Daddy's Little Girl (2012) Script

Press. Come on, you have almost there, Stacy.

Just once more.

Press, Baby, you're doing really well.

I can not, I can no longer!

I know it hurts. You're doing great, Stacy.

I press it! Do not touch me!

Okay, it's time, now it is.

In the next contraction I want They press as firmly as possible, Stacy.

We have it!

She's beautiful, beautiful. And everything is there behind her.

Congratulations, a healthy little girl.


And? We have a little girl.

Congratulations, Derek.

It's enough. And now on.

Go on, go on.

I imagine go there. Where are the Barbies?

Where is the Barbie?

Here is one. Oh, there she is!

Somewhere here is another one. Now Barbies hair turn.

No. No? The hair of the ponies?

What do you like for the Pony make for a hairstyle?

Sorry? What do you like to make for a hairstyle?

A braid.

You may make a braid? Yes.

Come on, we need more bubbles. Bubbles ...

More Blaaasen.

I need the scrunchy because, then I can make bubbles.

How are you doing so because bubbles?

Oh, that was close!

Oh, health!

Okay, head back.

That's cold! Come on, not now.

Are you finished? Almost. Keep your eyes closed.

Once again, let's go.

So what.

Okay, sweetie, out with you. No!

Come on. No.

But. No.

But. No.

Is there something special tomorrow?

Yes. And what?

My birthday. No it is not. You fibbing yet.

Yes it is. Tomorrow I'm six!

Six? No, that is not correct. Tomorrow you're going to three.

No, tomorrow I'll six. For real? really six Are you going tomorrow?

Yes. You know that you daddy loves very much.

How much do you love your daddy? Around the whole world.

Just around the world? To the moon and back.

I love you too to the moon and back.

Until tomorrow.

Daddy, Daddy, wake up!

So what do you want? Go back to bed.

Daddy, wake up, it's my birthday. What today?

Yes. Is today your birthday?

Yes, everywhere is fairy dust.

For real? No, not true. Of course.

Okay, you have to show me.

Come on, quickly. I'm coming, I'm coming.

Hey. Hey, babe.

Hey, hello. So what is that - a new career?

Just do not, that's a one time thing. I do not know, I think it suits you.

Well, we all know that he is not Costume needs to be a clown.

Already clear.

Hello. Hey.

Hey, honey, do you have fun?

Can you nudge me on the swings?

I want you nudge on the swing? Yes, please.

Okay, let's go.

You look weird as a clown.

But I'm the best Clown in the world, right?

Yes. Georgia!

Georgia! Yes?

Come on, Mommy's on the phone!

Tommy, stop. Mommy's on the phone. Okay, jump down.

Hey, honey, how are you?

The wicked witch, what?

You could also call the restaurant in the morning can. Man, I could puke.

Do not worry about, man. View only Georgia has a lot of fun.

From Uncle Colin, I have a get princess doll.

A princess doll, wow! Okay, baby, Daddy you can again enter the phone?

Yes. Daddy, Mommy wants to see you.

Good luck, buddy.

Do you know what? I am glad that your has family fun with my daughter.

Oh please! Yes, it is up 6 may be clock back!

Okay, I can go now and the enjoy my daughter's birthday?

Fuck off, Derek! Thank you. Thank you so much!

Was great yesterday. Georgia had a lot of fun, huh?

Yes, she had.

Hey, thanks again for everything. She loves this doll, has even taken home. Any time.

She's like a daughter to me. they is you really like, you know?

I think that stimulates their Mother most.

Have you heard what Tommy? No.

He was supposed to order the Rosolins rausschicken, but as usual must probably a finish of us.

Yes, I make myself even think.

Speak of the devil. He's all you, man.

Hey boys. Tommy, we have yet persuaded. You have promised not to be late.

I'm sorry, mate, it was late last night.

See that not do that again happens. Colin slowly sour and he heard that here as well as me. It already is difficult enough and this behavior helps in any way. Okay, boss, I understood it.

Man, I'll make it up.

Next weekend I actually a date.

Did I hear right? You have a date? How much you pay her?

Yes / Yes. But seriously, I've got Georgia.

Can you please on the night take care of her?

I can help out if Tommy does not riff.

Come on, it's a night. You have had that already.

Come on, man, even sweeter Niece did not.

Okay, I'll do it. Man, you not will land in but eh.

I'll get the same from in the morning. Yes, is already clear, buddy.

Now finish the job for me. Sure, you little shit.

Will you new items for a minute?

Hey working, something.

Close the door.

I think I know what's coming. If the tax return?

Yes, and these are the bills, already due.

We've talked about this, man, and today we have a Make decision.

I know.

We have your brother on the Jaw, he is always late and we can not pay him any longer. It's time to let him go, my friend. Otherwise we all lose the job, and you have a daughter, the you have to think.

Okay, you're right.

I think you tell him better. To me he might want a long.

Okay, I'll handle it. but give me a few more days, so that we last the Orders rausbekommen.

Then I'll talk to him.

And then you do it?

