Cross Wars (2017) Script

Hi, you don't happen to have the...

The cross corms.

I'm sorry, what?

The cross corms.

Which one are you talking about?

Issue two.


Do you have what it takes to get that comic?



Where did you get this?

My great-grandfather passed it down.

Oh, I see. Wait right there.

Did she just say, "cross"?

Here you are, but...

Be very careful with it.

This is a one of a kind.

The only issue available.

Guard it with your life. Okay.

Yeah, I will. Thank you. You're welcome.

The world has been at war since its creation.

So many lives lost in vain.

Deaths of warriors...

Sailors... soldiers... and the innocent.

The wrong place at the wrong time.

That's where we come in.

The gods chose warrior families... to protect mankind from the darkest of enemies.

They forged amulets from celestial alloys and armed each family.

The most powerful amulet is the cross of the isles.

Armed with the powers of the cross...

Callan and his team of weapons experts... fight crime in Los Angeles.

But now, an enemy has returned.

And a new enemy has joined him on his quest.

To save the world...

Callan and his team must fight their biggest battle yet.

"It's early morning in the high desert." What...?

You... you have to add charisma.

This is an action comic book.

Let me show you how it's done.

"It's early morning in the high desert.

The sun rises and we see beautiful snowcapped mountains in the distance.

A white SUV... travels down the long desert roads."

Let's go, pizzle-fire.

Hey, hey- crocodile hunter.

It's blackfire.


Get out my way. Got in some bullstick. You know...

Rosa parks fought for this, she fought.

Got me in the back like some damn cat.

Brother war. I want you and old pizzle-fire... to work your way up the right side.

Shark, you and Lucia take the middle.

Saint, ranger and I, we're gonna work all the way down the left and forward.

Remember, our intel has the weapons cache in one of those RV's.

A white one with a brown stripe on the side.

You know... gives me that creepy feeling.

That tip off is starting to feel just a little too convenient.

Well, the quicker we can find those guns... the quicker we get out of here. Good.

Because I'm hungry.

Hungry? You just had... Yeah.

Flapjacks, bacon, eggs, grits... toast, cereal, milk, orange juice, cheese...

And I'm exhausted.

You know, there's nothing more tiresome than eating and drinking.

If it wasn't so daggone good.

And necessary, of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Voltaire.

Okay. Let's find those guns.

We can find the guns.



What? What?

You forgot pork chops.

Oh, man, that was almost insulting.

You gonna forget my pork chops. You name everything but the pork chops?

That was the main course. What you talking about, man?

Something about this place creeps me out.

Yeah, come on in, boys.

Come on in.

My mama used to make pork chops, make these nice pork chops.

She'd fry it up, put gravy on it, had a little fat gristle.

Fat is my favorite. I used to save it for the end.

Eat the meat at the beginning and save fat, know what I mean?

Right. Wait, wait.

You forgot dessert.


Cheesecake and strawberry. You know, this is crazy, man.

I'm getting so hungry...

I think I wanna kill some bad guys and go to Denny's right now.

This is great.


This one?

Yeah. Looks like that's the one.

No weapons.


Contact, run.

Party's going. Let's get in it. Let's do it, let's do it.

Good work, 12 o'clock.

Three o'clock.

Let's waste these bastards.

Fall back, behind you.

Three o'clock.

Go, go. I got you covered.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

Get behind me.

Son of a bitch. They're everywhere.

Stay down.

War, come on.

Come on, blackfire, get back here. Move! Move!

Stay down.

Come on. Get down.

All right, here we go.

One more. You're gonna get shot in the head.

Watch your back.

Stay down!

You find anything?

Not even one gun. Nothing.

You bring my sandwich?

It's all right.

Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

What's wrong with you, man?

I'm just saying. No one else is hungry?

I'm hungry. Fighting crime gets me excited.

Yeah, that was me. That was me.

That was me.

Oh, man.

This was not a set-up.

This was a death sentence.

But not just us. No.

Whoever did this didn't care about their own crew.

No loyalty.

I'll meet you guys at the warehouse.

I'm gonna go get intel.

You're gonna talk to snitch?

He sold me bad info about a month ago.

Bad info?

Getting girls' numbers isn't intel.

When was the last time you got a number?

Hey. Time's ticking guys.

Let's go. Let's roll.

You're so cool, man.

You're so... you're so cool. Get in the back.

I should ride with him.

You got it all mixed up.


You wanna know that... it's gonna cost extra. That'll be everything you need.

Does this include the refund from last time?

Gentlemen, this concludes our business for today.

Where'd you get the intel?

The usual suspects.

Paul tells Ringo, Ringo tells George, George tells me.

I would have gotten it from John but... George is dead.

What? Doesn't matter.

We got hit.

A set-up? Hard.

Comes with the territory, my friend.

Look, I'm not blaming you.

If I were, you wouldn't be standing, okay?

But I do wanna know... where you got the tip from.

