Cube Zero (2004) Script

I hate this place.





Now that is sick.

Are you watching this? No, Thanks. I don't look any more.

We've seen a lot of...

Oh, dear God!

You know you shouldn't be looking at the files.

It's not against the rules. But it's not encouraged.

Come on man, we've all... It's not encouraged.


Okay, screw this.

Pawn to King 2. Knight to Queen's Bishop 6.

Check. What?

I didn't even see that.

I was just wondering... When is Chickliss coming back?

Some time this week. Probably all suntanned, the prick.

Let's see...

King to King's Bishop 8.

Rook takes Queen. Check.



Sorry. Shut up I don't need your sympathy.

Where is Owen? You're trying to psych me out or what?

I can't hear myself think.


Owen is probably out sick again. That would be my best guess.

You sure?



Despite your rather transparent tactics, Brainman, prepare to die.

Bishop to Queen's Knight 7. Checkski!

Queen takes Bishop. I believe that's Checkski-Mateski.

What? No way.

Ah come on, how did you...?

You freak of nature!

You know the other night I heard some noise.

Noise? Yeah.

In Owen's room, like a... like a scuffle.

Really? Yeah.

You don't think that...? You dreamt it.

No, look... You dreamt it.

You're always complaining about your nightmares.

They come for you at night.


They come for you at night. Who does?

They do.

Drop it. They do.


What are you suicidal?

Good. They didn't forget lunch this time.

Goat cheese salad with ginseng, liver fricasйe and mango sorbet. Eeewh.

Must be you.


Wha..? Oh! Sorry.

Bless us our Lord for these thy gifts which we're about to receive, from thy bounty through you, Lord. Amen.


Down the hatch.

"Please record REM-sleeper in room 172409".

Let's go.

Okay. Zooming out of 06, 12, 21.

And zooming in to 17, 24, 9.

Here we go. Hot-patching gear works and flipping to REM reader mode.

Locating subject. Subject located.

Zooming in.


Keep your tongue in your mouth, Brainman. We're on the clock.

Are we locked?

Sorry. Locked on.

Thank you. Arm extension, Go.


Steady. I got it, I got it.

Light her up.

Interscan is locked. Commencing REM read.


Mommy Help!


No! No!


Okay. Now let's cycle back.

And there you have it.

If you do this long enough, you can do it in your sleep.

In your sleep...

Recording dreams in your sleep. That's funny.

When's the last time you remember being outside?

Last night. I had a dream of being at the beach.

No, I mean really outside, not a dream.

I... I don't remember.

I've been busy lately.

Overloaded, actually. Picking up slack.

For you, I might add.

I don't remember either.

Isn't that weird? You're weird.

Shut up and let me concentrate.


You know, I was just thinking... Stop thinking.

What's gotten into you? What's gotten into me?

You know who these are? They're Chickliss' kids.

Arthur and Sunshine. Orphans. They're orphans.

You told me Chickliss was on vacation.

I have to go to the can.

Try not to drool on the controls. It screws up the calibration.


Where is she?

What have you done with her?

Where is...?

What have you done to me?

Why can't I remember?

Why can't I remember my daughter's name?

Let me go!

Get off me! Okay. Okay. Sorry.

It's okay.

She's one of us.

Touch me again, soldier, and you'll be eating your eyeballs.

Why soldier? What do you know about me?

Tattoo, on you forehead. You're on the squad, right killer?

You show up by night and people disappear.

Why did you do that? Because you're scum.

Look miss, you have a certain disadvantage here.

None of us remembers how we got here, or pretty much anything else.

Including who we are, so whatever you think you know about me, I don't even know myself.

I don't trust her. She knows something.

Thank God somebody does.

Have you seen any children? A little girl?


My God. I hope they don't put kids in here.

That would be horrible. What if they drop children in here?

I gotta keep moving.

Wait! you gotta be careful climbing around here.

Why? There are traps.

