Creative Control (2015) Script

Good morning, David! Hi, Jamie.

It's Becky. Becky. I'm so sorry.

That's okay.

What's up? You get any sleep last night?

I feel like shit. Me, too, man. I think I'm still drunk.

I think I might shit my pants, too.

Make sure you do that during the presentation.

Can I have a moment? Sorry, princess.

You're late. Let's go. I know.

I redid the layout. Why? The layout was perfect.

You're really throwing that word around a lot lately.

Hollis, why aren't you this funny when you're writing copy?

I'm pretty sure you're only allowed to tell me how to do my job if you show up on time.

That's like a privilege, not a right.

It's ten after. I'm really sorry.

You don't need your phone.

How do I...

Eyes, connect to overhead.

Oh, you're a fucking genius. No, I'm just younger than you.

Is my hand shaking?

I can't find anything. It's in your hand.

You just pinch the one that you want.

Oh, cool.

I'm like an old wino.

I don't know why I do this to myself.

Because you're running in fear. Reny. Quiet.

I'm gonna puke on you, David.

Button your top button.


Don't fuck this up.

Inhale. And exhale.

And right leg into the sky. Stretch it up.

And now, bending at the knee, stacking the hips.

Stretching it out again up to the sky.

Now bring it through and between your hands.

Now interlace your hands behind your back and come up to a high lunge.

We're expanding our awareness, yes?

Now bringing your back foot to the ground, arms overhead.

Warrior One.

Make sure that your hips are facing the front of the room.

If you have to widen your stance a little bit, that's fine, but make sure your back foot is in total contact.

Billy, your foot isn't in contact. There you go.

At any given moment, there are a million things vying for our attention.

That's better. Do you feel that?

So, where do we let our attention fall?

Warrior Two.

Good, good. A little more sex, please.

All right, scream, girls.

Bigger than feels natural. Big, big, big, big! More sex.

Yeah, we got it, we got it. We got it.

How old are these girls, Wim? They have pimples.

Are we going back to charcoal number two? I don't know. What do you think?

Well, I don't really notice a difference.

I know. Me, too.

Well, we were saying, "Why not get both," right?

So we have the option?

No, but what he's saying is that there's no difference between the two.

Like, on camera. Right, Wim?

Hey. Taking a break? Yeah.

Yeah? What's your name again? Casey.

Casey. Okay, so, Casey, your shit's not really working, is it?

So, let's change it up. What?

And you're fucked up on mimosas, or something? So, that's a problem.

Excuse me?

I'm saying don't show up to work for me fucked up. Ever.

Shit barely works as it is. Barely works.

Let's try it again.

Yeti, loving you. Loving what you're doing.

Damsel, damn. Casey!

Look at you, Case, you big slugger, stepping to that plate! Yeah!

Okay, that's great.

You're giving Bobb-o a boner over here.

Total boner, ladies. Hold that, hold that.

Got it.

When I started this company, I had a vision that we could enhance real life with a magical layer in front of it.

In order to pull off that technology, it has to be fully immersive.

And to be immersive, it has to be seamless.

The problem with the existing technologies and what we've worked so hard to innovate past is that it doesn't actually seem real.

In my opinion, Augmenta is the first, actually convincing, augmented reality system.

Your competition, at this point, is basically a household name.

More than household, it's ubiquitous.

Yeah. And that name signifies something that's new, that works, that people better know about.

And Augmenta means...

What the fuck is Augmenta?

Well, we have the only open-source AR operating system that's not insignificant.

Totally true, and I really like it. But I don't know how we market that.

Let's talk about what your competitor does.

They sell distraction.

It's lightsabers, it's AR drinking games...

It's picking up chicks with a face scanner.

Or, like, sentimental crap. Transatlantic father-son guitar lessons.

And they're playing Hey Jude, which is, I mean, come on...

Yeah, it's nerdy. And maybe they know that and maybe they don't.

But either way, they don't care and they're not concerned because they know that they have built-in market recognition and they know that they're reliable on the OS end.

They're not. But the sad reality is, you've got a boner for the newest face-computer.

What are you gonna do? You're gonna buy it from the establishment.

Okay, so that's the problem. How do we address it?

Let's change the whole conversation.

Instead of talking about what the technology can do for you, let's talk about what you can do with the technology.

We feel really strongly about this.

Augmenta is not Main Street.

It's Bedford Avenue.

David. What does that mean in reality?

In reality it means they're all out there masturbating.

We're here actually fucking.


Augmenta is not a toy.

It's an extremely powerful, creative tool.

So, this is our approach.

We give a pair to a genius-level creative.

We let them play around with it, we see what comes back.

We might have a new art form on our hands.

Not that we care about art.

We give a shit about selling your magic glasses, though.

Okay, so if not some nerd, then who?

Somebody worth learning about.

So, there's an opportunity here to engage people's imaginations.

Put them in the role of creator, rather than just consumer.

The great thing about going with Reggie is there's so many different sides to him.

It's music, technology, a philosophy, comedy, totally on trend.

Philosophy is on trend?

I mean, Reggie's a wizard.

He's gonna come up with ideas for the interface you guys never even thought of.

What do you think?

It's super interesting.

