Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) Script

A vampire, in ancient belief, was a malignant spirit who, when the Earth lost its sunlight, rose nightly from its dark grave to suck blood from the throats of the living.

Its powers were many.

It could see in the dark, which was no small ability in a world half-veiled from light.

Its hypnotic skills baffled the domain of science.

It was of a cunning more than mortal, for its cunning was the growth of ages.

Since it could not die by the mere passing of time, it had to have been by a wooden stake driven deep into its heart, or exposure to the rays of the sun, which would instantly decompose its body into a miasma of putrid decay.

The believers of this superstition referred to vampires as the "living dead."

I seem to be making use of the past tense.

Perhaps the present would be more precise.

For it stands to reason that if one is superstitious, even on a small, seemingly insignificant level, one must be vulnerable to all superstitions.

Conceivably, even those of vampires.

Our hands are joined.

Hopefully, we will now be able to act as one body, one soul.

Generating, through touching flesh, the power to accomplish the task upon which we are all agreed.

It has not been mere chance that has brought us here together this evening.

For there are unknown elements surrounding our beings that would stagger a child's vast dreamworld.

Elements that, perhaps once known, might horrify even the scientist's endless imagination.

But my purpose is to assist you in keeping an open mind.

To clear away the dark mist of falsity so that you can more easily accept an unshrouded truth.

A total truth, that has since the beginning of time, agonizingly cried out, "Everything, every conceivable imagining, is possible."

When you believe this fact, you then help me bring to this table the living spirit of our dear Donna's deceased mother.

For those of you who doubt, relax.

Accept and try not to question.

Relax completely, permitting the total resources of the mind and spirit to open with unguarded trust.


Come on, Paul, knock it off. That's terrible.

Okay, I'm sorry.

That's terrible, Paul.

Be serious, will you?

Okay, all right, no more fooling around.

Please, close your eyes.


Spirit, we humble our mortal selves.

We fear, yet trust your use of the powers at your command.

Trust us, as we do you.

Heed our voices as we ask comfort for your daughter.

A comfort only you can bring at this time.

If you are there, let it be known.

Give us knowledge of your presence.

Allow the warmth of your living spirit to engulf us.

Are you there? Show us.

Permit us to experience an intimacy only few dare to consider.

Show us!

Oh, no.

Count, I'm so sorry.

Oh, Donna!

I'm so embarrassed. Please forgive me.

Don't worry about it. What's the matter with you?

I'm sorry.

Donna, do you care to continue?

Yes, I do.

Come on, everybody, please try to take this seriously.

It doesn't make any sense, it's getting farcical.

With all due respects to you, Count Yorga, I can't keep a straight face.

Well, Michael, try, it's important to Donna.

I must have everyone's willingness.

Well, I'm willing to try, but I have a friend here who keeps breaking me up.

What do you mean me? You're the one that's fooling around.

Oh, please.

Oh, I'm the heavy now, is that it?

Okay, Count, all right, I'll try.

Well, I love it. Me, too.

So do I.

Then please, for Donna's sake and with your permission, let us all try again.

Thank you.

Place your hands together.

Now, close your eyes and attempt an inner sensation of space.

A space filled with the living spirit of Donna's mother, who waits only for the security of our trust.

She asks only that we believe in her existence.

For to believe is the answer.

To believe sets us apart from all.

Do you all believe?

Do you believe?

I believe.

Do you all believe?

I believe.

Then concentrate.

Concentrate more deeply than you ever thought possible.


Spirit, we know you are there.

We know somewhere in the massive energies encircling our lives, the soft wind of your being is near.

Near enough to brush against our bodies, sweetly caressing our memories.

We are waiting.

Give our lives meaning.

Enrich our existence by helping us to grasp some semblance of your eternal spirit.

Help us to know you are near.

Are you here?

Are you here in this room?


Contact has obviously been made.

Please continue concentrating.

Relax and concentrate.



Mother, I miss you.

I miss you terribly.

If you're here, please stay.

Please let me know you'll never leave me.



I need you. Please.


I don't like being alone.

Tell her. I miss you.

Tell your mourning daughter you are with her.

That you will be with her for always.

I want to see you. You can't desert your child.

I want to see you.

If you care. Mother!

If you still love, show yourself! That's enough.

