Cold Water (1994) Script

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They burned the harvest.

They killed all the animals.

The German army continued retreating.

We heard no more guns on the road to Budapest.

Everything was quiet for two days.

Complete silence.

Then we heard that the Russians were coming.

Everyone panicked.

Really panicked.

Why did they panic?


The Russian army was full of youngsters from the Caucasus and Mongolia.

They were savages.

Real savages!

I don't know how to explain it.

My father packed our most precious belongings in crates.

He walled some of them up in the cellar, and my uncles buried the rest in the woods.

Isn't that your father's car?

Give it to me.

It was there yesterday!

So what?

Stop it! You'll bend the antenna.

You're a pain in the ass!


Not bad.

We can do better.



Not so loud!

That's great.

She could at least talk to my father.

It's not that hard, damn it!

Why bother? Your dad wants custody. The courts gave it to him.

What if I don't want to go back to that moron!

He can't make you. It's your choice, not your mother's.

He'll get me back if he wants.


Actually, he wants to put me in a home. The Beausoleil clinic.

He thinks I need care like Mom. You never told me.

I don't tell you everything. I tell you everything.

Why are you smiling? No reason.

Next time tell me why. Give me a break!

Last year he tore down all my posters, so I slashed his tires with a screwdriver.

He chased me down the street, dragged me back, and started kicking me, so I bit his ankle till my mouth was full of blood!

Is that why he sent you to Beausoleil?

I went there... but they wouldn't let me see you.

Later you told me the same shit you told everyone else.

I'm scared, Gilles.

I'm really scared.

I know.

I don't want to go back. Promise you'll help me.


Don't say it like that. This is serious.

I know. No, you don't know.

You're still just a kid, but that's okay.

Is that why you were smiling?

It's true. I have my books, my records, my papers, and no experience.

Can't your mother help? Get real! She's useless.

The younger guy she lives with works in a betting agency.

They'd really impress a court!

And he's an Arab, and they're both Scientologists!

No court's ever going to give her custody.

What will you do?


The court judgment is final.

We'll see.

See what?

I can't tell you yet. It's a secret.

I'll tell you anyway.

I'll tell only you. I swear.

Let me go, assholes!

Jesus! Grab her!

"My overheated blood filled my mind incessantly with girls and women, whom, because I did not know their true use, I employed in my imagination according to my own distorted notions, not knowing what else to do with them.

These thoughts kept my senses in a state of uncomfortable activity, from which, fortunately... they never taught me how to deliver myself.

But the time was past when childish games could be allowed to take their course.

Shame, which accompanies the awareness of evil, had come with the advancing years.

It increased my natural timidity to the point of making it insurmountable.

And never, either then or since, have I made an indecent proposal to any woman who had not forced me to it by her advances, even if I knew she was unscrupulous and likely to accept.

My agitation grew so strong that, unable to satisfy my desires, I excited them by the most extravagant maneuvers."

"I sought out dark alleyways and hidden corners to expose myself to women from afar in the condition in which I'd have liked to be in their company.

What they saw wasn't the obscene object.

I never even thought of that.

It was the ridiculous object."

Mr. Guersaint, continue reading.

You're not following along.

Fine. Then I'll help you.

We're at "the ridiculous object."

Start reading from "the ridiculous object."

Page 121.

What's this?

Where's The Confessions?

I forgot it at home.

Very well.

Since you can't read for us, you can tell us what you remember.

What happens next?

If you'd read it, you'd remember.

Do you even know what we're talking about?

What's this "ridiculous object"?

It should interest you.

It's his... or his...

What do you think, Gilles?

I'm sick of wasting my time on assholes like you!

You piss me off!

Get out!

Go on!

Take your things... since you're so interested in literature... and tell the assistant principal I don't want you back!

Go on! Get out!


Those pricks broke my bracelet and took my wallet!

Your wallet's right here.

Nothing's missing?

You can check later.

They had no right to keep me!

Where did they keep you?

