Da yue shi. Wei ai pei yue (2018) Script

There are a lot of different sounds in this world.

Some of them are natural.

Some of them are made by humans.

To me, I think they're all music.

For me to communicate with this world.


More crap!



Yes, $1.5B for that plane?

Get me three...

Thank you, Boss! Watch your step!

This person with mania, is very sensitive to sound.

And because of this, he did many unusual things.

Need a space, gorgeous? I got one.

Fatso! Get to work!

Are you eating here?

Hold on...

Can you kill the ring tone?

It's none of your business!


That's enough!

I am so sorry. Excuse me.

Hey! Done with your crap, bitch?

My phone, asshole!

Fuck! Yung!


Get back here, bitch!

Hold on... Bitch!

Hold on... Fuck!

Take a drag...Come on, buddy!

Take a drag...

Here...the phone is ringing.

Listen, listen...

Listen to the song...

Listen to Hit Girl.

And to help him, it is sound.

It is an unfinished song I put on the Internet.

Works better than a tranquilizer.

Sometimes I really want to help you find the cyber chick who wrote that song.

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

Hit Girl is probably a big fat lady.

Or an uncle pretending to be a chick.

Help! Let me go!

Help! Help!

Shut up!

I don't recognize you or your voice, I won't identify you.

Help! Let me go!

I didn't kidnap you!

Your voice is different...who are you?

Who are you? Who are you?

What are you doing here? Where am I?

You're in my...Fuck!

What? Where am I?

Hey, I can't swim.

Don't throw me in the sea! Please don't!

Shut up! Don't!

Don't throw me in the sea!

Shut up! No!

Don't throw me in the sea! No...

"Watch her, Wong"

Watch what?

Hello? It's me!

Why did you dump the girl in my place?

I'm busy now, just feed her.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Look, I'm removing the tape, so you can breathe. Don't scream!

Help...Let me go!

Help! Let me go! Shut the fuck up!

Why did you kidnap me?

I'll say this again, it wasn't me.

Then let me go!

I've been missing for so long, my boyfriend will worry and call the cops.

You didn't kidnap me, right?

Release me and you'll get a good citizen award.

Alright, straight to the point, what's your name?

I'll nominate you.

Good citizen award is very cool...

Shut up or I'll stuff you back in the sack and throw you into the sea.


Just stick to your routine.

I can't see anyway.

You didn't line it up properly.

Don't zip it by force.

You know it's an Adidas?

Each zipper sounds different.

Excuse me...what time is it?

Around 4 o'clock.

I haven't eaten for over 10 hours.

Too spicy?

It's ok, ok...


Tap water is bad for you.

Suit yourself.

I don't care if you can sleep or not, I'll be done with you tomorrow.

Thank you.

Shout for your boyfriend.


Shout Help, Perry! Help me!

Help me!

$10M, you have 3 days.

Collect her body if you call the cops.

I'm sorry, we're working in Prague.

It takes time to return.

Can we have a few more days?

Who are you?

I am Miss Chung, Perry's manager.

You want money?

I'm in charge of money.

Is this a joke?

They're shooting a commercial in Prague.

Where the Hell is Prague?

If you're in a hurry, we can transfer the money to you.

What is your account number?


You think I'm an idiot?

Tell Perry Tam to bring me the money.

I want cash!

How about we give you $12M?


It really takes time to come back.

If you give us a few more days, we'll give you $12M.

Or would you rather have $10M?

$12M! Cash.

That was my account number...

I struck a deal for $12M.

$12M...That's brilliant!


What's really going on?

$12M means we each get $4M.

This is kidnapping, That's over 10 years in jail!

Over 10 years?

For each of us?

Fuck off!

Do you know her boyfriend?

I don't care!

Perry Tam!

A budding singer who made $30M a year.

I'm just borrowing some of it to pay off the $4M we owe Tony.

We'll pay him back when we have money.

Pay him my ass!

This is your shit, leave me out of it.


