Control (2004) Script

Under power of the State, I am hereby authorized to put you...

Lee Ray Oliver, to death by lethal injection.

Is there anything you'd like to say?

Fuck you!

Fuck every last one of you!

Fuck you!

Cover that up, please.

Let's get the bag open.

Thank you.

Where am I? You're in the County Morgue, Lee Ray.

I'm not dead.

The injections you got were all saltwater except the anaesthetic.

What the fuck is going on? You're getting an opportunity... to be part of a medical research project.

If you agree to participate in the experiment...

I'll take you toe tag here put it on that body over there.

He'll be cremated, you'll go on with these gentlemen.

If you don't agree the doctor will inject you with sodium pentathol... and the execution will proceed right now in this room.

What kind of experiment?

It's a behaviour modifying drug trial.

Who the fuck are you? I'm a neuropharmacologist.

I'm involved in the research and development of new drugs.

I like drugs! The drug we're going to give you... is not a narcotic. It won't give you narcotic sensations.

And there may be side effects. Some severe, possibly fatal.

You want me to be a guinea pig? No, you'll be a test subject.

You have 1 minute to make your decision.

Fuck you, Warden!


This is your last chance to do something good in your life.

A chance to give something back to society.

Fuck society! What the fuck has society ever done for me?


Just wait!

Wherever we're going I hope it smells better that it did in there.

Let's go.

You greedy fuck!

So now you see how it goes.

Every time I say fuck... he does that! Because you, Warden... have a lot of fucking nerve!

You thought you're gonna get another one, didn't you?

But I said fucking, not fuck.

Please, stop! Didn't I pay you well... to let my men go after Lee Ray in prison?

When Lee Ray offered him instead, did I complain? No.

I didn't give a flying fuck!

I found out the State was gonna execute him. So I am satisfied.

But now you tell me that Lee Ray is actually alive... and that you will find out where he is... if I pay you?

I'm sorry, I'll do it for free. It's fair!

You'll find him, and we'll kill him.

Third time's the charm, right?

Yes, Mr. Vertov. Third time's the...

Don't fuck up!

You'll start off by taking one pill every six hours.

Wait a fucking minute! Wait a minute.

What's this pill gonna do?

My name is Dr. Copeland. I designed the medication you'll be taking.

It's called Anagress. It works by altering the brain's chemistry... by suppressing your violent tendencies. And with you aggression reduced... you'll begin to experience feelings of good will and compassion... a sense of right and wrong, even remorse over past mistakes.

Good fucking luck. This is the first time Anagress... has been tried on humans. We don't know what the side effects are.

Hopefully they're minor: Dry mouth, dizziness, nausea... but there is a chance they could be more severe.

Like what?

Liver failure, brain seizures...

A stroke... Whatever.

Years ago, they might have given you a lobotomy... carved out a piece of your brain like a rotten part of an apple.

But today we're more civilized. We do it biochemically.

I rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!

How long is your little experiment gonna last?

It's never over. You and the other 19 test subjects... will be observed indefinitely.

That' one pill every six hours.

Open wide.

Let's go.

Open back up.

Smart man.

Hey, Michael! How you doing? Good. I'm doing good.


Is that Austin?

He scored two goals in the first half.

He's getting real tall. They grow up so fast, don't they?

Ah, jeez!

I just came to see how the team was doing.

We're doing good.

It's not the same, but... No. Nothing is.


The guy seems a real teddy bear. Two days and not a peep.

I want blood, urine and saliva samples.

I have a PET scan and SPECT scheduled.

Add a cerebral spinal fluid analysis.

Yes, doctor.

Mr. Oliver... we're going to remove your last restraint.

I want you to relax.

I just died and live to talk about it.

It doesn't get more relaxed than this.

Is it all right if I smoke in here?

We have a security breach.

I repeat, we have a security breach.


We got him!

The man is a fucking animal. He's perfect!

Hey, Aiku!

Shit! Zone 8 activated.

Zone 8 activated. Aiku!

Hello. There you are!

I've been looking for you everywhere. You've changed the code again.

I'm sorry. We agreed you were gonna call before you came by.

It's my weekend. You knew I was coming by.

I forgot. I'm sorry. How unusual!

Hello, Aiku! How are you?

What happened? You look terrible! It was a rough day at the office.

You look terrific, by the way.

