Dabangg 3 (2019) Script


This is Kalpana Chawla welcoming my viewers from Tundla.

The wedding preparations that you can see behind me...

...is for the richest man in the city Chironjee Lal's daughter Kusum Kali.


He's hired the best cooks from around Uttar Pradesh...

...and he's booked, Arena Grande and also invited Madhuri Dixit.

Madhuri Dixit is my favourite too I've also heard that the bride's gown costs at least 10 million.

Hey, mister...

Who are you?


...the name must ring a bell.

Sir, you?

I rob every individual weddings and party.

Today is your lucky day.

Grab the camera.

No, please! Listen to me...

This is the biggest wedding in Tundla to date.

There'll be no screaming, yelling or shouting.

Take out all your gold and put it in this bag.

Be warned that I am just not a murderer..., but a very merciless one.

You all have just 10 to12 minutes.

Come on.

Take it all off. I said take it off.


Come here.

I said come here.

Stand in front.

What are you hiding in the pocket? Nothing, son.

Raise your hands.

But son... I said raise your hands.

Why are you carrying sweets?

The pocket is torn, son.

Get lost.

Out of my sight.

Someone bring some acid to wash my hands.


Boss, there's a way out this side. Sir, it's the Gullu Gang, sir.

You two, keep an eye.

Come on.

Afzal. We're leaving now.

As planned, meet me behind Hanuman temple.

From there we'll head to the railway station.

Has sir arrived?

Yes, he's on the way.

Aladdin's lamp.

Chotu, what are you doing?

The genie will appear...

The genie will appear and double this gold.

Ok, carry on.

What's happening?

I told you.

Go on. Go on.

What's going on?

Good day.

My name is Chulbul Pandey.

Aka Robin Hood Pandey.

Welcome me.

Get me down.

Boss... Yes...

Catch him.

Pick it up. Pick it up.

Grab the loot.

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

Hands up.

"Khatna" (Circumcision)!

Get lost.

Good gracious!

Mr. Gullo.

Don't you read the statuary warning?

Cigarette and Tobacco are injurious to health.

Welcome to... The new SP Chulbul Pandey...

Welcome to... The new SP Chulbul Pandey...

Long live... The new SP Chulbul Pandey...

Tiwari, and Chaubey. Yes, sir.

And Pichkari too. Yes, sir.

Ask him about his case history?

So Gullu, what did you before getting into looting and plundering?

Before that, I was a thief.

Has he ever done a decent job?

Sir, no one's a born criminal.

I used to be part of a wedding band.

Band... I honestly did, sir.

That's our tune, sir. Yes...

"I have my pledges..."

"...and my choices."

"I have my pledges..."

"...and my choices."

"I've my own style..."

"...my own foundation."

"I've my share of darkness..."

"...and my own tales."

"I am a free man..."

"...a follower of my God."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

You tell, sir.

Not up to the mark, sir. Not working.


Then look at this.

"A true friend to for his friends."

"A sword that slays his enemies."

"The lion doesn't blink when his prey is in sight."

"When God's my benefactor, the world's at his feet."

"I've my own shores..."

"...and waves of my own."

"I am a free man..."

"...a follower of my God."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

Can't you see the water's overflowing? Don't you have sense?

Without water, no one will survive.

Plants and trees will die.

Without plants and trees, we'll have no oxygen.

And without oxygen, there will be no H2O.

Meaning 3rd World War.

Don't you watch the news?


Do you all want a beating as well?

Come on.

She's absolutely right.

You're absolutely right, sister-in-law.

"Fire burns in his heart."

"He's an unsung melody."

"Everyone screams his name when he enters the battlefield."

"Anyone who challenges him, doesn't live to tell the tale."

"I've my own abode..."

"...and my own spring."

"I am a free man..."

"...a follower of my God."

"I am fearless...fearless...fearless..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Your bewitching eyes..."

"...makes my heart skip a beat."

"...steal my heart's bane."

"Your bewitching eyes..."

"...makes my heart skip a beat."

"Your bewitching eyes..."

"...makes my heart skip a beat."

Thief. Thief. You can't win.

Bittu. Thief. Thief. Thief.

What happened?

What happened? Nothing.

And even my moustache is safe.

Mr. Pandey, you to much.

Mr. Pandey...

Our son is playing cops and robbers.

Can I teach you something?

At this age.

Learning has nothing to do with age.

I see.

Hey Ram...

"I wanna jalwa"

With that sunflower brand grown on your head...

...and in this age of global warming, why are you secretly watching...

...husband and wife's romance.

I am taking lessons, sir.

I'll try it when I go home.

Unnecessarily, You're making my wife conscious.

Get lost. Sir...

Okay, sir.

So what do you think? Enjoy, sir.

Mr. Pandey, I'm very busy right now.

I've to get Bittu ready for school.

Where is Makkhi?

Where is Makkhi?

Don't worry, I am wearing shorts.

Thief. Thief. Time out.

...Sixty-four. Caught you.

I've to go. It's urgent.


Come on, Makkhi.


My son.

Papa, let me go. ...Sixty-seven...

Go on.




Sixty... ...Sixty...

Chulbul, stop troubling him.

Don't worry Papa, I feel like an older brother around him.

