Confirmation (2016) Script

I today announce my intention to nominate United States Court of Appeals Judge Robert H. Bork to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

The drumbeat continued today from both camps in the pitched battle over the President's nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.

The lobbying is having an effect with the Senate mailroom reported days behind under a deluge of mail on Bork.

Mr. President, looks like the Bork nomination will fail in the Committee.

Over my dead body,

The yeas are 42. The nays are 58. The nomination is not confirmed.

If we intend to turn the United States Supreme Court into an election process, let's change the Constitution, and let's elect a Supreme Court judge of the United States.

I, George Herbert Walker Bush, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.

Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court's first and only black justice, announced his retirement today, In a letter to President Bush, Marshall said, "The strenuous demands of court work appear at this time

"to be incompatible with my advancing age and medical condition."

President Bush said today his nomination to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall could come in a few days, but should that person be black?

A minority appointment could certainly neutralize a lot of potential opposition.

Marshall warned that the emphasis on race in choosing his successor might have negative results.

My dad told me way back that you can't use race.

For example, there's no difference between a white snake and a black snake.

They'll both bite.

This is a special report.

We are told the President is going to announce his nominee to the Supreme Court.

Well, I am very pleased to announce that I will nominate Judge Clarence Thomas to serve as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas fits my description of the best man at the right time.

President Bush has moved to cement the conservative majority on the United States Supreme Court by nominating federal judge Clarence Thomas to fill the seat left vacant by the retirement of Justice Thurgood Marshall.

As with Marshall, Thomas is a black man, a man born to poverty in a segregated South, a man who benefited from the legal legacy of Justice Marshall.

The more that people see and hear of Clarence Thomas, the more they will be persuaded that his brand of integrity and independence and common sense is exactly what we need in this time.

In New York City today, several thousand demonstrators protested against the Supreme Court decision restricting abortion counseling and urged Congress to reject President Bush's nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas is an insult to the life and legacy of Thurgood Marshall and everything he stood and worked for.

At a national gathering of civil rights activists in Memphis, black leaders are vocal in their reaction to the Supreme Court nominee.

Simply to appoint a black person doesn't make it right.

We have to Bork Thomas.

We don't wait for questions. We simply immediately Bork him, kill him politically, and kill Bush in the meantime.

Ricki Seidman.

Hey, Ricki, it's Nan at the Alliance For Justice.

You know that thing we've been hearing all summer about how Thomas treated women who worked for him?

Yeah. I finally found a name.

In 1946, a black woman wanted to study law here at the University of Oklahoma.

At the time, it was illegal for blacks and whites to study together in this state, so Miss Sipuel sued.

What are you gonna do? Nothing.

You don't want to say anything?

This man could end up on the Supreme Court.

At the EEOC, I saw women have their lives ruined because they spoke out against a manager at a diner.

What do you think would happen to me?


Lots of people will fight this nomination. It doesn't have to be me.


Clarence Thomas? Yes.

There you go.

There he is.

There is the man of the hour. None of this...

Now, what did I tell you? What did I tell you 20 years ago?

You said, "Come work for me, "and I'll only pay you $11,000 a year."

What I said was... What I said was, you have a huge future ahead of you.

Judge Clarence Thomas appears headed for confirmation to the Supreme Court.

I think he'll be confirmed. I think he should be confirmed.

We'll find it intellectually stimulating hearings, but I don't see many fireworks.

Clarence, Ginni. First day of the hearings. How you feeling?

Good. Glad to finally be here. Good. Good.

Now just remember, some of these Democrats on the Committee are gonna be a hard sell.

Worst case scenario, seven of them vote against you.

That still leaves seven voting for you.

And a tie takes you to the full Senate. We're in great shape.

Even with the Democratic majority?

Ginni, we only need 50 votes. At last count, we had 60.

And as popular as the President is, number could even go up higher, so don't worry if you catch a little heat in these hearings.

Yeah, good to know that. Thank you.

Let's get in there.

Judge. Senator.

Mrs. Thomas. Senator.

In a clearly symbolic gesture, Strom Thurmond, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee and former segregationist, is escorting Judge Thomas into the chamber.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I...

I would like to first introduce you to my wife Virginia.

Welcome, Mrs. Thomas. It's a pleasure to have you here.

And my son Jamal.

Welcome, Jamal.

There are not enough words to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to Senator Danforth.

Hello? May I speak with Anita Hill?

This is Anita. This is Ricki Seidman.

I'm an investigator in Senator Kennedy's office.

I'm doing background checks on Clarence Thomas in reference to his nomination to the Supreme Court.

I know you worked for Judge Thomas.

Can I ask some questions about him?

Miss Seidman, the hearings are starting.

Isn't it late to be doing background checks?

You worked for him twice, right, at Education and EEOC?

That's right. Good experiences?

I was proud of things we accomplished at both offices.

Professor, we've heard that Judge Thomas mistreated young women who worked for him at the EEOC.

Do you know anything about that?

That's not something I can talk about.

Why not?

I'll put it this way.

If I were advising someone who were a victim of his unwanted advances, I don't think I would suggest that she come forward.

In my experience, in a case like this, when someone comes forward, the victim tends to become the villain.

Professor, in the next few decades, the Supreme Court will be making crucial decisions that will have a real impact on the lives of American women.

If there were less at stake, I wouldn't ask.

Were you one of the victims of his advances?

What I say is to the Senate Judiciary Committee only, not for public consumption.


I wouldn't want it to appear that I had a political agenda.

I'll make it clear.

I came to you.

My earliest memories are those of Pin Point, Georgia, a life far removed in space and time from this room, this day, this moment. It started at the Department of Education.

But I have always carried in my heart the values of my youth.

The values of my grandparents and my neighbors.

The values of people who believe so very deeply in this country in spite of all of the contradictions.

It is my hope that when these hearings are complete, that this Committee will conclude that I am an honest, decent,

fair person.

We begin tonight's coverage with NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Capitol Hill.

Clarence Thomas held the Judiciary Committee spellbound today as he talked about growing up in poverty and racism.

Why are you bringing this to me? You're an investigator.

Follow up. Call her.

I can't do that, not from this office.

You know how Biden is about this type of thing. He'd never...

Carolyn, what she's alleging is sexual harassment.

It's against the law.

Okay, so bring it to your own senator. Have him deal with it.

Kennedy can lead the charge on a lot of issues.

Sexual impropriety isn't one of them. We both know that.

Fine, let's play this out.

Say I do investigate and it pans out. Then what?

Then the Committee calls Thomas on it.

And which senator is gonna take that on?

Not mine. Certainly not yours.

I don't know. Leahy maybe. Simon.

Okay, but even if they were up for it, what about the others?

I mean, Ricki, half these guys have their own very shaky dynamics with women.

They are not gonna want this door to open.

Well, they might not have a choice.

The people who gave me Anita Hill's name expect us to investigate it.

If we don't, they'll probably leak it.

So she's saying what? That he touched her?

No, she says it was verbal.

Any other women saying the same thing? Not that we know of.

She does have a corroborating witness, though.

A friend she told at the time.

Somebody credible?

A judge, and Hill is a law professor, so, on paper at least, yes.

When is she saying this happened?

Ten years ago.

Ten years ago?

Carolyn, he's been approved for three federal jobs in that time.

I know that. Why didn't she bring it up before?

She didn't bring it up now, okay?

We called her. She didn't want to talk about it, and she really does not want this getting out.

Yeah, no kidding. That makes two of us.

I do not want to go after this guy on a sex charge, Carolyn.

This is, this is exactly the kind of thing I hate.

Yeah, I understand.

And what if she's lying? You understand that?

Then you got me bringing up a bunch of bogus dirt on a federal judge's past, and I'm the bad guy in all this.

She... She didn't want to talk about it?

Not at first, no.

