Compliance (2012) Script

[music playing]

WOMAN: Thanks again.

It's lucky we're near the warehouse, huh?

Yeah, not so near.

Bit of a drive. Oh.

I'm not gonna have any more, uh, bacon until Sunday.

Pickles, I...

Okay, well, I guess we'll just have to manage.

Yeah, well, hopefully you'll have enough coleslaw.

Who's your regional? Uh...

Gilmour. Gilmour.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What did he say?

Well, I wanted to deal with the situation first.

Ah, Christ, your regional manager doesn't know?

Come on. How hard is it to deal with these things?

I don't appreciate you talking to me like that.

Yeah, well, you know what?

I don't appreciate you letting $1,500 worth of product spoil.

It is your job to manage this shit, to keep it together.

How do you deal with your kids?

'Cause my kid has a--a big game tonight, and I'm 50 miles away, dealing with a woman...

Well, I'm sorry about that.

Who thinks she can manage without bacon!

Okay. Thank you very much for all your help.

You're fucked without bacon. I'll tell you that.

Listen. Listen to me.



[ignition bell chiming]

[door closes, chiming stops]

Hey, uh, ma'am, it is against code to park so close to the building.

You need to save this for the customers.

Wait until I tell Sandra.

Ah, wait.

Always fucking up.

Shut up.

[Door opens]

SANDRA: Thank you for joining us.

Now, some of you have heard this before, but we have got to be on our best tonight.

I had a surprise this morning.

Apparently somebody forgot to fully close the freezer door.

Now, I know most of you weren't working last night, but obviously this is not acceptable.

We did lose $1,430 worth of inventory.

Fortunately we were able to get a last-minute shipment from the warehouse, but bacon's gonna be short, bacon and pickles.


Now, Friday nights are crazy, and Aaron is out because he has that thing that was going around.

But we've gotta be by the book tonight.

We potentially have a franchise quality-control person coming, a secret shopper, so my food people, you have gotta be extra careful with the portions.

Okay? Not just make the order right, but in the right order.

And let's just use two strips of bacon per sandwich.

We're gonna have to save it, okay?

And my counter people, we're gonna do the drops right on the hour, so make sure your drawers are organized.

And I know you're down a person, but if you don't have a customer, I want you to clean, clean, clean.

That means you, too, okay?

Y'all know what Friday nights are like, so let's get to work.


♪'I know you're dying to be free... ♪'

CASHIER: Thanks, guys.

Thank you.

Here. Stock your section.

She thinks I left the door open.

No. She thinks Kevin did it.

I mean, Kevin did do it, right?

Total. But you think he's gonna get fired?

I don't know.

Well, I just want her to quit thinking it's me.

But I just can't be not having a job right now. You know?

I'm pretty sure you're fine. Yeah.

Is that a new cellphone cover?

Yeah. I decided pink was gonna be my new thing now.

It's cool. I like it.

I mean, I like the old one, too, though.

Yeah, I know, but the jewels and stuff started falling off.

Oh. Were you talking to John?

No, it's this new guy named Ben.

I kinda started it for fun, but now I can't decide what to do.

He's kinda crazy, actually.

MARTI: I don't know how you keep up with them all, girl.

Yeah, I can hardly handle my fiancé.

What? He proposed?

No, but he, um, called my dad, so I know it's coming.

Ah! That is awesome!

Yeah, thanks.

Ha ha! Wow. Awesome.

Congratulations, Sandra.

That's cute.

That's so cool! Thank you.

MARTI: That is awesome.

Wow, God, this one's got, like, three dudes at the same time, you know?

And one of them's always named Alonzo or something--or Vendito.

No, his name was Marco. Oh!

I don't know about this guy.

He keeps sending me pictures of, like, himself without his shirt on, like, telling me to return the favor.

But he has really good abs, though.

Does he send you pictures of his other stuff?

I mean, he hasn't yet, but I think if I were to do that, that he'd totally do it.

Oh! That is-- That is too crazy.

I'm just, like, too old for that.

I guess we missed all of that stuff.

Hey, speak for yourself.

My man sexts me sometimes.

Oh! Sandra!


We--We keep it exciting.

He knows what to do to get me worked up.

Oh, my God. [laughs]

Who calls it sexting?

[Both laugh]

Show me. Show me.

So cute. Oh.

He's cute, right?

That's, like, Photoshopped, right?

You're leaving, Harold?

Yes, ma'am.

Did you finish with the thing on the drive-thru?

I had to order a piece. Should be in tomorrow.


Spent afternoon on bushes out back behind the grease tank.

Oh, good. Thank you.

Did you get your shift meal yet?

No, ma'am.

I'm gonna hold off on that.

I may drop in later, though, just to have one of the new type of milkshakes.

Oh, there you go. You should.

The Frost Blenders are really good.

The butterscotch one is good.

I'm not really a cookies-and-cream person, but that one is good.

You'll have a lot of choices.

[Overlapping chatter]

Hi. Hi. [kiss]

A what?

I'll have a chunks combo meal, the six-piece.

We ain't got no pickles.

You don't have pickles?


Uh, do you have coleslaw?


Can I get coleslaw with that?

All right.

Did you see Julio's apron?

Looks like he fell in the fryer, for goodness' sake.

Yeah, well, who's gonna talk to him? Not it.

Get him to change it. Honest to God.

No, seriously, not it.

I'm not having a conversation with that kid again.

When we get through the rush, I'm gonna need you to cover for me for a bit.

I gotta call Gilmour, tell him about the freezer.

You didn't call Robbie?

[sighs] I thought I would deal with it first.


Oh, tell me about it.

I don't know what I was thinking.

No clue.

[telephone rings]

Hey, Van. We're swamped.

Hey, babe. How's it going?

It's going swamped, like I said. What's up?

Well, I know you're gonna be there for a while still, and I wanted to see if it was okay with you.

Jim, from work, he wants me to come by and see his new deck, have a beer with him.

All night?

No. No, just a few beers while I wait for you to get off.

Yeah, babe. You don't have to have my permission to hang out with your friends.

I know. Was just checking.

Okay. I gotta go.

We're swamped.

Just don't get too drunk, okay?

Don't worry. Okay.

All right. Bye. - Bye.


[ice clunks]



I know that Frost Blender did not just try and mess up my nail. Tcch.

Swear I wasn't even supposed to be here right now neither.

I know. I need to set it normal.

I want Monday through Thursday, Saturday, like I used to.

I know, right? They change it, you can't make plans or nothing, right?

If they don't stay normal about it, when I'm working, I end up waking up late, and then I can't do anything that day.

You know, I just watch TV, and it, like, ruins my days off.

Oh! Now that you say that, I could see what you saying.

I could see that.

I'm always waking up late.

Yo, they wasting my days off and shit.

Tcch. They need to fix that shi--

SANDRA: Let's watch the language, okay?

Connie, look at the condiment bar. It's a mess.

