Cutie Honey: Tears (2016) Script

This way, Hitomi

This way, hurry.


No, don't do it. Run away Hitomi!

Hitomi, you have to run.

This area is off-limits. You were warned.

Let me go! -Shut up, kid.

What the...


You piece of shit. -Get back here.

This is Block F220, There is rubble falling down.


That was close.


I just got a notification that... -I don't care.

What I need is...

Keep searching.

Because of the contamination the number of regions where life was still enjoyable had shrunk.

That's why they devised a project.

They created a vertical multi-layered and self-sufficient city:

The special zone of Tatehama, the utopia of a metropolis.

But one day, a certain being started its demise Sinner or savior? -Doesn't that sound good, chief?

Or a mysterious hero?

Hayami, that's just ridiculous. -But...

Oh... -Good morning.

The inhabitants of the ground floor are dreamers.

They made that up. -No, that story is real.

I saw that hero with my own two eyes.

Hayami, the articles that you write are too dangerous.



Because of your lugubrious stories our profit did double.

So just keep writing. -Of course.


Expansion of endangered neighbourhoods.

Lady Jiru, the number of malfunctions in the city is growing Perhaps the condition of the artificial intelligence worsened.

I know.

If only we could get them...

Good morning, Lady Jiru. Can I help you with something?

Aren't you the journalist called Hayami? -So you know who I am It's a great honour A very great honour. -You've seen her, right?


The one you're writing about in your article! -No, haven't seen her.

I heard you met her -That was a lie. A joke.

Are you sure about that?

Very sure.

I see

If you do find her, let me know

Apparently they found another dead soul just outside the city And that after I've been constantly warning you The virus kills everyone that goes outside of the city.

Outside is hell, the ground floor is hell.

But upstairs is paradise, people!

The lucky ones live upstairs It makes me sick -I know what you mean, tough luck.

We were born down here, so we also have to live down here. Son of a bitch.

Today you can expect rain. Just like always Did you hear? Even the government doesn't dare to come here.

That's just an urban legend -No, it's really true I heard that a while ago already Are you serious? -Three days of rain.

Damn, three days.

Thanks. -Goodbye.

That's not enough Hayami, wait! -He'll pay the rest sometime.

He didn't even finish eating -So what?


Mister Uraki, Kurose has been arrested.

Get over here as soon as possible

Let him go. -No, stay here.

Daddy, daddy -Kotomi, go home and wait for me Daddy is alright, go home -Let go of him. Daddy.

Please, everything will be alright.

Kotomi. -Daddy.

The Sodoms arrested a rebel.

Kill him.

Stop it. No. Kotomi. Is everything alright? How is it going?

Come on, get up. -No, I want to stay with you.

Please go home sweety. -Daddy!

Daddy! Stay here! Daddy!

Kurose. Get away from here.

Go that way.

Come on, hurry up. Get a hold of yourself.

Hayami. -Yes.

Come on.. -That can't be possible...

It seems like a malfunction. -It seems?

I can't do anything with speculations. What about the Sodom-cameras?

There are some interventions. Possibly intentional.

Activate mediabullets.

Intervention cleared. It is an android with unknown parts.

What the hell is this?

Why that? No, don't do it. Wait a minute. Just a moment. No.


Thanks a lot.


We were lucky. -Yes


Kurose is alright, so is Kotomi.


Changed? -Yes, changed.

From a Sodom into a woman. -Are you on pills?

No, I'm serious, that's how it went.

Where are they? -ln Complex B.

Hello? Mister Uraki? Mister Uraki.

Outside of the buildings: Keep masks on

Mister Uraki. -ls that her?

The woman you've been looking for all this time? -l'm sure of it I finally found her. -So that's her

Come on, follow me

The mediabullets are offline -And the Sodoms?

Active. They're searching the entire vicinity.

But they haven't found anything.

Why are you following me? -We're not, we're not. We just...

We aren't your enemy. We just want to talk.

That man you helped, his name is Kurose and he's our friend.

Why did you save him??