Well, hell, I mean, I don't want to force a reluctant woman to have to come in here and talk about all this stuff.

This is...

What if we just... Can we just let it go?

Well, uh...

We're not the, the only people who know about this, so...

Shit. All right, call the FBI.

Have them look into the whole thing.

They're gonna run the whole gauntlet on this thing.

They got to go quick on that report. We've got to vote on this guy in a week.

You didn't need to do this, you know.

We have agents coming to interview you.

Yes, but since the FBI reports to the White House, I thought it was important that I say what I have to say in my own words, so there's no room for misunderstandings.

Judge Clarence Thomas?


Anita Hill?

Yes. Come in.


What's wrong?

A former employee, someone I hired, mentored, told the FBI that I was inappropriate with her...

...that I harassed her...


Is there any basis for it?

None. She worked for me.

I treated her the same way I treat other people working for me.

Then why is she saying this? I don't know.

How can I answer that?

Someone lies about me. How am I supposed to know why?

Don't yell. I'm just asking.

I'm sorry. I'm upset.

I don't understand.

Maybe someone is putting her up to this.

There are a lot of groups out there that can't stand the thought of you on the Court.

They can't beat you honorably, so they come after you like this, with lies and slander.

But thank goodness the FBI is on it.

They will see it for what it is, right?

It's political nonsense.

Okay. Thank you.

So the FBI's looked into it.

The upshot is, she says one thing, he says another.

How thorough was the investigation?

Oh, it wasn't exhaustive. Christ, they had two days to do it.

It's a serious charge that deserves serious attention.

We got a vote scheduled on this guy in two days.

To dig into all this, we're gonna have to postpone that, and I can't do that without an explanation.

Neither of them wants this thing public, so unless somebody has a better plan, we're gonna vote on the nominee on Friday as scheduled.

We'll send him on to the full Senate for their vote.

He showed the report to the whole Committee?

Yes, but it's fine.

Clarence, these guys are senators.

They know a BS ploy when they see one.

And even if they wanted to make something of it, which they don't, who would dare?

I mean, DeConcini, he's up to his neck in ethics charges.

And Kennedy, after the summer he's had...

You're saying I shouldn't care that my name is gonna be linked to this garbage?

You're saying that I shouldn't care that when people think of me, they're gonna think of this?

I'm saying no one will think of this.

But I can't not care. I'm not Kennedy.

I'm a black man in America.

This is a very different thing for me.

Mr. Thurmond? Aye.

Mr. Hatch? Aye.

Mr. Simpson? Aye.

Mr. Grassley? Aye.

Mr. Specter? Aye.

Mr. Brown? Aye.

Mr. Biden? No.

The 14 members of the Committee split right down the middle, seven for and seven against his nomination.

The message, Thomas is not a great candidate.

Still, his nomination was sent to the full Senate, where it is all but certain that he will be confirmed.

Hello? Professor Hill, this is Nina Totenberg from National Public Radio.

I received a copy of the affidavit that you faxed the Judiciary Committee stating that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed you.

I'd like to ask you some questions.


God damn it. Fuck.

"Fuck" is right.

I have Nina Totenberg and Tim Phelps asking me about Clarence Thomas and sexual harassment.

God damn it.

Did they say who leaked it?

No, of course not. All right, draw up a statement.

Say the charges have been investigated, found to be baseless.

The President has total faith in his nominee.

Does the President know? I'll tell him.



I'm gonna be in the news tomorrow.


Some of the things they'll be reporting will be shocking to you.

I'm so sorry for that.

This is Weekend Edition. I'm Liane Hansen.

A woman who served as personal assistant to Clarence Thomas for over two years has accused him of sexually harassing her.

NPR's Nina Totenberg reports.

Law professor Anita Hill said she had much in common with Clarence Thomas and that she initially believed that common background was one of the reasons he hired her as his personal assistant 10 years ago.

According to Hill's affidavit, Thomas soon began asking her out socially and refused to accept her explanation that she did not think it appropriate to go out with her boss.

Thomas, after a brief work discussion, would, quote, "turn conversation to discussions about his sexual interests."

He never touched her, she acknowledged in an interview, and he never directly threatened her job, but she said she was 25, and she began to worry that she would soon suffer professionally if she did not submit.

Several senators contacted by NPR say they are troubled by the Hill allegations and the long delay in investigating them by Chairman Biden.

Carolyn, all right, look, she's out there making it sound like we haven't done a goddamn thing on this.

I want a full chronology, who called who and when, all right?

I'm not gonna be the bad guy on this thing.

Tom, I need those phone logs. What happened?

I promised her this wouldn't get out. I gave my word.

That was pretty fucking stupid, wasn't it?

Nothing like this stays secret in this town. You should know that.

Trouble today for President Bush's already controversial Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

Leading Democrats label the charges, quote, "very disturbing."

The senator says this is the kind of thing one expects in the last moments of a political campaign, not a judicial confirmation.

The whole thing, says Danforth, has a very definite and strong aroma to it.

I just spoke with Mrs. Thomas.

He's writing an affidavit. He wants to release it to the press.

Hell, no. Get on that. Everything goes through me.


It's basically the same as yours, except instead of refuting her claims one by one like you did, we thought it made more sense to offer a single categorical denial.


It's just us being extra careful in the off chance that, at some point, something was said by you.

Some off-the-cuff comment, not inappropriate, but which she took to be inappropriate.

You don't believe me. No, we do. We do.

If something happened and you sign anything asserting that it didn't, it's a misstatement of sworn fact. It's grounds for impeachment.

Forget the Supreme Court, Clarence, you could lose your current job.

I know that, Ken.

She's here! Professor Hill!

Anita, did a political group put you up to this?

Do you have a personal vendetta against Judge Thomas?

The chronology of this woman and her participation...

Dozens of women in his office and only one person testifies to this 10 years ago.

I've always had my concerns about Anita.

And I wonder, really, if she knows what she did.

The allegations that are being made are just absolutely unfounded and absolutely not true.

I am offended that there is a possibility that this opportunity may be snatched from him.

Excuse me. Give us some room.

Okay. You okay? "Okay"?

Have you heard what people are saying about me?

Ignore it.

Is that what you'd do if people were lying about you on national television?

Good morning. I'm Dave Swank, Dean of the College of Law.

Professor Hill, a member of our faculty, has asked an opportunity to hold a press conference this morning to respond to some of the information which has been on the television and in the newspapers.

So without any more, Professor Hill.

So that's her, huh?

This is good. These girls always think it'll help to talk to the press, and every time they come off looking cheap.

Good morning.

I... I have three points that I really want to make clear here with you today, and afterward, I will attempt to answer any question as fully and forthrightly as I can.

The first point that I want to address today is the idea that this is somehow part of a political ploy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This has taken a great toll on me personally and professionally, and there is no way that I would do something like that for political purposes.

It's helpful perhaps for you to understand how I came to make this statement.

I was approached by the Senate Judiciary Committee in early September.

They approached me... someone who had worked with Clarence Thomas.

They asked me questions about work that I had done there, and they asked specifically about sexual harassment.

Some people have said that I have waited until the eleventh hour to bring this to the press. I never came to the press.

The press came to me.

Do you think that the attention that this is getting will affect the vote on Tuesday?

I think you have to ask your senator.

I don't know what effect it has or will have.

What does the final resolution mean for you? What do you want?

If the senators fully consider this information and come to a conclusion, I will be satisfied.

That is what I want.

For them to fully consider it and take this seriously.

She doesn't look cheap to me.

Based on your experience, do you feel he's not qualified to be on the Supreme Court?

You're asking me, would I vote for him to be on the Supreme Court?

Oh, boy, there's trouble.

In almost every Senate office in Washington, the phones have been busy all week.

All right, thanks a lot for calling.

