Collide (2016) Script

Reasons ...

We all got our reasons to do crazy ...

... reckless things in life.

Mostly they don't help you none.

Not when you are left to pick up the pieces.

But, if the reason is love, Then maybe it's not so crazy, because people believe in love.

You know it keeps the world turning.

And right now, That's the only thing keeping me alive.

What did you ... What did you say you wanted?



Is it that obvious? No, no, no. I heard you at the bar.

I mean it's like fate right?

You know two Americans in the middle of a rave, Germany?

Do you believe in fate? Is that a line?

That's cold ... With lines like that you better expect it!

I'm gonna start again.

Oh, hi! Hey!

Do you believe in fate?

I guess not, it sort of takes the fun out of things, you know?

What if it makes it more exciting?

Are you high? No, no, but ...

... look my point is, everything that happens, has already happened. Its fate.

Oh that's more exciting, because... You have already given me your phone number so what's the difference?

I knew it was a line!

I did work better in my head, like the build up and everything I don't know. I admire the ground work.

Thank you, yeh!

I'm Casey. Juliette.

Juliet what?

If it's fate then we slept together and you should know my last name.


Wait! Hang on!

So what are you doing here?

What, this place? In Germany.

You wanna know the truth?


Um, I got into some bad stuff in the States.

Nothing serious, just young, stupid and ... decided to use some little money I had to leave, see the world.

You got to go back? No.

Nothing to go back to.

How about you?

Ah, originally to study. and get away from my parents.

They did a lot of drugs ... a lot of fighting and not a lot of being parents.

You um, you still studying?

Not, not sure what I'm doing.

Oh, while you're not sure, you want to spend your time with me?

With you? Yeah!

Well, I um...

I appreciate you asking and you're cute, and nice and everything, but um ...

But I've seen you here, and I know what you're involved in.

I have no objection, we all like to party.

It's just that in my experience, guys into that lifestyle ... they're not the guys I'm looking for.

No, I'm not your typical... No, no I...

I don't think you are.

And if you ever decide to make that official ... you can let me know.


Anyway, it was nice to meet you. Yah, you too.

See you around.

Party boy!

What's going on? Stop flirting with those guys.

Seriously, Geran is waiting for us.

Look at this!

You like John Travolta?

Have you seen this movie? "Perfect"?

With Jamie Lee Curtis, butt aerobics.

Good film.

Acting not so much, but Travolta ...

Shit, man! He should have Oscar.

Who this?

I'm Casey. What?

I've been working for six months.



Oh yeah. Casey!

The drugs, Alahim, they affect my eyes.

She's big time car thief of America.

Tell her how many cars you steal?

I do not know...

I guess it was one too many.

You want to make more?

Yeah. I need someone like you, Burt Reynolds, a nobody, but smart.

And someone like you, Grease Lightning, a nobody, but crazy.

It's time for you to step up.

What is it? Special job. A lot of money.

You in?

Yeah, we're in.

Hang on, wait no. What is it? Is it dangerous?

What kind of question is that?

Of course it's dangerous.

Do you want a safe job?

You work in IKEA, don't question me!

If you don't want it, I don't care.

You want to run around collecting money from me till you get knifed?

That's up to you, I can replace you, like that.

Cause I care about my employees, I offer you something better.

You want it?

Yes or no?

I just made it official. Thank you.


I just made it official, I quit my job.

Now you got no excuse not to go on a date with me.

Are you serious?


You're crazy.

No, no I'm just a risk taker and you seem worth the risk.

Come on, just one date, that's all I'm asking.

You know we're seeing each other everyday for the last month.

Yes, I have been following you around. I'm sorry.

We should move in together.


I love you!

Hey. Hey, how you doing?

Good. How about you?

I was good.

You want a beer?

You look cute.

Come on here.

What have you been doing?

Missed you. Miss you.



I gotta go to work.

I'm not stopping you. You are.

Just a little.

Maybe I can be late.

Geran. Haggen.


How's family? Good.


Ah, I spend more time with horses. They don't ask for so much.


What do you ask for, Geran?

What do you ask for, from me?

Equal partnership.

I see. We've worked together a long time.

A long time.

