Countdown (2016) Script

You have to finish everything tonight, you understand?

Yeah, what you doing, huh?

Yeah, with a stick of chalk, huh?

Repaint everything, I'll check later.

Stop drinking coffee, go back to work.


Can I help you?

We're lookin' for Nikolai.

Who are you?

We're the guys lookin' for Nikolai.

What do you need him for?

Some business.


I am Nikolai.

How may I help you?

We were told you could help us with some hard to find items.

Need a tugboat? I build tugboats.

I build the best tugboats in the world.

You have a drawing?

I can't build without a drawing.

Listen, didn't Sasha Rousse tell you we were coming?

Who is Sasha Rousse?

Why you so nervous, officer?

First time undercover, eh?

You sayin' this guy's a cop?


I think this guy is a cop.

And cops come in pairs, I have heard.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

I got $200,000 here, you wanna do business or not?

Call Sasha Rousse, ask him.

If he's not cop, I'm not Russian.

All right, ladies are gone. Wanna do business or not?

What the hell am I doin' here, wanna get down, brother?


Right, then let's start doin' business here.

200,000. No problem.

Just shut up!

Shut up. Listen, I know this guy a week.

He told me he'd finance the buy so I could turn this stuff around.

Sasha Rousse introduced us.

I barely know the guy.

I barely know any...

Hey, hey, hey, take it easy.

I just want what I came for.

Look, I build boats, okay?

I know what you do. I know who you are.

I can smell the gun oil in here.

What, you think this guy's a cop?

That what this is? Yeah, yeah.

Think he's a cop? Yeah.

There, he's a dead cop.

Now can I see what I came for?

Why not shoot the cop in the head?

Like a real soldier.

'Cause I'm not a soldier.

Too messy, all right? Stop the heart, stop the bleeding.

At least that's what I find.

Course, you wanna do it yourself.

Go right ahead.

Come with me.

You want my guns?

I have guns.

All right, excellent. Choose.

Sig-556? Break action stock, yeah.

Now we're talkin'.

I like this. What else you got?


Has perfect stock.

Yeah, you're right. How many rounds?

1,050 rounds per minute. This works.

This'll sell good on the streets.

.223 ammunition? Yeah.

Excellent, K-grip, too, I like this.

This'll work. Got anything a little bit lighter?

Yeah, G-36.

Nice light, gentleman rifle.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

You like this baby.

I like it a lot.

Excellent, how much for everything? I want it all.

You have buyers lined up, huh?

You puttin' 'em up for adoption or are you sellin' 'em?

How much for everything? Yeah, I like that.

If you ever want real job, you come see me, man.

I already got a job.

Mine pays better.

I believe that. But every once and a while, I get to stick my foot up some KGB wannabe, cheese ball, Russian gangster's ass.

Nothin's better.

Nothin's better than seeing the jaw drop on some communicable disease like you when he realizes he's been had like a three dollar hooker.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

Okay, all right.

You know how goddamn close this came to missing my vest!

You were reachin' for your gun.

He knew you were a cop, relax!

If you missed my vest you coulda killed me!

You were gonna blow the whole thing.

You should be in the back of that van, man.

You got a screw loose up there.

It was a .22, man, relax.

Looks like I'll be workin' alone again.

You always were workin' alone.

How 'bout a smile, lieutenant?

Whatever, bitch.

Discharging a firearm in the direction of a police officer.

That's wrong.


Didn't shoot in his direction.

I shot him in the chest like we're taught at the academy.

Ray, I've done my best to ignore you.

And up until now, I've done a pretty damn good job of it.

You went through six partners in two years.

Thank you.

I shrugged it off.

I get phone calls complainin' about you and you know what I do?

I don't call 'em back.

Because I don't have an answer to the question.

What question?

Why the hell are you still here?

That question.

Come in.

You know Special Lieutenant Baker.

Who doesn't know the dream crusher?

Oh, that's lovely, I've never heard that one before.

Nice to see you, lieutenant. You as well, detective.

Still workin' hard to put your brothers in blue behind bars?

Only if that's where they belong.

I was appointed by the OPA to bring this department into compliance.

