Color Me Blood Red (1965) Script


You ... !

Something is wrong . This is not the color!

But? that Miserable .

Gigi , I have said before. I do not bother when I'm working .

If you do not bother probably will never exchange the middle again.

Big deal . Whenever I can paint stockings on my feet.

If one day we were married , the first thing I would do would seek a divorce .

You would like to ...

What are you doing here ? I'm working .

Well , Picasso, you're working , but you have to be ... in Farnswoth gallery in an hour.

Your big auction for one man only , remember?

Oh Mr. Farnswoth says it will not make more business with you if you do not show .

Critics will be there.

What critics ? Are the Subúrbio Magazine ?

You know, not sell a picture for a serious collector ... since my mother stop to buy .

Better go , or sr . Farnsworth goes ...

So that the \"F \"?

The \" F\" is for ... Farnsworth.



The man who ...

As I was saying , the man who pinto pinto this and that ... you are interested in selling his paintings.

Not really , no . Right?

Yes , sr . Farnsworth, as you write in my columns , Adam Sorg is ...

How much does this fabric 1500. Is it too much paint , you know ?

Yes , I write that Adam Sorg is a commercial success .

But an artistic failure, right?

Well, sr . Sorg , I would not go that far.

Let's say a commercial success, but an artistic impostor.

Your use of the colors , let generous , is not well implemented.

Mr. Gregorovich , let me express in words ...

I can not express myself as through the fabric. You're full of ...

Adam is a critical ! Why have to irritate Gregorovich ?

He said nothing as terrible.

¿ Farnsworth, you know that is the \"F \"?

Adam , for the love of God ... \"F \" is for ...


They say it has a story behind all the pictures he paints.

It is a fascinating man .

I wish it were a little quieter.

It is so colorful.

It's a great thing to have the honor of this painting. This fashionable.

Madame , I would be happier if said I was a good painter .

But I will not discourage it.

It is so good. I do not understand because the critics do not like.

It like it . It's still very young , you know.

Adam !

Adam !

Adam !

Adam !Adam !

Adam !

Adam !

¿ Adam , for God's sake , why do not you answer me?

I know you heard me .


I do not think anyone knows as evil as you .

Why so much fuss?

Mr. Farnsworth is here. Says you have a paints for . Are you ready ?

Tell take any and take her away .

I trust him . It is very serious to fool someone.

Dear , you should talk to the . We pay a lot of money .

If we get married , I'll have to hire an entrepreneur.

If we get married , I'll hire a psychiatrist.

You look like a wet cat . Take care of this.

Adam !

Adam , you 're wet all these paintings .

Why not? These fabrics were made ​​to use watercolors.

Adam , you're impossible .

If I am impossible, perhaps I should leave.

I told you, here's a present buyers morons art Now I take what he wanted ?Outside !

The coffee is cold and you are a possible host!

Gauguin also say was crazy.

What the hell is that ? That ?

That is Impressionism .

This may be worth something .

¿ Adam has more red paintings ? You are selling well .

What you find with red paint ?

Adam , I have to agree with that critical , Gregorovich .

I think it can improve the use of colors.

You know one thing ? I agree with you .

Now, take the rest and leave . I have to work .

My shoes are wet.

Perfect .

Excuse me for leaving blood on your fabric. I had a nail sticking out.

Quiet Lord. It's too early for breakfast.

You mean this is blood?

Well, it is , unless I have tomato juice in my veins .

What is the problem , maestro?

You can not be nervous again ... . It's 8 o'clock.

Come over. I want to see.

You mean you actually you interested? I can not believe it .

Well, I want to see that . It's a great color.

Thanks .Listen ! It is important.

Want to try something.

Can not listen to me just for a minute ?

Now you want blood. Okay, Count Dracula. But only a little.

Well, piggy . Blood for a great man.

If we get married , I'll have to wear gloves.

Adam .

Adam , you must be sick.

I 'm willing to give my blood. But I 'm not going to give it all .

To cover this fabric , you will need a superwoman .

I'm going out .I'm not torturing !

Look, if you want blood, you use yours . Probably black serious.

This crazy !

Damn fool .

There is only one problem to paint this way.

This table ends with you .

Ink , mate, no hemoglobin.

Leave this box to Bank Blood and reworks .

