Critical Condition (1987) Script

You need an inflata-date?

No, man. I'm here on a business deal.

Do I look like I belong in a place like this?

Can't you see I don't belong here?

I can't see shit.


Hey, I'm sorry.

Hey, I love you, brother. No sweat.

Has she got big ones or little ones?

Big. Very big.

Only... she's not a she.


I need scratch and sniff on these things.

Keep scratching and sniffing.

Doing a little business with the loan shark? Don't-Don't--

Hey, blindy. I'm a legitimate businessman.

I'm here to do business with Mr. Palazzi, real estate, if he'll finance my deal.

Laughed at you at the bank?

Yeah. There was some laughter, but that didn't bother me.

The spitting bothered me. But they didn't have dildos laying around the desk.

Lennihan! Yo!

The man will see

Yeah. That's me. I'm on. Bye.

Hey, man, look cool. Take some shades.

I don't want no shades.

Just take the smokes.

I don't want no smokes.

I'll keep the cigarettes if that'll keep you off my ass.

How do I look?

How the fuck should I know?

The best part of this whole bargain is for $50,000 down payment, I get the whole building, and I open my cineplex.

32 theaters, huh?

18 seats in each theater, but that's not the good part.

Check this.

Look. Dolby sound.

I don't know anything about that.

Hey, it doesn't matter anyway.

I'll tell you what does matter.

If you manage to open this cineplex, not that I give a shit, I will own 75% of all the concessions and 100% of all the vending machines.

Now, the interest on 50,000 is 100,000.

If you don't pay me 150,000 within one year, we're going to collect your collateral.

That's why I come to you.

I'm not stupid. I didn't go to E.F. Hutton.

I don't have any collateral.

You're standing on your collateral.

My legs?

John has something for you.


Now, there's a little favor we want from you.

Our business has been experiencing some, uh, setbacks recently.

Consequently, there's a lot of heat on us, and our people are being watched closely.

So we'd appreciate it if you would just take this package to California for us.

S-S-Something for the little lady?

Lennihan, I got some advice for you, hmm?

Don't be a jerk-off.

[Hoarsely] Well, I am a jerk-off.

I'm certainly not a bag man. [Click]

Do I look like a bag man?

The best in the country.

Yes! I will deliver these diamonds for you.

You got no problem with that?

No. I got no problem.

I'm ju-- a little tense.

I recently quit smoking.

I'm starting again because it helps relieve the tension.

I'm so tense right now you could open a beer bottle cap from my asshole.

I am talking tense.

What the hell's that?

He's got a fucking wire.

Wire? What--

Police! Drop them!

Nobody move!

Freeze! Don't try it!

Jeez! Aah!

Hold it! Don't move!

Don't move!

You're a cop! Not even a blind cop.

Fuck. Hey, what are you--

You set me up, Lennihan.

No. I thought he was a blind pervert!

I didn't know he was a cop.

You're fucking dead, Lennihan!

No, pal. You're the one that's dead!

They caught you with a bag full of diamonds and money!

They caught you red-handed.

Holy shit.

Can we talk?

[Cell Door Clangs]


You talked to the judge, right?

You explained everything's a big misunderstanding.

I'm going to take you and Julie to dinner.

Kevin, I tried everything. I didn't make a plea.

I begged for mercy.

You're going to have to do a year.

Let's go.

A year?

This is my first offense.

Couldn't you get me probation?

I'll do social work.

Hey, how about this?

I'll cook for runaway teenage girls.

I never said a word about any of your harebrained schemes before, not even your offshore shopping mall.

I thought that was foolproof.

I had to do it.

I needed the money for a down payment on my cineplex.

The feds have been looking for Palazzi for years.

I should get a reward.

It was my stupidity that got him busted.

You're sick. You're really sick.

Hey, Lennihan. Wait a minute, Harris.

10 years, no parole, because of you.

I'll be in the machine shop with my associates waiting for you.

You're dead, Lennihan.

See you in the shower.

Ha ha ha!

Watch the shoulder.

Move it. Move it.

Mr. Lennihan, please rise.

I'm asking you these questions to make sure you understand the consequences of your guilty plea.

Are you currently taking any medication or drugs that might impair your judgment in entering this guilty plea, or are you suffering from any mental illnesses?

That's it.

What? Plead insanity.

You're not crazy, Kevin, you're just pathologically irresponsible.

You know that, and I know that.

Mr. Lennihan, did you understand the question?

Mr. Lennihan, did you understand the question, you piece of pig fuck?

Did you understand the question? Kevin!

Answer the question!

This man stole my money!

He wanted us to invest in offshore supermarkets!

You think you're slick talking to a judge like that.

He's been under a lot of stress.

You're cheating with my wife, humping her in my car!

And you, you slut.

You can't mask this.

You got brown babies at home.

I'm looking for justice.


There's justice and injustice!


I'm part of the justice because I'm not just.

Bailiff. No! Ah ha ha ha!

Get away!

Everybody get away from him!


That's not bad.

My client seems to have had a breakdown.

This is absolutely ludicrous.

The court must show compassion in this case.

All right. I'll remand your client over to psychiatric observation for 21 days.

But if in that time his insanity isn't established conclusively, he'll start serving his sentence immediately.

Now what do you see there?

Uh, my first grade teacher after I cut her throat.

Uh, she was a bitch.

That's me drinking her blood.

I put my hand in it.

Made a print on the wall.

Thank you.

I didn't think I'd ever see her again.

Do you want me to call the security guard again?

Oh, no. Please, not yet.

[Unzips Pants]

Mr. Lennihan. Hmm?

Mr. Lennihan!


Oh, please. Can I keep this card?

No. I don't think so.

Ooh, just a minute.

Just a minute.

Ooh! Heh heh!





Ahh. Ahh.

Thank you, Mr. Lennihan.

Hey, I'm crazy, right?

Hey, come on. Crazy!

Sit down. It's hospital rules.

I know. So?

I think she's going to send me to prison.

I don't think she bought it.

I thought we had her this time.

She's seen a lot of scams.

We have to invent a new approach to insanity.

I was in there trying to wank off.

I believe she was wanking off, too.

Police chopper 43 to Empire General Hospital.

You sure it's safe to land on the island?

Yes, but head back A.S.A.P. Storm's building fast.

The big story is Hurricane Sam, a storm roaring up the coast, headed straight for the Big Apple.

Traffic advisories are in effect

on all highways.

Watch your leg.

Hey, Maggie.

What have we got here?

Stucky, Joe.

Murder. Drugs. He's a real animal.

Kicked the shit out of him in his cell.

Put him in the waiting room.

Got you. Come on.