Yes, I'll do it.


Dad, Sian will be at Uncle Tommy?

I do not know exactly. We will know it when we arrive.

Sian said she painted me my fingernails.

I bet she can not do that as good as Daddy, right?


Hey look, times, Sian is here! For real?

Yes, that's her car.

Hey buddy. Hey man.

So, they must bathe, and after dinner Please make sure that she brushes her teeth.

Did you have fun last night, dear? Yes, Sian has painted my nails.

Are not they pretty? You are very pretty.

Did you last night won something, Daddy?

How do you mean? Uncle Tommy asked yet, if you hit a search result?

Well, Daddy has not lost. Did you do not show me your nails?

Hey. Hey.

Well madam, you had fun? Yes, Sian has painted my nails.

Are not they pretty? You are beautiful!

Come on, you have to Na me everything talk about it.

Why did they actually when thou eh ablädst only when your brother?

Stace, please, do not start now. I did nothing wrong.

And please donating time off their table, I almost run over him.

Eighth Just on the way, then you do not are going about it.

She loves it out here to play with.

Have you ever broken the Window repairs in her room?

No. If I have some money, let I get someone to repair it.

Now stop but to be so stubborn. If you let me into the house, I fix it.

I'll fix it at the right time. It includes, without problems.

Okay, fine, just an offer. The area here is dodgy, but your decision. Okay, sweetie, be a good girl.

Daddy will you during the week call. I love you!

I love you too, Daddy.

Shit for surfing.

Yes I know. Shocking.

Listen, buddy, I must you talk about work.

Why, what does the Scot now for a problem?

No, starts from me, not from him.

You know that the business since Months no longer runs correctly.

You get your boards not ready and come always late.

What do you mean? I tear my ass for Bude.

Come on, you're doing since Months and not know it, too.

What do you like now tell me - I'm about fired?

Derek? Derek, you throw me out?

Currently it's real tight, Champ, we can not even our Pay bills.

And when the taxes we are lagging well afterwards. hands to me as linked.

Man, that sucks! We both have launched the store and Colin only came to when it all before was standing. And now you fire me?

I lose my house, if I have no job!

You'll find another job. Now Do not push the blame on me.

We will lose everything, if I do not do, and you know it.

You can contact me both times!

Did you brush your teeth? Yes.

Yes? Let me smell times.

Good girl. Want your teddy?

Not the. Can I use my Princess doll to sleep?

The princess doll. Where is because your princess doll?

Over there.

Here you are, now can they share with you the pillow.

Has the weekend fun with Daddy?

Yes, daddy last night a hit landed.

Who told you that? Uncle Tommy.

That's why he made you so leave with him.

Daddy has told you, to repair the window.

Yes, he has.

But now is time not cocky, okay? it goes tomorrow morning with Mommy on.

I love you, Mommy.

What? Who's gone?

Have you been shit, man?

Stacey took me straight called. Georgia is gone.

What, how do you mean she's gone? I do not know exactly.

Stacey said she is in Georgia Room and she was not there.

She is doing certainly good, buddy. I now drive off.

What if her something has happened, man?

By this you can not even think, OK? See you at Stacey.

I need about 20 minutes. Until then.

What's happening?

I dont know! How long will she been missing?

I woke up and she was gone.

Please, sir, cops are just in the house. I'm her father! What's going on here?

No, this is a crime scene! Wait out here, the detective will be here!

Have you seen my daughter? No, unfortunately not.

What's with you, you have my daughter seen? Georgia, blond hair.

It is only six years old. No, I'm sorry.

I did not see anything. Now come on!

Has anyone seen anything? I suppose you are the father?

No no. Derek! Derek, come here!

Derek, will you? Detective Michael Harris, Sunshine Coast CIV.

What's going on here? Where is my daughter? It seems like, was abducted from her bedroom, through an unlocked window.

This damn window! I warned you before!

Derek, that now does not work. Your friend is right.

The police just blocks all From roads in the neighborhood.

Still more policemen go from door to door and help to find your daughter. Georgia!

I beg your pardon? Your name. My daughter is Georgia.

Listen, we will do everything possible to find Georgia as soon as possible.

Do you have a recent photo of her? Stacey, let's go in times and a recent photograph of Georgia are looking for.

Okay, what now, what can I do? She is six years old, man.

I have a few questions, if that's okay.

Did you or your wife any enemies?

Stacey is not my wife, and no, I did not. If you do not know it.

You owe someone a greater Sum of money, for whatever reason?

Yes, the tax office. How does this relate to do something? My daughter is continued, gone, gone away and you It organizes a fucking quiz!

Excuse me, but we must the asking. The smallest clue can lead us to Georgia. I promise You, we will do everything possible, but we also need your help. Derek, what's going on here?

I will now go times. We'll talk later.

I have Stacey that the damned window said.

Which window then? Ah, you mean broken windows in Georgias rooms.

Yes! I thought, the you had ages ago Repaired. Tell them, that it has escaped characterized? No, not escaped, she was kidnapped. Georgia would not climb out through the window.

