Code of Honor (2016) Script

[sirens blaring]

[motorcycles approaching]

Glad you could make it.

Yeah, well, if you have what you say you have, boss'll do more business.

First show me the money, then we can talk business.

Clean, and uncut.

Straight from the source.

This man right here is in charge of FDA approval.

I usually prefer ecstasy, but, uh...

I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy.


We're under attack!








[train whistle blows]



[woman reports in Spanish]

Over a dozen gang members are dead in what can only be described as a massacre.

Early reports indicate that several of the victims were wanted in connection with a variety of other violent crimes throughout the city.

Now if you take a look behind me here, you can see that most of them...

[helicopter whirrs]

[police radio chatter]


Morning, Captain.

With all this media circus, is it?

What the hell happened here?

Drug deal gone wrong? Very wrong.

They forgot to take the drugs.

Think Vincent Romano is behind this?

Isn't he behind everything?

So, who are the victims today?

It's a mess.

Buddy's laying over here and what's left of the 1st Streeters, which, as you know, up until last night were the most vicious, violent gang in the city, responsible for more rapes and murders than your average Third World army.

Over here, we've got the remains of the Whiteboys, white supremacist version of the 1st Streeters, only these guys got cash and mob ties to back 'em up.

All the upstanding citizens of society.

Yeah, most of them were shot. One of them was blown up.

One got a knife to the throat.

Whatever happened here, somebody walked away with a lot of money.

Not exactly, sir.

How much is in there?

Enough to say that someone is very unhappy.

Smoking cigars now, hm.

And I thought he was perfect.

Put your hands on your head and turn around real slow.

Let me guess, you're pointing a standard police-issue nine millimeter Glock at me?

Holds 15 rounds in the mag, 16 if you count the one that's not in the chamber.

It's nothing any run-of-the-mill Kevlar vest wouldn't stop.

The irony is, your academy training has you pointing at my torso, not my head.

[cocks gun]

Last chance.

Relax, Detective, I'm on your side.

It is Detective, isn't it?

I'm just assuming the patrol officer would have some sort of age requirement.

Who are you? Special Agent William Porter.

I'm also gonna take a gamble that that Glock isn't gonna shoot me before I can show you my ID.


What are you doing here anyway? This isn't a federal case.

He's using this rooftop as a staging ground.

Tell me, which him?

You'd need a small army to take out these two gangs.

You know, I'm thinking several guys with machine guns?

A couple of knife men in the alley, bomber to take out the Mercedes, spotter or two on the roof, so come on, tell me, how many hims?

It's just one.

What happened to the drugs?

Where's the money, Ex?

I-- I don't know.


I need to see a doctor!

[breathes rapidly, then screams]

You're gonna keep on bleeding until we understand what happened here.

Mr. Romano isn't very happy.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Who did this?

[stammers] I didn't see any faces.

They were everywhere, they were all around us.

Who would do this to you?

Get rid of him.

[growls angrily]


[door opens]

[door closes]

Who would do this to us?

There's no other cartel strong enough to pull this off.

[woman on TV] Good evening. Recent crimes rates in our city

are increasing with such rapid momentum

that citizens are looking to our political leaders for answers.

News Channel Four's very own, Michelle Gibson, has contacted Mayor Randolph's office for comment, however it appears that Mayor Randolph's active campaign for governor, seems to be the only thing on his agenda, other than defending numerous accusations of infidelity.

As of this time, the mayor has declined to comment

or return our calls. Erin?

Erin, we have breaking news from the old missile silo on the edge of town.

Reports are coming in that a violent, yet selective assassination

of known gang members and drug dealers occurred last night.

What we know at this time is that several cars were riddled with bullets

and one vehicle exploded with such devastation

that its make has yet to be identified.

Moreover the crime scene is littered with corpses

and body parts so mutilated and scattered, that the police have yet to establish an accurate body count.

Our city's Police Captain Connolly and several detectives are on the scene.

Additionally, our Channel 4 News copter has been in the air all morning.

We will bring you updated details as they become available.

[up-tempo techno music plays]

[indistinct chattering]

How bad is he?

Oh, poor baby.

Tell him Mommy will be there as soon as she can.

Get your pants off, Keri.

You're on next.

Thank you.

Hey, Natasha?

Hi, Keri. What's going on?

My son got sick at school.

Can you cover for me?

Of course.

Tell the little guy I hope he feels better.

Thank you. You're a life-saver.

What do you want me to tell Jack?

They'll be only two of us until the shift change.

I know, I'm sorry.

Tell him... I'll be back as soon as I can.

Oh, and the scary guy in the back isn't tipping.

What does he look like?

I don't know, I didn't get a good look at him.

Well, he hasn't seen me yet.

