Cupid (2020) Script

The story is often told of Cupid.

But his origins, his true story, is far from the tales we've read.

Cupid was the son of the two Roman gods:

Venus, his mother, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility; his father Mars, the god of war and justice.

Meeting under unlikely circumstances, an affair blossomed between the couple and they gave life to Cupid himself, a Roman god.

With his parents' influence, Cupid would protect love and all it stood for in his growing years.

And when it came to finding love for himself, Cupid found himself falling in love with Psyche, the goddess of soul.

However, his mother grew jealous, jealous of the beauty that Psyche held not only within, but on the surface, too.

Venus, an aging goddess, grew bitter over the youthful look Psyche held; she was possibly the most beautiful woman in all the land.

And soon Venus barred Cupid from being with Psyche.

Banning any love between the couple, disapproving of their love.

But the true love between them could not hold Psyche back.

She begged for hope, for approval from Venus.

Venus agreed to grant Psyche and Cupid eternal love, if Psyche were to complete three impossible tasks.

Psyche accepted the challenge.

Assured that Psyche would be unable to complete these tasks, confident she may not even come back alive, was surprised when Psyche returned, having completed all three.

Every step she took, every breath she drew brought her closer to her love.

But Psyche was weak; she fell before the castle.

Unable to stand, unable to make it to the door itself, to give Venus the gifts she'd been tasked to win.

Cupid, realizing the love Psyche had for him, immediately attended her side.

Thinking he could save her, he pricked her with the energy from his arrow's spike.

However, this is where the story changes.

People believe Cupid to have saved Psyche, and they were to have lived happily ever after.

However, the true story behind the legend is not so happily ever after, not at all.

The true story is much darker.

Cupid believed he was to give Psyche the ambrosia from his arrow, to live forever.

But what he didn't know, was that Venus had tampered with the arrow, lacing it with poison.

Killing Psyche with the prick of his arrow, Cupid fueled with rage towards his jealous mother and un-supporting father, flew around the town, attacking the townspeople, promising to never support or allow love again.

If he could never experience love himself, he wanted no one else to.

Full of anger, Cupid went to the dark depths of the Underworld and came face to face with the god of death himself.

Angered by Cupid demanding assistance for revenge, the god of death had another idea.

He warped Cupid's mind, filling him with the darkest anger that can never be shaken off.

For eternity feeling hatred towards love and those who abused it, and filling him with a demonic energy, flowing through his blood.

Over centuries, and under the right circumstances, the Roman god Cupid himself can be summoned to defend and protect what he represents:

Bringing fury to bear on those who abuse love.


You know, I didn't exactly expect myself to be flying all over the world, living the life, earning endless streams of money.

But here I am, what can I say?

So, you're like, totally successful, right?

Well, it kinda depends on what you class success as, right?

If you class it as a guy that's worked his way to the top without a starting boost in life.

Do you class it as a guy that's gone from A to B all off his own back, and now lives the life a lot of people have to win the lottery to achieve?

'Cause if so, then yeah.


You're like, such a bachelor, aren't you?

Well, it kinda depends on what you class a bachelor to be, right?

I mean, do you class it as a guy that lives in a penthouse apartment, has four cars, his own concierge?

You know what?

Hold that thought just two seconds, okay?

I'm going to nip to the little girls' room.

Hurry back, sweetheart.

I got plenty more stories that I can tell ya.

Oh, I'm sure you do.

Hey, how's it going?

Oh my god, this guy is a total jerk!

I am not stooping this low.

Oh, you knew the drill, right?

Why else go on a date with someone from a Sugar Daddy site?

Yeah well, I can't imagine myself face-deep in his crotch all night.

So look, it's not gonna happen.

No spa getaway is worth this.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna get the fuck out of here.

Sandy, what are you doing here?

I'm in the middle of an important business meeting.

Dad, I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.

Come on, Sandy!

If this is about me and your mom, these things happen; people break up all the time.

I shouldn't have.

I'm sorry.

I've screwed up!

I've really screwed up.

Okay, okay.

