Cobra (1986) Script

In America...

...there's a burglary every 11 seconds... armed robbery every 65 seconds...

...a violent crime every 25 seconds...

...a murder every 24 minutes...

...and 250 rapes a day.

Jerry, don't push it together like that.

Will you just let me do it?

You make me sick!

Watch it!

Hey, pal!

Can I help you?

Hey, pal....

We are willing to talk. No one wants to hurt you.

Do you understand?

We are willing to talk. There's no more need for violence.

There's no way out except by talking. Do you understand?

No one wants to hurt you.

We want to help.

Please, communicate with us.

-We don't want to hurt you. You can go.

We want to help.

You can go!

Communicate with us.

You're free!

No one wants to hurt you. Do you understand?

-Enough of trying to deal with this maniac! -Get down!

All we need is more time. We can get control of the situation.

What control?

Call the Cobra.

How bad is it? It's bad.

Any I.D. on the guy?

Just another asshole who woke up hating the world. What's happening?

I don't agree with them bringing you here. I want you to know that.

Come on.

Come on!


Shut up, man!

Come on!

I'm hungry.

Face front! I'll blow your stupid head off. Get over there!

Get down, you. Get down there, man.

Shut up! You get away from her!

Shut up!

I'll kill you, man. I'll kill them all!

It's the way of the New World.

So where are those TV cameras?

Hey, man, I've got a bomb here.

I'll kill them all!

You bring in the TV, or I'll kill them all.

You understand?

It's the way of the New World!

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Come on over here, I'll kill them. You got that?

You're all trash, anyway. You all deserve it.

You're gonna die right now, you got that?

Watch this, it's killer.

I'm gonna incinerate the kitchen!

Hey, dirt bag!

You're a lousy shot.

I don't like lousy shots.

You wasted a kid for nothing.

Now I think it's time to waste you.

Hold it!

Come on, man.

I got a bomb here.

I'll kill her.

I'll blow this place up.

Go ahead.

I don't shop here.

Just relax, amigo.

You want to talk?

We'll talk. I'm a sucker for good conversation.

I don't want to talk to you.

You bring the television cameras in here now. Come on, bring it in!

I can't do that.


I don't deal with psychos. I put them away.

I ain't no psycho, man.

I'm a hero!

You're looking at a fucking hunter.

I'm a hero of the New World.

You're a disease, and I'm the cure.


Drop it!

Come on.

You okay, man? Yeah.

Please, people, please.

You're the one who killed the maniac?

Why did he do it? Is it related to the Night Slasher?

That's a different case. People, please!

Let's have a little room!

Was it necessary--? That's right, I asked a question.

Was it necessary for it to end like this? Did he have to die?

Come on, don't listen to this asshole.

Did you use unnecessary deadly force?

I used everything I had.

Is this a public forum? We have work to do out here!

What makes a policeman a judge and jury. People have rights.

You think a maniac who blew a kid's heart out should have rights?

No matter what you think, people are entitled to protection by the law.

You tell that to his family!

All right, the show's over. Come on, clear this area!

Move it! Fuck you!

What's your problem?

What's your problema, ése? You touched my car, man.

That's bad for your health.

What is, pinche?


Clean up your act.

Yeah! You're in trouble, man.

You told him, ése.

Yeah, all right.

Tonight, the man known as the Night Slasher...

...has struck for the 16th time in just over a month's time.

The 22-year-old victim was mutilated with a sharp instrument...

...and seemed to be just as unlikely a victim as the other 15.

Not much else is known other than that the Night Slasher preys upon anyone.

Victims have included businessmen, Asian immigrants...

...the elderly and, in one case, a sexually assaulted child.

The serial killer has thrown the city into a panic...

...and up until now, no one has had a clue to his identity.

The killer has been known to crawl through windows...

...and kill the victims in their sleep.

The method of death has been silent instruments...

...such as claw hammers, knives and axes.

There's no question? 90% sure it's the same weapon.

Cuts are straight, long, deep, just like the others.

That brings the count to 16, and still this bastard shows no distinct pattern.

Maybe there's more than one.

Look, this is not your specialty, okay?

This is pure investigative work...

...not jumping out a window.

We need to beef up the task force. We need interagency cooperation.

Christ, every department wants to be the hero in this case!

Captain, look, I don't want to be a hero. I just want to get involved.

If I may, captain...?

If we let Cоbretti use his tactics, we're asking for trouble.

