Crank (2006) Script

Hector, are we spinning yet? Nice.

Chelios! How we doing, baby? And you never call me no more.

Come on' what is that? Where's the love?

How are you feeling?

I guess you're feeling like shit' right about now.

You can't...

You can't move too good, huh?

You can't breathe too good. What's wrong with you?

Wait' wait, wait' wait! What is this?

Oh' fuck!

Can you guess what this is? I bet you can, Chelios.

Hold on' check this out.

Oh! This is plain sick, man!

I must be the motherfucking genius of sick!

Poison Chev Chelios in his sleep? That's like some Shakespeare or some shit.

You knocked this dude out pretty good! About to get you a spot on the Dodgers, son.

Maybe you don't understand what just happened.

I just fucking killed you.

Try not to embarrass yourself because you're on 'Candid Camera'!

This shit here I gave you! This is some... high-tech' sci-fi, Chinese synthetic bullshit!

I don't exactly know what's in this shit, dude!

All I know is that once this shit has binded with your blood cells, you're fucked, baby, and believe me it's binded.

Yeah' you got yourself about an hour' max. Tick-tock.

Yeah, baby... sexy... Oh' it's been real.

This shit's been real. You should've thought twice before you whacked Don Kim.

Experiencing a little 20/20 hindsight?

I thought so.

Now' you have yourself a nice death.


You like that' huh? Home run!

What do you think you're doing? You can't just walk on my car!

What do you think you're doing' motherfucker' walking on my car?

It's Eve. I'm glad you called, but I'm not here.

Leave a message, unless you're selling something 'cause I'm not interested.

If you're not, then just... Wait, time's up.

Get a cell phone' honey. Please?

Come on.

Come on.

Dr' Miles office' may I help you? Yeah' let me speak to him.

I'm sorry, but the doctor isn't in. May I take a message?

Where is he? I beg your pardon' sir?

Where the fuck is he?

No... yeah!


Where you from?

I don't know, sir. This is his answering service.

Jesus fucking Christ. Would you like me to page him?

Yeah, fine.

Please let the doctor know that Chev Chelios is a dead man, if he can't call me back within the hour. Could you spell that?

Yeah' D-E-A-D! Chelios. Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Hello. Kaylo, where were you last night?

What's up' Chev? I said' where were you last night?


Well, want to know what I was doing? What?

Getting killed' you plum. What?

Yeah' you heard me. Ricky fuckin' Verona...

Ricky Verona? Who'd a thought... that little bitch had the stones to wet me in my own crib?

I mean, it's inconceivable. Yet, here we are. Where are we?

I'm dead and you're simple. Now listen to me. Put the word out I'm looking for Verona.

Anyone sees him you call me, understand? I...

I'm gonna get that little fucker if it's the last thing I do.

It may actually be the last thing I do.

You understand? Ricky Verona.

You copy? Yeah.

Find him!

Hey, man!

What the fuck you doing? Where am I going? Fuck you!

Bathroom don't work. What you doing?

Yo, Chevy... Where's Verona?

Talk! What about?

Don't fuck with me! I'm not! Just calm down!

Don't tell me to calm down!

Fuck, man! Orlando? You all right?

Hey, there's a white nigger with a gun up in here! Just be still' motherfuckers!

You see that? I'm trying to help you here' man.

I gotta find Ricky Verona.

Why would I know where Verona is? Yeah, yeah.

You don't know, but you're gonna tell me.

Or I'm gonna blow your brains into the fuckin' toilet!

I'm gonna fucking kill him!

Whoa! Put your guns down! The white man is cool!

The white man is... The white man is cool!

Y'all like them Somalia niggers.

Now look, Chevy came here to discuss something.

We gonna discuss this shit in a civilized manner. Chevy?

You had a question? Or a point to make? Where's Verona?

Okay' I'm not affiliated with Ricky Verona.

You pulled the Anselmo job together. Don't fuckin' bullshit me!

Easy! Easy! Easy!

All right? Things are beginning to clarify.

See how that works' D? Discussion leads to clarity.

That's what I was telling you before.

Look' you're operating under a false pretence. Ricky and I did not pull... the Anselmo job together. Ricky fucked me on the Anselmo job.

In fact, Ricky Verona still owes me $7,500.

Not how I heard it. But that's the way it is.

