Color Out of Space (2019) Script

West of Arkham...

...the hills rise wild...

...and there are valleys with deep woods that no ax has ever cut.

There are dark, narrow glens where the trees slope fantastically...

...where thin brooklets trickle without ever having caught the glimpse of sunlight.

When I went into the hills and vales to survey for the new reservoir, they told me the place was evil.

They told me this in Arkham, and because that is a very old town, full of witch legends, I thought the evil must be something which grandams had whispered to children through centuries.

Then I saw the dark westward tangle of glens and slopes for myself...

...and ceased to wonder at anything besides its own elder mystery.

Before me, Raphael.

Behind me, Gabriel.

To my left...


And to my right, Michael.

I call upon the principalities of earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

Be present with me now.

Spirit of fire, continue to burn out any trace of cancer from the body of Theresa Gardner, my mother.

Grant me your protection.

Grant me my freedom.

And last, not least, get me out of here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry to intrude.

I didn't see you. This is private property.

Oh, I was told this is county land.

County land ends at the river. You're trespassing.

Ah. They said the mayor notified all the property owners.

Uh, I apologize. First I've heard of it.

What now?

Sorry. I'm, uh... I'm Ward Phillips.

I'm doing a survey of the valley for Hydrolit.

The hydroelectric company.

Cool story.

Well, thanks for ruining my ritual, Ward.

Ritual? Yes, ritual.

You know, will, intent, blessed be?

Is it Wiccan or Alexandrian?

Which do you think?

Definitely Alexandrian.

That's your second mistake today.

Stick to the east bank and you'll find your way back.

Yeah, I will. Thanks.

Hey, uh, I didn't get your name.

Lavinia Gardner.

I live out here. Unfortunately.

Let's go. Nice knowing you.

Come on, Comet.

Where were you?

Are you trying to give your mother a heart attack?

I just thought I'd take Comet around the trail before dinner.

It's not a big deal.

And I thought I told you not to go without your helmet.

And where are your boots? What happened to your boots?

Dad, Jesus, relax. It's not like I'm trick riding.

Accidents happen, Lavinny. Someday...

I'll have kids of my own, and I'll understand.

Exactly right. See? Communication. Me and you, babe.

Now get Comet back into the barn before your mother finds out.


Have you seen your brother? He's been gone all afternoon.

He's supposed to be studying, as are you.

How should I know?

He's probably listening to NASA recordings with Ezra.

Do you mean to tell me that your brother is smoking dope with that hippie reprobate, and you didn't do anything?

Lavinia? You didn't do anything?

Let it go, sweetie. No.

It's fine. She's fine. Everything is fine.

Benny, I can smell your stoned ass from here.

Busted. You're so obvious.


Benny's little partner in crime.

Hey, I found some more of Grandpa's old stuff.

Oh, no way! Check this out.

Let me see.

Ooh! Heh. Dibs.

No fair! You already got his compass.

I need that compass.

Oh. Did you manage to curse us all?

I don't do curses.

They come back on you times three.

Now go put Comet's tack away so we're on time for dinner, and Mom doesn't bust any more blood vessels.

I'm not your barn bitch. Actually, you are.

Witch. Sorceress. Soul-sucking succubus.

Hey, I met some weird guy down by the river.

Said he was doing a survey.

A survey of what?

The water table or something.

Not sure.

He's kind of cute, though.


What are you looking at, Jack-Jack?

Dad said if you look long enough, you can see stars down there.

Hmm! I wouldn't hold my breath.

Dad took too much acid back in the hippie days.

But I do see stars!

Your eyes are playing tricks.

W-What are you doing out here, anyway?

Dad sent me for water, but I can't untie the rope.


Why can't they just buy bottled water like everyone else?

Thanks for cooking again, Dad.

Aw, you know I love cooking for you guys.

Oh, by the smell I can tell it's really coming a long way.

I miss Mom's pancakes. Okay.

So, uh, what is for dinner?


Oh, no. Gross.

It's a traditional French dish.

In other words, peasant food.

Jack, can you take the lid off the veggies, please?

Yeah. I think it smells great.

That's because you're high.

Shut up. We all know you'd rather be eating fast food right now, anyway.

I love mystery meat.

