Convict (2014) Script

Have you missed me? Good heavens!

You said you would first coming home in a week.

I lied. And the army?

I am ready to serve my country.

Now I serve you the rest of your life.

It seems I really looked forward to.

Marry me. Good god. Oh, my God.

Do I get an answer, or what? Yes! Yes!

Do you like it? I love it.

How is it otherwise? Good.

I forgot the book. Wait here. I'll get it.

And ...

You go nowhere.

Are you waiting for someone? My fiancee.

So you are therefore not married? Let me just be at peace.

A good girl, I like that. Let's move on, Tim.

Do not worry, I'll just talk a little.

Have you ever fucked in a Ferrari?

Is there a problem? No.

Sure? Yes, all right.

A soldier! Let's go.

You get $ 1,000, if I have to fuck your bitch.

Be careful what you say, you fool. Sit in the car.

Ray, sit in the car!

Come on, let's go. Nah ...

Tim. Ray!

Behind you!

Tim. Tim?

Tim! Timothy!

Tim, arise now up!

Come on, Tim!

I have spoken with the prosecutor.

Confesses to manslaughter drop the murder charges.

I confess nothing, it was an accident.

He pulled a knife. If you do not confess ...

... You risk getting five to eight years.

In spite of your military career, it is the best we can achieve.

Are you saying that I have a chance?

You go to jail no matter what.

Grants to you, you get two to three years and is out again after 18 months.

It is the best alternative.

Can I talk to you? Of course.

It was self-defense I can attest.

I think we should get a second opinion.

I took a life.

It costs time in prison. More time?

I'm sorry. Why would you get out of the car?

Could I do it on I made it.

18 months.

You have my word.

May I offer my condolences. Thank you.

How are you?

My son has been murdered. How do you think I feel?

Excuse me.

It must excuse. He is under pressure. We understand.

What have you got for me? Now you just watch.

His whole life is in this folder. Everything you want to know.

I can always count on you. Yes, because you pay as well.

Take care of yourself.

One more thing. On the house.

What is this? That's where they send him away.

Jack Morrison.

Come in.


Harvey Thompson. It's a long time ago.

Take a seat.

I've heard what happened to your son.

What can I do to help?

It has been a couple odd months.

It rains with that you die before her children.

There's nothing sadder than to bury his own son.

You can not put into it, before you have experienced it.

He was a good kid.

Are you still playing the horses? Yes. You know what they always say.

There are only two kinds of horses - the good and the worse.

Just like people, Jack. I listen.

I know that Francis will serve here. Do you want him to die?

Had you asked two weeks ago, I answered yes.

No, but I want he must wish he was dead.

There should be more than enough.

Welcome, ladies. Welcome to your new home.

My name is Ricko.

These are my colleagues - Victor and Fox.

Dress care of. Put the clothes down.

Also you, kid. Of them.

Are you deaf or what? Relax now. He's only a boy.

Do I look as if it is my business?

Of them.

Open your mouth, please.

You never talk to me again, unless they speak to you.

Do we understand each other? Yes.

\"Yes, sir!\" Understood?

Yes, sir. Good.

Well then, ladies.

Run your fingers through your hair.

Open your mouth and lift the tongue.

Lift the tongue.

Are you trying to kiss me, kid?

In the tongue.

Turn you on!

Down to their knees.


So turn on to me.

Take your new uniforms, ladies.

Williams ... Take them off. We are not animals.

Sit down, Ray.

WAR IN WHOLE JAIL FOR KILLING We've never had a war completely here before.

12 years in the military. Four years of service in Iraq.

Tapper Family Medal. Extremely impressive.

What was it now, Kennedy said?

\"Ask not what your country can do for you. \"

\"Ask what you can do for your country. \"

And yet sent the country you've earned, you here.

For me.

Since you fought for me I shall fight for you.

Watch him, Williams.

Off you go. Here we go.

Staring you me?

I can be easily to come to terms with -

Or I can be your worst nightmare.

Look at me. Look at me!

If you do not fuck with me, we will have no problems.

If I say, \"Jump!\" And you say, \"How high?\"

Understood? Yes, sir!

Enjoy your new home.

Here goes my limit. Look for your ride.

I'm not looking for trouble. Your fucking Arab.

What is going on here? It has nothing to do with you.

You can believe it. You attack one of my brothers.

And then claiming you, it has nothing to do with me.