Brother, you got me confused.


Do you see papa how Makkhan Singh Pandey's maintained himself?

Thank you, brother.

I am working really hard.

My almonds.


I'm feeling embarrassed watching... ...Sixty-four

...your hard work.

But why are you working so hard? ...Sixty-five...

To stay fit.

Milk too.

Fit India Movement.

But why do you want to stay fit?

It boosts confidence, and morale.


Makkhi uncle, come quickly.

Makkhi, I guess is a big job for you.

Inside the house.

Go on.

Uncle, take the hose and clean it.

I just pooped.

You're 7-years-old.

Why can't you clean it yourself?

I can...

If you can, then why don't you?

Because...I like your moustache.

If you like my moustache so much...

...then give me a job that suits me.

I can utilize this time to apprehend a criminal.

Go on.

I've to go too.

Should I wait to clean after you?

Or can you do it yourself?

Get lost.


Get out. Get out.

Shit. Bull shit.

What was that terrible smell?


Where is my toothbrush?

You're using my toothbrush to put drawstring in whose petticoat?



Why are you using my toothbrush to put a drawstring in my wife's petticoat.

Try to remember where Chhedi Singh and Bacha Singh's hid their money.

Chhedi? Baccha?

Who are they?

Otherwise, I'll put so many holes...

Aah... I don't want any holes in my petticoat.

I'll put so many... Aah...

Come along and bring the petticoat.

Mr. Chulbul Pandey is putting drawstring in his wife's petticoat.

Papa, I've seen you wash mom's petticoat...

...and even wear it.

How romantic, papa.




Officer... Where's the officer?




Some guys kidnapped us...

...so they can sell... Sir, please help us.



Don't be afraid.

Now tell me about your case in detail.

Sir, some people kidnapped us from various places...

...so they can sell us.

"Get down...come on..." "Please let us go home."

They beat us and torture us.

I'll show you...

She's got an attitude.

Sir, please do something immediately...

...otherwise they will take the girls away.

Their lives will be ruined. Please, sir.

I won't let their lives be ruined.

I am here.

Come with me. Come on.


Stop whatever you're doing here!

You won't take a single girl out of here.

If you don't have a death wish...

...then surrender right now.

'So many of them.'


Brother, I'll deal with these two jokers.

No, Makkhi.

Brother, I am confident.


Why you...


What are you doing?

You'll get dizzy.

What are you doing?


Kill him.

Let's go.

Come on.

Let me go.

Stop this charade. I've seen enough.

My girls aren't going anywhere.

The name's Chinti Walia... the entire city knows me as Chinti walia Chinti Walia's my name. Come on...

How dare you touch me?

I'll strip these uniforms off you.


What's great?

Even I'm known for raising my hands hard,

Unfortunately due to cultural norms...

...I don't hit women.


Why did you hit me?

Why did you hit me? You said you don't hit women.

When a woman doesn't respect other women...

...and hands them over to monsters for her personal benefit...

...forces them into prostitution instead of a good institution...

...in my opinion...

My opinion?

Who am I?

...cannot be a woman.

Am I not a woman.

Don't I look like a woman to you?

If you have the guts, then hit me again.

Hit me!

You have guts, brother.

Makkhi says I do...

I have guts.

You're definitely going to jail.

And even if you get bail... by mistake

...and if I catch you doing something like this again,...

I'll turn this huge body of 150 kgs into 100 gms and fit it in a small cup, ...drown it in some drain.


Come on. Makkhan Chand Pandey will tell you about women empowerment.

I'll show you... I'll show all of you...

There are cops...

...and outlaws.

I am the outlaw cop.

There's good news for all of you.

And the good news is that this is the end of bad news for all of you.

You can all go home, without any inquiry.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much, sir.

God bless you.

Let's go.

Thank you so much, sir. Thank you so much, sir.

But sir, if these girls go home...

...how will we make a case?

And sir, what about our promotion?

Oh no...

Promotion? Yes, sir.

Does anyone else have a similar thought?

Never, sir. Not at all, sir. Not in even in my dreams, sir.

I love you, sir.

I love you too.

I love you too, sir.

Take Tiwari to the hospital...

Yes, sir. ...and record his statement.

Some goon shot him.

Yes, sir.

Chaubey, come fast.

Looking for promotion.

"It's Friday night.."



Some guys are here to bail them out.

My people are here to bail me out. What will you do now?

What can you do now? I am leaving. I am leaving.


These are their bail papers.

Now let our men go.

And them too.


Who them?





Are you stupid?

Keep calling for little things.

Learn to handle on your own.

This officer is trying to show off his power.

Things have turned serious.


Give the phone to that rascal.

Yes, boss.


Don't make me come there and show you who's boss.

You have a handsome face. Why don't you join the theatre instead?

Sycophant, huh.

I can see it pretty clearly.

Just clear whether you're teaspoon or tablespoon.

Wait... Just wait.

Hello, boss. Get lost.

I'll show you whose boss.

Just wait. I'll show you. In 2 minutes I will show you





The officer at Papadganj has taken our girls in his custody.

Boss...he's the new SP.

Now you deal with him.

Dhakkad Chand Pandey.

We'll meet.


She's a very nice girl.

