Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder (2019) Script

♪ ♪

[jazzy music]


Honey, you're early. Hold on a sec.

[dramatic music]

[police sirens]

Sorry I was late.

I left my lunch on the train platform and when I headed back to get it, I ended up on an express to Flatbush.

Don't worry, I'll order you lunch.

I owe you! Your cousin Elliot is starting his internship today. Thanks for giving him a shot.

Maybe now he'll move off my couch.

You know the internship only pays a small stipend.

Sure, but maybe he'll buy a futon!

[laughing] Oh! Hey!


Tess... Hi.

Hi! Ha! Ha!

It's been a long time. Two months.

Yeah. Yeah. I was going to call you...

Also, I was gonna call.

How are you?

Good. Yeah. Really, really good.

Oh! Are... congratulations in order? Observant as always and wrong. I've been out doing errands for my sister's wedding.

Oh, good! Good! I mean, good for her! That's...

It's awesome. Yeah! Oh!

Speaking of my sister, Tess Harper, this is my sister, Angela. You're Tess?

Yes. Hi, nice to meet you!

The pleasure's all mine. Logan's told me so much about you. But he didn't mention how pretty you were.

Really? Yeah!

Don't mind her. She doesn't get out much.

Ha! Ha! OK... Look who's talking.

So... what brings you two down to the paper today?

A favor, actually. Angela is getting married next week.


I love weddings. There's the dancing, the dresses... The drama, the expense...

They're fantastic. Ignore my big brother.

So, we already sent in our announcement to the Sentinel, but getting a photo in along with it, well, that's a bit harder to pull off.

So... So Angela and I were wondering if you could help.

Well... I can't make any promises, but I'm certainly happy to put in a word with our Wedding Page Editor.

Thank you! I brought along a photo option...

Good! Let's go to my desk!

Oh! Sorry. Just gotta put out a couple wedding fires.

Garlands, bridesmaids... what's next?

You know, these traditions are important.

Really? Do you know why the groom always stands to the bride's right?

Not a clue.

Because in the old days, he needed his right hand free to fend off back-stabbers.

Glad those days are over, I'd never be off-duty.

I am off on more errands.

I should probably head back to the precinct myself.

It was so nice to meet you, Tess. Thank you for your help.

Of course! My pleasure. Congratulations!


Thank you. Sure.

Of course. It's good to see you.

Good to see you.

She's cute! Oh, stop it. Come on.


Tess, meet my cousin Elliot!

Oh, hi! So nice to meet you! So happy to have you on the team. I'm a big fan of your puzzle!

So how can I help around here?

The fun part about this internship is one minute, you're researching igloos. The next, medieval combat.

Well, I'm a history major, so all that sounds like a blast.

Great. I just have to finish this puzzle and then we'll have a meeting.

Actually... you guys might be able to help.

I am looking for a romantic 9-letter word, second letter "H".


Turns out it's the most popular holiday for wedding proposals.

Perfect. Thanks!


[phone ring] Let me show you to your desk.


Oh, hi! Yes, please tell Professor Clark I'll be there in a minute.

Lyle, it has been too long! I think the last time I saw you was that exhibit at the Mathematics Museum.

I know. But at least I get to see you each morning when I open up my newspaper.

Speaking of which, I just finished today's puzzle. Same old Lyle.

Anything within reach is a bookmark.

Unraveling the Beale Papers? Sounds interesting.

Oh, just a book I started.

So catch me up.

I feel like I haven't spoken to you in forever.

Well, you're looking at a tenured Professor of History.

Are you serious? That is so exciting!

Congratulations! So what are you working on?

You're studying World War 2 ciphers?

Or Navajo codetalkers...

Oh, nothing much really. "Nothing much"?

I just haven't had much time lately for new research.

I've got a heavy teaching load at the university.

And I've been seeing a really special woman.

And, well, she's the one.

That's great!

Abby and I have been going out for about a year.

And we have lots in common.

She's got me exercising. Thanks to her I'm vegan now.

She's really great.

She's beautiful. And you brought us together.

Wait, I did? Last year, I was at a cafe doing your crossword, and I saw a woman doing the same crossword at the next table.

Next thing you know, we're trading hints and by 42-down, we had a date set up the next day!

Tell me about her. I wanna hear more!

Abby's a chef and she just started her own catering company, and she teaches cooking classes on the Upper West Side.

She's fun, kind, brilliant. And we love doing your puzzle together over brunch every Sunday.

Which brings me to this...

This is gorgeous!

Ah... I mean that... that is a diamond!

Abby's worth every carat.

From Witherspoon's, no less.

OK! This ring needs be in a vault somewhere.

Don't worry. I keep it somewhere very safe till I'm ready to pop the question.

And, well, that's where you come in.

I was wondering if there was any way you could hide my marriage proposal in your crossword puzzle?

You know what? I'm always up for a challenge.

So, you'll do it?

I'd be honored.

So the clue for Abby is "Free with her advice", as in Dear Abby.

And "Shakespeare to friends" is "Will" and the last clue on the top line is

"Words with a nice ring to them".

So all together that's... "Abby, will you marry me?"


Excited to see how this turns out.

[dramatic music]

Knock, knock! Oh!

Hey, Dad! Got here fast. I was in the neighborhood getting fitted for my tux and I heard the call.

Right. I just didn't think you wanted to go home and get roped into wedding planning?

Exactly. So, what have we got?

Stabbing victim's name is Lyle Clark, 34. He's a college history professor.

Neighbors hear any noise? Any struggle?

No. We're canvassing the area, but we got no surveillance footage and no murder weapon yet.

Who found him? His girlfriend, Abby Miller, 30. Obviously, she's in shock.

They took her down to Grandview for observation.

Oh! Behind you, I'd like you to meet my new partner.

Detective Winston, right?

Still getting used to that "detective" part.

Yeah, well, you know. If it saves time, I'll just call him "Rookie".

Hey, man! I've been a patrol officer for 4 years.

Now, you're new to homicide, so to me, you're a rookie.

Don't sweat it. I still call Logan a rookie.

Yeah. Once a week. I checked the door jambs and the hinges. No sign of forced entry.

Someone had a good look around...

But it's not robbery. There's no way it can be. Look.

They left the laptop. They left the phone.

So, a stabbing, huh, with no murder weapon?

Any household items appear to have been used?

There is one knife missing from this set.