I got a call from Jenny. She said you showed up at the soccer match.

That was fast! She was worried about you.

And I'm worried about you too.

I just wanted do feel what it was like to...

be there again.

I hurt too, you know. I know.

That's why I've gotta go. I know that too.

Come on. Time to go to mom's house. Next time I call before I come.

All right. Come on!

You never told me your ex was so beautiful.

How long have you been here? Not long.

I was just in the pool and I saw her drive up.

It wouldn't be a brilliant idea for me to be towelling off in the living room.

I went upstairs and hid in your closet.

How's your jaw?

The truth?

I'm gonna make you feel better. Make me forget everything.

Can you do that for me?

I can try.

What the hell is going on? Take the pill first.

Where's my hair? Where's my tattoos?

Erased. Like your past.

In the next few weeks we'll be making changes on your outside... while the medication changes you on the inside.

After what you guys did to me, you guys should be taking these pills!

OK, but you first.


The guy is pretty good. Beat my high score.

Seratonine metabolate levels?

Barely registering.

The guy is a textbook sociopath.

Is it true he stabbed an inmate in the eye with a screwdriver?

Yes. He goes for the head.

Increase game difficulty. Ok.

Let's crank it up to mach 5.

How'd he do with his MMPI? Just what you'd expect from... a guy with antisocial personality disorder... with psychotic tendencies. And that's just for starters.

Your fucking thing is rigged!

You can't hit a thing!


This fucking thing is rigged!

Get the fuck...

Get the fuck... thing is rigged!

This thing is fucked up! It's a broken machine!

Get the fuck outta here!

Fix your fucking machine!

There goes 10 grand.

Take it out of my paycheck.

Nikolai Vertov. 27 years old.

Do you ever feel bad about taking his life?

Bad? I feel really bad. You do? Tell me.

If I'd known the motherfucker was the nephew of a Russian mobster...

I never would've robbed him, let alone put a bullet through his head.

Manoel Jose Gutierrez.

You ever been in prison, Doc? Let's not get distracted.

I didn't think so. It's probably not what you're exactly used to.

The Russian mobster took a contract out on me for killing his nephew.

Gutierrez here tried to cash in on that contract.

I just defended myself.

You felt justified in... I felt fucking justified!

I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not! That's what happened.

I got the jump on him, he's dead, I'm alive.

Gary David Caputo.

We got a minor bump.

He's alive.

Just a little worse for wear. Tell me what happened with him.

Just wrong place, wrong time. It's not my problem.

You threatened to kill his brother for testifying at the trial.

Is that true? Are we done? This is getting boring.

You were 12 years old when your mother died?

You know exactly how old I was! These files have discrepancies.

I just wanna make sure I get it right. A former boyfriend killed her... and you witnessed the murder. Is that true?

Just give me the drugs and let's get on with it.

You never said anything about answering any of these questions!

Just answer the question. I'll answer whatever I want!

And don't you go talking to me like that. I'm not your kid!

If you don't answer the question, you're of no use to me.

I'll transfer you back to the custody of the warden right now.

You are only alive because of me.

Why don't you answer the questions, so I can help you?

I was 10... not 12.

I was 10.

Thank you.

Yes, I saw her thrashing around.

I saw the whole goddamn thing.

And then the fuck who killed her took a piss in front of me.

Then he turned around and said: "When you got to go... you got to go".

You wanna hear about what my uncle John used to do with me?

He had a little hobby that he called golf.

He used to beat me with his driver every Tuesday night.

Write that down. Why don't you write a fucking book about it?

All right, that's enough for today. It is e-fucking-nough!

I'm everything you hate in the world, huh, Doc?

He's more at ease. Much less agitated.

Five of the rhesus monkeys showed results after only three doses.

When is his next PET scan? "MaƱana".

Let's do it now.

Hey, Doc! How ya doin'?

I'm actually doing really good! It's strange. I feel... different.

Everything seems clearer, I feel less wound up.


Shit... it really works. We just got to do...

Come here!

Everybody, get away!

Nobody move! Back up!

I'm gonna stick this pen in his eye!

Put the fucking guns down!

Get away! Put it down!

So what he says! Put the gun down!

Help me outta here, Doc. I will!

Put'em down!

Put the guns down!

Get away! Put the guns down!

Put it down!

