Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Script

Master Li is here!

-Master Li is here! -Master Li is here!

Shu Lien!

Shu Lien! Li Mu Bai is here!

-Master Li. -Hello.

-How's everything? -Fine. Please come in.

-Li Mu Bai. lt's been a long time. -lt has.

-How's business? -Not bad. And how are you?


Monk Zheng came by from the Wudang Mountain.

He said you were practising deep meditation.

The mountain must be so peaceful. l envy you.

My work keeps me so busy l hardly get a minute's rest.

l broke it off. l couldn't complete the training.

Why? You're a Wudang fighter. Training is everything.

During my meditation training, l came to a place of deep silence. l was surrounded by light.

Time and space disappeared. l felt l had come to a place my master had never told me about.

-You were enlightened. -Far from it. l didn't feel the bliss one should feel when enlightened. lnstead, l was surrounded by an endless sorrow. lt was more than l could take. l couldn't go on. l failed.

There was something pulling me back into the world.

What was it?

Something l can't seem to let go of.

l see you're preparing to leave.

We're making a delivery to Beijing.

Perhaps l could ask you to deliver something to Sir Te for me.

The Green Destiny Sword? You're giving it to Sir Te? l am. He has always been our greatest protector. l don't understand. How can you part with it? lt's been with you a long time.

Too many men have died at its edge.

lt may look pure but only because blood washes easily from its blade.

You use it for good cause, making you worthy of it.

lt's time for me to leave it behind.

So what will you do then?

Come with me to Beijing.

You can give the sword to Sir Te in person. lt'll be just like old times. l need to visit my master's grave. lt's been many years since he was murdered by Jade Fox. l have yet to avenge his death, and yet l'm thinking of quitting. l must pray for his forgiveness.

Catch up with me when you have finished. l will wait for you if you come.


-Okay, you may pass. -Thanks.

Let's go into the city. We can rest after we unload the shipment.

Thank God everything is safe. Much obliged, Miss Yu.

Just doing my job.

Sun Security has been the best since your father started it.

You're a credit to your father's memory.

-Thank you. -lt's the truth.

This is Li's personal sword.

A great hero is worthy of a great weapon.

He is the only one in the world worthy of it. lt's too fine a gift. l cannot accept it.

The sword has brought Li Mu Bai as much trouble as glory.

Li wants to leave these troubles behind.

Take the sword and help him leave his old way of life. l see. All right. l'll act as the sword's custodian.

Ninth Level Counsel, Chief Yu has arrived. l must change.

Thank you. You've always been a great friend to Li and me.

No hurry to leave. Please feel at home.

You'll stay the night as my guest.

Now, Shu Lien, tell me something, and forgive me for prying.

But your father was like a brother to me and l think of you as my own daughter.

Please, Sir Te, what is it?

Li Mu Bai giving up his sword and his warrior days, maybe he's hinting something to you.

-l don't know. -Don't be coy. l've known all along about your feelings for each other.

Neither of you have been brave enough to reveal your feelings to each other.

So many years went wasted.

Li Mu Bai and l aren't cowards.

Maybe it isn't what you've thought.

When it comes to emotions, even great heroes can be idiots. lf Li Mu Bai doesn't talk straight next time you see him, let me know, and l'll give him an earful!

You will stay in this room.


l am your guest here today.

This is Sir Te's study. You are here to... lt's so crowded out there. l was looking for a quiet place. l'm Sir Te's head servant, De Lu. This is another of our guests.

lt's heavy for such a thin piece of metal. lt's the handle that's heavy. And that blade is no ordinary metal.

Still, the sword is the lightest of all weapons.

You find it heavy because you're not used to handling them.

No, l've had a lot of experience with weapons.

My father has security guards living with us.

They let me play with their weapons.

This scabbard is so beautiful.

Beautiful and yet dangerous.

Once you've seen it tainted with blood, you'll think otherwise. lt's 400 years old. lt's exquisite.

You said this sword belongs to...