OPA? Office of Professional Accountability.

Ooh, sounds serious.

It is, it is, very serious.

It's a civilian review board.

They're the ones who police the police.

And they do not like me.

They just don't really like it when cops shoot civilians or other cops.

Without just cause.

Without probable cause to believe the suspect poses a significant threat of death or bodily injury to the officer or others, yeah.

You know, you're cute.

Oh, okay, thanks.

You're cute, too.

In a sort of felony, DUI, mugshot kind of way.

Were you being sexist?


We're done here.

Sit down.

I'm fine standing. Sit down, Ray.

Sit down.

I'm a bottom-line kind of guy.

I don't give a damn about much except how many cases you clear.

Me, personally, I don't care why you did what you did.

But, unfortunately for you, OPA does.


Meaning you are hereby suspended with pay from active duty.

Pretty sure I wasn't talkin' to you.

Well, that's okay, I was definitely sure I was talking to you.

You have 30 days to appeal your suspension.

You should talk to your union rep.

But we will be moving forward with a misconduct investigation that will, in all likelihood, result in your termination.

I'm gonna need your badge and your gun, detective.



It's out of my hands, Ray.

Just enjoy the "with pay" part.

I just took 200 guns off the street and shut down the biggest arms dealer in this state.

Know why I do it? To feed your overblown ego.

What a world we live in, huh, Stan?

Top brass cares more about coverin' their ass and not gettin' sued than actually catchin' the bad guys.

And you're just worried about gettin' your pension.

Am I right?

Walk away, Ray.

Before you say somethin' that you're really gonna regret.

I'm done.

That went really well.

Another one for the collection.

Heard you got suspended. Shot your partner.

Hey, you gotta do what it takes, right?

You kill him? Flesh wound.

Shot him right where his heart would be if he had one.

This is last month's.

Same results, no prints, same paper, printer.

No saliva, no DNA.

Same demand.

$2,000,112 and 35 cents.

Yep, and now it makes it our one year anniversary.

Aren't you even a little curious?

I mean, who this guy is?

At the end of the day, it'll be more nothing in my giant pile of nothings.

Hey, yeah, I just got home.

No, lemme just take a quick shower and get changed and I'll see you there.

Yeah, I'm fine, it was a good day.

Nope, everything's fine.

I will just see you there.

Okay, bye.

Hey. Hey.

Can't keep coming here.

I know it's hard but, uh...

I know.

I know.

I miss him, too.

What's goin' on?

Maybe you can tell us.

This was in the package you brought to the lab yesterday.

Got an ID? Not yet, but we're workin' on it.

It's an IP address from a public DNS server in Moscow.

The address redirected us to a secure website.


We tried logging in, but it's password protected.

Five characters.

Tried your badge, birthday.

Anything personal you can think of?

Try my address. 22093.


Anything else?

Try "Mikey."



We're in.

Oh. This live?

It's live. Can you track it?

Not easy, signal's being redirected.

Could be anywhere in the world.

Detective Thompson, are you there?

I can assume my package caught your attention, yes?

Much simpler to answer my letters.

But I do what I have to.

When you owe person, you must make good or there is much big trouble.

Can he see me? Therefore, you must bleed.

No, it's his feed.

You give me now $2,000,112.35 and I don't punish anybody.

Just call me with my money.

Get the bomb unit online, send 'em a still.

I want an ID on that kid immediately.

I'm on with missing persons.

Turner, can you get a screen grab of the child sent to CPS?

Today at 12 noon, Detective Thompson.

Meet me at the event at the Colosseum.

You go to window, ticket in your name.

You deliver money in backpack.

I give you his location and address.

No die packs, no marked bills.

No police.

I see them, he dies.

We can get a warrant for the server records but it'll take some time.

How long?

We don't know. Days, weeks.

Bomb unit's saying that the wiring, the detonator are all Russian military and very powerful.

How powerful?

They're saying that there's a kill radius of approximately 40 yards.

Can they disarm it?

There's a five-way latching mechanism right there.

It's probably wired to set it off if anyone attempts to remove it.

Also saying that there is possibly a second phantom switch.