I swear to fucking Christ it's going in his eye!

Tell him to put the gun down.

Do as he says. Get outta here!

Tell me how to get outta here!

Tell me how to get outta here!

We'll take it from here.

Get the fuck... jeez...

You're just as fucked up as I am, Doc.

You got a fancy suit... You're just as fucked up as I am.

You're just as fucked up. Get off of me!

Jesus, are you okay.

Increase the dosage. 8 milligrams three times a day.

That's more than 3 times the previous.

Just do it.

Hart-Mercer Pharmaceuticals... dedicated to making the world a happier, healthier place.

Now and in years ahead, we will continue our...

You are too involved. There's a reason why they... don't want a primary researcher conducting his own clinical trial.

The man is out of control. Unsuitable. We'll find another one.

We have to give him more time. I'm increasing the dosage.

If you don't like it, you can hand my resignation in to the board.

Be careful. If one threatens to resign one time too many... they get taken up on it.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Senior V.P. Of Research and Development...

Dr. Arlo Penner.

Thank you.

Not too long ago, the acronym SSRI was virtually unheard of.

Now, of course, Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors... help millions of people lead better lives.

Today, as we speak... a new class of pharmaceuticals is being developed... that has the potential to change society as we know it.

As you're probably aware, the reason why Hart-Mercer stock... remains strong within this volatile market sector... is largely because of Dynax.

And I'm pleased to be able to announce to you that...

Dynax has once again been named... as this year's most prescribed anti-depressant.

So, on behalf of... the board of directors and the shareholders of Hart-Mercer...

I wanna thank you, Dr. Michael Copeland... for your groundbreaking work which continues to this day.

Congratulations, doctor. Thanks.

You look surprised to see me. Maybe a little.

Did you forget that I'm a shareholder?

Made us both rich.

As you keep climbing the ladder, don't forget to count the rungs.

Remember when all we wanted was that one bedroom house?

With our very own washer and dryer.

And I was gonna open up a center... Stop. You're making me feel old.

How are you? I'm good.

Congratulations, doctor. Thanks.

Barbara, this is Eden Ross. She's a post-doc. Part of the team.

Nice to meet you. My pleasure.

When I was an undergrad...

I read your paper on the educational deficits effect on family violence.

It was really brilliant. Thanks.

Now I officially do feel old. Next time invent a pill for that. Bye.

Nice seeing ya. Bye.

So am I gonna see you tonight? I hope so.

Are you buying a car?

Tuesday! Must be beef stew. I wouldn't be too sure.

I'm sorry, Lee Ray.

It's all right. It's cool. No sweat.

I'll get something to clean it up.

He didn't hit me. I could've made that accident... more natural.

This is very good, gentlemen. I did a decent Yago, senior year.

Who the hell is Yago? We've got his MAO level.

Lambda K three is point one four.

This is your last chance to do something good in your life.

OK. I'll be right there.

Who was it? Security.

I'll go with you.

Come on, man, just chill. It's all right.

No, it's not.

I'm gonna be sick again. Take a deep breath.

What's going on?

What's going on?

I can see his face. Whose face?

Gary Caputo's.

Wrong time, wrong place.

He was just standing on the stairs with a bag of groceries.

I should've just ran by, passed him and just gotten the hell outta there.

It's OK.

He was in a coma for seven months.

He had to learn to do everything all over again.

When I was in prison, I used to joke about him.

I used to brag about how I made the guy into a vegetable.

What's important is you know that what you did is wrong.

The treatment is working.

It's working. Why can't I sleep?

I wanna put my head on my pillow... close my eyes and not see his face anymore.

It's gonna be OK.

We'll give him Somnubel. 5 milligrams.

Brock, that's two tablets whenever he can't sleep.

Ladies and gentlemen... we've got remorse.

How can we be sure he's not faking again?

All of his biomarkers back it up.

Ever since week 5 his serotonin and MAO levels have improved... limbic and amygdale activity... as well as BFS measures have responded in kind.

I think we're ready for Phase 2.

Are you sure? The board and I both believe that is... absolutely your call.

But we all know the risks involved in moving forward too quickly.

It's going to work. I think that we've uncreated a monster.

Lot more cell phones! Tell me about it.

This thing is tight. You'll get used to it.

The only way that truly gauge... the effects of Anagress is to observe you in the real world.