If you fuck with him fucker you with us.

If you touch him again, you're dead.

All right? Yes. Thank you.

Do you speak Arabic? Yes.

Wesekk is a pig. They stick one in the back.

Wesekk? Aboriginer.

We stick together. All for one.

Is there a war here? All the time.

What was that about? It was a misunderstanding.

Something you want to talk about? As I said ...

Shut up, Mazen. I'm not talking to you.

But I'm talking to you. What about a month in isolation?

I thought so. Get out. Now!

We'll see.

Nothing happened. Move.

How do you want them? Put them on the table.

Novels and magazines for themselves. In alphabetical order, etc.

Are you the new guy? I am.

Do you have a name? Ray.

David. Have you been inside before?

First time. I may as well not trouble you?

No problems with me. Good.

Do not forget my magazine, boys.

Do not forget.

Op. What's going on?

Arise looked up.

Search through the cell.

Look at this.

What gloat.

Oh, yes ...


Fucking pigs!

Before him out.

Take the handcuffs off.

Do you not understand what I'm saying? Take the handcuffs off.

Here you go. Attack me again.

Give me the slightest provocation, your damn coward.

Take the shirt off.

Hand it over the shoulder but without looking away.

Look at me when you give me something catch.

I told you not to look.

Return it.

I said, look at me.

Pick it up.

Pick it up, I said.

Pick it up.

Pick it up!

I will not say it again. Pick up the damn jersey up!

Are you crazy? That's enough.

I decide when is enough, dickhead.

What the fuck are you on? Slip!


I Hammer.

I like you.

Okay, fine.

You do not understand. I really like you.

And I like what I take.

Fine package.

What are you laughing, an Arab? Hammer. You talking to me.

Not with the kid. We play later.

Down on your knees and take it in your mouth!

Fuck off with you!

Believe me, I fuck you in half. Down on his knees with you!

If you touch me again, I will kill you!

Slip with you!

Your pitiful little pigs.


Do I get dressed? Shut up!

He tried to rape me.

In here you will be taken in the ass of the one or the other.

This is how it works. You must get used to the system.

I know my rights. Rights?

What kind of rights you think you have?

You have no rights unless I give you them prisoner.

Make no mistake about it ...

No one cares about you or anyone else in this shithole.

I just want to serve my sentence so I can get out.

You are the real criminals.

It is enough! It is enough!

In turn him the death.

See what you made me do.

I do not want it here, and you do not.

You should have an understanding of rules and what it takes to follow them.

Before him away and fresh him up.

Wash him! Wash him in the ass!

What's with you? Do not like water?

There has been a public holiday.

I will kill you! You are a dead man!

Continue forward.

So you've met Hammer? It has to be said.

He'd been putting a nail in you. Fun.

Should not you sit with your own?

Do not you want me to sit here? I did not say.

David. Mack.

The main shut up in prison.

How old are you? Are you old enough to be here?

I am the 18th It pains me to see young men waste their lives in this way.

The man has a conscience. Shut up and eat your food.

You are certainly popular.

Thank you, I know.

How long should you hold?

I'll never get out, Ray.

What have you done?

15 years ago robbed me and my brothers a security transport.

We shot two security guards and killed a policeman.

And your brothers? They are dead.

They caught me after a week when I was coming on board an aircraft.

I was given three life sentences.

And money?

They have never been found. How much?

A tidy sum, Ray.

You have probably saved them?

Yes ... As I said ...

They have never been found.

You visit.

What is going on here? Director's order.

Only visits to stall. Are you dissatisfied you can go back to the cell.

Hey! How are you?

I'm fine.

God, how I miss you.

How are you?

It goes well.

You should not be concerned about me.

I really want to touch you.

Do you still with the ring?

It is the first time I have taken it off.

Time has passed. Come on.

Are you deaf? Get up. What bullshit.

What did you say? What's going on?

I'm sorry but visiting hours are past, then you will have to go.

What's going on, Ray? It's okay. I'll talk to you later.

I love you.

And I love you.

The one I'd like to fuck.

I thought so. Come on.

It was a short visit. Fuck this!

What happened?

They fuck with me. They keep.

What have you done? Nothing.

Do the pissed them off. I have done nothing!

I'll never get out of here, this is my home.

I will not be mixed into it, if you have problems with the guards.

What do you mean? I've never had any trouble with them.

And they've never had any trouble with me.

Perhaps you should find you another job. Do not take it personally.