My friend Li Mu Bai.

He's given it to Sir Te as a gift.

Li Mu Bai! The famous warrior? l've heard so much about him. Why would he give his sword to Sir Te? lt's a long story.

-You must be a sword fighter, too. -Yes, but l prefer the machete.

This sword fits Li Mu Bai perfectly.


lt must be exciting to be a fighter.

Fighters have rules, too. Friendship, trust, integrity.

Always keep your promise.

Without rules, we wouldn't survive long. l've read all about people like you.

Roaming wild, beating up anyone who gets in your way!

Writers have to write like that to sell books.

You're just like the characters in the stories.

Sure, no place to bathe for days, sleeping on flea-infested beds.

They tell you all about that in those books?

You know what l mean. l'm getting married soon, but l haven't lived the life l want. l've heard of your engagement. Congratulations.

lt's the most important step in a woman's life, isn't it?

-You are not married, are you? -What do you think?

No. You couldn't roam around freely if you were. l admit you're probably right.

Chief Yu, take a look.

2 feet 9 inches long, 1 .1 inch wide.

The handle is 1 inch long, 2.6 inches wide, 0.7 inch thick, each side is 1 .5 inches.

With seven rubies missing from the hilt.

You can tell from the design that it was made during the Qin Wu era.

Engraved with a technique lost during the Han Dynasty.

Your knowledge is remarkable.

A sword by itself rules nothing. lt comes alive only through skilful manipulation. l see your point. Please continue, Sir Te.

The inner city in Beijing is not a problem.

With royalty and officials everywhere the Royal Guard keep security tight.

But the outer city is hard to govern. lt's full of complex characters.

Proceed with caution in your quest for law and order.

Don't depend only on the court.

Keep some contacts in the Jiang Hu underworld. lt can ensure your position.

Be strong yet supple. This is the way to rule.


Let me do it.

-Please sit. -l've made a pair of silk pyjamas.

-Want to change into them? -Leave them there.

l heard you met Yu Shu Lien today.

You know her?

Your mother would not want you consorting with her kind.

l'll socialise with whomever l please.

Don't invite danger into your father's house.

-l'm tired now! -Go to bed then.

You've grown up and will get married soon.

God knows what the future will bring. lt'll be just the same.

Enough, l'm tired.

lt's autumn now. l'll shut the windows for you.

Chilly, eh?


Someone help! Catch the thief!

He's on the rooftop!

The sword's been stolen! Someone help!

He's on the roof! Stop, thief!

Catch him!

Avenge my mother!

What are you standing here for? Go get him!

Return the sword, and l'll let you go.

You've been trained at Wudang?

We are street performers. You're wrong.

-We're just practising the stunts. -Let's go.

Practising? Who are you trying to fool?

Where did they go?

Chief Yu's house.

Get down here!

Give me the sword.

Sir Te awaits you in the great hall. l didn't get the sword back.

But l'm sure the thief's connected to the Yus.

-How dare you! -But l saw...

Enough! Get out!

Has Chief Yu ever seen the sword?

Yes, though l doubt he's involved in this.

But the sword is somewhere in his compound.

Then someone's out to frame him.

We should get word to Li Mu Bai about this.

Watch your step.

-What is it? -Someone's put fliers up.

Let me see.

Someone's after Jade Fox. Preposterous, looking for her here!

-Best spear fighting in the world! -The Yang School of Spear Fighting!

-Where did they go? -l really don't know. l saw them couple of days ago. Probably gone by now.

Miss, there's a Miss Yu here asking to see you.

-Our Lady is busy right now. -l will tell her then.

Show her in.


This spells trouble.

l have a guest now.

This way please, Miss Yu.

-l've missed you! -Missed me? How so? l have nothing to do.

You're practising calligraphy. l'll write your name. Just for fun.

l never noticed that my name looks like the word for sword.

You write gracefully. Calligraphy is so similar to fencing.

Maybe it is. l wouldn't know.


Thank you for seeing me. l hear your wedding day is near.