A controlled environment can only tell us so much.

I haven't been on the outside in a long time.

What if I fall on my ass? You get back up.

This is it?

I thought you were made of money. Beats your last address.

That's fine, guys.

Thanks. Let's do it again.

What's your name? Joe Monroe.

And what have you been doing for the last 5 years?

Working in Cincinnati, Ohio, in a packaging plant.

Loading boxes in a warehouse. Good.

Here's 300 bucks and an ID to get you started.

And then what? Another 300 next week.

You're on your own.

It's nice.

There's nothing in the fridge! Guess you'd better go to the store.

Something wrong?

No, just looking at the view.

All right.

I'll let you get settled.

He hasn't stabbed anybody in the eye yet. So, that's a start.

Eden, I want a seratonin metabolite analysis.


Tracking okay? We're on.

Oh, man, he's oh for eight.

What we'll do if no one will hire him?

The question is, what he'll do?

He's into current events now?

He's checking out the classifieds. Impressive!

Yeah, Sully. Sully from inside. He told me to call you.

250 is all I can spare, you understand?

Why? 'Cause I gotta buy groceries.

Sully, yes.

All right. Good. I'll see you there.

You guys hiring? You see a Help Wanted sign?

You in the blue shirt. Come here.

What? Think I can help you.

You can fill out this application.

What d'ya wanna know? The usual.

I know everything about cars. Foreign, American, everything.

All you need to know is how to drive them 10 feet without crashing them.

I could do that.

I'm gonna have to get back to you for the numbers for references.

Don't worry. Put any number. I'm the one who makes the phone calls.

Give these away to people who get the hot wax. You getting the hot wax?

No, sir. He's filling out the application.

It's looking really good.

Are you a hard worker? Very hard.

Take drugs? No. Vitamins, but that's it.

You bullshitting me? I don't want drug addicts working for me.

I don't take drugs. Honest. No drugs.

I'll start you at 5,75 an hour, plus tips.

Go grab a rag and talk to Alfonso. Tell him Ralph sent you.

I'll be back at one. Thank you.

Here. Better go before he changes his mind.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Sure.

You Sully's friend?

Do I know you?

I'm Sully's friend.

You got what I want?

You sound like someone I knew. I think he's dead.

Some son-of-a-bitch he was. I guess he can be me then.

What's he doing? Looking for us.

I'd say that Lee Ray just took the hidden out of hidden camera.

Nightmares again?

Can't give you any more. Doc said two pills a night, max.

Did you ever try these things?

Nah. Soon as I hit the bed, I'm out.

My daddy used to say that... an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind.

Wanna play cards? It's gonna take 20 minutes for these things to kick in.

I'm not supposed to do anything that could affect your environment.

Winning a hand of cards is really gonna affect my life!

Come on, I've got this kick-ass root beer here.

You won't let me have any alcohol, so I sprang for the good stuff.

All right, but then I'm out the door.


How long have you been working with theses guys?

Three years this month. I used to be a cop in Detroit... but this is much better.

I'm not even supposed to talk to you. I gotta go.

Get some sleep. No, take it with you.

It's fine. Thanks, man.

What are you wearing?


Is that all?

I think you are a very naughty girl.


Come on, Brock.

I see your goddamn walkie.

The Blue Line for Davenport now boarding on Track 4.

Dr. Copeland? It's Norton. We've lost him.

The train is bound to Davenport. We got him on GPS.

This piece of shit has been playing a big con on us all along.

That's not possible.

What the hell's he doing in Davenport?

Shit. That's where Gary Caputo lives.

The guy Lee Ray shot in the stairwell?

And his brother that testified against Lee Ray lives there too.

Bill's not here!


Bill's not here.

I'm not looking for Bill.

I came here to see you.

I like this commercial.

Who are you?

My name is Joe.

I don't know anyone named Joe. I'm a new friend.

I wanna tell you something.

Long time ago, somebody hurt you.

Really bad. They hurt you really bad.

And they want me to tell you they were really sorry for what they did.

They're really sorry for hurting you.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

No, it's not.

Here. I got you something.

I got you some stuff. Here.

I don't know what you like so I got you what I like.

I'm not supposed to eat too much candy.

Look at this. But I do.

Listen to me, anything that you want... if you wanna go see a movie, go to the park... whatever you want, you tell me.