Are you sure it's over 10 years in jail?

Look at this asshole.

He can't carry a tune but he makes records and makes a fortune.

I sing and look better yet I'm here growing mold.

Is that fair?

Listen to me, we're just trying to get our fair share in this unfair world!

You need a place to ditch the girl, right?

Yes. Count me out!

Count me out too.


I'll do this myself.

Call the cops, call the cops on me!

I have no intention to do that.

But the fuck face has! Look at him...


Listen, you can't do this.

You can't ditch us like that.

Why bother talking to him?

He always cuts and runs.

Don't you remember?

We smuggled milk powder, all seized by Customs; we sold tarts, got charged for patent infringement; we smuggled raw oysters, all cooked.

Altogether, we owe Tony $4M.

Don't pin all that on me!

We can pay him off with our valet parking, eventually!


I'm the one he hacks every month.

I took the heat for you.


Remember our quarrel with Sorbet?

Didn't I take a hit for you?

Not me.

You did it for him.

See? Even I don't remember.

Why would he remember?

So much for brotherhood.

He gets going when the going gets tough.

Please don't say that...

I'm with you! Right, Yung?

I saw nothing...none of you!

Hey, don't stand like a police lineup.

Are you in or out? I won't force you.

Let's hope she doesn't recognize you.

You'll be fine, because a traitor's face is hard to identify.

But mine is highly recognizable.

Yung, what you just said...

It's like coming from a stranger.

I... Don't...don't hit me...


Only if nobody gets hurt.

If anything should go wrong, you'll be the first one to kill her.

You have no idea how you overreact to things.

I don't want her here.

Why not?

This is in the middle of nowhere.

Just a few days. She saw us all anyway.

I'll follow up on her boyfriend.

Then I'll follow up on her.

No, you take the valet parking.

Cut the crap.

It's been a long night, I'm beat.

Let's go.

But I'm not sleepy.

Sleep with me.

With you? Go!

Who's sleeping with her?

Are you crazy? They asked for $10M, why offer $12M?

How else could I buy us more time?

$2M extra for a few more days? What for?

To finish the job.

There's no use going home now, we'll have to compensate the client for walking out.

Will this work?

At least we have earned a few extra days to ensure Jamie's safety.

The key is these people don't sound like professionals.

Shall we call the cops?

If we do that, we can't finish the commercial.

And we still need to pay the client for his loss.

That's true!

I meant to tell Jamie before...

It won't matter. Even if you have dumped her, you still have to deal with this.


I have belly ache...I can't hold it in anymore!




I need to use the toilet!


Are you done?

As soon as I wash my hands.

I'm done!

Go to Hell!

Going somewhere? Help!

Running away? Help!

Running away? Bitch!

I'm sorry!

I know you are mad at me, but this won't do you any good.

No good at all!

You're bleeding!

Let me help you!

I am very useful, very useful.

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

Sorry, am I making too much noise?

I'll go mop the floor...



What do you do?

I'm a songwriter on the internet.

Songwriter? What's your name?

My net name is Hit Girl.

You wrote that song?


Unfinished though, only 52 seconds for now.

And it hasn't got a title yet.

That's why I called it "Demo".

I posted it online 2 years ago, and nobody paid any attention to it.

I earned one "like" and one download.

Her nick name is Little Fairy.

I want to ask...


No what?

What were you saying?

I would like to ask...

May I get changed?

This is what you usually eat?

Not your taste? Leave it.

I can cook for you.

There's nothing to cook.

Your place is so much nicer after I tidied it up.

What's that?

I don't know, some kind of doorbell.

It was there when I moved in.

When were you kidnapped?

Last night...

What do you think?


Let me finish the rest.

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

Where's the money?

Don't hit me! I'll pay up.

One week...

I'll kill your family if you don't.

Right, all of us! All of you!

One week...I'm sorry!

"$30M rising star Perry Tam live-in girlfriend unveils"

They must have beaten the crap out of him.