Alright, let's let the forensics do their thing.

Winston, I want you to check...

The victim's financials? Already on it.

Good! Oh! Your sister... Duty calls.

Good luck with that. I'm going down to the hospital to question the girlfriend.

Copy that. ♪ ♪

First off, Abby, I just wanna say how sorry I am for your loss. And I was wondering if you could tell me when's the last time you saw Lyle.

It was just last night.

We met up at a party for the history department.

Lyle had been doing research all day.

The last thing I said to him was that I'd meet him at his place for brunch this morning.

It's our Sunday tradition, doing the puzzle.

And Lyle promised that he would have a big surprise...

So you happened to go over to Lyle's place, say, 11am?

I volunteer Sunday mornings making breakfast for the seniors at St. Mark's.

Sometimes it runs late.

[knocking] Lyle, can I come in?



Did you notice anything unusual lately?

Yes, actually.

He started receiving those threats.

What do you mean, threats?

Over the past couple of months, Lyle had been getting these threats in the mail.

OK. He said that they were from his ex-girlfriend, Bethany.

But he didn't want to talk about her much.

You wouldn't happen to have any of those notes, would you?

He always threw them away. But I kept one.

Would you happen to know if maybe anybody else might have had a grudge against Lyle?

It might be nothing. What?

There's this professor in his department. Emory.

They were arguing about something at the party last night. Arguing? About what?

I'm not sure. I was across the room.

When I asked Lyle about it, he said it was nothing.

But Lyle and Emory were both up for tenure last month.

Just one opening.

And Lyle got it.

Is there anything else that wasn't right?


No, everything was great.

He'd been looking at property for us in Connecticut.

You know, dreaming about our future together.

Thank you for your time.

And once again, I am sorry for your loss. OK?

Nice work on the murder board, "rook"!

Now, all we need is to get some suspects up here.

Hey! What is this?

It's a note the victim received. Better get that down to forensics. Talk to me. What do you got?

Well, this was found in a bag on the crime scene.

Grocery store receipt. Time-stamped at 9:32.

The girlfriend arrived at 11. I called the senior center where she volunteers. Alibi checks out.

So our victim was murdered between the hours of

9:45am and 11am. Meanwhile, I got a team checking his office on campus. Looks like it was ransacked.

Somebody was obviously looking for something.

What's that?

"Call TH."


[phone ring]

Tess Harper.


Logan? Is that you? Um...

Yeah! Yeah, it's me.

Listen. Something... This is gonna sound very strange.

What is?

We just found your phone number at a homicide scene.

Cause of death was loss of blood from multiple stab wounds, all in the upper torso. Defensive wounds on the hands and arms suggest that there was a struggle.

This was broken off in the fourth rib.

The tip of the knife? A ceramic knife.

Their edges are harder than steel, but they're brittle when twisted.

The fragment is too small to identify the brand.

But this isn't your run-of-the- mill consumer knife, This is high grade zirconium.

First off, Tess, I just wanna say how sorry I am.

Poor Lyle.

How was Lyle when you saw him last week?

He was fine. I mean, he seemed excited and a little nervous. I had never met Abby, but he clearly seemed like he was crazy about her.

The ring he got her, the engagement ring was... was massive. Yeah.

We didn't find the engagement ring on the crime scene.

And we do know that he didn't propose.

Can you describe it?

I'd say it was probably two or three carats.

It was a unique style. It was in a blue box from Witherspoon's Jewelers.

Witherspoon's? Wow! That place isn't cheap.

Yeah. You know, I kind of found that a little odd.

Honestly. I... On what an associate professor would earn, I feel like that would be a year's salary at least!

Maybe it could have been a family heirloom.

Maybe bought with some family money.

I don't think Lyle's family had money. He was a scholarship student in college just like I was. Work-study, loans.

You don't remember anything different about him at all?

No! He...

He said he'd gone vegan! I mean, he looked healthy and, he seemed excited.

Was Lyle into cooking? Why?

The murder weapon was a high-end ceramic knife.


Rookie... Well, I mean, he said that Abby is a chef.

She probably have one of those. Right?

Right. Yeah.

Tess, thanks for coming down. OK? We'll take it from here.

OK. Thanks.

Oh! By the way... your sister's photo will be in the paper with her wedding announcement next week.

That's very kind of you, Tess. I appreciate it.

Thank you. I'll... I'll be in touch.

OK. Alright.

Strange what Tess said about Lyle not having any money.

Especially when his girlfriend said he was out scoping properties in Connecticut to buy. Well, his record is clean.

His worst offense is a parking ticket last month.

You're gonna go talk to the ex-girlfriend?

Yeah. I will.

She's a doctor. She's in surgery all day.

I think I'll start with the victim's mother instead.

It's all just such a shock!

Who would want to kill one of the nicest guys in the world?

I'm just so sorry about Lyle.

I know how much he meant to you.

Something about it doesn't make sense, though.

Lyle said he hadn't been researching anything lately, and research was his passion! Why the sudden change?

People don't usually change unless they have a reason.

Maybe Lyle had a secret. Maybe.

And maybe it cost him his life.

[footsteps approaching]

Oh, it's... lovely!

Thank you.

So... when was the... the last time you saw Lyle? Last Monday.

He helped me pack up some of the things here.

And when you saw him, did anything seem different about him?

Just the same sweet son as always.

So he grew up here, then? Yes.

It isn't much, I know.

I was raised up on a farm in Connecticut.

Lots of space to play and run.

I always wanted that for Lyle.

But we were happy here, all the same.

His grandfather was a corporal in World War 2.


He was a codebreaker for a while.

That's what spurred Lyle's interest in history.

He found that photo in the basement a month ago.

There's a lot of old family things down there.

Oh! Do you mind if I take a look?

No, not at all.

What's all that?

It's my friend Lyle's. Some articles he wrote on codenames used in World War 2.

Some of the codenames were so exotic.

"Operation Barbarossa", "Operation Galahad"...

Hey, an enigma machine.

I did a paper on it last quarter. It's like a typewriter that automatically codes what you type.

Not to distract you, but isn't the Sunday Puzzle do?

Yes. You know what, maybe I make the theme of the puzzle World War 2 codenames. That way, it's a... nice tribute to my friend, and I can make my deadline, and still do my research. I'll be back after lunch.

Hi! I'm looking for any publications by Dr. Lyle Clark on codebreaking?


