Daddy Issues (2018) Script

-[dog barks] -[ball-play]

[seagulls squawking]

[Jasmine] Follow Your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your-- follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your-- follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

They'll chase you forever. They'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

Follow your dreams, or they'll chase you forever.

-[seagulls squawk] -[dog barks]

My life sucks.

I haven't sold once piece of clothing in weeks.

I have no new design ideas.

I'm fucking terrified.

Well then, I assume you have plenty of animal crackers on hand.


My dad used to give me animal crackers when I was scared.

Yeah, Of the thunder and lightning.

How the fuck do you know that?

I don't know, I remember it.

You told me a couple of years ago.

We were right here. Just like now and a storm was rolling in.

You remember that?

I remember everything you say, Jasmine.


I barely remember anything about him and you remember some random comment I made two fucking years ago.

My memory is of you, not him.

You know, I don't get why you're not a therapist.

I'm way too crazy.

I love that you're crazy.

I love that you're crazy too.

[turning the dial on the lock]

[door slamming]

Get undressed.

[winding sound]

[music box playing]

Fix your hair.

Put on the blue outfit.

[moans in pleasure]

Have a seat.

[moans in pleasure]

Does someone want their allowance?

Me, I do. I do.

[Simon] Sweetheart, is that how we ask for things?

Please, Daddy? Please?

Mmm, little Jazzy. You know that's not what we do.

-Huh? -I don't come to you, you come to me.

[distorted voice] Please, Daddy? Please?

[electro drum intro]

¶ My special My special lady ¶

¶ My special, my special, my special lady ¶

[rap music continues]

-[knocking on the door] -It's Jim.

Lock is still broke.


Oh my god.

[Sammy whispering indistinct]

-[Sammy whispering indistinct] -I see you.

I see you. I see you.


Look at you.

[Sammy laughs]

Booyah! Nikkei's rallying, D.

We agreed you wouldn't do this at dinner.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did we agree about me making us 30k in 20 minutes because that's what daddy just did.

-[laughs] -Yeah, he did.


-Excuse me,30,000 dollars. -Fuck yeah, I did.

Seriously, Jim? In front of Sammy?

How many times do I have to ask? You teach your daughter nothing but bad habits.

This whole house is a bad habit.

Then I have a great idea, leave!

Go to college like every other kid your age.

Get out! Be normal.

Or at least as normal as someone like you can be.

OK, well now that you just made all of this money, can I go?

-Move to Italy? -Yeah.

-[laughs] Fuck that. -Jim.

-Well sorry, but there's-- -[Sammy] ya, ya, ya.

Well, yeah. But there's no effing way I'm paying for anyone to go draw cartoons in Rome.

-It's Florence. -[Jim] Florence, Rome, Sweden! Who gives a shit?

You could take classes and draw your Powerpuff Girls in this state, that's been taking taxes out of my ass for the past ten years with an iron fucking fist.

-[Jim] Sell! -You just said you made 30,000 dollars.

Jesus, Maya give it up!

It's not happening.

No one here is paying for you to go on some two year les-cation to live out some: "I'm an artist" fantasy.

Besides, what do need in Italy so bad that you can't get here?

I don't belong here, mom. OK?

I need to be somewhere where the people appreciate sensitivity, and art, and romance.

And where people [sighs] understand and appreciate me.

-[Danielle] That was a big drink! -[Sammy] I'm done.

[Danielle] Thank you.


[background chatter]

[party music]

[Jasmine] Oh, I'm so good.

Right now I'm just all about collecting information and inspiration.

I just want to be like a sponge, you know, like I just want to soak in other people's knowledge.

I'm so tired of always being the one to give.

So tired of people always expecting me to talk about me, but like what if I don't want to talk about me? Sorry, but at some point, it's got to be about someone else.

Wait. This angle sucks.

Man, I wish I could get somebody to just like take one from a better--

[Sammy making playful noises]

[rap music]


Your mom's really old.

Yeah, well she had me late in life.

So skunk-head beaver was an accident?

I don't think anything's an accident.

-What up? -Hi.

Doug. Can I get you a drink?

Uh, uh. No, thanks.

Come on, come on it's no pressure, really it's just a friendly Dougie gesture.

[someone laughs]

A Barolo and a Jager Bomb.

Oh hey, hey sit, sit, sit down.

So Vice, right?

-Huh? -Puff Po?

Yes, see you're like one of those quirky weird chicks, where you look...

Weird, but you're super-hot and you're into facts and news and shit, right?