I never cheat you. Never once.

I take risks.

Oh I know.

You take most of the return.

Of course.

I supply the product. Without which would be nothing.

I accept it. I accept it Good.


From a business point of view Geran.

Where is the leverage on me to give you, what you ask for?

Point of view of fairness.

This must be an appeal to my better nature.

That is bad?

It is a bit surprise, as a way of asking for more money.

No. It’s about money.

Partnership is respect. Yeh.

It's me in my place, you in yours. My kind, keep us in our place.

I know you'll say no, absolutely.

I know it.

But I have to ask.

I have to hear it.

Geran, the work you do, the risks you take, Entitles to at least half of what we earn together.

But the person you are compared to the person I am.

Compels me to, reject, to refuse what you ask for.

It is a question of character, of refinement of value, of virtue, of which you know nothing.

Be comfortable in your place, in life Geran.

It suits you well.

But you never be an equal partner with me,

in any sense of the word.

Look at these people, They're in their own little holidays, thinking this will go on forever.

What's forever? Nothing That is the point.

Let’s go upstairs, get warm, have a cuddle, maybe have sex.

You're so romantic.

I am a lucky, lucky girl. To you!

Since you walked away from that crazy, crazy Turkish psychopath.

I'm proud of you, Casey Stein.

It worked out okay.

Okay, the challenge is... we stripe to our underwear, we get in the snow...

First one to get up four fingers of schnapps straight out of the bottle, walk around the block, naked.

Can I stay with your socks on? NO!

Alright whatever. Lets do it. NAKED! NOW!

Everything off, okay?

It's too cold, I'm keeping my short on.

Three, two, one!


It's so cold!

It went alright. Let's go!

Jules? Baby com’on!


What happened? Hey... Jules?

Now we have the blood pressure under control, there should be no further risk of seizures.

We must prepare to address the underlying condition.

I'm sorry, but I'll be honest.

Your status in this country does not entitle you to a place on the required program.

Oh obviously, are not you will not be denied Haemodialysis, Hang on, I'm sorry, Your saying she's going to need dialysis?

Yes of course.

Well, ultimately a kidney transplant is the only solution.

And time is of the essence, but we cannot help you, I'm sorry.

Why didn't you tell me? What is the point?

You heard what she said, I need a transplant that they won't give me.

What’s the point? Com'on you're my best friend, you know everything about me.

You can imagine how that makes me feel?

How you feel?



Shit, almost shot you through the door!

Yoah, Burt Reynolds, you come back!

I knew it.

Hey. Come in.

How about the door?

You look tense.

You want woman?

Champagne, cocaine, viagra, take what you want.

I just need to make some money.

That's why were all here, to make money.

That's why I own race horses, and hookers.

You know the difference between a race horse and hooker?

Me neither. You want to find out?


Bye, Bye.

Chio! Bye!

Hagen Kahl, have you heard of him? No!


Number one business man.

Hagen Kahl Logistics, is completely legal, reliable, efficient, trustworthy.

All that German shit.

Second, security.

This one not quite so legal, everyone watches their assist, Hagen Khal, has got an army.

Three, drugs.

Which of course is not legal at all.

So once every six months.

A truck traveling from docks at Rotterdam to Cologne.

Trucks carrying 4,000 cubic feet of golf balls.

Packed with cocaine all the way from Chile.

Yea, so the cargo is delivered to one of Hagen's depots.

Empty them in the warehouse.

He hands the product off to Geran for distribution.

Geran gives back the takings in 500 EURO notes.

You know, easy to move.

Finally Hagen packs the money inside the bodies high end luxury cars.

5 million in each car.

The export them onto ships, ships go back to Chile, the cycle is complete Pretty good setup right?

He's business man. Raised in England and German blood line, family man, philanthropist, drug trafficker and killer.

Don't you forget that!

Now, the same guy drive truck, every time.

Doesn't drink or smoke or do drugs.

Clean record, guy is like pope.

No sleep for 8 hours. boom!

No stop to piss.

Always on time. Guy is psychopath.

As driving terminator.

Top of truck mounted camera.

GPS device.

So I need someone like you, Burt Reynolds, a nobody but smart.