In some shitty locker room.

What happened there?

Is that all?

They tried to intimidate me, but no such luck.

You've done this before.

Maybe. You know you have.

There's no proof! I never signed anything. Prove it!

We have their word.

And their word also says they saw you today stealing records in the store with your boyfriend.

Their word's not worth shit.


They're not sworn officers. That's why.

Besides, I have a few things I could tell too.



You're not at school.

This is a police station. Answer my questions.

Nothing. Ask them what happened in the locker room.

It was the tall guy with the crew cut.

He and I were alone in there.

He tried to ask me a few dumb questions.

When he saw I wasn't answering... he started feeling under my skirt.

And then?

He took off my panties and then... he stuck his finger in me. I was dry.

And you let him?

I felt nothing. He didn't exist.

Did this go on long?

No idea.

Then he made me kneel down, and he took out his cock.

Did he ask you to...

He didn't ask. He forced you?

No, he just pissed on me.

It's true. He pissed on me with his cock.

That's a serious allegation.

Super serious!

Now, then...

Christine Huart...

I've had your file here for three weeks.

Know what's in it?

A court order that your father wants enforced immediately.

In other words... they want me to send two officers... to take you to his house... with or without your consent.

Anything to say?


When your parents divorced, did you ask to live with your mother?

No one asked me.

You prefer your father?

I'd rather die than live with that worm!

And now?

I'm just waiting till I'm old enough to take off.

And go where?

I know where.

You won't say?

Your mother won't answer my letters.

She's not stupid! She knows what you want!

It's too late now.

I might have been able to help... but it's too late now.

Your father's here for you.

I didn't have time to make Chapon's delivery.

That took an hour of my time.

Listen... take the van.

There's a roll of fencing... and 250 posts.

Count them with the customer, or he'll try something again.

You could have shaved.

Listen, unload the van for him.

No, don't. He got 10% off.

For that he doesn't get labor.

STAFF ONLY It's from my dad's work site.

One of his buddies got it for me.

...six, seven, eight.

It's okay to handle it.

It only works with the detonators.

These are them.

You stick the fuse in on this side.

The stick goes on the other side.

This is Bickford fuse.

Thirteen feet to cut up as you like. It's string and gunpowder.

But remember: Once it's lit, you can't put it out.

Who said you could just walk in here?

Whose place is this?

Is Madeleine here? Answer me!

Whose place is this?

Show some fucking respect!

See you, Mourad.

They took Christine away from her. Did you know that?

No. The security guards got her.

I know that.

You don't give a fuck what happens to her when you steal your goddamn LPs!

Mommy and Daddy can always get you out of trouble or cough up some dough like last time!

You're drunk! I'm not listening!

Give me the key and go sleep it off!

Give me the fucking key!

I said I'd smash your face in if you did it again!

This isn't a game for Christine. It's her life.

Okay, Mourad, cut it out.

Hands off, fag!

They told you last time they'd call in the cops.

The cops gave her to her dad, and he's sending her to Beausoleil.

What now?

She was gone when Madeleine got to the station, so she went to the hardware store.

The sales guy threw her out.

Were you there?

No, she called from a phone booth.

She was bawling. Her dress was all torn.

She wanted me to go get her.

I'm late for the betting agency as it is.

Your room's ready.


Take this before bed. It'll do you good.

It's not strong at all.

You don't have to take them, but I'll have to tell Dr. Varennes.

That's better.

If you need anything, my office is down the hall.

There's a buzzer there to call me.

Good night.

Come look at this.

Remember the Death of the Virgin I showed you at the Louvre?

This figure at the Virgin's feet... remember him?

One hand over his eyes, the other at his throat, his head down.

I find few images of suffering more moving than this.

What about you?

Does it affect you the same way... or not?

When the painting was finished, Caravaggio was accused of using a drowned prostitute as his model.

If you look closely, it seems plausible.

It caused quite a scandal, and Caravaggio's patrons refused to accept the painting.