Look, if I go around ratting out all of my informants... no one's gonna do business with me... then where will you get intel from when you need it?

Who's the boss?

You know I can't do that, Callan.

Look I don't bribe.

I always pay for the information I get.

But... if I have to ask you one more time... Wait a second.

Boss's name is Muerte. That's the word on the street.

Scary guy. like Keyser Soze.

A real diablo.

That's all I know, man.


No... no problem.

Better get back to my business.

Can't be seen talking to the likes of you.

Come for the fiber, stay for the taste.

No, I'm all right. All right. All right.

You get some intel?

New boss.

He already has a beef with us.

That's impressive, guys.

Why don't we find him first and beat him to the punch?

I heard this guy's bad.

Real bad.

Well, does this freak have a name?


Muerte, really?

I mean, that's typical overconfident male. I... I see it all the time.

My guess his mommy didn't play with him enough as a kid.


Dude named Spanish death.

Did the snitch give us a location, or do we have to go looking in hell?

I don't know.

I mean, do what you do. Get on the computer, your cell phone.

Fine. I'll do what I do.

He doesn't seem like the kind of guy we'll be able to tie up till Nitti gets him.

No, it sounds like the type of guy that we need to put down.

Permanently. I like the way she thinks.

Seems like everybody's on edge.

I recommend we finish up here and go home and get some shut-eye.

No complaints.

Yeah, I'm beat.


Hold down the fort. I always do.

I strive to take my work home, so it's easy to make work my home.

Oh, speaking of work. Nuke, did you... finish those spherical detonators?

Your exploding balls?

Exploding balls. Yes.

If that's what you call them.

Everyone calls them that except for me.

Hey, Callan?

Don't go trying to save the world by yourself, okay?

Okay. And if you see something... call us.

All right, boys and girls.

Who the hell is this guy anyway?

Doesn't he know we run L.A.?

No one tells us what to do in our town. When he shows up...

I say we kill him.

Show him who's boss.

Send a message to the next guy who thinks he can call a mandatory meeting.

Dangerous. I think it's hot.

I'd like to have a long night with him.

Ladies, lowlifes, and soon to be dead...


Who you calling a lowlife?

Who gave you that name, Muerte, anyway?

Your dishrag mother didn't love you enough?

Muerte's Spanish for "death," you idiot.

Oh, I see.

I'm supposed to be afraid of you.

You're a scary guy?

You want me to kill him, boss?

You're... you're new.

I don't know you.

What name do you go by? Me?

I go by grime.


That's like that dirty little grease spot in the oven.

Anyone else?

Poor bastard. I like your style.


Now that we have an understanding, here's what I want.

I want anyone that stands in our way...


Now, is that clear enough?

Nod if you understand.

Now... to own a city, you have to be the strongest in a city... and to be the strongest in a city... you have to kill the strongest in the city.

Agreed? Hundred percent.


Yeah, what about Callan?

Let Callan live.

But the cross team, they have to die.

And anyone that's in bed with them... is dead.

There's a lot of cash to be acquired.

And we don't want anybody getting in our way.

Lots of people want the cross team dead.

What's so special about this guy?

I don't know. I don't care. Some whacked-out scientist.

What's with all the questions?

Well, see, well...

We've all been down that road before... and it didn't really work out because, see, 70 percent of my crew got whacked.

The rest moved out of town.

I had to build a whole new gang.


This time it's gonna be different.

I lost a crew this morning.

But the four of you, with your gangs together... it'll all be over by morning.

We kill the cross team, our investor will take care of Callan.

With all due respect... that still won't be good enough.

I have a couple of aces up my sleeve.

Kade, Jax.

Just point at the target.

And we kill the target.

I like it.

Now with all of you and your teams united... this will be doable.

Oh, and one more thing.

I get 60 percent of the take from now on.


Now go kill them.

And don't come back till it's done.

Let's go, girls.

Hey, slick.

Bring me some Trejo's tacos.

Muerte is a really bad guy.

Yeah. He's the worst of the worst.

Callan, where you been?

Working nights.

Still stocking? You know me.

I love groceries.

I ordered your fave when you came in. A nice tall glass of agua.

Thank you.

Old flame?


Anything else would be a crime. Hey, Callan.


You staying out of trouble?

Trying. Yeah?

Hey, pretty lady. What you drinking?

I said, what you drinking?

Hey- my boy's talking to you.

You're still using those moves? I use what works.

Yeah, as long as it's fighting and not a relationship.

I had to leave, okay? You are so not gonna blame me for that.

- I'll have what they're having. Make that a double.

Well, that ought to do it.

Should we go?

Yeah, the rest should be showing up soon.

I'll clean it up. You lovebirds get out of here.

Does everybody know?

So you wanna meet at our spot?

Roger that. Room with a view.

Meet you there.

Oh, boy.

This isn't good. This isn't good.

Come on. Come on. This isn't...

Come on, come on.

Come on, come oh, come on.