And you Chris Lightning, a nobody but crazy.

You figure out way to steal truck Burt Reynolds, you bring it to me.

Then you make your money.

$250,000, each.

Now tell me...

Are you racehorse or you a hooker.

Listen, I think there is a way.

What do you mean?

We go back to the States, pay for the transplant ourselves.

You do not think I thought of that?

It's nearly $200,000.

We can barely cover our rent.

Yea, I stop working at the site and go back to what I was doing.

Earn some serious money.

Serious money?

What you goanna do? Rob all the casinos in Vegas?

One night of glorious mayhem?

There is a way to get money. I can do it.

And I can take care of myself too, but no offense.

I did long before you came along.

Okay, I just get back to working for Geran, I make good money, some serious money and then, No, Casey, I...

No, I do not want to do that for me.

Your all that I got, okay?

All I'm trying to do is protect you.

Promise you’re not going to do it?


Snake bite...

Two parts of Jack Daniels and tequila one, part tabasco.

T please, hey T please this is serious.

I'm serious, I worked all week, and it's my day off.

And we've gone over this 100 times. I need a drink.

Yes, I know we need to focus for two minutes and then we can drink.

I'm focused, eye of the tiger.

So we hit the truck here outside Austim like we talked about...

What is that? Really?

The lighter is the bike, the glass is the car.

We crashed the bike into the car and make it look like an accident.

When the truck stops, the driver will get out, And that's our opportunity. I got it.

Alright, then I'll remove the tracker and you handle the driver,

Shit, these guys man I tell you soak up the pressure.

They hit you with the counterattack always one step ahead.

That's why they're going to win the League, that's why they get paid.

What? I got money on this game.

It was something you said.

I said a lot of things.

Yes but, soaking up the pressure, being one step ahead.

We need a counterattack.


You told me that if you died...

You want move on and forget about you.

Well, I can't do that.

It's like your laying down to die, and that is not us.

We got to keep moving, we got to do whatever it takes.

Com'on lets go!

Got it? Got it? Yeh!

Com'on! Com'on!! Come on! Come on!!

Com'on! Com'on!! Please! Please!

You okay? Yeh!

We said no guns.

You said no guns

GPS disconnected

connected GPS

Okay stick with me till the lake and there's the tracker.

Be careful, okay? Yeh, you too!

Hey, you're not picking up! You're not picking up!

What's going on, where are you? We got to meet Geran in an hour.

Call me back now, I'm at the spot. Now! Shesh!

Good morning.

You know on the rarely occasions when people like you.

Try to steal from me, I'll take what's mine, but I find myself being, weirdly drawn to them. Wondering who this foolish man can possibly be?

And who put him up to it?

I wonder?

What I do know about you is that you're American, because my friends here tell me you were talking while you were unconscious which or course is typically American is'nt it? and judging by your stubborn refusal to talk right now while you are fully concious, Well, I guess that must make you an extremely, brave American or, excessively stupid American. I don't know, you tell me! Yeh.

But you and I can surely cut through all that boring back and fourth Sylvester Stallone nonsense "Eh ah Adreine"

You just give me the name or the names of the comedians who sent you for this.

Most idiotic caper.

I was me. Ah, I was my idea.

I want you to know right now sir, that I do not for one moment condemned for what you have done, not at'all.

It's our line of work, quite brutal, quite ruthless isn't it, ya.

You and I would never set ourselves up to present our resume would we no!

We clawed, kicked and fought our way to the top didn't we?

Welcome to the big fat stupid meaningless world in which we all move, live and have our being.

But no one gives a shit, and maybe because that's the way it is, bro!.

It always has been and will be, world without end.

Amen, Hallelujah!!!

Brave New World!


You people!

You Know nothing.

Oh by the way before I forget, you must drink plenty of water when you start talking, which you will do of course because your mouth will become exceedingly dry and parched from fear, you understand?

What was I going to tell you?

Oh yes that's right, my father, My father was quite an notorious interrogation officer during the war.

One very hot Wednesday afternoon, July 21, 1944, no,

It wasn't, it was in '43.

God, I've always hated Wednesdays.