Go get the champagne.

Here you go, your very own pair. Wow, thanks.

They want us to get real intimate with them. Okay.

What's the matter with you? You were amazing in there.

You should be doing a victory lap around the office, high on cocaine.

Those guys are just a little intense.

Yeah, well, big leagues, big money. Right.

Okay? Yes.

All right, I need you to get me treatments on all the fucking bells and whistles on this thing, okay?

No problem. All the top apps. And I need it tonight.


You got that? Beautiful. Yeah.

Shit, what about Phalinex?

Fuck Phalinex, all right? Do this first.

I hate Phalinex. I hate it.

It'll be the last pharma stuff you'll ever have to do, okay? I promise.

You said that last time.

Look, I know you're dying to hack these glasses, okay?

So, just get me the copy, make sure I see it before it goes out, and make sure you fry it.

I've got a great idea. Why don't you write the copy, since you write for a for a 7th grade level naturally?

Okay. I gotta go or I'm gonna get divorced, all right?

You were incredible in there, okay? Superlative.

Exemplary. Give me a pound, let's blow up this rock.

Scott, you're the worst.

You're my favorite customer.

I hate you. I love you.

Welcome, David.


What are you doing here?

Can you watch this stuff for a second? Sure.

Thanks. Okay.

You have another one of those? Yeah.

Thank you.

Thanks. Walk with me. Okay.

Hey, maybe don't tell Juliette I was smoking.

Not that it would come up, I just... No problem.

What's with the bags?

You're delivering drugs now, or what's going on?

No, returns.

For this job I'm on, and they keep bitching about cab fare, so now I'm schlepping it all over the place.

That sucks.

Yeah, I hate this job, but...

Scan complete.

Things are really slow right now. Yeah.

When did you get glasses?

No, I'm just mildly near-sighted.

Weren't you doing a thing with African prints?

Yeah, but we're barely breaking even and I want to get my own studio.

I'm just... I'm like really terrible with money.


Would you ever want to do something at Homunculus?

I mean, the people are the absolute worst, but the money's actually really good.

Seriously? Yeah. I can throw your hat in the ring.

Shit. You know what, that would be amazing. Thank you.

Cool. Yeah, no problem.

So, why don't you move in with Wim if money's an issue?

Why do you say that? No, I just mean you would save on rent.

I don't know. I guess I just never thought of myself as the kind of girlfriend who was always like hanging around.


I mean, you like living with Juliette. I didn't mean...

You know, it's weird. You would think when you live with somebody you would get to know them really well.

But I feel like I've just become more acutely aware of how I don't know her at all. You know what I mean?

No, I don't.

Those sound like real grown-up problems to me.

Well, you're a grown-up now. What are you, 18?

Did you get this bike for graduation? How did you know?

So, where you headed to now?


Emotional Afghanistan.


Okay, I got to go.

But were you serious about that job at your agency?

Yeah. Or I could get you a job working for the mob.

That works, too. I mean, I don't know how much experience...

You don't need any training. It's actually, if you're a drug addict, they just hire you right away. Then, I'm perfect for this job.

Well, nice to see you. Thank you. Yeah, see you later.

Thanks for the smoke. Yeah, no problem.

Stay hip.

Sort of like short vignettes.

Very tonal. Yes.

Just like music with gorgeous shots of models.

At the beach, or in the woods, or something. Or a carnival.

Oh, my God, what about in a mental hospital?

Yeah. Yes. Oh, my God, I can picture it.

I think that's fabulous. The girl is half-naked.

Oh, my God, and we could do a video.

Don't you think? I think it's a great idea.

What do you think? Yeah.

Yeah. Fuck it, let's do a video. Sounds great.

Yeah. A video will be amazing, let's do it.

I said yes, Rebecca. I'm for it. Oh, my God, I love it.

Jesus Christ.

Look at what Wim just sent me.

Who's that? Some model.

Someone he's working with?

More like a hobby, I think. That's classy.

He always was.

Somebody's been smoking. No.

I feel really bad for Sophie. Why?

Well, he acts like she's cool with it, but I think she has no idea.

Do you think she's seeing other people? Nah.


Well, I don't know. Does it seem like that to you?

I don't know, they're your friends. Why are you so worried about it anyways?

I'm not worried about it. Do you have a crush on Sophie?

Give me a break. Sophie's like my little sister.

"Sophie's like my little sister." Really?

Wim used to act guilty about it, at least.

Now if I think it's weird, he acts like I don't get how life works.

How much do you think it costs to lease an electric car?

Depends on what kind.

I don't know, just something small that runs.

That way we can go Upstate on the weekends.

You're going Upstate tomorrow.

I know, but this way you can come with me. Nah.

Really? That's your answer? What?

Are you drunk? You can tell I wanna have sex, right?

Sort of. But you're ignoring me for some reason?

No. You just started and now you're over there and you stopped.

'Cause you weren't into it. Into what?

Sex with me, sweetheart.

Okay, stop yelling. I'm not yelling.

You grabbed my breast for like 15 seconds and now you're sitting over there yelling at me. Yeah.

You're drunk. Because you were ignoring me.