Sandy, look at me.

Look at me, Sandy.

Look at me.

You need to tell me what on Earth is going on.

They're all gone.

What are you talking about?

Who's gone?

Who is gone?

He killed them all.

I was mad at you for the way you left mom in that state.

It was a mutual decision.

She said you were cheating with young sluts.

I got angry.

I shouldn't have done it.

I didn't think it would work.

What are you talking about?



I summoned a demon.

Let's take this outside, shall we, young lady?

Come here! Dad, listen to me.

Please, please just listen to me!

Dad, you've gotta listen to me!

Listen to me, please!


Dad, please.

I don't know what the hell you've taken, young lady.

But I don't need it in my life anymore.

You and your mother can take your issues, and let some other poor asshole deal with 'em.


I'm done.

Hey, Carl.

Hey, what are you doing out here?

Just, you know, getting some fresh air.


Yeah, this is--

What the hell is that thing?

We gotta go!

We lost him, we lost him!

What is going on?

I summoned it after what you did to mom.

We gotta keep moving. We can't stop; we gotta wait it out.

It'll be over. Where?

Look, we can't stop; we gotta keep moving.

We gotta wait it out and it'll be over.

Where is your mother?

She's gone.



I don't want this, please!


No, no, no, no, no! Please, no, no, no!

No, no, no!

God no!

No, no, no, no, no!

No, no! No!

No, please, please!

No, please!

No, no!

Please no!

No, please

No, no!

No, please!

No, please

Bring his energy to me.

Allow his energy to fuel me with love.

Allow me to return the gift of sight and love.

Morning, Miss Drake. Mr. Jones.

How are you today? Very well, very well.

I was wondering your plans for the Valentine's Day Ball.

I was wondering if you needed someone to tend to your needs?

A drinking buddy.

You know, last year I worked out a secret way to pass the time.

A little something, something in the drinks.

Easy to swing by Old Harper.

Are you suggesting I drink while supervising underage teens at a Valentine's ball?

No, come on.

Nothing of the sort.

I thought you had tomorrow evening off.

Yeah, I was but Harper wants these to go away with feedback.

That's so not on.

We're always given spring break to get it done.

Try telling Harper.

He's having none of it.

But look, I'm around tomorrow night, as are you.

Maybe you and I need a little head space.

Maybe I can swing by?



Ah, sorry!

Hope I'm not interrupting anything?

Oh no.

Mr. Jones, one of your students has gum in her hair.


On my way.

Thank you.

Ah! Sorry, sorry!

God, she's such a bitch! Yeah.

Why can't she find something else to do other than do stuff like this to you?

She's lashing out.

Her Dad was a dick.

If my mom hadn't-- Faye, this is so not your fault; she's a total douche bag.

Oh my god!


Hey, Mr. Jones, how's it going?

Smoking again in here?

Smoking? I don't smoke.

You don't smoke, do you, Faye?

No, it must be you smelling things.

Just don't get caught.

Smoking's seriously bad for you.

And Matt, it does not make one's voice deeper.

Seriously, that was the reason I was doing it.

Also, girls' toilets?

Ladies only. Hey, hey.

I'm one of the gals, see?

What can I say?

Give us a moment, Matt.

Sure, she's all yours.

Hey, how you doing?

Your hair all right?

It's getting there, thanks.

You know, if it's Elise and her cronies doing this to you, if just tell me, I can do something about it.

I'm fine, honestly.

I can help, if you just tell me.

Thank you. Are you sure?

I better get to class.

Right, senior's next; I'm your cover teacher.

See you there?

Hey, Elise.

Hey, Mr. Jones.

Cut it out, all right?

What do you mean?

Keep it up with Faye, your little Valentine's dance, I'll pull the plug in a heartbeat.

You know, hanging out in the girls' toilets, it doesn't look too good.

If I said, that you caught me in there, unclothed, think I could get you sacked, in a heartbeat.

Romeo and Juliet, they were from two sides.

Thinking they could get away with their relationship in secrecy.

I think my spell is working.