Traps? How do you know?

Because of this.

That's good bandage. Are you a doctor?

I don't know. I did it.

I may be freakin' Mother Teresa for all I know, But I don't remember.

You remember something.

Before all of this.

Not much.

Being chased through the woods, by guys like you.

The tattoo set me off.

When I first woke up, I don't think I would have known my own name if it wasn't stitched on my shirt.

I don't even know if this is my name.

I feel like we've been here for hours and I still can't remember anything!

Give her a moment...

Fine. A moment.

We gotta get moving while we still have our strength.

You guys have a plan?

We keep moving in the same direction until we find the edge.

This place has got to end eventually.

What about the traps?

We test the rooms. We have a system.

It's safe!

I'm going in!



What kind of animals would do this?!

Does she look familiar to you?

I keep thinking I've seen her before...

I wonder what she's in for. You're making a mistake.


What the first rule I taught you about this job?

Neatness counts? Very funny.

Don't get involved.

I know, I'm not getting involved OK? I'm drawing.

You have your chess, Owen has his fish, Chickliss...

Can we spend 5 minutes without bringing up Owen and Chickliss please?

And get us back on real-time. You're gonna get us in trouble.

I'll show you three ways to beat that game if you answer one question.

Fine. What? Okay, what I wanna know...

Hold it. Show me.


Check Mate.

You win.

That's brilliant. Do that again.

What do you know about a third exit? What?

A third exit.

An auxiliary exit that leads directly outside.

There's no such thing. Owen said there was.

He said Chickliss found more plans... They were having you on.

No way. I think that that's why they're gone. I think they've found something...

I think you'd better stop listening to old wives' tales.

Listen to me. This conversation in over.

Don't you ever worry? About what?

One day, you're gonna wake up inside.

The only way I'm gonna wake up inside, is if I keep on talking to you.


These things are useless!

The sensors there must've been different. Maybe they're not motion sensors.

Maybe they're triggered by heat, or sound, or something...!

Why don't you just admit it? We're dead!

He can't admit it. It's the training.

The army never admits defeat. You got a problem with me lady?

Yeah. Why?

I don't trust you.

Oh, how the hell did we miss this? What is it?


What is that? Clues to who built this place?

I think that's just a coincidence. Try the other doors.




What do they mean?

I think it's a mistake to think of these letters as meaning something.

It's like some kind of code or puzzle we have to figure out.

A puzzle? They're playing with us!

We should make a map. Using what?

Our blood? I don't know.

Maybe. You got a better idea?

I have a better idea.

I need something. I need...

Your hair pin.

They did us the favour of polishing our boots.

Okay, We'll find the safe rooms.

C- I-A. Give me the others.

"Y.Y.O", "U.D.S"

And S-A-N.

Good memory. Yeah, in the short term.

Now I wish I could remember what happened to me between birth and about 3 hours ago.


I dunno...

Shoe polish and a hair pin.

Nothing in this place is random.

Maybe the bastards just underestimated us.

So near and yet so far.

Yeah, but she's doing better than most.

I mean half of them don't even notice the letters, Let alone map them.

I meant the chess.

Give it up. She doesn't stand a chance.

Of course she has a chance.

Yeah? You're gonna ride in on your white horse and whisk her out?

The rooms can realign to zero position.

No it happens, and then she'll figure out the letters and uhh... sail through.

And what's the first thing the program does when the rooms realign to zero position?

Clean sweep. Exactly.

The only thing that's gonna sail through that is their ashes.

Cheer up buddy. You'll catch you another one.

The boys upstairs like 'em young and pretty.

Don't you ever feel guilty?

Don't you ever feel? Son, you're outta line.

Yeah whatever... Excuse me?

Why don't you stop your doodling and do some work for a change?

Like what?

We're waiting for orders, it's what we do best. It's what we do.

Clean up your space. It's disgraceful.

You're kidding, right? Do I look like I'm kidding?

