Come and Find Me (2016) Script

Are you following me?

Um... no?

Um, what are you doing?

I live here.

No. I live here.

No. 3715.



Um, excuse me?


This is my house.

No. Listen this is my house.

We know each other.


I don't know you.

We must have lost our memories.


I wonder how we're gonna get those back.

Well... obviously, we should have sex and just hope for the best.

Wait. What?

What if we're brother and sister?

You're ruining this.



I'm gonna go to bed.

Okay. I'll be in in a little bit.

No, come now.


I love you.

I love you, too.



I really do.


Hey, will you grab the light?

Hey, babe?

Man on TV: Are you kidding me?

This team doesn't care about winning.

They're thinking about one thing

and that is the draft.

I'm not saying they're tanking, but the last thing they want is a win.

This team's hope for the future

is on draft day.

Hey, babe. Where are you?

I don't remember what you said you were doing today, but call me, okay?

All right. Love you.

Hi, Darcy?

Listen, have you spoken with Claire today?


No, no, everything's fine.

I just don't know where she is.

I'm sure she told me and I'm just forgetting.

And, hey, listen, if you hear from her, could you-- okay, great.

Thanks, see ya.

Hey, Mr. York, sorry.

It's David, Claire's boyfriend?

Is she working today?

She works tomorrow, not today.

All right. And you haven't seen her?


Claire? Hey, what the fuck?

Sorry, I'm looking for Claire. Have you seen her?

You ruined my prints, man! Have you seen her?



Man: Did you guys have a fight before she left?

No, everything was fine. And what about recently?

Did you guys have any disagreements?

David: No.

Man: Have you-- have you called her parents?


David: She doesn't have any family, actually.

Man: Okay. And you've spoken to her friends?

Yes, I've spoken to her friends.

Because sometimes people don't even realize something was wrong. Nothing was was wrong, all right?

- We're happy, so... - Okay.

David: Okay, well, what-- what should I do?

Man: Anything helps.

You know, reach out to people that know her.

If this isn't resolved in a few days, we'll get you a printout of the report.

A lot of people like to flyer the neighborhood, you know, telephone poles and everything.

Whoa, wait, wait. Flyer the neighborhood?

That's it? - Listen, hopefully, it won't come to that.

Okay, I promise you, we're gonna do everything we can.

Are you following me?



Of course not.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You live here?

Uh, yeah.

Oh, that's embarrassing.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

You know, it's just that for a second, I thought you were gonna kill me.

Wow, well, I definitely would not do that.

I know, you're probably like a-- like a school teacher or something.

No, I'm not a school teacher.

But... I like to think I'm a pretty good guy.

Yeah, I can see that now.

I'm Claire.


Hi, David, i just moved into 103.

The twisted sister fan.


I'm in 203, right above you.

Oh, I'm sorry. I-- I can make it up to you.

I can get you a gift or something.

Oh, really? Yeah!

No, listen, I'm kidding, seriously.

I mean, you can get me gifts, by all means, but don't worry about it.

Welcome to the building, Claire.

Hey, David. Hi, Colleen.

How you doin'?

I'm-- I'm good.

Well, I really hate to do this to you, but I really can't wait any longer.

I'm so sorry.

It's, you know, if it were up to me--

I understand.


All right, see ya.


Sorry for dropping in without any warning.

I didn't think I was gonna be here more than an hour.

Don't worry about it. It's good to see you.

It's nice to actually talk to someone who really knew her.

It's-- it's been too long.

I know, I know. I'm sorry about that.

How have you been doing?

Just the same, you know?

It's just-- it-- it's too brutal, man, you know?

It's-- it's unreal.

Yeah, you know, best-case scenario is that she just left.

And cops said that happens.

That's the easiest thing for me to imagine.

I mean, the-- you know, the least painful.

'Cause it's either that or she...

Was killed, or she was taken.

Shit. Yeah.

So, there were never any leads or anything?


Do you think it's possible that...

