Come and See (1985) Script


Are you crazy? What the shit?

What the hell are you doing?

You playing games?

Who are you playing with?

With whom? You're digging?

You're digging again!

All right, go on digging, bastards!

You goddamn bastards!

So you are hiding?

But you can't hide anymore!

They'll find you even underground. They'll get you!

Come out! Do as I told you!

Come on, get out!

It's you I'm talking to!

Do this, do that! Wipe your ass with your fingers!

Ordering me around like another Flemish idiot!

That's what I used to be, now I'm a German idiot!

We'll see about this.

You won't obey your uncle, you'll obey a strong stick!

Get up!

They're hiding, shitting cans!

The pioneers of hiding!

You're only good for one thing: milking goats or slopping pigs!

You laughing? You won't laugh for long.

Enough! The good times are over.

You'll learn your lesson!

What are you sitting here for? Go work, or I fuck your mutter!

Byelorussia, 1943

Go on, dig! Without any guns, they won't let us join.

Nothing around here.

And where have I got mine? I didn't buy it in a store.

It's not for me you're digging. I'm ready to go!

Hello? Is this Berlin?

So, you did it? Your pants are full, right?

What did I tell you?

COME AND SEE Screenplay by A. ADAMOVICH, E. KLIMOV Directed by E. KLIMOV Director of Photography A. RODIONOV Production Designer V. PETROV Music by O. YANCHENKO Sound by V. MORS


Music by Mozart was used in the film

Oh, sonny...

Oh, sonny...

How will you explain it to your dad when he returns?

He will come back and find nobody here.

Have pity on yourself.

If you can't have any pity for me, then have pity for them.

For the love of God...

Have you no heart?

Stop talking like that, mom. They're all going, I can't stay here.

What are you doing?

Then kill all of us, right now. Why wait?

Go on, kill them! Kill all of us!

You're not going anywhere! You're not going!


Hello there. Or should I say good morning?

Right. Your weapon, where is it?

Where's your weapon? It's right here.

And who are these two? Twins?

That's right, twins.

Out of the same litter.

The sun's nearly up.

Shall we go?

Not yet. When they put the cows out.

We want a crowd to watch.

Take these, sonny. They will make you warm.

With us, he'll stay warm.

Don't you worry, we'll see that he's alright.

He'll be like in a pioneer camp.

Buttermilk... Take what you like.

Got something stronger? Milk with a little kick?

If I'd known you wanted to drink...

We never do. Only on holidays.

And at funerals.

We maintain discipline. Our commander is a career officer.

Kossatch! That's the man, alright.

You come too close, he'll make you go away. You go away, he'll get you.

Remember Bobok? What Bobok?

The one who was half deaf.

He wanted to sleep on guard duty. Kossatch didn't bother to wake him up.

Enough of that!

Woke up or didn't, it doesn't matter.

Makes you laugh, eh?

Women here like to sleep late. Why are you standing? Sit down!

We don't have time to sit here. If they catch us, that'll be the end.

One day I was sitting so good that now I never sit down.

Know what I mean, mother? A shrapnel, as big as a fist!

You may laugh, but it was right here.

What's the matter with those cows?

A couple of rounds in the air would wake them.

Women! Get'em out!

Alright, let's go!

Why are you taking him away?

Get a good breath of air.

Milked or not, get'em out!

Where are you taking him?

He's a good boy, he hurts nobody!

He's always polite!

Good people! Who could throw a stone at such a boy?!

What are you doing? Keep your hands off!

Come, say goodbye to your brother.

Here, hold the bird. And don't move!

Out of the way!

Out of the way!


It's Yustin, mayor of the village. Idiot!

I don't understand.

My little Fliora! My son!

My son!

Hello, everybody!


Just keep going, lad, keep going.

Why rip it off with the skin?

What are you doing? I'm still alive!

Nurse, water...


Go on, move!

Hello. Hello.

Who is the last one?

Don't sit in the Major's chair!

All of you, shut up!

Close up a little! And you, look forward!

What's that? You call it your face? Look at your comrade's face!