-I'm getting warm? -Not really.

Okay. OK. Well, you got to be careful what you read anyways.

It's all corporate bullshit.

Cause you know when you buy all the information, you can own anyone how you want.

Did you just misquote a John Mayer song?


No, I don't even know who John-- I mean--

Hey, why don't you go ahead and give me your phone?

I'll put my digits in there. We'll get together this weekend.

-Extreme brunch, you're extreme brunch? -No, no thank you.

I'm-- I'm not really...

-interest-- thank you though. -Thanks for what?

-I didn't even-- -Oh, for the wine.

Okay. Just do me a favor and don't act like you're all thankful and shit.

'Cause you got your Barolo and now you're just blowing me off, right?

I'm not just blowing you off. I just--

-Why don't you just give me your phone and-- -No.

-Or we can go somewhere and get a little closer. -I'm sorry, I'm not really--

[guy] Sup, bro!

Take a break, pink shirt.

Boy, bye.

-You-- -Huh?

Uh, I mean--

Uh, thank you.

Happy birthday, Barbara.


Happy birthday, Mom.

[clock ticking]

We sure miss you.


I knew as soon as you were late.

-Dad, I was ten minutes-- -Is it pills or are we back to injecting?

I'm sorry I'm late, OK?

I was in surgery.

I hope you're lying.

Please don't tell me you've become the kind of doctor who operates on his patients high as a kite?

Of course not.



I'm sorry.

What, Simon?

You think I don't understand how you hurt.

How I hurt?

It's been ten years.


So I get why you do it.

But if you're shooting up before surgery you're gonna lose you lice--

I'm fine!

[winding up a music box]

[music box playing]

[ominous sounds]

Who wants a micro-dose?

[song playing]

Just your type, huh?

She's everyone's type.

[echoing music]

So, what's your deal?



I'm just taking a break.

Nah, brah. I mean like in life.

Like, what do you do?


I, uhm--

I draw.

I make like modern cartoons, I guess you could call them.

But, uh...

But what I'm actually trying to do is get enough money together to go study in Italy.

No shit.

Yeah shit.

Accademia D'Arte... in Florence. It's my dream school.

But whatever. Because...

I can't make enough money on my own and my parents won't help me. So...

I'm kind of just waiting.

For... for what?


For anything.

I'm kind of just waiting for my life to start to happen.

You know.

I feel like I've just been waiting it out for so long.

The isolation...

The teasing.

Just feeling stuck.

People don't really make fun of you for being different anymore they kind of think it's cool.

They kind of admire it.

But they're still them.

And you're still you.

Something's really changed.

I'm just tired of sitting in the backseat.

You don't drive?

No, no, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's uh...

It's not like a real car.

It's like someone else is driving and I'm sitting in the backseat of... that car, -that someone else is driving. -Okay.

You think I'm an idiot.

I know it's not a real car.

I'm talking about taking control, being in the front seat.

I'm sorry I didn't really mean that.

So you thought I didn't understand... your brilliant car analogy?

But it was you that didn't understand?

You didn't understand?

-It was you. -[both laughing]


You're just so...

-So what? -You're just so magic.

[upbeat music]

Catch me later.

[music fades out]

[birds chirping]

[indistinct voice in the distant]

[dog barking]

[in the background] -[man] Hey, right now! -[Bobbi] Sam's up...


What is it?

My mother.

[water running]

[Bobbi singing outside]

You've stayed all weekend?

You asked me to.

Oh, well.

Help me clean up.

[Bobbi singing]

Hello, love.

Ooo. Saucy little minx.

Who are you, my little pink poodle?

Hi, I'm Maya.


It's good to meet you.

[Bobbi] Jasmine!

-[Bobbi] Baby. -[Jasmine] Mom.


You can't just show up when you want to show up.

-I'm finished cleaning, and pack a bag. -What?

[Bobbi] We have to be on the road.

What are you talking about?

Road to where?

Vegas, baby!

We're getting married!

-Who is-- -[Bobbi] Chuck!

-Jazz. -Oh my god.

Meet your new step-daddy.

-Chuck. -Hi, honey.

Nice to meet you.

Chuck, this is my darling, my one, my only, Jasmine.

She's the next Valentino.

The next Vera Wang, she's the best, the best, [Bobbi] The best designer in all of L.A.

Show him, Jazz!

Show him that dress, you know, the blue one.

It's the one thing she has that isn't black.

You know the one I like.

He'd love to see it.

Wouldn't you Chucky?

Yeah, sure.

-Maybe you can model it for me? -Oh, yes!


