Cyberbully (2015) Script

What are you doing?

Is your Spotify working?

Yeah. Why?

I dunno, mine's being retarded.

Alex Freeman probably hacked you.

He did mine and changed every single playlist to Jason Derulo.

I still haven't forgiven Alex for changing all my contacts to Harry Potter characters.

What a twat! He put himself as Voldemort.

Oh, please! More like Neville Longbottom.

My mum was Bellatrix Lestrange.

At least he got that right.

Here, what do we think of this bronzer?

You look like a Wotsit.

See, this is why I need you.

My mum is now on Snapchat, by the way.

Urgh! Why?!

I'd like to say she's just trying to reconnect, but I actually think she likes it.

What are you doing?

Checking flights to Barca.

Casey! We're going to Outlook! Why are you fighting this?

Sonar! Barcelona has culture.

Er, Pula has a beach!

Barcelona has a beach, and plus, if we don't get any more money, we're not going anywhere.




Please don't use the N-word.

You should look.

At what?

His tweet.

I unfollowed him. What does it say?

It's not very nice.

Can you just read it?

"I guess it's no surprise that Casey Jacobs is on antidepressants.

"I spent one night with her and it depressed me."

How could he write that?

Are you OK?

How does he know? I haven't told anyone.


You're the only one I've told.

He was in your room, did he see your pills?

Casey, I didn't tell anyone.

Yeah, I know.

Oh, my God, no!

We are doing this!

What? You know who!

Oh, no, Megan, just leave it.

What? No way! He owes us.

Hey, Alex. Hey. What do you guys want?

Thanks for hacking my friend's Spotify account.

You think I have nothing better to do than hack your Spotify accounts?

We KNOW you have nothing better to do.

Put the porn away. We need your help.

I'm not looking at porn!

Have you seen what that dickwad Nathan Legg has just tweeted?

Oh, peak!

Don't say "peak", Alex I didn't even know you and Nathan broke up. Sorry, Casey.

Yeah, don't be, he's a fucktard.

So, what do you want me to do?

Hack that motherfucker. Megan...

What? Come on, let's do him! Just wait.

Er, I'm not hacking Nathan Legg.

Why not? Guess what? He's not going to kick the shit out of you.

How would he know it was you? Yeah, how WOULD he know, genius?

As soon as anyone in school gets hacked, they blame me!

You should have thought of that before you hacked everyone, Voldemort!

All right, fuck you, Megan! I've hacked, like, two people.

All right, get back to your porno, then, Useless!

Oh, shit. Jack's here.

Wait, you're going out?

Text me, OK?

OK, but won't Jack mind?

I love you, bitch.

I love you, ho.




What's wrong?


What do you want for dinner?

For fuck's sake...

I'm not hungry!

When will you be hungry?!

I don't know, OK? Can you jut leave me alone?


We both call each other bitch, you idiot!

Nathan's profile?

Erectile dysfunction makes me bitter.

So bitter, I vent my limp-dicked anger on women.

Please pray for me and my pathetic penis.




Who the fuck...?

No, we don't!

'Hi, it's Megan. Leave me a message and I MIGHT get back to you.'

Hey, bitch. Sorry, I know you're with Jack.

Er, can you give me a call?

I think someone's online as Alex.

Yeah, just call me back.

Fuck off!

Of course.


A fan of what, you freak?

How the fuck...?

I can't stop shopping. I don't know what it is, I see it and I literally am in love with it.

Sometimes I feel like there are just the odd item that you can't live without.

I'm a big blazer, kind of kimono fan...

And you can open and close them by turning the top.

And you can open and close them by turning the top.

'This is the perfect neon I've been looking for.

'I never know what to pick!

'This is the perfect neon I've been looking for.

'I never know what to pick!'

This is muchos, muchos affordable. Barg, Barg


Without anyone judging us.

No fucking way!

'Hi, it's Megan. Leave me a message and I MIGHT get back to you.'

Hey, bitch. I'm sorry I missed your call.