[techno music continues]

[car alarms blaring]

Good evening. Not even 24 hours has passed

and we find our Channel 4 News team back on scene

where yet another atrocity has besieged our town.

- Eric? - Thank you, Erin.

Breaking news, Channel 4 is on the scene

at the Snake Eyes Strip Club.

We are hearing that an apparent bomb or other incendiary device

has annihilated this building.

Bomb squad officials report that only a military-grade bomb

could cause a destruction of this magnitude.

And it is assumed to have been remotely detonated.

The question remains, who would be capable of getting a hold of such a device?

[man] Raise it up. There you go.

More to the left.

Here you go, miss.

Did you find any other bodies inside?

This is Jerry Simon coming to you live from the charred remains of the Snake Eyes Strip Club.

It seems that our fair city, which just last night played host to the bloody massacre of two of our most violent street gangs, must now bear witness to the fiery destruction of its most notorious strip club.

Girls said they were the only dancers in the club at the time.

Luckily it was between shifts.

They see anything? No, they were in the dressing room.

That building was filled with weapons and ammunition.

There's gonna be a lot of dead in there.

The 1st Streeters, the Whiteboys, now the Snake Eyes Club.

Are we looking for someone to arrest or to thank, Rodriguez?

Captain's been to more crime scenes today than he has all year. [chuckles]

You can say that again.

Well, it looks like somebody turned off the alarm over the emergency exit.

Not that it would've mattered.

Fire boys are telling me they're pretty sure it was a bomb.

Destroyed everything but the dressing room.

That's some serious precision bombing.

So, what are the chances this is connected to last night?

Yeah, I'd say "pretty good".

Excuse me. Oh, my God--

Miss! Miss, you have to stay back.

[stammers] I was just here.

Okay. You have to stay back.

Excuse me, miss?

What is your name? Who are you?

My name is William Porter, I'm a federal agent.

Did you work here today?

Who said I work here? Come on.

I assume you didn't come all the way down here in those shoes to go jogging.

I was just here a few hours ago.

It was the scary guy in the back, wasn't it?

You saw someone? Did you see his face?


Come on.

Agent Porter, what can I do for you?

Well, you might want to talk to her.

She was here earlier today.

It's him.

[Detective] Hey!

What the hell's going on, man?

Who were you chasing?

His name is Colonel Robert Sikes.

He's a commander of one of the Special Forces' most elite units.

His service record is impeccable.

Skills at hand-to-hand combat, weapons, firearms, and explosives is unmatched.

He's trained to blend in to any city, any terrain.

And he's using those skills and that training to go after gangs, or drug dealers, or anyone who, in his mind, is threatening the moral fabric and well-being of this country.

A vigilante.

[Porter] He's more than that, Captain.

This is a military mission to him.

His targets, wide-ranging as they may seem, are not random.

They are carefully chosen for maximum effectiveness.

So, what, he's looking at these gangs as insurgents?

Well, the strip club was a, uh, supply depot.

What about the dancers?

They weren't his targets.

If he wanted them dead, they'd be dead.

You seem to know a lot about this Colonel Sikes.

Would you mind telling us why "a commander of an elite Special Forces unit" is on a military mission to save our city?

While Colonel Sikes was hunting down terrorists in Afghanistan, his wife and little boy, safe here at home, were killed in a drive-by shooting, completely random.

The killer was aiming for a rival gang member.

And Sikes' wife and little boy just happened to be nearby.

His wife died almost instantly and the little boy lingered on for a few more days before joining his mother.

Did they ever catch the shooters?

No, there were so many suspects, the police couldn't even determine which gang was responsible.

But it didn't matter anyway, Sikes had already snapped and begun his self-ordered mission to secure the homeland.

What else should we know about this guy?

Well, he doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, he doesn't sleep around, and, until recently, he didn't smoke, either.

Well, we appreciate very much all that information, Agent Porter.

We'll catch him.

Well, I hope you're right.

But, uh, no offense, Captain, I don't think that your department is skilled, equipped, or trained enough to deal with Colonel Sikes.

He's been on Special Ops missions all around the world, usually with entire armies chasing him down.

And they don't have to yell "freeze".

So what makes you so qualified for the job?

I've been in those places with him.


So are we supposed to arrest everyone with a buzz cut, or are you gonna tell us what this guy looks like?

I already requested the Pentagon send over Sikes' picture and file, at least whatever's not classified, not that it'll help.

He'll have already changed appearances.

Aw, this is such bullshit.

Listen to me, Sikes is trained to be a ghost, a shadow.

When this is all over, you might even wonder if he ever existed.

Now if you'll excuse me, Detective, I gotta go find the girl that you lost.

I lost?

You're the one who drew your gun and ran away and knocked over those innocent civilians.

