Conspiracy (2008) Script


MAN: The snipers, who killed three of your brothers, are in that complex, moving from building to building.

And while an air strike would solve our problems, we'd rather not blow every civvy in those residences to their beloved Allah.

So tonight, you are the United States' scalpel.

You will remove the cancer and save the lives of those citizens.

We're only two klicks to the kill zone.

And even though it is a dry 100 in the dark shade of this lovely evening, you will keep frosty. Ooh-rah!

ALL: Ooh-rah!

MAN: You know what you're here for, Spooky.








General Dullarah?




SOLDIER 1: You have to move. You can't stay here.

Come on, you're gonna have to come with me.

SOLDIER 2: No, we don't need a medical unit.

All clear. What's going on, man?

Hey, sweetie, what do you have there?

Hey, uh, you're really fast.

Could barely keep up with you back there.

SOLDIER 2: Sir, they wanna know where they're going.


Is that your teddy bear?

Oh, look at that.

SOLDIER 3: Move that back, two klicks.



SOLDIERS: Get down! Get down!






My wife sends these from Puerto Peñasco.

It's American gum, though.

Because Mexican gum tastes like car tire.

She can't wait for me to get back. My wife.

Hey, hold on.

Check it out.

That's my Lucinda, my boy, Juan Miguel.

He's so full of energy, I get tired just looking at the picture.

When I get back, and get my papers... once I'm a legal citizen, gonna bring them to America.

* Don't try to find me

* 'Cause I'm already gone

* Your star Will keep me dry *

* Don't try to follow me

* You'll never guess the game

* Feel like coming For days... *



* Used to think about

* Yeah

* Don't try to find me...




* Don't try to follow me




MAN [ON SPEAKER]: Spooky. Come on, man, pick up.

How's anyone gonna know they reached you if you don't put a message on that thing?

Spooky. I know you're there, you're always there.

Okay, I'm just gonna keep on talking until you pick up.

It's Watership Down, you ever read it?


Oh, man, it's a good book.

I've read it, like, 10 times.

SPOOKY: What's the writing?

Oh, that? That's English class.

This book right here has taught me how to read English.

Found a copy in Spanish, a copy in English.

Any word I didn't understand I wrote in the margins, looked it up.

This book was my first step to becoming American.

I love these rabbits.

[OVER SPEAKER] Spooky. Come on, man, pick up.


What do you need?

What's with the chitchat?

You're gonna use up all my cell minutes.

You think about my offer?

I'm not moving to Arizona.

Come on, what do you got keeping you up there?


I laid in a hospital bed next to you for nine months.

I know when you're full of shit.

Come on, Spooky. Por favor.

Get your ass down here.

It's sunny, open blue skies.

Lucinda and Juan Miguel are supposed to get their papers.

Come on, man, I could really use some help to get the ranch in shape.

Miguel, I'm not moving to Arizona.

Hey, man, I'm just trying--

Listen, lose my number, okay? Don't call me again.





Hey, knock it off.

Hey, man, go fuck yourself.

Watch your language.

Come on, let's just go.

Screw that. Crazy vet rat don't scare me none.

He's sorry. We're sorry, mister. We didn't mean to--




MIGUEL [ON SPEAKER]: Hey, Spooky, it's Miguel.

Come on, man, I know you're there.

Hey, look, I'm just gonna keep on calling every day until you say yes.

Come on, man. I could really use your help.

Don't make me say it.

Okay, shit, man, I need you out here.

Sir, sir.


Let's get this guy out first!

It's okay, you're gonna be okay. We're gonna get you out of here.

SPOOKY: Him first.

I got a lot of injured men. He doesn't need help as much.

He saved me. Him first, him first.

Him first.

Him too. Let's get him on board.

MAN: Stretchers now!

Thank you, Spooky.

I owe you.

Damn right you do.

MIGUEL: I need you out here.

When do you need me?

Bro, thank you, man.

I'll pick you up in front of the clock tower, 11:30.


* With all this tension

* And this hatred In the world *

* I stand here Broken in two *

* I'll be back When this is through *

* With all this tension

* And this hatred

* It seems our world Is in reverse *

* When we come down...

Thank you.

* I don't know what to do Semper fi.

* I just don't Want to stay here *

* I want to stay alive


* There's no going back now

* There's no going home

* Now that you're stranded

* On the sand and stone

* How you miss that old town

* And how you miss Your friends *

* But I tell you, my comrade

* This isn't where it ends

* We'll meet again in heaven

* Halos in our hair

* Everything will be forgiven

* And everyone'll be there

* You may Find yourself feelin' *

MIGUEL: Watership Down. Man, this is a good book.