No, not this again.


Maybe you'll know. Mm hmm?

How did Shakespeare present capitalist attitudes and their relationship in the play as a whole?

Keep your mouth closed, and maybe you can answer me.

Right, Act Two, let's get reading.

Look at what I got myself.

You realize there's a new upgrade available, right?

Oh shut up!


Who's is that?

Oh my god, stop.

Isn't that-- Mr. Jones, uh huh.

Why do you have his phone?

Does anyone know what Faye's number is?

You bitch.


So you think that chancing a few online spells is going to get Mr. Jones to fall in love with you?

He's different with me now.

It's like he's actually into me.

Mr. Jones is just the most charismatic person going.

Everyone loves him.

Christ, even I love him a bit.

I'd turn gay for him.

Faye, come on, a teacher with a student?

Why don't you go for someone your own age?

Like who?

There's no one.


Faye, honey please!

It's mom. What do you want?

Don't close me out.

Okay, come on, open up.

I'm fine.


Look, I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't think you would be back early.

It was a heat of the moment thing.

You really think dad would think this is okay?

The first Valentine's since his passing and, you just hook up with a dad of a girl from my school.

You realize she despises me for it, right?

Today I had gum in my hair 'cause of it.


I think sometimes people need to move on.

It's not healthy to wallow in the past.

Honey, I had to move on, and so should you.

I'm sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear.

Dinner will be ready soon.

I'll leave it by your door.

Oh my god!

Hey, it's nice to get a text from you.

Hey, thanks for the text.

Oh god, no.

Hey, I felt it today too.

Oh god.


I will see you then.

What kind of picture?

Oh my god!

What is she wearing? Thinking she's all hot.

She legit looks constipated.

She definitely stuffs her bra.

Why are you so mean to that girl?

Don't ask, Brett.

She and her mom are sneaky little hoes who've got it coming.

That's all that needs to be said.

You get me so riled up when you're naughty.

Ew, please remember, you have people in the same room.

Anyway, what are we doing with this exactly?

Wait and see, bitches!

Oh my god!

What are you doing?

You ignore my texts but bring me a rose?

Nice one.

No, look, I lost my phone.

A new one's coming, but I did email you.

Look, the dance is tomorrow.

As I said, I'm around marking papers.

I could come and say hi?

I love it, I really do.

But what if someone comes in right now and sees this going down?

Come on, no one's around.

Take the rose.

I'm glad it isn't plastic.

You two love birds at it again?

What? No!

You must think I'm completely stupid.

Look-- No idea what you're talking about, Principal Harper.

I don't care, as long as you keep your hands off each other in the school.

And leave it at the gate when it does eventually go south.

I don't wanna be dealing with the fallout.

Nice rose.

I should get back to class. Now, that is what I do like to hear; some of us actually come here to work.


Matt, hey!

Someone invite you to the Valentine's dance?

Look, I know you're still hung up on Mr. Jones, but why don't you just let it go?

I don't know, go to the dance with someone else.

Hey, I have an idea: Why don't we go together?

Like the old days when we didn't have anybody else.

That was like, seventh grade.

So? Thanks, but I'm fine.

I probably won't be going to the dance anyway.

Come for me.

I'd like to go.

I better get to class; I'll catch you later.


You know that video could end up going viral?

That's sorta the point.

Yeah, but Mr. Jones could get fired.

Well, if he gets fired, it will be because he flirted back or kissed her.

His issue.

Elise, who are you going to the dance with tomorrow?

Brett, duh.

Yeah, but surely he won't be allowed.

He's older and stuff?

Yeah, and like, what if your mom finds out?

She'll lose it.

My mom's too busy in her own shit to notice.

Elise, got a minute?

Oh, hey Miss Drake.

Nice little setup you've got here for tomorrow night.

You all excited? I am!

Great, great.

I just wanted to say one thing.

I've been hearing that you and your little friends have been continuously bullying Faye.

Now, I don't know what's going on behind closed doors with your parents, but leave her alone, okay?

Why don't you keep yourself out of other peoples business?

