Coherence (2013) Script

I felt like I had a lot of time.

I know.

It's good. I'm good.

Yeah. We're, um... we're just getting off the freeway.


Did, Hugh pick you up at the office, or...

Yeah, he was coming in from Oakland.

He was late, of course. Then I took him...

And then, he took me to some lawyer bar.

A lawyer bar?

Yeah. A lawyer bar, kind of.

Yeah. I don't know. Everybody there seemed like a lawyer.

I felt like I was the only person without a tie.

Well, maybe we should get you a tie for emergencies.

Yeah, wardrobe emergencies.


Anyhow, we tried to take the freeway and...

Ke... Kevin?

I can barely hear you.

Is that better?

Not much.

Where are you? Are you there yet?

Yeah, I... I'm just pulling up right now.

I just got here. Um...

Yeah. I'm right here.

I... You know what? I need to parallel park and I'm not on my earpiece.


Are you good?


You know, we should talk about, you know...

Maybe we can talk about, you know, that little problem before we get into the party.


Is it something we should talk about now, or...



I lost you.



You gotta be kidding me.

I think olive oil would be good. A little more maybe?

A drizzle. A little more.

Is this turning you on? That is hot.

See how you're slipping? This is...

It's... It's the bread, babe. It's the two of you with the knives that...

I have not had carbs for a week.

I've been on this... this "cleanse."

How long have you been cleansing for?

About 21 days.

I had my juice and my smoothie earlier today... and I do feel very, you know...

Cleansed? Open? A little faint maybe?

But I'm gonna eat, I'm gonna drink and have a good time.


Hey. How are you guys?

Nice to see you.

Bend down to my level, please. I know.

So, I just had Kevin on the phone and this happened.

It cracked.

As I was talking to him.

You dropped it. Our connection... No, I didn't drop it.

It just cracked as I was holding it.

Do you have insurance?

I... I actually don't know if I do.

Do you have the Skype app I showed you?

No, I think it's fine. He just said he wanted to talk about something, But on the news, you know, they're talking about the comet.

Yeah. The Miller's Comet.

And they keep telling people that this can happen.

Yeah. I don't think it's the comet.

If you have Skype, it uses the home Wi-Fi.

No. The interference. They're saying things break.

Hey, do you want some wine?

Did Amir mention to you that... he's bringing Laurie... to dinner?

He's bringing Laurie?

Yeah. The Laurie.

Um, no, I didn't know that. I didn't know that.

Who's Laurie? Well, he is.

You know Laurie. Oh, Mike.

Long black hair. Kind of vixeny.

Wild and sexy.

Oh. Kinda strange, very mysterious.

Very tight, tight, tight dresses. Listen.

It's totally fine. It's such an Amir thing to do.

I was going to keep this...

This, my friends.

It's my own little rescue remedy concoction.

Right. It's our own mix.

It's pretty s... It's very safe, I think. Do you want a needle for that?

Is it clean? You can drop it into some water.

Just take the edge off, in case you're worried.

I don't know. I'm just... I'm offering.

It's echinacea, passion flower, a little valerian... and ketamine.

So it's all natural. Ketamine?

That doesn't sound natural at all. That's a horse tranquilizer.

Yeah, but it's just a whisper of ketamine. I did that once.

I just thought maybe a celebration...

Are you offering this to me, because Laurie's coming here?

Well, I'm just saying...

Now it's a party. Ketamine or cheese?

It's right here if you change your mind. Oh, this is nice.

Where'd you get this?

Galaxy, that thrift store.

Oh, I love that place. Me too. I know.

Oh. Hi.

Hi, baby. What?

Come on. Come here. All right.

My wife.

Hi. Hey.

How are you? Hi. I'm good.

Hi. Hi.

Do you guys want wine? I do.

Cheese? Ketamine?

You look so good in leather.

Jesus Christ.

Um... I want water or something.

Did you know that, um, Laurie is coming? There you go.


Laurie's coming? Yeah.

Look at the smile on your face.

It's not a smile. It's not that smile. Oh, my God.

Why is she coming tonight? Amir's bringing her.

Beats me, because Amir's a total jackass.


You know what? Put a quarter into the swear jar.

So, who did he tell?

Well, we got the... Yeah.

We got an e-mail about it. Just his plus one.

Plus one and then I was, like, plus what?

I need to know tonight?

My editor needs to know how to book hotels and flights.

I gotta do it. Let them know.

Gotta know tonight.

You know I-I... I can't...

I-I just need to think about it... a little bit longer because...

I just don't want to make the wrong choice.

What if you came for a shorter time?

Like a month, not the full four months. Just come for a month.

It's still a very long time... and I'm not saying no.

Babe, if you don't say yes, it becomes a no.

We're cold and hungry.


Hello. Hi.

Amir, you look great. Thank you.

Hi. You remember Laurie?

Amir told me I wouldn't be... overdressed, now I'm feeling... No. No, no.

We're underdressed.

Hi. Hi.

How are you? I'm good.

Beth, do you remember Laurie? Yes.

Nice to see you. You guys already said hello and...

How are you? Good to see you.

You guys want red wine?

Yes. I would love red wine.

Lee? I've been cooking. I've been cooking.

How have you been? I've been good. I've been really good.

You? I've been great.

Yeah. Life is looking very different from how it was a while back.

In a good way, so... Well, cool. That's good to hear.

I would hope so. There you go. Thank you.

Not A, C, E.

"Horace, listen.

I'll be down at the pyramid. Come on down and join.

We gotta talk about some deity stuff."

Does everyone else still not have service?

My phone is completely broken.

I'm living in the moment, but...

Nothing. I got zero.

That's weird. Maybe the tower's down.

The tower's down?

I'm telling you guys...

It's not down. That would be a big news story.

Comet. Comet.

Miller's Comet. Yes. Thank you.

I read something this morning about a comet in the 1930s.

It was in Finland.

Knocked out all of the... I actually... the cell towers?

Actually, it was in 1923.

And, yes, it was in Finland.

Um... Thank you, Wikipedia.

It was actually crazy, because it affected the people.

After it passed, they would get lost.

They would end up in the wrong home. They would forget things.

They wouldn't really know where they were.

And I remember reading about this one woman... who called the police and said, "The man in my house is not my husband."

And then police came over... and they said, "This is your husband,"

And she said, "No. This is not my husband.

I killed my husband yesterday. Awesome.

That's how I know it's not him."

But they couldn't arrest her, because he was standing... right there in front in them.

Do they have any theories of why?

Think how lucky she is. She gets to kill him again.

Clearly she wants to kill this man.

It's just the Finnish. The Finns.

The Finns or Finnish?

You guys remember Halley's Comet? Yes.

I mean, it was such a big deal.

I remember at my school, we all had to, like, reenact Halley's Comet.

So, they assigned each of us something celestial to do.

My sister got to be Halley's Comet. I was very jealous.

I've never met your sister. Have you guys met her sister?

There's a picture of her right over there on the mantel, but...

She's only a fleeting comet. She looks a little ridiculous.

That's your sister? But why did you put it...

