Cocktail (2012) Script

Fixed & Synced by bozxphd.Enjoy The Flick Ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome aboard our flight to London.

We hope you have a pleasant flight.

Good day.

Kindly pay attention to our safety instructions.

Remember to inflate your safety jackets...

...before exiting the emergency door.

This airplane has eight emergency exits.

Two at the front, two at the back and four above the wings.

The fluorescent strips on the floor...

...will lead you to your nearest emergency exit.

For more information, please read the safety instructions pamphlet...

...available in your seat pocket.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Thank you!

Yes, sir. May l help you? - No.

I have a complaint. May l have the complaint register?

Sorry sir..?

Why you... Jayshree?

The airline should be sorry.

They make such gorgeous girls do the safety drill...

I kept staring at you.

Just couldn't concentrate on the instructions.

Now, if the plane lands in water...

...I won't know what to do.

And if l die, then who'll be responsible?

Who? Tell me.

Read this, and you'll still have a chance to save yourself.

Wow. What would happen if it wasn't for you?

Nothing would've happened. And nothing's going to happen.

Well, it's a long flight to London.

Who knows... what if something does happen.

You didn't tell me your name.

I wish l had a longer name.

So why London? - l'm shifting.

From Delhi to London.

What do you do?

I mean yourjob.

I'm a software engineer. It's a boring job.

Unlike yours. Chatting up strangers all night.

Stop it okay. This is my first time.

And it's only because of you.

"Every night, every day."

"Life's a party, come what may."

"Pretty girls everywhere."

"Music, madness fills the air."

"Thinkin' about all the fun."

"Nice to be the number one."

"ln life."

"lt's a party come what may."

He's gone. He's gone.

I knew it. He's going to do it.


The moment l saw you, l had this uncontrollable urge to talk to you...

...that I just couldn't stop myself.

Fine, then don't.

Go with the flow.

Let's not get carried away, sir.

I shouldn't, right?

I wonder what happened...

I just lost control.

So, you're that kind of guy?

Is it illegal to be that kind of guy?

It is at the moment.

But l'll be done with my shift in an hour.

Me too.

Lovely coincidence.

No.. Sit, sit. I'll manage.

It's hot.


Myself, Lovely Chadda.

And you? - Meera.


North-lndian. Very well.

Myself also North-Indian, same to same.

Meera. Going to London first time?

You will love it.

I tell you.

What an amazing place!

Actually, it's my first time also.

Nervous? Nervous, right?

Listen, the flight's about to take-off. So please...

Don't mind.

It's a long flight. We'll have plenty of time to chit-chat.

Why so nervous uncle?

You're only going for two days.


If you tell your aunt anything about my past in Delhi.

I'm warning you...

How cute!

Love you man. - l love you too.

Idiot. - Love you man.

I am warning you...

I'll expose your database of sins to your mother.

What database?

Uncle, l'm an open-book. Everyone knows everything about me.

But your stories from the good old days in Delhi are still buried.

But you have more sins to commit in the future.

I'll come in handy to keep them a secret.'s a deal.

So where are we going for dinner tonight?

I'll need to book a table.

Are you talking to me?

Oh, those childish games again!

"l don't know you, get lost, etcetera."

Let's just move ahead nah baby.

Come, let's make a fresh start.

Please don't do this.

I said l'm sorry.

Do you want me to get on my knees now?

It was a mistake.

Look at my condition.

Can't you forgive me, please...

Listen, whoever you are.

My husband's here to pick me up.

You got married?

I'll endure this sorrow as well.

Endure it!!

Don't even look, my friend.

There are many more sorrows in this world other than love.

I will survive!

Yes, I will endure this pain!!

But you do have the address, don't you?

The address is wrong.

Don't know. I may have written it wrong.

Didn't you try calling him?

Obviously I would.

But apparently the number doesn't exist.

It might have changed.

Listen. It won't make much of a difference to aunty...

But don't tell her this. But, what will you do now?

Excuse me.

I'll call you later, okay? Bye. Listen...

What is your problem?

What are you doing here?


Be back in a minute, mate.

Have you lost your mind?

What were you thinking?


Bloody illiterate fool.

I needed the money, you wanted to get out of India.

And it worked out for both of us.

Soon you'll get your residency...

...then I'll file for divorce and that's it.

Just stay away from me.

And most importantly...

...keep these third world aspirations to yourself.

You get that!

And l work here.

People respect me.

If I see you here again...

Get out!

I need to pee.

Whose freakin' car is this anyway?

Can l pee in this car?

Hey. Where's the washroom?

You got to buy something if you want to use the washroom, honey.


Stupid bitch.

So, you've come from lndia?

I can hear 'sitars' playing all around you.

Let me guess. Wallet stolen at the airport?

Boyfriend problems?

Even worse?

Kunal Ahuja.

You know, they thrive on fools like you.

Hoax marriages.

Lucrative business.

It's so common here.

Keep the supply of cash coming, dowry etc.

And then... at the last moment, 'khachak'!

No. l think there's some confusion.

Maybe... he knows something that l don't.

Maybe...I did something wrong.


You know...

So I should at least give him the benefit of...

Of what?

Being a man?

Why, man? Why get married in the first place?


That's done now.

What will you do now?

Go to that room and go to sleep.

Listen, you haven't eaten anything.

Shall l make something?

'Biryani'... Chicken.

Is there any milk?

I'll get it.

May l?

What's the point?

One glass is not going to change my life.

Put it back!

Put it back now!

You're not my maid.

It might be a big deal for you that l brought you home.

But it's no big deal for me.

So save this 'thank you'..

..'what can l do for you' attitude for your in-laws, okay?

Fine. First and last time.


Day 45.

Passed out in someone's car last night.

Half awake now. ln bed.

Hung over.

What am I feeling today?


Messed up?

Happy? Messed up?

Mind the gap!

What's this song playing in my head?

Relax, l'm coming.


Don't shut that door.

