Cody the Robosapien (2013) Script

2 00:00:18,560 --> 00:00:21,120 GPS locating Robosapien test run

at 34 by 52 by 72.

Robosapien test now in progress, T-minus three minutes, 26 seconds.

Executive command, you have visual.

Operation Robo Rescue on your mark.

Robo position... 100 yards from base.

Come on, little buddy. Make Daddy proud.

11 00:00:44,840 --> 00:00:46,679 Robosapien has reached the perimeter of the base.

Operation time, 5:52.

On it, sir. On it.

15 00:00:54,960 --> 00:00:56,570 Sir, I'll be right there.

Eagle One, proceed to hangar seven-alpha.


Did you hear that?

Move it to that carrier.

What was that?

22 00:01:28,680 --> 00:01:30,113 ...look on his face?

He won't be doing that again. No way.

Whoa. Ai yi yi yi yi yi yi.

Hmm? Ohh.

Have no fear. Robosapien is here.

28 00:01:47,640 --> 00:01:49,073 Ooh, sorry. My bad.

Robosapien has confirmed location of target.

32 00:01:56,400 --> 00:01:58,239 We have a level-five security breach.

Repeat, level five... I think you've been detected.

Please, don't hurt him.

All hands to emergency stations. Hold on tight.

I'm stronger than I look.

Unauthorized chopper entering airspace at hangar seven.

41 00:02:16,800 --> 00:02:18,392 Run, run, run!

Go! Jump!


This is KT-1.

Robo and rescue safe and secure.

Heading back to Kinetech.


Mission accomplished.

Robo out.

They have Robosapien. He's safe, sir.

Good. Robosapien, Admiral, can deliver everything anywhere, anytime.

It's an amazing piece of technology, son, and it is going to revolutionize...

Nice going. and rescue.

Well, thank you so much, sir.

I was a little nervous giving him a test so soon.

But it worked.

You're a genius, Allan.

So, Admiral, what does this all mean?

Well, I need to head back to the base and deal with a level-five security breach, and then I need to talk to the brass about buying your robots.

Excellent. So, Admiral, how long? How long...

Ah, I'd say about six months.

It's exciting.

Brace yourselves.

You know this stuff takes time.

71 00:03:31,120 --> 00:03:33,918 WOMAN: Henry! Get a move on! We'll be late!

In a minute!

Weather. Good morning, Henry.

Weirdo. Look out the window.

Align panel.

Declination plus 28 degrees, 42 minutes.

Right ascension, eight hours, 13 minutes.

I mean it! Hurry up!


Okay, coming!


Security mode.

System armed.

Remember, Mom, the Science Bowl regionals, 5:00.

Wait. The regionals are today?

You forgot.

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

I got to work late today.

That's okay.

You know what?

Maybe Meagan can go.


I'd rather throw up and die.

I'm sorry, honey, but I promise, I'll be there next time.

Come on, you guys.

I hope we can fix my car this year, Mom. No hood. No doors.

It's so embarrassing.

Henry, you're supposed to be sweeping these leaves.

I had to do the science project. You know that.

And, Meagan, I told you to water these plants.

Mom, they've been dead for, like, a year.

Yeah, well, they're dead because you're not taking care of them.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Good morning, Loretta.

You made that look easy.

All right, keep your eyes on the road. Let's go. Come on.

112 00:05:17,840 --> 00:05:19,432

114 00:05:22,840 --> 00:05:25,330 Hey, don't forget your science project.

Bye, Mom. Bye, sweetheart.

I know you're going to do great.

Good luck.

You're going to need it. Meagan.

120 00:05:48,840 --> 00:05:50,512 Yawn... oxygen intake.

Virtual signs show fatigue.

Brain function slowing.

You are tired, Allan.

Yes, I am, and thank you for noticing.

Do you require a caffeine fix? Espresso?

That, I do, little buddy. Make it a double.

Thank you. Whoa.

You need a spouse, Allan.

Statistics show that married men outsurvive single men by four to one.

Hey! And, hey, Robosapien, you might as well go by lab seven and have them change your ball bearings.

Right after I get the 411 on that new receptionist.

No problemo.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Excuse me, Mr. Porter. "No problemo"?

Mr. Porter. Allan.

You're just in time. What for?

In every single department, Robosapien exceeded our own expectations.

His new artificial intelligence allows him to maximize his initial programming.

See, increases his ability to learn from his environment.

Robosapien can rationalize human emotion.

He is learning to feel.

Allan, it's a robot.

We don't need it to feel.

No feely-feely.

We'll continue this conversation later.

Yeah. Niles Porter.

But you... Uh-huh.

Looking good, Sarah.

Good morning, Robosapien.

Hey, hey. It's my man Tony.

You're looking especially shiny today, Robo.

Hey. ¿Cómo estás, Raul?

Muy bien. ¿Y tú, Robosapien?

No complaints here, amigo.

162 00:07:16,560 --> 00:07:18,152 Pow! Pow!


Hey, Carol. You free Saturday?

Allan's got an opening.

Kinetech Industries, the world's leader in robotic research, is proud to introduce Robosapien, a fully integrated search-and-rescue technowonder.

The supermobile Robosapien can travel the world, bringing food, resources, first aid, and anything necessary to help the masses in their time of need.

Kinetech's Robosapien is preprogrammed in all aspects of global search and rescue.

Now just imagine when we command it for search and destroy.

Instead of medicine, it will now carry nerve gas or maybe a nuclear weapon.


When can I have a demonstration?

184 00:08:26,200 --> 00:08:27,713

Now this is our first waterproof model, Esperanza, very rudimentary.

Just activate it, Porter.

Yes, of course. Of course.

Command... search and destroy.

Here we go.

Robo is turbo-swimming to the boat.

The bomb's been placed.

He's returning safely to shore.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Impressive. I know.

I'll place an order for 100.

When will they be ready? At the end of the week.

A down payment. Sure.

75 million as agreed, with the remainder upon a final demonstration.


