Coonskin (1975) Script

Fuck you!

Okay, then pass on good times: I heard that 350 of the whites Have committed suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge are jumping in, and of the 350, there were only two that were niggers.

And one of those was pushed.

I've seen him.

I've seen it since stood on the flaming mountain.

I know, Lord, you stab the devil out of her eyes.

You hit the enemy from his head.

You rips the fool, the sinners, the players heart out!

I see you, sir, shine in the sun.

Shine in the moonlight. I see you glide, on the waves of the sea. Oh yeah, I see you, sir, I see you.

I hear your thunder, I hear you in the wind!

I see you, Sir, I perceive you, but YOU? Do you see me?

Do you see me? I love you, O Lord!

Whether I'm sweating, internally burning and nothing will bring about.

I love you, if I kneel before you or on the way am, I love you, Lord!

But what? Do you love me, huh?

I see you, O Lord! Help me to my way! For I have helped you!

I see you, O Lord, I see you, O Lord! I see you!

And damn, you should, indeed, you should also see me!


You see, the preacher comes.

Baby, you're sure that you want to do that?

Yes, it needs to be.

Good morning, preachers.

Good morning to you, Sampson. Are you ready?

Let's go!

All done, Ben? Done.

The car is running. The stuff comes in Roles, oh yes, she gets rolling!

Yes, the truck is clean pure-us clean and bring out again.

Only that the white dominions shoot, if we go straight and that worries me!

Shit, we'll shoot back!

And what should I do? I have no weapon.

You only need to curse and yelling.

What a sermon should I keep them for?

The blues.

We should to 2 clock in the morning down to the prison wall.

I have no choice, I have to do it.

They are my friends, and no one else can do.

There are approximately 300 miles to the prison wall.

We have to get Randy, before the sun rises.

Drive carefully, so that the Cops do not stop us.

I'm sitting so long in the damn walls, I forget sometimes ...

But one knows Pappy exactly in each prison there is a hole through can you come in and out.

The white ass up there is peacefully sleep when we get out here.

Look, man, I can do that too Only, I do not need any help.

I know that. the white I, of course, very well.

But, hell, I have the world since 100 Years not seen from this side.

Why the hell do you think that it I do not enjoy being outside?

Then have fun, grandpa.

You never told me how your Sampson and the preacher imagine, mop up here.

Okay, you know it the cow pasture over there.

Sampson and the preacher come there with hundred things raufgedonnert the road.

And I'm going out there be and wait for them.

And when the guards in the dark Purely shoot night we fuck off.

You see, Grandpa?

Hmm, sounds very simple. You want to take the direct route.

The suspect vehicle comes to you.

Shit, a roadblock. They rausgepickt us.

I'll do it.

May I see your driver's license?

Why the rush? We were not rushed!

Why hold for us? What is that, you goddamn white bread?

Not with us, Bull!

Listen, Randy. Yes.

Just reminds me of something.

I once knew three guys were just like your friends.

Really? No shit! Just who were too!

For example, there was the brother hare.

He was as smart as you.

And he was just as nasty as you.

And Brother Bear ... As big as He was so strong he was.

Preacher fox. He was at least just as wild as your preacher friend.

How have you been, old fellow?

I bet you're wondering why I after such a long time'm here again.

I wanted to tell you, I, Brother Bear and preachers fox disappear. They have sold our old house.

Fuchs, of course, has a big mouth. As always.

But actually trembling he already excitement.

I'm not excited!

Bear and I will take care of him.

Or maybe I'm excited.

I've done all around the house save, but the bank has to any fat, rich Urbanites sold, and he has a House of Pleasure made out of it.

The boys and I are now go back, the coal from the big guy pick up and run away.

Bear here somehow Problems to speak with you, but he directed his you Love. And fox also.

Take good care of mom. We go now.

And do not believe the nonsense, I'm excited.

I have it still. I would never lie to you, and God does not.

I'll take care always nor hare or bear, okay?

And I do not think you or mom is worried because the old fox is here ...

Shut up, fox, shut up! And now I'll take you back!

You need to you do not worry!

Oh, I'm afraid our boys Insert soon in trouble, Ben.

I know, Mom, I know. Now everything is at Rabbit.

Yes, difficulties.