You worked with Dr. Clark. Maybe you could help her.

Oh, great. Hi! I'm an old friend of his.

Tess Harper. I work at the Sentinel.

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'd be happy to help.

OK, great. Thank you!

You're the crossword puzzle editor.

He told me about you.

So you were in on Lyle's secret?

Lyle's marriage proposal?

Oh! Yeah.

But sworn to secrecy.

He was terrified that Abby would find out and ruin his big surprise.

This place is a maze. If you ever get lost, the red line on the floor shows the way out.

So you were Lyle's assistant?

When was the last time you spoke with him?

Saturday night, at a department party.

He'd just driven back from Connecticut.

Really? When was that? Do you remember what time?

Must have been 8:00 or 9:00. He'd been going up to Connecticut most weekends. He was interviewing some World War 2 vets up there for some research.

Did you ever go along? No. No.

Lyle believed interviews went best one-on-one.

How did he handle Connecticut trips though with his teaching schedule? I hear he had a heavy course load.

Lyle? He was only teaching one class.

Really? Oh!

I have a question for you. Why all the questions?


It's okay. The lights are just on motion sensors.

We better get moving then.

The victim's mother seems to think Abby was after his money.

Well, Abby was planning to visit Lyle the morning of his murder.

That's where she discovered the body. Now, she is a chef and the murder weapon was a ceramic knife.

That's all circumstantial at best. It's no smoking gun.

Well, his financials came in.

Less than 3K in his bank account.

And no record of a ring purchase.

What about his online stock trading account?

There isn't one. But the forensics report is back.

That was fast. Friends in high places.

Alright. What'd they say? Nothing much.

No DNA, no prints other than the victim's.

That's odd.

No DNA, no prints, no online stock trading account.

Alright, do me a favour. Keep digging.

I'm here on campus now. I'll be back in a couple hours.


Hi! Hi! What are you doing here?

Just doing a little research for a World War 2 crossword puzzle. Just reviewing some things that Lyle had written on the subject.

Really? What's a 7-letter word for going where one shouldn't?

Seven letters, that would be... "Intrude"?

Exactly. So take the hint, and don't.

You've got some crossword skills after all.

And Tess, you do know there's a handful of top libraries in a two-mile radius, but you decided to come all the way over here.

Yeah. I wanted a change of scenery.

Great! Perfect. Now, you've had your change of scenery.

I'll walk you back to the subway so you can go home.


I guess you don't want to know the two big lies that Lyle's TA just told me...

OK! Alright.

Lyle's TA, Clayton. He just told me that Lyle drove home from Connecticut on Saturday night to go to a faculty party. OK. So?

So Lyle had Choroideremia.

It's a condition that can cause nighttime blindness!

In college, when we we're studying, if we went out for pizza late at night, I always drove!

Did his TA tell you why Lyle went to Connecticut?

He said he was doing interviews for his research.

Are you sure?

Yeah! Wait, why?

Ah, just...

Logan, come on. I gave you useful information.

His girlfriend mentioned that he went up to Connecticut for house hunting, not research. Why am I telling you this?

Because I'm very persuasive.

You think? Yeah.

There is something else I wanted to tell you.

It was really strange. When I saw Lyle, he said he said he wasn't doing research because he was teaching so much, but he was teaching one class this semester!

Well, thank you, Tess. Now it's time to go home.

OK. You're welcome.


Of course! As much as we love books, so do pests that eat the paper and binding.

But luckily conservators have discovered that freezing books is a great way to eliminate pests and leave the book unharmed.

Like this little gem.

This peacock has been stitched onto linen and placed into a leather binding, and all of it saved by a freezer.

Now, moving on!

Professor Nelson? I'm Detective O'Connor. NYPD.

I left you a message. Ah yes, detective.

Glad to help. Detective Logan, this is Christina Blake.

She's a guest lecturer this semester on antique books.

Wow! It's a pleasure to meet you, Christina.

I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture.

Not only does she help half the department with her research, but she also owns one of the finest antiquarian bookstores in the state.


Speaking of which, I've got to get back to the store.

But nice to meet you!

You as well!

Do you mind if we do this in the gym?

I teach boxing for at-risk youth.

After you! Alright!

Poor Lyle, man. I still can't believe it happened.

Were you and Lyle on good terms?

Oh yeah! Good friends, not just colleagues.

I mean, we used to bounce ideas off each other all the time.

And when the tenure committee awarded him the only tenure position, that wasn't awkward, right?

Two boxers enter the ring, only one emerges victorious.

It's not personal. It's just the way it is.

I was actually happy for him.

It's just interesting because I heard you guys had quite the argument at the department party the night before he was killed.

Whoever told you that got it wrong.

We were always animated when we discussed our work.

But, now that he is gone, you might get tenure after all, right?

True, but that's not how I would have wanted it to go down, you know?

Where were you Sunday morning, the day he was killed?

Actually, I... was at a pancake breakfast for the international students.

Oh! I gotta tell you, Emory, that's going the extra mile for the college that denied you tenure?

What can I say? I like to give back.

If you ask me, the good professor seems a little too good to be true.

So you think tenure literally brought out the knives?

Maybe. Listen, do me a favour.

Check all the other staff that worked with Lyle for me.

You got it. You still on campus?

No. I'm actually gonna do, a look around the crime scene one more time.

Call you in a bit.

Good luck!

♪ ♪

I thought you were a vegan.


I need you to identify something for me.


Is that the engagement ring you saw?

Yeah. That's it. Show her the page you found... She knew the guy, she might recognize it.

Do you recognize this?

No... I've never seen this before.

It's obviously something that Lyle wanted to be kept safe.

Bank account numbers? Safe combinations... I don't know.

I wonder... Maybe it's a code.

Codebreaking was a huge part of his research.

And if it is, which one is anyone's guess.

There are a million ways to code a message.

Do you mind if I... maybe try to make sense out of all this? Like with a copy?


What are you doing? Are you memorizing those numbers Tess?


Fine. Winston, make her a copy of the numbers?

Sure thing. Come with me.

I got the address of that colleague of his, Christina.

I'll text it to you. Alright, cool!

I'm still at the hospital waiting to talk to the ex-girlfriend, so I'll be in touch in a bit.

Alright. Bye!

Excuse me. I was wondering if you can maybe just check again.

I'm sorry. She's still in surgery.