Well, this is not mystery meat, dear.

It's a mélange of duck, pork, regional spices, and it just happens to be your mother's favorite.

Yeah! I love ducks!

Everybody loves ducks.

We are down four pips, but we didn't get oversold.

The market came up.

No, we don't want to be selling just yet.

Uh, when I took the short position, I was assuming that we'd get two-to-one on it.

Theresa! Dinner's ready!

Look, we have a nice ratio confluence.

It's getting cold!

Just take a look at the ratio strategy I sent, and I'll call you in an hour?


I'm coming.

You're not gonna have it? Really?

Babe, can you do something about that router?

I'm gonna start losing clients.

It's probably the dish. I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

Oh, thank you.


Sam, lie down.

Good boy.

What's this? Cassoulet.

Although apparently our daughter would rather have fast food.

Uh, and just what kind of meat do you think you're eating at the Golden Arches?

I know it's mechanically retrieved, but it tastes like heaven.

Then you'll know what heaven is.

No, I'm gonna puke. No one eats alpacas.

They use them to make sweaters.

I don't know why you bought them in the first place.

Because they're the animal of the future, remember?

Those Mayans knew what they were about.

That's why they went extinct. Lavinia, stop it.

Come on, eat up.

Nathan, do you think that you could go down to the basement and choose us one of your finest?

I know just the thing.

Next time I'll cook.

It's not that bad. Yeah.

There's a smell of a conspiracy here.

What's the matter? Hmm?

Nothing. It's just...

I just don't think I can handle this.

Like, it's been... She's being moody.

...a year of really...

Guess what time it is?

I mean... No. Don't say it. Please.

Guess what time it is.

Dad. Time for you to do the dishes!

You! You! You! No! Jack! Jack!

No, it's you, Jack. No!

It's you, Jack. You got to do it.

Now it's Lavinia!

No, it's not my turn. That's not how this works.

We have a system in this house. It's Jack's turn.

Hey. Hi.

God, you know, I hear myself with her.

I am turning into my mother.

Oh, God.

You couldn't be any more different than your mother.

Believe me.

That's what everyone says until they are.

What about me?

Living on my father's old farm, exactly like I said I never would.

But it's the first thing you've ever done he would have approved of.

Yeah, I can still hear his intellectually abusive voice in my head.

"You're never gonna be a painter, Nathan.

So you can just get the fuck out of my sight, Nathan."

Stop it. It'll fade.

Just look at this place, hmm? Yeah.

I mean, he wouldn't even recognize it.

It's ours.

Nathan, I...


It's been six months. Don't you think we should try?


I just...

I don't know how you can still be interested in me.

You know I've always been a leg man.

So if I have my legs cut off, would you still love me then?

Bit kinky, but...


Could tuck you into my carry-on luggage and enjoy you wherever I go.

Ooh! Now, that is sexy.


And look at this.

Look at us.

All those years in the big city, and we finally got out.


We're living the dream.

Maybe it is a dream.

Well, a dream you dream alone is just a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.

You are even more beautiful to me now than ever.

It's because you took your glasses off.

It's true.

I feel, um...


Honey... will always be my golden lady.

Really? Yeah.

I love you.

Oh, hey, Sam. Good boy.

Good boy, Sam.

Oh, you're not interested in the black hole, Sam?



Oh, baby.

Oh, my God. I've missed you.




What the hell is that?!

Jack? Jack?


Jack. Look at Daddy.

Jack. Jack.

Come here. Come here. Come on up. Come on.

Look at Daddy. Mom?

Look at Daddy. What are you looking there?

Dad? I know.

What the fuck was that? An earthquake?

Just watch your language. Can you watch your language?

God, what is that smell?

Holy fucking shit!

Benny, bring your phone. Come on! Come on!

Smoking like crazy.

No, don't go near it. Don't go near it.

Sam, get back inside. Get back inside.

I said go inside. What the hell is that?

Just go inside!

Jesus. What a mess.

It smells.


There's something wrong with Jack!

Ohh. It's okay, baby.

You just had a bad dream.

No, I think... I think he's in shock.

We should take him to the hospital.

No, it's over an hour away. Jack, can you talk to Daddy?

Why does it matter how far away it is?