I said, that's enough!

Your daughter demands it.

Mother, please.

I demand it.

Peter, get the lights.



Is she going to be all right? Get the goddamn lights!


Find the fuse box!

You're all right now.

There's nothing to be frightened of.

Shouldn't we call a doctor?


Please, I can help her.

You keep away from her. The doctor will take care of it.

There won't be any doctor. The phone is dead.

Do you really know what you're doing?


If you cause her any more...

Michael! Excuse us.

Will she be all right?


Please, may I have a candle?

Donna, this is Count Yorga.

I want you to relax.

There is nothing to be upset about.

You are safe from everything.

Listen to the sound of my voice as you concentrate on this flame.

Keep your eyes on the flame.

Watch it as it flows seeping into darkness.

As you watch, you are beginning to feel a deep sense of soft comfort.

You are now at peace.

There is nothing to fear. Nothing.

You are safe, safe as long as you listen to all that I say.

You will forget everything you saw during the séance.

It will be wiped from your memory forever.

You will do everything I say whenever and from wherever I say it.

You will do everything I say whenever and from wherever I say it.

When my two hands touch your forehead, you will awaken, free of mind and completely relaxed, having forgotten the total experience of this séance.

What took you so long? Where's the fuse box?

I don't know, I never found it.

What are you all staring at me for?

I tell you, you sure got shaken for a while there.

Yes, sir. Why? What happened?

You mean you really don't remember? No.

Erica, get her some brandy.

Oh, so here you are.

That was an absolutely smashing job, Count.

Thank you.

Would you care for some brandy?

No, no thank you.

You know, you're really not a very good dinner guest.

You haven't touched a parcel of food, and you haven't had anything to drink all night.

Well, it's not very attractive to complain of a troubled stomach, but I'm afraid I must.

Perhaps I'll have a little snack later on.

Erica? Right, right. I'm going.

My friend, tell me what happened.

Try not to think of it now, I'll call you tomorrow and explain.

And thank you for a lovely party.

Oh, are you leaving?

Yes, I'm afraid I must.

Ah, well, maybe you can come by for breakfast tomorrow.

We could talk then.

I wish I could, but I'm afraid it's impossible.

I believe I brought a cape.

I'll get it for you.

Join the crowd. Perhaps some other time.

Oh, you're not leaving? Yes.

Do you have a ride?

This is very kind of you.

I hope you don't mind this sort of transportation.

No, no, not at all.

I'm glad.

Well, I was scared.

Won't anyone tell me what happened?

First, you get a good night's rest.

I feel fine.

Uh, we'll talk about it tomorrow.

I'll tell you all about it then, okay?


Have you two set a date?

February 17.

That's only four weeks away. Congratulations.


Who is that Count anyway?

He is something, he is.


Oh, I'm sorry.

You all right?

I'm fine. You're sure?

Yes. Can't I daydream?

Honey, who is Count Yorga?

He was my mother's boyfriend.

How come I never met him before?

'Cause she only knew him for three weeks before she died.

Excuse me.

Wait a minute. Of course you met him.

Last week, at my mother's funeral.

I don't remember seeing him there. Do you, Peter?

No, and how do you forget a character like that?

You must have.

You know, you're right.

He wasn't there. I don't remember seeing him either.

How come?

Was he a good friend?

They were lovers.

In fact, he was the one who talked me out of cremation.


You were going to cremate your mother? Yes.

The Count was so emotionally involved, that I did what he asked and gave her a regular burial.

That's odd.

Why wasn't he there?

Do not be alarmed.

Good evening, Brudah.

Good evening.

You may drive on now.

Is that your wife?



Would you care to come in for a drink?

Yes. No.

Please. We have lots of time, we can talk.

Oh, please, Paul. This house is super, I'd love to see it.

I said, no, not tonight.

Perhaps some other time. Right.

Then good night and thank you for the ride.

Good night.

Delighted to have met you.

It was my pleasure.

Drive carefully.

The old hill road to the gate is narrow and can be treacherous.

Are we stuck?

I'd say that, yes.

Can we get out? I don't know that yet.


Why didn't you accept the Counts offer for a drink?

You know, it might have been fun.

You're kidding?

Erica, my love, I adore you.

One of these days, I may even let you marry me.