So, you see' I don't know where Verona is. If I did, I'd probably be there right now' beating the Gucci off his ass.

All right.

All right.

That's what I'm talking about. That's almost civilized.

Shit' dude. What's wrong with you?

I gotta find Ricky Verona.

Well' obviously. You've made that point abundantly clear to all of us here' today.

How can I help you? Just give me some coke. You got any coke?

Now you're just going to come in here and insult me?

I know you got coke. You think every brother's carrying?

Come on, I don't have time!

Just give me something.

I'm really dying, here. I can see that.

No, I'm really fucking dying!

Look, if I don't find Ricky Verona...

May I please have some coke?

You saying this is medicinal-use coke? That's right.


What? This shit ain't free, nigger.

That's enough.

What' you gonna do the shit right here? Chevy, come on, man!

Oh' God!


What the...

Oh' that's good. That's good. That's good' right?

Why you looking for Verona' anyway?

Some Chinese assholes hired him to kill me.

This is about Don Kim. What do you know about it?

I know you pulled the trigger. Of course' I pulled the trigger.

Why wouldn't I pull the fuckin' trigger?

Whoa... Yo, Chelios, you good?

This shit ain't working. Excuse me?

I know what I have to do.

Well, shit. A man's got to do what a man's got to do.

What is it you gotta do? I gotta kick some black ass.


Shit! There he goes again.

Who wants white meat?

You ain't got shit, motherfucker!

Put that fuckin' twig down, bitch! Faggot!

Get the fuck out of here, bitch!

Doc? What's up, Doc?

You motherfucker! Why aren't you dead yet?

What the fuck you doing? Coming for you.

Fucking believe me. Whatever.

I'll be waiting, but you won't make it.

You should know that I'm all about hooking up with that mystery girl, you've been banging.

Soon as you're underground. I forgot to say so on that gay James Bond tape I left.

What' and then you're gonna rape my grandmother? Bla' bla' fuckin' bla.

You listen to me. What do you think Carlito will do when he finds out what you did?

Your whole crew is history!

Driver, pull over! Fuck!


You talking about Carlito? Because me and Carlito, we're boys now.

We're tight.

Tight, like when your brother fucked you in 3rd grade?

That's snappy. But I did you pretty good, didn't I Chelios?

Admit it. We'll see.

Pull over!

Know what the best part is? Sorry, must go. Bye-bye.

Yeah. Doctor Miles.

Fuck! What took you so long? Jesus Christ.

Sorry' Chevy' I just got the message. Okay. Forget it. Listen, I'm dying!

I've been poisoned with some Chinese synthetic shit.

What? You've gotta fucking do something for me.

What are your symptoms? It's like I'm slowing down.

Stuck in tar. Blurred vision?

Yeah. Dizzy?

Sure. Any pain in your chest?

Not really. I feel good' right now.

What are you doing? Driving through a mall' cops chasing me.

The adrenaline is what's keeping you alive.

Having a little trouble hearing you. You got to keep moving, Chevy.


If I'm right' they gave you the Beijing cocktail.

It's very nasty shit.

It works on the adrenal gland, blocks it's receptors.

The only thing you can do to slow it down, is to keep the flow of adrenaline constant.

Meaning' if you stop' you die.

Hang on.

Jesus! What...

Are you there? Are you okay?

What'd you say' Doc? If you stop, you die!

That's what I'm trying to do. Keep moving, keep the blood pumping.

Chevy, you there?

Every time I slow down' it's like my veins start to rust.

Did you take anything? Couple grams of coke.

That's a start. I'll be in L.A. In an hour.

I'll call you as soon as I get there. Do not stop moving!

Taxi! Yo' yo' yo!

Go! Where we go?

Just drive!

Would you mind... Where you want to go' man?


Oh' shit! Go right!

Okay! Yes! Go fucking right!

Crank the music.

Crank it!

But don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart I just don't think he'd understand And if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart It might blow up and kill this man

Pull over' pull over.

Thanks, mate. I'll be back in one minute. Okay, cowboy.

Hey' buddy!

You move' you die.

Hey, it's Eve. I'm glad you called... Fuck!

Where to' man?

Beverly Hills.

Chevy! Hey, boss.

What a surprise.

Something urgent has come up. So I've heard.

Word travels fast.

Well' then you know what happened. You amaze me, my friend.