Nuke-y. Come on, buddy. Nuke, nuke, nuke.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Oh, nuke, come on.

Come here, nuke, nuke, nuke-y.

Oh, nuke?

I don't see this son-of-a-gun anywhere.

Oh, no, the jackpot, man. This is it. This is...

This is his workstation.

Man, this guy is a slob.

Look at the... look at all this junk. Focus, man. We're here to do a job.

He's got something in here. I know he's got something.

Wait, wait, wait.

That's us.

Look, he's been watching us the whole time.


All right, he's gotta be around here somewhere. Come on.


What's that beeping noise?

It's coming from over here.

Fire extinguishers don't beep.

Oh, crap. Oh, crap.

Did nuke make it out alive?

Well, he is the smart one, so I hope he finds a way out.

Just like old times, huh?

Yeah. Just like.

Still coming to my rescue.

Listen, I...

I know we haven't talked much since...

We've been pretty busy, yeah.

Team's been getting shot at daily.

Someone's gotta get the bad guys, right?

I'm sure Nitti's busy.


God, that man must love what he does.

He's definitely not doing it for the money.

None of us are.

We do it because it's right.


This new guy.

He's no joke, okay?

Snitch told me his name.

He's nobody to be messed with.

What's his name?

Muerte. Oh, my god.

Could you get any more cliché than that?

It's a clichéd town.


Yeah? - They got to us.

Who? I don't know.

I'm guessing our new secret admirers.


I blew it to fragments.

Anything left?

Well, me, and... every bit of our digital world.

All right, call the team.

Let's meet at... l-37.

Copy that. On it.

Three times today.

This morning, with you at the bar... and my hideout.


Dude really knows how to make an explosive exit.

Muerte just got to town.

Why come after the two of us'?

I haven't heard any chatter. Yeah, me neither.

I mean, he obviously wants both of us out of the way.

We only have two things in common.

I mean, we both protect the city and...

It's been a long time since we had that in common.

It's a great conversation starter, though.


Listen, Muerte... he's on a roll.

Who's he working with?

I thought you and Erlik had an "agreement"?

We do. It's not Erlik or his guys.

It's not his style.

Well, then whose style is it?

I don't know. Maybe... someone we put behind bars got out? You know, wants to settle the score?

So... ever think about us... and the way we...?

Look, Riley, we had something amazing, okay?

But, I mean, there's no safety in our job, right?

We don't know if we'll be home or not.

I know that.

I've always known that.

When I got hurt...

and you didn't think I'd make it... you totally disconnected from me... friends, family, everyone.

Your team good?

Yeah, team's good, everyone's healthy.

Flying under the radar.

Fighting crime for free.

I miss you.

Why don't you and your team...

stay with me.

Are you serious? Yeah.

Well, that's like moving in together.

I'm serious, okay? It's safer.


I'm gonna go. Yeah.

I'm glad we had this talk.

Give me all your money.

I'll cut her.

Boy. You have the worst luck at picking girls.

I'm gonna give you to the count of three to get that knife off of my neck.





No way. Riley can freeze time?

That's what her amulet does.

How many dead? How many survivors?

Afraid there's nothing left but a pair of boots and scrap metal.

Apparently, the fire set off a bunch of grenades.

Not grenades, they were blackfire's balls.

I've heard about your theories. "Hulk smash!" Right?

Yeah, we wonder about you sometimes, Nitti.

Good evening, detective Nitti. Busy night?

Looks to get busier.

Callan's team is changing locations. Someone foreclosed on their hideout.

Still chasing, right? Yeah?

Making any progress?

Same as always. Day late, dollar short. But soon. I got one of those feelings.

I'm sure. Have fun with that.

I'm gonna look for some gremlins.

Good luck.

Well, here we are.

Yep. Here we are.

So, what's your story, Nitti?

I mean, if cross and his team are the good guys, right... then why are you dead set on catching them?

I don't like competition.

I've heard that about you.

Well, see you around, Nitti.

By the way, it's no competition.

Cross and his team catch a lot more bad guys than you do.

Anyone know where the light switch is?

Yeah, I got a box.

There we go. All right, folks.

Pizzle-fire, put that back.

This is nice.

Dump it on this table.

All right, vests on this end.

All right, folks, load the mags.

We got a lot of work to do.

All right, look at that. Not bad.


Here's your battleaxe, brother. Thanks, brother.

Fix the stock on this one here.

So only the necessities?

Yeah. I'll be traveling light.

As you do.

It's what we're doing.

Welcome home, guys.

The ultimate man cave.

Nothing but bricks, cement... and me.

I think it could use a woman's touch.

I could too.

Yeah, yeah. Actually, I bet you could. All right.

It was... it's a dud. I promise it wasn't gonna go off.

It just, you know...


You drop your balls one more time...

I'm gonna shove them up your turd-cutter for safekeeping.

You got me? Yeah. I got you.

He'll do it. Get to work.

Okay, I'm gonna get to work.

Muerte sends his regards.

