Columbus Day (2008) Script



Whoa! Aah...




It hurts! Leonard.

Leonard, I'm gonna have to kill you, Leonard.

I won't say anything.

No, you'll talk, Leonard.

There are rules, Leonard.

Stop moving, Leonard!

You have a choice.

Look at me, Leonard.

Look at me.


Robbie. Where's Robbie?

I'm going to visit my son.

Aw, come on.





What the fuck are you doing?

Come on, Manny.

Come on, Manny.

I wasn't with her.

I lost it! Let's go back.

# Premonition of ecstasy #

# Who would believe it could be such a miracle #


Where the hell are ya? What do you mean, Johnny?

I'm at my apartment, like we said.

I don't think splittin' up was a good idea.

Well, we're alive, aren't we?

They follow you? I don't know yet.

W-why didn't you answer the phone?

I guess I didn't hear it over the music.

You know I don't like the fucking cell phone.


Get the fuck off the cell phone.

Jesus, Johnny, okay.

You're the one who called me on it.

You know, it could be any prick sittin' outside your house on the C.B. pickin' up the airwaves, you know?

Did Joey La Torre call yet?

No, but it-- it's early.

Okay, listen, uh... turn the music down.

Turn the music off. Get off the cell phone.

Just use a hard line.

Do you remember what that guy in South Pas used to say?

He said, "Hard line for businazz..."

Yeah, "Cell phone for piece-of-ass."

All right, Johnny, hold on a sec.

Let me just, uh, turn the music off.

# Illusions of rapture #

Here you go.

All right, I'm back.

Okay. I'll call you at 9:15.

A'ight. Hey, Johnny?

We're going to Florida, you motherfucker!

I know, Manny, we're going to Florida.

Hey, but we did it, man. We blasted into space.

Our fathers never had anything like this.

We made up for it, right?

Yeah, Manny. We--we did it.

I'll call you at 9:15.

A'ight, a'ight.

Hey, Johnny, really, I love you.

Thanks, man. O-okay.

Hang up the phone, Manny.

A'ight, man. Flor-i-da! Flor-i-da!

Heh. You feelin' it?

Yeah, yeah.



Hey, it's me. I did it.

Come get me. Let's go to Florida.

Can't you get a little excited?

I am excited. Cheryl, I just pulled off the biggest job in the history of... history.

This is where we jump up and down and scream and yell, right?

I'm sorry, baby, you woke me up.

I'm dying to go to Florida.

I mean excited-- excited for me, for what I did.

Johnny, you're the best. Really.

Now there's no more shit.

It's smooth sailing all the way... so when are you gonna come get me?

No more shit?

Johnny... I love you.

Yeah, me too.

T.G.& R., how may I direct your call?

It's me, your ex-husband.

How are ya?

Is that why you called?

No, but I thought we could be cordial.

You have Alana's new number?

It's the same number-- the area code was changed two years ago.

You could've called information.

Well, then I would've missed your charming conversational skills.

That's true. Hold, please.

Anderson wanted you to call him.

Okay, I'm back.

Did you change any more while I was gone?

The area code is 941. Bye, John.

Aren't you gonna ask me how I am?

How are you, John?

I'm great. Really good.

You know, smooth sailing.

Great. Call again next decade.


You've reached David, Alana, and Eddie.

We're not here. Leave a message.

Hey, Alana, it's your dad.

I just thought I'd call and, uh... see if you wanted to catch up, you know.

I'm gonna be in Florida, so, um, um...

Doesn't have to be right away--

I know you're busy, so think about it.

...and I love you. Fuck!

You've reached David, Alana, and Eddie.

We're not here. Leave a message.

Yeah, and, uh... and I love you.

Okay. Okay, bye.

You know, you shouldn't smoke.

It's unhealthy.

I know, that's why I like it.

Hate the taste, love the cancer.

I'm pretty sure there's better-tasting ways to get cancer.

You a drug dealer?

Do I look like a drug dealer?


But are you?

Are you looking to buy some drugs?

Of course not.

Then it shouldn't make any difference how I look, should it?

Shouldn't use drugs. It can make you irrational.

You don't know the half of it.

I heard you cuss.

Shouldn't you be in school?

Nope. Holiday.

Uh, no. No, it's not a holiday.

See, that's your problem right there--skipping school.

That leads straight to drugs.

Is that how you started usin'?



It's slang for drugs.

I know what it is. 'Course you do.

Must know all the slang, near, huh?

What's your name, slick?

My name-- my name is for my friends.

Heh, me too.

I'm Antoine, but most of my homies call me A.T.

It is a holiday, though.

No, it's not.

It's the fucking middle of October.

I don't see any floats, I don't see any flags, I don't see any Santas.

Don't see any of those.

You think I'm stupid? Are you stupid?

Shouldn't tell kids they're stupid.

They do grow up to believe it.

Did your mom tell you that?

No. I figured it out.

Well, you're probably right.

Is that what happened to you?

I don't have time for you, kid.

You don't have time?

You're sitting on a bench, man.