♪ Home, home on the range ♪♪ You're wasting your money betting on horses.

The real bread is in the stock market, with the possible exception of Monty's Dream in the fifth.

I'm home! Hi, Lennihan.

Hey, got you something.

Oh, thanks. Wow, who is she?

Hey, this way.

What did the shrink say?

The shrink said strike three.

They won't let you stay.

They won't let me go.

They're going to let you out.

Still think you're a black man?

Say get down, blood.

No problem. You're going to be fine.

You'll be home with this guy.

You're fucking crazy, man.

Bouncy, bouncy. Boing.

Stroke. Stroke.

Hey, go get them!

Come on. Watch that wave.

Damn it.

What is going on?

Do you want to live?

If they let you out today, what you going to do, shake hands with Sal Palazzi? Remember.

I don't have to remember if I want to live.

You think I'm crazy?

A little wallpaper would fix this place right up.

Hi, Maggie.

Chambers is looking for you.

Yikes, traffic was impossible.

You have a pen?

He's hassling me about everything.

That's because he's having palpitations about finally putting me in charge.

It's not going to be easy tonight.

A hurricane won't spoil my debut.

Miss Atwood, you're late.

We've got a lot to go over.

Can Julie and Karen stay on tonight?

Overtime? It's not your average night.

Every night is average.

That's what average means.

Why aren't people sent home when it's slow?

When is it slow?

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Box, the dog is on my bed.

That's my pillow.

He's just guarding it.

He's not guarding the damn pillow.

He's marking his territory.

I'll mark his territory.

Get your ass off my bed!



Fido. Fido.

Fido. Fido. Here!

He ain't no bad dog, really.

He tried to eat me up!

Out to lunch, man.

Out there.

Woof! Woof!

The staffing chart looks fine, but who's Dr. Slattery?

He's running the emergency room tonight.

Very experienced.

Worked for me at Woodhurst General.

This weekend will be tough.

Let's see how you do. O.K.


Wasn't Maggie right about those extra nurses?

Good administrators don't take their staff's point of view.

You know that, don't you?

Well...yes, of course.



Haven't had much luck with these new walkie-talkies.

We should send them back.

To Pic 'n Save?

Mr. Chambers? Yes.

Trouble in Psychiatric.

Lennihan's got them climbing the walls.

I'll be right up.

Do you want me to go?

I'll deal with this on my way out.

I'll see you Monday.

You have a nice weekend.

Dr. Slattery was going to stop by before he got started.

He must have got caught in traffic.

Oh, Rachel... run this hospital.

[Growling, Barking]

Come on, Lennihan.

Come on, boy!

Break it up in here!

It's some territorial dispute.

The big dog took the little dog's toy.

Lennihan, is that the best you can do?

After reading what you pulled on that judge, I was hoping for something more entertaining.

Dr. Hoffman already sent me her evaluation.

You're off to jail in the morning.


Don't try peeing on my leg.

That won't change my mind.

Escort Mr. Lennihan to a locked private room so he doesn't disturb the real patients.

Oh, shit.

Leave him alone!

What's the matter with you?

He'll die in prison!

Box, take it easy!

This is none of your business.

Get back to your bed.

Make me. You're making him go to prison.

You're making me go to bed?

Is that what you're going to do?

You're going to make me, motherfucker?

You ain't going to make me do nothing!

You ain't going to make nobody do nothing, motherfucker, 'cause we're on strike!

Yeah! Yeah!

We're on strike!

We're on strike!

We're on strike!

We're on strike!

We're on strike!

We're on strike!

Excuse me. Excuse me!

I'm touched by your concern for Mr. Lennihan, but unless you return to your bunks immediately, I'm closing this ward and having you all transferred to a prison for the criminally insane.

Not Dannemora.

They'll eat these fruits alive there!

You heard what Mr. Box said!

So everyone who prefers this warm, safe hospital, return to your bunks.

No! Nobody move!

Box, don't!

Nobody has to go anywhere, not nobody.

Box! Don't make it bad for yourself.

Look. It's going to be all right.

I fucked up.

I'm going to the penitentiary.

You ain't going nowhere.

Nobody is going nowhere!

What are you trying to pull, Chambers?

What happened to the lights?

Man, you'll all die!

Get back in your beds!

We got to stop this!

If you stay, you're dead tomorrow.

Soup's on now, guys!

Let's raid the pharmacy!

Yeah! They got nurses with big tits!

They're taking Lennihan away!

Can't let those guys loose in the hospital, man.


Parts of the city are blacked out, but our grid is totally wiped out.

Great. No power on the island.

Nowhere to go but up.

Yay! All right!

Emergency generator right on schedule.

That generator only puts out half the power.

A lot of the hospital still has no juice.

Tommy Pinto fell off the roof!

Why was he up there?

Chambers sent him. Where is Chambers?

Gone for the weekend.

Miss Atwood's in charge.

I fell off the fucking roof.

Can you move your legs and neck?


Get him a C-spine.

Jack, call my wife, will you?

Where the hell's our E.R. doctor?

I can't diagnose this by myself.

How do I get a hold of you?

I can't stick around giving out a forwarding address.

I'm out of here.

Go to Chambers' office and pick up your files.

Go upstairs and make a right.

Make a right?

Rachel, don't forget about the O.R.

What about Chambers' lab?

It's got its own generator.

Chambers spared no expense. That's why--

Is there anything else you need down here?

Bring back the two girls you sent home.

Oh! Oh, shit!

Get me some flashlights!

There's no oxygen pumping.

I need someone to help me dress her.

Just go over there! Where's Doris?

Doris? Where did she go?


Why should the emergency generator work?

Nothing else does!


Get Maintenance on the phone.

What phone? It just went dead.

It is no more.


You clown!

I'm going to twist your head off.

Dennis, what's the story with the generator?

Checking it out now, lady.

Great. I haven't got Tommy's X-rays.

How long will it take?

Get off my case, lady!

You'll know when it's fixed, O.K.?

The generator worked before, so they'll get it working again.

The E.R. doctor's going to be here soon.

The most important thing for us to do is to get on with the work.

Dr. Slattery?

Got me!

Edward Slattery?

Edward Slattery?

Thank God I found you.

I'm Rachel Atwood, Arthur's assistant.

I know the conditions aren't what you expected, but I'm doing absolutely the best I can.

I'll find the disaster manual and see if I can get some information.

Excuse me.

Oh, great. This book isn't too old.

There's a chapter on leeches.

I'll have to use my best judgment.

Guess so.

What's this? "Lennihan, Kevin."

Oh, Chambers took care of that.

So let's go, Dr. Slattery.

Go? Where?

To E.R. You've got a herd waiting for you.