Wants to become a doctor.

And she will make a good daughter-in-law.

I'll ask for a big fat dowry.

I am confused.

She feels more like a sister to me. Makkhi, you're crazy.

Like a sister...

Let me see why she seems like a sister to you.


I'll tell you why...

...she seems like a sister to you, Makhi.

Because she seems like my wife to me.

We'll have to find someone for Makkhi.

You'll either elope with someone or romance someone and have a love marriage.

This is why I am saying, mother.

I am in love.

You want to get married.

You have no job, no reputation, nor money.

But I do.

How much?

83,350 Mom...

Why should I tell you? It's my hard earned money.

No manners also how to talk to your father.

And you don't know how to behave either.

What do you have? hmm I have a mother.

Makkhi has a mother and a father.

His father's factory.

A factory that makes money.

Money that brings respect. And respect that brings reputation.

Young man, he's far better than you.

Papa, let brother get married first.

Makkhi. Let's go.

Once he gets married, his mental condition will become stable.

Come on.

Won't you welcome us?

Is this courier?


We're the Pandey Family.

To talk about our son's marriage.



Brother...you tell them.


Khushi isn't our daughter...

...she is our niece.

I am her uncle, and she is her aunt.

We brother and sister have raised her together.

Tell us something about your son.


Shall we leave?

I am here, don't worry.

The name Dhakkad perfectly fits his personality.

He's a fearless boy.

He's short-tempered and also jovial.

Not afraid to slap someone when he's angry.

Sacrifices his own interest for the benefit of others.

Washes plates, pounds millet, irons, can fix bikes and cars.

Even looks after his mother and presses her feet.

He has all these qualities.

And these days it's hard to find someone with such qualities.

But we weren't looking for anyone like him.

Let's go.


Give us some time to think.

Yes, of course.

But before you give me a thought...

...you must decide about the dowry.

Dowry. Look at his face.

Who's going to offer him dowry?

Your daughter will soon turn 18.

She wants to become a doctor.

The studies will take at least 5 years.

Meaning at least 5-6 million rupees.

Who will give this money?

You or us?

Mister, I think you're in the wrong place.

Let's go. Mom...

Please sit.

We're in the right place.

You're getting us wrong.

We'll give dowry.

You'll give dowry?

Why would you?

I've already accepted your daughter.

It's my duty now.

She's going to study for five more years...

Till then I will...

I'll need at least that much time to arrange for the money.

As soon as she becomes a doctor, I'll marry her.

Until then...

...I am her guardian.


Bravo, son.

What now?

He wears his heart on his sleeve.


I really like the boy.



Do you play chess?

Yes. It's what I won all these trophies for.

Do you play too?


I play snakes and ladders.

And I am champion at it.


Khushi, whatever is happening, I hope your will is involved in this decision too.


So, other than me...

...what else do you like.

Other than you, I like my uncle, aunty...

...and my friend Rajeshwari.




...cycling in the rains, Ramleela at Gandhi Maidan, Police, Doctor...

...and bulls.


Yes... Bulls.

He's so hard working... in the fields In the fields, the refinery...

What do you do?


I haven't done anything significant yet.

But I will now...

Look after you.

Dhakkad, are you planning on moving in with her...

...or will come home with us?


That's my name.

Why? Don't you like it?


But, doesn't suit your personality.

So...what name suits my personality.



You are very quirky.

So something quirky...

Why not Chulbul?


'I hated it when my mom used to call me by this name.'

'And now...' Chulbul.


Is it okay?

It's nice.

Nice to meet you.

I am Chulbul Pandey.


"First time...I've been in love."

Chulbul for omen, please have a sweet

"Without you, the world means nothing."

"You're the reason I exist."

"The prophet praying to the Lord."

"My sweetheart has an innocent face."

"I don't know about the norms..."

"...nor do I know about the culture."

"I am naive."

"My poor heart..."

"...my heart keeps searching for you."

"My vagabond..."

"My vagabond heart keeps looking for you."

"Not for a couple of days or years..."

"...you're mine for generations to come."

"All my prayers and my love is for you, beloved."

"Whenever I pray..."

"...you are all I ask for."

"My love for you will never lessen."

"My vagabond heart keeps looking for you."

I am not addicted to violence...

...unfortunately, has to be done.

Khushi, forget him.

He's bleeding. It's a Police case.

What is this?

Mister. Mister.

Khushi, forget him. We'll get in trouble.

The poor guy will die.

He'll be dead.

Call the ambulance.

We're leaving.

You can come later.

What happened?





Mister, open your eyes.

You'll be fine.

Brother, you made such tall claims.

How will you arrange for so much money?

Makkhi, even God supports a good cause.

Hey you... Out of the way.

Move... Move... Out of the way.

Brother, is everything okay?

Can I still become an uncle?

Yes, I'll make you an uncle, and those idiots a lesson.

Help me get up.

Makkhi, look at that.

Leave the bike at the garage and hurry back.

I'll fix them until then.


Who's there?

Dhakkad Chand Chulbul Pandey.

Chulbul Pandey.

Get out of here.

Otherwise, I'll put so many holes in your body that you'll be confused...

...which one is for breathing, and which one's for farting.

That was a nice one.

