Crossing Point (2016) Script

Do you love her?

I know you do.

It's five kilos of uncut cocaine.

I'm givin' it to you.

Oh, but it fuckin' belongs to me.

Because I have something that belongs to you.

You have 12 fuckin' hours.

That's nice.


I'm on vacation.

You're smuggling drugs into Mexico.

I wouldn't call it smuggling per se.

What do you think the cops are gonna call it down here, huh?

I don't know. Gringo loco? I don't know.

Fuckin' idiot.

Well, we made it through, so I suggest we smoke it.

Of course you do. Relax, Michael.

It's Mexico, not Switzerland.


Hey. Aren't you going to surf?

The waves too big for you today?


Let me go!

Let me go.

Dude, she's so fucking hot!

But are you sure about this girl?


If she says yes, I'm gonna settle down with this one.


No way. After just six months?

Michael, are you... You're kidding, right?

So, I guess you're not coming to the club tonight.


Tony? Keep 'em busy!



Let's go!

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

I told you this place is amazing.

Surreal almost.

There's not a lot of people around, huh?

See all those luxury hotels?


Yeah, they overbuilt.

Big time.

Well, just when the economy tanked, the president declared the war on drugs.

The media blew it out of proportion, tourists got scared.

They stopped building.

I wanna meet your family.

Can I?


Sure. Let's do it.

Just let me get my purse from the room.

I'll see you in the lobby.

Do you really think that?

Fuck, no, man.

Dude, we totally lost him for the night, bro.



Hola, Senor.

Hey, andale!

Uh, what do you call a strip club here again?

Excuse me.


Did you by any chance see a young woman?

She's wearing a pink dress. She's about 5'7".

No, sir. I'm sorry. I didn't see.

All right. Thanks.

You're welcome.


Go to the hotel entrance. You have two minutes. Come alone.

Yeah. Hey!



Ay! Ooh!

Oh, yeah!



I love you!

I love you!

You're gonna deliver it across the border to San Diego.

If it's lost, stolen, or you get arrested, she'll die.

If it's damaged in any way, she'll die.


If try to go back to your hotel or contact the police...

We'll know.

Because I'll be watching you.

And I'll slice her fucking throat myself.

Destination? Tijuana.

Sign here, please.

Are you okay?

You don't look okay. I'm fine.


Your eye is bleeding.

Can I?

Excuse me, sir...

That's the best you can do?

Hey, I'm sorry about your partner.

The streets have ears.

Something bad happened?

Tell me. What were you doing in Baja?

I just came down with my friends to surf.


I live a mile from the beach and I never go.

Maybe I should.

Yeah. You should.


Thanks for cleaning me up.

Hey! Stop that girl.


She stole my bag.

I want it back.

Get him, ese!

Fuck him! Fuck him up!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, come on!


Fuck him up!

Feed this puto to the dogs.

No, no!

That was one hell of a move you pulled back there.

But if were me and you, I would have let that train plow you.

It would cut you right in half.

This doesn't belong to you.

Cartels often wrap their dope in a specific manner.

It's like their signature.

For example, the Venegas Cartel wraps their dope like a cocoon.

La Sombra wraps their dope crisscross.

This is crisscross. Unbroken seal.

Any one of us tried to move this dope, it could start a war.

Or be a death sentence.

Which makes it less than worthless to me.

In fact it's a liability.

I don't care who it belongs to.

I have to take it across the border.

Americano bandito.

If you carry dope in Mexico, you have to be willing to die.

Are you willing to die?


And how do you plan on carrying this across the border?

I'm American. I'll just walk.

Or I'll buy my way across.

Why is it an American's answer to everything is money?



I appreciate what you did for my niece.

I really do.

But you are going to have to leave.



It puts us all at risk.

It's all yours.

Just in case you need a Plan B...

Here. Mermaid's.

You're going to tell the doorman that you need to see Pedro.

Anybody ask you who sent you, you tell them with a straight face, "None of your fucking business."

Me entiendes?


Pull this. He'll understand.

Why'd you help me like this?

Because you saved my niece here, even after she tried to jack you.

That takes heart.

Do you know how to use it?

You take this butt and you slam it on someone's face.

Then all you have to do is point.

If you travel with drugs in Mexico, you are going to need this.