What are you saying?

Should stay on the zombie squad. You're telling me where to stay?

It's nothing personal. We're just different kinds of cops.

Like Mоnte says, you're a specialist who does a job nobody wants.

But we can't shake people down. Internal Affairs will jump on us.

Then we lost. Lost?

As long as we play by these bullshit rules and the killer doesn't, we lose.

Yes, sir, we'll send a squad car right out.

What do you want to do? Nothing we can do, except wait.

For what?

For it to happen again.

I'm, like, really sorry. Do you think there's, like, any damage?

How could you have hit me? Have you been drinking or something?


Get the license plate!

Come on, come on!

He's daring us to catch him.

We dig in and find that lead. Forget it.

Forget it? What options do we have?

Call the bastard.

Metro Police. Can I help you?

Yes, ma'am, I need your location.

Ma'am, would you just be calm....



I won't waste any time.

You know almost every sicko in this city. Shake them down.

Do what you have to do to get a lead.

If I find him?

Do what you do best.

And try not to waste the wrong guy.

But then again...

...what do you care, right?

You know, when this is over...

...I'd like to celebrate by punching a hole in Monte's chest.

You know what the trouble with you is?

You're too violent.


It's all that sugar you eat.

-This is the first sugar today. -It's that junk food.


Try prunes, something natural. Raisins.

Try fish. Fish and rice. Very good.

Fish and rice!

I'll take it from here. Sure?

No problem. Her car's right over there.

You're in good hands. Good night.

Listen, I still think if you wanted to, you could be doing a lot bigger layouts.

I mean it's up to you, but I could help.

I don't want to have to play these games.

Games? What games? You know what games!

Look, I'd be sick not to want to sleep with you.

Then don't do it for me. Do it for your career.

Did you hear something?

It's not like I'm asking you to marry me.

I see it will take time to make you change your mind.

So where do you want to eat? Please, Dan, I'm not hungry!

Look-- I'm not doing this for me, really.

Look, I'm just trying to help you find happiness.

Damn. I forgot my bag.

You see? You do need me.


Oh, my God!

Please! Come on! My God!

Please, please!

Leave me alone!

They're trying to kill me!

Get back, get back!

Kill her.

Doctor Dorson, please call nurses' station 4 West.

How long before that kicks in?

I don't want to sleep.

It won't make you sleep. It will just calm you down.

Now, I'll be back when You're finished.


-Is it "Ka-nudsen"? Ka? -Mm-hm.

That's what I thought.

I am Sergeant Gonzales...

...and that intense-looking gentleman behind you is Lieutenant Cоbretti.

We're a pair of really nice guys...

...who are here to ask you a lot of bad questions.

Is that all right?

You don't look like policemen.


You're kidding? She must mean you.

No, we are. We're the real thing.

I don't understand how this happened to me.

Why don't you take a minute? Think about it.

-Did you have a fight with anyone? -No.

-You owe money to anybody? -No.

You been around drugs, people who deal drugs?

Never. No.

That's nice.

So in the last few weeks, there hasn't been anything?

No threats of any kind?


There was this guy who scared me a little tonight.


I don't know who he was.

Some guy broke down by the underpass.

I just drove away.

What time were you there?

Maybe 10:00.

He scared you. Why? What was he doing?

It was just the way he looked at me.

What else did you see? Did you see anything else?

Yeah, there was another car in front of them.


I think there was three of them.

You think you would recognize him if you saw him again?

The tall one?

Yeah, the one that wants to kill you.

She knows your face.

I know where she is.

Let me get her for you.

She's mine.

You done, Fred? -Yeah.

Cute guy.

So, what do you think?

It looks a little like him.

You can't describe the other two right?

No, it was too dark.

Want to run prints at headquarters? No, no, I'll take care of it. Thanks.

Tonight, you'll stay here. Tomorrow, we'll move you to a safe house, okay?

Why do I have to stay around this? I want to go.

You're the one who can place him at the crime scene.

Until we get him, it's got to be that way.

Tony, you hungry?

What do you got?

I got something that looks like cheese.

No, there's some cake over there.

Take the cheese. I don't want the cheese.

-I saw some cake. -You're done with this, aren't you?


All right, take the cake. But save it, okay?

Let me have a little bite of that.

-I'm not your butler, okay? Come on, don't pout.

She's going to wreck our New World.

And the dream.

You have to stop her.

Great-looking guy, huh?