You must be overwhelmed with the preparations. l'm hardly doing a thing. The less l think of it, the better.

My parents are arranging everything, including the groom.

Mother says the Gous are a very powerful family.

My marrying into this family will give my dad's career a big boost. lt's a great fortune to marry into such a noble family. ls it? Actually, l like the great heroes in the books just like you and Li Mu Bai.

Marriage is a good thing. lf only l could be free to live my own life, to choose who l love and love him in my own way.

That's real happiness.

-Think so? Let me tell you a story. -About you and Li Mu Bai?

Yes. l was once engaged to be married when l was young.

-Really? -His name was Meng Si Zhao.

He was a brother-by-oath to Li Mu Bai.

One day, while defending Li Mu Bai in battle he was killed by another man's sword.

After Meng's sacrifice, Li and l went through a lot together.

Our feelings for each other grew stronger.

But we decided to honour my engagement to Meng.

The freedom you talk about, l too desire it, but l've never tasted it. lt's not your fault, or Li Mu Bai's.

Too bad for Meng, but that's just the way things turn out.

As a woman, l still must abide by tradition even if l'm not an aristocrat like you.

Don't distance us. From now on, let's be sisters.

All right. As a sister, l hope you find real happiness.

Miles and miles of nothing.

Can't your father get an appointment closer to civilisation?

This place!

Jen, are you listening to me?

Let's go!

-Who are you? -Dad!

Hold it! l'm a friend!

l don't care about your sword.

-Why are you spying on the Yus? -l'm looking for someone. Jade Fox. l'm a police inspector from the Shaan Xi, Gen Su district.

This Jade Fox is a master criminal. l hear she infiltrated the Yus.

She must have come with them when he transferred here.

But l cannot just go in and catch her there. l have to lure her out.

-This Jade Fox is a woman? -You bet.

Then leave her to me. Don't worry.

Thank you, but l doubt you can handle her.

My wife used to be quite a martial artist. Jade Fox killed her. lt's both an official and a personal matter to me.

-Meatballs are ready! -l'm more than ready for them.

Wait, dad gets first dip!


They are gone.

What does it say?

We'll settle this at midnight tonight on Cemetery Hill.

Good! The Fox is out of her hole.


Shu Lien, look who's here.

Sir Te thinks it's not appropriate to cast doubt on Chief Yu.

But there is something up in the Yu household. l'm investigating.

What have you found?

Jade Fox? lmpossible!

You'd always suspected she'd fled out west.

She has the nerve to come to Beijing. ls there any place safer than under the nose of Chief Yu?

l shall avenge my master's death after all.

But be careful, Li Mu Bai.

Sir Te requires discretion.

Official business is already difficult to resolve, it'd be a bigger mess with your personal matters involved.

And l don't know, this flyer may not be reliable. lt could be some sort of trap.

-Did you see who posted it? -No. lt says Fox is hiding at Yu's.

Sir Te says the night of the theft there was a brawl in front of Yu's.

Were you involved?

No, that was Bo, Sir Te's man.

Bo followed the thief to the Yus.

-Have you cross-examined him yet? -Bo? No, not yet...

But you've had your men stake out Yu's compound?

No, l'd already sent them back.

You can blame me for losing the sword but trust me, l'll get it back soon using my own methods.

That's not what l meant. l don't care about the sword.

How can you say that? Didn't you come back here for it? l didn't know it was stolen until l got here.

Then, why did you come?

Well, we had talked...

Pardon my intrusion. Master Li, your room is ready.

Thank you.

Please, lead the way.

This Fox doesn't care much for punctuality.

There's no sign of her.

Enough! Don't pretend any more.

Tsai! You old scoundrel!

You won't leave me alone. Payback time!

Yeah, old lady? Watch your mouth! lf you surrender now, you'll suffer less. lf you resist, you're dead today.

Dad! Let me avenge my mother's death.

You'll end up like her, you little whore!

You old fox!