This one's S-D-F.

Wait a minute.

What? I don't know if this makes any difference, But they're not periods, They're commas.

He's right. They're commas.

Okay, so they're commas. What difference does it make?

We don't even know what the letters mean yet.

I mean if they were numbers, I'd understand the commas.

Understand the commas how?

Well isn't that how you plot coordinates on a graph?

X coordinate, comma, Y coordinate, comma, Z coordinate.

Right. So if the rooms were labelled with numbers, like "10,1,7", you'd know something about the room's position.

Yeah but we've got letters that so far tell us absolutely nothing.

That's where you're wrong, soldier.

The letters tell us one important fact the number never would.

What fact? There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet.


So we know the parameters.

Exactly. If each room has its own unique letter combination, Then it's a pretty good bet that this whole place is a cube with 26 rooms on each side.

Worst case scenario, we're anywhere from

1 to 25 rooms away from the edge.

Let's go! Great!

Actually, it's your turn to go first.

S- O-S. No kidding.

Ahh.. Guess we'll try another way.

Rains, Rains, Rains, Rains...


The little girl's name is Anna.

Protests and strikes. Troublemakers up north.

The whole country's going to crap.

Ungrateful pigs.

Herregud... Oh my God, Oh my God...

What is it now?

Please tell me that's not... Would you put that away?

There's no consent form.

What? There is not pink page, the consent form is missing!

So? So?!

You know the rules. She can't be in there without a consent form!

You think they're gonna stop this whole operation because you lost a piece of paper?

I didn't lose it.

Look you know how anal these guys are.

Maybe she'll get another hearing. Listen to yourself!

But this could be huge! A mistrial!

Oh sure, anything you say. Look...

See? Told you I recognized her.

"Opposition Leaders Stage Illegal Strike"

She's a political. So that would explain it.

What do you mean?

I mean, there might not be a consent form.

Get it?

But that's illegal.

You know for a child prodigy, you ain't too bright.

We gotta do something. Like what?

We gotta let 'em know upstairs. And how are we gonna do that?

Call up.

It's just for emergencies. Well what do you think this is?

I don't see a fire.

I don't see a gas leak, or flooding.

I don't see you writhing on the floor in the throws of a heart attack But God knows right now I'd like to!

She's gonna die in there and she's probably innocent!

None of them are innocent!

You read the files. You know what kind of people end up in there!

Exactly! All we know is what we read in the files...

Oh my God...

What if it's all bogus? The files, the crimes, everything.

Maybe they're just putting anyone in there they don't like, maybe...

There's a purpose, and there's a plan.

And I'm not so stupid to think that there's no plan just because I don't understand it!

We're just the button men!

If we're meant to be analysts, we'd be working upstairs!

Would you forget the party line for once and make the call?


You do it. You're the hero.

Just remember, She was in the news and they made her disappear.

How much easier would it be to get to you.

No one even know you exist.

Who knows where you'll wake up tomorrow?


It's for you.



Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

Yes, sir.

I understand, sir. Yes, sir.

We've got work to do. Someone's at the exit.

Our exit? What do we do?

The exit procedure.

Wait a minute. I've never done this before. Don't you usually do this with Owen?

That's right my friend, but Owen is not here, is he?

And the rules clearly state that two senior technicians have to be present at all exit procedures.

Right, but I'm not a senior technician.

Hey! I need help here. That was a phone call from upstairs.

Personal contact. Direct orders from above. They never do that.

We can't screw this up.

We? Yes. We.

As far as I understand, sir, only senior techs are allowed to perform the exit procedure.

Perhaps it would be my be interest to abstain until receiving clearance from higher up.

You little prick.


Okay, I get it.

Look, you help me with this, I'll tell them about your girlfriend. Okay?

When? What?

When will you let them know?

As soon as we're done with this. All right?


What do I do? Just follow my lead.

Okay, here we go. Step one, Visual confirmation of subject in exit room.