Callers are angry about Clarence Thomas and allegations about sexual harassment.

Senate leaders say the Judiciary Committee already has investigated the allegation against Thomas and they do not intend to delay Tuesday evening's vote on his nomination.

We're here to see Senator Mitchell.

Pat, this is a private Senate lunch. Members of the House are...

You're a public servant, George.

You don't have a right to privacy right now.

You need to delay the Senate vote on Thomas and hold a full hearing on these charges.

Look, I'm just as upset about this as you are.

No, I doubt that. He's not the emperor.

He can't stop or delay a vote on the Senate floor just because...

We know the damn rules, Joe.

Well, Pat, then you know you need unanimous consent from the entire body.

If, if you want to try to convince each and every one of these guys...

Help yourself. my guest, yeah.


So much power, so little leadership.

You heard those phones ringing. You know what that sound was?

It's the sound of 51% of your constituents...

...saying if you vote for Thomas without looking into this...

...they will not forget it.

We are not postponing this vote.

Just hypothetically, how long would the postponement have to be?

A real investigation of these charges would take weeks.

You can't hijack the process like that, not when this woman had months, years to speak up.

If you're gonna allow her to have a platform for what she's saying, you'll be raising rumor to fact. Who the hell dug her up anyway?

We've lost too many.

Take the full Senate vote right now, we'll come up short.

Somebody leaked it.

Yeah, somebody on your Committee.

Jim, I got your message and I want to say I think you are making a mistake.

If a cheap move like this can derail anyone's nomination, then...

All right.

I understand, Jim, and I thank you for calling me.

We can take the vote today, but you'll lose.

Clarence, it's Jack.

It's not that they don't want to vote for you.

They just don't feel they can with all the heat they're getting on this thing, so we need to delay the Senate vote and hold a hearing.

Air all this out. Get these votes back.

The only way the Senate will approve a delay is if you ask for it yourself.

Clarence, what do you say?


I need an answer here, Clarence. Tell me what we should do.

For love of Pete! Give me the damn phone.

Alan Simpson here, Judge. How you doing?

I can't take this, Senator. I don't know why she's doing this to me.

Well, buckle up your guts, pal. There's no time for self-pity.

Somebody did this to me, I'll tell you what I'd do, and if you can't do that, I will not vote for you.

You are going to get back on with Jack and tell him you will do whatever it takes to clear your name.

Clarence? Tell me what you want to do.

The Senate has agreed to hold hearings on your claims, Professor.

We need to have you testify.

In fact, we're gonna reconvene here on Friday, Friday? Senator, that's in three days.

And I'm supposed to prepare and travel and...

Don't worry about any of that. I got a great young staff, who are gonna help you out with everything. Logistics and your witnesses.

How many will be allowed to testify on my behalf?

Well, Anita, I...

Professor, I think Judge Thomas has got two colleagues that he'll be calling on.

He's already chosen his witnesses. When did he hear about this?

Oh, kiddo, I feel for you. I do. You're about to head into...

Pardon my French. A real shit show here.

I'll tell you, if I wasn't chairing this thing, I'd be your lawyer myself.


You have secured legal counsel, right?

When would I have done that? I had no idea I needed it.

Good evening, we begin tonight with a tidal wave of doubt that swept through the Senate today.

There's been no official announcement yet of a vote delay, but that's only because they're still trying to decide how long it ought to be, how long it will be.

What do I hear every time I walk on the floor?

"How's the civil rights bill, Jack?

"What are you doing for us on your civil rights bill?"

Until this mess is resolved to my satisfaction, I'm not doing one damn thing.

Delay the vote a week? Full Senate vote next Tuesday.

That's not ideal. What about this is?

This is only to examine the charges before the Senate vote.

We do not revisit the Committee vote. That stands.

Of course! Of course! Nobody wants to go backwards on this thing.

Joe, I have known Clarence Thomas for 17 years.

I know him to be a man of integrity.

If he tells me this never happened, it never happened.

Sounds to me like you got nothing to worry about then, Jack.

This is Emma Coleman Jordan, Georgetown Law Center.

She's putting together a legal team.

She's called harassment experts.

Supreme Court experts, litigators. Great.

I also included my old roommate Sonia Jarvis. Very smart.

What about Charles Ogle tree? He's an amazing litigator.

Emma tried him. He can't do it.

He's up for tenure at Harvard.

Controversy doesn't go over too well at Cambridge.


There's only two possible scenarios here.

One, she's lying, or two, she's telling the truth, in which case the President's an idiot, and he nominated a pervert to the Supreme Court.

Obviously, the second scenario is unacceptable.

We lost Judge Bork.

We need to use every resource at our disposal to prove the first. Now...

Absolutely cannot lose Judge Thomas.

We're not losing anybody, Senator Thurmond.

Polls are coming in 50-50, people who support him versus her.

Okay, so we have half a nation to convince.

I've been in touch with the networks. We'll be live as long as we're in session, and we're bringing in a busload of supporters from Georgia. Women.

It's a strong visual support. The TV cameras will eat it up.

We support Thomas!

You put me down and the White House down and our administration down as 100% for Clarence Thomas without wavering in any way.

They say you should make a TV address.

What are these things?

Come on, Rita.

Tim, Senator Jack Danforth here.

I hear you run the student Republican Party there at University of Oklahoma.

Listen, I think the senators on Judiciary here in Washington need to hear from you and other young Republicans about this Anita Hill.

Well, call us or fax us because here in DC, we have no idea who this woman is.

None whatsoever.

I think it's a cruel thing we're witnessing, a very sad and harsh thing.

Anita Hill will be sucked right into the very thing she wanted to avoid most.

She will be injured and destroyed and belittled and hounded and harassed.

Real harassment. Different from the sexual kind.

Plain old Washington variety harassment.

Is it the truth, Ms. Hill?

How long did the relationship last?

Is it true? Is the story true?

Are you gonna get a job on the Hill after this?

Sonia. What are you doing here?

I thought someone other than a bodyguard should help you through this.

Can I take that? I got a car for you.

Thank you.

Step off, ma'am. Step off.

Get closer.

A little more. A little more.

Come on! I don't know.

Lady, really? Sorry. I don't know.

They earned law degrees at Yale and went to Washington to begin their careers.

Now, in the nation's capital and before the world, they are at opposite ends of a personal, legal, political, and emotional dispute of historic proportions.

Ma'am. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Here she is. You found us. Good.

Great to see you. Wish it was under different circumstances.

Hi, Anita. Janet Napolitano.

Ms. Hill, I'm Warner Gardner.

Anita, hi. Judith Resnik.

Hi, Anita. I'm Michele Roberts. Pleasure.

Sue Ross. Hi.

Anita, I'm John Frank.

Thank you. It's my pleasure.

Professor Hill, Charles Ogle tree.

I'd heard you were unavailable. I worked it out.

Well, we have a lot to do and little time in which to do it.

Let's get started.

You worked for him all of what, two years?

Two and a half.


And you were both single all that time?

Yes. Well, I had a dating life, as did he.


Excuse me. You never dated each other?


I mean, not even two colleagues at the end of the day, "Hey, let's go catch a movie"?

Why would I do that? I couldn't stand to be around him.

Is that right? Yes.

Hmm? Starting when? At Education or the EEOC?

I suppose you're trying to find out why I followed him.

Anita, you did stay in touch with him.

By that, if you mean that there was occasionally a reason for me to call him on professional matters, then yes, I...

What about the office Christmas party?

What party?

Nat King Cole roasting chestnuts, too much eggnog.

You get a little sloppy.

You wind up knocking boots with the boss. No. No.

Happens all the time. Absolutely not. Not to me.

No? No.

Charles, I don't know what the hell goes on at Cambridge. No judgment.

But I do not get sloppy. That is not who I am.

