Cry Wolf (2005) Script

Cry_Wolf_(2005) ,BR_MKV_H264_AC3[5.1](Universal,Eng) 1280x534

[woman screams]

[woman panting]

[insects chirruping]

[woman continues panting]

[woman gasps]

[woman whimpering]

[leaves rustling]


[cell phone ringing]

[gun clicking]

[woman whimpers]

[gun firing]

(announcer on radio) In related news, local woman Becky Roberts... has been missing now for more than 24 hours...

[birds chirping]

Is anyone there?



Where is everyone? In the assembly.

So why aren't you? Why aren't you?

I'm a transfer, I just got here. I know.

Is it that obvious? It's a small school.

Word travels fast.

So what's the assembly for? Major drama.

Some townie was screwing the wrong guy and she's gone missing.

So the police are here to teach us about personal safety.

Like, don't talk to strangers.

I'm Owen.


That's unique.

Blame my mom, she's a Dickens scholar.

And your dad? Let's just say he's not a scholar.

So where'd you come from? England.

I meant what was your last school? Bradford.

Before that, Collegiate. Webster before that.

So what'd you do?

I was dating this girl who happened to be the dean's daughter.

Miss Allen. Miss McNally.

Since you seem to have skipped the assembly, perhaps detention...

I'm sorry, Miss McNally, is it? Uh-huh.

I'm Owen Matthews and this is my fault.

It's my first day and I asked Miss Allen here... if she could show me the way to my dorm.

Not that I would ever set foot in the boys' dorm.

No, just to the dorm's front entrance.

Fine, but as soon as you finish showing Mr. Matthews around...

[door opening] make sure you contact your RA and he'll help you...

(Dodger) I'll do just that.

(Owen) Thank you for your help.

I guess you're stuck with me.

##[Tougher Than It Is by Cake playing]

[phone ringing]

(secretary on intercom) Mr. Matthews, your son is on line 1.

Send him to voicemail, Cynthia.

(Charles on voicemail) You've reached Charles Matthews... I'm away from my desk right now. Please leave a message and I will return as soon as possible.


Hey, Dad, just wanted to let you know that I'm all settled in.

The bus worked out fine... though it would have been nice to have seen you before I left.

I got a great work-study shift... as a teaching assistant in the Physics Department. And I signed up for classes. Mostly hard sciences, per your request. And I just met my roommate, Tom. I just beat off.

(Owen) Great guy. Well, I guess that's it, so... you know, give me a call if you have some time.


I hope you washed that hand.

[whispering] We're sneaking out. Good for you.

Do you want to come? Why would I want to do that?

Dodger asked me to bring you.

(Owen) Where are we going?

(Tom) The old chapel, Westlake tradition.

To do what? Bible study? To play a game.

[students chattering]

(Tom) What up!

Party's here. Over here in the locker room.

(Graham) No, I'm glad they're here.

(Tom) What's going on, man?

I thought you were missing, like that townie.

(Randall) Tom, who's your new boyfriend?

You'll have to excuse Randall here.

He doesn't know the difference between a roommate and a cellmate.

[all giggling]

Everybody, this is Owen. Owen, this is everybody.

[girl laughing]

Jungle Fever, you guys want to join us?

(Lewis) What's wrong, Graham?

Bad mood 'cause you blew the physics test?

I don't know, Lewis.

Bad mood because Mercedes blew the lacrosse team?

Blow this.

I hate to be the bitch here, but are we going to play or what?

Come on, Regina, you love to be the bitch.

All right, everyone put your money in.

Is someone gonna tell me how to play?

It's a lying game.

The object: Avoid suspicion.

Manipulate your friends. Eliminate your enemies.

Have a seat.

I'm going to secretly pick one person in the group to be a liar.

The wolf.

And everyone else is a sheep.

If you can find the wolf... and convince the rest of the group to vote him out... then the money is yours.

The wolf survives, the cash is theirs.

So how do we find the wolf? Figure out who's lying.

Who's Dodger looking at? I'm thinking Texas T!


Dude, you will never borrow my car again.

Then as much as I'm sure I'm going to miss the PT ragtop...

I thought that I heard Tom move when Dodger... was walking around to mark the wolf.

All right, Randall, that an official accusation?

And if it is?

Then you can only send home the accused or the accuser... but you can't win if you don't play.

So let's vote. That's right.

And the defense? No, I'm not the wolf.

No, I swear to God I'm not the wolf.

I swear on the Gold Star State I'm not the wolf.

Come on, are you gonna listen to me... or are you gonna listen to this chump here... whose buddy list reads like a sex-offenders registry?