I'm just saying, if you keep this up, this little dance you've got planned won't be happening.

Listen to me, I'm trying to help you.

Maybe we should just leave it?

Yeah, I mean, it was a good setup, but I don't wanna lose out on the dance.

Are you seriously pussy-ing out on me now?

No, no, no, no!

It's fine; it's up to you.

We're doing it!

Besides, it's too late now.

It's showtime!


Oh, she's on the way to his room!

How's the grading going?

Ah, great, thanks.

Look, I haven't got to yours yet, but I should be there in a few.

It's fine.

Excited for the dance tomorrow?

Sure, it's just a bunch of dumb teens, though.


It's getting late, Faye.

Maybe you should-- I was so embarrassed about this whole thing, but I'm glad I'm here, though.

Yeah, sure. I knew it wasn't just me.

I knew because of how you looked at me that--

Okay, Faye--



I, I thought you liked me?

I'm gonna go.


What are you gonna do with that shit?

Oh, I have me some plans.

Just gonna get yourself expelled.

Oh, sorry, I didn't realize I brought my grandma with me.

Okay, here are a few snippy snaps for you to upload onto A-4. Oh my god, you're terrible!

And why is that? Ah, sorry?

What are you up to?

Oh, we're just setting up for the Valentine's Day Ball.

I just emailed you a set list for the music.

Sorry, if you don't wanna help us, would you mind leaving us to it?

You know, your grades have been slipping.

All of yours.

So, focusing on a school Valentine's ball should be the last of your worries.

You know, it was so great catching up.

But we sorta don't need this negativity in our zone.


Why would she think that, though?

That's so unlike Faye.

I have no idea.

She full on went in for a kiss.

You should say something to Principal Harper.

If it gets out, you could lose your job.

It's fine, it's fine.

I mean, nothing happened.

It's, I don't wanna embarrass the kid any more.

She's been through a lot, and I guess I can come across lighter to her than I do with the others, right?

It's just, she reminds me of myself back in school.

Being the outcast, it's not a nice feeling.

I guess I come across different with her.

I don't know.

I think all the girls have got a little crush on you, Duncan. Wait, what do you mean?

Stop fishing.

God, man!

Wait, let me get this right.

You think I'm the school stud, right?

Oh, you walk around in some pretty tight-fitting tops, you look after yourself.

Look, stop, the girls like you; it's obvious.

All right, so are they the only ones?


I was wondering if I caught anyone above the age of 20, but below the age of 35's eyes.

Hmm, tight age gap in that school.

Anyone you can think of?

You're such a fool.

I guess not then.

You might've caught the attention of someone.

Okay, okay cool.

I don't get it; it isn't working.

Summoning the Love Destroyer?

And that's how Juliet and Romeo came to be.

Hi, I have the Valentine's Day cards.

Sure, quick-quick.

Oh, sorry honey.

Faye, even you got one!

Who do you think that's from?

And so, that's how the climax of the film came to be.

Something funny with the word climax, ladies?

Continue teaching.

Right, Elise, Britt, carry on reading.

Go for it, turn to Act Three and start reading till the class ends. Sure, Act Three was it?

Oh my god!

What is that?

Oh my god!

Sir, is that really appropriate to be showing in class? Tragic.

So tragic.

Didn't think you could get any lower.


I am cringing for you.

You know, you didn't need to stuff your bra, though.

What the fuck are you doing?

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

Fuck you!

She fucking started it!

The lot of you, the Valentine's Ball is over.

No more ball!

Wait, she hit me.

You're gonna let her get away with that squat free?

No, we are not.

Faye, get back here!


You know what, this?

This is child abuse.

I could fucking sue you for this; my dad's a lawyer.

You know that?

Fuck, I broke a nail.

I can't with this girl.

For the powers that be, be present, be still.

I summon thee, Death.

I summon the end of love, the end of desire.

I replace it with poison.

With the power of my mind,

take love from others as it has been taken from me.

By the hand that calls, respond with a wish.

Thou has summoned me here?

I did.