And for you to imply that it might be means that you are grossly mistaken about me personally, and more importantly tells me that you need to learn the damn truth about sexual harassment.




And tomorrow will be much worse.


There is in Washington almost a giddy sense of anticipation about the impending drama.

It's like the flash of lightning in the summer sky just before a big storm, and all around town it's all anyone's talking about.

Oh, yes, it's much more fun than talking about national health insurance.

Joe. Joe, you are not seriously having Anita Hill testify first, are you?

She's the one who made the claim. She's asked to go first, so yes.

She's already gone first. She's told her story to the media.

Her claims are out there, and they are hanging over Clarence's head.

That is exactly why in these proceedings, Clarence deserves the right to speak first and clear his name.

So you're asking me to change the order? Yes, I am.

The hearing is less than 12 hours away.

You're the chairman, Joe. You know what's right here.

So, listen, you go on and get some sleep.

I'll meet you at the hotel in the morning. Hang on.

We'll ride over together. Hang on, guys. Change of plans.

They switched the order. They're gonna let Thomas testify first.

Danforth convinced Biden the order wasn't fair to Thomas.

But that doesn't make any sense. The hearings are about my charges.

What is there to talk about until I introduce them?

It's strategic. You get out in front first, you set the tone.

But he can't just make a big change like this hours before we start.

He's the chairman. He can do whatever he wants.

Judge Clarence Thomas is, as surely the whole country knows now, accused by Professor Anita Hill of sexually harassing her when he was the head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the government agency where one would file a complaint of sexual harassment if one felt they had been victimized by it.

The country has not heard from Judge Thomas in person all week, though he did issue a statement denying all the charges against him.

Sometime after Judge Thomas testifies, Professor Hill will be called.

The Judiciary Committee stands accused of not taking these charges seriously when they were made.

And this week at least, virtually the entire Senate stands accused of being indifferent to women's rights.

The number six Oklahoma Sooner drive for perfection is over.

Their dream for an undefeated season saw its biggest test and challenge last week during the Red River shootout at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas...


It relaxes me.

...swarming throughout the game.

Oklahoma could not get anything done offensively while being held to under 100 yards passing.

Anti-Thomas protesters rallied this morning before what is expected to be a dramatic Senate hearing.

Supporters of Judge Thomas gathered to show solidarity for the nominee, and...

...despite this outstanding 24-yard touchdown catch by running back Ted Long.

Quarterback Cale Gundy was under constant pressure...

That was a hell of a throw.

...late fumble recovery for the winning touchdown late in the game.

We're wasting time.

I'm sorry for this setting. It's the only quiet spot around here.

In Acts, how do Paul and Silas prepare for trial?

They sing.

Where's Clarence? They're ready for him.

Judge, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

I do.

Mr. Chairman, Senator Thurmond, members of the Committee.

As excruciatingly difficult as the last two weeks have been,

I welcome the opportunity to clear my name today.

The first I learned of the allegations by Professor Anita Hill

was on September 25th, 1991, when the FBI came to my home to investigate her allegations.

When informed by the FBI agent of the nature of the allegations

and the person making them,

I was shocked, surprised, hurt, and enormously saddened.

I cannot imagine anything that I said or did to Anita Hill that could have been mistaken for sexual harassment.

If there is anything that has been misconstrued by Anita Hill or anyone else,

then I can say that I am so very sorry and wish I had known.

Thank you so much for calling.

That's great. Thank you. It's very helpful.

Okay, thanks.

That's three more friends of Anita's in addition to the one we already knew about who remember her telling them at the time that Thomas was harassing her.

Go to the chairman's office. Tell them we need to fly these people in.

They can all testify together. Got it.

...or this country can do to give me my good name back.

I am not going to engage in discussions, nor will I submit to roving questions of what goes on in the most intimate parts of my private life or the sanctity of my bedroom.

These are the most intimate parts of my privacy.

And they will remain just that.


Thank you, Judge. You will not be asked to.


What's he doing?

Realizing unless we can introduce Hill's affidavit, he's got nothing to ask Thomas about.

Before I begin my questioning, um, Judge, I just want to point out to the Committee that we are somewhat limited to permissible questions at this stage.

Limited why? I understand, as recently as late last night, Professor Hill has asked us to maintain the confidentiality of her statement.

I said no such thing. I know.


This is an open forum in the nomination process to allow her attorneys or her...

I said I'd present my statement myself when I testified.

Biden changed the rules. He can't blame this on me.

I'm calling him.

Now that this man's reputation has been very badly hurt...

Senator, would you please yield? I'm not finished yet.

She wants to tell her own tale and maintain the confidentiality, I gather from Chairman Biden's description of this.

Biden just misrepresented my client as not being forthcoming.

If he had stuck with the plan for her to go first, we would not be having this problem. This is not her doing.

Well, if Professor Hill would just allow for her affidavit to be released, then they'd be able to question Judge Thomas.

No. No. That was never the plan.

The plan was for her to present her charges in person, which she is fully prepared to do.

Okay, well, then I guess we need her here at the Senate building now.

And you need to have Biden clarify this now.

Fine, yes, just get her over here.

Orrin Hatch of the Republican minority side of the Committee is, for the moment, taking charge of the Committee.

This is just an extraordinary development.

When you have a member of a Senate Committee saying

"If you don't allow a certain procedure to take place, "I'm gonna resign from the Committee and quit," as Senator Hatch just did, now, that doesn't happen up here every day.

Hearing will come to order.

Committee has resolved the impasse the following way.

Professor Hill has indicated on the telephone that she is prepared to release her statement.

We will excuse temporarily Judge Thomas, and we will call momentarily, as a witness, Anita Hill.

Professor Hill will be sworn and will make her own statement in her own words.

You did good.

Is there a room set aside for Professor Hill? Not that I know of, sir.

Then find us one, damn it. Yes, sir.


Not exactly concerned about my comfort, are they?

Don't worry about that. You'll be fine.

Why are you doing this?

I've got students more qualified than Thomas.

Plus, I believe you.

What about tenure?

Hell, in 24 hours, I'll be able to get any job I want.

Fuck tenure.

Come in.

Professor, they're ready for you now.

Thank you.

Hearing will come to order.

Welcome, Professor.

We thank you on behalf of the Committee for making time for this. I know it wasn't easy, and we appreciate that. Uh, please stand to be sworn in.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

I do. Okay.

Go ahead, then, with your opening statement, please.

Mr. Chairman... Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm going to instruct the officers to not let anybody in or out of those doors while Professor Hill is making this opening statement, please.

Can we do that?

Mr. Chairman, Senator Thurmond, members of the Committee.

My name is Anita F. Hill, and I am a professor of law at the University of Oklahoma.

I was born on a farm in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, in 1956.

I'm the youngest of 13 children.

During this period at the Department of Education...

Are you watching in there? I'm not gonna watch at all.

But when they bring you back, they'll assume that you saw it.

They can assume whatever they like.

I've heard enough of these lies.

After approximately three months of working there, he asked me to go out socially with him.

What happened next and telling the world about it are two of the most difficult things... Experiences of my life.

My working relationship became even more strained when Judge Thomas began to use work situations to discuss sex.

He spoke about acts that he had seen in pornographic films involving such matters as women having sex with animals and films showing group sex or rape scenes.

He talked about pornographic materials depicting individuals with large penises or large breasts involved in various sex acts.

On several occasions, Thomas told me graphically of his own sexual prowess.

Because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about sex with him at all and particularly in such a graphic way, I told him that I did not want to talk about these subjects.

Somebody answer those.

I would also try to change the subject to education matters or to nonsexual personal matters, such as his background or his beliefs.

My efforts to change the subject were rarely successful.

During the latter part of my time at the Department of Education, the social pressures and his offensive behavior ended.

I began both to believe and hope that our working relationship could be a proper, cordial, and professional one.

