.


Doctor, he is conscious?

Yeah, still is.

Look, I do not know how long he remains unconscious.

I very much appreciate that you there are, but would not stay too long, because he has his full energy needs.

Can he hear me? Yes, he can hear you.

As I said, not too long. Okay. Thank You.



'Dadon limos, my favorite limousine company.

Just stay down, stay down.

Where are you from "limo driver"? Brooklyn.

I am a tourist? Where in Brooklyn? "Midwood."

Are always specific, Johnny. God is the details, remember.

Like my nice suit? What?

My suit. I asked you something. Like what?

Yes, nice. Such a beautiful thing, see you are not in this environment.

You have to pretend it's real Have you ever heard of that?

You should do at all times or you have power, even though you do not have it, because by the time that they through have been too late.

Fuck, I have power. What do you want to do next?

Stop here on the right.

Johnny, you've been here ever?

No. You want me to wait?

No, I really want you to come, I want you to meet someone.

Wait what? Guest? What guy?

Good evening, gentlemen.

Can I record something for you, the kitchen about to close.

Yes, we would like to order something. Johnny, are you a vegetarian?

What? Whether you're a vegetarian?

Do you cry at Thanksgiving? No.

Two fillets, please.

How should it be cooked? Well done for me.

No. He does not get it well done, this is not Denny's.

Food must be in the correct manner be prepared, right?

I would say medium. Two fillets medium.

Okay. Thank You.

I like my steak well prepared.

You do not get steak but filet mignon.

Johnny, I want you to come work for me.

Okay, you do not fall in, but what do you do? Do you work for the man with the hat?

Bobby, yes. I promote parties.

As an event planner? Do I look like a planner?

Okay, you're selling parties.

I sell relevance.

Ask yourself why the people standing in line at a nightclub, in the freezing cold? Do you know why?

They have to dance. They must be seen.

You know the old saying, "If a tree falls in the forest," and no one is there to To hear him fall, Did it make a sound? " And that goes for New York.

If you go to a nightclub, and nobody knows you are there, you exist then?

And people are ready for it to pay and find out.

I have ... I have everyone in my pocket.

I have the people with money, famous people, everyone.

Really. But I can best someone like you use.

Okay, where is this all about?

Girls, Johnny, It's all about girls.

It is legal. It's everywhere.

How bloter better. Actually, models.

Have you ever seen a table bought in a nightclub?

No, I do not have the money for?

Not yet, but they will.

Bottles for models?

Sounds weird, right? And I have a little bit of everything.

Where do I start?

You're good with girls that looked I that night you were there.

They trust you, and believe it or but that's not hard to find So you want me to go to models look at the club? That will work.

No, nice try. I want you to come with girls.

You start with the ones you already know.

Then you come with any models. I'll help you.

This is an issue of a Models apartment.

There's no name, to Who should I ask?

How do I know? I've got it from someone who was drunk.

Listen, I have tomorrow a dinner arranged here.

And then we go to the district.

If you bring me 6 girls, I'll give you $ 1,500 cash.

That's it? Only beautiful girls?

Sounds easy, right?

Do not come with your girlfriend. Why?

Because you have a way worn where it is not so happy.

I mean, it's just business. What are you going to do?

This is more like a nightclub or work I try to give you.

This is a culture flow.

The richest people in the world, dancing to a local guest they have never met.

And who sings about the local guest things he sees in the club.

You know Jay Z? If he says, "six models, six bottles of Christ "?

Where do you think he sees?

My club.

Johnny, this is bigger than you and me. Bigger than all those people.

They will be made much money. These are the real issues.

If you do it right We go straight to the top.

As Tony Montana said.

Trust me, think about it.


How many miles are on it?

I can not remember.

Do you look for a moment, I have to take this.

How are you? Do you regularly girls ?

I'm working on it. Johnny, 1,500 dollars. Come on.

Hey, I'll give you $ 3,000.

How many?


Get out of here. Do not waste my time.

No, wait. How much you want for it?

You know that things are on wheels, right?

It is a business.

Yes. But I ... I need something to drive, you know?

5,000 dollars?

Give me $ 5,000 and you may look again.

Fuck ... no, man. You're wasting ...

You are not serious. As you can call to me.

Because you looks serious.

Get lost.

Hi, sweetie. Hey, can you come here ?

I do not think you want tonight.

Your mother and sister are with your father. Look ...

I try some things out to look, can you help me?

And you think the club as the right place for it?

Tanya, can you help me?


I tend some calls.

Johnny! How are you? Everything okay?

Only you two? Yes.

My people are over 20 minutes so need to plan B.

Hey baby, nice to see you. What was your name again?

Tanya. You look beautiful.

Johnny, your girlfriend looks beautiful. You understand that, right?

True, I am a perfectionist. Is ridiculous.

Welcome, sit down and Give me your coat.

These are my friends Tanya and Johnny. Sam.

How was the ride? Good.

Do you want something to drink? No, thank you.

Come on, take something. No.