You old fox, you ruined my life. You won't get away with it.

Watch out for her acupressure!


Tsai, you dog!

You even have hidden hands!

-Dad, are you okay? -l'm fine.

Wudang should have gotten rid of you long ago. lt's been a long time, Jade Fox!

You probably don't remember me.

But you remember my master.

You infiltrated my clan while l was away.

You poisoned my master and stole the secret manual.

Now it's time for you to pay!

Your master underestimated us women.

He wouldn't teach me even after he'd slept with me.

He deserved to die by a woman's hands!

You stole the top secrets of Wudang's martial arts.

But you've mastered only the basic moves in the past ten years.

For you to die under Wudang's sword today is no disgrace!

My disciple! Fight with me! We'll kill them all!

-Fox has a disciple! -l've got to get rid of Tsai!

Who are you?

Why is the Green Destiny Sword in your possession?

-lt's none of your business. -My name is Li Mu Bai.

The Green Destiny Sword is mine.

Jade Fox can't be your master.

Where did you learn this "Xuan Piu" move?

Piece of cake.

Who is your master?

-Let's go. -l'll kill them once and for all.

Let's go!


This is Tsai?

My father. Police lnspector from Shaan.

Homicide must be reported to Chief Yu. ln addition, the victim is an officer.

You believe the killer is hiding out in this compound? l'd put my life on it, sir.

Come with me.

This needs to be resolved, and quickly. l'll get into the Yu household and get her. l'll ferret out this Fox and her gang in no time.

Too dangerous. Yu is a court official and in charge of security.

This could ruin his reputation and career. lt might also get Sir Te in trouble.

This calls for the utmost delicacy.

Sir Te, can you find some excuse to invite Mrs and Miss Yu over?

What do you have in mind?

The best way to trap a fox is through her cubs.

Oh, my! Mrs Te is spoiling us with all these gifts.

She is being so considerate to our daughter. l'm sorry she's not feeling well enough to entertain you today. l heard Sir Te has lost something.

And now Mrs Te is not feeling well.

We know who stole the missing item.

lf the thief returns it l'm sure Sir Te will pursue the matter no further.

That's good. lt's a real annoyance to have servants who steal.

Sir Te knows that even well-meaning people sometimes make mistakes.

Some mistakes can ruin not only themselves but their entire family as well.

But don't be too lenient.

Sure. For example, no mercy will be shown to the murderer who just turned up in Beijing.

-A murderer? -Yes, the very killer of Li Mu Bai's own master.

Last night she killed a policeman who had tracked her for many years.

A female criminal! Now that's news!

You say she killed a policeman?

Yes, from the west.

He went undercover as a street performer, and followed her here. l'm no detective, but maybe the murderer and thief are the same. l doubt that.

This particular thief is very unusual.

And most likely smarter than a mere killer.

-Greetings, Sir Te. -Hello, Mrs Yu.

Let me introduce Li Mu Bai, the renowned swordsman. lt's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs Yu, Ms Yu.

Ms Yu is getting married soon.


Why don't you come in?

-l'm standing guard. -Come in. lt's cold.

Come in. We don't have to fear Jade Fox if we're together.

lsn't it a little late to be out?

You can give the sword to me. l'll do as l please.

-Where's your master? -None of your business!

Had enough flying?

You've got potential.

But you've misunderstood Wudang's secret manual quite a bit.

You need a real master.

A master like you? lt's a meaningless title.

You're right, it's all meaningless.

School is meaningless, the secret manual is meaningless even this sword. lt is just a state of mind.

Don't talk like a monk just because you're in a temple. Just fight!

-Then tell me where Jade Fox is! -Move!

True strength is light as a feather.

No assistance, no growth.

No reaction, no explanation.

No control, no desire.

Give yourself up and find yourself again.

Here's a lesson for you on life.

Go ahead.

Why should l? You need practise.

Learn to defeat movement with stillness.

That way you'll be worthy of the Green Destiny.