I've to get my phone.

My phone.

That's odd.

It stopped ringing.

Why? Why has it stopped?

Wow man!


I'm Gautam Kapoor.

I was thinking, do you believe in love at first sight...

...or should I turn around and come back again?

Say it.

I'll give it my best shot.

I'll work very hard.

I'll create a program for her which even I won't be able to corrupt.

Black or pink?


I was thinking... of shifting to a hotel for a few days.

Does your father have loads of money?

My parents are no more.

But l have managed to save some money.

But my dad's alive.

And he's filthy rich. Don't know where he is.

But every month he sends a fat juicy cheque.

I'm a rich bitch, you know. The typical kind.

But, you don't even know me.

You know, I didn't know my parents when I was born.

Didn't even get to know them when we lived together.

So who cares?

Stay here till you sort things out.

Till then, everything that's in the house is on the house.

So chill.

But nothing's clear, Veronica.

Will he come back or not?

Even the job...

I don't know how long it'll take and l don't want to pile on you.

Hello, Ms. Pile On.

If I ever need you, won't you be there?

Definitely, but... So that settles it.

Now, which one's better? Black or pink?



Come on.

Hurry up.


Just try it.

Sophie. Charlotte.

Charlotte. Sophie.

My friend Meera. - Hi.

Come on, let's go. - Let's go.

Nice outfit. - Thank you.

Oh no. That's him.

Your husband? - No.

That weirdo from the airport. Didn't l tell you about him?

I've never seen such a cheap..

..disgusting and shameless person in my life.

Oh yeah... yeah!

Let's go.

Who'd let go of a chance like this?

As I was saying, the reason this firewall...

Praise the mighty Lord! At last I've found you.

I searched for you... everywhere!

And this foreign country..

..are sitting with your friends and chitchatting!

How could you do this to me my love?

What have I done to deserve such hatred?

Who the hell are you?

Who the hell am l?

You're asking me who...

I beg you!

Can't we forget what happened and make a fresh start?


Let's make a fresh start after an hour.

But right now this meeting is very important.

This is important?

And this!

The fruit of our love!

Your child!

This is not important?

You are women, and a woman knows.

Please tell him this is his bun in my oven.

Good one. Good one.

That's a joke, okay.

It's a joke.

Okay, where's uncle?

Disgusting man.

You're accusing your uncle?!


Everybody just relax.

You need to sort your mess out first, young man.

I don't know this girl.

Fine. Make me suffer.

But l love you.

I love you.

"Show me my fortune."

"Pump up the music."

"Give me a large to drink."

"Set this party on fire."

"Open up the bottles on that note."

"Wash away your sins."

"Come with me."

"Put your hands up and shout."

"l love getting high."

"Get a taste of heaven."

"Drink it, live this day."

"Who cares about tomorrow?"

"Sippin' sippin'."

"Drink it, live this day."

"Who cares about tomorrow?"

"l love getting high."

"So let me get you blue sapphire."

"Wanna set this floor on fire."

"l don't know what's your desire."

"Baby let's go higher."

"The damsel has lost her mind. She's dancing all alone."

"Come with me. Put your hands up and shout."

"l love getting high."


Hi, honey.

What took you so long?

You know l don't eat without you.

What are you doing here?

Watching television.

And? - And?

Sitting on the couch, breathing.

Well... talking to you in-between.

And look, eating popcorn.

Let me think.

I'm oozing charm.

What else?

You really hate me, nah?

Yes, I really hate you.

And l love that.

This 'hate' feeling.

It's so different.

You know, all the girls I've met till today...

...have given me so much love and respect...

...that it's become boring.

But you?

You're fab.

Hi babe.


I've used it.


Your pants?

Have you ever seen me wearing pants at home?

But him?

Don't worry.

I wasn't even wearing this last night.

Why the flowers?

I've been called for an interview.


And... From the biggest graphics design company.

And... - l think they like my work.

You think?

I knew it. l knew it!


Nice flowers, babe.

Good one, babe.


Come on. Don't feel shy.


We can start our own company.

You design, l'll take photographs.

And Gautam...

Shit! What does he do?


Listen, Veronica.

I was thinking, l should... Shift out?

To a hotel?

You have loads of money?

Now Gautam's moved in with you and I don't want to come between you two.

Who is he to come between us?

Take five buddy, thanks.

It's not like l've married him!

Right now it's new. It's fun.

But for how long?

Four days? A week?

A month?

And then...

I need you.

The way I'm with you, I'm not like that even with my father.

I've thousands of hang-ups.

But with you...

You're good for me.

You've made that apartment a home.

For the first time l've understood how it feels to be back home.

Let's go.


Guys like Gautam come and go.

But you're important for me.

You don't know it, but you are.

And l know some day you'll have to leave, and you will.

But till then just stay man.

Enough? Or there's scope for more melodrama?


No, please. - No what?


Your mother sent this for you.

Hi aunt.

Jiji's sent this for you.

Thank you.

Coffee? - Yes, please.


Fine, l'll get it.

Don't open it. Hold on.

Does he even have asthma? Coffee.

Open it. Now.

Dearest Gutlu, lots of love, ma.

How lucky this rascal is.

Look at this one.

She's lovely.

Jiji's asked us to come to Delhi in December...

...for your wedding.

Give me the phone.


My darling baby.

Mother. What do l do with you?

You really think I'll get married in six months?

Enough of your nonsense!

For the past ten years, I'm listening to you...

...listening to society.

It's either this girl or that.

Are you that 'flirt' type?

Is this how we raised you? No, mother.

She's calling me a flirt.

Oh no, nonsense.

Everyone says this is why you ran away.

Whenever l talk about marriage... give excuses about your career.

Now that's sorted right?

Look, Gutlu.

Be a good boy.

Just choose one of the girls now and then relax!

Get married after a year...

Your papa... - Ma.

Likes Poonam. - Mom.

I'm seeing someone. - What?