The border is that way.

Just look for the metal arch on Revolucion.

And gringo, be careful.

Michael. Olivia.


Should get somebody to open the door.

There's a guy there back in the hall.

All right. can leave a message and I'll call you back.

Dude, when you get this, give me a call.

Yeah, right. Please.

Yo, Michael!


Try him again, dude.

Hi, this is Michael. I'm not in right now, but you can leave a message and I'll call you back.

It's his voicemail again.

Are you kidding me?


Rosarita Beach Hotel.

Yeah, hi. Um, I need some help. We're actually looking for our friends.


We need to look in the backpack.


I see you're making progress.

Next time we speak, you'll be on the other side.

Don't try anything stupid.

Hey, wait! I wanna talk to her.

I need to know she's okay.


You looking for something to steal?

I thought I might try drug running.

But I guess you have that covered already.

Get in. I take you to Plan B.

Come on.

Sure you want to ride with me and these drugs?

I'm not planning on getting caught. Are you?

I'm sorry about trying to steal your bag.

You were an easy mark.

No, really. Thank you...

For pulling me off the track. I owe you my life.

What's the deal with this guy Pedro?

He's a coyote.

He will help you to get across, but...

I don't trust him.

Why not?

You have money?

Not much.

You need money. A good coyote don't come cheap.

Do you want me to come with you?

No. I got this. But thank you.

I still owe you.

We're even.

How can I help you?

I need to see Pedro.

Who sent you?

None of your fuckin' business.

Andres, huh? Get in there.

I'm here to see Pedro.

Go do something.

A gun?

Come on. Sit down, asshole. Sit down!

So Andres either gave you that pistolero, or you're some badass motherfucker, and you took it from him.

My guess, the former?

He said you could help me.

How so?

I need to get across the border.

Hey, I thought white boys crossed the border legally.

I suppose it has something to do with what's in that bag, right?

I have to get across the border. Are you gonna help me or not?

So, what are you gonna do? Hop a fence like a goddamn beaner?

'Cause you need a pro to take you, okay?

It's an hour's drive east, over the roughest terrain Mexico has to offer.

You'll be dodgin' criminals, outlaws, dirty cops, federales, not to mention the cartel who's land you'll be trespassing on.

Listen to this, you don't know where to cross.

I don't give a shit what's in that bag. All right?

I don't give a shit, but listen to me.

And know this, You screw over the wrong motherfucker down here, they will cut your face off and staple it to a soccer ball.

I am that wrong motherfucker. Understand? Understood?

Yeah? Good.

So, how soon do you need to get there?

Soon as possible. Hours or days?


How much money do you got on you?

Like 500 bucks.

500 bucks?

500 bucks!

You're joking me, right? You need $10,000.

Now, is it a problem?

'Cause if it is, take your ass up, get your ass up right now and walk away from here right now, okay?

Go to the bank. Get the money. Don't forget the money.

Bring your ass back here as fast as you can, have your sweet ass back on American soil, late afternoon.

Deal? Okay?

Forgetting somethin'?

Leave the bag.

Well, I'm gonna need my passport!

Now let's not tell me what you're going to need.

I'm gonna tell you what you need? Okay?

I don't give a fuck about the bag, the bag's collateral, all right?

It's safer here with me than it is with your dumb ass running around out there.

Get it? Give him his passport. Yeah.

Get outta here.

Hurry the fuck up, man. You're cutting into my ass time.

Rosy, get your ass out here.

I need a cash advance on all of these. Okay? Okay.

Start with this one. Max out what you can.

Senor Taylor, is everything all right?


Do you mind to take off your hat and glasses?

I wonder if this is some sort of emergency.

No. No, emergency. Just a rough night.

As you understand, the interest rates and fees on cash advances are very high.

Perhaps I could arrange a wire transfer from another source?

No. No, that's fine.

Just get me the money, please.

I'm in a hurry.

On cash withdrawals of more than $10,000, we'll need you to fill out some forms.


That's fine.

One moment, please.

Look at him. He can barely fit in the elevator, let alone a tunnel.

I was just saying, man.

Hey, baby.

He's on his way.

He's paying for the coyote.

I want more this time.

You'll get what we agreed.


I want more.

Hey. Hey, relax, kid. Man.

