Coffy (1973) Script




Grover, what do you mean coming in here after me when I'm with my friends?

Get outta here. You'll get your supplies tomorrow like everybody else.

It ain't that. I brought you something. Yeah? What?

A piece of tail, cos I owe you a favour, you dig?

A piece of what? Man, what you talking about? Look over there.

I got plenty of tail. I got more tail than I can handle. I even got white tail.

And you telling me you brought me something. What you been shootin'?

It ain't that. This is something special. This broad is strung out.

Says she'll do anything to get straight, man. Anything.

Then she's yours. You fix her.

Come on, man. Don't be like that.

If I say she's somethin' special, she's somethin' special, man.

At least you can look at her. She's sittin' in your car.

In my car? You mean you've got some strung-out broad in my car?

Man, I'm gonna kick your ass.

All right, baby. Everybody out.

You say she'll do anything? That's what she said, man.

Ain't she somethin'? Too much for me.

Get in. You drive.

Honey, you're with friends at last.

We're gonna straighten you out for sure.

You know just the words that turn me on.

And I know what you want, too, and you're gonna get it.

Let's go to your place. You can have the leftovers.

No, man, I just wanna get high and watch.

Hey, ain't one man big enough for you, honey?

Do I look like the kind of girl one man would be enough for?

One big man. One big dealin' man, maybe.

You are that big dealin' man I been hearin' about, ain't you?

Yeah, maybe. Big enough.

When you gonna give me some? In a little bit. We're almost there.

Anything you want, big man.



♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy is the colour of your skin

♪ Coffy is the world you live in

♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy is feelin' somethin' deep

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah

♪ Coffy is feelin' somethin' deep

♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy is the colour

♪ Coffy

♪ Coffy

♪ Coffy

♪ Coffy

♪ Coffy

Son of a bitch. You really is a big man, aren't you?



You better give it to me first.

Dammit, what the hell are you doing in there? Making a goddamn soufflé?

Just a minute, Sugarman.

First things first, you dig?

Hey, big man. Why don't you turn out the lights?

This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin' dope pusher.

It was easy for him because he really didn't believe it was comin'.

But it ain't gonna be easy for you. You better believe it's comin'.

Wait. Wait.

What do you wanna go and do this for? Why?

Look here. I got your fix. Don't you want your fix?

No. But you do.

I don't get this. What do you want with me?

My name's Coffin. LuBelle Coffin is my little sister.


Shootin' smack at 11, and you got her on it!

Please! Please!

Her whole life is gone. She can never get it back.

And you're livin' real good. That ain't right.

It ain't right, so go on and take the shot. I can't. That'd kill me.

Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But if it do, you're gonna fly through the Pearly Gates with the biggest fuckin' smile St Peter's ever seen.

I don't even remember your little sister. No!

NURSE: I can't do it, Doctor. Christ, now what?

It's her first time in emergency.

Get somebody in here who can handle this job.

Where's Coffin? Get Coffin in here.

Sorry I'm late, Doctor. Where the hell have you been?

Car broke down on the freeway. Just shook me up a little bit. I'll be all right.

Jesus, what's happening here tonight?

This place is turning into a fuckin' insane asylum.

Coffy, get your ass outta here, and don't come back until you're good and ready.

Now move! Yes, Doctor.

All right, let's go. We don't have all day.

Hi, Doctor. Another fun-filled Saturday night.

What can I do for you, McHenry? This is my new partner, Carter Brown.

Carter, Dr Brannan. How are you, Doctor?

Hello, young man.

Sergeant said you want information on that junkie OD case we turned up tonight.

Right. Come over to the desk for a minute. I don't think he's gonna come out of it, because he apparently shot something else besides heroin. Clipboard, please.

I'd like to know if you found any other drugs around the scene.

I'd like to know what to treat him for until we get the analysis.

MCHENRY: No, sorry. He'll have flushed it down the toilet.

BROWN: Hey, Coffy.

Hey, baby.


What's the matter? Somethin' wrong?

No, I'm just a little tired tonight for some reason.

What are you doin' here?

The only cop I know to get a dislocated toe, run over by his own squad car, while writing a ticket cos he didn't set the handbrake.

Come on. Don't tell stories like that. I had to hold your hand while they set it.

You want some? Yeah, black, please.