About these conejos.

Any word I didn't understand I wrote in the margins.

I love these rabbits.

* That you wanted to be

* And all your friends Are so successful *

* You're bitter And you're blue *

* But Jesus and his angels

* Are rootin' for you

* We'll meet again in heaven

* Halos in our hair

* Everything will be forgiven

* And everyone'll be there


* You know I always feel

* Like an old, old river

* Not goin' anywhere

* But I can go both Night and day *

* Though I seem so still

* I'm just trying to forget

* And I might

* I just might someday

* There's a well-worn path

* By an old, old river

* Somewhere through the past

* I can see the interstate

* I ain't goin' back

* But I'll try and forget

* Never thought Leave it up to fate *



I don't think you know.

MAN 2: I know exactly. I lived there for 12 years.

MAN 1: I think you're a damn fool.

Afternoon. You ain't with the Halicorp folks?


You're a real genius there, Terry.

TERRY: Thought I'd check.


What can I do for you? Need a room?

No, I'm, uh... looking for a friend at this address.

Oh, uh, that's out in the desert, I-I think.

Uh, Don, this fellow's looking for that place out on New Hope.

What place?

TERRY: You know, the one that's all the way out there.

There ain't nothing out on New Hope but a bunch of construction.

You here for a construction job?

No, I'm here to visit a friend.

That's his address.

That's funny 'cause there's nothing out there.

All the land's been bought up by development.

No one's living there yet.

What's your friend's name?

Miguel Silva.

I've never heard of him.

Is there a rental-car service or a taxi?


Tell you what. Check back with us in a few months.

The way things are going, we'll be real modernized by then.

You said there was a construction site.

Is there a crew shuttle?

What's with all the questions? Hey, take it easy.

Don't mind him, he's not the welcome-wagon type.

Yes, there's a shuttle, leaves in the morning about 5 in the a.m.

But I'm telling you, there ain't nothing out there.

Thanks for your help.

Have yourself a good day.


What the hell? I'll tell him.




SPOOKY: Excuse me.

You speak English?

Sí. Yes.

Did I hear you say something about, uh, New Hope?


I wanna go there.

I-I know it. I'll pay you.

How much?

Twenty bucks?

Okay, 40.

Okay, but up-front.

Okay, get in.


Wait on me, Francisco. Okay?




Sí, Papa.



My son, he should know better.

Then he wouldn't be a boy.

Sí, verdad.


Whose place is that?

Uh, I-I-- I don't know.


SPOOKY: Halicorp.

Why is a defense and reconstruction outfit building houses in this area?

Hombre, it's cheap. The land, the labor.

First, the plant, then the housing.

Now the corporate offices.

It's good for today, keeps me working.

But next year it's too expensive to live here, and I have to move my family again.

Who knows? Maybe north to Aho.

What kind of plant?

I-I-- I don't know.

I wasn't on that build, you know?

I, uh-- Listen, hombre, I-- I need to make a stop, okay?

And-- 'Cause I gotta load the truck.

Maybe you can walk down past the construction, and I'll--

I'll pick you up as soon as I'm done.


Now, look, it's just I can't bring you to the job site, you know?

And I'll only be about 10 minutes.

You know, you should probably take your bag.

Ah, don't strain yourself.

Look, it's just that I-- I can't be seen.





...Miguel Silva?


Well, come on.

VICTOR: This is the address you were looking for.

SPOOKY: What? This is it.

SPOOKY: What the hell?

This is it?

What happened out there?

I-- I don't know.


Hey, hombre...



You know who runs Halicorp? No, no, I--

Really, I don't.

MAN: Victor!





VICTOR: Stay away.

We have enough problems without some gringo.

Just leave us alone.

Now, that's a damn shame.

Boy should watch where he's going.

But you know what they say, people start playing where they shouldn't, look what happens.



You find your friend? Quite a town you got here.

I beg your pardon?

A kid gets run over by a car, and nobody says anything, nobody does anything?

Folks in New Lago like to keep to themselves.

Besides, the boy seems like he's gonna be okay, anyway.

You picked a heck of a time to visit our little slice of heaven.

We've seen more action today than we've seen in an age.

Must be the heat.

You be sure to drink lots of water.

Most city folks can't handle our generous helping of sunshine.

Have a nice day.

Oh, hey. Oh. Oh, it's you, you're back.


Wha-- What can I do for you? You need another map, or...?

Uh, you know, you could a take a trip on down to old Mexico.

I got some maps for those-- No, I need a room.

Oh. Uh--

Well... Ooh.

You know, I don't know if we--

If we have any rooms available just now.