Yes. I was going to tell you. What?

I never knew...this could happen. has happened.

So please, stop sending these photographs.

I hope she's not a foreigner like your uncle's wife.

No, mother.

I'm quite traditional when it comes to girls.

Not like uncle.

Has he seen her? - Who, uncle?

He's the architect of this relationship.

Have you seen his wife?

Mom wanted to talk to you.

Why should l call?

She's a mad woman.

"Tinku, change the bulb."

"Tinku, clean the tank."

"Tinku, jump to your death."

Tinku, answer the phone!


We were just talking about you.

Have you seen the girl?

Have I seen the girl?

Yes, I have seen her.

I'm not blind you know.

Now, will you behave according to your age?

Like the uncle of a 32 year old. Yes.

How is she?

Very nice, very gorgeous.

She's a beauty.

She's a bomb.

Idiot! Are you planning to marry her?

Tell me, will l like her?

Jiji, you will love her. You will love her.

Will she fit into our family? Absolutely.

She's the kind of girl you would have chosen.

So cultured, so well-behaved.

I tell you, sister, what manners.

I love her personally. What manners!

It's as if... Gautam's marrying his sister.

Have you lost it?

I mean...if you had a daughter...

...she would've been just like her.

I hope it's not like his earlier affairs.

What if he changes his mind in a week?

Never. Never. That's impossible.

No chance.

He's so serious about her...

...that he has already moved in with her.

Moved in with her?!

And what are you doing there?! Jiji, you're sitting in Delhi.

Out here l'm in charge, right?

I look after him.

That's right. l am his guardian.

Now, the girl and his office are in London...

...and we live in Kent.

It's as good as Delhi-Agra.

So, it was my suggestion...

...that he should get a place close to her house.

Do you understand?

So, jiji.

Any guavas on the tree this season?

Duffer, that tree was cut down long ago.

"Any guavas on the tree."

At least he's fun to have around.

Speak of the devil.

Perfect description.

Yes. - lt's me.

Who's me? The same me who's going to get naughty...

...with you in five minutes, my boochie pie.

Boochie... - Pie?

I agree he's a bit cheesy.

But he's always happy.

As happy as a pig.

Rolling in shit all day.


By the way, there's another qualification.

He's awesome in...

Yuck! That's too much info.


You know what else.

Let me tell you what else.

Gautam Kapoor is a typical leech...

...who will just use you.

He'll live in our... I mean, your house for free.

He'll lie on this sofa and eat popcorn...

...and won't spend a single penny.

Meera. Veeru.

I've bought out the grocery store!

"Our friendship gets me high."

"Like country liquor."

"Happy times get me high..."

"Like country liquor."

"l stagger. "

"l smile. "

"l go places... "

"... without a reason. "

"You and me. "

"Speak our hearts out. "

"Our friendship gets me high. "

"Like country liquor. "

"Happy times get me high..."

"Like country liquor. "

"Even time seems to be crazy."

"lt's always on the move."

"Fooling around like a fool."

"When friendship is of value."

"Fun is for free."

"These days we do as we like."

"As we walk together. "

"Caravans are formed. "

"No one else matters. "

"We're having fun, every day. "

"No one can stop us now. "

"Our friendship gets me high. "

"Like country liquor. "

"Happy times get me high..."

"Like country liquor. "

"Let's open up our hearts and laugh out loud."

"When tears fill our eyes, let's share them too."

"As the magic of friendship weaves it spell."

"Let's do something that we've never done before."

"The sun shines on us. "

"We walk along. "

"With time on our hands. "

"And nothing to do."

"Mornings are beautiful."

"And evenings are carefree."

"Our friendship gets me high."

"Like country liquor."

"Happy times get me high..."

"Like country liquor."

"l stagger. "

"l smile. "

"l go places... "

"... without a reason. "

"You and me. "

"Speak our hearts out. "

Yes. Can you help me?


Jiji, l told you we should've called before coming.

This is what happens in the West.

You alright?

Here's my card.

Plastic containers Air-tight.

In case.

If Gautam's inside...

...tell him Mrs. Kavita Kapoor this side.


So you're Gautam's friends.

Then I guess he's this side please.

Come on.

This is.. my son?


When? How?

I mean...

...what a lovely surprise.

And you.

What did you tell me?

Jiji, l told you what he told me.

What? - Jiji.

And what did you tell me?

You disgusting human being. Tinku.

Let me handle, jiji.

He's not a child any more.

Come here.


Is she the one? - Mom.

Is she the one?

It's his girlfriend not mine.

Just answer my question.

You tell me.

When your family sees Facebook tomorrow...

...they'll drop everything and land here.

This is too much.

Not one, but two girls!

Ma. - What?

She's the one. - What?

She's the one.


Meera, this is my mom.

And mom, this is Meera.

And her?

Hello, auntie.

Bless you.

Meera. Meera.

Get lost. Move aside.


She's pretty.

Thank you, mom.

So you're the one for whom I've travelled..

..across 14 countries and 7 oceans.



Is she the one?

And her? - No.

No. - No.

She's the one? - Yeah.


Uncle, be cool. - Be cool?

Between the frying pan and the fire, you're asking me to be cool?

She's here for just four days.

The girls and I are leaving in two days...

...and you handle her for the other two.

And then, back to the same old London, same old you and me.

Your mother will never accept.

It's not like we want to get married.

Marriage, wife, children.

Babe! Mom!

Buy vegetables on the way home.

Your wife's cooking in the kitchen.

That taste of home-made food.

Just stick with the same one for the rest of your life.

As if no other girl exists in this world.

No thanks, l'm better-off this way.

Neither does Veronica want that, nor do l.

That's totally clear between us.



Uncle, you've been living in London for 15 years...

...but you're still stuck with the same old small town ideas.


Could you put on your pants, please?

Come on, closer.

Let me see...

How you two look together. Mother.

Why are you embarrassing us? Shut up.