Oh, no. Owen.

It's Owen. Shut up.





Anyone there?


What now?


Question one. Please state your name.


Who are you?

He doesn't recognise your voice. They fried his brain.

Please state your name.

They fried his brain like the rest. Shut up!

I think it's Owen.

Thank you.

Question two:

Do you believe in God?



Do you believe in God?

What is this? Screw you!

Please answer Yes or No.

What kind of god would do this to people?

Please answer Yes or No.




Now let me go. Let me go!

God dammit. Let me out of here!

Hit it.

I need a doctor.

What does it do? Just hit it.


For Christ's sake!

Still want your girlfriend to sail through to the exit?


He's gone. It's over.

He was one of us. No.

Once inside, he's one of them.

So this is your big exit procedure?

What are we doing here?

"Do you believe in God?" It all hinges on that?

I just read the questions and push the buttons, okay?

What happens if you push Yes?

I don't know.

No one's ever said Yes.


Send this upstairs.

Do it!

Do you believe in God?

What kind of animals would do this?

Owen is... Owen is probably out sick again.

You sure? Yes.

What are you doing? You're not allowed in there.

I'm through pushing buttons.


Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I'm inside.


Thank God.

You stupid jackass!

Good evening, Mr. Dodd.

I believe these belong to you.

Well, it looks that you got yourself a little bit of a situation down here.

May we?

The boys upstairs felt you could perhaps use a hand, and so, here we are.

My name is Jax and these are my associates Mr. Finn and Mr. Quigley.


Gentleman, first things first, we locate our mouse.

He has no implant and so we have to do this the old fashioned way, I'm afraid.

Mr. Quigley, run a visual check on all rooms, he couldn't have got far.

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Finn, run a probability tree on his potential movements.

Let's have some contingency, shall we. Right away, Sir.

Excuse me, Mr. Jax.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes Mr. Codd?

It's Dodd, sir.

What do I do?

I'm sorry? What do...?

Yes I almost forgot I have your orders from upstairs.

It's a personal delivery.

"Order number 7-9-3, bla, bla, bla, bla... "

"Commence standard series of needle tests on Rains group. "

You do know what that means? Yes, sir.

Of course, sir.

All in a day's work, sir. Right away, sir.

Do us a tinsy favour and use Mr. Wynn's auxiliary monitor.

We'll need the big guns here for our little mouse hunt.

Of course, Sir. Anything I can do to help, sir...

That the spirit Mr. Modd, way to keep the world safe for democracy.

Have we got a visual yet? Still working on it, Sir.

Okay, K-G-K. Three odds.

M- A-Q. Three odds.

Safe. Like taking candy from a baby.

"A-Z-Z". "A-Z-Z"!

Got it.

I don't know why we bother with these things anymore.


It's the first time I've seen a Z.

Do you think it means anything? I don't know.

Ah, don't let the door close!


She's gone.

Got it.

Subject is isolated.

And now the tricky part.

Okay. You were last seen here.

That was an hour ago.

She should still be in the same coordinate.

The rooms move. Do they have to?

She can't be that far.

Yeah but if we veer too far off course looking for her we'll never find the edge.

What do you suggest, killer? That we'll cut our losses?

Uh, Guys.

Are we sure this room is safe?

Maybe he just starved to death. God I'm hungry.

What are you doing? We could use these.

We have to keep moving. We have to get back on track.

We've already chased our tails for an hour looking for her.

God! This headache is not going away...

Maybe it's that chip in your head. What?

It's true isn't it? I mean they now put bio-receivers in all you army boys.

Keeps you on a leash.

Lady you've got a hell of an imagination.

Jackpot. It's her.


Is she all right?

She's not moving.


Wake up.

Are you all right?

Rise and shine...

Is she...?

There's a pulse.

She's burning up.

Can you hear me?

Oh my God. What happened to you?

Idont know.

I feel sick.