I'll see you again soon.

Was that guy in here?

He's my friend. What do you mean?

He's gonna take me to a movie. What? What's his name?

I forget. You fucking forget everything!

Where do I know that guy?

You gotta sign the check again.


What do I write? Jesus Christ... do we have to go over this every goddamn month?

Write Pay to the Order of William Caputo and then you sign it.

I should blow your fucking brains out. You and Dimi Vertov.

He sent you, didn't he? You're lucky I'm gonna give you another chance.

Leave me alone. You tell him to leave me alone.

You understand? I'm a different person now. It's over.

Turn the fuck over.

You count to 500.

If I see a fucking eyebrow twitch, you're dead!

Don't move, asshole!

Move a muscle, you'll be nothing but a bloodstain.

Ya think we weren't gonna catch up with you?

What the hell were you thinking? I needed to see Gary.

To apologize. I was coming back.

Brock is okay? Brock is unemployed.

It wasn't his fault. I had to go see Gary.

I can't sleep. I had to see Gary.

I was coming back. Here's his train ticket, Doc.

Round trip.

You were really coming back? What else am I gonna go?

You gotta give him his job back. It wasn't his fault!

I bet you want him back. If anyone figures out who you are... if anyone knows you're alive, the deal is off and it's back to the warden.

You understand that, don't you?

Can I have a pill, please?

Couldn't be!

Was this the guy who that in here?

They showed that commercial again.

And you missed it.

The man had a return ticket, for God's sakes!

What he did today was an act of contrition.

12 weeks ago, he had no remorse... and now he's risking his life to apologize!

The man is a murderer. He was a murderer.

You put a guard in his room, it'll influence his behaviour.

You can't do it!

If anything were happen, we're responsible.

Hart-Mercer Pharmaceuticals!

I'll give you one more chance... then we move on to a different test subject. Period. End of discussion.

Arlo... is there something I should know about the other test subjects?

I've told you. Any knowledge of their status... could influence your interaction with your own subject.

Yes, but I heard a rumour from one of the post-docs.

Some of the test subjects have died of liver failure.

If it's true, I should know.

Has your subject shown signs of liver damage?

No, he hasn't.

The most significant side effects are insomnia, dry mouth... persistent feelings of guilt and remorse.

Nothing here about liver complications.

You don't need to concern yourself with the other subjects.

You have enough on you hands as it is.

You shouldn't spend so much time listening to post-docs.

Especially the attractive ones.

You don't like relish much, do you?

Trying to eat more vegetables.

So what's Cincinnati like? They got a baseball team.

I guess you don't miss it much.

I just wanted to start from scratch.

Me too. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

What's that? Starting from scratch.

I hear you.

Ralph says you're doing really good. He says you caught on quick.

It's not too much to catch on to. You want some dessert or...

They got a really good ice cream sandwich.

Come on, I owe you! You don't owe me anything.

I owe you.

Fairly smooth.

What are you reading? Introduction to Geology.

It's a real page-turner. You go to school?

Community College, nights. It's my second semester.

Keeps me busy. I knew you had brains.

If had brains, would I be working here?

Come on!

You ever been inside?

Inside what?

Come on.

Do you do this very often?

I don't know.

For some reason I find it to be relaxing.

It is. For a couple of minutes...

I feel I can think.

I guess I can see that.

Only thing is, you have to haul ass before Ralph sees you.

You get a thing?

Teresa... what are you thinking?



Did he see us? I almost tripped over my foot.

Haven't seen him. He looks different now.

He doesn't have them scars.

He was in here 2 days ago. It's on the receipt.

We get a lot of people in here every day.

You should check the neighbourhood. Maybe he lives around here.


Hop in. I'll give you a ride to your place.

Looks like the doc's breaking the cardinal rule:

Never get attached to you lab rat.

Thanks, Doc.

Let's go.

Thanks for the lift. Sure. Put on your belt.

Check those books out?

I stole them. Had to pop a couple librarians to make me getaway.

Nice. This is a sweet ride.

I drove one of these on the car wash.

I only drive like 10 feet but...

You got a family, Doc?

That's none of your business.

I was just curious. I was just wondering if you had a family.

It's inappropriate for you to ask me personal questions.

But it's okay for you to know everything about me.

I see how it works. Just curious. What? Come on. I wanna know.

