D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) Script

MAN: Bring it in, Gordon. BOY: Okay, Dad.

All right! Way to shoot, there. You look good, son.


Listen, I want you to remember this pond.

No matter how far you go, don't forget your home.

ANNOUNCER: Here in the third period, where the Minnehaha Waves led by Gordon Bombay are in the lead four to one.

What a story this is!

He went from a legal career to coach the Minneapolis Mighty Ducks to a State Pee Wee Championship last year.

And this year, at age 29, he's one short step away from the N.H.L.

There's the puck at center ice. It's intercepted by Gordon Bombay.

Bombay across the blue line. He's in all alone. Great chance for Bombay.

Dekes once, twice, in front. He shoots. He scores!


Gordon Bombay, unassisted, puts his team up five to one.

Boy, he can still fly.

If he keeps this up, I'd expect to see him in the National Hockey League real soon.

Here's Bombay in his own zone.

Comes up the right wing side, steps away from one check there.

Still has the puck at center ice. Gets pinned along the boards.

Fights to get free.


Oh, what a hit! Bombay goes down hard.



Hello, Jan!

Welcome back, Gordon. Get in! Get in!

Thanks for comin' down to get me.


(CHUCKLES) Great to see ya.

Hans couldn't make it?

Ah, don't get me started on that strudel-head.

He went back to the old country for the summer.

Left me to run the shop all by myself.

Wanted to visit our mama.

She loves him more, you know.


Sorry, did I wake you? Hey, Charlie.

Hey, Coach. It's good to see you. Good to see you.

We really missed you.

For breakfast, my specialty: Jan's hasen--

TOGETHER: Hasenpfeffer and eggs. Yeah.

GORDON: I thought I smelled something burning.

I see you've met my new apprentice.

Jan told me you did this job when you were my age.

That's right. I hope he pays you more. You got paid?

Eat, everybody, before the hasenpfeffer gets cold.

That was a good day.

Look at Charlie. God, he's grown.

Oh. They do that.

Since his mother remarried, he started spending a lot of time here.

I just had to hire him.

I should've kept in touch more. But you are here now.

So what's your plan?

Have you talked to Ducksworth?

No, no. I'm not a lawyer, Jan, I'm a player.

But your injury, it requires rest and time.

Yeah, time is something I don't have a whole lot of.

I was this close to the N.H.L., Jan.

I was back in the game.

And, man, I was alive.


Have you thought about coaching?

After all, you were the Minnesota Miracle Man.

Well, coaching the Ducks was one of the best things in my life but I can't make a living coaching Pee Wee hockey.

Where there's a way, there must be a will.

My hockey suppliers tell me Team U.S.A. is still without a coach for the Junior Goodwill Games.

Sounds great. Give 'em a call for me, Jan. Maybe I can sharpen their skates.

Don't knock skate sharpening.

I know. It's a great skill, Jan. But I don't want to spend the rest of my life sharpening skates in this rinky-dink town. I want something better.

Something bigger.


You don't have to do them right now. Oh, thanks.

You have a customer. Go and help him. Then come back and do them.

Can I help you? Oh!

Oops, sorry. Got away from me. Hi.

Oh, wow, yeah. You look great. Yeah.

Yeah, much better than your pictures. Thanks.

I'm, uh, Don Tibbles, Senior V.P., Hendrix Hockey Apparel.

How's the knee? I have a doctor in Los Angeles I want to take a look at it. He's doing great things with baboon ligaments.

Hendrix Hockey, huh?

What exactly is it that you want, Mr. Tibbles?

I want you, Gordon.

I want the next coach of Team U.S.A. to become a household name.

I want you to become synonymous with winning and winning to become synonymous with Hendrix.

Er, wait a minute. You're joking, right? I mean...

This is a joke. It's no joke.

This is the real thing, Gordon.

You want me to coach Team U.S.A.?

Your friend Jan's been pitching you for months.

Gordon, what you did with the Ducks, there was magic, and we--

And by we, I mean Hendrix Hockey, the Junior Goodwill Games and your country-- need that magic.

What do ya say, coach? (JAN CLEARS THROAT)

Come on. Let's round up those Ducks.

Got a lot of work to do. Gordon.

Use this.

Thanks, Jan. Go get 'em, Gordon.


(DUCK CALL) GORDON: Hey, Charlie!

Hey! You wanna play some hockey?

Watch me go! This is your last chance!

Come on, man! Move it!

Yes! Yeah!

(DUCK CALL) Hey, Charlie!

Jesse, we're back!

Let's go get Averman.

Look out! You can't--

What are you kids doin' over there!

Whoa, hey! Cool, man!

Let's go, Jesse. Over to the left. Yeah!



Averman, let's go! Come on! Come on!

But, but, but-- Come on, let's go!



Where we goin' now? Gotta get Connie and Guy.

(DUCK CALL) The Quack Attack is back, Jack!

Come on, let's go! Come on!

I was this close.

AVERMAN: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!



(YELLS) Yeah!



(BELL RINGS) Oh, look.



Come on, Goldberg!


All right! All right!

All right, yeah!

Whoa! Yeah!


He's comin' across the goalie, between his legs-Score!

(DUCK CALL) Hey, cake-eater!

You wanna play some real hockey?

Yeah, come on! Yeah!


CHARLIE: Guys, it's an international competition.

It's us against the world. Hey, man, bring 'em on. We're ready!

Oh, Goldberg! Whoa!



BOY 2: I still can't believe they beat us last year.

Well, let's do somethin' about it.

Yeah! All right!


Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Hurry up!

Tighter! Tighter! Tighter! Tighter! Come on! Get over here.

Come on. Over here. Over here. Shh.

(LAUGHING) They're sittin' ducks.

Here they come. I love this.

They are so stupid.

One large order of shredded duck comin' up.

(MAN) They won't know what hit 'em. I know.

Who said that? (HEAVY FOOTSTEPS)

Hi, guys.

(SCREAMING) Hey, come here!

Hey, get over here, huh? Come here!

See you later, buddy! Come here! (GRUNTING)


(SHOUTING TOGETHER) Come on, let us go!

My mom's pickin' me up!

That'll teach ya to mess with the Ducks! Yeah!




Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!


Okay! All right! Come on, get back!

Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

Welcome back, Ducks. I really missed you guys.

Are you ready to fly?


All right! All right! (HORN HONKING)

DUCKS: Awesome! Wow! Who's in there?

JESSE: Can't be from this neighborhood.

Hey, guys! I'm Don Tibbles, Hendrix Hockey Apparel.

We're your official sponsors. Anybody want a card?

DUCKS: Yeah, yeah! Absolutely! I'll take one!


Nice wheels. I used to ride around in one of these.

Well, I got something to show you.

This is your endorsement contract with Hendrix.

I been tryin' to figure this out. What does Hendrix want with me?

I-- I'm just a coach. Pat Riley, Bear Bryant...

Mike Ditka, are they just coaches?

Gordon, today coaches have images. Images mean dollars.

I sell you, you sell the sport. We both get rich. How's that sound?

Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against making money.

No, Gordon.

A lot of money.

You're gonna pay me that much to endorse sportswear?