Stay away from me.

Damn it -Don't worry about it You just have to follow her and then you'll know who she is.

I get it.

Welcome back. Oh, you're totally soaked. -I'm home.

Hitomi, welcome back. -You know how bad the rain is for your body.

You have to take care of yourself -I feel fine That's no good You'll always be your mother's little girl. -Hurry and come inside Is dinner ready honey? -Yes, yes, everything is on the table

There is no time.

We have to lock up the vicinity and attack As you say, Lady Jiru.

Give it to me. -Let go

I brought something special for the ground floor.

A brand new oxygenmask! You have to try this one.

Do you want this one?

Come on Hitomi, let's eat.

I'm coming. -Sit down. Thanks for the meal.

Thanks for the meal. -Fill your bowl You don't have to tell me

Oh my, you've surpassed yourself again.

You always tell her that -Yes It's true. -How is it?

It's delicious. -And that's what you always tell her Well she asked, didn't she? -Yes, and you answered.

It's beyond dispute... that you have to be grateful nowadays for all this food Do you like it darling? -Of course

The prices went up again. -Well it did rain a lot.

Why are you following me? -Well.. Wait, wait.

Answer me!

Is this a friend of yours, Hitomi?


Hitomi finally made a friend. -What really!?

See. -Oh, and it's a cool guy too.

Come on in. -Yes, come.

I would love to, right Hitomi? -Unfortunately he's very busy.

She would like to talk to him in private. -No, that's not it You should go inside before you get sick. Go inside Let's talk over there.

Wait for me

You don't have to be so nervous, Look, I'm a journalist.

My name is Seiji Hayami.

Hayami? I've read your articles Why me? -I've been born on the ground floor.

I want to give hope to the people. -That's pointless.

That's not true, the people of the ground floor have to cherish hope They are oppressed and have to endure poisonous rain.

They have nowhere to go.

These things are worthless

Whatever you're planning, I don't want to be involved.

And stay away from me Sorry, but that's impossible

I assume you don't remember me.

I found you when you fell down from above.

I thought you were an angel Your face and those symbols on your skin haven't changed in those 20 years.

When those men wanted to overpower me you saved me Like a real hero.

Ever since that day I've been looking for you.

Is that why you became a journalist? To find me?

Yes, but that's not the only reason.

I can access the upper floors' data without arousing suspicious Very handy -Handy? What are you planning?

Our city is driven by artificial intelligence

I want to destroy that.

It also controls the waste and ventilation system The residents upstairs aren't aware of the increased air pollution The toxic clouds down here are the result of their exobirtant lifestyle The residents of the ground floor get sick from the rain of those clouds

I want to dissolve those clouds.

Sothat's why you want to destroy the artificial intelligence.

Do you want to help with that? -I can't Wait. Aren't we on the same side? Yesterday...

I'm sorry but I'm not who you think I am.

Stay away from me.

Wait a minute.

Always wear an oxygenmask when outside.

Do you know Jiru? You're just like her, right? -Like what?

Not human, I mean -A machine.

Yes, something like that. Is Jiru controlling the artificial intelligence?

Did she create you? -Leave me alone.

Please listen. We have to do something Hitomi-chan.

Don't call me that. -Just wait please.

A camera spotted the target The Sodoms are advancing.

Let's get away. -Please help my foster parents What? -Or else they'll be arrested.

Hurry up! -Okay, I got it.


No matter where you hide, I will find you

There you are again -Hurry up!

Wait! -Hurry!

Where to? Wait! -Let's go!

Hurry up! -Wait!

Come this way! -Hurry!

I can't walk that fast, please wait!

This way, quick!

Hide behind that. -Okay

Hey! What's going on!? -ls Hitomi... is she alright?

Hitomi is alright. -Thank God.

There. -Sodoms. They're already here.

Don't make a sound.

What the hell is this?

What are we going to do?

I'll distract them Try to run away through that exit Understood, will you be fine honey?

Well, well. And where does she belong to? -Just leave her be.