You know, that she was unhappy?

Fuck, man.

I mean, she was the happiest I'd ever seen her with you.

You're a good match.

And with Claire?

I don't think that was an easy thing to find.

To Claire.

Thanks for lettin' me crash, man.


So, where are you off to tomorrow?

I'm going to the French alps, man.

Friend of mine has an adventure-guide service thing.

Take rich tourists climbing, camping, make it feel dangerous.

I'm gonna do a few trips with him, make some money, and then...

Hey, what are you doing?

You think I can make it?

Not without breaking your neck, come on.

Hey! Hey!

What? You don't think I'll do it?

You're being an idiot.

Now, come on before someone see you.

Dare me.

Dare me.

I dare you.


What the fuck is wrong with you?

My leg.

Is it broken?

Aw, Jesus.

Come on, man.

Come on, let's get you home.

Let's get you home.

Now, come on. There you go.

I got you.


There he is. How you feeling?

Hey, um...

Sorry about last night.

I was just... You know, I was just drunk.

No shit. You all right?

Yeah, I'm just a little, you know, bruised up, but I'll be fine.



So, what's your plan today?

My flight's not until 4:00.

Oh, um...

You know, actually, I have a bunch of errands to run.

I don't think I'll be back before then.

But, you know, you can stay as you want.

Just... you can just lock the door when you leave, you know?

Awesome, man. Thanks.

- Yeah, no problem. Yeah.



Are you busy?

No, not really.

Do you wanna eat?

I kinda owe you.

Come on.

Oh, I'm-- I'm sorry about the mess.

No, i-- I like your place.

Really? Do you want a beer or something?

Sure. Thank you.

So, um...

What do you do, Claire?

Well... I'm currently pursuing a career in dry cleaning.

Doing what?

I work at a dry cleaners.


Did you take these?

Yeah, it's a-- it's a hobby of mine.

Oh. I really like them.

Where is that?

I-- Vancouver.

What do you do?

Graphic design sort of stuff.

Nothing too exciting, but...


What is that you got there?

Dinner, and it should be ready in, ooh, three and a half minutes.

My god, that's not long.

Claire, that's not food.

Sure, it is.

You've been eating stuff like that?

Yeah, I mean-- put that down.

Okay, i-- I know a little thing about food.

Do you wanna come with me? Can I make you something?

Come here.

End of the line, son.

Can I just stay on for a while?

What, this ain't a shelter, buddy.

It's for gettin' where you need to go, huh?

Hey! Hey!

What the fuck?


You're home early.

You said you'd be gone all day.

What are you doing?

Oh, man. David.

I'm sorry.

What the fuck is this?

I'm just looking for something.

That's all. I can't find it.

You weren't supposed to come home.

I don't understand.

Yeah, Boulder really wasn't for me.

Kind of ski bum, beer pong situation.

I didn't make a ton of friends.

Mmm, my god, this is so good.

So, where did you grow up?

Salt lake city. Pretty happening spot.

Yeah. Birthplace of jazz.


Nothing. Never mind.

Your family still there?

Family's not really part of the picture.

Where are you from?

San Jose, California.

And your parents, they still live there?

My, uh, my mom does, but my dad, he actually died when I was a kid.

Which is a hilarious thing to talk about.

But long story short, my mom, after he died, she, uh, she found, Jesus.


I'm-- I'm aware of him.

Yeah, well, apparently, he was in San Jose, of all places, and now, you know, she-- she collects these little baby figurines.

Yeah, like...

Like, you know, anything baby, like little baby sculptures.

Anyways, now the house is filled with millions of little babies everywhere.

Like, little angel babies.

Yeah, it's, uh, it's a little-- it's a little creepy.

Also the whole place is kind of, um, kind of depressing, not just my-- not just my house, but San Jose in general.

I don't-- it's a boring place. I don't really like it there.

You know, it's, uh...

I go there sometimes, you know.

Not as often as I should.

But, yeah.

I wanted to do that.

