Commando 3 (2019) Script

"Why is your faith a question?"

"Why is your status a concern?"

"Haven't you suffered enough or do you wish to suffer again?"

"Islam is your only refuge and history has been a witness."

"Jihad's the only honest and pious way."

"...for what rightfully belongs to us."

"So pick up your guns so no one has to go through..."

"...what you had to."

"It's only a matter of a few drops of blood."

"Just a matter of few drops of blood."

Greetings, brother Usman. -Greetings.

Brother, what next?

When are we going to execute the big job?


This will create pandemonium in the city, brother?

So let there be one.

Behead him.

Behead him.

Can't wait to execute the big job and this is how you're prepared.

Courage is one thing you two are still wayward on faith.

Soon we shall receive orders for executing something far more important.

Shed his blood.

Prove that we're ready to shed blood!

Shed his blood.


Mhatre, we found only two forged passports.

Who the hell is the third guy? Catch him. Catch him.

Stop. You fool.

Move. -Move.

"Remember my brothers."

"Lord is our benefactor."

"The path of Allah is the path of love."


We lost the third guy, sir.

Mhatre, these guys are trained by the Clergy...

.not James Bond!

"Be good."

'Male your life like the prophet's companion Sahaba.'

'Stay away from bad influence.'

'Tread on the path shown by Allah.'

'If tread on the path shown by Allah...'

'And do good deed...'

'...then His angels will recognize you even in a crowd...

'...and take you to paradise.

Eid Mubarak! (Happy Eid)

Let me show what gift I got for you.

'Everything is possible.'

'Just have faith in Allah.'

That's my son, sir.

This is Rakesh...

.but the name mentioned here is wrong.

A Muslim caught along with two Hindus will always be the culprit.

He often said that we are a lower caste.

We've no right to worship Ram or slay Ravan.

I am not a Muslim, and nor is he?

Does this look like a lie to you?

Isn't this your son?

Omar Abdullah!

He's turned into a Islam.

I don't know whether he converted himself...

.or someone converted him.

Nor do I know what they were planning.

'What the...'

Everyone knows how much Kohli's going to score in every match.

But no one knows who their son is going to kill.

Tell me.

Why did you get fake passports made?

You changed their names, didn't you? - Converted their religion!

What are you doing, Mhatre? Did you eat lunch today?

Hit him like this!

Mhatre. Yes sir? -Bring a bucket.

Collect that blood.

We'll donate it to the blood bank.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a...

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

It's only a matter of a few drops of blood.

Sir, we raided the forger's place but he gave us the slip.

But thanks to the raid we got our hands on these fake passports.

These boys have been completely brainwashed.

But who? -Don't know, sir.

No one's prepared to speak.

All these mobile phones have one picture in common.

It's the same guy on all the cellphones.

But no one knows who he is or where he is.

This man... Conversion to Islam... Fake passports...

Tambe, were they planning to attack someplace outside...

.or were they going to attack here and escape abroad?

What are you guys, doing?

Navratri's around the corner and Diwali's not too far either.

Do you understand here?

Somewhere in Mumbai, or India there's going to be an attack.

Can you handle this or not?

Do you have an officer...

.who doesn't just get to the bottom of it...

.but can also deal with it permanently?

We're students of RK Puram Delhi Public School.

But we want to quit school.

Because the wrestles of Samrat Gymnasium pass lewd comments on our skirt...

.and they also pull it.

Papa threatened them that he'll go to the Police.

But they beat him up.

This is our last attempt.

If someone still doesn't act...

.then we'll stop going to school.

Please...share this video so that the Police...

.or someone else does something about it.

'Only he can get the job done.' -'Yes he can.'

Hey... - So you want to make me video viral, huh?

"She trots back and forth to school in skimpy clothes."

"Baby your skirt makes me lose focus."

Then go pull your wife's skirt.

Well said.

I'll make you my wife for a day.

Couples normally have a wedding night...

.but we'll have a wedding day.

Big guy, what's your waist size?

I've brought skirts for everyone. should ask a wrestler his chest size...

.and not his waist.

You see...

You don't like seeing girls dressed in skirts.

So why should they see you in your underwear.

From're all going to train wearing skirts.

Gymnasiums are highly respected in this country.

If you can't add to its glory then don't disgrace it.

Sir. Karan, what are you doing?

Teaching a few unabashed men to respect women.

There's an emergency, I need you here.

Sure. I'll leave today.

Excuse me. Can we get a selfie?

Of course.

When you were small...

.I was faced with two options.

Marry someone else and choose my life, or yours.

But I chose you.

When you grew up, again I was faced with...

Whether I should send you to Public school or Private.

I chose to wash dishes in people's home and sent you to Private school.

You've converted to Muslim, and I am okay with it.

No religion is bad.

I would rather be called the mother of a Muslim...

.than the mother of a terrorist.

I was only faced with two choices... but you had just one.

You just had to be a good human being.


Then why did you?

Yes, sir, we tried our level best.