What? What happened?

Hey, is everyone all right?

Everybody's fine!

It was a little test.

This is Allan Topher, the creator of Robosapien down there.

Congratulations, Mr. Topher.

You have created an amazing weapon.

It will be a pleasure doing business with you.

Porter, I'll be back... Thank you. the end of the week. See you.

He said, "Weapon," Mr. Porter!

It's not your concern, Allan.

It is my concern! No, it's not.

What are you doing with Robosapien?

I didn't design him to be a weapon.

He's a search and rescue machine designed to save lives, not destroy them.

He's starting to develop emotionally.

It's a machine, aluminum alloys.

No, these are more than a machine.

Little microchips. You don't understand.

Tiny, little thingamabobbers.

Have you ever just looked into his optics?

I am so tired of arguing with you.

I'm not going to argue with you anymore.

I'm letting you go. What?

You're fired.

Yeah. Clean out your desk. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Thanks for coming. Bye-bye.

Go. Go. Erasers, pencils, all of it.

Go on.

I... oh.

237 00:11:07,960 --> 00:11:10,474 system, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Nice solar system. Thanks.

Did you know this one, Pluto, yeah, it's not a planet anymore.

There's only eight.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Eight, nine. You know, you're close.

I'll stick it back.

Or not.

Well, you did a really good job.

Sorry. Thanks.

What's this, Keller?

Well, it's a magnetic motor... Oops.



What was that, Keller?


That's what I thought.

I saw what you did, Warren.


But, Mrs. Jacobs, I didn't...

Well, what we got here, Henry?

Well, magnetic and solar-powered motors.

Alternative energy will be the answer to the world's power shortage.

Does it spew or blow up?

No, neither.


Now, what did you say it was again? Well...

Escort Topher out of the building and don't let him out of your sight.

And... it's just my succulents.

Just going to log out.

You want a donut?

275 00:13:17,520 --> 00:13:19,238 New hairstyle, lipstick,

eye shadow, likes long walks.

Allan says you're the prettiest thing to grace these halls since I was a microchip.

Allan? Yeah, baby.

Hot. Tsst!

You're beautiful. He's smart.

You two are platform compatible.


What do you say? Friday night at 8:00?

Oh, no.

That is my...

Get off me. Topher!

Topher, you're going to burn for this.

Dinah was just talking about you.

Hi, Allan. Oh, hi, Dinah.

Sorry to interrupt. Come on, let's go.

She's free Friday night. Where are you going?

I don't know. Come on. Come on.

Why are you panicking? Get out!

It is just a date.

Dang it! Where's Allan Topher?

Allan? Geek with the robot.

That way. Come on.

Make sure you check the parking lot.

He couldn't have gone far. Yes, sir.

Men, catch this guy.

Units four and five, close off...

Make sure you get that robot too.

Let's get 'em on perimeter one.

Allan Topher slipped by, sir.

Robosapien's confirmed missing.

Then find him. Now!

309 00:14:37,680 --> 00:14:38,999 Hey, Henry.

Congratulations, buddy.

Thanks. Dude, let's go.

I want to grab a slice before I go home.

First place.

Wow. Now you've got a trophy to prove what a loser you are.

Can I have it back? Please?

Right here. Loser.

Seriously. Come on, Dirk.

Don't you want to be just as cool as Henry with his little dumb trophy?

Yeah, sure. Do you want it?

Do you want it?

Do you want it? Yeah?

324 00:15:08,160 --> 00:15:09,957 I'm sorry.

I didn't do it on purpose.

Come on. You better run, Keller.

You're getting such a beat-down.

Allan, this is really proving pointless.

I've tried eHarmony, Okay!

I don't know where else I can look.

Should we try OkCupid? Oh, boy.

Rapid breathing...

Now go. ...elevated heart rate, excessive perspiration.

Allan, are you all right? Hey, Robosapien, is your GPS on? Negative, Allan.

Hey, listen.

We're in danger, okay?

Danger? Like, "Danger, nerd crossing," or "Danger, fart zone"?

No, like serious danger, okay?


Scan my badge.

Of course, Allan.

Optical scan complete.

Now, when you see this logo, what are you going to do?

Say, "Good morning." No!

Say, "Good night"? You're going to run like mad, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Okay, shoes for me.

I got an extra battery for you, and I'm going to put some other stuff that you might need, may not need, but if you don't need it, then you just take it with you.

Kinetech. Uh-oh.

What? What? What'd you say?

Allan, does this mean we should start running now?

Open up right now!

There he is!

Come on, let's go. There he is.

Get to the window.

Hurry up!

366 00:16:29,880 --> 00:16:30,995 Open up!

Open... wait. I activated your GPS, so if we get separated, I can find you.

Don't make me go. I want to stay with you.

Now you got to go.

Grab ahold of the pipe.

Come with me. Good. You're good. You're good.

Grab ahold of it.

You've got to keep going.

Come on, please. Just go!

Go! Go! Come on, there he is.

I will find you! Go!

Get out of the way.

I got him! Ow!

He's going up the roof. Go, go, go!

No! No!

You'll never get him!

You'll never take him away from me!

Danger! Danger!

Evade! Evade!

We have a visual. Target is on the roof.


What's going on?

Don't make this more difficult than it has to be, robot.


Run like mad. Stop! Stop!

Ow! Stop it!

What are you doing? It's me, Robosapien.

What did I do?

Stop! What did I do?

I'm sorry, whatever it was.

Help me! Help!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


402 00:17:46,800 --> 00:17:49,030

404 00:17:59,040 --> 00:18:01,873 He can't be far. Go. Go!

Where'd he go?

Where are you, Keller?

Come on out wherever you are.

We just want to talk.

We won't hurt you, buddy.

I bet I know where you are.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Come on, dude.

He's not here.

You're dead meat, Keller!

You hear me?!

417 00:19:24,760 --> 00:19:26,959

419 00:19:29,160 --> 00:19:31,230 A micro... ball bearing... help!