His final regards.

So long, Erlik.

Hey- what have we got?

An anonymous call. They heard gunshots.

How many dead? It's easier to count the survivors.

I'll play that game. How many survivors?

If we include everyone? Of course.


Erlik? Him too.

Really? Erlik too? Are you sure?

Someone finally got to him.

It doesn't make any sense.

Erlik was playing it cool. Basically running a legit business.

It takes big kahunas to put a hit on Erlik.

Yeah. Even bigger ones to pull it off.

Any suspects?

Not yet, but I'll figure it out. Real question is why?

It'd be a big reason to take out the crime boss.

There's gonna be a ripple effect.

Sure will. Every time it runs down to my lap.

It wasn't your grim Robin hood. They were on good terms.

She knows you well. She knows you're a big cross fan.

Who knows? Could have been the girls.

They take out the trash.

Not a chance. This is too dirty for a pack of heavily armed supermodels.

This wasn't cross or the Mickey mouse girls club.

They had a truce. Neither would break it.

Great, now the whole world's gonna know.

Who's our lucky winners tonight?

This is not good, Lisa.

Do tell.

Someone took out the whole crew. Even Erlik.

Erlik? Are you sure? Dead sure.

I don't believe it.

Neither did I.

Who would do such a thing? That's what I intend to find out.

Cross? No.

Let's go find some bad guys.

Isn't that what you pretty girls do? Look for bad guys?

Hey. How was the bar? Did you see any cute guys?

If you did, give them my number.

Right. You're barely old enough to date.

You know, I beat down three thugs last night for purse-stealing.

I'm pretty sure I'm old enough.

Give them my number instead.

I haven't seen a cute guy in months.

Ladies! Listen up.

There's a new guy in town.

And he's killing all the good guys.

One by one.

Who is this guy? Yeah, where'd he even come from?

He goes by Muerte.

Him and his goons are already after us.

They attacked me and Callan at a bar tonight.

Callan? As in cross Callan?

Yeah. That Callan.

Ran into him at the bar.

He said his guys were ambushed this morning.

So what? He and his crew eat guys like that for lunch.

As do we.

Guinevere, I'm not playing. They want us dead.

They can get in line, because lots of people want us dead.

You don't get it. In the last 12 hours alone... they've attacked Callan and his men, then attacked me and Callan at the bar... then broke into his headquarters.

I don't know, call it a hunch. I'm pretty sure we're next.

So, what do you want us to do?

Strike first.

We get them before they get us.

Now you're talking my language.

I'm in. What are we sitting around here for?

Yeah, I'm ready.

We could start by cutting off their heads.

You know, bloody Mary style. Yes, nice.

Or we could capture and torture them. It's always more fun that way.

Ladies! Callan's already on his way over.

We're gonna stay with them.

We're stronger in numbers.

That's ridiculous. We don't need protection.

We are the protectors.

Come on. I'm not going all the way there... to listen to chocolate-fire talk. Oh, he's not so bad.

He's kind of cute. Then you go there... and you listen to him. Come on.

He's got a few good jokes. This is so lame.

Calm it down! Calm it down.

Now, Riley has never steered us wrong.

Besides, it's always a good idea... not to get too comfortable...

If you want to make it through we need to stick together.

The last place any of you want to be... is on the dying end of a kill.

Hey, man, spare some change?

Hey, he's talking to you.

Hey, punk!

Give me your change!

All right.

This place should be fully operational by morning.

So work fast.

Oh, you guys take a break. I got it.

A little work goes a long ways.

You keep your head in the game.

And out of your ass.

Out of my ass.

They came for Riley.


What are you talking about, Riley?

Where'd you see her?

Peter's bar.

Ran into her there.

You ran into her? Like, like physically, like... ran into her with one leg up? Pizzle-fire.

I was just trying to make light... okay.

Pretty damn brave of them to come after you both at the same time.

Two amulets together, that's some pretty hot firepower.

Yeah, you guys were quite the fighting pair, remember?

I don't think they knew that I was there.

How's that?

They only sent four guys.

So I told Riley to come stay here with her team.


We need to watch them.

Do you not remember how that went... the last time you did that? It's fine.

You know, it's not a bad idea.

With Guinevere and everyone.

She's pretty hot. Yeah, she is hot.

Stop. Both of you.

Just saying.


- Yeah? Is this line secure?

I found something you'll definitely be interested in.

All right. I'll be there in 15.

Don't be late.

That was the snitch... and he has some intel. So I'll be back.

Watch your back.

Off so soon?

You just got here. We didn't even get a chance to Netflix and chill.

I make a mean guac. God.

Hey- heard some bums got beat up pretty bad.

Beat up? They're in multiple pieces. I don't think "beat up" covers it.

Did you get any DNA evidence off the confiscated items?

There's gonna be trouble with that. What trouble?

Well, when I came back from upstairs, stuff was missing.

Missing? What do you mean, missing?

