D-Day (2013) Script

How do you know it's him?

We received voice samples from Mumbai.

'They must be taping this conversation.'

The Mumbai Police have given confirmation.

'These people are after me.'

'If I don't leave ***.."

"..I'll rot the rest of my life in Tihar Jail.'

'Don't get mad.'

'You don't shoot all year, do you?'

'You can join me two months later.'

That's it?

How did he find out?

About the extradition?

This information never left this room.

Then how?

Why.. Ashwini.

Ashwini, we'll get him next time.

I hope so, sir.

I hope so.

'He's flying around the world comfortably.'

'Everyone knows he's holed up in Karachi.'

'This is the face of India's Most Wanted..'

'Pakistan's his second home. They protect him.'

'You've no evidence to support that.'

'He keeps targeting us from Pakistan every time.'

'The operation was...'

Hand him over to India first, then we'll see.!

'After the assassination of Osama..

'..He's the 2nd Most Wanted on Interpol's list.'

"This recent attack in Hyderabad was clearly planned to kill..

...as many people..' "We want Igbal back.'

'We want Igbal at any cost.'

'This is not about politics anymore.'

'This is about justice.'

'98.3 Fm, this is Sunset Somasa.'

'Hi, this is Suren and with me is Meera.'

'And, everyone knows about the Hyderabad blasts..'

"..that left 17 dead and 119 injured..'

'..has shocked the entire youth of the nation.'

'Everybody is still coming to terms with this.'

'And, we've been receiving calls from every corner of the city.'

'We should admit that we're cowards.'

'Kunal, I think you're getting a little too emotional about this.'

"I think we should sever all ties with Karachi.'

'And my children were saying that his daughter's getting married.'

'Rama, you're absolutely right.'

'The images of the invitation cards..'

"..are already all over Facebook, Twitter..'

...and all the news channels.'

'I've just one question.'

'If the Americans can do it, why can't we?'

'It's obvious that..'

Since Osama's assassination..

...people think Pakistan's just another public park.

Easy as plucking a flower.

Is it that easy to bring him back?

What if it is?

What if we really bring him back?

INS Ranvijay. Where is it?

Same place he always is.

60 kilometres from Karachi coast.

Send them a message.

'The procession's on its way.'

Ladies and Gentlemen.

May I have your attention please.

Presenting Bilal Bhai Peshawarwale.

Hit it dude!

Did you have dinner? Everyone did.

Yes. Sir. The General's here.

Salim. He can't come here.

Anything's possible.

How dare you bring a phone here?

How dare you bring a phone here? Get out. Get out!

Security! How did you let him in?

"0 the red robed, ..

...may I always have your benign protection, Jhulelal.”

"0 the red robed, ..

...may I always have your benign protection, Jhulelal.”

"O master, friend and Sire of Sindh and Sehwan.."

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar,”

"The Lord in every breath of mine, glory be to you."

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar, Sire of Sindh"

"0 the red robed, ..

...may I always have your benign protection, Jhulelal.”

"0 the red robed...

...may I always have your benign protection, Jhulelal.”

"O master, friend and Sire of Sindh and Sehwan.."

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar,”

"The Lord in every breath of mine, glory be to you."

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar, Sire of Sindh"

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar, Sire of Sindh"

"0 the red robed, O the red robed"

Yeah! Speak up, Pilot!

Uncle's on his way.


I'll just go pee.

Pee? Or is it a new MMS? Balls.

I only settle for the real thing.

"Your shrine is always lighted with four lamps"

"Your shrine is always lighted with four lamps"

"And here I come to light a fifth lamp in your honor."

"Here I come with fifth."

Secure all posts. P1. P3 and lift!

Salim. You go that way. Stay alert.

"Here I come with fifth."

"Here I come with fifth."

"Here I come with fifth O master, ..

...friend and Sire of Sindh and Sehwan,"

"God-intoxicated Qalandar,"

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar,”

"The Lord in every breath of mine, glory be to you."

"The red robed God-intoxicated Qalandar, Sire of Sindh"

"O the red robed, O the red robed..”

You haven't returned my mobile.

We didn't take your phone.

“Let the gong ring loud for your glory day and night”

“Let the gong ring loud for your glory day and night”

“Let the gong ring loud for your glory day and night”

"Let the gong ring loud for your glory day and night by the people.”

"Let the gong ring loud for your glory day and night by the people.” Naushad!

Sir, this is restricted area.




Sir, please. Stop.

You're not allowed here. Sir, please.

So you're going to restrict my entry.

Do you know who I am?

Faisal Kwaja's my uncle? Who's Faisal Kwaja?

Who? You don't know him?


What are you doing? They're just employees.

Let's go that way.

Come on.

Boss, do you have a lighter?

Security, Post-15.

Sir has arrived at PA.

Cover yourself.

Trying to entice them. What are you saying?

You've a character problem. Nonsense.

You think I don't know.

I am not blind.


Why cover yourself now? Half the world has seen them now.

Take it off.


Speak louder.

Are you sure?

I'll call father. I'm fed up.

Fed up.


Come from Lahore..

Sir, please speak here.

I'll call father now. Father will come away.

I call father..

I'll call father now.

Father will come.

Father's here. He's here.


Pull the trigger.

Don't delay anymore.

Otherwise, it'll be a pain in your neck.

Kill them. Don't worry about me.

Kill them.

Get in quickly.

Get down. Down.


Wali, get in!

Get down.

Don't shoot him!

Don't shoot him!

'Prayers are for kin.'

'But we have no kin.'

'That's the reason why we're chosen.'

'Until nine years ago, nobody cared whether I existed or not.'

'But, nine years is a long time.'

That's it.

That's all the attention I get.

There was a time, when it was just about it.

I can say the same thing.

You don't give me a second look either.

Like you used to, back in those days.

Let's turn back time. Don't be naughty.

I see, you're the one complaining and I'm getting naughty?

Let go.

Let me go.

Son. Go back to sleep.

There's still time for school. No, it's not.

Get up. Or you'll be late.

No school, mom. I've fever.

You don't have fever. It's just your excuses.

No. His body's burning.

Of course, he covered himself with two blankets last night.

Why do you cover yourself with blankets?

Don't support him. The teacher's really strict.

And, I don't have a pencil either.

He doesn't have a pencil. What will he do in school?

Don't go, son.

You bought pencils for him yesterday.

Here they are.

Perfumed ones!