When Judge Thomas was made chair of the EEOC, I needed to face the question of whether to go with him.

I was asked to do so, and I did.

The work itself was interesting and at that time it appeared that the sexual overtures which had so troubled me had ended.

However, during the fall and winter of 1982, these began again.

One of the oddest episodes I remember was an occasion in which Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office.

He got up from the table at which we were working, went over to his desk to get a Coke, looked at the can, and asked, "Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?"

On other occasions, he referred to the size of his own penis as being larger than normal, and he also spoke of the pleasures he had given to women with oral sex.

Finally, he made a comment that I will vividly remember.

He said that if I ever told anyone of his behavior, that it would ruin his career.

I have no personal vendetta against Clarence Thomas.

I seek only to provide the Committee with information which it may regard as relevant.

It would have been more comfortable to remain silent.

I took no initiative to inform anyone, but when I was asked by a representative of this Committee to report my experience, I felt that I had to tell the truth.

I could not keep silent.

There's no way he survives this day.

Professor, before I begin my questioning, I notice that you have a number of people here.

You've got friends or family joining you here today?

My family hasn't arrived.

They... I'm sorry. They are here, but they're in the hall.

We will make room for your family.

It's a very large family, Senator.

Well, let's... Can we open those doors, please, get Professor Hill's family in here?

If we can clear some of these chairs here.

If you're not essential, maybe you can clear over here.

Love you, baby.

Here you go.

What's the backroom conversation at the White House?

I'm just speculating here, Peter. It isn't over, and I don't know, but the sense that you get here, although they won't say it publicly, is that they're pretty gloomy.

By all means, let's get loving close-ups of the salt-of-the-earth parents.

That's not prejudicial.

Is the President watching?

He's still behind the guy? Okay, yeah. Just making sure. All right.

I had to ask.

I must ask you, Professor, to explain again and more fully, if you would, the behavior that you have alleged, that you say went beyond, uh, professional, um, business practices.

Did all that behavior take place at work?

Yes, it did.

And just in your own words, as best you can, can you tell the Committee where each of these incidents that you mentioned in your opening statement took place specifically?

Well, I recall specifically that the incident about the Coke can occurred in his office at the EEOC.

What incident was that?

The incident with regard to the Coke can that's spelled out in my statement.

Okay, one more time again for me, please.

The, , uh, incident involved him going to his desk...

Getting up from a work table, going to his desk, looking at a can, and saying, "Who put pubic hair on my Coke?"

And were there other incidents that took place at the office?

I recall at least one instance in his office at the EEOC where he brought up the substance or the content of pornographic material.

And again for the record, what was the content of...

What the hell is he doing?

Does he think people want to hear this trash again? an individual who had, um, a very large penis and used the name that he was referred to in the pornographic material.

Um... Do you recall what that was?

I do.

The name that was referred to was Long Dong Silver.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

Can you tell the Committee here what was the most embarrassing of all these alleged incidents?

I think the one that was the most embarrassing was his descriptions of pornography involving women with large breasts engaged in a variety of sex with different people or animals.

That was the thing that embarrassed me the most and made me feel the most humiliated.

Professor, I'm going to yield the floor now to my good friend from Pennsylvania, Senator Specter.

Professor Hill, you testified that you drew an inference that Judge Thomas might want you to look at pornographic films, but you told the FBI specifically that he never asked you to watch the films.

Is that correct?

He never said, "Let's go to my apartment and watch films."

He did say, "You ought to see this material."

But when you testified, as I wrote it down, "We ought to look at pornographic movies together," that was an expression of what was in your mind.

That was the inference that I drew, yes.

What with his pressing me for social engagements, yes.

But the fact is flatly he never asked you to look at pornographic movies with him?

With him?

No, he did not. No, he did not.

Professor Hill, you said you took it to mean that Judge Thomas wanted to have sex with you, but, in fact, he never did ask you to have sex, correct?

No, he never asked me to have sex.

He did continually pressure me to go out with him.

He would not accept my explanation as being valid.

You think she should be more emotional?

If she were, we'd be saying she should be less emotional.

All right, all three networks are going to stay live as long as we're in session, so if we can keep her talking for a few more hours, Clarence will have prime time all to himself.

Call the Committee. Let them know.

Professor Hill, what went through your mind, if anything, on whether you ought to come forward at that stage?

If you had, you would have stopped this man from being head of the EEOC.

What went through your mind?

How could you allow this sort of reprehensible conduct to go on right in the headquarters without doing something about it?

I can only say that when I made the decision to just withdraw from the situation and not press a claim against him, I may have shirked a duty, a responsibility that I had.

And to that extent, I confess that I am very sorry that I didn't do something or say something.

But at the time, that was my best judgment.

It may have been a poor judgment, but it was not dishonest.

It was not a completely unreasonable choice given the circumstances.

I think it really does underscore the basic difference how men and women look at this issue.

I've had a number of occasions. Did I report them? No.

And for the same reasons you've heard every other woman in this country state.

There has been disclosed in the public the records of certain telephone logs.

You've been quoted in The Washington Post as saying, "Ms. Hill called the telephone logs garbage."

Have you seen the records of the telephone logs, Professor Hill?

Yes, I have.

Do you deny the accuracy of these telephone logs?

No, I do not.

Then you now concede that you had called Judge Thomas 11 times?

I do not deny the accuracy of these logs.

So they're not garbage.

Senator, what I said was, the issue is garbage.

Those telephone messages do not indicate that somehow I was pursuing something more than a cordial relationship.

A professional relationship.

Each one of those calls was made in a professional context.

Several of those calls involved one incident where I was trying to act on behalf of another group.

So the issue that is being created with the telephone calls, yes, indeed is garbage.

If what you say this man said to you occurred, why in God's name when he left his position of power or status or authority over you...

Why in God's name would you ever speak to a man like that the rest of your life?

That's a very good question.

And I am sure that I cannot answer it to your satisfaction.

That is one of the things that I have tried to do here today, I have suggested that I was afraid of retaliation.

I was afraid of damage to my professional life.

I believed that... You have to understand that this kind of response is not atypical, and I can't explain it.

It takes an expert in psychology to explain how that can happen.

But it can happen.

'Cause it happened to me.

Well done.

But the fact of the matter is that Anita Hill was a very compelling witness who told in graphic detail how she was sexually harassed by Judge Thomas.

There's a feeling here that, that this witness has held up pretty well this afternoon, and there has been a sense of apprehension about it.

Here she is.

Let's face it, Clarence has his work cut out for him tonight.

No shit. We got to do everything we can to back him up.

Everything. Excuse me. Excuse me, Mr. Duberstein.

I was asked to tell you that Senator Biden decided to adjourn till tomorrow, so they're not gonna need Judge Thomas tonight.

What? No fucking way. Move.

You are not adjourning. Ken, everybody is completely exhausted.

We had an agreement. Same news cycle, Joe. I already got a tooth that's killing me.

This country's gonna hear Clarence Thomas tonight.

It's either gonna be in there at the witness table or parked right outside this door explaining to a bank of television cameras why Joe Biden is denying him the right to defend himself.

Clarence. The car's here.

We're going to be late.

Did you talk to Jamal?


How is he? Angry.

He's confused.

What do I say to him?

How can I explain all of this stuff that they say about me?


Vile things no child should ever have to hear about their father.

And these men judging me, half of them are under an ethics cloud at this very minute.

Money charges, sex charges.

You don't see their lives going up in flames around them, do you?

Do you?


They're gonna be just fine.

Judge, you may want... Senator, I would like to start by saying unequivocally, uncategorically...

That I deny each and every single allegation against me today that suggested that I, in any way, had conversations

of a sexual nature or about pornographic material with Anita Hill,

that I ever attempted to date her, that I ever had any personal sexual interest in her, or that I, in any way, ever harassed her.