I'll take one of those.

Oh, one of those? Yeah, no, those--

Yeah, right-- Uh, those are, uh, for a tour group we got coming in later today.

Okay. Uh...

That would be terrific.

Uh, I just need to see some ID.

You--? You don't have a driver's license?


Well, I-- I just gotta-- The state law--

Make a-- Make a copy of that.

And, uh-- Just gonna take a second on that.

Copy and...

It's kind of an old machine.

Take a-- It's gonna take a second.

Okay, ha! Well, here we go. And, uh...

It's a real nice room, right up the stairs to the right, all the way down to the end of the hall.

Got a great view of Main Street.

You--? You need some help with that?


Uh, you know, that-- That's the lobby Yellow Pages.

If-- If you--

But you know what? That's fine. You return it whenever you want.


Oh, thank you. Bye-bye.


Um, good afternoon, I'll-- I'll just be with you in one second.



Hi, um, so sorry. Can I help you?

I'd just like to check out the lending library.

Did the cable go out in your hotel room?

Uh, it's just that I know everyone in town, and, um, the only reason they come by to use the library is because the cable's gone out.

You know, they-- They did the whole Wild West look great, but just the modern amenities, you know, not so much.

So, um, yeah, you can look in the library, but I have to warn you, it's not the Smithsonian.

GIRL: I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!

Who are you?

WOMAN: Don't be rude, it's a customer.

Did you do all the math?

Yes, and it was so hard.

And I read three chapters of Nancy Drew, and two of them were for extra credit.

Well, good work. So can I help with the customer?

Excuse me, sir, what can I help you with?

"May I." What may I help you with?

I just wanted to check out the lending library.

Well, that's right over here, silly.

I'm so sorry. Your hand is all rough.

I'm Carly. What's your name?

Carly? I thought your mom was Carly.

Her name's Joanna. She named the store after me.

See that over there? That's Carly's corner.

It's where my mom used to read to me.

Now I read there by myself. Hm.

So how does this work?

Do, uh, people come in with books and trade them for different things?

Yeah, lots of times.

But usually me and my mom drive up to Aho and get the really old books from the library.

They have this ice-cream shop there, and you know what they have?

No. Malt ball French vanilla.

It's my favorite. Do you have a favorite ice cream?


Chunky Monkey.


Excuse me, miss? Oh, please, it's Joanna.

Joanna, uh, do you happen to have a book called, uh, Watership Down?

CARLY: That's an awesome book.

I read it twice. It's so sad-- We-- We did have a copy, but, um, we gave it away a couple months ago.

We did? We did.


Because that's what happens when people bring us books, we sometimes give them books to take.

But, Mom, I love that one.

I need you to go and finish reading your Nancy Drew, okay?

Can I use my corner? Not now.

Mom. Not now, okay?


I'm really sorry, she's a bit of a handful sometimes.

Um, did you find anything else?

Because I really need to close up.

Um, the people who you buy books from, do you have a list of some sort?

No. No, nothing like that.

Do you know of a Miguel Silva?

No, that name doesn't ring a bell.

I thought you said you knew everyone in town.

You ask a lot of questions for someone who's just looking for a book to read.


But, you know, I really have to-- Have to close.

Okay, I'll just check this out.

Oh. Okay.


You know what? I-- I--

I seem to have run out of, um, the loan-out forms.

Um, so if you can come back tomorrow, and I'll give it to--

That's all right, I'll just buy it.

We're purely a lending library.

So if you come at 9 a.m., I'm sure I'll have the forms.

Okay, I understand. Okay, I can do it.

No, that's all right. It's all right.


I'm really sorry I can't be of more help.

No, you were very helpful. You've got a great kid.

Thank you.

Sergeant MacPherson, what are you doing out of bed?

You removed your IV again. I, uh--

I don't care. Get back in your bed.

And whatever you do, do not wake up Corporal Silva.

MIGUEL: Don't listen to her, Spooky.

Nurse D gives a badass sponge bath if you don't behave.


You two deserve each other.

Two minutes. [GRUNTS]

What you doing, Spooky?

What is this?

Where did you get this?

Uh, eBay.

You--? You bid on an auction for me?

This is the nicest thing anybody ever did for me.

I mean, this-- This is really something, man, I mean it.


You think we can go steady now?

Lousy beaner.

Thanks, man.


Well, hey, darling.

What can I get ya?

What have you got?

Honey, we got everything.

But you want something special, I'd try the chili. It's world-famous.

Well, county-famous.

I'll have that and, uh, a glass of water.

You got it. [DOOR OPENS]

Hey, Susie.