What? (Tom) Come on!

Show of hands, who thinks Tom's the wolf?


(Regina) You guys, come on. No.

And Randall, our accuser? (Tom) Yes!

Yes! All right.

Come on, we need one more for the majority, guys.

One more for the majority.

O- Dog, help a brother out.

Listen, just 'cause you're Tom's new bunk-buddy... doesn't mean you got to be his bitch.

You don't really think the angry homophobe thing... is fooling anyone, do you?

[boys laughing]

(Dodger) Come on, Randall, you know the rules.

Show the group if you've got the mark.

Tell me I'm rich.

[boy hooting]

No mark.

I guess Randall's not the wolf.

Watch your back, pretty boy.

Dude, you know how gay you sound?

[all laughing]

Blow me, Tom.

Have a nice walk. (Mercedes) Bye.

(Regina) Nighty-night, sheep boy.

(Randall) You guys all suck!

Poor baby.

The wolf has survived. Who wants to start round two?

Dodger felt up the new guy.

She did ask me to bring him here.

What a whore. Let's vote.

Hey, I believe I'm allowed a defense.

Whenever someone lies, they normally have a tell.

Like my new friend, Graham, over here.

That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard.

[all laughing]

And there it is.

Haven't you guys realized he can't open his mouth... without taking a swig?

So? It's empty.

[bottle rattling]

Graham, you can't convince us if you can't convince yourself.

You would've noticed it if you didn't know each other so well.

Are we voting or what?

One vote for Owen. And the accuser?

The new guy gets to stay and I have to go?

I cannot wait to go to college.

Bare it and share it, Graham.

Have fun with your new recruit.

He's just pissed 'cause he's fat. I can still hear you!

[all laughing]

So was he the wolf? (Dodger) Money's still on the floor.

Who wants to start round three?

All right, this is it. It's one vote for Owen.

Who's it going to be, Lewis?

[chuckling] Say good night, Mercedes.

Congratulations, baby.

Tonight, you could've gotten laid. But instead...

[unzipping] you got fucked.

Not bad for your first day.

Yeah, I guess it's one way to pay for college.

You think you're that good?

No, it's just bored rich kids make it so easy.

They're like bickering siblings.

They turn on each other for no good reason.

Graham's tell, come on.

You're awfully quick to judge. No, it's just that...

Those bored rich kids are my friends.

[birds chirping]

[insects chirruping]


(Rich) ... over 38...

Is this journalism class?

Are you Owen Matthews? Yeah, I'm sorry, I was...

Sleeping in. No, my alarm clock...

Relax, Owen.

If being late is the worst thing... that happens to you in the first week, you got off lucky.

Take a seat. As I was saying... does a reporter just go for the story?

Or can we, as the media, cover a tragedy like this... with both sensitivity and respect?

Morning, Randall. Laura?

What does that mean?

That means, if I may... that if you upon some nasty pictures of the victim on the Internet... don't forward them to the whole school.

A resounding no to sensitivity and respect from Mr. Hodge.

[bleeping] Feet down.

You just now discovering the Internet, Owen?


(Rich) Mr. Matthews... you're making it very hard for me to pretend that I can't tell... you're not paying attention.

I'm going to need these articles by this Friday, at the latest.

Now if any of you are having a hard time... thinking of something to write about other than... the most recent development in this local tragedy...

I'd be willing to meet with you privately.

And they only just found that girl this morning... because her body was dragged through the woods by a wolf.

Yeah. Listen, the guy blew her head off... then let the wildlife just go to town.

Why does it have to be a guy?

Please. Serial killers are always men.

Just the ones that get caught, baby.

Serial means more than one, jackass.

You're not taking your SAT book to my lake house this weekend, are you?

Right, Owen, my dad... The senator.

The senile drunk, is sending a limo to take us all... to the lake house on Friday.

Nobody ever stays here on the weekends.

You in? Yeah, sure.

I'm not going to be able to make it, I got plans.

What? By plans you mean herpes, right?

Actually, by plans, I mean I'm going... to State tomorrow to see the sweet Jenny Ryder.

It's Wednesday. I know.

And I'm declaring my own "Randall Gets Laid" Holiday Weekend.

And I'm going to punch Miss Ryder's v card...


(Tom) Nice. Thank you.

Can I borrow your car?

Yeah, man.

Yeah, just, you know, leave the keys on the tire and... don't get any blood on the back seat.

I wouldn't dream of it.

Actually, I would like this to be special, you know.

Like, in the middle of the woods, up against a tree.