Well, I came back and it was all gone.

No idea what happened.

No one has a key to get in here.

What exactly is missing?

Well, everything. All of it. Every item is missing.

Nothing left but belly lint and blood.

Have any idea who took it?

The snitch.

The snitch? Yeah. Right under our noses.

Had to be someone with inside contacts.

Some law-breaking worthless bastard.

Yeah. The snitch.

Callan. Right on time.

Hello? You ready?

Yeah. How's your team?

Ready to rock.

I got the intel. Multiple threats.

Roger that. We'll be ready.

We'll be there in a few. Okay?

Callan, I... Stay sharp.

Be ready for anything.

Okay. I'll see you in a few.

You okay? What'd he say'?

To be ready. Oh, we're ready.

The question is... are you? What's that supposed to mean?

You can handle yourself in a fight.

But handling your feelings for Callan is a whole different story.

I'll be fine.

That's what you said last time.

And then he almost died.

Yeah. He recovered. You didn't.

Girls, listen. I'll be fine.

All right, I've loaded the mags and prepped your weapons.

Ladies, make me proud.

Cold hard steel. Sexiest way to get a man's attention.

- Gunnar's back. What?

He died on the roof. I was there.

Did you see him? No.

Explain, please. Ls this based on science... fact, or merely one of your rumors on the street?

What the...?


He chopped up these homeless guys downtown.

Trusted intel?


That's impossible. We blew him into a million pieces.

They couldn't even identify him. You know...

Gunnar told Erlik that he'd been around for thousands of years.

I heard about that. It's some type of curse, right?

That he's gonna live forever... or until everyone dies. But, you guys...

I mean, we're still alive, so... My cross... gave him everything it had. It took, like, a week to recharge.

Then we'll have to find another way to stop him.

Okay, nuke. What do you have?

I probably have something I can modify. I...

It'll take some work. Give me a little bit of time.

We don't have any time. We don't have any time at all.

Just think of some lightning and thunder and mix it up...

Guys, guys, I'll figure it out. I always do.

In the meantime, you go kick him, shoot him, thump him and pound him.

Thump him? Do what you do.

Just don't kill him.

He's gotta be working with Muerte.

I mean, it's his normal m.O.


Hang tight. All right? See you in a bit.

Pretty impressive.

Right on time.

Welcome back to the temporary land of the living.

You look great for someone who's been dead forever.


Right on time, my friend. You're good.

Yeah, it's not my first rodeo.

Is it nearly ready?

Rome wasn't built in a day. You know?

It took a lot longer than that.

Those were the days, huh?

Did you follow my instructions?


And Muerte?

As we speak, I'm working on it. We'll give him his cash.

But he won't be able to spend it.

Poorohap. He doesn't know he's gonna die tonight.

Did you get everything you needed?

I got all the elements.

All we need is more power.

We'll have more power than you ever thought of.

Last time it didn't go the way we planned.

But you're lucky you have me, and I have plan b.

I see you've been living like a king.

Like an American president.

Fast cars, fast girls. Lots of money.

Thanks for the bank card.

And all this just from one little machine.

This little machine.

This little machine creates a swarm of free-flying quarks.

And do I look like the kind of guy that reads up on flying quarks?

Did you hear what I said?

Free-flying quarks?

I don't care as long as we can kill everybody and I can finally die.

How long will it take?

Not long, my friend.

Every atom in the universe will be destroyed.

And you're willing to end it all for one peek of the end?

It's actually a peek of beginning.

Now get this machine working.

I'm on it.

Look out!

Get them!

Behind you!

Behind you, look out!

The boss wants to see you unharmed.

Lucky for you.

Riley! I got her.

They took Riley.

Hey, did Callan say when he was gonna call?

No. It's like watching grass grow.

I look, nothing.

I look again, still nothing.

You know, I kind of enjoy the downtime.

You know? I needed this break.

The snacks too. You know I love my snacks.

Yeah, well...

I'll be glad... when we're slinging hot lead back down range again.

Ready, pizzle-fire?

Because hell's coming.

Yeah, Gunnar's a different kind of animal.

Can't kill him.

I'm not worried.

Just, he's just gonna die and reincarnate.

Or some freaky shit.

I'm ready.

You don't understand. It's like pulling a weed.

It just comes right back.

We're in luck. I have weed killer.

You okay? - I'll live.

Riley said they were coming, and we completely blew it off.

They ambushed us. We weren't ready, and now they have Riley.

- I'll get her back. We. We will get her back.

She's our girl. You're not in this alone. Yeah.

We're helping.

Let's do it.


Let's get our girl.

Will Callan save Riley? I hope so.

They make a pretty good team.

Look at you.

You brought a pretty penny.

All that money.

For you... and this amulet.

Get your hands off me. Hey!

Better save that energy, honey.

I understand you're going to quite the party.

Take her to Gunnar.

And bring back our money.

Oh, yeah.

Don't forget this.

Things are starting to get interesting.