Here she is. Oh! Hey, Doctor, I'm Lieutenant Logan O'Connor. NYPD. You've been dodging my calls...

I wasn't avoiding you, Lieutenant.

But we're understaffed and I've had two gunshot wounds and a burst appendix this morning.

I understand. Maybe you could share a little bit of information with me about your relationship with Lyle Clark.

We didn't have one anymore.

I relocated to New York for him when we were dating.

Yeah. If I'd stayed at my last hospital, I'd be head of surgery by now.

But he dropped me and a year later, he's got a fiancée!

Fiancée? I didn't realise that was common knowledge.

He proposed in the crosswords.

As soon as I read Abby's name, I knew it was from Lyle.

He's friends with that puzzle editor.

Have you been in contact with Lyle lately?

Not in ages.

Where were you Sunday morning, between the hours of 10am and 11am?

In surgery.

Do you know anything about these notes that Lyle has been receiving lately?

Notes? Like threatening letters.

No. Must've been from someone with time on their hands, which I certainly don't have. Right. No. I understand.

Just a final question then I'll let you go.

We found out that Lyle made a pretty large purchase recently a lot more then what a professor can afford.

I don't know if you knew if his family had any money?

Money? Please. Not a chance.

His family used to own a farm in Connecticut. We went up to see it once. But they had to sell it some years back.


I gotta go. Sorry.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you!

How goes it? Good. I've been doing that research you wanted on high-end ceramic knives.

They're used by chefs, but also scuba divers because they don't corrode.

Ceramic can be super sharp. Look at this...

Thieves use ceramic shards to break tempered glass.

It concentrates all the force onto a tiny point.

Almost as fine as a diamond.

So interesting. Good work, Elliot.

Look at these rings.

Who could afford those?

Who, indeed...


Fancy meeting you here. Um! What are you doing here?

Just browsing, you know.

My Aunt has a birthday coming up so I thought that I would, you know, see if there was something here I wanted to buy for her. A little pricey, isn't it?

What? No. They have plenty of things in my price range.

Really? Yeah, like this... this diamond... stickpin.

It needs to be nice for Aunt Candace, right?

Of all the jewelry stores in Manhattan, you choose Witherspoon's?

OK, fine, I wanted to see if they had any engagement rings like Lyle's...

They don't have any rings like Lyle's here.

Yeah. Their rings are stunning.

Yeah, just like their prices.

Did you know that wearing wedding bands on the left hand dates back to Roman times?


Yeah. They believed that the vein in your the fourth finger connected directly to your heart.

You learn something new every day.

Excuse me. I was wondering if I could ask you a question about an engagement ring.

I'm sure we can find you the perfect ring in your price range. Modern bridal trends recommend spending two months' salary. But that's just a guideline.

Especially when you have a fiancée as lovely as you do.

Oh, no, no! We're not together. She and I are just...

Sweetheart, don't be embarrassed. Between you and me, he just doesn't trust his own taste.

I'm the same way. I insisted my husband and I selected the engagement ring together. Actually, I wanted to ask you a few questions about this engagement ring that was actually purchased at your store.

My goodness.

Is there something wrong with the ring?

No! Not at all. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful stones I've seen in a long time.

You just don't see diamonds like this anymore.

So you're saying that this ring was not purchased here, at your store? No.

This... looks to be like an antique.

The diamond is Old European cut, the most popular style pre-1920.

Where would a ring like this come from?

If you want my opinion... A museum.

Really? Anything else?

Oh! Sweetheart, weren't you going to buy me that stickpin?

Cash or credit?

Any luck figuring out what those numbers are?

Not yet.

At first I thought maybe they were phone numbers... or social security numbers but there doesn't seem to be any pattern.

But so many hits come up.

The secret code Benedict Arnold used, and the Beale Papers...

Get this. One Greek king tattooed a message on a shaved servant's head, so when his hair grew back in, the message was hidden.

Can you go back up for a second?

Beale Papers. Why does that sound so familiar?

I just finished today's puzzle.

Lyle was researching the Beale Papers.

But... what are they?

Apparently, in the 19th century, a man named Beale was said to have had a fortune in gold.

To find where it was hidden, he created a special code.

Wait... A book cipher. Can you click there?

The format's the same. It's groups of three numbers!

You're right.

Elliott, I think we just found the key to this puzzle.

So they're not related, these two numbers?

Strange. It's a book cipher!

A book cipher? What's that? It's a book cipher.

It's a coded message that uses a book as its key. So how does that work?

I'll show you. OK. So say Person A has a copy of a specific book.

"Law Enforcement Procedures and Practices"?

The book itself doesn't matter as long as Person B has a copy of the exact same book too. Can I borrow this for just a second? I'll give it right back. Thanks.

So now, we have a copy of the same book, we can send each other coded messages. Tess, it sounds complicated.

No, it's really not. It's simple.

You just replace the words with numbers.

The first number is the page, the second number is the line on that page and then, the third number is the word's position in that line. For instance, 208-29-11...


And... 103...

15-9? - OK.

208... Was that... 29.

29-11. "Proven" is the word.

And 103...

Uh, 15...

And 9. OK. Proven...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Proven right.

So you think you're proven right, are you?

It's a trick that spies have used since the Revolutionary War. Now to crack the code, you need to know exactly what book was used.

Great! Do you know what book he used?

Unfortunately, no. So that narrows it down to... every book ever printed? But you know what?

Maybe... maybe Lyle left a clue somewhere. There must be a clue.

Excuse me. A book cipher...

I mean, this is fascinating. Dad! We're running late.

Oh, sorry. Oh! Hey, Tess, I'm surprised to see you here!

We're taking lessons for our father-daughter dance.

That's so sweet! Have fun.

And FYI, the wedding is this weekend and Logan still needs a date...

What Logan needs is for the bride-to-be to move along. Bye, Angela...

Awww. I love you too. Love you!

Ha! Ha! Bye.

It's against library policy to disclose the books our patrons check out.

Of course, I understand. Lyle was a dear friend, and since he's passed, I was... I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

[muffled voices]

♪ ♪

Lyle and his bookmarks.

This is Detective O'Connor. Leave a message.

Logan, listen, I found a receipt for a book Lyle purchased.

"Anastasia's Stories for Children", from 1941.

He paid 300 dollars for it, so I'm assuming it's something special. I'm headed down to the bookstore where he bought it, so...

I'll call you back.

