Contract to Kill (2016) Script

You know what?

Fuck Rivera!

And fuck the Sonora Cartel!

Think they can dictate terms to us and the Babas.

That primitive shit may work on the Mexicans but it doesn't work in Eastern Europe Let's get the fuck out of here, man.

A storm is coming.

Hey! Asshole!

Alright, on my count, go, go, go.


Watch that corner.

Hands, let me see your hands.

Got you...

Stuck up.

Hey, move it, gringo.

Hey, John. Hola, chica.

Do you guys need anything? No? We'll be fine, thanks, we're cool.

You hear that song? In terms of the latest narco quarter that we're interested in, that was set up by El Mini Oso.

Now, interestingly enough, it's been taken over by Felix Camarena.

Oso was an ex-cop who at the time of Camarena's first arrest ran the Puente Grande Mexican prison.

Oso made sure to help set up Camarena's first prison break.

I'm not sure who helped him the second time around really.

But Camarena did return the favor.

In February, my team raided his compound.

As you may, or may not know when we got in there we encountered severe resistance, got into a big gun fight.

I ended up killing El Mini Oso.

We had 200 million dollars in cash, some Euros, over 100 big exotic cats, 200 firearms, most of them FA, and 150 tons of cocaine.

I ended that motherfucker. That's why I'm here, John.

You killed the bear. I don't need to tell you about your reputation on both sides of the law.

The cartels know that you're someone to be reckoned with and the FBI and ICE know that as a purported agent of the DEA, you're also in bed with the CIA.

Do you need to get that? Fuck no.

Look, I'm here, off the books, because I need to reactivate a cold asset.

My brother, if I get back in, there's 1,000 motherfuckers that are gonna die, good guys and bad guys, and I'm gonna end up being the bad guy, and I don't want that.

In the past several weeks ICE has been picking up more and more OTM's along Sonora smuggling routes.

ICE runs across them all the time. Mexicans being smuggled in all the time.

Nuh-uh, not like this.

Two days ago ICE picked up two OTM's along the Texas border.

This close to making it across.

But your Native American friends working the routes that night noticed something different about these two.

Let me guess, you got a hit like an OTM.

Two hits. Two known Islamic extremists, John.

Two of the three main players responsible for blowing Crimea A-450 out of the sky over Syria last year.

As you know the CIA in concert with the DEA and the FBI have been after these animals.

Each belong to different groups though. Split between Al-Nusra Front and Hezbollah.

So you're talking high level, high value targets.

Wow. I'm interested, tell me more.

DOJ has reasons to believe that these guys are attempting to form an unholy alliance with the narco terrorists along our borders.

Same cartels that create men like El Mini Oso.

Now the agreement is simple in theory.

Their caliphate will supply the cartels if the cartels use their smuggling routes to sneak terrorist cells into the US undetected.

The FBI doesn't want it and the CIA can't do anything about it once they land on US soil.

And that leaves the DEA.

And that brings you to me.

You're the best wet mechanic out there, John, and a... very unique asset, straddling both worlds, the CIA and the DEA.

Okay, so...

I'm gonna need something actionable.

There is a meeting taking place, marking the marriage between these groups, making it official. Where is the meeting taking place?

Neutral ground. But the exact location, we don't know.

Stay and drink with us, baby. Don't be shy.

Okay, so here's the deal.

If I'm coming in to do this, I need resources.

I want to pick my own team, I want my own equipment, my own gear, and I'll need a jet to tote me and my team around.

So I guess you're back.

My account info, same as usual.

And I want to talk to the OTM tonight.

Now if you'll excuse me.

Just stay, relax.

Hey, Maria, Maria. Hi, papi.

How's my baby. Who's this guy?

How's my baby girl? Not that good.

Not that good, what's happening? Because of them.

Really? Hey, who the fuck are you?

Do you guys know this is my baby? Your baby?

But you know what, it seems to me... Seems that what?

Is this your beer? Yeah.

Hey, ese. He took your beer, man.

It seems to me that you're bothering her.

Stay down, bitch.