Yeh, I remember that I was, I was hiding in my father's study, I must have been playing hide and seek with my little sister, you know?

And suddenly I discovered this briefcase, the briefcase my father's briefcase, Crammed with photographs of my father's methods of interrogation they were horrible, disgusting, My father was a horrible, disgusting and evil, efficient beast-t!

An appalling sense of duty.

But people who knew him respected him, feared him.

I hated my father and I loathed him.

After he was dead, I pissed all over his grave. Pissed all over it!

So all of a sudden I'm my father's son, but I am not in that respect.

I hate the painful coercion I hate torture, but...

I leave that to my friends here, All I do is deliver the final 'coup de grâce'

Or is it, "Coup De Grâce"

Hey I must fly myself. Mitch.

Thank you.

I have my wife's birthday party to attend to, you know?

And ah, my three beautiful daughters they would severly, CHASTISE ME!!!

You know what women like, don't you?

So I'll leave you in good hands, okay?


Oh, one other thing, I noticed your wrist band the name Juliette Marne.

They tell me that you were calling her when you were unconscious.

Leave her out of this. I promise she has nothing to do with it.

Americans are extraordinary should be all that psychoanalysis.

Maybe I should have it, oh am I screwed up for it?

So anyway, if you do not give us the information we need.

I'm sure she will.

Auvidesein, my friend.

Hey, I've got what you need, wait!

Hey! Hey!

What's going on? Are you okay?

Yeh I'm okay just got caught up.

Where were you last night?

I was just out with Matthias.

But Casey, you promised me you weren't going to go back to that.

Yea, I know, I know it's not what you think. Okay.

Hey, I was thinking we should get out of town for a while, Just you and me, away to take a break.

Look, I saw your letter, I...

I just...

Don't I need all this shit right now, okay?

You know what day it is today, Yeh?

Yeh, I know, look...

I coming home and... No!

I can’t do this now, okay?

Jules, I'm sorry.

I'll be home soon, please, please, just wait for me.

I gotta to go.


Hey, Jules?

Hey, This is Juliette Leave a message.

I'm coming to get you, please Just stay there, okay?

Hey Move!

That guy is trying to kill me. He's got a gun. He's got a gun!

Where were you? You okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Listen, listen, I need you to do something for me.

Juliette is in trouble.

What? She's in trouble.

She's at the hospital, she's heading home.

I need her out of the apartment I will, What should I say?

I don't know, just take her for coffee, say to want to see a movie, whatever!

Movie? Why in the hell is she going to go to the movies with me?

I do not know T, just get her out of the apartment!

Okay, okay, okay.


If it's the story of Muarue, then Juliette and her Romeo.

That's William Shakespeare, Brutal.

Many innocent characters of his died violent and meaningless deaths like, Juliette and her Romeo. Poor Casey Stein.

Lovers address, is Kiser Stacer 237, apartment 12B Yeh that's it 12B.

You can have it back Tell me where, I'll drop the money, all of it!

Just please leave her out of this.

Run, little pig, run, run. Run, Little pig, run, run, run.

Okay, this is Juliette leave a message!

Jules, com’on you need you to answer your phone!

I'm Sorry, I get that you're mad, but I'm begging you please, get out of the house!

I love you so much, just please listen to me okay!


You better talk you bastard! Talk!

Hey Geran, yea, I know we messed up.

You sell me out? You sell me out?

No, NO, I did not give you up! I didn't say anything.

It went wrong, But I busted out, but I stole a car.

It was one of Hagen's cars drop cars, okay?

It had lots of in it, Lots-a-money!

When you say lots, how much?

It's like $5.000.000 in each car, right?

And Geran look, I need $200,000. The rest is all yours.

But I need you to do something for me.

Do what?

I need you to protect my girlfriend, Juliette Marne.

Okay? She's at Kieser Straser 237 apartment 12b.

Get her out of there. Is that all?

Oh, Come on!

Yo this is Matthias. Drop it like it's HOT!

Matthias, I need to know what's going on. Did you get Juliette?

Hey this is Casey, leave a message.

Casey, I do not know how to say this man but she was not there.

Just let me know she's is safe.

I think someone got here first. Call me back, okay?