It's the door to nowhere.

In feng shui, a useless door, which this is obviously a useless door, you put a picture of someone... you have unresolved issues with... and it causes all of this weird energy flow.

I don't even like being over here.

It's freaky. You shouldn't be over there then.

Every time you're... I'm sort of an empath.

Sort of an empath. And I can feel it. It's like a vortex.

When was the last time we were all together like this?

I was thinking, right before Thanksgiving, most of us were there, but not everybody could be.

I don't think Laurie... Laura?

Laurie. Laurie.

Sorry. We're gonna tell all these stories.

We do that when we get together.

So Laurie, what are you doing these days?

Well, I'm... Keeping yourself busy?

I'm keeping busy.

I'm actually working with some outreach programs in Silicon Valley.

We work with at-risk youth.

Oh, wow. Didn't you... No, no, no.

Are you still teaching the yoga?

The Spanish Yoga? The Spoga?

No. Not me. Are you sure that...

Oh, that must've been another girl... that Kevin dated that Amir is hooking up with.

Wow. Let's give him a shovel.

What are you doing? What do you do for a living?

I act. Shut up, guys.

I didn't remember you were an actor.

So, you do mainly theater? Well, I did.

Since I moved down here to support my wife and her Skyping career.

Um, but, no, I was in a TV show for about four years.

Yeah? What was that? It was called Roswell.

Oh, my God. I love Roswell.

When were you on Roswell? What episodes were you on?

I was on all shows. Produced.

What do you mean? I was a series regular on that show.

Yeah, he was, like, the main guy.

What character did you play?

Joe. Did you have different hair, or something?

I had the same exact hair.

I'm sorry. Maybe it's one of those things where you know... the character for so long, then you see someone in person. It just doesn't compute.

I don't know.

He's sort of grown into his face. You really have.

Check it out again.

I'm sure, you know, like the downward dog probably gets to your head.

I didn't do yoga. That wasn't... Well, hey, listen.

Thanks for enjoying the show.

I think you are a really good actor... and I think you should continue doing it.

Thank you very much. I think it would be well worth your time.

What are you up to these days?

Last I remember, you were, like, taking the dance world by storm.

Um, I guess the last time I saw you... must've been when I was creating the dance show.

It was going really, really well for a while, but then, right before the, um... the premiere, they brought in Svetlana Aserrano... who is the best dancer in the world really, and they just offered me the understudy.

She should've been the whole thing.

She created it. She should be... the prima ballerina of the San Francisco Ballet. That's terrible.

You know, you hear these stories sometimes... about people being shut out of things they created... and I think it's horrible. I'm sorry.

But I mean it's a good lesson that I had to learn, because...

You know, because of my pride, I didn't want... to take the understudy and I took too long... to think about it and then I lost the understudy job.

And they gave that to Katherine Meriss and...

And she sucks.

She sucks. No, she's good, guys.

Anyways, the reason that she's really big now... is because she ended up going up.

Svetlana pulled out last minute... and Katherine ended up doing the show.

Katherine Meriss? Exactly.

As soon as you said that, I thought, "Katherine Meriss... that's pretty much the only person in dance I'd know."

Right. Well...

So, she basically stole your... your whole thing?

Katherine Meriss has your life, basically.

Career. You have your life.

It's a shame that it happened. She doesn't hold a candle to you.

Then, here's to the life that we do lead.

Yeah. Well said.

Here's to the comet. The comet. And the comet.

Anybody have a happier story?

Kevin, tell a crazy story, first one that comes in your head.

No. All right.

Um... Sorry.

I was going out with Laurie.

We were drinking way too much at a bar.

I passed out and I started dreaming... this big black bear... was up on its hind legs sort of mauling me.

Slowly. Tenderly.

Anyhow, we go to some party... in Santa Cruz and as we walked in, this huge dog comes running straight at me.

Jumps up on its hind legs and starts pawing me, exactly like the dream, and this guy yells, "Bear, get down, Bear." What?

Wow. You have a gift.

The way you told that story, I thought... somebody was going to die.

You know Bear is the most common dog name.

Oh, that makes it a much less interesting story.

Thanks for that, Lee.

Most common bear name? Henry.

Look. Oh, my God.

What? This is like your phone.

Oh, my God. That happened to my phone tonight.

And I was just holding mine in my hand.

Exact same thing. Shattered?

Yeah. This is what they were talking about on the news.

Yeah. Yeah. It must be the comet.

The chicken tastes like tuna. All right.

It must be Miller's Comet.

So, nobody's phone works?

I haven't checked mine, but I assume it doesn't.

Everyone else's is in the other room.

Do you guys have a landline? No. We're wireless, baby.

All right. I need to get ahold of my brother.

What about, um, your deal... The computer.

Good idea. It's in the office.

Could I? Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

What's wrong with your brother? Nothing. He's fine.

He just, um... You know Brian.

He hangs out with all those, you know, theoretical physicists.

No Internet. No?

On the computer. How is there no Internet?

You run Skype. You tell us. I know.

What are they saying about the comet?

Nothing... Nothing to get upset about.

He just said to give him a call, you know, if there was anything weird going on.

Like, why? What did he think it could do?

Why didn't you tell me this?

Because of your feng shui... and granola candles, and I didn't want to... Stop making fun of me.

I'm not making fun of you.

There's a massive celestial object, and I didn't want to freak you out.

Now you're freaking me out. You guys realize...

I was on a show called Roswell... and we tackled these issues every week.

That's true.

Oh, shit. Oh, my God.

Honey. Um, I'm on it.

Do we have candles?

I'm so glad I'm not high.

I don't want to sit by the door to nowhere.

Mike, check the breakers.

I'm going to turn the lighter on then come to you.

You guys need help? No. I have matches.

Candle power? I've got some over here.

I got blue glowsticks, red glowsticks and green glowsticks.

Guys, let's just light candles and...


Hey. Everybody rave.

Are you going outside? Yeah.

What do you mean, you're going outside?

I'm gonna see if the power's off in the whole neighborhood.

I decided this is where mine goes.

Well, this is a little strange, but the whole neighborhood is out... of power, except for a house about two blocks up, which is completely lit up.

It's kind of beautiful, actually.

The house? I want to go see.

Let's go check it out. I've never seen it so dark outside before.

You can't leave me. I'm gonna go. Come on then.

Don't leave me by myself.

Where? You don't see it?

It's right there. Why are you so far ahead of everyone?

Amir, dude, I can't see you.

Let Laurie go first. Thanks a lot.

That's sweet. Baby. Don't go.

Come here. See? Look.

Everything done. Come here.

See that?

Two blocks down. Oh, they have light.

That one house has light. They must have a...

A generator, or something? Yeah, yeah.

What is that, two blocks away?

Could solar power do that?

But would their landline be working?

Oh, wow. Look at that.

Oh, wow. It's magnificent.

Holy moly.

Well, I'm freezing.

Should we head over there, or should we...

No. Maybe we should head back inside.

That was awesome, right?

I didn't even see this get knocked over. No.

I didn't even know that glass was out here.

I never go down into the basement.

