Creed II (2018) Script

Yeah. We got this. at the MGM Grand tonight, Roy.

And, you know, when Adonis Creed lost to "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, he was really a curiosity more than anything else.

But that was an epic fight, and since then, he's reeled off six straight wins, and tonight attempts against Danny "The Stuntman" Wheeler to become the heavyweight champion of the world.

It bears mentioning that Creed actually wagered his Mustang before their sparring session, Roy.

And rumor has it that same Mustang is on the line again tonight.

Okay, everybody out. Let's go.

Hey. Hey.

Feel good? Mmm-hmm.

Yeah. Remember to keep your right hand up, okay?

His left is just as strong as his right.

Yep. Yeah.

Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Okay, good.

It's just another fight, okay?

You got this.

You know, there's only three steps into that ring.

Just three.

And tonight, it's gonna look as high as a mountain.

And when you climb through them ropes, it's gonna be the loneliest place in the world because you're gonna be in there with another fighter who wants to take you out.

So now, you gotta ask yourself, are you here to prove something to other people or prove something to yourself?

To myself.


Now, let me ask you something.


What's with the hair?

I combed it. It's a special night.

Shouldn't you be thinking about something else, wise guy?

Now, you can go prove it.

Now go get your Mustang back.

These guys have really been mixing it up here in the fourth.

So far, Creed's youth outweighing Wheeler's experience.

Let's go! Let's go, baby. Let's o!

Maybe the most amazing part of Adonis Creed's journey, Roy...

Don't drop that guard! Sit. that tonight, he fights...

Keep your hands up!

...for the same belt held by both his trainer, Rocky Balboa, and his father, the great Apollo Creed.


Wheeler seems to be waking up. We've seen this before, Roy.

When Wheeler smells blood, he really turns it on.

Come on back.

Come on, D!

Three years ago, that's a knockout.

Wheeler's power just isn't the same, and no doubt Creed can sense it.

You got him. Stay on him!

Creed's on a mission, really pressing the issue now.

And a big left hook lands flush!

Creed staying in the pocket, Max. Moving, not running.

Come on, now! Hands up! Hands up!

These two men are really going at it.

Tell him, Donnie!

Another left hook drives Wheeler back.

Come on, baby!

That was a sneaky little uppercut on the inside, and Wheeler's hurt by that, Roy.

Yeah, that wobbled his legs pretty bad.

Another big shot! Hold him, hold him, hold him!

Creed has him in trouble, Max.

Wheeler's doing what he can...

Wheeler is down!

Wheeler has hit the canvas!

Now stay there, boy!

Creed taught you!

Come and give me my keys!

Get up! Come on, baby!

Get up, get up!

Wheeler, trying to get up. One!

Stay down! Two!

I don't know if he makes this count, Roy.








That's it. That's it.

And it's over, Max.

No way! Adonis Creed...

Give me my keys! the heavyweight champion of the world.

You know what you just did?


Baby, you know what just happened?

When you think of where this kid has come from, the most unlikely beginning for a fighter, Roy.

Growing up the way he did to make it to the top of boxing in this way...

It's unprecedented!

Creed! Creed! Creed!

It's one thing to be the number one contender.

It's a whole other thing to be champion.

This is the first step to building a legacy of his own, and I can hardly wait to see what's next for Adonis Creed.


I mean, what do you think?


That is beautiful.

Right? Yeah.

But we gotta hurry up.

I mean, she's about to get out the shower any second.

Yo, Donnie, why didn't you tell me about this before?

I didn't know if I was gonna win.

What's that got to do with it?

I don't know.

Look, just tell me what I should do.

You get down on one knee.

People still do that shit?

You can always send her a text.

Come on, Unc, I'm being serious, all right?

I mean, what did you say?

To Adrian? Yeah.

It was a long time ago.

We were at the zoo. It was winter. It was snowing.

Everything smelled fresh.

There was this tiger. He had snow on its back.

And he's walking in the background. Okay, I get it. I get it.

Just tell me what you said.

Well, I was getting to that part.

What I said is...

I asked if she would not mind marrying me very much, which is kind of a dumb way of saying she's my world, and she made me better than I deserved to be.

You know?


Listen, why don't you just turn off your brain and let your heart do the talking.


You'll do good.

Turn my brain off? Yeah.

Okay. Mmm-hmm.

All right. All right.

All right, I'm on it.

Hey, Unc. Mmm.

You good?

Yeah, real good. Thank you.

Great. All right.

Will you marry me?

Listen, B.

I know we've been dating for a few years now, and it's just something about us that just click.

I don't know how to explain it, but the feeling I get when you're by my side is a feeling that I can't live without.

I know I sound crazy, but, look, I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Will you marry me?

I'm still hungry, babe, I don't know why.

Are you for real, D?

Yeah, I'm for real.

No, stop playin'.

I ain't playin'.

You didn't hear any of that?

None of what?


None of what, D?

What did you say?

Nothing that you don't already know.

Remind me.

I said that I love you,

and that I need you.

D, do you know what you're doing right now?

I mean, yeah, kind of.

What do you mean, "kind of"?


I mean...

To keep it real with you, B, you're the only person I wanna share my moments with.

So, Bianca Taylor,

will you marry me?



"Yo"? Is that a yes? Yes.

It's yes?




Our boy's looking good.

I'm sure you heard the good news.

It's time.

You ever thought about going back to LA?

Please, you're a Philly girl.

Yeah, I guess, but it'd be nice to have more space.

And your mom's out there...