[chuckles] She's a witness.

The police still do use witnesses, don't they?

[laughs] Look, asshole, I don't give a shit whether you work for the government or not.

Until this becomes a federal case, you're just a tourist here.

Sikes is trained to leave a survivor, to scare people out of doing whatever it is they're doing.

Now this girl, Keri, she's a random variable.

If he let her escape, he could be following her.

If she escaped on her own, she could be a target.

Assuming she is telling you the truth, all you know is that this girl's a stripper.

You don't even know her last name.

Well, I'm gonna find her... perhaps even before she's killed.

So what do you expect me to do, sit on my ass and wait for you to save the day?

Safest place for your ass. Fuck you.

I'll keep in touch.

Turn around, smart ass! Put your hands up!

[officer 2] Get up against the wall.

Hey, homey, don't say anything! [officer 2] Shut up!

Don't be looking around, look straight ahead.

Spread your legs.

Let's get this shit off of you.

Oh, come on! Come here! Get your ass over here!

[officer 1] Partner, shots fired! Shots fired!

Get down! Put out a help call!

Officer needs help! Officer needs help!

Send an ambulance! Shots fired, I got two suspects down.

Officer needs help. Officer needs help.

The Snake Eyes Club is completely destroyed.

I want to know who did this.

I talked to the two strippers at the hospital.

They're lucky to be alive.


But they said she left just before the explosion.

She even talked about seeing some scary guy in the back of the strip club.

Where is she?

There were too many cops around to pick her up.

We'll get her, though.

I want this girl here... now.

Breaking and entering's against the law.

And I could even tell you how much time you'd get for that.

Now look, I don't want any trouble with you boys.

[both shout]

[knife slices] [groans]

You have a good day, honey. Okay.

And when you get home, we are gonna go on a little trip.

Just you and Mommy.

It will be like our little adventure.

All right? Okay.

I love you.

I love you, too.


Yo, where's my money, bitch?

[scoffs] Hey, nice to see you, too.


Here you go.

Shit, that's all you got?

Just give me my cut.

Your cut? You know, you need to be working more.

I'm just doing this till I get back on my feet.

Hah-hah, back on your feet!

[grunts] Oh, my God!

[telephone rings]

Captain Connely.


Weren't we just here? Yeah, you know me and strip clubs, Rodriguez.

So let's pan up the blood.

Tag his face, and then we'll whip over to the neck.

Uh, the wound on the neck.

And then we'll pull back out for the wide.

Beautifully gratuitous. Hey!

What the hell are you doing here?

Hi, Detective, Jerry Simon, Jerry Simon Says.

It looks like you've a few more dead bodies back there.

I don't care if you're the Pope.

This is a crime scene. Get the hell outta here.

The body count is rising-- Guys!

It looks like they were killed with a very big knife.

You should make a statement, Detective or I'll make one for you.

Hey, please don't touch him! Okay, we're leaving.

1st Streeters, the Whiteboys, this club and now these two.

I think you've got a vigilante on your hands.

No comment. Thank you, Detective.

Okay, we're leaving.

This is just the beginning, isn't it?

This is Jerry Simon coming to you live for a special report.

I find myself again outside of the Snake Eyes strip club, which just yesterday exploded in a fiery blast, killing almost everyone inside.

But this morning, two more bodies were found, each killed at some point last night

outside of the very same club.

Although the police are denying it, this reporter believes it to be the work of a vigilante.

A "super-vigilante," if you will.

He first targeted the violent 1st Streeters and Whiteboy gangs.

He then moved on to the notorious Snake Eyes club, which you can still see behind me.

And now, he hunts the muggers

and criminals that infest our streets.

It is unknown if this crime wave will end.

If you ask me, the modus operandi of this vigilante will escalate until our peaceful hamlet

is washed of these vicious criminals.

[man on TV] The footage that Jerry Simon Says

is about to show is gruesome.

But it's the truth.

I advise any children out there watching

to do so with extreme caution.

Those are the two crack heads I had watching the place.

I didn't think anyone would actually go back.

[Jerry] Let me take you live to the Jerry Simon Says studios.

I am about to share with you some expert observations that clearly raise questions.

And this bastard used a hunting knife?

Two of them. Without blinking.

...and the most recent bombing of the Snake Eyes strip club.

Folks, when you've been an Emmy Award-winning journalist as long as Jerry Simon has, you develop eyes in the back of your head.

Case in point.

To me, this gentleman is a person of interest and somebody needs to find him and talk to him.

Furthermore, my gut instinct begs the question, why is he so chummy with this single mother/seductive stripper...

[Romano] That's him. - ...who miraculously survived.

Uh, sir, I'm not so sure about that.