Okay, David, just stop shouting. You're having, like, a little temper tantrum that has absolutely nothing to do with me. It's because you're drunk.

And you're looking at pictures of, like, chicks' asses, and Sophie. I was talking about Wim.

I was talking about my relationship with Wim.

And then you want me to like, what? I don't know.

Spread my legs for you and like, hump you? Okay, back up.

I don't know what you want. We're supposed to want to have sex.



I'll tell you what.

Next time you come in here, and you grab my breast like a little baby... Forget it.

And then you whine about it like a littler baby, then I'll know what you really want to do is just have sex with me.

Why don't you fuck that?

Be better than you right now. That's hilarious.

I always used to say to myself, "I want a funny girlfriend."

Augmented Reality Beta 3.

Render complete.

I'm gonna take a picture. Okay.

I'm gonna miss the train. He said five minutes.

I don't wanna go. You always feel this way.

Then you end up having a great time.

You're gonna meet new students, they're gonna love you.

You're establishing your brand.

You just want me to go. I do not.

I hate being away from you. I never get used to it.

All right.

Stay out of trouble.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hey. Thanks.

Love you. I love you.

Have fun.

Come in!

Hi. Put it away.


Hi, David. Hi.

Bye, babe. Bye, sweetie.

I feel like I interrupted something.

No, not at all. She's just going to work. She's a working girl.

Ciao, Guido.

Choose any bed you want.

Sorry, I requested a single.

Really? Yeah.

See, we're actually all booked up this weekend, so we had to move the sleeping charts around.

But I'll see what I can do.

Sorry I said anything. This is fine.

I'll see if I can move some of the students in here.

I'm sorry I brought it up.

Juliette, it's really not a big deal.

We're so excited to have you here. I'll see what I can do, okay?

Thank you.

First yoga class is at 5:00, okay? Great.

I'll leave you to relax for a bit. Okay.

Thank you.

Fucking hippies.

The interface is sick. I know.

It's gonna be weird when we all have chips in our brain.

No. It won't seem weird then. It'll seem inevitable.

The people who don't do it will be the weird ones. It'll be like the Amish.

And we'll all be like, "I almost envy their simplicity."

What's the password for this thing? What is this?

Nope. Give me the password.

Nope. Cock tease.

I haven't perfected it yet.

Because you're a man of perfection, aren't you?

Fuck. Did you hurt yourself?

Are you okay? Yeah.

What's your password?


I'm Govindas. We've met.

I like to keep it casual up here, so I thought it'd be nice if we taught together and taught a couple of poses at a time.

That seems kind of awkward.

Maybe you should just take this class and I'll take the next one.

No, it'll be great.

Great, so right hand on the hip, spin the chest open, lift your toes, and then from your feet go ahead and send the right arm up.

And from your back, too, all right? Press the heels and see if, from your feet and from your back, you can send the arm up.

And open the right hand, and then your back will make a little more space for your lungs, right? For your face.

See if you can relax while getting a little bit bigger. Yeah?

Great. Beautiful.

Keep the breath nice and long.

And actually, if you let your butt stick out a little bit while keeping your tailbone in, then you naturally create more space in your back.

And then if you twist your front foot out towards the back of the room, then your back can come in and you've added integrity to the pose as well.


The ones from New Hampshire are fucking terrible.

Holy shit. It's El-P.



What's going on, man? How are you? Hey.

I'm so sorry about what happened with that editorial.

It was totally out of my hands. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

He's apologizing.

I had no idea they were gonna do that, man. No.

Thanks for the apology, man. Thanks. Jaime.

No, no, it's cool. Jaime.

Jaime. Stop saying my name, man.

Kind of a grump.

What's going on with that model? Model? Shit, yeah.

You can keep a secret, right? Nope.

Who am I gonna tell?

Let's think about that for a second, David. Who in the world might you tell?

No, I won't. Your special soul mate, maybe?

Might run it by her? I won't.

Holy shit. You live in a movie.

I know. I do live in a movie and it's great.

What if... What if Sophie saw that?

Hey, you don't let Juliette look at your phone, do you?


David? No.

'Cause you can't do that, that's not healthy. I know.

Seriously, like triple-encrypt that shit. You can't... That's yours.


Would you like to go to a party?

Yes, I would. Yeah.

Do you know Michael Caine? Who?

Michael Caine.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.


Is this for me?

Hello? Hi, baby, Hey.

Where are you?

Just some weird club with Wim.


So, how's it going?

It's kind of weird here. Yeah? Like, how?

How? Govindas is in the hot tub naked with two students.

Hey, you're kind of breaking up.

I just, I don't know why, I just want to come home.

I can't really hear you, sweetheart.

It's real loud there.

Yeah, I mean, it's a club.

It sounds like you're having a great time.

Listen, sweetheart, maybe I could call you back in a little bit?

Great. Great. I hope you have a great time.





I'm gonna stop drinking.

Don't you have a 9:00 a.m.? David.


I love you. I love you.

All right, so camera should cut as well then? Yeah.

Is that something we can get for today?

David? Another camera? Yeah, just for some options.

This is in addition to the three cameras we already have.

Well, now we were thinking that we could have one always rolling, and that way we could get rehearsals, and whatever happens between takes.

