Contracted: Phase II (2015) Script

Ma'am, you need to sit down, you've just been in an accident.

Hey, get back.

Sam? Honey, it's me, it's Mom.

Ma'am, stay where you are.

Ma'am, we need you to stay where you are.

I said, stay right there.

Officers, she's my daughter.

She's my daughter, Sam. Honey, it's me.

Come to me. It's gonna be okay.

I hate blood.

Makes me queasy.

Okay, just apply some pressure.

So, what exactly am I testing for here?


Okay, care to narrow that down a bit?

Everything, just... everything.

Hope she was worth it.

Look, relax, okay? It's a lot harder for guys to get these things.

I'm sure you're fine and we'll have your test results back in a week.

I can't wait a week.

Okay... look, I'll put a rush on it, I'll call you when I get the results, but you are gonna owe me. Fair enough. Thank you, thank you.

And please, if you don't mind, don't tell my sister about this. Alright?

I can't stand another fucking life lecture from her right now.

Relax, okay, you are the least of her worries right now.

She's about to pop, I mean, between the fucking hypnobirthing classes and the mood swings these 16-hour shifts are like a vacation.

Alright, so, I'm gonna bring the nurse in she's gonna give you some ointment and... a sucker.

Green apple or blue raspberry?

Green apple. Alright.

The fuck?






Oh, my God, I had... I had no idea.


Yeah, over... yeah, I can... anyway I can help. What's the... address?

Riley McCormick, I'm Detective Young.

Nice to meet you.

You want some water? No, I'm okay.

You want some tea? No, I'm good, thanks.

It's just... just a few follow up questions.

Okay. How well did you know Alice Patrick?

Pretty well.

Holy shit.

She was a family friend.


She would come over during the holidays.

Alice. Alice.

She and my sister were in dance together, so...

I can call somebody.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna call someone to help us.

Alice, please.

Please. I'm gonna call somebody...

Yeah, we were pretty close.

When was the last time you saw her?

Saturday night at a party.

And Samantha Williams?

What about her? She's an attractive girl.

I'm going through changes.

Yeah, I guess so. How well did you know her?

Just... friend of a friend.

I need someone that cares.

I care.

You must have really liked her restaurant a lot?

You were there a lot, no? We would go there sometimes.

It was just a place to hang out. We all hang... we all hang out there.

Did you and Samantha ever hang out?

That feel okay? Yeah.

God, it tingles.

There's something moving in there. Oh, my God!

Fuck is wrong with you?

She had a girlfriend.

She dated a bartender who worked at Toddy's.

Her name was Nikki, I think.

Nikki Peyser. She's dead too.

Jesus, I didn't know... I didn't know... You sure you don't want some tea?

Am I in trouble?

Can you tell me what happened last Saturday night?

You know what?

I've been over all of this twice already.

The last guy who came in here, I told him everything.

Did you see anyone at the party who was unusual?


No, not that I recall.

We should stop.

We... we were just all there to have a good time.

Have you seen anyone who resembles this man?

Who is he?

Have you seen him?

Yeah, he was at the party. With Samantha Williams?

Jesus Christ.

I've got 4 dead bodies... and 3 missing girls.

I'm just trying to put the pieces together.

I'm sorry, are we done?

For now.



What? Don't "what" me.

Brenda, this really isn't a good time.

Well, I've been trying to call you all day. Well, I've been a little tied up, Brenda.

Are you still coming tomorrow? To what?

Alice's memorial?

Right. So you're coming then?

A memorial service isn't gonna bring her back.

Yeah, well... let's not cry because she's gone... let's smile because she happened.

Oh, God. Is that in your new book? Fuck off.

Do you like it?

I'll see you tomorrow.

Wear something nice, okay? Yeah.

I love you.

Hey, grandma. Hey.

How you doin'?

Been talking to detectives all day.

I'm sorry about your friends.

Don't be such a pussy.

It'll put hair on your chest.

Never gets any easier.

Burying your friends.

Your family.

When my Harold died...

I didn't know, you know?

I just didn't see any point in... going on.

But then I decided to stay.

For your mom and for you.