Mom, Perfumed one's.. No perfumed ones.

Take these. Mother.

I want perfumed ones.

Next time lose your bag, son.

Perfumed ones.

Mom, I want perfumed ones..

'For six years, I lived these beautiful moments like a dream.'

'Knowing that I might wake up any moment..'

...and everything will shatter.'

'Nafisa and Kabir, who were my biggest reality..'

"..would turn into my biggest lie.'

I want to go to your school. My school? Why is that?

Then, I can open my own barber shop.

You're not going to be a barber, son.

You'll be nipping their ears.

Out! Out!

Sachin has 100 centuries alone.

And look at them.

Together they can't score a single century.

Brother Khurram, these two will play till the end.

They don't have the guts to do that.

They don't even qualify as the 12th Man.

The people are crazy after them.

As if they run the country.

They don't care about our sacrifices.

Because we don't have Pakistan's T-shirt, like they do.

There it has started again.

'Khurram took every opportunity..'

*..to assert that he's from ISL.”

'Years passed, with the hope that..'

'..I could extract information from Khurram and report back.'

'But, those hopes had changed.'

'I was waiting for the day..'

"Ashwini sir would release me from ..

...this posting and this lie.' 'That's it.'

Stop the driver.


People retire. I know.

I'm quitting my job, so that I can devote my time to you.

Stop it.. Coming.


Mrs. Chaturvedi.

Old agents whom we're calling back.

Add another list to that name.

God is great!

Walekum Salaam.

We meet after a long time.

All okay?

How about you? How's your mother?

She's fine.

Convey her my respect.

What are you staring at?

Many other influential people come here.

Who is he? Bhai!

He has other names.

Igbal Seth. Sultan Shah.


No.2 in USA.

No.1 in India.


He's been coming here for years.

Everyone knows he's in Karachi.

But, even if they know..

...no one can even whisper about it.

Do you work for him? Yes.

That's my duty.

I'm from the ISI.

But no one could know.

Everyone's on their tether.

His son's getting married.

He's booked more than half of the hotel rooms.

It's going to be great fun.

Take the salad as well.

My son's getting married..

...next month on the 12th.

Do come. Of course.

People aren't wrong along.

Times are wrong as well.

For the sake of my future, for Kabir and Nafisa..

...I could've ignored this man.

Father can't buy them all the time.

But, I couldn't do it.

We've six active agents in Pakistan.

And, we can contact two of them anytime we want.

None of them told us.

So, where did you get this information?

Ashwini, what was the name of your field agent?

Sir didn't tell us.

He's probably one of his secret agents...

He is the only one with access to the file...

Well, with due respect to Ashwini sir..

...these unknown agents... could be double-agents as well.

Madam's calling you.


Ashwini, India can never be a part..

...of any covert operation on Pakistani soil.

Yes, sir.

I cannot do it.

That doesn't mean you can't.

I said it. I'm not going alone.

You just said..

...you told everyone we're going to London.

The arrangements are done. I never said we aren't going.

I won't go alone.

I've never travelled on a plane before?

Okay, but they won't ask you to fly that thing.

I'll escort you to the plane.

After that, your brother will receive you at the airport.

Kabir's with you as well.

Few days later, I'll sell everything here and join you.

If its just few days..

.-Then, why can't we go together?

Again the same thing, I said I've to stay back.

Your tickets have been issued as well.

Cancelling all the tickets would mean a huge loss. Right?

Shall I cancel them?

It's just a matter of days.

Then, we'll be out there.

Getting naughty like the English do.

Look here.

Sexy. Don't try to cajole me.

I won't go.

Try to understand.

Someone's coming. From afar.

"Distancing my kin and working with strangers..'

'..was a part of my job.'

"But maybe, I wasn't comfortable with it now.'

'Who was Zoya Rehman.'

'Did she have secrets like me?"

I work for the Bradford City Council.

You visit the city quite often.

Stay alone in the hotel.

Doesn't your husband get furious?

'Moin. We can celebrate our anniversary later.'

'This case is a little complicated. I've to go.'

"Are you the only immigration lawyer in UK'

'Actually, you want to go. -So?"

'What's wrong about it, Moin?"

'The fact that you didn't tell me.."

...your job's more important than our marriage.'

'Please, Moin. You know that's not true.'

'Please Zoya. Please.'

'You know it's true.'

'And, now I know it too.'

'Won't you say bye. I will.”



I had given strict instructions.

I want room no.1222.

Believe me, madam. 1222 and 1224 are the same.

And so is the view. I don't care about the view.

'The celebration was on the top floor..'

"..and security was tight on the east zone.

Be quick. - Uptil 2 kms, on the road I want my own people.

Aziz. Yes, Sir.

I don't know how.

But, I want the footage from every room in this hotel..

...on my monitors. Yes, sir.

'And, Zoya had to stay on the 12th floor..'

"..in room no.1222, directly below the security room.'

Pardon me, madam.

But Mr. Bhatti, he's a regular customer..

...arrived uninformed.

Just two days, and we'll shift you back.

Who...are you trying to shift?

Mr. Bhatti, messages for you.

Don't worry.

I am there.

You can shift rooms anytime you want. Yes.

For the next 24 hours, no one can pee without me watching.

Get that? Yes, sir.

And, vacate the floor below.

If you cannot get this floor vacated..

...we will have to post a man at every 5 feet.

We can't take chances.

And lock all the open rooms.

Check the identity of every guest.

I want no guests up here.

"Zoya Rehman. Sharyar Bhatti.

'Room nos. 1224, 1222

'The plans looked clear on paper..'

"..but in reality, they were fading away.'

'There were questions, that didn't have an answer.'

'Our fear was, that it doesn't foil before it starts.'

Excuse me, get side. Please.


Seth's home first. Yes, boss.

Aslam needed freedom from his three murder cases...

Ashwini sir laid a price to it...

He was sent to jail... to befriend Goldman's man Pappu Samaan...

Sir, do you have matches, or lighter.

Sir, he hasn't shown much faith.

Pappu's paid me to kill Vicky Thakur.

After that he'll send me to our neighbour's country.

Do it.

Pappu Samaan kept his promise..'

'..and sent Aslam to Gurudan in Karachi.'

'If he survives this mission..'

'..we'll know whether the price was too high or not.'

Salaam, sister-in-law. Walekum Salaam.

Is the brother in? Yea.

Salim, meet me before leaving. Yes.

Fall. Fall.

Concentrate on the heel.