Why is that?

I've seen this guy around before.

Where? With the police...

I think he's a cop, maybe even a Fed.

Feds don't kill people with hunting knives.

That's him.

And when you bring that little bitch in here, I'm sure she'll tell me the same thing.

Mac and the boys are picking her up right now.


[door handle jiggles]

I'll scream.

I hope for nothing less.

[man] We work for Vincent Romano.

We're here to ask a few questions... and for your sake, we better like the answers.

Now put down the fucking knife!

[Keri screams]

You remember Mr. Romano?

Your old boss at the Snake Eyes club?

Yes, but I was hired by Jack.

I didn't do any of that other stuff.

Haven't you been watching the news this week?

It's not safe anymore for people in your profession.

Yours either.


You going on a little trip?

Just-- just a weekend getaway.

But it's not the weekend yet.


Why go away when we can... party right here?

We want to know about the bombing.

I don't know anything.

She doesn't know anything.


[Ex grunts] [sobs]


We don't believe you, Keri!

There was a man sitting at the back.

But I didn't see his face. I swear.

It's not me you need to convince... it's Mr. Romano. [knocking on door]

Answer it.

You try anything stupid, you die, and so does your kid.

Who is it? Special Agent Porter.

We met outside the Snake Eyes club.

I believe we have some unfinished business to discuss.

It's not a good time.

Never is.

[men grunting]

[grunting continues]

Are there any more? [panting]

[softly] Are there any more? No.

Are you okay?

[sobs] [sighs]

Where's your little boy?

He's at school.

All right, we gotta get out of here now.

Do you think there's more of them?


It's not them I'm worried about. Come on.

Come on.

We need to get you to the police station.

No, I have to go get my son.

You can call him from the police station.

Look, if you ever need anything, anything at all, this is where I'm staying.

Thank you.

[tires squeal]

They're in the alley!



Go! [continues screaming]

What's wrong with you, man. You're slipping.

What, you can't check your six?


Just like old times, huh?

Me saving your life and your hooker girl flying up into the wind.

How about this, you do what you do, I do what I do.

We'll see who comes out on top.

I appreciate you killing some of the bad guys, that was nice of you.


Oh, I'm gonna stop you, boy.

I wanted to ask you something.

Would you give your life to save the world, if nobody knew you did it?

See, that's the difference between you and me.

And you're not telling me when we'll settle anything.

I'm gonna dictate the time.

Tomorrow, midnight, Devil's Garden, come alone.

[sirens approaching]

I want to assure all of you that this crime wave will come to an end.

We have the best police department in the country.

And we're working around the clock to make sure that all the good, law-abiding citizens are safe.

Mayor Randolph has called the events of this past week "a crime wave".

But perhaps it's a wave of a different kind, a wave of justice.

Murderers, robbers, rapists, dealers, pedophiles, and the Mob.

None are safe.

A source of ours at the police department

says that other than the actual acts perpetuated

by the super-vigilante this past week, there has been virtually no other violent crime

reported throughout the city. In an online poll we took earlier today

shows that the super-vigilante currently enjoys

a higher approval rating than Mayor Randolph.

I'm Jerry Simon.

Draw your own conclusions, ladies and gentlemen, I'll draw mine.

And to all you criminals out there, Jerry Simon says... it's judgement day.

And cut.

That was great.

Of course it was, it's me.


Mr. Mayor! Your thoughts on the super-vigilante, sir?

I'm sorry, Mr. Simon, I have an important meeting to get to.

Just one quote.

Mayor Nate Randolph for Governor.

What do you think, Neil?

I think he's an asshole.

You gonna let him be governor?

Well, it's not up to me.

It's up to the people.

Mr. Mayor, your wife's holding on line two.

Tell her I'm in a meeting.

So, I really need some.

[man] Yeah, I don't think so. Come on, I'll suck your dick.

I don't know, the last time you fucking chewed it all up with those teeth.

I won't this time, it'll be really good.

All right, but you owe me.

[knocking on door]



I didn't know where else to go.

Well, why don't you go to the police?

Everyone would know.

I'm not exactly the girl next door.

Well, the police don't care about your job.

That's the difference between them and him.

[sighs] Please?


William, this is Corey.

Corey, this is my friend, William.

Hey there, Corey, how you doing?


[clears throat]

Uh, sorry, I wasn't expecting company.

It's okay, we weren't expecting to need it.

Honey, do you need to go to the bathroom?

Um, do you mind if I use it?

No, go right ahead. Oh, thanks.

[water running]


[inhales through nose]

Are you a good guy or are you a bad guy?

Well, what did your mom tell you?

That you're a good guy.

That's what my son thought, too.

How old is your son?

How old are you? Six.

Six-years-old, hm...

