Cop Land (1997) Script

Back in the '70s, every cop wanted out of the city.

But the only cops allowed to live outside New York were transit cops Because the Transit Authority was also run by Jersey and Connecticut.

So these guys I knew at the 3-7 they started pulling overtime... at subway stations and got the city to declare them "auxiliary transit cops".

They bought some land in Jersey. Got some cheap loans from people they knew.

They made themselves a place where the shit couldn't touch 'em.

Thatīs what they thought anyway.

COP LAND [YTS.AG] HD movies at the smallest file size.

Every precinct has its "cop bar", a private club, all blue. No civilians.

For the 3-7, it was the "4 Aces". just across the river.

[Video Game Noises]

[Tires Screeching]

This Armenian guy, he's from the other side over there.

He tells her that she's dead. Right? She's gonna be dead by morning.

So he drops this box off at her place, right? They call you guys.

They call Bomb Squad. Right? We go in there. We x-ray it on scene.

And, uh, we can't see anything in there. Right.

So ah... i cut a little hole in it. I can see there's something in there. Uh-huh.

I, uh, I see that there's, uh, some white fuzz. There's something pink. I can't figure out what it is.

Suddenly I realize I am looking at a tongue. Ah, shit!

A big, fat tongue sticking out at me. No way? Yes. The guy put a goat's head in there.

This at the end of the twentieth century.

H.G. Wells, he'd turn over in his grave to think at the start of a new millennium...

Some Iranian guy... Armenian. Armenian guy.

Some Armenian would be deliverin' a goat's head to the door of the woman that he loved.

Backward culture over there. Let me tell you. We're all backwards, Berta.

Our machines are all modern and shit, but our minds? Gary.

Our minds are primitive. Our minds are primitive, Berta.

Hey. I gotta go home, baby.

All right, wait. I'm just waitin' on the call, okay? Come here.

I gotta pick up the car. This is not... Monica, sit down.

Yeah, yeah. Fine.

It's quiet tonight, huh, Freddy?


It's quiet.

Everyone's at that bachelor party across the river.

Hey, Figgsy, you got any quarters? Hey, hey, how you doin'? Sorry, Freddy. Hey.

I was wondering if you'd be able to, uh, come by. Yeah. 4 Aces. Where else?


Damn it.

Two kinds of people in this world.

Pinball people and video game people.

You, Freddy, you're pinball people.

Always got somethin' to say, Figgsy. Come on. Freddy, Freddy, Freddy. Ohh!

Freddy! Freddy!

Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

It's bedtime, Sheriff.

You all right to drive? Mm-hmm.

You sure?


Take it easy, Freddy.

Take it easy.

[CAR RADIO: It was not Lady Luck that Jim Maloney found in Atlantic City.]

[It was the cops.]

[The 30-year-old native of the Caribbean island of Antigua...]

[...was captured in a casino just days after an aspiring rap artist...]

[... was fatally beaten in a Queen's convenience store.]

[...Sources have filled in some of the blanks for 1010 WINS saying...]


Oh! All right. Take it easy, take it easy.

I apologize.

Magilla Gorilla, you fucking ape.

Mikey, I'm out. I'm gettin' outta here. Where're you goin'?

I love her. Yeah! Hell of a party!

Roger. Okay, Superboy. You're my man, Superboy.

My man, Roger. Keep it up.

You guys take it easy.

Davey, can you dispose of this legally please?

I don't like bachelor parties.

See you back in Jersey.






[MAN 1: Groaning]

[MAN 1: Coughing]

Goddamn it!

[MAN 1: Groaning, Gagging continue...]

[MAN 2: Shit!]

You have the fuckin' wrong stuff here.


Ah, Jesus!


Jesus Christ! What are you guys doin'? You're giving me a heart attack over here.

Hey, Superboy, what'd ya say, kid?

You all right, Jackie? Yeah, I'm fine.

Yeah? All right, I'll see you guys tomorrow, man. You're like creepers back here.

Thanks, kid. Be careful driving, huh?

[CAR RADIO: Giants leading 10 to 6 as they move to the bottom of the seventh inning...]

[ a game characterized by big rallies...]

[The Giants scored seven times in the first inning off...]

[CAR RADIO: Rap...]

Well, fuck! [The Yankees lost to the Angels today.]


Pull over. N.Y.P.D. Pull over!

Hey, you hear me? Pull over!

No! [ Laughing ]

Fuck! Shit!

Fuckin' cocksucker!


Traffic incident?


Hey, what's up, man? These guys were shot like six times.

Hey, just shut up, do your fucking job!

Fucking nurse. What've you got?

I got four vials of crack here and a pipe. That's it.

Russell, what you're thinking, swallow it.

The guy saved five babies out in Redhook, all right?

That's right, black babies. Mashed potatoes don't mean gravy.

I'm on the bridge. Is Babitch there?

Yeah. I see him. Take care of it.

Uncle Ray?

Uncle Ray? MAN: Come down!

I saw a gun.

I saw the gun. He took a shot at me. Tell 'em. They took a shot at me.

MAN: Stay here with us.

Tunney didn't even get the grand jury for shit like this.

Fuck the G.J. You're Superboy, huh? You saved, what?

Six black babies? Come on, kid, the shit plays!

Three babies. Hey, one at a time, please.

I got P.A. On another channel, the mayor's office, assistant D.A.

Press up the yin-yang. The only reason they're not here now...

... is we got gridlock from across Bronx to the Palisades.

There's no gun.

You didn't see it, Jack? You can't find it?

Flaky. Listen, I heard a shot. I heard a shot, Ray.