Help! Allan!

Fart zone. Buenos día... Help!

Toasty. Circuit. Zzzz.

Scrambled eggs!

You need a date. Allan, help.

Negative. Ow.

427 00:20:11,720 --> 00:20:13,233 Whoa.

What are you, little guy?

430 00:20:34,640 --> 00:20:36,710

432 00:20:48,440 --> 00:20:49,793 Check the Dumpster.

434 00:20:51,360 --> 00:20:53,271

Whoa. Whoop! Whoop!

Anything, James?

Nothing, sir.

Spread out. He couldn't have gone too far.

Henry, you seriously stink.

Intruder. Intruder. 749153.

Security override.

Honey, did I hear you come in?

Oh, my gosh. You won first place.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, honey.



I am so proud of you.

Thanks, Mom.

451 00:21:49,640 --> 00:21:51,915 Honey, I think you need a bath.

453 00:22:30,800 --> 00:22:33,837

Please work.

456 00:22:53,240 --> 00:22:56,040 Kinetech means danger! Kinetech means danger!

Are you okay?

Happy circuitses. Double espresso.

Good morning. Good night. Good morning.

Oh. Ah.

462 00:23:09,360 --> 00:23:11,590

Double espresso. Cappuccino. Latte.

Hola! Shh. Keep quiet.

We need to hide you.


Henry? What happened?



I had a really, really tough day.

So you tore apart your room?


It's girl problems.

475 00:23:49,240 --> 00:23:50,559 Girl problems?

477 00:23:51,960 --> 00:23:54,793 Yeah, it's complicated.

I don't want to talk about it.

Maybe I can help.

No, I'm good.

I'll sort it out myself.

And you're sure you're all right?

Well, there was a whole lot of cupcakes at the science fair, really good.

Maybe I had too much blood sugar. Yeah.

But I'm fine.


Well, clean up this room... quietly.


And go to bed.

Mom, he is so weird.

494 00:24:32,920 --> 00:24:34,558

496 00:24:41,400 --> 00:24:43,755

You are in a heap of trouble.

We've got a $10 million prototype missing.

We have files that just disappeared from this office.

It's a mess.

Then I think you better call the police.

504 00:25:02,120 --> 00:25:03,997 Okay, Allan,

Allan, Allan, how do you think we were going to pay for Robosapien?

Search and rescue is a highly profitable application.

Not as profitable as search and destroy.

Listen, Boy Scout, we can have this both ways.

If you've truly lost Robosapien, program another one... one for you, one for us.


He was like a son to you, wasn't he?

You want that feeling again, don't you?

I've met your merchant of death.

Because of people like him and you, I'll never make another Robosapien.

You're making a big mistake.


Can I leave?


This is...

...this is very, very serious, Allan.

I don't think you know what you're involved in.

If you leave this building, we can't protect you.

These are very dangerous people.

You got it.

If I turn you on, will you go all nutso on me again?

Well, here it goes.


Do you understand me?

Yes, I understand you.

Why are you talking so slowly?

My name's Henry.

You're a boy, aren't you?

My original prototype was based upon a boy.

I've never seen one up close before.

Wow. Do you have a name?

Name? Trying to recall.

Memory codes three through eight are corrupted.

Then what do I call you?

Code three through eight.

Three through... hey, how 'bout Cody?

Memory code. Code. Cody.

Cody. I like it.

Where are we, Henry?

This is my room.

We're in my home.

Home, sweet home.

Where do you come from?

Do you come from here?

Here? Home, sweet home?

Are you a toy? What are you?

My memory codes tell me I am a search and rescue robot, but I don't remember what that means.

561 00:27:53,960 --> 00:27:55,951

Cool optics.

Oh, yes.

My X-ray lenses are Hubble series five, version 2.0.

567 00:28:11,880 --> 00:28:13,399 Careful. Almost got you.

Do you play games?

Part of my primary learning process is games.

You like Simon Says?

I love Simon Says. Let's play.

Simon says put your hand on your head.

Simon says touch your nose.

Simon says... hop on one foot.

Simon says bark like a dog.

Woof woof!

Simon says sit in the chair.

Spin the chair around.


Simon didn't say that.

583 00:28:41,440 --> 00:28:43,476 I like Simon Says.

That's so cool. Yeah, yeah.

That was so much... Henry!

I'm trying to sleep!

Uh-oh. Who's the female?

My sister Meagan.

Please, keep it down!

Whoa. She's angry.

Yeah, she's always angry. Why?

Mom says her hormones are raging.

What's that? I don't know. She's a teenager.

Why? Well, she gets mad when she doesn't get her way.

Why? She wants her own car, but Mom won't buy her one. Why?

Because we can't afford it.


You ask too many questions.

Why? Why? Why?


Whoa, frustration.

You were angry with me, Henry.

No, I'm not angry.

Cody is programmed to learn human interaction and human emotion.

How 'bout the human need for sleep?

Sleep, snooze, shut-eye.

Cody understands.

Good night, Henry.

Good night, Cody.

If you plug yourself into the solar panel, you'll be charged in the morning.

616 00:30:01,000 --> 00:30:02,433 Man-to-man, your game got no bandwidth, sucker.

Your game got no bandwidth, sucker.

620 00:30:08,680 --> 00:30:09,879

622 00:30:14,040 --> 00:30:16,474

Holy guacamole. So much data.

625 00:30:28,600 --> 00:30:30,639 Love the new power source, Henry.

Solar power, cool.

Vitamin D, good for Cody's complexion.

Okay, Cody, I have to go to school.

School? So you stay here.

School is for learning.

You're staying right here.

Nope. What?

No. Denied.

Negative. Nuh-uh.

What is it about no you don't understand?

Hey! Give it back.

Stop it. That's mine.

School is learning. Cody, give it back now.

It's part of my programming.

It's who I am, Henry.

Hey, do you want to be turned off?

No! Murder! Murder!

Robot held captive by human without proper education. Are you insane?

Get back!