I think that's about how old my son was the last time I saw him.

Where is he?

I don't know.

He'll sleep through the night now.

He can sleep through anything.

You know, you can stay here as long as you want.

Thank you. Yeah.

You know, you think your life is gonna turn out one way, and then it goes somewhere completely different.

Right now, I just... I just want him to be safe.

He'll be safe here.

And so will you.

The news is right. There hasn't been a violent crime reported in almost a week.

And hell, if it wasn't for Colonel Sikes, wouldn't have much of any crime reported.

All the other precincts saying pretty much the same thing.

Hey, if we don't get this guy soon, we'll all be out of a job.

There'll be no one else left to arrest.

A drop in crime, no matter what the reason, it's gotta be a good thing, right?

For the department, for the city.

Listen, if we play this thing right, at the end of the day, you guys are gonna be very popular around here, and you might just be looking at the next Chief of Police.

As long as we don't count the dead bodies of the unrighteous littering the streets, then yeah, we can tell ourselves we're doing a fine job.

Aren't you being just a little bit dramatic, Detective?

What, you think all the city's criminals are on vacation, Captain?

They're shit scared of this "super-vigilante" and so am I.

We don't know anything about this Colonel Sikes.

He could just as easily start taking out school kids tomorrow, and there's not a goddamn thing we can do about it.

Yeah, we don't even have a picture, or a description.

Porter's right, we're chasing a ghost.

Speaking of Agent Porter, we heard from him?

Not a peep. But I did call the Pentagon myself about Sikes.

[Captain] And? After two hours of being transferred to every ranking officer on duty, they couldn't even tell me this guy existed, let alone give me his file.

And don't expect them to anytime soon.

Plausible deniability.

Where have you been? Drunk.

But I am meeting Sikes at midnight.

That doesn't give us much time. Where?

Devil's Garden. That's Vincent Romano's club.

That makes it interesting. You sure about that?

Oh, yeah, he's gonna be there.

He's the one who set it up. Why?

It was the honorable thing to do.

We need to shut down every street in a three block radius.

I agree. Let's also get SWAT on the move.

I want to nail this bastard.

There was a catch.

He wants me alone.

Oh, yeah. And I want to lose ten pounds, pal.

Well, he sees any cops, he's gonna disappear.

You're never gonna find him again.

So what do you suggest?

All right, I'm going in.

I don't care if the whole damn place explodes, nobody moves an inch until I give the word.


All right, everyone, you heard him.

No one move until I give the go ahead.

We hear you loud and clear, Detective.

[techno music plays]

How are you, William?

I took the liberty to order you a drink.

I thought you might want one.

I'm here to take you down, Robert.

Since you've been in town, you've killed two crack heads, a bunch of gangsters.

Man, I thought you'd come to help me.

That was just self-defense.

And you let the media think that I did all the killing.

That was kind of clever of you.


I don't smoke anymore.


He who never met a girl he did not try to fuck, a drink he didn't want to drink, a vice he didn't like, has now given up cigars?

What in the hell happened to you anyway, Robert?

Hey, man, I never went soft, that's what happened to me.

I still love my country.

I still love my family, even though they're gone.

And I'm still an honorable man.

Kimi and Patrick's death doesn't justify this one-man crusade you've been going on.

Except for the cigars, their deaths have nothing to do with any of this.

I know you went soft a long time ago, but you and I took an oath, along with every other soldier, to defend our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

So now you just, uh, kill anyone that you decide is "evil"?

[scoffs] That's very noble.

There are places in this country, places in every city, where people can't go without fear of being robbed, mugged, murdered.

We don't accept that in other countries.

Why should we accept that here?

We also took an oath to protect the Constitution.

Or have you forgotten that?

There's right and wrong.

The laws are meant to serve us, not to serve them.

Slavery was a law, and if it wasn't for men like us standing up, it might still be there.

He's here.

So, in your little world, who chooses who's "good" and who's "bad"?

You? Judges, juries, military tribunals, but somebody has to start somehow trying to make a difference. And if you've seen what's happened to the crime rate around here, I'd say I'm doing something.

And who do you think you'd be serving?

Certainly not the innocent woman and the scared little boy hiding out with me.

Are you, of all people, trying to lecture me on morality?

I never missed a soccer game.

I never forgot an anniversary.

I never went over the speed limit or cheated on my taxes.

You, on the other hand, you had a beautiful wife and a son who loved you more than anything in the world.

You drank, you lied, you cheated, and you fucked everything that moved, foreign and domestic.

I served my country proudly and honorably.

And my wife was ripped away from my life without any regard for her innocence.

Yours left you on her own free will because you were such a son of a bitch.

And I'm the bad guy?

If I'm the "bad guy", what does that make you?