I was never here. You understand that, right?

Hello. Zara, it's me.

John, wow, it's been a long time.

How's Mexico or wherever you're living these days?

I'm coming back home, good old USA.

I need your help for something.

Alright, let's try an easy one. Where are you from?

I don't speak English.

Ah, yes. You don't speak English.

This is me speaking English.

This is me speaking Spanish. Better?

Let's talk in Spanish.

Okay. Go ahead.

Coyote of the Cartel, yes?

Your tattoos say you're Sonora, no?

Yes, Sonora.

Okay, I see you recognize the word.

So, probably you didn't count on me grabbing you.

And because you were trained to sit tight and not say a word, then you'll probably be kicked loose by dawn because that's where our current administration makes all of us act.

You didn't count on my Native American brothers grabbing you... and I'm sure they took one look at you and saw you a mile away.

You're an Arab.

You're no Mexican.

Just as I see it now.

Your clothes ill-fitting. Eh, you look kind of Yemeni with a neck scarf.

But your friend in the other room, he's not from there, is he?

No. I am alone.

I do not know the other man.

Of course you do, he's already rolled on you.

How do you think I know you're Yemeni.

You know?

He tells me that the Al-Qaeda and the Arabian peninsula... are very active.

But you guys aren't usually found hanging out with the Al-Nusra Front.

AQAP working with Daish, yeah?

This tells me that you and your pal aren't really trial running anything to set up smuggling routes.

This tells me... you're forward negotiators setting the stage for something big that's about to happen.

I do not speak English.

Man, that's some funny shit.

I also know who caught the eye of the border agents when they nabbed you guys.

See, Native Americans are experts at tracking... and the thing with it is you weren't sneaking in from Mexico to the US.

You were sneaking out of the US into Mexico.

You were already here.

So tell me your name, tell me the name of your contact in Mexico and finally tell me exactly where the real meeting is taking place and when.

My name is Abdulah Al-Hamdani.

Our contact in Mexico is the head of the Sonora drug cartel.

He wanted to show us his southern border operations.

So you were kind of inspecting the routes, right? For the corridors?

We were making an alliance of convenience.

Yeah, I understand that.

Mexico isn't really interesting enough without AQAP and Daish.

We have enough desert back home.

Yes, you do, and that's why I know you're still lying to me.

You're here for an easier way into the US. Something with less eyes on it.

With more sand.

Something further away, but still a hub, a port, with a history of trafficking as well as religion.

Your contact in Mexico was Jose Rivera.

But that's not where the meeting is taking place.

How do you know his name? Rivera's the head of Sonora cartel.

And if you're making a deal with any cartel, it's with Sonora.

You want the access to their extensive rain time, subterranean land and air smuggling route.

And you like the fact that they're brutal.

Rivera's expanding into Turkey.

How could you possibly know that?

'Cause I've been in Mexico for a long time working Rivera.

He hasn't been in Mexico, he's been in Turkey.

And he's been taking out all the heroin godfathers... one by one by one.

You see a storm's coming.

So other than a switch from the Agency to the Bureau, you haven't changed a bit since last time I saw you.

I could say the same thing about you, John.

Still wearing the Rolex.

Yeah, it's platinum. I got this from finest girl I ever had.

Yeah, from me. Yeah, it was you.

How you been? I'm alright. You know me.

Yeah, I know you.

So, you really think this meeting is taking place in Istanbul and not Mexico?

I mean, I never really believe intel.

You believe intel, we used to say, and that's the key to death, you know.

You can never trust intel. But that's what they say.


I'll write it up and pass it on over to our old CIA contacts.

Baby, that's not why I asked you to come.

I was thinking I might get you to come back on my team.

Oh, I figured...

You've been reactivated.

We need one more person to complete our three-man team.

Better if somebody's kind of internal, maybe with Agency connections, not really DEA or FBI.

What do you propose we do? This three-man team of yours.

You know we find folks, we interview 'em.

If we like 'em we give 'em a box of chocolates.

If we don't, we kill 'em. And then?

And then...

I will do my thing.