Do you have that upside-down?

No, he's just a regular dirt bag.

I want to go to my place and check this out against my files.

-I'll be back in a couple of hours, okay? -Right.

There's a real nice-looking lady, huh? Wasn't she?

-The one upstairs? -The one upstairs. You remember?

I didn't notice, Gonzales. I was on the job.

I was paying attention to business. Me too.

Good night, all right? -Yeah.

Fucking liar!

Watch your mouth. You're in public. Of course.

You're a good citizen.

Break back to Carter, and he's stopped!

You can't buy a damn thing that's worth a--

You men are supposed to use the service elevator.

Next time, use the stairs.

Remember the health code. Next time take the stairs.

A little late to be mopping up.

You want me to say something?

No, I've got to do my rounds. I'll tell him.

See you next break.


Hey, I'm in your office. What do you need me for?

Why are you there?

Headquarters said you wanted me here.

Get back to the hospital!



Pretty hair!

Why are you doing this to me?

Stop this right now! Stop doing this to me!

Is anybody here?

Please remain calm.

All exits from the hospital are clearly marked.

Please use the stairs and proceed in an orderly manner.

Do not run.

Do not use the elevators.

Please remain calm.

All exits from the hospital are clearly marked.

Please use the stairs and proceed in an orderly manner.

Do not run.

Do not use the elevators.

Please remain calm.

You almost got everyone killed.

-Now maybe you'll do it right. -They've got somebody inside.

Smart accusation, Cоbretti. Can you prove it? Huh?

Chief Halliwel wants an answer.

Not yet.

I understand what we're dealing with. don't make things harder than they are.

Mоnte says you've got a sketch of the suspect.

Is this a game?

He didn't say the magic word.

What magic word?


All right, enough of this bullshit. Do you understand?

You bet.

That's it?

That's it.

Cоbretti, do you know you have an attitude problem?

Yeah, but it's just a little one.

-He's going to get me, isn't he? -No, he won't.

How can you say that? You said I'll be safe here.

Who is he?

We don't know yet.

-Come on, it's moving time. -All right.

This is Officer Stalk. She's assigned to this case.

So let's go, guys. -Where?

We're going to a safe house.

Want help with this?

-Want a bite? -No. don't you like health food?

Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?

Did anybody challenge you?

If you remember anything, let us know. I appreciate your help.

You've got to tell me what happened here.

I told you to let my team handle this, understand?

Of course you don't. Listen, hotshot.

We want him as much as you do. Do you?

There were three men assigned to that room. Headquarters called to take two off. Why?

-Headquarters didn't do anything. -No? Then who did?

It's your show. You find out.

Please call operator three.

Where's Gonzales?

Buckle up!

Hold on!

He's crazy! He's crazy!


Watch out!

Oh, my God!

Get down!

It's so out of control. Where do I start?

With the legal problems.

Of course we have legal problems. The city's one big battlefield.

The public will be screaming for federal assistance.

I don't want FBI in here!

We've got the manpower to handle it, so why can't we control this?

Because we're against an army of killers. I keep telling you guys that.

How do you know? I know, all right?

This army theory sounds weak. Does it really?

What have you got, besides a scared woman, to back up what you say?

And your idea of taking her out of the city for protection is ridiculous.

-Is it? -The security is here.

Maybe she'll be safer here, where we can keep an eye on her.

It won't work. Why not?

We're dealing with fanatics who'll do anything to waste her!

Excuse me, but I've got to say what I think.

And I think this whole sorry ordeal is like some...

...damn sick joke, if you ask me.

Nobody asked you, Mоnte.

That's just too bad, isn't it?

He doesn't give a rat's ass for this girl. She's just live bait... King Cobretti here can cut a new notch.

You've already caused a lot of people to die.

How about letting her live?


Next time.

He's the psycho!

What do we want to do?

If he thinks those psychos will follow her, let him go.

At least we got them out of the city.

You all right? Yeah.

Are your men out there?

Yeah, they're out there.

Are we just supposed to drive around until he tries to kill us again?

No, they won't get you.

You keep saying that. How do you know that for sure?

You got to have faith.

Can I ask you something?

Sure, what's that?

Why were you fighting with the other police?

Sometimes they don't buy what I believe.

There's all these crazy people everywhere.

Why can't the police just put them away and keep them away?

Hey, tell it to the judge.

What do you mean?

We put them away. They let them out.

It makes me sick!