But those aren't our only problems.

He can detonate that bomb wherever and whenever he wants to...

...with a phone call.

We have a tactical team on standby if needed.

We have officers from the gang unit who speak Russian, and special ops working undercover in the arena.

Let me take him, I'll get the kid's location.

He'll lawyer up in ten minutes.

It won't take that long.

Listen, Ray, you've been sittin' on this for a year.

If this does not go by the book, it's not gonna look good.

And you're gonna be on the hook for it.

Do you really wanna see that headline?

"Dead Kid, Rogue Cop."

How many threats does this department get a week?

We investigate half of 'em, we take 80 percent of our manpower off the streets.

You know that, I know that.

The mayor, the media, you think they care?

They're gonna want heads and yours is gonna be the first to roll.

You're a bag man, nothing more.

You carry the bag and get your tickets.

See where they take ya.

We'll have eyes on you and the bag the entire time.

We'll have officers throughout the arena.

When he calls in the victim's location, we'll take him down.

Do we understand each other?

Ray, do we understand each other?

Yes. Good.


What's the $112.35?

We've got a GPS transmitter in the bag's lining.

We're actually gonna pay this guy?

For now. Great.

What can go wrong?

Ticket for Ray Thompson.

Here you go, Mr. Thompson. Thank you.

Can we get a better connection?

Trying. Getting interference from all the WiFi.

You're down there, sir.

Go ahead.

I think you're in my seat.

Hey, you left your phone.

It's not mine, dude.

The Ascension.

Kendricks, he knows you're a cop.

Cover's blown, get outta here.

Damn, I'm outta here.

We need eyes, section 36.

All right, Ray, you're done. Walk it back.

Lucha, lucha, lucha.

Lucha, lucha, lucha. Lucha, lucha...

We've got movement heading up aisle 34.

We've got him. West corridor.

Tactical surveillance.

Mobile, waiting for call.

Tell everyone to stay out of sight.

We're tracking him using GPS.

Do not follow. Ray, do you hear me?

Do not go in there.

Do we have cameras in there?


All right, everyone, sit tight.

Damn it.

Why'd you pull me out?

'Cause you look like a cop.

Why isn't the signal moving?

He switched bags.

Take him now.

Yeah, I got him.

Sir! Sir!

Slow down. Sir.

Hey, hold on!

Officer down, officer down, code three.

Send medics.

In pursuit of the suspect.

Heading to west stairwell.

This is a restricted area, sir!

Shots fired, shots fired!

Damn it, I'm a cop! Show me your badge.

I... hang on, hang on!

Now that's a real man.


In the upper catwalk, shots fired, shots fired.

Stop, stop right there!

Don't, please.

You should have listened.

I am listening, I am.

I told you no cops.

I'm not a cop today. Okay?

Truth is, you and I are not so very different.

We both know loss.

But I never took anything from you.

Until now. Don't, please.

You take life from me. I take life from you.


That child, the others are on your head now.

No. I see you in hell.

No, no, no, no, no!


Tell me he didn't make the call.

He didn't make the call.

No ID, just these.

We should get these worked out.

Probably burner phones anyway.

So you're telling me we've got a bomb strapped to a kid somewhere in this city that only an unidentified dead man knows the location of, that's awesome.

Only six hours and 42 minutes to find him.

Where are you going? Am I reinstated?

No. Under arrest?

No. Then that's my own fuckin' business.

I hope you have insurance.

I hope you become a man one day.

So you wanna settle this right here?

This isn't a game for me. But it is for me?

I don't know what it is for you.

I've got five hours and 40 minutes to save someone's life.

What are you doin' here?

So you wanna help me save him?

Are you wanna go write another report?

We're closed.

I said we're closed.

Hey, get back...

Everybody down! Now!

Get down now!

Everybody on their knees!

Now, you know who the hell I am?

Get down, now! On your knees now!

Why you messin' with my man, bitch?

Stay back, ma'am, ma'am.

That hurt! I need you to calm down.

Turn off the damn music.


Everybody, now! Now!

Now, now! On your knees!

We need you out of there, please.