Gordon, life can be great when you know the right people.

What do you say?

Got a pen? Oh, yeah.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Former Pee Wee coach and minor league player, Gordon Bombay makes the move to the national stage as he steps behind the bench for Team U.S.A.

Coach Bombay's Ducks will be joined by some of the top young players... from around the United States.

GORDON: Tell me about my new kids. That's Luis Mendoza.

He's from our Miami club. A real speedster. Incredible skater.

I clocked him at 1.9 seconds, blue line to blue line.

Good-looking skater. Very good-looking.

What do you think, Guy? Shut up, Averman.


He has one minor problem.


Has a little trouble stopping. I'd say so.

Are you okay? Need some help?

Yeah. I'm all right. I almost had it that time.


Yee-haw! How is everyone!

Y'all ready to play some puck?

Hey, look. It's Hopalong Gretzky. (LAUGHING)

That's Dwayne Robertson from Austin.

He's the best puck handler I've ever seen.

You mean for his age. No, I don't.

Hey, this is easier than ropin' hogs! Yee-haw!

TIBBLES: He does have a tendency to showboat.

Yahoo! Wow.

There's Julie "The Cat" Gaffney.

She won the state championship for Maine three years in a row.

Well, we have a goalie. Goldberg.

All right! Bring 'em on, man! I'm ready for this! I'm the man! I'm the man!


Uh, help. (GROANS)

Watch this.

Well, we... could use a backup.

GORDON: Isn't that the kid from the Olympics? The figure skater?

Yup. Ken Wu. What can I say?

I convinced him that hockey had more of a future.

We put a stick in his hands and nobody's been able to touch him.


Yeah. Show time! That guy's a teenager?

Don't you know that Everything's on fire, yeah Uh, yeah. Hormones. He's a goon.

(GROANS) C'mon, Tex! Sing it with me!

Uh-uh! No!

Everything Here ya go, sweetie! My kids don't play that kinda hockey.

I believe they're called enforcers, Gordon.

When you play Iceland, you're gonna need him.

My little man! (GRUNTS)

Who does this guy think he is?

All right, that's it! Let me take care of this.


(BLOWS WHISTLE) Everybody freeze!

Now, we didn't come here to fight!

We came here to play hockey!

We're Team U.S.A. You represent your country.

That's right. Now, I want you--

To be all that you can be, right? Ya gotta raise yourself up, guys! Ya got--

(LAUGHING) All right, now.

Let's start with the scrimmage. Great! Scrimmage!

(BLOWS WHISTLE) You heard your coach! Now--

Hey. You don't need me here.

I've got an appointment anyway. I've got to see Miss MacKay.

She's the team tutor. Don?

Come on.

You'll get it back at the end of the school term.

(CHUCKLING) All right, Ducks.

Show 'em what you got! Let's scrimmage!


Great day for hockey, ain't it? Sure is, cowboy.



Hey, man, take it easy! Slow down! Goldberg, look out!

Oh, no!

This guy's gotta learn how to stop.

Thanks for breaking my fall. Anytime.

Let's go, defense! Whoa!


Come on! Dig it out of there!

ALL: (SHOUTING) Let's go! Come on!

Haven't you guys been training in the off-season?

You know, I knew we forgot somethin'.

Good shot, Adam. Way to show 'em!


How do you feel, tough guy? (LAUGHING)

(BELL RINGS) Ding! Round one.

Wait 'til you meet these kids. They're just fantastic.

Look out! ALL: It's Fulton! Look out for his shot!

What a bunch of wusses!


Half of 'em are ringers from various parts of the U.S. Then the other half--

Duck! That's right. The Ducks.

MACKAY: Hello? Mr. Tibbles?

Mr.. Tibbles? Mr. Tibbles, can you hear me?

(SNIFFING) Mr. Tibbles, wake up.

Oh, Mr. Tibbles, are you all right?

Oh uh, I'll have the cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake, please.


I think he'll be okay. We'll keep an eye on him.

Oh, I'm sorry. He didn't have a chance to introduce us.

I'm Michele MacKay, their tutor.

Hi, I'm Coach Bombay, their coach. Who said we need a tutor?

ALL: Yeah. Really. I don't need no school.

Now, Miss MacKay, we're America's team here.

Shouldn't we just be concentrating on hockey? May I suggest optional attendance?

I agree. ALL: Yeah. Good idea.

Well, that's not a bad idea. Call me Goldberg.

Goldberg. Yes. School will be optional.

(CHEERING) However--

However, should you not attend, you will not be eligible to play.

CONNIE: Oh, that's unfair! Man, can she do that?

Hey, is that a tattoo? Is it real?

Get away from me. Yes, sir.


Well, I'm just here to tutor the kids and provide them with a little adult supervision.


Oh, my gosh! Oh!

That was awesome. Are you okay? Yes.

All right! (LAUGHING)

Sorry. Yeah, sorry.

We're okay.


This is more crowded than a truckload of goats.

Somebody better watch their hands.

Yeah, someone licked me!

Oh, I smell somethin'. ALL: Ew!

ALL: Goldberg!

It wasn't me. No, it was me!


I don't know how to make this any clearer.

You are a team.

And to win this thing, you have to work as one.

Now as one, skate.


Everyone goes their own way, everyone falls down. Now get up and try it again.

All right, all of you move to your right. Now.

Who made you boss? Everyone to the left.

Yeah, left guys. Come on.

Aw, man. You guys can argue all you want but I am not untying you until you move as one.

Now you're learning! Communication! That's it!

Good, together. Move together.

Charge! All right!

Right turn! Turn right.

Yeah, that's it! That's it! All right! Knock wood, Charlie.

You guys are startin' to look like hockey players. I'm proud of ya, team.

You worked hard today.

But hockey should also be fun.

Rancher Dwayne. Yes, sir!

Round me up some stray cattle there. Uh-oh.

My pleasure! ALL: Whoa!


TIBBLES: Ta-da! PLAYERS: Oh! That's awesome!

Hey, y'all. That's us! Duh, whatta ya know?


Today, it's a Wheaties box.

Tomorrow, it's video games, action figures, lunch boxes.

The sky is the limit.

Now, just to make sure that everybody knows who you are, try on one of these.

Oh, that's so cool!

Brought to you by those wonderful people at Hendrix for all your hockey needs.

Fulton, there you go. Coach.

Everybody take your own. I'm not gonna give 'em out to everybody.


That's nice, Coach, but we're Ducks.

This stuff says "Hendrix" all over it.

Well, yeah, they're our sponsors, Charlie.

So what? Can't we be U.S.A. Ducks?

Or at least keep our own colors?

It's business stuff, Charlie. Don't worry about it.

What'd ya think? I love it. It's cool.


Ancient Greece was the beginning of Western Civilization.

See, in Greece, they didn't have professional sports or Wheaties boxes.

So the athletes competed for another reason.

Anybody? Falafels?

ALL: Oh. Greg. You wish, Goldberg.

Charlie? Pride.

That's right.

The various city-states waved their flags and wore their home colors proudly.

Did America always dominate?

Fulton. That's a good question.