You're a pig. You're a dyke.

Die a violent death.


Yeah well, if that's your technique...

I weep for Jenny Ryder. I bet you do.

So are we going to play the game before the weekend?

Not sure I want to.

Well, what else are we going to do around here, study?

Owen had a decent point last night.

About us knowing each other too well.

It's so incestuous.

So you just want to stop? Because of the new guy.

Thank you. Not necessarily.

Well then, what?

We'll play with the whole school.

They're the sheep, and we're the wolves.

I don't think they'll all fit in the chapel.

(Dodger) Let me ask you a question.

What's the best way to play the game?

Lie your ass off. Defend your honor.

Accuse your neighbor.


Nobody knows who killed that girl.

So why don't we make an accusation? So what are you suggesting?

Let's convince them the murderer is on campus.

And he's just getting started.

All right.

But how do we do that?

[Tom tittering]

You guys have no imagination.

It's like you're playing checkers.

And I'm playing chess.

I had fun last night, thanks for the invite.

Who said I invited you? I thought Tom said.

Relax, I'm kidding.

I wanted to apologize, too.

I didn't mean to piss on you guys with that bit about the tells.

Sure, you were just trying to impress me.

What makes you say that?

Well, I just... Relax, I'm kidding.

So, I had an idea on how to convince the rest of the school... there's a murderer on campus.

I'm listening.

What if this isn't a random murder, but a serial killer.

You already lost me.

Let's just say someone forwarded us an e-mail.

About not one, but a series of murders that happened before.

Go on.

And the first victim died in identical fashion to our townie.

So it's happening again.

Why else would the police be investigating Westlake?

They're not. Telling the student body.

It would be our duty to warn them.

Meet me in the library.

We're going to create a killer.

(Dodger) He needs a name.

The Wolf? That works.

Okay. What else does every good mass murderer have?

Something that he wears.

Something that covers his face but anyone can buy.

Pantyhose? What? Is he robbing a bank?

My old roommate, he used to go hunting.

He had one of those neon ski masks.

Orange doesn't exactly inspire fear.

Come on, it's the new black. Okay.

There are plenty of deer hunters around here.

Give him a camo jacket, too.

What's his weapon of choice?

Well, the girl was shot.

Yeah, but a knife would be scarier.

Don't get me wrong, I love the phallic imagery... but serial killers rarely change their M.O.

But don't you see? This is his pattern.

Remember this is not the first time our boy has struck.

Of course, he goes from campus to campus.

Following the exact same plan.

The first death is always a townie. Which is just a warning shot.

Before he attacks the school.

And the massacre begins. On the full moon.

That's this weekend, right? It's Halloween.

It's so obvious. It's perfect.

So who were the original victims?

So the first person killed was obviously the town slut... shot in the face while lost in the woods.

Okay. Who's next?

What if the Wolf waited for his prey in the back seat of a car?

(Randall) What if you were any more cliché?

Like you can do better.

Dark hair, brown eyes.

Killed while looking in the mirror. A victim of her own narcissism. That means conceited. Anyone else?

Self-mutilating de-virginizer, eviscerated in the chapel.

No, it should be special for him.

Lock up the misogynist pig and let him bleed to death. Right after castrating him. Can the Wolf do microscopic surgery?

[Randall laughing sarcastically]


Laugh it up, drama boy. You're next.

Prima donna wannabe actor trying to play the big balcony scene... gets his intestines ripped out.


Who else? Let's not forget the campus queen.

Her sharp wit was dulled when she choked... on her own severed tongue.


You people are deeply unwell.

Four years in the same place with the same people.

What do you expect?

(Randall) Last but not least.

The good guy that fell for the bad girl. Died of a broken heart. I didn't know you were such a romantic, Randall.

I'm not. But I do love the irony.

We'll get this out tonight, leaving plenty of time... for the rumors to spread.

(Ra) Lights out.

If I get caught in the boys' dorm again...

Yeah, that hasn't happened since we hooked up, huh?

By hooking up, you mean stealing my panties... to the laundries room, right?

Dude, don't you want to use an anonymous account?

Why? I'm just forwarding it along. With sensitivity and respect.

Owen, Tom, I said lights out!

Hey, did you guys hear what I said? Go to bed.


[door slamming]

Do you think anyone will believe it?

I'm telling you, I read the e-mail. It's happening.

Just like it did at that other school.

The first girl, she was shot in the face.

I forwarded it... (boy) To my brother.

He sent it to everyone he knows.

He told me to get off-campus this weekend if I didn't wanna get gutted.

He said the second girl...