Rabbit and the boys went back to the house to pick up her money.

But then appeared the sheriff and his deputy on.

Good idea, Sheriff, on Saturday evening yet to take a little black hooker.

Yeah, the only thing the has to offer nigger town, is cheaper booze and women.

I guess it's about time that I verpisse here.

Hey, hey, Fox, you've seen Blue? I'll get our money, then we are gone.

Nope, the last time when I saw Blue, He was the daughter of Sheriff's just her room.

What? The daughter of the Sheriff?

Howdy, boys! What was I supposed here to pay for my pleasure?

This is of course all on the house.

Sincere thanks, my boy.

Which of the fine gentlemen from the south is the next?

Merry Gold! Daddy?

Damn it, you crazy rabbit, why do you need us to your Shit with plow?

Yes, Rabbit, drinking, play, fight, so what you do not come on Sunday! The falls but on the day of the Lord.

Gun down white breads, well, I guess, you can do that every day. But ...

How the hell could Fuchs forgot to tell me, Blue that the daughter of the Sheriff had in one of these rooms?

Shit, guys, what should I to do? Let me zap?

All because Blue us Owes money for the house.

And where we should spend it?

Yeah, because in heaven there is Finally, no booze!

Yes, but guys, we drive us now for a long time in this Nutcracker area around. For too long.

Therefore, there is for us only a place where we can go, where we Must show style.


Harlem, because I want to go! Be it a torture chamber, a Pipiloch ... a Eislochmordhaus ...

Hey, this is home of every black man.

What? That sounds like Iceberg Slim!

Rabbit? I take it all back, what I said about you.

You're still the smartest of us.

Praise the Lord!

Harlem! Yeah. A pot in which it bangs, at the end of the rainbow.

With brothers and sisters, living on the pile up!

No more comfy shoes, but a general Merry busting. Harlem!


I know I'm not pretty, but Therefore I did not leave my husband.

But by his departure I'm alone now.

I can be hard to sleep. then have I met Malcolm cockroach.

The first time I saw him chased through the whole apartment and tries his black To crush butt.

But Malcolm, who remained cool.

Night after night, Malcolm remained cool.

After a while It was already so that I missed him have, if he would not be looking.

And when he came, I had no longer wanted him to do something.

And he had no More desire to run away.

It is not long ago since We have given up our struggle and started to talk to each other, drinking and partying.

Malcolm stood on tequila.

Malcolm was my friend.

What do you think, as I felt as he passed one night and had packed? Why want you move to the inner city?

"We had it not he good together, "I said.

"Yes, ma'am," Malcolm said, "but damn, I can not do nothing for you.

It happens to be cold here, and the what little there is to eat with you, is not even as good as what I find in the city in the trash. "

"And besides consumption I have no fear, that my whole goddamn House collapses on his head.

Or that I of Will zerlatscht Fixern. "

If I here for myself nothing can do, what can I do for you?


The funny thing was that that somehow sounded to him, as it was in my old Leroy, when I left.

So well, since I was back alone there and drank.

I got the tremors, as the black rat scurried across the floor.

She came to me and said she had heard Malcolm was gone.

She winked and grinned widely at me.

I have directly caught between the eyes.

I do not want that to me again someone hurts. You understand what I mean.

If yes blatant genuine. I guess times, which is Harlem, right?

Yes, and we could not Wait, come here, is not it?

Hey, what the old codger there?

I have the white district, old bone man, that's me.

It's okay, I have the white district.

I take care of that they do not see me.

If I pass them, then I watch it on the floor.

I've been around for a hundred Years seen a white man.

And see me not. I have their district.

My God, what the White throw it all away!

They have no idea, I'll take that.

Oh my God, what have we here?

A genuine cotton sweater!

A genuine cotton sweater!

I do not know I'm never nobody did, only shoe shiner, Cotton Pickers, plaster fellow, have never been nobody, and a genuine cotton sweater I've never owned.

I have the white district, as I said before.

The only problem lately is, that this bag is just too heavy.

It will take me a while to a place find where I can unload the whole.

The happy about it goddamn old rags.

Leave him alone, man! His father was a slave.

Some brothers were so much beaten when they were young, that she never regained consciousness came. Asks Miss America!