But they all have the same answer.



Sir. You see, Karan... there's just three, Thirty, or three hundred. We don't know?

But judging by whatever is going on...

.we assume there's going to be a huge attack on India.

And these three aren't prepared to talk.

Sir, one should always try new ways...

.to get them to talk.

He sold his watch to buy this guitar for you.

Your father...

I quit long ago.

That's why I brought this along.

Maybe it will help you find your lost voice.

"Your love is fake, Leave me alone."

"I even lost the love that I had found."

It's forbidden.

I quit all bad habits.

Pick up the guitar.

Pick up the guitar.

The answer to all your questions is "no".

Feel free to do whatever you want.


Speak up!

You can continue with your Jihad...

.and I'll continue with mine.

Why you bloody...

You fool!

Tie him up.


Crank up the heat.

I'll write a report about his father's death. - Kill him...

You'll kill him anyway after that day.

What day? -On that day...

Tambe! -9/11 What is the identity of America?

9/11 He'll give far bigger and worse identity... - Who?

By writing Allah name on the map of India.

Who will?

Bring my stick. -Kill him!

Hang him upside down.

Kill him!

Let my father go. Tambe, more pain...

Kill me if you want. -Tambe, more pain...

More pain... you want to see more pain.

What the...

Uncle, here's some tea.

Thank you for the little drama.

Did he tell you anything, sir?

You must shoot him.

Due to couple of Muslims like him...

.we bow our heads less in devotion...

.and more in embarrassment.

I did everything I could for him.

I raised him like a friend.

He killed himself.

I carried him in these arms when he was a kid.

But I can not carry a terrorist with the same hands.

You can bury him wherever you want.

Sir, you must make sure that no one else...

.falls prey of this man again.

Promise me.

Whoever led Suhan down this path...

.won't let him show another Suhan the same path

There won't be another Suhan.

Sir, we searched their homes again.

Around less than two years ago Suhan visited this Jihadi website...

.23 times in two months.

After that, the videotapes and cash in envelopes began to follow...

.which he passed on to Usman and Omar, meaning Rakesh and Amit.

My hunch is that this man is behind everything.

Even I don't know who this guy is.

A man who can convert Hindus to Muslims only through videotapes...

.and drive someone like Suhan so obsessed that he kills himself...

.then imagine how dangerous he would be in reality.

And we'll put him down before he attacks us.

According to the forensic reports of the VHS tapes...

.the UIN camera that was used to shoot this footage...

.meaning Unique ID Number...

.after tracking that we found out that the camera was sold in London.

And if you look closely...

.most of the footages are from London.

The envelopes we found at Suhan's home had the dates and amount written on it.

89,900 in August. 1,07,800 in September.

And 80,740 in October. - If we convert these amounts to Dollar, Dinar, or into any other currency...

.with the average exchange rate of that month...

.the round figure comes to Pound.

Like it was 89.90 rupees on August 03.

The total comes to 89,900 rupees.

But Karan, Pounds can be sent from any corner of the world.

And the camera can be bought in London and taken anywhere.

Absolutely, sir. But... using VHS tape and camera when we've the web...

.cannot be a coincidence.

Sir, this man can be in any part of the world...

.but his chances of being in London is brightest.

Cool, yeah...

Who is it for?

The owner of the house, of course.

He's in for special treatment today.

I am going to show you today how to properly treat a guest.

The biryani smells nice, doesn't it?

Just like mom's biryani...

Brother Buraq... you?


You weren't picking up your phone...

.so I got a little nervous and picked up the knife...

And made all this.

Do you like biryani?

I... not hungry.

Then make an exception.

Make an exception...

The biryani's really nice, brother.

There's a saying that if you leave a single morsel that's meant for you...

.then God never forgives that man.

I slipped up, brother.

The Police are looking for the forger in India...

.because of whom the boys got arrested.

I won't make this mistake again.

Will God forgive if you pray tomorrow instead of today?

Abir. Remember what I taught you, son.

If you sin, you have to pay.

Brother...the child's watching.

I brought him here to watch.

I do have a lead, brother.

Two undercover agents are coming from India.

I'll soon find out more details and share them with you.

Because of your one mistake...

.they made a connection with London.



You won't close your eyes!

You won't close your eyes!

Good morning, Mallika. Irwin wants to meet you.

Something regarding your incredible home country.

My home is Britain.

With a bottom like this...

.any country can be your home, honey.

Sir, when an entire generation is affected, it affects the country.

We should give the boys another chance.

If they die as terrorists it will only go in the favour of those who made them.

But we'll benefit only if we show them the right path. - Karan.

Focus on the mission. Sir.

Ms. Sood Indian Intelligence has evidence of a terror attack taking place on their land.

They believe the man behind the attack is in London.

I want you and Mr. Akhtar on the job.

Indians don't like to follow rules and I strictly follow rules.

Sir, can I please be excused? -No, I am afraid not.

The two agents coming from India you two will be working closely with them.

Yes, sir.

You'll go there on a false identity.