(LAUGHING) No. America wasn't around back then.

It's okay. Don't forget that compared to other countries, America is still young, still forming its own identity.

America is a teenager just like you.

Like us? You bet.

A little awkward at times but always right there on the verge of greatness.

I don't know but I been told I don't know but I been told Team U.S.A.'s gonna win the gold U.S.A.'s gonna win the gold Listen up and listen good Listen up and listen good We're all headed for Hollywood We're all headed for Hollywood

- Sound off One, two

- Sound off Three, four

- Bring 'em on down One, two, three, four

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Los Angeles, California, and the Junior Goodwill Games as teams from around the world arrive to compete in both winter and summer events.

The U.S.A. is expected to score well in the medal count especially in basketball, swimming and hockey.

And there's Team U.S.A. hockey led by Coach Gordon Bombay.

They're looking fit and anxious to begin the competition.

Tonight's game matches the second-seeded Team U.S.A against the tenth-seeded team, Trinidad Tobago.

This marks the first game for Team U.S.A. in this double-elimination... winner-take-all tournament.

Gordon Bombay looks to have his team well in control here.

They lead six to nothing.


This is sewn up tight!

All right! Yeah!

Yeah, high-five some more.

Man, my little brother could score on these guys.

Go bother him, then.

(LAUGHS) I ain't even got a little brother!

Hey, Jesse! Quit gabbin' and get on the ice.

Show me you want it, son. Go!

Yeah, show us you want it son. Go!


ALL: Oh!


Hey, what's your problem, man?

Jesse, forget about it! Let's go!

RINK ANNOUNCER: U.S.A. penalty, number nine, Hall. Two minutes, roughing.

He dissed you bad, G.

Yeah? Come here, man! (LAUGHS) Bye-bye.

Have a nice day. Punk!


All right, Fulton, let's have some fun! Yeah, Portman, let's do it!

All right! Yeah! Yeah!

That's it. All right, Portman, take it!

Way to go! Hey, hey! Yeah!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Yeah! (GRUNT) All right! (GRUNT)

BOTH: Yeah!

Look at those guys! Look at 'em!

(LAUGHING) They're the Bash Brothers!

Hey, ya got a girl in the stands?

No. Scouts, man. Look at 'em.

Don't worry about scouts, Adam. Just play your best.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Team U.S.A. loses the puck at center ice.

Here's Bellafonte across the blue line with a great move.

Walks right down in front. He shoots, he scores!

Way to go, man! Way to go!

ANNOUNCER: Nearing the end of the game, Team U.S.A. with it out at center ice.

Here's Connie Moreau. Moreau stick-handling in the Trinidad zone.

Moreau still with it, moves around a pileup, gives it to Kenny Wu.

Wu, the former figure skater, back behind the net, ducks underneath the check.

Moves around the it. It's a wraparound. He scores!

GORDON: All right, way to go! That wasn't a game, that was a statement!


TIBBLES: Ladies and gentlemen, Team U.S.A. hockey.

And the man chosen to lead them to the gold, Gordon Bombay.

(APPLAUSE) Bring the bear up here.

This is Henry, the Hendrix bear. Hello, everyone!

Guys, I want you to come in, get some shots with the bear.

TIBBLES: Big wave! Big wave! Wave to everybody!

Hello, everybody! It's great to be here! Got that? Great.

Thanks a lot. Okay, we're gonna open it up to questions. Yes.

Team U.S.A., how does it feel competing on the international level here in Los Angeles?

Um-- Feels good. Love it.

Coach Bombay, the Vikings from Iceland are the heavy favorite.

Their coach has already guaranteed victory.

How are you gonna handle them?

Um... hard work.

I think our team is ready to go up against the best in the world.

We're not worried about 'em. Iceland may be tough, but, uh...

We're Team U.S.A. and we're goin' all the way.

Yeah! All right, Coach! TIBBLES: Okay, that's it.

Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody.

Real good. Did good. STANSSON: Team U.S.A.'s going down.

That's where you're going.


See you on the ice, Bombay!

That's, uh, Stansson.

Coach of the Iceland team. He's wound a little tight.

Stansson from the N.H.L.? Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson is coaching?

You didn't tell me that. It's all right!

That guy's a dentist? That was his nickname.

Played one year of pro, collected more teeth than goals.

He even punched out his coach.

They ran him out of the league and the country.

What happened to freedom of speech, huh? Isn't this America?

That's his team? Those guys are huge!

One more thing-- He's already told you what he thinks.

Gordon. Thanks. How'd I do?

Great. It was quite a circus, huh? It's all part of the game.

A giant polar bear with sunglasses is part of hockey now?

I guess the game's really changed.

Gordon, come on. CNN, one on one.


REPORTERS: Gordon! Just one question! One question!

Hello there, missy. How about a bear hug?


GORDON: Tibbles, what are we doin' here in Malibu?

This is your new place, man. It's our way of saying "Thank you."

You take care of Hendrix, Hendrix is gonna take care of you.

I can't help feeling a little guilty. Shouldn't I be closer to the team?


You know, they don't need me 24 hours a day.

I'm sure they're just fine in the dorms. Yeah.


(WHISPERING) Shh. Do it quiet.

All right. Let me get the hand.

Hurry. I'm hurrying!

Shh! Go ahead.

Okay, that's good. Feather.











A little tune-age to go to sleep by? Yeah.

All right.


All right.

Sweet dreams, dude.




What's goin' on?


(LAUGHING) Yeah! Come on! Yeah!

GORDON: It's great to be here.

The guys at Hendrix Hockey have been absolutely fantastic.

But I got a game against Italy, so I'll talk to you right after we win it.

ALL: Thank you. Thanks, Coach. Good-bye. Good luck, Coach.

Get 'em tonight. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Uh--

No, it was my fault. I was clumsy.

You're Coach Bombay. That's right.

You play well.

Well, thank you. I mean your team. Your team plays well.

I-- I know what you meant.

So who are you? I'm the trainer for the Iceland team.

My name is Marria. (SPEAKING ICELANDIC)


Well, you have a way with the ladies.

We haven't formally met. I'm Gordon Bombay, coach of Team U.S.A.

I know my competition. I know you.

Yeah, but do you know the real me? (CHUCKLING)


You're full of confidence. Cocky. American.

I like that.

It will make our triumph even more enjoyable.

Your triumph? Lighten up a little bit. We're all just here to have a little--

A little fun, right?

Don't you worry.

We will. We will.


SPORTS ANNOUNCER: It's been all Team U.S.A. tonight.

They lead Italy six to nothing. They've really dominated this game.

Italy with the puck across the line.

D'Agistino shoots. Glove save by Goldberg.

Have no fear! Goldberg is here!

Hey, man, there was nothing on that. How about a real shot?

Hey, paisan, meatballs are slowing you down?

Uh, how do you say, in Italiano, "wussy"?

(REFEREE BLOWS WHISTLE) Break it up! Break it up!

Goldberg! What'd I say?

Hey, look!


(WHOOPING) Yeah! Yeah!

Okay, people. Come on, let's do this.


Gordon, take a look around you. You gotta change your thinking.