Can I grab, um, two burgers and, uh, some fairy chicken bites for the fairy princess?

Sure, sugar. You want Coca-Colas?

Oh, no, just to go, tonight.

You got it. Here you go, soldier.



[WHISPERS] How are you, sweetie?

Howdy, stranger. Enjoying a bowl of our chili?

It's world-famous.

Well, county-famous.

Hey, Susie, uh, put this man's chili on my tab, all he can eat.

SUSIE: You got it.

John Rhodes.

A fellow buys you dinner, you don't even shake his hand?

I'll shake your hand, and I'll buy my own meal.

Well, I like that.

A man who stands on his own two feet.

World is sorely lacking in that kind of attitude.

But I wouldn't expect any less from a Marine.

I own the hotel.


Well, heck, I own most of the town.

You must be the one with the John Ford obsession.

Oh, yeah.

Truly the...good old days.

I want our little town to be like none other.

Excuse me.


RHODES: That's good.


You're a funny fellow.

But even with that said, what kind of landlord would I be if I let just anyone saunter on in and cause trouble?

I'm no trouble.

Oh, I'm sure you're not. A man like you, rich heritage.

Your mama was a Cherokee, right?

Proud people, Native Americans.

The first real Americans, if you ask me.

And your father was a Navy man, Irish.

But you were brought up in the Marines, special forces.

And you were an embedded contractor for SIA.

Commendations long as your arm.

Are you--? You looking for work, son?

I'm looking for a friend.

Well, I can be your friend. I can also give you a job.

I mean, you haven't filed tax returns for the last two years, so I'm sure money's been pretty tight.

John Rhodes.

CEO of Halicorp.

Founder of United Borders.

Friend of presidents.

The very man who's rebuilding most of the places I was sent to blow up with weapons...


...made by your company.

Are you writing my biography, sir?

Or are you just one well-read Marine, huh?

United Borders, uh, just a group of concerned citizens who think that-- Vigilantes.

What the hell is your problem, boy?


You'll have to forgive my overly-sensitive friend.

We prefer the term "patriots."

People who don't know any better often make that mistake.

Unlike vigilantes, United Borders does not condone violence, we are simply there to assist enforcing the laws of this country.

Protecting our borders from those who would seek to...leech off an already over-leeched system.

I mean, you're a Marine.

You want someone to come in here and destroy everything that you fought for?

I was a Marine a long time ago.

Well, once a Marine, always a Marine.

No disrespect intended.

I'm...not a Marine.

As I said, son, you never stop being a Marine.

Well, if you're not here for a job, maybe I can offer you the kind services of Sheriff Bock here.

He'll make sure you get to the bus station in the morning.

BOCK: It'd be my pleasure to help you find your way, sir.

Community service.

That's why it's so peaceful around here.



Susie, you got Miss Hollis' order ready yet?

Yes, sir, coming right up.

Here, let me carry this for you, darling.

You have yourself a fine evening.


You know what I find funny?

No matter how much people say Marines are all hard-core and such... every one of them I meet seems to be a big old pussy.

E.B., you cannot just come back here.

I'm just getting some pie and some milk.




Now, that's a shame, wasting a glass of milk like that.

SUSIE: Goddamn it. Martina...


Hey there, señorita, I sure would like to stick my burrito in your taco. Hm?


Didn't your parents ever teach you manners?

What did you say, boy?

I'm just saying if your mother ever saw the way you're treating that girl... she'd probably die of shame.

You half-breed son of a bitch!



Now, isn't that perfect, huh?

Soldier boy's got a headache.

There are ladies present.

What would your mama say to such a disgusting display, huh?


I think it's time for you to go.


Oh, God. God.


You sick piece of shit.




You gonna fight?


You're a goddamn cripple.

Crippled son of a bitch.

BOCK: Hold it right there, mister.

We don't take too kindly to people littering here in God's country.

BOCK: Check his gear.

It says here you were in Desert Storm.

So how was that? Winning the war and all?

We didn't win anything.

Hey, chief, take a look.

You don't think he's hiding any drugs on him, do you?

I have heard stories about people hiding things in them hollow legs.

Well, guess we better check it, then, huh?

You don't wanna do that.


You know, I think this fella's a flight risk.

I'm gonna go get him processed. You boys clean him up.

Take the leg.

MAN: What's it like to kill a sand nigger?

I bet you took out a lot of them towelheads.

Must have been where he lost it.

Hell, with that third leg he's sporting, I don't think he's too upset.

Now, that's enough.

That's enough!

It's clean. No drugs here.

What about weapons?

Well, not unless you consider a plastic leg a weapon.