Look at him! What the hell happened?

Did you guys hear it?

It sounded like a propeller plane having an aneurysm.

No, it wasn't a plane.

That smell.

I don't know, like, funny.

You can still...

Still smell it now.

I thought it was a nuclear strike.

The Russians and Chinese, dude.

End-of-the-world shit. You wish.

We'd be vaporized, become part of the reaction, and convert into pure energy.

Maybe the meteorite sent an alien plague infecting the entire fucking planet.

Seriously apocalyptic.

Mommy? Yes, baby, I'm right here!

My head hurts. Okay, honey.

Look, um, let's get you upstairs.

I'll put you to bed, and you'll be okay.

I don't want to! Mm!

No, it's okay, baby. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Oh, your son is sick, and this is what you're gonna do, huh?

Well, under the circumstances, I don't see what else I...

Come on. Let's get you up.

You can sleep with me tonight.

In the morning everything is gonna be okay.

Mayor Tooma.

Sheriff Pierce. Thank you for coming.

This better be worth my time.

I am so sorry about the smell.

Can you smell it?

I don't smell anything.

Like somebody lit a dog on fire.

Well, anyway, that was my front yard.

Careful. It's still hot.

All right. Thanks.

Something metallic down here.

What the hell happened here?

Well, it was last night.

I was in bed with my wife.

It was the first time that we, you know, since the operation, and then there was this boom, like... like a... like a sonic boom, and a big flash, like a pink light.

Or, actually, I don't even know what color it was.

It wasn't like any color I'd ever seen before, and then everything just blew up or fell from the sky.

What are you doing here?

Think this is the result of your little ritual yesterday?

Ha! If only.

Are you looking at my legs?

What? Oh. No. Um... No, I was...

Yeah, sure you weren't. Come on.

Who's this?

Oh, this is that weird guy I met by the river.

Sorry, what was your name again?

Ward Phillips.

Let me guess. Boston.

Providence, actually.

He's doing a survey of the groundwater.

Um, isn't... isn't that what you said yesterday?

Yeah, yeah. I'm a... I'm a hydrologist.

Ward, do you have any idea what's going on here?

Oh, excuse me.

Hey, Ward. Hey.

Hey. Hey, I'm Benny.

D-Don't get too close.

Uh, looks like a meteorite.

Usually they disintegrate before they hit the ground, but not always.

A meteorite? Whoa.

Sheriff, we need to get some photographs.

Nathan, would you mind if I bring some press next time?

This can be great for tourism.

I'd just as soon not publicize it.

Mayor, wait.

Is there a doctor around here who's open on weekends?

My son isn't feeling well...

You can try the hospital in Arkham.

They usually have somebody on the emergency desk.

Isn't there anywhere closer? Welcome to life in the sticks.

You know, you should have sold this place to me Bye-bye.

Isn't it insane?

Check it out.


Lavinia, can you go back inside and check on your mother?


It's okay. We got this covered.

Off you go.

See you later. Yeah.

Why don't you go check on her?

Be careful. Okay.

It's cooling off really fast now.

Is that normal?

Smoke coming out of it, crazy color.

It was so cool. Okay.

You ever seen anything like this before?


Hey. Who's that guy?


Um, Ward something.

He's a hydrologist. Oh.

You like him, huh? What? No.

Why would you say that?

Oh, well, come on. It was obvious.

You were practically throwing yourself at him.

I mean, honey... Mom.

Think... Look at the way you're dressed.

Think of the signals you're giving out.

Oh, God.

Do you think it's radioactive like kryptonite?

Christ, I hope not.

Well, what about, like, an alien virus?

I mean, it's from space, right? than ordinary rocks.

Well, do you think it could be valuable?

Now, that's something I hadn't considered.

Well, if you don't mind, it's time we milked the alpacas.

Milk the what?

It's not like milking a goat.

You don't get a lot of milk from an alpaca.

It takes great patience and technique.

And, of course, you have to be very gentle with the, uh, boobs.

But once you get them warmed up...

Oh. Nice one, dad.

Yeah, I find mixing a little fennel into their feed increases the yield and improves the flavor.

Would you like a taste? Oh, no.

Um, lactose intolerant.

Your loss.