You need to check your Instagram, some fucker's into Alex's stuff and mine and now yours. Just call me.

(Fuck, fuck, fuck...)


Case? Yeah?

I'm taking Simon to football.

You all right?

I'm fine!

Are we alone now, Casey?

I know. It's awful...

I sound like a constipated Stephen Hawking.

What the fuck?

And yes, I can totally hear you too.

Now, sit down, Casey.

What did you do with that photo?

Nothing yet.

Why did you take them, Casey?

Nathan practically begged me to!

And it was just that one.

Now, now, Casey.

Pants on fire, I counted five, at least.

Nathan, if this is you...

I'll tell everyone what you told me your mum did on holiday in Weston-super-Mare!

I could've put that in the tweet, but I didn't!

What did Nathan's mother do on holiday in Weston-super-Mare?

Please, Casey. Do you really think Nathan Legg could do this?

What are you doing? Flexing my muscles.

No wait, show me again, show me again, do it again, do it again.

No, no, its more like...

Stop checking me out. She needs to just hurry up and come out.

Seriously, it's getting embarrassing.

It's like a dog on heat.

She'll wait till she's at Uni, then she'll go full dyke. ~ God!

Yeah, then we'll be like, "Tamara, no shit you're gay?" Who knew?

All those times you came over, just as we happened to be getting changed, and stared at us half naked, for like, ever...

We had no idea!

Next time she stares at me, I'm going to say something. Well, like what?

Like, Tamara, you're a total fucking lesbian, deal with it.

What are you doing?

This is Tamara, right?

~ Wait. ~ You said she needs to come out.

Wait, what are you doing?

No, no, no! Please, don't. Stop!

No wait, show me again, show me again, do it again, do it again.

No, no, no, it's more like...

~ What have you done? ~ Stop checking me out.

That was nothing.

Seriously, It's getting embarrassing.

Now imagine if I did that with your special selfies?

You know what happens to girls when those photos get out there?

If you try to shut down...

If you try to switch off the router...

If you leave the room, the pictures go online.

What do you want?

Patience, Casey.

First of all, I want you to sit.

Look! Twitter-storm alert.

Oh, God!

Don't be too sad, Casey.

You upset ME first!

You lied to me, Casey.

About the door.

It wasn't closed, was it?

You promised.

And you weren't going to eat a chicken dinner either, were you?

No more lies, Casey.

Only truth.

Say, you promise.


Say, you promise.

I promise.

Tell me what you're thinking, Casey.

Hi, its Megan, leave me a message and I might get back to you.

Tell me what you're thinking, Casey.

I'm thinking about what my friends will do when they find out that my webcam has been hacked and that it wasn't me that posted that video about Tamara.

I'm thinking about how they'll track you down, find you and fuck you up!

Knock, knock.

Knock, knock. Who's there?

You'll never, ever know.

I know you're over 30.

It's the way you speak.

With the BFFs and the lols?

You sound like a parent.

Get that right, did I?

How old are you?

Just tell me one thing about yourself.

What colour is your hair?

Or are you bald?

That's it, isn't it? I am sorry. I've heard it can be a really traumatic time for a middle aged man losing all his hair.

What makes you think I'm a man?

It's not fair!

You know everything about me and I know nothing about you.

Pick it up.

Go ahead. Get the phone.

Hey, Casey, does this sound familiar?

Hi, its Megan, leave me a message and I might get back to you.

I'm thinking about what my friends will do when they find out my webcam has been hacked.

I'm thinking about how they'll track you down, find you and fuck you up!

Casey, if I can take over your computer, do you really think I'd let you have a smartphone to play with?

Why are you doing this?!

I told you, I help victims of cyber bullying.


Oh, yes.

How the hell is this helping me?

Ouch, that hurts! Soooo funny.

What's so fucking funny?

You think you are the victim?

You're not the victim, Casey.

You're the Cyber Bully!

How am I a cyberbully?

Wow, let me see.

So many examples.

'I can't stop shopping.'

'Sometimes I feel like there are items that you can't live without.'

What? You think THAT is cyber bullying?