Well, what can I say?

Carlito' I need your help. I don't have a lot of time.

No' not much. Yeah, we...

We've gotta find an antidote, or something.

What's the matter? That shit they gave you...

It's that Chinese shit.

There is no antidote. I wish there was something I could do.

What, that's it? Honestly, you should be dead already.

It's a miracle. A miracle?

We give that shit to horses.

I don't fucking believe this. I'm sorry.

You don't have to be so damn fucking cool about it!

What do you expect me to do? Find that punk Verona, and his whole fucking crew' and feed them to a cage of wolverines.

What is this? What' are you boys now or something?


That's a small time punk.

Not to say that this isn't an opportunity. Opportunity?

Everyone knows the love I have for you' Chev.

But maybe this makes up for the Don Kim hit which was... perhaps ill-advised. Fuckin' Ill-advised?

The heat from Hong Kong was much more than we anticipated.

Well' that's outstanding' Carlito.

Glad to know my death can be of some use to you.

Don't be difficult. I'm not being difficult.

I don't know if you noticed, but I'm having a difficult fucking day' brother!

Are you disrespecting me?

Is that what you're doing?

Forget it. I'm out of here.

You're not getting in my cab' wet!

I just gave you $200 to wait for 3 minutes. You're not getting in my car' no way!

Yeah' you're right.

Al-Qaeda! Al-Qaeda!

I love America! I love Bush!

I Voted Bush!

Yeah. Hey' Chev. My flight's delayed.

Shit! It's all right. Relax.

I mean' don't relax. That shit they gave you is cutting off your adrenaline.

Excitement, fear, danger. It causes your body to make a chemical called ephedrine.

They introduced an inhibitor to your system. Fuck!

You've got to massively increase the ephedrine level in your body, to force out the inhibitors. Go to a hospital.

Get epinephrine' an artificial adrenaline.

It comes in 10-milligram syringes.

A 5th of an injection will do. It's potent, so don't overdo it.

Chevy? Did you get that?

Did you get that? Yeah, epi-something.

Okay' okay. I've gotta go.

Now, I'll call you when I get there.

Yeah? Chev.


Chev? What?


Come on!


Chev? Yes' fuck?

I just saw Verona's brother walk into the Prince.

The Prince. Yeah.

I was just down here getting a taco' and he walked in' 2 minutes ago.

Where are you' now? Across the street, getting a taco.

Where are you? I'm there. Meet me on 7th and Catalina.

Is he in there, now?

Did anyone go in with him?

Right' wait here.

How'd you like that one' tough guy? How frickin' awesome was that' huh?

Well, well.

You feel like talking? Where's your fuckin' brother?

Doing your mother like a whore, you bitch!

Nice. I wonder how many steaks I could carve out of you.

You died' motherfucker!

Yeah' wanna fuck with me' ese?

What, you rolling pin mighty good?

What the hell you think you doing, huh?

What, you want to dance with me' motherfucker?

I'll fuck you up! Come on!

Jesus! Nothing's easy.

Wanna hold hands?

Hey, talk to me' bro. Hey, Ricky.

You in the mood for sucking me off?

Maybe let me lick your ass or something?

Who is this? Shit! Chelios?

Is this fucking Chelios? That's right, bro.

Guess how I got your brother's phone. I'm sure you have it all figured out.

Looks like you should've cut me up when you had the chance.

I'm having a little trouble hearing you. You experiencing a little 20/20 hindsight?

You're supposed to be fucking dead!

You know, I kind of like that shit you put in me. Gonna give me some more?

Well' I'm... I'm... I know, I know. Hey...

What's this?

A necklace! You guys really are faggots, aren't you?

You motherfucker! My grandfather gave that medallion to my father and then he...


Fuck you, man! Shove that thing up your ass! No thanks.

You know' I believe I'll hang on to it. You'll have to come find me' after all.

Fucked up that you killed your own brother. You...

What's that shit? Epi... 10 milligrams?

Good work, Kaylo.

Doctor Sing to the labor room.

Doctor Sing to the labor room.

Asshole! No need to push.

I'm looking for something that starts with "E".


Very funny. No. Some kind of artificial adrenaline.

Artificial adrenaline? Yeah, I've got heart problems.

Epinephrine. Yes! Epinephrine.

I love you. Epinephrine.