What kind of vampire are you, painting with blood?

Are you a painter or a butcher ?

You have to talk to Farnsworth and tell him you have something big.

He has to invite one critic Gregorovich , to see your new paint.

You have to be ready for some , if you care .

No where will you find the blood to finish this.

It is certainly a great painting .

It is not good for you , Adam make a blood work with paint.

Adam ! Adam , are you listening to me ?

If we got married ...

Your friends are here , April.

Yes, mother . They are walking .

Where will this afternoon?

Rolf and I are going on a picnic , Jack and Sydney.

April , can not I get used to call a girl Sydney.

I 'm not accustomed Sydney is a girl.

I guess I'm not used , but do not know why .

You know, when I was your age, not selling the books you read and underscores .

Well, your friends are going for here.

Which of these is Sydney?

I'm here in the yard, dear . Hello , dear. Hello, mrs . Garver .

¿ April , why did not you come when touring ?

My daughter does not run when someone walks .

What are you, a band of geese ?

Nothing bad for a lady city, is not it ?

That it is.

Young , I hope we will not have another war . I'd hate to think of you defending.

I think they are going to have fun, but I will not spend my day wondering how .

Where are you going , mother The Farnsworth Gallery .

They have some paintings Adam Sorg , and I want to make some deals .

Well, have a nice day , April, Rolf , and you two ... companions.

Also have fun .

Hey , look at that car . She does not seem so stretched as well .

I think it's modern , although not enough .

Come dear, before those two in the cement harden .

Where are we going , Rolf Towards the beach.

One place for us . A silent and particular place.

Our girl 1927 !

\" Take me to the game, papa . They have a very good game tonight. \"

Come on . It's a long way down the beach .

Mr. Farnsworth ten minutes more and I'll have to go.

Do not worry , sr . Gregorovich . Call Adam's house .

Nobody answered . Must be coming here with paintings.

Here is the .


That is , my dear Adam , the better of course .

I need to give my opinion about their work.

Wave a great talent.

Oh , sr . Farnsworth, I have to congratulate him. How is it?

To the best paintings of all ... 15,000.

15.¿000 ? You must be joking.

My dear friend , I have to say on behalf of the lady. This is not a Michelangelo .

Neither have Picazos prices as well .

I can not accept less for that paint. It will be a classic.

Art Museums will borrow the . The books talk about it.

You are a formidable seller carrieth me .

You may never found another one.

I know Adam Sorg . His blood is on this.

Not for sale .

What do you mean , \" not for sale \"?

If , Adam , you mean ? If not want to sell , why did you bring ?

To prove that I can paint.

Has a painting in each of us . Can you paint another ?

Or that's a great idea , never happen again?

Can you paint that one again?

Want another ?

Will paint another .

That is not for sale . You can hang , look , admire ... but not for sale . Not for sale!

Mr. Gregorovich , which finds you on it ? Does not exciting?

I think I would not be the psychoanalyst man.

How about this place Can we stay here?

Dear , this place is the most exciting .

What's my kiss , Jack Open your eyes , guys.

You better go to the beach. If I was that guy , I'd privacy.

If you were that guy , you'd privacy.

It is clouding , baby . Better go home .

Before we left, we will give a look those things that are there.

Come on. Let I'm going .

I'm going over there .

Hey , let ! It seems fun.

Betsy , I will not go me to it . They must belong to someone .

Come on, Norman . There we go to break .

Are we going to get there and back , okay? Let make a career from there to here.

Come on . That's it. Let . Push me hard .

Let . Come

This is fun .

Come on . Come on . You'll never catch me.

I'll get there.

What is the problem ? Come on.

I'm tired . Let's go .

I'm still behind you . Shut up .

Will the owner of these things ?

It is better to leave.

Norman , he's coming to us.

Norman !

Ah , sr . Sorg , this time you can not escape me .

The sr . Farnsworth and I were talking business .

Adam , you can paint for a year with her earnings with this sale .

That painting is not for sale .

What -I said no is for sale !

I hope you are satisfied.

I hope so.

My dear Farnsworth, his genius crazy not diluted this painting.

Did that boy going to dive with you today , dear ?

You speak of Rolf ? He's already trained , mother .

The bell touch like a good boy .