Ah, what a suit! Over here.

You'll lie down right here.

Like that. Don't take your suit off yet.

Hey, you cow!


Hurry up, Perekhod! We ain't got all day!

I've got only one sheet of film. This is the last one, so hold it.

Our father is here!

Quiet down! I'm ready.

Look at this man. He put on a new suit and he stays still.

Let's make a trade. I took it from a live guy.

Ah, our Chief. Welcome, Comrade.

Will you give us a picture?

Rise up, our country wide and great, Rise up for a deadly fight

With fascists daring to invade, With black hordes of the night.

Let our noble wrath swell on, Like a big and surging wave.

The people's war is going on, Our sacred war of faith.

Who is there?



Are you new? Yeah.

Your name? Gaishoun. Third squad.

Why didn't you shoot? I recognized you, Comrade Commander.

Whenever a man doesn't stop or say the password, shoot!

Yes, only...

No excuses. Extra duty as a punishment.


Where is he? Who? Password!

Where'd he go? Password, I said!

That damned owl again!

Go to sleep. Your watch is up. the immediate proximity of the enemy... are fulfilling their duty day and night...

And today I got two notes, Very cryptically drawn.

Every line contained just dots, For me to guess it on my own.

How am I to find What is on his mind...

Ivan, come here!

I'm going to tell you the truth. This will be a hard time for us.

Old partisans know only too well what a siege means.

It means Hitler's "all-out war".

His objective is to exterminate all of us.

Our duty is to defend to the end every territory that the High Command has put into our hands.

But the situation is complicated, and it's going to change every moment.

So we must be vigilant.

You have a weapon in your hands and a head on your shoulders.

Or, as our Commander says, to live and never say "What the heck" is not my way.

I've said it before, I'll say it again:

A partisan never asks how many fascists are there?

No. He asks, "Where are the fascists?"

Well, right now, they are here, on our soil.

Every one of you helps decide how long this war will last.

We won't have any cowards here.

Not one of you is going to be a coward.

Their main weapon is fear.

They want to make slaves of you, just bugs, to crush you down.

They're the ones who are going to be scared of us! No mercy to them!

They don't deserve any.

We'll all be asked one day what we did here.

Any wounded or sick? Any who can't march alone?

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

We have to organize a reserve station in any case.

No wounded or sick! No one playing tricks!

You see, my boots are no good at all.

Swap boots with the new one. He's staying behind.

All sections, by fours, fall in and follow me, forward march!

Move it! Move it!

You heard the commander? Come on, sit down.

Let's go, men! Don't fall behind!

What's your name?


And your first name?

That's it, Fliora. Florian. And yours?

Rose. Rose of the kolkhoze! Ever hear that one?

Tell me, how did you get here?

They deported me to Germany. But here I am!

They rescued you? Kossatch did?

I want to ask you, Rose, you were all dressed up over there. Why?

Where was that?

This morning, in front of the men. I couldn't get it, Rose, really.

My name is Glasha. Glafira.

You understand now, idiot?

What's wrong? And what's wrong with you? Fliora!

Just exactly what are you doing here?

What, they took pity on the little one, leaving you here?

Kossatch took pity on you?


Yes, pity!

They'll be lucky if I take pity on them!

He can pity, yes, he can.

Only it makes him cry in his sleep.

Kossatch? Cries in his sleep?

He won't last long. I'm telling you that.

You're lying! Filthy liar!


Why don't you say something?

Why won't you see me?

I'm right here...

I exist...

Here I am.

You're not living. You don't hear birds singing.

You're deaf and blind.

Here I am... here...

I want to love.

I want to have children... Do you hear?

I can do anything for you, anything!

Do you want me to get blown up?

Don't do that.

You idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

I'm carrying 60 ammunition rounds, a grenade, an automatic rifle.

I'm here to fight, and you treat me like an imbecile.

Kossatch! I'm not Kossatch!

Are you crazy or what?

What are you doing?

What's got into you?

Fliora, Fliora, little silly Fliora!

Did I shock you, boy?

Not again!

Don't be angry.