I heard a shot. I saw a gun. In my trunk, in the grand union bag.

I heard a shot, Leo. The kid had a steering wheel lock in his hand.

Your tire blew.

You're fucked up and you wasted a pair of shit-bags... who aren't worth the hair in the crack of your ass.

So you cool it with the patty-cake morality.

Because without me, kid, those stiffs'll put you in a room...

Where you will fuck your uncle and everything he's built.

Hey, Leo.

The black van's gonna be here in a minute and I haven't done shit!

What I'm doing is highly... Sympathetic.

Yeah, damn right. It is.

Ray, we don't have to do this. Calm down.

Fuck, Ray!

Ooh, baby!

Hey, we got it.

Look at that, huh? We got it!

Yo, yo, yo, yo.

What the fuck are you doin', man?

I found their piece.

Found their piece? Ah, Jesus!

That wasn't in there. What do you mean it wasn't in? It was underneath the floor mat.

Bullshit, man. You can't do that! Shut the fuck up!

Do what? It was underneath the fucking floor mat.

What the fuck are you doing? Fuck you!

I told you not to do it like this, Ray.

We’re just doin' our job, so let's just calm down.

I told you!

Take it easy. Hey!

You boys should take care of your own business here.

Take my fucking shield away from me.

Hey, put it down!

What? You gonna shoot me?

Put it down, Chico! Chico this, motherfucker!

Frankie, Help me start it up. Medic: What the fuck you gonna do?

Kiss my ass!


Hey, Jack, Jack, Jack. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Leo!

Leo! Jesus!

He jumped!

Oh, my God!

He jumped!

He jumped!

Jack: Murray?

Somebody shine a light down there.

He just hit the water and... he went down.

Davis? Where's Davis? Oh!

Leo: I want aviation, harbor. I want some illumination now!

Stupid, fucking kid! Oh, my God!

We got a man over the fucking G.W!

How long is the car gonna take?

Lenny won't know till the parts guy gets in.

You should take number two.

What did you tell Lenny about the accident?

Chasin' a speeder.


Sheriff was chasin' a speeder.

HERO COP TAKES PLUNGE Shoots teens jumps off bridge

[Radio: Our top story on 1010 Wins...]

[A fatal shootout on the G.W.B. And a cop's suicide.]

[Highway Patrol continues searching the Hudson River for the body of Officer...]

[Murray "Superboy" Babitch.][Babitch leaped off the George- Washington bridge last night...]

Hey, hey, put it out.

[An apparent suicide, after engaging in a high-speed chase.]

Fuck you, asshole.

There's no way that guy jumped, man.

There's no fucking way!

[Radio: Controversy swirls around events on the bridge.]

Officer, how can you testify... that Superboy jumped off that bridge when you didn't see him jump?

I mean, I'm looking at your statement right here.. that you filled out at 0200 hours.

Wait a minute. I'm gonna object because we went through this.

Now, he's been up all night.

How many times are you gonna ask the same question?

Let me ask you another question, brother.

Have you ever been to Garrison, New Jersey?

What kind of question is that, Lieutenant? Counselor.

Have you ever been to Garrison, New Jersey?

You think those white boys on that bridge...

Now, come on, Lieutenant...

...Please. I object to this! What do you think this is, Mod Squad?

I'm offended by this.

All right, all right! All right, listen.

He doesn't tell us what we want to know, he's gonna lose his job.

That's about as simple as I can make it. He's gonna lose his fuckin' job.

All right?

Do you want that?

What do you take us for? A bunch of fuckin' morons, huh?

What is the matter with you? With all due respect, I think...

And be quiet, you be quiet! Shut up! I believe...

If you don't mind my French, all right? You be quiet.

He's off the force if he does not start answering questions.

You want to save your ass? Start giving us answers.

And I'll tell you something. We know anyway.

So do yourself a favor, and stop fuckin' around.

[ Welcome To GARRISON Population 1280 ]

[ Speed limit 25 M.P.H ]

It's Grotto.

Murray, get down. It's Freddy's new girl.

Cover yourself.

Hi. Could you turn your engine off for me?

I got the air on.

You on the job? No we're comin' from Forest Hills.

I'm John McEnroe. That's Jimmy Connors.

Is your license in there? Can you pull it out for me, please?

This is a school zone. Christ!

Listen, Miss Betts. You're new, right?

Yes, I'm new here, but I'm not new on the job.

I was a... Freddy!

...municipal deputy in Elmira. Freddy!

You see, Officer, in Garrison...

...when the car you're gonna tag has got a P.D.A. Sticker...

I'd advise you to think to yourself, "Hey, that's one of the good guys.

I think I'll go catch me a bad guy."

If we didn't pull over P.D., there wouldn't be any violations in this town.

The problem in this town ain't the people that live here. It's the element that visits.

Is this a new car, Ray? It's nice. We didn't recognize it.

Come on, Freddy, I wanna go home. Tell this cupcake to heel.

Okay, that's not necessary. Cindy.

Well, listen, take care, guys. See you later. Hey!

What happened to you, Freddy?

Fender benders.

She's kinda cute.

[ SHOOT-OUT ON G.W.B. Hero cop takes death plunge ]

Dispatch. Hi!

Can I call you back? Bye.

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I got it.


No, no. That's the next town over. You called Garrison.

Right. The town with all the police.

What are you gonna do with Superboy? You gotta stash him someplace.

We lie low.

Hey, Moe!

Hey, Ray.

Sorry to hear about your nephew.

Yeah, he was a good kid.

We were up all night with it.