♪ ♪

Can I help you? Yes. I'm looking for an old collection of children's stories.

It's sold out online and my intern has called every library in the city, no luck.

I had a friend who purchased a copy here, so I was hoping that maybe lightning could strike twice.

Ooh, sounds like a challenge. What's the book?

"Anastasia's Stories for Children".

It's an old storybook. 1941.

I don't have a copy, but let me see what I can find.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve...

That's very kind. Thank you so much.

I'm Christina. Hi. Tess.

Your shop is... It's so unique...

Thank you! I always loved antique books.

I have them on every subject.

Do you do bookbinding as well?

Yes. This is my ER for damaged books.

A lot of my patients need mending.

I can imagine. When I moved in, this place was a restaurant, so I kept the walk-in freezer, cause freezing books is actually the best way to kill any insects or mold spores that might be present.

That's so interesting...

So you get rid of the bugs and don't harm the books.

Exactly. So do you really think you might be able to find a copy of the Anastasia book?

I can't promise anything, but I'd be happy to try.

I'd really appreciate that. Let me get my card.

Oh, you write the crosswords for the Sentinel? How exciting.

It can be. It's also a lot of work.

So please call me if you find out any information on the book. Really, thanks for your help.

Tess texted me this picture this morning.

Lyle's girlfriend Abby, and his T.A. Clayton.

Looks like they're having quite the cozy lunch...

Meanwhile the phone records came in.

The day of his murder, the ex-girlfriend Bethany called Lyle five times.

Short calls, a few seconds. Hang up calls maybe.

It's interesting, cause Bethany told me she hadn't been in contact with Lyle in ages.

Also, I've been tracking the money.

Turns out the victim's Mom was facing foreclosure on her house up until about a month ago, when suddenly the mortgage was paid off.

Really? That's a big chunk of change.

I've got it! I've got it.

I figured out how to decipher part of the message!

Here, I'll show you.

The key is an old children's book.

I don't have the actual book yet, but I found a few pages of it online and I was able to decode part of the message! I mean, there are a lot of gaps but... it's a letter from Lyle's grandfather to Mildred about jewels.

They're buried on or around their old farm.

It sounds like it could be in more than one place.

That could be worth tens of millions today.

If I could just find the whole book I could decode more of the message, and maybe help identify who killed Lyle!

Good work, Tess. Good work.

Is that Lyle's grandpa's uniform?

Yes, it is. These patches and medals could tell us a lot about him. Can I take a pic?

Yes. No.

What? What?

My codebreaking just established motive.

Possible motive. Oh, come on, Logan.



You know... Maybe Lyle found some of the jewels, and that's where the antique engagement ring came from?

But you think there might be more out there?

We need the entire book to figure that out.

OK, look. I'll go by Lyle's office and his condo and do some snooping around, but I don't remember seeing it.

Well, one thing's for certain.

Millions of dollars are a lot of reasons for murder.

It is.

Am I going to see you at Angela's wedding?

I understand that Logan doesn't have a date yet.

You're going to Angela's wedding?

The groom's parents are on the advisory board of the opera with me. Of course. You know everyone.

Honey, are you OK?

You've hardly spoken a word since the bridge.

Sorry I'm not better company today.

You're always my favorite company.

But if you want to talk about something, I'm here.

It's just there's one thing I can't shake...

Abby, Lyle's girlfriend. The chef you told me about...?

Yeah. Lyle was head over heels in love with her.

But when I saw Abby with that grad student yesterday...

It just... I don't know, it looked really suspicious.

You're thinking that maybe they had something to do with Lyle's death? Maybe they were involved and they wanted to take Lyle's treasure all for themselves!

Do you think it's possible... Is it possible that Lyle could have deluded himself about Abby this whole time?

It happens.

Well, the murder weapon was a high end ceramic knife, something a chef would use.

Abby's a chef, she probably owns knives like that!

You're right. Tell Logan, because I'm sure he's gonna want to check that out.

That would require a search warrant and he doesn't have enough evidence to get one.



Unless I happen to meet up with Abby.

With a potential murderer? Come on, Tess!

I don't want you taking those kinds of risks.

I'm not gonna be wandering down some dark alley.

She teaches workshops at a cookware store on the Upper West Side. Where they sell knives.

I could sign up for a class.

What's the worst thing that happens?

I burn a soufflé?

Please, Tess. I don't want you going alone.

Please. So come with me.

OK. If that's what it takes for me to keep my eye on you... I will.

Well, thanks for... for meeting me.

I appreciate that. How long did you know Lyle?

Since grad school, and we stayed in touch.

To be honest this store isn't exactly profitable, so Lyle helped me supplement my income with work here and there. What sort of work?

Oh, lots of things. Helping find articles he needed, helping him organize his notes.

I helped him research his last couple of books.

Oh. Do you know if anyone would've had anything against Lyle?

Lyle was the nicest guy you could ever imagine.

But Lyle did said his ex Bethany had been threatening him.

Apparently things were pretty bad between them.

And where were you last Sunday?

Oh, uh... Right here.

My store is open on Sundays, and I was working.

Well, thank you for your time.

How's it going over there, Elliot?

Trying to figure out that military uniform is harder than it looks.

I've identified the easy ones... Bronze Star, Purple Heart...

What's that white patch with the gold stars?

The "Fighting Badgers".

I wonder what that could be...

You know, sometimes people call first.

Yeah, sorry. The patch on the uniform is from a special tactical unit in the war called the "Fighting Badgers".

It turns out in the last days of the war, they were stationed near a castle where a bunch of jewels went missing...

A legendary trove of jewels that belonged to a very wealthy family.

So Lyle's grandpa must have found the jewels and brought them back after the war?

Exactly. Maybe that's what Lyle was looking for up in Connecticut.

Right. That's my next stop.

I tracked down the property records on the old Clarks family farm. Turns out it's near a place called Thompson's Mill. They sold the property off years ago.

OK, so maybe we follow Lyle's path and we figure out what happened to Lyle.

"We"? Tess, you're not coming along.


OK, fine. It's fine. I'll go up there myself and look around, disturb some evidence...

Don't you have work to do?

I could work in the car if you let me go with you.

Fine. OK.

I just... Let's go.

I'm missing a clue for gold. What some hearts are made of?

Wow. Thank you.

Just making friends everywhere, aren't you?

[soft music]

So how's the wedding planning going?

It's fine.