We already have clearance from BI.


Suhan mentioned 9/11 And this year Diwali is on 9/11

Meaning we have only 33 days left.

If your hunch is wrong, or we make a mistake...

.this country will never forgive you.

Even Lord Ram set out to find Mother Sita on a hunch.

But he found Ravan.

This time India will not mourn...

Someone else will.

Jai Hind, sir.

I am so sorry.

We'll end this.

God says we must speak the truth at any cost.

Okay, Abir. I am calling the Police.

Who were you calling?

Don't forget, Zahira.

Right now, you can only see your son for two hours in a week.

But you will never see him for the rest of your life...

.if you make a wrong phone call.

Come on, Abir.

Dude, you look nervous.

The one I am expecting... if you spend some time with her you'll feel your blood pressure drop.

Bangles, necklace?

What is all this?

50% desire, 50% character study.

Character study?

We're going undercover as a couple.

So these things will help me stay in character.

And feel free to call me baby, sweety, honey and kiss me.

That was just a demo.

By the way, will you sleep on the left side of the bed or right?


With the lights off or on?

How did Roy decide to send a cynical and corrupt officer like you to London?

You would have found out for yourself if you had followed me on social media.

Roy sir...I proved myself in groundwork.

Six Months Ka Netriy Charge? - Come on, give the conformation.

Didn't accept any bribe during ATS training either?

And I gave Tambe information about the fake passport racket.

Don't I deserve to go on a mission now, sir?

What are you thinking?

Pretty good.

Are you impressed?

Let's focus on the job.


Let's go get that rat...

.who is doing Jihad by polluting the new generation of our country.

The consignment has left Yemen...

.and by God's grace shall soon be delivered on Indian borders...

Three of our boys in Mumbai have been arrested. - So?

ISI granted us 120 million dollars so we can establish our supremacy in India.

And we've already...

Established 20 million in this mission. And if this mission...

My mission fails, then the funding will stop.


And it will be all your fault.

Mr. Taimur Khan.

You should squeeze a bit of lemon on top, sir.

It gives it a nice...

acidic flavour.

Three years and 20 million.

And only a handful of boys in Kashmir can be seen bearing our stones.

With that kind of money and time we could've easily ruled over Balochistan.

You promised to carry out the biggest attack to date in India.

I think you cannot fulfil your promise.

This might be business for the rest of you...

.but for me, it's an order of God.

And my war is against everyone around the world...

.who don't give Muslims their right and respect.

You understand!

And as for India...

India shall bleed to the very last drop.

India shall witness the same phenomenon...

.which I executed in Europe four years ago.

And there is just one way to stop me from carrying out God's order.

Pick up the bloody gun and shoot me.

Shoot me!

I thought as much.

You guys just pray for the success of this mission.

You two are going to live in the safe house.

Your Hindi is pretty good.

Is your mom from India or dad?

None. - were you born without an Indian sperm?


They were from India.

And as for my Hindi...

I am a field agent...

.not just my Hindi, even my Urdu is pretty good.

By the way, I've never been to India.

But I will someday.

Guess she can already hear wedding bells.

So, guys, this is going to be our workstation.

True or false...

This is where you'll be living.

We're going to operate from here.

Anyone for tea... coffee?

Or whey protein supplements.

So you can beef up yourself even more.

6 feet tall, chest 48...

So India's sent another hero type agent.

What to do, sir?

That's patriotism for you.

Each one of our soldiers looks like a hero.

You're the sentimental type.

Just a patriot.

What a comeback...

I couldn't help it.


Anyway, guys, meet Mr. Arman Akhtar.

He's going to be working with us. - Unfortunately.

Good evening sir...

Greetings. -Greetings.

Here's a list of Indians that came to London after the boys were arrested.

Zaitun gave us this.

Those two officers are amongst these.

Except for these eyes and a voice we don't know anything about him.

According to his Urdu diction, he's either a Pakistani or a...


How will we find this masked guy among the 9 million people of London?

That's where the BI comes in.


He drinks tea.


How many among them are between the age group of 25-40, officer type people?

1437 suspects.

Indian, Pakistani...

According to their age and language.

People with any kind of previous records...

.of any kind of offensive religious sentiments.

Suspicious activities on social media.

ISIS sympathisers and people with any Police records.

The voice on the video... - ....and IRIS scan of the eyes doesn't match with anyone on our database.

Meaning he's already screwed BI Intelligence before.

If we chalk out females from these 1437 suspects?

2435 counting men and women.

And how many of them were issued tickets after those three boys were arrested?

675 suspects.

So that's our final list.


Before they find us... find those two officers and finish them.

From today we keep an eye on these 675 people...

.from the time they sleep, wake up, their lunch, dinner, Whatsapp, phone...

From partying to pooping... We'll keep an eye on everything.

And all this because you guys think that...

.the guy planning the terrorist attack in India is in London.

We four will lead, and BI will give us support.

Samar and I will be in one team, Mallika and Arman on the other.