Do you want to drink something? Yes.

OK nice.

Cheers. Cheers.

What was with those girls, mark. You have said nothing about strippers.

I had to go to plan B, what would you have done? Plan B.

This is Plan B? It's getting a bit strange now, what should I tell Tanya?

Tell her to stop with a bitch.

Hey ... I'm just a joke.

Hey, Marky-Mark.

How are you? How is my jungle girl?

I'm alright. Yes?

Yes. Okay.

He is the best promoter in the city, if you fall bothering him lose.

You know Johnny D yet?

He was the driver who helped us hyman with gold, remember?

When he bought all those bottles? Johnny D!

Johnny, you stay with him and make dreams come true.

Thank you, Bobby.

Johnny D? How about tonight?

I invited her friends and if they do not come, I can not send her away.

Johnny, listen to me. If you do this work can not now tell me.

I waste no further time, place that soft side of you aside.

Mark, hey. Shit, Jerome.

Do yourself a favor and do not do it here.

Back. Go back! Hey.

Jerome. Mark, what's going on?

You let me out of here stand as one or other rat.

Jerome, do me a favor and go.

Fuck you, Mark. I make always the party for you.

I try to protect, believe me. Go!

Jerome! Bobby, he's just leave.

Calm down, what's the matter? Jerome! Jerome!

Bobby? Jerome, he's a good kid.

Mark, what are you doing? Are you all right?

Yes fine. Where have you been?

How is modeling? Good.

Is it good on the catwalk? I love this guy.


Take the guy away and leave him taste the shoe leather.

Bobby, Bobby, go inside.

I do not see him here. He's not coming back.

I'd never see him again.

Do me a favor and go inside.

What is this? I do not see him here.

Listen to me. Johnny, go home.

Take your girlfriend and go home.

I'll call you Thursday there is still someone.

I'm sorry net.

There she is!

Johnny, I'll call you!

Damn, that girl is pretty.

You let me in only stand, make a joke?

Want to work in clubs?

Those girls were so disgusting, Johnny.

I know, sorry. I did not expect that.

But Mark's a good guest.

Good people do not sit with whores and criminals.

And with whom you surrounded ...

I do not want a sermon, Tanya. Not really.

You do not know under what pressure I stand.

I'm just saying you better are than Johnny.

I'm just trying to make some money.

Wait ...

Take it easy.

If you continue with that Mark I'm ready to deal with you.

Does anyone still on? Hello?


Hey ... Martha? Steven? Is that you?

Do you mind? I've got someone on the line.

Sorry, are you still there? Yeah, all right? Who is this?

Cute, steven. It's me Stephanie, what are you doing?

You want to move? I planned a nice dinner, and then we go to the roof, it's getting great.

Sounds good, I ask Any of the girls.

Dinner and then feast on the roof? Yes because we want to shake our ass.

Okay, we get. From what time?

There will you call someone all will arrange and organize.

Okay, who's that? His name is Johnny D.

Hello? Hi, can I speak Stephanie?

This is Stephanie.

This is Johnny D Steven said I had to call you.

I need your address and how many you are.

Okay, we're in 195 7th street, between 1 and A, there are then a couple and a few slightly later.

Okay, Steph. Day.

Where is Steven? Where's Johnny?

Who? Johnny? Yes.

Johnny is about 20 minutes. Okay.

He finds us on the roof. Steven?

Steve ... I think he's with Steven. Okay.

Are you having fun? Of course.

Yes? Yes.

Take him even in another room.

Sorry ma, two second. Okay.

All right? Where are you ?

You let me pick these girls, but they always ask about you.

I do not know who they are ... Tell him I am coming .

They need you. I get it

Come here. OK .


I have to go.

What you get in your head?

I have to be somewhere, okay?

Really? Where should Johnny go?

Tanya ... You really go back out with that jerk Mark?

You let me just sit here?

Listen, I have to do something and it is very important, and I had no idea when I should have told!

Do not do it! Do not do it.

If you leave me here am I finished with you, understand?

Sorry, honey.


Johnny! I have to go, Tanya .


Johnny! How are you? Stephanie, this is Johnny D.

Johnny! Nice to see you.

You know her friends, right? This is Johnny D.

Hey. Hi.

How are you. How are you?

Hey, steven. Steven!

Steven! Steven!


That's him. Steven. I'll get him.

Yes, imagine me at once him.

Steven. That chick stays but call your name.

How are you? Johnny d. We know each other by Stephanie.

How is Johnny? This is rob.

How's your guy? Come drink with us.

She keeps talking about you It's really annoying.

Oke, it's fine I'll come for a drink.

Rob was your name anyway ?? Join the fun at Rob.

How are you, Mark? Steven.

Nice to see you again .. How are you then?

Day sweetie me How are you Rob?

You know each other. How are you? Nice to see you again.

Baby, baby. Three bottles. Three pieces upon.

Make sure you get your new thing not ruined.

It's not the same shit if what you have in Europe.

Do you have to look beautifully.