Can you open the door, please?

I'm so sorry.

I-I don't... I don't know what came over me.

Lavinia, come on. Please open the door.

Uh, is there anyone else living on the property, aside from your family?

There's Ezra, our squatter, but he keeps to himself.

I haven't seen him in months.

Would it be okay if I talk with him?

You can try. I mean, Benny can show you the way.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

But I can't promise he's gonna talk to you.

He's, um, special.

Looks like there's a storm coming in.


Are those cameras?

Yeah. Ezra used to be an electrician back in the day.

He's got this whole place wired up.


Where's his juice come from?

Solar. Totally off the grid.

Hey! Ezra!

You got a visitor!

Oh! It's the surveyor man!

I'm sorry. I don't think we've met yet.

I'm, uh... The hydrologist.


Pretty well informed.

Lot of little birdies flitting around here in this ecosphere.

You just got to know how to decode them.

Come on in.

We'll talk about the space metal.

Want a hit? Oh, no, thank you.

I didn't think so.

Hey, some java?

Yeah. All right.

Aw. What's her name?

G-spot. What?

What? Come on. That's like the coolest name ever.

A pussy named G-spot? It's totally hilarious.

Hey. Come here, lady.


All right.

Oh, yeah, you like this? You like that?

Hey, my apologies for the Adam's ale.

Here you go. Thank you.

Yeah, the H2O has gone a little brackish.

Yeah, I can't... I can't smell anything.

It's probably just rust from the taps.

Have you tried running the faucet, see if it runs clear?

Hey, that, my friend, is straight from the mother's tit.

Yeah, we've had some problems with the well before but only in the summer.

Something about the aquifer.

Right. Yeah.

That's to do with the level of the water table, but...

I don't know. Shouldn't be happening this time of year.

Freshest water in the department.

That's what Dad always says.

I'm sure it's fine, but if you want I could run a test on a sample.

I have all my equipment back up in the tent.

So, you know, better safe than sorry.

Hey, knock yourself out.

All right!

Damn, that was close.

Tell it, baby. Tell it, tell it!

It's so beautiful.

Lavinny, what are you doing?

Come on. Let's go back inside.

It's drawing the lightning.

In my next term as your mayor, we will be undertaking the largest infrastructure project in our city's history with the construction of the freshwater reservoir on the Miskatonic...

The economic impact alone...



Who is that?

What the hell?

How can something that big just disappear?

I don't know, but I'm glad.

Did you plant those?

No. Maybe they're perennials.

Great. Here comes the circus.


Could you please tell us exactly what happened?

Well, there was a boom.

Uh, it was a couple nights ago.

A boom and a flash of light and a vibration, and we came out, and we saw this large rock.

Horrible. Hideous. Oh, my God.

Couldn't somebody have given me a comb? Jesus!

I'm here with Arkham resident Nathan Gardner, who claims that an unidentified flying object landed in his front yard last night.

"UFO witness"?

You said UFO! I didn't say UFO!

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Theresa, can you get out here, please?

Did you see a UFO? I didn't see any UFO.

Right, and, uh...

We had a top hydrologist here... not a geologist...

Yeah, I think the freaked-out-abductee look suits you pretty well.

Very good.

So the meteorite, which happened to mysteriously disappear before the time my team and I got here.

How does an object of that size...

Theresa, can you please get out here?

Mr. Gardner, were you sober at the time that this event happened?

Uh, well, I mean, I like a bit of bourbon.

Um, uh, it comes out of Texas.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

I was... I was not... The night before, I had a few drinks, but I wasn't...

I was sober when I came out.

Oh, man. Jack, go get your mother.


What part of "meteorite" do you not understand?


I wouldn't classify that as mental illness.

WARK News.

Daddy! Mommy's hurt!


Dinner's ready.

...calling the family's claim into question.

God, why did I do that?

It's all right.

Keep your hand elevated. Okay.

Just keep it up. Yeah.

We'll call you from the hospital.

Benny, you're man of the house.

And I want those alpacas back in the barn by 10:00.

You got it, Dad. 10:00!

What are we gonna do?

I don't know. You're the man of the house.

Come on, Jack-Jack. Time for bed.

Benny will look after us because he's so responsible.