All in.

Nope, I'm out.

I'm out.

Bluffing you?

There is only one way to find out on.

Okay. Show what you have.

Come on. Eat it.

What are you, soldier?

Not the worst. Those buttons you Jayde.

How's the Army? It's okay.

Have you ever killed anyone?

That's why I'm here. In service.


How can you invade his own people?

I just served my country. This is not your country.

I live here and I was born here, so it is my country.

Have you looked in the mirror?

You will always be different.

The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was staged by the United States.

They claimed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

They invaded and killed innocent people and destroying the country.

They gave Osama bin Laden weapons so he could fight the Russians.

And what do they do next?

They turn against him and call him a terrorist.

They invade Afghanistan, killing innocent and destroy the country.

And for what reason?

Because of the damn oil.

Right. Americans make money on the war.

You are no better than the Americans.

You are part of the West invasion and corruption.

Do you think you know me?

I have seen what war brings. All the innocents who have died.

The position myself to fucking every day.

That's why I left the army. Too late. The damage is already done.

You're a part of them.

You killed your own people. You're a bastard and a traitor.

What are you in for? I killed two guys.

I guess that they were Arabs. Or what?

Yes, and?

How could you kill your own?

You bastard and traitor that kills its own.


You sit there and talk about I have invaded my own people.

You attack my integrity -

While you kill your own on your own damn court.

You is not nothing but a fucking hypocrite.

He has a point. What do you mean?

Well, you killed the two of your own, and shot your cousin's house to pieces.

I can not that you take the pig's party.

Fuck this! And fuck you!

You fucking asshole!

Fuck you!

A place for? Why not?


Playgroup. On his hammer.

I told you we were going to play!

Get up!

This is gonna be fun.


Be there! On with the handcuffs!

He did nothing. It was me.

It's okay, kid. Is it true?

Yes. Let him go.

They fought! Let him go!

Give him the handcuffs on instead!

Fucking guards! Slip!

They are covered with tattoos. They think it makes them cool.

Do you have any tattoos? Oh no.

They mark their bodies with band names and things like that. Idiots.

When I come out, no one will know who I am or where I'm from.

You look like shit. How do I feel too.

How long was I gone? In four weeks.

I sat there for eight weeks for some months ago. I was insane.

You feel like an animal in a cage. We are animals.

I think you surely not?

Do you think you get a better person by being here?

Look around. You sit inside with murderers and rape men.

It arrives as a human and leave here as animals.

They take your dignity from you.

The strongest survive. Just like in the jungle.

Make no mistake about it, brother, we are animals.

I'm not an animal. Not yet. It comes.

It makes it necessary to survive.

Sniffer In still together? Dirty Paki bastard.

Fuck of nigger.

I have no problem with you.

I'll have to do it here.

So beaten dog!

Become lying.

Turn around.

Against the wall. Spread your legs!

Your pitiful black piece of shit!

Take your black ass and get out of here!

Now you're not so tough, huh?

Gee ... Have you been in a fight again, Ray.

You are otherwise sharp.

You know what the problem is nowadays?

Respect. Respect.

There is no respect for authority.

If you behaved yourself such in hæren-

Would you be asked for a military court, right?

Do not compare yourself with them.

You are not a man. I feel sorry for your wife.

Fuck you!

No ... fuck you, Ray.

Here you have a little souvenir from me.

Wash him.

Come here!

You little asshole.

What do you say to this?

How indeed.

You smell like shit!

Did not I say that there should be spotlessly clean in here?

Get started!

He's a tough little bastard.

Yes, we can of course only imagine what he has done and experienced.

We have gone too far this time.

You have not done anything other than bitch lately.

Whose side are you on? You are either with us or against us.

This was not what I said yes to. We just had to run a little on him.

Leave it to us If you can not stand the heat.

Just be sure to keep your mouth shut.

No. Fuck it.

Either stop this now, or else I report it.

You smoke, even with down. You are just as involved in it as we are.

I can keep my share of the money. I do not want to do with it.

Okay? It stops now!

What's stopping? Nothing.

Get the foot off the table!

Why was I not informed ... about the fight this morning?

The warden was informed.

Is prison director also informed of the prisoner, making Rent-

Even though it is clear that he has to work at the library?

David does not want him there, therefore he got a cleaning job.

David is hell an inmate! I would damn what he wants.

He works at the library, until I say otherwise!