I'll definitely use it somewhere.

But after I misuse you.

They are my brothers from another mother.

They can even die for me.

They can shoot you.

I teach a lesson who bark too loud.

Brother, he called you a dog.


When did I?

Bite him... I mean kill him.

Give that back.

What can you do to me with that?

But I can do this...

Tell your men to sit down.

Do as sir says?

Let me sit.

Dhakkad...Chand...Chulbul Pandey.

Mr. Dhakkad Chand Chulbul Pandey.

They listen, don't they?

Curly hair and short hair.

Come forward.

Pull curly hair's underwear over his head.

Forgive me.

Bend. Bend.

Now pick him up and make him lie down there.

You two get up...

Stay in one place and keep beating each other.

You stand up.

No violence, sir.

I'll entertain you in another way.


"The heart...doesn't listen."

"The heart...never listens."

"Love isn't easy..."

"...but the heart doesn't agree."

"The heart...doesn't listen."

Now...kill each other.


He's not our brother.

Come on.

Who did this?

Dhakkad Chand Chulbul Pandey.

10 million...

As I said...

...even God supports a good cause.

Let's go.


Such grand arrangements.

One gets to see this only at weddings.

Is Baali sir getting married?

Does the bride's family know?

When Baali's fallen in love with someone...

...its a 90% yes.

Oh, God.


Congratulations on the wedding.



Dhakkad speaking.

Can I talk to Khushi?

She's visiting her aunt, son.

So can I request you for her number?


Look, mom, Khushi is such a fast learner.

That's a good thing.

Soon she will have to learn to take care of her home.

Not for a couple Of more years, aunty.

Until I finish my studies.

Your husband's so nice.

He'll let you study, pay your fee...

...and make you a doctor.

In fact, he'll give dowry instead of demanding one.

It's hard to find guys like them these days.

I wish I find someone like him too.

You will.


Find someone similar for our daughter as well.

You don't need to say it twice.

Just wait and watch, we'll find someone just like him for Rajjo.

Be right back.

Coming. Coming.



Dhakkad Chand Pandey speaking.


You're going to have a long life.

We were just talking about you.

Thank you.

Is Khushi around?

We've lots of it here.


It's him on the line for you.


Mr. Chulbul.

Mr. Chulbul...



The good news is...

I've arranged the money for your studies.

Now you're going to study and become a doctor.

And after that, we'll get married.

What's more, in case you don't want to change your surname after marriage...

...I am okay with it.


Okay, I'll hang up now.


"She's conveyed her feelings..."

"...by skirting her eyes."

"As she looked straight at me..."

"...with a smile on her face."

"I froze in my place."

"As my eyes met with her..."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."

"...I couldn't look away."


Your admission is done.

She can join college from today.

And you can collect the receipt of the fee from the office.

Good luck to you. Thank you.

Dhakkad. Take a look.

Dhakkad, my name is Baali Singh.

I love Khushi.

Come on...

Come and see what happens when love turns to hatred.





How does that matter?


I love her and she loves you.

Even if you leave, she won't stop loving you.

That's the problem.

I don't want this love.

So I am sacrificing my love...

...save your love if you can.

I thought I was fearless...

Right in front of my eyes...

I was right there... in my presence

And I was helpless.

I couldn't save anyone.

Mr. Pandey, all that happened...

...why didn't you share it with me?

I didn't know that Seema aunty was your mother.

I can share my joys...

...but my sorrow is for me only.

Why should I make anyone else sad?

After that, I was arrested.

I had to face trial instead of Baali Singh.

Dhakkad doesn't want to meet anyone.

Life is strange.

Just when I had lost everything... then one day

I deal with criminals only every day.

I can tell the good from the bad.

Everyone knows that Baali Singh framed you.

He's a powerful man.

First, you need to be bailed out of this case...

...and I'll help you do so.

Some of Baali's men have been arrested...

...and they are prepared to be our approver.

From this point, you must choose a new path.

And that path will take you to your destination.

In the light of no evidence...

...the court acquits Dhakkad Chand Pandey.

Where is my son?

No one gives me a proper answer.

He's been acquitted, but he hasn't returned home yet.

I am his mother.

At least tell me the truth.

Your son insisted that I won't tell anyone.

He's chosen a new path for himself.

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

"Fearless one..."

Your son isn't just Chulbul Pandey anymore.

He's Inspector Chulbul Pandey.

My son? Police Officer?

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

Where is he now?

He's on the battlefield.

After annihilating his enemy, he will return victorious.

I thought I had closed Baali Singh's chapter.

But he has returned.

What now?

What else, father?

This is personal.

I will get my revenge.

Go on.

Go and get your revenge.

You have nothing to lose.

But he has everything.

Go now and take your revenge.

What are you saying?

What else should I say?

I've already lost too much in life.

Mom, dad, brother, friend.

I don't want to lose this family.

For Bittu and my sake... make a promise

...you'll stay away from violence and anger.

I promise

I am here to share your pain.

"Beloved's eyes..."

Try our Bhang, sir.

Large, medium, small, Baby, super sexy.

Which one would do you want?

Give us something that suits our personality.

Baby for me, and for her...

...super sexy.


"He secretly heard what my heart had to say."