You don't feel embarrassed living together...

...but you have a problem sitting together.

Thank God.

My useless son did one good thing in his life.

Even I couldn't have found someone like you.

Come on, give me the money.

Hurry up.

Bless you both.

Here, give it to a beggar.

Where will l find a beggar in London?

Find one.

And don't you dare eat ice-cream with it.

This is getting too much.

Hey, Meera. Phone.

Excuse me.


The pile-on has arrived.

Oh, geyser.

Have you lost your mind?

Oh, come on. It's just a matter of a few days.

A few what?!

I'll try my best to keep her away from you.

I will never trouble you again.

I'll even become a good person.

That's not possible. Of course it is.

I will become and show you. No, idiot.

This drama, acting. This isn't possible.

Oh no.

But now how will l...

Shit. l should've put an end to it before it started.

That's right.

It's too late now.

Now you'll have to be my lover.

You lucky girl.

Please, please, please, Meera.

I'll be in a mess.


Okay? Okay.

Come on, just say okay.

What if we get caught?

Even James Bond won't be able to catch you.

You're acting so well.

You also have a strong supporting cast.


Everything's set.

I've done all this for my marriage..

I could apply that here. Thank God for your marriage..


It's fine.

I know l'm the kind of girl that mothers like.

More than the mothers, their sons l am sure.

Really? - Yes.

That's why he left me. - What?

Forget it, let's go.

You think...



It's not your business.


You think there's something wrong with you, that's why...

Like I said it's not your business.

And l don't want to talk about it, okay.

Oh no.

Don't worry Meera.

In two days we'll be far away from all this.

And return only after mother goes back.

It's all cool.

Now watch how I take control of the situation.

Ma. - Yes darling.

Tell me.

Actually, we had plans for the weekend... go on a holiday.

We had made them earlier.

Now that you're here, I was thinking that uncle...

Darling, don't change your plans for me.

When are you leaving? Day after tomorrow.

Gutlu. Gutlu. Gutlu.

You've convinced me, you rascal.

Don't worry.

For you, l shall bear the burden of anotherjourney.

I'll manage.

Eat it, dear.

You're as flat as a yoga mat, become a fat mattress.

You've to bear children.



Now, don't move it. Just take it.

It's so nice. Take a look.

So Mr. Kapoor put him on a fruit diet...

Come on, Mrs. Kapoor.

Come. Come, come.

It's dangerous.


I'll handle it.


What is she made of?

Aunty, l am okay today only because of this girl.

Really? - Yes.

Feels so pseudo.

If you want to wait till the wedding... me Kavita till then.

But not aunty.

Do your parents know about it?

My aunt does.

My parents are no more.

It was a car accident.

You can wait till the wedding if you want, I can't.

No, no, please.

This is too much now.

These days l get too emotional.

I'm going through menopause.

Forgive me. - No, aunty.

I mean Kavita aunty.

It's not like that It's not? - No. - Great!

Here, wear them.

I know it feels awkward in such places.

But wear for a while, then take them off if you wish.

So pretty.

And never again say that you don't have parents.

You're my child, like Gutlu.

We're such fools.

We cry when we're happy.

Will we laugh when we're sad?

Hey, stranger.

Oh shit.

Don't move.

Ma. Ma. Ma.

What were you doing?

Come quickly. - What happened?

Oh, God.

But what happened? Water's filled in her lungs.

She isn't even breathing.

Get the doctor, quickly.

Where will l find a doctor on this beach, you idiot.


Move aside.

Let me try.

No, ma.

She's awake. She's awake.

Thank God, Ma.

Are you fine now?

What happened?

Drowned. - Fainted.

I mean, whatever it was has been cured.

Thanks to ma.

I'll take her inside. - No.

I'll take her.

You two enjoy the sunset. No, aunty.

We've enjoyed enough.

Let's go. Nonsense. We aren't going anywhere.

I saved her, I will take her along.

You two go for a walk. You're right, ma.

Enjoy. Enjoy.

And you be careful.

It's about time you behave your age.

Come, let's get you some food.

But what happened?

He's a fraud.

Marriage is just a business for him.

He married you just to con you.

Wonder how many girls he would've done this to.


And you think there's something wrong with you...

...that's why he left you.

Are you mad?! - l don't want to talk about it.

I don't want to, get that?!

But l want to talk about it.

I want to, get that.

Why are you after me? Because you're stupid.

And as an intelligent person...'s my duty to help you.

You think you'll sit here and preach, and my life will change?



It's a serious disease.


Oh, God. What will happen to me now?

Don't worry, I'm there.

Dr. Gautam will fix everything.

Thank God for Dr. Gautam, you're so nice.

And smart too.

You're so cool. You're my favorite.

Oh no, no.

Oh yes, yes.

And you're so handsome as well.

What a perfect combination of intelligence and good looks.

My my, how did you manage that?

That's just how l am.

But you aren't too bad either.

You have some intelligence. And aren't bad looking either.

Oh, no. Oh yes. I'm saying it out of experience.

Come to think of it, you're hot.

Hot. - Oh, really?

You really think l'm hot?

I am scared...

...that your touch might set me on fire.

Wow! You're so original as well.

Your eyes are like a picture postcard.


They make you dream.

Anyone who looks into them, searches for himself in them.

And your lips, one look at them...

...and you can't stop thinking about them.

At night. Can't stop thinking.

And your smile.

Your smile's like social service, Meera.

Look. lt's ridding the world of its tension.

You cover yourself with so many clothes.

Makes people wonder what you're trying to hide.

Like your waist.

No one's allowed to see it.

How will it feel to touch it?

I shouldn't say anything else, right?

Or you'll look away again.

Are you cold? - No...

Your hands.

I feel like holding them.

But l'm scared...

...because once you hold them, you can never let go.

Wow, you're really good. lsn't it?

That's how you floor girls.

You're amazing.

But today I was exceptional.

This was my best performance. Really?