Have you two båtnakker grasped it?

Yes, sir. Do not be sarcastic with me!

It was damn lucky for you that no one was killed today!

I know that the prison director and you suck on each other.

If I ever defy me again ...

... Is the end for both of you.


I decide who is working here.

Is that clear? Yes, sir.

Come to me if a problem occurs.

Yes, boss. Is there a problem?

No, it's okay, boss. Are you sure?

Yes, sir. Good.

And you ... Taking you along.

There have been other than problems with you since you came.

You wear well not nag? What should be done?

I must put myself first. This is the only thing I have.

I see. What should be done?

What is it that is so urgent? It is Victor.

What's with him? He's got cold feet.

Cold feet?

He thinks that we are too hard on Francis.

All right? He backs out.

Bakker out? What should we do?

You did good for him. He's my friend.

He knew the rules of the game when he accepted the money.

Leave it to me. He'll think better of it.

Good. Good. Smut so.

See now that ...

What have we here?

What do you say? I want to see him pray.

You heard him. Down on your knees and pray for hell.

We forget it this time. It will not happen again.

I hope not.


What are you reading? Oliver Twist.

A fucking classic! Have you read it?

The Bible and about ten times!

Are you okay? Yes ...

I did not see you for lunch today.

I thought you'd hung up.

So lucky you are not.

I can not really be wise for you.

Why did you do that? Did what?

Why you risked the life of a Jack, you do not even know?

They would have killed him. Why is it your problem?

It's a long story.

It's a long day, Ray.

In Iraq ... while I was on duty ...

Darkness was falling on ...

A man appeared out of nowhere.

I aimed at him and said he had to stop.

But he just continued.

I yelled that he should stop.

But he did not.

So I went and went.

And then I saw that it was a boy.

He can not have been more than 16th He lay on the ground with a bullet in the head.

I found it, he had messed after. A slip.

\"I'm hungry.\"

He just wanted something to eat.

But he could have had explosives around the body.

But he had not. He was just a boy.

And you think that you will discharge by helping this kid?

You know what the worst thing is?

They gave me a bravery medal.

How can it in any way to be brave?

Such is war. Innocent door.

War is not what you think it is.

There is no honor or dignity. No respect.

Not even for the innocent.

What have you done, kid?

Fucking pigs.

Fuck, it's cold today. \n- It's kind of cool.

Why the Army? I was in a gang.

I could choose between death, prison or the army.

It was the only way out.

Yes, our life is shaped the choices we make.

What we can not choose, but as forms us most is that we come from I had a deep desire after breaking the inheritance.

See what it has brought with him.

Do not worry, you'll get another chance. Fuck it now not up.

What do you know about him?

He manages the place. Belonging to his gang, they own one.

How did they become so powerful?

Money, of course.

What the hell can you buy for the money here?

You know well enough not much. They run a drug syndicate from the outside.

They have runners all over the city. Even the guards are with it.

They get what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Keep an eye on their hands.

Fine family. They serve on top of each other.

There is only one rule. And the sound?

Do not trust anyone.

Look at that asshole over there. Who?

The pig there. Who does he think he is? We walk over and talk to him.

Are you too proud to sit with us? I just talk with Dave.

Is he one of us? He is a friend.

I told you he's a damn mongrel.

Do not look at me your white piece of shit.

Consider carefully which side you choose.

Remember who suits you.

White? White?

White, dammit!

It is with Mack, makes no sense. He had only two years left.

What was he in for? Fraud.

His uncle taught my child. Do you have children?

I have a girl. How old is she?

-24. Will she visit?

I have not heard from her in 15 years.

I have written a few letters but they are just returned.

It must be hard. Yes.

Come on, we slip.

It is courageous to come here alone. What the hell are you doing here?

I nakkede not your kid. \"Jack\"? Do not call him that.

It was not me. Do you think we are idiots?

You hit one of our brothers killed and then come and pray for peace?

I have not killed anyone. Your friends did it.

I am my own. I do not like that.


Believe what you will, but it's the truth.

Mazen will speak to you in his cell. Now!

We are waiting.

What are you reading? Black Caviar is in top condition.

She's fast as hell. She pumped enough with steroids.

I still rates the house on her. You should go with.

I do not have a house. Secure a.

Your problem is solved.

Abo'eren! That I asked not about.

You ungrateful bastard!

Do you think you can get by here without our protection?