You like that, boy?

All good and squeaky clean?

Been a long time since you had a shower, huh?

You eyeballing me, boy?

DON: All right, leave him be.

He's in it deep enough as it is.

I just don't like anybody eyeballing me.

MAN 2: Did you hear the man?

He said he don't like nobody eyeballing him.

Now it's a fair fight.



Look at that.

I guess it can be used as a weapon.



Ooh, you don't look so good.

You're not much of a conversationalist, are you?

Answer the man.

Ah, that's all right, son.

Uh, you can leave us.

So you don't want me to--? No, no. Here.


I been reading a bit more about you. Fascinating.

Seems I wasn't as respectful as I should have been.

PTSD's no laughing matter.

But, uh, even with your condition, the way you handled E.B. back there?

You're a man of extraordinary talents.

Talents that, uh, despite the loss of the limb, I could pay you a sizable sum for.

Where is Miguel Silva?

Well, who knows?

He probably ran off back to Mexico.

You're lying.



Son, I'm offering you a life.

This town is about to explode with new jobs and industry.

Hell, the goddamn Secretary of Defense just bought 4000 acres down the road.

I mean, can't you see what I've built here?

An amusement park?

You seen Times Square lately?

Don't be a fool.

At least I'm trying to restore God's country, preserving it as the last bastion that hasn't been overrun by foreigners.

We're the foreigners.

Well, heck, somebody's got to scrub the toilets, right?


Oh, son, you are in desperate need of a sense of humor.

Look, I can't legally do anything about the ones that are already here, except maybe, uh, detain 'em when they break our laws.

Like littering?

Yeah, among others.

But once I bring the property values up, they'll move on, and then I assure you, you can be damn sure that my fellow patriots and I will see to it that no more get in.

And a man like you, with your knowledge and expertise, can make that job a lot easier.

Miguel Silva.


Now, you're in a heap of trouble, boy.

You really could use a friend to make it all go away.

I'm sure I'll get time served for the littering charge.

Oh, well, we threw out the littering, so to speak.

We're not even gonna charge you with, uh, assaulting an officer of the law--

Jefferson can be a little overzealous.

--but theft, that's a different matter.

That book you pocketed from the lending library, that's larceny, and that's a mandatory 90-day sentence in this town.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on theft at Halicorp.

That woman's store is not Halicorp.

Oh, yeah, of course it is. This whole town is Halicorp.

Hell, this whole country is Halicorp.

Now, you sure you don't want to reconsider my offer?

A lot can happen to a man in 90 days.

Shoot. A lot can happen in just one night.

I have an offer for you.

You tell me what's happened to Miguel Silva, and I won't have to start burning down God's country.

I respect a man who knows his mind, but remember...a working man held out his hand in friendship.

You can play dress-up all you want, but the only work your hands have ever done is counting money.

Have yourself a safe night.





Let me see his face.

How tough do you think he'll be if he loses the other leg?



MAN [ON RADIO]: He ran out of the station.

I'm coming, goddamn it.

I don't see him, just Jenson's unit.


MAN: That son of a bitch.

He's got the car. MAN: Get him!

MAN: He's getting away, let's go.


MAN [ON RADIO]: Foster, where the hell are you?

MAN 2: Anybody?

I think the bastard's heading to New Hope.

Did you get that, Lee? Roger that.

MAN 3: Is it okay if I bang up Unit 4, chief?

BOCK: You do what you got to do to stop this son of a bitch.

MAN 4: Mr. Rhodes, uh, sir, you sure you don't want us to handle this situation?

It looks like the only one handling this situation is that smart bastard in one of your squad cars.

He gets out past this road, he might just get away.

So would you boys please try and overtake him? Over that.


For God's sake, I bet this son of a bitch has been listening to us the whole goddamn time.

Radio silence.



RHODES [ON RADIO]: I guess us Southern folks can fool you big-city fellas after all, huh?



You want to go get that car when it goes over the edge?

Foster, cover him.

This sure look familiar, don't it?

Shut your mouth. Back off!

Nobody get too close.

Just wouldn't listen, would you?

I guess I'm just a slow learner.

Yeah, so smart, yet so damn stupid.


Shoot him.

Hold your fire!

I was okay with E.B. and Lee beating some sense into him... but killing another in cold blood?

This ain't what I signed up for.

You signed up to keep the peace. Heh.

Now do your job.

We can't keep doing this.

What is it? Your conscience or your cowardice?


Finally grew a pair, huh, kid?

I wish you hadn't knocked him down the ravine, but--

Sorry about that. Hey, no harm, no foul.

Now, you get down there and find him, take him across the border and bury him deep.