I'm thinking. About what?

What a miracle my life's gonna be when you vanish.

That hurts my feelings.


Does it? I'm sorry. I really am... but I just need some time alone, okay?

Maybe he just works here.

He doesn't work here.

They go inside, they make the transaction, then we move in.

They're never gonna believe we're real cops, 'cause this is not a real cop car.

Listen, we're down the street.

It's gonna happen so fast they won't notice.

I need a doughnut. If I had a doughnut, I'd feel like a real cop.

Oh, this does not look like a business transaction.

What the hell is that?

Hey, hey!


Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh, fuck!

Hey! Hold it right there.

Don't shoot me.

I'm a civilian, see?

You know why this door's ajar?

Um, kidneys.

Uh, you know, you drink beer, you gotta piss.

Why? Goddamn kidneys.

How many drinks have you had tonight, sir?

Well, uh, John got smashed.

I'm designated, Officer, don't worry--

I'm dry as a bone.

So, I'm drivin' John home, and, uh...

You know, he's gotta--

Leonard. Leonard!

So, pissing wakes his wife up but coming into the house doesn't?


Well, the bathroom is right by the bed.

What if he don't flush?


Eh, she's gonna see it in the morning.

Put down the gun!

Put the gun down!

Step away slowly, put your hands behind your head, and face the window.

Oh, God!

The battery's dead.

Go away.

Hello. It's John.

Look, La Torre and his guys just called.

They want to change the meeting place.

I choose the place.

I know, that's what I told 'em.

Manny, tell me what they said.

Tell me exactly what they said.

They said there was some heat at the original place.

Wait, wait, wait, they said--

They suggested that you pick me up? Yeah.

Listen, here's what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna call you back on your cell phone.

John, the cell phone-- It's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna tell you exactly where I'm located, okay?

We're gonna have this same conversation.

You're gonna say exactly the same thing on the cell phone.

Understand? Yeah.

Manny, you're gonna be fine, okay?

I'm calling you right back.

Hello? Yeah, Manny, it's John.

Did they call yet?

Yeah, they called.

They--they-- they want to...

They want to change the place, the, uh, the meeting place.


Yeah, that's what they said, and then they said there was some heat, you know, like, at the place.

They want to change it to Poppy's on the east side.

That's... all they said.

No, no, no, fuck that.

I got the case, I choose the place.

Should I call them back and tell them to fuck off, tell those little shits to kiss my ass?

Tell those motherfuck-- Manny, Manny.

Do you have a car? Yeah, yeah.

Should I, uh, should I come and get you?

Yeah, come get me.

I'm at the Mexican market across the street from Echo Park.

You got that? West side of Echo Park, Mexican market.

Hey, Manny, let's-- let's give 'em about ten minutes to sweat it.

I want to finish my taco. It's really good.

Fine, yeah, finish your taco.

Not so close to the water!

Joey La Torre, you son of a--

Hey, hey, what are you doing? What is this?



Manny, get out of there.

But I'm just a couple minutes away.

Wherever you're at, turn around, okay?

What about Florida?

We're going to Florida. Just get out of there.


They got me, Johnny!

Not so close to the water!

Come on, Nicholas, not so close to the water.

Time out, okay?

No. Hey, just a--


It's John. Don't hang up.

Hell, no.

Motherfucker, what time is it?


Morning or night? Morning.

Don't hang up, don't hang up, don't hang up.

Ugh. John, can't this shit wait?

No, it's too hot. I gotta do it today.

What, did you do a job without a fence?

No, I had one-- Joey La Torre.

He turned on me, killed Manny.

Why would he do that? Doesn't sound like Joey.

Yeah, tell that to Manny.

All right, well, how much do you need?

It's priceless.

What'd you get, a Fabergé egg?

It's better than that.

How much do you need to be willing to let go of it?

Four. What, am I high?

You're gonna be.

We can turn this into $10 million in the street by tonight.

Then why didn't you ask for ten? 'Cause I'm up in it.

Why do you think I called your stupid ass?

Hey, hey, show some respect.

It's gonna take some time.

I don't have time.

Well, make time, John. Know your customer.

I mean, these motherfuckers at 9:00 in the morning haven't come down from their coke yet.

Listen, they see this shit, they're gonna sober right up.

All right, give me two hours.

I'm gonna call you back in one.

Hey, I can't drop a deuce in an hour!

I'm gonna call you back in one hour.

Tell me what you got.

I can't do that.

John, you gotta tell me what you got.

I'm gonna call you back in one hour!

Two tequilas. Nah, whiskey.

Hey, John.

Hey. How ya doin'?

Good. Whiskey go with that beer?

You know it does.

You look rode hard and put away wet.

My son called.

There you go.

Well, that's a good thing.

First thing he says to me--

"I know you're not coming."

I once told the kid that if I ever made enough, I'd move out there. Phoenix.

What you gonna do?

I'm gonna go next week, after I finish this job up.

Job? What job?

All I see of you, you're like Tequila Tex on your stool, your trusty steed.