That's, uh, that's okay.

Oh, jeez.

I'm still chewing my food.

That's-- no, wait, that's disgusting.

His name is buck Cameron.

So, he's a friend?

A friend of my girlfriend's from college.

Is your girlfriend here? Can I speak with her?

No, she's not here.

She, um...

She disappeared a little over a year ago.

She's missing.

Hey, David.

Hey. Detective Sloan.

I heard what happened. You all right?

Oh, yeah. My head hurts.

Yeah, I bet.

Doc said the cat scan looks fine, gave me some medicine for the pain, so.

Good, look, the reason why I'm here is I figured rather than letting you get the runaround from god knows who, I'd take a look for you.

Your pal buck never flew out yesterday, not under that name at least.

What do you mean under that name?

You said he went to the university of Colorado in Boulder, is that right?

Yes, that's where Claire met him.

There's no record of him there.

That's gotta be a mistake.

I don't think it is, David.

On a hunch, I checked. Claire didn't go there, either.

Wait, wait.

What do you-- what do you mean?

Listen, David, you can tell me honestly.

Do you know what he was looking for?


So, you don't know if he found it either.

Sloan: Do you know what he was looking for?

You found me.

Wow, this place is cool.


What's this?

Oh, I made you some lunch.

That's so sweet.

Yeah, there's a little something inside.

So, what have you been working on?

Ugh, I've been looking at it all day.

Well, I haven't. Let me see.

You can see it when I do something good, okay?


When I'm done. Okay?

Excuse me.

Hey, sorry, uh, sorry to bother you, but, um...

Have you seen this girl?

Do you recognize her? No?

Jesus. You're not allowed back here.

This is off-limits.

I'm sorry, i was just looking around.

Get out of here now.

Man: What is going on? Nothing.

Who is this?

This is no one. He is confused.

Come on, let's go. - Wait, wait.

Is there something that we can help you with?

Yeah, have you, um-- have you seen this girl?

Do you recognize her?

Fisnik, let go of the poor boy.

This girl, how do you know her?

Well, she's my girlfriend.

She was my girlfriend. She disappeared.

I see.

That is very sad.

Do you-- do you know her?


Why would I know her?

Look, i-i don't know. I just..

Why do you come here looking for this girl, huh?


I was just looking everywhere for her.

But-- but why do you come here?

Uh... hey.

She just spent a lot of time in this-- in this area, so I thought maybe-- ah, ah. W-w-what is your name?

My name's David.

Now you have a problem, David.

What do you mean? What's-- what's my problem?

I don't believe you.

Hey, wait, i think we just have a bit of a misunderstan-- wait a minute.

David, David. Look at me.

You have to convince me now.

I'm telling you the truth.

Look, maybe-- let me just go home, okay?

I'll just go home.

What do you do, David? What-- what is your job?

I, uh... I do graphic design.

I design for websites.


I believe that.

Sit down.

All right.

Now... the truth.

I don't--

I don't know what to say.

Don't pay attention to him. Pay attention to me.

What do you want?

Why did you come here?

I'm looking for my girlfriend. She disappeared.

I am starting to lose Patience, David.

I know that you are looking for this lady.

Why here?

I'm looking everywhere.

Hey, hey, hey...



I saw this address written down. Okay?

It was written on a piece of paper in her handwriting.

You know, I was just cleaning out her things and...

You know, i thought I'd just come here.

I was just-- just hoping that maybe...

What is her name?

Her name is Claire.


Maybe it would be better for you if you stopped looking for her.

Maybe you don't like what you find.

David: Detective Sloan?

Yeah, um...

I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

I was hoping you could check on a few things for me.

Can I ask you a question?


You always change the subject whenever I ask you about your family or anything.

That's not a question.

Why can't we talk about it?

Why are you so interested in it?

Well, I don't know, because...

I'm in love with you.

You are?


I mean, should I not be?

Well, it's kind of out of my control, so...

What is it that you want?