"It's a game of cat and mouse."

"The sly one will win."

"It's a game."

"It's a game."

"I am chasing you. Run, run."

"At times I win, and at times you. It's fun, fun."

"You will see the magic with my gun."

"You can't escape, you are done."

"Knock, knock. Your boss is here."

Do you have a calculator in your mind?

You always measure what you say. "You will pay for your sins."

"You got your match."

"You are outsmart."

No, no, I don't care... -Don't walk away from the fu problem.

"Your nemesis is here."

When do you get angry?

Depends on my mood.

By the way, what type of boys do you like?

Depends on my mood.

There's only one thing that links us to the weapon consignment sent to India.


Tell him don't let the Indian officers get to him at any cost.

"If you run, I will knock you down."

"You will cry for mercy."

Wait. We haven't traced them yet.

It's already done.

Our country's Intelligence is pretty capable.

You think BI doesn't know that Indian RAW agents are active in London.

Dammit man.

"In this game, you will lose everything."

"You will be punished for your deeds."

What will you do if someone in London offers to kiss you?

Depends on my mood.

Right now I am in the mood to kill someone.

No! No.

Tell me.

Okay, guys. It's time to go home.

I have a request. Can we do a selfie?

Just for memory. - Since you didn't find your terrorist here...

.you'll go looking for him in some other country.

You know, Abir.

Salauddin is the real hero of our comunity He was never defeated.

He was a real superhero.

"I am chasing you. Run, run."


Sir. -We've got a lead.

We've arrested the forger who made those fake passports.

And you were right. His contact is in London.

Still want the selfie?

His name is Sahil.

I know this guy. We found his dead body.

Scotland Yard is still following up his case.

We found DNA from the criminal's hair sample.

They haven't found any lead on that though.

Okay, match the DNA of all our suspects with his.

"You will pay for your sins."

These are the only five couples we couldn't locate yet.

Marvellous... we've got it down to five.

"You got your match."

"You are outsmart."

"You got foxed."

"Your boss is here."

Hi, can I help you?

No, thank you.

Well then, excuse me. I was actually gonna shut shop.

Then give me flowers.

I am sorry...

Can I get some flowers? I can understand, Hindi.

Okay, so...girlfriend or wife?


What happened, Abir?

What happened?

It was just a bottle.

Hey, Hey That's my bike Buddy.

Karan, be careful.

If any civilian dies, then BI will stop cooperating.

Sir, he died in an accident.

BI can't blame it on me.

Okay. But be careful.

And Karan, Diwali is approaching.

We have only a few days. Sir...

Still no lead on them yet.


Did the shipment reach India?

Zaytun hasn't confirmed yet.

Where is he?

Samar, why did he run on seeing you?

He wasn't even preparing for the Olympics and yet he ran.

We all know he is in London...

.but now he too knows we're in London.

What's the matter? - Tech Guru is on silent mode today.

Even with Zaytun's sample...

.the DNA doesn't match with any of the 675 suspects.

As well as this phone.

No call records, no geographical indications, nothing.

Because this is a burner phone. Correct.

And every terrorist organization is choosing this.

Because every record on this phone gets wiped off.

It's of no use.

Only until someone doesn't call.

Trace the phone. showing South Africa.

No, America... America?

It keeps jumping. -Chill...its a web call.

The location can also be of Heaven. There's nothing we can do.

No, no, no... -Don't do it. - Don't do it.

They might find out that someone else has the phone.

Don't... Samar. Don't do it.

Can you only speak on the camera?

Scared to talk on the phone?

I can't speak.

Zaytun Quadri.

He worked for you, didn't he?

I am coming over to Zaytun's home.

Say what you want, to my face.

Inform the locals and get them to clean the house.

None of our guys will go there.

And don't let him get his hands on any link to the shipment.

According to the address, Zaitun's home is at the end of this lane.

Second floor.

This video from camden has gone viral in just an hours.

It raised several questions about the man caught in action.

Several netizens have been accusing the man...

.of having a background in terrorist activity.

A Twitterati Bhavna Reddy has come forward in support of the man...

She tweets "I have two words for anyone who thinks this man is a terrorist".

"Jai Hind."

The video that went viral was only 5 seconds.

And you revealed yourself by twitting from your real ID.

Do you understand what that means?

What else did you expect me to do?

Every time we run into a dead end.

We're trying our level best and the media's calling us a terrorist.

I did what I did. - Then you can forget about finding anyone.

Not really... They will find us...

On the internet, the news...

This video and your tweet will be viral everywhere.

I told you...take backup.

Maybe then you could've saved the house from burning.

That's the problem with you Indians.

Trying to be a hero whenever...

There's going to be an attack on my country in 21 days...

.and you want me to wait for backup for three hours!

Now listen...

Ever heard a father denying to give his son a proper burial.

A mother that spent her entire life raising her son...

.have you ever seen her crying for the son's life?

It's not just me...

.but the burden of millions of people from my country.

You're the first lucky person he explained with words.