Hey, sweetie, that's scary been good. I mean, for me.

Our relationship is still in the recent years become ten times better.

And I am so happy that we of Use finally managed to have both together.

You know where I come from.

We would it be if Miss America now comes with me and me to her Can make out breasts?

Oh, I should've fucking when I had the chance.

The nigger might be right.

What should we do, Bunny?

I still want to see what's going on here so.

Whoa, this is the District that never sleeps!

I guess in there must quite something to be rid of.

Yes, there is something going on!

And because we are curious Niggers are, it affects us.


What the heck are we doing? So, I'll go see.

Have a nice evening, brother. I Wish you well, brother!

Tell me, brother, uh, what, uh, I to be expected here tonight, anyway?

Yes, what's going on here?

So this is as simple as the Redeemer pastor himself, the leader of this black revolution.

The black Jesus and his rotblasiger Vetter give people power.

Force to kill the whites!

Kill white, you hear that? Every whites?

Yes, every white man. If yes really hard.

Anyone we want?

If yes blatant genuine.

We can shoot down anyone we want? Yeah, shit.

I've got someone very ... Stop the bill now!

You mean we can each Kill whites as it suits us?

Every white!

Man, that shit cough. Seems today a great crowd to be out there, right?

Yes, a great audience, really great! You are ready.

Oh, they are ready for their Religion, eh? Are you ready for me!


Well, you know, my people, who are always there on time, and I'm ready to get out there, and, uh ... how do I look?

You look great, really great, the purple is perfect, perfect!

It adapts to your Eyes, Redeemer, is it ...

But you do not know, I dance without my robe, right?

I know, I know, so the people will also find ...

You've got everything? Everything for the concert? I've got everything.

The chains? Yes, I have the chains. Everything.

Yeah, well, then, what is going on out there?

Well, many people whisper that some strangers are in the city. But I do not know if ...

Yes, strangers, that's good, which is good for extracting coal.

Yes, they are always good for extracting coal. Yeah yeah. And how do I look?

They look great, very seriously, Your teeth look fantastic.

Can we use old Charlie still commit so that he can with the blue headlights illuminated and non-green with that?

Hey, man, you something against my teeth?

What's wrong with my teeth? No, they're beautiful!

Okay, okay, I'm just nervous. Just a bit nervous!

Do not need, do not need you but have no reason to be nervous.

I'm not nervous because ... You are ready for you!

I know, I'm just nervous about the money!

And that is a lot.

Everything else I do not care. Out there they stand in line.

The performance does not worry me. No, the performance is great.

Yes, the appearance is good!

Do you have photos? Yes, the photos are there, that's no problem.

Until now I have 30 years preached long down south and never had a seen black Jesus!

Me neither. Or even his cousin.

Hey, man, why press Him the image of the face?

If you silly old black Southerners will die once, you know what you expected! Do you understand?

You are all black Nigger! Tough!

All together! is black sweet! Black is hot!

Just like a Cadillac!

How these braids here! And everything is black!

White is pale! the White crush us!

A rat is white!

The owners are white!

Your pain is white!

Yes, white is the pain. The whites eaten us!

But God wants to help us blacks. and so I will break the chains!

You have to detach from the whites!

From the White Oppressors, save me!

From the white oppressors, my God, save me! Save me!

Follow me! On the Revolution!

On the Revolution! To our revolution!

To our revolution!

On to our black revolution!

On the Revolution ...

On the Revolution!

On the Revolution!

On the Revolution!

I want to thank you, ensure that you have come, to your faith and Gratitude for the revolution the Savior Pators to prove.

I would ask you, your Contribution to put in the baskets, Walking through the ranks. Makes them quickly.

My God!

Yes. I've got something in the way in my whole life not seen before.

It is highly unlikely, I am such a Could remember history.

Man, that's a damn convincing religion.

I was wondering where your revolutionary donation remains.

Are you sure you that the Is money to kill the whites?

Well, of course, my brother.

Ratchets, tanks, planes, perhaps a nuclear bomb or two.

Damn, I have no money. rabbit, Fox, I'm still no money.

I know that this is not a lie.

We are participating in your Revolution, and with the money, that the bear has taken to we buy our own weapons.

We do not need more weapons.