Hmm...I know you need to talk to me.

I'll come in next week sometime. How's that?

Jackie here's comin' in early for you. Tomorrow. Hi, Jackie. Moe Tilden.

Yeah, hey.

Moe Tilden. -Yeah, Frankie Lagonda.

What house? Out of the 3-7.

You been there long?

Maybe too long, huh?

Too long. Right.

Moe, here, was my classmate at the academy.

Back in the day...

...before he fell in love with this redhead at I.A. and transferred.

Is that how it went, Ray?

So what brings you to our fair city? Checkin' up on us?

I heard there was a way of life out here.

Thought I'd check it out for myself.

What are we, uh, like the Amish now?

See you around.

You fuckin' rat.

Ah, shit!



I thought you gave me a ticket. Hmm?

You the sheriff?

I thought you gave me a ticket.

One second.

Hey, hey, Gordon, that's it. Knock it off. Let him go.

Asshole! Just let him go. Everyone go down to the park.

Go on. Go on before I kick your ass. Yah...


How long you been a sheriff?

Ten years. That's great.

I see there's a lot of city cops here.

Oh, yeah. A lot of cops. Great gig.

Mm-hmm. I like it.

Well, I don't wanna waste your time. Let me give you my card.

It's a special unit in the city.

If you ever wanna talk about anything, it's all confidential.



Nice to meet ya.

INTERNAL AFFAIRS BUREAU Ray, that fuck Tilden shows up here with that grin.

Freddy's new girl pulls us over.

I mean, someone's talkin; I say it's Figgis.

I mean, we got some loose ends.

I'm sorry. Oh.

Jesus, I'm sorry. Oh, it's okay. I heard voices.

I was gonna have the base call you back anyway.

Freddy! Look what you found. Mm-hmm.

She's gonna be so happy. Her daddy won it for her at the fair last year.

And I left it on top of the car. I know. I saw from my window.

It's awful about Ray's nephew.


What happened to your nose?

Ah, little accident. I was chasing a speeder.

Mommy, I need some black!

Oh, shh.

Look what the sheriff found. Remember how you were crying for that today?

Freddy, do you want some coffee?

Um, no, I'm fine. Thanks, Liz.

I got a little bit on me. Yeah, you got a little bit on you, didn't you?

Come here. Okay. All right. You know what?

I have to get something to clean this off of you.

Okay. We got it off both hands.

Isn't that nice? I'm gonna go get a washcloth. Okay?

All right. You just draw a rainbow. Enough with the sparkles.

I'll be right back.

All right?


I was gonna call you.

Not you. One of your guys.

Why? What's up?

Oh! Someone's been dumping garbage, garbage bags.

Uh-huh. Is that them?

Just one of them. The rest are mine.

I don't tell Joey, 'cause then he thinks he's got to deal with it.

Not that he doesn't think much of the local... about you guys.

I'll take care of it. It's okay.

He's got the city to worry about, right?


What's the point with the black garbage bag?

It's just I found your phone bill in a black garbage bag down the street.

So, what if I said I didn't know where it came from?

I'd take your word for it, Rose.

Is Ray home? No. He's taking care of our little visitor.

My garbage gets picked up every Tuesday. All right. Well,..

...thanks for your time, Rose.

You tell Joey that he should come and talk to me... if he thinks I got no right.

Rose, I wanna believe you when you tell me something. Did you dump these bags or not?

Freddy, this isn't a law problem. Okay?

You tell Joey Randone if he does not like my garbage... well, then, he should stop soiling my sheets.

You gonna tell Ray about this?

Hey, Ray. What's up, Freddy?

Decided to give me that ticket?


Somebody's been dumping garbage. Oh... a felony!

What's wrong, Officer? Could I see your license and registration, please?

I was just asking... We just came to get a view of the city.

I don't believe this. It'll be all right.

They're just a couple over. I'm checking docs.

I'll sit. All right, roger that.

This ass motherfucking pig. We came here to watch the view!

And you pull this? Speeding? My ass! Goddamn.

Do you know the meaning of the word harassment? That's what this is, you know.

It was Rose, wasn't it? Liz... if you want me to, I'll talk to 'im.

Ah, why?

You didn't marry him.


But I'm your friend.

Hmm...Freddy, look, I gotta go.

[TV: And let me be clear.]

[It was the system that drove Murray "Superboy" Babitch off that bridge.]

[Murray Babitch was a hero cop.]

[He deserved a fair hearing, but he knew this would not happen, not in this city.]

[Activist Cyril Johns met the parents of the slain teens...]

[calling for a human blockade on the bridge tomorrow.]

[A drunk cop jumps off a bridge. That does not erase the murder of two black children.]

[Attending the Yankee game, Mayor Farelli responded to reports...]

[Of cops attempting to plant evidence on the bridge. Shh. Shh.]

[We are looking into it. There may have been some irregularity on the bridge.]

[But as I say... Your mother's an irregularity.]

[No more comments, please. I'm here to enjoy the ball game with my wife. Thank you very much.]

Oh, that's your boss. Are you kidding?

You'll never get another raise in your life. Who's gonna tell?

Diagonal rule. Hmm?

Diagonal rule. Red light, don't fight. You make a right.

It's more important than the golden rule.

If Superboy knew that, he'd still be alive, Freddy. Yo! Yo, yo.

Freddy, I heard you saved Ollie the turtle today.

What happened to your nose? Ah, nothing. I just had a little accident.


Listen, Joey, there's something we should probably talk about if you've got some time.

What? Something we should... If you have a few minutes.

Pretty boy Joey bettin' against the Bulls.