Okay, all times herhören! We are looking for six year old girl, her name is Georgia.

This is recent photo that we of Georgia have. We guess, that it contains between from her bedroom 10 pm and four in the morning was kidnapped. I want all the neighbors this and the adjacent streets to ask, look in your gardens beneath Your houses, trees, sheds and also in your homes! If they has run, it is cooled be and scared. If you find, approach her gently, order not to frighten them, and report it then the base!

Excuse me.

OK. I just heard that severe storms are approaching.

So let's swarming, find this little girl and it safely home to their Mom and Dad bring her!



Georgia! Georgia!


Georgia! Georgia!

Georgia! Georgia!

... Fishers Point ...

This is Derek!


For real? Thank god!

Yes. Yes, we meet then there, okay.

Have they found it, dear? Yes!

Derek has heard a police officer said, that it at Fishers Point have found!

Oh, what great news! I have told you that her nothing happened!

Can me as someone please go? Yes, come, come.

Thank God, man. I was so scared.

I know. owes the little mouse really us an explanation.

Good thing we have found it, before the storm starts now, man.

I'll wait here for Stacey.


Now let us together bow and pray.

"Our Father, who art in heaven. Blessed be your name."

"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. "

"Our daily bread Give us today. And forgive us our trespasses, "

"As we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation,"

"but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power "

"And the glory forever. Amen."

A baby. She's just a baby.

That was a beautiful farewell, Derek.

If you need anything, let me know, okay?

Whatever I can do. I ... I just do not understand could happen as all that. I beg your pardon?

What did you just say?

What did you say? You understand not, as could happen all that?

Derek, do not. Do you mean that seriously?

Tell me that this is a joke! Derek, do not.

Derek, it's enough. Not dare to tell me, that it is enough! I have this stupid Bitch over and over again addressed to the damn window!

Go on, tell them! Fuck off!

That's not my fault. Come on, man, calm down.

No, you can fuck off you all times! I'm tired of always being the bad guy!

I have repeatedly offered to the window to repair, but you, yes you do not leave me! And because of your stupidity and your stubbornness now my daughter dead!

So do not dare to portray yourself and to ask how this could happen!

I can tell you exactly, how that could happen!

Come on, man, we know now your opinion.

I have my opinion not even begun!

Come on, let's go one round.

Yes, we all think.

It's not my fault, it's not my fault.

I miss you so much. I miss you too, Daddy.

I am so sorry. I am so sorry, I did not protect you.

That's okay, Daddy.

It's not your fault.

You know that I love you very much.

To the moon and back.

That's the way it is.

We tell us all the time, right?

Hey. Hey, Derek, wake up.

Come on, champ, this has to stop.

Shit, man, not you too.

Let me just once time. I have lost just watching my daughter.

That's a pretty good excuse. I know, but you're only in this house. Every time I pass by, blares me this TV at. A wonder, that the neighbors still did not complain.

It is not as easy as you think.

She visited me every night.

What do you mean, they visiting you every night?

I do not know whether the Dreams are or is real.

They seem so real, if it is there.

We are just here talking.

They are only dreams, my friend.

Are you then this group was, of which I have told you?

Which group?

The with the grieving parents.

No was not me. Will you go again?

I'm thinking about it.

That you should really, man. They can help you get away it.

That is super,'ll see. And Now get up, let's go surfing today.

Yes, okay, let's go surfing.

Should I call Tommy, he has also Bock?

I have him since the funeral not seen.

If I honestly do not care, if he comes.

Thanks Col, I needed that. Anytime, man, you know.

Georgia loved to swim here.

Do you remember when she times for water running down and it fell on my face?

Another thing that they will never do it again.

Listen, are you going today Evening to the meeting?

What a meeting? You know perfectly well.

I also am more than happy with when you want. That will do you good.

You could be right, the could really do me good.

So you'll go? If you are sure to leave me alone, then yes, I'll go.

Are you sure that I not to come?

Thanks, but I think I'll go Only back and just listen to time.


Georgia, is that you?


Georgia, is that you, darling?

Hi, Daddy.

Hello. Hey, man, how are you?

Hey, Tom, it is already.

Have from you since the funeral not heard.

Yes, I'm sorry.

I had to order my way cope, you know?

Yes, I understand that.

Did you Mom and Dad views? Yes, I was last night with them.

I think they want times come with you, to see how it's done you.

Mom said, you have Tanya really angry.

Yes, I have to call Tanya times. I was pretty bad to her, when she visited me. Would have I completely forgot.

What about Sian? Sian's fine, man, she understands that.

It's good. Tell her I'm sorry. I make.

Hey, with me rises Saturday afternoon a party. I want you to come and a beer with me drink. I do not know, man.

I would now really not people, you know?

Fiddlesticks! You can not forever live as a hermit, brother.

Just come for a few hours. You will not regret, promised.

Yes, I think about it. When the sauce rises, then?

We start at four in the barbecue. Come better, otherwise I'm pissed!

Let's see how it goes then me.

I have to now for work finish.