That's why he kidnapped you.

You suppose I can leave by month end?


I signed up for a contest.

What kind of contest?

I intend to make the Demo longer and use it as a song to compete.

And let Perry Tam sing it?

He's only helping me out.

He has a bigger draw.

No doubt.

But your song is doomed.

By the way, what did he do before?

What misfortune dragged him into singing?

We were both ushers in City Hall.

We always got along.

Then one day, a light on stage fell down and he saved my life.

So he scored with a chick, why become a singer?

A record company spotted him...

Because of his looks?


You think he's a lousy singer too!

Why do you care about my song so much?

I'm just speaking my mind.

Are you alright?

I think I'm having my period.

You're such a pain!

You suppose...on the odd chance... you have a napkin lying around can I borrow it?

I live alone, would I have something like that?

Maybe your ex left some here.

She has period too, right?

I thought maybe I'll luck out.

You've been kidnapped.

What kind of luck do you think you have?

So do you have music instead?

What's up?

You play some music for it and it comes back to life?

A report says good music can make plants flourish; milk cows in France produce more milk;

Japanese sake become more mellow; even babies cry less.

It has also been proven it can reduce crime rate in Canada.

And makes cripples move again.

Music can make you see another world.

Mountain is not mountain, water is not water.

It can inspire mankind to think, overcomes anxiety and insomnia, and make people smarter.

Do you know what you're talking about?

Are you drunk?

What about constipation?

Try this...4 times a day, once every 4 hours.

This is for insomnia.

This is for menstrual cramps.


Thank you.

What's wrong? What?

You look horny!

She's skinny, but at least she's clean.

What? Come on...

I'm just thinking out loud. She's not yours.

She's Hit Girl!

Your tranquilizer?

She dropped dead?

Go get some ointment!



Wait a second...Yung!

I don't live here!

How the Hell would I know?

Keep an eye on her!


Wake up...




That bitch squirted something at me.

You bitch!

Help me!


I can't swim!

Yung, over here!


I can't swim...

Save it! I don't believe you!


What an act!


Yung, can you hear me?

Hey? Hey!

Yung, you're an asshole!

I'm coming!

Fuck! Closer, asshole!

What's up?

Okay I'll screw you after I get out of these clothes!

Go to Hell!

Shut up!

What is it?

They abducted Wong.

Stay where you are and no monkey business

Help! Help...


Don't go! Hey...

Help! Hey!

Damn it! How could you not hear me?

Watch out, idiot! Hey...

Go! It's clear, idiot!

Stay here. Alright.

Let him go!

Sure...after you pay me.

It's fake, Tony!

Stay back!

You're dead meat, asshole.

Let him go!

Let's go...

Oh shit!

Wong, get on!

Open the door! It's opened.

Stay where you are!

Close the door!

It's closed Now what?

Drive! Drive!

Try to leave? Bastard!

It's a dead end, idiot!

What did you run over?

I don't know!

Back up!

Rip them apart!

Hurry up, loser!

Not the windshield wiper!

Why turning on the radio?

Welcome to the Classical Music Channel.

We bring you Mozart's Serenade No. 13 in G major.

Welcome to the Classical Music Channel.

We bring you Mozart's Serenade No. 13 in G major.

Welcome to the Classical Music Channel.

We bring you Mozart's Serenade No. 13 in G major.

Music can make you see another world.

Mountain is not mountain, water is not water.

How dare you take me hostage!

Come on, kill me.

Kill me now!

No, Tony!

You want money, right? Don't do this.

I'm sorry, it's our fault. We're assholes.

I'm sorry...

I'll do it myself.

I'll do it myself. Hey!

We owe you $4M, I'll top it up to $5M.

That's crap!

We kidnapped a girl.

We'll get paid soon.

$5M, OK?

You have a week.

Otherwise I kill you all.

Clean up the mess.


Thank you...

I just paid off the car.

Oh right, the money is ready.