Are you starting again?

What's that?

It must be the beavers howling. I guess, I broke their dam.

Everybody's howling today.


That's the one that's always flying.

Want me to shoot it down? Hey, don't! Give it back!


Two, three...



Come on, hurry! Hurry!


Tomorrow, Mom is going to be real happy.

I'll hide all of us.

I know where.

You'll see my funny sisters.

Then we'll find Kossatch's detachment.

Wait a minute.


They're not here. It's alright. Sit down.

They're gone.

Still warm. That's great.

Eat. Mom made it.

I know where they are. Let's go.

What an idiot!

Let's go!

That's where they all are.

Come on, let's go!

It's right down here. Let's run!

They're here!

They've gone to the island! They're here!


They're back there, not here!

No, they're not here! They're dead!

They were all killed! All of them! Dead!

They're not! They're here!


His family have all been killed!

He's led me into the bogs!

He's deaf! He's crazy!

He's gone mad! He can't hear!

He's taking me to the bogs!

His whole family have been killed!

Fliora, my dear child! They killed your mother and sisters!

Didn't I tell you...

Didn't I tell you not to dig...

Dead to the last one...

To the very last one...

Poured gasoline over me...

I burned...

I ran... I caught up with them...

I begged them...

to kill me...

They just laughed...

Didn't I tell you not to dig?



Why do you give him a nose? He got syphilis.

Yes, and only one arm. And no balls.

Yeah, his dong was already ripped off in the last war.

If you capture him, what would you do to him?

We once caught a horse thief.

And our men put him bare-ass on an ant hill!

Even better, his bare ass on a red-hot skillet that ain't been greased!

Ask the women what to do with him.

Shall I stick the ears on?

Go ahead, let him hear all we say about him.

You got very soft hair.

Soft like a baby's hair.

Now he's ready. Isn't that right?

Cover him with shit!

Where am I going to get it, with everybody going hungry?

At least rip out his tongue. Put warts on him!

I've made five of them already.

Have you finished, guys? That's it. He's ready.

This one's not going to do any more shouting! Let's go!

Bastard! Son of a whore!

We'll bring it back. Don't worry.

When we come back, it'll be yours.

Why are you making a sick guy of him? He's pretty strong.

You can go along, if you want. To hunt, the wolf walks on his paws.

I know where there's a nice little warehouse. Come on!

Dear sons, you won't abandon us?

What do you think we are, degenerates?

What do you want us to bring you? You order just like at the canteen.

Bread! Salt!

Milk, please! Potatoes!

Get us some bread, that'd be a hell of a good thing.

You never knew it would end up like this. You couldn't know.

Fliora, look at me.

Go on, tell him that we'll be waiting.

No. It's all my fault.

Big, round and bright.

They can see us a mile away on a night like this.

Hey, you frog, stop your croaking!

Go on, you runners! You're not snuggling in a woman's tits tonight.

Carry me, if you're so smart!

Well? Was that your big warehouse attack?

Oh, my legs! Why don't you carry my ass?

How could I know they'd be here?

Went for a booty, came back robbed.

It serves you right, you good-for- nothings!

You got your mouths watering! A warehouse!

Why the hell did you drag that psycho along?

The Germans were right behind us. They tried to take him away.

If it hadn't been for him, we wouldn't all be here.

You'd be back in Bobruisk, in your kerosene shop.

Gleb would be in his Leningrad swamp.

You know, back home in Slutsk, we had a guy who made vodka out of soap.

What are you always laughing at?

They asked a guy with a hump: "How come your back's all round?"

He says: "That's 'cause my chest caves in!"

You're a hopeless optimist. He should be cured of that.

As for crying, there's already enough crying in the world.

So she says, "If I'd known all that, I'd never have given birth to you."

Charge it!

This guy ain't going to holler no more!

Come on, hurry!

Don't tickle me, or my fart is going to flatten Europe!

The devil is not so black as his SS shits.

I'd like to watch that!

Right. Let's go.

If you're so generous, why don't you drop tobacco!

"Kill the Bolshevik kikes.