Gunnar's gonna enjoy you.

Won't be long, now.

Almost ready to be tested.

The bait will be here soon and Callan will come running.

You have special hate for that guy.

I like it. I wasn't always in the hating game.

First thousand years I lived to love.

It was the second thousand years I lived to hate.

Done. It's ready.

Well, let's see a sample.

Ready? Yep.

Good. Very good.

Now let's see its potential.

Will that machine destroy the whole world?

That machine is gonna destroy the whole universe and everything in it.


Okay, don't worry. I'll take care of it.

All right.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready.

It's time to go to work.

So get all your weapons together.

It's gonna be a long night.

What's this thing do?

How does it work?

That's a great question.

Come closer. Watch this one thing.

Come here.

Does it feel good?

You won't feel a thing.

It's pretty. So perfect.

It tingles.

Goodbye to the world, hello to the end.

Listen, we just got this new place... and he's already inviting guests.

It won't be long before we're looking for a new hideout.

I mean, what is the purpose of having a hideout if we don't hide?

You know, you could always hide. Somewhere where no one speaks.

That's real funny. All I'm saying is... there's no good reason for him to be bringing people to our hideout.

Hey, the bad guys got Riley. It's a good enough reason.

Not good enough, Jack.


Now, if Callan says they're cool... they're cool.

Plus, we need the manpower.

Got it? I got it.

I don't care if they the marines.

I need my sleep.

Boys. Separate.

He grabbed me first.

Listen, we need to focus on getting Riley back safely.

That's what we're doing, okay?

Regardless of all that, I'm just...

I'm just not ready for any new teammates.

I have enough trouble with the ones I have.

Like quiet riot here.

You want to bang your head? That's not banging, it's slicing.

I could help you feel the noise. I don't want to feel no noise.

I'm not a rock star.

Listen here, duck dynasty, I'm...


Callan, what's going... We was just talking about you, man.

The guac I said I was gonna make... it's in the fridge, you know? Go ahead and...

Oh, hey.

Oh, this is...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Ladies, hey, how you doing?

Welcome. Make yourselves at home.

You guys look nice.

You know, maybe like the housewives of Rambo... but we can deal with that.

We can deal with that.

You guys may have heard of me.

I'm blackfire, resident explosives expert. You know what I mean?

Y'all know what I mean? Okay. All right.

Puke, these ladies look like they need some water.

Can you get them a round? Get a round right quick?

Your legs ain't broke. Fridge is over there. And it's nuke.

Not puke. Oh, okay.

Fizzle-fire, when's your cousin getting back?

Oh, he's spending some time with our aunt. You know.

I was just trying to...


I heard you had a rough night. Lost a soldier.

I heard you had a rough morning. Yeah.

We're going back out tonight.

Exact a little payback.

You all up for it?

We're always in.

That's good to hear.

All right.

I see you met pizzle-fire here.


Make yourselves at home. And don't listen to a word he says.

Thanks for having us. Yeah, thank you.

What happened? They caught us off guard, that's what.

Yeah, they had these two giants covered in armor from head to toe.

Bullets didn't faze them, not at all.

It's like they weren't human.

Oh, they're human.

I'll prove it.

Her shield couldn't hold up to one of them and he took off with her.

I mean, for giants, they move really quick.

She didn't have a chance to freeze motion.

She really can do that? Of course she can.

Man, I gotta see that, because I like...

We... we got him.

We got... we... we got him!


I'm sure of it. I knew I would find you!

Okay. We need a plan.

We have one.

We kill Gunnar, we get her back, and put a muzzle on him.


I like that plan.

How's that gadget?

I think it works.

What do you mean "you think"?

Just test it, nuke.

I can't test it.

It only works once.

So make it count. Once it's activated, that's it.

Just how I like it. No bloodstains.

Just suck the life out of the earth and send it off into the abyss.

No sounds, no soul.

Not even a light.

You certainly do like to settle the score.

A little friend of mine, he never left a score unsettled.

Neither do I.

There's been a lot of mass killers in history.

But you are the greatest one.

I'm not a mass killer. I'm a cleanser.

There won't be anyone to notice.

Finally the end.

I'll get the front row seat.

Welcome, gents.

Welcome, young lady.

Hey- that's no way to hold a lady.

Now put her down gently.

Yeah, right. This ain't no lady.

Now... let me introduce myself. My name's Gunnar.

I'm the last person you're ever gonna meet.

Yeah. Let's hope not.

I'd hate to have such a terrible finish.

Quite feisty. Fighter?

I'll keep hold of this for a bit.

Just until your little boyfriend Callan gets here.

Yeah, that's right.

You see, I know everything... because I've been around a long, long time.

When he gets here, I'm gonna kill him...

I'm gonna kill you, and you can be together forever.

Now I've got your attention.

How does this thing work, anyhow?

It's gonna kill Callan.

How does it do it?

That's a good question.

It's powered by the amulet, which is powered by Riley.

