Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) Script

He was always alone, always by himself.

Never anyone to share the game.

He lived in another world.

He was that kind of guy.

Come on, spike. Get up. Get up.

Listen to me.

It's like a pot of stew bubbling on the stove.

All mixed up, with no telling what's good or what's bad.

It's all the same.

But there's one thing you shouldn't forget. You know what it is?


Everyone says that, but that's wrong.

Without the basic stock, you don't have a stew.

If you add curry powder, you get curry.

We have stock cubes in the pantry.

Not that, you idiot!

Great, a wannabe preacher with a gun. Come on, spike.

There's three of 'em. I'll go around the back.

All right.

No point waiting for the cops. I know your security here.

You know why? Renzi, hurry it up.

You see this logo? That's your security company.

I used to work for this security company.

I got laid off, so I took up robbery. Funny, ain't it?

Go on. Laugh.

Funny, is it?

It sure is.

Stop laughing!

Hey! We're closed. Go someplace else.


Now, go ahead and fill up my money card.

Who the hell are you?

Are you deaf?

Damn it!

You! Take those earphones off!

I'll take this.


Hey, spike!

These crooks will pay for my doughnuts.

Don't move!

Hey, jet. What?

You said there were three.

Drop your guns!

To fool an enemy, first fool yourself.

What's the point?

Listen up! You spend too long on the toilet!

You want the old lady to die?

You hear me? You see the gun?

Sorry, granny. We ain't cops or security guards.

It ain't our job to save your life.


Bad luck, ain't it?

So you're a cowboy.

What are you blabbing about? Don't shoot me!

Cowboy? Who the hell are you?

Just a bounty hunter.

It's your move.

Don't rush me.

Do you plan your moves?

Just hurry up.

Listen, spike. In shogi, Japanese chess, you look 100 moves ahead, then make your play.

You gotta get to where your opponent wants to go before he does.

You don't just move at random.

I want to move here.

"No take-backs," that's another rule in shogi.

You're far too easygoing.

Now, listen, spike, one's character merges in shogi.

You obviously react to each move. Hurry up. Move.

What would you have done if you'd hit the hostage?

I'd have dealt with it.

Good grief! It was too risky for a measly 1.25 million bounty.

There's no drama in bounty hunting.

Before you became my partner, life was much quieter.

Good, I was considering that myself. Well, spike?

I found it! I found it!

Faye, a message for you.

Target heading for town, using booth 8 on route 12.

Get me an ID on him and the vehicle.


It's some kid. I hate bounty hunting boys.

That's not him.

Time for the cbc news.

Today's top story:

At 10 A.M. on highway 7, a tanker truck exploded into flames.

Seventy-two people are dead and 425 suffered injuries.

We have a live report from lylie.

Reporting from the scene.

The wreckage is being removed and the area cleaned up.

People within a two-mile radius of the crash site were soon overcome by the noxious fumes.

A general panic ensued.

Three hours after the accident, calm has returned.

Is there a possibility the truck was carrying a poison?

The police suspect either a toxic chemical or a biological hazard.

The area has been sealed off.

Any leads on why it exploded?

No information at this point.

But police say the vehicle had been stolen earlier.

They suspect this could be a case of biological terrorism.

Live from the scene.

It's on every channel.

Déja vu, huh?

It feels like I had instant noodles last night too.

Don't be so stupid.

You've had that for dinner for three days in a row.

Did you forget?

Really? I thought it was a dream.

We've got other instant food.

We have flat white and buckwheat noodles, all instant.

We've even got instant Sushi, but it's over a year old.

Try your luck. 1 partake!

Just carbohydrates aren't very good for you.

Man needs protein.

What are you going on about?

I said I like meat.

Forget the small-time punks. We need a big bounty.

How did it go with you, Faye?

Terrible. You want to hear?

Didn't you say your hacker was easy to trace?

I got caught up in that explosion.

I'll take one.

Plus, I lost big at the races.

Look. That's it!

Were you there?

Well, it was quite an accident.

Huh... virus, I see.

A chemical weapon?

Hey, I'm not contaminated!

Hey! Even the dog's avoiding me!

Dirty, dirty, full of germs!

What the heck?

Cut that out!

The Mars government is offering a reward of 300 million woolong.