We don't want it looking like that if secret shopper comes, do we?

Kevin, get off the counter.

I asked you before to fill your toppings.

KEVIN: No, I know. I----

Go to the freezer and get some. Becky--

Don't you dare.

Becky, what did I say to you about clean, clean, clean?

MARTI: Sandra! You got a phone call in the back, a policeman.

[Beep 1 Hello. South End.

Yeah, this is Officer Daniels with the police department.

Are you a supervisor?

Yes I am. I'm the manager.

What's your name again, ma 'am?

My name is Sandra Fromme.

Sandra. Okay, and you're the manager. Good.

So I've got your regional manager, Robert Gilmour, on the other line, and he's told me to go ahead and call you directly.

Right. So this is about the freezer.


No, ma 'am. This is about a theft.

It seems one of your employees stole some money from a customer's purse.

I'm sorry?

Ah, you have a young lady, works at the register, about 19 years old.



Becky. Yeah, we have her name as Rebecca. That's right, Becky.

In the South End store?

Yeah, that's right, ma'am. This happened--

We have the customer here who says she can attest to the theft.

Uh, okay.

So this happened now, today?

That's correct, ma 'am.

My marked units are gonna come in behind soon.

We've been observing her as part of a bigger investigation, but Mr. Gilmour said I could count on you for your help in the matter.

Well, sure.

Um, what is the bigger investigation? Do you mind my asking?

I can't share that with you at this time, ma 'am.

- No, I'm sorry. Sure. - I can say you'll be doing me and my department a big favor by helping out.

We don't have any bacon!

Brie, go back to your station.

I need you to take over for Becky up front.

I have to bring her in back for some questions.

The police? She stole from somebody.

I can't say anything more than that.

A'ight, here you go.

Becky, come with me.

Marti'll take over your station.

Hey, what's all that? Don't worry about it.

Hi. Welcome to ChickWich. What can I get for you?

I could take your order? Can I get a number one?

[Door closes]

Becky, I've got the police here on the phone saying you stole money from a customer. What?

They're saying you took it out of a woman's purse.

I didn't--I didn't steal anything at all.

Hold on.

Hello, Officer?

I swear I didn't take anything at all, okay?

[whispers] Just hold on. Hold on.

- Do you have Becky? - Hello?

- Yes, I do. - What is she saying?

She's saying she didn't take anything.

Put her on for me, please.

Just a minute.

[whispers] Wants to talk to you.


Becky, I'm Officer Daniels.

I'm gonna need you to answer a few questions for me, okay?

Okay. That's fine. Just--Okay.

Okay, I have a woman here that says you took money out of her purse.

We also have one of my surveillance--

I didn't take anything at all, sir. I don't--

Okay. Well, hang on. We also have one of my surveillance units backing up her claim.

You want to clear this up for me?

I swear I didn't take anything. I couldn't have done anything like that.

That doesn't make a-- I'm sorry, but that just doesn't even make sense at all.

Right. I have a woman who ordered from you in the last hour saying you did.

She described you exactly.

Sir, I'm sorry. I don't know what to tell you, but I didn't have anything to do with anything like that at all.

Well, I have my surveillance unit here saying you've done a lot of things.

Okay. I don't know what's going on here. I was just at work, for real.

Like, I'm--I'm just trying... Ma 'am. Ma 'am.

To do my job, and I don't know-- Ma'am.

I'm gonna need you to do me a favor and calm down for me, okay?

- We'll get to the bottom of this. - I mean, I think that I could have shortchanged somebody or something, but--

Eh, it-it could be that.

Can you put Sandra back on the phone for me, honey?


- Hello. - I'm sorry.

Sandra, I hate to ask you to do this.

I need you to do me a favor and search her personal items, her pockets.

Uh, if you find a phone, you should probably hold on to it for the time being.


He wants me to check your pockets.

Why don't you just show me what you've got in your pockets.


There's nothing. There's-- I mean, I have my phone and--

I need to hold on to the cellphone.

Okay. Just for the time being.

Now your front pockets.

They're not real pockets.

They're sewed up 'cause they're skinnies.

They don't open. There's nothing in them.

Not our standard khakis.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, but they were dirty. I didn't--

Officer, I've checked her pockets, and there's nothing in them, and I do have her cell phone.

Okay, good. Uh, does she have a purse?

Do you have a purse? You have a purse?

I have-- I still have my purse.

Um, it wouldn't be here in the office.

It would be in the employee cubicle area, which is on the other side of the restaurant.

Employee cubbies. That's a... a different room. Okay.

Uh, is your phone portable, Sandra?

Can you keep me on?

No, the signal wouldn't reach out to there.

We would get cut off. Sorry.

- All right. Okay.

Go ahead. I'm gonna put you on hold.

That's fine.

He's asking about my purse?

Come on. I gotta go check your purse.

Sandra, you know I haven't been to my purse since the staff meeting.

Let's just get this over with.

Let's just get this over with.

I didn't take anything. I swear. You know me.

I've never stolen anything in my entire life.

If it turns out that you did, I'm going to have to fire you on the spot.

Please, Sandra.

All right. No!

Let's just get this over with.

Which one of them is yours?

[Unzips bag]

Is this about the freezer?

'Cause I really don't think I had anything to do with that, but if I did, I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry, honey, but we have to take this seriously.

No, it is not about the freezer. It's about the cops.

Does this zipper part open? Yes.

[zipper unzips]

We can't have employees stealing from a customer, you know.

But I was working. You saw me. I was up there.

Okay. Then why do I have a police officer calling me, describing you exactly, telling me your name and saying that you stole from a customer?

What am I supposed to do with that?

I don't know. Just--

I guess I have to take this with me now.

Come on.

You okay, Sandra?

SANDRA: Still dealing with it.

Hello, Officer? Hello?

Yeah. What-- What's the news?

I didn't find anything in her purse or in her pockets.

I was afraid that might happen.

Okay, this is gonna require more of your help, then.

I'm gonna need you to keep her there.

Me and my marked units are gonna come in soon.

Till then, can I count on you to assist the authorities?

Um, yes, of course.

Whatever you-- Whatever you need.

She's been a good person here at the restaurant.

SANDRA: I--You're sure about this?

Are we sure about this?

I have the victim here with me. Why, you think she's innocent?

We just never had any trouble with her before. That's all.

Right, but, I mean, doesn't it make sense that if she was doing something wrong, that... she wouldn't want you to know, that she'd--

I don't know--hide it from you?

Yeah, I guess.



Well, look, I hear a little... hesitation in your voice, Sandra?

- No, no. I'm, you know-- - It's okay, you know?

I'm just trying to do the right--

- Yeah, it's fine. - What I'm--Yeah.

Look, Sandra, I'm the police officer.

I'm the one who's gotta take the hit.


I want you to know that as an officer, the officer in this case, I have to take the full, final responsibility for this, - and I take that very seriously, okay? - Right. Right. Yes.