Why does thou call me before oneself?

I want to end love.

I want to grant no more love on those within this school.

Does thou understand the price of calling the end of love?

I do.

End of love, to love no more, to feel the feeling no more.

Who does thou wish this upon?

Everyone in this school.

Thou wishes for this?

I do.

And thou understands the consequences of ending love?

I want it destroyed.

I summon you to end it.

I shall summon a demon, a soul so banned by love, so angered by it, his force of desire to end all love will be given.

And for the 24 hours of Valentine, love will last no more!

I want them never to feel it again.

Faye, what are you doing?

Principal Harper's looking for you.


I'm sorry about what happened.

I gotta go.


Your behavior toward a fellow student is absolutely disgusting.

And to involve a teacher!

Can I just ask where you have the proof that this was even me? Don't even try to deny it.

Okay, so I filmed a dumb girl trying it on with her teacher.

So what?

What is the crime in that?

This is the 21st century.

I have the right to film pretty much whatever I want.

Like, have you even been on the internet lately?

'Cause you can see all kinds of crazy shit: People getting their heads cut off-- Oh stop it!

I don't want to hear any more about this!

What you have done is completely unspeakable!

I ought to expel you on the spot.

Oh my god, go for it.

You know, I wasn't even the one who showed the video in that class; it was Lina, for god's sake.

Your parents will be informed, and you will be personally be staying behind tonight to take down all the decorations in the hall.

Okay, you can't cancel the Valentine's Day Ball, 'cause tickets have already been purchased.

And you and your friends could organize a refund.

Don't even try a but with me, girl.

Now get out of here and start taking down those decorations.


Sure, but first I've gotta go wash my face, because thanks to you, there's spit all over it.

Right, let's get you all downstairs for detention.

Oh my god, you love it, don't you?

I would really keep your mouth closed right now.

You're on thin ice.

Faye, can you go straight inside?

Come on, let's go!


Where's Lina?

Bathroom? Right.

Ho bitch.

Stop, please no!

I'm gonna gloss over the kissing incident with a member of the teaching staff, move right along to your other actions.

You simply cannot go around beating up on your fellow students, whatever the provocation.

Now, you will have detention tonight.

And I will call your mother and explain the situation.


So I'm not sure who you were really talking to on the phone, Faye.

But I'm sorry.

It must've been a nasty prank.

I can assure you, the culprit will be caught, and further action will be taken.

For now, return to your class.

And you can go, as well.

Matt, what are you doing here?

I guessed you wouldn't want to be alone, so I thought I'd come by and help.

Matt, I don't have you down for detention.

Ah, no, but I wanted to help out.

Okay, sure.

Group up, everyone.

Right, you are all here until everything has been taken down.

Ooh, sorry, some of us have plans, and that would take all night.

Well, you should've thought about that before now.

Come on, let's get going; take down the Valentine's Ball.

Have fun!

Oh, and if your friend Lina doesn't show up soon, she'll be in a week's detention when she gets back.

How'd you get on?

You were right; I was close to losing my job.

I should've said something straight away, you know?

Hey, everything's got a silver lining.

At least I don't have to supervise a bunch of kids at a Valentine's ball.

Look, I thought you liked those things?

Oh, as if!

I'd rather stab myself in the face with a pencil than that.

All right, what are you doing now?

Going back? Me?

No way!

Look, I've got to mark these papers.

And then summer can officially start.

Well, let's grab a drink after.

Second night in a row, huh?

It's Valentine's Day, and I'd rather not be bored alone, watching some junk movie on TV, and filling my gut with crap.

See you later? Yeah.


They look a bit burnt.

Waste not, want not.


Tastes like chicken?


What else does that taste like?

Chicken cookies? Yeah.

Well, they make all kinds of weird stuff now.

You know that they make vegan chicken that literally looks like chicken?

Why would you want it to look and taste the same if you're not going to eat it?

Come on, girls, let's get moving.

What are you eating?

This is not a hangout, this is detention.

Excuse me, this is detention, not a social hangout.

No phones!