Three hundred million?

What can it be?

You too? Yes.

Well? I've never seen symptoms like these.

Most of the patients have symptoms of intracranial hypertension.

But they have no external wounds that would explain that.

We have no idea what's causing it.

I haven't got a clue.

On admittance, they all had abnormal lymphocyte counts.

Now their counts are back to normal, yet their condition gets worse and worse.

Could it be smallpox or ebola?

It's no virus that we know of, and it's not a nerve gas.

What does that mean?

We can't find any traces, not even in the dead bodies.

It must be some kind of an unknown virus or some form of a germ-warfare agent.

This could be dangerous.

Sorry. It's my allergy.

I know by now we've cured most allergies, yy but this could be viral.

Someone could be deliberately spreading it.

It's a no-smoking area.

What do they want?

Are you sure?

If not, we'll all end up dead.

It's starting now.

Bio-terrorists? You'd better watch this, spike.

Why me? This information doesn't come cheap.

We know that. Hurry it up.

It's very valuable. Ed, start now.


Lee Samson, computer hacker. A bounty of 5 million.

We traced his card with a false ID on it.


I hacked their database.

He used the card to rent a car that was blown up.

But Lee wasn't in it. Probably an accomplice.

Yes, that's the guy.

I can't really make out his face.

You expect us to hunt him down with these flimsy leads?

But I remember him clearly in my mind.

Here you are.

You can draw on the monitor with it.

We don't even know if he's the terrorist.

He didn't have a mask on, so he'd be dead by now.

No, he didn't die.

How do you know?

Women's intuition.



That's his face?

That's a hell of a face.

If you can find a face like that, I'll pay the bounty.

All right, I'm wasting my time here!

I'll get him by myself.

Sounds like a waste of time to me.

I'll start on the virus.

What? Now you're interested?

You can bank on a woman's intuition.

But still... I'm sick of eating out of styrofoam.

I used to fly every day.

We sure did.

I'd love to fly again, maybe as far as saturn.

You liar!

The biggest thing you ever flew was a crop-duster.

Is that right? Excuse me.

I have a question.

No point. We're all going deaf.

Where's the bean-seller?

There's a lot of them down there.

No, I want to buy the other "beans."

You're an undercover cop.

Do I look like a cop?

More like a gangster.

Same thing, really.

I'm a bounty hunter.

So you're a cowboy?

We used to be cowboys too, in the old days.

Good. We can talk.

That's more reason not to.

Are you looking for beans?

You've got some I can't see, have you?

Of course. You can get anything at Moroccan street.

That's why you came.

So would you like some pistachios? Or almonds?

Calabar beans. They tell if your wife's cheating.

The innocent eat them all at once and vomit them out.

The guilty eat one at a time and the poison sets in.

That's how it works.

I don't have a wife.

You're a lucky man.

What I want to know... Broad beans are bad.

Pythagoras died after eating them.

Don't underestimate the bean.

I want to know about the virus from that truck accident.

Do you believe in demons?

With so much in the world about us, why does man's imagination go beyond that?

Why does man long for the skies and yearn for the universe?

Because in the old days, man used to fly.

Do they sell drugs?

If you can imagine it, it can happen.

Even if it cannot be seen.

So you have the virus?

That was no virus.

Hello, rasheed. I've got a vase for you.

This was made for you.

No, he needs it more than me.


Yes, my friend, it was made for you.

Made for me?

You should always buy such things.

Look, I didn't come here for shopping.

You made a good buy. See you. Wait a minute!

Inshallah. Hey, I said to wait.

Games from the 20th century are much better.

I'm sick of the games they make today.

I'm addicted to these old-school games.

Back then, they were happy with such games.

Same with hackers.

Back in the good old days of captain crunch.

Such a small thing, but now it's part of history.

Everything's so well-guarded now, it's hard to become famous.

So I'm really impressed with what we did.

I've long wanted to do something.

A real terrorist attack.

Oh, no. He's dead.

Your license. Where are you going?

It's only warehouses down here.

Oh, no. He's dead.

In those days, the sheriff could see his enemies.

So, what was in that tanker truck?

We're getting no results.

What do you mean? What I said.

Something we can't see and we've never seen.