Go. Start without me, and I'll be right down.

I'm not an M.D. I'm an administrator.

We've got to go now, Doctor.

I've got to scrub up.

Doctor, are we ready?

Call me Eddie, please. I'll call you Rachel.

Rachel, Eddie.

Eddie, Rachel?


Did Chambers mention that I can't stay very long?

I have things to do.

I'm going to other hospitals.

Bring some plaster. We got a broken leg.

Take care of it.

There's Maggie, the charge nurse.

Tell her you're here. I'll see Maintenance.

Check the light packs.

It's possible they weren't recharged.

Put down that pillow, Tony, and take this lantern over to the drug room.

Take the pillow.

You have two hands.

Maggie, she's stitched up.

I need someone to help me dress her.

Gwen, help Dr. Joffe with the dressing.

Don't talk back. Just go.

Excuse me. I have an emergency.


Dr. Foster, what are you doing?

We can't run an operating room by candlelight.

I've rescheduled all elective surgery until the day after tomorrow.

Things should be fixed then.

Deploy the O.R. nurses and orderlies as you see fit.

That was a close one.

Aren't you going to help out down here?

Miss Atwood, you're standing on a malpractice time bomb.

I won't be around when it explodes.

Nothing's wrong with my head.

You've never seen it from this angle.

I want to go home.

I got to check on my Mercedes.

What do I do with all these people?

Don't admit them to our hospital.

Send them home.

You can't take that!

That's my ambulance!

Yo! I'm out of here!



Huh? Oh!


Oh! Aah!








The causeway's out!

The causeway's out? Yeah!

Who are you?

Dr. Slattery. Who are you?

Dr. Foster.

Doctor, we got the same first name.

I want a ride back to the hospital.

Hey, give me more slack out there!

[Speaking Spanish]

This is a great idea, Dr. Joffe.

Young Dr. J. is just full of great ideas.

How many headlights do you have?

Uh...20. Good.

You left your stethoscope at home?

Thank you for the ride.

Hey, Doc, where the hell is my ambulance?

I got it washed.

What happened?

Dr. Slattery?

Yeah. What's your problem?

What happened?

The causeway collapsed.

And the ambulance drowned.

Weren't you treating the patients?

I was treating patients, and then I saw the storm.

I knew we should evacuate everybody.


That was my diagnosis.

Shouldn't these guys be driving the ambulances?

You're right. Uh... what's your name?

Dr. Joffe.

Got out of med school three months ago.

I got hemorrhoids older than that.

You'd send people out in weather like this without first ascertaining the risk?

If you didn't want to get your hands dirty, you should have went into law.

Me? I wasn't saying...

Dr. Slattery.

Dr. Slattery.

Dr. Slattery. E.R.'s this way.

Chambers is probably home now with his feet up, nursing a double scotch.

He loves them double scotches.

I should call him.

No! Don't do that.

Oh, right. Phones are dead.

Dr. Slattery, here's what we have.

We have a roof worker that fell down.

He hasn't been X-rayed.

A guy's been struck by lightning.

We have a regular.

We have an auto accident with contusions.

We have a possible labor-- six kids, all here.

We have a broken leg.

We need a doctor in the detox ward because the medicine men are screaming for medicine.

I can't pass myself off as a doctor.

I couldn't pass myself off as a lunatic.

This is easier.

None of these assholes know what they're doing.

Tell everybody they got the clap and give them shots.

Somebody will recognize I'm not Dr. Slattery.

Nobody keeps track of these emergency doctors.

They're moonlighters.

They work a bunch of shifts.

They make their money and disappear.

You're perfect for the job.

Only if Chambers doesn't show up.

I'll go to Psych and check it out.

I'm a doctor.

I'm a doctor.

Doctor, we need those dispositions.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention?

The problem with the medical profession today is too much buck-passing.

No shit.

You depend on me.

I'm moonlighting.

I do the business and go.

Depend on yourselves. You got good minds.

You're brilliant.

Screen those patients for me.

Nurse, help him out.

Give me your recommendations.

Remember what Hippocrates said.

Now go to work.

Well, go to work!

Let's go!

Work, work!

One more time, Chambers.

What did you do with the lights?

You're always keeping us in the dark.

I don't know what's going on.

Maybe the whole city's blacked out.

Oh, yeah, right. Sure. Suffering delusions of grandeur.

Give me the goddamn radio, and I'll find out.

What will you do with the radio, Chambers, call in the S.W.A.T. team?

Are we going to sit here like this all night?


We'll sit here forever!

We'll sit here... just as long... as I have my hands around your scrawny pecker neck!

Nobody is going to send us to Dannemora.

Who said anything--

Shut up, fuckhead!

Oh, Dr. Slattery. Dr. Slattery, please!

What seems to be the problem?

Have you tried prune juice?

Of course. The last time I went was a week, and that wasn't such a good one.

A warm bath does the trick for me.

Doctor, she's taking Dulcolax suppositories, and nothing's moving.

She won't be able to do it by herself.

We'll have to do a manual disimpaction.

Get the manual.

What's that for?

Oy, not this again.

What's the matter?

You got to be kidding.

Dr. Joffe!


Dr. Joffe! Dr. Joffe!

Get over here!

It's an emergency. Take care of it.

Boy's going to wish he went to law school.

I need some more penicillin.

O.K. Coming right up.

O.K., Joffe, what is it?

There's no diagnosis yet.

She hasn't been examined, sir.

You haven't examined her yet, and you have magic hands?

What will you do with these magic hands?

Wash them, sir.

They were just up Mrs. Nussbaum's magic butt.

I've given you the glamorous jobs.

Examine this patient.

I have lots to do.

Now examine this patient.

Yes, sir.



Get your ass out here.

But, sir-- Now.

You disgust me, Joffe. Go wash your magic hands.

Get your magic ass out.

Under the curtain. Go, quick, now.

Go, go. Quick, quick.

Excuse me.

What a cute coat.

Why, thank you very much.

What seems to be the trouble?

Oh, well, it hurts all over.

Here... and here... and especially here.

Doctor will make it all better.



Steth-- Cool off.

What do you hear?

Oh, I hear, uh...

I hear a little tiny voice.

And it's saying, "Eddie, you're one lucky son of a bitch."

I just love a dedicated man in medicine.

They just give so much.

It makes me want to give them something back.

Yes. Dedicated. That's me.

I'm a dedicated doctor.

I'm a real dedicated doctor.

This is the best day of doctoring for me.

I love caring men.

Oh, I care.

My friend's a cynic.

He says tell everybody they have the clap and give them a shot.

Can you imagine that?

You wouldn't have to tell me that.