We'll have a little fashion show

-and then we'll hit the road. -Yeah.

Yeah, go on, Jazz.

Get the dress.

Fine, Maya.

Why don't you go on the roof and check out the view?

I'll be right up.



Can I talk to my mom alone, please?

What about the dress?


Go and get the dress, let's see the dress.

-[Chuck] The dress! -[Bobbi] We want the dress! The dress.

[both chanting] Dress, dress, dress, dress.

Dress! Dress! Dress! Dress!

-Dress! Dress! Dress! Dress! -Shut the fuck up!




Why don't you go and wait in the car.

We'll be out in a few.

-Why don't you... -Yeah.

...give me some sugar before I go?

[Chuck laughs]


-Okay. -[Bobbi moans]

-[Bobbi laughs] -Mom.

-[Chuck moans] -[Bobbi giggles]

-Mom. -I'm gonna marry you.

Oh, yeah.


See ya later, kiddo.


What the actual fuck?

What are you doing?

Ah, we're going to Vegas [chuckles].

All of us.

We're all going to Vegas.

You're coming too.

-Me and Chucky-- -Ok. First off, I'm not going to Vegas.

And who is this guy?

You're marrying him?

Uh, yeah.

That's what adults do when they love each other.

Jesus Christ.

Ok, fine, so I haven't known him long.

And does Chuck know about your little...

-condition. -It's nothing for him to know about!

I'm cured.

You're manic.

You need to get back on your meds.

Call Dr. Reynolds.

Fucking get a grip.

Ok. You see, Jazz this is why you're not more successful.

And chances are you'll never be. You have to have faith.

You don't wanna come?


You don't wanna come?


-You don't want to come? -Mom.

Stop, please mom.


After Vegas, we're going to Colorado.

That's where Chuck is from.

Once we get settled, I'll give you a call.

Oh, Jasmine.

Mom, just go, please?

Just go. Just go!

I got somewhere to go, so I need you to leave.

-Please. -Jasmine.

-Please go. -You're so beautiful, Jasmine. Look at you.

Look at you!

You're part of me, Jazz.

Please go, mom.

[sounds of the city]

Shit, girl. You're talented.




I feel like I'm kind of still honing, but thanks.

-Your mom is-- is like-- -Suicide in a bottle?


No, I think she's amazing!

She's so into you.

She's like-- She actually believes in you.


Lesson of the day:

Just because it looks like a dick, don't mean you gotta suck it.

Uhm, it's not a problem.

Ah, anyway.

My mom... just like hates me.

She doesn't believe in me at all.

Like at all.

It must feel amazing.

Jumping in that pool when it's a hundred degrees outside, that feels amazing.

Finishing a project you've been working on for weeks, amazing. Fucking cumming.

That feels amazing.

Ah, okay, I wouldn't know anything about that.

The sex part, I mean.

You've had sex, stop it.

Oh, I have? Really?

-Yeah. -How do you know?

Because I kissed you.

And I know when a person's had sex and when they haven't.

And you definitely have.

Thank you.


-But it's never been anything worth remembering. -Ah, oh.

So you haven't cum?


Yeah, yes. I mean... like yeah, I've made myself--

It's not the same.

It's not?

Fuck no.

[classical violin music]


[breathing heavily]

[text message sounds]

[text message sounds]

[text message sounds]

-I gotta go. -No.

And you do too.

[stressed panting]

[classical music]

[glass breaks]

Love you.

I love you!

[smooth drums]

[romantic song playing]

[car honking]

[wheels squeaks]

What are you doing?

I could have killed you!

You stupid, harebrained little girl.

Didn't anyone ever teach you to look both ways before you crossed the street?


What? What did you just say?


-Simon Craw. -What?

What are you doing here?

I-- I live here.

Honey, Maya! It's so good to see you.

I haven't seen you in six years and you live a few exits away?

I'm so sorry. I'm so-- Look, there's--

There's-- it's complicated.

It's Complicated?


I'm your daughter.

-Or I was. -No, no, no you are, you are!

Then why did you leave? How could you leave me?

You've cheated on mom and I get that, but then you just left.

-How could you do that? -She-- Look, Maya--

How could you leave me with her?

Maya, your mother made it impossible.

To call me?

To text me?

To send child support or a bloody birthday card?

Look, I send a check every month and I've sent you cards, birthdays, Christmas, Jesus, even half birthdays!

I would send half your age plus a hundred.

-I don't believe you. -Well, you should.