Ya, it was natural.

Just said what I felt.

You should try it sometime.

Actually, you don't need to, you're so beautiful... beautiful, that guys fall for you anyway.

Here, there.

Oh no, no. - Oh yes, yes.

Really, then why don't you?

See. I fell.

So simple.

"Oh my friend, teach me to love."

"l've forsaken the world."

"Teach me to love."

"Oh my friend, teach me to love."

"l've forsaken the world."

"Teach me to love."

"When my beloved cares for me."

"Why should l care about the world."

"The world tries to restrict me."

"But I don't belong to this world."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"Every time, every minute of the day."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"Love is what dwells in my heart."

"No one knows who rules my heart."

"Love is what dwells in my heart."

"No one knows who rules my heart."

My beloved, take me in your arms, cherish me."

"Why should l care about the world."

"You're my victory."

"The world's my failure."

"l don't belong to this world."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"Every time, every minute of the day."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

Your mom's alone, I'll go.


You stay with Meera.

"l want to read your eyes."

"l want to see you the way you are."

"l want to read your eyes."

"l want to see you the way you are."

"Give me lessons in passion."

"l don't care about the world."

"When you're with me, the world is mine."

"l don't belong to this world."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"Every time, every minute of the day."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

"You're the one at dawn."

"You're the one at dusk."

"You're my only friend."

"My companion."

Drunk. - No.

Just... feeling beautiful.

We have to go right?

It was so much fun.

Okay, let's go.

Let's go.


That was one good party last night.

So, l was wondering if you want to go grab a drink sometime.

You're late.

Otherwise a girl like you wouldn't need to ask.

Pardon me. - Sit.

I don't understand.

My heart's pounding so hard as if someone's going to shoot me.

Last night l couldn't sleep a wink.

Hey mister, are you high?

You think I could've fallen in love?

I mean the same old blooming of flowers... The birds and the bees.

What do you think?

I think you have a problem.

It's a major problem.

At this rate, l'll soon be counted.. the list of Romeo-Juliet and other doomed lovers.

I'm going to make a move now.

You're right.

There's no point in sitting here and doing nothing.

Even I should make a move.

Thank you very much.

May God fulfill your wishes.

By the way, you've got full chances of that here.

See you, sister. Do pray for me.

Meera was right.

You're a nice girl. Just wear some decent clothes.

Tell me something.

Are you having an affair with someone? No.

Thank God.

Look, child.

Take my advice.

No matter how modern the society is...'s not right for a girl to stay unmarried for too long.

Ask your parents to get you married.

Where are they?

Dad's always busy with his business, and mom...

Don't know.

If that's the condition of their marriage... will they get you married?

Don't worry.

I'll find a nice boy for you.


You're coming to Delhi, aren't you?

For Gutlu's marriage.

That's it. You can also get married there!


I can also get married...

Thank you aunty.

Welcome darling.

It was a mistake.

We were drunk.

You were lonely and I am characterless.

It just happened.

We don't want to take this ahead.

We aren't each other's type.

Actually... we don't even like each other much.

And come to think of it, I'm Veronica's guy...

...and you're someone's wife, for God's sake.

So let's handle this maturely.

Let things be like they were.

Let's forget all this.


Right nah?



Thank God everything's cleared.

Look. Look what's happening!

This is exactly what we want to avoid. This!

All this is a big joke for you, right?

You must be used to such situations.

I wish l was like you.

Life would be so simple.

You know, Meera.

Till today even l... - Please, Gautam, let's not complicate this.

Let's keep some distance and with time, we'll forget this.

Now don't get all melodramatic about it.

There's nothing serious between Veronica and me.

It's always been clear.

The only thing that's been clear to me is...

...that you two live in the same room and use the same toothbrush.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong.

Maybe l'm different.


But sorry, l don't have the capacity to understand all this.

So let me explain. Look.

We're friends..

..and we also enjoy. - l don't want to understand, Gautam.

Fine, but I'm just saying that l know Veeru.

She'll be happy for us.

And as soon as she hears about this...

...she'll say 'Let's party".

Right. And then you'll shift from her room to mine.

And then we'll also enjoy, right?

Excuse me.

Where are you going?

Distance, from each another.

Excuse me. I've identified the problem.

If Veeru herself tells Meera that it's not a problem...

...then there is no problem.


Anyway, you carry on, I'll take your leave. See you.


I'm here, baby.

Listen babe. We need to talk.

Wow, what's going on?

How do l look? - Nice.

That's obvious, but marriage material?

The sweet Indian bride?

What is my mother doing to you?

Look, if l dress this way, grow my hair...

...get groomed in the lndian way.

In short, if I become like Meera, you think Ma will accept me.

Accept... you... for what?

You know.

No, l don't know.

Hey, listen. Veronica.

No. Wow!

Where is this coming from?

What's going on?

For us, it was never about marriage.

But it can be.

I know you'll marry a girl of your mother's choice... l'll become that choice.

It'll be tough, but l feel l can do it.

And anyway, we like each other.

We do, right?

So what were you saying?

It's so hot.

I'm sweating.

Bye Aunty. - Bye, jiji. Bye.

Bye. - Bye, jiji we'll miss you.

Bye, see you. - Bye

I've never been happier to see someone leave.

The three of you should get an award.

Thank the Lord!

This drama's over.

The real drama has just begun.

People say it's a magical feeling.

Being in love.

Poetry, novels have been written about it.

What is she singing?

But uncle, l've realized something about people. - What?

They're liars, all of them.

They lie to sell their books Bloody frauds.

Magical feeling? Bullshit!

There's so much pressure that...

...I feel like a pressure cooker.

I'm going to explode from within.

Even my breath's hot.

My blood is boiling as if it's on fire.

And l can't even run away from this, because it's inside me.

When I'm standing, I feel like sitting.

When I'm sitting, I feel like running.

I am officially screwed.

And if you call THIS a magical feeling...