Saved you a fortune on the hospital bill.

He couldn't get to us, but he's not too far.

There are all kinds of implications.

The police and government are yet... to release official statement.

And finally.

The mystery man who's been a viral sensation since morning...

.has come forward to reveal himself.

Here is a message from him.

Karan Dogra I am an Indian and work for the Indian Security Forces.

This blast was not an attack.

In fact, it was a part of our plan to find terrorist hiding in London...

.and planning a big attack on India.

And we've found that terrorist.

He's playing games now.

We'll get to him in a few hours.

Bluff...he's bluffing.

He thinks I am bluffing.

Now he'll say how he looks, where he lives.

His looks, and whereabouts... Name, address...

We have everything.

And if you know all that, then why don't you come home.

What are you doing on TV? - I am a couple of hours.

To have a your restaurant.

Leave me alone for some time.


What the hell is wrong with you guys?

First Bhavna posted her tweet...

.and now you exposed the entire mission.

You guys have some explaining to do.

I told her to post that tweet.

To see where the smoke's coming from, one has to light a fire.

Zaytun used to supply meat, didn't he? - Yes...

According to the list, there are 64 restaurants in South London.

Correct? -Right.

How many of them are Indian and Pakistani owners?

As we can see seven...

And we're already keeping an eye on them.

If my hunch is right... - ....then we'll see a lot of activity outside one of these restaurants.

Let me try and get a hold of the DNA of these guy's match it to Sahil's murderer. Let me see what I can do.

Arman, stop.

Who is she?

Zahira Ansari.

Ex-wife Of Suspect Number 4, Buraq Ansari. Owner, Restaurant Bukhara.

Age 34, brought up in Chelsea.


He has a 10-year-old son.

Son Abir Ansari.

He has the son's custody.

Studies in South Hampstead Junior School.

Mother is allowed to meet once a month.

Seems like the son is his weakness.

In very rare cases the father is granted custody of the child.

The time has come...

I've come to tell you about the day, the job, and the order...

.for which you devoted yourself to God.

To your community.

The sacred day...

The day of victory has arrived.

India must be thinking that... we've planned a gift for them on Diwali.

But we'll inflict a wound... far worse and painful on a different day.

There's movement outside...

Buraq Ansari's restaurant. You were right.

Buraq Ansari's DNA has matched with Sahil's murderer.

Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get him.

I am here for Buraq Ansari. Where is he? - He was right here.

Buraq is not in his home.

He isn't here either.

Seems like the son is his weakness.

What happened?

Studies in South Hampstead Junior School.

I know where he is.

Don't you dare get in my home?

And you don't dare to get in my country?

I am already a termite.

Many others like you were delusional.

Don't celebrate watching the moon's reflection in the water...

.that India has reached the moon.

You just got to Buraq Ansari... The chef Buraq Ansari.

You have a lot of catching up to do, Mr. Karan Dorga.

You want to give us a bigger identity than 9/11 And I'll make your death worse than Osama.

That's my promise.

Your promise shall break, and so will your country.

I shall write the name of Allah on the map of India. will be destroyed and we all will watch. will be destroyed and we all will watch.


Someone taught them the wrong meaning of Islam.

Why don't you teach them the right meaning?

Greetings. -Greetings.

Tell me something, son.

When I came in you greeted me.


Allah says...

.that we should greet even strangers.


Meaning May Allah bless you.

When Allah is saying...

.that you must pray to me for the well-being of strangers.

Then how can he order you to kill them?

What madness is this?

What were you trying to do?

Your obsession will get you killed.

Do you even know...

.that Indian officer found you while investigating Sahil's case.

Not me, my son.

Forget about your son.

Consider him a sacrifice.

Momin sir...

Doesn't matter if he recognises me now.

Doesn't matter if he gets to me... I don't care...

Our mission will be a success... whether I live or not.

3 days from now, on Dussera...

When Ravan burns...

Exactly at 6 pm, set out of your homes...

Out of your fear...

When millions of people will be turning Ravan to dust...

.you will turn those millions of infidels to dust.

This is our final meeting...

My final message...

My final farewell.

You must carry out this duty with utmost devotion...

.so that even the Lord looks upon you with benevolence.

Promise me... that you will treat this as the most important duty in your life.

Promise me.

Promise me. -Promise...

Promise me. -Promise...

Promise me. -Promise...


Promise... -Promise me. - Promise...

Promise me. -Promise... - Promise...


Promise... -Promise...

After the attacks, the Indian Security forces...

.will torture thousands of innocent Indian Muslims in jail.

And these broken, tortured, young men shall become our soldiers in future.

Form our army in India...

.and establish our supremacy.

Sir, I believe you must watch this.

Ms. Zahira.

Ms. Zahira.

Ms. Zahira, can I ask your son a question?

Kabir, is it true that you saw your father kill someone?

Kabir, it is true you saw your father kill someone.

Ms. Zahira.

Ms. Zahira.

Ms. Zahira.