[students chattering]

[cell phones ringing]

(Rich) Owen, just the man I want to see.

You got a minute? Sure.

What's in the box? Antique chess set.

Got to love eBay. Just now discovering the Internet?

(Rich) So I read your e-mail.

Someone forwarded that to you? Sure did.

Someone also sent it to the victim's mother.

Who forwarded it to her attorney.

He called the Headmaster's office this morning.

She assumes it originated off-campus. Don't worry.

I'm not inclined to inform her otherwise.

Why would I worry?

I glanced at your records this afternoon.

I see your father pulled some strings to get you in here.

Dear old dad.

I also saw that your status here is probationary.

So you end up in the Headmaster's office... you might as well pack your bags.

Bringing the bitch out early.

Just keeping you on the defensive.

Speak for yourself.


The arrogance of youth.

Don't you mean the confidence?

Actually, I meant the ignorance.

You know, it was just for fun.

Yeah, I do.

But you've got to know it had some real consequences.

No offense, Mr. Walker.

This is high school. Nothing's for real.

[phone ringing]


[cell phone ringing] To buy as many properties...

Sorry. Just a second.

Sorry. Just my son. Go ahead.

(Charles on voicemail) Hello, this is Charles Matthews. I'm away from my phone right now... but if you leave your name and number...

[computer bleeps] I will get back to you. Thank you.


[computer bleeps]

[computer bleeps]

What up, O-Dog! Sorry.

When I bend it like Beckham, I usually lock the door.

I got your message. What?

(Owen) Text messaging come in handy?

Dude, I didn't send this. Yeah, right.

If it was me, why would I deny it?

Dude, it's Dodger.

Doesn't really seem like her style.

You kidding? It was her idea to change the game in the first place.

She's just taking it a step further by coming after you.

Watch and learn.

She usually does laps after field hockey.

I bet she's on the computer in the swim team office.

Dude, Dodger's been waiting for a guy who'll bite back.

If you get laid after this, you got me to thank, all right.

[computer bleeps]

Relax, man.

Whoever it is knows your screen name.

It's got to be someone on campus.


Who's there?

Aim for the shallow end. We want to scare her, not kill her.

(Tom) Yeah, okay.


One, two...

[water splashing]


Did you hit her? (Tom) What?

I think she's faking it. Isn't she?

She's not coming up.

Owen Matthews, you're my hero.

You bitch.

Twice in one day, not bad.

What's that supposed to mean? "Be careful what you wish for"?

Talk sense, boys, you're losing me.

Someone sent Owen some IM's claiming to be the Wolf.

Said they were going to pick our bones clean.

That's a little over the top.

Yeah, and pretending to drown isn't?

Look, I was with Regina all afternoon, studying AP Chem.

You can ask her.

No, I believe you.

Someone's just trying to scare you.

I'm late for the team run, I got to go.

Okay, so if you were with Regina and Randall's at State... that leaves Mercedes and Lewis. And Graham.

You did make him look like a chump the other night.

You think he's trying to get me back?

And get back in the game.

The sum total would be about 51.

Very funny, Graham. I'm glad you think so.

Do I look like I'm laughing? Well, I had to do something.

Sure, I understand.

You had to send me threatening IM's pretending to be a serial killer.

I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about.

You didn't just IM as the Wolf about an hour ago?

No, I've been here since sixth period.

[in British accent] Owen, you can't convince me... if you can't convince yourself.

[all chuckling]

What were you just talking about, then, the thing you had to do?

I filed a noise complaint. For what?

Are you kidding? Your room is directly above us... it sounds like you're having WWF tryouts up there.

[door opening]

Jesus, Tom.

What happened?

Did you do this? Of course not.

Somebody else must've... Why didn't they touch your stuff?

Tom, I didn't touch your stuff. Then who did?

[computer bleeps]

That's Randall's. I know.

That's disgusting.

Do you think something happened to Randall?

Like what? Like he died a violent death?

It's Regina.

She has a recipe for fake blood she got off the Internet.

It's just corn syrup.

[phone ringing]

It used to be sweeter.

Hey, Re-genius, I can't believe... you got Randall to let you borrow his tongue stud.

You know you're going to buy me a new computer, right?

What is it?

Hey, what's up?

(Regina) I told Tom... I've been on an AP Bio field trip all afternoon. I thought you were in AP Chem. No. I took AP Chem junior year. Who told you that?

Why are you doing this?

Not here.

Look, I was in town. Yeah? Doing what?

I was visiting my mom. What was she doing in town?

She lives here, all right. This is my home.

Go ahead, laugh all you want. The Dickens scholar.