What is that? What, are you some kind of high roller?

Fuck you, Figgs. I had 12 points. Against the 5-time NBA champs?

What kind of bet is that? You know, you night guys... you watch way too much Oprah when you should be catching your "Z's."

Uh-huh, Figgs, well at least I'm not the one sniffin' my money away.

That was your inner child making that wager, Joey.

Little boy Joey with the little Met poster taped above his bed.

Tell you what, Figgs, why don't you do me a favor.

Come on over here, unzip me, pull out my inner child and take a bite, baby.

Bite it hard and bite it thick.

Fuck you! No, fuck you!

Dumb fuck like that P.D. How's that make you feel, Freddy?

I don't care.

Yeah? You like eatin' doughnuts?

Look, Freddy. I say it's okay to be jealous.

You saved this girl's life, right?

From it, from risking yourself from saving her sorry ass, you go deaf as a result.

In one ear. In one ear.

Then you have to watch as this girl you saved, this beauty queen... marries this cocksucker!

And you, with your ear, you can't even get a desk on the force.

You're fucked.

Be jealous, Freddy!

Let it out. I would.

Purge! Cleanse yourself. Fucking cleansing.

Del, Del, let me have another beer.

I gotta go, Freddy.

School's in session. See you later.

He bets against the Bulls.

No one wants to get involved in your personal life, Gary.

But just because you're undercover now, that don't mean people aren't watchin' you.

Wh-What's going on here? This is fucking bullshit.

This is bullshit. What is this, omerta? Huh?

Listen, if I.A. 's gonna fucking hang me by the balls... it ain't gonna be over some fucking missing evidence.

Figgsy, you've been a cop 12 years. Six grams missing.

It's not a white socks violation, babe.

Come on! You bought that big ol' house. Maybe you're tryin' to get out from under.

Hey! Jack. What the fuck's up your ass?

You're telling me you're gettin' by without gravy, any of you?

Listen to me. I was putting out Ray's fires when you were still suckin;... on your mama's titties, so just back the fuck off, all right?

So you want to toss me? What? You can't...

Sit down, Gary. No! Tell me what's going on!

This is bullshit! Even better, why don't you get the fuck out?

Fuck you, you fucking child. Just back the fuck off.

At least I'm not shackin' with no reekin' whore.

You're supposed to fuck 'em, Gary, not open up a methadone clinic.

Figgis, get the hell off of me! Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, Figgis, come on.

That's too much now. Hey, hey, hey!

Gary. Fuck you.

You got a problem with me helpin' a girl in trouble, huh?

Figgsy. You have a problem with that?

Huh? No, you're a fuckin' humanitarian!

Come here, come here. You think you're so fuckin' bad, huh? Oh, God!

Come on. Come here. You see this?

Look at Tunney. You see him?

That was my fuckin' partner. That was a cop! Enough!

Let go of him, Figgsy.

Go home.

You all right, Jack?

Don't shut me out, Ray!

You found us a sweet little town. You got us the low interest, and I'm grateful.

But don't forget who it was that you came to two years ago to cover your ass.

Get him outta here, Freddy.

Come on. It's not my fault that you can't look at him!

You sit in this chair... with your back to 'im.

You want it to go away, but I'm still here.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Don't shut me out, Ray.

I'll take care of it, Ray.

It's bullshit. I'm gettin' the fuck outta this town!

Open the door. You wanna play games? I don't play games.

I want the door op... I want... I want...

Open it now!

Shut up! Why don't you go up the street and get into bed with Rosie?

Liz, open the goddamn door now! Idiot!

Open it... now!

Freddy, go home. Everything is just hunky-dory. Please go.

Mind if we check up on Liz? Yes, I do. I mind.

I said I mind, Freddy.

Joey, I've had it, okay? I'll get the kit.

Liz, it's Freddy.

Does Ray know?

Freddy, does Ray know?

Hi, Freddy. Are you okay?

Your Uncle Freddy is here to rescue you again.

Liz, maybe you and the baby need a place to stay. Let him cool off.

I could take you over to the Ramada. Do you want me to do that?

He didn't do anything. I... hit him with a bottle.

[RECORD: Now when i lost you, honey]

[Sometimes i think i lost my guts too]

[Yeah, i wish that i could send you word]

[Send me something Iīm afraid]



His girlfriend was in the basement.

So where is Figgs? I called him at the precinct. He's on his way.


We got no pressure. I wonder if there's still water in that tower over there.

MEDIC: Monica, can you hear me?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Monica!

Baby, what were you doin' in there?

Hey! I came back to see you.

I need... I needed some...

Wanted... to see you... but you weren't there.

I was workin'. I was workin'.

Monica! No, baby.

Oh, my God.

The fucker's gettin' payback. Who is?

Ray. Who do you think?

Lenny said it wasn't suspicious. He said it was electrical.


Look at me, Figgsy.

Did you call in?

I'm not on till Tuesday.

I'll call in. Buy you a couple weeks.

[TV NEWSCASTER: ln a cemetery practically reserved for cops,]

[we come across the tombstone of Officer Glenn Tunney.]

[You may recall his case. He was murdered in his jail cell awaiting the grand jury.]

[Two years later, deja vu.]

[Another hero cop, Murray Babitch is his name, dubbed Superboy,]

[unwilling to trust the system that destroyed his friend,]

[jumped from the George Washington Bridge.]

Freddy. How ya doin'?


Maybe we should go up there.

Freddy. Freddy?

I want you to meet the head of the Patrolmanīs Defense Association.