"And eventually stole all my nights."

"You drew me..."

"You drew me close pretending to love me"

"Beloved's eyes..."

"...turned out to be deceiving."



"Your eyes conspired..."

"...and stole my heart."

"Believe me..."

"...but God knows... you're my benefactor."

"You're deceitful, and so am I..."

"Don't love me so much..."

"...that I am scared of life."

"You drew me..."

"You drew me close pretending to love me"

"Beloved's eyes..."

"...turned out to be deceiving."



Baali Singh confirms his association with Lok Satta Party.

Welcome. Welcome, Makkhanchand.


Hello, Minister sir. Hello.

Thank you for letting my people go.

I could get them out because my brother wasn't in the Police Station.

All good, Chinti Walia.

All good.

Chinti Walia can never be in trouble while you're around.


Shall I order tea?

Order three cups of tea.

Makkhanchand, your brother Chulbul Pandey is a difficult man.

Three cups of tea.

I mean...does violence beget anything?

He's hot-headed. He loses his temper very quickly.

What now?

What about me?

Order one for yourself.

All right.

Makkhanchand, you're a useful man for us.

You should me... Four cups of tea.

I mean... Half a cup for me.

A quarter-pound of milk, with extra tea leaves.

Bali Singh... Sugar on the side.

Use the floral cups.

Two biscuits, on my special plate.


You should definitely meet my friend and partner, Baali Singh.

Of course.

We'll all work together.

What is it now?

Spoon on the side or inside the cup?


What spoon?

You've been ranting about the spoon?

On the side, inside the cup... How does it matter?

Shut up?

Bloody sycophant.

Stupid sycophant.

Sorry for his stupid sycophant behaviour.

It's alright.

So sad.

As I was saying, Bali Singh will be really pleased to meet you.

Once you two start to get along, you'll have nothing to worry about.

He handles everything... Yes...

I've had an old association with him.

And I want you to have a good rapport with him too.

"Love... Love... Love... "

"For me... For me... For me..."

"My love... love... love..."

"...for you... for you... for you..."

"You're the one..."

"...that rules my heart." I will call you back.

So sweet. "Your love's...has become my life."

"Your heart's all mine now."

"There's nothing more I want." Die.

I am here because I understand your pain.

I didn't understand.

He trained you in a way that you never understand.

Who's been scaring you till now with a leash around your neck?

You wanted to be a champion...

...but who was training you to be a loser.

Chulbul Pandey.

Your brother.

Can a brother do something like this?

Yes, he can.

A step-brother.

But now the leash will be around his neck.


Because the entire game is about power.

If you join hands with me, then I'll give you that power.

Now think...

...would prefer to be my friend, and be powerful...

...or do you want to be your brother's lap dog...

And my enemy?

Happy birthday.

After the death of a student in a blast...

...in Tundla city of Uttar Pradesh, the people took to the streets.

Our correspondent had a word with SP Satyendra Singh of Tundla area.

Please...I just joined duty as the Police Superintendent of Tundla city.

The culprits responsible will be dealt with strictly...

Bada Chowraha Bus Depot.

...and the situation will be brought under control.

That comes under your jurisdiction. Soon the situation will be under controll

Son, we work to eat.

We can eat if we work.

No need to give me that look all the time.

I will keep my promise.

Look after the house.

There's tension in the city.

Give the phone to Ashok Singh.

He's been transferred.

Give the phone to Nadeem.

Sir, he's been transferred.

Who is there now?

Ravindra Yadav, sir.

Ranjan, sir.

Give him the phone.

Sir, he hasn't arrived yet.

Who is it now? Deepak sir.

Give him the phone.

Sir, Chulbul Pandey on the line.

He's out of his mind.

Tell him to go to hell.

I am not here.


Don't worry.

These poor people fight among themselves like dogs and die.

Let them die. What is your problem?

I was expecting something disgusting from a disgusting face like yours.


You're lucky that I promised my wife that I won't resort to violence.


Promised his wife.

No violence.

A husband's promised his wife...

...but not a Police officer.

We're public servants, rascal.

Our salaries come from taxes these people pay.

I joined the Police force to lower crime...

...not to encourage it.

Papa, you haven't returned yet. Where are you?

I am at the market. I'll be home soon.

I've kept your food on the table. Come home soon.

Has Makkhi returned yet?

Makkhi's phone is switched off as well.

Where is Chulbul? I tried calling him...


Go to sleep.

You've school tomorrow.

Who is it?

No one.


Uncle. It's paining a lot.

You will be fine, dear.

Check his temperature. Here you go, sir.


I'll go check.






It's okay, Bittu. It's okay.

Break down the door. Break it down.

There she is.

She is getting away. Catch her.

Where did she go? Find her.

The back door is open.

She must have gone out this way.

Check. Hurry up. Mom...

Run, Bittu. Don't let her escape.


Mom... That way.

Bittu, run. Where did she go?

Check here. Check...

Where did she go?

Look there.




Get up. Why are you crying?

To me, They all seem from the same family.

Imagine how romantic their parents must be.

You should learn from them.

Unbelievable, Rajjo.

You're married to a cop.

Should I keep your promise or do my duty?

Don't say anything stupid.

Otherwise, I'll get thrashed.