Listen, I don't give a damn about your warrants, drugs, hookers, or any meth you're cookin' in the back.

I just need some information.

Can anyone ID this guy? Anyone?

Take a good look, there's a kid with a bomb strapped to him.

Can anyone identify this guy? How 'bout these tats?

Actually look at it, guys, come on!

It's a tattoo shop, you recognize these tats?

There's a bomb strapped to a little kid.


I got a get out of jail free card for anyone who gives us information.

You sure you don't recognize these tats?

Frank, how many things I cleared up for you?

Take a good long look.

Old school Russian gang tats.

Snake on the neck.

Says he's a drug addict or was a drug addict.

The mermaid says the dude's a rapist or a child molester.

That's all I can tell ya.

Uncuff him.

Handled yourself pretty well in there.

For a girl? Yeah, for a girl.

Course now the Angels are clockin' ya.

How does it feel to have a target on your back?

I don't know, like Tuesday.

Every cop in the department has a target on my back.

They shoot better than Skulls.

Look, Ray, you gotta know more than anybody how important it is to police the cops.

You can't be above the law.

Your real family's more important than your family in blue.

Really, you're gonna lecture me about family?

Why are you doing this? Doing what?

This, working this case.

Throwing what's left of your career out for it.

You know I have to document everything you do and all the many, many rules that you break.

'Cause it's your job, right? 'Cause it's my job, that's right.

You know why I do this job?

I do actually believe in the system.

You know what's funny is you used to, too.

I know that. Read your file.

Maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

I... I don't... You don't what?

Look, you want my badge when this is done, fine.

Five hours, nine minutes, 11 seconds, it's yours.

What do you need?

There's an extortion ring I busted in Tacoma about a year ago, Russian nationalists.

They're involved in everything from auto insurance scams to medicare fraud. Check my case file, see if our bomber comes up anywhere in there.

Our guy's low-end, he's an immigrant.

Go check the area around James and Mester.

Someone'll know him, and bring a picture of the kid, too.

Someone should be able to identify him.

Where are you going? See a man about a boat.

And here I was all this time thinkin' the justice system actually worked.

It does. If your lawyer costs you eight bills an hour.

Got to love America.

Amen to that.

How much you got on you? Can you reach for your wallet now?

What do you want? Russian military grade explosives.

Who deals in 'em?

You come into my house.

You threaten my family.

I'm just threatening your windpipe.

Thanks for the idea.

Family might work.

Man this is fun, huh?

See, no slow-moving parts, no ammunition.

What do you think?

Alexander, Alexander Makarov.

If it's military... it comes through him.


Russian Consulate.

He's at the Russian Consulate.

You tell this, Nikolai, I'll come back for you.

And you won't have to worry about your family being threatened.

They'll already be gone.

Hey, it's okay, it was just a bear, okay?

Just go inside and play your video games.

Have you guys seen, do you recognize this kid?

No. You've never seen this kid?

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Hi, I'm just wondering if you recognize this kid.

Do you, have you seen this, this boy?

Do you recognize, do you recognize this boy?

Excuse me?

Yeah, he's a little boy, have you seen him?

Do you speak English? I speak English.

You do? Yeah.

What, do you know where?

Come with us, come with us.


Where, across the street?

Where are we going?

Tell him, tell him I don't care if he's here illegally.

I just wanna ask a few questions about his son.


I just, I just wanna talk about your son, sir.

I just have a few questions.

Hey, who is this?

He's Anatoly, he's seven years old.

Anatoly, his name's Anatoly?

He's seven years, okay, good.

This is your son, right?

When was the last time you saw him?

Are you scared, I think he's scared, I...

Tell him I know that he's scared, not to be afraid, I'm not gonna arrest him.

Okay, I'm just trying to find his son.

But I don't have much time.

No jail?

No, no, no jail, no.

Look, this guy, who's this guy? Do you recognize him?

That man was supposed to take Anatoly back to Russia last week.

He had to be in Volgograd with his grandmother.

Okay, okay, but he's not there, he's not there.

Phone calls to Volgograd are real expensive.

And he just found out that he wasn't there.


What is the name of the man who took Anatoly?

What are you doin' in here?