Uh, what kind of job? What is it, anyway?

You could call it quality control.

Well, what the hell does that mean, like, seeing if the teddy bear's got both eyes?

Somebody wants to buy something;

I tell 'em whether it's a fake or not.

And... somebody pays you?

Leonard, you're a piece of work.

He almost fell into the lake!


It's me.

If anyone calls, don't answer it.

Are you okay?

I'm okay, just don't answer the phone.

Go make sure your door's locked, and if anyone knocks, don't answer it, not even if it's the police.

The police?

Yeah, something happened to Manny.

Does this mean we're not gonna go to Florida?

You're going to Florida. Just do like I say.


Hey, Alana, it's your dad.

How you doin'?

I don't think I want to talk to you.

Well, uh, I'm just callin' to see how you're doin', and, uh... see if you wanted to catch up, if you--you and him doin' all right?

You guys need any money?

Dad, I can't do this.

This has nothing to do with me.

Um, okay, let me talk to Edward.

C-can he talk now?

Do you want to undermine me?


I just wanna talk to my grandson.

I mean, how often do I call? I mean, how of--

We've been here every day for the past three years.

Yeah, well, it's different now.

Why? I...

Well, it's... I got some money.

Money? Yeah.

I got some money, and I'm coming to Florida.

You have got a lot of nerve asking me to be here for you.

I'm not asking-- just--just-- let me talk to you, okay?

Dad, I'm going now.

No, no! Listen...

Dad, you can't boss me around.

You never listen.

I'm not--I'm-- I'm list--I'll listen.

How can you act like you care about someone?

I'll listen.

You're not even interested in-- What?

I'm gonna go.

Listen, listen... I'm listening, okay?

I didn't call for--

No, no, no, I didn't call for any--

I'm just-- I'm listening, okay?

Listen. Hear that?

That pause right there?

That static, that right there was me listening.

I can't do this.

Oh, not too bad.

Come here to meet someone?

You here to skip school?

I'm not skipping school.

It's where I always come for the holidays.

I just think you're here to meet someone, just sitting here.

You're just sittin' here.

No, I'm not, I'm people-watching.

Oh, you're casing people.

You casing me now, is that what you're doing?


The pigeon man, though.

The pigeon man? What you got on him?

He's a widow.

A widow?

Yeah. His wife died.

Oh, a widower.

Yeah, that's-- that's what I said.

Boy, he's dying, too.

How you know that?

Because the scar on his hand from Dallas.


Yeah, where they pump out your kidneys.

You mean dialysis.

That's what I said.

Yeah, well, people can live forever on dialysis.

Yeah, but sometimes people decide to stop going, and that's it.

How do you know he stopped going?

'Cause the scar on his hand? It's healing.

I'll tell you about the pigeon man.

First of all, he's not a bum.

He's what you call a soft mark.

Sure, he's lonely-- he's feedin' pigeons in a dumb-ass park, but he's not a bum. You see that?

See that watch, see that shine?

He's got a Rolex.

That means he's got money.

He's got it socked away, doesn't want to let on.

That's why he's dresses in the ratty clothes.

And he's lonely, sure, he's lonely.

What do lonely people want?

Friends. That's right.

So I become his best friend.

"Hey, let's have lunch every Thursday.

How 'bout a little business deal?"

He's writing a cashier's check faster than he can change his wet diaper.

I just think he's lonely and his wife died.

So will we.

Yeah, well, I see dollars, you see death.

Take your pick, kid.

So, who is he? Who what?

The person that you're meeting.

Can I have the hotdog?

Yeah, eat the hotdog.


Who've you got for me?

No one. See, John, these people are way smarter than me.

They got people answering their phones so when assholes call early in the morning they don't get woken up. Isn't that crazy?

I'm gonna get an assistant, too.

That way they can tell you to fuck off!

Well, then you'll miss out on the pleasure of doing it yourself.

When will you know something?

I said two hours, man. That gives me an hour and a quarter.

Now, chill out and let me work my magic.

Your magic? Yeah, man.

A little cereal, a little Price is Right-- it's a beautiful day, man.

Oh, you feeling it?

Oh, I'm in the zone, baby.

I'm gonna call you in an hour and 14 minutes.



Go get something to eat?

Sure, what do you want?

Oh, your dog is so cute! What's his name?



I'm running late.

I'm horny. I put my nightie on for you. When are you coming?

Cheryl, I've got business.

I'm not wearing anything. I'm naked.

Jesus, Cheryl, I can't do that out here.

Well, I can do it in here, baby.

I want your dick.

Ohh... I'm on my tiptoes.

I can feel you behind me.

I'm right here.

I'm all in you.


The double taco.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, the delivery man.


He's up in my room.

In my bed. What would you do if you came home right now? Tell me.

Why do you always have to bring somebody else into it?

What? It's always "some guy this, some guy that..."

It's like you don't even need me.

You don't have to get upset, baby.

You know what, you're cheap.

How come I never knew that till now?

Fuck you! You're a fucking asshole, you know that?

Oh, yeah.