Come on, Rajjo.

I really love the way my name sounds with yours.

Go ahead, perform your duty.


Go sit in the jeep...

...and watch a different aspect of your fearless husband.

I am not angry because you barged in my home.

I am angry because you barged in when I wasn't around.


I may have forgiven you if you had brought a full chilled bottles instead.


Nice to meet you.

I am Chulbul Pandey.

Your brother broke my home.

I'll break your head.



Bittu, come here.

You wanted the door, didn't you?

Are you happy?

I promise I'll never say anything stupid again...

That reminds me.

I'll never tell you to make stupid sentimental promises again.

Shall we make up?

That's for kids.

I want something else.

"Draping your sari around..."

"...covering your blouse."

"Draping your sari around..."

"...covering your blouse."

"She stepped out with a lot of respect like this..."

"Like this..."

"Like this..."

"She stepped out with respect like this..."

"Like this..."

"Like this..."

"My beloved's is very different..."

"...even his anger makes me fall in love."

"Your gaze aims straight for my heart."

"And your beauty that steals my slumber."

"Showing off belly button..."

"...and hiding his face behind his hands."

"She passed by coyly like this..."

"Like this..."

"Like this..."

"She passed by coyly like this..."

"Like this..."

"Like this..."

"Looks at me with a smile..."

"...chewing gum all the while."

"He talks to me like this..."

"Like this..."

"Like this..."

Mr. Pandey.

You cheated me.


You're neither Robin Hood or Chulbul Pandey.

Then who am I?

You are Karu Pandey.

Karu Pandey.

Karu Pandey.


Tell Baali sir I said thank you.

He's made my dream come true.

I'll make his dreams a reality too.

Jai Hind, sir.


And I'll prove my worth to him.


Are you going to a fancy dress competition wearing dressed as ASP?

Hello...no more Makkhi.

Call him ASP Makkhan Chand Prajapati Pandey.

Now he's at the same level as you.

He'll handle the proceedings in here...

...and you'll handle fieldwork.


And listen, don't try to be over smart.


Head home, enjoy your wife's cooking...

...and exercise.

Go on.

I know you want to bury me alive.

But now you know how humiliating it feels...

...when you get slapped in public.

You should've done this earlier.

You'll make it really big someday.

There's no place for you in this house or in my heart.

Get out.

Your new home and a new Brother is waiting for you.

Come sit.


She survived.

Not even a scratch.

She's sleeping soundly.

Imagine she finds out that her life's headed for chaos...

...could she sleep so peacefully?

Baali Singh, if anything happens to my family...

If something happens to my family, Then you won't spare me, etcetera...etcetera.

But what's the point, Chulbul?

Your family would be dead by then.

There are two types of enmity, Chulbul.

Professional and Personal.

And Personal enmity...

...is always fatal for the loved ones.

You've personal experience, and even about the pain.

Outlaw Cop Robin Hood Chulbul Pandey has nothing to say?

No dialogue, or counter.

Neither can he beg, wail...

...or show attitude.

He can only wait...

...and watch his family die.

One strong advice before I leave...

You must have heard that in the battle of good vs evil...

...good always wins.

You heard it wrong.

Evil wins.

Because the good man can never stoop as low as evil.

What kind of a list is this? Read it yourself.

I won the elections last time.

But this time my name's been removed...

...and Baali Singh's name has been included instead.

He's a criminal. Sit down.

Look here, Baali Singh doesn't have a single charge against him.

He has a clean record.

Currently, he's a respectable citizen.

No, he's not. He's a gangster.

Mr. Chandan, your anger is unjustified.

We'll discuss this. I don't want to discuss.

We'll discuss this later.

Let's enjoy now. No, sir.

Let's go to the party. Come on. I'll go with you. Come.

You know my family reputation. Don't worry, I'll fix everything.

I want this list altered tomorrow.


Mr. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma.

Who's there?

Baali Singh.

He's getting what he deserves.

He's blossomed into a flower.

It's time to know why the seven of you were transferred here.

A truck loaded with money for the elections will leave from Bhopal tomorrow.

After it enters our area...

...it will first pass-through Chitraipur Police Station.


Then Devkheda.


Then Dadoli. Sir.



Then Amavara.

And then straight to my hideout.

That truck...

...will enter our area tomorrow.

Mom, Khushi...Khushi's uncle.

Now me.

Who's next?




You two are the most important people in my life.

I'll take a transfer from here.


I said I won't force you to make any more stupid promises.

Baali Singh needs to be stopped.

You must end his chapter now.

Now you have Spoken like Mrs. Chulbul Pandey.

These rascals have forced me to show my despicable side.

Now wait and watch how your husband Karu Pandey screws with them.

F**k him b*****


I will.

I will.

Since you're not well, here's a long distance...

This is fun.

Feeling light.

Here comes the truck.

Shambu, open the gate.


Suraj. This is Deepak speaking from Chitraipur Police Station.

The truck which had to deliver money has been hijacked by someone.

Be prepared.

We've set up a barricade and waiting for the truck to arrive.

"Beloved's eyes..."

Mr. Pandey, I am waiting.



Such corrupt people.

There are 70 million rupees in this truck.

I'll give you a one-time offer.