Vincent Lassaro, I'd like you to meet Sheriff Freddy Heflin.

You did a good job here. You did a great job. Real nice. Thank you.

Freddy's a hell of a guy. Good, great.

He was trying to get on the force, but he had this problem with his ear.

You're not a lip reader, are ya? No, no.

It's just this one ear when I was a kid I had this accident.

You should call me. I mean, when Ray Donlan puts his thumb in the air...

It's not the force, but I got my own people. Call me.

Is he serious?

Freddy, my boy, that is how things happen.

See you later.

"Eternal God, our Father, the Lord of our life and death... we acknowledge Thee in all our ways and in all events which befall us."

What's in the coffin?

His uniform.

"Then in Thy great mercy, grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest.

And peace at last through Jesus Christ, our Lord."


Unto God's gracious mercy and protection, we commit you.

The Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace... both now and forevermore.



Hi, Sheriff. How you doin'?

How you doin'?

This is Detective Carson.

How's it goin'? Come on in. It's your office.

That there is Manny Cardoza and his brother. They're drug runners.

Hmph. I didn't know they allowed classical music in Jersey.

Who's this?

Toy Torillo. You heard of him?

Oh, yes. Hmm.

I don't know how you do it, Sheriff.

Keeping all these Hessians in line.

All blue. Everybody packing. All together.

One door down from the next.

The wives borrowing the sugar.

It's like you're the sheriff of Copland.

Hmm. Look at this.


You see, Sheriff, I got a sticky problem.

My jurisdiction ends, in a sense, at the George Washington Bridge.

But half the men I watch live beyond that bridge... where no one's watching.

I'm watching.

I can see that. You've got a crime rate here of about, what?

The lowest in northern New Jersey.

You got Hoboken and Jersey City over here. Newark.

We try to do a good job with what we have.

With a staff of three? No, Sheriff.

What you got is a town that scares the shit out of certain people.

Lieutenant, I told you, I'm watching.

I mean, if you look around you see none of these people are wearing silk shirts.

Their pools are above ground. You know?

You raise your family somewhere decent, I guess that's a crime now.

Lieutenant, look around.

This is a town with a population of 1,000 people.

I got news for you. Not all cops are dirty. I'm not saying they are.

He used to come by, have drinks with the guys.

He never caused any problems.

You mind if I sit down?

We buried a suit today.

We buried a suit today!

That doesn't bother you?

He jumped off the G.W.B. Yeah, but his body never hit the water.

That doesn't bother you.

What does? That I investigate cops?

Being a man who always pined to be a cop? I am a cop.

Pined to be N.Y.P.D.

Three forced absent, ten years.

Appeals of hearing tests. Right?

You may be law enforcement, and so am I, but you are not a cop.

Now, I may watch cops.

But tell me if I'm wrong.

Every day out these windows, so do you.

You watch cops too.

And since we are both law enforcement, we share a duty.

Do we not?

If there is a stink, we must investigate.

We must gather evidence because evidence makes us see the truth.

Is this the stink of a criminal act... or is it a turd in a bag?

Babitch isn't dead. You know that and I know that.

Ray got him off that bridge alive... before he could talk.

But he wasn't so lucky the last time when the shit hit the fan with Tunney.

That boy he took care of later. But now what?

What does Ray do now? That's the $64,000 question.

And that's why I'm here.

That's why I'm here, Sheriff.

Because you're on the inside.

And besides the church traffic, and the cats in the trees... and all that other bullshit, okay... there isn't much here for you to do to keep your mind busy.

But I look at you, Sheriff... and I see a man who's waiting for something to do.

And here I am.

Here I am saying, "Sheriff...

I got something for you to do."

[I don't wanna go through this again. Man: It's too fucking bad.]

I can't! I told the boys...

I mean, they're downstairs now saying good-bye.

Ray, how many people you got at this party? The whole 3-7? You got a party downstairs.

Here I am scrambling, cleaning this thing up for you, and you're throwing a fuckin' party.

The mayor's gonna suspend this case. I'm making it happen tomorrow!

But sooner or later, Ray, they gotta find a body in that river or it will not hold.

Mets, it's my sister-in-law's kid!

Didn't you say he was adopted?

Whatīs up, Freddy ?

Ray, this doesn't make things very easy for me. I mean...

This is a pretty big thing you're having here the day after. How do you think...

Freddy, what are you talking about?

This guy came to see me yesterday, this Moe Tilden from I.A.

He brought all these pictures and... Freddy.

That guy's had a hard-on for me for years. It's a personal thing.

He is a scumbag. All right.

You know how they recruit at I.A.D.? They catch you on the take.

And they tell you you can either do time or join 'em.

Well, he knows you know Superboy is...

I told him he was dead, Ray. I told him he was wrong about you, but...

I'm the sheriff. I mean, I'm supposed to know what's goin' on.

How do you think this looks?

Go home, Freddy... and don't think so much.

Ray, I can't go. Freddy...

Freddy, go home. Go home. Go home. I can't go...

Yo, Ross, come over here. Look at this.


It's not Murray. It's not Murray. He's part of a search.

In Tempe, Arizona. Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia.

Murray, Murray. Listen.

I want you to have this. No, no, Aunt Rose, I'm fine. Seriously. I gotta go...

Look, Murray, look. Listen to me.

I want you to have this.

All right, all right. You made it for me?

Yeah. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you.



You guys have another fight?

We were supposed to have a big talk.


So I sent Caroline over to my mom's.

And, um... and Joey called and told me that he was stuck... and that he made some arrest.

I mean, I...

I can't believe him when he tells me... anything.