And I have your regional manager, Robert Gilmour, on the other line.

Right. - We need to act now.

- Okay. - Your responsibility is to facilitate that action, so I--I don't even...

You know, it's your job. You understand?

Yes. Yes, I do, and I'll do everything, you know, that you need.

All right. Can you put Becky on for me, please?


Wants to talk to you.

Hello, Officer.

All right, I need you to shoot me straight and just explain this whole situation to me.

I have no idea what happened. I don't know what's going on.

I was working. I was up front. I was wor--

You can ask anybody that was up there with me.

- Do me a favor and calm down. - I was--

Just calm down and explain the situation to me, okay?

All I know is that I was working, and then Sandra came and told me that I stole some lady's money.

That--That is everything that I know.

You stole some lady's money. Did you know the lady in question?

No. I don--I can't even think of anyone that it would possibly be.

- Miss, be quiet. There's no one--

Now, had you seen this woman before on the premises?

If you're just straight with me, it'll all be worked out, okay?

I am being s-- I'm--I'm being straight with you.

Okay, so what that tells me is that you don't realize what kind of trouble you're in here.

I'm gonna need you to address me as sir or officer, understand?

Yes, sir.

Okay, good.

Now, first we need to find the money.

Now, do--do you want to tell me where it is?

I don't have any money.

You don't have any money?

Well, why are there people who say otherwise?

I don't know.

You don't know.

- I don't know why. - You don't know! Huh! Okay.

This isn't the easy way out of this, you understand?

What--What can I do? How can I help? Like--

Just put Sandra back on, but you need to do what she tells you, okay?

I mean, yeah, of course. Of course I'm gonna do what she tells me to, and I'm gonna do what you tell me to.

- Then we'll be okay, okay? - That's fine, but--

Okay. - Just put Sandra back on the phone, please.

All right.


Hi, Sandra. Uh, I'll need your help till I can get down there.

We really have two choices here.

Okay, what do you need?

We need to find the money, but I want to make this as easy as possible for Becky.

Wouldn't you agree?

Yes, I would.

So that's the first thing.

And in this situation, either-- and I don't like this-- we drag her downtown.

We book her. We process her.

We put her in a holding cell, where she'll probably be all night.

That seems very extreme.

Yeah. I mean, I think in order to keep this sort of contained, what we could do is just have you strip-search her right now.

Would just be easier and quicker, I think.

Gee, I don't know if--

I don't know if I'm comfortable with that.

Yeah, I know, but her story doesn't jibe, see?

- You know, I mean-- - I know, but it means we have to put her into the system, you know?

Look, I understand you not wanting to get involved, but...

[sighs] Gee, I'm not sure...

In my experience, it could be a very big deal. be honest.

Yeah, well, a trial can drag on a long time.

There's a direct cost to her being taken in.

Sandra... Yeah. Um... federal conviction rate is over 90 %.

You know, she seems like a nice person.


If there's any doubt, you know, having you do it there could be a big help to her.

Yeah. I mean, it seems-- I'm not--

I don't want you to worry about this part, because I have to take the full, final responsibility for this, and I do, and I take that very seriously.

So take that off your shoulders.


Okay. Just--Just a second.

He's saying that...

[sighs] that he will have to take you down to jail and that, most likely, you'll have to spend the night, or I could, um--

I could strip-search you here.

What? No.


No way.

Just tell her that it's gonna be quicker if you strip-search her.

This'll all be over quicker.

SANDRA: 'Cause if we go to the jail...

Beck, if we go to the jail, it just takes much longer.

This is so stupid. I didn't do anything at all.

What did she say?


It? either that or take her to jail and hold her overnight, okay?

Hold on. So, honey, what do you want to do?

I mean, what-- what do you mean?

What I mean is it looks like we're either gonna have to go down to the jail-- we don't have much of a choice-- or, you know, I can do it here, which I think is really much, much easier for you. Don't you?


Okay. Okay. You want me to search you...

BECKY: Search. Yeah, search. Okay, search. God.

So we'll-- we'll just do that really quickly.

I'll get Marti in here, and we'll do it really quick, okay?

She say yes?

Yeah, can you just bring Marti in here?

Yeah. She is saying yes, but I think I need to get my shift supervisor in here, right?

Well, it'd be best not to have her actually.

It's faster for everyone the quicker it can happen.

Yeah, but she's asking for Marti, and I think in situations like this, corporate would insist on having two supervisors present. I mean...

Oka--Oh, corporate does?

Yeah. Well, I mean, what does Robbie think?

What does Robbie think?

Yeah, about--

Oh, oh, Robert?

You know what? I don't know. Let me ask him. Hold on.

He's talking to Robbie.

Is Marti up front? Oh, she went to the back.

I'm sure Becky didn't have anything to do with it.


Is this all about the freezer?

No, no, no.

L-ls everything okay with Becky? Not really.

Okay, Marti, I need you to come with me to the office.

I know we're swamped, but this is important.

DANIELS: I know you don't want to do this, but it's gonna be okay. It's fine, really.

I've done a million of these, and, it's fine, you know. It's not pleasant.

I mean, you don't like it. I don't like it.

I don't know any guy, as many years as I've been on the job, enjoys this.

Think about poor Sandra.


You know what, Becky?

You seem like a nice person, honestly.

I, you know, I hate to get conflicting information like this, and it's, uh, confusing, and it bothers me as much as I'm sure it bothers you, so...


I mean, it'd be really helpful for me and for her, I'm sure, if you're a good girl and you make it easy on Sandra.

I just--I need you to be a good actress for her, uh, you know, if you could pretend like it doesn't bother you, okay?

Okay, I mean, it just--

It's really crazy. I've never done anything like this.

Like, I'm really freaked out. I--You know what I mean?

I just want it all to be over.

[laughs] No, I don't know what you mean, because I've never stolen money while I was at work like you, because I don't commit crimes.

Well, I haven't done that either.

Listen, Becky, have you ever been arrested before?

No, of course not.

Then relax! Heh.

We're trying to make sure you're okay.

After she searches you, it'll all be over.

Hey, do you have any older siblings ever been in trouble with the law?

Do you mean my brother?

Bingo. That's right, your brother.

And has your brother told you... that he's still in trouble?

[door opens]

So now what's happening?

We have to strip-search Becky, and I wanted you to come in.

Corporate always wants two people for a strip search, right?

You think she stole something?

I don't know. I didn't find anything, but it's either this, or she goes to jail.

Oh, Sandra, but Becky-- I know, but I don't know what else we can do.

BECKY: I don't see how that has anything to do with this at all.

This is so stupid.

SANDRA: Hello, Officer. We're back.

Great. You're really helping us out here, Sandra.

I was just telling Robert how lucky we all are you're there.

You're almost like a real cop.

Ha! Well, I'm just trying to do my job.

Well, you're doing perfect.

SANDRA: Thank you.