Yeah, I think it's a great idea. Make it more natural.

Four cameras. More natural. Got it.

This is happening. Right now. Right, David? Yes, it is.

Okay, is anybody not ready? All right, great, then let's roll camera.

Here we go.

And, action!

Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

And, cut.

I can't even hear the name of the product, okay?

Phalinex. Okay.

I thought that was a lot better.

Great. But just really, we gotta emphasize Phalinex.

Okay. Okay.

Hey, Mike, that was great.

You just really want to make sure that you emphasize the word Phalinex.


Okay. And let's roll, please.

We're already rolling. To capture the magic between takes, right?

Okay, is anybody not ready? Here we go.

This is the one, this is the take. Everybody, quiet, please. And, action.

Panic attacks made me lose control. Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

Cut. Cut.

I don't think it's clear that it's back in the chair.

He's got to stress the word "back."

All right, so "Phalinex," big punch, also "back," a big punch.

Mike. Yes?

That was great. Let's just make sure to punch both "Phalinex" and the word "back," please.

Yeah, it's like a one-two punch. It's like Phalinex put me back! Boxing.

And, action.

Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

That was great, Mike, you're getting there.

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just confused.

How are we supposed to know that he's a pilot?

He's wearing a pilot's outfit and he's in a cockpit.

Well, I'm not buying it.

Hit the word "pilot" harder so that I can hear it.

He could say, "I'm a pilot," at the beginning.

Is the other camera here? It's coming, it's on its way.

Okay, Scott, I don't know. Maybe it's a costume thing, but I'm not seeing a pilot. Okay, we'll fix it.

I just...

I don't understand why you have to make...

Listen, you're not paying... Okay. He looks like an MTA employee!

I need him to look like a pilot.

I don't see why that's difficult. Absolutely.

No. You know what I think might work, is I have this really great vintage bomber's jacket.

Do you wanna slip this on real quick?

He could be, like, a really cool, edgy pilot who wears his own jacket over his uniform.

Let me see this.

I like it, let's get that shot. I think this is gonna really work.

Can I get you anything?

Yes! I would love a goat milk caramel latte, please. No foam.

That looks great. You look awesome.

Has he gained weight since casting?

Glad you're here. No problem.

And, action!

Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

Cut. Cut.

It's still not working. It's not the jacket, it's him. He's not very good.

He's not taking the direction at all. Go fuck yourself, lady!

Emphasis on "fuck!"

I'm not a fucking Muppet!

I'll go talk to him.

Yeah, tell him he's doing a great job. This is tough stuff.

Fuck! Fuck!

Hi, Gary.

Hey, hey.

I know. I'm late.

Yeah, yeah.

It's okay, though, Govindas has got it, so, we're good.

It won't happen again. Right.

No, I'm really sorry. I'm kind of going through a weird transition right now, and Mercury's in retrograde, so.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, listen, Juliette, I'm thinking maybe Govindas takes this slot from this point forward.

I think that's the right move.

But those are my students. Well, technically, no.

No, yeah. I've been building this class for like a year, Gary.

Right. But it's like this, okay.

It's like when an instructor comes on time, and draws a lot of students here, then we help more people and make more money. You get that, right?

Right. You know that he fucks his students, right?

Yeah, I mean... Yeah.

Like, here, in the sauna.

Really? In the sauna? Yeah. Is that what you want me to do?

Do you want me to fuck my students in the sauna?

If it would help you get here on time, I would say, yes.

Yeah, I guess. Right?

You know what, you're an asshole. I'm not saying...

No, no, no, I quit. Fuck you.

I'm not saying fuck people in the sauna. Fuck you.

So, stack them oh, so neatly in a row We want to be here now

And don't forget your glasses, too Let's eat.

Can I get real with you guys? Please.

Do any of you know what Augmenta is?

Well, yeah, it's our product.

Okay. Wrong answers.


Magic is what Augmenta is.

Making people believe.

Not forcing them, but making them believe that this is something so easy to use, that they've been using it all their lives, even though they know, consciously, that they have never used this product before. That's magic.

This is why we think that you're perfect for this campaign.

We showed some of your videos to Margie and she was just dying.

Yes. That's what I'm talking about.

Yeah, and we were thinking, you know, it'd be great if you could get some behind-the-scenes with Corden. You know, hanging out with him...

Reggie, I think we all agree that we want it to be the authentic Reggie Watts experience and how you interface with Augmenta organically.

The last thing we want it to be is contrived, right?

Yeah. We want the real deal and we want the real Reggie.

That's exactly right. That's why I was so excited when I heard from Alicia, that this was even considered to be a possibility.

I was so jazzed about it because it's hard to find a situation where you're working on this level but are still allowed full artistic, you know, expression.

Okay, well, you know that it's a mainstream product.

Gabe, will you shut the fuck up!

You got Reggie and David handling this. You got everything under control.

You have the two top guys in the business, and you're fucking bitching like a bitch.

Let's enjoy ourselves, okay?

You got a $100 piece of Jambon heading your way.

Chill the fuck out, enjoy your life, for fuck's sake!

Come on, wieners!

Can we get a couple more of these Chateauneuf-du-Papes?

She's kind of boring to me. You know?