Police, Special Lieutenant Julia Baker.

What are you doing in here? I'm the owner.

You got a warrant, Special Lieutenant Julia Baker?

I'm on an active case. Have you got a warrant?

I can get a warrant, I can get lots of warrants.

I can get the fire marshal, I can get the health inspector.

I can get INS if that'll make you happy.

You don't got a warrant, you gotta go.

I'm sorry, he's not hearing me, do you need?

I can translate, she can translate for me.

You don't intimidate me, lady.

I don't care who you are, I don't care if you're a cop or my ex-wife or the health department.

You don't come in here without my permission and harass my tenants.

You guys are doin' this all the time and it's bullshit!

I'm tired of it, you gotta go.

I can leave, I can leave.

I can also bang down a couple of these doors around here just for the hell of it.

See what I find. You know what I bet, I bet there's lots of terrified illegals hiding in here who have no other choice but to live in this shithole with a slumlord, because he takes advantage of them

'cause he knows they probably can't rent very many other places.

And you may be paying off people at Building and Safety.

I guarantee you, I can get this place shut down in 24 hours.

You can go to jail. Your filthy little lawyer won't even hear from you before you've had a chance to spend one fun-filled night in a cell block with a man named Marcus in King County.

How does that sound?


That's the name of the man that was supposed to take his son to Russia.

Vladislav Pavel.

He's the photo on your phone.

He lives in this building.

You have anything metal on your person?

Just this. Gun!


I don't... Where?

I don't. Where? Where?

Upstairs. Room.

Room! End of the hall.

Who are you?

The guy who decides if you live or die today.

Sit down, down!

I am Russian Consul General.

I have diplomatic immunity.

Funny, you don't look immune.

A good friend of ours, Nikolai Koskei, he swears on his life that you dabble in stolen Russian military weapons, plastics chemicals, explosives. No!

Among other things.

Now normally this type of information would go to the proper channels.

An investigation would take place, payoffs would be made, and you'd go about your business minus a couple of bucks.

But today's a little bit different.

You see, some Russian junkie strapped a whole lot of your explosives to an innocent little boy and it's gonna go off in less than four hours, which is four more than you're gonna live if you don't give me the name of someone who would build a device like that no questions asked.

You're a dead man. Do you know this?

I'm a hard guy to take down.

Officially, I have no idea what you're talking about.

How about unofficially?

Go see Slava the bomb-maker that lives in Fremont.

Listen, listen, your boss man here, he's got a broken nose and a pen in his leg.

He's gonna be fine, it's gonna heal.

I just wanna get out of here, okay?

I just want...

No one gets paid enough to be a hero here, okay?

Especially not me!

Your boss here is gonna bleed out in 10 minutes.

Focus on saving your boss.

What? Yeah, yeah, as far as you know.

Okay, where? Where?

Hey, hey, someone recognized the kid, Anatoly. He's seven.

They ID'd our bomber, Vladislav Pavel.

He lived in the room right above him.

You call it in? No, I guess I forgot to.

I guess it still takes four hours to get an expedited warrant.

Get anywhere on my Tacoma extortion case?

Yeah, both your Russian nationals are being held at King County.

ADA was negotiating a plea deal. ICE got involved.

One of the suspects is wanted for murder back in Russia so they deported him.

Got any names?

Still waiting for the feds to send the file.

Well, that's his room.

If you want any of his shit, just let me know.

Okay. I'll get ya a good price.

Looks like he was applying for political asylum.

Guess it didn't go through.

It looks like someone had quite the man crush on you, officer.


Is this our kid?


Someone else's.

We need to see your basement.

Whatever. The boy could be there.

Anyone ever come down here? No, just rats.

I don't see Anatoly.

We have to look.

He's not here.

Where are we going? Got the address of a bomb maker.

From a very cooperative Russian diplomat.

Wait, what?

You gotta be kiddin' me.

Hey, someone 'jacked my truck.

That's a $40,000 truck! Damn it!

Hey, just get in, I'll call it in.

Come on, no one saw anything?

Just ride with me, we'll call it in.

This city's a sewer.