We'll contact Banker Lau when we land.

What do you think I should do about this?

What do you mean?

I met her in the City Hall inside a concert hall.

When we first started going out, we agreed that some day we'll visit this city of music together.

But somehow I find this quite comforting.

I guess certain things must be in sync for them to work.

That's it!

You're back...

Are you alright?

You'll get tetanus for that.

You can't reach your back.

Let me help you, OK?

Don't worry!

Escaping to the sea is a dead end for me.


Sleep on your side tonight.

Your dinner.

What about you?

I already ate.

"Insomnia: Brahms Lullaby"




What's the fuss?

Help me remember this...

You usually don't sleep in.

I'm about to forget, help me remember...

Are you crazy?

In my dream, I heard the chorus of Demo.

You heard it in a dream?

Here...write it down.

Not on the floor! Be quiet!

Get me some tools.

Your music instrument, get started.

Are you kidding?

Give it a blow.

Perfect! I'll go back to sleep.

Do you have guitar?


Here, you have a full band!

A drum set, please?

So demanding!

Your instruments are quite "professional".

Whatever works.

Right? Let me try

See? Told you!

Let me try this...


Don't get so agitated.

Pretend you were still dreaming.

Still dreaming?

"With no ifs..."

Just hold on!

I'll get you a piano.

Hello, can I help you, Sir?

This is all you have?

What type of piano are you looking for?


What's your budget?

$300 or so.


Tops! Don't think I'm stupid.

I have just the kind you need.

It doesn't cost you. I'll even pay you $200.

Here's $200.

Take it to the dumpster.

I don't know about pianos.

And this is all I can afford.

See if you can use it.

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

I heard of people writing books in jail.

You're the first to write a song in captivity.

But what's the use?

Nobody cares.

But didn't you say, someone downloaded it?

That's right.

Thank you, Little Fairy.

Little Fairy lives by the sea.

And you seem particularly interested in my Demo.

I never expected Little Fairy would turn out to be an uncle with a stubble.

Little Fairy...

It pays off to be a chick on the internet.

In any case, you're the first to hear the finished song.

You're really good.

Thank you.

If you ever need inspiration, you can always come back here.

Did you just try to run away?

Why didn't you?

You said you'd bring me a piano...

You probably won't let me go before you get the money, right?

Three lives are at stake.

I want to record the song.

Any chance...

I can have my recorder from home?

Just put them over there, thank you.

I'm so tired.

Get some rest, I'll get the money from Banker Lau.

What's your hurry?

I realized now that she's gone, it's not really a bad thing.

Bad for whom?

Who else? Me and you, of course!

Something wrong?

It's hot, let's go.

Maybe you didn't lock up properly.

I did, but...

I feel like someone is watching us.

About Jamie...whether for personal or business reasons, I still think we should call the Police.

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

What's that?


Your recorder.

"An Unheard Melody"?

Did you see Perry when you were there?


I wonder how he's doing.

I don't know.

We have nothing better to do.

Try this out for me.

Try what?

The song is written for a male voice.

You're crazy!

Just try it.

I don't want to bother you either, but where else can I find a guy around here now?


Just once, Little Fairy.

You know how much this means to Hit Girl.

Precisely because you said Little Fairy, I won't do it.


I only have 2 weeks left.

I said no!

You know the song so well.

Just this once? Please...

Sing it once and I'll know what's wrong with it.

It's our collaboration, right?

You don't want it to flop.

Over my dead body!

Ready? Yes.


Not yet...again.

Never said...

Not yet...watch for my cue.


"Never said the words I wanted to"

"Time has gone by"

"Did not ask you why"

"as if you were passing by"

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

"I'm not afraid of the wind and rain"

"only the silence of the sea"

Nice voice!

I knew.

Maybe you were beaten up so often and had to run for your life, your lung capacity is quite good.

But your breathing is all wrong.

Too much phlegm and your voice is hoarse, so the whole song is falling apart.