What's that?

A space truck was found near one of the asteroids.

The driver was dead and the cargo gone.

A truck hijack?

The truck belonged to cherious medical, but they didn't report it missing.

Rumor has it that it was carrying some sort of contraband.

Soon after, the terrorists struck. Smells fishy.

Cherious guards their secrets far too well.

Why don't you investigate them?

Get them on some trumped-up charges.

Things have changed since you were a cop.

The issp has no teeth these days. We're powerless.

Our bosses only think about their promotions.

The rank and file are in cahoots with gangsters.

We're so rotten, we're falling apart.

Things haven't changed. That's why I quit.

Ever hear of purgatory?

The place between heaven and hell.

It's where souls that didn't make it to heaven suffer eternally.

Right. This world of ours.

Is this all there is?

There are 30,000 units in the capsule.

Once it's opened, they'll start to replicate.

Be careful with it.

Where's the money?

That's less than we agreed.

You'll get the rest after the party.

Then you can do as you please.

Then I can say goodbye to this pitiful life.

Can I ask you something?

Why does it have to be on Halloween?

In the old days, Halloween was the day when the souls in purgatory could, through prayer, reach heaven.

Start praying.

Hey, amigo!

Hello to the solar system's three million bounty hunters!

It's time for big shot!

Giving you full details of current bounties.

Today's special show will run for an extra 20 minutes.

We'll focus on the extraordinary bounty of

300 million offered by the Mars government.

Yes, it's the largest bounty ever offered!

But no one knows who or where they are.

Are there no clues?

No, they left nothing at the scene and no living witnesses.

So how shall we do this?

Well, we're offering a special prize to anyone who calls in information.

Be the first to access the number on your screen.

Let's take a commercial break.

They're totally useless.

Hey, Faye.

Take a look at this.

It's just like before.


I searched for a matching symbol.

Which one is it?

Well, it's not this one.

This one?

Is that a true lie?

This one. No mistake.

Unit 7, Mars special forces attack team.

Special forces? So they're military?

They were disbanded three years ago.

Any data on them?

Of course.

What? Most of them are dead.


What's the matter, ein?

No way!

Hurry up. Next.

Ein says he's the one.

How would a dog know?

Look, he died two years ago in the titan wars.

I've had enough. Clean it up.

I really hate this kind of boring desk work.

I know that somewhere there's a perfect job for me.


Why do I have to waste my youth alongside these jerks?

Faye, Faye. Where did I go wrong?

Lee is using his card again.

They're connected!

Huh? Is that a spittoon? Kind of.

An octopus tank? Kind of. What's this?

Ein says this guy is the one we're after, but Faye disagrees.

Plus, he's dead.

Vincent volaju.

Any luck, spike?

A vase?

They made me buy it. How about you?

I love western movies.

Give me a look at it!

I reckon we could sell ed to a circus.

I saw my old pal Bob.

A drug company's up to something.

Drug company?

There's something in here.

What is it?

You're pretty good. Here they come!

Are you alone? Why don't we play together?

I much prefer the real thing to virtual reality.

The real thing?

At last I've found you, hacker boy.

I only needed 500 points!

Then sporky dorky appears.

Are you listening?

Damn it. That was my best score ever.

How will you repay me, bounty hunter babe?

Do you realize the trouble you're in?

It's "game over" for you, kid.

What's going on?

Come back!

What the hell?!

That is so weird.

What's inside there?

They're lymphocytes.

The things you find in human blood?

But this one is not normal.

What's different? I don't get it at all.

This is a normal lymphocyte.

But this one is slightly different.

What's different?

I'll blow it up.

I still don't get it.

Let's heat it in the microwave.

It's really weird.

Wha... what the hell?

Hello? Is this the tortoise cleaning company?

Make your report.

The issp are treating it as a terrorist attack.

They're still investigating, but have no firm leads yet.

They're still analyzing it as if it were a virus.

We're safe for a while, but we mustn't waste time.

What about mendelo, colonel?

We've had reports he's been seen on Moroccan street.

I contacted my spies there, but he'd already left.

We have to make sure this doesn't go any further.

Life on Mars could end because of it.

But did Vincent actually activate the process?

It is pure evil personified in a test tube.

Its very existence is a threat to all life.