Although I'm a little stuck on coming up with my toast.

Well, do you like the groom?

Yeah. Yeah, he's fine.

Once he passed the background check. What?

Come on, it's marriage.

It's forever, right?

Well, you should probably start by saying what a perfect couple they are. And then tell a funny story.

Maybe not about the background check.

Yeah, leave that part out.

So tell me, what would your wedding be like?

Lemme guess, your vows would be filled with crossword clues?

No. [chuckling]

I think mine would be... I don't know, something simple.

Like a country wedding.

Come on. What, you? No.

I grew up outside of Greencastle, Indiana.

You do not strike me as a country girl at all.

I'll have you know I owned more rubber boots than heels.

Yeah, my dad was a teacher, and we had a small farm.

I know how to milk a goat.

[laughing] Of course you do.

[soft music]

So Mr. Baxter, I was wondering if you had any visitors on the property recently that were looking around asking questions?

Besides yourself, Detective?

Usually the teenagers try to spook the cows, but last month I chased two fellas off who were digging a hole in my field.

Strangest thing.

You wouldn't mind showing us where they were digging, would you?

This way.

[cows mooing]

Careful of the Foxtail barley or you'll never get it out of your clothes. Oh! Yeah.

Too late.

They were digging right here. When those two fellas saw me, they tossed their things in a truck and were gone by the time I got close. Is that one of them?

That's him. And the other guy was tall.

Skinny, too. What about that guy?

Yep. That's the other guy.

Someone else has been here recently too.

What do you mean? Just last week, there was someone else snooping around in my field.

Could you describe them?

Couldn't see 'em, it was too dark. If you need any more help, I'm happy to talk later, but I gotta check on the cattle.

Appreciate your time. Thank you.


That obviously confirms Lyle and Clayton were up here treasure hunting.

And that Clayton lied to me.

He said Lyle always made the trip up here solo.

And whoever that third person was snooping around, I can guarantee they were treasure hunting too.

Thanks for letting me tag along.

Did I have much of a choice?

No. [laughing]

OK, good night. Good night.

[cell phone ringing]

Hello? Yes, this is she.

Oh, you have the book? Great!

How late are you open? I'll be right there.

Forensics found DNA traces on the envelope the threat was sent in. Hm! That's good.

Let's see if they can match it to Bethany, because I also found a DNA sample on her water bottle.

Will do. Oh, um, how did your day in the country go?

It was great. We confirmed Lyle and Clayton were up there treasure hunting in Connecticut.

"We"? Yeah, we. I took Tess along.

Hm! Interesting. What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Nothing. She's an asset to the case.

Yes. Good thinking. So, got a date to your sister's wedding?

Angela keeps bugging me about it.

Why don't you ask Angela to bug me about it?

But you won't talk to her about it.

Exactly. [chuckling]

What's up, bud? Still no leads on how the victim's mom got her mortgage paid off. Let me ask you: if Lyle did find the jewels, how did he turn them into cash?

I don't know. Diamonds are worthless without a buyer.


How does a straight- arrow guy like Lyle find someone to fence diamonds?

[bicycle bell] [gasping]

Anastasia's Stories for Children...

I'm sorry, if you got a call the book should be up here, but I don't see it. It must've been re-shelved.

Here are the call numbers.

Okay, great, I'll go check in the stacks. But hurry...

We're closing in ten minutes. Sure.

Eight two three...

[door opening]






[dramatic music]


You told me you were going home to work on a puzzle!

I was, until the library called that they found the book!

You do realise we're dealing with a murderer here, Tess?

Yes! I've been very careful! Careful? Careful would be not mixing yourself up in any of this at all!

OK, fine, message received.

Who could have called me if it wasn't the library?

We traced the call to a burner phone.

Someone was trying to set you up.

Someone who doesn't want anybody else finding the book.

I don't know yet. I don't know.

Look, did you notice anybody trying to follow you in?

No, I mean... no, it was late.

And there were people.

There was a guy on a bicycle, there was a student film crew...

Alright, let's just, let's get you out of here, alright?

Thank you.

Alright, what have we got? Tess doing okay?

Yeah, she's fine. It could have ended differently, but she'll be fine.

Listen, I might have an idea on how Lyle sold some of those diamonds. You remember on Lyle's record, that parking ticket from last month?


It's not the ticket that matters. It's where he got it.

When I was a patrol cop, this was my old beat.

Yeah, on Long Island. Right.

Alright, let's check the CCTV footage with the time of the parking ticket. Maybe we'll get lucky and see who he was meeting and why. Exactly.

You remember this guy?

No. Don't remember him. Sorry.

Really? Because he's got a parking ticket right outside your store here, three weeks ago this Wednesday. Doesn't mean he came in here.

True. That's very true. Although we do have footage of him actually walking right through this front door.

The photo's hard to see...

Hmm. Maybe you'd have better luck putting your glasses on?

Now you mention it, he did bring some jewelry in.

A ring and a bracelet, all diamonds.

And you bought them? Of course not.

Mr. Richards, we both know that you've been charged twice in stolen merchandise cases, so come on.

And never convicted. Those times I was the one who was cheated, which is exactly why without the papers to prove he owned them, I would never make that mistake again.

So you never bought anything? How could I?

Without documentation?

I don't hear a no.

Then no.

I didn't buy anything.

And that is how we make tapenade easy.


Thank you. So, we'll take a short break and then we'll move on to eggplant parmesan.

Mmm, that sounds good. Mm-hmm. I'm gonna say hi.

Everything looks delicious. Thank you.

I'm Tess. I was an old friend of Lyle's.

This is my aunt Candace. Pleased to meet you.

We were so sorry to hear about Lyle.

Tess. Lyle talked about you all the time.

We really loved doing your puzzles together.


You must think that it's odd that I'm working, it just... it helps me get my mind off of things.

Of course. That's understandable.

Actually I haven't left the house since it happened.

I thought it would do me good to get out.

Sure. Wow, these are some knives. Ceramic?

Nothing better for paper-thin slices.


Oh, um, excuse me just a moment.

Well, she lied about not leaving the house.

I saw her with Clayton two days ago.

Come on, you're the psychologist.

What do your instincts tell you?

Well, when people lie, they usually reveal more than what you actually asked for. Which is what she just did.

Wait, she's coming back. I need you to distract her.

Tess, don't do anything crazy, please.

We're in a room full of people and this is important. Please?