But at this particular moment, we're stuck in a mire of mud, and I'd like to get the hell out of it, so please spare me the questions pertaining to social handicaps.

I do have one suggestion for you, however.

You might get your fat ass out of the car and see if you can't be of some help.

It is not a fat ass!

Is, too. It's huge.

It is not!

Paul, don't you ever do that to me again.


No, it's not funny.

I love you.

I don't love you, you're mean.

Okay, your ass isn't huge.

You're damn right it's not.

Did you hear that?


Did you hear those wolves?

They're not wolves.

They are, too.

All right, they're wolves.

Erica, start it up and ease it forward a little.

And don't race it!

Paul, let's go back to the Counts and ask if we can stay the night.

Erica, will you please do what I ask?

Hold it! Hold it!

I don't like it here.



Honey, it didn't rain here tonight, did it?

No, there was a lot of thunder and stuff like that, but no rain. Why?

This is a narrow road, right?


When we drove over this road a few minutes ago with the Count, and I didn't see any water or mud.

On a road this narrow, we couldn't have missed it.


So, look at the rest of the road.

Not a sign of water anywhere, just this one spot.

One huge, muddy spot.

A bicycle couldn't have missed this mud, yet we did.

Just a few minutes ago, if it was here just a few minutes ago.

Now I'm scared. I was fine until you opened your big mouth.

I'm sorry, baby, but it is curious.

Well, come on, we'll go on and spend the rest of the night with the Count.


Screw you, love. I'm not leaving this car.

Then I'd like to strongly suggest we take immediate advantage of this ghoulish situation.

What's the matter, Paul?

Paul, what's wrong?

I don't... Look outside and see if you see anything.

Nothing. I didn't see anything.

Are we all right, Paul?

Yeah, we're fine, honey.

Come on, let's try and get some sleep now.

You're kidding?

Try, will you. Hmm?

Erica doesn't remember anything about last night?

Not a thing.

Then she must be in shock.

I don't know, she called me a little while ago and said she felt dizzy, and was going to see Dr. Hayes.

So, I guess we'll find out something.

Tell me about the mud again.

There's no more to tell.

When we woke up this morning, it was gone.

It was as though there never was any mud.

Maybe the sun dried it up.

No. Impossible. There was much too much.

Neither of you saw who did it?

No. He rocked my head so fast I thought it was going to break off.

And Erica just doesn't remember.

It sounds to me like it'd be the big guy at the gate.

Who knows? It could've been him, it could've been the Count.

All I know is his grip was like a steel vise.

One interesting thing, though...

When we went back to the mansion this morning to ask Brudah to open the gate, he said the Count had left for the day.


So, we were stuck in the middle of his driveway.

How did he get out? Fly over us?

Maybe he doesn't have a car.

You had to drive him home last night.

All right, fine, but he still had to pass my car to leave this morning.

Why wouldn't he have awakened us, offered help?

He could have a rear exit to the house.

I don't know, Mike. So help me, I just don't know.

You've lost an unusual amount of blood.

That's obviously the reason for your dizziness.

When you get home, I want you to stuff yourself with steaks.


And I want you to eat them as rare as possible.

That goes for the next few days.

Yes. What?

I said yes.

You been getting enough sleep?

Yes. You don't look it. Better get some more.

You know, we came close to giving you a transfusion.

There doesn't seem to be any internal hemorrhaging, so, it must be those puncture marks on your throat.

I wish you could remember where you got them.

A bad joke would be that your boyfriend was a bit overzealous in his passion.

Let me see them again.

Absolutely fascinating. Never seen anything like it.

Are you sure you didn't fall against anything?

I don't know.

No, of course you don't.

Otherwise you would have told me.

Well, regardless, that shot I gave you will take care of any potential infection.


Oh, yes. Thank you.


Uh, I told you it's not necessary to curtsy.

Merci, le Docteur.


Uh, she doesn't speak English very well.

She's very efficient.

Let's see what the report has to say.

Now, Dr. Schteingart wants to run some further tests.

It seems he's found some unfamiliar sediments in your blood system.

Now, it's not leukemia or anything like that, so don't worry.

Look, you go on home and get some sleep.

And most of all, don't worry.

And don't forget to eat those steaks.

How's Donna?