What'd ya mean? You see in this town, everybody is something other than what they really are.

Hi, I'm Terry. I'll be your server.

Terry, let me ask you a question. What do you really want to be?

Really? Yeah, really.

Head of production for a major studio. Yes, perfect.

Thank you. We're done. See what I mean?

Everybody wants to be something bigger.

Listen, all I'm saying is you could be big. I mean Costas big.

N.H.L. stars Neely, Chelios and Robitaille.

Cam, Chris and Luc, this is Gordon Bombay, coach of Team U.S.A.

Gordon, Greg Louganis, Kristi Yamaguchi, our Olympians.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Hey Kareem, meet Gordon Bombay, coach of Team U.S.A.

Hey Gordon, how ya doin'? Glad to meet ya.

Coaching. Okay, two words about that: Pat Riley.

What it is, it's a loafer?

And we'll call it the Air Bombay loafer for kids who wanna coach.

You think there's enough kids out there who wanna coach?


DWAYNE: This don't look like no Rodeo Drive to me.

AVERMAN: No, that's Ro-day-o Drive.

You can't fool me. I saw it on the sign. It says Rodeo Drive.

No, see, there's an accent at-- Never mind.

I don't get it. This is Beverly Hills. Where's all the hills?

Where's that 90210 school? What about the Hillbillies?

Where are the movie stars?

Wasn't that the captain from The Love Boat?

Let's go check out some stores. Great. I gotta buy my mom a T-shirt.

She'll love it. Yeah.

This place looks good. Yeah!

Maybe they're not open.

Hey, there's a doorbell here. (BUZZES)

MAN: I'm sorry. We do not allow unsupervised children into the store.

Can you make an exception?

No, now go away or the police will be called.

If we were in Texas, this wouldn't have happened.

We'll find some other place.

- Step back from the vehicle. (SHOUTING)

You have activated the theft-deterrent device.

MAN: Yes, hello.

Hi, we'd like four burgers. What do you want to drink?

You kids get outta here! Quit playin' with that thing!

(BUZZES) WOMAN: I'm sorry.

We do not allow unsupervised--

I'm sure Uncle Aaron will be very upset to hear we were treated with such disrespect.

Aaron? Aaron Spelling?

No, Hank Aaron. Of course, Aaron Spelling.

Now, I want you to make yourselves comfortable. Carole, beverages.

And I will be with you in a moment.

Gosh, this store sure is nice. Goldberg, my man.

Cheers. Yeah.

I know you boys. You're, um--

Aaron Spelling's nephew. No.

Team U.S.A. hockey. You guys are just great!

Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Now, a gift for your mother.

You'll want something light, airy. It is summer, after all.

I'm going to show you my private collection.


Nah, something else.

No, it's not quite what I'm looking for. No.

Well, gentlemen, did you see anything you liked?

You know, I gotta be honest. My mom really needs... a bikini.

Hey! I don't get it!

You little brats don't ever come back into this store!


No, no, no. It's not a sneaker, it's a street shoe.

Like coaches wear. (KNOCKING)

Yeah, come on in.

Sure, with a pump. That'll work.

Go ahead, sit down. We'll talk about it at dinner. Okay.

(SIGHS) What's up?

I wanna play. When am I gonna get my chance?

Julie, Goldberg's on a hot streak.

I gotta stick with him as long as we're winning.

I understand. But I left my team in Maine to show the world what I can do.

Just give it time. You will show the world.

I promise. Okay?

All right. Now get outta here.

Bom, bom Look at them. Fulton. Fulton, talk to 'em.

Uh, hey, ladies. Nice night for a stroll, wouldn't you say?

(LAUGHING) That was a good one! (CHUCKLING)

No curfew's gonna keep us down.

Yeah! Ice cream.

GORDON: Wait a minute. I thought Iceland was covered with ice.

Iceland? No, it's very green. I thought Greenland was green.

Greenland is covered with ice, and Iceland is very nice.


I imagine it'd be like Minnesota, where you're from.

How do you know where I'm from?

I asked around.


Look at this. She's an Iceland chick.

What's he doin' with her? Great coach we got.

All right, are we ready for warm-ups? Let's go!

ALL: Whoa! He's stylin'! Mr. Coach!

Yeah, all right. All right.

Nice jacket. Did you get two pairs of pants with that?


Good night last night, Coach? Yeah, it was fine.

What'd ya do?

Oh, I... just watched some TV, got to bed early.

But not without a little dessert, right?

A little ice cream, maybe?

Nice haircut. What, ya lose a bet?

AVERMAN: Live from Los Angeles, welcome to the Junior Goodwill Games.

Tonight's matchup, Team U.S.A. faces off against Team Iceland.


We have with us Greg Goldberg, goaltender for Team U.S.A.

Greg, what is it gonna take to beat these feisty Icelanders tonight?

I think it'll take a supreme individual effort by me, Greg Goldberg.

(BLOWS WHISTLE) Let's play hockey, gentlemen.

Okay, cut it.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Hi, everybody. Welcome to today's game.

This is a very important matchup, Team U.S.A. against Iceland... in what could be a preview of the championship game.

Iceland, coached by Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson.

He'll be taking on Gordon Bombay.

Good luck, there, Coach.

You'll sure need it.

(SPEAKING ICELANDIC) What does that mean?

You'll find out.


(WHISTLE BLOWS) Come on, fool! Get up!

You ran at him unprovoked. Huh?

Calm down, son. You're out of the game. Give me a break!

You're throwin' him out? You can't do that!

It's three seconds into the game!

Oh, man.

(GOLDBERG GRUNTS) Come and get it.


Wake up, defense. Can't do this all myself.

Hey, Goldberg!

If that puck was a cheeseburger, you'd stop it!



Pass the puck, Dwayne! Come on!

Dwayne, give me the puck! Pass it to Fulton! Dwayne, pass it!

Look out, Dwayne! Yee-haw! Aah!

Oh, man!

I can't believe this is happening! I should be out there!

SPORTS ANNOUNCER:...missing big Dean Portman, it's one-nothing Iceland.

Iceland outhitting and outskating Team U.S.A all over the ice in the first period.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Gunnar Stahl again for Iceland.

Team U.S.A. can't stop him. On the backhand, saved by Goldberg.

Captain Adam Banks has it for Team U.S.A.

He gets knocked head over heels.

Team U.S.A. still with the puck. Luis Mendoza, he can really fly.

Mendoza across the blue line.

He gets tripped, slides into the boards.

Come on, Ref, call something.

We're in trouble, Ken. What can you do for us?

Let's see.

Uh, a triple aerial with a Double Hamill Camel that should split the D, then a pirouetting half-toe-touch for the goal.

Show it to me, son.

CONNIE: Come on, Kenny. Get us back in the game.

I'm sure you can do it, Ken.



Aw, man. Aw.


Was that it?

Please give me one more chance to get those guys!

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: They've got to get back into this game.

Iceland with the puck.

Here's Olaf Sanderson right down the middle.

Sanderson over to Stahl. He scores!


Where's our concentration?

You guys are runnin' around like a bunch of chickens with your heads cut off!

We're doin' our best.

Well, your best isn't good enough any more.