Liz, you wanna come inside?

[Record: I met a little girl and I settled down ]

You can get this on CD, you know... in stereo.

It wouldn't matter to me.

All right.

[We got married]

You know, it's a funny thing when you owe someone your life.

[Then little by little We drifted from each otherīs arms ]

Why is it you never got married, Freddy?

[It was just restlessness]

All the best girls were taken.

[And it was somethinī more. I guess]

[ That tore us apart and made us weep ]

[Iīm drivinī a stolen car ]

[Down on Eldridge Avenue]

[Each night I wait to get caught]

[But I never do]

This is crazy. Yes.

All right, take it easy. All right?

All right, Gabriel, take it easy.


Hey, Murray!

Ray's outside waitin' for ya.

You comin' or what? I'm comin', I'm comin'.

That was a great party, Ray.

You know, Ray, it's a really great thing you did.

Makin' a place where everybody could stick together.

I mean... you know I know you didn't have to do this for me.

You could’ve just...

I just... I wanna let you know I appreciate it.

I really do.

Everyone's gone. Just us, buddy.

That's it.

I always said to my mom, "Uncle Ray doesn't like me, but..."

I always liked you, Murray.

You just sweat too much.

Hey, what's doin'? Hey, Superboy.

So what are we gonna do now? I'm gonna go meet some people?

How does this work? I've got all my bags packed and everything, Ray.

Just I'm a little buzzed. You know, maybe we could do this tomorrow or something.

I'm really tired, Ray.

Where's Joey? He's working tonight, kid.


Sorry it came out this way, Murray.

Ah, it's not that bad, Jack.

Yeah, it is, Murray.

Fuck! What the fuck is going on here?

What is this? What are you doin'? What are you doin', huh?

Stay outta this. What the fuck is this?

Ray, you said P.D.A. Was gonna set him up with a new life.

You think I'm all that, Joey?

Ah, fuck it.

Put your files in there. We're done.

It's over.

Moe... We were shut down by the mayor. Here.

What the fuck is this? Put your files in there. The case is closed.

Reuben, what are you doin'? What are you doin'?

I'm on hold with the phone company. Is that the Garrison file?

Is that a Garrison file? Give me your Garrison files. Give me the Garrison files.

Give me it all. Give me it all. All right, all right.

Is that more? I'll take everything. The case is closed.

The case is fucking closed!


The case is closed, finished, over!

Go to lunch. I, uh...

Go to lunch!

Go! Hey, go to lunch.

Go to lunch! The case is closed. Everybody, get the fuck outta here.

Get outta here! The case is fucking closed!

[RADIO: With community leaders and pundits crying "Cover up,"]

[Mayor Farelli's suspension of the Babitch case is a big gamble...]

[for his upcoming reelection campaign.]

[The decision, however, has scored big points with the cop vote...]

[which the mayor has depended upon in the past.]

What do you want?

Are you gonna help us, or not?

Help you help what? Ray here find him?

Help Ray finish cleaning up his goddamn pool with the guy's head? Is that it?

Huh, Mr. Humanitarian? You got something you wanna say to me, Ray?

Or is this about something a little more personal?

I'm on at 10:00. I'm outta here.

We all are. We got another hour.

Hey, come on, Joey.

Instead of taking cop lessons from a cokehead... maybe you should be lookin' at that fire, you know?

My girl over at Chase says Figgs is missing a few payments.

Where were you that night, Jack?

I had nothin' to do with it.

That would be retribution. And that I leave to God Almighty.

I'm Gandhi.

I'm tellin' ya, the mob built this town for Ray... so they could own a fuckin' precinct.

He's a deep and dark motherfuck.

What you're feelin' right now, Freddy... friendless, angry, nervous, misunderstood... this is it, this is the life.

You're lucky your ear kept you off the force.

You know... if I saw Liz... drowning in the water...

If I saw that today...

I wouldn't go in.

I'd stand there, and I'd think about it.

And that's the best thing I ever did with my life.

So? So?

So you wanna sit around your whole life wishing you were on the force?

Or do you wanna bring the faggot in ?

Let him spill I wouldn't know where to begin.

All right. Brother's in deep shit.

He's down, he's bleeding, and you gotta get there.

But there's lights, right? All over the city, red lights.

You go through the red lights.

Sure, you fire up the roof, you wail, you go through the red lights, but that's slow...

Freddy, fighting your way through traffic.

The goal is perpetual motion.

You move diagonal.

You turn the wheel when you hit a red light.

But you don't drive down Broadway to get to Broadway.

But how does this apply to what you were saying in there?

It applies, Freddy!

It's just as easy to tail a man walking in front of him.

Now, you butt heads with these friends of ours, you're gonna come at them head-on?

Okay. They got lives, Freddy.



You move diagonal.

You jag.

MAN: Ah, Christ! Where the fuck are you guys?

[Officer On Radio: Stay cool, Tom, weīre on our way. I need you to wait.]

I'm down. But, but Joey, he's tryin' to hold on... but this big bastard, he cut me up.

[Stay cool, Tom. I need your location.]

Agh! He's a fucking monster! I need your location!

I need an assist. I can't move. I think he cut my tendon.

Fuck up! Bullshit!

You got a wife, huh? Huh? You got a baby?

Quit! Tell me you quit.

I'll let you go. You go home.

Kiss your wife. Eat your baby's Fruit Loops and shit.

You thank me, motherfucker, you're gonna be redeemed.


Officer... Randone.


Motherfucker! Shit.

It's the roof, Jack. You got units sent in.

All right, I'll check the front.

Come on, come on.