Guys, listen. Seriously, what's up with that house?

Why are they...? What?

It could be a generator.


I don't know. Maybe they're just off-the-grid bastard...

Well, apparently, we have a generator.

That would make sense if they were off the grid.

I'm actually thinking of... of going over there.


No, you're not going over there. Honey, it's okay.

It's o... It's ridiculous.

It's not that far. Look, look, look, look.

My brother, he says... he said that if... if anything strange were to happen... while the comet was passing over... that we should stay inside. What?

Just hold on, Amir.

That we should stay inside and that I should do my best to contact him.

And so that's all that I'm doing.

He said if anything strange should happen? I mean...

I'm not the only one who thinks this is strange.

What is weird? Didn't he say to stay inside though?

What's more important than the other?

Yes, but this overrides that, and it's only two blocks away.

I'll be back in, like, five minutes.

Well, then you can't go by yourself. I'm going with him.

There you go. I'll take Amir.

I'm the least important person here. This is true.

It's about time you started realizing that.

Just stay here. Why are you going now?

Well, bring your glowsticks so we can identify your bodies.

Good idea. Thanks. That helps a lot.

Don't listen to them. That's great.

Five minutes, all right?

Okay. Five minutes. All right. Okay.

Beth, I-I couldn't find my shoes.

I'm borrowing yours. I'm sorry.

That's so Amir.

Ten minutes we give them. They will be fine.

We're just rattled because we're addicted to cell phones and Internet.

We are. What did we do before cell phones?

Em, you seem to be the comet expert here tonight.

What happened the last time?

This one passed over a hundred years ago, but much farther.

But do we know that anything happened?

Nothing happened then. It was too far away.

So, is there any reason... we should be freaked out right now?

Well, I mean, it is a lot closer this time.

What does that mean?

Okay. I read one more thing.

Oh, another story. Just one more.

It's called the Tunguska Event... and, um, it was a comet... or a meteor or something like that... that entered the atmosphere over Siberia... and exploded over Earth.

So, it didn't actually have physical impact.

It didn't touch Earth.

It didn't leave a crater or anything, but the force of that explosion... flattened trees for hundreds of miles.

But it only killed about one to two people.

It's Siberia. There were probably only two people there.

Yeah, but they don't necessarily...

It wiped out the population of Siberia. Basically. Yeah.

Right. Well, that doesn't make me feel better.

And when was this?

It was, like, in 1908, 1903...

Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God. What is...

What the fuck was that? I don't know.

Lock that front door. Don't open the door.

I'm gonna get the bat. Yeah. Give me the bat.

Mike, is that door locked?

I'll check it. Babe, stay away from the door.

You need the stick? Thank you.

No, no, no.

I just want to see what the hell is out there. Oh, my God.

Don't open it. Oh, God.

Please, don't open that.

Is anybody there? Front door's locked. There's nothing.

There's nothing out there.

Thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Everybody all right?

Check the generator, please. Please try the generator.

I'll check the generator. Would the guys do that?

No. The guys would not do anything like that.

They're not stupid. They wouldn't do that.

How long have they been gone? Like ten minutes.

Five minutes out, five minutes back. They should be back by now.

So, they should be back by now.

Okay. I think we should go get them. No, no, no.

I want to go get my husband.

We need to do it together this time, guys.

That's fine with me. I just want to go.

Don't go outside. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just...

We should go get them. We can all go together.

Okay, all right. This is good.

Is that the grid or the generator?

No, it's just us. He must have gotten it going.

There's no other lights on? It's just us?

It's pitch black out there. At least it's on. So it must be...

Well done. Thank you.

You did it. Let there be light.

Okay. Well, I think that we should...

As a group, we should go find those guys.

I agree. Let's do it as a group this time.

No. That's ridiculous.

If you get lost in the woods, you're supposed... to stay where you are until someone can find you.

Fine. That's great. Let's just sit down and breathe.

For once, I actually agree with what you're saying.

You know what? You've been giving me shit all night.

I am agreeing with you. Guys, guys, guys.

I don't like any of this.



Oh, my God.

Oh man, it's them.

What the hell happened? Are you okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine. Are you okay?

What is this?

What's the box? That was at the other house.

I thought I saw Hugh put it down.

Then he was running around the corner and...

You just took it? I just followed him.

I didn't... I had it in my hand. Why was he running?

Hugh, what happened? I'm fine, I'm fine.

Did you put this down? Amir, why the fuck did you take that?

I thought I saw you put it down. I did not touch that thing.

I don't know what that is or why you grabbed it.

Guys, what happened? Okay. We were at the other house.

Hugh went around the side. I thought I heard a noise.

You made some kind of sound, and then you saw what? Something.

You won't tell me what you saw.

I don't understand what's going on. What did you see?

I don't... What did you see?

That has nothing to do with anything... that we should be fucking concerned with.

What did you see?

It's not a big deal. I'll walk it back. Okay, fine.

Wait. Let me open it first.

No, Mike. What are you doing?

What is it? I don't know. I don't know.

You don't want to talk about it and you don't want to open...

Fine! Open the fucking box! Open the box. What do I care?

What is wrong? Calm down.

What happened?

Holy shit, it worked.

I got it.

Open it away from your face.

It's not a bomb. How do you know what the heck it is?

Don't freak out. Be careful.

Oh, my God, It's a ping-pong paddle. It's a ping-pong paddle.

Well, what's that? What is going on?

Oh, my God. What is it?

These are pictures of all of us.

These are...

Somebody's marked us. I want to try to figure this out.

This is insane. And there are numbers on the back.

Hugh. Baby, what did you see?

Hugh what did you see? What did you see?

Jesus Christ, man.

You can't stand there and not say anything! What did you see?


There are pictures of us in this box!


I went to the window, and I looked in the window.

And I saw a table... with wine glasses and candles... and dinner set for eight people.

I saw...

Oh, my God.

Right. Okay, fuck you, Hugh.

I saw... Bullshit.

Did you guys come and fuck with this door? Fuck you, Kevin.

Did you come to the side door?

No. You went to the side door at the other house.

They wouldn't answer the door, so I went...


You dipshits walked in a circle and knocked on this door.

I did not walk in a fucking circle! I went two blocks.

We went up to that house. I knocked at the door.

Nobody answered, so I went and banged on the side door.

Did you see yourself, Hugh? No, I did not see myself.

No, because you weren't there. I did not go in a circle!

Fuck. Just calm down.

I don't believe this.

This still doesn't explain the pictures.

What's on the back of them?


They're all... We've got two, one, one.

That's five.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going? I'm gonna go back over there.

Whoa. No, no, no. Think about it.

I'm gonna go back over there. I'm gonna ask to use their phone... and, hopefully, I can get in touch with my brother.

And if they're not there, I'll just leave a note. Right?


No, no, no. That makes sense. Right?

You should not go back. It's fine. It'll be fine.

It'll be fucking fine.

What's a note going to do?

If these people have pictures of us, they might be crazy.

Shit! There's someone out there.

There's someone out there.

What? Oh, my God.