So, coincidentally, Riley will end up killing Callan.

Not bad.

Oh, you're a monster!

Callan will stop you.

That's it. You get mad, because I hear the madder you get... the more you power up the amulet. And we need power.

How will Callan find us?

Oh, we left him a little calling card.

Yeah. We shut down the valley. He'll find us.

All right, listen up, everybody.

This is obviously a trap.

We're all gonna be walking in... but I ain't sure if we're walking out.

Yeah. It's just like a '70s Batman show, right?

The joker sets a trap, and he walks right into it.

I always thought...

He's supposed to be the world's smartest detective.

I never really got that, right? Pizzle-fire.

Are you done? Yeah. I just wanted to get that out.

You know, this is personal. I believe Gunnar wants to watch us die.

Well, regardless of whatever his final motivations are... he wants revenge first.

Wish him luck.

I wish him dead.

Sounds nasty.

You don't know him like we do.

He has Riley.

And there is only one way we're getting her back.

Walk right into a trap.


I like his style. I don't like a damn thing about him.

Not a damn thing.

Don't mistake style for overconfidence.

I mean... okay.

All right, listen up.

Once we get inside, we're gonna split up... then we're gonna find these bastards and waste them, plain and simple.

It sounds like a good plan.

We'll clear the way, and hopefully Callan will get his girl back.

Why are we worried about Callan getting his girl?

We're up here risking our lives for him? How about we get the girl?

There's only one girl so we all know... who'll get the girl: Blackfire.

A nice, fine girl. Thick at the top and at the bottom.

I'm tired of this. I'm about to take my butt back to Maryland.

"Where's blackfire at?" Y'all gonna...

Dude, chill. No. Y'all need to chill.


If you can't keep your mouth closed...

I got something to stick in your ball washer.

Ball washer?

Why you always have to say something so nasty?

Ball washer? What is a ball washer?

You always wanna stick something in something.

That's why he always keep them gloves on.

Don't touch me.

Will you let him touch you with his stinky fingers?

Stop talking.

He's here, right on time.

Is the machine ready? Yes.

Once you add the second power source... the Gauge hits a hundred percent, press the button. Goodbye.

You did good, bubba. You did real good.


Top security. Nobody's gonna find us.


They know we're coming. Keep your mouth closed.

Let's go.

All right. Listen up, everybody.

Here's to maximum violence.

No hesitation, no mercy. You got it?

Stay sharp.

And watch each other's six. All right? My team, let's go.

Shark, with me.

Saint, Lucia... with me.

Watch your backs.

You ain't gotta tell me twice. I'm already on it.


Hey, good luck, blue balls.

Oh, well, we got luck. We got luck...

Somebody's gotta protect the girls.

No. We got it.

No. No. Come on.

Stay frosty, boys.

Head on a swivel. Watch these doors.

Contact right!


On your six.


Don't get too far behind.

Harrison! Listen to me... that is... my government and my mama call me that.

You call me blackfire. It is blackfire.

All right. Hey.

What? Don't drop your balls.

Exploding ordinance.

Yeah. Whatever.

I told you. Whatever. Don't drop your balls.

What'd you see?

I saw bad guys.

Good. That's who we're looking for.

Now let's go get them. No. There's about 33 of them in there.

33? 33.

Do you know what 33 guys looks like? I know.

33 Shaq-looking guys up in there.

I'm not talking about the Shaq now. I'm talking about the Shaq with Kobe.

When he broke the glass. That Shaq is in that room.

Count them again.

You need me to count them again? Count them again.

I'll help.

That's about 30 people. Yeah, that's 30.

We would actually separate earlier.

If we separated earlier... I don't know.

We would know exactly... If we split up...

I think we should back up. How far?

Like out into the street.

What color was it?

Cotton candy? I don't know. Some colors I ain't never seen before.

Why bend down and touch something you don't even know what it is?

We should probably go. We should go.

War and blackfire are funny. Yeah, they're pretty funny.

If you like food.

You okay, Jane?

Next time, you be the bait.

Can I shoot the next one?

Margo, let's get to work.

On it. All right, then.

Well, lookie here. Well, well, well.

Three hot chicks.

I mean, I don't know whether to kill them or date them.

You know, we got, what's this? A gymnast, cheerleader... and you. What is this, a pep rally? You got pom-poms too? Yeah?

Is it project runway?

You know what? Seriously. You three can't handle us.

I mean, you already know. How about we make a bet?

Sure. I like bets. You?

Yeah. Okay, yeah.

Okay. Let's see.

I bet...

What's your name? Sam.


Mike. Sam and Mike.

I bet that in less than six seconds... you and your little friends... will be on the ground, bloody and dead.

In six seconds?

In six...

The little one.

Yeah. Okay, you... Whatever, yeah. We'll take it. Okay, sure.

Okay. Yeah. All right. Six.

Five. Four three. Two.


We're still here.

I think that was seven seconds. I think you're right.