Speak, Salim, speak.

I'm just coming from the hotel.

All the arrangements have been done.

I'll give you the details later.

General Raza is waiting for you.

Don't drop the guard.

Salaam, Mr. General. Walekum.

The master at his slave's home.

Igbal, you know why I am here.

Well, we've bought you a house in London, Park Lane.

Salim. Did you give sir the papers?

Yes, sir. Don't try to change the topic.

You cannot attend the wedding.

Look, you asked me not to attend my daughter's wedding.

And, I didn't.

I was in the same hotel.

I watched everything on a television, in a closed room.

But not this time.

All the rituals are in Karachi.

We aren't allowing photography... Video..

Nephew will give you the details.

But my son's wedding..

Try and understand. Please excuse me.

Mr. Azhar's waiting for me.

Igbal, Islamabad's.. If we delay any longer..

...they might blow this place up. You don't..

Quddoos. Salim..

Serve him some cold drinks.

You know he can't attend the wedding. - But..

We're trying our best, but uncle's not prepared to listen.

What can we do? Quiet!

Tell him to shut up!

Hyderabad. Yes, sir.

No, Azhar. My heart's not into it.

I'm not too popular.

People think I'm a terrorist.

This is just my business, I only do my job.

Otherwise, I'm human too.

I do charity. I help people.

We're here for your help.

When you do something..

...it pulls our people out of danger.

We desperately need an action in Hyderabad.

How many? It'll be controlled.

8 or 10.

Ruins business, for a long time.

I give you my word.

Not more than 15 people.

Igbal.. No matter what you say..

...I won't change my mind.

You don't understand.

Igbal.. You don't understand!

My business runs on fear.

If I get scared, business will close down.

The orders were direct.

Stay away from the Target until the mission.

Stay low..

But this man could never follow any orders..

The fourth wheel of the team, Rudra Pratap Singh.

He was more like a riddle, without an answer.

Suspended army officer, killer, mercenary.

No one knew who he was.

Where he came from.

He never listened to anyone nor told anyone about him.

Like every mission..

...the safest place to hideout was..

...the murky lanes of Karachi's prostitute area..

Where no one cared who you were..

All that mattered was the price you were willing to pay.

You walk straight in the dark.

You're either a thief or a soldier.

Either get to work straightaway or keep chatting.

The less questions you ask, the better.

May I come in, sir?

Sir. I've got a weird tip in the Vicky Thakur murder case.

There's a rumour in the department..

...that the killer made a deal with the agency.

He's been sent to Karachi.

Is it a part of your dream project?

Which dream project?

The one you shut down.

You didn't shut it down completely.

That much I know you.

Mishra. There's a big difference..

...between knowing and understanding.


How are the neighbours, Ghosh?

You never call to ask about their health.

I'm the cultural attache..

...but, you receive every news first.

I've heard that our favourite son-in-law..

...is getting his son married. I heard that too.

So like a good neighbour..

...we'll have to give our best wishes.

Post an ad in the Dawn, on our behalf.

Seven days, seven sim cards.

Use one everyday, and destroy it.

We'll need detonators, timers.

Symtex as well.

Any grade will do.

There're dogs in the hotel.

Sniffer dogs.

You've to arrange for an ambulance.

It'll be done. That's easy.

The arms.. - I'll come along for weapons selection.

Karachi's Napier road's different, your cover will be blown.

You're just an asset.

Your job's to give us information.

You've been recruited from GIC.

Before coming here..

...the only thing you ever shot was a cardboard cut out.

I'm doing my job.

I didn't get suspended from the army, like you.

You're a part of the team. That's it.


I'm not too fond of teams.

They're best for playing footballs.

More the people, more weaknesses.

Then why don't you execute the operation?

You don't need us.

You'll find him strolling down the market. Go catch him.

Remember one thing.

This is not your country.

"Keep it concealed. Don't lift the veil."

Salaam. Walekum.

I knew you were a good barber.

But, I didn't know you were good at this too.

No.. Don't be scared.

A man without secrets is boring.

Everyone does.

I do too.

No. -Yes.

Khurram. Don't tell anyone. No.

Please leave, you're spoiling my business.

I'll be right back.

Who was he?

I don't have to tell you.

Look. I know everything about you.

The route you take your child to school.

The shop you buy perfume for your wife.

He's a customer.

He's ISI.

Lt. Col. Khurram Khan..

Get that?



He's my neighbour.

Don't ever drag my wife and child in this again?

I love them.

That's why I say.

More people, means more weaknesses.

'Rudra was right.'

'More people, means more weaknesses.'

"But, he didn't know.'

'Mistakes are like relationships.'

'You don't make one, it happens.'

Back again? How?

Can't be love. No.

I heard you don't ask too many questions.

And anyway, no one comes here.

Either get to work straightaway or keep chatting.

Pardon me, but this is important.

I see.

What do you think?

What's the story behind this?

Good morning, ma'am.

Come in.

This is your room.

It's been newly painted.

Sir, bed no.2 is yours. Join it with bed no.3.

You see, I like to toss around in my sleep.

The target's car will approach from PA.

We'll enter from P3.

We'll intercept him on P3.

And the exit.

P1 for you, and I'll exit this way.

We'll blow this room with RDX Semtex.

The purer, the better.

The entire floor.. Perfumed?

I'll need big pots..

...to take the Semtex in the hotel.

51...Stout Street.

Gareen Rd.. No, Mom. It's Green.

Green. Yes, Green.


You'll be with me, so you can tell them. It'll be okay.

Sending us to London alone..

Perfumed ones? -Yes.

Look, Rameez. Perfumed pencils.

Father brought them for me.

Why don't you read this out in English for me..

What road? What 'Bury'?

Do you have such beautiful girls back there?


The place you hail from.

"Your beautiful kohl eyes."” That's "Black".

"Wait a moment more..."

"Wait a moment more..."

"Your lips still have my essence on them."”

"Wait a moment more..."

"The dewdrops are shining with the morning rays."

"But my world of dreams is still alive.”

"Wait a moment more..."

"Your lips still have my essence on them."”

"Wait a moment more..."

There goes the power again.

Shut up. Who needs electricity here!

Ali. Start the generator.

I won't ask.

Because I can't hear you lie.


You sleep with people, and I put them to sleep.

The lesser you know, the better.

The more you know, the more difficult it'll get for me..

...and painful for you.

It won't.

Anyway, I'm used to men leaving me.

There's a difference between them and me.