Tonight you're not going to leave anyway? Say no, please.

Day boys. Hey, man.

How about a bit here? I make you happy with it?

They entertain you a bit? Really.

I hope so, because you're my best friend right? Take good care of him.

You want some of this?

Yes or no? Yes.

Well, if I ask you a question give immediate answers than Is everything good here? Yes? okay then.

I'm alright. I'm alright.

Get your glass table. Just kidding Not really.


Look who's here. All beautiful ladies.

You especially. Thanks.

You too.

But no ... I do not want you linger in the city, to spread lies I'm bad, so ...

I spend the entrance fees?

Look in the camera Player.

Johnny boy, why do not you start us? You know what?

I'm off. Tomorrow early.

Sleep tight. and a have a nice evening.

Dude, nice evening everyone He does not hear me.

Thanks for everything. Is good man.

Call me for once We speak what.

Cozy, thanks. Good evening, and keep your calm Safe journey.

Wait a second. I'll let you work it out.

I get it, do not worry. Come on Mark.

Be right back.

Now I am happy. Feel good.

Johnny, wait.

Well done.

I did me best No, you did great.

You're going to be mad. $ 3,000.

You'll get compliments from our Saudi friend who will find you great.

Is this just for tonight? This is only the beginning, believe me.

I think I understand it all.

You think you understand it. You understand everything.

I'll call you soon. Well done Johnny.

Some sleep.

Did you see that girl?

She was beautiful, right? She was just perfect.

Johnny, listen. modeling, pick Girls from all over the world.

They are small put apartments without money The only problem is., If they have their do not work well lie them out.

Therefore, they need guys like us so.

To take them out for free food Free entry to clubs, plus drink.

The only thing we must do is ensure that our bouncer not let anyone inside, keep his eyes open for our models, VIPs and famous people.

We have people that their brings to the table, but we must always ensure that The bar is stocked for energy.

Then we hire a DJ and take care of our customers.

The guests who do 1,000, 2,000 dollars. But, Johnny, all the hard work and all the free dinners, with the free drinks but for one thing.

This thing is this guy.

The customer who leaves 100,000 dollars. That bottle there is $ 100,000.

Are you listening to me?

People, We have a large night tonight, okay?

I want to clean tables, and you do not leave the table.

You do everything for that table. You look ...

Meet the next 10 years Every evening a beautiful girl, and blow you all off your shoes.

All you have to do is control yourself.

You want them to come to a party. As you have sex the first night, it's over.

She's not coming.

You let her feel that they want you.

You keep removing its me again and again.

And finally grab your hair, because she goes back to Nebraska or where she came from.

And then never again? They may come after the summer.


What is it?

Where have you been, Johnny?


I thought how I you tell this was so, I give parties in town.

Festivities? Is this a joke?

It's nothing bad, right? It's like a job and pays well ...

Well, not for another family disappear.

Look, ma, you have no idea what I'm trying to do.

Indeed, I have no idea! What do you think now?

If you're doing something illegal should you tell me that now.

Everything I do is for you two, right?

I do what I can ... What do you want from me, ma?

All I am trying to say is that your father did not want ...

I am doing something he does not understand?

Pa did not understand many things, okay?

Dad never took a chance in his life and what has it brought him?

Lying in a hospital bed.

That has brought him.

Who are you to talk like that about your father?

Who do you think the pay bills here, ma?

Who do you think the phone, electricity, car insurance and all others pay bills?

Watch your words, You do not talk to me.

You're not sure how things rule? Sorry but it breaks my heart, But someone has to ensure that there pays word and you know why?

Because you do not have a pension when people 30 years riding around in a limo.

You will have no health insurance or medical things.

You have not. Johnny, what's wrong with you?

Why, what's wrong with me? What is wrong with you?

Tell me. Let it go.

It goes well with me. But I'm gone, sorry.

Come back. Come back!

What do you think?

Beautiful .. Thank You.

Johnny D in person.

With all the things that have to play there I say you do have guts.

Yes, I want to apologize for I feel bad. Come on.

You do not have to apologize, I loved it.

Come on, I'm not crazy, I know what you did.

How do you think I got Stephanie? I've been told that I was a photographer.

What's wrong with actor?

Not so good the first time. Do you understand what I mean?

And I've tried it, but ...

I always ended up to bringing home the drunken girls which challenged me.

That is beautiful.

I leave and go some girls meet, you coming?

Yes, where? Friend, it's fashion week.

Do not say you've never been there. I've never been there.

You're going to like this. Okay.

What do you think? Dance a little and eat with the girls here?

That sounds good.

Not bad? Not bad.

Honey, almost ready? Yeah, give me 10 minutes?

Are you hungry? We are starving.

Nevertheless, girls? Yes.

Everyone is invited at my expense.

Beautiful. Perfect.

Steven! How are you?

I want you to meet someone.

This is Johnny D. Johnny D, Sebastian. Sebastian, Johnny D.

Good to meet you.