Sixth grade English teacher.

I'm not even going to tell you what my dad does.

So how can you afford... Scholarship.

You think people would really care? I'm a town.

Around here, town means trash.


You don't have to rub it in. What?

It's not that.

It's just...

You know, I wish my dad taught school, lived in town.

I mean, the guy sent me here just so he wouldn't have to deal with me.

I'm sorry I flipped out earlier.

After what happened at my last school and...

Yeah, you told me.

The vengeful dean and his darling daughter.

What I didn't tell you was that I was charged with possession.

She got busted, was freaked about her dad's job.

So I took the fall.

I'm not surprised. Why is that?

You may not have a tell, Mr. Matthews.

But you do have a weakness. Yeah?

You're a good guy. Makes you predictable.

Yeah, if it gets me kicked out of Westlake...

I might as well sign up for community college.

Then why did you play the game to begin with?

The sneaking out. The hoax e-mail.

At the pool.

You saved me.

You were faking.

I'm not now.



Someone's here.


They're wearing an orange ski mask.

You're kidding.

If the light's gone off, it means he's gone, right?

Or standing very still.

(Owen) Who do you think it is?

It has to be someone we know, he's wearing a ski mask. Indoors.

[book thudding]

(Owen) How in the hell did he get over there?

[whispering] He's coming this way.

Okay, don't move.

The light will go off and then we can jump him.

Try German Philosophy. No one will bother you there.

So I don't get it.

Okay, not to get all fortune cookie on you... but the most obvious answer is usually the right one.

[crickets chirping]

My gut, when I got the IM, was that it was the real guy.


Why not?

No, I said the most obvious, not the most ridiculous.

I don't know, I mean, someone murdered that girl in the woods.

Maybe he read our e-mail.

Maybe he didn't get the joke. Maybe he's pissed.

Maybe it's Randall? It was his tongue ring, right?

It's hard to believe he'd give up bragging rights to Jenny Ryder... just to play killer in the stacks.

Like he could ever actually seal the deal.

I bet you $20 he didn't even go to State.

How about dinner?

As long as it's not over $20.

Damn, I left my book bag in the stacks.

I'll be right back.

You know what, I've got something I should go do.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Sorry. Not a fan of the PDA.

It was a black Jansport backpack. I left it on the lower level.

I'm sorry, I didn't see it.

If one of the staff had picked it up they would've turned it in by now.

Did you see any other students?

Maybe they picked it up.


[phone ringing]

(male operator) Student information. Hi, can you give me Jenny Ryder's phone number?

I believe she's in the freshman class.

I'll connect you.

[phone ringing]

(Jenny) Hello? Hi, Jenny.

Can I speak to Randall? Who is this?

I'm a friend of his from school.

I just wanted to tell him... Tell him yourself. He's not here. Well...

Do you know how I can reach him, or...

I told you, he's not here. He never showed up. Did he say where he... No. He didn't say anything. He stood me up for my own formal. Half my sorority doesn't think he even exists. He didn't call? No. There has to be something really wrong with the guy... to just not show up like that. I couldn't agree more.

Hey, Mercedes!

You know where I can find Dodger?

Why? I have something of hers.

Well, she's on the floor below me.

I'm sure I'll see her before lights out.

Actually, I was kind of hoping to give it to her myself.

I bet you were.

I saw her heading toward the faculty building.

I think Mr. Walker is going over her article with her.

Thank you.

[door closing]

[door creaking]

[door slams]

Obi-Wan, what's up, man?

Hey, you seen my shoulder pads around here?

By the way... librarian dropped your bag off.

Said someone turned it in, or something like that.

O- Dog... what do you think a murder victim looks like?

Owen! Tom.

What do you want?

Chill, buddy. I'm just trying to figure out... what I'm going to be for the Halloween dance.

You figured out what you're doing for a costume yet?

Yeah, I'm not sure I'm going. I've got to work that night anyway.

What? Dude, we could both be murder victims.

I mean, Regina is a pro with effects makeup.

And that's the night the Wolf is supposed to strike.

[Tom snickers]

Come on, O-Dog, don't make me chase you to this thing.


I need to focus on this article. It's due tomorrow.

What? Really?

On the Friday of Halloween?

What heartless bastard assigned that?

Nice job, ladies.

All right.

Thank you.

Owen, you have your assignment?

Sure do. Can I have it, please?

I e-mailed it to you.

And the rest of the school. Very funny.

All right, let's get down to business.

Pop quiz. Everybody take out a pen and a piece of paper.