And he's a good guy ?

Yes, dear. He is not as your crazy painter.

April , I determine to have one of those paintings .

The sr . Farnsworth says Adam Sorg no business in weeks.

He seems to be hibernating.

Mr. Farnsworth says Sorg has a house not far from the beach.

And he has not left these days . Not to buy art supplies.

Vamos a la playa mother. Maybe I convince mr . Sorg to paint a picture of mine .

Are not you going to the deserted part , right?

You'll spend half the day to get there.

We like you, mother. Other beaches are too crowded .

We found a place we like and probably go there.

And after dark , aremos a picknick .

I think Iran late.

Do not worry, mother. What can go on a deserted beach?

What were taking ? Come on, idiots.

All good . Where are the blankets ?

Here they are .

Here's the towel.

Have the rest Yes , it's all here .

Come to the water , fast . - Rolf , we go swimming ?

All right . Good idea . Come on!

-Rolf What ?

No suit swimsuit . And you Wait 'll look .

Do Not.

Let the house to move . It seems empty.

And lose the sun? Do not be scrupulous . We change here .

Let us change here .

Sidney !

List Good.

Voila !

I think I will not do that . 'm Going to change there.

Come on, bring the covers far, clowns.

All right.

I 'm looking for a model. Did this interested in the paint ?

You are ... are you an artist?

Of course not , I'm a biker , why I need a model.

Sorry . Wait a minute.

I want to show you something.

Take a look .

There's nothing there . That's it.

This fabric is waiting . You can spice .

You want me to pose for you Yes .

Like? What pose The way you want.

This painting is ... you.

I'm with some friends . Let them return to their home.

Return later.

I can not do that . Sorry .

You're really a painter ? I mean, you are known ?

Some people will believe that if . What is your name?

Adam Sorg .

Adam Sorg ! My mother tried to buy one of his paintings .

She can have this . For nothing . Will my present.

I ... do not know.

Maybe tonight . No .

If . Maybe tonight .

Where were you? I thought you were lost there.

No. I was looking for ... one thing.

Were you looking for a thing ? What was it?

Nothing . I said \"nothing\" .

As will find something , despite being nothing.

As I'm not looking for anything ... Acabare finding something .

I should take a a career in submarines.

Here we go , dear . What is the matter with you ?

Prepared ! Aim! Fire!

These , very quiet tonight .

I 'm trying to decide if I 'll do something.

Sorry to be a lousy company.

Rolf , is that painter ... Painter ?

You mean , the guy who makes his living honestly painting houses ?

Or is the guy who has a beard and sandals ?

He ... he wants to paint .

\" My cherie \" I am a painter famous. I would paint it.

I 'm honored.

Ah , that vocabulary . Can I paint it? \" Oui \"?

You can paint me .

As well . You paint .

As well . You repaint .

That crazy !

Because these nerve . Dear , calm down .

Already . I have a little something . A drink to cheer .

Paul , you know I do not drink ... milk.

What do you think of that painter ?

He is a very famous painter . He wants me pose for him.

Naked, I guess.

What makes you think that?

Because I'd like to paint naked .

You're not a painter . If you cared , that does not prevent it me .

Tell me when this Rasputin- Rembrandt wants poses naked ?

Tonight . And for your information , he does not want to paint naked.

Does not want to, ah? Obviously knows something about you that I do not know.

Well , miss . Carter , Colonel Rolf is in charge.

Let's go get the car and go to more phone next post ... and call your painter for the wait itself .

Tonight . We can say that an unexpectedly emerged .

We'll call right now In that place is his studio This ... this far .

Rolf , if we both go, Jack and Sydney think that something is wrong .

Give me the keys and I 'll go alone . You wait for them.

You give me the keys.

No, dear, I wanna go with you . Do not take a few minutes to arrive .

They are far away. Besides that , they will back wet and they will spoil your car.

Come on, sweetie . Give me the keys and when I return , I will be very good love .

What kind of humor?

That kind of humor . Now give me the keys.

Well, before the end of the night you can be the owner of that car .

Here are your shoes.

And again soon.

No I'm doing here . Yes, I know.

Do your friends know that you here?

No, but I can not stay for long.

I should have called to warn that it could not pose for you.

Do they know I asked to pose for me?