My wife and I have split up.

And we had a son. Is he living with her?

No, he was killed.

Accident? Was he sick or... Murder.

He was 8 years old.

We were driving home from the park after shooting hoops... like we did on every Saturday when I could get away from work... and a car cut us off.

I laid on the horn, changed lanes. He cut me off again and I lost it.

I flipped him the bird and start screaming and the next thing I know... the guy shoots at me with a gun.

The windshield shatters. I pull over, turn...

Tommy's slumped over covered in blood.

He looked at me and said:

"It's gonna be okay, daddy. I'm gonna be okay."

And then he died. I'm sorry, Doc.

If that guy had been on Anagress, maybe my son'd be alive today.

If I had been on Anagress maybe...

You can just drop me off here. I'll walk the rest of the way.

Thanks for the lift.

There you go.

I have a date tomorrow night. Really?

Good for you. That's great. This thing around my ankle...

It stays where it is. Come on! What if I get lucky?

You're gonna have to figure out a way to keep your pants on.

Come on, Doc! Sorry, pal. I can't help you.

I'm not gonna run, I swear! I like the way things are right now.

I'm not gonna run. I know, I believe you but...

I got rules to follow too.

Borrow the car?

Have a good time.

Thanks for the ride. Sure.

Be well, Joe.

They didn't change a thing.

Can you tell me what's going on? What do you mean?

I haven't had dinner with you since... I can remember... even when we were still together...

Friday's? I thought it was in the off-limits category.

We only came here because... Tommy liked it so much.

What can I tell you? I'm jonesing for a number 3 with hickory sauce.

I'm surprised they let us back in here.

I don't think they recognized us. How could they forget?

The flames almost touched the ceiling.

How could they forget... how you tried to douse the flames with your milkshake?

Who was the genius who left his menu on a smoking toaster?

It's a stupid place to put a toaster!

And let's face it: We both panicked.

Only Tommy stayed calm. Just unplugged it and got the manager.

That's the first time I've heard you say his name since...

I brought the papers for the lake house.

We got a pretty good price. It will be divided fifty-fifty... as per our very amicable divorce agreement.

Right here.

I've cashed in my stock options.


Hart-Mercer not seem like a good investment all of a sudden?

No, but I'm buying an old school building downtown.

It's a major fixer-upper but my accountant says that real state... is less risky than biotech these days, so...


I'm gonna open up that youth center I was always talking about.

At least, I'm gonna try anyway. You'll do it.

Barbara, that's great. I thing that's really great.

You know that colleague you introduce me to?

She's very pretty.

Reminds me a bit of me when I was that age.

You were prettier. And a bit smarter.

You look nice.

Whatever. Whatever.

Come on.

You know this guy? Can't say I do, mister.

Ugly son-of-a-bitch, ain't he? Look closer.

He's different now. No scars.

He changed his face, but's still him.

You do know him, don't you? He just drove out of here with that girl.

Why are you looking for him? Do he owe you money?

Then what'd he do? For starters... he shot my brother in the head.

This is really cool!

I can't believe you've never been to an amusement park before.

When I was a kid, a sandbox was a big deal.

Want a beer?

No. Sure?

I'm 10 months sober.

Really? Can't picture you a big drinker.

Drinking wasn't really my thing.

I dated this guy, and he was a dealer.

I ended up doing speed with him 'til it got out of control.

I was down to 95 pounds by the time I hit rehab.

Too much information at once, huh?

At least you got out.

You got yourself a second chance. I had to.

I see it like this... keep one eye in the past and one eye in the future... you end up cross-eyed.

So I'm thinking about right now. And right now...

I'm happy. I'm having fun. Me too.

I got an idea. Come on.

I still think we should go in.

Give him some space. He's gotta come out the same way he went in.

Lee Ray!

You're very aggressive out there. It's better than crashing real cars.

That's true.

You wanna try the merry-go-round? I'm a merry-go-round freak.


Sure. Doesn't make you dizzy.

I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

You don't mind I go on... No. I'll be right back.

Get out of the way!

You there! Stop!

Did I miss anything?

Nothing much. It was a tight race but I won by a nose.

What took you so long? Long line. Ready?

So... you want me to drop you off?

I'll walk home from you apartment. Make sure you get home safe.

What? Wanna make sure I get home safe?