You're cute, is this your first time here? Join us. -Keep playing.

Is there a back exit? If so, gey away from here.

Get away! Hurry! Or else...

Wat the hell? Son of a bitch.

Get up. -Oh honey.

Just a moment. -Get down!

Get away.. right now!

Come on, let's go. Hurry

This way! -I'll kill you.

Everyone get away

Get away before they reactivate. And don't touch those weapons Understood.

Come on, let's go

You.. everything is alright now



Hitomi. Hitomi.

Stay strong, Hitomi.


I've given you two important things. First...

Where is that inferior creature?

Run, Hitomi. This way

Yeah, so that's how it is. This is an aggregate of nano-microns It has a highly developed memory.

If the clothes are skin get destroyed it automatically regenerates And with every regeneration it gets upgraded.

Excuse me? Can I touch to feel the material..

So in short, it's quite lugubrious.

Take care of the right uniform for the intermediate floor So you finally woke up

Where is Hayami?

Thanks to you he's not doing so good. What about the Kuroses?

We recovered their bodies from their shelter.

Are you okay?

It's worse than it looks, what about you?

Just as I expected Typical.. you and your excited smile.

Yukiko is right. She suffered worse than any of us.


Where are my fosterparents?

I'm sorry

Oh no..

People always die unlike androids... Damn it

It hurts!

It seems they have accomplices

I told you to not let her get away, right?

Lady Jiru!

Time is running out.

Safety before anything


So about your fosterparents? -My aunt and uncle They knew I was an android, yes.

But they always treated me like their real daughter.

If I didn't know what to do, they were always there for me.


It's my own fault.

I should've distances myself from them.

Did you tell her yet? -Not yet The day after tomorrow there will be a big event on the upper floors.

According to our intel this will create more harmful substances than ever.

Pollution level: Danger If we don't stop the AI... a lot of residents of the ground floor won't make it out alive.

We don't have much time left. Do you know how we can stop the AI?

So in the end you're just a machine.

We could've saved ourselves the trouble.

Wait a minute!

My father, professor Kisaragi, did research... on how the artificial intelligence controls the city.

That's the reason he created me.

What? -What do you mean?

He placed a condenser for atmospheric elements inside of me... which semipermanently generates energy.

Thanks to that ingenious invention I'm able to convert matter.

What are you doing on the ground floor if you're so important?

Back when Jiru seized power... the professor gave me freedom.

What did he want to achieve with that? -Just wait a minute So what exactly is Jiru?

A new type of android Because of my emotions I'm not suited to watch over humanity So Jiru was created to operate without emotions She is completely rational. Jiru considers humans simply as building blocks.

So where is the professor?

This is insane. We have to destroy the AI somehow.

Yes, why don't you help us?

Forget it. Your plan is simply wishful thinking.

I'll just do it my way. -Wait, Uraki Your plan is just like an act of terror!

You're forgetting that peace can't be created without victims!

You're talking just like the people from above

We've been planning for two years A lot of people have already been arrested, killed or succumbed to illness.

We can't keep watching!

There is another way

She's not interested so she's not helping.

Just a moment..

So what is he planning to do?

He wants to blow up the building that contains the AI If he does that, there will be a lot of innocent victims I don't want to be a part of that. And I won't allow it

With your help, we can solve the problem in another way

Pollution level: Danger!!

I finally found you

Now it won't be much longer.

An attack on the server, you're being hacked Koshiro Kisaragi searching..

No results.

You should stay away from me

If I wasn't there, my fosterparents would still be alive It's all my fault

Everyone I know just suddenly dies It has always been like that.

Well, that's not entirely true

I mean we know eachother and I'm very much alive.

You seem to be an exception

What's the point of being constantly on the run?

That's what the professor wanted.


So where do you have to go when all residents of the ground floor are dead?

Hitomi-chan? -Stop it Don't call me that!

I'm pretty sure the professor would tell you now:

You should help those people, Hitomi. -What do you even know!?

Professor Kisaragi was my father. I knew him better than anyone Yes, I knew him best!