Oh, there's a big guy at the door.

Oh, my God. At the door?

What should we do?

He's walking away. He's walking away. Please, please.

Baby, please be careful. Oh, my God.

Baby. Careful.

Shit. What?

What is it, babe?

"Hey, there. Don't mean to freak you guys out, but we just wanted to borrow your phone for five minutes tops.


Two kinds.

Regular Band-Aid or cloth?


Cloth. Okay. Here we go.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

These are ones. This is a two. We are four, five, six.

Do you have any red markers?

Okay. Why are these three ones?

This is a six. Five. Hugh and Lee.



And that's the same picture.

Oh, my God.

Somebody cut that in half.

Where are these from?

Could this be like numerology?

Like if you add up all the numbers... in your name and the birthday...

Like life path numbers or something like that?

If that's the case, then they're just crazy and it doesn't matter anyway.

So, what do all the ones have in common?

Um, we have Lee... Date of birth?

Oldest to youngest? There's no three?

There's no three. There's no three.

Is there someone... Is there someone that would want to be... doing this to us?

Is there someone that is on someone's bad side?

What? This was taken tonight.

What? How do you know that?

I bought this sweater today, so that's from tonight.

Has anyone taken a picture of you tonight?

Someone took a picture of you when you were looking at the box.

You were looking into the lens.

But then it was already in the box.

What is that?

I can't tell what that is.

There's dots on the wall and there's a lampshade.

None of the others are from tonight. Right?

No. This our picture. This is from last fall.

This picture of Amir was taken over here. How do you know that?

He's standing in front of this drum. Guys, hang on.

I can't figure out what this is.

It's taken from the door?

So, from behind the curtain?

It's taken from over there.

Wait. When someone knocked on the door, were you there?

You were gone.

But you're looking right at the camera.

So, it would be from that door, then. Right?

You don't remember... I mean, this is you, man. This is you.

Guys, this isn't going to solve anything.

What're you doing?

I need a drink. I need something.

The... The pictures?

All right. Me too.

It looks like my handwriting, babe.

Look at this.

It looks like I wrote this.

Okay, relax.

You're starting to freak me out.

That's your handwriting.

What is going on?

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I can't stop thinking about the fact that you... brought up a story you shared with Laurie.

Of all the stories that you could've...

All the experiences that we've shared, you brought up a story about her?

I am so sorry. In front of everyone.

It's a crazy story. We don't have stories like that.

Oh, they're not crazy enough for you.

Baby, it's a good thing. Oh, God.

I don't need crazy stories like that anymore.

All right. Hey, um, fuck this. Let's just... Let's go.

I'm gonna go over there and, theoretically, let's go see if our theoretical selves are there.

No, no, no. I'm going.

I'm in. There's some weird stuff happening here.

I think we should...

I think we should evaluate... Please, can we...

I just evaluated and I'm going. Can we stay here?

If there's another me, I want to see me. No. No way.

No, no. Let's go.

Look. I'm over this.

I'm getting sick of talking about it.

I'm getting sick of writing about it.

The same fucking paper, the pictures... Wait.

There's nobody trying to hurt us.

We go find out what the hell is going on.

What about you? You were the one who wanted to go.

That's when I thought they might have a phone.

Four glowsticks. Can we please keep two guys here?

Two guys staying here? Please? I'm staying, I'm staying.

Are you going? Amir, please.

Let's go.

So, what? We're splitting up again?

No. We're not splitting up.

We're just gonna go in two different groups. Oh. Okay.

Sticks, sticks, sticks.

Do we need a towel on it?

I'm coming. Wait.

Chill for a second. I'm coming.

Why? Because I want to go.

I'm going with Kevin.

Give us 20 minutes. All right.

And then what? Are we taking the bat?

No. We'll be fine. You will be fine. It's gonna be all right.

We'll find out what's going on.

No cars. No people. There's nothing.

Guys, look.

That's my house.

Mike. This is my house.

Mike, this isn't right.

Mike, this is not your house.


My house. This is not your house, Mike.

Mike. This is not your house.

What is he doing? Kevin.

I see... I see Lee. Guys.

We have to go. Let's get out of here now.

Mike, we need to get the hell out of here.

Someone's coming.

Someone's coming. Go. Just go.

That's just nuts.

So, you saw four figures, same as you?

Except they had red glowsticks.

Who had red glowsticks?

They had the red glowsticks.

We had the blue glowsticks. That was the only difference.

So, they must've opened the red box when the lights went out.

And you didn't say anything to them? Would you?

No, I wouldn't.

I think I would've thought I was going to die, or something.

Okay, okay. So, that's it?

Well, that and there's this weird zone... that's even darker than the rest of it all.

We went through that.

We went through that when we went down there.

We need to find out what's going on.

The Internet's down. We don't have... We can't just sit here.

What else? Do you guys have any...

Do you have books?

Books on what? Books on comets?

Comets, gravity, black holes...

Yeah, I've got Shakespeare, some Henry Miller and some screenplays.

Dude, I'm a fucking actor.

Anything about quantum physics?

Yeah, that's right up my alley.

Some actors read.

Your brother left a book at our house and...


I put it in an envelope to mail, but I-I put it in your car.

And it's about? I don't know what it's about.

Comets? It's just one of his books.

It's always about stuff like that.

Yeah, I will... I will go get the book I don't know about.

Can somebody go with him? Could you bring the bat?

Yeah. Yes. That's a good idea.

Please be careful, babe.


Should we wake up Lee?

How could she go to sleep in the middle of all this?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, babe.

Jesus. Calm down, everybody.

Oh, baby.

I was gonna mail it back to him.

What is it?

"Gravitation: An Introduction To Current Research."

That's not gonna apply.

So, is his brother like a scientist, or something?

He's just a really trippy guy.

He's really, really smart, a real egghead.

But it's hard to... It's like he thinks out loud.

He's a teacher at U.C.S.D. What do you got, Hugh?

This is...

These are Brian's notes from his lesson plan for his class.

"Decoherence and Schrödinger's Cat." He talked about this.

Do you guys know what Schrödinger's cat is?

I'm allergic.

So, it's a, um... It's a thought experiment.

There's a... There's a cat in a box... that has, like, a 50/50 chance of living... because there's a vial of poison... that's also in the box.

So, regular physics would say that it's one or the other.

That the cat is either alive or dead.

But Brian would argue that quantum physics says... that both realities exist simultaneously.

It's only when you open the box that they collapse... into a single event. Right?

So, listen to this. This is what he's written.

"There is another theory: that two states continue to exist... separate and decoherent from each other, each creating a new branch of reality... based on the two outcomes.

Quantum decoherence ensures that the different outcomes... have no interaction with each other."

Hold on. Well, that explains it.

So we're in the box. We're the cat.

We're both alive and dead.

So, there are... There are two separate realities, and... presumably until the comet passes.

Until the comet passes? Okay.

Or decoherence is maintained and those two separate realities... will remain separate once the comet passes.

Everybody will be fine.

Decoherence keeps us separate.


Why are the other us contacting us then in this way?

They didn't want to.