Cody wants to go to school! Cody wants to go to school!

Cody, stop! Cody wants!

Cody wants! Stop it!

Cody wants to go to school!

Okay, okay! Sorry, Henry.

I just didn't want to be left behind.

Okay, fine.

But you got to do what I say.

Yes! I'm going to school.

I'm really going to school.

657 00:31:37,840 --> 00:31:39,479 When do we learn, Henry?

Shh. Stop that.


You made a dumb move coming in to school today.

Warren, I'm sorry. I really didn't...

Just watch your back, Keller.

Jerk. Oh, Teacher.

Good morning. Good morning.

I want to learn. Are you crazy?

Get back in there. I want to learn.

Come on. Stop it. Please, Henry.

Can anyone tell me what absolute zero refers to?

Oh, I know. I know.

Warren. Henry's nickname.

673 00:32:06,800 --> 00:32:08,839 If I recall, it's also the score

to your last exam, Mr. Warren.

676 00:32:11,600 --> 00:32:12,749 Okay.

Absolute zero. Anyone?

Oh, me! Henry.

Absolute zero refers to the temperature of a system that's thermically inert.

In Celsius, it's measured at 273 degrees below zero.

That was excellent.

And the name of the scientist who discovered it is...

Ooh, me! Me, me, me, me! Me!

Robert Boyle, born January 25, 1627.

He was a chemist, a physicist, and... Cody, no.

What? What did Cody do?

Okay, okay.

Settle down, kids. Quiet, please.

Show us what it can do, Keller.

Whoa. Oh, no.

Time to bust a move.

Unh. Hey. Yeah.

# 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# If you want to see what I can do #

# You just got to ask #

# Burning up the floor #

# 'Bout to ignite #

# I have everything you need #

# But we got to be fast # Whoa.

# My fears have gone away #

# It's time to fly #

# Can you move it? #

# Can you groove it? # # Yes, I can #

# Can you follow what I'm doing? # # Yes, I can #

# Can you scream, can you shout? # # Yes, I can #

# 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# This is the countdown # Yeah.

# You know I won't let you down... #

Hey, Teacher, shake a leg.

Yeah. # 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# Yeah, this is the countdown # That's right.

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round #

# Going to hit you with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. #

Thank you. Thank you. We'll be here all week.

Yeah. Yeah.


Go, robot.

Take a look around, Henry.

We've got a fan club.

Gentlemen, please. Please, make room.

Whoa. Hello, ladies.

Involuntary response of nervous system.

Rapid pulse rate.

Ocular dilation.

Hello. Hello. Henry.


Cody's emotional sensor registers attraction to that speckled girl with orange hair.


I wasn't assembled yesterday, you know.


I've had a crush on her since the first grade.

I like her lots, and I really want to ask her to go to the Spring Dance with me, but she wouldn't want to go with me.

Do you have a critical malfunction, Henry?

Fear, dread, panic, chicken.

745 00:34:57,080 --> 00:34:58,399 I'm not a chicken.

You should talk to Jenna.


No way.

I wouldn't even know what to say.

Here. Wear this.

Follow Cody's instructions.

A Bluetooth?

Trust Cody. I have a plan.

Henry? Okay, yeah.

I can hear you. But wait. She's coming.

Okay, champ. It's go time.

Introduce yourself.

Hi. I'm Henry Keller.

I know who you are, Henry.

You do?


Oh. Well, yeah. Of course you do.

Okay, stay with the program.

Invite her to the dance.

Don't push me. Excuse me?

Nothing. It's nothing.

Oh, man.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I.. I'm fine.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Try this.

I like the way your cheeks flush when you laugh.

I like how your cheeks flush...

When you laugh! ...when you laugh.

Your heart rate is 95 beats per minute.

And I wish every beat was for me.

Poetry. I love poetry.

Your hair, your posture, perfection.

Your hair and posture, perfection.

Your eyes deep and caring.

Your nose, cold and wet.

Wet nose?

Like a dog?

Whoops. Wrong magazine.

My bad. You have been preapproved for a guaranteed grand prize.

You have been preapproved for a guaranteed grand prize. Act now. Urgent! Act now!

Go to the dance with me. Go to the dance with me.

I think you've said enough, Henry.

Yeah, way to go, Romeo.

Ow! What gives?!

Until we can afford to fix up your car, we have this car, and you can help me out by running errands or going to the market, helping me pick up Henry from school.

You just want me to get my license so I could do your dirty work?

Would it kill you to help me out?

You always manage to take the fun out of everything.

That's not true.

Oh, no? Well, then, why did Dad leave?

801 00:37:19,600 --> 00:37:21,352

Well? Sir, we've been monitoring Topher for the last 48 hours.

He's had zero contact with the robot.

Any sign of Robosapien on the GPS?

No, sir.

What is wrong with you?

Robosapien is out there, so would you please find him?


Can Cody meet your family now?

I'll take that as a yes.

Ha ha! Now, let's see.

What to do? What to do?

816 00:37:53,560 --> 00:37:56,120

Hi. I'm Cody.

819 00:38:00,480 --> 00:38:02,599 Oh. Oh, bubble girl. Run.

Henry... Not good.

...I'm going to get you! Hide me.

Henry, you little nerd.

What? What did I do? Where is it?

Where's what?

You know what I'm talking about.

That little robotic snoop of yours.

Okay, what's going on? Huh?

One of Henry's crazy science experiments came in and spied on me in the bathroom.

Henry Montgomery Keller... do you have something to tell me?

Ah, Mom, sister Meagan.

I don't believe we've met. I'm Cody.

You guys should probably sit down.

So, lovely ladies, what's shaking?

Well, this is my friend Cody.

Are your hormones still raging, Meagan?

You did not just say that.

Cody, no. What?

Henry, where did you get Cody?

I found him in the trash all messed up, so I fixed him.

Henry, honey, people don't throw away something like a Cody.

But someone did.

Cody, where did you come from?

Data recall error 3401.

He doesn't know. Hmm.