I can't give you epinephrine. Why?

Just a minute.

Oi! What do you mean...

What is this shit? Nasal spray.

Miserable bitch! What?

Nasal spray. It's got epinephrine in it. It'll get you tweaked, man.


Sure that's the guy? Yeah.

This room's clear.

Could anyone speaking Korean please come to ER?

Anyone speaking Korean...

Yo, yo, yo!





Coming through!

I know you motherfuckers have epinephrine.

Clear the hallway! Corner. Is the OR ready?

I'm having a bad day. Tell me you've got epinephrine on this cart!

You all right?

Tell me you've got epinephrine!

Motherfucker! I don't know. I'll check.

Get back! Take it easy!

Do you understand fucking English? Yes' I just don't know which draw it's in.


Give me the fucking epinephrine! I don't know where it is' man!

What is this, a rest home? What are you doing back there?

Hurry up!

Get back! We can't treat without insurance.

I don't know if I have it. Give me a second! Put the weapon down!

What the fuck! Where the fuck is it?

My heart! What?

My heart! Yeah, yeah.

Drop your weapon' now!

What do you think you're doing? This is... Shut up! You!

Gimme the epinephrine?

Don't even think about it!

Albuterol... Flortab... Epinephrine! Here it is! I've got it!

Here you go. Gimme that.

Asshole. I'm not gonna tell you again.

...all right? Just be quiet.

Juice me.


Do it.

All right. Come on!

I haven't got all day.

Okay, I need both of them to... Give them to me.


Two. Clear!

Get the fuck back!

Get out!

How much of this stuff did he say to take?

Chevy, we're in the air, man.

Did you get the stuff? Got it.

Did you take it? Yup.

You took the whole thing. Yup.

I said one 5th. The shit's gonna kill you. Right.

Chest on fire? Check.

But you're cold. Check.

And you've got a steel hard on, don't you? Let me check.

Check. Your blood vessels are stimulated.

Urinary sphincter's so tight' you couldn't piss to save your life.

Urinary sphincter' check!

Get some Vicodin. You at the hospital? Negative.

Get some grass. That shit'll be out of your system in 30 minutes, or it'll kill you.

This is costing me a fortune. I'll call you in 20 minutes when we land.

Copy. Hey, Chevy?

You're a good dude. Been nice knowing you.

Copy, out.

Some medical emergency.

Police have declined to name the man they say is still at large, on a citywide rampage that has left one man dead, dozens injured, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage... in it's smoking, bloody wake. The suspect is a professional killer... with ties to organized crime and a long police record.

He is considered armed and highly dangerous.

We now continue with regularly scheduled programming, but stay tuned for continuing coverage of this bizarre story, as it unfolds.

What your saying is that next to olives, onions, lemons and limes...

Oh' shit! Take it easy.

Get back, pig!

I... just give me the...

Come on, then. Let's see you run, piggy.

Come on' piggy.

Give me the gun. Let's talk this over.

Yeah' you want it? There.

Honey, let's go. Come on. Be careful.

All right. I'm gonna get some help' all right?


Hey, did you try to call? You've been home all day?

I was sleeping in. Sleeping in. That's great' Eve.

Super great.

You all rested, now? Glad to hear it.

Listen' I've been fatally poisoned.

A psychopath's on his way over to torture and kill you, but don't get out of bed' I'll be over in a flash. Could you fry up a waffle?

Sure, yeah. Come on over. I'll be here. Right, you'll be there. Okay.


So, let's go get the bitch!

I hate you.


Come on!

Come on, please!

All right' all right. Jesus!

Oh my God!

Is this your new look or something? Yeah, you into it?

It's gross.

Are you looking for my other boyfriend?


You haven't watched TV today' right? No' why?

Didn't think so. Come on, we're leaving. Don't be a freak.

Get dressed.

Actually, can you change the clock on the microwave? I never changed it back.

What? The microwave.

Change the clock. The daylight savings time, I never changed it back.

The microwave? Yes.

Listen' I bought you some flowers. They got fucked up on the way over.

That's sweet! You okay? You look like you're on drugs or something.

You love me' yeah?


Then I need you to do something for me. What? What's wrong?

I need you to put some clothes on and come with me, right now.

No. I'll change the clock on the microwave.

Okay. All right.

Shit's wearing off.

The waffle iron's on if you want to make one. Great.