Okay, so I'm gonna need you have her strip down now.

Look through everything.


Um, he says it's time to--

Let's just try to--

The faster you do it, honey, the faster we're finished.

Come on.


All right.

Your shoes, hon.


Okay. I've, um--

I've checked the clothes, and, uh, they're--they're clean.

What do you have?

SANDRA: Everything's clean.

Um, I have her-- you know, her shirt and her, uh, undershirt and her shoes and, uh, her pants, and they're all--

There's nothing in them.

Well, no, it's just that there isn't anything you're trained to see.

Um, have you checked her underwear yet?

No, we just, uh...

I just looked-- I just checked her clothes.

Okay. It's gotta be everything. That's probably what's going on here.

Padded bras can often be where thieves hide things and--and panties, of course.

What, uh, style of panties does she have?

Uh, let's see.

Um, I guess cotton bikini.


Yeah, you're gonna need to take those off, all of it.


He wants you to--

He wants you to take off the-- take off your underwear.

MARTI: No, Sandra, really, we're taking her underwear off?

Well, he's saying-- He's just saying, uh, there's padded bras or something, you can hide stuff in it.


You need to take off both.



Well, this should clear it right up, and we'll be done with it now.

Okay, I'm--

The clothes are-- just seem fine. Everything...

What about her rear? Did you make her turn around?

He wants you to turn around.

Okay, she's not hiding anything.

Um, sometimes people sew secret compartments in their clothes.

You can't see them unless you're trained for it.

Um, we 'Il just look over it before we let her go.

Here's what I'm gonna need you to do. Do you have a car?


Okay, I'm gonna need you to take all the clothes, along with her purse and cellphone, and put them all in a bag, okay?

What kind of car do you have?

Um, 2000 Subaru. Can you get that bag for me?

2000 Subaru. Okay. All right, put everything in the bag, and put the bag in the front seat of your car, and leave it unlocked so we can inspect it as soon as we get there.

Well, hang on a minute. And, uh...

Why--Why would I put it in my car?

I mean, is she supposed to just stay in here?

I'm just supposed to stay in here like this?

Yeah, well, hmm.

I'm just not understanding why it has to be in my car, though. That's the only thing.

Yes, ma'am. I can... Wait.

Okay, so she's just gonna be in here.

Okay, two reasons:

One, she won't have access to the clothes to get the money back when you're not looking, and also then we can check it, and if it's clean, we bring her clothes back inside with us so she doesn't have to, you know, walk through the restaurant naked when we escort her out.

Um, it's just-- It's a standard thing.

MARTI: I'll clock you out. Just go, and I'll make sure you get paid for today, okay?

SANDRA: Okay. Yeah.

Um, they're saying... that I need to put it in my car so that when they get here, they can check the stuff.

Your car? Sandra, when--

They can't give it back to the perpetrator until they have checked it all.

MARTI: But, I mean, that just sound-- I don't know. I don't know.

Can I just keep her things here, um, with her or up front until you get here?

Well, n--Yeah, yes. Yes, ma 'am. Uh, I hear you.

I mean, when are you coming?

Uh, all right, look...

We don't normally share this, but considering the time-sensitive nature and my needing your help, I feel like I should explain the broader investigation of Rebecca.


I'm currently investigating with my team--

I'm investigating her house.

Her house? Yes.

Wait. What about my house?

The thing is, her brother...

Why is she talking about my house?

Is a suspect in an investigation over growing a large amount of marijuana.

We believe that Rebecca may have knowledge and may also be selling.

They're saying that your house, your brother might have someth--

- No, please, ma'am. Ma'am! Sandra. What?

- This is confidential information. Okay? - Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We're hoping that if we can find the money that she stole, then we can bring her in and get a plea confession in this other situation.

But my brother doesn't even do anything. This is crazy.

And here's the most important thing.

[Sandra sighs]


Her clothes could have forensic proof of her distributing her brother's stash.

That's why it's important you take them to the car so we have time to test them before taking her away.

If you do this, you will build our case. You understand?


[no audible dialogue]

CONNIE: We don't have no pickles either.

Sandra! Are you or Marti gonna come help?

I'm on the register by myself.

Okay, one of us will be right out.

Let me just finish this real quick.

CONNIE: Oh, my God.

[alarm chirps off]

[alarm chirps on]

[alarm chirps off]


CONNIE: Thank you.

Excuse me, miss.

I bought this sandwich for my daughter with no pickles and mayo.

It's loaded with mayo.

Okay. It's disgusting.

No problem. Just give me one second.

I need a southwest ranch, no mayo.

Is everything okay?

Well, what do you think? First the freezer thing.

Then I tell you we could have a QC visit from Franchise, and still we're getting the orders wrong. Come on, Kevin.

I'm making the sandwich.

MARTI: wright?

Hey, you know Connie's by herself at the register, right?

And we've got nobody running food to drive-thru, and we're completely out of bacon.

Well, I have Julio on drive-thru, but you're right. It's very hectic, so why don't you go out now, and I'm gonna come as soon as I can.


Hello, Officer.

Uh, did you put the clothes in the car, the, uh, 2000 Subaru?

Yes, I did. It's in the employee parking in the back, and the passenger door is unlocked.

That's good. You're doing great.

Like I said before, I'm lucky I have you here tonight.

Well, thank you. Heh.

Have you ever been involved in a situation like this before?

Oh, God, no.

Heh. Well, you could have fooled me.

You're making a really difficult situation run very smoothly, very professional.

Thank you so much. Sure.

MARTI: Sandra! When we-- When are we doing the drop?

I can't do that and the register.

SANDRA: I'm coming now!

Actually I'm feeling like I need to get out there and do the job that Robbie is paying me to do.

When did you say you were coming back?

Well, we're just in the middle of searching the house.

I need you to sit tight with me here.

Do you have a problem doing that?

Well, it's just that I'm needed out front. This is our busiest time.

Sure, sure.

Uh, really hate to do this to your night.

Do you have an employee that you trust to watch her, ideally a male for security reasons?

Um, yeah.

I could get Kevin.

And I could do sandwich board, and I could get Brie to do the, um, bags going out. Okay, hold on.

Is--Is this really needed? I swear I'll be okay. I--

Yes, it is needed, until we get it figured out.

When are they coming?

I have no idea.

[Door closes]


Kevin, I need to pull you from sandwich board.

Julio and Brie, cover for him.

I promise you I'll be right back.

[Low, garbled voices]

[Pen scratching]

Hey, all right, so what-- what is going on?

[Door closes]

There's some upsetting news about Becky.

She stole from a customer, and she may be in trouble for something with her brother.

He's been in trouble with the law.

Wait. She stole something?


No, I--I know her brother.

He's not in--Wait. What?

I can't talk about it right now. It's all gonna be sorted out.

What I need you for is to watch Becky until the police get here.

We had to strip-search her.

Hello, Officer. I'm back.

Hey, how's it going out there? is it a madhouse?