So you're the prodigy where Mark is talking about.

I have an after after party in my suit tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to drink wine, and beautiful girls stalking in the streets of Paris.

Because it's fashion week in Paris. I really have no choice.

I should have known. You should really come, Johnny.

It's true, you should go.

Sounds good.

Okay. We'll see you later, OK Yes.

Sorry, I did not want to be rude but have a lot on my mind.

No excuses. It is beautiful.

What is beautiful?

It's nice once someone To see something that feels.

No, I take that.

No, Johnny, which do to not do that.

No, come on. That's ridiculous.

I pay.

Let him do it.

Thank you, Johnny.

Do you know?

This way, girls.

I'm coming, I gotta take this.

You really going home?

I have early tomorrow.

So let's not there yet.

Michelle, come on.

Another time? Let's do just that.


Come on.

Johnny! Yes.

Come on.

Do you drink water, she drinks tequila. Always works, believe me.

Ellen, Ellen, this is Johnny. How are you?

I would like to overflow a few things.

Please, because I come here a very big day, right?

First, let the bottles on the table.

What we drink, just leave it alone. Nothing clearing.


Second, some come every 15 to 20 minutes along the table and say, "Hey, Johnny, there is an important call for you. "

But do it about every 15 to 20 minutes.

I will send you away, but keep coming back.

Thirdly, if I do this ... you bring us two glasses of tequila.

If I do this ... one finger, apply one glass of Tequila for her and one glass of water for me.

I know it seems strange, just follow me, you know?

Okay. Here, this is for you.

That I manage it I think. Marky, the devil.

So, I'll see you in a few hours. I'll see you tonight.

Thank you. Let us do this first.

You're crazy!

Ready? Cheers.

Look in the eyes. Here we go.

Johnny? Yes?

There is a call for you.

Tell them I'm not here. I'm actually ... with a friend where I impress me choose.

So, no phones tonight. No business. Okay.

Someone calls you here?

Sometimes they try to call me here when my phone is off and ...

That's strange!

Are you sure it's not important? No, this is important.

This is important. No business tonight.

Okay, you know what? I'm going to ...

I'm going to the toilet, very fast. When I come back, a real conversation, right? All right, we do.

Well, get ready.

What is your fucking problem? It's only a girl.

No towels. Super.

I do not know ... Is this a lot?

Sorry about that, sorry about that.

Okay. Ready for a real conversation? Okay.


I never, never in my life about you masturbated in the catalog.

Okay, are you ready for the question?

This can be a bit offensive, I know.

We do not know each other really well, but ...

This sounds good. Start!

Why let you guys ... in this environment ... you use?

Let us take a minute appointment.

We get free dinners.

Free drinks all night.

Direct access to the best places around the world, right?

We can hang out with the most interesting, funny, dynamic people where we throughout our lives looked upon it.

I am treated like a princess.

Who is using whom?

Are not you agree? Yes.

Johnny, they keep calling you.

No, no, no. Tell them ... They urge real.

No damn phones. Jesus! God! Enough with you!

Let us not hesitate.

Would you still want me to play along, which is more than 300.

And baby, as you know, he pours your full Tequila while he drinks water.

That's a lot of bullshit.

Wow. Really? Smell it.

You're a real bastard, right? No, Michelle, I'm not.

Come on, Michelle, stop. I'm not a bastard, right?

I'm a little nervous ... Honey ...

I guess you do not know with whom you are dealing.

Thank you.

That is the most ridiculous I ever heard. Who does that?

In my head it sounded like a good idea.

It sounded like a James Bond thing, you know?

Not at all, just like James Bond had a very retarded brother.

Fuck you, right? Johnny Bond?

So stupid. And I do not even such things.

You know what, though?

You have to be man enough to admit openly as a blunder.

Well, there is at least one bright side to all of this, right?

No, I mean it. I feel if I can trust you.

Someone who is not willing to itself to laugh, which you can not trust.

Because when push comes to shove, they will lie to save face.

In this business, it crazy and unstable to have people around you that you only can trust in calm water.

Because you want that bring in big fish, then you have to go deep. And there outside, you just have your crew.

It sounds like you really love sailing.

I go get some balls to what my father always said.

Will you well with your dad?

It's the only one I have. As best as it can, right?

Do you?

What the guys talk out here?


Okay, I'm going back inside. Why, you do not want to talk about fathers?

I do not want two adult men should talk about their fathers.

You stand there in 5 minutes each hand to hold and weep.

Have you ever had a fist fight had with your father?

You mean like taken a beating?

No no no. As man to man. See who is the best.

Up to the last man. God, that's so boyish.

Hey, you still. This is men talking we are talking about here.

How much would you have to have about our fathers here now have? We admit to them, not an inch.

Fucking "fuck you to me my whole life to let want to impress on you, "

It would not be a fair fight. I mean well.

That's the right idea!

Especially since my father in the clinic hangs on a ventilator.

So yes.

Shit, man.


No no. Fuck that.

Fuck it, right? Let us fight.