Gimme it! I was just texting my dad so he knew where I was.

Nice try, but Principal Harper's already done that.

Hand it over.

Yeah, you don't get to talk to me like that.

You better not answer that.

Oh hey, what's up?

Give me that phone now!

I'll just be a sec.

I'm dealing with some BS with the temp teacher.

See you soon, bye!

Where do you think you're going?

You know, some of us actually have things to do on Valentine's Day, other than sit around a school, taking it out on people because they're sad, lonely, and just a little bit desperate.

Do you think people don't know about you and Mr. Jones?

Nothing like a broken heart, hey?

Oh well.

Get back here and clear this stuff up.

Do it yourself.

Does anyone else wish to follow in her footsteps and find themselves expelled when they return from spring break?

Get on with it, now!

Principal Harper, hey!

What is it, Miss Drake? It's Elise.

She stormed out of detention and she's headed out of the school.

What, you didn't try and stop her?

I tried; she didn't care.

I have had it up to here with that girl!


Elise, get back here!

Make me, biatch!

Where the hell do you think you're going?

Do the hall yourself.

Go! What's going on?

This isn't funny.

Okay, go, go, go, go!

I'm not kidding, go! Come on!

I'm trying, I'm trying. What are you doing?

Seriously. I'm trying, I'm trying.

Seriously, start the car.

Come on.

Get out of the car, now!

I don't care if you fucking run him over.

Just fucking go! Come on, come on!

My car never does this.

Brett, Brett, what the fuck is that?

Get out! I'm fucking trying, you idiot!



Come on!

Elise, get in!

Come on, quickly!

Quicker! Come on!



Oh my god, Brett!

Get him to the medical center, now.

Go, help him; I'm calling the cops.

I'll be right behind you.

Your phone. Miss Drake?

Give me your phone now, please!

What happened?

What the hell is going on? The phones don't work.

Where did this blood come from?

Oh, ah-- Come on, Helen.

Talk to me.

I have no idea what I just saw.

What happened?

Where did this blood come from?

There's something in here with us.

Why does no one have any service?

Why is his blood black?

Give me something, give me something!

Why is this fucking not working?

Oh my god!

Elise, who did this?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Elise, come on!

Oh, calm down, calm down, calm down.

Oh, deep breaths, Elise.


Okay it was he was like, flying in the fucking air.

And it had wings, and he had weird, it was really short, really short his hair and boom.

It was, oh my god.

Oh, he literally.

Flying, flying!

Ah, okay.

I don't know if she's in shock, or if she actually thinks there's people flying around in the sky shooting people with arrows.

Oh my god!

I can't even.

Whatever it was, it was mad as hell.

It killed Principal Harper.

Principal Harper's dead? Yeah, yeah!

He was shot in the fucking face with an arrow!

God, you fucking idiots.

Don't even fucking believe me; this shit is serious.


Hey, what's going on?

Come on, talk to me.

You know something, don't you?

Faye, if you talk to me then I can help you.

But I can't help if you don't tell me.

Is he gonna be okay?

That guy in there, he's gonna be okay, right?

I'm not sure, Faye.

What's going on?

Come on.

Okay, come on, move over.

Move over, get out.

What is that?

Is it infection?

It doesn't infect like this.

Well, something on the arrow maybe.

There's one in his back, too.

All right, dude, I'm gonna need you to turn over.

Yeah? All right.

Come on, just a little.

There we are.

Come on.

Oh god!


Get them out of here.

Get them out of here now!

Come on, let me have this space.

Get out of here now!

Come on, let him have space.

Wait, he doesn't even know what he's doing.

Elise, not now.

They're trying to help. Get out!

What's all the commotion?

What's going on? Miss Simmons, please, take the kids upstairs.

Come on, this way.

Let's go, come on. For fuck's sake.

Faye, come on, what is it?

I said nothing. Faye, come on.

It's me you're talking to, okay?

I'm on your team.

Oh shit. What are you thinking?

Whatever's inside him is poison.

Whatever it is, it will kill him.

It's traveling up to his heart already.