You're so stressed out. Want some pot?

Yeah! No!

Ready! What's wrong? I burned my hand.

Oh, my God! Let me see it! Don't worry about it. Hey!

What the...

I'm sorry. That was completely uncalled for.

Can we just...


Parked out the back. Oh.

Darn! That... thing. What thing?

The waffle thing. I gotta turn it off.



All right, very funny.

God' I hate that.

Do you want to burn the building down?

Ouch! Sorry, honey.

Nice one. Chev?

Oh, there's my Tiger Balm.

I swear to God' Chev.

I don't know what you're on, but it isn't working for you.

My hand cream! That's where you went.

Chev? Can I have some help, here?

Where's your car? Actually, I took a cab.

You're embarrassing me.

I didn't have a lot of time to pick this out.

So' why are we here?

This isn't gonna be... This isn't gonna be easy' as they say.

Oh, fucker.

All right' here it is. Sorry.

I told you I was a video game programmer. Yeah?

That was a lie.


I kill people.

Professional hitman. I freelance for a major West Coast crime syndicate.

Last night was a job like 100 others. High dollar hit' nothing special.

The Triads, from Hong Kong, had been moving in on the local drug cartels.

My target was the number 1 man in Los Angeles, Don Kim.


What are you waiting for?

Then, this insane idea comes through the back of my head, like a.45 slug at close range.


Did I win something? Your life, jackass.

100 grand wants you dead. So' sooner or later it's gonna happen' but I'm not doing it.

I see.

Instead you're gonna do something for me. You're gonna get out of town. Disappear.

I don't care where you go or what you do' so long as you're invisible for 48 hours. That's all I ask.

48 hours?

Or, if you prefer, we can do it the other way.

The way where I go to work' and you meet Buddha.

You see? I quit.

I quit the business' for you.

For me? Yeah.

I figure I call you that night and tell you everything.

We get on a plane' leave this shit' never come back.

Pretty crazy, huh? You are so weird.

Are we going on a trip? Well...

I might be going on a trip, but you're not coming with me...

Please! Wait' please! Mob hits, Chev?

Chinese poison? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

If you're leaving me' then tell me the truth!

Oh' right. You think it sounds crazy.

How do you think I feel? I have to live this shit!

Chev? Chev?

What's wrong?

Wait a minute' you trust me? No.

Make love to me. What?

I think it'll help. What? Are you kidding? Get off me!

Take your clothes off. No!


You said you wanted to be more spontaneous. You're crazy!

You're an adrenaline junkie with no soul!

Save me, Eve. Save my life! Stop it!

I'm sorry. Oh my God' are you okay?

Are you okay?

No! No!


Get off!

You filthy animal!

Take me right here' in front of everyone!

That's it!

Come on! Do it!

What are you waiting for? Jesus!

Come on! I'm trying!

Oh' God! Now you can't get it up?

Come on' get it up! I'll fucking get it up!

Goddamnit, Chev! Shut up!

I'm alive! I'm alive!

I'm alive, you motherfuckers!

Oh' my God! Wow!

Oh, my God! Yes!

Yeah? What are you doing?

I've got Verona. Kaylo?

I've got Verona, man.

What? No shit?

Where are you? Don Kim's shirt factory, upstairs.

What's the matter with you? 5th and Alameda?

Who's at 5th and Alameda? Don't let that fucker out of your sight!

Hear me? With you in 10 minutes. You got it? Yeah' Chev.

Honey, I gotta go. Please understand.

No, Chev, I do not understand!

Oh, baby!

I'll call you!

What are you looking at?

Hey man' what's the matter with you? You a crackhead?

Right' just step on it' all right? You're won't die in my cab, crackhead.

I got something for you.

Take this Haitian shit.

This shit is some hardcore shit. It's made from plant shit.

Hey, what are you laughing at? Look at this. You see that?

That's what a man look like, crackhead. That's power.

Now look at you.

What the hell.


It tastes like ass.

That's right' devil. You wait.

Shut the fuck up! No!

No! Shut the fuck up!

Whoop, there it is! Fuck him!

We're here.

What'd you say was in this stuff? I told you' it's hardcore.

It'll be $5.55.

It's all you, man. Have a nice day, devil.

This is fucked.

Where's he going?

Yeah' okay. How the fuck you going to call me' talking shit?