Yeah. Um, Abby? Since we're here, could you please help me pick out the best possible... Oh! Omelet pans for cooking omelets? The copper ones.

I'd be glad to. Great.

You stole a knife?? I'm trying to help!

After what we talked about at the library, you stole a knife?

I told you to be careful!

You said the murder weapon was a high-end ceramic knife.

Maybe this is from the same set!

And I'll have forensics analyse it, but if this was the murder weapon, you just contaminated and compromised the evidence!

Sorry to interrupt. Check this out.

Mildred's loan was paid off by a wire transfer from an account in the Caymans. But a few days after Lyle's death, there was a second exchange. Guess what names were on the account?

Who? Clayton and Abby.

OK, so who funded the account in the first place?

Galaxy Jewelers, probably in return for fencing the diamonds.

Also, I got those phone records back. Clayton and Abby exchanged a dozen calls in the days after the murder.

What about before? No.

Well, that's interesting. I guess Clayton's got some explaining to do why his name is on an account in the Cayman Islands and he's up there at some farm in Connecticut, digging for treasure.

I know you.

You're Bethany, right? I think we met that time at the mathematics museum when you were...

With Lyle. I remember. You're his friend who writes the crosswords. You wrote the proposal crossword for him?

I did, as a favour. That's nice.

I never understood his obsession with puzzles.

I'd much rather spend my Sundays training for triathlons than filling in boxes.

He always loved puzzles, even in college.

Yeah, he was a kid who never grew up...


Seems like a lot of people are gonna miss him.

Thought I'd add something of my own.

I guess it finally sank in.

Thanks for meeting me here. Mrs. Clark's out at the store. I've been helping her with the move.

That certainly is nice of you.

She's a nice lady. And Lyle was everything to her.

I think it's time you leveled with me, Clayton. See, we know you have a record. We also know you were working at the library when Tess was attacked, because it happened during your shift.

I wasn't there. Really.

I snuck off to the gym to get in a workout.

Any witnesses to corroborate that?

Nope. But I ran my gym card when I got there.

Who knows, maybe you gave your gym card to a friend.

Meanwhile, we saw you and Abby alone together privately this week on campus.

You saw us?

Sure did. And you lied to us about not going to Connecticut.

You see, Clayton, the owner of the farm saw you with Lyle.

Now, we both know Lyle can't drive at night, right?

Obviously, you must have driven for him.

Who knows? Maybe you killed him.

You've got this all wrong, I didn't kill anyone!

It looks pretty suspicious. It looks like you and Abby were gonna share quite the windfall if you found all the jewels.

Look, I know this looks bad. Then convince me it isn't.

I owed Lyle my life. Really?

I was in and out of juvie and headed straight for prison.

I got a job sweeping up at the library. Lyle helped me put together an application and get into college.

And in return, you'd help him search for the diamonds?

Yeah. Lyle found the cipher.

Once he got his hands on the Anastasia book, he had the key to decode it. That's how we found the diamonds.

But the larger cache is still out there somewhere, and that one is worth millions.

You do realise that those diamonds you're fencing belong to someone. That's a felony, Clayton.

Unless of course you can provide me with a little more information.

Look, Lyle just wanted a small cut of the jewels, to help out his mom and Abby. OK.

He made me promise that if anything happened to him, I would find the rest of the jewels and return them to their rightful owners. Some wealthy family in Europe.

Did you introduce Lyle to your diamond fence?

I stayed in touch with some of my old friends.

Why don't you explain to me how you created this account in the Cayman Islands with you and Abby's name on it?

Yeah, we got that little bit of information from the IRS.

I gotta tell ya, you got quite a handy background in forgery.

I set up the account with cash from the first jewels we found.


That's why I was meeting Abby, to tell her about it.

But she didn't want the money; she said that we should tell the authorities. Lyle made me promise that Abby would be cared for if anything happened to him.

What do you mean if anything happened to him?

Someone else was looking for the jewels.

When we were up at the farm, we saw another car.

Lyle was convinced we were being followed.

I don't care if you believe me or not.

Just make sure Abby doesn't get blamed for anything.

[cell phone beeping] We'll be in touch.

What have you got?

News from forensics. The DNA on the envelope matches the DNA on Bethany's water bottle.

Fantastic. Well, that confirms it, doesn't it?

Bethany wrote those threats.

How'd it go with Clayton? Logan! Oh, come on.

OK, fine, I suppose I owe you. Because Clayton did confirm your story about the missing World War II treasure, and he also confessed about going up to the farm with Lyle.

You're welcome.

But he also insisted that he was only helping Lyle and Abby's totally innocent in all of this. Oh, we also got the lab results back on Abby's knife... the ceramic doesn't match the murder weapon.

Huh. So where does that leave things?

Well, it means we have a suspect... [cell phone beeping]

Hold on a second.

What's up, bud?

Really? OK, I'm on my way.

I've got to go. What is it?

A break in the case. I hope.

Talk to me. It was found by a jogger.

A package wrapped in plastic, with a ceramic knife that has blood on it.

We'll see if that blood matches Lyle's. Bethany's apartment is minutes away, and according to the neighbours, she runs the trail every day.

Post an officer on her until we get the lab results back on that knife. We may have found our murderer.

Logan. Hi.

What are you doing down here? Well, I have some news.

Bethany is in a four-hour surgery as we speak, and I've got officers waiting outside the OR to arrest her when she's done.

Bethany, really? Yeah, test results came back on the knife.

Tested positive for Lyle's blood. And that hair that was on the package matched Bethany's DNA.

Her alibi didn't clear at all. She said she was in surgery all day Sunday, and she wasn't. She called in sick.

So that's it?

That's it. Yeah, we got her. Hm! Wow.

So you keep a record of all permits for student film projects, correct? Yes, they're required.

And a film permit would tell you where and when a certain project would be filming on campus? Yes, it's University policy.

Great. Do you happen to have a permit for a student film project that was filming on campus this week, perchance?

Only one. I'll make you a copy. Thank you very much.

[dog barking]

The movers are almost finished.

It's odd to see this place so empty.

The memories you have here can't be packed up.

They'll stay with you, even in your new home.

[cell phone chiming] Good news? Something I've been looking for.

Have you ever heard of an old book, Anastasia's Stories for Children?

Of course. That was my favourite book as a kid.

Funny you should bring that up. Why's that?