I need a doctor.

Don't let her touch you! Let go!

Watch it! Oh my God!

Don't leave me!

You just... I didn't mean to...

She scratched and I...

You put her out of her misery.

My headache's gone.

Something's eating her.

A chemical or a virus.

We never checked this room for traps.

It could be in the air.

Let's see your arm. We've got to get outta here.

Show me your arm. He's right, we've gotta get outta here.

Your arm. Where she scratched you, Let's see it.

Why, you think...? Yes, I think!

Fine! there, see? Nothing!

Flesh wound.



What do we do with him?

What do you mean?

I think whatever was eating away at her, is spreading to him.

Hey I'm still here! Not for long!

I say we ditch him. Screw you!

Just relax guys, nobody's ditching anyone.

Look at him.

Oh my God.


Your face.


Please don't leave me.

This is horrible.

You wanna baby-sit a dead man? Be my guest.

Please. I'll do anything.


From now on, you test the rooms.

All of them.


Well, we're not going down there.

No sense wasting a good boot.

Help me!

He's still alive down there!

Forget it, he's gone.

You heartless son of a bitch!


Don't come near me. I was protecting us.

You murdered him. He was infected.

You saw it, it was spreading. We'd be dead by now.

You don't know that. Actually, he's right.

It's a highly contagious form of a virus.

Flesh eating disease. Who the hell are you?

I... I've come to help.

Damn. Problem, Mr. Scrod?

No problem Sir. Anything of interest?

Actually Sir, I was about to...

Would you care to share with the rest of the class?

Yes Sir.

As I was running my test series as instructed Sir, The query intersected with my subject, Sir.

Good work, Rod.

Who says they only hire the mentally challenged down here?


Thank you, Sir. Up on the main monitor now, Please.

We keep... They, collect data and run tests.

All kinds of tests. Testing Chemical and Biological agents, Measure brain activity, endurance, most of it I don't even understand.

And that's just what I see in my department.

I hear about others who do different work.

I even heard there are other facilities.



I just heard rumours.

Why can't we remember anything? I don't know, I always assumed that it was so they could have a blank slate to work with.

Blank slate? Bastards, you've been using us as lab rats.

Hey man, not me.

I'm just the computer guy, system checks. Stuff like that.

Oh yeah, you just followed orders.


You make me sick. Look, you got it all wrong.

I hate my job. You're job?

How can you do this to people.

It was your choice.

You volunteered, only you don't remember anymore.

At least that what they told us.

And you believed them?

Well, yeah. I saw the consent forms. Except for yours!

You're lying!

Who would volunteer for this?

Well it was either this or execution so...


They say you're all condemned prisoners, who volunteer for the experiment instead of facing the death penalty.

I never did anything to deserve this.

Yeah well, tell it to Meyerhold, Right?

We're innocent, dammit! I didn't volunteer for this!

I know, because your consent form is missing!

Shut up!

While you were doing your system checks, did you happen to see a little girl?

No. Yes.

I mean, I saw her.

I saw one little girl...

In your dreams.

What? Yeah.

It's hard to explain.


You see, another thing they have us do, is record the subject's, the people's dreams.

Her name's Anna, Right?

They can see into our dreams? Yeah.

Where is my daughter, you piece of shit?!

I don't know! You're lying!

No, Please! I came to help!


We need him.

Why? I can show you the exits.

Go ahead, where are they?

You were wrong about the cube.

It's only 25 rooms all around.

Only 2 rooms have Z coordinates valued 26.

They periodically move to the perimeter, but those 2 exit points are monitored.

And there's supposed to be an auxiliary exit.

That leads directly outside the cube.

How do we get to that one?

I don't know.

So what use is he?

Can you show us how to avoid the traps? Yes, definitely.


Just read me the coordinates from the surrounding rooms, please.

I was right. The coordinates.

Well, well...

It seems that our little mouse, is a rat after all.