Vincent and mendelo don't deserve to live.

You understand? Yes, sir.

Have you seen my car?

Didn't you just drive it out?

Put your hands up.

I know you from somewhere.

I like your outfit too.

Yours doesn't suit you. You think so?

Now turn around.

What do you know?

Wanna flip a coin? If it's heads, I'll tell you.

You're pretty tough for a drug company office girl.

Knowing too much can shorten your life.

But tough girls are my type.

Halt or I'll shoot!

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat!

I'll make mischief unless you give me something sweet.

I'm so tiny that no one can find, so great that no one can see.

But you are all made of me to the marrow.

What's he trying to say?

I don't know, but as a statement, it's meaningless.

Has anyone seen a really disgusting hat here?

No time for that. We've just had a terrorist statement.

Probably a hoax.

Perhaps, but the contents of yesterday's vase make it far too real.

That vase?

What we thought were lymphocytes were actually a mass of micro-robots.

A new type of nanomachines.

What's that?

Heard of them? No.

What are they?

Micro-robots, invisible to the naked eye.

Made from a form of protein.

You like your protein, but no way you could eat these guys.

Originally used for medical purposes.

So why put them in the vase?

One clue is that lymphocytes are produced by bone marrow.

So what?

The one who made the statement knows that fact.

So what?

That's all.

What? We still don't know what's going on.

What a waste of time.

How did it go at cherious?

Security is far heavier than their business demands.

Their guards all carry g-21 submachine guns.

That's a military-issue weapon, isn't it?

Few civilians can get ahold of them.

I saw a woman with the same tattoo as Vincent.

And she was really...

She was what?

Quite beautiful.

If the military's involved, it's a whole new ball game.

It seems that the more we learn, the less we know.

What are you doing?

I'll go ahead and sleep on it.

Everything comes to he who waits.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Has anyone seen that hat?

No, I haven't.

Where did it get to?

What a weird smell!

What is it, ein?


Trick or treat!

Idiot! Halloween's not till tomorrow!

It's not him, then.

Trick or treat!

You're welcome to trick me.

Treat, please.

How about if I trick you, son?

I'm not a boy.

I'm a girl!

I've got no time for women! Get lost!

Not him either.

I've found him.

Okay, okay.

Hello? I've found him!

Is that you, ed?

I've found Lee.

Really? That's great!

I knew you were special. Where are you?

I'm sending my location now.

Watch him carefully.

I'll be right over. Don't move.

No problem. Bye-bye.

Level one cleared. That was too easy.

You're always playing that. Is it fun?

What game is it?

She's just a stupid kid!

Which building is he in? Which apartment?

In solitaire, you eliminate one piece at a time.

The one who has the last ball remaining wins.

That's "game over." Did you win?

The real game starts now.

What do you mean?

Don't tell me that's a capsule?!

“It's just a game."

No way! You're kidding, aren't you?

Only one can win.

I'll never get to see sporky dorky.

Hey, don't you go and die on me!

Press my restart button...

Emergency call from Alpha 1.

I've found humpty dumpty.

Current location is 24.15, and he is mobile.

I'm on my way. Don't move a muscle till I arrive.

What about bones?

Leaving sector 17, moving to 18.

Heading for central station.

This way. I'll follow you.

You stay here.


Watch the car.


I knew you by your smell.

You stink of spilled blood.

A bounty hunter, huh?

Bad luck for you.

Blame those who put the bounty on your head.

Why don't you shoot? What?

Or are you just putting on a tough-guy act?

Go ahead. Shoot.

No point. You're worth nothing dead.

I'm not afraid to die.

Death is but perchance to dream.

To dream for all eternity.

You asshole.

Is that all you've got?

What's your name?

Spike spiegel.

I'll see you in another world. Vincent!


It's me, remember?

Why only me?


Can you hear me, spike?

You almost didn't make it.

He's dead.

He was dead from the beginning.

Just like you.

He's the one who found the body floating in the river.

Thank you.

What did you see?

You were on the verge of death.

I was dreaming.

Well, which is the dream?

The first time ever...

First time I've been truly scared.

Shaking with fear.

If one single atom had given way, I would have died.

It was not destined to be your time to die.

Swimming bird...