Well, I see a yes that these weapons are quite nice, but what then say the church when you no longer purchase from false economy?

Yes, it is.

Is not that the truth, brothers and Sisters? Is not that the truth?

Yeah, right! Right!

What's up? Yes? What do they want? What's up?

We need weapons!


What is it, what is wrong?

This is a very, very long History, brothers and sisters.

And these cute guys here are you explain exactly when the black revolution begins and how they use your money be for it to work for you.

What about our money?

Always the same dizziness, always the same scams!

It is always the same tour. The tell us just bullshit!

This was harder than against Miss America to fight, without the help of my own brothers. They wanted us only exploit all.

Okay, okay, you red, white and blue ...

You worthless Miss America! How do you like this shit here, huh?

Okay, you win! Huh?

I have what? I won?

Okay, yeah, boy. Hey, put down your weapon.

You won. and now you can take me.

Come on, kid!

Oh, she probably won yet.

With the donations could the Savior Pastor the largest nightclub in 125th Street to buy.

Brother Rabbit thought that they there should have a few drinks.

Of course, on the house.

You have a chocolate dick.

You have the ocean liner with the Pipitropfen.

Hey preachers! Yes?

Stop it out your mouth! Do not go, I have an electric mouth.

You, Rabbit, sometimes understand I do not quite.

You know, I mean, why we go actually in the club of the Redeemer, after what we tonight made in the Church?

Well, I'm not sure, fox, but something is going to happen here determined.

You know, brother, I wish all the shouting and the talk about the Revolution would stop.

I do not want to segregate, integrate and masturbate, I'm sick of it!

I hate, that's ... Now listen to it!

The longer we wait, the more likely to be we like Malcolm X and Luther King end.

Aha ... So I drink it!

Ah, so this is! How is the ..

I also drink it when a of you guys buy me a drink.

You're really pretty, but I must warn you. I'm your Devil in the Flesh.

You've really nervous, doll! How active are you around here with such a run-down pack!

You should be in the city center stand and bring me gravel!

I have no intention of again to go into the city to create.

Listen, bitch. I'll give you 10 Seconds to move your ass.

I've heard enough, man, and I think I should something to ...

It is my duty to you by To bring home, my child.

And I leave all the unbelieving and irreverent, unrespektable and inrespektable, disrespectful Society and the boys.

You and your friends, you have me and my revolution was a lot of trouble.

The trouble with you is black, that you are too stupid to realize when are you all Asses have trouble.

I do not want you to talking about him Savior. Kill him!

Not kill me, Preacher. Do not kill me, like you killed my friends have! Please spare me!

I'm just a poor country boy!

Do not throw my poor bones this windowsill, I do not want to cold, hard road open!

Please do not out of the window throw! Hey, man, listen to me!

I want your friend be, please, please man!

Shoot me, strangled me, strike me down, I'm ready for anything.

But let my poor body not fly through this window and on the hard Concrete popping down there!

I beg you, I beg you, do not throw me out the window!

Because I was in a garbage can I was born and raised.

Come on, I'll do him outside ready!

Hey, men hears times. know you heard the latest?

The Savior is now a black hare been done.

Yeah yeah. The funeral is tomorrow, you know it so, and the Hare, who did it has, will also be there.

Why do you spread the message actually in this elevator?

Is it simply because I do not want to be noticed.

Brother Hare took the Burial of the Redeemer, to make clear to all that he now the shops would take over.

On this very peaceful cemetery on the edge of the cemetery, on the edge of the trench, er, what should I express? In addition to the beer, uh, the bar, oh yes, she Gift of Blessed beer, oh, I mean, of course, "the Savior".

So I'll come straight to the Thing. We're all niggers, right?

Only some of us do not know it.

Oh great, and how we dig him now?

Our money must remain in Harlem.

No more Mafia, no police, no Mayors, judges and presidents.

This is our area here. We keep them in order.

Okay, hare, we like that.

And your plan like that. You killed the Redeemer, we will you touch a hair. but you still have two major problems.

One of them is the policeman Mannigan. The other the mafia.

For me they are the same. Bring to them, we are.

And if you fail, bring we around! Okay, Rabbit?

May the Lord take him over.

Yes, the hare was also difficult to carry on his problem.