The man who's going to bring your little crusade to an end.

Detective, get in here and let's take this son of a bitch down.

Knowing that you're such a trustworthy individual, I brought this little jamming device.

I'm done fucking with you.

Don't move!

No, you're not gonna shoot me.

I hope you don't think I've gone that soft.

You're sitting on a chair that has a bomb underneath, kind of like the bomb that we used to take out that Iraqi General, the one that goes boom when you stand up. Yeah, that one.

You shoot me, you die.

My life for yours, that sounds like a pretty good deal.

I'll make this easy.

My finger goes off this detonator, everybody goin' die.

Goodbye, William.

[man] Oh, shit!

[all screaming] Move it, move it!

Kill him!

All of you, get out of here! Go on!

[gunfire continues] [all shouting]

Stay down!

You've got the wrong guy! [shouts]


Drop your weapon! Don't you move!

Don't do it.

You all right, Porter?

What the hell happened in here?

He was here.

He put a bomb under my chair.

If I get up, it's gonna explode.

I don't see anything.

It can't be that small.

There's no bomb here, sir.

[chuckles] That son of a bitch.

[helicopter hovering]

[chatter on police radio]

There's a lot of dead people in there!

I don't care whose standards you were using, not all the victims were bad guys.

He had a jamming device.

No transmissions were possible.

Don't go anywhere.

This guy's not gonna stop until I have an Emmy, a Peabody, and a Pulitzer.

Let's do some reporting. [chuckles]

How could this happen? We had only static from the moment Agent Porter entered the club.

He said Sikes used a jamming device.

It would have to be one hell of a jammer.

The static I heard sounded a lot more like Agent Porter simply turned off his wire.

Porter turning off his wire?

That doesn't make any sense, Captain.

No, no, it doesn't. What would you like us to do?

I would like you to get your asses back to the station and book Romano.

And take Agent Porter with you. And don't let him out of your sight until I get a chance to talk to whoever the hell his supervisor is back in Washington.

I'm gonna nail his ass to the wall for this.

Hey, detectives, looks like the super-vigilante struck again.

What's the body count this time?

Why don't you go chase the ambulance and count them yourself, okay?

I only report the news, I don't make it.

Where's Agent Porter?


He's still alive.

Who? The super-vigilante?

Yeah, the "super-vigilante".

You know him, don't you?

Yeah. He's, uh...

Colonel Robert Sikes.

He was my commanding officer and my best friend.

Took me under his wing when I was just a scared kid looking to serve my country.

He knows what I'm capable of, and what I'm not.

Oh, my God, are you all right?

Uh, yeah, I am.

Look, you should be happy.

The police arrested Vincent Romano tonight.

Oh, yeah, thank God.

I saw it on the news. What happened?

Robert, uh...

He set me up to help him take down Romano and the cartel.

That's a good thing, right?

Well, for you and Corey, it is.


Oh, uh, he loves baseball.

He never had a glove.

This was my little boy's.

You're not gonna be safe as long as Robert's out there.

You need to go to the police.

He still wants me dead?

My hope now lies where it always has, in stopping Robert.

And the only way to stop him, is to become him.




That's her.

That's my little girl.

You said, um... this happened at Devil's Garden?

Yes, ma'am.

There was a shoot-out and your daughter just... happened to be there.

I'm sorry for your loss, Senator.

Are you, Detective?

You just brought in a mob boss.

You'll probably get a promotion.

They're gonna be transporting Romano downtown soon.

Think we can still make it? How fast can you drive?

"Tonight, 10p.m., the Snake Eyes Club, you don't bring the police and I don't bring my gun."

Neil? Neil!

[Detective] This is the footage from Romano's security system.

That's Porter talking to Sikes.

And there's Senator Richards' daughter.

Well, at least she wasn't shot by one of ours.

And what's a senator's daughter doing in a mobster's club anyway?

It's a hot spot. All the kids go there.

Do you know who owns all the places you've been to, Captain?

[telephone rings]

Captain Connely.

All right.

It's time. Romano's ready.

I want this transport done without incident.

No press, no comment, no nothing.

Once Romano's downtown, he's the D.A.'s problem, not ours.

You got that? Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Make me proud.

[indistinct chattering]

Well, Mr. Romano is an upstanding citizen of this community.

All he did was try to defend himself inside his own place of business.

He didn't kill anybody, he didn't shoot anybody.

And I'm sure the judge and the jury will see it that way if it even gets to trial.

I'm sure the judge and jury will.

Thank you for your time.

[reporters clamoring] [Jerry] Let's go! Come on, Neil!

Mr. Romano! Mr. Romano!

Mr. Romano, is there any truth to the accusation that the girl was killed by your direction at the Devil's Garden?