And them labels, too.

Could help me get my music out to more people.


I don't know, I feel like I've done everything I could in Philly, you know?

Time ain't exactly on my side, you know?


What about Rocky?

Rocky has his life, D.

We gotta start ours.

It's a cold one today, Adrian, that's for sure.

I tried calling our son Bobby a few times.

But I'd hang up every time he was about to pick up because, to tell you the truth, I didn't know what to say to him.

What if he's moving on, and I'm like this chunk of yesterday trying to be today?

I just don't fit in.

I mean, what am I supposed to do?

Knock on his door and say, "Hey, how you doing?

"What's it been, a lot of years?" I don't know.

I miss you.

You've been hype ever since you got this jawn.

What are you talking about?

That smile right there.

You're cheezin'.

It's the only thing my pops left me.

I mean, that and these hands.

You never told me that. Yeah.

What's up with you and these secrets, Don?

How're you doing? All right, all right.

But look at this, here.

How you doing? Hey.

Hey, Isabelle. Hey, Rock.

Hey, listen. Some big guy's sitting over there, waiting for you.

He said you'll know who he is.

Yo, champ.

You gotta take that fight, man. Shut this dude up.

No, Wheeler still talking shit?

It's a little early for a rematch, bro.

Hey, turn the TV up.

...and the tragic history that connects them.

That you?

Nice pictures.

Yeah, they're okay.

No pictures of me.

No, there's no pictures of that.

Why are you in Philly?

You don't know?

Ukrainian boxer Viktor Drago appeared today in Philadelphia to issue a very public challenge to recently crowned heavyweight champion Adonis Creed.

A press conference was held earlier by boxing promoter Buddy Marcelle.

We came all the way to Philly to let you know it's serious.

Now, this man here, he ain't no Danny Wheeler.

And let's be honest, Creed fought him three years too late, anyway.

Easy match.

People in this country love you.

But Russia, no one touch Drago name.

Everything changed that night.

Look, you know, that's like a million years ago.

Like yesterday to me.

So, you came all the way over here to tell me that?

It's no coincidence that Ivan Drago's son shows up right after Apollo Creed's son claims the belt.

This is Creed versus Drago.

This is the fight the whole world wants to see.

And this is the fight he should take.

Unless he's afraid of history repeating itself.

That history being the infamous 1985 match in which boxing legend Apollo Creed was killed by Russian fighter Ivan Drago.

Apollo's trainer Rocky Balboa was heavily criticized for failing to stop that fight.

D. Baby.

It's a publicity stunt.

Don't worry about that.

And let's not forget, later that year, Balboa defeated Drago in his own backyard, Russia.

Because of you, I lose everything.




You ever see stray dogs in Ukraine?

They go for days with no food.

People spit on them. They have nothing.

No home.

Only will to survive, to fight.

I have son.

All he knows is this.

My son will break your boy.

Been a long day.

I think we're done here.

Because around here we put strays away.


It's good picture.

I kind of figured you'd be here.

You know, I tried calling and calling, but nobody picked up or anything.

Kind of early to be training, don't you think, after a fight?

Just trying to clear my head.

I get that.

Cheaper than a shrink, that's for sure.

Hey, Don, come on. I heard what's going on.

But you can't let them get inside.

But I know how you're feeling.

Oh, do you? Yeah, I do.

What happened a long time ago, that ain't got nothing to do with you.

Listen, that fight is what Apollo wanted, all right?

It shouldn't have happened.

But it did.

And you gotta let it go.

Come on.

You've seen him fight, though?

I've seen him on sports TV and stuff like that.

He's big, but he's raw.

He ain't no mean machine like you are, that's for sure.

You know what?

I'm gonna cheer you up, 'cause today's gonna be your lucky day.

Christmas just came early for you, 'cause I'm gonna hold the bag, lucky guy.

No, you're the one who's lucky. How's that?

'Cause I'm gonna let you hold the bag for me.


That's it. That's better.

Creed taking major hits. This could be over soon.

Creed is down! And he could be badly hurt.

Apollo on the floor looking unresponsive.

This doesn't look good.

There is no movement.

♪ Glitter in my eyes And I was young

♪ Know what they say I ran away from home

♪ I thank you I learned the world

♪ Hoo hoo, yeah

♪ They think I'm a broken girl

♪ Hoo hoo, yeah

♪ I think I'm in love with lost Amazing voice.

♪ My heart cracked But at least it's touched ♪ Sorry for the theatrics.

But people like a good show.

That was a grimy move, brah.

Ain't nothing personal.

Can't say I'm proud of what our sport's become, but that's the game.

Call it whatever you want.

Sounds to me like you just trying to get paid.

The money is a side effect.

"The Rumble in the Jungle" didn't just manifest itself.

Somebody had to make it happen.

Will it into existence.

Oh, yeah, that's supposed to be you, huh?

You see anybody else standing here with a care in their heart?

I want the same thing you want.

Yeah? What's that?

In the history of boxing, there have been 77 heavyweight champions.

You know that?

But how many do you think they know?



The belt ain't enough.

You need a narrative. Something that sticks to the ribs.

Your dad, he knew that.

Do yourself a favor, brah, and quit while you ahead.


At least you got that over your old man.

That must be Rocky whispering in your ear.

I'm serious.

Amazing voice.

Yo, thank you, Fillmore.

For real though, thank you.

How you doing, kid?

We gotta talk.

Let's take a walk and get some air.

Okay? Kind of stuffy in here.

Look at that light.