Race you upstairs.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.


Benny, get your stupid ass out here now!

Fuck. What?

You were supposed to feed the alpacas.

I already did.

What are you talking about? They're standing right there.

I already fed them.

Well... What the...?

Get them into the barn, okay?

And lay off the weed, all right?

I can't fucking do this on my own, okay?

Go. Okay.

Go! Just do it already!

Harpy. Harridan. Hairy ax wound.

Maggot dick.


Hey, girl.

Come on, girl.


What are you doing?


It's talking to me.

Who? Who's talking to you?

The man in the well.


Dad? Hello?



Hello? Lavinia?

Is that you?

A weather report for Arkham County, Innsmouth, Aylesbury, Dunwich, Kingsport...

Low temperature around 54 degrees.

High near...

Don't puke. Don't puke.


Lavinia, hey.

Um, this really isn't a good time.

Are you guys okay?

Um, no, I'm not feeling too well.

All right, well, that's actually what I want to talk to you about.

I think there's something wrong with the water here, some kind of contamination.

Sorry, what?

A contamination with the... the water.

Um, I don't know exactly what.

But, um, we're sending a sample back to the lab in Arkham.

In the meantime...

I believe it, science guy.

Hey, try not to drink the water, okay?

Hey, kiddo. What are you up to?

Playing with my friends.

Okeydokey. Well, um, have fun, okay?




Hey, make yourself comfortable, amigo.

What the hell are you doing down there?

I'm reorganizing.

Oh, want some java? Uh, no, thank you.

That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

I don't think you should be drinking that.

I found something in the water. Just a trace, really.

Um... Hey, where's G-spot?

Heh! Who knows?

Caterwauling out there somewhere.

Really haven't seen her since it all started.

Since what all started?


You can hear them down there.

H-Hear them? Hear who?

Yeah, I could hear them while I slept, shuffling around, chattering.

See, I knew no one would believe me unless I got it on Memorex.

What exactly am I supposed to be listening to?

The people under the floor, dude.

The aliens.

They're there.

Well, yeah, it is strange.

But it's probably geothermal activity or magnetic distortions. No, no.

Something like that.

They came on the rock.

Look, no offense, Ezra, but that's pretty out there.

You don't get it, do you?

It's not out there. It's in here.

It's in the static. It's in the moisture.

Up is down. Fast is slow.

What's in here is out there, and what's out there is in here now.


Um, look, why don't you think about getting out of here for a while?

I'm gonna be back tomorrow.

I'll have some more equipment with me.

I'm sure it will all make more sense in the morning.


Dude, it's already morning.

All right. Um, stick to bottled water, okay?

Oh, hey, I will let you know if I see G-spot.

You might see her, but I don't think you'll recognize her.


Doing okay? We're almost there.

Yeah. I just feel so stupid.

I mean, I just don't even know what I was thinking.

And I don't even want to think about how many clients I pissed off by not getting back to them.

Mm. The surgery was successful.

That's the important thing.

Look out! Aah!

Christ, that was close. What... What...

Did you see that thing? What was that thing?

Did you see its eyes? Oh, my God.

What are you doing?

I-I want to call the kids, just check that they're okay.

Honey, the kids are fine.

What are you doing in my room?

Where have you been? I was out in the back field.

I thought I heard Sam. I was worried about him.

Look, I know it sounds weird, but I kind of got lost out there.

You know, like, one second it was daytime, then all of a sudden it was so dark I couldn't even find the house.

What the hell is going on?

It's probably Dad.

At least I hope it's Dad.


Who was that?

I'm not sure.

Christ, now what?

Wait, where's Jack?

Baby, what are you doing out here all by yourself?


Jack. Jack!

Oh, my God.

What is wrong with you two?

Why is your brother out here by himself?

No, it didn't happen that way. What is this?

While the cat's away, the mice will play?

Isn't that right?

I'm seriously disappointed in both of you.

No, there was this sound, and I got sick, and then you called and yelled at me.

Honey, what are you talking about?

We couldn't even get through, and believe me, we tried.

She's telling the truth, Dad. Something weird is going on.

I don't want to hear your excuses either, Benny.

I'm gonna take him upstairs.

I'll leave you to deal with these two.