Oh, yes, you guessed it. It's a madhouse.

Yes, I'm in the weeds. That's the word.

Uh, I've gotta get back out there, but I have Kevin here, and he's gonna watch Becky.

- Yeah. Put him on now, okay? - Okay, sure.

Uh, just so you know, I am gonna come back in and check--check on things, make sure everything's all right.

That sounds fair.

You know, you're really being very helpful.

Well, it's no problem.

Urn, so here's Kevin.

This is Officer Daniels. He'll tell you what to do.

Hey, they're saying that you stole from a customer and that your brother is arrested.

What? What did you do?

I didn't-- I didn't do anything.

This is crazy. I'm naked.


Is this Kevin?

Yeah. Yeah.

Kevin, this is Officer Daniels.

I'm the lead officer in the case.

Has your manager explained what's going on?

Uh, well, she said that Becky stole something and her brother's arrested.

Sandra told you about her brother?

Yeah--Uh, well, she said he's in trouble.

Well, what did he do?

Yeah, well, we'll get to the brother in a second.

That's really a very serious police matter.

What we are interested in in the moment is Becky and this theft.

Oh, and what is the theft?

Well, I have a customer here with me that says her purse was taken.

Ye--Well, you know, I was out there the whole time, and, you know, I didn't see anyone complain about a purse being stolen.

Yeah, no, I'm sorry. You're right. Excuse me.

Not her purse. Uh, money from her purse.

She says that, uh, Becky--

It was on the counter, the purse, and Becky stuck her hand in and snatched it out.

Okay, I don't understand how that could be possible, because there were, like, a ton of people out there.

Well, I don't really have the time to debate it with you, son.

I have a surveillance unit saying they can corroborate the victim's story.

What our issue at hand is, where is the money?

You see?

Does she have anything in her pockets?


What is the suspect wearing at this time?

I--You know, she doesn't really have pockets to have anything in.

And why is that?

Dude, you all strip-searched her.

She's wearing an apron right now.

Okay. Why don't you calm down?

I'm gonna need you to inspect her.

[laughs] What?

Kevin, why don't you stop laughing, and calm down, okay?

W-What the fuck are you talking about?

I am an officer of the law, okay?

I'm gonna need you to address me as a sir, understand?

All right, Kevin... we need to find this money.

I'm gonna need to have her remove the apron, and you search her body.

KEVIN: He's trying to get me--

He's saying he wants me to get you to take off the apron and inspect your whole body.

I already did--

I already did that. That's--

Yeah, bro, this is fucked.

I'm sorry.

It might seem a little strange, I know, but I'm still an officer of the law.

You need to listen to me for your own sake.

This is procedure.

Yeah, well, it's a fucked procedure.

Okay, you need to watch your mouth, son.

Uh, sorry.

Look, I gotta-- I gotta leave in a second.

Okay, but let me ask you one more thing. Were you two ever an item?


SANDRA: What are you doing?

You can't make me do that shit.

Talk to me. Come on.

Look, I'm not saying it was me with the freezer, but I admit that's my responsibility, but that--that is not my job.

Jesus, Kevin, can I not count on you for anything?

Becky is my friend. When the cops come, I don't want anything to do with it.

What the hell happened? He didn't think it was fair.

SANDRA: Hello.

Sandra, this isn't working out with Kevin.

I do not approve of him as the main security before I arrive.

What happened?

Well, nothing good.

He's completely disobedient and unprofessional.

Well, he's always like that.

Is he? You have to put up with a lot of stuff from him, huh?

Well, I mean, he's fine. I mean, he's a good kid.

You know, he %--he% fine. Just-- [laughs] It%--

Should I have my people start watching him?

You think he could be wrapped up in the same stuff Becky is?

Oh, goodness, no. No, no, no. Nothing like that, no.

But he gives you hell, huh?

Yeah, he does, like you can't imagine.

Ha ha! I'm sorry. It must be a real pain.

Oh, hey, listen. Kevin said that you told him about Becky's brother even though I said it was confidential.

Oh, you know, I don't--Hmm.

I don't think I said much, though, did I?

- You know, the last thing I need-- I may have mentioned it.

The last thing I need is someone on my side with a big mouth, Sandra.

You know what I mean?

If you can't cooperate with me here--

I'm sorry.

I need to be able to trust you.


I'm very sorry...

- Just be quiet. know.

Either you need to watch her, or we need to find someone reliable.

Um, yeah, I could watch her, but the thing is, it's so busy out there.

No, no, no, I know. You have a restaurant to run.

We've asked too much of you already. Yeah.

Just wish I could spare one flippin' officer, just someone to run over.

Yeah, can't you, or--

Unfortunately, no.

It has to be someone new on your end.

Oh. Well, um, you know, I could get Marti, but, see, Marti's needed out there, too.

- Right, right, right. - You know?

Well, let me ask you a question.

Are you married?

Uh, no, but I'm-- Heh. I'm gonna be soon.

You're engaged?

Yeah, I am.

Oh, well, that's great. Congrats.

Well, thanks, yeah.

Terrific. Ha ha!

Well, do you trust him?

Yes, of course.

[dog barks outside] Well, what's he up to?

You think he could come by and help?


Gee, uh...

Do you think--

Yeah, it's a little unstandard, I know. Jeez.

But it'd really help me out.


It would help you. Okay.

Uh, well, I would have to call him, and I would just have to see if he, you know, could come.

[dog barks] Great.

Why don't you do that for me, then?

[vehicle approaches]

[no audible dialogue]

[laughter echoing]

So the officer's name is Daniels, and we're just waiting on them.

So who is it again?

Are you drunk?


I already told you it's Becky from the front.

That little blonde girl?


Becky? You remember Van, don't you?

BECKY: Yeah. Hey.

VAN: Hey. Well, he's gonna sit with you until they come, okay?

Do we really have to do this?

Honey, it's not up to me.

Hello, Officer?

Yeah. I have Van here, and I'm gonna hand the phone over to him, and then I'm gonna get back out there, okay?

That'd be great.

Okay, here he is.

Here's--Here's Van.


Hello. Who's this?

This is Evan Balcer.

Evan Balcer, A-L-C-E-R?

Do you want a Diet Coke, hon? Diet Coke?

- Sandra, how much longer? - You're what, her boyfriend?

VAN: Yeah. SANDRA: Honey, I don't know.

- Do you have a date? - VAN: Not really, no.

What do you want to drink?

All right, Evan, you got a real fine lady...

Diet Coke is okay. Sandra there.


Yeah. So what do you do?

Y-You're a general contractor?

Yeah. Yeah?

You don't work at the ChickWich?

No. Not even part-time?

Nah. [laughs]

And, uh, what was your whereabouts tonight?

What were you doing?

Uh, it was a long day at work, so I just hung out with some buddies at their--their house, you know.

Oh, man, you got dragged in here, huh?