-[car honking aggressively] -Maya I live just a few blocks down on Bankroft.

-[man in the car] Get out of the road! -Maya, sweetie, I've missed you so much. You don't know.

-You can't imagine. -Don't touch me.

Maya, I love you!

-[car horn honking aggressively] -Okay!

-[car honking] -[she sobs]

[multiple car horns honking]


[car approaches and stops]

[classical music]

Since when do you wait out front?

-Sorry, I thought you'd like it. -Well, I don't.

I like when you're prompt.

I like when things go as planned.

I like it when I don't have to sit around here waiting like an imbecile and then have to drive around looking.


That's what I like.

Ok. Ok. I get it, I'm sorry.

-But I'm here now. -No, Jasmine, you don't get it.

You don't even begin to get it.

You think this is all some kind of game? That's fun?

-But it is fun. -Yeah, well.

You're not the one operating in the field of mother and father and therapist and priest and sugar daddy, and everything else.

It's your world, Jasmine.

You have this appeal, this allure.

But is there anything underneath?

Is there anything in your life that you have had anything to do with?

You have that apartment, on my dime.

You have your view, you have your vision.

You needn't worry about real life, real consequences, about real authentic feelings.

You know what? Just go.

Go smoke a joint and make a T-shirt into a goddamn pair of socks.

[classical violin music]


No wait, wait, Jazzy. Wait, wait, wait. No, no just--

-I'm sorry, I didn't-- -Get the fuck out of my way.

I'm not right. I'm not right.

I'm a mess.

I'm sorry, a mess when you're not here.

You're-- you're irreplaceable.

You're everything to me.

You're everything to daddy.

And you're going to have to be punished.

You need to learn your actions have consequences.

You're never to be late again.

Daddy was so worried about you.

I'm sorry, daddy.

-Now. -[moans]

-[smacks] -Where... were...


I met a new friend, Daddy.

And we had a playdate on the roof.

A friend? What kind of friend?

-A little girl like me, Daddy. -Oh.

-She was so pretty. -Oh, yeah?

-You'd really like her. -Yeah?

And what did you do on your playdate?


I touched her and she was so wet.

-Urgh, wet? -Yeah.

Yeah. And I played with her, I played with her real good.

That's a good girl.

And you know what? When I was playing with her, I was thinking about you.

Uh, the whole time, Daddy. I was thinking about you.

[moans loudly]

[classical music crescendo]

[staccato classical music]

[song playing]


-[Maya] Where have you been? -Hush! Sammy needs a nap.

We rented a house in Palm Springs for the week. She said she texted you.

She didn't. And no one answered my calls either.

It was hot as fuck. [chuckles]

He never went anywhere, did he?

No. Just sat by the pool on that stupid phone.

I mean dad. My father.

He lives in L.A.

-Does he? -He almost hit me with his car.

That's nonsense. He wouldn't dare come here.

And even if he did, there's no way he'd recognize this whole thing.

I recognized him.

I was in West Hollywood... and I was crossing the street and this car almost hit me and he got out.

And I knew it was him.

I like immediately just knew who he was.

And he said--

He said that you wouldn't let him see me.

-[sighs] Please, Maya. You can't believe anything that-- -No! Stop.

He said, he sent me money!

Like-- like checks, like child support.

He said he sent me birthday presents

-and like half birthday presents? -Relax.

It's not like it was that much.


God, I can't believe you!

I can't believe you! You took that from me.

That was my money, Mom!

That was my money!

You stole it from me.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

I'm gonna go to Italy.

I'm gonna use it to go to Italy.

And then I get to go to school, and you don't have to see me anymore.

Everyone wins.

So, just give it to me.

Well, I don't have it!

You think I keep it under a mattress or something?

I had to use it.

I needed to do what I needed to do for this family.

My family, who I've done everything for.

This idiot can't hold on to a dollar, why should I have to suffer?


Fuck you.

I hate you.

You don't know anything about suffering.

I've spent the last 19 years of my life suffering.

You think I didn't have plans, Maya?

Things that I wanted to do?

Your father? Well, you know, he got to go to Med School.

I became a fucking nanny!

You have no idea who he is, what he's into, how he belittled me, how he humiliated me.

I hate him.

And everyday you're more and more like him.

[Gordon] Maya.

[classical music]

[Gordon] You saw Maya!

That's, that's, uh--

Mommy would be thrilled...

How is she?

[Simon] She ran off... before I could get her to talk to me.

-But she looks so grown-- -Ran off?

She's not some bunny rabbit, she's your daughter! What the hell's the matter with you?