I'm not so sure about that.. -What do you mean?

You have emotions just like the rest of us.

You don't have to pretend like you're a machine You don't have to follow orders Your emotions..

Why should I listen to someone who is always slyly smiling?

I see. What I say probably sounds unfair

Why are you always smiling?

When you're sad you should smile That's how I've been raised.

Not only that, everyone looks so unhappy. I don't want to look like that

That sounded cool, huh?

You really are weird -I saw a smile there!

No, you didn't! -I saw it with my own eyes No, you really didn't -Yes, I did You're pretty cute when you're smiling -Leave me alone!

Sorry. -Look

He's still alive, professor Kisaragi I looked it up, he's not dead.


I hacked into the civil registry

He lives on the topfloor of the tower, he has to be there

We have the same goal, Let's go together

Was it really necessary to dress up like this?

Of course If only you had bigger assets to show off. -Excuse me?

No, nevermind. -Everyone is staring at me Good, that means it's working Stick to the plan

Here we go

Uraki? Can you hear me?

Yes. We're disabling the power and then we'll head for the basement Good, give me a heads up before you go Hayami, the toxic substances will be released at 3 o'clock If you haven't disabled the AI by then...

I'll blow up the tower, understood? -Yes, I get it I don't think you'll have to blow it up, Uraki. -I doubt that

Infect the server with a virus? -Yes, to prevent the release of the toxins.

While I was searching for the professor...

I also found the blueprints of the tower

The server is at the top of the building, behind the vent The power for the security system comes from the intermediate floor Uraki's team is waiting there As soon as I pass the vent the team will disable the power And I have to occupy Jiru until then? -Exactly That seems rather farfetched. If it doesn't succeed...

We'll succeed for sure, don't worry.

What are you doing man? Wake up man Oh no, that's really unbelievable I'm going in -Hey there, cutie. Hold up

You want to be in the show?


Access granted

It's showtime.

Let's show those guys downstairs how to party Well, what do you say? Yeah!

Showtime. Let's do this!

Hey, come on!

Access Denied Hisashi Yamazaki, journalist

Sorry about that

Where is he then? -Come with us Just a moment -It won't take long.

Let go of me, it hurts -What were you doing upstairs?

Upstairs? I've been here the whole time!


Yeah, hey, hey, hey, come on!

How long still?

I'm almost there, just wait a bit

Ouch What are you doing? -You'll know soon enough, Kimura.

Now all Sodoms have been alerted What are you doing? What is the meaning of this?

Let's go -Excuse me? Well, whatever.

Just a second Are you guys ready? -Yes Then we can start

It's my turn now Go for it Show us what you can do Give it up for our lovely ladies Here we go!

Rei. There she is. Yes, there she is That's right, that's my girl. Oh yeah Mysterious Honey There she is Give it up! That's right, there she is!

Come on, let me hear you The target has been found inside the party hall

Yes, that's her

Send the Sodoms to the party. -Understood, Lady Jiru.

Are you going there too? -No, not yet

Oh my God!

Hayami -Yes, what's up?

The Sodoms have found us. I have to blow up the tower now What? You can't. I haven't reached the server yet And more importantly: Hitomi is still at the party I can't wait any longer This takes precedence Just wait, our plan...


I'm sorry, Hayami.

Awesome, awesome, Fantas...

An explosion at the powerplant Understood. Raise the alarmphase

This is bad, really bad

Did you make it?

Give me a break please, Uraki I would if I could. How is it looking? Did you reach the server?

I'm almost there

The walls are blocking all outside signals.

But I will stop those damn clouds -Don't forget, you have until 3 o'clock.

Please stay calm, people. It's okay, it's okay

Damn it

Please stay calm, it's okay. Stay calm!

There's no need to panic

How is everything on your side? Hello?

Hayami? Can you hear me?

What's the matter?

What's going on?


What's going on? Answer me


Everything's okay, nothing happened.

Jeez. You scared me I'm sorry

You should hurry No, I'm a good guy

Ouch The communicationcable in the vent has been cut In the vent?