That thing's been broken for a couple of years.

It's driving me crazy.

City won't fix it or nothing.

What good is a light that don't light, right?

Kind of funny, but it's stupid, too.


I gotta take the fight.


These dudes killed my pops.

Now they're parading around, talking shit?

I can't let that slide.

I'm the champ, right?


So I ain't got a choice.


That's the same thing your father said, and he died right here, in my hands.

Look what his choice put your mother through.

You don't wanna really bring all that stuff up again, do you, kid?

I thought you would get it.

If I don't take this fight, I gotta live with it right now.

That kid was raised in hate, you know what I'm talking about?

You weren't. Don't do it.

But you did. It's different.

It was different?

It's a lot different.

I was supposed to be in there with Drago that night and not your father.

And I could've thrown in the towel, but I didn't.

And I gotta live with that.

And when I did get in that ring, that guy broke things in me that ain't never been fixed.

It's not worth it.

Not at all.

Why do you wanna fight?

What are you talking about? I just told you why.

No, you didn't, Donnie.

Why do you wanna fight?

I get why they wanna fight you.

I know what they're fighting for.

What about you?

Listen to me, you got everything to lose.

He's got nothing to lose.

When a fighter ain't got nothing to lose, he's dangerous.

I'm dangerous!

You think I'm gonna lose.

I didn't say that.

Same guy that said he ain't have enough experience.

Raw, right? Yeah.

But you don't think I could beat him.

Is that what you're trying to say? No.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

I'm saying I'm not gonna be here forever.

And what's that supposed to mean?

That means you gotta do some smart thinking.

Oh, you wanna talk about smart decisions, Rock?

You in this house all alone.

Who been taking care of you? Me.

I've been here for you!

Who else you got?


I'm taking this fight with or without you.

It's gotta be without.

I can't do it.

So that's it?

You walkin' out on me?

At least you ain't gotta worry about throwing in the towel this time.



D, are you okay?

Rocky, man.

Rocky what?

He ain't training me for the fight.

Wait, you're taking the fight?

All the shit that we've been through.

He gonna leave me high and dry. That's bullshit!

I took care of him when he had cancer.

He could've been dead, B.

I'm sure he has his reasons.

Oh, yeah? Like what?

Like what?

I don't need him.


I love it.

Me, too.

I want just a little piece of that room for a studio.

That works. It's all you.

What's wrong?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just a little tired from the flight.

I'm okay.

We don't have to go out.

We can just stay in, order some food.

Hmm. No, baby, you have to tell her.

So, how's the music?

Oh, Donnie didn't tell you?


Uh... I forgot.

Oh. Yeah, I signed.


Yeah, it's great. The record label really hit the ground running, too.

I'm up for festivals this summer.

Congratulations. Thank you.

So, how's Rocky?

He didn't wanna make the trip?

Nah, Ma, you know how he is with the traveling.

Okay, Ma.

I'm sure you already guessed it, but...

Oh, yeah.

I already know.

All the salt, shiny hair, glowing skin.

How far along are you?


Ma, you think...

You think...



We couldn't even... No.

Your mamma's got jokes, okay.

No, I'm not.

All right.


What's it say? D, don't touch it.

No, I don't care if you peed on it. I just want to see...

I don't want you to mess it up.

What's it say?

It's two blue lines.

Two blue lines? What does that mean?

Two blue lines.

Maybe it's broke.

That's crazy.


Hell, I don't know, D.

Baby, I don't know.

You did say you always wanted kids, right?

Yeah, but I didn't say so soon.

I don't know if I'm...

If we are ready.

Let's get ready, then.


Did she tell her family yet?

She's, uh, on the phone with her aunt right now.

Oh, that Bianca's a good one.

Why she agreed to marry you, I do not know.

I don't know either.

Oh, it's good to have you home.

Ma, um...

That fight between me and Ivan Drago's son...

I'm gonna take it.


That's it?

What else is there to say?

So, that doesn't bother you?

Oh, you think this doesn't bother me?

You're a grown man.

It doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks.

You wanna fight this man, that's your business.

You don't need my blessings.

You clearly don't have Rocky's.

Rocky don't get it.

It wasn't his dad.

It changed my life.

Your life.

You're telling me you don't miss him?

Excuse me!

Do not try to make this about me.

And don't pretend that it's about your father.

You became the world champion without him.

Then why don't I feel like it?

If your father was here, he would tell you he didn't feel like it either.

But he's not.

I just hope you'll be here for your child.

Why are you so stupid?


D, you're tickling me with that fake beard.

The disrespect.

Why don't you sing for us?

No, I am not your jukebox.

I'm not gonna be walking around here, barefoot and pregnant, making you sandwiches either.

Did you hear that? No sandwiches, no singing.

Your mamma just hating on us.

Did you hear that?

What if the baby can't, D?

Can't what?

Can't hear.

You know it can be hereditary, right?


Everything is gonna be fine.

I promise.

People are gonna be all over this fight.

It got a lot of bad history, man.


Your dad.

And yours, too.

Don't forget that he trained him.

I know why you didn't train me before.

I wasn't ready.

You was right.

Yeah, but this is different.

Drago's kid...





He's a monster, boy.

It's a balanced breakfast over there.

You think you ready for all that?

I gotta be.

But if you ain't gonna do it for me,

at least do it for them.

Think about it.

Beat what they couldn't beat.

Change the way they were remembered.

This is our chance to rewrite history.

Our history.

His record might be light, but, believe me, he ain't no undercard.