Oh, no?

Because that's why I'm here.


I already have the clap.

[Zips Up Zipper]


Dr. Joffe!

What the hell are you doing, Doc, building a wall?

No. This is the latest technique.

When the cast is real big, the bone sets harder.

You're going to like this. This is good.

I'd like you to do me a favor.

When you take this cast off, I'd like my ring back.

It's in here, see?

This is good.

This will set good.

Dr. Slattery, could I see you for a moment?

Dr. Foster, take over for me!

There's an emergency!


[Speaking Spanish]

Try this for size.

[Speaking Spanish]

Excuse me, Doctor.

Nurse, this could be serious.

Excuse me, Doctor.

Why don't you just go weigh everybody?

You have the pressure--

[Bang] Backwards!

Well, no wonder. It's an '82 model.

They should have recalled these.

Anything else I can do for you?

That's the woman who's here for treatment.

She's her cousin.

Could have something that runs in the family.

You never know.

Have them both X-rayed.

She says her husband left her, and it hurts all over.

X-rays won't show anything.

You see?

It won't hurt.

Look. See?

Excuse me.

She's not crying anymore.

What did he say?

He said my husband is no good anyway and that he thinks that I have a nice--

You know...ass, and that maybe we'll go dancing tomorrow night.


[Men Shouting]


I thought we had emergency power.

Where the hell is it?

They're restoring it.

I've got four nurses.

How many do you need?

I'm keeping people alive by hand.

I could use at least three per bed.

Oh, God. I'll get you everybody I can spare.

There's a patient with a D.B.T.

He threw a P.E. He could have an M.I.

We know how serious that is.

I need a second opinion.

Is that why your parents worked so hard to send you to medical school?

My parents are wealthy.

Would they be interested in a little cineplex?

$50,000 down--


Your opinion's as good as anyone's.

I'm counting on you today.

Don't let me down.

Thank you, sir.

You're great.

What are you doing?

Letting a first-year intern make that diagnosis alone?

That's an engraved invitation to litigation.

Precisely the issue of Blowfield vs. St. Jude's, a settlement of $3 million.

What are you trying to pull?

Doctors, what is the matter?

This guy's gone crazy.

Miss Atwood, your emergency generator--

Forget about it.

You'd need a miracle to get juice in that by the morning.

Morning? People are being kept alive by hand.

That can't go on all night.

What can we do tonight, boss?

We've been after Chambers for months.

I didn't hear anything--

This is a joke. People will die here tonight.

She only wants to know what it costs.

You've been running this hospital into the ground.

Gentlemen... pointing the finger at Rachel, that will fix the generator?

We need people up in I.C.U., right?

We can't spare anybody from here.

We'll get people somewhere else.

That's easy to say.

It's easy to do, too.

Follow me.

Eddie, what are you doing?

Just a minute.

Rachel, I'm a master of persuasion.

Ladies and gentlemen... can I have your attention, please?

We need your help.

What is he doing?

I been here five hours. What's going on?


This is our head orderly Louis.

Get to know him.

And, remember when you were kids and you had your temperature taken?

What is he talking about?

Tonight's going to be your turn, a chance to help your fellow man.

Listen to the doctor.

He's been sent here by some ambulance-chasing law firm.

You can't have patients working in a hospital.

Look, I'm your doctor.

I'm going to prescribe for you...exercise.

It's good for the cardiovascular system.

It'll help you. You'll walk--

iEscuchen el doctor!

If anything happened, we'd be liable.

I don't have any choice, do I?

Well, this is anarchy.

Do I?

You need exercise most of all.


Come on.

I'm no doctor.

I know you're not, but you need exercise.

Watch the kids.

Come on up.

Come on up.

Thanks, Eddie.

It's my pleasure.

Get me out of here.

Let's go this way.

Doctor, I.C.U. is this way.

Follow me.

Follow Louis.

Where are you going?

To I.C.U.

You're an emergency room doctor.

Eddie, the orderly will take them.


Tony Pinto's feeling tingling in his legs.

I'm really worried.

What do you think it might be?

Who knows without a CAT scan?

What happened to the cat?

Remember, there's no power. The lights are out.

I know where some lights are-- the helipad.

They got their own generator.

That's fine, but who will move it?

The medicine men in Detox. They're sitting around.

I'll go get on it.

I'll take care of it.

They won't listen to you.

Thank you, but remember, administration's my job.

Miss Atwood.

She won't listen.

That woman has no idea what she's doing.

We're talking about a class action suit against this hospital, and you're encouraging it.

What kind of gypsy doctor are you?

Is that a formal accusation or libelous hearsay?

My lawyer's on call 24 hours a day to take care of nitwits like you.

You'll be on your ass like white on rice.

I wasn't suggesting anything.

I accept your apology... this time. I'm sorry.

Get with Joffe, help him with Tommy Pinto, and move your ass.

Dr. Slattery!

I'm going to pee.

I don't need a second opinion.

I know how to hold it.

Do I need a second opinion?


He doesn't need a second opinion.

[People Chattering]

Mr. Stucky. You here for the cure?

Yeah. They let you out of prison?

I scammed those suckers in the joint with "my leg is falling off" bullshit.

How am I going to get out of here?

I don't know, man.

[Rachel] Can I have your attention?

I need my meth!

I'll get you all the drugs you want.

You two over there, this involves you, too.

Get me off the island.

Come on. Let's go.

Now! Now! Come on, hard-ass.

So this is an out of the ordinary and a highly unusual request, but this is a highly unusual situation, and we really do need the manpower.

I thought this was supposed to be a drug program, not a job program.

Ain't that right, fellas?

So just give us our dope.


♪ My girl likes to party all the time ♪♪ Take it easy before you wear this stick.

Tell them again. The man's serious.

You done woke him up from his nap.

Come on.

I got a program, too, but I got good news and bad news.

The good news is I got the methadone.

O.K., O.K., O.K.

What is the bad news?

You'll have to work for it.

That's terrible.

Rachel asked for help and you jaw-jacked her.

Well, I won't take no jaw-jacking

'cause I'm going to split.

I didn't come here to work, Doc.

I came to relax.

I can't work.

Praise the Lord! He can't work!

Hey, man!

Hey, come on, man.

What's the matter?

Hey, Doc, I thought we were junkies, not flunkies.

Well, you thought wrong.

Thought you had to piss, but you had to shit.

Now, listen to me!

Do we have a deal?

Say yes.

Yeah. Yeah.

You guys have made an important career decision.

♪ The junkies on the go ♪

♪ The junkies on the go ♪

♪ Hi-ho, the methadone ♪

♪ The junkies on the go ♪♪ Hup, 2, 3, 4. Boogie down.