These blue eyes see everything.

They see the past, the present and the future.

They look upon the full flow of time.

They see not the reality, they see only the truth.

Open your eyes of truth.

There is nothing to fear.

Yes. I understand.

So you're not dead?

What about Vincent?

He disappeared.

As if he was never there at all.

We've gotten mixed up in something fatal.

As my father always said:

"The ship that sets sail either keeps sailing, or it sinks."

We're just bounty hunters.

This is far too big for the likes of us.

We can still quit now.

We should back off. Okay, spike?


He can sleep anywhere.

Why did you disobey orders?

You don't wish to answer?

Did you consider that disobeying orders was the direct cause of so many innocent deaths?

I'm very sorry.

You're restricted to the barracks as of now.

I'll give my final decision at a later date.

Watch her closely. Yes.

Our investigation shows the element used on the monorail is the same as that from the tanker truck.

Have you managed to identify that element?

We're doing it now.

The hacking of our computers was carried out by one Lee Samson, with a similar mo in a previous attack.

We're running a trace on his path of access.

Any chance he's their leader?

Yes, there is.

We believe he has had contact with terrorist groups.

What is their aim?

Is it ideological, or do they want money?

We're still checking.

Is everything still "being checked"?

How long must we wait?

The medicals should be ready by now!

I feel so heavy.

What's that?

My legs feel heavy.

Hey! I got it!

> A wonderful taste just like black grapes j I hacked into cherious medical.

Check their trucking records for October 15.

Back on the job, spike? No way.

I'm just checking up.

Otherwise, I can't sleep.

You sleep too much.

Truck, truck, where have you been?

It carried a load of macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts?

I wouldn't try to eat them.

I'll check it out.

"Macadamia nuts control department."

"Macadamia nuts R&D department."

Why such attention to mere nuts?

Ed, take a look into the R&D department.


Any clues to what they're doing? No.

My hacking program has crashed.

Now? We were so close.

Ed, try another route and get a profile on him.

Dr. mendelo al hedia.

At sit, he was researching nanomachines.

There's no way that's a drug company.

They're developing war nanomachines for the military.

So, the supposedly dead Vincent stole some of their nanomachines?

But war nanomachines were banned by the treaty of Amsterdam.

If Vincent is plotting something, the military would do anything to stop him.

And yet, he's still alive.

Hello, Steve.

What can I do for you, electra?

What's that? A blood sample?

Check it out for me.

Okay, if you agree to a date.

Well, okay.

I'll reserve a table for Halloween night.

What's going on?

Why am I still alive?

What did you do to me?

I gave you my blood.

Now you won't die when I unleash the power.

Just like me.

It won't be much longer now.

Did you find what you wanted?

No, just a lot of things I don't need.

That's how the world turns.

There are people who make things we'll never want.

Who's making these demons?

Why did you give me that vase?

It was perfect for you.

I mean what was inside.

Nanomachines in the form of lymphocytes. Dr. mendelo's.

A man escaped here over three years ago.

He said he had made a hideous development.

One that's programmed to spread through touch, or through the atmosphere.

In the blood, it assumes the form of lymphocytes and endlessly replicates until it reaches the brain and destroys it.

Then it turns to protein and exits the body, leaving no trace at all.

That's as much as I know.

There's only one thing I want to know:

How come Vincent's still alive?

What are you trying to do?

Are you doing this for money? For revenge?

Or is it just a game to you?

I am only trying to find the door.

The door?

Have you ever had a dream where you're aware that you are in the middle of a dream but can't wake up?

That's when it started.

From when I was still on titan.

Vincent was a Guinea pig.

He injected an anti-nanomachine into Vincent's blood.


It replicates like nanomachines.

It destroys nanomachines.

It was a vaccine experiment.

Vincent started it. Only he can stop it.

But we don't know his motive.

Maybe he doesn't have one.

Perhaps Vincent is just waiting for judgment day.

Doesn't Dr. mendelo have everything?

Nanomachines, the vaccine?

He disappeared and deleted all the data from his computer.

He never imagined anyone could use his discovery.

He disappeared without a trace.

No one can stop Vincent.

I lost two things on titan.

One was my past.

There were no opposing armies in that battle.