I know that.

You never showed sympathy or false hopes.

I never expected the impossible.

But, you gave me something I didn't expect.

What do you want?

The man who did this.

Do you want his death to be easy or painful?

Semtex? On the way, freshly baked.

The buyer's coming personally to sell them.

Don't open your big mouth, like last time.

I will make the deal.. Welcome, Khurram.



Take me to the police station.


Put that away.

Don't just wield that thing, know how to use it as well.

There's news, sir.

Two more dead bodies were found at Bohra Bazaar.

Wasim Ali and his wife.

There have been other incidents..

...between these two gangs before.

Look at the entry wounds carefully.

It's professional killing, sir.

Has your mission been activated in Karachi?

The Ministry wants answers, sir!

Don't worry, Mishra.

I'll give them answers.

I haven't retired yet.

One more thing.

No mission's ever personal.

It's in the interest of the country.

No, sir. Don't call off the operation.

Believe me.

The target is not suspicious..

Khurram Mirza died while protecting you.

Something's definitely happening, I'm sure about it.

Your family's leaving for London tomorrow.

Not now! Out!


Your family's leaving for London tomorrow.

You go too.

Don't blame me for Khurram's death.

You know who else he was working for.

I don't understand why you're being so stubborn this time.

Tomorrow? I can go today if you want.

But this is our last chance.

We won't get another opportunity.

We shouldn't lose this opportunity, sir.

General. Try to understand.

Two by-passes, one son.

I'm definitely attending the wedding. Cheers.

We aren't doing this for a medal, sir.

What's going to happen even if we bring him back?

We'll still be unknown.

And if we fail, we'll be begging for death..

...but, we won't get it, sir.

Awaiting your orders, sir.

"The color of everyone's fortunes is the same"

"The color of everyone's fortunes is the same"

"Sorrow and happiness play hide and seek.."”

"Happiness and sorrow play hide and seek.."”

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"The color of everyone's fortunes is the same"

"Sorrow and happiness play hide and seek.."”

"My Lord is playing Holi"

You'll be an NRI now.

Thank you, thank you.

Kabir. Tell mom uncle's here.

"His color's unique.”

"My Lord is playing Holi"

Mom. Uncle's here.

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"That colors the whole world"

"My Lord is playing Holi"

Uncle, you don't know that much. It's the other side.

Remember. When I brought this proposal..

I know, I know. I was stubborn.

I said "I don't want to marry a barber”.

But now, he's taking me to London. Coming.

I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband.

Now, find someone like him for them too.

He really pampers you.

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"That colors the whole world"

"The color of love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

We needed more cards.

So, Salim asked me to...

Why just two.. Two...two..

Why are you stammering?

Do you stammer? -No?

Go on. Thank you.

"Getting colored has become my habit"

"My love for him is my prayer"

"Getting colored has become my habit"

"My love for him is my prayer"

"Everything is safe due to his presence”

"Due to his gaze, everyone is blessed"

"Everyone is blessed"

"Even destiny dances in his praises"

You're tea's getting cold. "He's the one who holds the strings"

"My Lord is playing Holi"

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"That colors the whole world"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"The color of love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of love is exquisite"

"The color of love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

"Allah -O- Akbar'"

Do you want me to keep repeating myself?

It's broken now. I told you it's empty.


It's smashed to bits.

Who's going to pay for all of this?

Ma'am, we'll need to check it. Check? Check what?

What did you get in it?

You can break that too. Here, you can break this too.

Happy? Break that too.

Forget the checking.

Her eyes can kill anyone.

She won't smuggle in bombs.

Please. Welcome.

You have one unheard message.

'Hey. Tried calling you before."

'Happy Anniversary. I love..'

'I'll call you back, bye.'

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"That colors the whole world"

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"He is sprinkling water of his deeds”

"That colors the whole world"

"The color of love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

Who are you? Punishment.

Commit a sin, and I've to come.

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"The color of your love is exquisite"

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

"You are in my life, you are in my soul..”

"You are in my whole world.."

What? Extended till the 24th.

Please check. - That Bhatti must have extended his programme.

Sorry, ma'am. It's not my fault.

Please check. I am sorry, madam. Really sorry.


Zoya, what happened?

Zoya, why are you crying?

Zoya, what's.. Moin.


I am sorry. Zoya, what's the matter? Tell me.

Zoya. Please tell me what's wrong?


I love you, Zoya.

I swear we'll set things right.

Zoya, just come back. Moin, I'm sorry.

Nothing can be done now.

Zoya, we'll sort things out. Just don't cry.

Just come back, Zoya. Moin.

I'm sorry.


Mr. Bhatti.

The government of India..

...is blaming Pakistan, for the bomb blasts In Hyderabad.

According to a press report released in Islamabad..

...the Pakistan government has denied this in strong words.

Even after Pakistan government's constant denial..

...the Indian government is not ready to believe..

...that their culprit isn't hiding in Pakistan.


Sir. Ashwini here.

Is the plan still the same? You heard it on the radio too.

Bring him back. INS Ranvijay is standing by.

Okay, sir.

You see those small shops.

Yes. They'll give you two cards..

Passengers flying to London..

Please come with me. Yes. Keep this..

Aren't you coming together? I can't go beyond this.


Father. Goodbye.

Listen, one thing. Go now.

The volcano eruption in Iceland..

...has spread ash cloud all over.

Due to this, all flights to Europe have been cancelled.

For more information.. Excuse me..

...please contact your airline desk.. What are they announcing?

Ma'am, all flights to Europe has been cancelled.

Information's on the indicator.

Salaam. Nafisa speaking.

Yes. Is Kabir's father..

What? Fire?

Let's go. Let's go quickly. But why?

Mom - Let's go. Mom, wait..

Excuse me, ma'am. May I help you? - I have to go out.

It's very important. I have to go home.

Everyone wants to go home. The flight's been cancelled.

Everyone's worried. Please take a seat.

You don't understand.

My house is on fire. I can't reach his father on the phone.

I have to go home. It's important.

Where do you live?

Salim, I'll be in Baituz soon.

The neighbours were saying that..

...the entire family's flown to London.

But we recovered three dead bodies.

The husband, wife and child.


Wife and child? Mom, what's wrong with father?

Nothing, child. Finish your drawing.

Hello. This is Pervez.

Who's at the ISI desk?

Your husband didn't sell his shop?


Sir, that was pending..

That was supposed to happen few days later. - Mom.

