Code Blue (2011) Script

You want to drink? Yes?

Or your glasses? Yes.


You can't sleep?

Let's see.

Something to drink?

Come on.


Could I have your finger?


That's better, isn't it?

That's good.

That's better?

Let it go.

Please die.

Die, please, die.

Shall I help you?


Thank you.

I want those.

Both of them?

Would you like a bag? Yes, please. There you go.


There's coffee for you, OK?

Such a shame.

He was so brave.

Did you tend to him?


I'll call his family.

You made a mistake.

It's 80 cents too much.

I didn't make a mistake. Look. No, you look.

The cake is 4.15, not 4.95.

It has a 'sale' sticker. You didn't scan the sticker.

Scan the sticker.


If you fill out your name and bank account...

...we'll pay you back the 80 cents. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Couldn't I get my money now? I have no cash.

You can only pay digitally in our stores.

Everything is digital nowadays. Yes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Still, I want my money now.

I just told you... And I heard you.

Shall I get the manager? Yes. Thank you.

Hans, number five please.

I scanned the cake without the sticker.

It was a mistake, but I can live with it.

Thank you, madam.

Sorry. It's still a bit early for me. I'm not completely awake yet.

I made a mistake.

Shall I help you?

Yes, please.

It's sweet of you.

I don't know who's more tired: You or me?

Is no one in?

No, I just don't like entering a silent house.

Excuse me.

Aren't you afraid that someone will find your key in there?

If it were a young, handsome man I wouldn't mind.

That's so stupid.

I like the losers much better.

They have this surprised look in their eyes.

Hand me your glass.

To the losers!

To the losers.

I think you're quite sad.

Are you alone?

No...not really.

Do you have someone? A man? A woman? A lover?

A lover.

How is he?


Hello. Hi.

Hi, Marian. Nice to see you.

There you go. Thank you.

Wow. Wow. Awesome.

Wonderful view.

It really is a great place.

Could you find a parking spot? Easily.

How long was the drive?

An hour, including a 20 minute traffic jam.

We have to leave before five or we'll be in that traffic jam again.

Rick hates traffic jams.

So do I. So you finally have a car?

No. Smart.

A car is nice but it can be a pain in the ass too.

When you can't find a parking spot.

Coffee? Wonderful.


Wonderful, thank you.

The bathroom light doesn't work. Shall I fix it for you, Marian?

No thanks. Just fix it, Ricky.

One of the advantages of having a man: He can fix lights.

I heard you, Linda de Vries.

You should paint the walls.

I like white.

It won't be long.

You can start washing him.

It was a joke.

Your name is Marian or Marion? Marian.

I've seen your resumé. You've worked in many hospitals before.

I like it here.

Really? Really.

Are you married?

I have a daughter.



I've made a mistake today.

Forgive yourself.


It's not that easy.

Go to church. They're in the forgiveness business.

I'm not religious. Neither am I.


...what do you do about your sins?

Unfortunately, I can't commit the one I would like to anymore.

What do you do...

...about the sins you did commit?

This I forgive myself.

Did someone die today?

You've witnessed someone's death?


I made a mistake.

I forgive you.

What is it?

No, thanks.

We don't talk much with each other, but I like you and...

...I want to ask you something. Of course. Go ahead.

Lately, I've been feeling strange.

Because ofwork?

I'm scared.


I feel there is something... approaching me.


You know what?

You have to be good to yourself.

If you aren't good to yourself... can't be good to others either. Understand?

Go and have some fun. I mean it. Go shopping. Get laid.

See more people.

A friend of mine is throwing a party soon.

Join me. No. I need to be with my daughter.

That's exactly what I mean: Be good to yourself.

You're right.

Thanks, Anna. You're welcome. You'll be fine.

I'm going back in, OK?


So nice you came.

This is Karin. Nice of you to come.

This is for you. Thank you very much.

It's vodka. Wonderful.

I'll put it in the freezer. OK?

Get yourself a drink. I'll catch you later.


Be right back.

Don't you want to dance? No.

There's someone I'd like you to meet. I think you'll like him.