Cold War (2018) Script

I knocked. I cried. ♪ ♪ She wouldn't open up

So I had to put my little head Down on the stone

Head on stone, Feet on the threshold

Open up my love, for the fear of God

COLD WAR You're not afraid it's too monotonous and primitive?

No, why?

Where I come from every drunk guy sing like this.

Oh, Dana, oh Dana, I won't marry a master

I will marry someone of my own ilk

I won't go drinking with you, Because I'll only regret

Two hearts, four eyes

Crying all day and all night

Dark eyes, you cry beacuse

We can't be together

Poland, 1949

This is beatiful.

What langauage are they singing in? Lemko.

I thought so.


Why? That it's not ours.

Mr. Kaczmarek, whether it's ours or not is none of your business.

Dear youth! You have the right to ask, what are we doing here in front of the palace of landowners.

I have a duty to answer: Now this is your home.

And these door leads to the world of music, song and dance.

The music that was born in the field of slavery.

The music of your grandparents and great grandfathers.

The music of pain, harm and humiliation.

If it was uplifting, it was always through tears.

Now you have the right to ask if all of you could enter this place.

And my answer would be: No, defintely not everyone.

Only the best of the best will come inside, and under careful eyes of our teachers, they will enter the stages of Poland and the entire block.

That's why I am challaneging you to a ruthless and noble fight with each other and with yourselves.

This is a start of a new era for our folk musicians.

Hurray! Hurray!

Do you think they want us to read music? They want it 'the peasant way'.

And you? What will you sing?

Something from highlands.

And you?

I do not know yet.

Sing your song for us.

I'm over the water, ♪ ♪ you're over the water too,

How can I give you my hand

I'd give it to you, and... Nice. I know it.

It works for two voices.

I'm over the water, ♪ ♪ you're over the water, too

We can't be together

So let's teach a horse to swim

So we could be together

Let's teach a horse to swim

So we could be together Thanks a lot. Thank you.

Excuse me... The girl with the fringe...

Could you do something alone?

Sing? Yes.

Thank you. Just the chorus.

Where did you get it from? From a film.

A mobile cinema came to our village and they showed a Russian film.

It was called "Jolly Fellows" and that song was in it.

And what is it about? About love! "Heart".

And how's your dancing?

I know the basic steps, and I can learn the rest.

That's great. Thank you. Thank you.

That other girl had a beautifully pure voice.

Yes, but this one got something else. What is it?

Energy, attitude. She is very original.

If you say so.

We should be able to find 12 that can dance.

Can you see that yours one?

What do you mean "mine"?

The one who sang "Heart".

She is onto something...


Cheeky girl.

And not even from highlands, but central Poland. Little liar.

She has a good voice though. And been to prison already.

How come?

Apparently she killed her father. What?

Supposedly. Still have suspended sentence.

How do you know that? Kaczmarek checked it.

Your head, Zula!

Heads up.

Attach it properly.

Fuck! Fuck!

What really happend to the father?

What father? Your father.

What was it supposed to be?

Why were you in jail?

He had mistaken me with my mother, so I showed him the difference with a knife.

He survived, don't be afraid.

Are you interested in me, because I have a talent or in general?

Try this one.

Very good...

Pull, pull your leg higher!!


Beautiful Mateusz, bravo!

Hold the pace!

Look at each other!

One, two, three, one, two, three, twist and turn!

One, two, three, one, two, three!

Warsaw, 1951

Two hearts, four eyes

Cried all day and all night

Dark eyes, you cry beacuse

We can't be together

We can't be together

My mother told me

you musn't fall in love with this boy

Made of stone my heart should have been

so that boy wouldn't have fallen for me

I've had enough of this. It's starting to irritate me.

Come on, we're getting off.

Wait, let me enjoy it. Let them have fun.

We will have some fun on our own.

I must tell you something.

Honestly, I never believed in all of this, in all this folk art.

And this... touched me deeply. You are a real genius!

To make something so beautiful out of something like that?

Thank you both.

This is the most beautiful day of my life.

You've uncovered some priceless treasures of our national culture.

It is beautiful and respectable.

Your ensamble have a great potential. I'd like this to become our main showcase.

But I think it's time to introduce some new elements to the repertoire, something about the land reform, global peace and its threats.