I appreciate your call, Tommy, that means a lot to me.

You know that I love you love, little brother.

I love you too, brother. Until Saturday.

Hey, to Saturday, right?

Okay, all right. I give you still know.

Yes, yes. I annoying you again in a few days.

Until then, mate.

Yes bye.

I turn nor by.

Hey buddy. How are you?


I take care of the McKenzie-order.

The repair of the one over there is done, only I do not find the job ticket.

Oh, it's okay, that's the board the Feltchs. The map of this is in the office.

Are you okay?

How do you mean? Because I work, does not agree something?

I did not want to upset you, man.

You appear somehow changed, that's all.

Are you last night about the meeting? These meetings are really hard.

I do not know whether I again hinmöchte. I had to listen, a guy told about his daughter.

Do you still dream of Georgia?

This morning called me Tommy.

Oh yes? What drives because of long lost brother?

He makes a weekend party and wants to get.

He probably needs someone the cooked food.

Listen, I think that's a great idea. You should go.

On the one hand you can with some time Spend your little brother and secondly you come so perhaps to other thoughts.

Who knows, maybe you've even fun.

I do not know, Tommy's parties are always really excessive.

I think this is great. And if it will do you much, then just go.

Come on, let stuck, I'll go. It will be good for me, Tom and Sian see again and drinking alone a beer.

So what.

Can you now the power back do so we make some money and so provide us the tax office by the neck?

No problem. If you ... me need, I'm ahead.

Hello? Colin, here's Detective Harris.

Can I talk to Derek please? Yes, I'll get him over here.

Derek, Detective Harris is on the phone.

Hello? Hi Derek, here's Detective Harris.

How are you?

Good. Have you news for me? Well, we have no new suspects, but we get a lot of calls from the population. More and more people login with new information.

Did any of these callers given you information, the help in the case? You know, going now for over six months so and you say the same thing every time. Look, I understand your frustration.

It's pretty hard work, all to investigate the information, we receive, but I think really, that we are making progress.

A caller said he had recently a Seen man, perhaps in his early 30, the Fishers Point by approximately three o'clock at night has left.

We can customize a phantom image, what he has seen, but it was dark and I do not know if we have a accurate description now.

I know your efforts to appreciate, Michael, but as usual I will not hold my breath. I'll call you if we have the identikit finished. You can then come and check it out.

Who knows, maybe it is yes a useful trace.

Yeah, thanks for the call. Goodbye.

Something new? The usual shit.

These are useless assholes more I find this is not one.

I'm sorry, man. This will nor explain, I feel it.

Someone is this ass reveal'll see.

Yes, I have enough for today.

I go home and rest from me. Tomorrow I'll do it then finished.

That's okay, I'll do the present work.

I'll call you tomorrow times. Maybe we can even go surfing or something.

Sounds like a plan. Call me tomorrow morning.

See you later. So long, buddy.

I'm sorry.

Hey, I just wanted you call, and you're there.

I wanted to disappear before anyone know I was there.

What? You can not go, you're arrived.

Look around, Sian, I do not fit to all the young vegetables.

Now do not talk nonsense. With this Dip you go anyway nowhere.

I Love Onions. Come over, we bring the pure.

Let's have a beer, man! Hey buddy!

It's great that Tommy still draufhat. He is already wide.

Better not, he will later still cook the food.

Come on, give me your drinks, I put them in the refrigerator.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hey! Oh, I love you, brother.

I'm glad you're here. Hey, you want a beer?

Open your eyes, he has already got one.

Oh my god, Derek! Marissa, how are you? Come here!

Yes, she's back from Italy and depends now with her favorite cousin from.

Someone still has to Sian with helping this crazy guy.

How are you? Well, I think from day to day.

He considers himself great and will nowadays the edge with me.

Now get out with you and have fun!

Madness, brother, have what we for a hot cousin!

Tommy! What? May I not say that?

Okay, what else: What is there for dinner? I'm hungry.

Come on out, let's talk. Give me five minutes, then I'll come.

Hey! What?

You are sometimes so a bully! Sorry!

There are steaks and sausages.

And I'm going to start cooking.

Perversely little fucker.

What the hell is going on here?

Hey, man, what are you doing? I had lain down and then it occurred to me that Stacey me some pictures of Georgia wanted to send an email. The I just wanted to look, if it's okay with you. Sure, no problem, man.

Memory also a few on my desktop.

When you're done, you move your Ass out of here and zischst one with me.

Tommy? Tommy, where are you?

Yes I come! Shit, very quiet!

Damn women ...

Hey, if you're not out in five minutes are, I have to drink it all alone.

Yes, I'm still the same. let me just briefly check my mails.


Derek, are you still here?

Hey, Tommy said, you have an email from Stacey with a few pictures of Georgia?

Can I also look? It would be nice, but she has not yet been sent. Is so stupid.

Are you feeling better? Not really.

I think I'm going to Home and sleep a little.

Okay, I understand.

Come, I'll take you back out, otherwise forcing Tommy to you for a beer.