Here he is. Dad, I introduce you to my friends.

Look, tell them how much You're limo driver, you know.

Your whole damn life.

You know, those faceless guy in the driver's seat which nobody knows where no one gives a shit about. Tell them something about it.

Lust you? Are you like the weakest man in the whole damn street?

You know, half my life he was ill.

Why do not you tell them about that?

You Lust it? Johnny ...

Tell me about them all the beautiful sermons that you gave your children.

Give the best of yourself, you know?

While you nothing with your life have done except survive.

I told you to quit smoking anyway, right? I told you to quit smoking.

You listen to anyone? You listen to anyone!

And now see where you are, you idiot!

You do not fucking listen.


Hey, man, look, you have to go home man.

They're not going to take some X-ray.

Really, take your girlfriend and go. I feel so miserable enough already.

Were you ever in Vegas?


My father owns a few hotels there and we're going to open one within 6 months.

And I got the opportunity this itself to exploit.

How wonderful it would be the most popular club in Vegas have?

You know, something new, something exciting, something personal.

Something to be remembered, you know?

Sounds good.


Because I'm someone with real talent need, I can trust to manage the business.

What about Mark. What about Mark?

Guys like Mark,Leaving New York is not.

They have too much history.

And a corporate history is much harder behind let then any hope friends or family.

Because you have to take it off at the root. The Most men have the balls for it.

I appreciate Sebastian.

Really. But I have not the foggiest idea how to run a club.

Never done it. Me neither.

That sounds as though we had the whole thing it will help to soap.

I'm good at.

It's just that my life is now complete loggerheads, you know?

I do not entrust all my problems.

And I can not go anywhere, with my father in this state, you know.

It's just an idea.

Excuse Johnny Dadon?


Okay man. Thanks for coming.

You did not have to do. I appreciate it. I'm sorry for ... everything. Good night.

Do not ever driver Johnny.

It is an honor to be a driver. Really.

But I think your future somewhere beyond the glass is.

I really do.

Thanks again.

Try sleeping mother.

I'm worried.

Me too.

Well? Me too.

Johnny ...

I can ...


I can not lose your father.

And you also lose.

You're not going to lose my mother.

Promise? Promised.

Yes, I would like that.

Ben, I'd like that.

Yes, think about it.

Okay, well, call me back. Good day.

That was this guy, Ben, who Love that new club opened.

We might even get a night to benefit from.

We might get a night to benefit from.

Yes. Fuck that, man.

Forget to work for those guys. We must make ourselves partners.

Partners with whom? In these clubs, with that guy.

Which ... Which of the night week is that club closed?

What? This club? Yes, that night which is closed?

Monday and Tuesday, why?

Tell him we'll Tuesdays.

Look, it's been closed. Everything he earns extra.

That guy does not even out of bed.

If you want him more at ease ask, tell him the guarantee.

Ten thousand in beverage sales, right? Everything we earn more, superb.

Everything we lack we fit.

If there are eight thousand deserves, we'll give him two out of our pocket.

And how can we make money?

We take a percentage of the entrance. A good percentage.

Most people pay to get in.

Especially when we nicely dressed.

I'm talking about tables, VIP territories and drink bottles.

We make it great. We have to think big.

We'll make it the best day of the week to go out.

Make something of what people will remember, you know?

I think it's a good idea.

No really.

I do not know if he accepts a will be but it is a good idea.

Okay, if he agrees, you and I now partners, right? In all.

Half-Half. What did you say?


Johnny, do not get confused now. I think it's a good idea.

No chance that you half-half gets. Not really.

Okay, but listen. This is a new business.

As if we start a new business.

Without talent you can not do this.

I can not do this without the stock. We need each other.

Half-half. It is an agreement. It is a business.

I was thinking only Girls bring.

Well are you Mr. Businessman. I like it.

I try. I'm just was to make these people rich.

You're good at what you are doing. I'm good at what I do.

So let's do it for ourselves.

Okay, you know what? I go for it.

I'll call him. But you can better have a plan.

It is very difficult to Tuesday nice to dress.

Do not worry, I have a plan.

It's a good plan.

Stephanie got it right with yourself.

It is one of the best girls we What is obvious otherwise You never are in this room.

So ...

You've piqued my interest. Put it out.

Okay, you hold one of the largest modeling agencies in New York City ...

Wrong opening.

You owe me things to the tell that I already know.

Okay, again. Do you know where your girls at night?

Hopefully they are in the rooms before we hire them.

Right, right, right. Thinks you think they stay there?

Probably not. Girls stay girls.

Yes, they go out.

Probably. Are you going to make a point?

Listen a little longer. Do you know where they go?

Are you at all with who they are?

Are you sometimes a detection device sir ...

Johnny D.

What? They call me Johnny D.

Who? Your girls will call me so.

Oh Yeah? Yeah, you too.


I do not think so.

I think you will call me Johnny D.

When you call me because you want to know where and with whom you are girls What they are doing. And the what they are not doing.