Mr. Finn, could you do something about that, please?

Yes, Sir.

This one's C-F-P.

The hell...?

Damn. What is it?

The letters. They just disappeared. What?

They're all gone.

They know I'm here.

So now will be a good time to move. Good idea. You first.


I can't make any promises, but this should be the way.

Mr. Quigley, could you isolate that quadrant for me please?

Mr. Finn, show me the current trap configuration, "s'il vous plait".


Let's make their life a little more interesting, shall we?


Trapped. Sure looked easy from my desk.

They trapped all the rooms around us. Now what?

Really glad you showed up to help.

My God. I'm actually starting to enjoy myself.

You know what? I think we should keep getting together and doing this more often.

God dammit.



Yes, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Sorry, Sir.

Right away, Sir.

"Just finish it, you idiot. "

Ungrateful cretins.

You didn't hear that.

Okay gentleman, we have the word from on high.

It's time to blow this popsicle stand.

Mr. Quigley. Sir?

You heard the man. Just finish it.

Yes Sir.

Okay, let me think, let me think.

What the...?

Now what do we do?

The floor. the floor.

I'm sorry.

God dammit! I don't wanna die in here!

What's happening?

What stopped it?

I don't know.

Come on, you piece of...

What the hell? I don't know Sir, we suddenly lost contact.

Yes, I can see that. Why?

Maybe the energy required for the test itself blew out the capacitor.

I mean, we're not talking state-of-the-art equipment.

Wrong. That's not how it works. That's not how it was designed.

Someone is screwing with the connection.

I don't know Sir. It isn't me.

Me neither, Sir.

What? I have no idea.

It's not me, I swear.

You wouldn't lie to me, Now would you Mr. Clodd?

No Sir. Wouldn't think of it.

Questions? Comments? What are we waiting for?

Get us back online!


Nothing. "Nothing" is not an answer.

Excuse me, Sir.

Excuse me? What is it?

Can I use the facilities, Sir?

Just go!

For the love of God, where do they find these people?

I don't think it's software, Sir.

It's definitely a hardware problem. Listen.

This is getting embarrassing now. Okay?

I needn't remind you Gentlemen, that in a few minutes we'll have no choice but to send people in there.

Call me impulsive but I could probably think of a couple of names:

Quigley! Finn!

You know, right of the top. What is that noise?!

Something's wrong with the main power source.

It's gone into reset mode.

What the hell is going on?


Damn. You can say that again.


Power went out?


So the traps don't work.

That's the good news, yeah. What's the bad news?

It's gone into reset mode.

The system will restart itself in 10 minutes, the first routine that runs on restart, is a clean sweep.

Is that as bad as it sounds? The Clean sweep program flash-incinerates anything still living in all the rooms.

So, we gotta move. Which way do we go?

I don't know.

Okay, last time I ran the numbers you were pretty much in the centre of the structure.

So I guess we just keep going in the same direction until we get to the edge, right?

Great, so we're back to square one!

Do you have a better idea?! No.

I don't. 'Cause I'm not the one who uses people as a fucking guinea pigs!


Back to square one!

Dodd. Dodd is the only one who can power down this quickly.

But he knows that reset would kick in, so why would he...?

Of course.

Clean sweep happens after they realign to zero position.

What? Quick. Let me see your map.

When the power comes on, the rooms are programmed to realign back to their original positions before the clean sweep starts. now, if we're in one of the exit room, Like A-Z-Z, it will move us to the perimeter, and we'll have about... 3 seconds to get out.

Before it fries us. Yeah.

If that room hasn't moved, we'd might just make it. Yeah.

You know Mr. Wod has been in the little boy's room an awfully long time.

Come on.


A noble attempt to save your protйgй, Mr. Dodd.

But quite foolish, ultimately.

May I have that widget back, please?

I don't think I can do that, Sir.

Mr. Dodd, are you disobeying a direct order?

Yes. There...