What are you after?


Oh, shit.

Does, uh, does your head hurt?

You want some of these?

It helps.

I want you to answer a few questions first, and then I'll give it to you.

Why did you come here?

I'm not gonna talk to you.


All right.

You're not gonna use that.

How do you know?

Just a feeling you get.

What feeling?


And you're not afraid right now?


What about now?

Do you know how much this hurts?

Yeah, well, I do.

Why did you come here?

For information.

What information?

Anything I could find.

Or get out of you.

I don't know anything.

You'd be surprised what you know.

Do you know what happened to Claire?


Did you do something to her?

You think i know something?

We're the same, David.

We're both looking for the same thing.

Yeah? What?


Hey, David.


Can I come in?

Yeah, uh--

Jesus Christ.

Yeah. Sorry about... the mess.

I did some digging around like you asked.

Called in some favors.

Why don't you sit down?

She was lying to you.


She didn't go to school in Boulder.

She didn't grow up in salt lake city, either.

Found no record of her parents there.

Why would Claire lie about that?

I mean, I'm looking into it, but listen, this girl's fucked up.

You know, she was clearly a part of something or she just wasn't who you thought she was.

No, not really.

No, I paid for a lot of things, but, you know, she just didn't make that much.


Look, I think the best thing for you to do is to put her out of your head, move on.

Fuckin' cats.

It's just clumsy.

Hey, you know, thanks for your help.

Look, if anything else pops up, I'll let you know.

Hey, hey, hey.

Come on.

All right.

How do you know Claire?

I don't know her.

Why are you looking for her?

Open my shirt.


Open my shirt.

You want to know why, open my shirt.

Pull it open.

There's two more in my stomach.

She didn't expect me to live.


No, that's not right.

Claire couldn't--


Eve is what she call herself.

It was my brother she was after.

He wasn't as lucky I was.

They met in a bar in Chicago.

He pick her up.

The hotel marlaina.

You know it?

Yeah. It's nice.

Also a good place to go

if you're looking to pick up high-end whore.

And he was.

Not my brother's typical taste, but...

She put a knife in him.

Do you have any brothers?

What would you do if you found her?

What would you do?

My people are going to come looking for me soon.

Good. Then they can cut you loose.

Oh. How much is this?

They're not going to be happy with what you've done.

Well, maybe you can put in a good word for me.

All right. What's your name?



I'm David.

Let's hope we never meet again.

One ticket to Vancouver, please.

Here we are. Lots of light.

Mm. Just painted.

Yeah, it's-- it's wonderful.

All these houses were built in the '20s.

This one's 1916.

Bought this place and the one next door

about ten years ago, fixed 'em up.

Please, take a look around.

David: So, what do you think?

Claire: I like it.

What are you doing? Here.

I'm just showing you how to do it right.

I like how I do it.

Yeah, but it's wrong.

It's not gonna look as good.

I know how to paint.

Mmm, I don't know if you do.

Oh? Gonna be an asshole?

Hey, I'm never an asshole.

Right now you are.

Mmm, not really.

I'm just kinda, you know, being normal.

Well, agree to disagree, i guess.

Baby, we just have so much to do, and the ceiling is gonna take forever.

You know what? I'll do the ceiling.

You just relax.

You're not going to do the ceiling.

Why not?

Because it's gonna be all messy and bad.

Like your wall, which... sucks.

You know what?

I'm gonna do the ceiling right now, and it's gonna be incredible.

Okay. If you say so.

Yeah. Maybe you should go have a beer.

You're getting very worked up about the paint job.


Word. Great.

I'm all about that.

Yeah, yeah.

David, I'm done.


That's, uh, that's beautiful.

You mind?

David: This is gonna be hell to paint over.



Gimme your hand.

I don't get it.


It's a joke.

Isn't Sarah the name of the waitress that you like at what's-it-called?

What? Sophie's?

Is her name Sarah?

Yeah, right?

It's a joke.

Ah, it's incredibly hilarious.