Boy, we had a real messy one tonight.

A junkie killed his connection with a shotgun.

Blew his head clean off, then OD'd himself.

Yeah? Kind of strange, isn't it?

At least, that's what my partner says. I don't believe it.

You don't?

There's a mob been takin' over the vice and narcotics rackets.

Even tryin' to pay off the police.

You're really beginning to sound like a cop now, you know it?

I got a busy night, Carter. I gotta go.

Wait a minute. I still wanna see you. Can't we get together this week?

Come on, Carter. I've told you how it is. Things haven't changed any.

I can't believe you're still hung up on that phoney politician.

You're not gonna get to me by insulting my friends.

Just give it a chance. Somethin' innocent, like a movie or a drive in the country.

What are you doin' tomorrow?

You won't wanna do what I'm doin' tomorrow.

Yes, I will. Try me.

Some of the kids were on all kinds of pills.

Some are on methadone now.

The youngest is only nine years old.

The worst are the ones that got the contaminated junk.

But you know dealin' junkies. They'll put anything into it to stretch a dollar out of it.

Time to sit up again, LuBelle. Your sister's come to see you again.


Hello, LuBelle. Remember me?

Do you remember Carter?

I brought you your favourite candy.

How do you feel today? Do you feel better? Good.

You look a lot better. Who combed your hair?

When I got my certificate I moved up here so I could make more bread to send some home to LuBelle, paying for music lessons and dance classes, so she wouldn't end up hustlin' like my older sister.

But when you got a sister hustlin' and a brother snortin' coke and shootin' up...

Then I found out about a month ago, for the past year all the money's been goin' for junk.

Pills first, then smack.

I told her to stay away from those people.

But some junkie knew she was gettin' money and he started leanin' on her.


Wouldn't you wanna kill somebody who'd done a thing like that to your little sister?

I sure would. Then you think it'd be right?

What? To kill some pusher who's only sellin' to get money to buy for himself?

What good would that do, Coffy? He's only a part of a chain that reaches all the way back to some poor farmer in Turkey or Vietnam.

What would you do? Kill all of 'em? Why not?

Nothing else seems to do any good.

You know who they are. Everybody knows who they are.

You're a cop. Why don't you just arrest them?

It's not that simple, Coffy. The law can't do that.

You bet it can't. And I know why it can't too.

Because the law is in for a piece of the action.

Not all of us.

Not yet.

Now, look who's here. It's pretty hard for an ordinary cop to compete with.

Carter, you've been real nice up to now. Don't spoil it.

But we had a real good thing together once. I think there's still somethin' there.

But we were kids then. Things are different now.

Good night, Carter. Good night, Coffy.

George, you're here early. Good evening, Miss Coffin.

Mr Brunswick said he'd be finished with business early so you can come sooner.

Okay, but give me a few minutes to change. I'll be right back.

Howard, I think your interest in this place goes a little beyond just sticking your nose into those books once in a while.

Ruben, you know I never mix business with pleasure.

Except in a ratio of three to one.

When I was a cop on the East Side I had the same ratio, only the other way around.

I didn't say how I mixed 'em.

Here comes my best business now.

Thanks, Floyd, Yes, sir.

Hello, baby.

Ruben, this is Ms Coffin.

Coffy, this is Ruben Ramos, our deputy commissioner.

Commissioner of what? Apple stealers, flatfoots.

He's the heat, baby, so don't pull out any pills or joints.

Really? The fuzz? Isn't there a conflict of interest with you two being here together?

Not at all. In fact, the city council and the police have many interests in common.

Careful. There are limits.

Unfortunately. Especially when the interest is so charming and so beautiful.

Don't try any of that Latin machismo charm on her. She's a liberated woman.

But not that liberated. Let the man have his say.

Hi. Like to have your picture taken? Sure. Why not?

I look awful. You look fine.

Here we go.


Well, I gotta go catch me some criminals.

So soon? You were just getting warmed up.

He's got hippies to beat up.

The day of a public servant is never over. It has been delightful meeting you.

So long, you lucky dog.

I'll have to take that, sweetheart. Get out of here. What do you want?

Shut up or I'll cut it off. I don't have time to fuck around. Just give me the film.

You oughta be more careful where you point that camera, sweetheart.