...then some serious magic has happened.

All l want now.. to buy groceries and go home...

...while Meera makes us dinner.

The joy of going home to someone.


I am a horrible person.

The 'flirt' type. Right?

Sir. Please ask your friend to keep it down.

Listen, this is a religious thing.

On every Monday at 5:30...

...he has to chant the name of his favourite Goddess.

It will bring good luck to this place.

Meera. From lndia. Understand?

I have no principles or values.

But uncle, have you ever wondered why?

Maybe l've been with so many girls...

...because l didn't find that girl... that one girl.

Who l've finally found.

Go figure.

Stop it. Gautam, stop it. Take it easy.



The clothes are easy.

The hair l'll manage.

But that thing in you, that poise...

...that Indian thing.

That's the tough part.

So now you want to be a traditional lndian girl?

Yes. After meeting Gautam's mom.

And you know, the way she was with you.

I love that, Meera. I want that.

I never had that.

You're going to train me. You'll have to help me.

Just a minute.

Nice nah?

Veronica. Meera.


Hey, what's up? - Where's Meera?


Good. Come, l need to talk to you two.

Please sit. Sit.

So... by talking about it, one can solve any problem.

If big nations can sit around a small table...

...and resolve huge problems like nuclear weapons and terrorism...

...then why can't we sit around this table...

...and resolve such a small issue?

What's going on, you nut?

There's something going on between the three of us.

And l want to clear the air right away...

...Or it'll lead to the same old sneaking around, getting caught.

...and "I didn't expect this from you" and "Get out of my sight"...

...type of cliché dialogues.

Gautam, hang on. I want to talk to you.

That's exactly what we're doing.

What's going on, guys?

Meera. - Okay.


You love me, I love her. There, l said it.

You love me, and l love her. Yes.

Now what do we do?

And because of you, she won't admit it, but she loves me too.

Wow. Now that's really something, isn't it?

Who would've thought of that?

Meera. Meera, there's no point running away from this.

Gautam, I told you to... Relax, we're all friends here.

Are you serious, you love him?


It was a mistake.

But... Oh, so the mistake has already happened?

Not like that.

Then? - Meera, wait.

Stop behaving like a child.

Gautam, I told you this isn't possible.

I told you to forget it.

I can't forget it.

Or pretend to, like you.

So what should we do now?

Veronica, I will never come between the two of you.

This can never happen.

Why can't it happen?

In fact, this is what should happen.

Two people who love each other obviously have to be together.

And in a situation like this you should be consoling me.

But anyway, l'll console you.

One of us had to lose, unfortunately it's me.

I took the bridal magazines a little too seriously.

But it's fine guys, life goes on.

Come on, now. Stop it, Veron!

Or I'll fall in love with you now.

The tension was killing me.

I drank away 100 pounds.

Veronica, you've impressed me.

You know, even I'm quite impressed with myself.


Party, guys! - Yeah.

Told you.


Hey! Come in, come in. - Hi!

They're with me. Come in.

"Those bewitching eyes stole my heart."

"l keep chanting your name, my love."

"l keep chanting your name."

"l dance my blues away."

"l keep chanting your name, my love."

"l keep chanting your name."

Hey, people. Veronica is in the house.

"l keep chanting your name, my love."

"l keep chanting your name."

"You taught me how to live."

"l've found a way to forget sorrows."

"l dance my blues away."

"l keep chanting your name."

She's just wasted, forget about it, it's okay. - Okay.

I can't be like this, Gautam.

The music, these lights.

Save me from all this.

Take me somewhere... with you.

In your world.

In the world of marriage, family, relationships.


I know what everyone thinks of me.

"Veronica is good forjust one thing."

No. - But that's not true, Gautam.

I've never let anyone know who l really am.

Just give me a chance and you'll realize that everyone's wrong.

That Veronica's also a normal girl.

Soft. Pure.

I'll do it, Gautam.

Even I can be a good wife.

The good lndian wife, l promise.

The best. Better than Meera.

Have some water

Come on. - Take it easy.

Let's go.

Veronica, let's go home. Come, l got you...

It's okay. Come.

I'll do anything you say, Gautam.

I'll be who you want me to be.

It's ok. Just keep walking.

Look at my life, Gautam. Nice, lady! Thanks.

Take a look at me.

What do I have?

How will l survive?

Think about it please. lt's okay.

Please Veronica, just keep walking, okay.

Are you feeling better?

Feeling as screwed up as before.

Meera, pass the bottle.

We'll wash your face, okay.

I've to pee.



Why can't you take me?

It's nothing you haven't seen before.

Meera. My friend.

My closest friend.

You did it, Meera.

You finally did it.

So lucky.

You came for one and left with another.

How did that saying go? Snake...

No. Stick... No, what?

You must have understood.

You're smart.

Very smart.

But good, I'm happy for you.

You've found a very nice guy.

You used to call him a pig.

But only l knew his value.

Never seen a guy like him in my life, Meera.

And trust me I've seen many.

Feeling bad for me?

Poor Veronica.

What about her now?

So, let's do one thing.

Let's share him.

Just like you shared my house...

I mean our house.

Let's go. Do not treat me like an invalid!

I know what l'm saying.

Just imagine.

You, him, me.

Awesome threesome.

Like a family.

Just like we're now.

We are family, aren't we?

Okay, fine.

You be the wife and I'll be the mistress.

Suits my image also. Fine?

Veronica, please don't say that. Oh!

So you don't even want to compromise!

You stay in my house. Romance my boyfriend behind my back.

Live happily ever after.

And in the end who made a complete ass of herself?


Many people have used me, Meera.

But l have to say.

You're the best.

You're the best, my sister.

You okay?


Did she say something?


You do understand That after a while, it's not the person, but the alcohol talking.

Don't you? - Yes, of course.

She's not going to wake up until tomorrow evening.

Are you okay?



I'll take the second half off.

Even you try to come home early.