So, you gotta be with me.

I'm right here.

We'll see.

We'll see.

Creed versus Drago.

That means something.

Did that factor into your decision to take this fight?

I mean, you can't say Creed without Drago, right?

This is what y'all want.

It's what everyone wants.

Also, can't help but to notice, who won't be in your corner this time around.

Rocky's taking some family time.

But Duke's got me.

His father taught my father everything he knows.

Speed, D. That's how we gonna beat him.

Technique, speed...

I'm confident he'll have me ready for this fight.

And knowing what happened between your father and Drago, you must have some worry.

What would I be afraid of?

I'm a fighter. This is what I do, right?

Who the champ?

It's who I am.

Looking good!

Creed! Creed! Creed!

You're much smaller than your father.

Don't you talk about my pop.

Hey, we could do this right here, bro.

Step up here! D!

He can't help you no more!

You hear me? He can't help behind that ring!

You stand there. All you're doing is talking, homie.

Your pops can't protect you, you feel me?

Don't talk about my father! Don't turn your back on me!

You in my house, homie!

Make sure they hold them down. We're in the dressing room.

Jim Lampley here, along with Roy Jones.

We're moments away from tonight's main event.

Jim, I would have never thought in a million years I'd witness another Creed versus Drago fight.

Well, get ready, Roy. Drago makes his way to the ring.

His father leads the way through the hostile crowd.

You can feel the energy. I'm sure Creed does.

He has a big advantage with the fans in his corner.

Stay focused. You're at home, baby. Focus is the key.

Given Drago's size and style, he'll look to use his power to counter Creed's speed.

Remember why we're here, man.

I'm the champ.

I'm the champ.

I'm the champ.

Adonis Creed making a grand entrance tonight.

Like his father, Creed is ever the showman, and is energizing the crowd.

Creed is letting Drago know exactly who this arena belongs to.

It all feels so Shakespearean.

Two sons, raised a world apart, yet inexorably linked by tragedy.

Now, gentlemen, I went over the rules in the dressing room.

I wanna caution you to keep this fight clean at all times.

Protect yourself at all times.

And what I say, you must obey.

Good luck. Touch gloves.

Touch gloves.

Creed fights without longtime trainer Rocky Balboa.

Interesting to see how Duke manages the corner with so much bad blood between the fighters.

Look at him.

He think he gonna run straight through you.

You show him what's up. Yeah.

This is your house, all right?

It's my house. Let's go, baby.


And we're underway.

If all goes according to form, Creed is seen as the more versatile boxer, quicker...

Yeah, baby, throw that jab! Let it rip!

Drago is trying to land something big.

Dig, dig.


Creed connects with a couple of body shots.

And a right hand upstairs for Creed.

Drago hasn't thrown a meaningful punch yet.

And another right hand for Creed.

Creed blocked that punch and still it knocked him back into the ropes.

Yeah, we good.

Creed doesn't like that, Jim.

Don't be stupid, kid. He's baiting you.

Creed pressing now, angrily rushes forward with a volley of punches.

He's pulling you in.

A huge left hook by Drago!

Come on, kid. Creed shaken up by that punch.

Clear your head.

Creed commands the center of the ring, but there's a hard body shot to the ribs.

And another one on the other side.

What you doing, baby? What you doing, D?

And a right hand by Drago that knocks Creed's head back.

Creed can feel the power behind those punches.

And now Drago is on the attack.

Jab out, jab out, jab out. Hands up, let's go!

Drago's stalking him along the ropes.

Get off the ropes, D!

Out the corner!

No, D! Out the corner, out the corner!

Hard right hand by Drago, and Creed is shaken as the first round comes to a close.

I think most watching at home are a little surprised by how impressive Viktor Drago has looked in these opening minutes of the fight.

With the history these men share, Duke may have his hands full keeping Creed from letting his emotions get the best of him.

What you doing, D?

You need to stick with the game plan. I know, I know.

Stay off the line. Take your angles. You ain't taking your angles.

I know!

If he throws you a left hook...

Come on, man, hold the phone on that.

You think I don't know that shit? Well, if you know it, do it!

And now, as we prepare for round two, this crowd is still buzzing from the vicious rally that Drago brought forth in the last minute of round number one.

Come out smart.

Got Creed in serious trouble as the round came to a close.


And now, round two begins.

And Drago comes out throwing, wasting no time.

Get off the ropes! And Creed is backed into the ropes, trying to avoid those power shots.


Things just got ugly fast.

And another hard right hand shot, and Creed is in big trouble now.

Keep moving, Donnie.

A massive right hand sends Creed reeling.

He tries to regain his footing.

Creed trying to answer back.

And now a huge hook sends Creed flying through the ropes!

Come on, kid.




Five! Six!

That's it, that's it, that's it.

Creed! Creed!

You okay? Yeah.


Creed needs something to try to turn this fight around.

Drago just keeps coming.

What a big rib shot!


Those were two tremendous right hands to the rib cage.

You could've heard that one in the nosebleed seats.

Creed clearly in pain, as he finds a way to his feet.

Not ready to give up yet.

I don't know. This is getting dangerous, Jim.

Okay! Come to me!

And now, Bayless is gonna let him go again.



He comes barreling out of the corner.

Huge right hook!

Drago trying to end it.

And Creed delivers a big right hand at the bell.

Get back! Get back to your corner!

Bayless restraining Drago, seemingly frustrated...

Obey my commands. he was close to finishing the fight.

You got to show me something. If not, I'm gonna stop it.