Ms. Zahira, your ex-husband is suspected to be a terrorist.

Do you believe it too?

The world might still be in doubt...

I know it for sure.

I wish you had shown this passion...

.in a different time and place, then things could've been different Zahira.

Ms. Zahira. -Ms. Zahira.

Ms. Zahira. -Yeah.

One last question.

If the suspicion against Buraq Ansari turns out to be true...

.and he succeeds in his mission, then what?

He will still fail.

Thanks to British Intelligence, Zahira and Kabir are going to India.

And Abir will study in Army School.

You keep looking for others kid's...

Someday your son will hunt the likes of you.

This war was for my community but you have made it personal.

The press interview was a good way to see my son's bravery.


Some day he will make his father proud.

Give him the phone.

Give him the phone.

I don't want Abir to even hear your voice.

But you should hear what he wants to say.


Abir, son, listen to me carefully.

I only carry out the orders of God.

And this job often requires sacrifice.

There is nothing wrong.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Abir. I... -Do you understand...

I don't want to be a Muslim like you.

I want to be like mom.

Where are we going, Mom? -Airport.

Away from your dad.

Zahira, nothing's going to go wrong.

But in case anything happens...


Then don't get out of the car.

Guys, we're being diverted.

It's okay.


Lock The Door.

Don't get out of the car.

It's safe in here.




Sir, Buraq Ansari's men have...


Buraq surrendered to the Scotland Yard.

They are taking him to BI headquarters.

Now we can't blame him for this kidnapping.

He's definitely planning something big.

I am not officially allowed to let you in.

You've 20 minutes.

Unofficially, karan.

Don't lose your cool.

Only 20 minutes.

If you talk fast and answer all the questions...

.then maybe you can leave in one piece.


How many boys did you train?

Where? Which weapons did you supply them?

When, where and how are these attacks happening?

Where are Zahira and Abir?


But strange...

You're more concerned about my family than your own country.

Like I said straight answers.

I won't allow this.

Sir, give him 10 minutes. -Please.

Save these questions and answers for my wife.

What is the motive?

You have the right motive in mind.

To get in Zahira's bed.

I'll strip you naked and hang you in mid-air... and after I'm through with you...

.you'll need an x-ray to see how far I shoved it in.

Tell me...what's the plan?

Three hours.

In three hours I'll get out of here safe and sound.

And you can't do sh about it.

Get off him!

Karan, I told you not to lose your cool.

I let you in and you make a mess like this.

Why did he say three hours?

Come on.

Go, Go Go.

Alwin, are you guys releasing him?

Yes. Sorry, I am helpless here.

The man's planning a terrorist attack on my country and he's a murderer in yours.

How is it even possible?

Military Intelligence is taking over this matter, Karan.

Why? The BI doesn't have a spine?

Think what you may.

This is beyond me. We have to set him free.

What... -Stop, Karan.


What the hell are you doing, Karan?

Sir, they are all helping him.

Karan, put the gun down.

Give me one hour, sir. I'll make him talk.

Karan, don't be a fool. Put your gun down.

Hey...did they turn you too?

Don't forget, England is my country.

Whether karan shoots or not, but I will shoot you.

Shoot. -Karan, put the gun down.

That's my order.

Roy, if you weren't my friend...

.I would have your man arrested.

You two have 24 hours to leave England or you will be deported.

You will surrender your weapons... and you will not do anything... without our knowledge or permission.

If you do.

I will have you shot down!

Aurangzeb-Kashmir, Vikram Batra-Kargil, Next Karan Singh Dogra-London.

Sir, when we don this uniform...

.we know there's a bullet out there with our name on it.

And he thinks his threats will scare me.


Alwin...they will leave in 24 hours.

You have my word.

Look Karan, try to understand...

No, I cannot understand, sir.

My conscience and my country don't allow me to understand these things.

I am sorry, sir.

What the...

Sir, these Brits are concerned about their country.

We'll have to look out for our country.

First, you used to hide behind masks now you hide behind men.

Soon you'll disappear in your grave.

24 all I have.

Save yourself if you can.

Step aside, sir.

Why did Buraq surrender in the middle of such an important mission?

Surrender is one thing...

.how can BI let him go even though they had so many evidence?

Before we get to wherever that is you're taking me.

I'd like to go to a mosque, please. It's time for my "Namaz" (Prayer).

You can burn in hell for all I care.

Well, I think your superiors would have a different opinion about that.

You see, I made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

All clear.

You people can wait here.

You trust me, don't you?

I hope his Information is worth it...

Brother, upstairs from here.


Don't be scared, son. Don't be scared.

You've been misled.

This is not your fault.

You've been speaking with strangers a lot these days.



Abir, remember what I taught you. If you sin...

Answer me, Abir. If you sin...

You have to pay.

And you will pay, Buraq Ansari.

You will have to pay for your sins.

Boss, the prayer's nearly over.

You should get going.

Change Abir's location.

And get rid of the body.

"I am that night..."

"I am that circumstance..."

"...whose future is bleak."