-She screamed. -What?

I had to move the-- What was I supposed to do?

You follow her! You stop her!

You don't let her just run away.

Right, of course.

Come on, Dad! I can't just follow her home. Danielle she--

She's crazy.

She's gonna show Maya the pictures.

She'll tell the hospital.

Jesus, three years ago I tried to give my own daughter a birthday present

-and Danielle called the police. Do you remember that? -Yeah, I remember.

-She called the police on me. -Well, can you blame her?

Maybe if you showed some sense of propriety.

Kept your dick in your pants, stopped raiding the hospital's medicine cabinet, you might not have so much to worry about, huh?

For god's sake, son. Aren't you tired of constantly mucking up your life?


[classical violin music]

[phone buzzes]


[knocking on door]

[song playing]


Come on.

-[Maya] uh. -[Jasmine] Ta-da.


What do you think?

This is amazing!

-Yeah? -Oh my god.

You did all of this?

This is insane.

What do you think of that one?


This is beautiful.

This is so beautiful. Oh my god.

I want to show you something.


I want to show you something.

What are you doing?

You're ready?

-Yeah. -Are you sure?




Do you get it?

You're a genius!

Yeah, well it's true.

[suspenseful piano music]

[song playing]

-Hey. -Hi.

Ah, I just-- walked down Bancroft until I found the car that almost killed me.

[song playing]

Why don't you take me out for once?

[muted speech]

Ah, you can't keep wearing that.

But I love the designer.

No, find something else, Padawan.

You know, I can't believe we sold 300 shirts.

300 shirts in three weeks?

I've never sold 300 of anything.

Oh, we definitely gotta celebrate.

What is this?

A dress.

This is like a little kid's dress.

Like what a nine year old would wear to a birthday party.

Why do you have it?

Thank you.

A guy I know likes it.


-Ew. -Why?

I like it too.

It's fun!

Plus how do you think I can afford a place like this?

He gives me five grand a month.

Um... so you're a hooker?

Hm, that's how it started.

But that's not what it is.

We like each other.

We care about each other.

He's my daddy.

But you're a lesbian.

Who told you that?

We're together. We're hooking up.

-We've been making love! -Yeah, that may be true, babe, but I never said I was a lesbian.

OK. So you're bi?

I never said that either.

Ok, but then what are you?

What are you?

What do you mean?

Um, I like girls, I'm a queer, I'm gay!

That's great, but I'm not.

Then what are you then?

I'm an American.

[sighs] Come on.

I'm talking about sexuality!

Yeah, and I'm all for it.

Connecting with people and loving whoever I want to love.

So you love him?

Yeah. Yeah. I do.


Do you love me?

I guess.

But come on, Maya, we're just getting to know each other.

You're here. That means something, right?

You don't love me?

Come on! You don't love me either.

I don't?

I don't love you?

I've never loved anybody except for you.




[car lock beeps]

¶ Maya ¶

¶ What are you doing? ¶

¶ Do you want me, baby? ¶ Come on, little baby.

This was supposed to be a fun night.

-I look terrible. -What?

You look like art.

Don't cry.

[Simon] Maya?

[tense music]

[car wheels skidding]

[breathes heavily]

[ripping cloth]

[Jasmine] What's going on, Daddy?

-What's happening to my room? -Don't, don't.

You can't call me Daddy any more, Jasmine.

Is your little girl growing up?

-I'm your big girl now, Daddy? -No. No! Jasmine.

It's done.


I'm-- I'm sorry.

I'm-- I'm so sorry.

I am--

This has to be over.

What has to be over?

What's over?


All of this. You and I.

The games, the talks, everything that goes on in here.

I can't-- I can't do it anymore.

This is, um, this is the last check.

I am truly going to miss you and I am truly sorry, but I realize now, this has been an abhorrent mistake.

A mistake?

Simon, we've been doing this for six years

-and now all of a sudden, I'm a fucking mistake? -No!

No! I'm the mistake. I made the mistake.

I trapped you, I indulged you.

You filled in the blanks and I allowed it.

I-- I don't want to be that person anymore.

But we're not doing anything wrong.

I wanted this.

I want to be with you and not just in this fucking fantasy.

In real life.

You can go away. You can figure it out and I'll come back.

-I'll come back and we'll work this out. -No, no, no.

-Yes. -No, no, no.

Please. No, you don't get to

-fucking just leave me like this. -No! No!

-I don't have any-- -No!

I don't have anybody else, please.

-Jasmine. -[crying]

You can never come back!