Baby, what are we doing in this dump?

You like it? I just bought it.

You bought this place? Part of it, along with some other people.

I guess I can drink to that. I got something better you can drink to.

Remember that surprise I promised you? Yeah. What?

Meet Congressman Brunswick.

Congressman? Are you out of your mind?

No. They're gonna run me for Congress.

Really? Then let me congratulate you, Congressman.

I ain't never screwed a congressman before.


When you do that, it makes me feel so good.

You make me feel so happy.


I love you, baby.

You're my woman.

I'll say I am. All yours.

My man.

What's the matter, Coffy, baby?

Something's been bothering you.

I've just been thinking about having to go back to work tonight.

That night shift has been making me a little jumpy.

I thought it was cos when a man gets to my age, he can't satisfy them lusty young bitches no more.

COFFY: Don't start gettin' insecure, Grandpa.

That long goody'll keep on working as long as I'm able to handle it, and you know it too, you old dog, you.


Oops! Ah!

You shouldn't have made me laugh.

BRUNSWICK: That just goes to show I been savin' it all for you.

COFFY: I guess.

You know, baby, I'm really due for a few days off.

Maybe a week.

We such a such a good time last year in Hawaii. Could we go back?

I don't think so, baby. I'm gonna be pretty busy with the campaign.

Then let's go up to the cabin.

It's really nice in the mountains now. Okay, baby. Look.

After the election, win or lose, we'll take a couple of weeks off and go to Acapulco.

If you put it that way, baby...

Hey, beautiful. You in trouble? No, I'm all right, thank you.

I wanna help. Hands off. Ain't nothin' shakin'.

Hold it. Police. What do you want?

I'll do the questioning. You got identification?

Hold it. What's in that pocket?

Get up there.

What you doin' here? My old lady's in the hospital.

There's no loitering in this lot. I want you to move it. Move it, buddy.

Why, thank you, Officer.

At your service, ma'am.

Carter, what are you doin' here?

Actually, I was lookin' for you. Really? Shit.


Coffy, is there something you wanna talk to somebody about?

Yeah, as a matter of fact. Why don't we go someplace and find a cup of coffee?

I make the greatest cup of coffee on earth.

That is good.

I feel better already.

We did have some good times together.

Remember how you used to make me laugh?

When was the last time I laughed?

Carter, have you done something when you were mad - I mean really mad - that it was like being in a dream?

Like being up in the ceiling looking down on somebody?

I think I know what you mean. The past few days...



Hi, Mac.

I thought about it. I thought about it a lot.

I gotta tell you somethin'. Not only am I not in, but if you go along with it, I'll find a way to bust you right along with the rest of 'em.

Do you hear me, Mac?

You better be hearin' me good because that's the way it's gonna be.

Ever get the feelin' you talk too much?

What was that all about?

That was me, blowin' my piece of the action.

What do you mean? My partner McHenry's on the take.

Who's paying off? A gangster from Vegas named Vitroni.

Movin' into the black rackets cos the big money now is in narcotics.

Taken over most pimps and dealers already.

Pimps? Yeah, like King George.

He's a big dealer too. It all goes together.

I've heard of King George.

So if everybody else is for sale, why are you so special?

There's plenty of good cops left.

What we need is more support from the people.

Quick, get in there. Shut the door.

That's him!

Leave him alone!

Stay out of this, bitch.

Let's go.

What are you doin'? We ain't got time. Just a second.


Come on, dammit.


COFFY: I'll kill those bastards for this. I swear I will.

He's not so good, Coffy. Quite a bit of brain damage.

Down this way.

What are his chances, Doc?

He may be able to go to the bathroom by himself someday.

Somebody sure worked him over. Yeah.

MCHENRY: Yeah, I'd sure like to get my hands on the guys that did this.

What's happenin'? Do you know a lady named Priscilla that lives around here?

Yeah. Back there up the steps.


Hello, Priscilla. Do I know you from somewhere?

Yeah. I helped sew up your face. Remember?


The nurse at the hospital.

What do you want with me?

I see you're back on the junk again.

Just a little now and then. I ain't got a habit any more.

You ain't? You still street hustling for King George?

No. Listen, my old man is coming back any minute.

If she catches you, she'll kick your ass.

Don't get excited. I just wanna ask you a few questions about King George.