Besides... some of the high notes are hard on the ears.

Are you done?

I'm doing you a favor, don't criticize me.

Quit smoking, no more spicy food.

Start swimming, sleep and get up early.

We'll record it again when your voice is ready.

Are you crazy?

Give it back! Stay back...

What are you doing?

I'm deleting it.

No! I need it for reference!

Why do you want to record my voice?

So you can post "Singing Kidnapper" online?

I promise no one will hear this.

Hey, give me back! There...


We worked so hard on it!

A kidnapper is no big deal.

What now?

Don't get huffy with me. We'll re-record it.

Not with a voice like that.

Then what do you want?

Go! Faster...


That was warm up, now hurry!

I can walk faster like this!

Hurry up!


690, 691...

Harder...what's wrong with you?

Can I come out now?

I can't breathe.

Get used to the water pressure and beef up your lung capacity

Two...Thousand and three...

The origin of music, came from the calling for help.

Eat your food.

According to myth, the origin of music came from the calling for help.

I never understand, until Yung kidnapped me.

I called out for help.

But in the end, the one who was rescued by music, turned out to be him.

I'm working.

A phone should ring like a phone.

Why Play a song?

Music is more relaxing.

Don't we have enough noise in this world that tried to pass off as music?

You work with me now.

I don't want noise.

Sorry, I ordered take out.


Come on, let's eat.

You like tomatoes, go ahead and eat.

Try this.

Miss Chung!

The Police has taken over this case.

Before you do anything, you should first clear it with us.

The kidnappers may put a bug in the takeout to test our setup.

I'm sorry, Perry hasn't eaten all night.

Check carefully for bugs.

Yes, Madam

What are you looking at? Dig in!

Answer the phone!

Let him pick up!


Is the money ready?


Put it in a mid-size PVC tote bag.

Wait for my call tomorrow afternoon at 2.

He said tomorrow afternoon at 2.

Can I leave by 3 o'clock?

Mr. Tam.

What do you have to do at 3 o'clock?

He has to work.

Let's go work this out.

"Never said the words I wanted to"

What's this?

Music therapy. What?

It can fix constipation and insomnia.

After I listened to it, it was like the Niagara Falls.

Didn't you have kidney problems?

You do, not me!

We'll be loaded tomorrow.

You can get treatment in the U.S.

Idiot! You're right!

Hey! We'll be rich!

And you, after tomorrow... you better forget about us.

We know where you live, no monkey business!

Remember that...no, don't remember!

Remember not to remember.


Let's go.

Go where? Celebrate.

Celebrate what? Money hasn't changed hands.

What do you mean?

Of course it will!

We can pre-celebrate.

Godfather wants you to celebrate his birthday.

We'll have a blast!

You know the elderly.

No, I should stay and watch her.

No need, in the middle of the sea, she can go nowhere.

Go without me.

Without you?

You can't miss Godfather's birthday.

What can I tell him?

That Yung doesn't want to come?

I can't do that! Don't be so wishy-washy.

Grow up, Yung.

Don't be a fence sitter. Come on...

I'll go tie her up.


You want anything?

Buffalo wings.

Sing. Why don't you sing?

Drink up!

You lost! Take off your pants!

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

Buffalo wings to go, not spicy.

"In the loneliest corner"

"I'm like an unheard melody"

"At 1:01 a.m. the Weather Observatory"

"hoisted the black rainstorm signal."

Let's go, Fatso!

Go where? Godfather is not here.

He's not coming in the black rain.

You should be somewhere safe.

Come, I'll help you feel safe.


Hands off!

Don't you dare leave!

Everyone is having a blast, but you look like someone died.

You wanted us to celebrate with you.

What do you want from us?

You could have left, but you chose to stay.

When did you become so unreasonable?

Yung, be reasonable.

Where are you going, Yung?


Happy birthday, Godfather!

Yung is waiting for you! Happy birthday!

Cut the crap, I'll have a drink.