A strong piece about the leader of global proletariat.

We will appreciate it, and reward it.

In the future, who knows, maybe you could visit Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Moscow..?

What do you think about it?

On behalf of the whole "Mazurek", thank you for appreciating our work, but the repertoire is based on the authentic folk art.

They don't sing about reforms, peace and leaders.

They just don't do that. So it would be difficult.

I understand.

If you don't mind... My name is Kaczmarek Lech, operations manager.

Comrade Bielecka, I assure you that our nation isn't naive at all. That including the rural communities.

On the contrary. They will sing about these most important issues, according to their hidden needs, should we give them permission, and necessary support.

This is where I see the importance of "Mazurek".

Thank you.

Thank you all.

...About our wise and beloved

by all nations - Stalin

The beatiful songs written

throughout this century

About our wise and beloved

by all nations - Stalin

The beatiful songs written

throughout this century

About our wise and beloved

We vow to you, our Motherland...

for the will of great patriots and revolutionaries...

Feliks Dzierzynski and Karol Świerczewski...

We're going to Berlin.

For the youth festival in December.

Today Berlin, tomorrow Moscow, and the day after tomorrow God knows where!

...and to develop everlasting friendship with a powerful Soviet state...

Don't you think something must be done with this Janicka?

What about her? She is too dark.

This ensamble is supposed to be Polish folk, typically Slavic.

Just look at her eyes.

How do you know about Berlin?

From the minister.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. We can always dye her.

He who was nothing will become everything,

This is our final and decisive battle

I will always be with you, everywhere and until the end of the world.

But I have to tell you something.


I'm grassing on you.

What does it mean? "Grassing"?

I go to Kaczmarek every week to confess.

But I am not saying anything that would harm you.

The worst thing is that he is fancies me.

What is he asking you about?

What were you up to during the war, do you listen to Radio Free Europe... do you have any dollars, do you believe in God...

And do you believe?

I do.

I knew it will be like this. Damn me, idiot.

What would you do in my place? I have a suspended sentence.

Otherwise he wouldn't have let me in.


Ok, get lost you fucking posh boy! Don't need you anymore!

If I wanted to fuck you up, I would have done it already!

Today Berlin is, as you know, the front line between the socialist camp and the imperialist camp.

Between the forces of peace and the revisionists.

And on the front line, like always, strange things may happen.

That is why we must have our eyes open be vigilant and responsible for each other.

And besides, what can I tell you..

Germans will always be Germans.

And that's why, this is happening for the first and only time, Cheers to the adventure of your life!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

400 meters take about ten minutes to walk.

The Russian sector ends here. And I will be waiting here.

But what will I do over there? Who will I be?

You will be there with me. We'll be together.

I don't speak French or anything else.

You will learn it. You have a good ear. You have a talent.

You are unique. I don't want to live without you.

Ok. Let's do it.

What's up with you? There is a party. The comrades want to meet you.

Let me do my hair, okay? I'll be there shortly.

You look nice.

Hurry up.

Poland, and East Germany.. Poland, Germany...

Good friendship.

Communist brothers.

He is referring to communist friendship.

We are brothers Brothers and sisters.

We are brothers and sisters.

Does it taste good? Yes.

It's homemade. Really?

It is our specialty.

Thank you. It's very good.

The fish is from the Baltic Sea. Really?

Excuse me.

Paris, 1954


Same again, please.

I'm sorry, but we're really closing now.

You can go to the " Chez Marlette", if you want. They are open till 1am.

But between us, since she hasn't come yet, she won't come at all.


How long will you be in Paris for?

We're going back tomorrow.

How are you doing in here?

Fine thank you.

I arrange, compose, play in a club.

Generally very good.

Are you with somebody?


Me too.

And? Are you happy?

I'll take you to your hotel. Better not. You know how things are.

Just a little bit.

Nobody will see us.

Could you tell me why you didn't come that day?

I felt we wouldn't make it.

Not that we won't be able to escape... it just wasn't for me. I felt worse.

What do you mean "worse"?

Worse than you...

Worse in general.

You know what I mean. I don't.

I know love is love, that's it.

I know one thing. I wouldn't run away without you.

Here is fine.

Been with whores?

I can't afford whores.

I was with the woman of my life.


Well, let me sleep then.