He had to deal with the Create Mannigan police, he was a debt collector for the Mafia. He had to kill him.

And then he had to be create the Godfather of the world.

Hey, what the hell ...

Faster, faster.

Hey, who do we have here! My Lieblingscop Manny.

Look at, look at, today we see but a bit dodgy.

And if Manny looks dodgy and has not been washed, it means only one thing.

Yes, and what should it be?

This means that the poor, unfortunate black stallions difficulties in Uptown will get.

Yes, I do not wash me, when I am gone, that's for sure. for the Nigger I do not wash me!

Yes, baby, but I bet for me you wash yourself thoroughly!

Kiss this!

Let this Schwuchtelscheiße with me!

Fuck you!

Hey, Mannigan.

Well lovelies.

Another drink before we go?

Let's start driving rather and get it over with.

Why the rush? A shit, get going!

Take care of yourself. Kick them in the ass!

I'll bring you one, Baby! And this one is a hare.

I'm so happy, I could cry.

Having 45 years in this Have toiled ghetto here Washed dishes, shoes cleaned, scrubbed floors, white bags have chauffeured have I finally got the correct Connection.

The value of each Packet here amounts to 4500th

I told you but prohibited on with Heroin rumzuschieben. Sold it Downtown!

All units to the west. to the Western Highway, there was a Incident. I repeat ...

You should even see the house, I have purchased in Levy Town.

Since there is no nigger within 40 miles.

Then I put let's go!

Hi guys!

Hey, guys, what makes coal? Where is she?

This month, I could not for the put you aside. I'm sorry.

You must be crazy, pal!

Do you think you can take your fucking Operate dice games without my share?

Your shares have been picked up. Picked up?

Brother bunny is two days ago been here with his friends, with a rather large gun, and have conceded your share.

He keeps his hand on here, so do not take me into the pliers!

In him you have to hold you.

Come on, Ruby.

Continues to play nice. it is always a pleasure to watch, how cheerful black people have fun.

Pulling Leash, her Stinkritzen, otherwise there will be trouble!

I'm sorry, sweetie, I am just a madam, and when you have so much on the Plaster skin, I can not bring, me with the hare and to argue his boys.

Yes, they have your Share conceded, baby!

They have it for free with my Made girls, and that's it!

Black Bullshit! This is all just black Bullshit!

Come on, Ruby, grab we are the nigger rabbits.

Hey, is quite empty. the but could also be a trick.

Bobby is out there guarding the entrance.

He will shoot down anyone who zoom in or comes out.

Ruby, you go up to the roof. Up on the roof? Alone?

As above, it is so dark. Who the hell is because there recognize what?

Up on the roof, Ruby! If they up there are, you'll see it already!

And if not, then I will yes hear how they shoot you.

Then at least I know where they are.

A fantastic idea, really fantastic.

Good evening, Mr. Mannigan. What leads you into the "Cotton Tail"?

Where is the rabbit, you bitch?

The hare? Is doing well, I'm quite sure.

And since I know how gracious the Hare is sit down easy and you drink something you are invited. And you stay loose, Bull.

Take your drink and relax.

You guys are still anyway always under stress.

Since you should take the time to you have to wait to enjoy.

Hey, you there!

My goodness!

Oh no!

Oh God! No!

Oh my God! How ...

God Damn!

Shit, I'm black!

I'll crush you!

We have surrounded you! Leg your weapon down and come here!

This is the police!

Damn! They have always do not let look.

It needs to happen.

Sit back and stay close to the wall!

The you have the same ass, because you can bet your take!

I've never seen a nigger seen that they have caught, the run after, talking about what to eat could snap or air. Do you understand?

That does not help me, Grandpa. if the car will not soon emerges, I'll try anything, quite no matter what, and when I go on foot, and if that does not work, fuck it! Then I just have to pay the price.

So listen, I need you my History nor tell end.

Yes. As I told, Manni goose racism him ultimately killed.

Brother Rabbit used it extinguish Mannigan.

But the godfather of the world create, should be more difficult.

Harlem caught on slowly, that Mannigan was dead, and the black brothers began to, to become active.

Remember, as We then losrannten and the empty houses the whites fought?

Damn! Since this nigger sitting home rum and the whites moved out, ten blocks away. And I ran as a Madman to be the first to be there.