Came to talk?

Only empty bench.

Huh--tuh-- you have something in your ear right here.

What are you talking about? No, it's, like, in your ear.

It's red.

You got it.




Do you have "gaydar"?


Radar for gay people.

Well, I know a few things, if that's what you mean.

Coo'. We're gonna do a gaydar test.

We'll scan the park and see who shows up.


Boop! Negative.


Boop, boop. Boop!


What's your final count?

None. Heh, I found one.

What, you gonna count the ice cream guy?




I'm gay. You're gay.

I'm gay as a day in May.

My mama's gay, too.

That's where I got gaydar.

From Evelyn, her girlfriend.

She told you you were gay?

No, but she told me what it was like.

I don't like girls.

I don't feel like I fit in.

What's wrong with girls?

Well, number one, they like dumb stuff, and they don't know how to play.

Okay, let's keep people-watching.

Or park-watching.

Like, that car there-- does that car come every day?

Never seen it.

What about that guy?

Yeah. He gets high here before work.

And those two guys there?

Never seen them before.

Oh, shit.

Give me your backpack. No!

Give me your goddamn backpack. No!

Be quiet.


Quit crying and listen to me. Come here.

Listen to me. We're gonna take a walk together.

I've got a gun.

I'm gonna use it.

I'm calling the cops. You call the cops, we're both done, but you're gonna be first, you understand me?


Can I hold it? No!

All right, after we're done.

We're just gonna take a walk now, all right?

Slow down, slow down. We'll walk right toward him.

We're not afraid of anything.

Just gonna be two guys out walkin'.

We're gonna go get some ice cream. Smile.

And a... student and his teacher.

Okay, that's it. Come on, let's go this way.

Ice cream!

Change of plan.

Nope. I want my ice cream.

I want chocolate, and for him, I guess, too.

I'll take your backpack now.


Listen, if that guy comes any closer, just say hi, okay?

Uh, why?

It's a surprise.

Hi, there.

I think we should go now.

What was that?

Good luck.

What's in the bag? Give me the bag.

We wanna see what's in there.

Are you in trouble?


Sort of.

Follow me.

There's a secret passage.

Come on. Ehh!

Come on!

This is it.

This is where...

Civil War or something, um, like a magic act.

Um, where the naked lady disappears through the trap door.

Something like that. This is like a locker.

I don't think she was naked.

Well, bathing suit.

You know.

That's the door out back to the Dumpsters.

Whatcha think?


This... is my racquetball.

This is Shaq.

Everybody at school tries to collect it.

I really don't like him, to be honest.

Want it?

I'm serious.

Well... thanks, but, uh...

That's okay.

How can you not like Shaq? Everyone likes Shaq.

I guess I'm just not like everyone.

These are some of the letters that my grandma sent me.

Um, yeah.

She's dead now, but...

You know.

This is my mom's hair when it was long...

'for it got cut off.

Wanna try?

T.G.& R., how may I direct your call?

It's John, Alice.

Did you forget Alana's number?

Listen, you know how to talk to her.

I thought you could help me.

John, you just talk.

I don't do that. I make a plan.

That's your problem.

That's what I do. That's how I got where I am today.

Exactly. Hey, don't fuck with me.

Oh, I'm serious. I wanna see the gun.

You said!

Uh, hang on.

Are you kidding me? You said I could.

All right, all right. Hang on.

What are you--? Shh!

All right. Here. Now go play.

You're dead.

You have no idea.

Over there.

Okay, I'm back.

The man with the plan.

You didn't seem to mind all those years I had you set up.

I was a girl, John.

Girls like things.

But things don't last.

Oh, don't come off like I was some phony, throwing dresses at you. I mean...

You fell for me, I fell for you.

You know that.

First day of college, sitting on those steps, thousand girls walk by, and I pick you.

You picked my ass.

Well, it was attached to you.

I didn't think that you could still hurt my feelings.

You can never underestimate the man of action.

Wait. Listen. I'd better go.

Um... I asked about you, okay?

I asked all your friends everything about you, what you liked to read, what your favorite movie was, what your music was, what your favorite song was.

I stayed up late when you got up early, was a morning person, you're not.

Everything. Food.

Your favorite place, Pantini's Famous.

Yeah, I paid off the manager there to clear the place out, make your favorite-- tiramisu, old man with the violin...


Viola, whatever. Anyway...

I didn't have much money back then.

It was a fortune to me.

I blew every dime I had.

Almost sold my goat. I didn't care.

I got the mos beautiful girl in school, and I got her angle.

But we went for burgers.

She gets in the car, going on about this burger, she's got her heart set on it...

You were such a wild horse.

And I just realized, just right then in that moment, just making you happy was...

all that mattered, so...

I mean, I knew.

That's when I fell for you.

You rented the whole place out and never told me.

I gotta go.

If this is so hard for you, why do you even start?

You're just kidding around, right?

Shut up.

Or what, you're gonna shoot me?

You don't want to do that.

You're mean.

I'm sorry.

No, you're not!

Okay, you're right. Um...