They were all killed to test the nanomachines as weapons.

I was used as a Guinea pig...

The only one who survived.

I lost all memories of my early life.

I didn't even know who I was.

What was the other?

Did you see the butterflies?

I saw countless butterflies.

So many, so very beautiful.

When the nanomachines reach the brain, a light is seen.

It's as if...

The most beautiful sight in the world.

I've talked too long.

Rasheed, please give this to the doctor.

Should you happen to meet him.

Yes, I will.

Okay, then. Inshallah!

What's this all about?

We're the ones who'd like an explanation.

Why does your blood have the anti-nanomachines?

How did this escape our attention?

We thought only Vincent had it. How did you get it?

Have you contacted him?

We'll place you in protective custody.

If I have the vaccine in my body, can't we use it to protect the population?

You just don't get it.

Our sole purpose is to completely destroy all record of the nanomachines.

With no records, they never existed.


What is the bond that ties us all together?

It's not as if we're family.

There's no linking bond like that.

We each go our own way and do as we please.

They give me so much trouble.

I've had enough. I want to be alone again.

One more move and I win.

Hey, leave them alone!

But does it matter?

So what if they don't come back?

The toss of a coin.

If it had come up tails, I would've asked you on a date.

Nothing special, mind you.

Aren't you scared? Scared?

They'll either kill us or wipe out our memories.

We'll lose our identities anyway.

We'll be like the living dead.

Like Vincent?

The reason you survived the attack is because you have them in you.

That... what is it? Nanomachine vaccine?

You know everything.

It's like you said.

Knowing too much can shorten my life.

You're no ordinary bounty hunter, spike spiegel.

You're too good to be just a soldier.

My name is electra ovilo.

So now I know.

It's a strong name.

I didn't know I had them inside my body.

Poor Vincent was all alone from birth.

All he had as a boy was hate and the will to fight.

No one has ever loved him.

That's why I wanted to help him.

I thought I could, but I was very wrong.

Back there, on the monorail, he looked at me as if he didn't know me.

He had forgotten all about me.

Did you love him?

I don't know.

Have you ever experienced a brand-new feeling that welled up inside your heart and filled you with indescribable pain?

Yes, I have.

Maybe I was looking to be saved.

Years ago, back when I was much younger...

I was afraid of nothing.

I had not the slightest fear of death.

I was ready to die anytime.

But then I met a special woman.

She made me want to go on living.

For the first time, I was afraid of death.

A feeling I'd never had before.

Where is she now?

She went away.

You're the first person I can talk to like this.

What's between you and Vincent?

We share similar souls.

That's why I must find him.

He said his name was spike, didn't he?

So he's a friend of yours?

How do you know? What do you plan to do?

I came here to finish it.

The final party begins.

My next trick is special nanomachines.

These will not self-destruct. They will multiply until...

You plan to destroy the world?

You... you're insane.

You think so?

Who decides where to draw the line of insanity?

Aren't there those who cross and recross the line?

Soon you will understand.

It's not me. The rest of the world is insane.

Will you join me?

We'll be the only ones left alive.

Don't be ridiculous.

I don't know what will happen, but I don't want that.

Do it by yourself.

Vincent! I said never to come here.

Everything is ready to go.

I want to get away. The cops are closing in.

Pay me what you owe me. Have you prayed?

I'll be at the bridge connecting this world to heaven.

You can watch it all alone from purgatory.

What will happen to me?

You're a soldier. You're prepared for it.

Do I get a cigarette? One will do.

Shall I, sir? Ignore him.

No, don't shoot!

Throw down the gun. Open the door.

I'll have these.

Where are they?

At the waterworks.

I tracked Lee's hack route to the waterworks.

So he plans to put it into the city's water supply.

The antiterrorist squad! Yes!

That'll fix him! Don't we need permission?

If we don't, there'll be serious trouble.

This is a no-smoking area.

If we go through channels, we'll run out of time!

We've got a job to do.

Where's your blood sample?

This way.

It's open.

Protective suits? No time!

They're behind us!

Where's electra's vaccine?

It's being cultured in number three... No, case number two.

Is this it? The yellow packs.

I'm not lying, but it's not finished yet.

In 20 hours, each pack will have 100,000 units.

I'm sorry, electra.