She's beat. I wanted to see her today, but she begged off.

She just wanted to sleep.

Did she remember the seance last night?

She still doesn't remember what she saw.

You know what's weird?

I don't know that much about it, but have you ever seen a hysterical person being hypnotized?

I thought the same thing.

As far as I know, they're supposed to be conditioned, relaxed and, most of all, willing.

Right, yet, this Count Yorga, or whatever the hell his name is, was able to do it with Donna screaming her head off, and she did everything he suggested to her.

He told her to calm down, she calmed down, he told her to forget everything, she forgot everything.

You know what I'm thinking? Yeah.

The two girls have something in common.

Hysteria, loss of memory and maybe the Count.

She says she's fine, but still sleepy.

You can't get mad at that.


Erica, is that you? Are you there?

What's the matter?

Erica, are you all right?

Erica, please, if you're there answer me.

Come on. What's wrong?

All I know is I want to get over there, fast.


Michael, get Dr. Hayes over here right away.


Don't come near me.

I said, don't come near me!

This is Mike Thompson. Yes.

You've got to get over to Erica Landers' immediately.

No, I can't explain. It's an emergency. Please hurry.

Okay. Erica.




No, don't...


Oh. Oh.




She's lost much too much blood.

We're incredible lucky your blood factors were compatible.

Please don't hate me, Paul.

Oh, God, I'm so ashamed.

Please don't hate me.

Nobody hates you, baby.

Jim, can't you knock her out completely? No.

Not until the transfusion is over.

Besides, I want to hear what she might have to say.

Here's a washcloth. Put it on her forehead.


Paul, I love you.

I love you.


No! Oh, don't let it happen.

My God, I don't want it to happen.

Please, I'm so afraid.

Of what, Erica? What are you afraid of?


I can't remember.

I want to, but I... I just can't remember.

Does it have anything to do with the marks on your throat?

Oh, no. Oh, oh.

Erica, does it have anything to do with those marks on your throat?

Let me die. Oh, please, God, just let me die.

Let her alone, please.

Well, she looks a lot better.

Take it easy, that's your third drink. You gave a lot of blood today.

Yeah, I know, but I feel like a drink.

What was the purpose of making Erica vomit?

How'd you like to wake up knowing you had parts of a cat inside your stomach?



I wish you guys knew more about this... Count Yorga.

Donna says he's from Bulgaria.

Bulgaria? Yes.

Well, it fits.

I'm gonna tell you two guys something. I want you to keep it to yourselves.

Don't tell the girls.

A colleague of mine, Dr. Schteingart, ran a blood test on Erica this afternoon.

Now, he admits that his findings are pure conjecture, but what I told him about the marks on her throat, it made him feel all the more certain.

Of what?

Oh, I wish he was here with us, but he left for Europe for two months.

Jim, what are you trying to say?

Well, he feels that Erica was bitten...

By a vampire.

A vampire?

You mean a...

Well, he... he told me not to discount the possibilities.

Oh, come on, Jim.

On what grounds?

Well, I don't know. Instinct, theory, what dictates to most great minds?

Well, I mean, the guy's obviously a nut.

Yeah, well, this nut happens to be one of the top blood specialists in the world.

I'm not about to disregard his opinion.

Well, fine, marvelous, but, I mean, I think he's asking you to swallow quite a bit, don't you?

I'm not arguing with you, but can you prove that vampires don't exist?

Can you say unequivocally, that all those stories we read as children were merely superstitious horror tales and not fact?

Oh, Dr. Hayes.

Don't "doctor" me. It's never been proven.

Yes, but...

Michael, it has never been proven!


Now, what you're saying is that Count Yorga is responsible for Erica's condition, and he's a vampire?

No, I'm saying it's possible.

Well, I refuse to believe it. I can't accept that vampires exist today.

Today! Then you concede they could have at one time?

No, that's not what I'm saying.

I'm saying I'll never accept that they ever existed, except in fiction.

Well, all right, let's call the police in and have them investigate.

They'd laugh at you. Besides, it's premature.

We have to find out a lot more before we can draw any conclusions.

Schteingart dug up some antiquated volumes on the folklore of vampires.

I'll read them and see what I can find out.

Then, I think I'd like to meet this Count Yorga.