That would be good. I believe, He has to sleep sometimes.

Just one more second. Sure, take your time.

"The first time I had Ben on beach taken when he practiced Surfing. "

"Ben is a handsome boy, but quite natural. "

"When I was younger, my dad took me beaten if I did not follow. "

"I have one day Ben warned that he would get in trouble, "

"If he does not ceases. Of course, Ben did not listen to me. "

"Do not worry, Dad, I've shown him."

"The work today was shit. Colin's really getting on the bag "

"With his eternal nagging."

"Derek is just next to it and can make it. "

"I had to let off some pressure."

I'm losing my house, if I have no job!


Derek? Are you all right?

Sorry, I have dreamed. Yes, so it looked. Do you want me?

No, I'm just walked past and have stopped short.

What have you got there?

What that here? This is only the Accounting for the surf shop.

This never ceases to what? Apropos, I have the phantom image for you.

Do you want to watch it again?

Is it okay if I over Week again come back?

I have a lot to do today. Of course no problem.

I can also at the store drop off if you want.

Oh, wait, I'm going away for a week. We do this when I get back.

For sure? I can get it, which only takes a few minutes.

No, today I have no time I am in a hurry.

I'll call you when I get back.

Well, we are talking well with us in a week.

I have to tell you:

Do you have the story of the Types on the farm heard who has separated his arm? And in order to stop bleeding, He has used a hot iron. Is that really possible?

If the iron is really hot, then beautiful. You could burn the wound, to stop the bleeding.

It is however likely that Tissue destroyed. And it hurts like hell. be Must have been a brave man.

If one of the pain not pass out?

The human body can a whole lot of pain to endure.

Most of us have never stand it, what we really cope can. Thank God!

Hey, Doctor, I recently on YouTube a dentist from Germany seen.

He smoked and was apparently drunk, and then a man has pulled the teeth.

Man, that looked real brutal! Ah, yes, I have also seen.

This is undoubtedly the most violent Dental treatment that I have ever seen.

The man in the chair has really lost a lot of blood.

This can not happen, right?

He would have at least the can stop bleeding.

Now, you can get a tooth right and wrong pull.

We use natural the right tools.

For example, views see- the here, that's because it to to get into the gums.

And with this little baby, by the way my favorite, you pull out the tooth.

But how was that for about the Time, were tortured as people?

Back then, there were not all these Send equipment that we have today, awake to people or to keep them alive?

All a matter of conditioning, man.


What the hell are you talking about, you drunkard?

Take me, you're going jogging.

The first day you'll make one kilometer. Yes?

And if you then runnin every day, you can keep running, right?

Sure. If you torture someone, is the same. critical is the conditioning the pain threshold of a person.

Usually ran the way that they went to the limit, just before fainting is, and then stopped.

The next day we went it even further.

That's a mental tug of war between your brain and the pain.

Eventually, they will but definitely fainted.

And how to arouse them then on again, when she fainted?

This is not too hard, the things for that you can buy anywhere.

Smelling salts, at least since 17th century used to someone who fainted has become to revive.

This works because the Ammonia gas irritates the lungs and thus an inhalation reflex triggers - of you then wakes. Very easily.

Seems so.

Welcome! Hey! Yes, has been some time.

Another beer, mate?

Craps a bear in the woods?

Have you a few downed?

This is my fourth.

When will come back the better half?

I do not know, five, six Days, maybe a week.

Then it's safe around with you, huh?

But something of. That's a non-stop, man.

Our beer is simply the best.


How are you then, man? Will you cope with all this?

I would feel much better if they would catch the asshole times.


Power the police because anything at all? It seems to me, as if they were completely in the dark. Yes, that's the problem, they have no idea Shimmer. I do not think so, that they will ever catch the perpetrators.

They say that they do not have forensic evidence.

The only clue is an old codger, of someone three PM has seen at night.

Detective Harris says, however, that the nothing is, because it was too dark, clearly visible to the man.

What the fuck. A crap, man

Has the old man told what he has seen here?

Only that the man he saw has end 20, was beginning 30th Nothing will come of it. The bastard will get away.

Take a slow, Turbo, you do not want to hurt you but.

Buddy, I drink thee at any time at the table.

To show me the billiard room, I miss you a kick in the ass.

No problem.

Madness, strong fabric, man. Are you doing well?

It is okay. I only a bit dizzy.

Is this then your apology, if I divide you?

Dream on, man.

You're doing well, let you just time.

Tommy, you can not move, you're screwed to the table.

Oh, I gave you a tracheotomy missed so you can not even talk.

Just incredible what one nowadays can learn everything on the Internet.

You can only talk if I zuhalte this hole.

I would also my head not too much moving, As show rather sharp Pins on your skull.

I suppose that it is very hurts when you touch them.

What are you trying to say because?

What are you doing there? Oh, now come on, Tom.

Do not do so, as you knew nothing!

If you give me right now the truth say, I run you.

What a truth?

I'll give you one more chance, me to tell the truth.

But that's it.

If the next words from you not these are what I want to hear, then you can make me times.