Come on. This is a gentleman's retreat, man. It's a place of business.

All right? Be cool. Here.

Hey. My fucking money. You got the money?


Hey, you know what? You better tell my parole officer that I'm living in Mexico. I'm a desperado.

I won't be at my three o'clock on Wednesday, okay?

Hey, Chuy.

Michael Taylor.


Have you heard anything?

Okay, well, we'll be up here.

Come on up.


American? Yeah.

My name is Gabriel.

I am from Nicaragua.

You know Nicaragua? I do.

May I ask you a question?


What are you doing here?

Just trying to get across. Same as you.

No, no. Same as you? No, you're not same as me.

You are American. You are going home.

I don't want any trouble. I'm just trying to get across.

Well, perhaps we're the same.


Hi, gentlemen. Hello.

Do you recognize this person?

Yeah. That's him.

Yeah, it's Michael Taylor.

How much longer?

Very soon, Michael.

How do you know my name?



Please! Please! Don't hurt me.

Not gonna hurt you.

They were going to kill me.

Let's go.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Good luck.

This is crisscross. Unbroken seal.

Hey. My fucking money. You got the money?

Hey, you know what? You better tell my parole officer that I'm living in Mexico. I'm a desperado.


Looks like we got a rabbit on the run here, huh?

I'm American.

We'll see about that.

On your knees, boy. Get down.

Easy now.

I'm reaching for my passport. Okay.


What do you think?

Okay. Get up.

What you doing out here, boy?

It's a long story.

How about making it a short one?

What happened to your face?

You look a little beat up there.

What's in the bag?

I asked you, what's in the bag?

Just my belongings.

Show us.

This is America. You have no right to...

Show us what's in the bag!


Thank you.


You. On the ground. Now.

The passport. Throw it to me.

Now, cuff yourself to him.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Throw me the keys. No.


Hey! Where you going? Hey!

What do you think you're doing?


He was just at the border, man.

Now it looks like he's turning around.

What's going on?

Look. Your fucking boyfriend's getting cold feet.

I thought he was being followed.

Or maybe his backpack was stolen, man.

Hey. You're still paying me. I did my part.


Any time you want to fucking go back to where I found you...

Could've been jumped.

Is there a problem, my friend?

No. I'm on schedule.

If you don't make the fucking delivery, she's not the only one that's gonna die.

Do you understand me? You have less than three fucking hours.

You switched it, you son of a bitch.

Relax, kid. Okay, just put the gun down.

And you tried to have your men kill me.

Put the gun down.

I'm not going out like that.

Okay, that's cool. What do you want from me?

I want it back.

Hey, fuck you. I can't do it, all right?


Come on, have a beer.

All right. Just don't shoot me, all right?

I like my head. I don't wanna lose it.

Hey, look. Look, man. This isn't yours. It's not yours. It's not...

Okay. They're gonna want it back.

They're gonna want it back and they're gonna wanna know...

And they're gonna wanna know who gave it to you.

So they're probably gonna kill me.

And they're definitely gonna kill you.

Look. Look, smart ass.

You can tell them yourself.

I told you I didn't trust him.

Good call.

My uncle called Pedro and sniffed out his bullshit.

He's going to get a serious beating for crossing you.

Andres vouched for you. We don't take that lightly around here.

Are you gonna come clean now? Mmm?

They kidnapped my girlfriend and told me to take these drugs across the border.

I've got an hour left before they kill her.

Well, how's that funny?

I wish someone cared about me that much.

Listen, I'm running out of time.

We gonna take a tunnel. It's simple as that.

It's gonna be okay. You'll get her back.

Where is it?

You're standing on it. Move it.

You're on your own from here.


Now we're even.

You need to go, Michael. Go. Now! Go!

Go. Please. Go, Michael!

Go, go, go.

Baby, it's all coming together.

Salud. Salud.



The kid is on US soil, man. We need to get our people in place now.

Are you sure you can't give me something extra this time?

Don't worry. I'll make it quick.

Michael Taylor. I've been looking for you.

Jesus Valencia, Tijuana Police.

I know they have Olivia.

You know who's got her?

We're close.

If we work together, we can find them.

No. If I talk to police, they'll kill her.

I can help you, Michael.

I can't take that chance. I'm sorry.