Yugoslavia, 1955

It looks alright now, doesn't it?

Good morning. Good morning.

Do you have a ticket? Yes.

I am very curious about what you'll say.

New reportiare, new songs, one even from Yugoslavia.

As a nod to our hosts.


In general, it has now gained momentum, and fame.

It is a pity you weren't there. You had a real talent.

Come and join us in our box.

No, thanks. I have a very good place.

Good. Good. See you later.

Silver thread on Serbian cloth

Thin yarn, fine stitches, says my beloved sweetheart


My dearest

sweethert from Moravia

I promised my hand to Milan Silk yarn, threaded with my dreams Fine thread made out my dreams soon to be broken

Where are you taking me?

To Moscow.

But why? I'm here legally. I have a visa.

In France, I am a resident. I'm not Polish anymore.

We know all of that.

Relax, you're not going to Moscow.

You are going to Zagreb, then to Paris or wherever you want.

The Polish wanted us to send you back to Warsaw.

But it's not in your intrest, isn't it?


Let me stay. One night. The train is waiting.

Please understand, this is about a woman of my life...

So what? Do you want to come back to Warsaw with her?

"Femme fatale".

They say that Warsaw is the Paris of the East.

My mother forbade me

to fall in love with this boy

but I will cacth him anyway

and will love him as long as I live

and will love him as long as I live

Paris, 1957

Hold on! The piano doesn't fit in here.

We will use it only in the murder scene.

The strings came too early. Wait for the shadow to appear.


So you have a husband, right? Yes.

I did it for us.

It wasn't a church wedding, so it doesn't count.

What's your name now? Gangarossa-Lichon.

Ganga-what? Gangarossa, It's a Sicilian surname.

What's important is that you are not married.

Are you? Come on!

I've been waiting for you.

Two hearts, four eyes

Crying all day and all night

Dark eyes, you cry beacuse

We can't be together

We can't be together

My mother told me

you musn't fall in love with this boy

But I went for him anyway

And will love him till the end

And will love him till the end

Aren't there too many "r" in a row?


It doesn't fit with the melody either.

If you sing it right, it will fit.

The meaning is wrong as well, isn't it?

It's just a free translation.

I wonder who translated it? Don't say that it was your lady poet.

Yes, so what? Juliette did it for us for free.

I hope so.

What a stupid text:

"A pendulum killed the time." "Oh my God". Yeah, oh my God!

Since when you are a critic? Juliette is a very good poet. Very famous too.

They just published her poetry book. I won't sing this.

Ok, you won't get the record then. So I won't get the record then.

And be nice to Michel, he can do a lot of things here.

Somehow we like each other, and you'll like you even more.

Why more? Because you're cute.

You have, what they call A slavic charm.

Don't go overboard with your makeup, you know...

Why? It's good enough as it is.

And be yourself, don't get uptight.

With or without a tie? With a tie.

Good evening. Good evening.

Who will be there? Some interesting people What about your outstanding lady poet? Most likely.

Come on, she is harmless. She already had two lovers since me.

As for Michel, you will know yourself where you are with him.

Good evening.

Hey, Wiktor! This is Michel.

This is Michel. This is Zula.

Nice to meet you. I was longing to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.

Nice to hear that, thank you. You are welcome.

How did the movie come out?

Wonderful. We are pleased. It's also a great news for you.

I am pleased.

You two carry on, I will have a look around.

She's a character.

Good evening.

Excuse me. Good evening.

I was thinking a lot about your text. Yeah? Which one?

To my song. Ah, yes.

"A pendulum killed time." That's nice, but I don't understand it.

Really? It's a metaphor.

Meaning what?

That time doesn't matter when you are in love.

Do you like it in here?

In Paris? It's ok.

It must have been quite a shock to you.

Shock? Why?

Cinemas, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc...

Honestly speaking, I had much better life in Poland.

Really? Then why did you run away?

I didn't run away. I married an Italian. I left legally.

Have you ever been to Palermo?


What a pity.

It was nice to meet you.

Excuse me.

What the fuck did you tell him?

About what? That I'd pretended to be from highlands.

That I was grassing on you. That I killed my father.

That I danced for Stalin in the Kremlin.

But that's really cool. Yeah? And why is that?

Because I wanted to highlight you. Highlight me?