'I don't know what it is, I see it and I literally am in love with it.'

You're ridiculing people on the internet.

What would you call it?

These are the sort of girls that bully ugly and fat kids at school!

And that makes it OK to bully them online?

It's not bullying!


It's sarcastic!

What about Mr Soft?

What Nathan? What about him?

Erectile dysfunction?

Can you imagine how much shit he's going to get for that?

It wasn't him, was it?

You that sent that tweet.

You didn't even stop to question it.

What do you want from me?

Three things...

First, I want you to admit what you really are.

What.. a bully?

Then I want you to realise who you have hurt.


And some idiot shoppers?

What, her?

You took her down.

Jennifer Li? No, I didn't.

Oh, God, she is just beyond awful.

~ ♪ Keep burning, keep... ♪ ~ How did you know her?

I told you, she was in the year above me at school.

You really found her funny, huh?

Chronic Youth, that's you, right, Casey?

"When singers are too deluded for X Factor."

Steerpike underscore 84...

"Har har - too shit for X Factor."

Alise underscore Dr1...

"Wat a talentless whore."


"Go drink a bleach cocktail."


"I fucked her and she gave me chlamydia."


"Just the kind of plastic bitch who should be destroyed."

I didn't write all this!

But you started it, Casey.

You threw in the grenade and ran.

I just shared what was already out there.

That's not all you did.

Is it... Moe?

Oh, Come on! Moe Lester?

~ How did she not see..? ~ Read it.


"Jen. My name is Moe Lester.

"I am CEO of Columbia Records.

"Would you be interested in signing with us?


"Hi, Moe. Yes, thanks for your message.

"I would be super stoked to sing along with you guys, "it would be awesome."

Hi Moe.

Yes, I would be super stoked to sing with you guys.

"Super Stoked," who says that?

'We are putting together a new girl band.'

Like you never pretended to be someone you're not.

I do it to help victims of cyber bullying.

Everyone does it!

Nathan and Stuart Gorton pretended to be a Russian lap dancer, flirting with Kyle Harris for weeks!

Kyle was going to meet her in a hotel. He thought they were in love.

The whole school knew about it!

And you think that's OK?

See, this is how I know you're old, you don't get it!

Of course I don't think it's OK, it's fucking nasty.

But it's normal, it happens and we deal with it.

Like Jennifer did?

Why, what did she do?

You don't know?

No, she moved away Hi, guys.

This is just a video to say, I'm sorry the new website isn't up and running yet.

I know most of you have been following me for the right reasons, and I thank you for your love and support.

Unfortunately, there are some haters who follow me wherever I go, who have forced me to change domain names and make a new website.

I would just like to say that if you are one of the people sending pictures of dead animals to me there's something wrong with you and you need help.

For those of you who are looking forward to my next recording, I can reveal that I'm working on some new songs of my own, and they will be about Autumn because that's my favourite season.

Oh, apart from Spring.

It's important the haters realise that expressing creativity is a fundamental human right...

Why is she doing this to herself?

.. and you shoot me down, but I won't fall. No hate.

Peace out.

Rule number one, don't feed the trolls!

And let me guess, they trolled this video too?


Oh, shit!



I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry I hurt you.

I should have just kept my stupid mouth shut.

I had no right to judge you.

The truth is...

.. I've always been kind of jealous of you.

At school you looked so...

.. comfortable... with yourself.

And then online you put yourself out there for everyone to see.

And that's so cool.

I could never do something like that.

I use fake names.

Which makes me a bit of a coward, I guess...

Touching, Casey.

Almost truthful, even.

But I'm not Jennifer.

What is that?

Girls at Jennifer's new school dressed up as her for Halloween.

The pictures were sent to her family members.

These arseholes that did this...

That's fucked up!

But why are you picking on me?

Because you were the first to troll Jennifer's video.

It started with you.

It would have happened anyway.

Someone else would have done it.

You can't know that.

Yes, I can!

Because if there's one thing we all know it's that everything gets slated online.