There is nothing in our arrest records about a Vladislav Pavel.

Oh, come on, P-A-V-E...

I know how to spell it. It's not in there.

Why don't you check the sexual offenders database?

First thing I did, dead end.

Send it to Jennifer Mahr in my contacts.

Mahr, M-A-H-E-R?

H-R, there isn't even another one in there.

M-A-H-R. Got it.

Good, she can access all of our databases and we get us a facial recognition match.

We also need to follow up on the warrant request for the server logs.

On it.

Check and find out whatever happened to Pavel's application for amnesty.

There's gotta be something in there.

Got it.

This the place?

11391, that's it.



Police, anyone here?






You Slava?

I am Slava.

No last name, like Usher and Beyonce.

Fantastic. I'm Ray.

Middle and last names both besides the point.

Who is the pretty lady?

She's a police officer.

She's helping me on a case.

We're trying to find a boy.

Oh, very pretty.

Alexander Makarov. He told me you'd have some information for me.

You know, your friend from the Russian Consulate?

Yes, Mr. Makarov contacted me. He's very angry with you.

Said I should blow you up and mail him your pieces.

Good price, too.

That sounds just like him.

I don't like him either.

He's Russian, I'm Ukrainian, from Kiev.

He was appointed by Putin.

Just wanna ask you about a bomb you may have built.

Vladislav Pavel.

I made many bombs for many people.

That's what I do.

For people who want to blow up their bosses or their boats or businesses for insurance.

A picture of it right here.

Yeah, it is mine.

Four liter chlorine azide. Makes a very big boom.

Unstable, too. And there is bias voltage set up on the harness clasp.

So if you try to remove it, boom.

Looks like he mounted it right.

How long ago was he here? Ten days, maybe less.

He say anything about what it was for?

For getting even.

That's all I know, I don't ask question, I just build what they want.

Okay, listen, you old, old man.

That bomb that you built is now strapped to a seven year old little boy and it's supposed to go off in, oh, just under an hour and a half from now, so we don't really have time for this.

So how 'bout I just put this in your mouth and pull the trigger like I'm doing a load of laundry.

Then I would be dead.

I would like to help you.

I don't like to kill children.

But I only know what I know.

So if you do find the boy, you want to immobilize the latch before you remove it.

And if it makes you feel better, I never cashed that paycheck he signed over to me.

I am sometimes not about money.

What check?

What was it?

Noble Custom Cut, Four Harbor Drive.

How you doin', Ray?

You're not returning any calls.

Been kinda busy.

Captain wants to see you.

Well, arrest the guy inside, he's the bomb maker.

Cut the crap. I'll call him later.

Hey, he wants me to bring you in.

Good luck with that.

There's no answer.



Guys, hey!

Kendricks, easy, hey, why are you takin' him in?

Ask the captain.

Come on!

You're lucky you didn't catch a bullet.

Yeah, there's a lot of that goin' around.

You want your rep or lawyer, I can arrange that.

I don't need a lawyer. I need to find Vladislav Pavel.

We know where he works. You need to get Cronin to send a unit there now.

We will. You have a grudge against this department?

You figure the department owes you?

Yeah, about 200 hours of overtime.

But who's counting?

Is that yours?

Nope, mine's right here.

We found that in your desk drawer.

Yeah, well, it's not mine.

Is that your name and post office box address?

I don't have a PO box.

How would you describe your relationship with your fellow officers?

You know what my relationship is.

I work my ass off.

Why don't we go back to August 7th, three years ago?

When your son died. When he was killed.

At a homicide division picnic.

You don't think I see that every night when I shut my eyes?

He was playing on the streets, fellow cop had a few too many, hit him, right?

He was twice the legal limit with two DU Is under his belt.

And you sued the city for $2,000,000.

How'd that case go?

And then your wife left you for another cop.

You poured yourself into your work.

A lot of guys didn't like your methods.

Must be carryin' a lot of built-up anger.

More by the minute.

There are 121 phone calls to the dead bomber over the course of a year from your cellphone.

I told you, that's not my cellphone.

The bill was paid with a check from your account at Dominion Trust.

I don't have an account there. Opened 13 months ago.