Holy shit.

They should have been put back in the barn hours ago.

You haven't even fed them yet, have you?

Dad, I tried, but... What do you mean, you tried?

Do you have any idea how much those animals cost us?

They are alpacas!



I mean, should we, like, try to warn him.

Warn him about what?


Come on. Come on.

Sam? Here, boy.

Stupid goddamn dog.

You too, huh?

You know, if I could just get a little consideration around here, just a little support, it would be greatly fucking appreciated.

Dad's acting weird, right?

You noticed?

Where's Sam?

T-They must have got him.


Uh, what the fuck are you talking about?

They, them, it.

That thing that has been fucking this place up.

I mean, come on, Dad.

Don't pretend that you haven't noticed.

Nothing has been fucking this place up.

Why are you so in denial?

Okay, you know, I've had it with your drama, Lavinia, so do me a favor and get the fuck out of my sight, okay?

No, no, actually, I'll save you the trouble and get the fuck out of yours!

Look, he doesn't mean it.

Do you still have that girlfriend in Aylesbury?

Well, she wasn't my girlfriend, and I haven't seen her in months.


Because we need to get the hell out of here.


Make him really scary.

Oh, yes.


Uh, are you okay?

No, I just blew up at Lavinia.

I don't think I'll be winning any "father of the year" awards.

Oh, she's that age. She's just impossible.




No, baby. No more.

We need to call a plumber or an exterminator.

Drains got shit growing in them.

So many crumbs on the bed.

Do you think Sam is with Grandpa?

No, baby, Grandpa is in heaven, and Sam just, I don't know, he found a friend or went for a walk.

But he was scared. He was growling.

I could see all of his teeth like this.

Don't do that face. Oh, God. What is that smell?

What smell? We washed everything.

What is it, like... like damp or drains?

No, I-I've been smelling it ever since the night that thing hit the farm.

Maybe it's, like, the black mold in the basement coming up.

It's exactly the same smell as the cancer ward where my father was.

You know, death, disinfectant.

The cancer smell. Rotting milk. You know the smell.

You know the cancer smell better than anybody.

And now the dog has vanished off the face of the Earth, so connect those dots.

I told you Sam was with Grandpa!

No, he's not. Oh, my God, I just...

Ugh! Stop saying that!

No, no, no, Jack, Jack, Sam is fine.

Is he really?

Honey, would you please take it easy?

It's a miracle the hospital even let you go home.

I just have to get online. All right?

I have so much work I have to do.

Daddy? Yeah, I'll take care of...

Everything's gonna be A-OK.

Everything's gonna be A-OK.

Be careful not to overwater all the plants.

Mount the spray to remind you... it's easy to forget... so try setting a timer to make sure overwatering never occurs.

Even, steady watering is every master gardener's secret and the key to harvesting those plump, juicy, flavorful tomatoes that last throughout the season.

Just look at you beauties. And a month early.

...makes for a perfect arrangement.



Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

You do that very well, Theresa Peach.

If we went to 143-9 and kept it under the 10 handle, that could actually...

What? Not dollars.

Euros? Christ, uh, um...

Then there should be at least a two-pip spread.

What? What?

Can you hear me?



You have got to do something about that dish.

I am literally hemorrhaging clients.

It should be working, sweetie. I just checked it this morning.

No, it's garbling the fuck out of everything I say.


Nate, are you listening to me?

You know, I did everything I was supposed to do!

I followed every fucking rule in the book, and they still fucking taste like shit, so you know what?!

Fuck that.

Okay! Coming up!

Okay, stop it! Stop.

Slam dunk!

You know what?! Just do something about that dish.

All right. Do you know what?

I'm gonna go and lie down.

But just fix that dish, okay?!

Yeah, I think it's a good idea, sweetie.

I should have grown barley.

Ain't that right, Dad?

That is why, in my next term as your mayor, we will be undertaking the largest infrastructure project in our city's history with the construction of a freshwater reservoir on the Miska...

Well, Katie, you also have people with different views on this.

You have scientists who very much dispute it.

So is there climate change?

Will it go back? Will it change back?

Probably. I believe so.

Mankind... I mean men and women...


Whoa. Mm.

Pretty beautiful, huh, buddy?