Son of a bitch!

Agh! Agh!


Help! Help!

No! No! No!


In here!

Joey's in trouble, Ray.

Ray, let's just break the fuckin' thing down.

Got it.

[CNBC new: His father is serving a life sentence for murder,]

[Murdering an ex-girlfriend with a sawed-off shotgun back in 1988.]

[The New York Times is quoting one friend of Royster saying...]

[that the guy had an I.Q. Of 160.]

I need your help.

They're tryin' to kill me.

Who? Who?

My friends tried to kill me. Ray Donlan tried to kill me.


Holy shit!

Speak of the devil!

Freddy, forget it.

I don't get this.

This doesn't make any sense.

Why'd they get Superboy off the bridge... bring him back here and kill him?

Ray had a plan... and it got very fucked up.

Why didnīt Superboy go to New York to get some help ?

I donīt know. Heīs got his Aunt Rosie here. I donīt know.

Rayīs wired into the State Police.

Heīs got friends in lnternal Affairs.

If he wants someone dead, theyīre dead anywhere.

You awake, Freddy?

Aw, I feel like shit.

Fuckin' allergy that's killin' me.


"In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life... through our Lord, Jesus Christ... we commend to Almighty God our brother Joseph... and we commit his body to the ground.

The Lord bless him and keep him.

The Lord make His face to shine upon him and be gracious unto him.

The Lord lift up His countenance upon him, and give him peace."

Honor Guard, retreat.

Hey, Ray!

Hey, Freddy!

I came to tell you that Superboy came to see me, Ray. a couple nights ago.

Mm-hmm. Heīs scared.

Heīs a fugitive, and heīs convinced youīre gonna kill him.

Heīs a mixed-up kid.

So are you...?

Ray, thereīs gotta be a way out of this for everyone.

So, I say why donīt we all go in tomorrow together...


I invited men, Cops, Good men To live in this town.

And these men, to make a living, they cross that bridge every day... a place where everything is upside down.

Where the cop is the perp, and the perp is the victim.

The only thing they did, was to get their families out. before it got to them.

We made a place where things make sense, and you can walk across the street without fear.

And you come to me with a plan to set things right.

Everyone in this city holding hands, singing "We Are the World."

Thatīs very nice.

But, Freddy, your plan is the plan of a boy.

You made it on the back of a matchbook without thinking !

Without looking at the cards.

I look at the cards.

I see this town...


Now, thatīs not what you want, is it ?

I look at this town...

...and I donīt like what I see anymore.

Who the fuck do you think you are ?

No, I don't know. What the hell are you doing?

I just, uh... I got, I got... Call you back.

Excuse me. I'm sorry. Moe, I apologize. He just walked in here.

I'm sorry for rushing in like this, but you were right.

They tried to kill him like you said, but he got away.

Now he's runnin' through the woods. He's like a scared animal. He's scared to death.

That motherfucker should be scared.

His uncle got this case closed with one phone call.

Look, I'm sorry it took so long for me to come around, but you were right.

I couldn't see the truth. Like you said, the evidence, my loyalty, they were confusing.

They never give you any napkins in this place.

What am I supposed to use?

You want this?

What is this? You came to me, to my town... with all these speeches, talking to me about doing the right thing.

I'm doing the right thing. What's goin' on? What are you doing?

That was like two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago?

What about Babitch?

What about him? Fuck him.

What about Donlan? Fuck him too.

What about Joey Randone?

He fell off a building. Don't you read the papers?

Listen, Sheriff, I'm really sorry... to have awoken you from your slumber, but it's over.

Hands are tied now. You shut me down.

No, listen to me. You're I.A. That's why I came to you. You can do whatever you want.

Remember you came to me, said: "You wanna be a cop?" I'm bein' a cop.

I offered you a chance. I'm asking you for some help. I need to do something.

I need to do this for myself. Listen, you deaf fuck. I offered you a chance.

When we could have done something, I offered you a chance to be a cop... and you blew it!

You blew it.

You people are all the same.

That cupcake makes a mess, we got a case again.

The mob runs millions in drugs through their precinct... and everybody gets a nice house.

Figgs is right. The mob owns this town.

They closed the case, Freddy. If they don't have...

The stomach for it... They had to. It's circumstantial.

You don't have anything either.

All that stuff is illegal. You stole it.

I know this guy.

He's a corrections officer.

They took care of Tunney when he was gonna talk.

Then how come Figgis didn't do somethin' about it? He was Ray's right-hand man back then.

Then they tried to kill Superboy.

They were hiding him, Freddy.

Then they burned down Figgsy's house when they think he might talk.

You don't know that. We went over every inch of that house.

Not everything is a hexagonal conspiracy.

I think you been hangin' around Figgs too much.

He's the only one getting cash out of that house, and he's totally playing you... just like those assholes in the city.

And I'm sorry, but... there's nothing you can do about this.

Yes, there is. I can find Superboy and I can bring him in.

I'm going back upstate. I want my old job back.

I don't want any part of this.

I don't want any part of this place.

Come on, Cindy.


Freddy, look, I don't know about Ray, okay?

But everyone in Garrison is not a murderer.

No. They just keep their eyes closed and their mouths shut just like me.

Hey, Freddy.

All right, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, sweetheart. I love you too.

All right, terrific.

Two in the center?

Uh-uh. No. Rules are different for cops.

I'm losin' my shirt here with you guys. So what do I got to do?

Five out of six in the star. Five out of six.

Hey, Freddy. You a cop too?

Yeah, yeah, I heard ya.

Enjoy your trip to the big city?