Happy birthday, Godfather.

Very well...

Awesome! Godfather!

More booze...nobody leaves until we finish these.

Copy that!

Here...have a blast!

Let's sing the birthday song for Godfather.



"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to Godfather."

Hit Girl!

Hit Girl!

Can you hear me?

Are you alright?

Fine...it's fine...

Let's go.

Go where?

You can go when they get the money.

Don't go so fast. Keep your distance.

Does he really have to go?

Exactly! He can wear these...

See? Nobody can tell.

Mr. Tam!

You want your girlfriend to die?

You want me to die?

How can I get my money back?

Will you reimburse me?

Is it tax deductible?


Go to Quarry Bay.

You heard him.

Protect me and my money.

What do you think of the song?

It's perfect.

No, I mean...what about our song?

What about it?

It's not yet recorded...

You wrote it for your boyfriend.

I'm just the stand-in.

Though I'm doing a much better job with it.

Remind him to quit smoking and spicy food, swim and sleep and rise early.

Get his voice ready.

Keep your distance.

Now what?

Stop the car!

We keep going, B team find a place to park.

Yes, Madam!

Put the bag in the blue re-cycle bin.

Drive away.


Stop, Police!

Freeze! Stop!

Madam, I don't know anything.

Madam Cuff him!

The rest of you come with me.

Yes, Madam!

Hurry up, Fatso!

What time was the drop?

2 o'clock.

It's already after 5.

Did something go wrong?

I mean if something went wrong, will they finger you?

Where's Fatso?


We have to run!


What are you doing?

There's no other way.

No! We're all dead!

Are you crazy?

We're dead! I got to kill her!

We agreed nobody gets hurt.

She saw us.

We'll all die!


This way!

Before he catches up with us...You go that way!

You're bleeding! Go, I'm fine...

I'm OK! Hey! What're you doing?

Let me stop the bleeding. Go!

Don't follow me!

Stop, Police!

What happened, Miss?

Miss? Help...

Kay, watch her! Sure!

Miss, what happened?

We're fucked...

"Air-conditioner repair"

Miss Chow.

Please have a look... are they your kidnappers?

Anyone else besides these two?

No, just them.

We found this recorder on the raft.

I presume the female voice is yours.

Who was the guy?

I don't know.

You don't know or you don't want to say?

What happened on the raft?

I really don't remember...

I'm very tired, I want to go home.

Why don't you think again?

About what?

I'm the victim, don't interrogate me like a criminal.

Very well...before you go, let's listen to the song together.

Maybe it can jog your memory.

No, what for?


Listen carefully to the suspect's voice.

Yes, Madam!

"In the loneliest corner"

"I'm like an unheard melody"

"With no ifs and no leads"

"my heart is saddened"

"Everything about you makes my tears drop"

"What is this?"

What song is that?

It's awesome. Who sang it?

Don't let my fuddy-duddy appearance fool you.

I studied music in Berkeley.

Sir Actually...

Why become a kidnapper with a voice like that?

Sir the kidnapper happened to have a good voice.

Still. What a waste!


Miss Chow, go home and get some rest.

If you think of anything, feel free to contact us.

Just in time...are you alright?

Let's go.

Mr. Tam, where were you after the drop?

I went to work.

The fan club gathering over ran.

Let's go.

Hey, not in public!

Excuse me, Mr. Tam!

What now?

We need to question someone.


The woman in your bedroom last night.

It's Miss Chung, am I right?



What do you expect?

If you're with me, get used to it.

Get used to it?

OK, I meant to tell you.

But you were kidnapped...

You mean...

...you two were...

I paid the ransom, didn't I?

When we were working in Prague, I knew for sure...

Certain things must be in sync for them to work.


Madam I'd cook and he'd do the dishes.

"In the loneliest corner"

"I'm like an unheard melody"

What are these?

Lyrics from the song.

And these?

This is the melody of the chorus.

I heard it in a dream.

These are our music instruments.