I thought those days were behind us.

No, man, our best days are ahead of us, girl.

I need a good SIGN guy who can provide me with minute-by-minute intel and some real time images.

These days you're talking drones.

So what do you need me for? I need you by my side to watch my six, and do what you do best.

His name's Matthew Sharp. SIGN all the way... but five years of HUMINT training before that.

How long with the Agency?

Fifteen years. Before that?

Army, Special Forces.

Doesn't have much else in his jacket about that.

Yeah, probably wouldn't.

Believe this guy? He's late.

He picked the time and the place.


Uh, John, that thing's coming in pretty low.

I think it's locked on to your truck.

Shit, he's locked on to my car.


Let him go. But it's carrying an AR.

John. Let him go.

Okay, that got my attention.



You must be Sharp? You must be John Harmon.

Yeah, I'm Harmon, but I'm still waiting for the answer to my question.

Yeah, Matthew Sharp.

That's some pretty nice piloting you did out there. I might have a job for you.

So Rivera's group has moved into Puerto Rico to try to grab the heroin trade.

Drugs come in to the states through smuggling corridors in Arizona, Texas, and California.

They're shipped to New Mexico then trucked to the eastern seaboard.

At the FBI, we have a saying that applies to Puerto Rico.

No customs, no problem.

See that's what it's about.

I mean, they have a situation now where... it's kind of very distinct, you know.

'Cause US territory means that any shipments departing the United States are not required to clear customs.

So shipping the drugs to the eastern seaboard from Puerto Rico is easier than using the established smuggling cartel routes and trucking the stuff across country.

And now that Rivera's controlling it, he's trying to set up a new situation. He's trying to set up a new supply.

And I think that's what this meeting's about.

The company's well aware of the ambitions of Rivera and others like him.

But until it leaves our borders it's DEA and FBI territory.

Intel has really shown us unequivocally and absolutely that Rivera is joining forces with the Islamic fundamentalists.

And there's where he'll get new supply, new man power, new routes.

Al-Mujahid is gonna get them all their quarters which gives them new access... to bring anybody and anything they want... into the US, and that's scary.


If it's good enough for the heroin trade, it's good enough for Rivera.

We all know that devout believers, real believers of all faiths, have nothing to do with the rise in violence across the world, but... that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything to stop it.

In my book, it makes it our duty to stop it.

That's right. We don't give a fuck about anybody's fucking religion.

We don't care about what their ethnicity is, we don't care.

We let everybody do what they want. It's like the great Genghis Khan once said, "Practice your own religion, but pay tax to me."

It's like a monkey trying to fuck a football now, really.

This whole thing, it's just a fucking mess.

Anyway, my intel is telling me right now that...

Rivera's supposedly holding a summit.

Supposed to be a big meeting within the next 48 hours.

It's my job to stop that meeting from happening.

First, we need a car.

Let's see.

Looks like I found the perfect one.

Rivera collects vintage American cars.

How's a canary yellow Camaro sound to you?

It's a little small but it'll stand out.

Sharp, you in position?

In position.

Rivera's pulling up now.

Is our other party close?

Not yet.

Good, I'm getting into position, Zara's heading inside now.

Zara, you copy?

Go, Harmon.

What's your 20?

At the elevators, eighth floor.

Stay put I'm coming in the side door.

Sharp, I need you to look into target room on the eighth floor.

I'm on it.

Come on, where are you?


Still looking.

Who the fuck are you?

Sharp, you're killing me.


Harmon, room 826.

Zara, get me clearance on the other side.

Good afternoon, ma'am. How can I help? Could you connect me to room 825?

Of course, ma'am. May I have the name of your guest please?

O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan.

825. 825, 825...

I'm very sorry, ma'am, but this room is vacant.

Can I have the name of your party again?

O'Sullivan. Let me just check and make sure I have the right room.

It will help, thank you very much.


Vacant, it's all yours, Harmon. Copy that. Sharp are we covered?

Like white on rice.


I got my eyes on you, Harmon. All good.

No answer, I'll have to check back in a few. Sorry for the bother.