Blow this game and we are one loss away from elimination.

You guys might want to go home early, but I sure as heck don't.

My, that was inspiring.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Four-nothing, Iceland, as we head for the final period.

I hope Bombay's got some magic up his sleeve, because he's getting manhandled tonight.



You're off, Goldberg!

Ah, thank you.

Hey, good luck, goalie. You're gonna need it.

Thanks, Goldberg.

Sending in a woman to do a man's job. Don't break a nail.


I'm sorry, boys, but can you help me with my pads, please?



REFEREE: Intent to injure! You're out of the game!

See ya around, fellas. (WHISPERING) Aw, geez.

Thanks for the breather.

Fulton! Get out there and blast one! Go on in!

ANNOUNCER: Fulton Reed on the ice for Team U.S.A.

- He's open to the blue line. Fulton, fire it in there!

Reed winding up--

ANNOUNCER: Whoa! Glove save by Seggi.

Oh, what a save!

He'll have an imprint of a puck in his palm after that one!



Hi. I know how you feel.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Banks, starts onto the ice moves along the left wing side, now moves into the center, but--

A spinning move! A great move to the blue line.

Banks all alone. He scores!

Yeah, we got one!



Come on! Relax! Take it easy!

Calm down, son. Are you okay?

I'm all right. I'm okay. Are you sure?

He scored! (WHOOPING)

Sit down. Right in there. Sanderson!

In my country, we call that a love tap.

I want a piece of you, Sanderson! You're mine!

Oh, you think it's funny? Come on, get down!

I want you! (CHUCKLING)

PORTMAN: Hey, man, don't touch me! (SPEAKING ICELANDIC)

C'mon, Charlie! That's it!



Iceland! Olaf.


- Good game, Coach. Thanks, Ref.

Damn it!


Twelve to one, huh? Twelve to one.

Ya think Hendrix is interested in backing a loser?

Gordon-- Hey, how are ya?

You're only good to us if you win.

Don, I'm-- I've--

I-- I've been good to you, man. I gave ya a real shot.

A real shot to be somebody and this is how you repay me.

(EXHALES) We just didn't have the magic tonight.

Well, you better get the damn magic, and you better get it fast.

Or I'm out of a job, and you're on your way back to Palookaville, Minnesota, shoveling snow and sharpening skates.

Have a nice night.

Twelve to one.

Twelve to one.

You know what word comes to mind when you think of that? Hmm?


You guys were brought here to play hockey.

What about you? What about me, Jesse?

Coach Stansson knew everything about us. They were ready for us.

And you spend your time driving around in convertibles talking to those sponsor fools.

Or hanging with the Iceland lady. We saw you two Saturday night.

Eating ice cream with the enemy, huh, coach?

ALL: What? What are you talking about? What's going on?

Hey. Hey, what I do is none of your business. Is that clear?

Don't take those pads off.

Everyone stay in your gear. We have practice.




This isn't very much fun, Coach.

Who said it was supposed to be fun?

You did, when you coached the Ducks.

Well, I don't see any Ducks here, Charlie.

All I see is Team U.S.A. one loss away from elimination.

Twenty more sprints! Let's go!

(BLOWS WHISTLE) Line up! Come on, let's go!

(PLAYERS GRUMBLING) Line up, Charlie!

Let's go! Keep you here all night if I have to.



Not my best... (MUMBLING)



All right, let's go!



Hey, guys.

Hello? I canceled their practice.

What're ya talkin' about? Where are they? They needed a day off. Trust me.

(EXHALES) I need 'em here to practice!

Well, they need to rest.

You've been running those children ragged.

They can barely stay awake in class. They're calling you Captain Blood.

I am preparing these kids for battle. Can you understand that?

We win the gold, we go on to bigger things.

Bigger things? That's right!

Please! Gordon, it's a game!

You said it yourself. Games should be fun. Remember?

And hold, two, three-- Coach isn't here. Why do we have to be?

We have a game tonight. We have to work out.

I say mutiny. Who's with me?

Goldberg, I'm too tired to mutiny.

Come on, guys, it's not like we couldn't use the conditioning.

Speak for yourself, babe. Her name is Julie, not "babe."

Don't tell me how to talk, rich boy! Hey, Portman, chill!

Hey, you want a piece of this? (EVERYBODY CHATTERING)

Yo, Team U.S.A., what are you gonna do today, a million jumping jacks?

This kid's crazier than me. Forget about him. Look, Fulton!

Hey, chill! Hey, man, I'm gettin' sick of you!

I'm gettin' sick of seeing the U.S.A. represented by a bunch of whining babies.

Too bad you can't back up that mouth.

Me and my boys can take you anytime, anywhere.

I don't see no "boys." I got 'em waitin'.

Grab your gear and let's go play some schoolyard puck.

Or maybe you forgot what it's like to play for real pride.

MAN: You got a pass? It's not too far, you little wimps.

Come on! What are you doin'? Get off me!

Let's go. You comin' or not?

My little brother Russ here's been telling me that you have been chokin' big time.

Your brother's got a big mouth.



He does, doesn't he?

Oh, boy.

We thought we'd call you all to see what you got.

We know you can talk to the press and sign autographs.

We can do more than that. Yeah?

We can teach you to play like the real Team U.S.A.

What would you know about it?


(GROANS) You gotta earn every inch.


Come on! Get him!

Hey, ain't no whistles out here either.

You keep diggin' until you score that goal!

Pick it up! (BOYS CHEERING)

He scores! All right, Russ!


And then you take a few breaths, slug some water and get out there and do it again! (DUCKS CHATTERING)

Don't just stand there. Come and get it.

Don't mind if I do.

Yeah, Luis!

Whoa! Not again! (GROANS)

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Use the brakes, baby.



Eh, no sweat. It happens all the time. Excuse me.

Throw it back, please. Here, kid. Alley-oop.

BOY: All right, get it!


Yeah, Charlie! BOY: Yeah!

(PUCKS BANGS CAN) Yeah! All right!

Did you see that?

What the heck kinda shot was that?

Ah, you like that, huh? Yeah.

That's my knucklepuck. It's hard to be accurate but it drives goalies crazy.

Let's play!

(BOYS CHATTERING) - Come on, Danny, come to me!

BOY: Yeah!

Yeah! Way to go!

(DUCKS CHEERING) Sweet move, kid.

All right! Aw, you done messed up now!

Come here, I'm gonna get you! Come here. Come here!

Come here, junior! Come here! No. I'm just messin' with you, okay. Listen.

When a guy comes at you like I just did, you do this, Stick, gloves and shirt.

Okay? Yeah, okay.

My turn.

Stick, gloves, shirt.

All right? All right.


(BOYS CHEERING) All right, you guys, go get 'em!

All right! Come on, go get 'em! You guys do it, okay?

All right! Play hard!

Go, U.S.A. Go get 'em.

JAN: This is not a place for a coach.

GORDON: So who's looking after the shop?

We are closed.

First time in ten years.

I saw the Iceland game on television.

Who was that man in the suit with the wet hair? Was it raining?

It's a style, Jan You looked like you just got out of the shower.