They know it was you or this house. Why?

Well, if we can not delay , better start .

Sit over there.

Want to do something?

Not yet.

Me should not pose or something?

I'm not a photographer, am a painter .

I paint what I feel , not what I see.

You want me to sit here?

Just for a moment . You know when to be moved .

That painting looks like blood .

They refer to it when talk that leaves your blood ...

That's not funny !

Excuse me. Sorry . I'm just mad at me .

I better go .No! No !

I ... I'm almost ready .

Stand there.

That's ... -Do not touch ! It is loaded .

You want me ... -No!

Levante it I do not get nervous .

Hey , Jack , I want to undress !

Why do not you take it ? You make me nervous .

Do not tell me You could lose .

And how would stay with half a bikini ?

If only you keep this end up losing everything.

Yo, you 'll lose . You either which way I go.

Hey, where was your girl ? I flee ? Disappeared?

She was making a phone call.

In that house No, in the position of the road.

Look, I have a light . I thought it was a desert.

Uh , I 'm frozen .

Do not tell me . You podés naked to Fort Knox.

Not that kind of cold . This kind of cold, stupid.

Why will not find more branches ? April and I joined them.

Now it's your turn . There's a mountain near the beach .

Here we go , miss . Iceberg, go find branches.

Oh , wait a minute . Well .

I can not stay longer . What's the problem?

You seem to not get to maintain the pose.

I tell you what I'll do . I'll help you keep your arms as well .

The memory will paint . How to do that ?

Look .

What are you doing ?

Thus , you can relax your arms and maintain the same position.

Do not tie me!

It's just a moment, I think something up .

You can wait just a minute.

Wait here? I have to do , I can not move .

Jack, come here to give me a hand , okay ?



Holy Banana ! Is the leg of a girl.

I have to go. Back another day so ends .

It's just one minute ! I'm making the draft.

Look at that horrible madness . It is the body of a girl.

Brilliant deduction , expert ! What now ?

I go to that house, to call the police.

You two stay here . April should be back any minute.

You're right, but I'll wait near the fire.

Maybe I 'll call . I hope you have a phone there.

If no , take a flashlight and illuminate several times.

Gritare high enough that the police 4 counties heard.

One more thing .

To perfect neck line . Turn around for me.

I'm tired . I loose . This is ridiculous .

Do you say to me, \"ridiculous\" ?

I never heard of anything like this before . This is not a way of painting .

Put me down !

You will be immortalized in a fabric Sorg , like it or not .

Turn around !

Do what I ask . Turn around.

Count to twenty and open ended . What ?

Stay that way . No! Do not turn !

For the love of ... Once. Twelve.

I'm not having fun, sr . Sorg . Tell one to twenty.

Thirteen . Fourteen .

I can use ... April !

What the hell 's going on here What are you doing with that ax ?

I'm just working with an idea.

That's her young boyfriend . Invite them to happen.

I'm already inside . Where is your phone ?

I have no phone . You're tough , young man.

You also would be rude if see her tied girl.

And a man with an ax in hand and blood in the other.

And a corpse on the beach . - A corpse ?

April , do not you're doing here ... -Stay away from her!

Quiet ! If arriving come flying your head.

Well , that ... Girl the beach ... it was a misunderstanding.

Nothing about it . I do not believe that.

First, not say it was a girl.

And how would know that is a girl unless you 've killed ?

Young man, is making a mistake .

And let ...

If you approach this weapon , le delivery head.

And that girl on the beach ... it was nothing .

He could live or die , and it would not matter.

But now , she will live forever, in my fabric.

She is immortal . She will live forever.

That beach thing ... is just an empty shell. Just that.

But life and blood it is what lives .

That keeps it alive . She's alive in my painting .

His life, his blood ... people 's admired forever.

Does her blood ? You use it as ink?

Now , young man , get away from that weapon or your girl dies now.

Stay away from that gun and stay aside. Stay away from that gun !

Hey , man, is just a crazy game over !

Stop !

Oh , my God !

Oh , no!

I do not buy a painting for some time.

You must have courage , my friend, to destroy a painting worth millions .

Mr. Gregorovich , I'm not burn a painting.

I 'm lighting the pyre Funeral Adam Sorg .

You could , at least , have saved the molding.