Who got the pictures? Who... The numbers?

We started it when we went to find a house with lights.

Yeah, maybe they didn't mean the box for us.

The box isn't for us.

What if we've already interacted with ourselves?

So, we're collapsing on ourselves right now.

Not if we stay separate from each other.

It's already too late. We've already been there.

Do you remember that movie Sliding Doors?

Where just a fraction of a second... there could be two realities?

In one, she runs and tries to get on the subway and she can't.

She gets her hand stuck in the door.

In the other one, she gets through and there's two...

If we're collapsing right now, I'm gonna collapse on them.

I'm not gonna wait for them to collapse on us.

Whoa, whoa, Mike.

I'll go over there and I'll just kill 'em.

What? Half-kidding.

Mike, let's just... I love my fucking life.

Let's be smart first before we do anything stupid, and let's stick with that we do know.

And what's smart? Just sitting here? Doing nothing?

What we do know is that we took this box. Right?

So, our first act should be to return it. Yes?

Fuck that. No. We're not returning that box.

I don't trust that house. That stays here.

Wait, wait, wait. What's got you so freaked out?

Stupid, stupid question. You're right.

We're not at war with the house down the street.

They might literally be the same people as us.

Mike's saying come over here and let's kill us.

That's right. If you do it first, you know who you're gonna fight?

Mike. You.

You're gonna run into you.

Who's gonna win that?

Who did you see in the window when you went there?

Did you see yourself? I did not see myself.

I told you who I saw. Okay, okay.

But what if, in that over there, that house, what if I'm drinking?

I mean, just think about that for a sec.

That's a fucked-up Michael.

Oh, God.

I'm not gonna wait for a fucking drunk Mike... to come over here and kill me.

And kill you and kill you and kill you.

I'm not waiting for that.

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

Who did you see when you were there?

I saw Amir, I saw Hugh, and I saw Lee.

Okay. Lee's not here right now.

She's taking a nap. What do you mean, she's taking a nap?

So, it's different, then. Something's off. It's not the same.

In this reality, Lee's napping.

Maybe in that reality, you're napping?

So, that's why Mike didn't see her.

Right, and if Beth is napping in that reality... they don't have the book.

They don't. Right.

The other house doesn't have the book.

And if they don't have the book, they're not having this conversation right now.

So, then if we get the book from the car... then we can avoid all this.

Take it? Take their book? It's a possibility.

Hugh, give me your keys. No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

We're not supposed to mess with any of this.

Why would we even risk this?

He's talking about going over and fighting them. But why make it worse?

Because then I don't have to go over there and kill them.

Just give me the keys.

No. I don't think that we should do anything.

And you are not taking my keys.

Where you going, Mike?

How do we know it's exactly us? What if it's just externals? What if...

The dark side of us. Yeah.

It's us, you guys. You mean, the not friendly versions?

Well, if it's us, then this could be... Is it a good thing?

It sounds like it would be a way to reach... higher consciousness, if we want to...

Like an acceptance of ourselves?

Well, yeah. We always talk about meeting ourselves and finding ourselves, and here we have an opportunity... to actually physically find ourselves.

That's a lot of pressure.

Look who's joined us. Hi, everybody.

How are you, honey? Okay.

Welcome back to your own dinner party.

Yeah. How's my dinner party going?

Super missed you. It's going.

I have an idea.

I have an idea that will prevent them... from getting the book from the car.

What are you talking about, man?

I'm gonna go to that house, and I'm gonna blackmail myself.

I'm gonna leave a note to keep Mike... from having them go to the car to get that book.

What do you mean, a blackmail note?

Something I know that I don't want revealed.

What are you talking about?

The thing with Beth.

The thing with Beth?

I thought you and Hugh worked that out years ago.

This is the worst idea I've ever heard.

It's amazing, 'cause it would work on me.

Going over there... It's the same person.

We don't... You don't know that.

This will pass. It's brilliant.

No. It is not brilliant. It's brilliant.

Dude, no. I know this look in your eye.

Mike, no.

Why would he even say that?

Divergence. Otherwise, it's just the same people.

And if it's the same people, then why not just leave each other alone?

That's what I would want me to do.

That might be the best thing to do.

Right? You doing okay?

Yeah, yeah.

I don't know if I'm woozy from the drops or if it's like...

What drops? What drops?

Um... Did you give her...

Yeah, well. She wanted to take...

I just felt so weird before.

It's this stuff I brought, this rescue remedy. What is it?

It's got echinacea, golden seal, passion flower and a little ketamine.

I swear to God.

Ketamine? A little ketamine?

It's not like you're going to go into this... Beth.

What? I'm so sorry if I'm wrong here... and I'm saying something incredibly inappropriate.


Did you put any of that in the food?

Yes. That would explain a lot. Lee asked me for some.

Oh, come on, Amir.

Are you serious?

I had to ask.

She asked to take some and I gave her some.

When we did the mushrooms years ago, we talked about it, and I put them in the spaghetti sauce.

That was a group decision.

I know we agreed, but I had to ask because...

You think that I would just put drugs in your food?

Oh, my God.

Okay. I'll show you.

On top of all this, you think I'd drug you?

I'll show you. Let's just see how much is in there.

This is the vial I brought.

Yeah, and a quarter of it is gone.

But that's... She's had a couple of drops out of it.

That's it. This is, like, high-grade pharmaceutical...

It is watered down. You can't.

You opened it up and watered it down?

Okay, but if you took enough of it, isn't it true that you would have hallucinations?

You would have to have a massive dose.

You would have to take the entire bottle.

Okay. Fine. But is it true?

Yes. Okay. And is it also true... that one of the other effects can be paranoia?

Yes, but you...

Again, you would have to have all of it.

The whole bottle. The whole bottle. And it would never...

Even if all of us took a bottle each, it would never create a mass hallucination.

I'm not a criminal. It would be a nice conclusion right now.

Wouldn't this be great if we were hallucinating?

Well, it's not the explanation. Fine.

I believe you. This is the bottle.

She asked for it. I gave her some. Okay.

I-I did not drug your food.

I did not drug your food. I...

Get it? Lay off, okay?

I swear to God.


Hey, where'd you get this? This is so cute.

Oh, I got it at, Galaxy. That thrift store.

Oh, I love that place.

That's great. They have such cute stuff.

I just... I need a drink.



I just want to wake up and start again, you know?


It's not even cracked.

What are we gonna do?

We have to get the fuck out of here.


Okay. Let's take... Take the book.

Take the book. Do we take the box?

Take the box. This is what they... Take it.

Hey. You okay?

Where'd you go?

I need a drink.

Hey. What... Where'd you go?

I went to the house, dude.

I told you. What happened?

I just dropped the letter off.

I saw the book.

I was gonna... I was gonna smash the window... and take the book.

I didn't do that, though. I did not do that.

I just dropped off the letter, and, um... then I was gonna wait, to see their reaction.

But I fuckin' freaked out.

You've been gone, like, five minutes. Like 45 minutes, dude.

No. No. You talked to me. Bullshit.

You went in the kitchen.