We're following behind Mr. Romano right now-- [officer] Come on, move!

Keep on walking. Move, please!

Thank you, move! [clamoring continues]

Watch your head. Nice and easy.

Nice and steady. [Jerry] What we're witnessing now, Mr. Romano, the crime boss who's been accused of everything from prostitution to racketeering to murder, this may be the very last time we see him outside--

[people screaming]

[all shouting]

[footsteps approaching]

Hey, partner?

There's someone in the captain's office to see you.

Detective Peterson, I'm Keri Green and this is Corey.

We need your help.

As governor, my administration will be for the creation of new jobs.

Most importantly, it will be against crime.

The so-called "super-vigilante" is a menace to all the good, honest people of this city.

That is why when I am elected governor, I'll be able to insure that he gets the electric chair

for all the terrible acts he's committed.

Now we have one of the finest police departments in the country, but we must never be too proud to ask for assistance.

This "super-vigilante" is a plague upon our city, and is nothing short of a domestic terrorist.

You shouldn't have said that.

And that is why, with the help of

the Honorable Senator Richards, I have asked the FBI to assist us

in stopping this terrorist once and for all.

So, you never saw Colonel Sikes at the Snake Eyes Club?


No. I never got a good look at him.

I never saw his face.

You never saw him plant a bomb or leave a briefcase?

No, I left before any of that.

But you've been with Agent Porter since?

I went to my apartment first, that's when Romano's men came.

They thought I knew who blew up the club.

They were gonna kill me if I didn't tell them.

So who killed the men in your apartment and outside your building?


Agent Porter.

He's the one who saved me and my son.

Agent Porter killed them?

All except for the guy with the broken arm.

He said Colonel Sikes killed him.

Did you happen to see Colonel Sikes do this?

No, I had already run away.

Agent Porter definitely killed the other six?

It was self-defense, they were trying to kill us.

I don't doubt that, Keri.

But Agent Porter seems to have disappeared and he didn't tell us much of anything before he left.

[door opens] [Rodriguez] Jim?

We need you outside for a moment.

Don't go anywhere.

We have some pretty big mouse traps.

What's going on?

I'm Agent Donavan. This is Agent Franks.

Sorry for the late hour, detective, but we're taking over the "super-vigilante" case.


Well, the first agent you sent did a real bang-up job.

We're the first agents here.

What about Porter?

Who's Porter?

Special Agent William Porter?

We don't know anybody by that name.

[Donavan] There is no William Porter with the Bureau.

[Jim] Nothing at Customs. [Rodriguez] ATF is out!

CIA says he's not one of theirs. I want a check with DIA.

I'm on right now with the Pentagon.

Yeah, good luck getting anything out of them.

Homeland Security has access to lots of different kinds of information.

Detective, what made you think he was with the FBI anyway?

Well, he had a badge just like yours.

Obviously, not like mine.

Thank you. Okay, so the Army has a Major William Porter and a Colonel Robert Sikes, both inactive.

It'll be a bit, but the files are on their way.

This guy knew a lot more than he was telling you.

We gotta find him now!

[police radio chatter]

Wait here, stay sharp.


It's Peterson, open up, we need to talk.

And we're back at the scene of the crime.

Safe place for a meet?

Probably is with the super-vigilante around.

Hey, boss, you sure you know what you're doing?

Ratings gold.

Hello, Jerry.

I hope, for your sake, you came alone.

I did, it's just me and my cameraman, Neil.

I actually believe that.

That surprises you.

No risk, no gain.

Man, the only thing that surprises me is the way you lie.

I report it how I see it.

The truth is subjective.

Truth is absolute.

People are subjective.

Well then, this is your chance to set the record straight.

You promised me an interview, that's why I'm here.

I know exactly why you're here.

It has nothing to do with setting the record straight.

Don't worry, son.

I know you're just trying to follow orders.

Who are you?

I'm just a man with a plan.

What is this plan?

Oh, it's a little regime change.

And an uneventful demise of someone like you.


I thought you said no weapons?

No, I said no guns.

This is not a gun.

[screams] [knife slashes]

[sighs] Well, if you remember anything more about this, give me a call.


Clerk said that Porter checked out earlier tonight.

He paid in cash.

There's a call for you, Detective, it's Porter.

Porter? The mayor is the next target.

What? Okay, you listen to me very carefully, we know you're not a Fed.

[Porter] I'm not a lot of things, just a man trying to atone for my sins.

You know, at some point you're gonna have to come in, right?

I can't do that right now.

Look, one way or another, this thing ends tonight.

The FBI is here.

Well then, you should have no problem tracing this call.

The Jerry Simon Says show just went off the air.



He said Mayor Randolph's next.