You wanna get in the life?


I ain't seen him.

Not since I met Harriet.

And anyway...

I never was a street hustler.

I was his top call girl and his personal old lady.

Until he cut your face. Then you weren't so popular any more.

Then he put you back on the street. Ain't that right?

Yeah. That's because I got mad and I called him a nigger.

I knew I shouldn't have done that. Do you know this fellow Vitroni?

Arturo Vitroni? Sure.

All George's girls know Arturo.

Balling Arturo is like paying your taxes to the government.

What's he like?

You mean what is he like or what does he like?


Well, he's kind of freaky.

Not too bad.

He likes a girl he thinks is foreign.

Exotic, you know?

I mean, you tell him you are the queen of the giant Kluck-luks from Inner Siberia and he starts dripping in his pants, and the only way he's gonna get it off is to have you crawl around the floor, talk bad to you, spit on you, things like that.

Where does King George find girls that'll do that kind of an act?

Through his pushers. They find strung-out chicks that do anything to get straight.

He has got people all over.

Now, one more thing.

Where does he keep his supply? His sup...

Hey, what are you trying, to get me killed?

Where does he keep it? You know, don't you? You lived with him.

You get outta here right now.

Go on. Get outta here.

Get out!

So, you wanna play with knives? You picked the wrong player.

No. Please, look, I didn't mean nothin'. Please. Ow!

I'll give you a slice to match the one you got from that dope-pushin' pimp unless you say where he keeps the stuff.

No, please. He'll kill me.

All right.

He's got a fireplace. It's in a box under the ashes.

Harriet! Harriet!

What the hell is going on here?

She busted in here trying to make me. Get her outta here.

Come on, bitch.

You lousy bitch!

I go away for half an hour for you to turn a trick, and I come back and find you ballin' some nigger bitch. You white tramp!


♪ George, George

♪ George, George

♪ They call him Mr Cool

♪ Wow

♪ Don't play him for the fool

♪ That's right

♪ He's the king, the king

♪ King George

♪ My main man

♪ George, George

♪ George, George

♪ He's a pimp

♪ He's a pusher, yeah

♪ With a strong game

♪ He'll use you and use you and use you

♪ He's a pimp, that's right

♪ He's a pusher, that's right

Yes. Mr George, I presume.

You're the lady from Jamaica who called me.

That I am, man, and I can see that you're not at all disappointed, of course, so I'll come straight to the point, as I like to do.

Bus! Another drink for my friend here.

I presume a champagne cocktail is sufficient?

Good. I assume you've got complete protection from the police, have you?


Of course, man. I contacted you as soon as I arrived from Kingston.

I'm told you are the very best there is in your business.

Is that right, man?

I'd say so. Good, man.

I don't do no leather work, man.

No whips, ropes, chains, or none of those fetish freaks.

Just plain sex.

But for that I don't mind saying that I am the very best in my business.

We'll just have to see about that, won't we?

Course, man.

These aren't gettin' any better. You're gonna have to stay off your back awhile.

Oh, well.

Hello, Robert?

Hi. This is Jeri.

I got your number from Lois.

You remember Lois.

Well, I'm new in town and I thought you might like to meet me?

What do I do? What do you want?


I know all about that.

Lois told me and it turned me on.


I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy skin, and I'm very busty, I guess you could say.


I guess so.

What's your address?

Good grief.




Jeri, this is for you. Better get dressed.

Shit, Helen. Come on.

It's only a blow job in his office.

All right.

I'll be back soon and take the rest of the night off.

What the hell's goin' on around here?

Looks like a goddamn pyjama party. I want you to meet somebody.

This here's... Mystique.

COFFY: Quite an assortment you have here, man. Not too bad, really.


They'll do. Let's go in the other room so we can talk.

Georgie, sweetie. Here I am. Surprise.

You weren't supposed to get back until tonight.

I took the morning flight. Miami was such a drag.

That old fart - he couldn't do anything. I mean nothing!

A thousand bucks a day just to show me off to his friends.

So what I need is some real action, honey. The kind I can only get from my old man.

Who's this? Meg, I want you to meet Mystique.

Miss Stick? What kind of name is that? Jamaican.

She's gonna be a big asset to our organisation.