When I was an idiot then managed there were already three million brothers, all of which came on the fire escape.

And there were three million Jews, which ran in the other direction.

Beautiful shit, but we have got all apartments.

Finally, we had the whole neighborhood, man!


I am the man who the Blues sings, makes the clean, the poor, the dressing shoes, Nigger is. Look at how I dance!

Shit! Yes, I got the devil in me!

I've always been waiting for Welfare, unemployment, all the chatter. Now I'm waiting in front of Pawnshop. Hey, I got the devil in me!

You shot me, driven ignored, fully blabbing!

They have a Yankee from me made! I got the devil in me!

I am who I am! my Face is black by nature, and have in the hindquarters I still have my cock!

I will not die in shame!

When I stop to dance and not authorizing, I am air for you, because I refuse, you pretend something!

Help! Rape! Rape!

The Godfather and his family lived in the underground tunnels.

Why not, sooner or later, each, for some reason here.

And so that was very convenient for the sponsor.

Dad, I just disturb you reluctantly, but I reckon that with the other Families get in trouble.

Father, please forgive me, but they think you were too old to to be the godfather in New York.

And it is said that they because of you are not in a position to stop the black rabbit. You mean you were sleeping.


No one will dare, my To make family breaks because so few lousy types.

It is only a matter of time, until I have circled the hare.

You fool! You do not know anything!

Know the blacks but not what they do!

Stupid they are, they are all stupid! Stupid!


You are stupid! They are Use easy-to-nothing!

It is no wonder that they how animals are treated!

Mario, they are stupid! the Blacks are not loyal to their own people.

You run around and act like big, big idiot.

They have no respect.

No one fits here on! No one is watching!

No one is watching! Not at all!

Pate, where are your sons? Mario!

I can not find it anywhere. But Mario ...

Let them take care of you.

My sons watch carefully, I promise you, Mario.

Come, my dear Mario. let us drink to the death of the rabbit.

Apologies, but I must take care of your sons.

Oh, just stop, no, let it! You little piglet!

Yes, do not stop, do not stop!

Those are the fucking fags! Oh, I think I'm about to ...

No, not yet!

Give yourself enough time, take your time.

These goddamn homos!

Okay, it was enough to me, now you're due!

With some sex but nothing wrong with it, right?

Oh, he has brought help.

And do not worry, come on and enters the black slave in the ass!

And if they do macho want, then we show them you can also the! if they want to have it so good, then they should make it so get! Hit him, come on!

Come on, hit him! Give him a kick!

If you had a head, would you my brother a kiss of death give on both cheeks.

Hey, wait a minute short let me go, let go, come on!

Hey, listen to time. Hey, guys, hey listen to me, that everything will be better, I promise. I do all sorry, I know, that father will be angry with me, but come on! Have you no heart?

Finally stop your stupid mouth!

Do not you dare me again to beat, or I'll tell Dad.

You'll leave! When I tell him, that you are going to purchase, then he breaks out all the arms and legs.

But it is not so bad if I sometimes times to make a bit of extra coal, right?

Would it also not.

Would it not at all, if you not all in vain would suck.

That bad? The mafia wants money!

Remember, we are the Mafia!

What does Dad really tonight from me, Sonny?

Papa has all of us today invited evening.

He is probably one of us ask you to kill the bunnies.

An order? Oh, I love orders!

Oh, this is such a mess and so much fun, I want to do it, let me just the hare shoot between the eyes!

Shut up!

It's really tough when you the son of a godfather is, because you always particularly must be mean and cool.

And somehow I do not know ...

It annoys me totally! This whole responsibility!

Let go of me, damn it, and let's talk about the job.

I was just wondering: if it shoots down the rabbit Turnip, He then goes on to Along road, or ...?

Watch out with that thing!

Oh, Sonny comes with Anna Bananna.

It is always nice Anna to see in women's clothes.

Ah, Sonny, my little boy.

I should tell you that the godfather has decided that you have to throw the hare.

I? What I do with the other, why?

You'll be fine!

Hello Bunny!

Hey, Rabbit! Many greetings from the Mafia!

Do not worry, Brother Bear, I'll take you to the doctor.