[woman] Yeah, I can hold. I've been holding--

I want units both at City Hall and at the mayor's house!

They're already on their way.

Captain, I got that trace on Porter's call, it came from a pay phone next to the Snake Eyes Club.

Good, I'll let Peterson know.

I'm sure the Feds are already on it.

Mayor's not at home. His wife says he's working late tonight.

He's not at the office, either.

No answer on his cell phone.

[sighs] Then where the hell is he?

Well, nobody's gonna beat you in the ratings tomorrow, Jerry.

Don't be gentle, it's only evidence, guys.

I'm never gentle.

This could show the super-vigilante in action.

Memory card is gone.

Yeah, he's known not to make things easy.

[cell phone rings]

This is Donavan.

Well, he's mayor of one of the largest cities in the country, how hard could it be to find him?

Find out who he's screwing this week and track him down instead.

That's a good idea.

You clean up here, Detective.

Let's get in the air.

[indistinct chatter]

Yeah, well, the Feds just left me here.

Tell me you got some good news.

How about this, the file's just arrived.

Really? Okay, well don't keep me in suspense, what do you got?

Not much, most is classified or blocked out.

Colonel Robert Sikes, missing in action, presumed dead, wife deceased, son deceased, and then it's a laundry list of medals.

And that's it? - That's it.

Porter's however, is a little more interesting.

Major William Porter, he was discharged soon after Sikes went missing for, get ready, disorderly conduct, drinking on duty, assaulting a fellow officer, disobeying a direct order.

[Porter] I'm not a lot of things.

Just a man trying to atone for my sins.

Marital status: divorced, one son, no known address for either.

Too bad these guys weren't switched.

If it was Sikes who had come to help us catch Porter, this would have been over the first day.

Smoking cigars now, hm, and I thought he was perfect.

His wife and little boy, safe here at home, killed in a drive-by shooting.

That's Porter talking to Sikes.

The static I heard sounded a lot more like Agent Porter simply turned off his wire.

[Captain] And why would he do that?

So, you never saw Colonel Sikes at the Snake Eyes Club?

No, I never got a good look at him.

You never saw him plant a bomb or leave a briefcase?

[Keri] No, I left before any of that.

[man] Agent Porter killed them.

He's using this rooftop as a staging ground.

[men grunt]

[Porter] His skills at hand-to-hand combat, weapons, firearms, and explosives is unmatched.

[reporters clamoring]

Who are you?

I am your super-vigilante.

We've been after the wrong guy.


Porter is Sikes.

[muffled gunshot]

Tell me you have something.

The mayor's aide, Tanya Jones, apparently she used her credit card earlier tonight to rent a room downtown.

The Feds are on their way.

Send everyone! This is it!

Send everyone!

You never remembered to look behind you, either.

What took you, man?

I've been waiting up here all this time.

I was starting to get kind of lonely, man.

I was waiting for you.

Thanks to you, I'm kind of ahead of schedule.

You helped me with the cartels, I really appreciate that.

One way or another, we end this tonight.

Somehow everybody's thinking that you're me, and I'm you.

Well, that is unfortunate.

That was a nice touch, man. That's some cool shit.

You never answered my question.

I'll ask you again.

If you thought you could save the world, but nobody would know it and you might have to give your life in doing it, would you do it?

My life?

Yeah, sure.

Everyone else's, no.

Well, I'm done.

Come on, my man.

Major William Porter, this is the FBI, stay where you are, or we'll open fire.

Take him.

[rapid gunfire]

[sirens approaching]

Okay, listen up, let's get these people out of here.

It's gonna get ugly, go, go!

[device beeping]

[helicopter whirring]

[helicopter flies past]

[device beeping]

Your family hates you, your country's done with you, the police are looking for you, but I'm gonna have to kill you first.

Come and get it.

[cries out]

[rapid beeping]

Dog tags found on the body said his name was Robert Sikes.

Detective Peterson was right, there was no William Porter.

I'll let the military figure that one out.

I don't care if his name was Porter or Sikes, all I know is the super-vigilante is dead, case closed.

Sounds good to me.

Is that him? Let's get him out of here.

What's left of him.

Did you find anyone else?

I don't think there ever was anyone else.

The man you know as William Porter is our super-vigilante and that's him.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, Detective.

I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this guy.

He was a killer... not a savior.

William Porter saved me and my son.

You don't believe me, do you?

About what?

That Porter and Sikes were the same person.

You still think there were two of them, even though we only found the one body.

I believe you got the bad guy. What more do you want?


[Rodriguez] Take care of him. [Keri] I will.

Where did you get that?

Your friend just gave it to me.

Can I keep it?

He said I had to ask you.

Yes, you can keep it.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

[instrumental rock music]

[music ends]