I did, yeah. [laughs]

Well, get used to it. That's the way it's gonna be once you get married.

They never let you out.

All right, Evan.

You ready to do this? She fill you in on everything we need to do here?

Not really, no.

She, uh, she said I just had to sit here and wait.

Well, I bet she told you Becky stole money.

Pardon me?

She told you Becky stole the money?



Well, I'm in charge of the crime scene and everything that happens here, and you're gonna assist me, okay?

I--I guess so. [chuckles]


And the first thing we need to do is find that money she took.


I'm gonna need you to inspect her.

Does she still have that apron on?


Yeah, why don't we start by... having her take that off.


He says you gotta take off the apron.


Oh, and, Evan, if she won't take it off I'm gonna need you to take it from her.

We gotta find the money that you took.

Someone else already made me take it off.

I'm naked. The--

And we have to find that money.

Did she-Has she taken it off yet?

No. She said somebody already asked her and that she doesn't have the money.

She's naked. [chuckles]

[Daniels laughs]

You believe everything a thief says?

Evan, you're a grown man.

You think a naked girl doesn't have a place to hide money?


Well, I just--I don't-- Yeah.

I want you to see her without that apron.

I'm gonna need you to describe her body.

[door opens] BECKY: Hey, Sandra, can't we have Marti come back here?

Honey, why are you making this more difficult than it has to be?

Can you hold on a second, Officer?

All right.

Is this okay to be doing?

What do you mean?

I don't know. It--I don't get it.

I mean, you gotta find the money?

Well, yeah, of course.

Is that what he said?


What is he saying?

Jesus, Van.

How many beers have you had?

Let me talk to him.

Hello, Officer?


How--How's he doing?

Oh, he's doing great, just really great, almost as sweet and helpful as you.

[laughs] Uh, so he's better than Kevin.

He's, uh-- Oh, yeah.

Yeah. He's not giving you any trouble?

No, no, no. We were doing just great.

Okay, great.

Well, then, I'm gonna go ahead and hand the phone back to Van, and I'm gonna get back out there.

- Okay, you do that. - Okay.

Yeah, this is Van.

BECKY: Can't just, like, you or Marti--

Can I come sit with you guys out there...

- Is Sandra still there? - Yeah.

...where I can wait or something in the employee area?

Well, honey, what are you gonna do, walk through the dining room?

She's talking to Becky or...?

This isn't going to go on much longer. Yeah.

Here. Have something to drink, okay? You'll be all right?

Yeah. Well, you know, these are sensitive matters.

It's probably better to let them talk about it before we, uh, do what we need to do here.

[door closes] Okay.

Is Sandra still there?

Y-Yeah, she left.

Is she coming back any time soon?

I don't know.

I don't think so. 'Kay.

Then you need to tell Becky to take it off.

And, look, I work with troubled teens all the time.

There's usually some resistance, but... usually they just want to help.

They want to do the right thing, so just--

This is what works. Be stern with her.

Don't give her a choice.

Go ahead.

Please, don't. This is craz--

Just don't make me do this.

This is crazy.

Let me talk to Becky.

He wants to talk to you.

BECKY: Hello.

So I want you to do me a favor and look around at where you are.

That's where you are.

Where we are is at your house, searching it for your brother's drugs.

My brother doesn't do drugs.

Enough. Enough.

Shut up.

We have you with witnesses stealing from the restaurant.

You aren't cooperating.

You aren't helping us conduct our investigation.

It's not good.

All right, looks like we're gonna have to take you in.

They'll look at your criminal record, determine how many hours you're gonna spend there in the jail.

I don't have a criminal record.

I'm just saying they'll look at your criminal record or lack of, look at your papers, decide how many hours you'll spend in jail. Okay?

I mean, they are gonna haul you in.

They'll look at how you cooperated here, today.

I mean, all this is being recorded.

You understand?


Yeah, I understand.


But, sir, why?

Why? Why are you going to jail?

Because you're the one that's causing all the problems.

Now, if you want this over with sooner rather than later, you'll allow the person that I authorized to inspect you, to search you.

And then, maybe then... you'll have a chance of getting out of this.

You understand what I'm saying?

You can go to jail, or you can let this guy inspect you.

You can go to jail, or you can let this guy inspect you.

That's it, two choices.

- You're gonna do this? - Okay.

You're gonna take off the apron?


You're gonna take it off?


Great. Thank you.

You're doing great.

So just take off the apron and give the phone back to Van, okay?

This is Van.

How'd that work? She take off the apron?

She is now.

Well, what does her chest look like?

Well, she's covering it with the apron.

I thought you said she took it off. Take it from her.

He says I gotta take the apron from you.

How big are her nipples?


Why? I mean--

You're my eyes on the ground.

Anything that can corroborate the witness' testimony.

I just need to know any identifying marks, scars, tattoos.

Yeah, but--

[laughs nervously]

You gotta lower your arms.

I don't know. I--

Average, I guess.

All right, I need you to do me a favor.

We need to find out if she's hiding any money up there, so I want you to tell her to turn around and bend over.


That's just a standard cavity search.

You've probably seen that on TV, at the airport even sometimes, just to...

All right.

See if she's holding anything in any of her, uh, orifices.

All right. All right.

He says you have to turn around and you have to bend over so I can see if there's anything up in there.

Turn around.

You know, it might help if you just-- you make her call you sir and tell her to hold her ankles.


Well, she's gonna respect the authority.

If not, she's just gonna run ramshod all over you.

He says you have to call me sir so that when I ask you to do something, I know you're gonna do it.

All right?

[faintly] Yes, sir.

What's, uh--

What's that look like? Is she shaved?

I don't know. I guess, uh, she's--

It's trimmed, I guess.

It's shaved. I just-- it's just been a couple days.

She said it's actually shaved.

Who said? She said that?



Nice work, Evan.

We need to deputize you, huh?

Can I give her the--the apron back now?


Boy, it really must be stuck up there.

Okay, um, we have a special procedure that we do in this case.

Uh, have her turn around.

She is around.


Yeah, I'm gonna need you to have her do jumping jacks... to try and shake it out.


Have her jog in place or do jumping jacks to see if we can get the money dislodged.

I don't know.

What were you doing tonight? Have a few beers?

You weren't driving, were you?


[Sighs] Jesus Christ, Evan, we need that money as soon as possible, understand?

He says you gotta do jumping jacks.


VAN: To shake it out.

This is so stupid.

I know.

We need that money.

I don't want you to have to answer for it, too.

VAN: Just do it. Just-- [Becky sniffles]


[feet thumping]

[timer beeps]

All right, my front line, get your drawers ready!

Drop in two minutes.

Dude, I just texted my friend, and he thinks her brother's not even in town right now.

It's just messed up.

I don't know. Go on back there if you want, but I ain't messin' with no cops.

That fall under shit that ain't none of my business.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

What's it look like from there, Evan?

What's it like to have a front-row seat to the show?

Come on.