Can you fight?

Oh, I'm good, I'm good.

Hell no. I'm calling this fight.

Nigga, don't call this shit.

You ain't got to prove shit to nobody.

Look at you. Your ribs look like they broke.

You can't call this fight.

Hand me my mouthpiece.

My mouthpiece.

Don't do it.

Now, as we go to round three, Adonis Creed has been beaten up and bloodied by an avalanche of power shots from Viktor Drago in the first two rounds.

And we'll see how much Adonis Creed has left now, as he tries to stay alive in the fight.

Stop the fight.

Dangerous swings from Drago as Creed desperately tries to hold him off.

Drago's still putting huge pressure on the body.

Come on, stop the fight!

And another shot by Drago!

Creed seemingly on his last legs!

Drago on the attack. Come on, D!

Oh, and with a devastating shot to the rib cage.

Stop! Stop!

This is an obvious disqualification, or so it would appear because Creed was fully down at the moment that Drago landed that last shot.

No! You wanna kill somebody?

No way, baby. No! Easy, easy!

No. No, no, no! Come on.

No! Just relax.

This arena is completely silent as the audience waits to see what will be the condition of young Adonis Creed.

Cracked orbital bone, two cracked ribs, grade-3 concussion, ruptured kidney, numerous contusions.


A ruptured kidney, is that--

His injuries will heal with rest and time, including the kidney.

Now, we shouldn't have to resort to surgery, but we will need to keep him here for at least 48 hours, as a precaution.

Now he's still numb from the morphine, but he'll certainly feel it later.

Okay. You okay?

Fine, I just gotta sit.

If you're expecting...

No, I'm fine.

No, no, seriously. Take it easy, okay?

Excuse me, Dr. Ewell.

You have a visitor. Right this way.


Listen, I'm so sorry everything went...

I should've been there.

I'm so sorry.

I am.

Me, too.

Is it okay if I see him?

What difference do it make to us? We saw what happened.

They doing what they supposed to be doing.

I don't care.

Right. Okay.

Got it.

WBC's not gonna contest the referee's decision, so Viktor remains disqualified.

Bottom line, you still the champ.

I'm gonna let you rest, man.

So, if you need something, you know, I'm outside.

Got some company, D.

You did good.

We tried.

You know, I watched you back in Philadelphia.

You showed a ton of heart. I mean, there's no doubt about it.

Showed a ton of heart. Heart?

Man, I ain't trying to hear that shit.

D. It's Rock.

Oh, it's okay. It's all right.

No, you guys gotta work it out.

I lost the fight before it even started, right?

No. No, no.

This guy was... He's a big guy, he's strong.

He got the reach on you. He got all kinds of--

Oh, now you're trying to train me?

Be my coach?

No, look at me.

Look at me.

What are you still doing here?

Here to pick up the pieces?


Shouldn't you be in Philly?

Adonis. No, it's okay.

I don't want him to get all...

Take care of each other.

I'm sorry.


He loves you, D.

Look at me.

I'm looking right at you, babe.

How's that baby gonna look at me?

Adonis, do you really feel like a champ?

Do you think you deserve to keep the belt?

Why would you take that fight, Adonis?

Is this it for Adonis Creed?

I'm cool. I'm cool.

D, please, let me help you, baby. I said I can walk.

Please sit-- I said I got it.

I don't know. Lately, it's like...

He hasn't really been himself.

And I get it.

'Cause he's going through a lot.

He's just starting physical therapy.

Trying to get himself right.

And he's, uh... distant and disconnected.

It's like nothing really matters to him right now.

Including me.

Which is new.


Listen, be there for him, take care of him, give him your love.

But also, you gotta realize he's in a place right now that only he can get himself out of.

And with everything he's going through--

With everything he's going through?

You've been in his corner every step of the way.

He's a grown man.

He's gotta heal from the inside out.

Trust me, I know. I've been there.


Feel her?


Highlights of Drago silencing critics tonight with a devastating first round knockout of Anthony Novak.

Here's a post-fight interview with Max Kellerman.

Viktor, here we are just months since your controversial loss to Adonis Creed.

How does this win feel?

What loss?

Excuse me.

From your disqualification to Adonis Creed.

But how does this feel to you tonight?

I don't care. Creed must fight me.

And if he doesn't fight you?

Then he's no champion.

There you have it, Adonis. Challenge is on the table.


What's good?

Just maintaining, man. Long time no see, what's up?

Nothing, man. Just been caught up. You know, the house, the baby.

You know how it is.

Yeah? How Bianca doing?

She's good. She's good.

Good, good, good.

Listen, man, I've been meaning to hit you up, though.

Commissioner wanna know who we plan to fight next.

You ain't gotta fight Drago, but you gotta fight someone.

You gotta defend the belt.

Otherwise, it's gonna be vacated.

I could set up a little, you know, tune-up fight, kind of.

No. You know what, man?

Don't worry about none of that right now.

Listen, just come on inside.

Hit the bag, man, warm up.


Yeah, I'm gonna grab my stuff, and I'm gonna meet you in there.

All right, man.

Put your body weight into that glove.

There you go. Lean in it.

Yeah, I called you, like, a thousand times.

Yeah, it's about the light.

How long?

You want to be specific? Couple years.


I mean, how many guys does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I'm not joking.

Can I call you guys back?



Hey, Ma.


Hey, Ma.

How you doing, kid?

What are you doing here?

I hope you don't mind, your mom asked if I would come out 'cause she's worried about you.