Smash a brick in their ugly mugs."

That's all?

Sent planes to deliver just that?

Hey, Jews!

Stand up! March on!

Well? Shall we try one more time?

Or like Roubej says, "Stay right on my heels as trouble won't be far".

Do we go?

Maybe we'll wait till night?

Back there, people are starving, and we're doing nothing.

Go on! Move! The Germans are in a hurry! Don't slow'em down!


Let's go! Come on!

Where you going?

There you are. We haven't seen you for a while.

How can we manage without you?

The only reason you fly over us is to drop your little gifts.

How about a motorcycle with a side-car?

Haven't ridden in one for a long time!

Get down!

They get drunk up there, and we return the empties!

Hold it, dad. You'll finish it later.

Who is it?.. Who's there?..

Quiet! Are you in the police? And who are you, guys?

Button up, you'll catch cold. Is this village Kamenka?

No, no. This is Bagoushovka.

The Germans have been here two days already.

Is the cow-shed locked? No.

You're going to lead us out, along with the cow. Got that, dad?

And don't try any tricks. You'll get us out and run back.

Be quick about it. Just be natural.

Yes, alright. If I have to, I have to.

I like men with common sense. Fliora, are you awake?

Your doors squeak. Better grease'em.

How come the Germans didn't kill the dogs? It's not right.

You're white and your cow, too. What'll we cover you with?

I'll get something in the house. A rifle, maybe?

That's a trick you can pull on my neighbor. His name's "Idiot".

There's horse manure. Roll in it.

What's your rank in the police?

No, I'm not in the police! It's the defensive brigade.

Let's go now, and quick! Wouldn't want your wife start missing you.

Go on!

Don't turn around, or you'll fall.

Crouch down.

Now you go back.

Back home. Got it?

And keep your mouth shut. You tell nobody.

Get going! Run!

Or your old lady'll bawl you out!

I wonder what our dad's doing now?

He took a little walk to do his business.

He had a nice pair of boots on. Box-calf leather.

Maybe he's looking for us, wants to trade his boots for mine?

Nice cow, good one, stay here.

Hold still!

Hold still, my dear.

Go on, milk her!

We'll get drunk, you and me. That's the good life!

Uncle Roubej!

Ho, giddup! Giddup, ho!

Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing, comrade?

I got no time to waste talking with you!

You got a hatchet? There's meat. A cow's been killed there!

Hey, wait! It's my horse you're taking!

There're kids, a lot of people starving to death!

And us, ain't we people, too?

People are fighting, and you stay nice and warm inside.

Look what they did!

See what they did?

Easy, boy, take it easy.

You crazy or what?

Put it all in there.

The belt, the jacket... Hide it in there.

Go on, hurry!

Oh, such a thing!

What village is that? Perekhody.

We got two families with that name. You'll be a Perekhod, too. Got it?

We had one like you who got drowned. You'll be him.

What was his name?

You got a mother, you got sisters and brothers.

Olga, Katka, Fedia, and little Sonia. You remember it all.

Your mother's name is Fiokla Perekhod.

And your name is Zhenka. You got it?

Let's get out of here.

This morning, I insulted a German soldier.

And where's my father?

Say he's gone. Gone where?

Where? Hell! What does it matter? Come with me.

Say you're Mitrophane, my grandson. You got it?

This is my family. Aksinya Perekhod, my daughter-in-law...

my sister and her children.

And who's that? My son-in-law. He's an accountant.

Those are my sister's children, Lima, Raya, Zoika, Vika, Veronica, and little Boris.

Get down! Search the houses!

We came to see you...

These are our neighbors, Maria and her kids, Lucia, Frosia, Fenya, Ivan.

We know what they want. They'll take some and deport them to Germany.

Who are they going to take? You?

Come in. Everything's fine.

You go and look on the roof.

Quiet... quiet.

Do you speak German?

Me? Yes. Do you speak it, too?

Do you speak German, too?

Sit down.

Please, eat.

You take all you want, Sir.

What have you got here?

Oh, partisan!

They put up resistance not far from here.