Like I said, you got to tell it to the judge.

Great day for junk food, babe.

Why don't you add meat to your diet?

No, thanks. I hate frog legs.



You want?

Thank you.

Fellow garbage-belly.

So how you doing?

All right. What about you?

Not bad.

Where are we going?

You're going to have to ask Cobra. He's the expert on this.

He doesn't look like an expert, does he?

I know. He looks like a fugitive from the '50s...

...but he sure is great at catching psychos.

He's the pride of the zombie squad.

What's the zombie squad?

The bottom line.

Want to have some fun?

It's kind of personel...

...but it might cheer him up.

Walk up to him...

...and call him....

He likes that.

Hot item.

Did you find out anything new?

Since you were in the bathroom? No, not really.

I did.

Like what?

Marion Cоbretti.

Is that really your name?

Gonzales talks too much, doesn't he?

-It's not so bad. -No?

It's kind of tough growing up with.

-I like it. Yeah. -Do you?

I always wanted to have a tougher one myself.

You know, a little harder name.

Like what?


We'd better get going.

Sorry, no sale.

Your entrée is ready.

It's for the large family.

It sure is.

You have a life preserver?


Because your french fries are drowning there.

What is this place?

It's a foundry town.

Tell me something:

Do you ever let go?



So what do you do to relax?

Look for trouble.

No, I mean... you ever get involved?

With a woman?

Yeah, a woman.

A real woman? A real live woman?

I don't know. Now and then. Nothing regular.


Let's just say that...

...not many people could put up with the way I live.

What if you found one?

I'd say she'd have to be a little crazy.

I've got to go.

You scared me.

Where's Tony?

Uh, he's asleep. I was just checking on things at home.

Why not use the phone in your room?

Uh, it's out of order.

-It's getting cold out here, huh? -Yeah. Better get inside.

Maybe it doesn't mean much, but I think You're doing a great job.

You too.

Can't you sleep?

Not really.

You should try.

-I can still hear. -What?

That your eyes are open.

Who can sleep?

Would you come over here, please?

I won't hurt you.

Sure, why not?

Yeah, I guess I'll be pretty safe.

Where will you go when this is all done?

I don't know. Maybe another case.

We'll see each other some more when this is over, right?

You think that's a good idea?

I think it might be.

I'll go check the window.

I think it might be a very good idea.



Where we going today?

Further upstate.

We better check on Stalk, see why she isn't out here.

Better get in the car.

What's wrong? You look so mad.

I always look this way before breakfast.

She's gone, man. What?


Get inside.

Get inside!

Never liked that bitch.

Me either.

Get in the house.

Get down over there.

Come on!

Tony! Tony!


What do I do?

Go through it!

Keep going!

Come on, let's go!


Go to the foundry.

You have the right to remain silent.

Die, bitch!



Get out of there!

Let's bleed, pig!

Where are you?

I want your eyes, pig!

I want them!

You want to go to hell?

Huh? Huh, pig?

You want to go to hell with me?

It doesn't matter, does it?

We are the hunters.

We kill the weak... the strong survive.

You can't stop the New World.

Your filthy society will never get rid of people like us.

It's breeding them.

We are the future!


You're history.

You won't do it, pig.

You won't shoot.

Murder is against the law.

You have to take me in.

If... can.

Even I have rights...

...don't I...


Take me in.

They'll say I'm insane. won't they?

The court is civilized...

...isn't it...


But I'm not.

This is where the law stops...

...and I start...


Come on, pig.

-You okay? -Yeah.

You sure?

Let's get out of here.

Yep. All right, you guys, move out.

Come on, you did your best. don't feel guilty.

That's nice of you. You going to be all right?

I'm going to miss the dance finals.

Listen, can I get you anything?


I would kill for some....


Gummy Bears.

Gummy Bears?

See you at the hospital.

Keep in touch. don't drive too fast.


All right, you guys, clean it all up.


You did a hell of a job here.

You ever want a transfer to something easier...

...or you need anything...

...just say the word.


I would like to have my car replaced.

We'd like to, but it's not in the budget.


See you back at headquarters. I'll take care of your toy for you.


No hard feelings.

You kind of overdid it around here.

I personally would have looked for...

...a more subtle solution, but that's not your style.

No hard feelings.

No hard feelings, pal.


I'll give you a lift.

No, I've got my own transportation, thanks.

You ready?

Ready, Marion.

Catchy name, isn't it?