I am, too.

I'm good.

You didn't have to come all this way.

By train.

Three days on a train.

It's all right, you know, gives you time to think.

And you watch all these places whipping by the windows like postcards.

It's quite an experience.

Yeah, I mean, if you say so.

Yeah, it was nice.

This is wonderful.

How you have all this out here.

You could have the same.

Yeah, I wouldn't say that.

I mean, not just the shiny stuff, but the better stuff.

Have a better life.

Be a better man.

You know, I was thinking about what you were saying about what smart decisions have I made lately.

Couldn't think of many.

You know, I wasn't even there when my son's son, my grandson, was born.

I mean, he's like that tall now probably.

I don't even know him. He doesn't know me.

It's pathetic.

Well, why won't you just call him?

It ain't that easy, you know...

Listen, I don't want you making the same mistakes I made.

You know what I mean?

So, you gotta ask yourself, what's the valuable stuff?

It's like I asked you before.

What were you really fighting for?

I was afraid.

Of this.


Being the champ.

I was scared I couldn't do what he couldn't.

It's weird.

I used to feel like he was apart of me.

Now I can't hear him, or that thing, that thing that tells me to get in the ring.

Move my feet, keep my hands up.

Hit anything that gets in my way.

I can't hear it anymore.

I don't even know how I lost.

Your mind wasn't right.

And your natural style just won't work with a guy that big.

You saying yours was better?

I won, didn't I?

Good seeing you, Unc. Great to see you, too.

I was talking with your mother, and she says you came up with this name for the child.

Amara. Amara.

Yeah. Yeah.

Why, what's wrong with that?

No, it's a beautiful name, but it's kind of complicated.

Why don't you think about something, at least I would, a little simpler to say, like "Becky" or "Cate," something like that.

Cate Creed?

Cate Creed. Two "C's." Easy to remember.

You do know she's gonna be black, right?

Oh, that's right, I forgot.


Hey, Ma. Yeah.

Wait, right now?

Relax. Okay.

Everything's gonna be fine. Mmm-hmm.

You just gotta be there for her, okay? That's your job.

I got you, I got you.

And remember-- Yeah.

Today is gonna be the best day of your life. Right here.

All right? Yeah.

Best day of your life.

I'm having a baby. I feel like I'm having a baby.

Boy! Hey.

What you doing? I know--

No, never mind. Just get in here.

Okay. Okay, okay.

Like I said, I'll be here if you need me.

All right. All right.

You know, I'm gonna do what I can.

You being here is more than enough.

Thank you.

Mr. Balboa?

Mmm. She's here.

Oh, that's great.

That's absolutely good.

That's fantastic.


Hey, Unc, say hi to your goddaughter.

Wow. That's quite an honor.

Let me see you. Here she is.

Hey, hello, beautiful.

So, nurse...


...what about the test?

Relax for now.

We'll run an auditory exam as soon as you and Amara get some rest.

It's okay, babe.

Thank God she looks like you.

Yeah, right.

So, is she gonna feel anything?

No, it's painless. I promise.

Okay. Now that they're in place, what we're gonna do is give her a series of click stimuli around 35 decibels and check her neural responses.

Is that loud?

Normal auditory range.


Here we go.

So what exactly are we looking for?

A reading. Spikes.

So, we're not seeing any waves or spikes, uh, and given your family history, there is some cause for concern.

However, it is very early...

They're gonna run some more tests.

They said it's early, and, uh, sometimes they get false reads.

Let me ask you something.

What if it ain't okay?

I can't think like that.

You gotta, I mean, how you gonna handle it?


I don't wanna go there.

You gonna love her?

How you gonna ask me a question like that, Rock?

Yeah, I'm gonna love her. Good.

'Cause she ain't feeling sorry for herself, and you shouldn't either.

You got a little...

Oh, it's boxing gloves.

You got it? Yeah.

Goodnight Moon. I love that book.

Who's that from, babe?

The unanimous number one contender Viktor Drago has been met with open arms back in Russia, his father's home, which is nice.

But the question on everyone's mind is, "Where is Creed?"

If he doesn't choose an opponent soon, he risks forfeiting the title and personally, I can't imagine him being able to live with that.

You good?

Yeah. Finally got her to settle.

Hey, I need to get out of the house.

I was gonna go over to the studio.

You mind watching her until I get back?

Yeah, of course.


Okay, okay.


You okay?

Yeah, I got it. Yeah.





Baby, please.

Hey, you hungry, right? Hey, baby, you hungry?

It's Mary Anne. Please leave a message.

Hey, Ma. Listen, listen.

She won't stop crying. Can you just tell me how to...

Can you tell me how to make her stop crying?

Call me back when you get this message, okay?

Hey, what's up, baby girl?

Hey, no.

It's okay, baby. No, no.

No, don't cry. No, not again, please.


No, look, look, look.

You see that?

Look, look, look.


I'm right here.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey. No, no, there you go.


I know.

Mmm-hmm. Daddy's being a bitch, I know.


How'd you do?

She's a fighter.

Just like her dad.

Just like her mom, too.

I have to fight him again.

I don't wanna be that person to stop you.

But I don't wanna end up like your mom, alone.

I feel you.

Do you?

And it's not just us anymore, D.

I know it sounds crazy doing all this all over again.

But this won't be the end of me.

Or you.

It can't be, 'cause we a team.

We weren't a team when you took the fight the last time.

You right.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have put you through that.

Then why?

Why do it again?

What do you have to prove?

It's not about that.