"I am in turmoil."

"Yet, I am quiet."

"I am all alone."

"Listen to my plea."

"Understand these tears."

"Try to understand my helplessness."

"Listen to my suffering."

"There is no ray of hope, in my life."

I know we both can't go against our countries.

But there are some things we can do for the sake of humanity.

Karan, we not ready for that yet.

We want to be sure before taking any step.

B.I is also involved?

We need to be more careful. We need more time?

And more information is required.

I won't be able to help you without that.

And yes. our agency are behind Abir's location.

We will get back to you as soon as we find something.

Why are you here?

So you can taunt me on my failure?

Buraq has made a deal with MI.

He gave them the names and locations of three terrorists...

.who were involved in last year's London subway bombings.

And he'll keep helping them in future.

In return, MI has granted him immunity.

He has his freedom but under MI's watch.

Karan, you're going against Military Intelligence.

If you get caught, BI will shoot you down.

Think about it. We will have to disown you.

You guys chose to disown me once, sir.

Once more for the sake of the country.

Karan, this is as good as suicide.

You have only a few hours.

You'll be deported from London. -I am going to get him, sir.

Now it's your job to get us out of London.

How can I do it in such a short time? It's impossible, Karan.

Either I'll return with Buraq on my shoulders...

.or I'll return wrapped in the tricolour flag.

Jai Hind.

Guys, can I have your attention, please?

There's a situation in London.

We must get our officer out of there as soon as possible.

Get me the Defence Minister online now.

Okay, sir.

Albion. - A place where special cases like Buraq are kept.

Under private security hired by the MI.

So I'll dig my grave before we leave.

What? I am coming too.

Hey Tech-Guru. Bring this up on the big screen.

I have the location of Abir's iPad.

Buraq's men have kept him here.

What? Shocked?

I found it with the help of my Indian connection in London.

We'll need these.

Roy, officially we cannot do anything But he's the Commando of our country.

Do what it takes. Just bring him back.

Yes, sir.

There is no room for emotions in our profession.

You do know...

.chances are we might never meet again.

There is no dearth of people like Buraq...

.Thats why this won't be our last mission.

So we'll meet again in a different place, different time...

.and on a different mission.

I know you won't stop being a hero.

Do what you want, but just don't die.

Even Roy sir didn't keep this condition.

If anything happens to you...

.for Roy sir, it will be the country's loss.

And for me,...

It'll be a personal loss.

I just think you need to know exac...

Sir. - We have a cargo ship on international waters.

We must get Karan there somehow.

Can we airlift?

These guys are known as military goons.

They are hired for such jobs... officially... they are not part of the Military or the British Government.

Some of them are Ex-convicts.

Keep it.

No, no, no. My fingers work better on computers.

Not guns. And I stand for peace.

Good. Keep it.

Or you'll rest in peace.

If I die while getting Abir back only then can you have him.


What if we both survive?

Then Karan's destined for two.

Will you sleep on the left side of the bed or right?


Sir, we have a situation.

Karan has breached Albion.

Send the forces in now. We need Buraq alive.

And shoot Karan.

Karan, come in.

Karan, I can hear the sirens coming. The forces are approaching. Come.

Karan, we're running out of time.

Fin unbelievable Man.

Before you say anything...

Karan, we're sending a helicopter.

It will take you to a cargo ship on international waters.

Put him down!


It's okay.

Your mom wanted you to come with us.

Will you?

Then shall we go to the airport?

I'll handle it from here.

Where the hell is the chopper, sir? He's on the runway.

Sir, we don't have time to land the chopper.

Tell them to throw the rope.

We seem to get closer every time we meet.

Then according to your calculation soon you'll be in my bed.

I've done my share of calculation.

About what?

Slaughtering us in the name of cows.

Arresting us for "Love Jihad".

For stopping our prayers, Babri Masjid, Kashmir.

How many of us are in your country? 220 million.

The unfortunate Muslims of your country will stand against your country.

One doesn't have to be a Muslim to be unfortunate.

People like you give religion a bad name.

Nice watch.

But it has ruined your time.

Setting India's date and time when you're in London.

The attack's going to happen today, isn't it?

Sir, Karan's on the satellite line.

Put him on the speaker. -Okay, sir.

Sir. Karan.

According to me, the attack's going to happen today and right now.

But there will be thousands of places where Dussera will be celebrated.

How can we send our forces in all the places in such a short time?

If we want to stop the attack, then we must know the exact location.

You guys want to make India a Hindu Nation.

After today...your identity will be Allah.

After today there will be only one name on every Indian's lips.


He'll write the name of Allah on India's map.

I will write the name of Allah on India's map.

Karan, are you listening?

Sir, the attack's going to be in five cities and not one.

Which five cities?

He wanted to write Allah on the map of India.


Meaning the first Alphabet of that city A L L A H.

Ayodhya. Amritsar.

Allahabad, Agra, Lakhanpur, Laxmipur, Ludhiana, Hyderabad...