The target is now walking towards... -As expected


Synchronizing - Connect


You have to be more careful Hitomi! You made it -Calm down Thanks. -There's no more time, right?

I'll try to prevent it from here You'll have to take care of Jiru -Understood

Be careful You too, Hitomi

Time's up

Oh no Uraki, there are kids down there How is that possible? -Didn't they lock down the area?

Don't blow it up yet I'll take care of it for sure, trust me.



We have to get away -What happened?

-Let's go.

We're counting on you

Are you alright? alarm What is that? alarm Damn it.

This can't be happening What's going on?

Oh no, the gas -Come on, upstairs!

Go up, go! -Yes

Where is the professor? -Does it matter?

You can't do anything anyway He's here Everyone you've ever known I'll get rid of. Without exception.

I'll take them out like trash What a pretty face

I'll take your elementcondenser and destroy it

This way -Yes

This can't be happening

This thing of yours can be used for a lot more than you can think of Aren't I right, professor Kisaragi?

I assume you'll want to speak to him one last time before you die

This is the only thing that's left of him -Father..

As you can see, his genius brain is still watching over the city Why!? -It's because you ran away!

I could prevent his death and prolong his life this way Unfortunately this has a timelimit He is dying And that's why I have to reboot him using that device of yours You'll become one Doesn't that make you happy?

It makes you happy, right!?

Oh sweety, it's time to say goodbye, Cutie Honey.

There they are!



Are you alright?

The clouds

I couldn't connect down there. It should be fine here Damn it, it just won't work The exhaust isn't closing -You said it was a piece of cake!

The controlpanel refuses to work

I can't do it

This is the last one

They're getting closer!

That's weird. A cloud of that size would destroy the entire city

How interesting This thing and you are fused together -Hitomi!

You're in the way



It's a dead end. Sit down

Damn it.



Just go -What are you thinking, don't try to be a hero Just go! For the top floors you have to go that way There's another way...

It's already too late for that!

We'll just keep going You idiots..

A fusion of nanomachines..

So you are the device that I need so badly

Get off of him -Very impressive, professor Kisaragi.

Get off of him!

But you won't survive -Jiru.

You can't defeat me, because you're incomplete.

You're weong Because I'm incomplete, I can regenerate Because I'm incomplete, I never give up

Because I have defects, I resist

Because I have defects, I will beat you

They're broken -They're falling down There's one coming now

Did she do it? It's working

You did in fact beat me, but the world will not change It never has -That will change now You have no idea how strong humanity is




That hurts, Hitomi-chan. -Sorry That's alright


It's good to see you again, Hitomi.


Please father, you have to stop those clouds or else a lot of people will die That's something I can't do Stop the poisonous clouds by destroying the AI?

That's a figment of imagination A trick of Jiru to bait you here That can't be..

Papa. -Yes?

What is that? -What are you talking about?


The city is being threatened by non biodegradable chemicals Look over there! Let's run, run! That way, hurry. It's dangerous And it will be, forever

That is the result of Jiru's madness Bullshit, you created the city professor There must be something we can do! -There is just one way. And I know how


All these years that I've protected you


But I've never really been a good father

Even so, you'll always be my daughter You've grown up, Hitomi.

Do what you think is best

Hitomi-chan. What do we do now? You said you know another way?

You're not thinking...


Damn it.

Careful, are you alright?

Come on, keep walking

Oh no, here too?

Let's go that way -Alright What is the meaning of this?


Hurry, this way Come on

Put on your mask and run, quick!

Stop it!


Uraki, we have to keep walking!

Can it be...?

Yes, that's her

Come back! Or else you'll also..

Please, don't continue. Listen!

Don't make that face Just smile, like you always do


Thank you


Ever since that day, I've been looking for you You have to run You saved me, like a real superhero Hitomi finally made a friend -Really!?

Thank you The world won't change -You have emotions I gave you two important things Just like every other human

Isn't it beautiful, daddy?

The sun is shining again

Thank you..