And I'm glad I did.

Thank you.

Detective Young, please.

Unit needed at the intersection of Victory and Van Nuys.

Cruiser 216 responding. Copy, cruiser 216.

Hey, what's the deal with those... air fresheners, anyways?

Alright, you're fucking weird.

That's 200.


This is not $200.

Officers, we have a lookout for California plate 1 Bravo 8-9-6-1-4, approach with caution.

Good morning.


It's freezing in here.

You feel okay?


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Police are still looking for a connection between the brutal murders of 4 women.

Alice Patrick, Nikki Peyser, Samantha Williams and Nancy Williams, and this man, Brent Jaffe, who authorities say is suspect of various sexual assaults.

Anyone with any information about individuals matching the description of Brent Jaffe are urged to contact the police immediately.

Samantha Williams...

Hey, Harper.

Hi. I just heard.

How are you? I'm alright.

Let me help you with that.

How's Margie? Margie is still kickin' ass.

That is some cold sore you've got there.

Come take a seat, let me take care of that.

Hello? Oh, excuse me.


What did you do to yourself?

You really wanna know?

Alright, talk to me.

The test results are in. And?

You're clean.

Fuck. You sure?

Yeah, I mean, we'll have to check back in a few months but... yeah, you're clean as a whistle.

I could kiss you right now.

Yeah, please don't.

We didn't... we didn't thoroughly check you for mouth AIDS, so...

Listen, I really appreciate this. I fucking owe you one, man.

Yeah, no... no problem. Just be glad you don't have what Samantha had, God.

Why? What'd she have?

Well, they're not really telling me much but my buddy over at the coroners office said it's some kind of necrotic STD, it's really gnarly shit.

Shit. Yeah.

Wait, you didn't fuck her, did you? Wha... no... what? No.

Okay, good. Alright, man, well... you know let me know if anything changes and...

Yeah, sure. Yeah, just call me, okay?

I'll see you tonight.

Everything alright?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Just thinkin' about... about everything, about Alice and Samantha and... then I've got the memorial thing tonight and I just don't know if I have it in me.

Why don't you two... go together?

Oh, that's a really good idea, grandma, but it's not really a fun thing. Trust me.

I don't have any plans tonight.

Yeah, sure.

Okay. Pick me up on your way? Okay.

What you deserve is disease.

What you deserve is plague.

All the people around you, your sons and daughters your brothers and sisters, their bodies stacked around you like firewood leaking blood and pus.

All the physical that you held so dear.

Everything that turned you on... now rotted and stinking from the very... Quiet!

Abaddon is coming.

Hey, Debbie, come on in.

You know you're late, right? I'm sorry.

And you missed last week's session. I know, I'm sorry.

No, don't apologize to me, just tell me what's up.

Look, I know withdrawal can be difficult but you have to start taking these sessions seriously. I know, I know.

I can't help you unless you wanna be helped.

You can talk to me. I won't be upset.

Debbie, look at me, are you using again?

Are you?


It's under my skin. What do you mean it's under your skin?

It's under my skin.

Debbie, don't do that... It won't stop.

Don't do that, Debbie, look at me. It won't stop.

Debbie, look at me, stop.

It won't stop. Ricky!


Oh, hell no. Ricky! Ricky, what the fuck?

Won't stop, it won't stop.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sorry.

Yeah, it's tough.

I mean, she was cool.

I just think it's tacky.

How can you say that? All of her friends are here.

Exactly. It's a celebration of her life.

With your book? I think... I'm dedicating it.

You know, I just feel like it's the most...

Hey. Hi.

Harper. I'm... James.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Hey, bud.

You look nice, and you must be... Harper, hi.

Brenda, Riley's sister.

You look great.

How far along are you? Oh, 8 and a half months.

I love your dress.

I've never had the confidence to wear something so tight.

You know, I didn't know that Riley was seeing anyone.

Oh, oh, we're not...

Oh, so you guys are... just friends?

Brenda. What?

Just use a condom next time.

It was great to meet you. And I'm really glad you're here.

I'm gonna grab another drink.

I think I'll join you.