Second... And I think it's the more important point.

I think that this today is a travesty.

I think it is disgusting.

I think this hearing should never occur in America.

How would any member on this Committee, any person in this room, any person in this country like sleaze said about him or her in this fashion, or this dirt dredged up and these lies displayed in this manner?

This is a circus. It's a national disgrace.

And from my standpoint,

as a black American,

as far as I'm concerned, it's a hi-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves,

do for themselves,

to have different ideas.

And it is a message that, unless you kowtow to the old order...

This is what will happen to you.

You will be lynched, destroyed,


By a Committee of the US Senate rather than hung from a tree.

Judge, tomorrow we will reconvene.

I assume, Judge... It's your choice.

I assume you wish to come back tomorrow.

The Committee is not demanding that you come back.

Would you like to come back tomorrow?

I think so, Senator. I'd like to finish this.

Most, most of the senators who were, uh, on the Committee tonight.

Uh, I think, were stunned at the anger...

It is impossible to absolutely resolve these two stories.

Does he not have a point when he says the leakage of this stuff, the dirty character of it amounts, in part at least, to an attempting lynching of Clarence Thomas?

This is about sexual harassment. Agreed.

And about his fitness to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.

None of what he said has any relevance.

But this is not a judicial proceeding.

This is political theater, and Thomas just performed.

So he got you? No.

I'm not saying anything he said was relevant. Mmm-hmm.

And I hate that it was him of all people, but he did tell a truth.

"A truth"? By saying that supporting me is synonymous with supporting lynching?

No, no, no. I'm not trying to say that. He is not the victim here.

I'm not trying to say that, either.

Then what are you trying to say, Charles? Listen.

White folks are already talking this bullshit that this can't be about race 'cause you're both black, right?

So what Thomas just did... No, listen to me. Listen to me!

My grandfather fled Arkansas because he was threatened with lynching.

I appreciate that. A real lynching.

Not this metaphoric kind that Thomas is talking about.

But he doesn't care about that.

He only acknowledged race because it was about him.

But that's not right.

I'm not saying it is right. It's not the issue.

The issue is sexual harassment. But it was effective. Now, you think any of those white boys on that Committee are prepared to challenge him now?

You know what really pisses me off?

He's trying to dismiss you precisely because you're a black woman.

Hmm. You and I both know that this hearing and his nomination would be in a very different place if you looked like his wife.


Good, you're still here.

You're not gonna believe this.

There's another woman.

Her name is Angela Wright. She worked for Thomas after Anita Hill.

They never met, never even heard of each other.

She's a newspaper editor now, but what she really wants to be is a columnist, so to prove herself to her bosses, she wrote a sample column.

"I know Thomas is capable of doing these things because he did them to me."

We need to depose her.

I can tell you that during the course of the year that I worked for Clarence Thomas, there were several comments that he made.

And Clarence Thomas did consistently pressure me to date him.

Right, and was there... At one point, Clarence Thomas made comments about my anatomy.

Can you... He often said, "I've got some fine women on my staff."

I remember him saying that one woman had a big ass.

Clarence Thomas commented on a dress that I was wearing and asked what size my boobs were.

Clarence Thomas came by my house at night...

Miss Wright... ...uninvited, spoke in general terms, but then tried to move the conversation over to the prospect of me dating him.

Is this on? We're talking about a thing that, you know..

She can hear?

...pretty much pops out of Clarence Thomas's mouth whenever the hell he feels like saying it.

Does the White House know about her?

We sent over a copy of her deposition.


They're gonna love that, aren't they? Yeah.

Okay, triple-check her credibility.

I mean, these situations pull all sorts of people out of the woodwork.

Attention seekers. Yeah, I don't think that's the case here.

She didn't call us. Someone else sent her column in.

And she has a corroborating witness.

It took some convincing to get her to talk, but, boy, once she started...

A loose cannon? Possibly. Plus, he fired her.


Ex-employee disgruntled loose cannon.

Yeah. Better yet.

All right, bring her in. She won't come.

"Even though I have got the guts of a bull, "I don't necessarily relish the fallout from speaking up in this kind of situation."

Well, I'm not gonna be the chairman who knew about a second accuser and didn't call her in.

Subpoena her if that's what it takes, but get her down here however you have to. Okay.

And somebody find me a goddamn dentist!

An eleventh hour surprise in the Clarence Thomas case.

According to the North Carolina newspaper The Charlotte Observer, one of its own employees, Angela Wright, has some charges of her own to level.

New accusations are being leveled against the Supreme Court nominee.

This in addition to the allegation of sexual harassment made by law professor Anita Hill.

If that's the best witness they can dig up, we bring her in. Arlen has a field day.

I disagree completely.

Any woman telling the same story, whoever she is, is bad for Clarence.

Sir. Yes?

Jamie Bush, the President's nephew, called.

About what? A Dr. Satinover.

Another psychiatrist in addition to the one we're bringing in tomorrow.

Thank you.

Who told the lies?

Well, two witnesses, Judge Thomas and Anita Hill, told precisely opposite stories under oath.

Which one lied?

A word to boys and girls who may be in front of the television set at the moment.

We parents know this is usually your time of day.

If today's testimony is anything like yesterday's, there may once again be extremely graphic testimony that you may not want your children to watch.

It was hot off the presses in San Francisco this morning.

The controversy with more questions than answers.

The wind-burned fisherman who believes the professor.

When a woman at her age gets down in front of the public and gives herself up like that, that man is guilty as far as I'm concerned.

The sex harassment victim who trusts the judge.

Just didn't seem to me like she was telling the truth.

In Compton, California, at the nation's only NAACP chapter to support Clarence Thomas, people still can't believe a black woman is his accuser.

The ordeal continues on this Saturday morning and it can only be called that, an ordeal, for Clarence Thomas, for Anita Hill, for the Senate Judiciary Committee, and for the nation as well.

This is round two of these renewed hearings, of course, on Anita Hill's accusations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas.

They'll be finished with Thomas by end of day, Do we have all our folks lined up for tomorrow?

The four friends of Anita who remember her telling them about the harassment at the time.

Three lawyers, one judge.

Make sure the Committee has their credentials.

We also sent them the names of the three psychologists who will say that Anita's behavior is consistent with victims of sexual harassment.

Get them the published research on that as well.

That other woman? Angela Wright.

She's gonna bring this thing home.

I think the line is the absolute truth.

They are delighted with Thomas's performance last night.

They felt that the whole dynamic of the hearing changed.

John, did the White House have a piece of this strategy?

Were they in on the idea of invoking race?

They were in on the idea.

They knew exactly what Clarence Thomas was going to say.

In this country, when it comes to sexual conduct, we still have underlying racial attitudes about black men and their views on sex.

Once you pin that on me, I can't get it off.

Anita Hill said he discussed oral sex between men and women.

Yes, I'm a client. Can you tell him I'm here?

But nobody in the Senate bothered telling me where the hell I'm supposed to go.

"Thomas liked to discuss specific sex acts and frequency of sex."

Now that last... "Frequency." That could have to do with black men supposedly being very promiscuous or something like that.

So it could be partially stereotypical?


Well, I'm concerned.

Well, I was talking about these hearings with a friend of mine, and when I told him what I thought as a mental health professional, he said to me, "This is something the senators need to hear."

Doctor... And at first I was just flabbergasted, but then halfway through her testimony, it hit me.


I beg your pardon? It's a psychiatric disorder.

The person suffering has delusions that another person, usually of a higher status, has a romantic interest in him or her.

You're not kidding? Now, this exists?

Ever read this book?


The Exorcist.

What the hell is he doing? No, Senator.

You said you never did say, "Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?"

You never did talk about Long Dong Silver.

I submit those things were found from page 70 of this particular version of The Exorcist.