So can I keep him?

Henry, I really don't...

You look tense, Mom.

Ohh. May I?

Oh. Hello.

Ah, magic fingers.

Ooh, yes.

You're very tense.

That feels incredible.

Oh, my God.

He's totally trying to bribe you.

Totally lame.

Relax, Meagan.

There's plenty of Cody to go around.

Oh. There you go.


Just relax. Oh, Henry.

Oh. Wow.

I think... oh, yeah. Right there.

Right there. Oh, that feels like...

Ah, yes, you are very tense.

You can keep him for now.

Sweet. Really? Yes.

Margaritas, anyone?

874 00:39:59,880 --> 00:40:02,713 # Yeah #

# Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... #

I want one! I want one!

I want it! I want one! I want it!

# Around me #

# It's just another lonely afternoon #

# I felt so lost #

# Within this crowd of strangers #

Hey. Wait.

# Then I saw you from across the room... #

Here. Take this. What'd you do that for, Henry?

I don't know.

# Took away the fear inside #

# Made the day begin again #

# Show me that the story never ends #

# Because of you... #

Hey, what about me?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

This'll be interesting. Oh, ice cream.

Mmm. Pistachio, from the pistachio nut.

I scream. You scream.

Mostly I scream.

Oh. Maybe I should have it back.

Brain freeze!

Check out my air, New Orleans! Yeah!

# The bumper sticker on your car... #

Follow me, Henry. I got an idea.


Whoa! Hold on a minute.

Just what I was looking for.

# Long, long way #

# So get behind the wheel #

# And take away my sadness... #

Wow. Cool.

Is there anything you can't do?

# Behind and break away... #

You got it. You got it.

Ow. You don't got it.

# Clear the fog inside my head #


# Today's the day we begin again... #

Hey, let me snap some pics, Henry.

Say, "Cheese."

# Because of you #

# I'm flying high #

Give me the 'tude. Nice.

# No more darkness #

# No more tears to cry #

# Because of you... #

And I can't believe you have a built-in blowtorch.

Cody, this has been the best day ever.

Kids at school actually like me, thanks to you.

I think we make a good team, Henry.

It's good to have someone to talk to and just laugh with, you know?

Yeah, I do know.

Robo. Where are you, buddy?

My mom and I had a huge fight today.

I don't get it.

Why can't she talk to me instead of at me?

I just wish she'd treat me like an adult, you know?

Hey, Mom, Meagan wants to talk to you for a minute.

I swear she makes the stuff up.


Hey, Stacey, can I call you back?

Do you need something?



All right. Well... good night. Wait. Mom.

948 00:43:24,640 --> 00:43:26,880 I'm really sorry about what I said.

Totally didn't mean that comment about you and Dad.

It's fine. No.

Dad was such a jerk.

I mean, even when he was here, he was never really here for us, not like you are.

You're totally fun.

957 00:43:51,520 --> 00:43:53,909 No, I'm not.

Well... not so much lately.

But I'm going to try harder.

I love you guys so much.

I love you too, Mom.

Bye, Cody. Bye, Cody. Bye.

Have a great day.

966 00:44:39,800 --> 00:44:42,268

Can I have 10 more?

969 00:45:07,440 --> 00:45:09,874 Honey, I think you passed it.

Did I?

Back up.

What is going on?

974 00:45:35,280 --> 00:45:37,953 It's more beautiful.

Oh, I have a garden.

Purple flowers.

It's gorgeous.

I know.

Wow. The paint is so beautiful.

My swing is fixed!

982 00:45:56,960 --> 00:45:58,791

Oh, my God.

985 00:46:04,480 --> 00:46:05,754 I have new shutters.

Who did this?

This is incredible. It's incredible.


Welcome home, Keller family.

Welcome home.

Cody, did you do this?

Yes, to make everyone happy.

Cody, whose car is that?

It's yours.

# Mm, baby #

# I want to know you, sexy lady #

# I want to put you on the screen #

# Looking fine, my sexy lady #

Just concentrate on the road, honey.


# I want to see you working on the dance floor #

# Looking good, sexy lady #

# Out there, the people... #

Cody... where did you get the parts for the car?

Ah, look who it is.

Looks like Keller showed up for his beating.

Back off. Ooh.

Is Henry playing tough?

Henry and Cody can play tough.

Huh? Huh?

Yo, stretch, we're playing you make it, you take it.

If we beat you, you'll never bother Henry again.

If you beat us, Cody will personally assist you in giving Henry a smackdown.

Are you crazy?

I suck at basketball.

All right. First to seven wins.

Trust me, Henry.

1023 00:47:31,400 --> 00:47:32,840 Well, are you any good?

Is Cody any good?

Allow the master to demonstrate.

Cody class is now in session.

Keep your science project out of my face, Keller.

Your game got no bandwidth, sucker.

Where'd you learn trash talk?

You too, homey.

1032 00:47:48,680 --> 00:47:50,193


Hold on a minute, Henry.

I'm just getting warmed up.

# Hip, hop, I just can't stop... #

Cody! They're killing us!

Don't worry, Henry. The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

Did that go in? I didn't see it.

I'm sorry. Did it? Yeah.

I hope you're ready to choke, Warren.

# If only you can know #

# I'll let you take a little look #

# Before I start the show #

# Go down #

# Hit the ground, you going to make me... #

Hold 'em back, little buddy.

I got the moves to cruise.


# You might miss something new #

# Go look in your book... #


You're getting slaughtered, Keller.

What's wrong?

You keep missing. Hit me with the ball.

What? Hit me.

Hit me with the ball.

My targeting is off-line.

1060 00:48:46,240 --> 00:48:47,912

Hit me again.

Hit me harder.

1064 00:48:57,800 --> 00:48:59,279 Targeting back online.

Let's go teach these bums a lesson.

1067 00:49:04,120 --> 00:49:05,279 Come on, you two stooges.

Larry, Moe, and his country cousin, way too slow.