You, keep your end up.

Get out of my face!

We don't talk to our doctor like that.

I can give you shock treatment, clean your brains out if you got any.

Now keep it up and see what happens.



If someone needed to get off the island, like, say they were going to get killed--

I mean, they were sick-- could they use that boat?

Yeah. I have the key, but you can't do anything when it's like this.

Yeah, but when it's nice.

Yeah, it's possible.

Good to know.

All right, men, let's go.


Who said anything about Dannemora?

Where do I sign?

Lights out at 10:00, cable TV...

[Bell Rings] sports, and dirty movies.

Sodas whenever we want them.

Nurses with bigger tits.

[Ring Ring] A wonderful idea.

Well, that should be no problem.

Anything else? No? Terrific.

Now, don't sign this... if you don't want to.

Now, if I can just have that radio back.

What did you do to Lennihan?

Me? You all saw what happened.

You sent him away to Palazzi... or to medical experiments.

We're next!

We're next!

Woof! Woof!

We're next!

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

I can see you guys are too smart for me.

I'm going to level with you.

Lennihan was an undercover inspector for the board of health.

The board of health.

Oh, you're just too good, Chambers.

You really are.

What do we do now?

What do we do?

We gag that maggot before I rip his lying lips off.

Woof woof!

Woof woof woof!

You could puke a buzzard off a gut wagon.

[Engine Starts]

Eddie, you're our hero.

I am?

Way to go, Doc!

That was great, Jack.

My toaster's on the fritz.

You can fix it tomorrow.

Your oven, too.

We're not out of the woods yet.


Dr. Slattery, someone here says he works for you.

You'd better see him.

I'm busy.

Show me where the Demerol is, and I'll Ben Casey my own ass.

Get me Dr. Joffe.

Good luck.

You're supposed to be working.

Hey, Doc. Doc. Don't waste your time, man.

Help those people who can be saved, man.

Throw me in bed and forget about me.

To make sure my last days are comfortable, keep me highly medicated.

You-You know my condition.

Yes, I do.

You're suffering from a severe case of full-of-shit-ness.

Would you give me that in layman's terms?

I'm checking you out.

No, I told you, Doc--

Ow! Ow!

What is that, man?

I don't like the way that sounds.

No shit.


I don't like that one either.

Did you just experience a sharp pain?

No, a blow job. What do you think?

How's the patient, Doctor?

Can I vote?

I'm feeling pretty groovy, actually.

I just can't do that kind of work because of my hernia.

Dr. Joffe, check this man for a hernia, please.

Great. Another one of those glamour jobs.

O.K., drop trou.



[Cough Cough Cough Cough]

He seems fine.

Squeeze harder.

Sometimes it's inside.


I am coughing, man.

I'll cough up a fucking lung if this guy will let go my balls.


But, sir--

We're trying to save a life!


Doctor, should I schedule immediate surgery?

Yes. We'll check him from the inside out.

[High-pitched] No, we don't!

I want to work! I want to work!

Dr. Joffe, he's cured!

Rachel, Dr. Joffe, uh, that will be all.

And, Joffe--

I know, sir. Wash my hands.

Eddie, I never really had any doubts about you, even though your colleagues thought, uh--

What did my colleagues thought?

Let's say you hung in there when the shit hit the fan.

That's because I'm a shit-in-the-fan dodger from way back.

I got into medicine late.

What did you do before?

I sold real estate, made investments, property, land.

I was doing pretty good.

I had a lot of investors.

Everything was going O.K.

One day I looked at myself in the mirror, said, "Eddie, this ain't the life for you."

I went to medical school.

Oh. What school?


What's it like running a hospital?

I mean, being in charge of everything, like the food and the strawberry desserts--

Jell-O's and things like that.

I'd like to speak to you about the strawberry Jell-O's.

I want them strawberry Jell-O's.


If you can believe it, tonight's my tryout for the job.

Hey, Rachel... you're doing a great job running this hospital, and you're a lot prettier than Chambers.

Thank you.


I got to fix food, coffee.

Miss Atwood, Miss Atwood.

This is Mary in I.C.U.

It must be 110 without air conditioning.

We've got to do something.

I'll take care of it, Mary.

Don't panic. You fix the sandwiches.

I'll go up to I.C.U. with Mary.

Thank you.

[Speaking Spanish]

Hey, you goofing off again?

Trying to mobilize everybody for I.C.U.


We're moving the helicopter into the lobby.

Blow air up the elevator shafts.

Say "ah."

To the lobby, Louis.

Come on. Let's go.

Can you get it through the door?

Don't worry. It's foolproof.

I'll take a sandwich, that's what I'll do.

Pull! Pull!

Come on, men.

We almost got it up.

One more time.

1, 2, 3.


Oh, my God.

Eddie, you said it would fit through the door.

Well, it's close.

I've got to get it by the elevator shaft, then I'll blow air throughout the whole hospital.

These guys will help, because I only need it up the steps.

Right, men? You'll give it a try?

One more time!

1, 2, 3.


Eddie, you did your best.

Get them to I.C.U.

Guys, follow me up to I.C.U., O.K.?


Anybody here know about choppers?

Sir, I am a expert in choppers, Doc.

The Slicks, the Sikorskys, all of the Hueys, the "A," the "B," the "C," the "D" model, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, and this one here-- the Huey 500 D.

I know this sucker backwards and forwards.

You wouldn't bullshit me?

No, I wouldn't shit you.

Get in.

Well, you see, I was a chopper mechanic in the big Asian vacation.

Never got off the ground because of my fear of heights.

But if you put somebody behind that stick, I can definitely show you how.

Eddie, we don't have time.

We've got to evacuate the I.C.U.

Any volunteers?

Bring it on up.

Easy, now. Easy.

Too much left pedal!

Ease your side stick forward!

My what?

Your steering stick.

A little more collected!

Your up-and-down stick!

Are you talking about my dick?

I hope he knows what he's doing.

No sweat. He told me he owns one of those.

O.K., O.K., O.K.

That's it. Easy. Up, up, up.

It's a piece of cake.

Slow! Slow!

[Machine Gun Fire]

Oh, shit! That's the 50s!


Left! Left!

Left? I'm turning left!


Are you freaking out?

Rocket fire! Evade! Evade!

What? Evade what?

This ain't Vietnam!

To the right! To the right!

You fucking crazy?

Oh, shit. They blew up my stash.

Oh, God. I'm out of drugs.

You stoned fuckhead! How do I land this thing?

Don't land! Take it up!

Back to base, man! The pad's too hot!

Take it up! Take it up! Don't land!

The war's over, you fuckhead!