"'Dennings had remarked to him in passing, ' said Sharon, "'that there appeared to be," ' quote, "'an alien pubic hair floating around in my gin,"' unquote.

This is ridiculous.

You think that was spoken by happenstance?

I think it is very well that you were not here to hear the testimony of Miss Hill.

I'm Angela Wright. I'm here to see my lawyer, Gil Middlebrooks.


Welcome to DC. They haven't called you in yet.

You can wait here till they do.

And here we are.

You've been before us for 105 days.

I'm waiting for 105 days of surveillance of Miss Hill.

Then we'll see, you know, who ate the cabbage...

The fuck is he talking about? we say out in the Wild West.

And now...

Christ's sake, rein these guys in. I can't.

...I really am getting stuff over the transom about Professor Hill.

I have got letters hanging out of my pockets.

I have got faxes.

I have got statements from her former law professors.

Statements from people that know her.

Statements from Tulsa, Oklahoma, saying, watch out for this woman.

But nobody has the guts to say that because it gets all tangled up in this sexual harassment crap.

Have they scheduled Angela Wright? Call you back.

She's in the mix. What does that mean?

There's a schedule.

She's either on it, or she's not.

Carolyn, there's a Washington Post reporter.

He's found a video store owner who claims that Thomas is a longtime customer of his.

Rented lots of hardcore porn.

What? What?

Should I get his number so we can talk to him? Or is that...

No! Yes, absolutely!

No! Yes!

God, there is a law against that.

We do not expose citizens' private viewing records.

Carolyn Hart.


Angela Wright...

That's us, we should go. ...will soon be with us.

We think, but now we're told that Angela Wright has, what we used to call in the legal trade, cold feet.

Wait, what?

Is Angela Wright backing out?

No, I went over the witness list with Biden's office. She's still on it.

So he's lying. He knows she's a threat.

He's discrediting her. Exactly.

Did you fire her? And if you did, what for?

Um, she referred to a male member of my staff as a faggot.

That's a lie. I did no such thing.

That was enough for you? That was more than enough.

That is kind of the way you are, isn't it?

That is how I am when it comes to that kind of conduct.

She's a credible witness that'll testify Thomas harassed her, too, and they're smearing her just like they smeared Anita.

This is completely unethical. Exactly.

I won't get into those old saws, but I will tell you that I do love Shakespeare,

and Shakespeare would love this.

This is about love and hate, and cheating, and disgust, and avarice.

All those things that make that remarkable bard read today.

Othello. Read Othello, and don't ever forget this line.

"Good name in man and woman, dear my Lord."


You remember this scene?

"Is the immediate jewel of our souls."

Good evening. Clarence Thomas went on the attack today accusing his critics of using blatant racism... Thank you. keep him off the Supreme Court.

But he said he had rather died...

They said they'll call you tomorrow.

The dramatic testimony came during a grueling... Mmm-hmm.

They apologize for any inconvenience.

Did they apologize for trashing my reputation?

Did they apologize for that?

Have a nice day, sir.

Chief of Staff John Sununu telling CNN Anita Hill's credibility has been undermined and that calls to the White House are overwhelmingly in Thomas's favor.

Even the people at the White House were stunned by what they consider the lackluster performance of the Democrats.

They couldn't understand why they were just sitting there and not challenging Thomas and being more assertive.

We need to be pushing harder to the press.

We need to push back. Well, they beat us to that.

Journalists calling to confirm Anita's lesbianism

...and to inquire about an official diagnosis of erotomania.

What is that? Think it means what it says.

In a decision that apparently was personally approved by the President, they decided to go after her and to float all sorts of stories about erotic fantasies and that she has psychological problems.

Today, spectators will watch corroborating witnesses attempt to support both Judge Thomas and Professor Hill and continue to struggle with who is telling the truth.

Have you seen these?

Fifty percent of Americans believe him. Twenty-five percent believe her.

Ricki. Your boss is fucking this up.

It is not your place to tell the chairman of the Judiciary Committee how to do his job.

Last time I checked, you worked for a senator, too, and maybe you should bring it up with him.

Are you sure you want to do this?


Because there'll be no way to keep it quiet.

Checked on Anita Hill's former students in Oklahoma.

And what'd you find? They basically all said the same thing.

She's tough but fair.

Senator Brown's office did talk to some guys from Oral Roberts, where she worked before Oklahoma, and they did have a story, but it seemed pretty...

What'd they say?

Well, they said that Anita Hill had put pubic hair between the pages of their term papers.

Anita Hill put pubic hairs in her students' term papers.

No, I don't think so.

That is what they said, but it was after the whole Coke can thing, so...

We need affidavits from them.

We do? Okay. Um, sorry, it just seems so unlikely that...

Well, we have no idea what's likely or unlikely from this woman.

Sorry, sir. Yes, sir.

A CBS news poll conducted just yesterday shows most Americans believe that neither Thomas nor his accuser Anita Hill told the entire truth.

I was hoping I could have a quick word with you, if it's okay.

Sure. Sit.

Okay, so let me start by saying

I get why you've been quiet through all of this.

I'm sure a lot of people much smarter than me have told you that's the way to go.

And who knows? Maybe they're right, but...

She's all alone out there, sir.

You ever taken a polygraph before, Miss Hill?

No, I have not. Okay.

She told me she was being subjected to sexual harassment from her boss.

That boss was Clarence Thomas.

She told me Clarence Thomas asked her out on dates and showed an unwanted sexual interest in her.

Is she, in your estimation, a woman who suffers from fantasies in any way or is she pretty levelheaded?

She's one of the most levelheaded people I know.

Thank you, Judge.

Is your name Anita F. Hill? Yes.

Various psychiatrists have come forward to state as a general principle, not as a diagnosis of an individual but as a general principle, that there is a specific disorder.

So here is this foul stack of stench justifiably offensive in any category, and I ask you why, after she left his power, or whatever it was that gave her fear or revulsion or repulsion...

Why did she, twice after that, visit personally with him in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

I get Christmas cards from people I don't see from one end of the year to the other end and do not wish to.

I also return their cards and will return their calls.

And these are people who have insulted me and done things which perhaps have been degrading at times.

But these are the things you have to put up with.

And being a black woman, you have to put up with a lot.

So you grit your teeth, and you do it.

Senator Kennedy. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Some people just don't want to believe you.

You have to understand that they just don't want to believe you, and they don't want to believe Professor Hill.

But I hope, Mr. Chairman...

I hope that we're not going to hear a lot more comments, unworthy, unjustified comments about fantasy stories picked out of books and law cases after we've heard from this panel.

I hope we can clear this room of the dirt and innuendo about over-the-transom information.

I hope we're going to be sensitive to the attempts of character assassination on Professor Hill.

They're unworthy.

And quite frankly, I hope we're not going to hear a lot more about racism as we consider this nominee.

Fact is that these points of sexual harassment are made by an Afro-American against an Afro-American.

The issue isn't discrimination and racism.

It's about sexual harassment.

And I hope we can keep our eye on that particular issue.

Thank you.

Thank you, Senator Kennedy.

Within the last few minutes, we just found out that Professor Anita Hill has taken a polygraph test, and according to the expert that administered it to her, she passed it.

She offered to take a lie detector test.

That's not the hallmark of someone who's lying.

At a golf outing, President Bush said he saw no reason for either Hill or Judge Clarence Thomas to take such a test.

I don't want to be in a position of advocating that every nominee takes a lie detector test.

And I think it's a stupid idea.

Of course she'll pass a polygraph because the disorder makes her believe she is telling the truth.

Republicans complaining bitterly that, as Orrin Hatch said, you can find any polygraph tester to produce any results you want.

He called it "the sleazy tactic of a two-bit sleaze lawyer."