You came 2,000 miles to make fun of me? You could have done this over the phone.

On TV, you looked like a man who needs a friend.

(SIGHS AND WHISPERS) You don't understand.

Gordon... when I told the Goodwill Committee who you were...

I did not talk to them about your good looks.

I didn't tell them you would win at any cost.

I told them you were a man who loves the game.

And I told them you were a man who could teach the kids about more than just winning or losing.

I told them you were the Minnesota Miracle Man.

And only you could teach them to fly.

So be that man.

Be that man, Gordon.


Hey, team! Hey, team. We're gonna be great today, right?

Where's Gordon? You tell us.

I don't believe this. Team U.S.A. I'm sorry.

But without a coach behind the bench, you'll forfeit the game.

But you can't do that. We have one.

Miss MacKay!

Hey, Charlie, what's up?

You have to pretend you're a coach or we forfeit the game.

Where's Coach Bombay? Pretend or we're out of the tournament.

But I don't know anything about coaching.

Here she is, our coach, Coach MacKay.


Come on, Coach MacKay.

What are you waitin' for, ice to freeze? Let's play!

Let's go. (CHEERING)


MILLER: Face-off at center ice. Germany wins the draw.

Comes across the U.S.A. blue line. Germany on the right wing side.

Down to big Klaus Stabias. He shoots!

And a save by Goldberg. Great save by Goldberg.

As Germany is really throwing their weight around.

Oh! We look tired.

We need to, uh... trade places.

What? New players.

Oh, say, "Change it up." Change it up.

Scream it! Change it up!


We're late in the period with a face off coming up.



Look who finally shows up. No way, guys! Just ignore him.

Averman, take the face-off. All right.




What do we got to lose? Respect.

He'll dump us the minute it's all over.

Come on in! Let's go, come on.




I was wrong.

And I'm sorry. I forgot about the team.

And the team is all I have.

All I want is another chance.

Just one more shot.

I'm back. Okay?


Together now.


Come on, Jesse.

Jesse, just do it, man! All right, let's go! Flying "V"! Come on!

MILLER: Hall joined by his teammates behind the Team U.S.A. net in the third period. They start back out and they form a "V".

I've heard of this before but I've never seen it.

It's the Flying "V" led by Jesse Hall.

Hall up to center ice. Hall with it toward the Germany blue line.

Hall-- Shot by Averman. He scores!


I've had a lot of big distractions since I've been here in L.A.

This is a distraction.

Nice haircut, Coach. Looks familiar. I know that guy.

This is a fire in a barrel.

This is a distraction in a fire in a barrel.

Any questions? Good job, Coach.

All right! (WHOOPING)

(CHEERING CONTINUES) All right, Coach!

We've got a lot of work to do.

We've gotta study our opponents and study ourselves.

We have to learn from our mistakes.

You all have special skills. Now we have to refine them.

Luis, your speed is a great weapon.

Now you must learn to harness it.

(BLOWS WHISTLE) Let's do it.

Whoa! GORDON: We need to get back to basics.

That's it. Dwayne, hustle. We're gonna be a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Move that big butt. Go!

Hey, how you feelin' today, Goldberg? Lean and mean.

GORDON: Banks! Show me something, now! That's it!

Good. Good.


Hey, Banks, let's go!

Comin'. I'll be right there.

GORDON: And no matter what, we'll work together to overcome every obstacle.

Now just think how you'd play with two good wrists.


It's just a little sore. I'm okay.

I should have spotted this sooner.

Sorry, man, I wasn't doin' my job.

Coach, I'm fine. I can play, I swear.


Here. Let's find out.

The other hand.

Now rotate it.


I have to bench you. No! You can't do that.

Adam, you could injure yourself permanently.

You can't bench me. I gotta play.

All the scouts are here watching me. This is my shot.

You're young and you're gonna have plenty of shots, believe me.

But my dad's counting on me.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry.



My dad worked a lot when I was a kid.

So when he made it to a game, I wanted so bad to score 100 goals for him.

I spent half the game a nervous wreck, my stomach in knots.

That's how I feel.

Before he died, my dad told me that his happiest times... were watching me skate on this pond we had behind our house.

He didn't need me to score 100 goals for him.

He was proud of me because I was his son... and I did my best.

I'm sure that's how your dad feels.

I know it is.

Thanks, Coach.

All right. Let's go get that wrist X-rayed.

Come on.

That's the way.

GORDON: We will work hard and we're gonna succeed.


GORDON: Nothing will bring us down.

If we fall, we'll get up and try it again.

Way to get over on your edge there, Connie!

Good, Portman, good. Soft hands.

Coach. Coach, I know with Banks out, we got a roster slot open.


You know how I told you I'd make a better coach than a player?

I did some scouting for us. Come on in!

Russ Tyler. Coach Bombay. Hiya, Coach.

(CHUCKLES) Russ Tyler, huh.

Well Russ, what can you do for the team?

You never heard of my knucklepuck?

Knucklepuck? No.

MILLER: U.S.A. leading Russia two-to-one here in the third period.

Russ Tyler, Team U.S.A.'s newest member from Los Angeles

- calling for the puck. He gets it. It's knucklepuck time.

He winds up. He shoots. He scores!


Yeah! GOLDBERG: That's my stuff!

GORDON: I told him no visitors, but he wanted to congratulate you anyway.

PLAYERS: That's Wayne Gretzky. (CHEERING)

Can I shake your hand? (ALL CHATTERING)

How ya doin'?

This is The Great One. Wayne's fine.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Say, hockey. TOGETHER: Hockey!

MILLER: Powered by a one goal victory over Russia, Team U.S.A. hockey advances to the finals of the Junior Goodwill Games, where they'll go up against the top-seeded team from Iceland.


Coach, shouldn't we have our hockey gear on?

Yeah? Guys, this is our last team practice, which means-- The return of Captain Blood.


It means... Let's have some fun.

All right!


Easy, easy now. Whoa. (LAUGHING)

Good. I love it.

I can skate.

Yes, he can skate. (CHUCKLES)



Playtime is over. We have the ice now.

You and your little rink rats must leave.

We're right here, Coach.

The only thing little was your career in the pros.


Gordon, no, let's go.

Well, at least I had a shot. I was there.

You were a disgrace.

All right, team, we're outta here.

Let's go, I said! Come on! Can you still move on the ice?

Well, please, play a little with me.

Show me the famous triple deke your dear daddy taught you.

Or was it that old geezer over there?


Three bar. First one to hit both posts and the crossbar.

Have to take it out past the blue line. I know the game.





Come on, Bombay. Come on!

DUCK: That's it. That's it! Yeah!



(CHEERING) News flash.

That wasn't even my triple deke. (CHUCKLES)


One more post and you go home crying.

By the way, Stansson, you owe me a beach ball.




Get your coach off the ice. We have to practice now.

Stay back! Back, back, back.

MILLER: Live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California, it's Team U.S.A. versus Iceland in the hockey finals of the Junior Goodwill Games.

Hi, everybody. This is Bob Miller along with Jacques Berman.

Nice to have you with us for what should be an exciting title game tonight.



I woke up... and the pain was gone.