Why do you want to teach me? l've always wanted a disciple worthy of the Wudang secrets.

Aren't you afraid that l'd kill you once l mastered it?

That's a risk l'm willing to take as your teacher.

Deep down you're good. Even Jade Fox hasn't been able to corrupt you.

Wudang is a whorehouse! Keep your lessons to yourself!

You're home late, or should l say early?

Why are you still here? You've killed a policeman!

You'll bring ruin on my whole family.

They wouldn't have tracked me here if you hadn't stolen the sword.

You're not a little girl any more. You thought this would be fun? l'm in this, and you're in too.

Come with me, Jen.

You don't want to waste your life as the wife of some pompous bureaucrat.

-As master and disciple, we will rule. -l'll never live as a thief.

You're already the most wanted thief!

That was just for fun. Why would l leave, and where?

Wherever we want. We'd get rid of anyone in our way.

-Even your father. -Shut up!

That's the underworld fighter lifestyle. Kill or be killed.

Exciting, isn't it?

-l've fulfilled my obligations to you. -No, l have.

To have you as my disciple is the thing in my life l'm most proud of.

You think you've been teaching me all these years from the manual?

Thank goodness you're illiterate.

l studied the illustrations, and you studied the words.

You hid the details from me?

You wouldn't have understood it even if you knew how to read.

You know you've gone as far as you will go. l hid my skills from you because l was afraid you might get hurt.

lf it weren't for seeing you fight with Li Mu Bai, l'd still be ignorant of all you've hidden from me.

Governess. l started learning from you in secret when l was 1 0.

You enchanted me with the dream of the Jiang Hu underworld.

But once l realised l could exceed you, you can't imagine how frightened l was! l had no one to guide me, no one to follow, no one to learn from.

There will be more frightening things ahead.

Are you happy now that the sword is back? l admit, getting it back made me realise how much l missed it.

But it's not your sword any more, is it?

You gave it to Sir Te.

True. But l must borrow it for one last job.

Jade Fox will die on its edge.

Did you know what you were hiding when you covered for that girl?

My job was to recover the sword without embarrassing anyone. l wasn't about to ruin her life, or her father.

You did yourjob well.

The sword is back. But...this girl. l saw her last night. l knew you'd be suspicious.

She needs controlling.

She needs real direction and training.

She's an aristocrat's daughter, she's not one of us. lt will all be over soon. You'll kill Fox and she'll marry.

That's not her. She should become a Wudang disciple.

But Wudang doesn't accept women.

For her, perhaps they could make an exception. lf not, left to her own, l'm afraid she'll become a poisonous dragon. lt's not our affair.

Even if Wudang accepts her, her husband might object.

l thought by giving away the sword, l could escape the Jiang Hu world.

But the cycle of bloodshed continues. l had hoped so, too. l wish there were something l could do to help you.

Just be patient with me, Shu Lien.


-Lo! -Jen!

You shouldn't have come.

With all the traffic on your rooftop these days it took me a while to get in here. l can't wait any longer, Jen. l was wrong to let you go.

Come with me, back to the desert. You'll be happy there.

You can do whatever you want.

You have been looking for me all this time?

Jen, stop playing with it. l won't break it.


Stop! lt's Dark Cloud!

Dark Cloud is coming!

Lower the shade, don't be seen!

Don't be afraid, Miss.

Don't touch the women!



Your mother is fine. Hurry back to your mother.


She's mine! Leave her to me!

-Let's take a break. -Give me back my comb!

Take a break.

You're tired. You need rest.

Your horse needs water. There's a spring up here.

Well, there was when l last visited.

Your name?

My name is Lo. The Hans call me Dark Cloud. l'm not that tall or that big, but l'm quick as lightning.


Give me my comb.

lf you like that, l can make you a bow.

Great for hunting pheasants.

They're delicious.

You need to eat something. Understand?

That way, you'll have the strength to fight.


You'll slowly regain your strength. Don't rush.

You have a bad temper. lt's much better this way.

You coward!