You've been gone for five, maybe 10 tops.

You're fuckin' crazy.

Oh, Mike. Mike, don't do that.

Oh, my God. Mike, what was...

Don't do this.

Mike, please? Why now?

Why not now, honey? Why not now?

Where are Hugh and... We were in the kitchen.


Where's Hugh? Where's Amir?

More importantly, where's the box?

Oh, my God. They took the box.

Mike, where did they go?

I have no clue where they went. You gotta be kidding.

You were in here. What happened?

Where's the book? Where's the book?

Why would they bring that to the other house?

They said they wanted to take it back so they could make everything right.

They wanted to return it, so everything would be fine from the beginning, but...

Why would they bring the book? It's the one thing that we wouldn't...

They took everything we have. Wait a minute.

We have to go get them.

Wait a minute. They were the first ones to leave, right?

And then they... They came back. They said they saw something.

They've been acting weird ever since.

What are you implying? Oh, my God.

No, that's... Well, you guys left, too. Think about it.

I mean, everyone... You left, too.

Amir came back and got so quiet, Come on.

And then... and he didn't...

Amir was being totally weird. I'll bring 'em back.

I'll see what's going on. Baby, you're not...

You're not going anywhere. I'll be back.

I'm just gonna go bring them back... and find out what the hell's going on.

No. You're not leaving. Baby, relax. What?

No. It's fine. I'll be back.

I'm not gonna let you go.

It would be fucking crazy.

Okay. So, what are we gonna do?

I mean, they're out there, and I swear to God, I'm gonna have a heart attack.

We've gotta do something. Let's have a drink.

We don't even know if that was them.

Would you quit saying that, please?

No, but if it wasn't them, then Mike is right, and we can't trust the other house.

We can't trust ourselves. That's right.

Jesus. And our clues just left the house.

No. Wait.

The clues are still here.

If they had the pictures, then...

Mike, you took that picture of me and Kevin. Right?

Do you have it here?

I-I can't take this anymore. I can't take it.

Sweetheart... Can you at least go look for it?

I'm gonna look for another bottle of wine.

This is so stupid.

Should I be keeping an eye on him?

I feel like I don't want to hover, and...

I don't know.

Just give it a minute, and then... go in and talk to him, I guess.

I don't know who Mike is anymore. Not when he drinks.

Everything that's gone wrong with us started when he started drinking.

It's why we had to leave L.A.

It's why he doesn't have a career.

He's just... I don't know.

Not the man I married.


Hey. How you doing?

How you holding up?

All things considered, all right.

I totally don't believe you.

Yeah. Well, am I being some... What's going on?

I... Amir told me you were gonna go to Vietnam... and Em's not going with you?

Yeah. I...

I gotta go for work for, I don't know...

It's four months, I think, and, yeah, I want her to come along, but...

She'd be crazy not to go with you.

Yeah. That's what I think.

Yeah. I don't... I don't know.

I mean, it's... I-I really don't want to interfere.

It doesn't seem like any of my business, but I think you've always been someone... who's extremely passionate about your life and what you're doing, and if you have a partner that seems to hesitate all the time, with things of life, I don't know if that's gonna make you happy.

Oh. She's...

I mean, I love her, and... It's just who she is.

Sometimes she's a little... Tall?

Crazy. She's a little bit tall.

I mean, do you have to stand on your tiptoes to kiss her?


Sometimes people just fit well.

Laurie... Like that Sharks game?

Come on, you can't tell me we don't fit well.

I had to do yoga for a week afterwards to recover.

I do remember that.

I just think that maybe...


I'm sorry. I'm crossing all kinds of boundaries with you.


Baby? Hi.

You know, I think you're right... that everything happens for a reason.

Should I get the bat?

For you or for me?

Could be either.

What are we doing here?

If I'm losing it over there, I'm losing it here.

It doesn't have to be like that. Sure, it does.

It's the same thing.

No, it's not.

How do you figure?

Because there's no way that anybody over there, or... or anywhere, loves you as much as I love you right here.

I fucked up.

Hi. Hey.

How you doing?


Is... Is everything okay?

Is there something going on?

Beth just walked up to me and... she didn't really say much, but she said that she... saw you and Laurie talk in the hallway, and...

Jesus Christ, Em. I think we have... some more important things to worry about right now... than what Beth is saying.

Jesus Christ.

Are you kidding me? That would be the generator.

Hold on. All right. You know what to do.

We have thousands of matches at home. Don't burn yourself.

Kevin, do you have matches? Yeah, I got some.


Hold it. I don't know...

You want to put this on the table? Yeah. Yeah.

That was right out front.

Are you kidding? That sounds like one of our cars.

Like one of our cars getting broken into.

Look, I'm going out there. I can't stand this.

I'm gonna go see what's going on. Not without the rest of us.

Let's just all go. Fine. Then let's all go, but I'm going.

I'll get my coat. I don't think we should.

Let's get a flashlight. We'll be fine.

Here. I got one here. You guys lead, okay?

You ready? Okay. Here we go.

Stay close. Stay close. Here we go.

Where did it come from? I don't know.

That's it, right?

Oh, my God. Jesus. Look.

Is there anything in there? I don't see anything.

Oh, my God. Should we...

Should we check our cars? That's crazy.

Yeah, why doesn't everybody check their own car.

See if we find anything else. Let's look at our cars.

Okay. All right. After you.

Is everyone nearby?

We shouldn't spread out too much.

Hey. Everything okay?

Yeah. I just... put this ring on that you got me at the fair.

Remember? I know it's...

I know it's cheesy, but I just wanted to have it on.


It was a good day. It was a good day.

Are we okay?

Yeah, babe. After that whole Laurie thing?


I don't know what the hell she's thinking, but yeah, we're good.

Come here. Hey.

Is everything okay with Hugh's car?

What do you mean? Well, did they take anything?

You just checked on his car. Did they take anything?

Doesn't make any sense at all.

Do you think it's just someone trying to intimidate us?

Intimidate? No. I... It's...

None of this... It doesn't...

I mean, it's like they're looking for something, and...

But there's nothing in there. Exactly. There's nothing in there. So, why...

They could see that there's nothing in there.

We could see that there's nothing in there. I know.

Why break the window if there's nothing there?

That doesn't make any sense. None of this makes any sense.

Where were you?

I went and got this ring.


All right, hold on. Let's-Let's...

Let's just try and figure out... why we would break into a car... Hugh's car... knowing that the book wasn't there.

Well, we're assuming that the book is the motive.

What if the motive is completely different?

Did you hear something? What the hell is that?

It's outside. No, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Oh, shit! There's someone coming. What?

They're coming over here, guys.

Yeah. It's Hugh.

Is it Hugh? Is it Hugh and Amir?

Yeah, it's blue. It's Hugh and Amir. Cool.

They're coming to the door. Are you sure?

It looks like it. Oh, baby.

Are you all okay?

Hey, where have you been? What happened? Okay.

What have you been... Why did you take... What did you do?

Can you please tell us what happened? We went to...

We went to make a phone call, and then when... when we looked in the door, we saw...