Jennifer Li knew that when she posted her videos.

Didn't you, Jennifer?

I'm not Jennifer.

Yes, you are.

You're Jennifer Li.

Blaming me for all this just because I was the first person who posted that video is just the kind of corny, sentimental bullshit Jennifer Li would come up with.

It fits perfectly with that, "look at me" victim identity.

You know why you get bullied, Jennifer?

It's because you ask for it.


Well done, Casey.

Now you're talking like your true self.

A bully.

Well, then, I guess we're all bullies, aren't we, Jennifer?

I am not Jennifer Li.

What is that?

She didn't.

Jennifer thought that if she posted this the troll's would leave her alone.

She was wrong.

Steerpike underscore 84...

"Lame effort."


"Attention whoring bitch."

I can read it for myself.

Blaze underscore 7 underscore Blaze...

"Try the other side of the arm, you'll bleed more."

You don't need to read it out loud.

Would you like to see her last video?


Oh, I've seen these.

They tell their sad story...

Why do they take so long over it?

My parents are divorced, I didn't subject the world to my singing voice.

I didn't know that.

I didn't know any of this.

I get it.

It's fucking terrible.

I don't need to watch any more. Yes, you do, Casey.

This fucking music...

Look at the screen, Casey.

The abuse went on and on.

It only stopped two weeks ago.

What happened two weeks ago?

Shut the fuck up.

Go on.

I would've heard about it.

Jennifer did not make the front pages.

Cybersuicides aren't what they used to be.


You're lying.

I'm surprised you didn't troll her memorial page.

'Sup, Casey?


But she-she was unstable - with her mum and who knows what else was going on at home?

You were Jennifer Li's first troll.

You have to face up to that.

You can't seriously blame m...

I wonder what your friends will say when they realise you started this.

Nobody knows Chronic Youth is you, right?

Not even Megan.

Will she still be your BFF?

I think I know who you are.

I can't...

I can't even imagine what it must be like to lose someone you love...

.. especially like this.

I've never lost anyone.

My mum...

She doesn't live with us.

Of course, you know that.

You know everything.

She's not well.

I know what it's like...

.. to have a mum... who's different...

.. and isn't there for you.

I know what it's like to go to school every day and pretend there's not a problem when there is.

And... anxiety? Well...


I am so sorry.

SO sorry for what happened to your daughter.

And it makes me feel sick to think that I was one of those people who hurt her.

Wrong. I am not Jennifer's father Well, stepmum, or stepsister?

I know that I'd want to get back at someone if they ever tried to hurt my little brother.

I am not Jennifer's sister, brother, lover, or anyone who knew her.

Well, who are you, then?!

Why are you doing this, you pathetic fucking loser?!

< I'm back, Case.

< Case?

Careful, Casey.

No daddy, Casey.

You in there?

I'm getting changed.

You going to bed?

What? No.

So what you getting changed for?

Fuck you.


Nothing! I just...

Can I help you?!

I'm making you something to eat, come downstairs.

I'll eat later.


.. just come down anyway.

Barcelona are playing.

What's wrong, Casey?

Can I come in?


I'm fine. Please!

Did you have an argument with Megan or something?

Why would you even say that? I don't know!

How can I know what's going on if you don't speak to me?

Dad! Just go!


No! Dad, please!

What don't you understand about privacy?!

Can't I just have a minute to get changed?!

What is wrong with you?!

What is it you want from me?

You want me to admit I'm a bully?

I'm a bully.

You're recording this?

Of course you are.

Make sure you get this.

I... take responsibility... for Jennifer Li's suicide.

It was me.

You mean it?

I mean it.

Truth, Casey.



What's weird?

After all the build-up... it feels kind of underwhelming.

I think it's because it's insincere.

I believe you'll wait until I've gone away, then tell everyone that's some crazy hacker forced you to confess. what do you want me to say?


We need action, not words.

What action?

It's time to take your medicine.

I've already had my medication for today, thank you.

There's going to be a second helping.

'Ask yourself a question, Casey.

'What will life be like after I've posted this?'