[Jasmine] Oh.

You're down here?

Yay! My human!

Oh my god.

We sold so many shirts today.


What do we do when we sell a shirt?

Later, OK?

We'll celebrate later.

[Maya] Hey!



Hey, hey!

Wait up!

Babe, what's going on?

-[Jasmine] Leave me alone. -[Maya] Hey!

Are you mad at me?

Did you really just say that?


[opens and shuts the drawer]

-[takes a deep breath] -[pill box rattle]



What the fuck are you doing?


No, Maya. I'm not mad at you.

I haven't seen you all day, we haven't interacted.

And the last time we saw each other, we were in bed together.

So why? Why would I possibly be mad at you?

Not everything's about you, or me, or you and me.

[Whispering] Jasmine.

-What's wrong? -Don't.

Come on.

-Just [indistinct] -Don't!

-Just talk to me! -Take a fucking hint, dude.

Just tell me!


Fine, fine!

You know the guy I see?

The relationship that you have all the fucking opinions about?

He just ended it with me.


Six years and it--

And in ten minutes it's over.

He just decided: "No more."

And there's nothing I can fucking do about it.

No more talking to him.

No more being with him, no more him supporting me.

Everything's fucking awful.

Jazz, we're making shirts now.

We can figure this out.

Come on, you don't need him.

You have me.

Maya, this is not that.

Stop bullshitting yourself!

I mean, I like you, but do you think you're worth 5000 dollars a month to me?

Do you?

You're just a toy.

You're a fucking toy.

And I'm done playing.

How could you say that to me?

I'm sorry I--

I'm sorry I just...

You just need to leave, OK?

-Yes. -No.

-Yes! -No!

-Yes! -No!

This should be over. OK?

Look, I'll give you the money for the shirts that we sold together.

-I'm not leaving. -But you just have to go.

You can sleep on my couch tonight.

I'm gonna sleep in my room.

I'm not leaving.

-And when I wake up tomorrow, you need to be gone. -No!

No! I don't! I'm not going!

I'm sorry.

No. [sobbing]

[crying loud] No!


[melancholic music]

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[knocking on the door]


What is it? What's wrong?

Oh, honey.

Whatever it is, it's going to get better.

It's not.

I've been lying to you.

I haven't been going home.

I've been going to this girl, Jasmine's house and...

We were making these shirts, we were designing shirts with my sketches. And they were actually selling!

I don't know, I just thought that she loved me, and I thought she was falling in love with me.

But then last night, she dumped me.

I just haven't been happy in so long.

And she actually made me happy.

I don't know what to do.

[sobs] I don't know where to go.

I don't have anywhere to go.

How about Accademia D'Arte?


That's where you could go.

Are you serious?

I am. Maya!

I am going to take care of your tuition.

Your first semester starts in two weeks.

I even bought you a plane ticket.

Maya, I'm going to give you 5000 dollars

-a month for an apartment, food, supplies. -What?

5000 to spend however you see fit.

-You... -Yes!


Maya, I believe in you.

I want to build on these last couple of months.

Honey, you have real talent and you need to make the most of it, you deserve to make the most of it.

I know I can't make up for the past, but I want to be part of your future.

[breathe heavily]

I love you.

-Is it Jasmine? -[Jasmine] Maya?

-How did you know? -No, no I didn't.

You know?

Did you know? Did you know that you were fucking my fucking father?

She's your fucking daughter?

-[Simon] Maya, please. -Monster.

No, I-- Ma-- As soon as I found out, I ended it.

She's the reason why you ended this?

Maya, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

-I hate you! -I'm sorry, Maya!

Please, I'm sorry!

I love you. I don't care about her!

You need to go.

-Go! -No, no!

No, please! I need you, I need you.

Get out of here!

[door slams]

[car approaching]

[knocking on the door]

Fuck off, Jim.

It's not Jim.

I really don't want to see you.


Please, please just leave me alone.

-Just listen. -Just leave!


Not yet.


What more could you possibly do to me?

I just wanna die even being in the same room with you.

I don't ever want to see you again.

I'm not a good person, Maya.

I'm not a good person and I'm a horrible father.

And she is a terrible mother.

But you don't have to let us win.

You can leave.


Don't be like me.

Please don't become what I've become.

Your life doesn't have to be a mess.

You're going to Florence.

You're going to school.

For the first time in my life and in yours, I am going to be an actual father.

I'm going to do what's right.

And so are you.

[melancholic song]


[melancholic piano music]

[ethereal song]

[rap music]