[girl shrieks]

(Rich) Owen? (Owen) No, wait!

Put the knife back on the ground.

This isn't mine. You don't understand.

Someone is trying to play a joke on me here.

Put it down, Owen! Now!

Can I explain? Please?

Save it for the Headmaster. Someone trashed my room, too.

Did you report it? I think it was Randall.

He wasn't even in class this morning.

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

I think he's trying to make me think the e-mail's coming true.

Look, Owen, it's over.

You brought a weapon to my class. My hands are tied.

By the morning you'll be onto your next missed opportunity.

I know. Good.

No. I know about you... and Dodger.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're really going to make me say it?

She's a student. Exactly.


She's a student. In my class.

Anything you may have heard about our relationship is strictly...

What? Strictly what?

I saw you two last night.

You have proof? No.

But I won't need it.

If word gets out about you and a student... the administration will invent a reason to fire you.

You know what, Owen?


I like you.

But you think you're smarter than you are.

##[I've Seen Those Eyes by Aeon Spoke playing]


[students chattering]

Hey! There you are.

I've been looking all over for you.

You okay?

Good, 'cause if you're lucky, later on...

I'll let you go over the river... and through the woods. Sorry.

Not a fan of the PDA.


You gonna come to the dance?

The Wolf is supposed to strike tonight.

That's not funny. Besides, I have to work.

Come on.

We're all going to Tom's lake house right after.

I'm not going.

Why not? Because I'm not playing anymore.

And I'm through with your friends.

Look, I'm really sorry about what happened in Rich's class.

Randall sucks.

Good news is, I was right.

You owe me dinner.

I don't owe you anything.

##[music playing]

##[music playing]


Can I help you? Yeah.

[stuttering] No. I work here.

Not all the time.


I guess I better watch my back.




[dog barking]


##[music playing]

[dialing cell phone]

[phone ringing]


[toy squeaking] Someone just attacked me.

You sure it wasn't Tom?

He said he was going to give you a scare... for skipping out on the dance.

Yeah, he tried to chase me here.

Hey, if you talk to him, let him know Randall's back.

You saw Randall?

No, but Tom's car is in the parking lot.

Keys just sitting on the tire and everything.

[keys jangling]

[car alarm beeps]

See if you can find your car tomorrow, T-Dog.

[engine starting]

[car horn blaring]

[car alarm wailing]


[car alarm beeping]


Get on the ground!

Drop the weapon!

Drop it! (woman) It's not real!


I was just joking.

I'm sorry.

[birds chirping]

[knocking on door]

What's going on?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

What was that? Punch line.

[birds chirping]

Dead man walking.

[clears throat]


I'm going to keep you all here for the remainder of the weekend... while I determine the best course of action to take.

I'm at a loss to explain how or why this happened.

We thought that... Please, Mr. Matthews.

Mercedes has already told us all we need to know.

I doubt if you are any better able to explain how a juvenile prank... led to the police almost shooting two of my students.

No, ma'am. Let me be clear, Mr. Matthews.

Given your history... you are in far more serious trouble than your friends.

I don't care who your father knows.

I'm inclined to send you packing now.

Mr. Walker, however, has spoken up in your defense.

He seems to feel that...


Trick or treat. Adam!

Please, Mommy has to work.

Come on.

Yesterday wasn't Halloween.

It was just the Halloween dance.

Today's the 31st.

The full moon's tonight.

I'll be sure to set my tide charts accordingly.

What's your point?

I think our original hoax... the mass e-mail... was read by the person who murdered that girl.

Owen, please. No.

I got another IM today.

I think something's going to happen.

Are you sure it's not just another one of your friends?

[computer bleeps]

[cell phone bleeps]

[computer bleeps]

[crickets chirping]

(Owen) Where's Mercedes?

She just spent the whole day talking to the cops.

No way is she sneaking out.

Whenever you do see her, make sure you thank her... for getting us all stuck on campus, all right?

I mean, what the hell was she doing in my car, anyway?

Trying to convince you the killer could be a girl.

Yeah, well, all I'm convinced is that Randall's a dead man... for letting her touch my ride.

I mean, where the hell is he, anyway?

Merce gave him a ride to the bus station... so we could keep your car around.

Randall never went to State.

I think something happened to him.

The IM said, "Be careful what you wish for. "

Good job, Scoob.

You figure that one all out by yourself... or did you get some help from Shaggy?

I don't think this is a joke.


You're the only one, then, man.

Mercedes pulled the stunt with Tom's car, right?

She hid in the back, I put the fake blood in the front.


So who was following me and Dodger in the library?