Call me back!

On Three.

[For security reasons we do not accept EUR 500 banknotes]

It's too much? You can keep the change, okay? Keep it.

Come on. Come on, you can see I'm in a mess here.

I need your help, I screwed up.

I really screwed this up!

I was trying to doing the right thing for her but it was stupid.

Told her I would not do it again.

I mean she told me, told me not to this and I promised and,

now I might of gotten her killed.

I know you do not know me, but I'm not a bad guy.

But the people chasing me.

They are going to kill the love of my life if I do not get to Cologne in time.

Give me that gas and let me drive out of here, I'll be the luckiest guy alive.

You don't... I probably deserve that too.

I do but she doesn't, Okay?

She doesn't deserve any of this.

Thank you! You are a god damn...

I want to kiss you but I won't, you know you are a saint, Thank-you!

Hey, easy! Easy!

I don't know what you are saying.

Get down, get down!

I don't know what you are saying.

You Okay? Ya, ya!

Look you do not want to... You do not want to get involved with these guys, okay?

Just put it down. Put it down. Please.

You have to get out of here. Let them go.

What's your name?

Hey, please stay out of this.

He has already made his choice.

Name please?

Wolfgang Sorry a little louder, I'm a little hard of hearing. It is the age, you understand.

My name is Wolfgang Wolfgang?

You mean after Amadeus Mozart? Wow!

Do you speak English, Wolfgang?

Don't play his games, don't.

Please, I'm talking to my friend Wolfgang.

Sorry, Wolfy.

Do you speak the English?

A little bit.

That's good, is very good.

Therefore I will speak slowly.

Do you like Mozart, Wolfgang?

Sure. Good.

Well, you will be meeting him soon.

Listen I've been hunting deer since I was 12. and they are five times faster than you.

And I very rarely miss.

And from this range I barely have to aim.

And I'll blow your head from here to Düsseldorf.

It wasn't a discussion.

Now it is his time.

The painless coup de gras.


Obviously I've miss judged you, my friend.

In my experience, people who are about to die, usually cry, or prays or beg a little.

But laugh a little, well, that is original.

You really are an exceptional young man, aren’t you!

You don't see it do you?


Enlighten me, please.

I mean, you think with all your money, you are somehow better than me.

That you are safe and in control.

You are not...

I am in control.

Because still I have your truck.

So you should think about making a deal.

Burt Reynolds Did you get her?

Who? You know who, Juliette.


No. No. We were too late. What do you mean you were too late?

Someone got there before us.

She's dead, I am sorry my friend.

I mess with you... I mess with you.

We got her! We got her! Oh man you're face...

I wish I could see it. She here, relax! She here.

I'm confused. It is there? You got her? She is alive?

My men just pick her up, she's on her way.

Come here to race track.

Yeah, okay, I'm on my way.

Bring the money, okay? Yea, I got the money. I got the money.

I have to warn you, From what I hear, She's pretty pissed with you.

Sakes me Burt Reynolds!

You give me heart attack!

Next time I shoot you.

Where is she?

Where is she?

You don't see it?

Where, see what?

You Man, you. What?

You look like a Burt Reynolds.

Fine, You've got her right? She's here?

Compliment. You're very handsome man.

Well now not so much, gees you know.

Now like manikin.

But then, Alai’im, like a statue, like in 'Deliverance' his body.

You could lite a match off it!

I just need to see her. I just need to see her.

I love Burt Reynolds

Lets walk!

You say anything to Hagen Kahl about me that I plan all this?

Nothing. Nothing?

No, nothing! And where is she?

Oh, I love this song...


Hey, Hey, Geran!

No, no, no, no, It's me, It's me, Burt Reynolds.

Burt Reynolds, what did I say?

No sudden moves.

I'm sorry, Yeh!

Please, the drugs are strong today!



Geran... Geran!! Yeh!

That's not her! What?

You got the wrong, woman!

Hey stay cool man! I did as you asked.

I picked her up from Kiser Stracer 237 apartment 12d!

B! What?

Apartment 12b Not D? No!

Ah... that explains everything that's why she did not want to come.

Now she can go! She can go!!!