You know what? I think you will call me because you want to know if they come home safely.

And be ready to wake up and you a lot of money to deliver the next morning.

I brought you something.

That's the number of this phone I always have with me.

And I will not hesitate. 24 hours a day, seven days per week. What then happens.

You see? I am a detection device vendor, And the machine what I sell is very reliable.

And very good at what he does.

And it gives you peace of mind a lot.

Is not that what we all want?

Sorry. Johnny D, How are you? Look ...

Come. We start a new party called Tuesday, honey, Tuesday.

Hey, sorry. This is my business. Hey, sorry, hello.

You came, I knew you would come. All right, brother?

Come on, follow me. I have a great table for you.

It starts.

You all know what will happen Hey! Hey! Hey!

That's what I mean. We hold Tuesday, honey, Tuesday.

We did it ourselves. If you are to your liking, Let's hear it!

Tuesday, honey, Tuesday.

That's my secret weapon! Hey.

We succeeded. We have something special done tonight.

It will only grow. We did it.


What is this? Your income.

This is six to seven thousand dollars. It's $ 8,000.

I do not get it. Midway the evening I spoke with Ben, He said we were about 25 thousand.

Bobby has 15. Bobby?


What Bobby has to do with this?

Bobby holds a part of this tent. You knew that.

Why did not you tell me that we have to deal with Bobby?

Ben has never said anything about take a portion of our revenue.

Bobby'm not, okay?

Okay. So you just packed up my money?

Johnny, you're doing this now for five months.

I'm doing this for 10 years. You need somewhere pay your contribution. You know that.

Fuck you, okay? Do not do this, kid.

Well not ruined something beautiful.

No, fuck off! You're a coward, you know?

In what universe do you think the okay is if I get only 25%?

This whole plan was my idea and now trying to buy me off so cheap?

Wow, wow, wow. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Is this a trap? I did not even know he was coming.

Wait a second. Let's go back.

I want to understand this, what was his idea who? I heard ... What was his idea who?

You think this was your idea?

There are no original ideas in this industry.

Do you understand?

What was your idea?

The club?


Patrons? Mine.

And the music? Busta Rhymes.

Do you think he has come to you?

I know him from Flatbush, Uniondale, idiot. Ever since he was a child.

It's the girls. That's it.

Do you think you deserve more from the girls.

We do that as since the origin of humanity, And now you've decided because you do it on a Tuesday?

Is that it? Bobby, he's just drunk.

Stay out there, Mark? Mind you just leave it alone.

I do not care that he was drunk.

Is that it? Do you think you deserve more than me?

Yeah, I think so. You think you deserve more than me?

You stupid bitch!

I love you.

I love you bitch. Do you understand?

You made me proud today.

I'm happy.

Look at me. I'm very proud of you.

You get this part.

We are going to take over this city.

Once you become my partner. Mark my words.

Come on. What is it? Come on. Are you jealous?

Come on, do not be jealous. Do not be jealous.

Sometimes that. Learner sometimes surpasses the master.

That happens sometimes.

That means you have to work harder.

This child has talent.

Well, both, from my club.

Let yourself nice pipes.

Hopefully not mix.

You'll feel very well about yourself. Now it is.

You know why I'm still in this job? Because I'm smart.

I have met people who 10 times smarter than I was But all of them could think was that money.

And they thought that they meant something.

Nobody does not matter here!

Not me, Bobby, no one.

Certainly not a stupid boy who throughout his career at the play sets for $ 4,000.

What's your problem, Mark?

Want the rest of your life of other people's leftovers life?

Would you like to help everyone to impress his customers?

They should be our customers.

Guys like Bobby would this game must lead. We must do that.

Especially after what we achieved tonight. You just have to have some guts.

Do not be afraid to take risks.

Risk taking? Yes, take risks.

There is no us. We are ready together.

Crazy huh?

In a second, you do not matter anymore.

Tomorrow I meet another Johnny D.

You will never meet anyone like me.

Stay with me away and Stay away from Bobby.

Get your finger out of my face. Stay with me away.

You are a coward. You are an asshole.


You have five minutes, okay? But you must not tell anyone.

I could lose my job if they see you. Good.

Me and my girl? Just for drinks. I ...

I can no problems have the door you know?

You're not in trouble. You're worth gold. Thank You.

Oke, it's fine .. Thank You.

Hey, Dad.

I hate the sound that these machines.

You will be fixed crazy. I know they help you anyway.

You know what it is, Dad.

I've really needed now.

I'm really distraught.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I tried to do something good. Really.

It just feels like everything I do Slips through my fingers.

Tanya is gone. You were right.

She's smart and she has gone away from me.

Mommy ... Mama and Sarah think I'm crazy.

You just gotta be strong this once porridge. Why could not you be strong?

I've had enough of always having to take care of you.

I can not take care of them. I'm not ready.

I can not even take care of myself.

Fuck, Dad.


Somebody help!

Thank you for everything you've done.

How you doing, Mom?