This is how things work in here. How's that?

I don't know.

Edith Piaf worked in a brothel, and people love her for that.

What brothel? What are you doing to me?

And Giovanni wasn't an aristocrat, he was selling crystals.

Fine, I won't say a thing. Can we go home now?

I met your mistress.

Nice. Good looking, but...

..a bit old. But you probably suit each other well.

A metaphor!

What an idiot.

He is a jerk.

So be it.

Zula, don't you worry.

Whatever will be, will be.

I love him though.

Zula, are you alright?

What are you doing here? Come in, I just felt sad.

Not now, honey. We're going to "L'Eclipse".

Everyone is coming. Ok, give me a moment.

In Poland, you were something. In here you're different.

No, maybe I'm just silly. I probably just imagined it.

Other than that, it's great. We're in Paris...

I love you with all my strengths.

And when it comes to Michel, don't worry about him at all.

We have an understaning. I'll sort everything out.



This is empty.


We only got 40 minutes left. Please, don't waste it for us.

Ok. I'll do it right. You'll be pleased.

It is not about me.

Everything in here is for you.

Believe in yourself.

I believe in myself. I don't believe in you.

Can we?

Start over.

Why are you so sad?

Look, our first child.


What happened?

Nothing in particular.

It was amazing.

Them French know what they are doing.

And Michel is an absoltute master. He fucked me six times in one night.

Unlike a Polish artist in exile.

This I can understand.

Come out!

Excuse me.

What did you do with her? Nothing. She went back.

To Poland.

To Poland? Yes, to Poland.


Is this "Mazurek"?

"Mazurek", in Bialaczow.


Can I speak with Zuzanna Lichon, please?



She just came back.

I understand.

Don't you know where she is?

I don't know how we could help you.

You are not a Frenchman. And you're not Polish anymore.

As for us, for Polish authorities, you don't exist.

But honestly, why are you trying to go back?

I'm Polish.

Please give me a break. But I am.

You're not Polish. You'd escaped, betrayed us, and lied about us.

You'd left young people who trusted you.

You don't love Poland.

I do. No, you don't.

But there is a solution.

If you sincerely regret your actions...

You have a special position in the artistic circles of Paris, right?

You know people from different enviorments.

Poland, 1959

What does this remind you of?

What does this remind you of? ♪ ♪ Such a familiar feeling again!


You look terrible.

How long?


Could have been worse apparently.

I crossed the border illegally twice and I was spying for the British.

You have 10 minutes.

What have we done?

I'll wait for you. Stop it.

Find youself a normal guy. Somebody who can live with you.

He wasn't born yet.

I'll get you out of here.

Bayo bongo, bayo bongo

Bayo bongo, o bongo bayay

Bayo bongo, bayo bongo

Through the whole wide world this song goes to you

Bayo bongo, bayo bongo

Bayo bongo, o bongo bayay

Who knows this beautiful dance? Will dance with me now

Oh, bayo bongo, Oh, bongo Bayay

It's nice of you to find the time. Come on Piotrus, don't be sad.

Introduce yourself to mister...



He's shy.

Does he look like me? Spitting image.

Now what? Will you come back to music?

Not really. Yeah.

I am glad you managed to get out of there. It wasn't easy.

But the deputy minister is our neighbor, and a good friend.

Thank you very much. I'm grateful, really.

I heard your Paris record. Very nice.

Great arrangements.

It would be great to do it again, here with us, in Polish.

Zula would surely need that. You too, by the way.

Look, mummy's coming.

I love you dearly, but I have to throw up.

Stay at the banquet.

There will be a lot of interesting people from the world of art.

Come on, come on...

Take me away from here.

That's why I am here.

But this time forever.

Repeat after me..

I, Wiktor Warski, I am taking you, Zuzanna Lichon, as my wife...

I, Wiktor Warski, I am taking you, Zuzanna Lichon, as my wife... and I promise I will never leave you until death do us part.

And I promise I will never leave you until death do us part.

I, Zuzanna Lichon, take you, Wiktor Warski, as my husband and I promise I will never leave you until death do us part.

So help us God.

You have more as you are heavier.

I am yours now.

Forever and ever.

Let's go to the other side.

The view is better there.

"To my parents"

English subs by: rollingpeople