You do this on your own, neither one of you will survive.

These guys do not like loose ends.

You help me find them, I'll let you walk.

Give me the gun.

I don't have much time.

We don't need much time.

We set a sting up, on our side.

Mr. Valencia has Mateo's residence in T.J.

You tell him the truth, you stay on the U.S. side of the border near the crossing. Don't give him a chance to ask you questions.

You ask him about Olivia. Say, "Is she still alive?"

Say you want to speak to her.

He'll probably refuse, but that's okay.

When he tells you where to make the drop, you keep it nice and slow.

He says he needs 30 minutes, you say you need 45.

You gotta buy us as much time as you can, Michael.

I don't know. He's tracking the phone, I think.

He is. Don't worry, this place doesn't exist.

Hey, kid. Come on. Hey, keep it together.

Hang in there. Just a bit longer, okay?

We do this every day.

You're gonna be okay.

We have an incoming.

Fucking idiot.

So, I backtracked the number to an address in T.J.

It's registered to a Mateo Fuentes and...

Guess what. He's on our watch list.

That him?

Just give me another minute to split off the trace.


So you made it?

I did.

Where the fuck are you?

San Ysidro.

Very good, my friend.

You got my shit?

I have it.


What about Olivia? I wanna talk to her.

You can talk to her after.

It's what we agreed.

Tell me what to do.

Go to Chicano Park, look for a Lady Guadalupe.

There'll be a bin with a red X on it.

Make the fucking drop inside.

And get the hell out of there.

When do I get to see her?

After we verify the product.

I need more time.

I'm on foot.

Take a damn taxi. You have 30 minutes or she's dead.

I got him. Okay, time to go.

I'll split the trace. You're all clear, Jesus.

We're going to get this guy.

We're going to bring back Olivia unharmed.

I'm going with you.

The drop will be made in 30 minutes or less.

Make sure to check the fucking bag before you get out.

As soon as the drop is made, kill him.

Hey, Mateo.

He just dropped the bag, but, uh...

But what?

He's just standing there, homie.

He ain't fucking leaving.

Get my shit, then slice his fucking throat.

What? Right here?

What the fuck did I just tell you? Just fucking do it!

Just fucking do it, homie.

We've got movement. Wait on my call.

Hey, white boy.

Freeze! Freeze!

Hands on the floor now! Now!

On your knees now!

Hands! Hands! On the floor now!

Cuff 'em.

Hey, something's fucking wrong, man.

What the hell? Where the fuck is my shit?



Let's go. Let's go.

That fucking...

All right, fucking bitch!

It's okay.


You're safe now.

Michael, I want to go home.

My home.

So, you just took it?

Yeah. It was mine.

The guy tried to kill me, so I figured he at least owed me that much.

My hero.

Hello? Michael. It's Jesus, Tijuana Police.

We found a copy of Mateo's phone logs and found his connection to you.

It's Olivia Duran.

We're tracking your phone. We're on our way to you.

If you are with her, you are in danger, Michael.

You understand me?

No, that's great. We're actually just on our way to meet O's family.

I'll call you guys back. All right?


Who you talking to? Just the guys.

Checking up on us. You okay?

Yeah, just gonna go wash up real quick.

And I'll be right back. Mmm-hmm.

They still had to choose you for a reason.


I can smell you.

I know you're back here.

You know, I have to tell you.

I have done this before.

And you made it more interesting than any of them.

But you had to mess it up, didn't you?

Couldn't you do as you were asked?

You cost me, Michael.

And now what? You're gonna to turn me in?

Not gonna happen.

If you needed money, you could have asked.

I would have done anything for you.

Men just want to use me for my body. That's it.

And you're no different.

So, you want to do something for me now?

Well, you can. You can burn.

Michael. What are you doing?

Are you insane?

Michael, you don't have to do this.

You always have a choice.

Michael, help me!

Come here, Michael! Help me!

Michael! Help me!

Michael, what happened?

Where's Olivia?

Careful. I have her secured in the back.

She's covered in gasoline. She has a lighter.

She killed the clerk.

Thank you. You saved me twice.

I'm just doing my job.


There's something for you in the glove compartment.

Buena suerte.

Hanging up your guns, cowboy?

Something like that.

This is why you came all the way here?