I'll die in this motherfucking helicopter!

Don't land! Don't land!


All right!

Way to go!

Nice job!

I'm going to grab his heart and pull it out of his ass.

You get the Distinguished Flying Cross, Doc.


Help! Help!

Cough. Good.

It's going to be fine.

It's going to be fine.

He was having a fit.

Well, it worked. What do you think?

I'll wake up any minute and laugh my head off.

You can't go to sleep now.

There's work to do.

Got to get the generator going and bail out the basement.

Your troops look wasted.

Do what you got to do in E.R.

I'll take care of my troops.

Thank you. O.K.

I'll be right back.

Don't forget about me.

These X-rays are meaningless.

You need an artist's sketch?

No, a CAT scan.

We can't, Doctor. There's no power upstairs.

Dr. Slattery!

Tommy Pinto has an epidural hematoma of the spine.

The longer we wait to operate, the greater the risk of paralysis.

He's jumping to conclusions.

No, I'm not.

We don't have the proper information--

The symptoms are obvious.

What else could it be?

It could be--

Let's just say, for argument's sake, he needs an operation.

We don't have an operating room, do we?

We don't?

No. There's no power up there.

It's inconceivable to perform that kind of delicate surgery here in the emergency room, isn't it?

I mean, would you?

No, I never have.

The air is filled with bacteria, germs.

It's not antiseptic.

We can't expose the central nervous system to a lawsuit.

What if we can't restore power in time?

Pull yourself together--

Wait! Wait!


Shh! Shh! Shh!

Doctors, act like doctors.

What's wrong with you guys?

Hey! Will somebody tell me what is going on?


Would you look at Tommy?

He won't even look at him.

It's not my domain. It's your domain.


Yes, it is.

I'm only the intern.

I'm a surgeon. I never talk to patients--

Until after-- before surgery.

You have to go in there, Dr. Slattery.


Dr. Slattery! Dr. Slattery!

Listen, I'll go in.

I'll look at him... alone.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

Hey, Doc. How you doing?


So how you doing, Tommy Pinto?


So what's the story here?

The story is... you should have used a ladder.

Tommy, you a diabetic?


Diabetic? No.

What's your favorite flavor?


Shit. That's mine, too.

They just don't put enough reds in here.


You're welcome.

Hey, Doc.


Can you look at my legs?

I can't feel nothing.

That's bad, isn't it?


It's not as bad as you think it is.

We'll just put a heating pad on for a couple days, and it'll be O.K.?

You're a lucky man.

I mean, you could have fallen off a roof anywhere, right?

But you fell off here at the hospital.

There are a lot of good people around, man, that are going to take care of you.

So you're going to be fine.

You're going to be fine.

Hey, Doc, you're not bullshitting me, are you?

Doc, what do you think?

Eddie, what's up?

You see...

I've been getting a free ride.

Some man down the end of the hall, if he doesn't get an operation, he may be crippled the rest of his life.

I can't keep this bullshit up.

But you have to.

I know how worried you are.

I'm not who you think I am.

You'll get the O.R. going.

Listen to me.

Every time we've been up against the wall, you made us believe anything was possible.

Anything's possible.


You made me believe it, too.

Yeah, I could, uh--

We could try.

O.K., let's try.

Did we get in those boxes?

Yes, uh, they're right here.

Great. The anesthesia equipment is working. [Beeping]

Check this beat.

Nice stuff. I mean, it's great.

Here we go, Dr. Foster.

Very romantic.

This is what you brought me up here for?

You expect me to operate under these conditions?

Who are you people?

Miss Atwood, you are an incompetent fool.

Everything you've done has jeopardized this hospital.

I won't be a party to your criminal behavior.

Dr. Foster!

You son of a bitch, she's trying to help.

I'll break nine of your fingers, but I'll leave one to shove up your pompous ass!

Can you operate or not?

If something happened, I'd have no defense.

You'll leave him downstairs because you're afraid you'll get sued?

Are you a doctor or some chickenshit bureaucrat?

Why did we go into medicine in the first place?

Since becoming a doctor, I've watched the medical profession go to hell.

We aren't treated any better than fly-by-night mechanics or shoddy house builders.

If the customer isn't happy, they haul us into court.

Where is the deference, the trust?

The trust?

You're a penis head.

What? We're doctors!

People come and say, "Doctor, help me, please," and we help them. That's power.

You'll let your lawyers scare you out of that?

We got the greatest jobs in the world.

We can park anywhere!

Driveways, loading zones--

No tickets.

We get aisle seats at the theater.

There you go.

Is there a fire?

What's going on?

I have no choice.

Where are we going?

Chambers' research lab.

This is a mutiny.

What are you doing?

Nice shot.

Watch your foot.

What is this, the cafeteria?

I suppose you think that's funny.

This is criminal behavior.

You can't--

This is breaking and entering.

Miss Atwood!

Can this generator light the O.R.?

I--I--I don't see why not.

My God! What is Arthur going to say?

Arthur! No. This is Arthur's baby.

This isn't Arthur's baby.

This is Arthur's baby!

This is an emergency I've got to deal with.

Stop! You're throwing your career out the window.

What is your problem?

It's a risk I've got to take. Right, Eddie?


No! Stop!

Miss Atwood! Aah!


Oh! What are we doing?

What about it, Dr. Foster, can you perform the operation?

Oh. What a mess!



The power's on, so can you?

Anything to get out of here.

Great. I'll get it moved.

Dr. Slattery, I'd be pleased to have you assist me in the surgery.

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Mmm... ♪♪

Dr. Slattery.


We have to go.

I know, but I'm not yet, uh... clean.

They're waiting for us.

Dr. Slattery.

Germs? Germs?

I'm just trying to get sterile.

Sterile enough?

I don't know if you've done this.

It's a challenging procedure.

Without the CAT scan, we can't pinpoint the hematoma.

A lot of spine may be exposed-- a very delicate procedure.

From the symptoms, though, it should be between T-9 and T-10.

Doctor...I don't think I'm the man for this job.

I don't understand.

I don't want to know.

I don't care who you are.

Send Joffe up here, keep your hands in your pockets, and run this hospital.

Thank you, Doctor.

Do we have enough I.V. fluid?

Rachel, I need a hand.

Get these kids out of here, please.

Please get these children out of here!

[Speaking Spanish]

Doctor, she's fully dilated.

She's having a baby?

Yes. It come out like a gum ball.

Rachel, hold her hand while she bear down.

O.K., dear. Yes, come on.

She's got my arm.

Push. Push. Ohh!

Take deep breaths.

Good girl. Oh, she's a good girl.

There was a head.

It went back up, but it was a head.

O.K. Good girl, good girl.