Help me.

Protect me.

Get me out of here.





What's happening to them?

Uh, I-I don't know.

Go. Go. Go!

Go! Oh, my God!




Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


...take them in the house.

Benny, call 911. Call an ambulance.


Come on, hurry up. Get the operator.

It's not working. I can't get a dial tone.

What do you mean, you can't get a dial tone?

Just give it to me.

All this static.

Fuck! There's nothing there.

I can't get a dial tone. How hard can it be to dial 911?

Yeah, I told you. There's no one there!

What are we gonna do? What are these sounds?


Lavinny. Vinny.

Lavinia, what did you do to yourself?


You cocksucker. You fucking cocksucker!

You cocksucker! You cocksucker!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Looks like she's absorbing him.

Trying to reassimilate him into her body.

Don't say that.

Shh, it's okay.

I'm here, Mom.

I'm right here.

I mean, how can any of this even be possible?

That thing from the meteorite happened to them.

It changes everything around it.

Not just matter.

Time as well.

Time, it stretches around it, like when you're approaching a black hole, right?

I mean... I mean, how long have we been sitting here?

How long has it been since Dad went out to the car?

God, I think she's trying to talk to us.

What was that, Mom?

No, this is useless.

We've got to get help. No, wait.

We're gonna die in this fucking place.

The, uh, car is not happening.

What do you mean, the car is not happening?

What does that mean?

Something sucked the charge out of the battery overnight.

Probably the same thing that's screwing with the cells and the computers.

It's like an electromagnetic field.

And you believe me now?

I don't know what I believe anymore.

Why do they keep making that sound?!

I don't think they like the sunlight, Dad.

I think it's hurting them. We've got to do something.

Help me get them up the stairs.

Easy does it.

You got her? You got her?


Lavinia, put the mattress down.


Uh, we're here, Mom.

It's gonna be okay.


You want me to get you some water?

Something's happening to the alpacas.

You two stay here with Jack and your mother.

Everything's under control.


You son of a bitch.

You're gonna leave my family alone now.

You're gonna leave my family alone.

Haven't we been through enough?

Haven't we?




Aah! Aaaah!

Shooting stopped.

I hope he's okay.


And are we okay? Is any of this okay?

I can't take this.

Make it stop.

We've got to get off this farm.



Go downstairs, both of you.

But... Just do as I say, please.

What are you gonna do?

Handle it.

Like you handled the alpacas?

Get out.

Come on.

You've done all you could.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Sorry, Jack.

Love you, Dad. I love you too.

Theresa baby, I'm really trying to do my best.


You will always be my golden lady.

Now, you want to know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna go outside, and I'm gonna find you some help.

I promise.

And then we're gonna take that trip we've been talking about.

Okay, baby?

Oh, yeah.

That's what we're gonna do.

Holy shit, that's what we're gonna do.

That's what we're gonna do.

I don't care about someone identifying fucking contamination in the groundwater!

The contracts have already been signed.

Do you think those... If you'll follow me.

Would you like a glass of water?

No, thank you.

That's actually why I'm here.

...half the drinking water for the East Coast!


Can you come here for a sec?

You know Jake.

Tell him.

Found these by the Gardner place.

Oh, my God.

What happened to them? They look burned.

I don't know.

Jake said he found them bunched up like they were running from something.

Got a couple birds in there, a white-tail, rabbit.

Got a fucking cat.

It looks like radiation burns.

Shut up!

What's your problem? Come on.

Go get the tack.

Well, I, uh...

It's real dark back there, so...


I'll just go get the tack, then.

Benny, just be careful.

I don't want to lose you too.

Come on. Shh, shh, shh.

Leech. Nightmare. Leprous spellcaster.



Whoa! Steady, boy. Steady.

Comet, steady. Be steady.


Jesus, Benny, you nearly gave me a heart attack.

Com, steady. Come on.

Comet... What's wrong with the horse?

There's nothing wrong with the horse.

Right now Comet is the last thing you need to be afraid of.

Fuck! No, Comet.


Looks like we're gonna have to walk out of here.

In the dark?

Through 12 miles of ancient woodland?

What are you doing? We have to get out of here.

Sam, is that you?

Benny. Benny!


He sounds hurt.