You're jealous of her. Well, no.

No? Yeah, I think you're jealous of her. I mean, absolutely...

Hey, guys. Hi.

Hey. What's up? Hey. Hi.

Sophie? Yes.

Hey. This. What is that?

This is Green Dragon. And it will Augmenta your experience.

You guys into it? Holy moly.

All right.

Okay, just a little bit here. One, two, three, four, five, eight, ten.

And one, two, three, four... Is that the correct dose?

Okay. I'm a small person.


Cheers. Goodbye.

Goodbye. It's been nice knowing you.

Do you see how the mind is receiving consciousness, rather than creating it?

It's as if the brain is an operating system.

And built in to that operating system are a series of glitches.


If you think of life as a closed system, and you divide a line and then shift it, then you've got a spiral.

And we're afraid of spirals.

Definitely more comfortable with loops.

'Cause you know where you're gonna end up. You know?

What does that mean?

You get it. I totally get it now.

Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.


I never knew you were so cool.

Yeah. It grows, right? Yeah.

Like bacteria.

Switch. Switch.


So, you're near-sighted?


Have you been recording me the whole time?

I should go home.

Yeah, me, too.

Thank you.

You're a star, Sophie.

Thank you, David. For what?


So, you're near-sighted?

Have you been recording me the whole time?

Come here.


Come here.

Sit on me.

Fuck me.

Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

Still kinda dull, don't you think?

It's fine.

It's great. We're all going to Cannes.

Put the warning on and send it.

Do you have that copy?

The warning stuff?

That's not my job, Hollis.

How is that not your job?

They're approving constantly.



How are you?

I have a headache. Tell me about it.

I sort of lost track of what I wanted to say.

I can tell.

Was it about last night?


Yeah, that was a surprise.

When I woke up today, I thought I'd dreamt it.

We should be careful.


And that's the... This is the general point, is...

Right, that's what they said that they wanted to work in, so, we're kind of like working around that, but...

They had dragon fruit at the market.

Dragon fruit is by far the most exotic of fruits.

Thank you.

This is delicious.

Thank you. You're getting so good at cooking.

So, how was your day at work? It was really good.

I met with Reggie and he showed me some stuff, and it's really coming along.

Do you want to hear something crazy?


Have you ever heard of coltan?


It's this rare earth mineral that they get from the mines in Congo.

And they have these children that work there, for these warlords, I guess.

But they don't pay them anything.

I mean, like, they don't even make enough to eat.

And there's no regulations or anything.

So, if they do anything wrong, the children, they cut their arms off.

That's terrible. Yeah.

And, baby, when you think about it, what they use it for, it's stuff that we use every day. I mean, it's like...

Cell phones and laptops and everything. That's fucked up.

Do you think that they use it to make those AR goggles that you're working on?

I doubt it.


Honestly, I don't really know.

I think they do.

I could find out for you if you want. They're called Augmenta, right?

Right, then they do. I checked.


Isn't that crazy? I'm gonna go get some more wine.

Why'd you ask me?

I mean, if you already knew, is that like a trap or something?

What? No.

No, it just... I think it's so terrible...

I mean, what they're doing to the children and when you think about why, so that we can check our email in our sunglasses, which is like the last thing that we need in the world right now.

Why do you look at that stuff? It just makes you upset.

That's not the point.

What is the point?

Well, I just thought you would want to know.

I mean, you're helping them sell these things, so...

Oh, my God.

You just said they use it in everything.

Yeah, but this is something that you're working on.

So, I should what, Juliette?

Go mention to the marketing department of this giant corporation that my girlfriend read a couple of articles on the Internet? No. That's not what I'm saying.

And that they may be implicated in chopping the arms off young children?

So, thanks for giving us all this money.

Also, why would you chop off the arms of someone who works in your mine?

Okay, it's to frighten the others, obviously. No, no.

When you're working with these multi-national corporations, they're liable for that kind of stuff and they look out for it.

I read the article. That's not how it works. Well, the article was wrong.

It was in the New York Times, so...

Then the New York Times was wrong.

It has been known to happen. Okay. Okay. Okay.

This is fucking bullshit.

You quit your job because they do one thing you don't like.

Really? And then you spend all day researching the Internet for evidence that the world's a terrible place.

Not 'cause you're gonna do anything about it, but because you want to paint me as some kind of selfish, greedy asshole, which I'm totally not. No.

They don't ask me what companies I want to work for, okay?

They tell me what to do and I try to do a good job.

Doesn't that bother you?

So what?

I should go live on top of a mountain away from the evils of capitalism?

What the fuck are you talking about?

Why not?

Why not?

You're so stressed out all the time.

I mean, I see you and you're just, like, taking all these pills, like the Xanax. God. No I'm not.

And Valium. Yes, you are.

And then you pound scotch until you're like a fucking zombie.

You know, I find it really interesting this has suddenly become an issue just as my shit's starting to take off at the agency.

You know, this is the first time in seven years that I've had any kind of creative control over what we're doing, right?

I'm winning, so there must be something wrong.

Something is wrong!

You're really unhappy. All of the time.

Juliette, if you're so concerned about how stressed out I am, why don't you crawl back to Gary and kiss his ass to get your job back?