I was gonna invite you in, anyway.

You got a nice apartment.

Welcome to my palace, darling.

The maid's quarters are downstairs. And it's the butler's day off.

Hope you don't mind.

You probably wanted to stay at the park longer.

I'm sorry. I hope I didn't mess things up.

Don't worry about it. Can't be a kid forever.


I've trusted a lot of people in my life.

I was wondering if... I can trust you.

There's something I should tell you though.

Great. I've heard that before. No, it's not that.

I'm on this medicine... these pills... that make you... calm or something.

What happens when you don't take them?

You wouldn't wanna know me.

Whatever it is they're doing, it's working.

I should probably go. What's wrong?

Nothing. I just wanna have something to look forward to.


A guy who didn't want to jump my bones on the first date.

I can trust you.

I had a great time tonight. Me too.

Something to look forward to. I'm gonna regret having said that.

I'll see you tomorrow?

I thought he was gonna get lucky. Tough break.

Just in time. He's overdue for his Anagress.

Shit! There's nowhere to park.

Drive around the block We'll find another one.

Got ya, motherfucker!

Drop the gun!



What's up with this asshole?

My God!

My God!


Tell me you're not gonna get that.


OK. I'll be right there.

Let's go. No, you can't.

Why? It might be dangerous.

If you're not gonna let me go with you...

I'm not gonna stay here by myself.

He ditched it in the trash bin. I just can't believe that he...

Don't you see how he played you? He's a sociopath.

You should've known better. Those bastards can fool... polygraph machines. What made you think he couldn't fool you?

I don't know.

He's in a black pickup with flame decals. Make sure he doesn't go far.

You're authorized to terminate. What's that supposed to mean?

You know the protocol. If the subject commits a violent crime... during Phase 2, there's no alternative.

He's already dead in the eyes of the law.

And that justifies us hunting him down and killing him?

Goddamn right, it does.

We'll do an autopsy and figure out what happened with the Anagress.

Go to the lab. Make the necessary adjustments.

You'll be back on track in no time.

Come on! Get up!

Right here.

You can get rid of all those scars. You still got the same evil eyes.

So, what'd you do?

Pay off the doctor? The warden?

Where'd a low-life like you get the money to fake an execution?

I'm sorry about Gary... That just wraps everything up.

Right, Gary?

Fuckhead here says he's sorry. He's my friend.

He's your friend, huh? We're going to the movies.

You're going to the movies together?

Is that right? You're good friends?

Tell my brother what a good friend you are!

I'm sorry... Shut up!

Shut the fuck up with sorry!

I saw you snickering with that lawyer.

You didn't have an ounce of remorse.

Tell my brother what you did to him.

Gary... your friend wants to tell you exactly what he did to you.

He gave me candy.

Tell him.

I didn't tell you the truth about someone else hurting you.

I did it.

Tell him what you did!

I shot you in the head.

I shot you.

I'm really sorry, Gary. Shut up!

Fucking sorry. I could've had a life if it wasn't for you.

Instead I had to take care of my fucking brother all the time!

If I could trade places with him... Shut up!

Look at me.

Fuck you! He's my friend!


Go! Go!

Get off!

Get the fuck off me, Gary!

Get those monitors packed up.

Copeland. Doctor, I need my medicine.

Where are you? Did Norton make it?

You shot him in the heart. Of course he didn't make it. He's dead!

I didn't shoot him! Don't lie to me!

I'm not lying! Bill Caputo shot him.

He recognized me when I went to see Gary!

He just kidnapped me and tried to kill me!

Why the hell should I believe you? Do you think I'd kill Norton?

After all this, do you thing I'd do that?

They must've seen his car. Caputo took me in his truck.

Your guys must have seen it. Have them check it out.

You gotta believe. Just come and get me.

Come and give me my medicine. Where are you?

Where's the fire?

Maybe we better find out.


I need help. You want the Emergency Room.

I need Anagress. Never heard of it.

Do you have a prescription?

Give me something to mellow me out! What do you got?

Don't hurt me, man!

Come here. Where are you going?


I need your help.

Are you there? I need your help. I'm in trouble. Please, let me in.

Teresa, please, come to the door.

God! Teresa?

Let me in. I'm in trouble... Ralph called.

He said somebody came to see him. They said you were a killer.