.Hissar, Hrishikesh. I can go on, you know.

Karan, if we want to stop this attack then you'll have to give me something more. - Karan, are you listening? will be destroyed and we all will watch.

Sir, give me a list of the cities where there were communal rights.

Between Hindus and Muslims. Go on.

He's going to attack in places where Muslims suffered the most.

Come on, guys, get on to this.

Yes Sir. -Yes Sir.



Latur, Ahmedabad, Moradabad, Bhagalpur, Nellie, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Hasimpura...

.the Muslims have suffered the most in these communal riots.

A...Ahmedabad. L...Latur.

L...Ludhiana. H...Hashimpur.

And which is the fifth city?

Sir its has to be with "A" -Azamgarh? Aligarh? Allahabad?

There have been riots in all these places.

We're forgetting the name of the most important city...

.where these riots began.


You found the cities, but you can't save them from burning.

Where are you going to send your forces?

Where are the attacks going to be?

Only Allah knows about that.

My boys have set out...and they shall carry out my job... before your forces arrive.

You can't defeat me.

You can't defeat me.

You have the wrong expectation with the right country.

Alert all the five cities.

The attack can happen anytime from now. - Sir!


I'm making a small effort to defeat this man with his own ideology.

I am sending you a video... - ....make it viral in the five cities where the attack is going to happen. - Use any means possible.

Internet, radio, news channel, everything, sir.

We need to get it viral.

Sir, Karan's sent the video.

Go ahead. -Okay, sir.

I am an Indian Soldier Karan Dogra, have a message for you.

Yes, we fight over temples and mosques.

But we also fight together at the Border.

There have been 1700 Hindu-Muslim riots in the last one year.

But we also wished each other on Eid and Diwali.

Yes, we fight.

But we also study together in the same school.

We quarrel over Namaz on every Friday morning.

But we eat together in the same hotel in the evening.

Yes, Muslims don't get jobs.

But when they do, they send sweets to us first.

After the Pulwama attack...

.the Hindus didn't set out to massacre their Muslim brothers.

In fact, when we killed 300 in Balakot...

.the Muslims celebrated just as much as the Hindus.

The Muslims of this country fight for their right and they should.

But I firmly believe that they can never betray their country.

But a terrorist called Buraq believes...

.that the Muslims of this country will stand against it, and not with it.

He's sending his forces to every Dussera celebration...

.to kill innocent Hindus.

To divide this country.

He believes that this country will be divided again.

And I believe if Hindus and Muslims stand together...

.then no one can ever break us.

Today is the trial of my belief, and the Muslims of this country.

I won't tell you what your answer is going to be.

That's for you to decide.

Jai Hind.

Do you really believe you can save those five cities with a single video?

He's done his duty.

Now it's time we do ours.

Let's go.

Can't we go too?

Your concern itself ensures that our country is safe.

Let's go sakina.

Let's go.

No, no, we've closed for the day.

And now for the breaking news.

A big attack which was planned to divide this country...

.was foiled by the citizens of this country.

For your information, five different cities of India...

.were about to be attacked today.

Which has been completely foiled today.

I told you I'll make your death worse than Osama.

I won't take you back to India.

How many more Kasabs are we going to entertain?

Hail Shri Ram.

Hail Shri Ram.

Hail Shri Ram.

Hail Shri Ram.

Hail Shri Ram.

Before you die, know one thing... whether it's a Hindu or a Muslim... if anyone provokes us again we won't bow down... we'll hit back.

Yes. Yeah.

Hello, uncle. How are you?

Is Abir happy?

I am happy.

And Abir is also happy to be a solider of India.

Karan...the man who misled others children...

.and now you're showing his child the right way.

Humanity owes you.

A soldier made a promise to a father.

I had to uphold it.

Salute the national flag! Salute!

"It's a game of cat and mouse."

"The sly one will win."

"It's a game."

"It's a game."

"I am chasing you. Run, run."

"At times I win, and at times you. It's fun, fun."

"You will see the magic with my gun."

"You can't escape, you are done."

"Knock, knock. Your boss is here."

"Your boss is here."

"You will pay for your sins."

"You got your match."

"You are outsmart."

"You got foxed."

"Your nemesis is here."

"If you run, I will knock you down."

"You will cry for mercy."

"In this game, you will lose everything."

"You will be punished for your deeds."

"I am chasing you. Run, run."

"At times I win, and at times you. It's fun, fun."

"You will see the magic with my gun."

"You can't escape, you are done."

"You got your match."

"You are outsmart."

"Your boss is here."

"Light the fire of revolution."

"Keep marching in the face of adversities."

"Be determined to touch the sky."

"Make the final decision."

"Conquer your fear with courage."

"Take everyone along, and challenge the opponents."

"1. 2. 3."

"Win the whole world."

"Break all the shackles."

"Never fear. Never yield."

"Make your own future."

"Be determined to touch the sky."

"Make the final decision."

"Conquer your fear with courage."

"Take everyone along, and challenge the opponents."