And listen, if you are again on his feet, you should rest and with the revolutionary nonsense stop.

You need to talk with Brother Fox, maybe he can persuade you so well.

Sonny was killed and bit Pieces found. The Godfather wanted Sonny stylish in a small Box is brought home.

But he did not send flowers.

Oh, Sonny is back, Mama!

Okay, let's see.

Oh yes, that's a pretty hip ash.

Unfortunately, it is only still shit, right?

Sonny, Sonny.

Sonny, Sonny.

Hey, I thought I would have told you, that you shall guard the tunnel.

Okay, okay, you reg but not on, sweetie.

If anyone on Should shoot Papa, then:

Peng Peng. then blow I gave him away the brain.

Yes, and then fucks you probably him.

You know me.

Let's head out!

The bear had somehow changed.

Maybe because he nearly killed had jumped from the shovel.

Perhaps because of the pain.

He did not know if he with the rabbit should continue to fight, or whether it is a normal Should lead life.

In addition, he also missed the fox.

He got up to look for him.

In these difficult times, he had again only think clearly.

"Reverend Fox's House nearly 50 legal girls "

The fox in turn had always have a soft spot for a quick buck.

He had the biggest House of Pleasure presented throughout Harlem.

Is this correct? Here you are right!

Tagchen, Bear. Want it Lady here to your wife, lawfully wedded to your wife?

And tomorrow I leave you again. I gefällts.

Then I want it! I want too!

I declare to you hereby husband and wife!

Damn, that was stupid of me!

Hey, husband!

We must each Expected moment so, that we are black by the Rabbits einhandeln our first leak.

My goodness! We can not but as niggers beat in the gutter!

Oh, my dear preacher. Hey, sit down here, Fox.

And you, snipe, go get a glass of wine.

Here you go, Godfather, and do so on time.

Your monthly share from my establishment.

Keep this month times your dough.

We do not collect from.

But why? Why do we give this Niggers back the money? Why?

I'm sick of that we all what we have in Harlem, give up.

How is it that They are so generous?

You can do me a favor. What should I do?

I want to know only the hare. What for?

This is a surprise.

Unfortunately you can not. I'm coming the hare not ran, Godfather, because he no longer has confidence in me.

But I have an idea.

Oh, I knew that what comes to your mind.

I could with the bear talk, and the rabbit.

Assuming that you treat the bear good.


So, that was it, Fox!

I have just the bear sold to the Mafia.

The Godfather is it to become world champion make in the heavyweight division.

Dad, you're really working too hard.

You're still a good-looking Man. Come and dance with the mom.

I care about your problems. Come and dance with Mummy!

You still look so good. Dance with Mom!

As in the old days.

I want daddy is happy again!

I would like the dad laughs again.

Mom and Dad have formerly loved so much.

You are the father of my children. they respect you because you're so great.

They love you because you're so powerful.

We both love our sons.

Sonny is dead. From our Sons should die no more.

I love you, Daddy, how I've always loved you.

But you will kill all, the still to live.

You're gonna kill all my sons, so you'll always be fat.

Oh my God, my father died.

After Mannigan and Sonny had killed, could not brother bunny in Harlem happen more as long as he remained there.

It was known to the sponsors, so he had to think of something, rauszukriegen because of him.

The fox was the answer. and the bear should be the instrument.

The Godfather knew if he has to bear, brother would hare not be far away.

Is it real nice here ...

Damn, Fox, which have We here are actually looking for, you crazy fuckers?

Stay very cool, bear, stay calm, man!

Here are my business friends, So it will be your friends.


I'll would like the pearl and imagine the bear.

It gives me great pleasure. Good evening, Miss Pearl.

Looking forward to meet you, Bear.

I have very much Heard good from you.

You did well not all, Fox!

Let's go now to a other Party, damn it!

The fox is your friend, right? Yes. So what?

Well, sweetie, the fox nevertheless long after us.

And it is only right and proper, if he wants to make his party here.

Since we can not but elsewhere drag on. Relax, baby!

The music ...

Well, too bad that is not.

And there is something good to drink. come over, Baby, we remain, just for me tonight.

Okay, let's dance.

It was really nice, To meet you.

Look scary good, is not it?