Oh shit!

When it gets there, he will die.

He's gonna die?

We've gotta get outta here.

Whatever that thing is, whatever that thing was, we've gotta get out. Let's just wait for Miss Drake, okay? What's up with the bullshit?

We are sitting ducks in here.

I trust Miss Drake knows what's best.

She didn't see what I saw.

What's going on?

Just stay behind me, okay?

What good is that gonna do?

You're gonna cripple over at any point.

Who goes there?

What is that?

Something's in here with us.

Turn it off.

Something's in here with us.

You can tell me.

Whatever it is, you can tell me.


What the hell is that thing?



Britt, wait!

He's gone.

Just wait, no.

Ow! Guys, guys, hang on!

Get up!

Come on, get up, get up, get up!

Come on, we've gotta go!

No, I can't; I did this.

What is that?

Let's go!

Faye, get them out of here!

Come on!

Get the hell away from me, you son of a bitch!

Screw you!

We need to get the hell out of this school.

Oh shoot, shoot, shit!

Does it look messed up?

You're gonna be okay!

I'm scared, Faye!

It's just your arm where it got you.

You're gonna be okay.

We just gotta stop the bleeding and get this arrow out of you.

Get away from me!

What is it?

You look weird; tell me.

You're fine.

We just gotta get you to the medical lab.


You're infected.

Something must've been on that arrow.

If I die tonight, I want you to know that,

I sent you that card.


How do you still not know?

After all of this time, you still don't care.

I've been into you since the fifth grade.

Matt? Yeah.

And when you used to sleep over, spooning wasn't an accident.

You said it was because--

Because I used to forget that you weren't my mother.

No, I knew it was you.

I spooned you 'cause I wanted to.

What? I had no idea.


I like you.

You're kinda like my little brother.

That's a great mood killer.

Oh shit, what was that?

Get up.

Get up!

Oh shit!

Those cookies that everyone was eating earlier.

What was that?

I don't know.

Jesus, guys, you could've warned us!

Why are you creeping up on people?

What happened?

He was shot with an arrow.

Only in his arm; he should be fine.

We've got to get him to the science lab.

Come on!

Elise, Daryl, you're both alive?

Don't act like you give a rat's ass.

You did this, didn't you?


All of this is 'cause of you.


I heard what you said to Miss Simmons before she died.

"Oh, I did this!"

You really know what's going on, don't you?

That's why you look so guilty.

She doesn't even have the guts to admit it.


Yeah, I did.

It's my fault.

I'm so sorry.

You summoned Cupid on us.

You summoned some messed up monster to come and kill us all.

Didn't you, you freak?

My boyfriend is dead because of you.

People are dropping like flies because of you.

I'm so sorry!

Oh, oh, she's sorry.

Bit late for that now, isn't it?

All of my friends are in here somewhere, and I gotta find them before whatever the hell that messed up, midget monster does.


Stay with us.

If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting.

Screw you bunch of pathetic weeds.


You did this?

It doesn't matter now.

We've just gotta look after Matt.

What are you gonna do to me?


Do you think Lina and Britt got out okay?

Come on.

Something's not right.

Fuck, what are you doing to me?

Trust me, you'll be okay if you trust me.

Okay, what the hell have you got planned?

Why do you have that kid's arm trapped in a vice?

Look, you saw what happened to that other guy.



We have no choice.

What's happening to me?

Mr. Jones knows what he's doing.

Okay? Oh shit!

The black shit is spreading!

When we get out of here, I'm gonna take you on a date.


I screwed up; I wanna make it up to you.

When we get out of here alive, which we will, I'm gonna take you out.

I wanted to be the one to take you out, not the other way around.

21st century, Matt.

I sure would like that.

What the hell are you doing with that thing?

Look, whatever was on the end of that arrow, it killed that boy downstairs. Oh fuck.

Oh shit, am I gonna die?

Not if you trust me.

The poison has only spread up your arm.

But it's on its way to your heart.

And when it gets there, you're done for.

I thought you were just an English teacher?