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt.

We are here today... to mourn Alice.

To... remember her life and to celebrate her.

She was a woman who... made everybody smile.

And I know that as her friends, she would want us to celebrate the life that we have left.

And that's why...

I've decided to dedicate my new book...

"A Better You, Change From Within..." to Alice's memory.


And now, if you'd like to gather around, Dewey's written a song in her honor.

This is excruciating.

I... I gotta... I gotta...


Oh, God, no. Oh, God, no.


That was beautiful. Wasn't that beautiful?

Yeah, it was somethin'.

I was so hungry.

Riley? Yeah.

Hey, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, just... just allergies.

If you're not feeling well we can... we can take off.

Wanna grab a drink or something? Yeah, I'd like that.

Yeah, yeah, let's get out of here.

It was beautiful.

Do you think it's on iTunes yet, or... Yeah.

Happy occasion.

My sister is... A bitch?


Thank you for taking such good care of her.

It's easy. She's...

She's fun, you know?

Yeah. I like being around her.

Honestly, I think Margie's been looking for an excuse to set us up for a while.

She's an interesting woman, isn't she?


Do you wanna hear a joke?


Okay. A guy walks into a bar.

And he says to the bartender, "Give me ten shots."

And the bartender says, "Ten shots?

You really, really want ten shots, dude?" And the guy's like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"You know, you'd want ten shots too if you had what I have."

So the bartender sets up ten shots.

Guy throws back all ten of 'em.

The bartender leans in and he says, "I gotta ask, man. What do you have?"

And the guy says "75 cents."

That's good.

I'll be right back.

Should we get you something?


He's had a few too many.

Next one's on me.

Riley, Riley, Riley. I've been watching you.

You and I have a relationship now.

I gave it to Sam.

My own little Typhoid Mary.

Sam gave it to you.

Part of me is flowing through you.

And you are testing my patience.

Relax, we just started talking.

I never get to talk to anybody.

Please go back, ma'am, or I'll fucking shoot you.

No idea what's about to happen.

You don't have much time left.

And you have so much to lose.

Sleep tight, Riley. We'll be seeing each other again soon enough.

Hey, this is Riley, I'm not feelin' 100% today.

Sorry for not calling earlier. I don't think I'm gonna make it in.

Alright. Bye.

Oh, fuck!

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Oh, my God.

The CDC has called for a complete quarantine on the Petrino Memorial Hospital.

They are asking for anyone experiencing flu like symptoms or redness of the eyes to immediately seek medical attention.

Anonymous sources say this is connected to the shocking events...

Love you, grandma. surrounding Samantha Williams...

Gotta run.

The police did, however conduct a raid on Jaffe's house finding a gruesome discovery of several decomposed women.

Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up.

Harper, this is Riley.

Look, I'm really sorry about last night but some shit has hit the fan.

I need you to call me back.

Fuck! James, it's Riley, listen.

I need you to call me back. Whatever you do, don't leave the house.

Just call me back, okay? I'll explain everything.




Jesus! Oh, God. What the fuck?

I called you, like, te... sorry.

I called you like ten times. What the fuck? What do you want?

Well, I just, I need to talk to you for a second.

Yeah, well, give me a minute, alright?

Yeah, I didn't... didn't mean to interrupt.

It is my day off. Do you have any idea how fucking rare that is?

We need to get you to the hospital right now.

No. No, no, no, no, no. Not yet.

No, no, no, yes, yes, everyone who was in quarantine is dead now.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Yeah, I understand, look at my fucking face.

Listen, there's this guy named BJ and I think he's the one that killed Alice and Samantha and now he is after me.

No, no... We are all in danger.

We need to take you to the hospital. No.

No, no... Just come with... Just lock your door, okay?

I'll come back.

Detective Young?

Special Agent Dalton, CBD.

Chemical Biological Defense, Homeland Security.

I have something you need to hear.

Mankind is a bacteria that needs to be obliterated.

Locusts will tear at your flesh and chew on your bones.

A new beginning, an eternal night, wrath like never before cleansing society and all I ever wanted was to feel.

To feel anything, pain, love, anger.