Who's counting? Oh, wait. Yeah. I was counting. It was seven seconds.

Hey, you guys seen Gunnar?

That's a no.

Well, well, look who we have here.

Don't move. Hands up.

You too!

I'll... I'll take that.

Come here. Give me these too.

I think we should tie them up. All of them.

Turn around. Turn around.

Turn around, all three of you. Charlie angels.

Can you let me have some fun?

Hey, ladies.

Looks like you needed help. Yeah.

It's about time.

Let's go find the boys.

Too bad. He was cute too.

He shot me!

You all right? I'm good.

Get your hand grenades out.

All right, here we go.


Here we go!

Damn fine night to die, boys.

Go, go, go!

Welcome, friends.

And Callan.

Just in time for the show.

You good? I am now.

Welcome to the show. You're just in time.

I'm sure you're gonna see it's gonna be a big show-stopper.

Oh, good one, Gunnar.

Did you practice your one-liners when you were dead?

So I guess now you're gonna believe me when I tell you I can't die.

We really gonna do this again?

Oh, absolutely.

Let's just say you beat me this time.

What are you gonna do?

You gonna blow up the world?

Oh, yeah. That was the plan long before you were born.

So this is just some personal desire?

There's no honor in that.

Honor? You're talking about...

How can you talk about honor... when you lead your team in there, and Riley to their death.

Where's the honor in that?

Okay. Here's how this is gonna play out.

We're gonna stop you... all of you... and then... we're gonna show no mercy.

And I thought you were just here to rescue your little girlfriend.

I mean, I don't see much too special in her.

Go to hell! All in good time. All in good time.

First you're gonna pay for what you did last time.

And, Callan... just in case you're thinking that you can use her power towards her amulet... not gonna happen. See, we have all the power now.

If she powers up before I press this button... the power will go straight through her skull... frying her brain.

Let her go... and I'll make this as painless as possible.

You're in no position to make deals, my friend.

So, Callan... we've taken the power of her amulet.

Now we're gonna take yours so you aren't such a nuisance to me.

You guys... you want to take the big elephants there?


Look, it's the ex-preacher.

Did the word get too heavy? Or was it the suit and white collar?

Proverbs: "He who keeps his mouth and keeps his tongue... keeps himself out of trouble."

I guess you're in trouble.

You think you can hurt me with that little pea-shooter?

Okay. have it your way.

I think I'll have some fun.

"On the day of judgment you will give account... for every careless word you speak."


Stop! Get off of him!

You ready to quit yet?



I wouldn't do it if I were you.

All right, have a seat with your girlfriend.

Cuff him.

That should do the trick, shouldn't it?

Your little cross isn't gonna do you much good now, is it?

Wire him up.

Is that what kills them?

That's exactly what's gonna kill them.

It's ready.

Good job, Konrad.

Well, this is goodbye, Callan.

You've been a worthy opponent, but somebody had to lose.

I love you.

I can stop it.

You can't. It's too powerful.

It's gonna kill me anyway.

All of us.

- I'll stop it. I have to try.


You're right.

Someone has to lose.

Why doesn't Callan just destroy Gunnar?

Because he's immortal. He can't die.

It's ready.

Good job, Konrad.

Well, this is goodbye, Callan.

You've been a worthy opponent, but somebody had to lose.

I love you.

What happened? This makes no sense.

The machine is perfect. It's supposed to work.

It's supposed to work.

It's supposed to work.

I'm sure you're wondering what went wrong... how I beat you again.

It looks like I have the upper hand.

But this time, it's a royal flush.

Well, I don't play cards.

Is that a new toy?


What is this?

This will never hold me.

I'll see you in a million years or so.

No. This ain't worth it.

I'm out of here.

Me too. Let's roll.


Hey, guys. Hey.

Hey, it's the spice girls. You guys all right?

Yeah, we're good. Yeah.

Yeah. How busy is this place?

It seems to be pretty busy, right?

Yeah, we just took out, like, 17 guys.

Well, that's it? We did like 34, 35, 36.

And here we go. You need to stop.

You are just trying to one-up us.

I'm not trying to one-up you. You see this elbow? I was like:

He can go all night.

And here we go.

And then I got the balls, like, here, here I come.

Here I come. Blackfire.

Stop. Knock it off.

You guys seen Callan? No.

No, I haven't. Saint? Lucia? Nothing?

Let's go find them, guys.

I don't want to, I want to go home. I don't want to find them.

Blackfire. What? I'm tired of this mission.

They should make a movie out of this comic book.

Yeah, they should. Comic book movies do really well.

Well, ladies, we just got our edge.

Is that what I think it is?

It can't be.

Another amulet?

Believe me. When you see what's coming next, you'll need me!

Does Callan and Riley get back together?

Does blackfire go back to his city?

Patience. You'll have to wait and read volume three.

After all, there is another amulet.

Now... let's get you to bed because you have school tomorrow.

Oh, fine.

Translated by: Shaun Ritter