What do you want me to do?

Show me what's in there. Show me what's in the case.

Okay. Um...

I'll show you, and...

If you give me the gun first.

No. Show me, and I'll give you the gun.


Be careful. You know that's real, right?

I'll show you the case, okay?


I'll show you, all right?

You're mean.

You're mean. You're mean.


Stop, John!

Hey, what are you doin'? Get out!

Hey! Ehh, hey!

Let's go!


This is Max. What have you got?

Nothing. What do you mean?

Well, no buyers, chum.

The banks are closed. It's a holiday.

What the fuck is with the holidays? What holiday?

It's Columbus Day.

Well, that's not a real holiday.

Exactly, right? What the fuck is Columbus, anyway?

Well, he did discover America.

Yeah, and I discovered my ass but then realized it was already there, Johnny.

Then the Indians should've sailed to Spain and told them about it.

And told them to stay the fuck out.

Max, can I ask you a personal question-- are you having some Bob Marley-rasta-ganja- vision quest on my ass?

John, I don't know if you realize this, but I'm South American, which means that I'm at least half Indian, okay?

Don't you white people read anymore?

You guys are busy with your Klan barbeques and shit.

Uh, hang on a second, Malcolm X. We're talking history, right?

I mean, Columbus did know the world was round; he did know America was there.


He was sailing for Asia because he thought the walls were made out of gold, okay?

He ran into America and called us Indians because he thought he was in India.

Hombre was just lost.

Well, that's how you find new and interesting stuff.

At least the Spaniard was brave.

Shit, yeah, he was brave.

I ain't getting in no motherfucking boat.

By the way, he was Italian, you dumb-dumb.

Wait, so you're saying discovering half the known world is sort of a personal realization?

Exactly, personal realization.

Like saying rock'n'roll didn't exist before I heard my first record?

Right. You see, Columbus wants to sit back, mix Cheerios with Cocoa Puffs, maybe put a little bit of sugar on it.

That's fine with me.

I'll even have a beer with it.

But don't let the kids out of school thinking that he discovered some shit.

You know, you're right. Fuck Columbus.

Exactly. Fuck Columbus.

Max, I want to hear about my deal now, if that's okay with you.

Well, uh...

No banks, no money, no deal.

Who have you tried?

I've tried everybody, all the big guns.

What about Jimmy Espinosa?

I don't fuck with Jimmy Espinosa.

He has the cash.

How do you know?

'Cause he was usin' it to buy this case last night.

You knocked over Jimmy Espinosa?

Well, that's how I know he'll be real glad to buy it back.

That's why La Torre turned on you.

La Torre hates Espinosa.

Apparently he likes being alive more.

You're a marked man, John.

I'll give you 25%.

You know, that's very generous of you.

Thank you so much. Aw!

The problem is that Jimmy Espinosa is Hitler!

Hitler had money.

Dude, he killed his mother!

That's just a rumor.

Nah, man. Nah, my boys were in on that one.

She was skimming off his operations, so he had to set a precedent.

So he put his mother down.

Three to the membrane!

And then at the funeral, he fills it with flowers, beautiful, all colors.

You would've thought that it was Princess Diana.

Sounds like just the guy I need.

Dude, Jimmy Espinosa killed his mother, and I know he ain't popping out of your pussy, so I know he's not gonna care about killing you.

And you took his briefcase?

Can you get me Jimmy Espinosa?

First Manny, now Jimmy Espinosa.

Do you have a way out?

Not yet.

Well, then you have nothing.

I got the case. Besides that.

I got you, and you could do anything.

Do it. Max?

Max, do it.

Let's go find the New World.

Is this kid with you?


Well, he said you were his dad.


Antoine, what are you lying to the officers for?

I married his mom.

Paddleboat guy caught him trying to take one out without paying.

Lying and now you're stealing?

What's wrong with you?

I told you I'd be a minute on the phone.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You are this kid's father?


Seeing a cop's kind of-- kind of scary, huh?

Your dad's not around?

Can I ride the paddleboat?

Ack. Whoo!

This is fun.



Ah. What's inside?

Can't you just describe it?

Fountain of youth.

Like El Dorado, the lost city of gold?

How the hell do you know about El Dorado?

We're studying the conquistadors.

Well, I'm the king of the conquistadors.

But they never found El Dorado.

Well, they never had this briefcase.


Well, we have to memorize that poem, "Eldorado," by Edgar Allan Pow.

Poe. That's what I said.

Want to hear it?

Sure. It'll be my theme song.

"Gaily bedight, A gallant knight, "In sunshine and in shadow, "Had journeyed long, Singing a song, "In search of Eldorado.

"But he grew old--

"This knight oh so bold--

"And o'er his heart a shadow

"Fell as he found

"No spot of ground That looked like Eldorado."

That's good.

But it's not over.

You didn't even let me finish.

Okay. Sorry.


"As he found No spot of ground..."

He found... no spot of ground...

You want me to quiz you?

You gotta do it for school, right?

You might as well get it right.

I guess. Okay.