We saw this, basically. I, I got startled.

I fell over. I hit my head. We went back to the house to...

Wait. You already came back here.

We already heard this story.

Why are you telling us this story again?

You came back with the box. Wait. What?

Because you came back, and after you hit your head...

We gave him a Band-Aid and you gave us the...

But not that Band-Aid.

What do you mean? Oh, my God. I gave you a cloth Band-Aid.

Wait a minute. Hugh... There was a Hugh and an Amir here?

Yes. And you left with the book.

You left with the pictures, and we didn't know where you went.

We were at a house where everybody had red glowsticks.

You had red glowsticks. Do you understand?

We... We have red glow... We took them from the other house.

Right. Look. Look.

Is that... Look. That box of red glowsticks is unopened.

Guys, if they started here, they belong here.

They're in the right house.

Well, welcome back. Welcome back.

Jeez, man, I'm sorry. That's all right.


So, guys, what was the other Mike like? What was he doing?

The other Mike is... He's worried about you.

So, it was you guys who left us the note.

No, I never got out with that note.

We ended up with two notes.

And so did we.

Well, where's... We have two notes.

One that was written here and one that was left on the door.

If you didn't, and if the other Hugh didn't, then who has been leaving the notes?

"Quantum decoherence ensures that the different outcomes... have no interaction with one another."

So, that one note has been written at least four times.

Well, how many Hugh and Amirs are walking around out there?

Okay, before we do anything, we have to figure out how to mark our own house.

Just stay inside. No, no. She's right.

Staying inside isn't realistic.

We need some kind of marker. We got to mark this house.

If every house is the same...

If we put a marker in front of the house, there could be an infinite number of houses with that mark.

So, we have to do something random.

Something that can't be repeated. Something unique.

Dice. Do we have dice? We have dice?

Um, Yahtzee. Yeah, Yahtzee.

If we each roll a number for each of us, that's what? That's...

Six times six times six times six times... That's hugely random.

The probability of that repeating is... tiny. And then what? We...

But so we have to have something visual.

I mean, should we write it down, put it in... put it outside? Put it in an envelope?

We still won't know. No, no, no, no.

We need something to mark it.

Yeah. We put it in a box.

That's, that's... That's exactly what they've done.

They were ahead of us. They were making a marker for their house.

They made a unique mark. Only we took it.

If it seems like a good idea to us, it would seem like a good idea to them.

Do you have a box? Yeah. Yeah, let me look.

So, we need photos.

This is so crazy. It's par for the night.

There are a lot of pictures here. You can't use that picture.

That's ridiculous.

I'm the attorney for Grizzly Adams. Yeah, I know. This is...

I'm never hiring you.

How does this work as a box?

I didn't even know we had it.

It was just under a pile of crap in the back.

If you can... That'll work.

So, tha... Tha... That's your box?

It was here all the time. Of course it was.

I'm not too happy about cutting these pictures.

And we only have pictures of you and I together, babe.

I actually... I actually have a photo of Kevin.

I know that's strange. Um... What?

No, I have my, um...

My checking account number is written on the back of this old photo that I have, and it's just been in my wallet forever.

It's right here.

What? You know what? I-I'll just...

I'll cut this picture that we have here. Just use this one. It's okay.

Just scratch off the number. Cut.

Great. I think we got one of everybody except me, so...

I'm glad you guys all keep a lot of pictures of your friend, Amir.

Well, we'll take one of you.

Smile, dickhead.

Let me see.

It's not exactly the same.

It's not the same as the one from the other box.

They took a picture of me in the other house, but it's not exactly the same.

This is what we're talking about. That's a moment where it can be... a different... a divergent moment.

That's what we're gonna do right now with these dice.

Wait. Since we're the blue house, shouldn't we use a blue pen?

Just to make it even more... That makes sense.

Yeah? The odds go up by three.

So, does everyone have a die?

What's yours? Beth?

All right.


Hugh? Three.

Mike? Four.



You guys know what a quick code is? You know when you... are going online, going into your bank account, and when you go to your password, it'll give you... a picture to choose?

That's your quick code. That's called an MFA. It's a multi-factor authenticator.

We do 'em. We put 'em in whenever we build our big sites.

It's an icon, right?

Sort of a random... A random object.

Yeah. So, what if each of these... has a random object in it to sort of serve as that quick code, right?

Right. Right. So, we pick something to put in there.

You could put anything in there, right? A candle or a book or, um...

The oven mitt. Or a ping-pong paddle.

Or a ping-pong paddle. Exactly. Yeah.


Well, how's this? And this is random, right? A coaster?

Is anything really random tonight?

If you have to leave, when you check the box, open it up, you see that, you know you're off to a good start.

I feel better.

Okay. So we've got the box.

Yeah, and it only took all night to figure it out.

We've marked the house. If we stay together, keep our heads up, and nobody wanders off, we can get through this.

Thanks, coach. Yeah.

You want something? Yeah, water. Water would be great.

I'm gonna get a drink.

I wonder how different those numbers are from the first box?

Let me check.

Where's my calculator?

Let's see. So, if there's eight of us... and it's six times six... times six.

Three different colored glowsticks times three... is 5,038,848 possible variables.

So, that's the variable.

Are you okay?

Everything okay with the numbers?


D-Do you remember what number was written on the back of your picture?

Five. Yeah?

I found a good spot out front, just as long as another Hugh and Amir don't come by.

Kevin, do you remember what number was written on the back of your picture?

Six. Yeah?

Beth? Three.

Hugh, do you remember?

I was a three. You sure?

Yeah. What's going on in the kitchen?

Pound cake. Pound cake.

The girls are breaking out dessert... before the other house eats it.

Hey, Mike, I need to show you something.

The numbers that I remember... from the box that was brought here from the other house... are these numbers.

But these are the numbers that I found here... in this notepad.

And I just asked everyone if they can remember their number.

Beth and Lee are from this house originally, because they have never left.

But the rest of us... We are not from this house.

We are visitors.

Which means that this Lee is not your wife.

Are you with me?

Well, there's more.

Because Hugh and Amir... are from a third house.

He just showed me his phone. It's not cracked.

Remember that dark area that we walked through?

I have a feeling that whoever walks through that... is like they end up in the middle of a roulette wheel, and they will just end up somewhere by chance.

And whoever walks through there... will not return to the house that they just left.

And I think that we need to find our way back to our house before the comet passes... because we... once it... once it passes, we might just be stuck exact... here.

Wherever we are.

I don't want to be stuck here.

If your theory is true...

If we walk through the dark space, and it is a roulette wheel, there's no way we can be sure... that we would go back to our original house.

I think we just stay here.

I think we're stuck here.

I put it out near the gate. Should be all right.

If we all stay here, we should be okay.

Don't open it.

Who is that?


What is it? Mike.

Oh, fuck me. Oh, jeez.

"Mike, my friend, What is it?

Beth plus book equals Trinidad Club.

Don't let it happen, whatever it takes, buddy."

What is this?

It's just this note. It's... Mike had this...

He had this crazy idea that maybe if he left this note out there, it could stop them getting the book.