Why aren't you telling us anything about him?

Is he fine?

He has sold his shop. Mom..

And the number you were trying to call..

Mom, look.. What?


Baituz Zahab?

Son. Where did you get this pencil?

Who gave you this? My father did.

Give it back.

Hello. Speak louder.

There's going to be an attack on.. Are you sure?

I'm fed up!

It's a big issue, sir, speak here.

Stop that Goldman, there's going to be an attack!

Kill all of them, don't worry about me.

They are three.

Wali, get in the car.

Wali, get in. Don't shoot him.

Don't shoot him.

'That moment I put everything at stake.'

'My nine year dream, our lives,'

'But, maybe that was our last chance to end this story.'

Move, move!

Don't spare them!

Shoot them.

Pass the gun.

Catch him! Catch him!

Don't spare!

There's been a huge blast...

...inside this basement.

And five minutes before the blast we could heard gunfire.

And it seems like the extremists responsible..

...for the ballroom blast are hiding in this basement.

I tried to explain you.

Now do you understand?

Forget this, doctor.

Look after others.

I've a reputation.

You get that, Salim Pathan.

I've a reputation.

This can ruin it.

If they escape, they take my reputation along.

Close down Karachi.

Mister, this isn't right. There are bedbugs in our bed.

Come. Get rid of them.

That's enough.

Salaam. Walekum Salaam.

My name's Niyaz Ahmed.

Do you have any news about him?

Are you hiding something from us?

He's alive.

Ask the child to eat.

He must be hungry.

Your husband's a barber.

Owns a small shop.

Where did he get the money to go to London?

It's the grace of God. -17,421!

This is your husband's bank statement.

17,421, that's the amount in his account.

That's all the grace he gets.

Where did he get the money to buy the ticket?

We were saving for it.


Why don't you speak with my husband?

His number.. -03453061789.

It's switched off.

It was switched off right after dropping you at the airport.

Or maybe..

The sim-card's been destroyed.

'The real motive behind the blast..

Four Indians.. are responsible for this attack.

Four Indian officers.

Four Indian terrorists.

"Try to understand.'

'Someone's coming.'

We don't know who shot first..

...but the last bullet..

...injured your husband Wali Khan.

That's true.

And he is also not to be found.

Come on. What's wrong, mom?

If you leave, this situation won't get any better..

...instead, it'll get worse.

Take a seat.

You're surely mistaken about my husband.

You can ask anyone about him.

He's a good man.

He can never do such a thing.

He's a devout.

Love's Kabir.

Respects me.

He's no Indian.

He runs a barber shop, that's it.

What will you say about your operation now?

I don't believe this.

The R.A.W chief has no answers.

Mishra, you tell me. How many agents?

According to the ISI, there were four. Excuse me. Just a minute.

Ashwini, prepare a press brief now.

And, before that..

I want your resignation letter.


If they're caught in Pakistan, we'll be embarrassed.

I can handle this.

The situation will be under control, madam.

'None of the Indian government's agency..'

'..is involved in the Pakistan hotel blast'.

We've been targeted by terrorists ourselves.

And, we never encourage such activities on foreign soil.

'We're prepared to give any kind of help..

...to the Pakistan authorities in their probe.

'We have found such a person..'

...who might be responsible for this deadly blast..


They just washed their hands from everything.

Inform everyone now!

And tell them to find out everything. All four of them.

I want all the information.

Shakeup anyone you want.

I'll take your questions now.


Sir. Off the record.

This mission was to target him, right?

Him? Who?

Sir.. Oh! You mean him!

But, according to them he isn't there.

And, we still don't have the technology..

...to attack someone who isn't there.

If they're caught and proved that they are Indians..

...then what will you do?

Nothing. We have nothing to do with them.

Thank you.

'Even if we believe that R.A.W was involved in this.."

"..What's Pakistan going to say?'

'As senior officer of R.A.W said..'

"..How can we attack someone..'

"..who according to he Pakistan government isn't there.'


We cannot have any official position..

...until we don't remove our special guest from this issue.

Salim. Call the General.

Wali, Ashwini here. Just a minute, sir. Please.

Turn off the volume.

Sir, how did they know about Baituz Zahab?

One of you must have left a trail behind.

Contact Dipankar Ghosh.

He'll get you out.

They'll get to you soon. Hello.

Hello. Sir.

This girl's.. been staying in the hotel for a long time.

All thanks to Aslam.. Salim.

The third is Wali Khan. He's a local.

We got his detail while interrogating his wife.

His wife and child were flying to London.

Where's the fourth one who..

We've no information about him.

Napier Road.

The brothel.

He was definitely a soldier.

His eyes were..

Salim. Pass me the cigarette.

But, you stopped smoking. I know I did.

But, I'm tensed.

"Stopped smoking!"

Listen, he's here to see you.


Let's postpone the wedding.

We're been linked to you on every news channel.

And we visit India frequently.

Don't worry.

Everything will be fine. That's what you say.

Let's just stay quiet for few days.

We'll do it after a year.

And anyway, people are talking about you, your son.

My son? Right.

My son! Yes, your son.

Get up you swine. What?

Get up! Get up!


Put that down, and listen here.

You were a cricket commentator, weren't you?

And, you're scared so soon.

I'm a fast player. I only hit boundaries.

I don't believe in playing slow.

The marriage was fixed for tomorrow..

...and, that's when its going to be.

You dare speak against my son.


I want everyone behind this attack.

Leave that.. Quiet!


No need to bring them alive.

Dead bodies are okay.

Everyone.. Everyone's after us.

The gang and the police.

Wali.. let's run away.

We can escape from the docks.

We cannot take a decision in haste.

You're just an enemy.

But, I am a traitor.

I wonder how they're going to kill me.

We've been asked to contact Ghosh.

He'll get us out of here.

You believe that?

Didn't you watch the news?

They said they've nothing to do with us.

They won't announce it again.

Now we'll have to help ourselves.

Do what, Aslam? Do what?

We already did. What?

What did we do?

I was in front of him.

I was about to shoot him when..

We would've achieved nothing by killing him.

I didn't accept to be a spy in this country..

...so that I can kill him on sight and make him a martyr.

My dream was to drag him out of this country, alive.

And hand him over to India.

And that was the mission.

So, you became a part of this mission to fulfil your dream.

I am leaving.

Take my advice.

Stay hidden for 72 hours.

After that, get out of the city.

They can get here anytime.

Aslam. Aslam.