Adam, I'm sorry, but we already have a full roster.

He can have my spot.


It's what I can do for the team.

Let me do it.

Charlie, I need you on the bench, coaching right there with me.


GORDON: Take a deep breath. Here we go.


MILLER: Now the two teams gather at their respective benches.

In their last meeting, Iceland crushed Team U.S.A., 12-one.

Heads high! Stand tall! Fly straight!

U.S.A.! PLAYERS: All the way!




MILLER: We're ready for the opening face-off in tonight's championship game.

Team U.S.A. against Iceland.

Lester Averman will move in to take the draw for Team U.S.A.

And off the face-off, Averman gets knocked down.

Iceland physically dominated the first game between two teams and they'll try to do it again tonight.

Guy Germaine gets checked down in the corner.

Behind the net, Goldberg cuts it off for U.S.A.

Here comes Dean Portman.

He's hit hard into the glass by Gunnar Stahl.

Iceland out to dominate this game early.

Puck is still in the U.S.A. zone. There's a shot from the blue line.

Stick save by Goldberg. Good save.

Held in by Iceland. Goldberg looks like he got tripped.

Iceland still with it. Back behind the net.

Here's a wraparound by Sanderson. (SIREN WAILING)

He scores! Iceland gets an early one-to-nothing lead.

It's all right. We'll get that one back.

Hey! Too slow, big boy.

All right! That's it! Don't listen to him.

That guy'll kill you.

Well, at least hold me back like I'm gonna kill him.

Come on, man! Let me at him! Let me go!

You want some of this? Let me at him!

Line change!

Guy, Jesse, Russ.

You ready? Get out there. Yeah.


That's the shooter! Watch him! Get him!

There he is. There you go. That's my boy!

Cross sticks.


What are you doin'? Get off me. (GROANS)



Over here, man. Gimme the puck. Shooter!

Watch out, boys. It's knucklepuck time.

Aw, man, I messed up.

MILLER: Iceland with a one-nothing lead. Throwing everything they have at U.S.A.



MILLER: Team U.S.A. has to find a way to get back in this game because they are being totally dominated by a bigger, faster Iceland team.

We can't make it. Iceland's bigger, stronger, faster.

They got more facial hair.


Banks, you're on.

Hey, be careful out there.


Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.

Hey Ref, why don't you call something? He almost took his arm off!

That'll be two minutes. Two minutes well worth it.

Get in the box, you big goon.

I'm okay.

You sure? Yeah. I'm fine.

They just hit the pad. Really.

You'll be okay, Banks.

Way to hang in there, Adam. Great playing.

MILLER: Now the crowd doing the wave, trying to get Team U.S.A. back in this game.

It may be working. Team U.S.A. up to center ice.

Moreau to the blue line of Iceland.

Drops it back to Mendoza. Ducks under a check.

Robertson with it now for Team U.S.A.

He's got great moves with the puck.

Robertson still with it. Portman calling for it in front of the net.

Robertson knocked down from behind. Iceland will take over.

Somebody get on him. RUSS: Get him, Luis!

MILLER: Here's Luis Mendoza in a footrace trying to catch Amselik.

Amselik on a breakaway. He could make it three-nothing.

Mendoza trying frantically to catch him.

Amselik moving in on Goldberg. Gets hit from behind.

- Taking the puck-- (SIREN WAILING)

Amselik, Mendoza and the puck all in the net. It's a goal.

And Iceland leads now... three-to-nothing.

Show me the Flying "V". Let's go! Let's go!


MILLER: And here's a four-on-none break for Iceland.

Gunnar Stahl to Sanderson. Wide open net and he scores.


Four-nothing, Iceland.


And Iceland is really taking it to Team U.S.A.

They are completely dominating this game.

As we start the second period, you have to wonder how is Team U.S.A. going to get back in this. It's like David versus Goliath!


Oy, vey.

You guys wanna ease up a little bit? Just thought I'd ask. Come on, guys.

MILLER: Off the face-off, Averman gets knocked down by Gunnar Stahl.

And the heavy hitting by Iceland continues.

It's gonna take something drastic for Team U.S.A. to turn this game around.






MILLER: Iceland trying to pad their lead in the second period.

Number 74 spins around. He's right in the slot.

He shoots! And a save by Goldberg.

Kenny Wu picks it up behind the U.S.A. net.

Wu, the former Olympic skater weaves his way up to center ice; he's gonna try and split the Iceland defense.

Get him!

Pretty cool, huh?

MILLER: Fulton back to Wu. He shoots. He scores!


BOTH: Yeah! Yeah! Yes! (WHOOPING)

MILLER: Wu! Wu! Wu! Kenny Wu... puts Team U.S.A. on the board!


What'd you think of that? Pretty sweet, huh?


Hey, you wanna piece of me? Here, take that.

All right! Yeah!

I taught him that. Yeah, I know, man!

Come on! Let's go. Take that! What'd I do?

All right. All right. Grim up. We still got a lot of work to do.

What are you doing out there? Wake up!

That'll be two minutes, son. Two minutes? Well worth it.


All right, Ken Wu!

Our little Bash Brother!

Yeah! He's our man!


Yeah! Get up! Come on! Get up!

Hey, you guys, come on, get-- Let's play hockey!

Yes! Yeah! Come on! Yeah!

Yes, let's hear it for the three Bash Brothers entertaining the crowd.





Let's go, come on.

MILLER: Fulton and Portman are gonna get misconduct penalties here.

They're ushered into the penalty box where they join Wu and they're still going wild.

Now there's three Bash Brothers.

Olaf! - Ja!


Connie, be careful out there. They're gunning for you.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.




MILLER: Iceland on the attack again. Uberjavik fires the puck in the corner.

Connie Moreau over to get it. Sanderson has her lined up.

GORDON: Get out of there!


No, Dwayne! I'm comin', Connie.




All right! (GROANS)

Get up there!

Where I come from, we treat ladies with respect.

Thank you, Dwayne, but I'm no lady; I'm a Duck!

Come on! Way to go, you little filly.

I'll get you for th--

MILLER: Referee taking Robertson over to the penalty box.

What are they gonna call this penalty?

It's two minutes for roping?

That's a new one on me. We're at the end of the second period.

Iceland has a commanding four-to-one lead.

This isn't a hockey game; it's a circus.


Did you all enjoy that? PLAYERS: Yeah!

So did they, because they're still three points up and we're one period away from defeat.

If we can't beat them, we might as well keep our pride.


Jesse, that's not pride.

Sure, when Dwayne roped that big oaf, part of me cheered.

But guys, I've been there. I know how you feel.

I wanted to cream that jerk that busted my knee when I played in the minors.

And I really, really wanted to go after Stansson for that cheap shot.

But you know what? My knee will heal.

And if I become someone I'm not... if I sink to their level... well, then, I lost more than my knee.

You understand?


We're not goons. We're not bullies.

No matter what people say or do... we have to be ourselves.

You. Who are you?

Dean Portman. From where?

Chicago, Illinois. You.

Guy Germaine. From where?

From St. Paul, Minnesota.

You. Jesse Hall from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Who are you? Julie Gaffney from Bangor, Maine.