Listen ... I appreciate that you take care of me.

But I wanted him dead.

Kill or be killed. Nothing is free. You owe us!

I do not owe anyone.

You will do what is being said -

When it is said. Understood?

Yes. I can not hear you.

Yes. What?

Now we communicate.

Get him out of here, damn it!

Up, dammit!

Out, damn it!

And I also progressing, dammit! Out with you!

Fuck the fucking!

He is a resilient bastard.

I do not want your excuses.

Use any means necessary. What do you mean?

Listen ... Make sure that something biting him.

Presses be no hard enough it will burst sooner or later.

All necessary means? Is there an echo in here?

This was not part of the agreement.

Will you let the little Arab make us appear like idiots?

It should not be personal. Listen, you bloody sissy!

Was it personally when you took money home to your kone-

And your ugly kids? Was it personally?

Back then it was not a problem. Life is personal, dick!

Get it now just done.

We take care of it.

Let bowls. Bowl for us and fuck the other.

One to.

Beans, boss.

Carrots, boss.

Potatoes, boss.

What's up, guys? This happens.

If you touch me, I'll kill you. Take the little shit.

No, not enough help!

What's going on? Routine control.

We'll have to search you. Why?

To ensure that you do not smuggling something in.

How can I smuggle something through an enclosed booth?

The warden has granted you open visits.

Take off your clothes.

I prefer a woman. I do not feel comfortable ...

Do you think we enjoy doing this? The girls are at lunch.

You can always book a new time and come back later.

I've been waiting for two weeks on this.

There will be no visits today unless we make referrals you.

Those are the rules.

Well then.

Tag of the brassiere.

Raise your arms.

You smell good.

Saves you something in panties? No.

Dress up.

What happened to your face? Hammer.

Fuck off.

What should he do with it? It is time for him to be a man Taking someone's life does not make you a man.

Look at me!

If you take a life, it will pursue you for life.

The face heals.

They raped me.

It upsets me.

I did not know.

Do it for him If you are so worried.

It will never happen.

You are they in debt to us. If you make it here ...

... You're done!

We'll see.

What do you want? Is this how you talk his friends?

After everything we've been through?

What is it that is so funny?

I'm out for a few months.

And so can you and the prison director fuck each other in the ass.

Speaking to fuck ... your girlfriend ...

What is her name, Kelly?

You know what? She is much more sexy nude.

I agree. She is really sexy.

He does not believe us.

How about a little sneak preview?


I smite you to death! I smite you fucking death in pigs!

When did you become a stripper? What are you talking about?

Two guards have filmed you while you dress naked.

Yes, I may not see you without being searched.

Do you think I asked for it?

Do not you think that I opposed me? I did it to see you.

I did it for your sake.

You know how difficult it is for me to have visiting hours.

You then need to hell not to get naked!

How many times have you fucked behind my back?

How many times?

You know what, Ray?

Fuck you!

Fuck you ...

Fuck you!

Kelly! Kelly!

I do not know what that meant to me.


The damned place.

It makes me crazy.

I absolutely batty.

I love you.

Be a little careful.

Get up. What is it now?

Hey, Ray. Are you involved in this?

I got an offer I could not say no to.

The only problem is, that they do not want you to die.

I am not happy with. But I can kill someone you love.

It would make me happy!

The question is ... I will kill your old friend ...

... Or your bitch? I kill you!

Have fun.

You fucking asshole! Put him onto the bench.

Come here, dammit. Get up.

You fucking bastard!

I must make sure that you never using the hand again!

Stop that! Stop so.

I beat you fucking killed! I beat you fucking killed!

I will kill you!

What the hell is going on here?

He attacked us. And why would he do it?

Ask him. Why did you take him here?

At the prison director's order. Slip with you, both of you!

Male the wound. Carers metal workshop.

Bad them bring Ray in into the metal shop?

He attacked the guards! Does it come as a surprise?

Why should a prisoner to be released in a few weeks, risking alto By the fall guards? Because he's a criminal.

You come barging into my office and ask questions.

You forget your place. It is me who is the boss.

I need not explain my actions to anyone.

I'm just trying to do my job. Well, do it, however.

And style never question my integrity again! Is that clear?

Glasklart, sir. Good.

Do not knock the door in the ass on the way out.



Hold him, damn it!

Phew. Drink!

Stand up.

Come on.

What's going on? Nothing.

I'm not blind.