Much better.


David: So I got sort of a strange question.

Do you, uh...

Recognize this guy?

You know who he is?

What's this about?

Well, I, um, i got these photos off an old camera that I bought, and I thought maybe I could get them back to their rightful owner.

Any ideas?

That's Mr. garan.

Mr. garan. Does he work here?

He used to.

Mr. garan passed five years ago.

He was a good man.

All right.

Well, I'm sorry to-- sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

Do you know, was he married?

David: Hello. My name is David.

Are you a reporter?

No, no, absolutely not.

Look, this is a little hard to explain, but, um...

My-- my girlfriend, she disappeared a little over a year ago, and ever since then, I, um-- look, I'm-- I'm sorry.

I just know that she spent a lot of time here in Vancouver before I knew her, and I know that she was really interested in your-- in your husband.

Look, I'm just grasping at straws here, and I just-- do you-- do you recognize her?

I met a lot of people with Richard.

I'm sorry. Well, her name was--

I don't know her.

I'm very sorry. Good luck.

Agh! Aah!

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

No, stop! Stop! Please!



No, please! Help me!

Help me! No, no, no! Please!

Don't move! Get down on your knees!

Down on your knees!

Where are we going?

Get out.

David, how do you do? John hall.

Thanks, guys.

I apologize, we must have frightened you.

What do you want?

I wanna talk to you.

And who the fuck are you?

I work for the government. Defense.

I tell ya...

I don't usually go in for this nature shit, but god damn.

This is something, huh?

Take a look at that.

Makes your heart go.

Yeah, you're looking for your ex-girlfriend.

You knew her, I guess?


I'm here to answer a few of your questions.

The ones I can, at least. Give you some closure.

But none of this is gonna be easy, David.


Claire worked for us in a variety of capacities.

Like what?

Mmm, it was required that she establish a cover, a life, one that would allow for a great deal of travel, one that wouldn't draw a lot of attention.

So, where is she?

July of last year, she was called in for an assignment.

She was killed in action 36 hours later.

I'm sorry, David.


See, you're lying. That doesn't make sense.

I really am sorry to tell you.


Okay, well, do you have any-- any proof, huh?

Of any of this?

I mean, you're so interested in giving me closure.

Open this if you have to, but I've seen what's inside, and I wouldn't, if I were you.

I mean it.

We need you to stop digging around her past, David.

She handled sensitive material.

Sensitive situations that don't need stirring by your inexpert hands.

It's dangerous. For you, for all of us.

Just let it go, okay?

You're still on the outside. Stay there.

I can't guarantee your safety otherwise.

Take your time.




Hey, Claire.


Babe. Let me in.

What's wrong?


Answer me.

Claire, open the door.

- Claire, open the door, please?

Cl-- Claire!


Hey. Hey, hey.

Oh... ah, Jesus Christ. Oh, my god, what happened?

I got mugged.

I was stupid, i-- I tried to fight back.

No, no, no, no.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

Come here. Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.

David: So, what was her name?

Was it Claire?

Can I ask you a question?

What brought you to garan's house?

Just photos.

Old photos she had before I knew her.

Regular Philip marlowe, am I right?

So, who was he?

You tell me.

Some rich venture capitalist?

That's right.

Weekends, he liked to put on a red hood, convince discontented teens to join the cause of white supremacy.

He put enough cash in the right pockets

to keep that fact secret.

So what, you just... Had him killed?

Richard garan died of a heart attack.

Oh, yeah.

I had a run in with some columbian mercenaries a couple years back.

More metal than man at this point.

That must've been a long recovery.

Oof. Two years physical therapy before I stopped walking like a zombie from those bad movies.

What, were you, like, on crutches

for a while or something?

A cane.

You said you have those photos on your computer?

You mind if I take a look?

Did I say that?

Yeah. You mind if I take a look?

No, um...



I'm asking myself, "why is he so interested in my rehab?"

But I realized, you haven't been completely honest with me, have you?