DAN: One of ours?

No, border patrol. Goddamn it.

All right, everybody move out.

We got enough heat without any of us being found carrying a decorated war vet's body with a bullet in it.

Let me tell you... tonight you get back here and deal with this situation, and then I don't want to hear anything about this ever again.

All right.




MAN: Bomb!


Thanks, Spooky.

I owe you.

Damn right you do.






JOANNA: Mexico.

You've been unconscious for days.

You lost a lot of blood.

I-I think you may have broken some ribs.

It's a really good thing you were wearing that vest.

Could you--?

Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

It's surprising you didn't break anything else.

You fell, like, 20, 30 feet.

You stitched me up.

Oh. You did good work.

It looks like it's healing nicely.

Who brought me here?

Marina, the woman that works for me, and her brother, Eduardo, and some friends.

How did they know where to find me?

I should go.

Why do you stay in New Lago, Joanna?

John Rhodes.

He's Carly's--?

No. No, he's not.

No. No.

You grow up in a town like Lago and you marry the first guy--

And he was no winner, either.

He died when Carly was 2.

He drove head-on into a, uh, bar that he had just spent a week's salary in.

And Rhodes?

After Jerry died... the only thing I had left was unpaid bills.

The only family I had in the world was Carly and my brother, Donnie, and he couldn't hold on to a job if it had a handle on it.

And then Rhodes came to town, and he was rich, and kind... and smart... and he courted me for months.

After we started... seeing each other, he set me up in my own store... and he was-- He was good to Carly and me.

He was so gentle.

And then he decided to make Lago his home, and no one could believe that a man like that would want to stay here.

And he started to throw money into everything, and he started to rebuild the town.

And everyone felt safe.

Hell, I felt safe for the first time in my life.

For a while.

And then suddenly the rules started, and I couldn't go anywhere without him knowing about it.

And before we knew who John Rhodes really was, he had owned us, and in a blink, there were no more business owners, there were just employees.

I stay here because I know he'll hurt my child.

And I know there's nowhere that I can run that his money will not find us.

How many times have you been out here to check on me?

A few.


Doesn't Rhodes know you're here?


No, I, uh, cross the border all the time to get low-priced items for the town pharmacy.

He doesn't have any problem making money off the Mexican economy.

Yeah, I had a feeling those construction workers weren't, uh... from Scottsdale.

Yeah, they're just cheap slaves, and he'll send them right back to Mexico when he's done with them.

Why are you helping me?

Because someone needs to stop him.

I'm not your man.


Well, you need a soldier. I'm not... that anymore.

Is it because--?

No, because of what caused it.

You know that sound after you've heard a really loud noise?



That's the sound of a frequency dying.

Once the sound is gone, that...part of your hearing's gone.

I haven't been able to... make a fist, or... pick up a gun.


But you fought off all those men.

Just instinct. Just, uh, defending myself.

That part of me that did damage, that's gone.

I think there's something you need to see.


MIGUEL: I am a citizen!

The law says if I serve in your Army, I am a citizen. Please!

MAN: He's a decorated United States Marine.

MAN 2: I don't give a fuck what you say he is, Morgan.

All I see is a beaner.

MAN 3: These look real.

MAN 2: Just 'cause you got papers doesn't mean you can bring your family.

MIGUEL: I fought for this country, and I was told when I become a citizen, I can bring my family here.

I am a citizen!

I don't care how many sand niggers you killed, you'll never be an American.

RHODES: Let me see that!

Is this great country so hard up for good men to fight for it, that we're gonna sell out our most basic rights to someone like you?

I might have to let you stay, but I'll lay down dead before I let them cross over.

No, sir.

If I have to cuff 'em and load 'em into my truck myself, I will send these two back to where they belong.

MORGAN: These are good people.

Miguel has worked my farmland for years.

RHODES: You admitting to a crime, Morgan?

It sounds like you are.

These papers were issued eight months ago, but this fella's been working for your farmland for years.

That means either you're lying, or these are misdated.

MORGAN: I was just saying Miguel is a good--

Which is it?! He did--

You're a liar, or these papers are incorrect.

I'm just trying to-- Which is it?!

He did nothing wrong!

I believe you.

So if he did nothing wrong, then the date on these papers is incorrect, and according to the immigration laws of this great land, renders them invalid and void.

No! WOMAN: No! No!

[SCREAMING, THUDDING] WOMAN: Por favor! Por favor!



I-I swear I didn't mean it. It just went off.

RHODES: Who cares if you didn't mean it, goddamn it?

MAN: What the hell do we do now?

Finish it. MIGUEL: Oh, please.