I'm gonna smack the hell out of you. I don't know where he at...

Fucking call me talking shit!

I'm doing my job. I'm doing my shit.

I'm out here, doing what I do. I'm a rooftop mother...

Hey, Chevy! What's up' dog?

Everything okay? You chillin'? You good?

What a coincidence! What do you mean?

What, you waiting for a bus? Actually' I thought a helicopter...

What is this? What?

You working for the Chinese? The Chinese?

You crazy? I wouldn't do that to you. I am crazy. Where's Kaylo?

Okay' ding. Time's up. What do you mean' "ding"?

What do you mean, "ding"?

Where is that motherfucker?


What the fuck is this? Chev, baby. Take it easy.

Oh' you mean like this?

Now you tell me where that little toe-rag motherfucker is. Verona.

Verona's got nothing to do with this.


Don Carlos wants you off the streets. Carlito?

You've totally lost your shit, dog.

You're all over TV. Destroying property, making unauthorized hits...

You're causing the organization a great deal of embarrassment.

You're telling me Carlito wanted this? Look' don't worry' we'll take care of Verona.

The best thing for you to do is find some nice' dark' quiet place and... just die.

Just die. You think I've got "cunt" written on my forehead?

Maybe you're right.

We all got to die sometime, right? Yeah.

We all got to die sometime.

So' I'll just die.

What the...

Of all the fuckin'... You got shot!


Jesus! Eve, move!

You' asshole! Don't talk to him like that!

My boyfriend kills people! Nice.

Oh' God!

I had to see if you were telling the truth.

Come on.

No, wait!

Now, come on.

Oh' God!

Oh, dammit!

I forgot to take my birth control pills. What?

Where are the keys? The keys! Here.

Come! Come! My stuff!

All my stuff!

You weren't lying! Welcome to my life.

No, I mean... that you would give it all up for me.


And the other part? The poison's true' too.

Then... that means...

Pretty much, Eve.

How can we stop it? Only adrenaline can slow it down.

So, when we were in Chinatown? Yeah. Sorry.

What are you doing?

This'll get you going. What?

Come on, let's finish what you started. Oh, boy.

Oh, that's it. That's really working for me.

You like that? Stay down!


Jesus! Yeah, that's it' baby. Just a little more.

Stay down, Eve.

Jesus. Oh, you're so big!

Oh my God!

Just a touch...

What's that matter? So you can fall asleep like always?

I don't think so.

Jesus! Fuck!

Are they really...

They're dead.

How do you... How can you do that?

I told you, baby. I quit.

Where are you going? Stay there, honey.

Jesus! Fuck! Chev!


I can't feel my leg.

Shit! I've been trying to call you for a half hour.

Where the fuck have you been? In my office.

Can you make it over here? Sure' why not?

Chocolate' what's this fucking receipt from Gold Foods Market for $254?


I hate television.

I owe you again, Doc.

Chevy' you're my best customer.

What is this stuff? Synthetic epinephrine... diluted with some saline. Feels sort of good.

Well, I got a little meth in there' too. You're feeling the endorphins.

Wait a minute. I'm not better?

No' you're not better.

You're in such shit shape' it's stunning. I can't believe your heart's beating.

You should be in a fucking medical journal.

So, what are you going to do? The solution acts as a competing inhibitor.

It's pushing the poison out of your receptors' and replacing it with a chemical. It's just a temporary fix.

Then what?

Then you're fucked.

I can put you on life support and string this out for a few days.

But you're going to go into a comma at some point.

Does she know?

Why don't I load you up with something, and you can go out in a beautiful dream.

A dream.

Can I do that for you?

No, no, no. That's not what I want.

What do you want?

One hour.

I want one hour.

Give me a fuckin' break.

So, the wild rampage that began 9am in L.A. Continues. The suspect, still at large.

We didn't give him enough of the Chinese shit.

You think?

Dude, it's him!

What's up' corpse? Bonjour, douche bag, Thought you might be interested in a deal. Oh, you a dealer, now?

Don't you worry about what I am.

Listen, I want the antidote. Oh, the antidote?

That's right, the antidote. What you prepared to give me?

How about the jewelry I got off that faggot brother of yours' you cocksucker?

Don't pop a blood vessel, you little penis. Okay.

You like the deal? Whatever!