He couldn't defend himself, because he had to flee Rome for killing a man in a duel.

Are you listening?


Did you see the letter I got from your school?


Come on, I'm not stupid.

It was on the table.

I know you go through my papers.

Yeah, I saw it.


And what do you think about it?

What should I think? They can expel me next year.

I'll pass the exam anyway.

What if you fail? I won't.

What if you fail?

I'll fucking pass!

Please don't raise your voice to me.

I've had enough of these hassles.

You were disciplined twice last year, for God's sake!

Mess around, but don't let them catch you.

I'm sick of seeing the principal and bowing and scraping to her.

Two years ago... we transferred you to humanities because math was too hard.

Then a schedule with no Latin, because that was even easier.

So what is it you want? Tell me.

Some private school full of idiots and daddy's boys?

Just like your moronic cousin who's still in high school at 20-something?

Stop bringing up that idiot!

I'm 16 and I haven't failed my exam yet, okay?

If you don't want to answer them or see them, don't.

It's my problem!

Don't use that tone of voice.

And if you don't mind, it's my problem too.

I do mind!

That bitch has been after me all year!

Poor little martyr.

Any graffiti, theft, or walkouts, and she immediately sends for me!

It's not always me. I'm sick of being a scapegoat.

Now she's writing to you.

What have I done now? I've had enough!

If she wrote to me, she had her reasons.

I'm telling you there's no reason!

It's an obsession with her! She's out to get me!

When you get like this, there's no talking to you.

You don't even try to understand!

Stop it, Gilles!

Little jerk...

Can I talk to you now?

It is my problem too.

I just spoke to your mother.

She received a copy of the letter.

What did she say?

She wants you in a boarding school.

She spoke to the principal, who thinks it's a great idea.

A brilliant idea.

What can I say?

Your grades are bad... you're constantly in trouble... you fly off the handle at the slightest remark.

Like a moment ago.

I'm never home. I can't watch you all the time.

You have to be able to look after yourself.

I know, and I keep trying.

You'd never guess it.

Some kids your age already have jobs.

You're lucky you've never lacked money.

It's no fun at your age being left to your own devices, but that's how it is.

That's life, and you have to act like an adult.

That's what you need to learn.

I really don't know what to tell your mother these days.

I can't make any commitments regarding your work or mental balance.

She said she'd handle everything.

She knows a very decent place in the southwest somewhere.

She said it's for your own good, and I didn't say no.

I said okay.


Come here.

Come here.

Look how this works.

I'm doing my homework. Do it later.

Show me later. I can't concentrate.

You're just copying!

It has to be neat. You're a pain in the ass.

I can't show you later.

You get all that?

You show Maxime.

Can't you? He's coming tomorrow after his riding lesson.

Forget it. Why?

I'm not interested. That's kids' shit.

Tell him he doesn't owe me anything, okay?

Turn the light off.

I will...

Give me the scissors now.

You'll do something dumb.

Give them to me.

This isn't funny.

You're out of your mind!

She's nuts! Look what you did.

Take the scissors away from that bitch!

Come on!

Let go of me!

Come on!

You'll break her arm!

Are you crazy! Back off!

Okay, okay.

It's all right. It's all over.

I was afraid you weren't coming.

Thanks for worrying about me.

It's not that. I'm talking about Christine.

What about her? She's here.

What's she doing here? She ran away.

How? I don't know.

She must have said something.

No, she just turned up at dinner, really out of it.

Were your folks there? Of course.

What did you tell them?

A load of shit.

Did they believe it? Not a word.

They'll call her dad! No way.

Says who?

They're not snitches.

Yeah, sure.

They must have talked to her!

No, I gave her coffee in my room and brought her here.

You should have let her sleep. At home?

Of course.

She can't stay there. You have room.

What about my folks?

Tell them her mom went away.

Yeah, they'll buy that! Make something up.

No, you take her!

I can't! Well, same here!

So let her go back to the clinic?

No, to her mother's.

No, her father will go straight there.