So you want to confess?

What have I done?

Do you know what me by my Billiard Table annoy you the most?

People shed constantly something it and make the felt broken.

Now look what you've done, Tommy. You're bleeding on my table.

Crap. Now I must stop the bleeding.

I did it.

What have you done?

I killed them.

I have your diary. I know exactly, what you did to my daughter, you sick asshole!

She was six years old.

You've Georgia killed because you mad at Colin and were me.

What the hell is wrong with you?

And she was not the only one.

You're a child murderer, rapist, Pedophile. You're scum!

Do not bother, Tommy! I have cut your throat, so I me your Geseier does not have to listen.

How old was Georgia?

She was six.

For each year that she was alive, you'll tortured for a whole day.

Six years is six days.

And with torture, I mean that I will cause you so much pain, that you want, never to have been born!

You're not my brother!

The only thing I out of your mouth want to hear are your screams from the pain I will cause you.

This looks as if it were quite painful.

That should keep you quiet for now. I'm going to Colin.

You just stay here and I then I'll be back soon again.

You seem now to be in a good mood. Do you find?

This free week seems to you yes mighty good to have done.

What did you driven?

I have my billiard room rebuilt. Looks good now.

Then we can soon Pool tournament host.

In any case.

I order next week new felt for the old lady.

If there is, let's get started.

When did you back in the store?

Give me a few more days, I have to a few things done.

Then I'm all yours.

Glad you're back to the old, man. Take all the time you need.

I'll tell you now a History, Tommy.

I do not think that you want to hear, but I'll tell you anyway.

It is about a little boy in England.

A five-year-old who made a Mall was kidnapped.

Did you hear about the small Boys heard that before?

That's a really sad story.

This little boy was with his mother shopping.

And suddenly he was gone.

Kidnapped by two ten-year guys.

They got him to the brought railroad tracks and terrible things done to him.

They even cut off his fingers.

When I read that, Tommy, after I lost Georgia, I really with this family felt.

For the sake of justice I'm going to cut your fingers. One after the other.

Remember what you wanted to say. I almost forgot the wax.

The wax has melted necessarily , otherwise you're bleeding all full.

This is much easier, if you are not moving.

Okay, okay, I hear on.

I do not know why you get upset. I have cut off two fingers.

The wax should now stop the bleeding.

But with the whole blood, it is not hold. I have to wash yourself first.

Good timing. Mom is calling.


No, I'm growing a bit only.

Yeah, right. When it suits you, then?

Okay cool. See you. Yes I must growing finish.

I love you too.

Mom and Dad come to visit.

Since I have to prepare a lot.

Do not worry, I'll bring you something to eat down. Shall not starve me.

This Detective me recently called.

And what he wanted? It is now nearly six months ago.

Not very much, as usual.

Allegedly saw an old man, like someone about three o'clock in the morning went from Fishers Point.

Although it was dark, outdated police now a sketch artist for what has seen the old bag. Do not say something like that.

Hey, Dad, do you remember to the girl who was killed, before -oh Scheiße- 12 years? At the coast, the young girl?

Alison Karney, you mean the? Yes that is her.

What they have again with the Killer made in prison?

Oh, my son, I do not remember.

Wait briefly, I just need to give the pack clothes into the dryer.

Ll be right back!

Oh, dryer are just great. I told him straight, that we should go now. Your Father wants to see the game.

I just remembered again what they have made with the man in prison.

Oh yes?

Hey, Tommy, are you awake?

I've just above chat with Dad and he told me what I want you to the murder of Georgia should do.

So then tomorrow is Dad's idea off just so he is happy.

You know that he always butt in need.

Well, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is a great day!

What did you say?

Kill Me.

Oh, I'll kill you before, make yourself there times not worry.

Everything you've done to Georgia, is from come back tomorrow tenfold. Good night!

Should I leave it inside or pull out?

Get it in there. I can not really understand you.

I will turn it something?

Kind of weird, but okay.


Night, brother.

Hey, Tommy check, times!

Guess where that will get there! What, no idea?

In your ass, man. Hey, do not panic!

I also lube. You do not think, that I ramme just so pure, right?

Surely you wonder why I a pipe want to get stuck in your ass, right?

Well because of here. I'll namely the barbed wire through the tube Slide in your guts. And then I pull the tube out again and the wire remains inside you. Are you excited? Me, yes.

I told you, which is a great day.

It was fun to kill them.

What's that say about Georgia?

It was fun to kill them.

Oh God, I'm so sorry.

I hope this really hurts, You little asshole.

Man, that's sharp.

Now you wish for sure I would Gleitcreme used what?

Please, Derek.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...

We seem to be stuck.

Are already your guts?

Hey, Colin.

How is the business going? Yes, it goes uphill.

What can I do for you? I'm here for Derek here.

He should look at any identikit. Ah, yes, he mentioned, that you have a witness. He is not here today, he has freely taken a few days. Ah, he's at home?

In any case. He is working on a Billiard room. That does it really well, since he has to do something. Great.