Be at the downtown Lint in 20 minutes.

You know the spot? Yeah.

Don't be late, or I'll trade the thing to a whore for a hand job.

Look' I said I said I'd fuckin' be... Fuck!

See you later, sunshine. ...turn that shit off.

Dammit! Fuck!

Yo' it's Verona. You won't believe this call I just got.

It's gonna be all right, baby.

But you said... No, no.

Things have changed.

There's an antidote. I can make a deal for it, but I got to go alone.

I'm scared. Of course.

You'll be safe, now. And I'll be back.


I promise.

What's happening' bro?

Where did I go wrong? You fuckin' just say something?

It's like talking to the wall.

Mom? I'm amazed you remember you have a mother.

You never call, you never write.

I haven't seen you since you ran out at 16.

Yeah, yeah. Right' Mom. With you popping Valium like tic tacs' boning a new asshole every 2 weeks, why wouldn't I stick around with fun like that?

Please' I haven't got time for this. You got no time, period.

Orlando? You're a persistent motherfucker, Chelios.

I give you that. This is weird.

I know this is weird, but this has got to stop sometimes...

They pop you and you keep getting up?

I'm the terminator. You was, but here's a new gun in town.

You know, I just don't get it.

Why didn't you just cut me up when you had the chance?

Too easy, motherfucker. Look at you.

Bi-polar, sadomasochistic tendencies... Adrenaline junkie, addicted to violence...

Probably spends every day of his life looking for the big rush.

Carving up a guy, while he screams in his own blood and excrement, would be like... like a gift. A warriors death.

Hell, you'd probably get off on it.

What' did you rehearse this? No' no.

This was the best way for a guy like you. Slow ticking clock, winding down.

Inevitable, non-negotiable, until... Who the hell are you?

I think I'm starting to figure it out. Better late than never.

You know you're gonna die up there.

Yeah, maybe. But I'm taking you with me.

Some pills' Doc.

Chelios? Hello, girls.

Hold up.

Give me the piece.

Now, isn't that a fucking picture? Chelios.

What a fucking nightmare you are.

No shit.

Sit down.

Whoa! Wait a minute. You pat him down, again.

I know he's carrying something.

Let me see it.


Clever. What is this, an insulin pump?


What the fuck is insulin?

Ephedrine' right?

Yeah. You're very resourceful.

Found a new master' little bitch? I'm nobody's bitch.

You'll be a bitch when Carlito hires you for half what he paid me.

That's enough.

You'll throw boss a reach-around, show him you're a good bitch.

I'm nobody's little bitch!

You fuckin' hear me?

He'll pay what I tell him to pay! Enough!

Sit down!

It's been a long fucking day.

In the end' you have to admit' it all works out quite nicely.

Don Kim gets his bullet, thanks to you, and Hong Kong gets a goat to take the fall.

Please understand' it's nothing personal. Speak for yourself.

That what I think it is?

It's the Chinese shit.

Hold him down.

Not so fast, motherfucker!

He's gone dipsy-do, yo!

Whatever, psycho.

I'm afraid the Houdini act is over' my friend.

Our Father' who art in... Shut up!

So, this is how it is.

It's Don Kim! He's supposed to be dead! Presto.

Police have moved to surround the Hotel Lint, where the madman behind today's mayhem... is holed up and making a desperate last stand.

Officials have confirmed gunfire on the sundeck.

Our news chopper will bring live, uncensored coverage from above the hotel.

Again, this coverage is uncensored, so any small children present should leave the room.

Get me out of here, now!

I'll kill you' Chelios!

Too late!

Look out!

Thanks' boss.

Let's get the fuck out of here, now! Let's go!

Present from Kaylo.

Now what? Now you say shit!

Where the fuck were you?

Who's the bitch' now?

No, no! You fly' motherfucker!

Motherfuckin' fly!

You're dead!

Oh my God!

You're dead' motherfucker!

I told you I'd kill you' you little bitch!

Hey, its Eve. I'm glad you called but I'm not here.

Leave a message, unless you're selling something 'cause I'm not interested.

If you're not, then just... Wait, time's up.

Hey' doll...

Looks like I let you down' again.

Seems like all my life I've just been going... going... going...

I wish I'd taken more time to stop and smell the roses' so to speak.

Well' I guess it's too late for that now.

You're the greatest' baby.