Last time you left room, you let the fan on.

Next time I will charge you 100 extra.

Fine, you may. That's okay.

I didn't know you all were together.

Yes, they've made contact.

They're arriving at Empress Market at 2 o'clock.

I am sending my team.

You know what to do with the bodies.

But, Mishra, are you sure killing them is the solution?

Send photos for the record.

Understood, Mishra?

Mishra, are you on the line.

They're here.

They have just come. Moving towards Dock Point. - All four?

Two. A lady and a gents.

Oh no! They must've separated.

Don't fire. Wait.

Yes, sir.

Beauty Parlour.

That way.

Have you seen him?

No, no, sir.

Have you seen him?

The news further All flights from Karachi to London are still on hold.'

'Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland..'

"London's Heathrow Airport has been practically closed down.'

'There is a stampede at the Karachi Airport.

'Many passengers are stuck at the airport since morning.'

'And, reports are that..'

'..the situation isn't going to get any better soon.'

'Any passenger for London? Yes..

'I've never travelled by plane before.'

'They won't ask you to fly it.'

'You told everyone that you're going to London.'

'Father. Goodbye.'

'If it's a matter of few days, why can't we go together?'

Wali, what happened?

Come on, Wali.

You go, I can't. What?

Now I understand why the operation failed?

I've to call London. Where are you going?

I've to call London. Listen..

They're moving away.

Let's go back. We can be caught.

Nafisa and Kabir are caught, I think.

I've to call London. I've to call London.

Listen to me.

If they're here, I think its best you don't see them.

Wali.. Ghosh has sent us.

You'll have to come with us.

Let me make one call.

After that I will come with you.

One call. You can call later.


Kill them.

Just kill them, right now!

Kill them now!

Just kill them.


They're evidence. Just kill them.


Don't leave them.

Wali, lets go. Come on.

Wali, let's go. Hello. Hello.

Let's get out of here.

We risked everything for you. Wali, let's go.

Let's go.

"I wonder how.. these moments shattered..”

"..like a broken relationship.”

"Just like.. these moment's brimmed.."

"..From the cup of sorrows.”

"Why's this story incomplete?”

"Why's this saga incomplete?”

"Why is its fate.. farewell?"

"Love doesn't have.. to be eternal.”

"A moment of sacrifice.. is love too."

"This story isn't incomplete.”

"This saga isn't incomplete.”

"Even after I die.. I won't say farewell."

"Desires remain unquenched.”

"Though far, but you're close to my heart.”

"Because you're my story."

"Because you're my saga."

"Never say again.. farewell.”

"I cherish your memories."

"Don't say it.”

"They make me and break me."

"The world you're lost in.. Now it's better.

...lacks everything."

"The sorrow of bitter loneliness."


"Why did this happen?"

"Don't be so cruel.”

"Don't be so cruel.”

"It's the story of two hearts."

"I wonder how.. these moment's shattered..”

"..like a broken relationship.”

"Don't say it.”

"Just like.. these moment's brimmed.."

"..From the cup of sorrows.”


"Why's this story incomplete?”


Brother. Rudra asked me to see you.

He said I'll get a boat for India here.


There's delay...but not denial.


Aslam, take left.

Aslam, take left.

You must be laughing on us, right?

Didn't you?

Tell us where are the others?

You don't have all night.

Deepankar Ghosh. Wali, Zoya will contact him.

Don't know...about Rudra.

He's gone. Swine..

Nephew. Let him go.

This is Karachi.

I will find you and kill you.

Leave me, leave me today. Forgive me.

Leave me..

You've always had this bad habit.

Now they will have to clean up your mess.

If you were so obsessed, you should've finished the job.

You should've slit the throat..

...of that man who put a gun to your uncle's forehead.

Apologise now!

The situation outside Empress Market is..


He's apologizing.


Take an appointment with the chief.

Enough of their drama.

What about Wali Khan's wife and child..

Wretched dog!



They knew about Aslam.

He's in a terrible condition.

Look after him.

And get out of here by morning. Rudra.

We know...why our mission failed?

A five year old boy Kabir survived this blast.

His mother passed away in the attack. They're lying.

And, the agencies are now..

...looking for his father or any other kin.

If anyone has any information..

...please contact us on the number appearing below.

How did they kill her?

Get some sleep, Ashwini.

It's quite late.

Yes. It is.

The boy's sweater.

My son's sweater.

20 days.

20 days...and, things went from right to wrong.

If he leaves, then our sacrifices will be useless.

“The henna... on my hands is still visible."

What was her name?

"Wait a moment..” Didn't ask.

"Your lips still have my essence on them."” Rudra.

Stop Wali.

Where are you going?

You cannot be so selfish.

We've all made sacrifices.

I'm not in a state to understand your pain.

I am going. Wali.

The mission's failed.

India has severed ties with us..

...as if we were never one of them.

We cannot survive in Pakistan.

Everything's over. But..

My child's waiting.

I want to meet him.

How will you?

Do you know where he is?

Do you know what they'll do to you if you're caught?

Doesn't make a difference.

They killed Nafisa.

I can't even apologise to her now.

My child's waiting for me. I want to see him.

I bought a sweater for him, but can't find it.

They killed Nafisa.

They might be lying about Kabir.

Don't let their death go waste.

Wali. Think about... finishing the mission we started.

Enough hospitality.

America's still taunting us for Abetobad.

If they see him partying around..

...the world will laugh on us.

Now is the time to clean up.

We should reject our strategy..

...that "The enemy of my enemy is a friend'.

Because, termites... are termites after all.

Till now it was them, but now it's us.

But, how are we going to clean it up?

We've promised to take him to a ISI safe house in Sind.

After the wedding.

So, after the wedding.

En route to the safe house.

This is the house.

This is us. We've to get there.

The wedding's going on inside.

And we're in this car.

I'm driving the car.

Zoya's besides me.

And Rudra's at the back.

I think Zoya should drive.

She's the explosives expert.

She has to get to the fourth quadrant.

You can sit at the passenger's seat with the bouquet.

I'll hide at the back.

And, we can easily give her cover-fire.


Aslam's in the car behind.

And...keep a safe distance.

Aslam, fill the car with as many LPG cylinders you can.

And, I'll rig them with Semtex.

None of the guests should survive.

As soon as this car moves forward..

...the guards will step forward.

I'll get down and attack them.

And Rudra, will attack these guards.

It'll create panic.

Taking advantage, Zoya will make it to the second quadrant.