Why don't you get yourself a cup of coffee while I check her out?

What do you mean? What's there to check out?

It's business. Go in there and get a cup of coffee.

It's for the big man. The big V.

Someone better turn the fan on. I think the temperature's rising.

Cindy, love, this one's for you.

No. Not the fat man again.

I want you to meet Mystique. Glad to know you. How are you?

Good evening, Mr Vitroni. Hello, Studs.

Don't look so hostile, Studs.

We're all on the same side now.

You're working for us.

I work for the King.

That's all.

Studs, you need a manicure.

You need a shine.

GEORGE: I tell you, you will not be sorry.

How d'you do? My name is Vitroni.

COFFY: Yes, Mr Vitroni.

VITRONI: You're Mystique.

Sam. I think Mr Vitroni'd like another drink. Come along.

Why, Mr Vitroni, you don't have a drink.

I'm so sorry, Miss Stick.

Here, let me help you.

My goodness, you really are a mess.

It was just an accident. Accidents will happen.

You are a very naughty girl. It was an accident.

It was not an accident. Yes, it was.

It was an accident, like she said.

Now, Mr King Dope-Pusher, you're gonna have a few irate customers pretty soon.

Sugar instead of smack.

Meg. You don't have any salad.


Let them go. They're out of their goddamn minds.

They're so violent.

COFFY: I'll kill you.

VITRONI: Look at that. Watch her go!

Mr Vitroni, I gotta talk to you.

She's a wild animal.

I've got to have that girl, George. Tonight.


♪ Coffy, baby

♪ Sweet as a chocolate bar

♪ Coffy, baby

♪ No one knows who you are

♪ Such a rare black pearl

♪ In a great big world


♪ Full of tragedy and tears

♪ No one knows and no one cares

♪ Throw caution to the wind

♪ You're one of nature's kin

♪ Love only comes to those who dare

♪ The danger you don't see

♪ It's hidden carefully

- ♪ But Coffy ♪ Coffy, Coffy, baby

- ♪ Coffy ♪ Coffy, Coffy, baby

♪ Coffy, baby

♪ As gentle as a song

♪ Coffy, baby

♪ You can't see right from wrong

♪ In your heart you're miles apart

♪ From the life that you once knew

♪ But Coffy, baby, danger waits for you

♪ For you

♪ For you

There you are.

The wildcat from the tropical jungle.

Come. Let's get acquainted.

I'm told that you are a dangerous man, Arturo.

I like that.

It excites me.

And I can see that I'm having a good effect on you also.

My love.

Are you sure you're not just a little black, Arturo?

You're amazing.

Let's go into the other room. We'll be more comfortable.

Yes. Let's go.

Get down on the floor where you belong, you no-good, dirty, nigger bitch.

Please. I know I'm not good enough for you.

But let me have your precious white body just once.

Then let me see you crawl over here, you black trash.

I'm not going to hurt you. Come on. Crawl over here.

Crawl, nigger.

You want me to crawl, white motherfucker?

What are you doin'? Put that down.

You wanna spit on me and make me crawl?

I'm gonna piss on your grave tomorrow.

Hold it. Don't mess her up. I don't want any marks on her body.

Look at this.

This is no Saturday-night special. This is professional equipment.

Probably got it from her cop boyfriend. You were right, Jake. Good work.

I recognised her when she swung that bottle on that broad's head.

I don't forget nothin' like that. Get Aleva up here now.

I wanna find out what this is all about. George sent her to hit you. What else?

Yeah. I never did have trust for that pimp. None of them niggers.

Nah, he'd never be so foolish.

This is somebody bigger than King George.

How 'bout it, chocolate? Who set this up?

Spit it out.

He asked you a question.

It was King George.

He set it up. He's been workin' with the brothers all along.

Hit him.

And hit him so that everybody else will get the idea.

Is this her? Yeah.

You know her?

Mr Vitroni, you got big trouble. Bigger trouble than you ever could imagine.

George, you gonna stay mad at me for ever?

I hurt, George. I feel awful.

You could at least talk to me.

Who's that for so early in the morning?

Some dude.

George, are you thinkin' about turnin' me out?

No, baby. No.

I just got so mad at the way you were treating that phoney black chick.

Yeah, I know.

I don't see why you have to go to all that trouble for that pervert gangster, anyway.