'Cause as it stands right now...

All right, fine! My blood money is the only thing that's supporting us. Fine!

Fine, I'm sorry, okay? And let me tell you something else.

Fuck, I'm sorry! You know in the back of your mind you can always fall back on your fucking parents.

That's not fair. Which is why you have the luxury of researching the plight of the third world. Which, by the way...

Don't yell at me! I know you're not gonna do anything about.

Don't yell at me. You fucking hypocrite! Jesus Christ!

You're like a 12-year-old, who just found out there's other people in the world besides you!

Text Sophie.

Meet me at the Wythe Hotel. Question mark, send.


Have you been recording me the whole time?

What's up, Reggie?

Hey, Da-veed.

So, yeah, so I was thinking about this whole visual synthesizer thing with the augmented technology and it's cool, but it's a little bit...

I don't know, a little bit too much in the entertainment arena.

So, and that's cool, obviously But I'm kind of interested in deeper implications with the technology.


Really to change your psychological outlook...

Yeah, totally. On what it means to be who you are.

Yeah. Sounds good.

I think that that's heavier. That's a heavier concept.

You know, as an example, there was this homeless lady, that I did a 3-D rendering of under a bridge.

And I was like, "How could I incorporate that into my reality?"

And it was absolutely and completely horrifying.

And I was like...

"That's what's missing."

You know? In order to get down into the things that you would normally try to avoid all of your life.

Until maybe the end of your life where you're like, "I should have confronted that."

But now we give people the option to confront it now There's a lot of now-ness going on with this.

This technology's gonna be amazing.

People are gonna wish they never put on those glasses.

But, they're gonna be thankful when they do take them off.

That sounds great.

And they're gonna think, "What was that?" and put them back on again.

I think that this is a new ultra-humanistic therapeutic tool.

And I'm just really excited.

And I think it's gonna be fucking awesome.

So, anyways, what do you think?

It sounds great, Reggie. Really. Really? Okay, Cool.

All right, I'm gonna get started on that right away, Thanks, man.

Hi, Juliette. Hi, Erin.

Is there any space left in Shana's class?

Oh, actually Shana's out today. Govindas is subbing.


If you can, keep extending the arms and go down.

Left shoulder towards the left knee.

Great. Now lift and open the chest.

Drive the arms long and then take the left hand down.

Great. Breathe. Get strong there. If the arms are helping you, let them help you more. Straighten the arms. Drive the spine long.

Make more space. See if you can get the legs underneath you, and then go up.

From the left hand, go up.

All right, Juliette, stay. Everyone come out of it.

Come out slowly. Controlled, come out, bring your feet together.

And then come over quickly, come take a look.

So, it's going well, but there's a little bit... She's working, yeah?

She's working, working, working, trying to come to it.

Let's see if we can bring it to her. Yeah. The Earth there.

Bring your foot to mine. Great.

Now she has somewhere to go. Yeah? Somewhere to come from.

And the chest can open, the spine. Now less effort, right?

She's breathing a little more.

Face is relaxed. Great. And now she can even come up to balance from here, yeah?

Probably, yeah? Ardha Chandrasana.

Beautiful. The spine is in, the legs are underneath her.

Yeah? Beautiful. Now she can probably even grab the foot maybe, right?

And now the leg can, the other leg can help her, right?

Both legs are now driving the heart open. The breath is coming.


I'll be right back.

Are you okay?

Come here.

Let's take it slow if you want.

This is what I want.

Hey. Hey.

There's two people here.

When did you get glasses?

You've seen these before.

You're cool.

You're perfect.

You're everything.

Let's fuck.

That would be amazing.

You're amazing.

You're amazing.


Panic attacks made me lose control.

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's chair.

Phalinex is the first FDA-approved smokeable medication for anxiety and panic disorders.

Side effects may include dizziness, dry mouth, headache, confusion, burning toenails, suicidal thoughts, depression, fugue states... dysphoria, and paranoid delusions.

Phalinex should not be combined with other anxiety medications.

Have you seen Sophie around?

Can you just get to work, David? Please?

Are you all right?

I have to go to the bathroom.


Hi. Hey.

This looks amazing.

Yeah. We got it all up in time. Yeah. Hi, Sophie.

Hi, David.

Juliette's here.

You wanna come with me? Come with me.

We're gonna go get a smoke. Okay.


Sophie! Sophie, Sophie.

You look so beautiful and this is all so amazing.

Thank you. You made everything?

The suits, yeah, yeah. Thank you.

Like, a seaweed costume. Yeah, of course. You look great.

Don't lie, it doesn't suit you. No, I'm serious.

You've always had the best style. You should really model for us.

Well, between you and me and the... I'm barely keeping it together, so...


Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Are you and Juliette having another one of your fights?

What do you mean?

She keeps texting me, asking if you're staying with me.

Fuck. What did you say?

What the fuck do you think I said? I said you're passed out drunk on the couch.

Man, thank you.

What's going on? Did you meet somebody? Nah, not really.

Dude, it's me. Who is she? Do I know her?

I don't think so.

You're fucking gonna hold out on me, you secretive fuck?

You're not gonna tell me? It's not serious.