She might have an idea. The cops will come and she'll panic.

Why the cops?

Her father will send them!

We can't let her down.

You're crazy! You've seen her. She needs care.

She's been okay all year.

Now look at her, after one day at the clinic.

They just gave her a sedative. It's normal.

And electroshock treatment is normal too!

Now you're just ranting.

They use it at the clinic. My mom works there!

You just want to be rid of her. You don't care.

Where's Christine?

I don't know. At the clinic.

They said she ran away. I'm sure he knows.

I know what? Don't fuck with me!

They thought she'd come home.

Good thing she's smarter than that.

Mourad remembered about this party.

We haven't seen her.

She must have taken a train to Paris.

Right! You think I'm an idiot? Out of my way!

You and Mourad argued earlier?

Yeah, but it's okay. I understand.

No, he's a pain with everyone! He's really losing it!

While he was still on the soccer team, things were okay.

But ever since he started at the betting agency, it's been crazy.

What has Christine told you?

About what?

I don't know. About me, her father...

She must tell you something. She won't say a word to me.

I can see she's unhappy, but I don't know how to help.

Does she want to live with her dad? No way!

What, then? To be alone maybe.

She's only 16! I can't let her go running off!

I don't know! You asked what she's told me!

She wants to be alone.

But you agree it's crazy, right?

Maybe it's her way of telling you something.


Like pay more attention to her.

Yeah, I know. She wishes my life were more stable.


A good job, and without Mourad.

I don't think... Mothers and daughters are like that!

She judges me! Well, I'm not giving up my life for her!

Just like with her father. Has to be the center of attraction.

At the store he was a self-centered control freak!

That's why I left. I won't let her pull the same act!

I'll live the way I want.

So I'm a Scientologist... that's my business!

She's not here. We'll try your sister's and the station, then back here in case she turns up.

Sorry I got all worked up. She means a lot to me.

I don't want to lose her.

You swear you don't know?

You haven't seen her?

I swear.

We have to go. One question first.



It's a secret.

It's no time for dumb secrets!

It's not dumb. Promise not to tell?

I promise.

Come on.

You remember Chloé?

You know, in fourth year.

I wasn't in your class.

I was always with her, a blonde girl.

Oh, yeah. She vanished a long time ago.

That's just it. She didn't vanish.

Her dad's a painter.

They moved to an old farm in the Lozère region.

The farm s full of artists.

They redid the place. It's great.

How do you know? It might suck.

She writes a lot. She's my best friend.

You want to go there?

I've wanted to for a long time.

I've never told anyone.

Except you.

I want you to come.

When? Right now.

I don't have a thing on me!

Neither do I.



You hesitated. You shouldn't have.

I'll go alone.

Just give me a second.

No, not one second. It's too late.

I'll come.

We'll be all alone, you know?

No family... no money, no home.

You'll have me... and I'll have you. That's all.

I know.

Still want to come?


I thought they'd never leave. Think they'll be back?

No, they think you're in Paris, that you'll turn up tomorrow.

They can go screw themselves.

Take Françoise's sweater. It's warm.

You'll need it.

And my jacket.

No, I'll be okay.

I want you to have it with you.


It's not much, but maybe it'll help.

Take it.

Has Chloé got a phone number?

No, there's no phone.

Or water or electricity either.

How about an address?

I thought you two wrote to each other.

We've never written.

Gilles doesn't know. I don't want him to.

I don't want to go alone.

You do love him?

Yes, I love him.

I love only him.

Stop looking at the map.

I told you it's on the Villefort road.

Call them. Maybe they could come get us.

There's no phone or water or electricity.

How do they wash up?

There's a well.


You use a basin. You heat the water.

It's simple enough.

Have you ever done it?


Gimme a light?

Did Chloé tell you all that?


We won't be there by dark.

It doesn't look that far on the map.

It's a winding road, at least 12 miles.

Twelve miles...

That's nothing.

There are no cars on the road.

And it'll be dark soon.