I'm just doing him a favour.

Most people appreciate favours.

They never forget you when you do them a favour.

There's somethin' funny about that chick. Somethin' just not right.

That so?

George? What?

Please don't go. Baby, I gotta go out.

One of Vitroni's boys called with a buyer who wants to score right away.

I'll be back.

Let me take care of you. I really feel like it now.

No, baby, not now.

Baby, you still love me, don't you?

Yeah. I still love you, baby, you know that. You're my lady.

Look, how long will it be before you'll be able to take a trick again?

About a week or so. Is that okay, baby?

Yeah. That's fine. Look.

You can take care of me when I get back, okay?

Okay. I'll be waitin', lover.

Hello, King. Hop in. Let's talk.

I'm sorry, man. I can't argue with no.45.

Get rolling, Studs.

Okay, come on, you guys. What's this shit? What's the gag?

It's going to be very funny. I'll take this, King.

I know. I know.

The big man's got a bonus for me for that cool little trick I sent him, right?

That's right, King.

Jesus. You guys had me goin' there for a minute.

Hey, Studs! Look at him. Look at Studs.

Look at him. Hey, Studs.

Studs, baby, it's okay. It's all right, Studs.

Hey, baby, they're just jivin'. They're just puttin' you on.

Big V was tickled almost to death. Really?

He said he'd never had nothin' like that before. Ever.

That's good. That's really great.


Where we goin'?

That's the surprise.

We don't want to spoil it for you.


Man, could I have my Kodak back? I got a man who needs that today.

No, he don't, King. You quit your worryin'. It's all gonna be over real soon.

Yeah, sure.

Studs, you stop here. This is okay.

Wait a minute. There's something you dudes ain't tellin' me.

Out, King. No, man.

Out! I am not gettin' outta this car.

Will somebody please talk to me?

Wait a minute! Somebody please tell me, man, what have I done?

It's a beautiful suit, King. You remember I had a surprise for you?

A new necktie. Special woven.

14 nubile maidens.

Come on. Cut out the jokin'. Come on.

I can take a joke as good as anybody, man, but this has gone too damn far.

Man, tell me, what did I do? What did I do?

I don't even know what I did. Come on, now. Studs.

Studs, don't just sit there. Do somethin'. Studs! Studs!

This is the way we lynch niggers.

Stop the car! Guys, I'll do anything you want!

What did I do wrong? Jesus! Look out!

God, please! Stop the car! What did I do?

Somebody tell... Jesus Christ!

You guys, stop the car! Please! What did I do?

You wanna go fast, Studs?


Studs, that could be you if you like to talk.

I know, I know. My mama didn't raise no fool.

Studs, you're a good boy. You're going to need a job soon.

Come to us. You'll find out we're not bad people.

This vicious combination of big business and government has kept our sisters prostitute and our brothers dope peddlers.

I was talking to a young man at the clinic.

He had so many needle marks he couldn't find a place for another spike.

He had to make at least one burglary each night to support his $100-a-day habit.

I asked him "Why would anyone start smacking up when they know what the result is gonna be?"

He said "I'd rather be a junkie than be nothing." You see what this tells us?

Our power structure has given this man no reasonable alternative.

You ask "Why would a power structure deliberately create narcotics addicts?"

I ask you, where do you think that $100 a day goes?

Part of it goes to the black pushers and distributors, but the main part of it, the really big part, goes to those white men who import the narcotics.

The big part goes to those white men who corrupt our law-enforcement agencies.

And the big part goes to those white men who draft our black boys and send them over to Indochina to protect other white men who were the original suppliers of the narcotics.

It becomes a vicious attempt on the part of the white power structure to exploit our black men and women in this society.


Cut. That was good. We'll use the first part of that one and the ending of the last take.

Nice going, Howard. Real convincing.


Hey, out there. Is anybody there?


Can I have somethin' to eat? Goddamn son of a bitch woman.

Shut up, bitch! Want me to give you another clout?

Can I have a glass of water? Are you tryin' to starve me to death?

Never mind. Just keep quiet. You won't need no water or nothin'.

Hello, Councilman.

Hello, McHenry. Who else is here? Your boss?

Yeah. This is strictly summit stuff.

Personally, I don't know what it's all about and I don't wanna know.