Oh, wait, if we are already there - want You look at the picture again?

Sure, if it helps.

You know who that is, right?

Thanks for your help.

Come on, wake up, Tommy!

Hey, Tommy, can you hear me?

Thank god. I thought already, I'd lost you.

I missed you yesterday probably a bit fucked hard.

But what does not kill you, huh?

Can not Just wegnicken and miss everything.

Yes, we must probably after and to make, mate.

While we are waiting, could we read a bit.

Do you see that again?

Since there are three stories, we talk about the should need to talk, do not you?

This is a little faster, have I marked the important parts.

Let's talk about the little Ben.

He was 10 years old, Tommy. Why should anyone a ten year old boy want to do something?

Do you know that I Bens older sister met?

One thing I can tell you, which is really angry.

You would you also Add a lot of pain, but unfortunately they can not be here and therefore I have to do for them.

You write that you his Knees have broken, so he can not run away.

I have some well-read, terms knee fractures.

And I thought that you could like here.

I have plans on Google Found - the knee splitter.

For the small and Ben his older sister I have a customized just for you. How is it, let's try the part out times?

Do not you dare, swoon are, you coward, do you stand!

Ben was 10 years old and you have his kneecaps shattered!

All a matter of conditioning, you know what? You can stand it!

You mean this is bad? Wait a moment from what was to come. This is nothing, Tom!

I loved you, you were my Brother, and all the time you were the worst Scum of the earth!

You disgust me at only!

You have two days to accent Payable deeds, you piece of shit!

Grit your teeth!

Are you doing bad things with Uncle Tommy?

Yes, baby, I give him a lesson. Uncle Tommy's a bad man.

Does it make you happy, Uncle Tommy to hurt.

No baby. people hurt do is bad.

But sometimes earn really angry People that they will be punished.

Daddy, you said, that when evil people to call the police, the then brings it into prison.

I just wish that Uncle Tommy never forgets what he has done to us.

Then Daddy calls the police. Promised?

Yes, baby, I promise.

I love you, Daddy. I love you too, my little one.

I come down here to you give something to drink, and now look what you you've done, Tommy.

Honestly, Houdini, such was the plan of attack here?

What is your good hand shredding, to get away because, and then the pins of Remove your head?

It's hard even for me, and I have built the part!

But even if you also your free get ankles should - so what? then Want to get out racing here with a broken knee and

60 centimeters barbed wire hanging out of your ass?

How the hell could you away with murder?

True, you do not could yes.

This hand should head off well.

Please, Derek. You give any trouble.

Who's that now?

Some people have genuine bad timing.

He may be back.

Okay, okay, calm down, I'm coming!

Ah, Michael. How are you? Morning, Derek, I'm sorry to bother you. Do you have a moment?

Yeah, right. Come in.

Excuse the mess.

You sit down. Do you want maybe a coffee?

No thanks, we do not want to stop.

We were only in the store, but Colin said, that you are a few days have taken time off.

Yes that's true. A few Days I have, and next week I went back.

What is it, then, have You news for me?

That could be, yes. Yesterday we were in Surf shop to show you this.

As Colin saw it, he said that it looks exactly like her brother Thomas.

Detective Harris, Detective Harris!

This looks a bit so like Tommy.

Moment, you believe now but not that Tommy is the culprit?

No, not that, but we would definitely like to talk to him.

We were recently at his House, but he was not there.

Have you lately heard of him?

Derek, you've heard of him? Uh, no, no.

Tommy does his own thing. Mom and Dad, however, have also asked me other day when they were there, if I had seen him.

I think he is with his girlfriend on road. She is a photographer and had for a job in the West. I tried to call her, but she had no reception.

Okay. Do you know when they come back? I think Saturday or Sunday.

Okay, that would probably be all for now.

Oh, if they are reported by your brother, then tell him to call me.

So now we are talking about Kelsie.

What did you ever do?

What was with her that you them into Hinterland have kidnapped, to rape and kill?

What really irritates me here is, that you had a pretty girlfriend while its fifteen years Girls have raped.

Sian said yes times that such People are in jail.

What get pedophiles? A few Years, and then they can do it again.

Not really effective, right?

Maybe you like so times feel as it is to be raped.

Please, Derek.

Did that hurt? Did that hurt?

If you do not answer me, do I again. Did that hurt?


Now you know how to Kelsie has felt!

It seems as if our Conditioning work very well.

We could even set up a gear.

There was even a small Boys in Western Australia, who was beaten by his stepfather.

Do you know how he did that?

He put the phone book on him, about as.

And then he him with a hammer struck.

Do not tell me that it hurts! I think you keep more of!

That has now hurt! And sure you can only with difficulty breathing!

I need a break, Tommy, this is hard work.

You rest now, in the next 24 We have hours currently much.

Tomorrow we talk about Georgia, but today, it is about Kelsie.

I have a question for you, Tommy. Will you tell me the truth?


Sure, but then you tell me what I want to know. Deal?


That's enough.

As you can see, I have a hammer, and this time there is no phone book.