No problem.

No, no.

My friend... just you and me.

You should go. It's enough.

I'll go with you.

You two watch the lobby and you make sure that Mr. Rauf makes it back to the Palace Hotel without incident, okay.

Let's go.

Harmon, you got company. Sending you an image now.

Alright, stand by. Jefe... they are on their way up now.

It's enough. I'll go with you.

You two watch...

Ayan Al-Mujahid. Former number two man, Hezbollah, in charge of the bomb makers.

Fully assumed control back in September after the US drone strike took out his brother.

His whereabouts is, at the moment, unknown.

Looks like we just found him. Gate four.

At last, no more middlemen.

I trust the plane was satisfactory, right?

I see you already met my assistants. Belicio, Augustine.

Why are they here? I told you, they are my assistants.

They're nothing but killers.

Yes, and they happen to be very good at what they do.

Do you have problem with that?

What's wrong with you? Do you have a problem, asshole?

Shut up!

Sure, no problem, jefe.

What the fuck is that?

What is what?

Is that a camera?

Ayan, we aren't in the desert.

This is a five star hotel on some of the most expensive stretch of land in Istanbul.

Something is not right here.



You don't think that I... that I'm surveilling you without your knowledge here?

I think you're acting maybe a little paranoid, my friend.

Rivera, it's not paranoia if they are really after you.

And I'm not your friend.

I am, however, used to things not going to plan.

People dying because of what I believe needs to be done for my cause.

The merging of your organization and ours is beneficial to both of us in many ways.

However, just because I need your help, it doesn't mean I don't think of you as nothing more than an infidel that I'd rather see dead and buried in the sand.

This should cover the plane you sent.

I'm heading back to the Palace Hotel to check on the package.

The meeting will take place as previously discussed.

At your compound by the Rumeli Feneri.

If any other suspicious events will occur between now and then...

I can assure you of two things.

One, the meeting will not take place.

And two, the last face that you'll see before you are buried in the sand will be mine, smiling.

Mujahid is now on his way to the lobby.

They bought it. Nice flying, Sharp.

Time to get the fuck out of here.

Just go down to the lobby and make sure nothing suspicious happens while you do.

Get someone out and ask who's flying that fucking drone.

Zara, give me coordinates on my secure site... and an accurate schematic, if you can.

Soon as you log the time for the meeting.

Copy that.

Sharp, I'm gonna beat Al-Mujahid. Meet me back at the safe house.

Copy that.

What's Rivera's Camaro doing here?

The drone.

There, come on.


Harmon, I've been made.

I got two players at the elevators.

There's a third in the elevator with him.

Good to know they're out numbered.

He's heading to his car.

Yeah, I know.

It's his car, alright.

I'm calling Rivera. Yeah, okay.

Did you take this car?

Looks like time for phase two.

Jefe, we gotta go now.

Harmon, Rivera's on the move.

Follow him. But if he suspects you, back off and then go.

We're just setting a hook, not scaring him.

Copy that. I'll keep peaking him 'til you do.

Then I'll get gone.

One hundred Euro.

There's one just like it if you follow that black car.

And a third if you forget you ever picked me up.

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm on my lunch break, so...

That's what I like to hear.

Tell me, have any of you noticed the tail?

Since the hotel.

Lose him, lose him now.

Game on.

They finally picked me up. How are you doing with Rivera?

He hasn't spotted me yet. We're heading east. I'm thinking Zariyash district.

That's a good bet. I'm gonna turn up the heat a little bit.

You back off and meet me at the safe house in 30 minutes.

Copy that, out.

Okay, lunch break's over. New destination, Zariyash district.

I'll tell you where to go when we get closer.

Sure like doing business with you, ma'am.

The tail is turning around. In the cab?


Must be the Arabs.

I'm not sure what kind of game Ayan is trying to play with me.

Put the Turkish team from the hotel on the cab.

And no more fuckups this time. Understand?

Claro. Good.

Analyzing voice patterns.

It's not paranoia if they are really after you.

Synthesizing voice for Al-Mujahid.