For life-long.

This isn't like life insurance which will be given to your family after you die.

Its an insurance which you can cash-in this offer right now.

But on one condition...

You must cut all ties with that rascal Baali Singh.

Loyalty means everything to me.

If you work with me, then you'll get an equal post...

...equal respect, and equal opportunity.

Let's see whether you guys are enterprising or fools.

"Mr. Pandey's so lost in love, he's gone crazy."

"...gone crazy."

"...gone crazy."

"You wanted UP, sweetheart..."

"...but I brought the universe at your feet."

"Mr. Pandey standing right here with his goggles..."

"...chewing his favourite betel leaf."


"The entire city and all the people watch in awe."

"Someone ward off the evil eye from him..."

"Mr. Pandey standing here..."

"Listen to this..."

"I was innocent, so said, everyone."

"But you spoiled me, sweetheart."


"I was innocent, so said, everyone."

"But you spoiled me, sweetheart."

"Swirled moustache, and deodorant on my..."

"Goggles on my face, and gel in my hair..."

"...everything I did was for you, beloved."

"Munna's got infamous..."

"Munna's got infamous, darling for your sake."

"Munna's got infamous, darling for your sake."

"Munna's got infamous..."


"They say..."

"Goggles hanging by the collar..."

"...curling my moustache..."

"...I've been chasing after you with gel in my hair."

"I've been following you everywhere you go..."

"...and smacked so many for your sake."

"The children in your lane remember my bike's number plate..."

"...my family thinks their boy's lost his way."

"Body like a model and yet works as a cop."

"...works as a cop."

"He's breaks bones, but more interested in singing."

"...interested in singing."

"People talk about me all the time, from morning to night."

"It's hard to control one's heart..."

"...when you're around."

"I feel drawn towards you, such is your attraction."

"The song got rewinded..."

"Munna's got infamous, darling for your sake."

"Munna's got infamous, darling for your sake."

"Munna's got infamous..."


"Too many casualties... darling for your sake."

"Munna's got infamous, darling for your sake."

"Too many casualties... darling for your sake."

"My heart's... darling for your sake."

"Salman Khan... darling for your sake."


Salman Khan?

Drop Munni home.

Not like this.

With your eyes.

With your eyes.

What a dance, sir... Amazing.

Brother, smile.


I just have to take this picture.

I've grown old.



All Your inspectors are in my custody.

You have my 50 million and I have 14 of your men.

Deliver to me by tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, you will start losing men one by one.

And you will be responsible for that.

Don't be late, Chulbul.

Baali Singh's raised my blood pressure as well.


We must head to the bungalow for the Durga Puja festivities.

Hello. Daboo...


Tell the Minister that everything's going according to plan...

...and he shouldn't give any statement.

The money for the elections are coming back.

And especially stay away from Chulbul.

It's an important message. Don't forget to tell him.

Yes, got it.


See you, sir. Goodbye.


Why didn't you tell me he was to meet me yesterday?

Brother-in-law... Tell me about the phone calls today.

He's so forgetful.

The first call was at 9:40 am.

We've to pay 1155 rupees.

For the cable connection.

You can do that yourself.


If he wasn't my wife's brother...


Brother-in-law, your orders are my command.

Very good.


Makkhan Chand Pandey called. Bring the Minister out.

Where did that stone come from?

Who is throwing stones from outside?

Check who's throwing stones. Forget them.


Makkhan Chand Pandey...

Enough about Makkhan Chand.

My life's in danger.

Who is it?

Stop it.

Brother-in-law... Stop hurling stones.

Whose the bloody idiot?

Do you remember anything now? No.

Then keep shouting.

Bring the Minister out.

Bring the Minister out.

Call the Police. Call the Police.

This is exactly why Makkhan Chand... What Makkhan...


Chulbul. You'll have a long life.

Look what these people are doing. Take a look outside.

I'll take a look outside.

Don't leave me alone.

Sir. Sit here and relax.

And I'll solve this problem with love.


Later. Later.

First, get me out of this situation, please.

In that case...

Let's go.

The government vehicle's parked outside.

Come on.

Now tell me what you wanted to say. Say it.

Makkhan Chand Pandey called.

Everything is going according to plan.

Don't give any statement to anyone. No meetings at all.

And especially stay away from Chulbul.

Chulbul here, sir. Yes, Chulbul?

The Minister's been kidnapped.

What? The Minister's been kidnapped.

Vishambar speaking. Tell me.

Tell me what I just said.

But you haven't said anything.

That means you're hearing me.

Tell me what is it.

I've sent you a text message.

Check it.

Did you check it, sir?

I was about to, but you called again.

So sorry, but doesn't matter.

Sir...I've WhatsApped you More secure.

Please check.


Did you check it, sir?

Stop this insanity or else I will kill you. Understand.

Tell me what is the matter?

We're having a secret meeting.

No one should find out.


Chulbul has kidnapped the Minister.

They are scheming against you.

Be careful.

Over and out.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Stop pushing. Where are your manners?

There's a saying...

No pain, no gain. Yes, sir.

That was a sound thrashing, public servants.

Yes, sir.

I am going to take a selfie.

Are you going to cry or smile?

Smile, sir.

Then smile.