"As he found..."

"No spot of ground That looked like Eldorado."

"And as his strength..."

"Failed him at length..."

"He met a pilgrim shadow."

"'Shadow,' said he, 'Where can it be--

This land of Eldorado?'"

"'Over the Mountains of the Moon, "'Down the Valley of the Shadow, "'Ride, boldly ride,' The shade replied--

'If you seek for Eldorado.'"

So, El Dorado-- to find it, you have to be dead.

That's what the workbook said.

You keep looking for it, but it kills you because you can't find it.

Well, that's your poem.

But you said El Dorado.

Yeah, well, I found it.

I don't believe you.

Besides, if El Dorado was in there, you'd be a lot happier.


- Hello?


You talk to him, you can talk to me about your green card.

Hello? Cheryl, it's me.

Baby, I'm worried about you.

Why don't you come home?

When I'm finished with my business.

Where are you, honey?

I'm staying safe.


I'll pick you up, sweetie.

No, I got a meeting first with Jimmy Espinosa.

Uh, I'll pick you up when it's over.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

So there's that.


He's working off a tower in Silver Lake.

He's definitely outside.

If he's outside, he can be seen.

I got Jimmy Espinosa. Yes!

He's offering 1.5.

One point five, I'll take it.

But, see, John, I think the real deal here is that he wants to show up and kill you.

Yeah, I'm working that part out.

I'm serious, John. I'm worried about you, man.

He don't feel good.

Max, I'm at Echo Park. Gonna meet at the bandstand.

Bandstand? Yeah, it's the gazebo thing covered in ivy.

Listen, tell Espinosa to get the money, come downtown to Grand and First.

You're gonna call him in half an hour and tell him where to go.

He's got ten minutes to get there.

Tell him I got three shooters on the roof surrounding him, so he's gotta come unarmed and alone.

He won't come alone.

At least he'll have to hide his guys.

John, tell me you know what you're doing.

I know what I'm doing.

If I don't see you, I'm gonna have a beer for you.

I'll call you back. I gotta handle some business.

Gotta go soon.

Won't come back.

You keep that for a while.

Does your daughter like you?

I don't think so.

If I was your kid...

I would like you.


I don't think my mom likes me.

Oh, sure she does. I'm sure she loves ya.

Mm, that's what people say.

But... when she's watching Wheel of Fortune, I'll ask her, "Why can Ariel talk when she's a mermaid, but not when she's a person?"

And she'll say, "Shut up, Antoine."

Well, I'm--I'm sure that's 'cause she's got stuff on her mind.

That doesn't mean she doesn't love you.

How do you know?

Well, because I'm a parent.

Parents know these things.

There's a parent-child, uh, bond.

It doesn't matter what they do, you just love 'em.

It's instinct, ya know?

That's the bitch of it all-- it doesn't matter what you did or didn't do, and nothing... nothing changes that, nothing.

I need a bahoo!


I need this one. All right.


Alana, hey, it's your dad.

I'm kind of busy right now.

Well, but--hang on. Come here, let's get out.

There's some things that I want to tell you, just some things that I want to ask you.

Is this a speech?

No, but I... but I know what I want to say.

I know that every time I call... there are, uh... things that I-- I want to ask you that I don't know about you, and I, uh, just thought maybe you've got the same list.

And I thought, "What if I just call and let you ask?"

I ask you and then what?


You just--you just, uh... listen.


Yeah, that's what I'm--

Why'd you leave?

Guess that shows how much you care.

I want to go.

No, no, no--

When you were, like, seven-- six or seven-- um, me and your mom had a really bad fight.

I threw something, or she did--I don't remember.

It was really loud, and, uh, she left.

Sh-she slammed the door, and I sure don't blame her, but... well, you-- you came out.

You were crying really, really bad.

Like--like someone cut you, you know, just screaming and...

Do you remember you had-- it was--still--

I still remember the pink, uh... pajamas, you know, with the rabbits on your feet.

You were crying, and you were asking me to help you, and I... couldn't do anything.

So you just left.

You know, you keep thinking it'd have been better if I'd... stayed, but, uh, unhappy and together's pretty ugly.

I had unhappy anyway.

I know, I-- No!

There's no going back.

No, no, no, not back. No, just, um...

That's all I'm saying, right-- just right now.

Are you asking me to have hope?


Listen, don't cry.

I'll do whatever you want, okay?

I want you to take care of me.

I want to be nine years old, and I want you to take care of me.

I'm sorry. I'm...

I'm very, very sorry.


Hey, listen, I'm gonna come visit.

I'm gonna-- I'm comin'!

Well, I'm not gonna cook a pot roast.

You don't have to do anything.


I'll just come there and, uh...

I'll stay in a hotel, and we'll... you know, I'll buy you dinner.

We'll make dumb jokes, you know, like I do. Well--

We'll try one day and we'll see.

Just because you're swooping out of the darkness doesn't mean that everything is getting better.

No, no, yeah. Yeah.

And Dad? Uh-huh?

If you don't show... that's it.