I call this one the Cody rope-a-dope, and you the dope, fool.


Ah, yeah!

To the left. To the right.

Up high.

Down low.


Here I go. Here I go.

Here I go!


Too slow, Warren.

Back off, bugaboo.

Kobe Cody is coming on through!

6-5. One more, and we're tied.

1088 00:50:00,320 --> 00:50:01,673 Slam a basket, Henry.

I just can't do it, Cody.

I put a tracking device on the ball.

Shoot. It'll go in.

Shoot! It will go in.

You can do it, Henry.

1095 00:50:24,880 --> 00:50:26,836 Yeah!

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

We won. Oh, yeah.

What's wrong, Henry?

Since you put a tracking device in it, it wasn't really me.

Cody was just messing with you.

There's no tracking device.

You did that yourself.

Are you serious?

Oh, yeah!

High-five. Whoa.

Good game, Dirk.

Good game, Henry. No hard feelings, Warren.

1110 00:51:03,120 --> 00:51:04,559 I promise I'm going to find you.

No! Yeah...

Cody! hard feelings.

Cody, are you okay?

Aww, is little baby Henry going to cry?

Without your stupid toy, you're nothing.

You hear me? You're nothing.

1118 00:51:25,600 --> 00:51:28,239 Cody?

I activated your GPS...

Have them change your ball bearing...

I want to stay with you.

I will find you!

I'll know where you are. Go!

Wake up.

Come on, Cody, wake up.

Kinetech. Kinetech.

Oh, you had me worried there.

Allan. We need to find Allan.

He's in danger.

Who's Allan?

Allan is my dad.

Don't worry.

We'll find him.

Does any of this seem familiar?

Cody feels home... my home.

Oh, my gosh.

1139 00:52:21,120 --> 00:52:22,394 I remember this.

This, this is where Henry found Cody.

1142 00:52:29,720 --> 00:52:31,073 Allan?

Robo. Allan.


1146 00:52:37,480 --> 00:52:39,516 Allan, I found you!

What happened?

I was so worried about you.

Buddy! Are you okay?

Ah, man.

1152 00:52:50,760 --> 00:52:53,228 Okay, who's this?

This is Henry, my new friend.

Henry saved Cody.

Who's Cody?

Henry named me Cody. It's my name.

Cody. I like that.

Pleasure to meet you, Henry. Yeah.

Thank you for saving my little boy.

Listen, Cody, we have to go, 'cause it's not safe here anymore.

Henry, stay with us.

Allan can be your father, too.

I think Henry has a family to go back to.


I love you, Cody.

I don't understand.

What's going on?

You're my best friend.

You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Stay with us.

Allan... Okay.

Thanks again, Henry. ...why can't Henry stay with Cody? Okay, come on.

I'm sorry, buddy, but we got to go.

Come on. Henry, I need you!

Allan, stop!


1180 00:54:11,080 --> 00:54:13,196 Honey, what's wrong?

I found Cody's father.

I gave him back.

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

But you were the one who found him.

He's ours. He belongs to us.

He belongs to Mr. Topher.

And besides, Cody was so happy to see him.

He doesn't deserve him!

Oh, hon, come here.

Oh, sweetie.

You did the right thing, honey.

Cody wasn't ours to keep.

I know how much you loved him.

You were so brave.

I love you, Mom.

No one's going to take you away ever again.

I promise.

Good night, Robosapien.

My name is Cody.



Good night.

Good night, Henry, wherever you are.

1207 00:56:22,480 --> 00:56:26,314 Oh, Cody.



Hi. I'm Allan Topher.

You're the guy who threw Cody in the garbage.


Meagan! Cody!

Cody's home! Cody's home!



Cody! Oh, my.

Cody, you're back.

Hi, Mom. Meet my dad.

Oh, hello. Hi.

Oh. Mom, this is...

Allan Topher.

Oh. I'm Joanna.

Cody! Henry!

Oh, group hug.

Okay, okay. Too much love.

Cannot breathe.

Oh, thank you so much.

I wasn't sure if I'd ever see you again.

It was Allan's idea to come see you guys.

You're looking good, Mom.

Love the hair. Oh.

Can you excuse me for a moment?

See, Dad? I told you Mom was pretty.

So, does Cody have a mom?

Meagan! No.

Actually, he doesn't.

Mom, we were just about to sit down to a family breakfast.

Shouldn't you invite our guest?

Of course we should.

Would you like to join us?

Bonjour. Welcome to Cody's Café.

# If you want to see what I can do, you just got to ask #

# Burning up the floor #

# 'Bout to ignite # Breakfast is served.

# I have everything you need #

# But we got to be fast # Crepes à la Cody.

# My fears have gone away, it's time to fly #

Wait. Kids. # Can you move it? #

# Groove it? # # Yes, I can #

# Can you follow what I'm doing? #

# Yes, I can #

# Can you scream, can you shout? #

# Yes, I can # # 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# This is the countdown #

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round... #

Meagan and Henry. # 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# Yeah, this is the countdown #

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round #

Let's get out of here. Come on.

# Going to hit you with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. #

Cody, come on.

Must be nice living here. Come on.

Let's leave 'em alone.

Can I show you a little...

Sure. Yeah.

This is just some stuff.. that I have from...

Wow. Yeah.

Wow, that's so cute.

1275 00:59:36,920 --> 00:59:38,399 Well, you keep pictures of him like he's a real baby.

Yeah, well, he is my baby.


Come on, Cody, let's go to Mardi Gras.

Stay close.

The kids, they have the robot. They just left the house.

James, do not let him out of your sight.

If you lose him, you're dead.

I'm on it, sir.

1286 01:00:07,840 --> 01:00:08,840 What? What happened?

What happened? Are you under attack?

I.. I'm fine. Hot!

On the trail, sir.

James just screamed like a girl.

1293 01:00:27,280 --> 01:00:28,952

Mom is so into Allan.

It's totally weird to watch her.

I think he's nice and cool.

Allan's lucky. Mom's hot.