Cute, and rather, clichй, in an endearing kind of way.

Unfortunately, I do believe there is penalty, a rather strict penalty, for sabotaging state property.

Instant paralysis! They weren't kidding, were they.

However, not to worry, Mr. Dodd,

You still will be able to feel.

5 minutes to reset.

I think I found the source of our power problem.

Does anyone knows where this goes?


That the central coupling. I got it, Sir.

Still doesn't solve our observation problem, they could be escaping as we speak.

Sir, in less then 5 minutes from now the clean sweep kicks in, and then I think our problem will evaporate.

Mr. Finn, I don't trust machines.

I have a machine to thank for this, and this.

I need to see them, with my own God-given eye.

Of course Sir, I just, I don't know how...

Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Mr. Finn, one of our runaway rats is a former squad soldier. Is he not?

Yes Sir, that would be Haskell, the big fellow.

And they still bio-chip the enlisted men, do they not?

Of course. Sir, that's brilliant...

Mr. Quigley comes through.

Mr. Finn, acquire us an uplink to the squad surveillance network.

Yes Sir. Right away, Sir.

Time? We still have 4 minutes!

Hold on!

There's no way he survived that.

We gotta go. Come on.

We're locked on. Sir, we have a visual.

It's a weak signal.

Your tax dollars hard at work.

Transmit the kill code.

Pain inhibiters, activated.

Neuro-cam enhancers, amplified.

Are we there yet? Almost.


Move it!

Get off her!


Okay, come on.

How much further? We're almost there.

A- Z-Z. This is it!

It's okay.

The power's out. The power's out.


Oh man...

There's over one minute! Can't this thing go any faster?

Sir, we've got the grid display back. They're at the perimeter.

30 seconds to clean sweep.

Well I think it's time for our little surprise.

I hope your shortcut worked, Mr. Quigley.

Water. The auxiliary exit.

Leads directly outside.

Now what? Can you swim?


Well? Did we get them?

Sorry Sir. The signal got scrambled at flash point.

I think we got 'em

I don't like it.

Get a squad to the exit point.

This way!

Come on. Run! Run!


He's conscious.

Thank God. Well, welcome back Mr. Wynn.

You're conscious. So, we can begin now.

"Eric Wynn, "as you have been found guilty of high treason, sabotage

"and various other crimes against your country and your God, "and so on, bla, bla, bla...

"Your sentence has been extended for two more lifetimes. "

What sentence? I don't remember the trial!

Well, you were found guilty. No further questions.

Wait! What are you doing?

Well, we've decided on a few modifications before putting you back inside.

Wait! Mr. Wynn, you are holding up progress.

Don't I get a choice?

Don't all the condemned get a choice? I choose death!

No, Mr. Wynn.

You do not get a choice.

You have already made your choice.

I believe this is your signature?

I don't understand. "I don't understand".

You chose to become a test subject. Many years ago.

And you simply don't remember that.

It's all standard procedure.

But my job? Dodd? Owen? Chickliss?

All lab rats. Just Like you.

Observing the observers, you know, that kind of thing.

Very interesting results.


You're actually starting to bore me now. Where is she?

Oh, the allusive Ms. Rains. Well, you needn't worry about her.

You didn't catch her.

He's all yours.

Don't touch me. Don't worry. This wont hurt.


Mommy, I'm cold. Why can't we have a fire?

Because the bad people might find us.

I have something to show you.

See. That's us.

We're superheroes.

These are very special because they were drawn by a very special person.

Is he a superhero too?

Yes. Yes, he is.

What wrong with him?

He doesn't seem to know we're here.

This room is green.

Hi there.

This room is green. Yes, It is.

What is it, shock?

I wanna go back to the blue room.

I think he's mentally handicapped.

That's all we need, a retard. Don't!

How the hell did he survive in here?

I wanna go back.

I wanna go back.

Back. Back.

I wanna go back.

Wanna go back.