You gotta hit the next five to win.


I just hope you're not trying to prove anything, Freddy.

I know some of them are real assholes.

You know. They think they're high priests or somethin'. I don't know.

But why would they do all this? You know, maybe they're doin' the right thing.

Liz, I saw these pictures of Ray meeting with these guys.

You know, like mobsters.

Everyone's houses are financed by these mob banks. Says who? I.A.?

Even you said Joey's death was no accident.

Joey fell off a building, Freddy! Okay?

Now, I don't need this opened up Maybe you do. I don't.

All Joey wanted was a place for us to live.

Now, who are you to judge that until you've walked in his shoes?

Maybe that's what you're tryin' to do with me.

What're you gonna do, Freddy?


You gonna arrest the whole town?

You goin' to New York to take "paint by number" cop lessons?

You know, Ray likes you.

That don't mean I'm gonna let you fuck him over.

Ray Donlan gave you this job, Freddy.

You forgot that? We made your sorry ass!

So now you can do us a favor, huh?

You could tell us... Where Superboy is.

If I knew where he was, he'd be in the city already.

You're gonna be hurtin', Freddy.

You're not gonna know when, you're not gonna know where.

You're gonna be hurtin'. You mark my words. I'm watchin' you!


You got your check. Yep.

Thanks to you, Freddy. Filing out those forms in such a timely fashion.


You with Liz? Mm-hmm.

Where're ya goin'?

I don't know.

My leave came, so I thought I'd look around for a new reality. You know?

Anyway, I'm sure you could use your privacy, Freddy.

No, no.

No, no.

Look all you want, Freddy.

You're not gonna find anything.

I took care of it.

That lady cop... from the Bomb Squad got you the stuff to do this with, didn't she?

You didn't know Monica was gonna be here. Did you, Figgs?

No. Monica said... she was going over to her friend's house to watch some pay-per-view.

The thing was on a timer. I didn't know she was gonna be here, Freddy.

It's all bullshit.

You, Figgs, are the bullshit!

Smarten fuckin' up!

You even turned your back on Tunney when he needed your help.

Figgs! I'm gonna find Superboy, and I'm gonna bring him in.

And for once, everybody in this town's gonna tell the truth.

You gotta find him first, Freddy! I'll find him.

Listen to me. I got a check in my pocket for $200,000.

I got a chance to start my life again.

I don't give a shit about this town. I don't give a shit about that town.

And I don't give a shit about your fucking justice.

Bein' right is not a bulletproof vest, Freddy.

Go on, Figgsy, get the hell out of here. Go on!

Go on, Figgsy!

Go on! Run away!

Hey, Freddy.

Ray's not home. I know.

I'm lookin' for your nephew.

I don't know where he is.

Why the hell would I tell you if I did?

Rose, I'm his only chance.

Let's go.

Shut the fuck up! Would ya, please?

Sh... Fuck!

Yeah. No, please.

Who was he supposed to call ?

Ray knows everybody.

What am I supposed to do ? Let him go in alone ? What ?

You know what ? Okay, fine.

Why donīt you go home ?

I mean...

I wanna be here for you, Freddy, but...

Lisaīs nervous, you know. Sheīs pregnant.

I mean... So, go on. Iīll be fine.

You be careful, Freddy, huh ?

Yeah. You too.

Come on.

Oh, shit!

Get out, you jackass. I said, get out, buddy.

Oh, Jesus. You guys don't wanna do this. Jack.

Don't shit in your pants. He's not gonna kill ya.

This is the good one, right?

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Move, move, move!

All right, hit it, Jackie. Hit it, Jack!

Jesus Christ!

You fuck!


I can't hear you, Ray.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey, What're you doin'?

Excuse me, Lieutenant.

Come on, guys, it's cool. Everything's cool.

Everything's cool. Everything's cool. Come on. Come on. Everything's cool.

Where the hell are you goin'? Please move.

Holy shit!

Guys, guys, guys. Beat it. Beat it.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine. It's cool.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! What the fuck?

Come on, Freddy. Everything's cool. Everything's fine.

Wait, wait, wait. Where do you think you're goin'? Call E.M.S. Call E.M.S.

Come on, fellas, back up. Back up. Back up. Back up.

He can't hear. Reubens, take him.

Hey, hey, it's all right. It's okay. It's okay. They blew out his ear.

It's all right. It's all right! It's okay.

It's okay. Come on.

Go on, Freddy.

Come on inside.

Come on.

So Gary Figgis copped a plea.

Gave up the connection between Ray, the P.D.A. And the mob.

There were a shitload of indictments.

And the sheriff, Freddy Heflin...

You know, there's people on both sides of the river wish he never recovered.

They cursed the day he took down Ray Donlan.

But what they don't know, he figured out.

No one is above the law.

[Reporter: Four cops dead, and one dead cop resurrected.]

[In a bizarre twist, Murray "Superboy” Babitch sits alive and well in a holding cell...]

[Sheriff Fred Heflin apprehended Babitch single-handedly.]

[...he will be recovering the hearing in his good ear so that's good news.]

[Files were seized this morning...]

[Officer Gary Figgis testified about mob influence and bribery.]

[Three months since the shootout in Garrison, New Jersey...]

[reputed mob boss Toy Torillo has been indicted on four counts of racketeering.]

[An unidentified corrections officer was arrested today...]

[for the murder three years ago of Officer Glenn Tunney.]

[I understand Jim Allen is with the mayor. Do you want to go back to him?]

Freddy !

Freddy !

Got a jackknifed truck up on Route 5.

You okay ?


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