When you get enough of it, then terminate I up with this hammer.

Where is Kelsies body?


In the old sugar shed, just off the motorway.

We played there as children.

If I now equal to the police call and tell them, that they should go there, then they find her body, yes?

Yes, buried under a Bunch of old steel pipes.

That was not so hard, and I did not hit you.

That's why they raped and killing!

I have information on a missing five-year-olds.

They say Kelsie Taylor and her body is under a pile of steel pipes, behind an old sugar cane shed, next to the Bruce Highway, north of the Sunshine Coast.

The sugar cane farm is not to overlook. Good luck.

The Master at work.

What you build because, Georgia? A sand castle.

Maybe we can live so there times. You silly, can not do that.

Why can we not live there? Because it is made of sand!

You're so clever, baby. As Much Do you daddy?

Daddy, you know that.

Now go away from there. Go away? From you, the professional?

"I opened her window and climbed in. "

"I knew from the window, because Derek told me "

"Stacey does not want he repaired it. "

"I have made Georgia her bed lifted. "

"She woke up easily and I told her that it's okay "

"It's just Uncle Tommy and should they go back to sleep. "

"I climbed with her out the window."

"She woke up again and I said, that we go to her dad "

"And they should go back to sleep."

"I carried them up the road to my Car and put it on the back seat. "

"I do not know why Georgia."

"I did not want to actually take, but I was so mad at Derek, "

"Because he fired me and they and Colin has chosen me. "

"I wanted to have him back."

"I am with you to the beach."

"I knew she loves the beach."

"Actually I wanted to drown them out"

"But she woke up and began to cry. "

"I could not pacify them."

"Always and always asked back to her father. "

"No matter what I said, in order to calm, kept coming: "

"I want my daddy."

"Uncle Tommy, I want to my daddy."

"That made me mad."

"And so I hit them."

You saßst there every day and told how du Georgia and our family love!

I can not believe it that such Lies came out of your mouth!

So we are so start now!

What will you do?

Before I could thee not hear you scream.

Now I can every sound hear you're doing.

This is for all Crap you with me, my daughter and Family apart.

I think it's Time that has to go.

You have also the right hand of my Daughter repulsed. Eye to eye.

No! No,

Please, Derek!

I am sorry!

Hey man.

I have it, man. Who do you have?

Holy shit! Derek, what have you done?

Tommy! Tommy, can you hear me?

What the hell happened here? We must call an ambulance!

Forget him, Col, he dies now.

This motherfucker scored, what he deserved.

Are you crazy? We have to get help Fetch! If you do not, then I.

Damn it!

This fucker has Georgia killed, he deserves all this.

And if you continue nervst me I will your fucking head cut off! Do you understand me?

I understand it, man, he deserves it, it was not clear to me.

Please excuse me. You're welcome, just let me go.

Get out of here with you.

Col, Mom and Dad to call for me.

Damn it. Damn it.

Harris, Here is Colin. Derek has Tommy and he kills him!

Slowly, slowly. I do not understand- what do you mean by "killing him"?

He has Tommy in the Billiard room locked.

My God, it looks real bad out there! Okay, how did you know?

Because he has tried my cut fucking head!

Are you still in the house? No, he let go of me and told me to go away. Well, you stay ahead in the street!

Do not go back into the house, We are almost there be!

Time to die, brother.

Derek, please. You're welcome.

I have to go now, Detective Harris arrived. I need to talk with him.

I do not know what happened, Tanya.

Just call your mom and we'll see you here.

Okay, see you. Bye.

Colin, are you all right? Have Any other injuries?

I am fine. they have down there now, Tommy is in bad shape! Derek thinks he has killed Georgia!

Okay, calm down! Listen, he's armed?

Armed? Does he have a gun?

He's got a knife! Okay. Is Tommy still alive?

If not now, let's say it this way go down the same, he will kill him!

Good. You stay here with Detective Johnson.

Come and sit down in the Car. You need to put in there now.

Keep your head down and calm down.

Sam, call reinforcement, namely equal! I'll talk to Derek.

Do not let me lie here like this. Kill Me.

Derek, make you do anything stupid, Man. I'm coming down now.

Stay there.

I'm serious, stay where you are.




No, Tommy.

I'll go to jail, because I've tortured you, but the murderer in the family will always remain you.

Hey, Tommy, now die times not tantamount to aid.

On you waiting prison. They will love you because.


It's over.


I know man. Go!




The victim is below.


I love you, Daddy.

To the moon and back, baby.

To the moon and back.

"Indignation over jail sentence Derek Riley "

"Tommy Riley at least 25 Years in prison "

"Father calls for death penalty his son's murderer "

"Man dismembered and pedophiles buries him in National Park "

"Ten-year was to sexual acts for mother and friends forced "

"Missing Beaumont Children"

The man pleaded guilty to a total of 22 counts guilty.

They include rape, attempted rape, indecent treatment of a child and Entertainment a sexual relationship.

He was sentenced to 14 years in prison and must after five years a make application for parole.