Where are the negatives?

No. Really?

Son of a bitch.

It's amazing how things change so quick.

What was it, a minute ago, 80 seconds tops, you made that comment about my leg and tipped your hand.

You were gonna go home, live a life, meet a girl probably, have a couple kids.

She's still alive.


She's alive. Isn't she?

She's dead.

Take this left.

Where'd you get that?

Let me out.

Here. Pull over!

No, don't-- don't pull over, Michael.

What a mess.

Nothing's gone as I intended, not one thing.



I tried you at the-- the darkroom.

I had my headphones on.

Mmm. How was it?

It was fine.

Did you bring anything back?


There wasn't anything good enough to save.

Is something wrong?

I'm just tired.

And that's the end of it.

Just tired, David.

What, you wanna have a whole conversation about that?

I just haven't seen you all day.

I was working.

No, I, uh, I know.

You've been working every night for the past three weeks.

I haven't seen you.

I'm sorry that I wanna have a conversation with you

- when I do. Yeah, well, I'm sorry that i wanna sleep when I'm tired.

Wow, you're-- you're being such a bitch right now.


Fuck you.


Hey, does this have to do with what... happened?

What are you talking about? Does what have to do with it?

The fact that you won't speak to me, that you're a million miles away and I can't bring you back.

Don't be such a drama queen.

I'm right here.

Then why does it feel like as close as I get to you, I'm not even-- - I don't know, David.

Maybe I'm broken that way. Maybe it's impossible.

It sure fucking seems like it, Claire.

Yeah, well...

I'm glad that we figured that out.

I'm gonna go to sleep.

All right.

Good night.

Can I help you?

Hi, um...

I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute.


It's about Dana.

Have a-- have a seat.


Oh, did you get married?

Yeah. Elise.

Year ago next week.


So... you and Dana.

She went missing five years ago?



You two were happy?

I don't know.

I thought we were.

What are you getting at?

I'm sorry.

I met her...

About four years ago.


Los Angeles.

Is she, uh...

She's gone.

It was a bad car accident.

It was about a year ago.

And ever since then, I...

Started looking into her past, which led me to you.

And I just thought that you'd want to know, just so you could stop looking...

In case you were.


Fuck, I'm...

Uh, I'm sorry, i didn't--

I didn't expect to be thinking about this today.

She talk about me?

She didn't tell me much about her past.

Sounds like her.

I did look for her for a while, but who walks out like that?

May-- maybe I was an asshole? I think about it.

I think maybe i-- maybe I was a little too hard on her.

She just-- you know, we just weren't a good match.

Doesn't mean you walk out, though.

You don't let a person wonder, even if she hated me.

She didn't.

I'm certain she loved you.

You can't fake that.

Well, this is all I have.

Dana took those.

Well, listen, i appreciate you coming, but I should get to work.

Of course, yeah.

Hey, Charlie.

This guy here.

That's Kyle.

That's Dana's friend from-- from home.

That's Kyle.

You two stay in touch?

I mean, not really since she left.

We talked a few times, but you know.

You got a number for him? I'd like to reach out.

David: Hey, Kyle. Or buck.

Or whatever the fuck your name is.

This is David larraine.

Yeah, I got your number, fuckshit, and, hey, listen, you know that thing you were looking for at my place?

Well, guess what? I have it.

If you want it, you're gonna meet me

on the southwest corner of Blake and Van nuys

the morning of the sixth, 3:00 A.M.

Come alone, and, I don't know, bring a million dollars with you.

If not, these pictures are going everywhere, and I have a feeling if that happens, you're gonna wind up in a ditch someplace.

Am I right?

See you Friday.


Hey, aleksander. This is David larraine.

If you wanna know where Eve is, I'm meeting her at 3:00 A.M.

She'll be in a black SUV parked in a lot on the south side of Van nuys just east of Blake.

She's all yours.

What the fuck is this?


Man: Where is she?