Fucking Casey, man. What's going on?

I think her husband's starting to get a little suspicious.

She's married?

Yeah, she's married. And she's getting real possessive.

She's freaking out when I tell her I'm busy. And it's like, "I'm busy."

And she's, like, getting fucking real jealous of Sophie, of course.

Then, shows up at my place the other night.

So, I'm going down on her and fucking Sophie comes home.

She went to your house? What?

I mean, that's crazy. Right?

I had to hide her in the studio till Sophie fell asleep.

I was hoping she wouldn't smell her on me. Yeah. Fuck.

Fucking crazy, man. Good thing she was drinking that night.

So you're gonna break up with Sophie? What do you mean?

I mean, you know, you got involved with this model, don't you think subconsciously, maybe you want to get out of the situation that you're in?

Whose side are you on, pal? No, I'm on your side.

I'm on your side. But I mean, that's a close fucking call, man.

I mean, that's a close fucking call.

I mean, how long you gonna keep this a secret? Know what I mean?

And think about what you're doing to Sophie.

I mean, you know, it's crazy. Fuck, you're right.

I mean, I gotta cut things off with this chick, right? It's crazy?

It's crazy what I'm doing. I'm a fucking loser. Am I a fucking loser?

No, you're not a loser, man.

We're both losers. You're a bigger loser than I am.

Sack of shit.

I love you. You know that? I love you, too.

You're handsome. You're a handsome guy.

Let's go back in there. Okay.



Well, you look like shit.

You're drinking.

I have a knack for it, remember?

Look, I'm really sorry I haven't called.

Don't be sorry. Just don't forget to eat your alfalfa.


Remember, we're just two little bunnies in a cage.

But outside the cage, there are eagles and there are foxes, and there are hawks.


Are you okay? Yes.

David, what's up? This is great.

You see Sophie's costume? It's great.

Was that David's girlfriend? This one's great, too, man.

It's like he got, like, a cereal box on his head.

So, it's like a childhood nostalgia thing.

Yeah. I felt it there.

I love you, Sophie.

I love you, Sophie. I love you.

I love you, David.

Good luck today, sweetheart. See you later, baby.

David, the clients are here, right?

Panic attacks are making me lose control.

Jamie, you are so gorgeous. It's Becky.

Thank you. That's nice. Are you okay?

Phalinex put me back in the pilot's seat.


How are you? I'm good.

David, let's go this way. All right.

I was thinking about why we don't hang out more.

And I realized that last year at the Christmas party, I said something to you that might have been kind of racist.

Buddy, you're here. Scott.

Are you okay? I'm okay.

We're gonna blow their fucking minds.

Consciousness, and not matter, is the fundamental element of reality, with which we have created...

Is the atomic symbolization of those people who wish to understand as though it is just a binary reality in all that we are and all that we will ever be.

It is not so much the tree and the organisms of single-cellular structures that form in the molecular bonds that we have to understand, but is the quantum phasic entanglement.

And it is who we desire to be through pain and justice and understanding.

The illusion, which keeps us in our place.


If you don't have enough stuff to do, you can always remember that you're a conscious individual.

And all is one. Namaste.

I can see the head. Keep pushing.

Yeah! Fuck yeah!

Because you're worth it.

I don't get what they're so upset about, Scott.

They say "antisocial" and "grotesque" like that's always bad.

I'm with you, man, but...

Reggie's trying to get people to confront their shadow.

All right, cool, so we'll get different footage from him.


Because they hated the footage he provided.

Well, I can fucking spell it out for them if they're too stupid to get it, okay?

But I'm not gonna just rip it out of Reggie's hands!

All right, calm down and please just contact him about something else.

Are we gonna test it?

Are we gonna test it before we throw this away?

You know, I've been fucking killing myself on this, right?

I've been fucking killing myself! We're not gonna fucking test it, okay!

Contact him now!

I don't have time for this shit, you fucking pussy!

My wife has cancer! You think I need to hear about your fucking footage?

Fuck off!

Get out of here, for fuck's sake! Why are we even talking about this?

Hey, Davsies. How's it going?

Hey, Reggie.

Look, we've got a situation.

The client wants to look at some of the... I'm just kidding.

I'm not really here.

If you get this, it's probably 'cause I just left for a place called Brazil.

I'll be there for three months and I'm gonna be off the grid, most likely in some kind of a dilapidated structure.

Maybe a lean-to, a hut, perhaps just a common tent, a simple shelter made out of leaves. But if you need to get a hold of me, obviously hire a shaman.

Or a remote viewer. Send me a psychic message, I'll get it.

And I'll send one back to you. See you later, man. I'm gonna get high.

Hey. Hey.

So, we lost Augmenta. We're eating like 500K.


The guys in London called. They're making me fire you.


I need the glasses back.


Hey, man, almost done. One more.

Where the hell have you been? Work.


Well, I had to go get an engagement ring all by myself, thank you very much. Got screwed by Hasid.

You're getting married? Well, one step at a time.

Why don't you get the prosecco and we'll celebrate?

Well, I like that idea.

You're getting married?

Why are you looking at me like that? Why not?

Because I love you. What are you talking about?

You said no one ever touched you like that before.