You stupid ass-hole!

If anything has happened to her I swear I'm going... DO WHAT?

I ask you, Burt Reynolds Do What?

Where's the truck?

Tell me where the damn truck is!


Oh my god!

Hello? I believe I have something you want?

Mr. Stein.

Please, please don't hurt her she's nothing to do with this.

Then give me what is mine! Okay, okay, but...

We do it on my terms we meet at the Stiefe Bar in Cologne.

And put her on the phone I want to know she is okay.

Oh my god!

He's here, Hagen is here.

Now the day is over the night is drawing near, The shadows of the evening steal across the sky.

What a day it has been Mr. Stain.

What a beautiful day.

I see you brought the money!

Open the case.

Yep, all seems to be in order.

Shut the case. Step back.

By the way I hear about her illness, And your gallant and chivalrous desire to save her life.

I was most moved. incidentally you're free to go, Miss. Marne.

You on the other hand Casey I'll need you to stay to sort out this truck business.

Hi, Geran.

I need drink.

Will someone get me a drink before I die of thirst?

Have some.

That's nice!


You think I loud, brash, disgusting, Got no manners? Maybe yes!

But I have do have a heart and that heart was sliced two.

When you refused me equal partnership.

I take it you set up this little circus Mr. Stein?

Yea it was me.

So you gave yourself up to save her life.

That is most interesting.

No, I'm not leave you. Look, you've got the money. You've got the money.

Why are you doing this?

Why? Because I chose to, it's all in the game, Miss Marne.

Call it the Trinity game.

This man said, I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.

That simple.

Go! Go!!


Hey ... Stop right there.

What the hell is going on, Casey?

Geran offered me and Matthias money to steal a truck from this gangster that had golf balls full of cocaine in it.

What ? I wanted the money for you, to make you better, Casey... it went bad, I got caught and tortured me and Casey...? broke out and stole a car, there was 5 million Euros inside.

In there? Yea!

Jesus, Hey look, I just wanted to give you the life you deserve.


If I stuck a pair of tights over my head and robbed a bank you think is was a dumb idea!

Yea, yes of course, I know!

But I had to think some people may think what I did was like... Romantic.

Romantic? Yea.

Well, it's kinda romantic. Thank-you!

Wait... Wait!

Take the money. I'll find you.

You'll be okay? Yes I love you.

I love you.


And cherry.

Makes cherry-coke!

My daughter taught me that.

Take this.

In prison, the candy is like gold dust.

I want to make a deal.

With this... how do they call Americans it...?

Rap sheet, you need a miracle.

Hagen Kahl, have heard of him?

It is an outstanding member of the community.

And the biggest drug-lord in Germany.

With powerful allies, they bury such allegations.

I have hard evidence.

Even then he could still walk.

Well this through the door, then the rest, that is up to you.

I'm listening.

The truck travels from the docks in Rotterdam to Cologna, full of golf balls packed with cocaine from Chile.

It is unloaded in Hagen's depot and distributed across Germany.

It happens once every six months.

Except, last night the shipment was stolen.

By whom?

You think I'm a amateur?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters it is ...

Decoy truck.

It's like you said, you have to be one step ahead, have a contraataque.

Why in the hell do we need a decoy truck?

It's insurance, in case of Geran try to killing us instead of giving us the money.

Do not forget that.

Where are we going to get a decoy truck?

We'll steal it.

A couple of days before you and me empty truck minimum security.

And we put the decoy truck here off the hit point.

And when we finish with the stop... we swap the trailers.

Simple. Boom.

I can give you that truck... full of cocaine, With Hagen Kahl's name of the side of it!

What makes you think I'll make a deal?

It would be the biggest drug bust Cologna has ever seen.

The press would love it and...

...your daughter would have a hero for a father.

"HAGEN KHAL The King of Drugs"

Here, this came for you this morning.


So as I said...

We all got our reasons for doing crazy things in life, but Juliette have the operation he needed.

We'll starting a new life together.

I love you.

No one has ever told me that before.

The girls never told you that before?

No, nobody ever.

I love you.

I love you too.

So if the reason is good enough.

If the reason is love,

then maybe it is not so crazy after all.