Still in a bad mood? But you're speaking.

What's your name? l didn't think the Hans had names like that.

Relax. lf l wanted to do what you think l want to do, l'd have done it already.

You must be dying for a bath.

The water source is far, and difficult to get to. l managed to bring back some fresh water.

You can wear my clothes when you are done.

They're clean.

Don't worry.

l'll sing a song, so you'll know where l am.

After the bath, you will calm down a little.

But promise me, no more rocks on the head.

-All this trouble, just for a comb? -lt's mine.

And it's worth a lot to me. But to a barbarian like you, it's nothing.

Not true. l can use it to pick fleas from my horse.

By the way, l'm a real Manchurian.

l'm sorry, l guessed wrong. l thought you were a Han.

Give me back my comb.

l don't take orders from anyone.

Give it to me.

One night, when l was a boy l saw a thousand stars fall out of the sky. l remember thinking, where did they all go? l'm an orphan. l used to look for stars alone.

Maybe if l rode to the other end of the desert, l'd find them.

l've been riding in the desert ever since.

And that little boy became a fearsome bandit.

Couldn't find the stars, so now he steals my comb.

Out there, you're always fighting for survival.

You have to gang up just to stand a chance.

Slowly, your gang becomes your family.

All that Dark Cloud stuff is just propaganda but it does make my life easier.

So you are still the little boy at heart looking for fallen stars. l am a man. And l've found the brightest star of them all.

Your father's men are looking for you.

They're still out there, circling closer.

Let them look.

They'll keep looking. lt's trouble for me.

Don't even think of sending me back.

lt's up to you.

You might get tired of this and start missing your family. lf we had a daughter, we'd look for her, too.

She'd miss us, too.

Jen, l want you to be mine forever.

What if l make my mark on the world, earn your parents' respect?

We have a legend. Anyone who dares to jump from the mountain, God will fulfil a wish of his.

A long time ago, a man's parents were ill, so he jumped.

He didn't die, wasn't even wounded.

He just floated away, far away, never to return.

He knew his wish had come true. lf you believe in it, it will happen. l've asked Han people, they say, "A sincere heart will make your dreams come true."

Keep it safe.

And return it to me when we are together again.

l will.

lf you don't return it to me, l will have to chase you down.

And next time, l won't go easy on you.

Wherever l went, they always recognised me. l really tried.

l heard you came to Beijing. l was afraid l'd never see you again.

So l came. l can't let you get married like that.

Go back.


-Don't ever come back. -This is it?


We heard noises. ls everything all right?

Fine. lt was just a cat.

You think Jade Fox will show up?

She must be nearby.

But l doubt she'll show herself.

We'll keep our eyes open. She'll come for the girl sooner or later.


Go back to Xin Jiang with me.

Let go of me.

You're mine.

Go back to Xin Jiang with me.

Jen, come back to Xin Jiang with me.

-Tell me. Where is Jade Fox? -Come with me. Hurry.

You really thought she'd give it all up and go back west with you?

-She's mine. -Whether she's yours or not you will be no good to her dead. With Gou and Yu hunting you, it won't be long until you're in their hands. l don't care any more. lf you truly loved her, you wouldn't say that.

Don't you want to see her again?

l'll write an introduction for you. Take it to Wudang Mountain.

Wait there for news from me.


When will this end?

They take it, put it back, and take it again.

My place is no better than a warehouse.

Come in.

-Speak. -Jen Yu's run away.

The groom found her missing.

Chief Yu requests your assistance since you know the Jiang Hu underworld so well.

He wants to find her and keep her from harm.

Sir Te, leave this to us. Don't worry.

What can l serve you?

This cup is dirty.

Hi there. May l ask your name?

Long. lt's young master Long. My apologies! l'm lron Eagle Sung.

This is my fellow brother, Flying Cougar Li Yun.

What brings you to Huai An and where are you headed, Master Long?

Anywhere there's action. ln that case, perhaps we could be of assistance.

Don't bother.