But you do not see just scary good, They also dance tremendously well. I mean, Herbert thinks so too.

Yes, you dance very well.

You know, we have always talked about, if not also May come in black.

It is, after all ... it is very nice of you ...

I mean now that you actually there are, it's unbelievable.

I mean, tell her! It's incredible.

It's great the things you harm, and all the colors.

I mean, we always wear the same old clothes.

And we always complain about how And we would be different times, but I mean, you really do!

I mean, they do it. Yes, they do!

Yes, it's really different.

Look at this! show Get your Pearl at times.

Yes! Look at them! I have they have never seen so happy.

Yes, that's right.

Now listen carefully, Bear. How So marry you because they do not properly lead a regular life, leaves the windy shops and live honest and God-fearing?

Well, Fox, that sounds good, but what am I supposed to do something else?

It's simple. Become yet a real pro boxer.

Excuse me, I have the random overheard. The fox is quite right.

This is my black life, So keep yourself out of there!

Who do you want what fool? Anyone else would the chance so to make money, immediately grab with both hands.

Why do you keep for something special?

Do you think you could make a Only the savior of your race be?

Before you not a few balls in the Have guts, you kapierst nothing.

This could, however, your first and last His chance. So tell me about it.

Say "Yes", baby! Oh say "yes"! And start to exercise.

Yes. So it was that the bear boxed for the Mafia and learned his brothers beat up.

Where are all the fighters? I want to see you fight!

The incomparable Big Bear!

The World Heavyweight Champion!

The bear has flown the coop.

He has all the money in his Bag and disappeared with it.

I tell you, it make no uprising.

Hey, Rabbit, your friend, the bear, won the championship today.

He works for the American Mafia.

Up from the ghetto and so more ... the whole shit!

So you can not him let them get away!

What will you do, Hare?

Are you a fighter with him can hold? Huh, Rabbit, tell already!

Now come on, it is settled soon, guys!

Tell the hare, what you want, come on!

Tell him how her against the Bears want to fight! Who is your fighter, Rabbit?

And the broken punk Luden are damned astray.

To hell with all that I suggest everyone in the world!

Ouch! You know: I drink I ran'm like a punch machine. His pig's head, it is not gutgehn.

That said, I got him on the ass, for I am the greatest!

He's the best! He's our man! Yes, he is the man! He brings it!

I am the greatest! I am the greatest! He is the greatest!


I've done it! I've done it!

The rabbit has a boxer who will fight against the Bears!

The rabbit has a Boxer! the Bunny will be there! And so do we!

Ladies and gentlemen!

The battle for the World Cup goes 15 rounds!

From Oklahoma City, with a weight of 210 pounds, the world champion Heavyweight: the brown bear!

And in this corner from Harlem, New York, with a weight of 140 Pounds: Big Lip Bone "Bones".

I do not have hundreds of thousands of spectators, I'll give you over the head, you idiot! I am the greatest!

Maybe you think I riskier merely a thick lip, you probably think I chat and land on the mattress, but you'll see, uncle Tom, I'll make you into a cat!

Who are you calling Uncle Tom?

I say to you uncle Tom, you old fool!

I see you, sir, I see you, O Lord!

Yes, the eyes of the devil!

What? This is only a Teerhase! That is so totally tacky.

None of us can move. Now we get in trouble.

Hey, you there!

What's wrong with you? their but do not be deaf?

So, I now count to two, if you then do not say hello, it's over.

One, two ...

Hello! Cessation. No, stop it.

Hey, Bear, what are you waiting for?

Yes, the battle is over! Hello! Cessation. No, stop it.

It was a rabbit from tar baby!

I would like to hear it again, I mean you two, hare and fox, you have to tell me that again, did you know that all the time.

Ye have the ten Devised and have months I totally loaded. Why did you tell me?

All right, bear, I knew, I had forgotten something.

Since you can also use your Butt bet on it.

And I am the greatest! No, you're not! This is me!

Man, the guys were really great!

What is there to laugh as yet, the hell? We are done.

Come on now! No, I can not.

Come on, we need to get out of here!

You can still be here stay! Come on, Pappy!

We did it the same.

Come on, Pappy!

My brothers are on the road, we made it the same.

Now you strictly but also a bit on.

Everyone is waiting for us at home.