Let us through.

Mr. Baali Singh.

We're from Crime Branch.

We want to search your home.

We have a search order.

We found out that you've hidden your crimes in your own home.

And we also have evidence.

We have court orders.

Hurry up. Hurry up. Dig deeper.

Nothing here, sir.

We didn't find anything, sir.

Nothing here, sir.

Nothing here, sir.

We didn't find anything, sir. Nothing here, sir.

We didn't find anything, sir.

We didn't find a single dead body, sir.

The information is incorrect, sir.








I wonder what he's planning to do.

What has he got us into?

God knows what's going on in his mind.

Who knows?

We saved the Police officers, sir...

...unfortunately we couldn't save the Minister.

According to our sources, we've learned that...

...Baali Singh wanted to kill the Minister.

Yes, sir.

What nonsense is this?

What are you saying?

I'll die later from you bullet, I'll die of blood pressure first.

How can Baali Singh kill me when I'm with you?

Go on.

I'll tell you about Baali Singh's crimes.

I'll have to if I want to stay alive.



Baali Singh is a dangerous criminal.

He supplies girls to influential people of society.

And even to me.

I am equally involved in Baali Singh's illegal businesses.

He even has an illegal mining business.

He sends his goons to help me.

During the elections...

He has committed numerous murders.

He shot many people dead in front of me.

He buries people alive and builds orchards over them.

He claims that he owns the Law...

...and the government's his puppet.

I know this place.

Its where brother hangs out.

Baali... My friend!

Save me.

That rascal Chulbul Pandey made me confess against you at gunpoint.

But don't worry...


Baali Singh...just a minute.


Come on. Where are you taking me?

Come on.

Sit quietly.

Don't make a sound. Bittu.

Papa... Mom.





I know where they took her, father.

You cook dinner tonight.

We're all going to eat together.

Mr. Pandey's here.

With his goggles.

Aren't you going to welcome him?

How do they find such places for their grave Even Vasco Da Gama couldn't have found this place.

You must have heard a saying...

"Finally you met your match."

If you love proverbs so much, then you must have heard...

...when bad luck's smiling on you, you get bitten by a Chihuahua.

The small one...I like it.

By the way, Mr. Pandey. How is your far-sightedness?

Take a look.

Now you've made me angry.

Tell me something...

Why do you rascals, like Chhedi, Baccha, and now you...

...why do you all have one thing in common?

Every time, in the end, you guys take my wife hostage.

And now you've hung her.

You see I've been hearing since childhood that you'll be hanged, you'll be hanged...

...but no one's ever done anything.

What the...

You should appreciate me, Pandey, that I did.

You brothers had a nice plan going.

But your brother made a small mistake, Mr. Pandey.

For my information, I want to know...

...who are you going to save first?

You must have heard...

...saviour is always greater than the killer.

Meaning...I am both.

Meaning...I'm going to kill you, and save them.

But you won't see it.

Your spirit will...

...and won't be able to do sh** about it.

Don't put away your tasks for tomorrow.


You're talking about the present.

But I've already done it in the past.

Meaning last night.

Why do you think, I am standing here with my feet on this mango crate...

...while my wife and brother hang in midair.

You think I am showing off.


Let me show you...

How I am going to s**** you.

I killed Khushi because of you.

I've been living all alone!

But you got married and even had a kid.

A kid.

You call this love.

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

"Chulbul the Fearless one..."

You were absolutely right.

Evil always wins.

Because for you no one's as bad as me.

If you love someone...

...and she doesn't love you back...

...then you'll rape her...

Throw acid on her face...

Burn her...

Kill her...

I never raped anyone, but...

...I'll kill, burn and even throw acid.

And now...

I'll even rape!

I'll even rape!

You took Khushi from me.

Impotents like you don't belong on earth but under it.









Can you hear me?

Before you go, hear one last thing.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

What goes around, comes around.

You had the habit of provoking others...

That's why... Mr. Pandey. Will you just keeping speaking?

Save us soon.

Why were you scared?

When God's my benefactor...

...no one can lay a finger on me, whether Baali or Bahubali.

Tell me something?

How am I looking from up there?


Mom, who is she?

She was my friend, Khushi. She was like a sister to me.

And if she was around, then I wouldn't be.

And if I wasn't around, then neither would you.

You would be there.

And who is he?

He's your father's father.

If he was around, then your grandfather wouldn't be.

And neither would I.

Don't rack your brains.

You'll understand when you grow up.

It's very complicated... Pandey's family.

Now tell me...what was that dialogue you used to say.

I am not afraid of getting slapped, but love scares me.

And who did you steal it from?


My great-grandma used to say it. Khushi used to say it as well.

But now I am afraid of both, getting slapped and love.

Why are you scared?

Have no fear, when Karu Pandey is here.

Papa...Aasma called.

She was saying that she got married.

Don't worry, father.

We'll find someone else for you.


I guess he got his memory back.

At last, I remember everything.


Chedi Singh... and this is Baccha Singh's money.

500 and 1000 rupee notes.


After demonetisation?

What will I do with this money?

What will you do now, Chulbul?

With your permission, papa...

...I am thinking of quitting the Police Force...

...and join Politics.




Think about it.

I will too.