MAN: You can't just shoot them. That's insane.

RHODES: Do what I say.

Kill him now. MIGUEL: No, please!

Goddamn it, what's wrong with you?

Even cockroaches have babies.

MIGUEL: No, please, not my son!



Kill him.



Why hasn't anyone done anything?

What could we do?

What?! What--?

Why haven't you done anything?

I showed you!

You saw the tape. All you see is Sheriff Bock.

No one else's face appears.

Do you live in the same world that I do?

People who have money in this country get away with everything.

John Rhodes would hire enough lawyers to make people think that you killed Miguel's family, and he should get a medal for bringing the killer to justice.

You don't understand how powerful he is.

Him and his government cronies, they make an excuse to go to war, and suddenly he has contracts for tanks and planes to destroy an entire nation.

Then when it's time to rebuild, he gets paid to-- To fix exactly what he's knocked down.

Then with that money, he buys more and more of America, and does he put any money in the pockets of Americans?


He hires slaves... and doesn't pay them an honest day's wage.

Then with that money he puts up a private border guard and convinces people he's stopping terrorists from crossing the border.

And it's just an excuse to start another war, and it all goes around again.

So was it worth it?

Losing your leg for a lie to line John Rhodes' pockets?

Who gave you the tape?

Were they there?


They were there. Then they're witnesses.

Yes, so what? Who gave you the tape?

He would be killed before he even got to testify.

I mean, wake up, John Rhodes is never going to see the inside of a prison cell.

He was my friend.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.



Come on, come on. Go, hurry up. Come on.


SPOOKY: Is this really on foundation?

EDUARDO: Sí. JOANNA: What are you doing?

Get under the house, okay? JOANNA: Okay.

All right, get under the house.

He knows I'm here.

He's gonna go after Carly. Please, he's--

Your daughter's going to be fine, I promise.

Hold your fire, hold your fire.

Any sign of them?

E.B.: Roger?

Anybody close to Roger?



E.B. [OVER RADIO]: Monty? Monty?

What the hell's going on here, E.B.? I don't see nobody.

The hell do you mean you don't see nobody?

Let's get the fuck outta here.




E.B.: Guy's like a fucking ghost.

How did you--?


No, God, please don't kill me. No.


No. Please, no.


The only reason you're alive is to deliver a message.

Anything you want. Just please don't kill me.

You tell John Rhodes I'm bringing hell to God's country.



MAN: Gentlemen.

Thank you, but, uh... this little beauty's all a man should ever need.

You're the boss.

So who you got watching Carly at my place?

Jefferson and two of the fellas from out of town.

We're keeping our newly-appointed sheriff away from all this, right?

Yeah. And about that--

Just get this all done, and I'll make things right by you, don't you worry.

But you ever disobey me again, you'll be the one out in the desert with E.B.'s gun up your ass.

The hell is taking him so long?

Look, the most important thing right now is you draw enough attention to yourself, we got an airtight alibi.



MAN 1: Look out!

MAN 2: Wha--? What's goin' on?

MAN 3: Get it outta there.

Hey. Is that him?


He's coming.

He's coming.


Call everyone.



MAN: Make sure you're armed.

He's calling in everybody.

You're kidding. Everybody.

Okay, Main Street, we're coming.

Get this guy in the truck. We gotta get back.

Something big's going down.

Move it, Pancho. What you're doing is illegal.

You're not border patrol.

Mira. I have my work visa.

What the hell?

I don't see no damn papers.

Looks like runners. Move it.


I'll get the binoculars.

I don't need it. Burris is twice as powerful.

So how many points--?

Well, lookie here, two chiquitas.

Shit. One of 'em's white.

The hell?


Nothing. They're the ones who haven't called to say they were on their way.

Well, try again.

Unit 42, Unit 42, what's your 20?

Unit 42. Respond, unit.

SPOOKY [OVER RADIO]: Bock, is that you and Foster up on that roof?

Looks like everyone's there, sheriff.


All units, all units.

Vehicle Number 42 has been hijacked by suspect.

Do not approach.

Suspect is armed and extremely dangerous. Wait on my command.

MAN [ON RADIO]: Number 42 has been hijacked.

Do not approach.

William MacPherson, [OVER MEGAPHONE] this is Sheriff Foster.

Stop your vehicle and step out with your hands behind your head.


What's this idiot's plan, suicide?

MacPherson, this is your second warning.

Stop your vehicle.

All units, ready your aim.

The second he steps out of the vehicle, you are to take this man down.

MacPherson, stop the goddamn vehicle.





This moron wants to get dead, let's send him to hell.