That your name is Lee Ray. Is that true?

Is it true? I was...

Please, don't do this to me. I was Lee Ray.

I'm a different person now. I'm not who I was.

I can't be who I was.

Please, they're coming after me. Don't do this to me.

It's the cops, isn't it? No, they're not the cops.

Jesus! If you don't let me in, they're gonna kill me.

Teresa, please!

Open up!

We're here for Joe Monroe. Who?


I got here as fast as I could. What happened?

It's all gone to shit. What do you mean?

I keep on asking myself... am I arrogant or I was just stupid?

I had such hopes for Anagress...

I need my pills. Now!

What's going on? Everything is gonna be fine.

It's not gonna be fine until I get my pill. You got them?

Get them! Not until she leaves.

She's not going anywhere. I know you didn't kill Norton.

That was Bill Caputo's truck, just like you said.

And I know what kind of person you are.

And you gonna let her go 'cause she has nothing to do with this.

Barbara, go.

Do not call the police or I'll be in trouble.

Just go. It's gonna be fine, Joe.

I want everything back the way it was.

Please, give me my pills. The pills are in my office.

This isn't enough. What am I supposed to do when this runs out?

Eden Ross. Hi, it's me.

I need you to do something for me. Now you need my help?

Please, this is important.

Take all the Anagress we have and bring it to my house.

Can you do that? Okay.

And don't tell anyone.

Was that him?

What'd he want?

He wants me to bring the lab supply of Anagress to his house.

Well done.

It's my job.

She'll be here in half an hour. Thanks.

What's happening?

Did you hear anything?

Where is he? What?

Eden said you asked her to bring Anagress to your house.

I tried to warn you. Post-docs, they always put their careers first.

Where is he? I don't know.

He called one hour ago... but wouldn't say where he was. Just wanted his pills.

He didn't kill Norton. Bill Caputo did.

It was Bill Caputo's truck they saw driving away.

Joe Monroe doesn't have to die.

The Anagress works.

All we have to do is get him back on the medication.

Anagress doesn't work. Anagress does work.

Doesn't work!

All the subjects who took Anagress are dead.

Their livers shut down after six weeks.

He's fine. He was on a placebo.

He was part of the control group.

He was getting nothing but sugar pills.

If he was taking the actual medicine, he'd be dead right now.

But... that's not possible.

You knew there was a chance he'd be in the control group.

Yes, but his biomarkers, his seratonin levels... scientifically...

Never underestimate the power of the placebo effect.

People have cured themselves from every disease known to science.

Eradicated tumours, for Chrissakes!

But eventually the placebo effect dies.

I need a drink.

Anybody want a drink?

Hello? Michael, is he still in the house?

No, he's outside.

He crapped all over the floor. I think he's got worms.

I'm keeping him outside. Does he still have a gun?

No, but the vet should check him out.

He'll be ready when you get here. I'm calling the police.

I got to go now.

I'm expecting a work call. OK. Bye.

That was Barbara.

I call her whenever the dog is sick. You know how she is.

Are you still seeing her? I always liked Barbara.

No, we just share custody of the dog.

You sure you don't want a drink? 'Cause I need one.

Maybe I'll have a drink.


You can get yourself killed for doing this.

Nobody is gonna get killed.

Gonna get you to the airport. Put you on the next flight out.

I don't have enough pills. You don't need any pills.

What are you talking about? You don't need them.

They were nothing but sugar.

What? They didn't do a damn thing.


When we start a drug trial, half the subjects are picked at random... to get the actual drug, the other half are given a phoney pill: The placebo.

You were in the control group.

That's bullshit!

No. I never lied to you and I'm not lying to you now.

He's headed for the lake. We got him.

You know what to do.

You knew this the whole time?

It would've affected how I treated you.

I just found out tonight, I swear.

You knew theses things weren't real?

They were real to you, and that's what matters.

You okay?

You gotta get outta here.

Get to the airport anyway you can. Here's some money.

Disappear. Go.

That was you, Doc. What?

You're the reason why I got better. It wasn't any drug.

You changed yourself.

Now hurry! Go!


You gotta go.

What do you think of it so far? It's okay.

Let's have a look outside.


Wayne, this is Michael. How you doing, Wayne?

Good. You wanna meet the other guys?

Come on.

All right, Rhonda, time to play a real master.