I am death. I am disease.

I am the end.

Fuck. I am death.

I am disease.

I am the end. I am...

The Bureau started getting threats from Jaffe a little over a year ago.

He was just a nut job at first then he started sending a tape a day.

My God.

His threat level went from elevated to sociopath.

Why is the government involved in this? Because last month he was a run of the mill sociopath, now he's a threat to national defense.

So he's planning an attack?

He's way past planning we're trying to contain it.

Contain what? A highly contagious viral pathogen.

A 100% mortality rate. Beyond that, we have no fucking idea.

Okay, so you're saying he's spreading a disease?

No. I'm saying he is the disease.

Oh, shit.

Let us know if something comes up.

Detective Young. Yeah.

We need him alive.

You got it.

Hi. The... rubbing alcohol, please?

Sewing kit?

The... lighter.


And... and a box cutter.

Yeah, that's the one.

Anything else?

Do you have any whiskey?

What kind? Any kind will do.

Just any kind of whiskey.

How about this? That's great.

Are you alright, son?


And where's your bathroom?

It's around back.

Oh, fuck.

Come on, fucking come out!

Just come out!

Got you, bitch!

You have reached Margie McCormick. You know what to do.



Detective Young, this is Riley. Listen, I need you to go to my house right now.

I think my grandmother might be in danger. BJ found me last night and he is after me.

I need you to go to my house, call me back.

I know today we were gonna be talking about how nature maps amino acids into proteins but we're gonna have a pop quiz on chapter 8 which was the reproductive system of the bonobo monkey.

And the reason...

What are you doing here?

I came to see you, are you okay? I'm in the middle of class.

I mean, are you feeling sick?

I'm fine. What happened last night?

Oh, my God, your eyes. You're infected.

I slept with my contacts in.

Really, I'm fine. No. No, you are not fine.

Listen, you have to come with me right now.

What is going on? Do you trust me?

Of course I trust you. But you're acting like a fucking lunatic.

What did you do to your face?

I will explain everything to you but I need you to come with me right now.

No, not when you're acting like this!

Harper, you know this guy?

Oh, Jesus. It's fine.

Harper. Let's go.

Come on, bro, she's not going with you anywhere.

Get your fucking hand off me.

Dude, just piss off or else it's gonna get a little ugly.

It's already ugly, bro. And why don't you mind your own fucking business?

Guys, stop!

Come on, let's go.

The hell?

What the fuck is going on? The guy that the cops are after...

I saw him raping Samantha. Oh, my God.

I saw him raping Samantha and I just stood there, I didn't do anything about it.

I'm a piece of shit.

He saw me. I got his license plate number.

And I gave it to the cops and now he wants me dead.

He drugged me at the bar last night and that guy is fucking out of his mind.

He threatened me, he threatened my family, you.

What's happening to us?

BJ infected Samantha, Samantha infected me and now we're both sick.

But we never...

Oh, my God!

I kissed you. Yeah.

It's my fault.

Look, I would take you to the hospital but they're quarantining everybody.

No one's getting out of there.

We gotta find BJ.

If we find him, he might have a cure he's not showing any of the symptoms or signs of whatever this thing is.

Mrs. McCormick?

Is everything okay?

Mrs. McCormick?

Mrs. McCormick?

Oh, no. What is that?

Mrs. McCormick? It's the police. Your grandson sent us to check on you.

What the fuck?

Do not move. If you move, I'm gonna shoot you! Do you understand me?


Oh, fuck!


Oh, God.

I know, I know. Almost done.

I'm worried about my grandmother. She never answered the phone.

Margie's gonna be fine.

She's tough.

Yeah, she is.

Fuck. What?

My eye is just killing me.

You okay? Yeah.

I'm gonna go take my contacts out. Alright.

Oh, my God.

Detective Young? Riley, don't hang up.

It's about your grandmother.

She's dead, Riley.

She was infected.

I know BJ was behind this. You need to tell us everything you know.

How are you feeling?

Are you sick too?


What happened?

My eye.

I'm sorry. What did you do to me?

I didn't start this but I'm gonna get the guy who did.