Ayan. Rivera.

I warned you about doing anything suspicious, didn't I?

Ayan, I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about and why you call me on an unsecure line.

Do you own a yellow Camaro? You know I do.

Please tell me why it's following me at this moment.

Who has my car? What?

Who has my car? It's at the compound. Why?

Because this guy is telling me in this moment that my car is following him.

It's impossible.

Ayan, I have no idea who is following you in my car.

I warned you that anymore bullshit and I call off the meeting.

Are you telling me?

Yeah, I swear.

Harmon, go. The safe house, boss.

Good, Zara's right behind you. I'll be there in 10.

They take the bait? What do you think?

Harmon, speak to me.

We're gonna need to get rid of the car.

Harmon, go. It's Beck.

Of all the people for Rivera to be partnering with, Ayan Al-Mujahid is one of the most dangerous, Beck.

That's why he's CIA territory. That's all I can say.

And you would know?

Yes, even though I'm not CIA I think I would know.

But there's another objective because there usually is.

As I already told you, I'm not CIA, so I wouldn't know.

And as I am also not working for the Agency, I'm just a reactivated asset, maybe you could tell me why.

Why? Because we would be searching all over Mexico to find this location if it wasn't for you and your team.

So why did you reactivate me?

Because you killed the bear, John. And now I need you to kill someone else.

Al-Mujahid and Jose Rivera are gonna seal this fucking deal tomorrow night unless I act on this intel right away.

What do you have to say about that?

I've got a delta team en route to handle that very problem for you.

Like you said, Hawk, we don't need you or your team to end up being the villain if this thing goes south.

You did what you needed to do, pinpoint and locate the meeting.

Now it's time to do what you do best, alone.

You know if I remember correctly, Beck... you came to me hat in hand. You begged me to help.

Look, I'm here, off the books, because I need to reactivate a cold asset.

I had my reservations, but I agreed.

All I asked was at the time you be straight with me.

And somehow, in the back of my mind...

I'm getting this strange little voice telling me... they're not being straight with you.

And I don't think you are.

And I was, John. Just think about it.

The money, the resources, the team.

Now I'm tasking you with another objective. Comes from the top.

You're the CIA's best wet mechanic, and you're already in country.

That was no accident, okay?

Who is the target?

Is the real target Al-Mujahid?

No. Is the target in that room?


Do you want my team to stand down?


So you want me to act alone. Yes.

Who is the target? Abdul Rauf.

You know the name, John. The third Crimea Airlines bomber.

The one who actually made the bomb that took down the plane with 238 innocent people on board.

Welcome to Crimea Flight A-450.

Please step out of the aisle while stowing your carry on baggage to allow other passengers to pass.

Welcome to Crimea flight A-450.

Please step out of the aisle while stowing your carry on baggage to allow other passengers to pass.

He's a bad one, John.

CIA trained. He's about to activate cells in the US.

He's the package. The one being smuggled in by Rivera.

This alliance is all so Al-Mujahid can get Rauf into the US.

So have your team pack up their gear.

I'll set up an exit route for you on USS Mount Whitney in three hours.

Their mission is over. Get it done, John, and come home.

So that's it?

Well, as far as he's concerned, for you two, that's it.

As far as I'm concerned, it's not it.

You don't think I had anything to do with this, do you?

I don't know, man. I think that if you're asking me if you had anything to do with Beck pulling us from the job one minute after he received enough information to pass it on up the food chain, I would say no.

Okay, thanks.

That was my office, there's nothing I can do.

Beck really thinks it's a good idea to pull us out before we finish the job?

He does have other operational plans.

You're staying on. I am.

You have a new objective. I'm not gonna listen to any of his shit.

I'll make him think I am, but I'm not.

You're gonna stay on and we will kick ass together.

Nothing's gonna change, we'll finish what we started. You hear?

And how do we do that? Like this. You're gonna love this.

What are you guys cooking up?

See, we already have all the leg work done.

We've got the location, the time of the meet, and the players. And that's really all Beck cares about.

What we also did was create a situation where... we've pitted these guys against each other.