Hey, that's my mom you're talking about.

1300 01:00:55,240 --> 01:00:56,679 Now, when you see this logo, you're going to run like mad.

Kinetech. Run like mad.

What? Why?

Kinetech! Kinetech!

Whoa! Slow down, man.

Whoo! Move out of the way.

You two kids, stay here.

Get that bot. Come on.

We got to get Cody. Come on.

Get him! Come on!

Cody! Cody, where are you?

Come on, get him!

Left, right, left, and right.

Left and right and left and right and...

What's wrong with him? I don't know.

Hey, stop. They're up front.

Watch out. Watch out. Come on!

Cody, are you okay?

Shh. I'm incognito.



1323 01:01:58,240 --> 01:01:59,593 Cody!

Cody, come on. Where are you?

Where'd they go?

1327 01:02:11,960 --> 01:02:14,315 Kinetech. Oh! Sorry.

Would you please get out of the way?

Meagan, over here!

1331 01:02:26,000 --> 01:02:27,592 Cody!

Out of the way. Everybody out of the way.

We have to split up.

Meet me at Mom's office in five minutes.

We have to find him.


Cody! Cody!

Out of my way.

Go, go, go! Move. Move aside.

Official business here. Stop that robot!

Cody, wait!

Stop that boy! Stop!

Come on. There he is.

Cody, stop.

What's going on?

Kinetech. Serious danger.

Henry, come on.

There they are. Get 'em!

Come out the back.

Here we go. Hah! We got you now.

We're coming up here.

We got him.

We're in trouble.

Cody, just stay behind my back.

I'll take care of you.

Step aside, kid, and you won't get hurt.

No, I'm not moving.

But I don't want any trouble.

I know origami, so you guys should just turn around and leave, and none of you will get hurt.


Just hold on tight.

Don't be afraid.

Don't worry, Henry.

Cody's got you. Fasten your seat belt.

This could get bumpy.

1369 01:04:11,200 --> 01:04:14,710 Am I the only one that didn't know that robot could fly?!

I didn't know either, sir.

Whoo-hoo hoo hoo hoo!

1373 01:04:21,320 --> 01:04:23,519 Don't drop me. Please don't drop me.

That is the primordial sound of human fear.

You don't have a parachute?

Nope, no parachute.

But we do offer free bungee jumping, no strings attached.

1380 01:04:41,040 --> 01:04:43,395 Gotcha. Yeah!

Not funny.

Just messing with you.

You're always safe with Cody.

I didn't know you could fly.

I didn't know either. Wow.

If you like that, then you'll love this.


I'm a superhero!

Whoa! Whoa ho! Cool, huh?

Yeah! Whoo!

Oh, I hope Meagan's okay.

We have to find her.

Copy that. Locating Meagan.

Meagan located.

Great. Cody, take us down to that corner.

1398 01:05:23,920 --> 01:05:25,956 Thanks for flying Air Cody.

That's incredible! You can fly?!

We need to call Mom.

They're probably after Allan, too.


Hel... Hello.

This is Niles Porter.

I've got your mother, and if you ever want to see her again, you're going to bring Robosapien to me at Kinetech now.

And come alone.

You understand what I'm saying?



Well, that went well.

They kidnapped Mom and Allan!

Why? They said to bring Cody to Kinetech.

What do you think we should do?

Jet-pack Cody has 197 ways to sneak into Kinetech, and we only need one.

Mom and Allan will be free in no time.

Joanna, I'm sorry to resort to such barbaric tactics, but Allan really left us no choice.

Let her go. She's not involved in this.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

Stand right there. Enjoy the show.

Behold... the future of Kinetech.

What have you done?

Allan and Mom located.

I'm really sorry for dragging your family into this.

Cody's the best thing that's ever happened to us.

He's brought me and my kids closer than we've ever been.

I even got to meet you.

Robosapien reporting for duty.

Cody! Cody!

Always at your service. Oh, honey.

Hey, buddy. Oh, my gosh.

I can't believe you guys are here.

Cody is designed for search and rescue.

Guards approaching.

It's a trap. Come here.

1445 01:07:57,280 --> 01:07:58,349 You understand?

No problemo. Okay.

Here they come.

Hey, hey! Easy!

Well done, kiddies.

Right on time.

And thank you for bringing Robosapien.

Release them, Porter. You got what you wanted.

Allan, I will once the demonstration's over.

The entire family will be released.

All right, Robo, follow me.

Don't hurt them!

Leave him alone!

I don't want to hurt anybody unless I have to.

Henry, we don't have any choice.

Cody, go.


I want to stay with you.


Hey! Hey.


We need to call Admiral Victor from the U.S. Coast Guard, put a stop to this.

Porter, is my delivery ready?

Yes, in a few moments, your 100 little soldiers will be online.


Voice recognition code...

90317 Porter, Niles.

Activate primary command mode.

Awaiting command.

Plug in to the mainframe, Robo.

Download operational system files to all Robosapiens.

1480 01:10:09,200 --> 01:10:11,714 Look at them. Look at them.

Good. Goody, goody.

Now I reprogram the search and rescue protocol to search and destroy.

1485 01:10:26,760 --> 01:10:28,273 Oh, yeah.

1487 01:10:35,760 --> 01:10:39,230 It's time to play Simon Says.

Excuse me?

There's no excuse for you, Porter.

Simon says disarm.

What is it doing?

Voice recognition code...

90317 Porter, Niles.


Override this, sucker.

1497 01:11:05,760 --> 01:11:06,760

Simon says dance.

1500 01:11:23,640 --> 01:11:26,940 Porter, bring in the scientist, the one who built him.

You think you're being smart, huh?

Well, I'm warning you, warning you.


Go get Allan. Go get Allan.

And the boy. Go get the boy too.

You want search and destroy?

Simon says search and destroy... each other.

1511 01:12:16,840 --> 01:12:18,512 Uncuff him.

Are you letting us go?

No, Mr. Topher, not yet.