I was really trying to scare Dodger.

You're always the shepherd.

I figured it was time you felt like a sheep.

She took my bag.

Yeah, I saw you left it there, bumped it to Tom... and figured he would give it to you.

You put a knife in my bag?

Only because you trashed my stuff.

Why would I trash our room? You didn't trash our room, man.

You trashed my side. It was all my stuff.

Look. Mercedes had an earring... that looked like Randall's tongue stud.

She figured it'd be a good setup for the car.

You smashed my laptop?

I got a little carried away.

I was in character. In...

Dude! If I would have known what you and the Vocab Ho were up to...

I would have gone after you guys... instead of Owen in the dining hall.

Jesus, why do you make it so easy for us to hate you sometimes?

Same reason your girlfriend makes it so easy.

Who sent the IM's from the Wolf?

It's not us, man, it's got to be Randall, all right.

If Randall was behind this, don't you think... he would have shown up by now to gloat?

Are you sure he got on that bus?

I told you, I wasn't with him. Merce took him to the bus station.

Then call her.


Jesus, for what I paid for this thing... you'd think I get better than one bar of service.

Wait a second.

How do we know Owen's telling us the truth?

Excuse me?

I mean... he could be making this whole thing up.

To get back at us for the other stuff.

Why would I do that?

I'm the one they're about to expel.



This is it.

This is the new game.

Owen knows he's going to take the fall.

Brought us all here to confess.

Surprise, surprise. You all fell for it.

Victims of your own lies.

Is that what you're going to tell Mr. Walker?

I saw you two.

In his office.

Is that why you've been such a prick?

You're the one who's screwing a teacher.

I was.

It's over.

After the library...

I went to Rich's office to end it.

But I saw you... you kissed him back.

What else could I do?

He tried a lot more before I pushed him off.

Then he told me I was too mature for guys my own age.

He did what?

I guess he was right.

I don't believe it.

I do.

You should really get some sleep, baby.

I'm all congested from crying. I think I'm going to take a shower. The steam might help.

(Lewis) Did your RA take off?

The whole dorm's empty except for the incarcerated.

You okay?

Yeah, just... still a little spooked.

So what are you guys talking about?

We're just trying to figure out who the wanna-be-Wolf is.

Well, who is it? They think it's Randall. I told them you dropped him off at the bus station. I didn't.

Not really.

I left him in town. He said had some time to kill.

It was, like, an hour till the next bus.

He probably just needed to go buy condoms.

You taking your clothes off?


Tell me about it. I'm in my underwear.


Which ones?

I'm wearing your favorites.

Take a picture.

Are you kidding?

Come on, it's like Phone Sex 2.0.


What's taking so long? Relax, I just sent it.


Merce, someone's there.

What are you talking about?


You okay?

[Mercedes laughing]

Tom just scared the crap out of me. Still pissed about your car, Tommy-boy?

What's going on, man? We heard you shout.

Merce, Tom's here.

In the chapel.

[Mercedes screaming]

Merce was attacked! She was getting in the shower!

Call for help!

[laughing] Dude, it was just another joke.

He probably wasn't even on the phone with her.

It was the guy that shot the girl.

Are you listening to yourself?

The first murder happened in a bathroom, remember?

We wrote it. The victims are us!


(man) Campus Security. How can I help you?

I think someone's being attacked. Please send the police right away.

Look, we're tired of the practical jokes. If you put a member of the staff on, I'll be happy... But there's no one here! Once I speak to your RA...

Wait, where are you going? I'm going back to my dorm.

Look, maybe Owen's right, maybe we should just take off.

No, we're not taking off!

Tom, she's right, we have to get out of here!

You're not going anywhere. You keep out of this.

All she's trying to do is make a bad situation worse.

Said the self-centered loudmouth to no one in particular.

Do you ever shut up?



What's on your face?


It's on my sweatshirt.


(Regina) Oh, my God!

[sobbing] Randall!

[sobbing] We have to get out of here! We have to get out of here!


What about Dodger?

What about her, man?

I'm going to find her.

Will you wait for me?

[both gasping]

You have 20 minutes. All right?

At 2:15 we are out of here. With or without you.

[man coughing]



Are you okay?

Merce, she's gone.

I surprised him.

I think I hurt him, but... Hold on, I'll be right there!

No! Get help!

Tom and Regina are waiting, we have to get...

[Lewis screams]



[woman screams]



[breathing heavily]

[car door shuts]

[tires screeching]

Tom, stop!


[crickets chirping]

Mr. Walker.

[glass shattering]

(Owen) Mr. Walker!