What if... I am shot at the second quadrant?

Zoya, if you're shot the mission will be over.

So, to create a diversion..

...Wali and I will give you cover-fire.

At any cost, you've to get the car at the third quadrant.

By the time you get here, we'll be here.

We just need to tackle them.

But...we'll be in the line of fire..

.- SO maybe we can get shot.

After that, Rudra might not survive either.

Zoya, as soon as you cross third quadrant..

...tie your foot to the accelerator with the air latchet.

So that it stays firm.

Latch the steering-wheel as well so it doesn't move.

After that I'll use the dead-man's switch.

After crossing the third quadrant, I'll remove the pin.

Even if I'm shot..

After reaching the fourth quadrant..

...there will be a blast.

And, after the blast..

...Aslam, you'll barge in the house with the car.

And then "Boom'.

Diwali in Karachi!

I accept.



We should head to the safe-house now.

Bring your nephew along. Yes, give to the nephew..



Get in the car.


Nephew, are you crazy?

Calm down. I've been trying to call you..

I called because you gave me a miss call.

He won't make it to the safe-house.

We'll kill him on the way.

Orders directly from Islamabad.

Your uncle isn't listening to anyone..

...SO we're getting rid of him.

I cannot do anything.

I'm with uncle right now. I cannot do anything.

You don't understand.

Then ask Salim..

Salim's phone is switched off.

He must be free now.

I'm sending you the number.

I'm sending you the number.


Nothing, uncle.

By the way, your safe-house are falling below standard..

Why you.. Forget it, nephew.

This is their country after all.

Thankfully, you waited until my son's wedding.

What to do? After all we are old friends.

Thank you.

Was I supposed to die so easily?

No bang..

General. You're no better than the Mumbai Police.

Trying to bump me off in a ordinary encounter..

Anyway, better get on with it quickly, General.

Because as far as I know my nephew..

...he must have messaged Salim and called him here.

Then you can..

Cover Rudra.

Wretched animal! Wretched traitor!


They are not his men.

Wretched traitor!


Shoot him. General, shoot him!

Aslam. Aslam, fire.

Shoot him. Aslam, what are you doing?

Rudra doesn't have the bullets.

Aslam, what..


Guns won't settle this.


Sir. We got him.

And, alive.

He's sitting right next to us.

Where are you? We're on the outskirts of Karachi.

Towards Sind.

Head towards Rann of Kutch.

It's impossible to escape through Rann of Kutch.

I know.

That's why no one will be suspicious.

We'll need the coordinates.

You'll have the coordinates in two hours.

Where are we going?

According to my estimate it is somewhere near the border.

Somewhere... somewhere in Sind.

Stop the car. Let's take a look.

You must have heard about Sind in your national anthem.

Do you have a clue about where you're heading?

Shut up!

By the way, who is the boss?

Him or you?

He's a soldier.

He uses more brawn than his brain.

You seem smart.

Let's talk.

I want to make a call.

Why? We abducted you twice.

Do you think anyone here will make a deal with you?

Everyone has a price.

For some its wealth, and for others its emotion.

Take you for instance.

You'll change sides if I say..

...I can let you speak to your family.

I told you to shut up.

Walli. Wall.

Come out.


Wali, what are you doing? Hold on.

If this is a lie, I swear I will shoot you.

Wali, don't listen to him. He's lying.

I told you to shut up.

Otherwise.. Otherwise what?

I will shoot you. You think I am a fool.

You want me alive.

This guy. He'll take a medal and retire.

But what about you?

Can you live?

Can you live after sacrificing your family?

Listen to me. Listen to me.

He's lying. -I am lying?

I am lying?

Your family was travelling to London, right.

Wali. -How do I know?

I know.. Okay, do one thing.

... Call up Salim.

Wali. Do it yourself.

Tell him that brother's with me..

...and let you speak to your wife.

My wife's alive. I am saying she is..

Wali, don't listen to him. Hold on.

Dial the number. Wali, he's lying.

They're dead. Hold on.

Dial now. Dial it. Dial the number.

92319... I assure you.

Dial 9231981500 dial it.

Dial it yourself. 93.. No!

Return the phone. Wali.

Return the phone. Return the phone.

No, Wali. Just once.

Don't listen to him. He's lying.

Return the phone. He's lying.

Return the phone. He's lying, they're dead.

Let me talk to them. If you want the phone shoot me.

Let me talk to them.. If you want the phone shoot me.

Let me speak to them. Give him the phone.

Let me speak to them.

If you want the phone shoot me, Wali.

Let me speak to them.

If you want the phone shoot me, Wali.

Zoya, will he survive or not?

He's lost a lot of blood.

We need to take him to a hospital.


Have you gone crazy?

He himself doesn't know which side he's on, ours or theirs.

How far is the border?

3 hours.

He's making us dance with bullets, and we are dancing.

He is out of his mind.

I only injured him, next time I'll shoot to kill.

For the last time, tell him Ashwini's here.

Sir, he's the BSF chief.

I cannot wake him at this hour.

For any emergency. Driver..

If you don't call him in 10 seconds..

...you won't be able to explain the emergency.


Aren't you going to call? I'll tell you when.

All this trouble for nothing.

The Indian government says you're not one of them.

And here you're putting your life at stake.

Anyway, you like to risk your life.

But, what's your son's fault?


I know how dear sons are.

As a kid, my son would never stay away from me.

But, when he was old enough to read the newspapers..

...he realised what his father does.

Then, there was always this question in his eyes, "Why".


That's what you will have to face as well.

You'll be branded with it.

There's a vast difference between you and me.

But for our children, we're the same.


Tell them, I want to talk to Kabir in two hours.

You are doing the right thing, Wali.

The no's 9231981500.


Help them cross the border?

Have you lost it.

Ashwini, we cannot decide that. - Why..

Why not?

The government always turns their other cheek.

But, people like us face the blow.

Zhaveri Bazaar, German Bakery, Parliament House..

...Bangalore, Hyderabad.. This goes on and on.

We've to stop it.

Shorabijit. I am not saying anything new.

Everyone knows everything.

But, no one's doing anything.

One operation..

One such operation succeeds..

...and no one will dare to do it again.

The real enemy are not those who cause destruction.

We should clip the hands of those..

...who supply them bombs and guns.

You know very well. He's the guy.

What do you want from me?


You were thinking about Kabir, right?


Wali, Ashwini here. I have spoken to everyone. - Yes, sir.