Buck: David? Throw your phone in the gutter and head up Van nuys, enter the parking structure.

On the left, there'll be a car parked

with its door open.

Get in.

I want to be left alone. Okay?

I will go away, and you will never hear from me again.

I have what you're looking for, but you're never gonna find it.

If I die, everybody finds it.

That's not how this works.

How does it work?

You are just a scared guy who threw me in the back of a blacked-out beemer.

We're something else.

We're a different category of person.

You wanna keep those pictures as an insurance policy?

People like I work for can't live with that in this world.

If I die, they get out.

To who, David? Hmm?

You haven't thought this through.

The New York times?

They won't know what the fuck they are.

I'm sorry, David.

Sarah was a threat. You are just a loose end.

And there is a bullet coming your way right now.

It is cutting through this world, and it can only end up in one place.


I'll find a way.

You underestimate me, buck.

You have every step of the way.

Mm, no, not this time.

Smart, blacking out the windows, no one can see in.

Trouble is, you can't see out, either.

You have no idea what's coming.

Out of the car! Get out of the car! Hand in the air!

One the ground! Don't move! Don't fucking--

are you mad?

Come here.

Have I really been a million miles away?


I got lost.

It happens now and then.


But you can't leave me out there, though.

You gotta bring me back.

I always will.


No matter what.

David. We meet again.

Where's the film?

I'm not going to tell you.

Okay. That's what i thought you'd say.

I'm gonna send a man in here.

It's his job to get information from reluctant sources.

Usually he's working with trained operatives who've been prepared for such treatment and who believe if they give up the information, it will cost many of their countrymen their lives, not to mention compromise their own place in the afterlife.

You, on the other hand, are protecting the whereabouts of a roll of film, the significance of which you don't understand, for a dead girl who lied to you, used you, and made a fool of you.

Anyway, I'm gonna walk out.

He's gonna come in, and in a few minutes, he's gonna leave with what he came for.

Or you could tell me now, spare yourself the discomfort.

All right.

You're very brave, David.

I admire that. Truly.

Thanks for coming.


My name's David.

Where's the film?

I don't-- I don't have it.

Where's the film?

I don't have it. I don't have it. I don't--

please, please, stop!

Stop! Stop!

Where's the film?

Stop! St--

what's going on?

Do not move!


What did he do to you?

Where have you been?

Why did they do this?

I came looking for you.

I just got so close.


The film in the garden.

Your film.

Where is it?


It's at our home.

We have to-- have to get out of here.

Wait, wait.

David, there's no time for that.

We gotta go.

You can use one of these? Come on.

Are you all right? Yeah.

Come on.

David: Jesus Christ.

Damn it. Shit.

We gotta get out of here. Get out!


Stay here.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Get off the bike! Off the bike!

Get out of here, come on. Come on, let's go!

Claire: Where is it, David? The film?

In the mail.

Well, that's not good.

What is it?

It's proof that hall had been turned.

It was-- this was my only protection.

Claire-- we have to get out of here.

Claire. Wait. Stop.

They'll be looking for us-- stop.

I haven't seen you.

Are you hurt?

Where? David?

David. It's okay. You're gonna be okay.

Who are you?

I'm a lot of different people.

I looked for you.

I know.

I didn't think you'd understand.

I was wrong. I'm sorry.

If you come with me...

We can never, ever come back.

Stay here.

Claire: Shit.

What? - We're surrounded.

So, what do we do now?

We fight.

Hey. Look at that.

I didn't know you could still see it.

Me neither.

Hey. Where we gonna go?

Anywhere you want.

Well, I wanna go someplace warm, somewhere I've never been.

Far away?



Let's go right now.

Hall's men are out back. Aleksander's are out front.

What do you think our best chances are?

Not good either way.

All right.

You choose.

No, you.

Okay, fine.

South America?

Are we really gonna do this?


We have to.



On three.

Hey, babe?

I love you.


Let's live.


Okay. Ready?

Both: One, two, three.