You wouldn't be any good to anybody if you didn't do what you love.

You wouldn't be able to breathe, right?

Well, I wouldn't be any good to anybody if I don't handle this the right way.

But I need you.

Both of you.

I'll beat him.

You better.

You gotta think about this real hard.

You got people that need you now.

That's exactly why I can't lose.

Buddy said the fight has to be in Russia.

Take it or leave it.


On their turf.

So Russia it is.

What you think, Rock?

It's a clear advantage if it comes down to a judge's decision.

Well, then we can't let it get to a judge's decision, right?

Oh, shit.

Call the promoter.

So we train here tomorrow, 5:00 a.m.

No, I got other plans.

You mean, you wanna go to Philly? No.

Listen, you wanna change things in a big way, then you need to make some big changes.

You gotta be messing with me, right?

Heard this is a place where fighters go, you know, to start over.

Get reborn.

What took y'all so long?

This some wild shit.

Yeah, sure looks like hell to me.

Since you're going back to hell, you might as well get used to it.

Let's go.

Go for it.




Keep going.

Build that neck.

Okay, man up.


I'm good.

That's the fight it's gonna be. Toe-to-toe. Get used to it.


Take it to the body.

Take it! Fight the pain.

You all right?

Get back in there.

Get back in there. Protect yourself.

Come on, get up, kid.

Get up.

Keep moving.

That's it.

We're just minutes away from the fight the whole world has been waiting to see.

The rematch between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago for the heavyweight championship of the world.

The unique thing about this fight, Jim, is Adonis Creed comes in a 25-to-1 underdog, and he's the champ!

Well, it's gonna be fascinating to see what that does to Creed's mindset as he enters the ring.

Not to mention Drago's.

Drago! Drago! Drago!

And there he is.

Ladies and gentlemen, Viktor Drago! Making his way into the arena.

He does not have the belt, but to everyone here in Russia and to many around the world, he is the true heavyweight champion.

It's time, kid.

There was no way Creed could have run from this fight.

There was such high demand for Adonis to step back in the ring with Viktor.

And I'm sure Ivan feels good to be back home after all these years.

♪ Ran the whole way

♪ Ran the whole thing

♪ Never ran away

♪ Never been afraid

♪ Never gonna break

♪ Never halfway

♪ I don't know if I can take it

♪ I can take it, I can take it anymore

♪ I don't know if I could do it If it wasn't for who I'd do it for

♪ Doesn't make sense But it makes dollars

♪ Doesn't make sense But it makes dollars

♪ And I wanna spend it all with you

♪ Against the world But I'm with you

♪ I would go to war

♪ 'Long as you're down

♪ Won't let you down

♪ I would go to war

♪ I would go to war ♪ Remember why you're climbing these steps.

Come on up, champ.

This is it, Jim. Creed versus Drago part two.

Creed looks good tonight, but it's impossible to forget what happened to him the last time he stepped into the ring with Drago.

Numerous injuries, not least of all, a nasty broken rib and a ruptured kidney.

A huge difference in this fight is he's got former champ Rocky Balboa back in his corner.

And Rocky assures everyone this fight will be very different from its predecessor.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is it.

Twelve rounds of boxing for the heavyweight championship of the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!

You can feel the nervous energy in the arena tonight, Jim.

Creed has some courage to get back into the ring with a man who nearly ended his career.

A man who is hungry to be champ.

Fighters, I want good, clean fight.

Break when I tell you to break.

You go to your corner when I tell you to go to your corner.

Touch gloves.

Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago sharing the ring for the first time in 30 years.

If anyone knows how to take on a slugger like Drago, it would be Rocky.

You know you got the fire in your gut, and I know you'll do what needs to be done.

Because now, you know what you're fighting for.

Viktor overwhelmed Creed's previous game plan, and I think it got in Adonis' head.

It's gonna be interesting to see how Rocky Balboa has prepared Creed for what is surely to become an all-out brawl.




And we're underway.

Drago comes out swinging with two hooks that Creed avoids.

And a big right-hand right out of the gate.

Watch that right, Donnie.

Drago a bit surprised as Creed shakes that punch off.

Drago is pressing hard, but Creed is not backing off.

Keep moving, keep moving.

Creed working a little bit closer to Drago tonight.

That is a vicious combination by Creed.

And now a right hand by Drago.

Here we go, Drago applying pressure.

Out the corner! Come on, Donnie!

Creed manages to slip away.

Let's get it.

Yeah, what's up?

Now they're squaring off in the middle of the ring, toe-to-toe.

Taking blows.

Creed staying in his face.

And there's the bell! As a wild first round comes to an end.

Go to your corner.

Drago frustrated.

Creed is looking like a different fighter tonight, Max.

That's it, D! That's it! Yes!

Oh, yeah, who's saying Drago now, though?

See, all that work in the desert paid off, right?

Yeah, you got him. You got him thinking.

He wasn't expecting what you're bringing.

Now, he's gonna bring the heat the next round, but you're ready for it.

He overextends his right hand.

You gonna counter with the right and crack him with the left. You got that?

Extend the right, crack him with the left.

He'll never expect it. His old man did the same thing to me.

One early observation, Max.

I think Creed is withstanding Drago's combinations much better tonight than in the first fight.


And round two begins.

Drago with a huge left hook.

And a big right hand.

Drago on the attack again, now driving Creed back into the ropes.

He's overextending the right! Watch the right!

A right and a left for Creed.

Huge uppercut has Creed holding on now.