You're a smart cop, Sergeant.

Mr Congressman Brunswick.

They tell me you kissed off your campaign today. How did it go?

Very well. Yes?

Well, we're all behind you, all the way.

You should keep your boys away from where I'm appearing.

People keep turning up in photos. Somebody'll start making comparisons.

I never appear in photographs.

True. Aleva is very careful about that.

Okay. What did you get me out here for, anyway?

I thought we'd agreed on everything. I'm taking a chance being here.

It's dangerous for me too, Howard, but this is important.

Some very strange things have been happening.

There's something I don't know about.

Perhaps, Councilman. Perhaps.


Hey, darky.

You ain't gonna try to hit me with one of them rocks?

I'm so weak from hunger I couldn't even kick sand in your face, motherfucker.


There's a friend of yours inside wants to see you.

Come on.

Come on, come on.

Gotta hand it to you. You were a hundred per cent right.

He knows her all right. He introduced her to me one night.

Sure I know her.

She's just some broad I fuck. What's she doin' here?

This broad you fuck tried to kill me.

That's what she's doing here.


That's right. Don't look at him.

Young lady, I want you to understand we have no personal thing against you at all.

I know that you were only following orders, so there is no reason why we cannot be friends, is there?

I'm not a bad man, like I told you.

I don't want to see a pretty young girl go to waste, with your whole life ahead of you.

Just tell me the truth and you can go free, and no harm will come to you.

Look, do you understand what it means when a man swears by his mother?

I swear by my mother.

Now, just tell me.

Did this man send you to kill me?

No. He didn't know nothin'. Only King George, like I told you.

She's his girl. What do you expect her to say?

Howard, I'm sure, personally, that you had nothing to do with this.

But this is a very serious matter. We've got a very profitable relationship.

But it depends entirely on mutual trust and confidence.

That's right. We've gone a long way with you, Brunswick.

But if we have to, we'll find another congressman.

Howard! Shut up!

You did your talking.

Why would I want to have you killed, Vitroni?

I like to steal as much as you do.

I can answer that, Mr Vitroni.

These people all stick together like brothers. You can't trust 'em.

Those two pushers that got killed last month had just come in with us.

Then King George double-crossing us.

All brothers, remember? And he's one of them.

And money or deals or anything don't make him one of us. Shit.

You've been listening to my political speeches.

I thought you'd be more intelligent than to listen to that crap.

For Christ's sake, black, brown or yellow, I'm in it for the green.

The green buck.

As far as that chick over there's concerned, I'll tell you how much she means to me.


Take her...

Will you say that out loud so these people can hear you?

Take her out and kill her.

Now let's get down to some serious business.

Mac, the spike kit.

Have you got the smack? Yeah.

Took some off our late friend the King.

I wonder where he's king of now.

No, thanks. Can't you read the package? It says smoking is dangerous to your health.

I didn't know that. I'm gonna have to give this up.

You ever shoot up before?

Once or twice. I can take it or leave it.

That's good. I can take it or leave it.

That's very good.

Mac, go down along the river, under the freeway.

Right. Good idea.

You're luckier than most people that gotta go out.

This is just about the nicest way to do it. Yeah.

I just want you to know that, personally, I think it's a damn shame to let a good piece like you go to waste.

Thanks. I do too.

Especially when I think of all the fun I could've had with a stud like you.


You really mean that?

Well, it ain't too late. It ain't.

Hell, no. I can take care of you right now.

Right here and now.

Nick, you go take a walk.

Not in my office you don't.

You wanna pull that shit, go on back there someplace.


Let me do this first. Okay. I'm not gonna fight you.

Mac, shine your light back here.

Don't look. Don't look.

Sh, sh, sh.

Come on, let's go.

Shit! Hurry up, man. Okay. Just a second.

Come on. Shit, what are you waitin' for? All right, all right.

Goddamn zippers.


What happened? She did it. You get her!

I'm bleeding. Please help me. Mac!

Get a doctor.

Mac, take care of him. I'll get her.

Mac! Mac, please help me!

Get a doctor.

Sugar. Sugar!

Get an ambulance, please!

Yeah. Yeah, sure. I'll take care of that.


Mac, don't leave me!


Come back!



MCHENRY: Help me. Help me.

Help me!