It's been better.

Yes, I'll be back.

Sebastian, hold on.

We do it. The Vegas deal. I participate.

I'll leave you alone.

Thanks a lot, man. Sorry.

We do it.

Well, here's the plan.

My father is next Tuesday in New York.

It is perfect, it can not wait to get a look.

Tuesday, honey, Tuesday.

My father does not know you, let's see how Johnny D night expires.

All right, man. We do it. We let him see it.

I'll let you know more tomorrow.

Thanks, I appreciate that you're here.

Be strong. I go for it.

We go there for.

Bobby, listen, There comes Tuesday a major customer.

That I understand that but if it's there for.

One moment you're in. The next minute you let them lie left Never Bite the hand that feeds them.

Mark let everyone look at you out.

At this time no one would be yours.

Earlier we had here to say.

Or was that a lot of nonsense? "You and I are partners,"

I was drunk that night well, buddy.

I said as much.

I would my 17 year old niece in her ass fucking in the name of love You take me to blame?

Good luck.

That you do not believe, nobody believes that.

Good luck is another way to say "Fuck it", right?

I'm glad that I can learn something.

Get lost.

Not yet. So Pop's doing it?


If we change the plan your dad will then join?

Tell him yet that the plan change, okay?

The less we share the plan with people that belong to Mark of Bobby, the better.

I have a great here party on Tuesday night.

I take everyone here, and guarantee You revenues of $ 20,000.

There is a chance that it might it is $ 25,000.

At this time can we do not.

I'm actually looking for space for Tuesday.

No, I would not say we're at it compete on Tuesday.

Tell me that we have a place? We're getting close.

Tuesday is over 3 days, Johnny. It'll be fine.

I must tell him tonight we swap places.

I hear you, it's time to thinking outside your comfort zone.

What are you doing? I try to find a place.

I'll call you later.

Why should I help you?

We share the same enemy. Yeah, what did you do?

Do you sucked mark?

You let Bobby fuck you?

How to steal someone I have never heard of, and just emerges my show?

Will you play it, Jerome?

I did not steal your show, I do not even know what I was doing.

And let's be honest, they arrange everything for you because you yourself can not.

Dude, fuck off! See this scar?


This is not a game, Johnny. They screwed up my life.

We'll get them, okay? Let's strike back.

Think about it.

Mark, why would I want with you work, you have no talent?

I have the plan but have just need a place.

When? Tuesday.

A Tuesday? Why is that funny?

Because you're taking on the your own problems.

You turn long enough with because viz.

You deal Tuesday and pushing everyone away.

I push one way that is not my tactics.

Their marks, they are doing this for years.

He wants to wipe a club card, He calls the police and become the club evacuated because of underage girls.

They lose their license and then it's over.

So he does it on Tuesday in order to make his point.

Now you're here and you ask again?

It is a very big party.

A celebration where we both a lot of money to earn.

And you can put it back on the map.

I do not need your help.


You can trust me, Jerome.

You can trust me.

I dedicate this to Simon, and it is the only decent club that wants to talk to me.


They really are the dick as Mark the club late storm.

If you know something pulls it he is known for.

Succeeds for Tuesday?


Someone once said you have power radiate even though you do not have.

For the time that they discover you do not you get it.

I know and that person is a jerk.

Do you know him?

We'll keep in touch.

Where are you going?

I need some help.

Jerome is back!

Hey, Johnny.


I'll wait downstairs.


Tanya, I'm sorry.

For what?

You do not make it easy on me? No.

Look, I was in a bad position.

My father and ... Stop!

Do not blame him, he has nothing to do with it.

This is all your fault, Johnny.

As if you wanted to escape us.

You act like you make the world a pleasure doing to live here.

As if we all weights that pull you down.

I know, I ...

I think that it's true I was always afraid.

I never figured out where I came from.

You always wanted away, since you were 10.

I had forgotten that we knew each other for so long.

Me too.

How's your new friend?

It's your business, but it has been out since last week.

Sorry. I'm not you.


Is there something I can do for you, Johnny?

Look, this is not the reason why I'm here, but I need your help.

You do have guts.

You do not do it, but I'm doing something.

I have a very smart, talented, and a very sexy designer needed.

You're the only one who agrees.

And below you will never talk to me. You can, something beginning with that guy, and can leave for which you want.

You're crazy. Come on, it'll be fun.


Bring me good news.

Beautiful! That's good news.

Hello? How is my princess Stephanie?

Johnny. I need you on Tuesday.

I really need and want everyone you can.

The only thing is that we do on Tuesday.

We try something else, okay?

Anything you want, Johnny.

Ready for a party? I know you will anyway.

Of course.

My dad comes around 21:00 he wants to go out around 23:00.

Enough time. Do you think?


I love it.

I'll take it. We have a deal.

Here we go, man.

Are you ready? It's time.

Ask soon as it's over. I could not have done it without you See you there. Okay.


I do not get it. Why do we go not to "Tuesday, baby, Tuesday"?