Luis Mendoza. Miami, Florida.

Greg Goldberg. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Les Averman. Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Fulton Reed. Stillwater, Minnesota. That's right!

Russ Tyler. South Central Los Angeles.

Charlie Conway. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ken Wu. San Francisco, California.

Connie Moreau. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Adam Banks. Edina, Minnesota.

Dwayne Robertson. Austin, Texas.

Michele MacKay. Duluth, Minnesota.

And I'm Gordon Bombay. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We're Team U.S.A., gathered from all across America.

And we're gonna stick together. You know why?

Because we are Ducks.

And ducks fly together. That's right, Jan.

And just when you think they're about to break apart--

ALL: Ducks fly together!

And when the wind blows hard and the sky is black--

ALL: Ducks fly together!

When the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture--

Okay. ALL: Ducks fly together!

And when everyone says it can't be done--

Ducks fly together.

JAN: Now, new Ducks... and old Ducks must unite under a new banner.

And I thought perhaps something like this.


MILLER: Here to start the third period, what team is this?

It's not Team U.S.A. Yes, it is.

They've got on new uniforms.

They're wearing the logo of the duck.

I've never seen this before.

Yeah! Come on!

MILLER: I've just gotten word that there is no rule against changing uniforms.

Come on. This is ridiculous.

Well, Gordon Bombay's old team was called the "Ducks" and I guess we've got the U.S.A. Ducks out there now.

ALL: (CHANTING) Quack! Quack! Quack!



Go... Ducks!


CROWD: (SINGING) We will, We will quack you

We will, We will quack you

We will, We will quack you

We will, We will quack you Buddy, you're a boy make a big noise Playin' in the street Gonna be a big man someday You got mud on your face You big disgrace Kickin' your can all over the place Singin' We will We will rock you MILLER: Germaine gives it to Wu. Wu back to Germaine.

Germaine slides it to Connie Moreau. She shoots. She scores!

Connie Moreau with a lovely move in front of the net... pulls Team U.S.A. to within two goals.

Yes! Yes. All right, you guys! Way to go! All right, Ducks!

MILLER: Team U.S.A. still down by two goals. Trying to get back in it.

- Shot and a diving save by Goldberg. Watch your back!

Averman with it, leads the attack. Comes right up the middle.

Averman lost the puck. Iceland gets it over Gunnar Stahl.

He's got an open net. He scores!

Yes! - Oh, that hurts.

The Ducks trail now, five-to-two.

Okay, Ducks, take a look here.

Charlie, what are we doing here? This isn't the NBA.

But it's the perfect teamwork play.

Now, cowboy!

Alley-oop, boys.



(WHOOPING) All right!

GORDON: Yeah! Wooo! All right!

That's the way, Dwayne!

MILLER: Play continues here in the final period.

The hitting has picked up, but the Ducks are hanging in there.

However, they're still down by two goals with time running out.

Bodies flying all over the ice. The puck is in the Ducks' zone.

Here's Mendoza on a breakaway. He can really fly.

The speedster into the Iceland zone.

I stopped. Put it in, Luis!

MILLER: He scores!

- Luis Mendoza on a breakaway... Yeah! scores with two minutes left.

And the Ducks trail by one.


It's five-four. We are still in this.

Come on, we can do it!

Russ. Yeah, Coach.

Two minutes left. Can you get your shot off?

I don't know. They're gunning for me.

Make it happen.

(WHISTLE BLOWING) Get off me, man. Get off me!

Time out. Time out. Time out!

Guys, come in. Come on!


Huddle up! Listen up! This is what I wanna do.

When 56, Tyler's on the ice, he's covered with three men.

Do you understand that?

Ya. Okay. Go!

Go... Ducks!

(CHEERING) Let's go!

MILLER: Time running out here in the third period.

The Ducks with the puck. They're still down by a goal.

They're back in their own zone.

I don't know why they're not moving it up to center ice.

They have to attack. The clock is ticking.

- Iceland with a one goal lead. All right! Guy, now!

Here's Germaine in his own zone. Germaine gives it to Luis Mendoza.

Mendoza goes behind the net. Starts up on the attack.

Mendoza drops it back to-- to Goldberg?

He gave it to the goaltender Goldberg. Wait, it's not Goldberg.

It's Russ.

Here, take it. Thanks.

The goalie!

MILLER: Tyler with it. Tees up the puck.

No! - With the knucklepuck.

- Russ Tyler with the knucklepuck Yeah! ties the game with no time left on the clock.


Yeah! That's my boy! That's my boy!


MILLER: So the championship comes down to a shootout.

Each team picks five of their best. One-on-one with the goalie.

No rebounds. Best of five shots wins it all.

What a way to end it!





(CHEERING) All right!





Yes! Oh, yes!


Gunnar, you can do it. Come on.


Julie, you got the fast glove. I know this kid's move.

Triple deke, glove side. Anticipate it and you got him.

What if he goes stick side? He's fancy. He'll go glove.

Don't hesitate. Let's go.

MILLER: In a surprise move, Bombay has gone to his bench.

He's sending out Julie Gaffney to replace Goldberg.

- She'll face Gunnar Stahl. Go get him, Julie.

MILLER: I don't know about this move by Bombay.

Putting in a cold goaltender to face the leading scorer in the tournament.

(CHUCKLES) - But hang on to your hats. Here we go.

If Julie "The Cat" Gaffney stops Gunnar Stahl, the U.S.A. wins.

That's one.




MILLER: Ducks win! Ducks win! Oh, I can't believe it!

- The Ducks have come... Yes! Yes!

- from behind to beat Iceland... Yes! Yes! in a shootout in the championship game!

Nice try.

MILLER: Bombay, the Minnesota Miracle Man, has done it again.



You lost it for me.

You lost it for yourself.

Let's go shake their hands.

Good game. Good game.

Good game. Good game, guys.

Good work, Captain Duck.

Thanks, Gunnar.

Good job, Coach. Thanks, Wolf.

We'll see ya again.



(PLAYERS CHANTING) Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

GORDON: Come on, Ducks! We're goin' home.



Whoa! Help me! You're not supposed to light it on fire.


I've paid my dues Time after time I've done my sentence But committed no crime EVERYONE: And bad mistakes I've made a few I've had my share of sand kicked in my face But I've come through And we go on and on and on and on We are the champions My friends And we'll keep on fighting

'Til the end

We are the champions We are the champions No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions QUEEN: Of the world We are the champions My friends And we'll keep on fighting

'Til the end We are the champions We are the champions No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions Of the world

There's fire in their eyes You'll see them challengin' the odds They'll beat them Power mixed with pride Unleash it Danger on the ice E-C-G The Mighty Ducks of America Rock the pond A surge of force that never dies Rock the pond The Mighty Ducks of America Rock the pond A surge of force that never dies

The Mighty Ducks of America Rock the pond A surge of force that never dies Rock the pond The Mighty Ducks of America Rock the pond A surge of force that never dies Rock the pond The Mighty Ducks of America Rock the pond A surge of force that never dies Rock the pond Rock the pond Yes, a surge of force That never Dies