[Door opens]

SANDRA: How's everybody doing in here?

[Door closes]



We're just waiting. That's all.

What?! What are you waiting for? I don't underst--

W-When are they coming?

VAN: I don't know.

Well, let me talk to him, then.

Let me talk to him. Give me the phone.

Hello, Officer Daniels. How is it going?

Oh, great. How you doing? You busy out there?

Yeah, I'm busy as ever.

It's a great night. Uh...

BECKY: Sandra, you gotta help me.

Why are you talking to me?

Can you see I'm on the phone? Sit down!

I have to get back out there to the restaurant.

Do you, uh--ls Van still-- still being a sweetie?

Oh, yeah. He b-Heb been great.

Oh, good. So I'm gonna give him back the phone.

Sounds good.

I'll see you when you come. Okay.

Sandra, please, I can't do this.

What are you-- What are you doing, honey?

They can't make me do this. Stop talking.

You're gonna be fine.

Hello. This is Van.

Hey, Van...

[door closes] sounds like Sandra's running around like a chicken with her head cut off, huh?

I--I guess so.

Yes, I'm sure it's busy in there.

Listen, I'm not sure when you guys are coming.

Is Sandra still in there?

She just left. [beep]

WOMAN: You have one minute left on this card.

- Shit. - What?

Are you coming?

Fuck me. God damn it. Hello?



Hello? Officer Daniels, are you there?

Hey. I got a situation here at Rebecca's house, Evan.

If I lose you, uh...

Do you want to call back?

You have 30 seconds left on this card.

VAN: Hello?

Hey, uh, what the hell is he doing back there?

It's her fiancé. They're getting married.

Yeah, well, it's kinda fucked up that he's back there alone with Becky, especially since she's half-naked like that.

I told her I didn't like the idea of taking the clothes out to the car.

Yeah, well, I told her I didn't like the whole thing.

Th-Those cops are fucked.


- DANIELS: Okay, I'm back. - Hello?

Hello? You there? Can you hear me?

- Yeah. - Sorry about that.

Had to deal with inspection of her home.

Things just got very serious over here.

So where were we?

Did you scold her for her insubordination yet?

What do you want me to do?

Well, you gotta get on that.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I need you to give her a spanking 'cause she was talking smack to Sandra, but I need to explain it to her first.

- [sighs] - You know?


You mean...

- Can you tell her that? ...actually do that?

- Yeah. I need you to do that... Yeah, I can tell-- but I need to tell her that.

He says you were disobeying because you were talking to Sandra like that.

Can you put her on for me?

VAN: He wants to talk to you.

BECKY: I didn't do anything, sir.

Didn't we talk about you going easy on Sandra?

That all this would be hard on her? Did we not?

Yes, sir.

What about me, Rebecca?

Do you even understand how hard this is on me?

You think I like situations like this?

No. I don't. Nobody does.

Would you agree with me that you're disobeying?

You'd agree with me, right?

I guess. Yes, sir.

Good. Then you'd be right.

What used to happen when you've been bad?

When you were a kid, you'd get a spanking, right?

BECKY: Okay.

Evan will have to spank you, right?

For being bad.

And then you can do something nice for him.

Can you do that? Can you take your punishment and do something nice for his assisting the police?

Yes, sir.

Good girl.

Now I want you to give him back the phone.

It's Van.

Evan, you there?


Okay, well, I talked to her, and she understands she did something wrong, and you're gonna need to spank her. Can you do that?

Yeah. I can do that. - Okay.

But, hey, I don't want you to just pat her, you know?

This isn't, uh, patty-cakes here.

I really want you to--

I want you to send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

VAN: All right.

Uh, hard and long, for a really long time.

I don't want you to stop until you know that you got your message across.

Oh, and lay the phone real close, real close so I can hear.

You want me to, um, lay the phone on her back so you can hear?

Yeah, that's an excellent idea.

Just--Yeah, lay the phone right on her back.

All right.

All right, what?

All right...



Okay, and then we'll have her do something... really nice for you, thank you for all your... help and patience in this matter, okay?

Mmmmm. - You go ahead now.

So he says you have to bend over my lap.

Come on.

Come on.

Come here.




[Overlapping chatter]

[quietly] Here you go.

So what's going on with the situation in back?

Just waiting for them to come.

What's Van doing?

He's guarding her till they get here, just sitting back there.

Well, when it slows down out here, you want me to go sit with her?

Maybe. We'll see.

Hi! Can I take your order?

[water trickling]

DANIELS: What's going on, Evan?

Talk to me, buddy!

This doesn't work unless you talk to me.

[door opens] Tell me what's going on.

- SANDRA: Hey, guys... - Evan, you there?

I brought you something to eat.

What's going on in here?

Why aren't you on the phone?

Did he hang up?

Officer Daniels?

Sandra, hello there.

What's going on?

Is everything okay?

Sandra, we've exhausted your poor fiancé with all the waiting.

I think it's time we let him go home.

Oh, yeah?

Why? Is there a problem?

No, no, he's been great, but, uh...

[whispering] God damn it, what happened?

I don't think it's his fault. He just hasn't been able

- to get all the information. - I gotta go.

SANDRA: Could you hold on a second? Sure.

[Van breathing heavily]


Aren't you gonna kiss me goodbye?

[Door opens]

Oh, hey, Harold. What are you doing back?

I thought I'd stop in for one of those frosted thingies.

[laughs] All right.


Oh, Harold. Harold, good.

Come with me.

[Breathing heavily]

Hey, man, can I come over?

I did a bad thing.

[distant siren wailing]

HAROLD: What is all this now, ma'am?

Uh, Becky stole something, and we have to watch her until the police come.

Becky stole?

Yeah, Becky stole something, and we had to strip-search her, and the regional manager is involved, and it's been a very hard day.

Hello, Officer? Hello.

I have Harold here with me. Mm-hmm.

He normally works during the day. Hey, Becky.

Okay, so he's gonna watch Becky now?

Yes, that's right. Okay.

Um, I'm gonna--

I'm gonna go out front, see if I can call Van.

Okay, you do that.

He--He just, um--I just took--

He just took off, you know. I don't know.

Well, thaw-- You know, that's your problem.

Right. Okay, well, here's--

Why don't you just let me talk to Harold while you take care of that.

Okay. Here's Harold.

This is, uh, Officer Daniels.

He'll tell you whatever it is you need to know.


Is Becky still in the room?

She's right here. Where are you?

How is she dressed?

Heh. Pardon?

She still have on an apron?

That's right. Why?

Harold, first thing we're gonna have to do is take that off.

She stole money, and we're gonna need to find it.

- Mister... - She hid it up her--

I don't know who you are, but I don't think it's right to see a lady like this in the buff.

Well, it's an investigation.

Harold, listen to me.

As an officer of the law, I'm gonna need you to inspect her.

It's not your decision.

Well, I'll be damned if it isn't.

MARTI: Hey, did you hear from him yet?