I can only help you if you open your mouth.

It's okay.

Sooner or later becomes you have to trust someone.

Rely on someone? In here?

Hallo ...

You are not the only soldier in here.

It's good, boss.

Yes or no? Hell, yes.

Give us a moment. How are you, Ray?

Take care of yourself. Why? What's going on?

You must take care of yourself. For whom?

You know ...

I live here. I'm not hiding in my own home.

I do not want someone to die because of me.

Think of yourself, Ray.

There hangs a dark cloud over you and vrøvler a great deal.

Come on, young man you can do it.

You slew the giant. This guy is half as big.

He is half as large as the giant.

Do it. Come on, lion heart.

It is simply a lie. You should have let me do it.

I knew he would back out.

I am not.

That's why it's me who's boss.

I could not do it.

I would, but I could not.

I failed you.

I promise to make amends.

Hallo ...

It's okay. You are young, you get more chances.

Come here. Crying here.

Come here.

He saved my life. Did he really?

Sorry, kid.

What a pity.

He was a good kid.

Ray ... Yes?

They have murdered the kid.

What? In the cell.

I is not deaf that ye may indeed be stupid.

I heard the signal. Back to the cell. Come on.

What a day.

Release it, Ray. They just want a reaction.

Should I just drop it? Yes.

I can not. So you killed.

That we have to find out.

He was just a boy.

I am a big joke.

See you right. I protect him.

I think that I have a family.

What he gives you? Alt.

But it costs, right? He utilizes each and every one of you.

Just as he took advantage of Jayde, before he killed him.

You call this a family?

A family that killing each other?

A family selling drugs to each other!

A family that runs past and shoot each other?

It is time to wake up! You got the chance to be with.

With what? You kill your own, you bastard.

And you assholes help him. Fuck this.

What the hell? Come on, get up!

Wait. No one interferes. No one interferes.

Take him! It's your fight! On him!

We back you up, buddy.

It's not your fight! No, it is not.

It's yours! Come on in time.

Come on! It's your fight! Come on!

You're a damn coward hiding behind the boys.

It is time that you show what you can.

Come on! Come on, assholes!

On him!

Come on, do it. Do it.

Come on.

Okay ... You have shown the extended stay.

How nice.

Was that what you wanted?

I always win.

What is the price?

You murdered Victor and blamed Mack ...

And the murder of the kid?

He was 18 years old your damn pigs!

They were victims of war. You can probably put your into?

What war? They were innocent!

They had nothing to do with anything!

Listen to yourself. Innocent?

No one here is innocent, Ray.

Why? Why me?

To begin with it was not personal.

I was paid well to make your stay as uncomfortable as possible.

But you should definitely make it personal.

What you do not understand, Ray, is that here I am God.

In worship me, worship me.

So believe me when I say you never get out of here.


Has it been hard, kid?

It was only the beginning.

You come to beg about my forgiveness.

It's not going to happen.

Did you get it all?

What the hell is going on here? Thank you.

Give the Director handcuffed.

Take off the handcuffs. I can not.

I'm boss, and I require ... You are no longer boss!

I just do my job.

Arrest prison director.

Are you finally home, Ray? Yes.

How are you? It's okay, Habib.

You took the shock for me.


You do not know why? No.

Because I love you and because friends do something.

Do you love me? Not as a gay ...

I hope not.

They never found them.

1.4 million, dammit!

Your cunning bandit.

I can not take them. Shut up. Of course you can.

I'll never get out. I do not enjoy them.

Take them and live a wonderful life with mistress. But never turn back here.

Why are you doing this?

I have taken life, Ray.

Now I give one back.

I have just a wish. Anything.

Give one of the bags for my daughter.

She lives in Guildford.

Under the name Roach. You can find her in the phone book.

I'll do.

I'll miss you, Ray. No, you do not.

We are going to see a part of each other.

Take care of yourself.

It was quite gay.

Take care of yourself, Ray. You too.

Close the gate!

I'll be right back.

Hello, my friend. Hello.

Is mom home? Yes.

Getting to her for me? Yes.

Can I help you with something? Samantha?

And you are? A friend of your father.

What's that? Your life.

He misses you.

You should come to visit him.

Are you ready for this? You bet on.

A piece of advice - I can be easily to come to terms with ...

... Or I can be your worst nightmare.

When I say, \"Jump!\" you say, \"How high?\"

Off with your clothes ... catch.