You're not really convinced, are you?

Michael, of course not. Nothing's been proven so far, so, how can I speak with any conviction?

I'll tell you one thing, I'm willing to be convinced.

If there's this much threat of danger, I am willing.

Don't shut yourself off, Mike.

Thanks for the drinks, Paul. Thank you, Jim.

Listen, I gave her enough to keep her sleeping peacefully for the rest of the night, but I think you should stay here.

Keep awake. And if anything happens, anything at all, you call me.

Listen, Jim, if there is anything to this vampire business, what happens to people who get bitten?

We'll talk about that in the morning.

Erica, my darling, I've come to offer you eternal love.

To keep you with me forever.

Outlasting centuries.

Magnificence beyond existence.

This, I now give to you.

He said he looked all over for her but couldn't find her anywhere.

So he's on his way to the Count's mansion.

Yes, alone.

Oh, that idiot.

If that Count is what I think he is, Paul is as good as dead.

Look, how soon can you get over here?

It's 3:30 now.

All right, listen to this. 1313 Garden Avenue.

You know where that is?

All right. And bring Donna with you.

Because, my friend, she's safer with us than she is being left alone.

Well, shouldn't we call the police?

I told you, calling the police is useless.

Okay, see you there as soon as I can.

I'm sorry, Cleo, my love. I gotta go.

That doesn't sound like a house call to me.


Well, it doesn't sound like a house call... To me.

Well, my dear, it is, and then again it isn't.

Well then, what's the rush?

Cleo, my love, you are an intelligent girl.

Do you agree?


All right, let's say that you were the police.


I call up and I said that there was a vampire loose in this city.

Would you believe me? Sure.

Yeah, you would.

Sure, you want to know why?


Because I read in yesterday's paper where they found a little tiny baby dead in the swamps.

All drained of blood and white as a ghost.

What? Yeah!

Isn't it awful?

It said the baby's neck was all chewed up.

And if ever the police believed in vampires...


What's the matter? Nothing. You better go home.

Will you be long?

Yes. Operator, give me the police.

Sergeant? This is Dr. James Hayes.

I think I know who killed that baby who was found in the swamps, the one that was drained of blood.

I have... Hayes! H-A-Y-E-S!

I've excellent reason to believe that there is a vampire loose...

Sergeant I...

But I think I can prove it.


What did he say?

I am the 47th nut who has reported a vampire in the last 14 hours and I should be ashamed of myself for having such a sick, morbid sense of humor.



Brudah, you can expect more guests.

All right, let me do most of the talking.

Michael, if either one of us gets a chance to go look for Paul and Erica, do it.

Just remember, the important thing is, no matter how we have to do it, what excuses we have to make, the important thing is to keep him up and awake until the sun rises.


What a charming surprise.

How are you? How do you feel? Fine, thank you.

You remember Michael?

Of course. Michael.

And this is Dr. James Hayes.

Count Yorga.

How do you do?

It's a pleasure, Doctor.

May we come in?

Of course, forgive me.

It's such a surprise seeing someone at your door at this late hour. Please.


Thank you.


We were afraid you might have been sleeping.

No, no, not at all.

What keeps you up so late? What keeps you up so late?

But first, please, sit down.

Now, if you're comfortable, what can I do for you?

Certainly a visit at this late hour indicates something more than a social call.

Count Yorga, did Paul and Erica drop by here this evening?

Paul and Erica?

They were at the séance last night.

Yes, yes the charming couple who drove me home. No.

Why? Did they say they were coming?

Uh, Paul said he might drop by.

It seems that Erica's disappeared and, uh...

He thought she might come here.

But why would she come by here?

Well, it seems that she was quite taken with you.

That's very flattering. No, I'm afraid I've seen neither one of them.

I do hope you find them.

I'm sure we will.

They're probably together right now and making fools out of all of us for being so concerned.

If I may ask, Doctor, what have you to do with all of this?

Jim's been a friend of ours for years.


Good. What field of medicine do you practice, Doctor?

Well, actually, I don't have a practice as such. I...

I'm in research. I'm a blood specialist.

Are you?

That must be fascinating work.

Yes. Yes, it is.

It's a very beautiful home you have here.

Thank you.

Could we have a look around?

Of course, but some other time. It's much too late.