This is where we recorded the song.

Check everything carefully.

See if you can find anything on that guy.

Yes, Madam.

"$30M heartthrob Perry Tam's"

"new affair with manager unveiled"

"She's the love of my life"

Grand Musician Music Contest will commence in 10 minutes.

Please take your seats now.

Be on your toes! He must show up.

You think so?

He knew the place is crawling with cops.

And he is injured.

Be careful! If he shows up, things may turn ugly.

Maybe he only wants to sing.

When he kidnapped the girl, he was so bored he recorded a song.

What if he came to kill the girl?

He wants to silence her.

She's so insensible.

Told her not to come, but she wouldn't listen.

A lunatic and a fool.

Why are they doing this?

The reason can be very simple.

The song belongs to them.

The girl is doomed for life if she screws up.

Excuse me, I'd like to pull out.

You want to quit?


Then I'd be stupid to quit smoking.

After the brilliant performance on the guitar, today's contest is drawing to a close.

Our final contestant Jamie Chow and her "An Unheard Melody".

What a piece of junk!

It's probably out of tune.

Does it work?

Be quiet.

"Never said the words I wanted to"

"Time has gone by"

"Did not ask you why"

"as if you were passing by"

"Perhaps I can finally hear"

"the pleasure in waiting"

"I'm not afraid of the wind and rain"

"only the silence of the sea"

"Missing you, I slowly forget to breathe"

"Memories come back to me at night"

"Have I"

"already lost myself?"

"With no ifs and no results"

"In the loneliest corner"

"I'm like an unheard melody"

It's him! Arrest him!

"...no leads"

"my heart is saddened"

"Everything about you makes my tears drop"

"What is this?"

It's him! Arrest him!

Repeat! Reception is poor!

Arrest him!

Arrest the man on stage! Hello?

"Missing you, I slowly forget to breathe"

"Memories come back to me at night"

"Have I"

"already lost myself?"

"With no ifs and no results"

"In the loneliest corner"

"I'm like an unheard melody"

"With no ifs and no leads"

"my heart is saddened"

"Everything about you makes my tears drop"

"What is this?"

I came to tell you the day at the junk yard, when those thugs were trashing the car, the music was on, and I saw them dancing.

You told me...

"Music: can make me see another world."

"Mountain is not mountain, water is not water."

I saw it...

I made that up, so you would let me go.

But I'm not making this up.

Yung, thank you for bringing me... such an unique song writing experience.

Through music, I've been searching for the sound to communicate with the world.

In the end, I realized It is your voice I've been searching for.

A voice capable of touching people's hearts.

And it makes our song take flight.

I finally arrived in Prague.

A world I once thought was full of inspiration.

I tried different types of music over here.

But gradually, I realized this world is not the same anymore.

Or perhaps the world that has once inspired me is different.

If we will meet again, I hope, through music, you can communicate with my world again.

My friend, are you Cheung Chuen-yung?


4 years ago at a music contest I was there that day.

After I was injured, I lost the use of my legs.

I thought I'd never walk again.

But somehow after I heard you sing, I felt something in my legs.

The doctor said there had been similar cases Are you kidding me?

I can't believe I can finally thank you in person. Thanks!

How is the girl?

There's no new music coming from her.

I don't know.

Didn't she tell you during her visits?

I didn't put her name on the visitor's list.

Why not?

I don't want to be a burden to her.

Thank you.

Would you like to try?

You told me...

Music can make me see another world.

Mountain is not mountain, water is not water.

I saw it...

I saw it too.

Why are you here?

You said I could come back for inspiration.

"According to myth, the origin of music"

"came from the calling for help."

"Before the creation of language,"

"when humans were in danger,"

"they called out to their tribesmen for help."


"they developed RHYTHM."

"When opposing tribes called for help,"

"their weapons accidentally became music instruments."

"The calling for help became an ensemble."

"Because of this coincidence,"

"music: was discovered"

"and their fight was forgotten."