They suspect each other, that's gonna fuck up the meeting, and pretty soon they're gonna wanna kill each other.

Cy ops. Well, that's kinda how we do.

Anyway, we've just succeeded in burning these bitches to the ground, because Rivera can't figure out why his Arab partners decided to wage a secret war against him at this critical junction.

He doesn't know that they haven't, and we have.

So you're altering his official file. Beck's gonna know that's been dummied up.

It's not for Beck.

This is for Rivera.

So you're setting up Al-Mujahid with Rivera.

What about the other way around?

Al-Mujahid's the mastermind behind all of this.

Without his desire for this meeting to take place, Rivera would be content running the drug trade.

There's no doubt that Al-Mujahid knows the value of this access into the US.

So much so that he's willing to put up with all the perceived indignities to make it happen. And his threat to pull out is just that, threats.

Because he has resident cells placed inside the US, what does he need to activate them? Transient cells, someone smuggled in.

He'd give anything for that. And for that, he needs Rivera.

Rivera's compound.

Anyway, the location of the meeting's in 24 hours, guys.

This is the alarm system command and control.

Rivera 1-4-6-9-2-5 override.

Rivera 1-4-6-9-2-5 override.

What'd you just do? Shut off the alarm system.

How does that affect Al-Mujahid?

Who turned off the alarm, and why?


It's become all too regular for you to be calling me like this.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Do you know that you threatened to march, you piece of shit.

Or maybe I just call your bluff, hmm.

I'm a businessman, I do business.

You said that you want to call off the meeting.

Fine, call the meeting, fine.

But my humor has a limit.

And then I become a real asshole.

And when I'm a real asshole, I sometimes forget about my business agreements.

Understand me?

You mean to tell me that you have had nothing to do with the drone surveillance?

What the fuck is that?

What is what? Is that a camera?

The attempt on my life in your flashy yellow car?

And now the very suspicious disarming of your alarm system right before our meeting at your compound.

Do not think for one moment that I don't know my value for the CIA.

You forget my real reason for making this agreement.


Must be that all your good humor is used up.

Is that it?

So being the businessman that you are, do not think that I'm foolish enough not to see a double cross when one present itself.

You're more paranoid than Pablo Escobar ever was.

I suggest you rethink your priorities and call me back.

I will give you...

30 minutes.

Ayan, please believe... this 30 minutes... are the most important 30 minutes of your entire existence.

You know, this could get back to us.

In my opinion if this works, they're gonna pat us on the back and take all the credit.

If it doesn't, they'll swoop in with the D-boys and kill everybody.

Either way we will have finished the job we started.

I'm gonna pack up my gear and I'll meet you at the extraction point in two hours.

It's been awhile since I've seen you like that.

You're the one looking like that. It's been a while since I've seen you like that.

I thought I closed those.


Get the other one.

How long?

Forty-five minutes. Rivera or Al-Mujahid?

Rivera. So she's in the compound.

What's the play? I'm going to get my partner back.

I'll get the van.

Sure like doing business with you, ma'am.

She's awake.

No, she's not.

Zara's cell phone. What? You sure?

...Rauf makes it back to the Palace Hotel without incident, okay.

Come on, get in, I'll fill you in on the drive.

I missed it. Missed what?

It was right under my nose and I missed it.

I'm not following you. This entire meeting was a set up.

It was a set up to get us looking in the wrong direction.

Beck tasked us with putting together a team to locate and disrupt... a meeting between Daish and the cartels.

But mysteriously they won't let us finish it. Why?

Because he's a paid and bought bureaucrat?

Because he thought the real target would be there.

Take a look at this.

You two watch the lobby. And you make sure that Mr. Rauf makes it back to the Palace Hotel without incident, okay?

I know that name. Yeah, we all do.

Abdul Rauf was trained by the Agency.

But that was before he and his buddies blew up the commercial airliner that killed about 238 people.

In Mujahid's file he was in charge of the bomb makers before his brother was killed and... he took over the command and control, so...

If he's carrying a suitcase nuke or a dirty bomb he could decimate a US city in seconds.