One could probably get lost. How many rooms do you have?

I must confess, I haven't the slightest idea.

I've only been here a short while.

Oh? From where?

A small village in Bulgaria.

Well, your English is excellent.

Yes, isn't it?

They told me you conducted a very impressive séance last night.

Thank you. Yes.

Are you a student of the mystic arts?

Excuse me.

Washroom. I'd like to splash some water on my face.

But you don't know the way.

I'm sure I can find it.

Brudah will show you.

Please, don't bother. Just tell me where it is.

It's no bother.


Now, where were we?

You said you were involved in the mystic arts.

Did I?

I recall your having asked, I don't remember having answered.

But you're quite right, of course. I am.

You would find it very interesting.

Yes, I'm sure I would.

Now, have your studies been extensive, or is this just a hobby?

A true hobby, Dr. Hayes, is probably the most intense study of all.

Yes, I suppose you're right.

What about all these Voodoo rituals and things like that?

Forgive me, but the question is rather vague.

If you mean, do I believe? Yes.

Excuse me, Doctor, could you tell me the time?

Yes, it's 4:30. The sun should be rising soon.


Do you mind if I take a look at the view?


Excuse me.

Donna, why so quiet?

Just thinking.

They must be very sad thoughts.

You're much too tense.


That's better.

Simply relax.

You mustn't think about your friends.

I'm sure they're fine.

When I call, you will come.

View's lovely.

Yes, isn't it? Ah, Michael, you're with us again.

Gentlemen, it's very late.

Your Donna is tired, and I must confess my age has the better of me.

Could we have just one more drink before we go?

The brandy is excellent.

Of course.

Thank you.

Michael, what time is it?


Count Yorga, what about werewolves?

Do you think they existed? I mean, in the literal sense.

In your part of the world, that is a difficult question to answer truthfully.

Then what you're saying is, you do believe in werewolves.



No. No, thank you.

Do you drink at all?


Well, do you believe they existed at some time or that they still exist?

They exist, now.

Have you ever seen one?



Yes. Gentlemen, it's very late.

I don't wish to be rude, but I must retire.

If you are genuinely interested in the occult, I shall be most happy to answer any of your questions here in my house tomorrow evening.

Please forgive me my awkwardness. I don't mean to be, but I'm still clumsy at entertaining guests in the style of your country.

Damn it! It's such an exciting subject.

Could we possibly stay just, just a bit longer?

Gentlemen, you are forcing me to be distasteful.

Yes, you're right. We are being inconsiderate.

Please accept our apologies.

Brudah will show you out. Good night.

Do you, uh...

Do you believe in vampires?


That's interesting.

Vampires have always fascinated me.

They should. Their intelligence is far superior to humans.

Are you saying that a vampire isn't human?

They live forever. Humans cannot.

I'm going to leave you now.

Is it true that vampires must be in their resting places before the sun rises?

That if the rays of the sun hit them, they will disintegrate?

I shall save the answer for that question until the next time we meet.

And you may be very comfortable in knowing, Dr. Hayes, we shall most definitely meet again.



How would you feel about driving a wooden stake through somebody's heart?


That's good.

Because I think you and I are going to have to kill Count Yorga.


That's right.

You gotta be joking.

Uh-uh, I mean it.

Listen to me. No! You gotta listen to me for a change.

First, you ask me to believe in vampires, which is incredible on your part to begin with.

Then, you tell me Count Yorga's a vampire.

No valid proof or anything, just your theory.

And now you're saying we're gonna have to kill him?

That's right.

You've gotta be out of your mind!

Right. Right, suppose we do kill him.

How do we convince anybody we were justified in doing it?

"Excuse me, Judge. You see, it's all right, he was a villainous vampire."

There won't be any proof.

You're out of your mind!

His body will turn to ashes. Oh!

Michael, we're not gonna do anything unless we can convince ourselves, absolutely convince ourselves, that he is a vampire.

Doctor, vampires were born out of, and belong to, folklore and fiction.

All right, number one.

What about Paul and Erica? Where are they?

Now Erica we don't know about, but Paul, you know damn well, went over to the Count's mansion last night, you haven't heard from him since.

Number two. What did Donna's mother die of?

Pernicious anemia.

Pernicious anemia!