It's nothing. It was a stupid idea.

But our Mike didn't deliver it. What is this?

Just some crazy other Mike running around. It's nothing.

You know what it is? What is this? We talked about it.

What is it? Really, it's nothing.

Just let it go, and... Then why can't you tell us?


Mike, what is this? Oh, shit.



If it's nothing, then why does my wife... have a fucking nosebleed?

Oh. Oh, honey. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Beth, what the hell is this? I told you.

I told you this was the worst. What is the idea?

12 years ago. Mike and Beth.

You've gotta be kidding me. He was gonna blackmail himself...

What is this? So they would not get the book.

This is bad. This is really bad.

Wait. You never told Hugh? It was on my to-do list.

We have to just get through the night, okay?

Let's just try. He told you. He said he told you about it.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you didn't say anything about it. Who else knew about this?

Who else knew about this?

Lee, did you know about this? Yes.

Kevin, did you know? He told us. He told you. He...

Everybody knew about this. We thought you knew.

Everybody knew about this except me?

Hugh, listen. It's... It's not what it seems. It's...

We don't even belong here. You are fucking too much, man.

You are fucking too much. Listen. We're visitors here.

This isn't our house. What are you talking about?

This is Lee and Beth's house.

You sleep with my wife, and this is what you're telling me?

Check your phone. Is your phone broken?

What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

Is your phone broken? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

Just do it. Show us.

No. My phone is not broken.

Now what does that have to do with you sleeping with my wife?

From the beginning of the evening, your phone was broken.

No. Em's phone is broken. So is yours.

Your... The box. The first box that we got, we had, like, a random item.

W-What w-was your random item?

What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

Answer him.

The stapler. No, no, no.

What? We had an oven mitt.

And ours was a ping-pong paddle.

What? Mine was a napkin.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Hugh, that is not my Lee. That is not your Beth, and I am not your Mike.

You... You aren't mad at me.

W-We're in a different... a different reality here.

Yeah, we're in a different reality because the reality where I am from, my best friend didn't sleep with my wife.

Hugh, do you not understand what I'm saying?

This all started tonight, and if there are a million different realities, I have slept with your wife in every one of them.

You fucking... No, no, no.

Hugh! Hugh!

Come on!

Are you okay? Yeah. Settle down.

I'm gonna get some ice. I'm gonna get some ice.

Are you okay?

Sit down.

You okay, baby?

Here, let me give you a little of this. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, I'm going to put something on it. I'll put something on it.

You know, I've made some... some choices, that I'm stuck with. Um...

I'm stuck here.

I'm like the dead cat, right?

This whole night we've been worrying... there's some dark version of us out there somewhere.

What if we're the dark version?

What's that?

All right. Goddamn it!

Why didn't you tell me?

There's someone in the house.

Get the hell outta here!

Oh. No, no, no, no, no. Jesus. What's going on?

Is he all right? Are you okay?

Who the fuck was that? Mike? Mike?

Does anybody know what to do?

Mike? Is he breathing?

Jesus Christ! Laurie, it's okay.

Calm down. Laurie, Laurie, stop.

Laurie, Jesus.

Shh. Kevin, shut her the fuck up.

It's okay, Laurie.

Just breathe. You're all right. You're all right.

Em. Em.

Em, where are you going?

Just calm down. It's all right.

Get off me! Get a rag. Get a towel. Anything.

Here, here, here, here. Get it off!

Get it off! I can't fucking stand blood. Okay. It's off.

It'll be all right. Just calm down.

Get the fuck away. Get the fuck away.

You're scaring the shit out of everybody.

Who are you? Who are you fucking people?

And you said... All you guys are crazy.

You were always fucking crazy.

She's bad news.

It's been years we haven't seen each other.

You know, Vietnamese is a pitch-based language.

D.H.R. Yeah.

It really is a pitch-based language.

Hi. Hi.


And I don't think I'm working a lot.

I have to work a lot, but it's gonna be a nice balance.

What are you gonna do while he's working? What are you gonna do?

I don't know. Just hang out.

Investigate? Yeah, investigate.

Fundraise. Get those Vietnamese to invest in...

Fundraise in San Francisco. Invest in the Vietnamese.

It's supposed to be gorgeous, though. This time of year.

My cousin lived over there for about a year... and said it was just spectacular.

Have you been there before? No. Not Vietnam. Cambodia.

Cambodia was awesome.

Did you see Angkor Wat when you were in Cambodia?

Yeah. Good times.


Picture this.

Whoa. What the hell was that? What was that?

It was like a car window, or something. It sounded like glass.

It sounded like a windshield.

That's mine. That's mine.

Should we get the, the glowsticks to take outside?

We're not going to a rave.

You want to go to a rave, party man?

I don't see anybody.

You okay?

Whose is that right there? Oh, for fuck's sake. Seriously?

Oh, shit. Oh, baby.

I just got this. I just got this. I'm sorry.

There's no structural damage.

Did they take anything? They didn't take my fucking...

They didn't take my stereo. Come on.

Why don't we check the rest of our cars, and see what's going on.

Yeah. Honey, where's our car?

In the driveway. All right.

Em, you good? Yeah. I'm right up here.

Hey. Hey.

What are you doing? We... Guys, she's in here.

We were looking for you.

Oh, I was just, um, by my car. Oh.

You okay, babe? Yeah, I just... Yeah.

You got away from us. I did.

I guess worse things could happen at a dinner party.

I went and got the... the ring.

No, I could stay here. That's a good idea.

What were you doing out there?

Em. What were you doing out there?

Um, the view is really beautiful of the comet out there.

Oh. You came in that door?

Yeah. What's wrong with that door?

That's the door to nowhere. Don't you know?

Okay. Let's go take a look. Let's check it out.

Everybody's sick of hearing about the feng shui.

God, it's freezing outside. Come on.

You mentioned it. Let's look at it.

How come we never use this patio?

Well, we never have comets.

Oh, my God.

W-What's it doing?

It's breaking up.

Is that what they do? Yeah, I guess so.

So, Em, is Katherine Meriss gonna understudy your life while you're gone for a month?

Oh, no one can. Ooh.

I like that. Oh, come on.

I wish we could roast marshmallows on that meteor.

A long stick.


Em? You okay? Yeah?

Yeah, I'm fine. The toilet just got backed up.

You can't use that one. You gotta use the main one, okay?

Okay. I'll be right out.

Oh, my God. Em. Em.

Hey. You're up.

I'll make some breakfast. It'll be ready in, like, five minutes.

Oh, hi. You feeling better?

Yeah. Okay.

I'm gonna get dressed. I'll be back.


You okay, babe?

Are you okay?

You totally passed out last night.

You were mumbling. I put you on the couch.

Found that in the bathroom.

That's weird. It's you calling me.


When you sing When you sing The stars Fill up my eyes

Galaxies pour down my cheeks Galaxies

Galaxies, they flood the streets Galaxies

When we dance When we dance Eels and sea grass Float on by

I'm 10,000 leagues Beneath the sea

10,000 leagues

10,000 leagues