[Dodger crying] Owen? Dodger?

What are you doing in Rich's office?

I'm trying to get help. Where are you?

I just found Mercedes. She's dead. What do we do?

Tom and Regina already left.

We have to find a way off-campus. Where's Rich?

I don't know.

I think he keeps a set of car keys there. Look in his desk. Good.

I'll meet you in your room.

No, I'm on my way to you. Be careful.

I will. Owen, I'm sorry.

Me, too.

Just get here, okay. I can see you in the window. I can't see you.

I'm right here.



[Dodger screaming]


[Dodger screaming]


Oh, my God.


Keys. Keys. Keys.

[gun firing]

[doorknob rattling]

[breathing heavily]

I have a gun.

I've called the police. They're on their way.

(Rich) Owen, is that you?

Mr. Walker?

Look, I'm coming in.

Don't do anything.


Where'd you get that?

Your desk.


It's yours.

Why don't you give it to me? Not a chance.

Relax, Owen.

No one's going to hurt you.


Where did you get those?

I found them in the stairwell. Oh, God.

You did this, didn't you?

Look, I don't know what you're talking about.

Dodger called me...

That's why you stood up for me... with the Headmaster. You wanted me here for this!

Why don't you give me the gun, son?

[sobbing] You killed them!

Mercedes! Randall! Lewis!


I don't know what's going on. Yes, you do.

No, listen to me. Don't lie to me.

Your friends are probably just screwing with you. Give me the gun.

Is this the gun that killed that girl in the woods?


Were you screwing her, too?

Dodger tell you that?

She didn't have to.


[gun firing]




[door opening]

Oh, my God!


Are you okay? We...


It was...

I don't know what to say.

It was just for fun, we had...

We had been playing this game, and we decided that...

[quavering] We decided to work together tonight.

We were trying to scare Owen and Mercedes... because they got everyone in trouble before.

[stuttering] Listen, we didn't think that anything was going to happen.

How could you let Graham do that to me?

Baby, I didn't even know about it till I left the chapel.


Dodger wasn't supposed to hit me that hard.

Why did you hide when Mr. Walker showed up?

Why didn't you say something?

[sobbing] No, thanks, Dad.

[car engine starts]

[police siren wailing]

My attorney tells me the news is good.

They're going to drop the charges. Self-defense.

It'll be a few years probation, if that.

Dad... how's that possible?

They ran ballistics on the handgun. It turned out to be the weapon... the police were looking for in the shooting of that local girl.


It appears you shot a wanted murderer.

How do they know it was him?

It seems he was involved with the victim at some point.

They checked his credit card bill... and found out that he'd purchased two airline tickets last month.

One in his name, the other in the girl's.

Do they know why he killed her?

My attorney says they're calling it a crime of passion.

No one ever really knows the truth with these things.

[knocking on door]

Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Matthews... but one of your son's friends is here to see him.

Go ahead, Owen.

It's going to be okay, son. I promise.

[telephone ringing]

Right over there.

[people chattering]


[sobbing] I'm so sorry.

For everything.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

You have to believe me. It's okay.

I wish I could make it up to you. I know.

If I had known Rich was involved with that girl...

I wouldn't have played this stupid joke.

What did you say?

If I had known Rich was screwing that girl...

I wouldn't have talked the others into this.

You're right.

You're absolutely right.

I don't understand.

You wouldn't play some game... if you knew Rich was cheating on you.

That's what I just said.

You would get him back.

Owen, I'm confused. I don't...

No, you're not.

That's what you want me to believe.

Just like... you wanted me to believe that you were off-campus... when the first IM went out.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

In the chapel.

You said you had ended it with Rich.

I don't think that's what happened.

I think you were still in love with him.

I think you knew that girl.

This is my home.

And you knew she was still sleeping with Rich.

Some townie was screwing the wrong guy.

Dodger tell you that?

You murdered her.

Well, the girl was shot.

Then you planted the gun.

I've got something I should go do.

And told me where to find it.

(Dodger) Look in his desk.

I was your guy.

Someone's just trying to scare you.

From the moment we met...

It's a small school.

Word spreads fast. planned it.

It was her idea to change the game in the first place.

We're going to create a killer.

The whole thing.

It's like you're playing checkers.

And I'm playing chess.

Makes you predictable.

You knew I'd shoot him.

[gun firing]


Owen, that's crazy.


I thought it was the object of the game.

Avoid suspicion.

Manipulate your friends. Eliminate your enemies.

Honestly, Owen, even if that were true...

who would believe you?


##[Shoot Your Gun by 22-20s playing]

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