Breathe slow.

Breathe slow. Good girl.

Good girl. You're doing well.

Another one is coming!

You know what to do.

You've done this before.

Good. Good.

Oh, another one!

Push now.

Oh, my God!


It's coming! Push!

It's coming out.

It's a baby!

Doctor, catch it!

Oh, my God. It's a baby boy.

It's a boy.

It's a baby.

It's a baby.

It's a baby.

We could use suction.

It's a baby boy.

Look at the nuts on your baby!

Rachel, you cut the cord.



My God, baby. Hold him.

You should be very proud of yourself.

Doctor, would you mind giving him back to Mommy now?

Good girl.

You're a good girl. You did well.

Here's your baby.

That's your mommy.

It's my baby.

Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.

You're a good mommy.

You got a good baby, too.

You act as if you've never seen one.

Oh, I've seen them.

Every time I... deliver a baby, it's... it's like the first time.

It's a baby.

Everything worked out great.

He's fine.

Great. Thank you, Doctor.

Thank you.


You deserve a victory cigar.

What's your favorite flavor?


Red! Shit!

I'll never get one.

You saved his life, you know.

Me? You did.

No, you did.

A team effort.

You and me a team?

We make a good team.

Doctor, E.R.

Yeah, I--

Hello, Doctor.

Hi. Ahem.

Do you really like moving from hospital to hospital, never getting to know the people you work with?

Is that a proposal?

It's an offer.

Well, I have been thinking that I should... be more serious about my career.

O.K., junkies, change shifts!


Shit, man!

Hey! Where the hell did he come from?

Hey, man! Get up!


Come on! Help me turn him over!

Give us a hand! Help me here!

Hey! We got a dead cop.

He washed in from the ocean!

Call the E.R.! Get a doctor!

The guy's dead. Who was he?

That cop who brought me in.

You killed him?

There's got to be another key for that boat.

You're in on this.

Hold the light.



New Yorkers woke up

after the biggest storm in a decade

to find widespread damage

and parts of the city still without power.

This cop was strangled.

Have you seen a man with blond hair, blond beard, and prison denims since the blackout?

Please, girls, think again.

I left him in the radio room.

Wait a minute.

Why would someone come back if he's trying to escape?

You kill a cop, you try to get away fast.

He's been dead 10 hours.

10 hours?

Causeway was still in then.

It didn't go until I tried to escape--

I mean evacuate.

Then there's no problem.

He left when the lights went out.

You don't believe that.

I'll radio the city police.

Rrr! Rrr! Rrr!

Come on, Box. I go free, you go free.

You'll come next week for dinner, meet the wife and kids.

I ain't got no clothes.

I'll lend you some of mine.

We'll let out the shoulders a little bit.



Miss Atwood, come in, please.

Miss Atwood, come in, please.


You'll never guess where I've been all night.

I've been held hostage in the psycho ward.

When you have a free moment, do you think you could come up and let me out?

Oh, God!

Uh, yes!

Miss Atwood's a witness that I agreed to these demands of my own free will.

"Nurses with bigger t--"

Just open the door, Rachel!

Hold it!

I want Lennihan. This guy makes me crazy.

Get me Kevin Lennihan!


I thought we made a deal!

Kevin Lennihan. I want him here.

Who are you talking about? Kevin Lennihan.

He's black like me, in his late 30s with a mustache.

He ain't crazy like us.

Now, where is he?

Tell him he's gone!

Can you describe him more?

He used to be in real estate.

He owned his own helicopter.

He ain't bonkers like us.

He just acted that way to stay out of jail.

He's crazy, all right, but just about them damned lifesavers, especially red.

Box, listen! He didn't stick around.

Shut the fuck up, asshole!

He didn't run out on us.

Listen to me, lady.

Either you bring Kevin Lennihan down here, or sunshine here ends up part of the parking lot!

Now do you get that?

Yes, sir.

Rachel! Talk to these people!

Shut up, or I'm going to feed you to goddamned Fido!

Psst. Psst.


Mrs. Harwood, no, ma'am. No, ma'am.

You know our condition.

Get it out of here.

Give her some juice.

How are we doing? Fine, thanks.

I'll tell Dr. Joffe you're O.K., O.K.?

He's going into law, you know.

Hey! What's the game?

Hey. It's craps.

We're playing with dice.

Mr. Lennihan.

Cheating you!

Mr. Lennihan.

How could you?

Stolen jewels are one thing, but you delivered a baby.

What was going on in your mind?

What if it was breech?

A hundred things could have gone wrong.

I would have been responsible.

You took advantage of me.

I'm in trouble! I'm history in this hospital!

I tore open the front door because of you.

I blew up Chambers' lab!

I took all the risks.

You had fun playing with people's lives.


Don't call me Rachel! I'm Miss Atwood.

Think about where you would have been without me.

You made me believe anything was possible.

You'd have fallen on your face without me.

I don't deserve this shit!

You deserve jail, which is where you're going after you get your friends to let Chambers go.


For what? You have a heart bypass scheduled?

Maybe a little brain surgery?

Are you fucking crazy? I'm not gonna let Chambers go if they're sending me to jail anyway.

If you want him out, we have to make a deal.

Nobody goes to Dannemora--

Nobody, especially Box.

I want your word on that-- No one goes to Dannemora.

O.K., but nothing for you, right?

Wrong. I'm getting out of your hospital.

All I want is to just bolt, and I'm out of here, O.K.?

Now I know who you are.

You're Lennihan.

Nothing for nothing, right?

Call it like you see it.

Is it a deal?


This is what you wanted, isn't it?

Woof! Woof! [Panting]


Lennihan! All right, Lennihan, my man!

I knew he was coming back!

What the hell's going on?

I agreed to two conditions--

He gets safe conduct, no one goes to Dannemora, then he'll get Box to let you out.

It's a deal.

Look at you, man.

Eight hours ago, you was a dog.

Now you're a doctor.

You make me proud to be an American.

This reunion is very touching.

Unless you really want to get touched, shut the fuck up and get out of my face.

You got a way with people, Box.

Chambers wanted to let me out, but I didn't think it was a good idea.

No, not this way, Box.

You're probably right.

Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Man, you really trust her.

She's a stand-up lady, Box.

Your word is gold with me, Bubba, gold.

This is where I was headed before I took a detour.

Had some fun, made a friend.

Why is she so pissed off at you?

I can't get it.

I do.

But you handled everything like a pro.

I'm not a pro.

I'm a bullshitter, just like she said.

I'm full of shit.


Get out of here, you, and don't come back!

That bastard's not getting away.

We made a deal.

Stop being a fool.

He's not getting off this island.