Drago throws him off into the corner.

Get out of that corner! Get out of the corner!

And Drago throws Creed to the canvas.

What's going on?

Shades of the first fight, but Drago showing restraint this time.

You good?

Yes, I'm good.

Box. Drago explodes from the break.

And Creed is down!

A flurry of heavy shots!

Drago's power is just incredible.



Take the eight count. Take the full eight.

Creed taking his time on the canvas.


Stay down! Breathe!

He's listening to Rocky, who has been in this situation before.


And Creed is back on his feet. Beats the count.

Ready? Yeah, let's go.


Tie him up. Don't fight him. Tie him up.

Drago is right back at it.

So, with the knockdown and those hard shots at the end, that round clearly goes to Viktor Drago.

And you could just feel he's gaining momentum.

You knew this was gonna be a war, right?

You knew that going in there.

From now on, it's who wants it more, and who's got more heart.

Don't let him crack you. You stay on the outside, you're gonna get hurt.

You stay on the inside, you'll tear him up.

I'm telling you, it's all about pressure.

If you wanna give pain, you gotta be willing to take the pain.

Come on!

Yes! Yes!

Round four is another brutal display as Creed takes a lot of punishment from Drago.

Drago is not slowing down.

Landing a big shot after the bell.

What is your problem?


The violent chess match continues, Jim.

Oh, and Creed is down again.

Donnie, get up.

Drago clearly dominating this fight, but Creed will not give up.

He is taking a lot of punishment.

You gotta stay in his face. Look at me.

You gotta stay in his face.

And when you see an opportunity, you go after it.

There you are!

Drago is cut now.

As we enter round eight, we are deeper into this fight than anyone expected.

Creed must sense he's behind. He's trying to force the action.

Yes, baby!

What we are seeing tonight is Adonis Creed standing up to the awesome power of Viktor Drago.

He's not going anywhere.

Viktor Drago looks tired, Max.

Keep in mind, he's never had to go past the 4th round in a professional fight.

Hey! What was that? Take the point, ref!

And Drago drops Creed with two nasty body shots. Come on!

He held him and hit him. One.

Viktor holding and maybe getting away with something there.

The ref must not have seen it.

Come on.

I think Rocky Balboa has a decision to make here, Jim.

He knows better than anyone how this same story played out three decades ago.

Donnie, Donnie, talk to me.


Your ribs?

You think it's broke?

What do you wanna do, Donnie?

You wanna call it?

I didn't think so.

Now he's gonna come after you, and he's gonna try to break on that rib some more.

But that's okay.

'Cause you like the pain. You can take it.

You know why? Because you're dangerous.

I'm dangerous. That's right.

Ten seconds out.

Now here we go with round ten of what has become a war of attrition.

Drago seemingly ahead on the scorecards, but Creed refusing to back down.

That's it, Donnie. Good.

Creed using whatever he has left in the tank.

Drago working the body.

Tie him up!

And down goes Creed again.

And this could be the end of the fight.

Get up, D.

No man should be able to fight through that beating, but Adonis Creed wills himself off the canvas.

What's your name? Creed.

What's your name?



Adonis Creed knows there is no way around Viktor Drago.

He has to go through him.


Dig! Dig!

Creed suddenly finding another gear!

Come on!

Drago's on his heels.

And down goes Drago!

That's it! That's right!

What a wild turn of events.


Donnie, he gets up, you go after him.




Six. Drago beats the count.

I can't believe either of these guys are still on their feet.


Drago seemingly so far ahead on points, he just needs to stay upright and make it to the end.

Here comes Creed again, driving Drago back into the ropes.

Dig! Dig! Dig! Yeah!

Come on, take him down!

Come on, baby.

And Viktor Drago is down!


What a turn this fight has taken.

Creed doubled over in pain as Drago tries to pick himself up off the floor.

Drago summons the strength, manages to make the count.

They're still swinging, Max.

Creed continuing to connect.

And this is becoming hard to watch, Jim.

I don't think Drago has anything left, but he refuses to give up.

And that's it! It's over!

Drago's corner throws in the towel.

And Adonis Creed defends his title.

Defends his name.

Creates his own legacy.

He is still the heavyweight champion of the world.

And the Russian crowd is standing and cheering for the American fighter.

Where's B at? Where's B?

Easy, easy, easy.

Hey, back up. Everybody back up. We need air.


We did it. We did it.

Let's go home. Let's go, D.

I'm good, Ma. I'm good.

I did it. I did it. You did it.

Hey, Unc.

It's your time.

Hey, okay, back up.

What's up, Pops?

I'm sorry it took me so long to come see you.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to go. Um...

I guess I should tell you that Mom's doing pretty good.

You know, she's holding up.

So is Rocky.

Thanks a lot. Thank you.

He's a tough dude.

I can see why you liked him.

I also see why you wanted to fight him, too.

Look, um, I just came here to tell you that...

That I did it.

But I didn't do it for you.

Or because of them.

I did it because it was my fight.

And when I stepped into that ring,

it wasn't just about me.


You must be Logan.

Yes. Who are you?

Lo, who is it?

Sometimes we think we have to do it all on our own.

Hey, Robert.

But we don't.

I was just around in the neighborhood, so...

This is your grandfather.

You look just like his mother.

Yeah, I know.

I wanna introduce you to somebody.

Do you wanna come inside?


Give me that.

Is that a ball? Yeah.

Wanna play catch? Yes.

There you go.

This is your granddaughter. Amara.

Say what's up to Pop-Pop.