I studied to be a doctor before I dropped out.

I couldn't be asked to study in that debt.

I get that.

Is he joking?

Look, anyways, just listen.

If you trust me, I can save your life.

Elise, help me!

No, no!

Please, please, please, I don't wanna die!

Come on, you're gonna be okay.

All right, you're gonna be fine.

Count of three.

Oh fuck, no, no!


Oh my god!

Oh fuck!

Fuck, look at me. Oh fuck!

Oh my god!

Look at me, look at me! Matt, look at me, okay?

Come on!


Are you okay?

I did this.

Faye, you're gonna have to start talking.

What did you do?

Elise was right.

I was angry; I didn't think it would work.

It's just something I do when I'm alone.

Black magic?

I wanted you to like me.

I did some spells; I thought they worked, but clearly it was all a big joke by Elise.

You cast a spell on me?

Clearly it didn't work.

What is that thing out there?


I was so humiliated by what happened that I summoned for the end of love to be.

It worked; he was present in the room.

I don't know what he was but, he told me there would be a price.

I didn't think it would be this.

I didn't want this.

I just wanted them to pay for what they did to me.

Okay, look, how do we stop this?

Faye, come on!

We have to wait until Valentine's Day is over.

Once the 24 hours is up, we'll be released from the Curse of Cupid.

All right, look, we're not that far off.

We just gotta stay out of sight.

I'm so sorry!

Please tell me he's gonna be okay.

Please? Faye, we need to get those towels; he's gonna be fine, okay?

Just as soon as this is over, we're gonna get him out of here and to a hospital.

All right?

Stay with him, okay?

I'll be right back.

Do not say that.

Just say, I'll see you in a bit.

Okay, 'cause you will, see me in a bit.

Now, when you do, you're gonna buy me one hell of a strong drink. Yeah.

It's fine, I'm so over this.

Let's go.

Damn, no!


Wait, go, go, go! He's coming!

He's coming!

You're doing great okay?

I feel fucked.

It's nearly over.

You happy now?

You got what you wanted?

This isn't what I wanted. Really?

Sure seems like it fucking is!

My friends are dead.

Did you know that?

Lina, Britt, Daryl, my boyfriend, are all dead because of you.

I'm so sorry!

You know, your mom steals my dad and then you steal everything else I care about!

If your mom had just kept her legs closed then I would've never hated you this much.

And none of this would've happened.

Let's go.


This is on you.

Help me.

Helen, you're gonna be okay.

Just stay calm, okay?

Stay calm.

The kingdom below, the kingdom before, make him rise, make him present.

Be it he stands before, be it he stands behind.

Be it his presence comes forth; be present.

Don't look!

It says if you look him in the eyes, your soul will be taken.

Thou dare summon me?

Why? I want this to stop.

This isn't what I wanted.

Thou knew the consequences.

No, I didn't know it would be this.

I was angry and mad.

I messed up and, I didn't realize it would result in this.

Thou must wait out the 24-hour curse.

Or what?

What happens if I don't?

Thou has no choice.

What if I want it to end now?

A sacrifice must be made.

Faye, don't do it.

We have two minutes on the clock.

Two minutes is enough to finish everyone within this room. Don't do this, please!

Give up thou'st life, or thou curse to be fulfilled.


I looked, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

I looked, I looked, I looked!

What are you? Death.

Oh god.

It's midnight.

Don't look! Don't look!

It's dark in here.

It's done.

It's over.

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I need that drink now, pronto!

I thought you were the one taking us out for a drink.

You just had a student summon an evil Cupid to come kill us all; I think the drinks are on you.

We need to get you to a hospital.

Can you get the car ready?

It's over.

It's all over.

We'll meet you at the hospital.

We'll hang back for the police.

See you there.

We'll be right behind you, Matt.

What are you still doing with that thing?


Nothing ever again.

You mean spells?

I'm sorry.

For everything.

Mr. Jones, what are you doing?

Holy shit.

His spells must've worked.

Your love spells. Oh shit!

You better have a spell to sort this out.