But you said you wouldn't!

'Will it be worth living?'

I've done everything that you asked!

'I asked for three things.

'You've accepted you're a bully.

'You admitted you killed Jennifer Li.

'Now you have to make amends.

'The pills or the pictures.

'Either way, your life is over.'

Fuck you.

'One pill, Casey.'


'All you need to do to stop me from tweeting this picture is swallow

'one of your little white pills.'


'One pill, one picture.'

'I know what you're thinking, Casey.

'Did you shoot six topless selfies, or only five?

'To tell you the truth, in all this excitement, 'I've kind of lost track myself.

'In any case, five or six pills won't kill you.

'We both know that.

'For this to work, 'we're going to need some more photographs.'

Leave Megan out of this.

'Take one pill, or it gets tweeted...

'from your account.'

'Time's up.'



'Your BFF again.'

'One more pill won't hurt you, Casey.

'But it might spare Megan some hate.

'Time's up.'

'Wow. Bad friend.'

'How about this one?

'It's different when it's you, huh?'

'So, you're happy to pop pills to save yourself from a slut-shaming.

'But you don't mind ruining your BFF's life.


'One pill.

'Wow. Loyalty!'

Ha-ha. You're funny(!)

'Har. Har. You too.'

Go on. Laugh some more.

I'll give you this one for free, if you laugh at me again.


No. Laugh at me properly, you know, har har.

'Har. Har. Har.'


I wasn't the first, was I?

I wasn't the first person to comment on Jennifer Li.

'Of course you were, Casey.'

Show me.

Show me, and I'll take five pills.

'Chronic Youth.

'You were the first.'


But you were the second.

Steerpike underscore 84.

I can tell it's you from the way you type.

H-A-R. No-one spells it like that.

'Five pills, Casey.'

You must write like that because it sounds better in the Hawking voice.

You must have got used to typing like that.

'You're embarrassing yourself.'

Does that mean I can track you down now, Steerpike?

'Take the pills, or it all goes up.'


What's that, the year you were born?

'Take the pills.' I'll do you a deal.

You leave me alone, right now, and I'll forget about Steerpike 84.

'OMFG! This is the funniest video I have ever made!'


How many of these have you made?

How many kids have you bullied to death? What about Jennifer?

You trolled her more than anyone. You take responsibility, you sick twisted fuck!

You want me to overdose?

Here's my suicide note.

They'll find it next to me.

And then they'll come and find you.


'But you'll be dead.

'I still win.

'Now swallow the fucking pills, or your pics will be online for ever.'

Megan's on the phone.


I'm not talking to her.

Look, it's none of my business, Case, but it sounded like she'd been crying.

I don't care. Tell her to stop calling.

'Great job, Casey. Outstanding.

'There's only one way to end the pain now.'


'He is really starting to annoy me.'

I told her you didn't want to talk, and she said to give you a message.

She told me to tell you, "Whatever is going on, she knows this isn't you."

All right?

Here endeth the message.

'He interrupts again, Casey, I'm going to have to take action.


'No, Casey!

'You stupid, ugly bitch.

'Now you have to start over.

'Where are you going, Casey?


'Stay where I can see you.'

Need to get rid of this before it sets in.

There's nothing worse than a puke smell, don't you think?

'Three seconds, and it all goes up.'

One time, Megan puked all over her mum's living room.

We were scrubbing that carpet for hours, and it still stank.

Raspberry vodka puke.


I told her mum it was me, so she wouldn't get grounded.


She'd do the same for me.

'I'm poting your shit, Casey.'


'Posting, bitch.'

You having finger trouble?

Slow down.


Go for it.

Post what you like.

'Your life is over.'

Is it?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to come here?

And hack my family?

Hack my best friend?

Which reminds me...

.. I need to call her back.

'Stay with me.

'I'll tell you who I really am.'



I thought you said I'd never know.

I thought you had some super geek firewall IP rerouter, and I'd never find out who you really are.

But you know what?

It doesn't matter.

What are you when I stop talking to you?