You can get out through level 3.


So no date, I guess.

Who are you?

Issp. We're taking over here.

I've had no such orders!

We ask your cooperation.

I can't let anyone see me like this.

Rest in peace.

Waiting for a call?

No, not particularly.

Aren't you waiting for spike or Faye to call?

What? I didn't notice them leave.

Hello? Vincent has gone.

Where the hell have you been?

He's planning a very nasty Halloween party.

How do you know that?

Spike! You idiot! Where the hell were you?

Issp are headed for the waterworks.

City waterworks?

Gate 2 all clear, sir.

Tank 3 shows no abnormalities, sir.

A suspicious object near the gate to plant 4.

Bomb squad on the way.

Object appears to be...

A pumpkin-shaped balloon.

That's strange. Why is he dressed like a warlock?

There's a Halloween costume parade in alva city.

So he wants to blend in?

He'll do it in the middle of town? But how?

His accomplice said Jack was in place.


Yes, I see.


Yes, a Halloween lamp.

We're starting now.

What's that?

Unit a, report!

Damn it! Find out what's going on.

Sir! What is it?

It's the army, sir.

Damn! - =sir!

Who's in charge?

Who ordered the army to take over?

That's classified.

We're in charge now.

What gives you the right?

National emergency.

A what?

Test results are in.

Hurry up. Tell me.

I told you to leave!

Shut up!

It's composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, with traces of argon, neon and Krypton.

It's air, sir.

But the town will be full of Jack-o'-lanterns.

He said he'd be at the bridge joining here to heaven.

What's that mean?

Jet, we need 20 to 30 aircraft as soon as possible.

What are you planning to do?

I'll take swordfish.

Wait a minute!

Faye, go to the weather control center.

Hey, not so fast.

You can't beat Vincent. He's indestructible.

We have unfinished business. It's a waste of time!

If he wanted to destroy the world, he'd have done it.


This invitation says the party won't start without the guest.

If you don't go, the party won't start.

Go for it!


Only death cures stupidity!

The army. What a nuisance!

I've got no time to play with you!

It's an emergency. We need help!

But we have rules.

All our fighter jets are at the airshow celebration.

There's no time. Anything that can fly will do!

You said anything?

It's too early to start the party.

They made good planes back in those days.

Can they actually fly?

We'll have no trouble spraying the vaccine for you.

Don't overdo it, old fella.

Where are we headed? Saturn?

No, we're going to vaccinate the city to save it.

We're only going as far as alva city.

I was just kidding!

They really can fly!

They're all museum pieces.

Haven't been flown for decades.

Don't give up now!

Hey, taxi!

Who's in charge?

Who are you?

As you can see, I'm just a terrorist.

What do you want here? Your demands?

I want it to rain.

Rain? What for?

Well, how about...

Rain on the parade?

This is hopeless.

The parade is tying up traffic everywhere.

The bridge to heaven?

You forgot to pay!

Has the party begun?

It's just starting.

Reminds me of the sinking of the Bismarck.

You old liar. That was back in wwii.

We're almost there. Get ready.

I knew you'd come, bounty hunter.

The last time we met, I made sure to shoot a little off-center.

Your eyes are more than empty holes.

Come to save the world, have you?

You're too late for that.

Sorry. I'm just a bounty hunter.

It ain't none of my business.

I'm only here to get revenge on you.

You think this is just a threat? I will do it.

Go ahead.

Before you die, tell me one thing.

I died up there on titan.

Is this world the one the butterflies showed me in the dream?

Or is that world the actual reality...

And my world just a dream?

I don't understand.


You won't get away this time.

No. Stay back, electra.

Shall we go together?


Why didn't you shoot?

I remembered...

She was the one I loved.

I wanted to escape from here.

I searched for the door out of this world.

But now I understand. There is no door.

You should've known.

You were frightened to open your eyes and see.

Ah, electra...

The time I spent together with you was my only reality.

I'm so glad we could meet again at the end.

What did the rain do?

It spread the vaccine much faster than the nanomachines could act.

Do you think there'll be a rainbow?



Want to go to the races?

You never learn, do you?

He was always alone, always by himself.

Never anyone to share the game.

He lived in another world.

He was that kind of guy.