Let's spend some time with Veronica.

So, see you soon then.


Why aren't you in school?

Remember you had said..

..that someday I'll have to leave...

..and l will.

That day has come, Veronica.

I'm glad.

Veronica, I...

"So long, friend. So long."

"Together, we no longer belong."

"l'm taking all your sorrows with me."

"May you always be happy."

"Now dearer than you, will your memories be."

"Our helplessness won't let us free."

Hi babe.

I'm making lamb 'biryani'.

It's your favourite right?

Got the recipe off the net. Wow, You've recovered well from last night.

Is Meera in her room? - Nope.

You know l love cooking with wine.

But her keys are on the rack.

You know that... yoghurt thing. What's it called? - 'Raita.'

Maybe she's come and you didn't notice. Meera.


She's gone.

Look what I brought. 'Papad' from that Indian store.

She's gone? Where?


Hey. I'm asking you something.

Where is Meera?

She doesn't want to see you, Gautam.

That's what she said.

Have you gone mad?

Where is she? - ln hell, for all l care

Veronica, you're talking about Meera.

Meera, your best friend.

Everything's over in a day?

All the love, concern. Everything's gone?

Yes, it's gone.

Just like yours did after sleeping with me.

Listen, if l slept with you, you also slept with me, okay.

I never forced you.

The false promises, all that crap.


It was always clear between us.

I guess it was totally clear for you.

Test-drive with me and take my best friend home.

Yeah, walk away.

You must be bored.

There's nothing new about me now... For God's sake, Veronica.

Don't act like a backward village girl...

...who's been exploited.

And you don't act like a social-worker...

...who screwed me for my own good.

So it's come to this?

It has. And it'll get worse.

So just do what everyone does.

Leave me and go man.

All of you are the same.

So don't take the pressure of being special.

If my parents can leave me and go, why can't you?

"lt gives you suffering."

"lt gives you peace."

"lt gives you pain."

"And it takes your life."


"Never let go of friendship."

"There is no way to live, no way to go."

"The heart is lonely."

"l will lose my way."

"Trust me."

"l might not know it all."

"But I do know better than.."

"...Letting go of friendship."

Your phone's ringing, madam.

You thought l won't come?

I was hoping you wouldn't.

But it's good that you did.

I want to talk to you.

Will you please do something for me, Gautam?

Before you even ask. You like me, right?

You respect me?

Then please, I beg you... stay away from me.

"lf you like me, stay away from me."

If I didn't, why would I be here?

Falling in love with me has driven you crazy.

I will never come in Veronica's way.

Especially now that I know how serious she is about you.

Oh my God. l feel like a toy!

Two little girls are playing with me.

Now do you understand how it feels?

You've played too, haven't you?

You've had so many toys, Gautam.

Even I could've been one of them.

You know, Meera.

The problem is that we both know this is different.

For how long? Tell me.

Take a look at yourself, Gautam.

What are you?

Till yesterday you were with Veronica. And now you're here.

It makes no difference to you whether Veronica lives or dies.

Whatever happens to her.

But here you are, running after me.

This is your pattern. And this is what you'll keep doing.

Meera. Take care of Veronica, Gautam.

She needs you.

Believe me, l know her.


And do you know yourself?

What you are feeling?

Listen Gautam. Get this once and for all.

No matter what I feel for you and no matter what happens...

...I promise you this is not going to happen.

I won't let it happen.

I've decided.

Fine, l've decided too.

I'll keep asking you every day, every hour...

...whether you've changed your decision or not.

Don't worry, we'll meet again soon.

On your way to office, on your way home.

And there'll be a lunch-break as well.

And then phone, email...

...I'll even stalk you on Facebook, and...

Just a second.

We'll soon work out convenient timings.

We'll make a timetable.

Let's get professional.

If we have to do this all our lives...

...then let's get organized. Makes sense.

"lf l search for you outside.."

..then who lives within me?"

"lf l search for you within me.."

..then what is this illusion I see around me?"

"You are within me, you are outside."

"l see your image everywhere."

"l am you, and even you are you."

"l can't see the difference."

"l will destroy myself today, my friend."

"My heart will be broken."

"l will destroy myself today, my friend."

"My heart will be broken."

"People light lamps..

..but l set my heart on fire."

"People lose their hearts in love..

..but l lost myself."

"Yet my beloved didn't love me back."

"lf l am the river, you are the water."

"l'll dry up without you."

"lf you are water, l am thirsty."

"l'll die without you."

"l will destroy myself today, my friend."

"My heart will be broken."

"l will destroy myself today, my friend."

"My heart will be broken."


What the hell are you doing goddammit?!

Who were those people?

Gautam, is that you?

Come on, Veronica.

Why are you doing this?

I knew you'll come back.

I knew you'll realize that you love me.

Please hold me, Gautam.


She's very lucky to be alive.

The bastard didn't even see her. Drove right through.

Excuse me.

She'll be okay.

But the problem's in her mind.

This is Kunal, my husband.

I won't be able to come see her again.

But l know everything will be okay.

I'm glad Gautam's with her at a time like this.

Thank you.


Well, one thing's for sure that there's no lack of drama in your life.

He really likes you. He won't give up so easily.

At least for a while.

Till then why don't you stay with me?

I mean, he should really think, you know...

That we're husband-wife.

Hey, Meera.

It's okay.

It'll take some of my guilt away.

I often doze off on the sofa while watching television.

So the room is all yours.


This is the next logical step.

"The first letter (ALIF) of God's name is the seed of love."

"You have sown in my heart."

"This flower is not bound to a season".

"lt blooms out of season."

"May Jugni live long."

"The one who sowed the seed of love in my heart."

"l have the spirit of my beloved"

"Jugni belongs to the people of God."

"Jugni belongs to The Almighty."

"Jugni belongs to His followers"

"Jugni belongs to the saint"

"Jugni belongs to all His words."

"Like a dove's call, with every breath.."