It is only a 15 minute window.

I got it, sir.

At dawn. Before 6 o'clock.

On Section post 35. South post 35, sir.

I get it. Bring him from there.

Yes, sir.

That was Ashwini sir.

We've to be there by 6 am.

It's around 150 kilometres from here.

We'll cross the border when..

...the guards change shift at the outpost.

I am not going anywhere.

I'll die right here if I want to.

I won't die by their hands.

Sir's already made arrangements. We'll slip through outpost 35.

We'll hand him over to his people and get out.

Don't be a fool, Wali.

Maybe outpost 35 has been prepped.

But, do you know..

...5 kilometres from here is section 40.

And, they have two huge units out there.

You think... they'll release Nafisa and Kabir for him.

They were going to kill him! We saved him.

They'll be here in 5 minutes.

Look, Wall..

Father. Kabir. My son.

Son. Where's mom?

Mom's in the other room.

She's talking to officer uncle.

Are you coming to pick us up?

Yes, son. I am.

Are you coming on the bike?

Yes, son. I'll pick you up on the bike.

On a white bike. It's big bike.

It has three seats.

And, we'll go on a long ride.

Is uncle around?

Yes. Uncle's right here.

I'll ask him to arrange for the bike. Let me speak to him.

Bring Nafisa and Kabir at section 40.

You'll get your man back.

Before 6 am.

Loyalty or business.

Choose now, Salim.

I'm through with loyalty.

Then kill the Goldman.

You know what's going to happen..

...yet you want to do this.

This is the only way to finish the job.

You said I started all this.

So, I am going to finish it.

Sit down! Wali, where are you going?

Where are you going?

We've all made sacrifices.

Zoya, untie me.

Quick. Hold on. Where are you going?

Come here. Come.

What? Look here.

Here? You asked who the boss is.

So, come on.

"No more string of memories."

"Not a strand of my existence.”

"Why did the earth forget them?"

"Why did the heaven forget them?"

"I wonder where they're lost."

"Those who weaved dreams with their blood.”

"And, their obsession paved new ways."

"Why did the earth forget them?"

"Why did the heaven forget them?"

"I wonder where they're lost."

"Even the stars couldn't give them refuge.”

“It's the story, both worlds overlooked.”

"The ones we turned to smoke.”

"Why did we turn them to smoke?"

"Why did we turn them.."” Fire!

"Those who only give, and never ask.”

"We've created this ambiance by robbing them."

"If the earth forgets them?"

"If the heaven forgets them?"

"We'll never sing again."

"Even the stars couldn't give them refuge.”

“It's the story, both worlds overlooked.”

"The ones we turned to smoke.”

" Accept.'

It's Goldman! Open.

'Family. Friendship. Emotions.'

'Wali Khan had every weakness.'

'But when the time came..'

'..he turned them into our strength.'

'He didn't hesitate to shoot me.'

'Shoot me.'

"Didn't stop after hearing his son's voice over the phone.

'You'll get your man.'

'Bring them to section post 40.'

'Because we all had three more weaknesses.'

'Honour, Duty and Country.'

'You know what's going to happen..'

...yet you want to do this.'

'You said I started all this.'

'So, I am going to finish it.'


Come. -You? - Come on.

Come on.

Turn around.

I will see.

Clip the wires.

Come on fast.


Rudra! Go. Go. Go.

Don't wait for me. Go. Come on.

Come on, Rudra.


Run. Come on.


They're in Indian territory now.

So, Ashwini? Welcome back.

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Is this why you did all this?

You lost more than 50 men in this effort.

You can take a picture now.

Like hunters do, with their dead prey.

After all, you've brought India's most wanted back.

Celebrate all you want.

Because, a year later you'll know that..

...Whether it's Tihar or Arthur road..

...I'm still doing what I was in *** or Karachi.

Ashwini. This nation's my mother..

...and Mumbai's my lover.

I wanted to come back.

I discussed it as well.

But the government didn't want me back.

You all know about it.

I told Wali Khan. Everyone has a price.

You just need to know how much.

And, I learnt this lesson here in Mumbai, India.

"East or West, India is the best.” Great.

It's useless.

You had the chance to kill me, but you didn't take it.

Because, you've the same problem as our nation.

You like to give a chance. Whether its some politician, police..

...me or..

Or that swine Kasab who was killing everyone at VT station.

What did you do with him?

Showed him your hospitality for four years.

And later, hanged him on the noose.

Rascals. That wasn't anything great.

He came to Mumbai to die.

And, you're rejoicing now after killing him.

Welcome back?

The same thing's going to happen with me.

You will arrest me.

Invite panels on channels.

People will talk about me in local trains.

People will sell oil, mobile, soap in breaking news.

Barkha, Rajdeep they'll speak about me.

Arnab Goswami will scream.

And, when they all calm down.

I'll go to Big Boss with Salman.

And I might win too. After all, I am a don.

And, do you know what I'll do with the prize money?

Build a tomb for idiots like Wali Khan.

I might even write few lines on it.

"East or West, India is the best.”

"India's the best.” I've been asking him to shut up since Karachi.

But, you can't do it.

It's true.

We made mistakes.

We're still making one.

But, our biggest mistake is you.

Our men are tired.

They want a change.

So, we'll begin with you.

Take off your glasses.

And watch the face of new India.

In 15 years, I killed many people.

First time it felt nice.

'The story we ended today, may have many variations.'

"But I fear, no one will want to hear it.'

"No more string.."”

"..of memories."

"Not a strand of.."

"..My existence."

"Why did the earth forget them?"

"Why did the heaven forget them?"

"I wonder where they're lost."

"Those who weaved dreams with their blood.”

"And, their obsession.."

"..Paved new ways."

"Why did the earth forget them?"

"Why did the heaven forget them?"

"I wonder where they're lost."

"Even the stars.."

"..Couldn't give them refuge.”

“It's the story, both worlds overlooked.”

"The ones we turned to smoke.”

"Those who only give.."

".And never ask.”

"We've created this ambiance by robbing them."

"If the earth forgets them?"

"If the heaven forgets them?"

"We'll never sing again."

"Even the stars couldn't give them refuge.”

“It's the story, both worlds overlooked.".

"The ones we turned to smoke.”

"Even the stars.."

"..Couldn't give them refuge.”

“It's the story, both worlds overlooked.”

"The ones we turned to smoke.”

"Why did we turn them into smoke?"


"Why did we.."