A man's escaped from Psycho. Secure the grounds.

The causeway's out. He can't get off the island.

He's got to be hiding in hospital.

Forget the grounds. Turn the hospital inside out.

If he suffers bodily injury while being recaptured, nobody will be reprimanded.

That's a promise.



Everybody asked you what to do, not her.

You had all the great ideas.

She's a hard-ass.

I don't want to hear no more about that lady, please.

Just untie me. I don't want to take the dock with me.

I'm trying to get this boat to run!

We needed the air. There was no circulation.



You couldn't tell a doctor from a psychotic con man? Calm down.

We heard what you've been through.

Terrible. Terrible.

But console yourself.

No matter who Slattery was, we didn't lose a single life here tonight.

That's what's important.

You won't think it's so important when you're spending the rest of your career in court.

What are you talking about?

We can justify everything.

We? What do you mean, we?

You were the senior physician here!

Don't do this to me. We have to stick together.

You went over the wall on your own.

Don't expect this hospital to share your liability in disregarding basic procedures!

But the situation was such that--

You're looking at a blizzard of litigation!

Anyone walks out of here with a common cold has a good case for malpractice!

Junkies roaming the halls, orderlies prescribing diets... dismembered ambulances, and a helicopter in my fucking lobby!

Oh, my God.

Why did I ever become a doctor?

I could've been a lawyer.

Given the shape this hospital is in, I don't see what other choice Dr. Foster had.

You'll be asking yourself that question for years when you're practicing medicine in a small town in Idaho.

You're finished in this city.

These people will thank you-- Fuck off!

You don't know what you're talking about!

Thank you for your professional opinion, Nurse Lesser.

For your performance tonight, you'll be back on the wards emptying bedpans.


This is totally uncalled for.

These people did what had to be done.

If you insist on treating these people like this--

Yes? I will resign.

That's the first helpful thing you've done all night.

Go clean out your desk.

[Fire Alarm Rings]

Keep going! Keep going!

It's not your problem!

Ah, shit!

Get back! Get back!

Jail, remember?

The fire's in the laundry room.

God, what next?

False alarm! Be careful, please!

The fire's out back!

The fire's out back.

Get everybody out front! You're going the wrong way!

Check on Tommy Pinto, make sure he's O.K.

Please, go up to I.C.U.

We may have to evacuate.

All right, everybody move it!

Get all these people out in the front.

We may have to use the front for fire victims.

Everybody move it!

Nobody's moving. What's going on?

Do as he says!

Dr. Slattery, great to have you back.

I'm Kevin Lennihan. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, Lennihan.

Hey, Louis!


Pull out the hose! Come on!

Get it straight!

Forwards, not backwards!

It's hot, man! I know, but hang in!

Don't give up on me now!

The exits are in that direction.

Calm down.

The key to the boat!


The key! I don't have it.

Don't lie to me.

Here, take them.

You come along for insurance.

Give me more line!

Stay with it! Pull!

Him! Now he's trying to burn down my fucking hospital!

Attention! Security!

Bring weapons and sharp objects.

I've got you now!

Incitement to riot, kidnapping, arson--

Fuck you!

Way to go, Chambers!

Sir? Sir. Miss Addison's stuck in the basement.

Get this maniac. He's not a doctor!

Why should they listen to you, huh, Chambers?

Arrest him. That's an order.

Are you deaf?

Lennihan saved your hospital.

That's right!

He's right. Yes.

You people are as gullible as the half-wits in the psycho ward!

He's conned you all!

I'm a con man, huh? What are you?

You've conned these people into believing you could run this hospital.

They're scared and pissed off at you.

You know why? I'll tell you why.

You never let them use their own minds.

Every time they do, you come down on them.

They don't know how to deal with it, so they panicked.

You've got some good people, some real stars.

Besides that, you got a great hospital.

This is a last-ditch insanity plea.

You're telling me how to run a hospital?

Industrial accidents!

Preventive maintenance is the key. If you'd used that, Tommy Pinto wouldn't have went on the roof in a hurricane and damn near killed hisself.

Accidents happen.

Emergency generators!

They went out.

Chief administrator's responsibility.

You tell him, Doc.

Nobody's interested in these wild allegations.


Radio, TV, newspapers.

I know people in the media.

They'd be glad to print this kind of story.

These people here got a lot of wonderful stories they'd be willing to tell the press.

You bet!

You don't want to get her started.

Please help me, someone! Security! Chambers!

I'm in the boiler room. Stucky's after me.

He's still on the island?

Oh, Christ!

Give me that. Cover the grounds!

Who's Stucky?


Oh, my aching balls.

O.K. Let's do it.

Louis, I need help!

Can you hear me? Send me up somebody, quick!

Aah! Oh.

Come on!

The key. The key!

This is the end of the road.

I don't think I need you anymore.

No. Please, no.

We got the place surrounded. Permission to move in.

[Using Different Voices] I got the rotten bastard in my sights.

Permission to fire.


Get that fucking helicopter out of here!

Woof woof woof woof woof!

Awoo! Awoo!

Hey! I hope you guys get him when they come out the door!

If they come out the back, we got him.

What if they go back in the hospital?

We can't have that! Nobody's guarding the hospital!

Hey, this is Big Daddy with a big 10-4.

What about the girl?

Fuck the girl. We kill everybody.

No! Please!

Shit, sir!

Move it!

Which way to the boat?

The door, over there.

Rachel, run!

Eddie! Get out!

Get out!



[Generator Cranking]

Come on! Come on!

You black bastard, you!

I'll kill you!

Rachel, get out!

Come on, get over here!

Get out, Rachel!

Where's the boat?

Over there. Rachel! Rachel!

Damn you!

I'm gonna get that motherfucker!

I'm O.K.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Come on! All right!

[Generator Starts]


Woof! Woof! Woof!


Nobody kicks my dog, motherfucker!

Oh, shit!

Motherfucker! Die!

You fucking wimpo doctor!

I am not a doctor!

We some bad black motherfuckers, ain't we?

Damn right, Bubba.

You all right?

Take care of him!

Not them. Him!

All right. Come on, Stucky!

Let's say your files were destroyed in the fire.


You're free and clear. You can start all over.

I like the sound of that.

Get out of here, Lennihan.

Damn, Bubba.

You the man, Bubba. You the man, Lennihan.

You take it easy, Fido.

Why the hell couldn't you be Dr. Slattery?

I wish I could be who you wanted me to be, but I'm not.

I think that you might be...

Mr. Lennihan.

Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

I'd like that.

Very much.

Eight hours ago, I was a lunatic in an insane asylum.

Now I got a yacht. I met a nice lady.

Proud to be an American.