SANDRA: I don't know what's going on.

Harold, what's-- What are you doing out here?

You're supposed to be in there with Becky.

That man's asking me to do things that ain't right.


He's asking me to take her apron off and look at her--

It ain't right... What are you talking about?

And it ain't policemanly.

See? Shut up, Kevin.

Robbie? Hey, it's Sandra.

Sandra? From the South End store?

Yes, sir. I'm calling about that theft situation.

I'm sorry. What happened?

Um, my employee that stole.

The officer said you'd been talking to him.

The police? What happened? I-I've been sick all day.

I've got that thing going around.

You haven't been talking to Officer Daniels on the other line?

I haven't talked to anybody today.

You're the first person I've talked to.

Is everything okay?

Should--Should I come in?

Hey, you okay? SANDRA: Who are you?

DANIELS: Yes, I'll have an original ChickWich, and I'll have one of those Frost Blenders. Um--

Ha! I'm just kidding, Sandra. It's me.

Its Officer Daniels, messing with ya.

[beep 1

MARTI: Wait. He hung up?

[sets down phone]


[Police dispatch chatter]

[Radio chatter]

[siren blaring]

[siren stops]

[sirens approaching]

DETECTIVE: Look, you must be exhausted.

We spoke to your parents.

They're gonna meet you, and we can finish this first thing in the morning, okay?

OFFICER: Have you always worked under Sandra?

MARTI: She hired me. [sniffles]

How would you describe her as a boss?

She's nice.

Yeah? She usually look out for her employees?

8 months, June 19-- The backups for the whole system, huh?

Yeah, uh, and then, uh...

DETECTIVE: One last question, though.

When they told you you had to take your clothes off, is there a reason you didn't just say no?

BECKY: I don't know.

I just knew it was gonna happen.

[Police dispatch chatter]

DANIELS: Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

GIRL: Hi! DANIELS: What do you got there?

Here, let me take your coat off.

This is my bunny, Lovey.

I got it at my grandpa's house.

Oh, yeah? You got it at grandpa's house?

Um, and do you know how many pockets he has?

How many?

He--He has one pocket right here.

Just one? Did you know Lovey got married to a mermaid named Lydia?

DANIELS: Oh, wow.

What the hell did they put in that chicken made everyone lose their fucking minds?

First thing we gotta do, find the caller.

Okay. All right. And... my best guess is the grocery or the Boston Market across the street.

Ask around. See if they saw anybody suspicious lingering on the phone out in front of their stores for too long.

Guy wasn't calling from a local number or cell.

He was calling from a calling card.

DETECTIVE: Uh, yes, hello.

Uh, I'm calling because we had a situation here where a prank phone call led to a sexual assault, um, actually a rape, but, uh, we found that the calling card, uh, used to make the call was purchased in your jurisdiction.

Prank phone call that turned into a rape.

Yeah, I remember. It was at a fast-food joint, right?

That's right.

Caller said he was a cop, um, made 'em strip-search a girl.

- It was at a Wendy's. That's right.

Uh, no, not a Wendy's, no.

We've identified the place where the calling card was sold from.

Its in your district, and this just happened last night.

Here. It was at a Wendy's. You're calling from Boston, right?

Boston? No.

Was right here in Ohio.

[Papers rustling] "Manager strip-searched teen customer, Wendy's, Essex County, Massachusetts."

Two weeks ago.


This happened more than once? You gotta be shitting me.

See if they got security. Yeah, right there.

So he paid cash.

And he bought one of those prepaid cellphones, so that's why you're having trouble with that.

But there is good news. We got him on video.

DETECTIVE: Oh, that's great.

You should see some of the stuff we got on video.

2nd DETECTIVE: Well, I mean, he could be anybody who's white, 5'11" and in their 30s.

But the, uh, footage had a big window, and I could see his car.

1st DETECTIVE: You got a license plate?

2nd DETECTIVE: No, but there was a parking sticker from this office park right down the road.

You won't believe what this guy does for a living.

DANIELS: Hello, ma'am. We're calling today with an important offer about your banking security.

Well, you should know that our company specializes in credit protection for people like you who want to monitor their credit scores.

Well, ma'am, I can make it happen right away before someone uses your name to gain credit.

Can you hold on a sec?

BECKY: I wanted to speak with you about a civil suit against Sandra Fromme.

WOMAN: I don't think that's the route to take.

These calls were happening all over the country, even in your particular chain.

Oh, no. I'm--Thank you.

You could sue Sandra, you know, this unemployed, former fast-food worker, or you--you could bring a suit against the national corporation.

They weren't issuing specific enough warnings on hoaxes.

TV INTERVIEWER: So you and Van are no longer together?

No, I haven't talked to him since that night, and I don't want to ever, because of what-- because of what he did.

But do you feel any responsibility for what you did?

Of course I do.

L feel-- [sighs 1 I feel that it was terrible what happened to Becky, but I...

I was doing what I thought was the right thing.

I--I did what I think, um, anybody would do, what you would do in that circumstance.

Take a girl's clothes away because someone told you to on the phone?

Someone who said they were the police.

Did you know that the police station was only a half-mile away?

Well, what he said was that he was investigating from her house.

And I asked him... [exhales sharply]

You know, "When are you coming?" I asked many times.

And yet he never came, and that didn't make you suspicious?

Um, yeah, well...

He had an answer every time that I asked a question.

And everything about it was strange to me, but he--I was very, very stressed, and we were very busy, and when I asked him a question, he always had an answer.

Were you brainwashed?

Brainwashed? Well, I mean, I felt very foolish.

I can say that. Heh.

But I don't know would I say brainwashed.

Maybe, a little bit.

So you were a victim, too.

I was absolutely a victim.

Not maybe like Becky was a victim, but, uh, that was a very evil prank that was played, and I didn't want to do those things.

I felt he took advantage of me.

I did what I was told to do.

Becky told you that she didn't want you to do it.

It wasn't a prank to her. She begged you to stop.

It never occurred to you to think twice?

Well, she didn't--

No, I don't--

That's not how I recall.

She agreed to the search.


And she agreed to everything that she--Yeah.

Well, it seems like she's crying and begging on the tape.

What about when you came in and Van still had her uncovered?

No, she had her apron.

She always had the apron on.

She was covered by the apron.

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

On the tape, you can clearly see her naked...

Mm, no. one moment when you walk in.

Can we, um-- Can we play that tape?

What were you, uh-- What were you thinking then?

MAN: Sandra, you won't answer those kinds of questions.

Okay. We aren't answering that.

We won't answer that.

She can't answer that question for me?



You from the area?

INTERVIEWER: No, not originally.

Oh, really? Where are you from?

New Orleans.

Oh. It's lovely down there if-if you don't mind the heat, isn't it?

[Both chuckle]

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Well, yeah, I had a cousin who went there, and, uh, the humidity, I think, is very high.



[Instrumental playing]