It seems to me that in the country for that great band in the middle somewhere, that their judgment swings from session to session.

This afternoon, Anita Hill's friends and supporters made a very credible appearance.

Tonight, his friends and supporters and coworkers are making credible performances.

He's a man of high moral standing, and I tell you that it's not possible that he could be linked with the kinds of things that have been alleged against him here.

I have known Judge Clarence Thomas for more than 30 years, and I find the allegations by Miss Hill not only ludicrous but totally inconsistent, and in opposite to his principles and his personality.

She played the role of a meek, innocent, shy Baptist girl from the South who was a victim of this big bad man.

Chairman Thomas that I have known for 10 years is absolutely incapable of the abuses described by Professor Hill.

In my case, she had fantasized about my being interested in her romantically.

Et tu, Brutus?

You, too, Anita?

Extraordinary hearings on the nomination of Judge Clarence Thomas continue and are expected to go on long into the night.

Tomorrow, Professor Anita Hill and Judge Clarence Thomas have been invited back to wrap up their testimony, Extraordinary is a word that may be not quite strong enough, Carole.

This thing has ground on now for hours through the day and into the night.

Some Republican senators are still trying to prevent the Committee from hearing testimony from another witness who's come forward against Thomas.

At first, we thought it was going to be a national encounter on sexual harassment.

And now it has turned ugly.

It's almost a murder-suicide pact between Democrats and Republicans.

Just no one wins.

I talked to Joel Paul.

He's been getting threatening phone calls, and he's worried he won't get tenure.

Because he was a character witness for me?


If we can get Thomas's porn rental records, I say we get them.

Absolutely not, no. Joe, this is a dirty fight.

There's no second place. If we don't win, we lose.

At what cost, Patrick?

I'm getting calls into my office. Hundreds an hour.

American citizens saying whatever the hell you people are doing down there with the Coke cans and Long Dong Ding, whatever the fuck it is, stop it.

We have an obligation to make sure we're putting the right person on the Supreme Court.

I also have an obligation to uphold the dignity and the credibility of the United States Senate.

Yeah? How's that going?

If there is a consensus in this nation tonight, it is that no one likes what's going on and there are no real winners.

We have gone from shock to discomfort, now to a combination of anger, depression, and shame.

No, you are not introducing that vile, obvious bullshit.

Maybe it's BS, and maybe it's not, Joe. You don't know.

It's just like this bogus movie rental stuff and this Angela Wright.

If you want to introduce questionable testimony on national television, I've got a doozy right here.

You know we've got the votes back, Joe.

We have a solid 51 in the Senate.

We'll probably pick up one or two more by Tuesday, so we can keep talking dirty to the nation if you want, but it won't change the outcome.

Jack, is this who you want to be?

This is a free-for-all, Joe. There are no rules.

Somebody who goes after a woman like this with no holds barred?

You know this is a street fight, Joe.

And if a friend of mine is attacked in a street fight, I'm gonna pick up a crowbar.

Hey, take that shit with you.

So I came all the way here for nothing?

The Committee appreciates your willingness to participate.

"Willingness"? I was subpoenaed.

While it is Chairman Biden's desire that you testify, the time constraints we find ourselves under are making that impossible.

"Time constraints"? I've been here a day and a half.

So the chairman would like to withdraw your subpoena.

He will enter your deposition into the written record unrebutted.

This agreement is by mutual consent.

He would like you to sign it.

What if I don't?

They'll fill the time with other witnesses so they really do run out of time.

Angela Wright is not going to testify.

What? No!

By mutual agreement, they say.

That is bullshit.

The deposition is going into the written record, so the senators will know what she said.

If they read it, which they won't.

Which they won't. Correct.

This was a mistake.

This is why I never came forward before.

What good have we done?

My friends' jobs are being threatened.

My reputation is ruined.

For what? You will testify tomorrow and set the record straight.

I have said everything that I came here to say, but they don't want to hear it.

They don't care. They only want to win.

There's got to be something we can do.

There has to be something else that we can do.

We need to get the names.

You all have worked very hard.

And if I'm letting you down, I'm sorry.

Call Judiciary.

Tell them I'm done. I want to go home.

Ladies, thank you so much.

We certainly appreciate your testimony here today.

Obviously we didn't recognize or realize we were going to go quite as late as we did tonight.

Senator. But that's...

Both Professor Hill and Judge Thomas have decided not to appear tomorrow.

Based on that, this entire proceeding is ended.

Fifty-two votes. Fifty-two votes! Congratulations!

Thomas's supporters claim that he has the votes to win the confirmation when the full Senate votes at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

But the situation is now so muddled and so confused after three days of lurid, inconclusive testimony that nobody's sure of anything, except that the whole process has been distasteful.


Who'd you believe, him or her?


The chair will remind the galleries that expressions of approval or disapproval are prohibited.

The question is on the confirmation of the nomination of Clarence Thomas of Georgia to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

The clerk will call the roll.

Mr. Adams. No.

Mr. Akaka. No.

Mr. Baucus. No.

Mr. Bentsen. No.

Mr. Biden. No.

Mr. Bingaman. No.

Mr. Bond. Aye.


Welcome home.

Thank you.

Is this all...

For you? Yup.

All of it.

What's it say?

"Dear Professor Hill, "For 25 years, I've been a cashier.

"All that time, my boss has treated me like his personal property.

"I never said anything, not even to my husband.

"It's been really scary and lonely, "but watching you this week felt like I was watching someone standing up for me.

"So thank you.

"Sincerely, Elisa Nelson."


Mr. Wellstone. No.

Mr. Wirth. No.

Mr. Wofford. No.

The yeas are 52, and the nays are 48.

The nomination of Clarence Thomas of Georgia to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court is hereby confirmed.


It's good news.

It was not too long ago that a colleague of mine complimented me on my appearance and then said that he was going to chase me around the House floor.

The last time the federal government polled all its workers, 42% of the women reported they had been recently sexually harassed.

So, Hal, tell us what happens now.

Well, what happens now is we've got a political issue for the 1992 campaign.

Two percent may be good for milk, but it ain't good for the United State Senate.

What's different this year is the record number of women running and winning up and down the ticket.

One factor there and elsewhere is backlash over the Senate's treatment of Anita Hill.

A woman's voice does not count in America today.

I have not been sexually harassed, but I have been very obviously discriminated against.

Happened something like 20 years ago.

But you're aware that women also... Wait. Wait, Sam!

I remember every word of it.

If we stay mad about Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, we'll never remember our lines.

Oh... Please.

Sir, would you please state your name?

Long Dong Silver.

The rules of the old boys' club that prevailed in this hearing are simply not going to work anymore.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is getting diversity, Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois and California's Dianne Feinstein have been assigned to the panel.

Women for the first time in my lifetime have said we are players in this society, and we intend to stay that way.

On Thursday, President Bush signed a long-awaited civil rights bill.

...which will make it much easier for women and minorities to sue for discrimination...

...and harassment on the job.

It does not have to be a physical touch or a specific threat.

Companies now produce videos explaining it can be any unwanted sexual advances.

A bill to combat violence against women was introduced in the US Senate.

You should have the civil rights protection as well as the criminal laws protection.

This has become a national teacher on the issue of sexual harassment.

I just think that you're getting caught up in the politics of it when what you're forgetting is that there's a human being, a woman involved.

There's a man, too. Okay.

That'd be Clarence Thomas. His is the name that's been made mud of.

There's clearly a brass-knuckles, totally unfair process of brutalizing Presidential appointees.

How much of an exploration of not only Supreme Court candidates but all candidates for public office do you want?

Do you have anything further to say about it?

Senator, my reaction to this has been...

Over the last two weeks, has been one of horror.

I can't tell you what I've lived through.

I think I did the right thing.

I think I did what was proper and correct in this situation.

Rasputin. Rasputin.