I've heard a lot about.

As my friend, Johnny, who "Tuesday, baby, Tuesday" has devised, has something else.

You taught me always to follow the source.

Everything I've heard is that Mark Cohen was the creator.

Mark was involved ... Seb, there's something you need to learn.

People always try the credits someone's hard work to pick at.

It is a parasitic world.

Mark has long been my husband.

Loyalty is also important.

Not if it's the wrong guest.

Let's face it.

But first I want to see where Mark is capable.

Frank, drive us please to Love club.

We will see.

Big Willie! Mark, how are you?

How are you? Good to see you.

Good to see you.

What do you do, still all over the world?

I do my best, this is my son Sebastian.

Good to see you. Mark.

Why did not you say you were coming? Change at the last minute.

Welcome, sit down. Thank you.

I hear a lot about this place, and was wondering what you made of it.

And it's very beautiful, magnificent.

But I must say that this is not, which is where the people talk, what's going on?

The economy takes its toll about this whole business.

Everybody get hit, believe me.

I want to ask you something about Johnny.

I've heard you him have taken under your care, and Sebastian says he your secret weapon.

That word asserted there. Really? Secret weapon?

No secret weapon, that boy was a huge disappointment, these are all talk.

Really? Yes.

You can not believe everything you hear. Boys in blue?

I want to see how he perished go, give me a minute.


I'm sorry, but I really should go.

Something has intervened, about 15 minutes, I am back.

Do not worry, do what you gotta do.

I will make sure that you have a good time.

I think Cathy's here somewhere, which will come say hello.

Nice to see you, Sebastian. You too.

Cathy, I want you to meet my friends.

Amuse you but you Cathy, Chris will provide drinks.

Hi, Cathy.

Johnny, there is an outside issue. What problem?

Police. Police?

Police. Stay here.

So you're saying that there are no underage girls?

I'm not the bouncer but in my not knowing.

I'm going to lock you up if it is so, understand?


Hey, open it.

Maybe we do not get the evening as promised ,.

But we can not blame Mark Giving the poor economy.

Of course, I attack him about his attitude and vision.

That you should do also.

Are there problems, buddy?

Do you really think the party would go unnoticed?


I've always said that I The king was in the jungle.

Nothing happens here without I know.

That was you forget, right?

Where Johnny is going, He can not blame the people.

He forces them and run them.

You just heard what Mark said about this Johnny.

This is the city of me and Bobby, I have always told you.

No child like you it takes ever.

I think you are no longer a coward.

You're a coward if you're worth and you're not sure to enter.

I think you're exactly are where you should be.

We shall see.

Mark! Come here, are you kidding me?

Will you show us look like morons?

Call Bobby and tell that jerk that he is not wise.

I understand you should not a misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding? Do they look like underage girls?


What is wrong with you? Would you like us elderly club dropped inside?

If you ever again gives wrong information, it will allow you dearly.

Do you hear me? Now fuck off.

Understood? Sorry. I ...

Why do not you smile at the camera, Marky?

What are you doing? Come here.

I love to see you there.


Good work, make sure you send to anyone, okay?

I think you have to pack hit, Call me if you need anything.

Mark, this is for you and you can also give Bobby. Good luck.

Rot here. Okay.

Get out of here or I'll lock you up.

I'll kill you.

You two, also gone.

Sebastian, are you sure this is the right place?

I think so.

This is fun.

Sebastian, this is my only day in New York.

My idea of ​​fun is not Looking to move to any party.

Have a little faith, Dad.

Tyler men, we expect you already.

Come on in. Thank you.

Welcome. Follow me.

The great Johnny did this?

I've had a lot of help.

Dad, my friend, my magician.

The man I'm going to learn a great deal to close next year, Johnny D.

My evening is not complete, until I you the best night I worried of your life.

Ginger! We have a nice table for you.

You know where to find me. Thank You.

Lots of fun.

Thanks, man. Thank you for believing in me.

You made it easy.

This is just the beginning.

The beginning, a lot of fun tonight.

Not bad for a girl in Midwood, Brooklyn?

This is for anyone bad.

You look beautiful. Thank You.

You've done well tonight.

We. We.

I love you, you know that?


My design team table 15 needs me.

Tomorrow slow are to day.

You may need to take time off. That's good news.

Sebastian has signed for the lamps. Beautiful.

And your mother I have to make make sure you're there tomorrow.

I'll be there.

I should get back to my drunken guests there.

Not too much fun, okay?

I'm going to have fun, love you. I love you.

It is universal.

The adrenaline rush you get when you come across the Brooklyn Bridge, and the skyline comes into view.

The fog which comes from Niagara Falls, I love NY.

Families who pick apples in Hudson Valley, or speedboat along the thousands of islands.

But there is another reason why I love New York.

New York is a constant form of discovery.

You want to see what's around the angle is, over the hill, in the branches of the river, on the other side of the mountain.

There's more to New York than you think.

There is always a reason why ...

I love NY.