Why are you drinking alone? Pour some for me, too.

Please, schnapps.

Inhabitants of the village of Perekhody!

Inhabitants of the village of Perekhody!

Everybody in the village! Listen attentively!

You all take children and your papers.

Go to the village square.

We look at papers of all families and lists...

...and how German Army authorities' orders are being followed.

You must have all documents proving delivery of agriculture products.

No one is to stay in house, in barn, in cellar, on roof or in attic...

Wait! Where are you running? They're going to slaughter you!

What are you staring at? Look down, bastard!

I'm going to kill him!

Take something to eat for two days.

Bring all children...

...Maintain order and discipline...

Germany is... civilized country.

Everyone who goes to Germany must have a toothbrush, toothpaste, shoe-polish, soap, a towel for every member of a family.

To take fruits and vegetables is forbidden in order not to infect Europe.

I, the officer of sanitary inspection, ascertain that the cause of death was seven bullets that got stuck in the upper thorax.

Anyone who won't follow the orders of the German Army will meet the same miserable fate.

Herr Major, everything is fine!

Sturmbanfuhrer, everything's ready.

Do we invite them in? Will there be any signal?

Damn it! Bugger those bastards!

Welcome, my dear friends!

We caught a yid!

This kike bastard wasn't smart enough not to get caught!

Dirty Jew!

Grab him!

Let me out! What are you doing, bastards? I'm one of you!


Now, we're starting our village meeting.

If anybody got anything to say, go ahead and sign in!

What are they doing there?

Quiet down!

Get out without children.

Right here, out of the window.

Leave the children.

Come on, move it!


Come on, get out.

Have you heard that he's taken up command of a division?

That's great! Don't you think so?

Let go!

What a picture!

I'll kill you!

To the right.

Look! Empty! Empty!

Ah, piss-ass clerks, that's what you are! The intelligentsia!

More gasoline. Let it soak through.

Get up! Lead the cows!

You! March! Go! Faster!

Faster, you bastard!

Petro, want some honey?

We'll leave you here, grandma... to reproduce!

You make all of us some children.

To love... to have children...

Out of the way!

Move! Out of the way!


Are you all crazy?!

You want to just kill them?.. Just like that?

They're all SS! Punitive detachment! They lit the fire. We're not Germans!

Sit down!

They made us do everything.

Bastards! I lost my children in that burning hell!

Rank and unit?

Walter Stein, SD Major. 15th Einsatzkommando.

That's the fuhrer. He gave all the orders.

He's an old, sick man.

He never did any harm to anyone.

He is, like his father was, a man of principle.

He... he never harbored any hatred of your people.

He's never killed anyone, he wouldn't kill a fly.

Everyone here can confirm that, and he hopes they will.

He's just a tired, old man. "I want to quit."

That's what he's saying.

He wants to take care of his grand- children. He's got grandkids like you.

But this is war time, and it's nobody's fault, this German says.

Swine! Dog!

A typical German!

Bastard! Shit!

He's the one...

He's the one who said: "Leave the children.

You can come out, but not the children".

He's a fascist! Executioner!

Yes, I said that: "Come out and leave the children".

Translate it.

I said that because with the children it starts all over again.

You've got no right to be.

Not every race has a right to exist.


Everyone, listen!

Inferior races spread the contagion of communism.

You have no right to be.

And our mission will be accomplished.

If not today, tomorrow.

It isn't me. He's the one who said it!

We're not Germans! We're not Germans!

We won't do it again! Forgive us!

We're not Germans!

Not Germans! You've forgotten what these dogs did?!

They're degenerates! They should be killed! But we're not Germans...

Then who are you, you filthy slime?

They made us do it!

We're not Germans! We're not Germans!

Death to the fascist bastards! Make them pay! Kill them!

You'll do that yourself. And you'll pay like the Germans.

Give it to me! Give it!

I'm one of you!

Brothers, I'm one of you!

Comrade, let's light it! Comrade, let me have a torch!

Out of the way!

The new one!

Come on, we're going!


Move it! Let's go!

The End