" heart echoes your name."

"Like a dove's call, with every breath.."

" heart echoes your name."

"..and reads the lesson of love,"

"O sage of mine."

"Jugni belongs to the people of God."

"Jugni belongs to The Almighty."

"Jugni belongs to His followers"

"Jugni belongs to the saint"

"Jugni belongs to all His words."

"Jugni treads along the path of love."

"She fears betrayal."

Our future may seem uncertain All those wedding vows.

Not that l believe in them. But... can be unpredictable, you know.

Who knows what will happen next.

Hey Meera.


I was... thinking...

We can put the divorce papers on hold for a few days.

Both of us will get some time to think it over.

"Jugni treads along the path of love."

"She fears betrayal."

"She doesn't know..."

"Jugni treads along the path of love"

"She fears betrayal."

"She doesn't know..."

"lf she should risk losing her heart."

"Yet her love is pure."

"Jugni belongs to the people of God."

"Jugni belongs to The Almighty."

"Jugni belongs to His followers"

"Jugni belongs to the saint"

"Jugni belongs to all His words."

"Jugni is lost in thoughts."

"She searches for someone in someone else."

"She's madly in love."

"Jugni is lost in thoughts."

"She searches for someone in someone else."

"She's madly in love."

"She laughs while she cries within."

"Yet her love is pure."

"Jugni belongs to the people of God."

"Jugni belongs to The Almighty."

"Jugni belongs to His followers"

"Jugni belongs to the saint"

"Jugni belongs to all His words."

Couldn't sleep nah?


I want this, Gautam.

This is what I want.

Your touch.

I want it.

Your breath.

This closeness.

The warmth in it.

Your smell, Gautam.

I love your smell.

But l want all this for myself...

...not for Meera.

But if Meera is to you...

...what you are to me Then how's this going to work?

It can't.

Meera, the angel.

Who sacrificed her life...

...for her friend.

For her stubborn, spoilt... selfish friend.

And what did her friend do?

She stole her true love.

By emotionally blackmailing him.

By feeding him mutton biryani with that yoghurt thing.

Veronica... - No.

I won't let that happen.

She wants to prove that I'm the bitch and how great she is.

But l'm not going to let her be the better person.

Come on, Gautam. l want to go see her.

I want to slap some sense into her.

Before she does something else foolish.

Come on. - Right now?

No. Day after.

Come on.

Hi, l'm Meera's friend Veronica. May l see her please?

She isn't here. - Where's she?

I don't know.

What...what are you doing?

Meera. - What's going on?


Sure, go for it.

Check in the bathroom too.

Satisfied now? Didn't l tell you?


Look... I'm telling you... Gautam please.

Where is she? - Gautam, stop it.

I'll hit back. I swear. Gautam.

Gautam. Stop, stop.

Stop it, Gautam.

Stop it!

I'm losing my mind.

What's wrong with me?

I'm going insane.

So this is how it feels?

You've fallen in love, Gautam.

You have fallen in love.

I never wanted all this to happen.

Me neither.

Now can I talk?


I was thinking...

..we can put the divorce papers on hold for a few days.

Both of us will get some time to think it over

Though, it's totally up to you. l mean...

I know l don't have the right to expect anything. - Listen, Kunal.

Just a minute. Let it be.


Because I won't be able to eat.


I won't be able to live in this house.

I can't do all this.

Meera, just go back a little.

You came this far to be with me, right?

There was no Gautam then.

And now Kunal, this breakfast, coffee... living under the same roof...

... l can do all this only with him.

Or with no one else.

And he should never know this.



I'll betray her again, for you.

Hello aunty.

Are you well? - Yes, thank you.

So where are we going for dinner tonight?

I'll need to book a table.

Oh, those childish games again!

"Get lost, etcetera."

Can't we make a fresh start?

It was a mistake.

And you came to lndia without even telling me?!

How could you do this to me, my love?

What have I done to deserve such...

Such hatred?!


What? - You're overdoing it.

What's going on?

What are you guys doing here? My best friend is getting married... the man l love.

How could I not come?

Sorry. Now our hero shall speak. Yes.

So Meera...

I want to say that...

No actually, I was thinking...

Marriage. Why don't you go ahead and propose?

Yes, what everyone thinks about us.

My family.

Even I think...

You do understand, don't you?

No. - Meera.


Okay, look.

The way I used to be. Okay. Right? Correct?

And the way l am now.

Standing before you.

You find this funny?

You won't when you have to do it yourself. So, do it.

So let me.

Am I stopping you? You're putting pressure on me.

Making me nervous. - Hello.




That's exactly what I didn't have.


But the change... I mean, what I was earlier...

I did tell you...

If someone... holds your hand.

Because it was natural acting... So simple...

The boys more than their mothers.

Because that was right.

That's what happened.

That's how you are.

You used to get mad at me.

Of course, it's correct.

Because a girl like you...


The way I was...

I could never imagine.

But Meera...

I'm not that person anymore.

Because I...




Every moment. Always.


..when you left.

I... I...

It was just not possible for me.

I... - Yes.



We don't even like each other much.

And this isn't even the line.. And l'm in major trouble..

Enough Veeru or I'll fall in love with you..

What were you saying? lt's very hot.

I'm sweating.


The first thing she'll say is 'let's party'. - Yeah, right.

Let's party, I know.

Why don't you say something?

And then you'll shift from her room to mine.

And then we'll also enjoy, right?

I'm not a frog to jump from this room to that room.

You make me sound like I don't know what I'm doing.

I love you Meera.

Gautam l want to meet her. Now?

I mean.. Randeep must be sleeping..

"Chuki menu" (HELP ME GET UP.) "Chuki!"

I forgot what 'chuki' was.

"Tinku, clean the tank. Tinku jump to your death."

"Jump to your ****?"

Everybody just relax. It's a joke. Okay?

Where's uncle?

Are you still not cutting?

Hope it helped -> bozxphd