You don't seem to be getting our drift.

So what if l don't?

We have ways of dealing with people who don't get it.

Are you related to Li Mu Bai?

He's my defeated foe.

Some tea.

Shu Lien.

There's no eternity to the things we can touch.

My master used to say, "There's nothing we can hold onto in this world.

"Only by letting go can we finally possess what is real."

Even to an old Taoist like you, not everything is an illusion.

When you were holding my hand just now, wasn't that real?

Your hand is cold and callused from practising machetes.

All these years, and l've never had the courage to touch it.

Crouching tigers and hidden dragons are in the underworld but so are human feelings.

Swords and knives harbour unknown perils, but so do human relationships. l gave away the Green Destiny with sincerity.

But it brought us more troubles.

Repressing your feelings will only make them stronger. l can't repress my desire. l want to be with you.

Just sitting like this gives me a sense of peace.

Please follow me.

-l want a clean room. -There are plenty of rooms.

-What would you like to eat? -Some steamed cod, fried ribs, meatballs, not too big, with little starch!

And cabbage soup with shark fins, plus a bottle of warm rose wine. l have to order them from a bigger restaurant.

-Hurry then. -Yes.

lt's him.

l am lron Arm Mi. l heard a true master has arrived. l have come to seek a lesson.

You asked for it!

What kind of lron Arm are you?

That's amazing technique! l am Flying Machete.

Are you related to Southern Crane?

Southern Duck? l don't eat anything with two feet.

Who could remember such lengthy names?

You! lf Li Mu Bai is your defeated foe, why don't you know his master?

Who are you? l'm Phoenix Mountain Gou.

Gou? l hate that name. l feel like throwing up when l hear that name.

Too bad you're named Gou! You'll be the first to taste my sword today.

Hold it! Don't you know Monk Jing?

A monk eating meat and not reading scriptures? You need a lesson, too.

-Who the hell are you? -l am... l am...

Be careful of her sword!

...the invincible Sword Goddess with the Green Destiny that has no equal

be it Li or Southern Eagle.

Lower your head and ask for mercy!

l'm the dragon from the desert

with no trace to be discovered in my wake.

Today l fly over Eh-Mei Mountain,

tomorrow, l'll uproot the last dregs of Wudang!

We politely asked for a friendly match, but she showed no respect and started to reproach and attack us.

My friends offered to come by and teach her a lesson.

Her sword is just too powerful. l've travelled far and wide, but l've never met anyone that uncivilised.

She kept accusing me of being the brother of Gou Jun Pei.

Who is this guy Gou, anyway?

Her husband.

Sun Security is nearby. Why don't you go home and see how things are going?

-What about you? -l'll look around and catch up later.

Not a bad idea. Let's stay at Sun Security tonight.

-Get a good night's sleep. -Yes.

-You are back. -Yes.

You're back, Master!

-Hello guys. How's home? -Things are fine.

-You've been gone a while. -Something came up. l leave tomorrow.

-Wei, your wife was due? -Yes, a baby girl.

-A girl? Good. -l'd be happy if she grows up like you.

-Mrs Wu. -You're back!

-How's the arm? Still sore? -Much better. l've been worried about you.

Mrs Wu, Li Mu Bai is coming to stay the night.

Really? l'll go and tidy up the room then.

Sister Yu!

You came to find me. Let's find you some proper clothes. l'm just borrowing them. l'm not moving in.

You get around pretty well. l don't think you need my clothes. l just happened to be around. l wanted to see how you're doing.


Now, now. With all the trouble you've caused, now you know what Jiang Hu life is really like.

You came here, that means you think of me as your sister. lf so, let me give you some sisterly advice.

You don't have to marry, you can't just leave your parents.

But they're the ones who forced me to get married.

Go back to your parents first. Then you can decide about Lo.

You know about Lo?

He really loves you.

Come back to Beijing with me. We'll figure a way out for you.

-Where is he now? -Li Mu Bai has made arrangements.