Hold on, boy!

What are you doing? We can't just leave him.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

I have to, all right?

I'll put him in the bucket, and then you can pull him up.

No, Benny...

Whoa! Whoa. Fuck this.

No, give me your hand. It is just a dog.

Please give me your hand. It's gonna take two minutes.



God, jeez.

Smells like something died down here.


Come on!

I-I can see him moving.

What is it? What do you see?

No! No, no, no!






I have been looking all over for you!

You expect me to do everything on my own, huh?

The both of you.

I mean, whatever happened to the good old-fashioned concept of teamwork?!

If we could all just pull together just once for the sake of your mother.

Daddy! You're hurting me!

Honey. Honey, I'm not that.

No, I'm not a monster.

I know I'm not my dad. I know.

Please don't make me go in there.

I promise. I'll do whatever you want.

I'll even clean up my room.

Well, it's like I said, Lavinia.

We're a family. No.

Now, if there's one thing that families do, they stay together.

Now feed your mother.




But, Dad!

You seeing this?

Wait, is that Lavinia's horse?

I put your favorite movie on.

I know this one by heart.

You have a little something in your eyes, you know?


I think after Roman Colosseum...

...we should go Corsica, Malta, Greek Isles.

Greek Isles are the best.






You never know.

Mr. Gardner?


Oh, shit. What?

It's you. Toxologist.

I'm the hydrologist, sir, yeah.

Um, we came to make sure you're okay.

That's very kind of you.

We've been having a hard time, you know?

The car and telephone and Wi-Fi.

Heh. Life in the sticks.

Come in.

Theresa will be happy to see you.

I'm hungry!

I'm hungry.

Mom. Mom.

Mommy! I'm hungry.

What happened to your arms?

It's just a rash.

Where's your wife?

She's right there.

And the rest of your family?

Everybody's here. We all stick together.


Theresa says, "Except for Benny.

Benny lives in the well now."

Drink? I'm having one.

Lavinia! Mom!


Mom, stop!


Out of the way.


Please, Mommy!

No, no!


They're not my family.


Lavinia. Lavinia! Lavinia.

Come here.

All right. It's gonna be okay, all right?

You're gonna be okay. I mean...

Fuck! I'm gonna carry you.

I'm gonna carry you outside in the patrol car, okay?

I got you. Oh, God.

You're okay.

Okay, we're almost there.

The color.




Fuck! You shot my dad! Look!

Look what you did!



Like a flower.

It's gonna be okay, Dad, now.

You can help us.

Three Charlie one seven. I've got a code 33.



Please don't leave me.



I'm not getting anything. We've got to get out of here.

We're not getting out of here.

None of us are.

That thing won't let us.

Come on, look, that... that's silly.

There's nothing stopping us from getting up and leav...

What the hell was that?

It sounded like it came from Ezra's cabin.

We can't leave him out there on his own.

Ward, give me a hand.


I'm not going with you.

We've got to go.

I'm sorry, we've got to go. You... You can't stay here.

I live here.

I'm gonna come back for you.

I'll be back.


Nothing. Nothing.


Ezra? - Cold and wet.

You in there?

But it burns.

I'm going in.

Sucking the life out of everything.

It came down in the rock.


It lives in the well.

It grew down there.


Poisoning everything.

Changing everything into something like the world it came from.

Into what it knows.

We all know it's coming, but we can't get away.

It's got everything that lives.

They all drunk the water.

It got strong.


Fed itself on them.

It came from the stars...

Skin's all...

...where things ain't like they are here.

It's just a color.

But it burns.

It sucks, and it burns.

Sheriff! No! Sheriff!

It burns.




It's so beautiful.


No, Jack!

It's you, Jack.

Now it's Lavinia.

There's something wrong with Jack!

Why does it matter how far away it is? Look at him.

Are you looking at my legs?

You're dead, Nathan!

It's no big deal.

Don't make... Stay away.


No! No!

I hope the dammed water that covers this place will be very deep.

But even then...

...I will never drink it.

There are only a few of us that remember the strange days now.

What touched this place cannot be quantified or understood by human science.

It was just a color out of space...

...a messenger from realms whose existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the gulfs that it throws open before our frenzied eyes.