Is that your signature?

Detective Baker.

Hello, Julia, this is Jennifer Mahr.

In response to your email, I am sending you the only Pavel we have in our database.

But his name is Igor not Vladislav.

He set me up.

Just in case.

Why would he do that?

Do you believe I did this, Al?

Don't you think I'd cover my tracks a little bit better than this?

If this was my deal, you wouldn't find a thing.

How long you been planning this?

I shoulda shot you in the head.

You know what I think?

I think, after Mikey died, you lost it.

You roll on this Russian, decide to blackmail the city to get what's yours.

Maybe he's got a bone to pick with the department.

Maybe he's just weak in the head.

Either way, you sell him on your worldview, stoke that fire, pump him full of hate, give him a plan and a chance at an easy payday.

The buck 12 and change, you tack on to give it just that little edge of crazy.

Now the bomber's dead.

You see he can't make it out with your money.

You shoot him in the head.

Like a soldier. So no witnesses.

You know I don't know where that kid is, right?

That died with the Russian.

The only thing I know is that you wanna do the right thing.

You're right, I do.

Captain, you wanna see this. Not right now.

No, right now's a good time I think.

It's actually kind of important.

It's pertinent information!

He's right there. Fourth floor, center stairwell.

Hold it, Ray, don't do it! We got eyes on him!

No, no, don't do it!

He jumped down, he jumped down the floor.

Hands, put your hands up now!

Freeze right there, turn around!

Get the fuck on the ground now!

Down on the ground now.

You're gonna get yourself killed, Ray.

Give it up. Okay.

It's over.

Okay. Okay?

I'm sorry.

Gimme that!

You had your chance.

Want another one, huh?

How's that feel, huh?

Want more?

What are you doin', man? Give it up, Ray!

Get off of me! What are you doin'?

Stop, Ray, I'll still shoot.

Hey, hey! Get in!

Get in!

Why are ya doin' this? $112.35.


Russians, the fraud and extortion ring you busted in Tacoma?

Yes, yes, the case I told you to look up, yes.

Well, the guy that they deported, he had $112.35 in his pocket when you booked him.

Gotta tell you, lieutenant, that is a real shitty reason for you to be in a car with me right now.

Okay, what about $2,000,112.35, ring a bell?

Yes, yes, of course. Correct?

Okay, so $2,000,000 implicate you and $112.35 for his brother.

What, whose brother?

The guy you busted, the guy they deported, his last name is Pavel, he's the bomber's brother.

He was wanted back in Mother Russia for murder so it wasn't the bomber applying for asylum, it was actually his brother.

Once he got deported, they hung him a month later in Russia.

That's what you're paying for.

It's a blood debt. Takes all kinds.

We need to follow that paycheck that wasn't cashed.

Anatoly might be there.

Hey, what are you doin'? This is a restricted area.


Lookin' for this guy.

Shit, Vlad.

Yeah, so he works here?

Well judging from the hole in his head, I guess he doesn't work here anymore.

What did he do?

He was our night watchman.

Guy was a fruit loop.

This place is flypaper for freaks.

So he woulda been the only one here at nights?

Yeah, that's the idea. At night, keepin' people out.

We need to see all your outbuildings, anyplace he could've hidden something.

How much time you got?

Forty-three minutes and 22 seconds.

Hey, it's Blake, they're here, man.

Yeah, the ones you're lookin' for.

I don't know, you want me to hold on to 'em here?


This place is huge.

I'll check in here.






Gotta call this in. We need more people.



Shit. Ray! Ray!


Thompson! Gotta go!

Thompson! We gotta go!

What is it?

It better be good.

He worked in the police maintenance department for 46 days, he applied as Yuri Alexi, with matching documents, matching social.

They're pretty confident it's the same guy.

Same man on the video.

That's how he got the kid inside.

That's Vladislav Pavel, that's our kidnapper.

We also got the logs from the server in Belarus.

Turns out the signal was relaying through a computer at police headquarters, your computer.

He was keeping him in the very last place we'd look.

We gotta call this in to EOD.

Are those our guys?

Come on, they're right behind us!

Go, go!