Help me, somebody!

Help me! This thing's gonna burn up.


Hey, baby. You need a ride or anything?

I sure do. I had some trouble with my boyfriend and got turned out.

That's too bad. Just get right in and let's see what we can do about it.

Could we stop at a liquor store and get some juice? I need a drink.


Don't go away, beautiful. I'll be right back.

I won't, baby.

MAN: Hey! Hey, come on back!

Gentleman, it does my heart good to see the various races getting together in such a spirit of cooperation.

Yes. I've gotta be going.

I've got a friend waiting, I hope, very impatiently.

Goin' out to your place at the beach? Yeah.

It's a good life, no?

It can be, Ruben. It can be.

Good night, gentlemen. I hope we don't have to meet like this again.

It's been a great risk.

So I looked at him and he said "That's all I got."

The boys should be back now. I wonder if something went wrong.

I think I hear them coming now.

Sounds like he's really movin'.

Shit. Come on, now.

Look, I ain't gonna shoot you. Please, don't shoot. Don't shoot.

I'll pay you anything. A million dollars. Whatever you want.

A million dollars. You got a deal. I won't kill you.

It's Brunswick I want, anyway. Where is he?

He left. He went to his house at the beach.

Yeah. I know the place.


That's a present from my little sister, and a nice cop named Carter.

Hello, Howard. Come on and sit down and talk to me.

I'm not mad at you.

Coffy, baby.

I'm glad to see you. I knew they weren't really gonna do it.

I ain't here because they didn't try, lover.

They would've done it anyway, no matter what I said. You know that.

Yeah, I know. I told you, I ain't mad at you.

Why don't you let me have the thing? No!

Before you try to take it, I think you better know that all your friends are dead.

Vitroni, Ramos, McHenry and some others too. I killed 'em all.


I don't know how I did it.

It seems like I'm in a dream.

And I'm still in this dream, Howard. And it wouldn't take much for me to kill you now.

I can see how you might feel that way but... you don't understand all the facts.

I did what I did for my people, for our brothers and sisters.

You shouldn't talk to me about sisters, Howard. I've got a sister.

Why don't you just relax and let me pour you a drink?

You're upset. You can see that, can't you?

I can see plenty. I can see how each time a kid rips off a car or an appliance store or a house to get money for a fix, you get your cut.

Don't be naive. Do you think if I weren't mixed up with rackets there'd be none?

Wherever there's a need, somebody comes along to fill it.

Black people want dope, and brown people want dope, and as long as people are deprived of a decent life, they're gonna want something to just plain feel good with.

And nothing's gonna change that except money and power.

And that's what I'm after, baby.

Power to change things for our people.

I want all that money back in the hands of black people like you and me.

Yes, like you too, Coffy. You can help me, baby, to make a better life for our people.

Bullshit! You're just sellin' out to the white gangsters and businessmen.

You're worse than they are.

And I loved you. I loved you so much.

And you still do, baby.

You know it.

And I love you.

And we're gonna do big things together, baby, cos you're my woman, Coffy.

Maybe I have done a few bad things, but that's the way the world is today.

Sometimes you have to do a few little wrong things in order to do one big right thing.

That's what I'm trying to do for you and for our people - that one big right thing.

You always were a good talker, Howard.

You could talk me into almost anything.

But I don't know. I just don't know any more.

All you have to know, baby, is that I'm your man.

I'm gonna take care of you and I'm gonna steer you straight.

I been missing you these past few days, Coffy.

And I've been wantin' you real bad.

Why don't you just put that thing down and come and fold yourself up in my arms and I'll make all this crap go away, like it's never been.

Come on.

Howie, what are you doing? Come back to bed.

Coffy, baby. You gotta understand, I thought you were dead.


♪ It's not the end

♪ It's the beginning

♪ The law surrounds you

♪ The court tries you

♪ The jail engulfs you

♪ But it's not the end

♪ It's the beginning

♪ Whoa, whoa

♪ Darkness conceals your sable soul

♪ Revenge is a virtue

♪ You stood up like you should

♪ Standing up strong like we all wish we could

♪ You're a shining symbol

♪ A shining symbol

♪ A shining symbol of black pride

♪ You're a new breed

♪ A future seed

♪ A new breed

♪ A future seed of black pride, yeah