Open fire! Open fire!



Hold your-- Hold your fire!


DON: Hold your fire!


Hold your goddamn fire!

You two, back. You in the front, let's go. Expect anything.

MAN: I think he's dead.

Yeah? That's what we thought the last time I shot him.

Nice going, Bock.

I'll be sure to let Rhodes know you're the one who ordered the men to shoot.



Jesus Christ.

Terry's down. Terry's down.

Come on, come on.


All units, all units, suspect is alive and inside construction site.

Somebody get inside there and kill that fucker.



Come on. Let's get outta here. Come on.

I thought he'd come here, not you.

I stayed to face him.

Guess he chose the coward's way out.

You're not half the man he is.

You gonna shoot me, Joanna?

You're a murderer.

And you'll never come near me or my child again.

After all I've done for you and Carly?

You kept us prisoners.


You-- You can't shoot me.

I'll do whatever it takes to-- To protect my child.

It's about time I start cleaning up my own mess, while he's out there... taking down everything that you've built.





You disappointed me so.

Put her in the car, we got a fight to go to.


Goddamn it, goddamn it.


He's out of ammo.

Or reloading.

He hasn't shot at me.

He's out, let's move in.

Good, I'm sick of this hiding shit.

Get up, Bock.

Why? So he can pick us off when we get closer?

He's only got what he took from Turner and Cribbs.

He's out, let's go.

The building's collapsing. He's gonna come out.

We can wait it out here!

You fucking pussy.

You wanna let him escape again?

Huh? This guy is like a ghost, all right?

We wait longer, he's in the damn wind, and who knows where he shows up next.

Maybe in the media. Maybe at your house, Bock.











Looks like you're not the only soldier that comes prepared.






You'll need this.


Nice work getting those guys to come in here.

I was running out of ammo.

My sister told me what you're trying.

I just never thought you'd get it done.

I know you gave Joanna the tape. I do have one question--

How did I know you wore the vest?

That's the question.


Because the deputy you stole it from wasn't wearing his. That was your only clue?


Well, I saw it under your-- Under your jacket.

I mean, you're big. But you're not that big.

I bet that hurt, huh?



Anyway, I figure with all this, we're evened out, right?

[GRUNTS] Now we are.


I know I deserved that, but:


Anyway, this place is about to come down on us.


Best way out's through the front.

Where the rest of the United Border Patrol is?

How fast can you draw down?

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire, I got him.

MAN: Stand down.


DAN: Bock, go get a squad car. BOCK: Got it!

JEFFERSON: Foster's in it with him.

MAN: Get him!


MAN: Watch it!

[YELLS] MAN: Got him!

MAN 1: Watch yourself!

MAN 2: Where's your line of fire?

Come on, shoot! MAN 3: Look out!

MAN 4: What are you doing?






Not a good strategy, soldier.

Not if your opponent can follow your lead.


Look over there.

I want her to see me humiliate you before I kill you.

I don't think she'll ever stray again. Do you?

That right.

And you...I trusted you, and what did you do?


Oh, such a brave soldier.

Too bad you're a traitor.

9/11 was a wake-up call.

A call to stop letting every godless mongrel race onto our soil.


Free men built this country. That's the country I fought for.

I don't give a damn about your politics.


You killed my friend... and his family, and that makes you a murderer.

They were illegals!

Real Americans are taking this country back.

Men who belong, men who are pure.

Not half-breeds.


You filthy--!


Bock, shoot this fucking cockroach.


Well, what are you waiting for?

Shoot him!

In front of all these people?

Fuck 'em. They got a life because I give it to 'em.

That's enough!

I'll say when it's enough.






Help me.

Help me, someone.

Get me a doctor.


God, you damn bastards.

This town was nothing without--



BOCK: All right!

Everybody head home.

And you. You're under arrest for the murder of John Rhodes.

DON: Are you out of your fucking mind?

Drop your weapon and put your hands over your head.

And if you give me any trouble, Bock...

I'll deputize every last one of 'em.





DON: "The recent controversy has forced

"the already under-fire Halicorp

"to rethink its move to the city of New Lago.

"Acting Halicorp CEO Ronald Core

"says that it will end its funding

"of United Borders and all its affiliates, "in the light of the class-action suit filed earlier this week."

You believe that?

I can believe it.

Hey, you sure you don't wanna move into Rhodes' place?

Yeah, you can have it.

You can have it for nothing.

Miguel Silva saved my life.

He invited me here.

I think I'll stay.

You think you're gonna be safe here?

Rhodes had a lot of true believers working for him. Carly, lunch!

Let 'em come.

I'm not going anywhere.