I mean... that's it.

I'm coming.


They're pretty, aren't they?

Yeah, they got names?


That wouldn't be fair.


Yeah, can't name 'em all.

What's your name?

Pigeon man.

Everybody just calls me-- "Hey, pigeon man."

"What's up, pigeon man?"

No, no, your real name.

I'm John.


You ever have kids, Paul?

Yeah, two boys.

They were both killed in Vietnam.

Thinking about taking a trip over there and find out what that was all about.

You know Antoine?

I see him here occasionally.

I wouldn't say I know him.

Antoine's father, he's not around, and the mother works all the time, so he needs someone to, uh, look out for him, someone to talk to.

You know, he's a good kid, but he's gonna go crazy in this p-park if he's all alone.

Look, I don't know. I-- Just someone to talk to.

That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

Yeah, it might be.

Paul, I'm gonna give you a thousand dollars.

No, no, it's for the kid.

It's, uh, it's just for the boy.

Um... ice cream, comic books, maybe you take him to the movies sometime, you know.

What kind of ice cream does he like?

He likes, uh, chocolate. Probably likes everything.

He likes the sprinkles on.

Hey, thanks.

Well, this is it.

You want to, um...

take, uh, the ride on the paddleboats?

Okay? Okay.


It's over. I'm breaking up with you.

You're breaking up with me?

Yeah, I just did.

Johnny, don't you want to think this over?

I'm not sure, you know, bein' mean's really the right thing to do, but feels kind of good.

Well, fuck you!

You know, you don't know how to love.

You live in a prison.

I'm not listening.

You tell it to the warden.

I'm over the fence and heading for the trees.

Fuck you, asshole!

What was that? And fuck you, too!

We've got something.


Lots of it.

We've got MacArthur Park, Echo Park...

T.G.& R., how may I direct your call?

Hi, Alice, it's me.

I was wondering, um... what you thought if, um, we got back together.

Did Cheryl get herpes? I hope not from you.

Listen, I'm serious. I'm changing.

John, you're a criminal.

Well, I'm not anymore.

When was the last time you stole something?

I, um, I-I-I-- Listen, listen.

I have an opportunity.

Think about this, uh-- quit that job, get on the airplane with me.

We'll go visit our daughter.

We can get back together again, start over.

John... I haven't been in a long-term relationship in six years, and for a dollar above minimum wage I am answering phones and bringing coffee to people with real lives.

There is no such thing as a new start.

It is not that easy.

I'm not sayin' it's easy.

I'm just--just saying think about it.

Don't worry, John.

I'm not the only lonely woman in town.

You'll find someone to starch your boxers.


Wanna go back now?

Yeah, but I'm tired of pedaling, so... enjoy yourself, all right?

I don't like you. I'm gonna have a sea nap.

You don't like me? No.

Well, like, how come you paid, huh? Huh?

You must like me. Come on, what's not to like?

You think I do, but I honestly don't.

You don't have to like me, 'cause I just spent your money.

You send him on-- I'm ready.

Have you told anybody I'm on this?

What? What are you talking about?

Hey, I've been on the horn, John.

I know what's cooking out there, and what's for dinner is you.

What are you talking about?

How Jimmy got to Manny.

They intercepted his cell phone and gunned him down, man.

Somebody's talking to Jimmy, which means that somebody is on to you.

How the fuck else would they know how to get to Manny's place?

My question for you is how does Jimmy Espinosa know that you took his case?

I don't know.

Ohhh, John, you'd better start talking, brother.

You'd better start talking, or that's the end of our romantic relationship.

Listen, man, I'm doing this thing anonymous, but if they know who you are, then they can find me.

And I'm so fucking sorry about Manny, man, but I'll be more sorry if I'm dead!

So my question for you is, for the last time, what's the motherfucking loose end?


Whoa! Aaah...





Leonard, I'm gonna have to kill you.

I won't say anything. I promise not to talk.

I'll make you talk. There are rules, Leonard.

I'm going to visit my son!

Here's Robbie.

Please, please.

Okay, so Jimmy's got Leonard-- we know that, which means that he's getting his nuts squeezed right now, which means he's probably gonna talk, so why don't you break it for me...

How much does he know?

Nothin', just me.

Ohh, man, Jimmy's gonna be mad when he finds you... but you're confident.

What you have up your sleeve?

I brought my costume to the party.

Right, well, last time I checked, the costume don't stop no motherfucking bullets.

And even if you get away with the money, he's going to kill you. He's not gonna go that far.

He'll find you. Florida isn't that far away, John.

I'll handle it.

Hey, John, do me a favor.

Um, when they kill you, don't say my name, please. Thanks.

What name? Who?

That's my boy. Good luck.

Good luck.

T.G.& R., how may I direct your call?

Alice, I love you.

Uh, Alice is on break.



I want us to get married again.

John... I'm flattered.

Listen, I'm putting my life on the line.

I want you to be straight with me, okay?

Just--just tell me the truth.

I don't think that I've got the patience to do it with you.