You and the kid are coming with me.

Cody problems.

No, let him go! He's just a kid.

She's right. What do you need with him?

Come on, let's go.

Watch the door, James.

Hi. Great uniform.

Remember me? We met at Mardi Gras.



I'm not supposed to talk to you.

Yeah, but I have to call my boyfriend.

He's really possessive.

He doesn't know where I am, and he's going to be worried about me.

He'll come looking for her. Stalker type.

So do you have a phone I could use?

It'll just be a minute.

Oh, okay.

I... just one call.

Okay. Thanks.

A little privacy?

You know, he's really jealous. If he hears anyone...

Oh. Yeah. No problem. Sure.

Thanks. Restraining order. Sorry. Got you.

1540 01:13:32,960 --> 01:13:34,580 Simon says find the files.

Get off there. No.

Somebody get him. Look out.


Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh.

Come and get me, boys.

Get off there! Whoops.

Simon didn't say that.

Come on.

Oh, man.

Henry. Here I come.

Coming through. Allan!

1553 01:13:54,280 --> 01:13:55,918 Make it stop.

Oh, I'm sorry, Porter.

I told you he's evolving.

Then turn him off, or someone will get hurt.

I can't. Why not?

He's learned to reprogram himself.

Our commands won't work.

Hey, hey!

Come here, you little... where I can...

Come over here.

Are you saying he can never be a weapon?

Not if he doesn't want to.

Then that robot is wasting my time.

No! And so are you, kid.


1569 01:14:32,000 --> 01:14:34,070


Let's go. He's gone. Come on.

1573 01:14:44,640 --> 01:14:46,153 Lay down your weapons.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy.

Hey! Don't move!

Is he all right?

Can you save him?

I don't know. He's badly damaged.

All right.

Clear that table.

Henry, grab some tools off that table over there.

Move that over.

Come on. You can do it.

Break open his chest plate, quick.

We need to patch him in and get some levels.


It doesn't look good.

All right, you're going to scan back and forth on it, okay?

I'm scanning.

It's dropping. It keeps dropping.

Okay, power's dropping. Backup is gone.

But can't we just reboot?

Without backup, everything will be erased.

Cody will die.

We got to keep him going. Give me that.

Give the status of that.

It's damaged.

It's not putting out any infrared light at all.

All right, the pulse pierced his battery.

This outlet is fried.

Hang in there, Cody.

You can do it. Come on.

We got to get him electrical.

Solar power!

He was never equipped for it!

I modified him.

Here. Wire up these backpack solar panels.


Give me the soldering gun.

30 seconds!

You got to harness it somehow.

1613 01:16:27,640 --> 01:16:30,074

Hang in there, Cody.

15 seconds! Hurry! Hurry!


It's registering.

We've got power coming in the panels!

Hold your breath.

Come back.

Okay. Cody.

It's coming in... Come back.

...but it's not coming up.

Come back. Come on, Cody.

Please, little buddy, don't go.

1627 01:17:15,040 --> 01:17:16,598 He's gone.

Take 'em.

1630 01:18:06,840 --> 01:18:08,193 Why the long faces?

Aren't you glad to see me?

Oh! Oh, yeah! Cody!

You're alive!

You're alive.

You're alive.

Oh, he's alive. We got power!

He's coming back.

Holy smokes. Put it back.

Put it back. Cody.


1642 01:18:30,200 --> 01:18:31,439 Oh, Cody, you're back.

Henry, we did it.

Oh. Oh.

Son, you want to explain this mess to me?

Yes, sir, I do, but first I want you to meet the world's bravest family.

1650 01:18:51,280 --> 01:18:52,395

1652 01:18:58,080 --> 01:18:59,080 Hey!

Happy... hey!

1655 01:19:04,920 --> 01:19:07,388

Oh. Cute picture, tough guy.

I'm just glad to have my day job back.

I bet you are.

Here you go, Mom.

Thank you.

Well, cheers. To you.

To us.

1664 01:19:37,520 --> 01:19:40,318 # Like an angel #

# Must be in heaven, heaven #

# Surprising, surprising, so enticing #

# Like an angel #

# Must be in heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven #

# Stunning, so completely stunning... #

Hi, Jenna.

Hey, Henry.

Where's your date?

# Next to me... #

A little birdie suggested I come alone.

1676 01:20:02,240 --> 01:20:04,480 Are you sure it was a little birdie?

So do you want to dance?

Actually, not that big of a dancer.

You're Henry Keller.

You could do anything.

Come on, let's dance.


Kids look really happy.

Hmm. They do.

Yo, everybody.

It's Robo time.

1688 01:20:43,960 --> 01:20:45,678 # Find your place #

# Bring it on #

# Y'all do that #

# Bring it on #

# I'm ready for something, something new #

# I'm ready to show the world what I can do #

# It's going to be rocking, that's all I can say #

# No reason to stop #

# 'Cause I'm going all the way #

# I'm sick of playing games #

# It's time to get down to what's real #

# Nothing's going to change the way #

# That I feel #

# Come on, bring it on #

# Got the wind on my back #

# I'm feeling strong #

# Got my flag unfurled #

# I'm singing the song #

# So bring it # # Bring it #

# Bring it on #

# Bring it on #

# Find your place #

# Bring it on #

# Y'all do that. #

1713 01:21:56,920 --> 01:21:58,353 # 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# If you want to see what I can do #

# You just got to ask # # Yeah #

# Burning up the floor, 'bout to ignite #

# I have everything you need #

# But we got to be fast #

# My fears have gone away, it's time to fly #

# Can you move it, can you groove it? #

# Yes, I can #

# Can you follow what I'm doing? # # Yes, I can #

# Can you scream, can you shout? # # Yes, I can #

# 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# This is the countdown #

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round #

# I'm going to hit you with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# Yeah, this is the countdown #

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round #

# I'm going to hit you with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 #

# This is the countdown #

# You know I won't let you down #

# Let's keep going another round #

# I'm going to hit you with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. #