Comin' up on my side.

Watch out.


They're comin' up on each side.

Do you know where you're going?

No idea.

Three point six miles this way.

Watch out, watch out.

Keep goin', keep goin'.

Oh, shit.

Or don't.


They're behind us, they're still on us, come on.

Keep goin', keep goin'! I am!

Keep goin'.

Watch out.

Come on.

Damn it. Nope, no, no.

Get out, get out.

Get out of the car!


Get him.

You have everyone in my network very scared.

Yeah, I do that sometimes.

Bad for business. Killing a cop's worse.

You are not a cop.

And what I have planned for you, isn't exactly killing.

It's more like lingering.

Well, you're just gonna have to wait.

See, the timing of this whole thing doesn't work for me.


Yeah, yesterday, day before, hell, even tomorrow, I'd probably laugh in your ugly face and tell ya to get on with it, but today's a little bit different.

Today's the day, three years ago, my son died.

And you are telling me this why?

Three years ago, my son was playing in the street.

He was playing football. A car was coming.

I saw the car, I saw the driver's eyes, I saw it all, so I ran and I was too late.

Three to four seconds too late.

I live with those seconds every day of my life, wishing I could get them back.

But the truth is I can't.

So I swore on my son's memory I would never be late again, you understand me?

I have no fucking idea what you're talkin' about.

I'm talking about time. No matter who you are, what you do, what you're willing to give, even your life, you can never get it back.

It's all about timing.

It's like the man said, life is all about timing.

What man? Doesn't matter.

What matters is that mine was shitty once and a child died because of it.

And right now, yours is worse.

Got it!

Got it, got it.

Coming up on your side, cut 'em off!


Is it bulletproof?


Watch out.

Put the window down.

Fuck, gimme the gun!

Go, go, go!

That was... dramatic.

Hey, we'll be there, yeah, we'll be there in two minutes.

Don't, don't worry about Ray. Just evacuate the goddamn building.

Call forensics, get Emily Gordon on the line.



Check that way.



Baker, Baker!

Hey, buddy. Anatoly?

You speak English?

I'm gonna get you outta here, okay?

Everything's gonna be fine.

Okay, we got a bunch of good people here helpin' you, okay?

We're gonna get you outta here.

Come on.

We're gonna take you out, okay?

Nice and easy, buddy, you're just fine.

Everybody move, outta the way!

Everybody out, everybody out, move, now!

Clear, clear, clear, clear. Out, out, out, out of the building.

It's time to evacuate the building.

Out of the building, go!

Everybody out. Outta here, come on. Let's go!

Clear the building! It's gonna be okay, buddy.

Everybody out! Out, get out, go!

Everybody get outta here, move, now, move!

Move, get out! Get, get, go.

Move, move, move!

Go, get outta the way!

Get outta the building, clear the building!

Move, move, everybody out, evacuate the building!

Evacuate the building!

Come on, people, out, let's go, let's go, come on, move!

Please evacuate the building and meet in your designated assembly areas.

Go, I need you outta the building, now!

It's gonna be fine, buddy.

Out of here, everyone outta the building!

Everybody out!

You guys have to move.

Outta here, everybody leave, out!

Everybody leave! Bring him over here, gently, gently.

Sit him down here. Nice and easy, nice and easy.

When you hit it with the nitrogen, it'll freeze the trigger switch, then you'll have about... Yeah, I know, no, I know.

I got it, you guys gotta go now.

Ray... Go.

Leave. Now, go.

All right, buddy, this is gonna be kinda cold for a second, okay?

Please evacuate the building and meet in your designated assembly areas.

Careful, nice and easy.

Nice and easy, buddy, it's okay.

Almost there, buddy.

Nice and easy, nice and easy, Slide your shoulders out.

That's right, you're almost out.


I'm gonna lift you up.

Set those down.

One more.

Get back, get over there!

Let's go, come on, move!

You okay, buddy?

Good job in there, buddy.

Very brave little kid.

Great job.

You did all right. Yeah, right.

Good job, Ray. Thank you.

Interesting how you knew where the kid was.

You know what, Kendricks?

I didn't see a thing.