Not too long ago, Lyle asked if my father used to read me any special book growing up.

So that explains why Lyle's Grandpa chose that book for the key.

Because it was his daughter's favourite book.

I'm headed down to a bookstore right now.

I think they have the book we need to help us find the diamonds.

How'd the interrogation go? It was good.

Bethany obviously admitted to sending the threatening letters and those phone calls to Lyle.

But she insists that she had nothing to do with the murder.

So how does she explain the hair on the murder weapon?

She can't.

Seems like everything is wrapped up in a nice bow for me.

Maybe... But I don't trust perfectly-wrapped presents.

When I'm right, I'm right.

How's that? Take a look at this.

This is the student film footage I told you about the night Tess was attacked.

Guess who gets a nice little cameo in the background, following Tess into the library?

There she is. Watch this.

Boom. Emory. Yeah.

Think you can hold down the fort?

Yeah. I'm out.

All that proves is that I went to the library that night.

Really? At the exact time that Tess was attacked?

Coincidence. Is it a coincidence that the department said you never gave back your key when Lyle got your office?

Didn't I? Who can remember?

I think it was you that ransacked Lyle's office, Emory.

The lock wasn't broken. Someone who entered must have had a key.

Were you looking for something?

I have no idea what you're talking about. And unless there's some sort of specific charge... there's the door.

OK. Well, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

[mysterious music]

Hi! Hi! You got my message.

Yes. You have the book?

Yes, I managed to find a copy after all. It just came in.

Christina, thank you so much. No, of course. Uh, book's in the back, but I have something to show you first. A real treat.

The world's very first crossword puzzle, published December 21st, 1913, in the New York World. Diamond shaped.

I'm familiar with it. This is amazing!

Have a look. I'll be right back.

I mean, this crossword is just... it's incredible.

Foxtail barley.

You're leaving already? But I have the book that you wanted.

Yeah, I can come back later... No!

Winston, do me a favour, run a quick search on Bethany and that bookseller, Christina Blake, and see if anything connects them.

You've had the book all along? Of course. And you have something that I have been searching for too. The cipher?

The book's of no use without it. I knew Lyle all those years and he tried to cut me out of my share of the jewels.

So it was you at the farm, tailing Lyle and Clayton...

Yes! Emory told me about the jewels!

Lyle had gone to him, asking about unsolved thefts during the war. Emory had written some articles on it, so it didn't take him long to figure it out. But when I went to confront Lyle about it, he thought he'd done nothing wrong!

I found you the book that helped you find them!

I'm just taking back what my family deserves... What about what I deserve?

After everything I've done for you!

I lost it. I only wanted what was mine...

I found Lyle the book and he didn't tell me it was the key to millions in jewels!

And after all I'd done to make him look good with his research!

So I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and... I just...

I didn't mean to kill him.

Things just got out of hand!

And then I searched everywhere.

I found the Anastasia book, but I could not find that cipher!

So you framed Bethany to cover your tracks.

She'd been sending threats to Lyle, Lyle had told me all about it! But you have the cipher.

I saw a copy in your wallet when you gave me your card.

So may I have it now, please? [screaming]



So, what have you got? I checked social media and university records.

Bethany and Christina were roommates in grad school.

And I just got some hits on marathons they both ran in.

They're in the same runners club.

Wait, wait. Tess said she was going to a bookstore...

What if that bookstore is Christina's? I gotta go.

Thieves use ceramic shards to break tempered glass.

It concentrates all the force onto a tiny point. Almost as fine as a diamond!

[gasping] Hey!

What are you doing here? What do you mean? I'm here to save you!

I saved myself. You OK?

Yes. Christina killed Lyle!

I know. Do you know where she is? No. I know where she's headed.

So it's a 3-hour drive up to the farm in Connecticut and she left about 20 minutes ago.

That puts her somewhere around Riverdale by now. Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm good. OK, I'm going right now.

Logan? It's Winston. I got that info for you.

She's in a 2018 grey sedan, license plate 9A21ER.

Put out an APB.


She's been spotted over on the Saw Mill River Parkway.

Copy that. I'm almost there.


Police! Hands where I can see them.

Get out slowly.

Christina Blake, you're under arrest for the murder of Lyle Clark. I just wanted what was mine!

So why chase Tess down at the library?

That was Emory's idea. He ransacked Lyle's office too.

We just needed the cipher, and Tess had it in her bag but she wouldn't let go.

Read her her rights.

So how did you guess that Christina might be behind it all?

Bethany said that she actually visited the farm with friends when she was in grad school.

So Christina obviously would have known the location of the farm.

And Bethany's DNA was on the knife.

She got a strand of hair from her baseball cap to try to frame her.

And what about Emory? He confessed right away, trying to save his own neck.

I mean, obviously Emory and Christina were working together. With Lyle gone, Emory would of course get tenure and Christina would get a bump in pay of millions of bucks.

Poor Lyle... It's just, you know... he had his whole life ahead of him.

Tess, I'm really sorry about what happened to your friend.

Thank you, really. Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

You're welcome. So am I on the team now or...?

Not yet. [laughing] OK.

Well, I hope you get some rest and you're able to actually enjoy your sister's wedding this weekend.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

About that, I...

I thought maybe you wanted to... come with me?

Go to the wedding?

Yes, the wedding. No... Yes, of course, the wedding.

You know I don't want to, like, interfere...

OK, hold on a second. You interfere with everything except, what, an invite to a wedding? Are you serious?

[laughing] I'd love to go.


By the power vested in me by the State of New York, I pronounce you husband and wife.


[romantic song]


Ahh! Well, I predict a long happy marriage.

Yeah, they do seem really happy. Not as happy as I am, now that this wedding hoopla is over. Alright, all you wallflowers, come on down! It's time for everyone to get up and dance.

Candace, would you care to dance?

I would love to, Captain.

Uh, you two, it's not a wedding until everyone dances, you know.

♪ Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum ♪ So... Shall we?

I thought you'd never ask. OK.


After you. Thank you!

♪ Still it's a real good bet The best is yet to come ♪


♪ Best is yet to come and babe won't that be fine ♪

Hold on.

It's the precinct. I gotta take this. Logan!

It's your sister's wedding! One dance.

OK, fine. Let's do this. You know the foxtrot?

Of course. It's just like a crossword. Two down, one across.

You lead. Good.

♪ You ain't seen nothing yet ♪

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