What you don't know is Erica was well on her way to having pernicious anemia.

Number three. Do you know how vampires continue to exist?

The only way they can exist?

By sucking the blood from the living.

What about those marks on Erica's throat?

Her need for blood? Her need for blood!

I have a feeling we can't waste any more time.

I say we should try to stop him now, even if it means driving a wooden stake through his heart.



Michael, I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I'm positive I'm not.

When do we start?

A little later this afternoon, before sunset.

Well, I'd better get going. Get some sleep, set the alarm.

Meet me in my office at about 2:00 this afternoon.

I should know what we need by then.

We'll still have about three or four hours before the sun goes down, before he can get out of his coffin.

Shouldn't you get some sleep? No, my adrenalin is going pretty good.


Thank you.

Michael, I think you should know that if I'm right we'll be putting our heads on the block.

Vampires supposedly have the wisdom of centuries on their sides.

They don't live that long by being fools.

So, it's a bit possible he might get us.

That's cheery.

Another interesting point...

It's conceivable that Paul and Erica might have turned into vampires.

If that's true we'll have to kill them, too.

Don't forget to set the alarm.

Uh, Sergeant, this is Dr. James Hayes.


Now please listen to me before you hang up.

I would like to try to convince you, very seriously convince you, that a vampire, in fact, does exist in this city.

Now I'm the 58th nut to report a vampire.

Did it ever occur to you that we may be right, you dumb ass?



It is time.

The time has come for us to be one, eternally together.

Come. Come, my love.





Donna's gone.

Oh, my God, it's 4:30. Why the hell didn't you call me?

The alarm didn't go off.

I'll be right over.

Ridiculous, right?

The age of atomic weapons and we have to use sticks.

See if you can find a cross or a crucifix.

What for?

According to the book, vampires are supposed to be afraid of crosses.

What they represent, good and evil, etcetera.

They'll be our only protection if he is a vampire.


I couldn't find a crucifix, but I got some cord and I'll make them on the way.

Is that a broom handle? Yeah.

Why not?

You think we're wise, leaving the car so far from the house?

Suppose we have to make a run for it?

Well, if we have to leave this place on the run, we lose.

Think we're in time? No.

The sun is down.

If the book is right, our Count charming is up and around.

Look, the first thing we do is try to find Donna and make sure she's safe.

Then, I guess we try to find the Count.

If we can prove to ourselves that he is what I think he is, enjoy yourself.

Will these crosses work?

Unfortunately, we'll soon find out.

Good luck.

You, too.

You scared?


So am I.


The girl. Upstairs.

Forgive me.


We have visitors.

We cannot afford their knowledge.

Dr. Hayes.

What an unexpected surprise.

Yes, so much so that I almost had a massive coronary.

Would you care to come in?

As a matter of fact, I was...

Just thinking of that very thing.


Very nice seeing you again.

Thank you.

Are you still interested in continuing last evening's conversation?

Yes, I... I'd like that very much.

On what subject did we end?




May I?

Now where shall we begin?

I believe I told you last night, did I not, that vampires have minds far superior to those of mortals?

Yes, you did.

It is due, of course, to their unique power to outlast centuries.

Time to gather and absorb wisdom from some of the most potent minds that have ever lived.

What would you say was their greatest strength?

Their ability to rule that which they choose to rule.

Their ability to make a fool out of any man.

I guess there's no reason to continue this, is there?

I quite agree.

Would you care now to see that which you hope not to see?


Do you find it interesting, Doctor?

Where's Donna and Paul?

Donna is upstairs. Paul is dead.

You shall never see either of them again.

You enjoyed your little joke last night, Doctor.

But as you can see, tonight is mine.

It's incredible. You really are a...

Vampire? Yes.

You really are naive.




Michael! Michael!



My God, Paul!

Oh, my God!

You've been wanting to see your mother.

Now you may.

Hello, my darling.

Dirty bastard!




Get away from her.

So, Michael, you were very lucky.

I said, get away from her.

Donna, are you all right?


Come over here and get behind me.

Don't be afraid.

Hold it! Michael! You'll never win.

Donna, damn it, I said come here!

Honey, let's get out of here.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Oh, my God!

I'm looking at it and I still can't believe it all happened.

Let's go.

Oh, baby. Baby.