David, I think you've got the wrong idea.

No, you can't do that all of a sudden.

Just pretend you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I'm in love with you.

Okay, you need to stop saying that. I love you.

David, you don't even fucking know me. And you're acting like an insane person.

What's going on, guys?

David has something he needs to tell you.


I'm in love with Sophie.


Do you love David? No.

Well, that's good to hear.

So, now what?

You can't marry Wim. Why not?

Because he's cheating on you with this model that he...

Shut up, man. You hit me.

Shut the fuck up.

Where you going? Where you going?

Yeah, hold that.

Where you going? You getting up? Stay down, man.

That's enough.

You're done? Fuck both of you.

Right there's good.

That's the one.

David. Hi.

You're here. I live here.

What happened to your eye? I got punched in the face.

Who was that guy in the hall? He's from yoga, right?


Wait, did Govindas hit you?

No, Wim did.

I thought that guy's name was Brett. Wait.

But why would Wim hit you?

This has something to do with Sophie, doesn't it?

Look, it's not what you're thinking.

I was...

I was using the glasses and I don't really even know what happened.

It's okay, I'm sure he'll forgive you.

Juliette, why was that guy, Brett, here?

He goes by Govindas.

It means servant of love.

Okay. Why was the servant of love in our building?

David, if I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad.

Look, when you left, you just disappeared.

You know, you wouldn't answer my texts, you didn't talk to me, you were like a stranger.

And I didn't have anything. I didn't have a home anymore.

And then he came and he brought me to the ceremony.

And I had the most amazing experience.

It was like I could see everything from the outside.

Like all of the pain and all of the suffering, and everything that I did to you and you did to me and everybody.

And everybody in the whole world, there were like thousands of us.

And we were all one, though, because we're all just people on the inside, you know.

We all just want to be good, and we just want to be loved.

Are you fucking high right now? No.

Look, I understand how this all sounds, okay?

But everything just collapsed into this one second, and he just, he sang to me.

He sang to you? Yes.

Jesus Christ.

David, why won't you just listen to me? Because you're ranting.

And I have no idea what you're trying to say to me.

Well, can you let me explain, then?

You're worried we had sex.

Did you?


Oh, God.

Don't be mad.

David, it was incredible. We were at the peak of this whole experience.

And I was looking into his eyes, and that's...

Please, stop. No, no, no. And that's when I saw you.

I saw you.

And I realized that loving him, was loving you, was loving me because we're all one.

Did you fuck him here?

Did you fuck him in our bed?

David, I love you.

I love you.

And all this shit that I've been doing to myself and doing to you, and blaming you for and blaming me, it's not us.

You know?

You're an addict. But you're not addicted to the pills, okay?

You're just addicted to this like, misery and pain, and the cycle of misery and pain and you bring me into it, but we don't have to do that anymore.

We don't have to do that because it's not real.

What do you mean, "It's not real?"

I don't know how else to explain it.

I had this incredible orgasm. Oh, my God.

No, no, no, please wait, just listen to me, okay?

'Cause, no, I had this orgasm.

And it was like my body left me and I just became, like, light.

And I saw you.

In nature. And we were together. And we knew how to talk to each other.

And now I know it must be real because you're here.

Wait, when was this?

Like a half an hour ago.

The orgasm where your body disappeared?

Look, I know it's a lot to take in, okay? And I understand if you don't believe me.


I understand.

No, I mean, I can kinda see it.

You can?

I mean, I have no idea what you're talking about.

But I believe you.


The city is killing us in small increments.

You used to always say that.

I thought you were just complaining. I was.


You were right.

We have to get out of here.

We don't have to go right now.


We're gonna move Upstate. Get an old farmhouse.

You know, my mom has that friend, Wendy, who buys all that property Upstate, and fixes it up. Yeah. Right.

We could do that.

We could find one with a barn and I'll fix it up.

You don't know how to fix up a barn.

Yeah, I'll learn how to fix up a barn and I'll learn blacksmithing.

You're not gonna be a blacksmith. No, I'll write my book in there.

You should finish that, it was so good.

You can teach yoga to the elderly and infirm.

No, I'm gonna learn how to cook. I'm gonna be a really good chef.

Okay. I don't believe you, but...

I'm really hungry. Should I call Wendy? Yes.

I love you. I love you, too.

We should find a place without cell phone service.

What the fuck do you want? David, hey, hang on.

Satan. This thing on the glasses...

Yes. The thing you made of Sophie, it's incredible, you little genius!

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, man.

That avatar thing. It's amazing, they're freaking out!

Holy shit.

David, listen to me, they are freaking out, okay?

They stopped the rollout.

They want to make the Sophie avatar the spokesperson for Augmenta.

They'll de-emphasize the sex stuff. Gabe says it's implied.

Well, you already fired me, Scott, so I don't know what the fuck you want.

No, they want to redo everything!

We have to go to Malaysia. They're on the phone with them right now They said, "Bring us the man who made this!"

Well, what did you tell them?

I said, "I'll call him right now!"

David, we are gold. This is huge.

I know Malaysia sounds far and it is far as hell, but we'll do first class.

It's awesome. We'll get wasted, we'll pass out...