See, Beck wants me to take him out before he gets there, but his intel is bad.

He's sending in the D-boys to the wrong location, which means we have no more time.

It means you and I are gonna have to get there and do this.

Alright. So where are we headed?

I'll go with him. You two watch the lobby.

And you make sure that Mr. Rauf makes it back to the Palace Hotel without incident, okay?

Palace Hotel.

Ayan, what the fuck? Where is Rauf?

I was about you to ask you the same thing, Rivera.

Is this how you Mexicans do all your deals?

What the fuck is this?

If my understanding of English is any good, I will say that the man pictured where your picture is supposed to be, doesn't look a thing like Ayan Mujahid.

And to add insult to injury, it says there that you're supposed to be dead.

So, again, where is Rauf?

I see what is going on here. You see?

Please, enlighten me because what I thought is gonna be on was a meeting to seal our alliances.

To create few rules. We have a saying.


The man who speaks, does not plan.

The man who plans, does not speak.

It means I don't think you are behind this.

It looks like CIA to me.

And this is supposed to make me feel better. How?

You aren't smart enough to be working for the CIA.

For the last time, where is Rauf?

We have been compromised, our business is finished.


I want to show you something.

We're here to smuggle Mr. Rauf into the United States, no?

So time to make the deal.

Is this a joke?

You're right, there seems to be a third party in our midst.

Vamos, princesita.

Harmon, eyes are up. What's your 20?

Entering now.

We're moving out now.

Begin sweeping the grounds and meet us in the conference room.

Copy that.

Who the fuck are you?

Gotcha. Third floor. Wait.

They're moving Rauf out now.

Land your bird and get in here and back me up.

Going upstairs. Copy that.

Hey, wait.

Who are you?

It looks like someone decided to cancel our arrangement.

What do you mean? Her?

She's just a fucking woman. Enough.

Benicio, untie her and give her something to drink.

We'll see if she's more than just a woman.

Boss, come with me, now.

Come on, boss, we have to get you out of here.

Let's go. I want Rauf.

If I have Rauf, I have all the leverage to get out of this mess.

Stupid bitch!

Uh-uh, come on.

Copy that. Team two closing the perimeter.

Come on.

What happened to Ghassan?

Adentro, linda. Ahí la tiene, jefe.

Compound is clear. No sign of Rivera.

Copy. You hear that, Harmon? D-boys are clearing the compound.

No sign of Rivera or Zara.

Yeah, Sharp, I've located the target.

Ground floor conference room, near the back.

Two guards posted. Two guards.

I've located the main power box. On my count.

Three, two, one.

Rivera got through, repeat Rivera on the run.

Mr. Rauf.

Peace be upon you.

And upon you, peace.

How are you, friend?

Praise be to God.

Do you know why I'm here?

Do you know why you're here? I'm here because... the CIA hates it when they train somebody... who takes what they've given them and... makes a lot of money to finance terrorist activities.

Is that what they told you?

Yeah, they told me that and I read a few reports.

But what if I told you that I was ordered to do what I did?

That I know all about the CIA's deep dark secrets from Tripoli to Syria and everything in between.

You know too much. I'd say that's why I'm a target.

I commend you for telling the truth.

I just can't let you come into America and activate these cells.

You actually think that this is a war of religious differences?

It's much bigger than differences in ideologies.

I got it. I understand warriors fighting for their cause, for their countries, for their religion, whatever they believe in their ideology.

But I draw the line when it comes to killing innocent women and children.

Every ultimate goal comes at this price.

This is where we really, really... have a big difference of opinion.


Rivera got through, he's got Zara.

Then he's coming here.

You go that way. Come with me. Move.

Go fuck your mother, asshole!

Fuck you, puta.

Let's go home.

We're done here, Sharp.

The paradigm has changed, not shifted.

What we do is protect the people of the United States of America.

And the American people and all the elected officials don't need to know what we do, how we do it, or who we do it to.

All they need to know is... when they go to bed at night and turn out the lights... that they're safe.

First we need a car.