-Li Mu Bai? -He sent him to Wudang Mountain.

So, you're all working together to set me up.

Shut up! How dare you accuse us!

From the beginning, l knew you stole the Green Destiny! l've done nothing but protect you and your family.

And you've repaid me with nothing but contempt.

Li Mu Bai spared you, and all you do is insult him.

All we hoped for was a little peace, and you've ruined it for us!

You're no sister of mine!

l don't give a damn.

Friendship is not real anyway.

But l wonder, how long could you last as my enemy?

Put the sword down.


Everyone out. Shut the doors.

Fine. No more friendship.

That's Li Mu Bai's sword.

Come and get it if you can.

You just rely on the Green Destiny to do your fighting.

Don't blame the weapon if you can't fight me.

Go ahead. Take your pick. l'll wait.

Go ahead.

Give me the sword.

Take it!


You are not worthy of this sword.

Not another lecture! On guard!

-Stop yourself before l do. -Now the sword will settle it.

l didn't force you at the monastery because l wanted to see the real you.

What do you know about seeing a true heart?

-Why can't you leave me alone? -l'll say it again, let me teach you.

Okay, if you can take back the sword in three moves l will go with you.

-Give it back. -Greet your master.

-You wish. -Then the sword is useless.

lt's only a matter of time before those guys get their revenge.

Your parents value their reputation. They'll never take you back.

What good's a home? You've gone so far. Now we can go all the way together.

You'll always be my Lady.

After all, happiness is the most important thing in life, isn't it?

We'll be our own masters at last.

All we have left is each other, isn't that so?

Now lie down and rest.

Crazy girl like that, you should have killed her. l didn't have the heart to do it.

Maybe Li Mu Bai can do it.

ls it me or the sword you want?

You've been drugged.

Where's Jade Fox?

What's going on?

Jade Fox drugged her.

How did you get here?

We followed Jade Fox.

Watch out!


This is the end of the road.

For you too.

A poisoned needle!

You deserve to die but l was really aiming at Jen.

Ten years l sacrificed but you deceived me.

You hid the book's true meaning. l never improved but your progress was limitless.

You know what poison is?

An eight-year-old girl who's full of deceit!

That's poison!


My only love, my only enemy!

You can't die! Tell us, what poison did you use?

What poison?

You can't die, tell us the antidote!

You can't let him die! Li Mu Bai can't die!

-lt's the Purple Yin Poison. -What?

Purple Yin Poison. lt goes straight to the heart.

My blood will stop flowing within two hours. lt's the same poison that killed my master.

-There's no antidote. -There must be an antidote!

Every living thing has its antithesis. And not this?

There is. Fox taught it to me.

The recipe isn't complicated, but the ingredients are hard to find. lt takes time.

Please, trust me.

As you have helped me, let me help him.

All right. Hurry up.

Maybe l can hold on for two hours.

Ride my horse to headquarters. They have the ingredients.

Give this to Mrs Wu. She'll help you. Hurry!

Save your breath. Guard your energy. l'll be back.

Who is this?

Mrs Wu! Where's Mrs Wu?

Stop it!

Yu gave me this and told me to come to you.

Let her come in!

Mu Bai, hold on.

Give me some hope.

Shu Lien.

Don't waste your breath.

My life is departing. l've only one breath left.

Use your last bit of strength to meditate.

Free yourself from this world as you've been taught.

Let your soul rise to eternity with your last breath.

Don't waste it on me.

l've already wasted my whole life. l want to tell you with my remaining strength that l love you. l always have.

l'll drift next to you everyday as a ghost just to be with you.

Even if l was banished to the darkest place,

my love

will keep me from being a lonely spirit.

He's gone?

Bo, please take this sword back to Sir Te's.

You may go to Wudang Mountain. Lo awaits you there.

Promise me whatever path you decide to take in this life, be true to yourself.



Remember the story you told me in the desert?

Have faith, then the dreams will come true.

Make a wish, Lo.

l wish that we'll be in the desert, together again.