Uh--are you still doing those personal ads?

I knew it!

Did you find somebody else?

That's none of your business.

Well, whoever it is, I bet you I'm better than him.

'Cause you know me. You know what you're gettin'.

But with, uh, you know, Computer Jim, who knows?

His name is Ralph. Oh, even better. Ralph.

So Ralph is exciting, Ralph is new.

Ooh, sex with Ralph!

We've barely kissed. Yeah, you see?

That's exactly my point.

So you cling to these little fantasies about what he might be and who he might be and how he might do it, and then-- and then new love drives you to find those little idiosyncrasies, those little broken edges that only you can fix, but after a year or two the newness wears off, and there's still so many broken pieces, so much to figure out, and then what've you got?


You got me. You got me!

Huh? But now it's two years later.

You're two years older, two years of fixing somebody else's broken edges, then two more years with Dave and two more years with Wayne.

And maybe-- what at the end?

Who's to say you want to go on?

Maybe Ralph's edges will be easier.

Yeah, maybe they'll be worse.

Well, maybe I'll just find out.

Maybe... Ralph won't wanna play.


Or... or you can have me, right now.

I'm standin' here.

I'm--I'm tellin' you you got everything.

Is someone sayin' that to you right now, anywhere else-- you got everything?

You can't convince me.

A relationship, John, is not a decision-- it's a process.

Listen, listen, those little statements, they sound nice, but what about your feelings, okay?

We're talking about a middle-aged woman who's got a computer date named Ralph that she doesn't even wanna kiss.

Now, I know you're unhappy.

Okay, I can make-- That's--

I know you're lonely. That's not very nice.

I can take care of you.

Let me take care of you.


Do you love me?

When you... after I talk to you, I feel good.

What? What is it?

I'm just so happy you didn't say you love me, 'cause you didn't lie.

No, no, I--

I do love you when I hear you laughing.

No, just save it-- save it--save it for later.

Later. So--so you wanna... wanna try?

Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, let's talk more tonight.

I'm gonna go home now.

No, don't-- don't go home. Come here.

Um, we'll go to the airport together.

We'll go to Florida and go visit our daughter.

But my job...

Nah, you don't need that job.

Just come get me. I'm in Echo Park.

There's a--a temple across the street.

You know it?

Right now? Yeah.

You're serious. Yeah.

Meet me in the back.


I'll be there.

I'll be there, too.

Mommy, no!

Do you want to put your case on the bench?

I'll examine it for 15 seconds.

If I approve, I'll put my bag on the bench, and you'll have 15 seconds to look at the money.

After that, I take your case and go.

But if you deviate from the plan, the deal is off, and any kind of protection my presence may have afforded you will evaporate.

You got one minute to start.


Are you Jimmy Espinosa?

You have 30 seconds.

How do I know you're not a trigger man?

You're not dead.

It'll be my ass when I put my case on the bench-- you look at it, you like what you see, and then shoot me.

Do I look like a trigger man?

I don't know, you look like a...

Well, pretty mean.

How many men you got in the park?

I'll be going.

The hell you will.

Well, why won't I?

I got what you want.

Could take it.

Maybe, maybe not.

Gotta be worried about a guy like this, a guy who could pull off a job that you wouldn't even think about attempting.

You gotta be careful.

Maybe he's got friends you don't know about.

Maybe he's just lucky.

His partner-- gunned down today.

All is not pleasure in paradise.

Your time's up.

Jimmy, how's your mother?

Resting in peace.

Bet she is.

Give me my money.

You seem disappointed.

All there.

But you don't feel changed.

You thought maybe, what, a weight would be lifted, sky would be brighter, something?

You thought paper would do that for you.

Maybe it will.

Or not.

He's got a gun!

Get down! He's got a gun.

Ow! Aah.

Hey! Hey, freeze!

Get out of the car. Get out of the car!

John! You all right?

Come on.

You okay? No. I gotta go.

No. Hey.

Cover these guys.

No, no, no, no. You wanna get shot?

Go. Go. It's okay.


Kid, move.

Go. Go!

Hey, there's money on the ground!

Oh, my God.

Let me go! Let me go!

Easy! John is gonna be fine.

He's gonna be fine.

Get in the car!

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay. Just drive.

Oh, um...

Oh, my God.

Do I need to get you anywhere?

Oh, I don't know--

I think we just go to the airport, don't you?

You sure? Yeah, that's okay.

That's okay. Airport it is.


What are you laughing about?

The easy part was getting to the car.

Yeah? What's the hard part?

Whatever happens next.

# I don't believe in fate #

# I don't believe in magic #

# But I believe I #

# Will wait for you #

# Till the road beneath my feet #

# Takes me to your door #

# And I will not retreat #

# Till we are we once more #

# Like some conquistador #

# I sought new worlds to plunder #

# Standing upon a far-off shore #

# I long for distant lands #

# That I left long ago #

# But my riches are the sand #

# Till we are we once more #

# Till the road beneath my feet #

# Takes me to your door #

# I will not retreat #

# Till we are we once more #