Hey, sis, it's me. I just wanted to give you a quick call.

I just really appreciate everything that you've ever... that you've ever done for me.

I just wanted you to know that I think you're gonna make a really, really great mother.

And... just go easy on the little guy, okay?

This might be the last time you ever hear from me.

I love you so much. And...

I love you.

Hey, man. What the fuck happened to you?

We're in some trouble, we need some help.

Sure, like... you need a ride or something? To the emergency room?

No, no, something else.

I'll be honest, you are the last person I expected to see here, and Riley I don't wanna make a big deal about it, but... you and your friend look like fucking shit. What's up? I'm Zain, by the way.

So what're you looking for? OCs, Vikes, what's up?

I need a gun. Fucking guns, bro?

Do I look like Ted-Fucking-Nugent? Don't answer that.

Dude, I sell fucking recreational shit here, okay?

I sell good times, I help people and I don't fucking kill them, okay?

How much cash you got?

Alright, I got a .45, .357, 12 gauge, if you wanna get all John Woo and shit.

Twins. It's a 100 for the pistols and 200 for the shotgun and I'll throw in an extra clip and two boxes of rounds just 'cause, you know, we're friends.

You ever shot one of those things before?


But I've seen lots of movies. Oh, okay.

So... 200?

150? Can't go any lower than 150, sorry.

You know this guy, right?

Alright. Zain, this doesn't have to get ugly, alright?

I don't want you to fuck with me, I just want you to tell me where does he live.

Just tell me.

Dude... I sell a lot of fucking drugs to a lot of fucking people, I don't know where they all live. I don't even know where my mother lives.

I need you to stop bullshitting me, Zain, this guy is fucking dangerous.

Dude... dude, relax.

You invited him to that party now you tell me where he is.


I'm running out of time here. I need you to tell me where he lives, Zain.

You need to get to a fucking hospital.

I'm already fucking dead and I'm taking him with me.

What're we gonna do?

Drop the weapon! Fuck!

Get down on the ground, put your hands up.

Get on the ground! Right now!

I need an emergency medical team here immediately.

Will you tell me what's wrong?

Riley! Riley! Riley!

Riley, what's happening?


Harper. She's seizing.

Harper! Harper.

Where are you taking her?

Losing her, losing her.

Get oxygen.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Come on, honey, hang in there. Alright, paddles. Paddles.

Everyone clear!

She's gone.

We'll take it from here.

Hi. Hey.

Where's Harper?

There's 37 new cases since this morning.

It's spreading.

I really need your help.

I need to know everything that you know about him.

Hello, Riley McCormick's room, please.

I'm done.

It's too late.

It's not too late. It's too late.

427, first room on the left. Thank you.

Please just tell me.

He's a maniac.

Look what's happening out there...

Detective. Yeah.

Can I talk to you for a minute? Sure.

Don't move.

It's okay, go ahead. Just go, it's okay, I'll be alright.


Got a 10-33... are you feeling okay? Yeah.

Got a 10-33. We're undermanned. Radio's going crazy.

We're gonna respond, we got some other units on the way.

You gonna be alright if we... Yeah. for a little bit? Yeah.



You look amazing.

I'm proud of you, Riley. Bastard.

You've done so well.


I think it's time that we escalate things, don't you?

You're a real son of a bitch, you know that?

Don't fucking move. Crystal, put down the gun!

Dr. Morris, dial 182, please.

Don't fucking move.

Don't you touch that, don't you touch that. Shit!

There's a lot of sick people in this building.

Be a shame if something happened to them.


No one move. Everyone stay where you are.

Fuck. Fuck.

Everything will be fine eventually.

I'll kill you. You're not gonna kill me, detective.

I'm the only thing that can save you.

Do you ever feel like the Egyptians?

Powerless as the wrath of God... is crashing down around your head.

Get on the fucking ground. The end is here.

Goodbye, Detective Young.

The fuck?

Are you out of your fucking mind?


I'm gonna fucking murder you. Not in this lifetime.

I'm the end.



Hello, Brent.

How're you feeling?

Soon, my friend.

Very soon.